Season 3, Episode 21, Quarantine Edition 11 w/Far Away Guests


Health Guest: Maria Chowdhury

Midwife-Herbalist Maria Chowdhury, holds a special place in the healing arts community.  She brings her midwife’s heart, skills and blends them with traditional herbalism to create a safe place for women.  Her herbal teachings and products can be found on Birth Song  Her qigong class information and schedule can be found at

Through her direct experience serving the birth community for 17 years she created a line of nourishing herbal products to support healthy menstruation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, postpartum recovery and children’s immune health.

Join her each week for her Live Apothecary Wisdom Show on Facebook and Instagram.  All her other videos will be found on the Birth Song Botanicals Blog, Youtube, and Soundcloud Channels.

In the Green Zone-

Wendy and Topher discuss cannabis. A video of Wendy from a film she was in about plant prisoners will be played also.  Check out

Music- Simeon Basil

May joy and kindness follow you. Simeon Basil is a singer-songwriter from Northwest Arkansas with an EP and new Single out. He uses “The Bluebird of Happiness”, a local art piece, as a focal point of his musical inspiration to live each day anew, much like a Phoenix. He draws his sounds and writing style from John Denver, Blink-182, Conor Oberst, and Coldplay and his experiences from living in Northwest Arkansas. Feel free to check everything out at


A few minutes with Sunshine!

Quarantine Song-

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Thanks Blaire Hastings for your THAT GIRL!

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