Season 2, Episode 23 w/Guests: Randall Shreve and Marsha Lane Foster


In this episode Wendy and Topher interview the following guests:
Health- Marsha Lane Foster

Marsha Lane Foster Bio

Marsha is a fine art and intimate women’s photographer based in Historic

Downtown Rogers. She is also a life coach enabling you to prosper in the

areas of mind, health and spirit & a filmmaker.

As a domestic abuse survivor Marsha feels passionate about empowering

women to see themselves as valuable individuals.

In her role as an intimate and fine art photographer she encourages women

to move out of their comfort zones and achieve emotional freedom through


As a fine artist her work with The Hostage Project (2015) centered on

calling attention to the physical, verbal, and emotional abuse women are

subjected to. She is explored the societal and self imposed ideas

responsible for women’s literal and physical bondage in modern times. The

visibility of all her projects aim to encourage women to break out of their

bonds. Other fine art projects centering on women have been My

Unraveling (2016 to present), Awakening The Divine Feminine (2017 to

present) & Fetal To Free (2018) which explored trichtotillomania, female

shamanism & sexual abuse respectively.

Marsha has been a professional photographer for nine years gleaning

experience in a vast array of genres of imaging including weddings,

editorials & commercial, food and portraits of all kinds. Her passion for

women’s issues fueled by her own experience led her to “Boudoir” (intimate

imaging for women) and then on to fine art. Her work in these areas are

intertwined in that she utilizes the artist and client/model experience as a

vehicle for personal development for both herself and her subjects.

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