Do you clean your glass with Cohost Nikki Lawley and the Founders of Ciro

The Edge Show is written and cohosted by Wendy Love Edge 
 Cohost: Nikki Lawley 
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Special Guests Laura Costa and Cara Cordoni
Founder’s Stories 
Laura and Cara:  
Laura Costa started her professional career as an electrician which led to a lifetime of innovating creative solutions to everyday challenges in her garage workshop. As a farmer’s wife and head of many a trim crew, for years Laura tinkered with cleaning resinous tools, pipes, and bongs which led to the creation of CIRO.  
 Cara Cordoni has worked in many different business models, from middle management in a Fortune 500 company, to the first management hire in a cannabis start-up, to running her own coaching business. Cara discovered a passion for whole systems thinking when she pursued her Permaculture Design Certificate and studied cooperative development with Worker Owned Humboldt. She is focused on cradle-to-cradle business and product design that creates a profit while serving people and the planet. 
 CIRO is the first product from Minerva Minded, SPC, the creation of Laura Costa, and Cara Cordoni in partnership with Jo Marini of Mother Superior Business Foundry. CIRO is a bong cleaning appliance, the first of its kind, that replaces the need for single-use plastic bottles of cleaning solutions.  Minerva Minded is dedicated to innovation, women and minority entrepreneurs, and socially and environmentally just business practices.

Let’s Get Boston Baked with Graham Svorten and Canndace Jae

Join us for a new episode of The Edge Show with special guests: Graham Svorten and Canndace Jae 
This show is created, written, and hosted by Wendy Love Edge 
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Cannabis Expert MD : Cannabis Pairing
 Recorded at Unity Radio MA with in house producer Quazi  

Graham Svorten is a longtime Bostonian and a Cannabis enthusiast. His blog highlights New England eateries, dispensaries, grow shops, and head shops, and is a content contributor to project  “The Hub’s Hemp History and Contemporary Cannabis Culture” website.  
Canndace Jae is a cannabis cultivator, activist, and enthusiast. She co-hosts a podcast with Graham Svorten and started the Central MA Cannabis Cultivators Group on Facebook.

How Can We Raise Our Consciousness? With Guest Host Christina Meriah- Lucia and Arlene Dorischild

The Edge Show Created and Written by Wendy Love Edge  
Host: Wendy Love Edge and Guest Host: Christina Meriah-Lucia 
Musical Guest: Donald Prange 
Special Guest: Arlene Dorischild 
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Producer in Studio: Quazi
 Editor: Flint Woods  
Arlene Dorischild: 
 Arlene is a graduate of the Bancroft School of Massage Therapy and former owner of Amethyst Point Holistic Center. She is a former Registered Nurse having worked at several area hospitals, and a counselor working 10 years in the field of Domestic Violence. She has a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from  Assumption College and has studied Spiritual Principles with Unity obtaining her Teaching Certificate from Unity World Wide Ministries in 2001. Arlene received her Reiki Master Teaching Certificate after a year of study with Grace Walsh, her mentor and Master Reiki Teacher in the Usui Traditional Method  of Natural Healing,  Arlene is the mother of two sons, grandmother of eight and has one great- grandchild. She enjoys gardening and her cat, Sunshine. She is a life-long learner and most weekends when she isn’t teaching, she can be found at a workshop or an online class.

What About Craft Cannabis Farmers?

Created, written, and co-hosted by Wendy Love Edge. 
Produced by: A. Edge Productions 
Cohost: Angela Edge 
Edited by: Flint Woods 
Cannabis Pairing by Cannabis Expert M.D., Dr. Brian Nichol 
Special Guest: Lelehnia Dubois 

Legacy Project

The Healing Properties of Stones with Tracy Jones

Created, Written, and Cohosted by Wendy Love Edge 
Producer: A. Edge Productions
 Cohost: Angela Edge
 Cannabis Pairing: Cannabis Expert MD, Dr. Brian Nichol 
Editor: Flint Woods 
Special Guest:  Tracy Jones, Owner of Taproot Treasures

Business, Real Estate and Short Term Rentals

Created, Written, and Cohosted by Wendy Love Edge
 Producer: A. Edge Productions 
Cohost: Angela Edge 
Cannabis Pairing: Cannabis Expert MD, Dr. Brian Nichol 
Editor: Flint Woods
 Special Guest: Sandy Edwards 
Sandra J Edwards has been a real estate professional for over two decades. She started her Massachusetts brokerage, Edwards Real Estate, in 2000 and has helped thousands of consumers with their property needs. In 2004, she received the prestigious 40 Under 40 award. Now the author of the forthcoming book, “The Real Deal about Real Estate: Buying and Selling Stories and Strategies,” Sandra’s expertise ranges from residential to commercial properties. She also specializes in unique properties, strategic planning, small business development, and marketing techniques. A former landlord, retail building and cafe owner, and Bed and Breakfast host, Sandra has a wide range of realty experience and a wealth of information to advise and guide her clients to live the life of their real estate dreams.  Property is listed in Haven Lifestyles:  
Edwards Real Estate 508-320-5947 Address: 60 Auburn St #564, Auburn, MA 01501

Abortion and Women’s Autonomy

Join us for a new episode of The Edge Show with special guest Rev. Erica Eckensberg. 
Created, Written, and cohosted by Wendy Love Edge 
 Producer: A. Edge Productions Cohost: Angela Edge
 Editor: Flint Woods 
Guest: Rev. Erica Eckensberg
 Rev. Erica is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (DOC).  She was ordained in 1999 after attending Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, IN.  She has served congregations but has based most of her ministry on social justice issues.  She has devoted her life to causes that have included the homeless, the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled, LGBTQ, and substance addiction.  She moved to MA from IN in 2006 and now lives with her rescued dog Prince.

Free Brittany Griner!

The Edge Show is produced by A. Edge Productions.  
Cohosts: Wendy Love Edge and Angela Edge  
Writer and Creator: Wendy Love Edge  
Cannabis Pairing: Dr. Brian Nichol, Cannabis Expert MD.  
 Guest: Jason McBride 
Jason McBride has worked in the East Denver community since 2010.  Prior to that, he was an ESPN correspondent in Bristol, CT.  Born and raised in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver, he decided to step away from the gang lifestyle and give back to the community he loves. His work provides young people of color the opportunity to explore options in education and career choices. 
Jason hopes to help kids with his 4 points to success: 1. Surround yourself with the right people. 2. Self-motivation 3. Tell your family and friends you LOVE them. 4. Don’t be afraid to achieve

The 8 best edibles for sleep

Unlike most cannabis stereotypes, there’s truth to the trope of the sleepy stoner and the pot brownie. After the high of an edible has passed its peak, I often find myself pulled into dreamland by an extraordinarily powerful magnet behind my eyes that forces them to close. It’s a running joke with my partner who, on numerous occasions over the years, has seen me fall asleep after about ten minutes into a movie at 8:00 p.m. on a Friday.

The heavily relaxing, often sedating effects of traditional edibles make them popular for cannabis products and brands geared towards inducing sleep or enhancing its quality. The edible method of consumption also lends itself to new consumers who want to reap the potentially medicinal, sleep-inducing benefits of cannabis without necessarily having to smoke anything or even experience the resulting high before sleep kicks in.

But do edibles actually help with sleep? And if so, why? The answer to this relies heavily on the edible in question, as the genre has ballooned into a massive industry of its own with a million sub-facets.

Filter edibles by effect on the Weedmaps app

Why do edibles make you sleepy?

Traditional edibles that use THC bound to an oil or fat are processed through the liver, which transforms THC to 11-hydroxy-THC and yields a heavier, less predictable high than smoking flower or vaping. Edibles that use nano-emulsified THC are reported to avoid this downside. Nano-emulsified THC is a water-soluble form of THC that reportedly hits in 15 minutes and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream through the lining of the stomach and esophagus.

And while “strain-specific” or “indica/sativa” edibles are, for the most part, an inaccurate marketing tactic employed by brands, adding relaxing terpenes, like myrcene or linalool, may help an edible make you feel sleepy. Other drowsy plants and relaxing substances like valerian and melatonin are effective additions to sleep edibles as well.

The cannabinoid CBN is perhaps the most popular trend in the sleep edibles market. Posed as some kind of wondrous sleep molecule, this extremely expensive cannabinoid is actually just old, degraded THC. You know when you leave your weed out in the sun or it gets old and turns brown? That’s THC that has turned into CBN.

Research has shown CBN to have similar effects to THC, though it’s between four and ten times weaker, and that THC with CBN is no more effective than THC alone. Bottom line: THC is the most active cannabinoid in the sleep cycle. Because CBN is degraded THC, it can still make you feel relaxed and tired, but it’s scientifically not as effective as THC — and it’s typically way more expensive.

It should also be noted that cannabinoids only help with deep sleep and have been shown to hurt your REM sleep long-term. To foster a healthy night’s sleep all the time, look for products that include other sleep-inducing medicinal plants and non-cannabis compounds to counteract this. And, as a general tip, try to avoid over-relying on edibles to help you get to sleep. 

The best edibles for sleep

I’ve written about this topic extensively and have tried most of the sleep products on the market in my many years as a reviewer. This list is a good place to start if you’re curious about incorporating cannabis into your sleep cycle.

Gummies by Dreamt

Dreamt is my favorite sleep aid brand on the market. Formulated and founded by scientist Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, Dreamt’s gummies (they also make a vape pen and a tincture) feature a blend of THC, CBD, melatonin, GABA, and Valerian root that has worked for every single person I’ve ever recommended it to. 

Deep Sleep by Rose Delights

Rose Delights is an artful and extremely high-quality edibles brand that creates Turkish delights infused with strain-specific rosin from organic fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants from local farms.

Deep Sleep is its first effect-based product, featuring passionflower, vanilla, and mulberries from Frog Hollow Farm, as well as rosin from Holy Tonic flower cultivated in-house at Rose. They possess the power to melt my anxiety into a dreamscape and are as good a gift for someone else as they are a gift for yourself.

Camino Midnight Blueberry Sleep Gummies by Kiva

The Camino Midnight Blueberry Sleep Gummies by Kiva are some of the most popular on the market, with countless positive reviews on any platform you check. Again, I try to shy away from CBN on principle, but this blend of 5mg THC and 1mg CBN is effective for me in part because they include chamomile and lavender extracts (which contain potentially relaxing, sleep-inducing terpenes like linalool). 

Another selling point of these is that they are available almost everywhere because of Kiva’s excellent distribution network, so no matter where you are, sleep is not far behind. 

THC Releaf Chocolate by Papa & Barkley

While this chocolate bar isn’t specifically geared for sleep, it’s one of my favorite products for unwinding after a long day before slipping into sleep. They only feature THC — 5 milligrams per piece, 100 milligrams per package — but something about them is so luxuriously relaxing that they top my list every time.

Definitely worth checking out whether you’re looking to unwind or pass TF out.

Sleep Gummies by New Phase Blends

The Sleep Gummies by New Phase Blends are an all-time favorite of mine. I have relied on these for years now and have recommended them successfully to tons of friends and family.

Something about the patented melatonin/CBD blend in these gummies, and its tincture counterpart, knocks me out within fifteen minutes, regardless of my mental state, and results in long, deep, and restful sleep.

Low Tide Gummies by Seaweed Naturals

The Low Tide Gummies by Seaweed Naturals is a fantastic new product, and the brand is worth supporting. A new cannabis endeavor by the Costeau family — yes, the ocean-exploring ones — Seaweed Naturals is as focused on creating healing cannabis products as it is on restoring the environment of both land and sea.

SN partners with regenerative cannabis farms and uses its own kelp farms to create omegas for the gummies that pull carbon out of the atmosphere. The blend of THC and melatonin works wonders, and by supporting brands that support planet health, you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

Tranquili-Tea (Chamomile Valerian) by Kikoko

Kikoko’s Tranquili-Tea is great, especially for new consumers who don’t want to get high. I love tea products in general, but I feel it’s even more fitting for the sleep genre.

This magical blend is packed with potentially sleep-inducing medicinal plants like valerian root, chamomile, and lavender, as well as 6 milligrams of CBN and 2.6 milligrams of THC per bag. All of these ingredients work together, leaving me feeling buoyant and relaxed as I walk on the brink of dreams.

Tranquility Gummies by Kahna

No one loves an effects-based gummy more than Kahna, and its Tranquility gummies don’t disappoint. While the brand relies heavily on CBN marketing-wise, these gummies have a ton of melatonin, CBN, THC, and CBD, as well as added terpenes. They work for me, period.

Editor’s note: Weedmaps does not get affiliate revenue from the brands recommended in this article. All products are chosen independently. The only influence Weedmaps News is under is weed.

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The Best THC-Free Gifts for Everyone You Know

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” plays in every store you enter. At the North Pole, Santa and his elves are going through the naughty or nice list. (Which one are you? Be honest!) This can only mean one thing: The holidaze are fast approaching. But don’t panic. You still have plenty of time to shop for the perfect present. We’ve curated 10 THC-free gifts for the cannabis lover in your life. And yes, that includes you. From designer accessories to stylish loungewear and delicious new products, here are a few picks we hope to find in our stockings on Christmas morning. It’s been a long year—treat yo’self!

Delta Munchies / From $19.99

The team at Delta Munchies is dedicated to providing their customers with some of the strongest and tastiest Delta-8 gummies on the market. Choose from mouth-watering flavors such as Peach Gelato, Tropical Punch and Grape Gushers—plus, fun favorites like Sour Worms and Gummy Bears. Delta Munchies products are made from American-grown hemp and are rigorously lab-tested to ensure they contain the purest and most potent ingredients without sacrificing taste or quality. Nationwide shipping is also available. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 25% off all products excluding bundles

Flora Hemp Spirits / From $23.99

Flora Hemp Spirits

The phrase “drink to good health” takes on a new meaning with Flora Hemp Sprits, the world’s first line of all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits. This innovative new range provides a delicious alternative to booze while letting you unwind with a mild buzz. Perfect for the “sober curious,” Flora Spirits are available in three options: Essence (CBD), Delta-8, and pre-mixed Passion Fruit “Margarita,” which contains 5MG of Delta-8 THC and 10MG of CBD in each can. Simply swap out gin or vodka with Flora’s Essence or Delta-8 spirits to create delicious mocktails. Made with all-natural ingredients while containing zero sugar and zero calories, you can eat, drink and be merry this festive season without having to bother with alcohol. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 10% off + free shipping sitewide.

Ongrok Infuser Machine / $149.99

Ongrok Cannabis Infuser

If the aspiring cannabis chef in your life is big on ambition, but small on space, then the Small Botanical Infuser Machine and Kit from Ongrok is a must-have. Featuring five pre-set temperature options, DIY customizations and made with professional, premium quality, food-grade 304 stainless steel, this small but mighty device can create two-and-a-half cups of butter, oils and tinctures in less than an hour. The kit has everything needed to start, including a butter mold, silicone gloves, mesh strainer and recipe book. Use code NOW15 to receive 15% off sitewide

Prism Water Pipes / From $99

Prism Water Bong

Why have a boring bong when you can choose a bespoke bong? Prism modular bongs are held together using threaded Halo connectors allowing you to mix and match glass pieces to fit your mood and preference. But it doesn’t stop there. With their online 3D modeling program, you can design your own custom bong that suits your smoking style by swapping out bangers, bowls, bases and more. Have fun playing around with all the different options, and see exactly what it looks like before you buy. Additionally, this innovative approach to the classic consumption method makes cleaning dirty bongs a breeze. Easily take it apart, clean the separate pieces and then rebuild it in time for the next sesh. Use code Cannabisnow20 to receive 20% off.

Klip Grinder by HØJ / $150.00

THC-Free Gifts

Craftsmanship, nature, simplicity and respect are the four pillars of HØJ, the Danish company that’s redefining the standards of cannabis accessories. Holding these four pillars in mind, HØJ, meaning “high” in Danish, creates unique products that deliver higher standards, higher quality products and higher experiences. Using magnetic magic, the Klip grinder finely slices flower instead of crushing it, protecting the trichomes and delivering a better experience. These magnets make this an excellent grinder option for those with limited dexterity. Build your own experience with HØJ’s patent-pending accessory system that easily snaps together. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 10% off sitewide.

Mother Vaporizer by Pucker / $289

Mother Pucker Vaporizer

If you’re buying for someone that loves multi-disciplinary vaping, the Mother Pucker has you covered. Weighing in at just under 9oz., this electronic dab rig is one of the newest devices on the market and has quickly become a fan favorite. It features a ceramic pot for flower mode and a titanium quartz pot for extracts mode. It also has four temperature settings, each one with a different colored light that’s both a practical and cool design feature: 437°F is a blue light; 455°F gives off a groovy green light; 473°F is a red light; and the hottest setting, 509°F, gives off a white light. The powerful 2200mAh battery will keep the clouds strong after several sessions. Use code NOW50 to receive 50% off. Discount code will automatically apply at checkout.

Puffco Proxy / $ 299.99

Puffco Proxy

The most awarded vape-tech company, Puffco, brings together the disciplines of design, technology and engineering to create the coolest—and most covetable—vaping devices. The Proxy continues the company’s commitment by introducing a traditional-meets-contemporary consumption method. The Proxy is powered by an innovative new 3D chamber that heats the extracts on the sides of the ceramic chamber instead of the bottom, preserving the quality of the oil and amplifying the user experience. The Proxy has four precision heated temperature settings to deliver the most flavorful experience and vapor production from your extracts. You can also customize the experience with accessories and artist collabs. Free shipping for orders +$150. Interest-free payment plans are also offered through Sezzle.

Farmers Defense Gear / From $27

If you’re shopping for your green-thumbed friend, you can’t go past the range of products from Farmer’s Defense. Designed for farmers by farmers to help keep skin protected from the elements, the range includes everything from UV-protective clothing to waterproof aprons. We especially love the unisex Fungi Forager straw hat that features a handy internal headband to keep sweat off your face when tending the greenhouse, garden or simply enjoying some sunshine. Save 20% now in their sitewide holiday sale.

Saber by Hitoki / $359.99

This festive season, give your tech-loving friend the new Hitoki Saber, the latest innovative product from the team that brought you the original Trident. The handheld iteration uses the same laser technology to produce a clean, tasty vaping experience in a compact, portable device—perfect for busy, on-the-go people who love smoking weed with lasers. The Saber’s contemporary design offers three power levels that are indicated by color: Low (red) is for dry blends, medium (green) for denser blends and high (blue) blends for infused oils. The Saber’s modular design makes it easy to attach to the Hitoki Bubbler or upgrade your favorite 14mm or 18mm glass waterpipe with lasers to elevate your experience. Use code cannow 40 to receive 40% off the Hitoki Trident (excludes existing sale price).

Drugstore Collection by Pure Beauty / From $26

If you’re shopping for a friend who puts session style above all else, the new Drugstore Collection apparel range from Pure Beauty will undoubtedly earn you some brownie points. Taking its cues from the intersection of fashion, cinema, music and art, this cozy line includes sweat sets, tees, accessories and so much more. It’s all made in the USA, too. The creative minds at Pure Beauty are all about shifting cultural perspectives; creating powerful connections with customers; and providing a fun, creative and safe place for expression in cannabis culture. Use code CANNABISNOW20 to receive 20% off Pure Beauty merchandise (excludes special collaboration pieces).

Le Canna Royale by Reef Drinks / $150

Perfect for kicking back and relaxing during the hectic holidays, Le Canna Royale offers a complex sensory experience of sweet and savory licorice. Utilizing the cleanest micronizing technology, Le Canna Royale delivers euphoric effects without the hangover. With a potent 1:1 ratio of 750mg of hemp-extracted Delta-8, you can enjoy this delicious drink as a shot, neat, on the rocks, or mixed with your favorite sparkling mixers to create delicious mocktails.

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