Pokey LaFarge


Pokey LaFarge​ (born June 26, 1983) is an American musician, writer, and actor raised in Illinois, and now is based in Los Angeles, ​California​.

LaFarge was born Andrew Heissler in ​Bloomington​, Illinois. The nickname “Pokey” was coined by his mother, who would scold him to hurry when he was a child.

LaFarge took an interest in history and literature during his childhood, and was greatly influenced by his grandfathers. One was a member of the St. Louis Banjo Club who gave him his first guitar and tenor ​banjo​. The other, an amateur historian, taught him about the ​American Civil War​ and ​World War II​.

LaFarge enjoyed the writings of ​John Steinbeck​, ​Ernest Hemingway​, and ​Jack Kerouac​. As a teenager, he combined his appreciation for history and writing with his discovery of ​blues​ music.