Do you clean your glass with Cohost Nikki Lawley and the Founders of Ciro


The Edge Show is written and cohosted by Wendy Love Edge 
 Cohost: Nikki Lawley 
Producer: A. Edge Productions 
Editor: Flint Woods 
Special Guests Laura Costa and Cara Cordoni
Founder’s Stories 
Laura and Cara:  
Laura Costa started her professional career as an electrician which led to a lifetime of innovating creative solutions to everyday challenges in her garage workshop. As a farmer’s wife and head of many a trim crew, for years Laura tinkered with cleaning resinous tools, pipes, and bongs which led to the creation of CIRO.  
 Cara Cordoni has worked in many different business models, from middle management in a Fortune 500 company, to the first management hire in a cannabis start-up, to running her own coaching business. Cara discovered a passion for whole systems thinking when she pursued her Permaculture Design Certificate and studied cooperative development with Worker Owned Humboldt. She is focused on cradle-to-cradle business and product design that creates a profit while serving people and the planet. 
 CIRO is the first product from Minerva Minded, SPC, the creation of Laura Costa, and Cara Cordoni in partnership with Jo Marini of Mother Superior Business Foundry. CIRO is a bong cleaning appliance, the first of its kind, that replaces the need for single-use plastic bottles of cleaning solutions.  Minerva Minded is dedicated to innovation, women and minority entrepreneurs, and socially and environmentally just business practices.