Vape Cartridges — Pure Extracts Defined

When I first started smoking cannabis vapes, I had no idea what the differences between different extraction processes meant, and because of this, I couldn’t fully enjoy cannabis cartridges. So please don’t make my mistakes; grab a joint and get comfortable while we break down the definition of a pure extract and how it affects you.

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Best THC Vape Pens And Batteries In 2021

While vaping has been around for a while now, in recent years, the industry has begun to shift away from the bulky vape batteries for smaller options with customizable voltage settings. The vape pens from O.pen are the perfect example of a company that has refined their vape pen batteries with the perfect voltage setting […]

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The facts are in: here’s how THC vapes cause lung damage

2,807 cases of e-cigarette or vaping product use associated with lung injury (EVALI) have been reported up to February 2020. EVALI, or VAPI (Vaping Associated Pulmonary Injury), is an illness related to THC (and nicotine) vapes (portable vaporizer devices) that have killed at least 68 vapers. (1) But, what is the science behind vapes, surfactants […]

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How to Choose a Perfect Portable Vaporizer

The world of today is all about optimization. Do you want to optimize the way we sleep? Do you want to optimize the way we study? And we also want to optimize the way we smoke. A lot of times, flour can be offensive. We open the bag, everyone can smell it, our neighbours are […]

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What Vapes Should Be on Your Next Black Friday And Cyber Monday Wish List

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 are just around the corner. Expectantly, they are bringing some exhilarating deals on your favorite vapes and accessories. It has been foretold that this year’s sale season is going to be humongous, considering the desolating conditions of the market due to the horrendous global pandemic.  Whether you are buying […]

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THC Extraction: How to Turn Trim to Profits

Growers, tenders, trimmers, producers and distributors all take different risks, skillsets and roles. Working with cannabis insiders operating on both sides of the law gives insight into the process of cultivating these plants and turning them into profit. Utilizing trim is one such way.

The strain of cannabis grown doesn’t matter as much as the process you use to grow, harvest and prep the product for sale. Fruit and vegetables bought in a store aren’t just ripped from the ground and sold as is – they’re gussied up and made presentable. Cannabis is no different.

The types of nugs most dispensaries look for are indoor grown nuggets. A proper farmer can trim an outdoor nug to look like an indoor nug, but it takes the careful removal of all water leaves and stems from the product.

The trimming process is the variable that determines the value of your cannabis. A haphazard trim shaves valuable crystals off the buds while leaving crow’s feet and stickers in the product. To inspect a dispensary’s inventory quality, pick up a nug and rotate it to check the trim job.

A properly-harvested and trimmed plant leaves a large amount of trimmings. These are the water leaves, sugar leaves and unformed nugs left on the stems and stocks that have been harvested for nugs. This product now needs to be trimmed again and sorted through, stem-by-stem, in order to clean the stems and stalks out, which can be discarded.

Water leaves (leaves without crystals) are often left in the trim to be extracted. Although THC isn’t extracted from them, the leaves contain a variety of terpenes and other valuable nutrients that round out the plant’s capabilities and the extract’s flavor. By the time the trim is ready to blow through an extractor, what will be left will look like the trimmings from mowing the lawn. The extraction from this will be as good as anything one would get from extracting nuggets.

Extracting Product From Trim

Extraction can be accomplished in several ways. There are open-and closed-loop solvent (butane, propane, etc) systems, CO2, alcohol, dry ice, and even ice water extraction systems. The system used is dependent upon what is available and what the extractor is competent enough to use, although if a solvent is used, know that a safe closed-loop system could cost between $50,000 and $200,000. An open-loop system can explode because of inherent impurities in the solvent.

When using a solvent system, be careful not to overload the amount of product blowing through the tubes. Processing 10-20 lbs of trim should take at least 24 hours on a closed-loop solvent system and up to 10 days with alcohol and water distillation methods. The longer it sits, the more product is yielded.

A nug run is accomplished using nugs that wouldn’t make it to retail. Don’t shove the biggest head nugs (a.k.a – colas) into the machine. That’s sellable product – juices and jams aren’t made with the choicest produce. Instead, run nugs smaller than a thumbnail.

Once extracted, lay the gooey liquid out on wax paper in pans. To make honeycomb or wax, stirring the extract rapidly adds air, which whips the product, making it appear bigger, even though it has the same weight.

Extracts made from solvents are considered purer than those made without. A concentrate made with solvent has a higher THC or CBD content with 70 to 90 percent contents. Wax made from these concentrates will be an eggshell color and very crumbly. These are best dabbed in a vape pen.

Extracts made without solvents tend to be sold as bubble hash, as they’re basically just kief mud. These will often be much darker in color, although still provide a great high, and many people prefer the flavor of hash, which is popular in various parts of the world.

The extract will then need time to set. The sludge will bubble as gasses from the solvent, alcohol or water are released from the bubbles within. Wait at least 48 hours for the concentrate to cure before attempting to smoke it. Otherwise, there may be serious health risks, including damaging your throat and lungs or explosion because dab rigs use high heat.

Wax is known to be the least consistent concentrate and over time it gets drier and harder to deal with. Those lighter crumbly waxes may look good, but they can be difficult to work with — not to mention how easy it is to lose a lot of crumbs. Shatter is marketed as the most stable concentrate, but it, too, loses its consistency over time. Shatter is similar to a Jolly Rancher, which can be either chewy or hard, depending on how long it’s been sitting in the sun.

The concentrate many aim to duplicate is a light honey-like amber, which has maximum flavor and effect (usually around 60 to 70 percent THC/CBD content), and retains the consistency of Play-Dough throughout its lifecycle. This consistency makes dabbing easy with both a vape pen and dab rig.

TELL US, do you make your own wax, shatter or concentrates from trim?

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Select Elite Live Cartridge Review: Purity, Potency & Flavor

Vape pens are at the top of the list for convenience and discretion, but they often disappoint for a number of other reasons: weird fillers, excessive artificial flavoring, mediocre taste and lack of potency, to name a few. And after 2019’s vaping illness outbreak, consumers are wise to be cautious about what they’re inhaling.

One of the best ways to ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience is to stick with a trusted, vetted brand — one that is transparent and tests the hell out of everything they sell. Oregon-based Select manages to do all that while producing a great-tasting, highly effective cannabis oil. 

Select bills their new Elite Live oils as having “the ease of oil, the feeling of flower,” and they deliver on that promise. Too often, concentrate and edible makers try to mask the taste and smell of cannabis in their products, which is not only ineffective, but also manages to make the taste worse (cue over-fragranced vape pens that smell like Pine-Sol and Febreze).

Select oils actually taste like cannabis, which is refreshing. The latest trend is blending the flavor and scent of cannabis into the mix, and in these formulations, the pine, citrus or pepper elements are present without overpowering the green flavor. The result is a fresh, natural-tasting vapor with no chemical undertones. 

Another distinguishing feature of Select’s oil cartridges is the heating element. Select won early fame for their innovative cartridge design, which includes a ceramic core and organic cotton wick. Not only can you taste the difference in the vapor, but fans say it’s a safer choice than typical heating elements like metal or steel. 

Select oils are infused with freshly harvested terpenes instead of cured plant matter, which explains the “live” part of the Elite Live carts. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that give plants their distinctive scent. Many terpenes have their own therapeutic value: Pinene is considered anti-inflammatory; linalool and limonene have been shown to have relaxing properties; others, such as caryophyllene and cineole, display neuroprotective qualities. Terpenes are now thought to contribute significantly to the characteristics and quality of a cannabis high.

select elite live

I sampled four different Select Elite Live oils: Gelato, Lemon Tree, Mandarin Cookies, and Forbidden Fruit. For me, the varying terpene content of these extracts gave each oil a very distinct flavor and effect.  

1. Gelato

Derived from an indica strain, this oil did what indicas are supposed to — relax the hell out of you. It was like a weighted blanket for my brain that left me feeling super relaxed and grounded (luckily, I tried it in the evening). The flavor was smooth, earthy and peppery. The effects were ideal for deep-body tranquility, solo contemplation and winding down for the night. I wouldn’t recommend this oil for a busy social situation, as I didn’t feel very chatty. (I also couldn’t track anything complex: I tried to watch “Last Week Tonight” and couldn’t follow John Oliver’s arguments, but switched to “The Golden Girls” and was immediately on the level.) So don’t take your MCATs or go on a first date while using this oil. But if you suffer from insomnia or nighttime anxiety, this is the one I would recommend. 

2. Lemon Tree

Good for daytime activities, this sativa hybrid oil felt both lightly energizing and head clearing, with a fresh, clean taste and aromas of lemon and pine. It offers a more mellow sensation than the other three. In fact, this is a great ideal starter oil for folks who are newer to cannabis or just want to be slightly high.

But more avid cannabis consumers also enjoy a mellower high sometimes – you don’t always need the cannabis equivalent of four shots of espresso. Sometimes you just want an herbal tea so you can perk up, be a little more present and create a calm, balanced vibe. That’s what Lemon Tree did for me. I recommend this oil for cleaning, organizing, practicing yoga or doing outdoor activities – especially ones where you’ll need some ability to focus.

select elite live


3. Mandarin Cookies

This hybrid formulation had the citrusy smell and flavor of Lemon Tree, but a much stronger, earthier flavor along with a hint of sweetness. Perhaps it was the power of suggestion from the name, but Mandarin Cookies felt like a dessert oil — a perfect treat on a vacation or after a sumptuous brunch. I tried the Mandarin Cookies while at the beach, and swimming in the ocean never felt better. I was also coping with some intense sinus pain, which this oil greatly reduced. I was high, but totally alert, upbeat and able to carry on a conversation. It’s not always easy to find good moods in 2020, but this oil helped me get there.

4. Forbidden Fruit

An indica-hybrid, this formulation is truly one of the most delicious, full-flavored extracts I’ve ever tasted, with fruity notes of citrus, berries and spicy pine. (If you’ve ever tried chili mango, it’s a similarly delectable combination of sweet and spicy.) It provided a dreamy, magical high, plus relief from nagging disc pain in my neck. The feeling it provided was uplifting, sensory and euphoric. I only wish I knew more about the specific terpene combination of this product, which I’ve already dubbed “the joyful oil.”

I took a (distanced) dance class after imbibing, and every single song sounded like gold. Plus, I was bursting with new ideas for a creative project. I recommend it for both socializing or solo time, as well as brainstorming, creativity, art-making and movement. Going forward, Forbidden Fruit will be a staple of my cannabis cupboard. 

All four of the oils sampled here are THC-rich (between 78 and 82 percent THC) with just trace amounts of CBD. If you adore THC as I do, that’s a huge positive. Consumers with lower tolerance may want to start with just a small draw, and keep in mind that “concentrate” means the effects of the plant are concentrated.

TELL US, have you tried a live resin cartridge?

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Spring Cleaning Your Smoking Paraphernalia

Spring is a good time to declutter, organize and prioritize, so adding your cannabis paraphernalia to the list of things to freshen up is a good idea — especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned your pieces. If you use accessories to smoke your cannabis, they need to be sanitized on a regular basis. Just like washing your clothes or cleaning your makeup brushes, it’s important to keep things in tip-top shape to promote the equipment’s longevity. It not only helps you maintain the quality of your piece, but a clean smoking accessory ensures that you get a nice tasting hit with the best flavor each and every time.

Whether you are into bong rips, vaping, dabbing or taking it easy with a pipe, check out these tips on how to keep your smoking paraphernalia clean.


The good news is that it only takes a few minutes to clean a vape, whether it’s for dry flowers, oil or concentrate. Start by unscrewing the chamber from the device and using a cotton swab remove any debris or residue by gently wiping inside of it. If the mouthpiece is clogged, run it under warm water. Finish the process by using a damp (not soaking wet) cloth or baby wipe to clean the outside of your vape before putting it back together.


You can take care of a gunk-filled, funky bong with just a couple ingredients and some elbow grease. You’ll just need some salt, rubbing alcohol and a few minutes to shake your bong up like a maraca. First, take your bong apart, pour out the dirty water and rinse thoroughly rinse it out with fresh, warm water. Next, add a handful of salt to the empty bong, pour in some alcohol, plug the stem with a cotton ball and cover the tube with a washcloth or your hand and proceed to shake, shake, shake until your bong looks brand new. If your bong has a lot of sticky resin stuck to it, you will need to repeat the process until it’s as clean as you desire, or use a cleaning product intended for glass cleaning.


Cleaning a pipe is just about the same process of cleaning a bong but you will need a sandwich bag with a ziplock closure to really get the job done. Give your pipe a good rinse with very warm to hot water, then place it in a sandwich bag. Add a handful of salt, pour in some alcohol, securely close the sandwich bag and shake it vigorously until your pipe looks nice and clear. If it doesn’t work the first round, you may need to do it again or you can use a paperclip to manually remove any stubborn resin. Afterwards, rinse the pipe again to let it dry before using.


Grab a paper plate, a toothpick, rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab before starting this cleaning process. Open up your grinder and give it a good tap together to get out any big pieces of debris. Next, use the toothpick to remove any kief and collect it on the paper plate so that you can save it for later. You can use a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol to wipe out the grinder, but if it is really gunked up, you may need to soak it in rubbing alcohol. Afterwards, rinse it well with warm water, place it on a towel and let it dry completely before using it again.

Dab Rig Nail

You can choose to scrape a rig nail or wash it, depending on the amount of time you have and how dirty it is. Scraping is a good choice if you have a small, minor job and can be easily and quickly done with a paper clip or any other sharp object. If you have lots of buildup, you can use rubbing alcohol to wash the nail with a cotton swab or soak it in the liquid for a few minutes and then clean with a cotton swab.

TELL US, how often do you clean your smoking equipment?

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Save Big on Your Favorite Brands With Vapor.Com’s 4/20 Sale

4/20 is almost here and it’s going on all month! You’re probably about to spend a lot on your dry herb or concentrates, so why not make sure it’s being ingested the best way possible? To get you in the mood for the greatest day on the cannabis calendar, is starting its 4/20 sale early! From April 17-30, you can save 20% off an extensive selection of your favorite products, or treat yourself to that piece you’ve had your eye on for a while, by using VAPOR420 at check out.

Get prepped for your favorite holiday with’s guide to finding the top 4/20 friendly devices, pipes and CBD products for all cannabis enthusiasts to enhance your sessions. 


Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, modern vaporizers can satisfy any and all needs for wax and herb consumers. Let’s take a look at some portable dry herb vapes, concentrate-centric devices and desktop vaporizers to find out how they can elevate your 4/20 experience. 


The Crafty+ from Storz & Bickel delivers a 30% faster heat-up time, more sessions and improved battery life compared to its predecessor. Preset temperatures are calibrated for immediate use and a new Super Boost mode produces very thick vapor for such a small portable vape. An updated circuit board delivers more reliable performance, while the improved battery life extends sessions. 

The combined conduction-convection heating system of the Crafty+ heats dry herbs and concentrates efficiently and thoroughly. If you need an elite portable vaporizer this 4/20, the Crafty+ needs to be in your arsenal. Take 20% off the Crafty+ (and ALL Storz & Bickel products) during the 4/20 sale using promo code SB420 at checkout.

G Pen Connect 

G Pen has adapted to meet the needs of vape users since they first came on the scene — the new G Pen Connect continues that tradition. Able to turn any water piece with a glass-to-glass connection into an e-rig, the G Pen Connect Vaporizer is one of the best ways to vape concentrates. 

An 850mAh battery delivers substantial power from such a small vaporizer while evenly heating the ceramic heating element and your material. Three temperature settings allow for terp tasting and effect exploration. Wax users who want a smoother draw from their rig should check out the Connect. 

Volcano Hybrid 

We can’t leave the homebodies off this 4/20 guide, so we added the best desktop vaporizer available: The Volcano Hybrid. Choose from the classic Volcano balloon bag delivery system, or switch to the traditional whip-delivery method for your dry herb or wax vapor. A faster heat-up time, which is ten times faster, makes for a more streamlined process. While the improved airflow allows for easy draws. 

Storz & Bickel’s iconic convection heating creates smooth pulls and won’t overheat your material. Desktop vaporizer users who need another workhorse unit should check out the Volcano Hybrid. Remember, during the 4/20 sale you can take 20% off all Storz & Bickel products using promo code SB420.

Vape Pens

If you’re an on-the-go cannabis consumer, a vape pen is your best friend. Today’s vape pens have variable voltage options and universal cartridge capabilities, so if you’re looking to upgrade either your dry herb or concentrate vape pen, try one of these elite options. 

Atmos Jump

Dry herb vape pens are some of the most elusive devices out there. Thankfully, the Atmos Jump has stood the test of time and remained a favorite among herb vapers. An absurdly powerful 1200mAh battery gets the Jump to temperature fast and produces thick vapor clouds. The anodized heating chamber has no exposed coils, helping ensure no combustion. 

Straight-forward and without frills, the Atmos Jump is an old-school dry herb vape pen built to be used on-the-go and able to withstand everyday drops and tumbles. 

G Pen Nova – Cookies Edition 

G Pen has joined forces with Cookies SF to bring you a limited edition, eye-catching version of the efficient Nova Vaporizer. Wrapped in the iconic Cookies SF blue color, the eye-catching Nova Vaporizer features a ceramic oven for flavor retention and three voltage options (3.2v, 3.5v, and 3.9v) to let you enjoy more taste or larger clouds, depending on your preference. 

Stylish vape pen users who want a statement “going out” device will enjoy the G Pen Nova – Cookies Edition

HoneyStick Elf 

The HoneyStick Elf is the most compact and efficient way to enjoy vaping from pre-filled cartridges. With one optimized 3.7v setting, the Elf is compatible with standard width 510-thread cartridges. The magnetic connection of the Elf sits next to the battery as opposed to on top of it, which makes the Elf Vaporizer so compact. Refillable tanks are included if you have your own juice or concentrates you want to enjoy as well. 

Those in need of an uber-discreet vape battery should snag a HoneyStick Elf this month. 

Glass Pipes 

From the water-filtered to the one-hitter, having a high-quality glass pipe will let your material’s flavor flourish and provide cool hits for a comfortable session. During‘s 420 sale, you can take an extra 20% off all glass on the site.

Higher Standards Glass Taster  

For a glass pipe with a pretty standard design, Higher Standards made their Glass Taster look fantastic. The iconic HS triangle artwork is etched into the glass and you can choose from a clear or frosted glass option. Constructed from borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards taster is durable and discreet. 

Light dry herb smokers who want a mess-free one-hitter will enjoy the Higher Standards Taster, thanks to a notch at the end of the pipe that ensures no loose herb during pulls. 

MJ Arsenal Cache 

MJ Arsenal is known for their mini dab rigs and blunt bubblers, but they came through clutch for bong users with the Cache. Measuring in at a compact seven inches, the Cache features an integrated dry herb storage jar to make storing and loading bowls easy. A quad-slit percolator sifts your smoke to cool each hit before it reaches your lips. 

If you’ve wanted a new water pipe but don’t want something that will dominate the room it’s in, the MJ Arsenal Cache is a great option. 

Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Spoon Pipe 

If it’s coming from the first family of weed, you know it’s going to be a high functioning product. The Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Spoon Pipe features American Black Walnut on the mouthpiece and below the borosilicate glass bowl. A carb hole helps you concentrate your draws, while the wood mouthpiece cools hits. Each part is detachable, so cleaning the Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe is hassle-free. 

Outdoorsy smokers can take the Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Spoon Pipe on any hike or adventure. 

Rolling Papers 

What better way to celebrate 4/20 than a freshly rolled joint? From ultra-thin papers to easily fillable cones, dry herb users won’t have a shortage of elite rolling options this holiday. Pick your favorite brand and save 20% on during the 4/20 sale.

Vibes King Size Cones 

Bay Area rap legend Berner dropped Vibes Papers recently and they have quickly become a favorite among the dry herb community. If you need a larger-than-usual cone that will burn evenly while keeping your material’s taste intact, Vibes King Size Cones need to be in your stash box. Available in Rice, Hemp, or Ultra-Thin varieties. 

Smokers wanting to enjoy papers without having to roll will prefer the Vibes King Size Cones, the size is great for large sessions as well. If you’ve caught the vibes, is taking 25% off all Vibes Rolling Papers during their 4/20 sale.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers 

Would any 4/20 buyers guide be complete without RAW Rolling Papers? The iconic rolling paper brand brings you 100% vegan papers that feature the classic RAW run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines for an even burning session. 

If you’ve never enjoyed a joint with RAW Papers, this 4/20 is a perfect time to see what all the fuss is about.  

Elements Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling Papers 

If you’re looking for the least amount of paper in your rolling papers, the Elements Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling Papers should be your go-to. Made from pressed rice and utilizing Acacia plant gum, the Elements Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers but without ashing everywhere, making your 4/20 mess-free. 

Flavor-centric joint smokers — or those who don’t want to deal with pesky ashtrays — will enjoy Elements Ultra Thin Papers.

Dab Rigs 

Modern glass and electric dab rigs give concentrate fans amazing flavor and substantial clouds. Whether you’re a torch-wielding dabber or more partial to an electric rig, there are a ton of options that will enhance your next session. 

Higher Standards Riggler 

Is it a dab rig? Is it a bong? It’s both! The Higher Standards Riggler can seamlessly transition from bong to rig and comes with both a bowl and quartz banger. The fixed diffused downstem of the Riggle sifts your wax vapor through moisture to cool draws and keep your flavor full. 

If you’re a dry herb and concentrate user who wants to consolidate their smoking arsenal, the Higher Standards Riggler is an elite bong and rig all-in-one. 

KandyPens OURA 

E-rigs have made a huge impact on the wax world recently, and the KandyPens OURA is the most powerful of the bunch. A beastly 3000mAh battery delivers endless power and four preset temperatures are optimized to manufacture gigantic vapor clouds. The unique glass bulb shape allows you to take all of your draw at once or enjoy sippable vapor.  

Additionally kitted out with a quartz atomizer and ceramic bowl for different taste options, wax users who put a premium on cloud size will fall in love with the OURA. Make sure you check back the day of 4/20 for 42% off all KandyPens products with promo code KP420.

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig 

The Ursa from MJ Arsenal has a traditional dab rig design but shrunken down to help concentrate your vapor and conserve material. MJ Arsenal gave the Ursa a disc percolator, rear-mounted downstem and a built-in reclaim catcher for clean draws. 

Have a torch but want more concentrated vapor? The MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig will satisfy traditional rig users and help them conserve material. 


The CBD-sphere has expanded at a lightning-fast rate over the last few months. Each of these CBD products has been selected for its unique use and application method. is stocked with every kind of CBD you’d need and you can save 20% during the 4/20 sale across all products throughout April.

Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vapor Pen 

Bloom Farms is one of the most respected CBD brands out and their Mini Vapor Pen can be used right out of the box to deliver CBD draws. Using uncut, whole hemp-plant extract means that Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vapor Pen utilizes the “entourage effect.” The ceramic wicking system means you’ll be able to fully taste the Blueberry, Mint, Natural, or Stone Fruit flavor. 

If you’re a commuter who needs CBD to help out with the day-to-day comings and goings, Bloom Farms’ CBD Mini Vapor Pen is a great choice this 4/20. 

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Compound

One of the newer CBD brands on the market, Mary’s Nutritionals brings broad-spectrum relief where you need it most. Mary’s Nutritionals has partnered with the boutique hemp farm Elite Botanicals to deliver some of the highest-grade CBD balm available. 

Athletes or those who suffer from various pulls, twists, and knocks will enjoy the muscle penetrating Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Compound

Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops 750MG 

If you’re not exactly sure how you’d like to take your CBD, Social CBD’s Broad Spectrum Drops 750MG can be added to food, drink, or applied directly to your tongue. Available in seven different flavors (including Natural), Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops can accommodate any taste. 

If you’re in need of more products during this month-long 4/20 celebration and want to save money on all your wax, dry herb and accessory gear, check out’s site-wide, month-long 4/20 sale and take 20% off with promo code VAPOR420. 

TELL US, what’s your favorite way to enjoy cannabis?

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Legal Cannabis Vape Pens roll out in Canada

Cannabis edibles, topicals, shatters, and vape pens have slowly begun to roll out in Canada, known as Legalization 2.0. This second stage of legalization officially began on October 18, 2019, when producers started applying various products for approval. Two months later as promised 260 products and counting have now began their slow national release. Health […]

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