How toxic is a vape pen and how do lab tests find out

Vape injuries occurred in 2019 because of THC adulterated with tocopherols (a vitamin derivative.) To prevent some issues before market, a lab can test cannabis oil for certain contaminants to determine how toxic a vape pen is. But how does a lab quantify a stream of aerosolized vapor or smoke? Vapor containment in the lab […]

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Vape Cartridges — Pure Extracts Defined

When I first started smoking cannabis vapes, I had no idea what the differences between different extraction processes meant, and because of this, I couldn’t fully enjoy cannabis cartridges. So please don’t make my mistakes; grab a joint and get comfortable while we break down the definition of a pure extract and how it affects you.

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Should You Smoke or Vape Weed: A Guide for Novice Cannabis Users

One question many new cannabis users have is whether they should smoke or vape cannabis. When I first started I was already a heavy cigarette smoker on my way to making the switch to vapes, fuelled by the ever-growing mounds of evidence that vaping was better for you and just as strong as cigarettes. As […]

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CCELL’s New Disposable Vape Pen: Small but Mighty

Meet Listo — the latest and greatest from industry hard hitter, CCELL. Compact, elegant and easy-to-use, the Listo offers everything you could want in a disposable vape pen. With a transparent, 1 ml large tank, the Listo holds a generous amount of oil that you can see. This means you always know how much you have left and can say goodbye to those dreaded times when your pen runs out mid-sesh. 

Complete with CCELL’s iconic ceramic heating elements and top-quality materials, this high-volume disposable with a fun, playful design and is an all-around crowd pleaser. 

Leaders in Vape Technology

A pioneer in the ceramic heating market, CCELL leads the charge when it comes to vape technology. The company sets the bar high. A team of over 260 engineers work to make sure your experience is just right, from start to finish. And the effort isn’t wasted; their tech-forward approach makes for an impressive, no-nonsense device. 

Safety is a priority for vape users. To ease any concerns, CCELL utilizes the highest standard production facilities and sets strict hygiene and safety measures. CCELL is the first certified dust-free facility of its kind.

Accolades aside, we have come to expect the best from CCELL and the Listo is no exception. 

Advanced Heating 

CCELL’s drive to create the best product possible sets them apart from competitors. Labelled as a technology brand that specializes in vape devices, CCELL’s proprietary ceramic heating elements have created some of the most buzzworthy vaporizers on the market.

The Listo’s ceramic heating elements replace outdated wick-based coils and allow for the purest extraction possible. Be prepared for a smooth draw and satisfying result. High temperature sintering creates micro-holes within the ceramic to allow for more efficient and even oil extraction. All this advanced heating tech allows flavor and potency to shine through. 

A Compact, Long-Lasting Vape

One of Listo’s most notable features is its transparent 1 mL tank. Listo’s small size makes its larger tank a pleasant surprise. No more guessing how much is left in your disposable — with a quick glance, you can see exactly how much oil is left. 

Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the size and design of the tank stands out as Listo’s star feature. An average vape pen will hold around 0.3-0.5 mL of oil while Listo holds 1mL — that’s twice as much! Long-lasting and pocketable, the Listo is easy and practical. 

Easy Recharge

Waste not, Listo is rechargeable. The ability to recharge is a major upgrade in disposables and means you won’t ever have to leave oil in an unfinished pod. An indicator LED light informs you when the battery is low and it’s time to find an outlet. With a powerful 350 mAh battery, your device should last days before needing a charge. All it requires is a simple USB charger — a nice surprise when we see so many vaporizers with proprietary charging ports. Listo was made to make the user’s life easier, and practical charging meets that goal. 

A Pop of Color

There’s nothing boring about cannabis use, so why should your device be any different? Listo is brightly colored and fully customizable — the best of both worlds if you ask us. Rather than the traditional metallic exterior, CCELL opted for a more playful design that’ll get you excited to share with friends.   

Listo’s internals feature medical-grade, 316L stainless steel, and food-grade plastic makes up the mouthpiece. The use of stainless steel means the danger of corrosion is reduced and food-grade plastic keeps you safe from toxins.  

The Rundown

As far as disposables go, it’s hard to find anything wrong with the Listo — it’s perfect for customers who want a disposable device that doesn’t skimp on material or design. 

With this latest addition to the CCELL lineup, they’ve filled a void in the vape pen market by designing such a compact pen with a large tank. As far as disposable vape pens go, this one checks a lot of our boxes: portability, design, ease of use, and of course, longevity. 

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Omura Series X Takes Whole Flower Vaporization to Next Level

When it comes to consuming cannabis, there are dozens of methods. From infused joints to sticky dabs, the possibilities are seemingly endless. For those seeking a convenient and stylish alternative to traditional cannabis smoking, the Omura Series X is the answer. Utilizing innovative Heat-Not-Burn technology, and a handy prefilled Flowerstick system, this cutting-edge vaporizer provides a smooth and precise consumption experience every single time. Simply pop a Flowerstick in the chamber, and you’ll be set.

The Series X is the second iteration of Omura’s system, following the groundbreaking Series I. And while the original device certainly turned heads, the Series X is already garnering plenty of attention in its own right, taking home a Good Design Award for its game-changing technology and attracting a wide array of partner brands in both CBD and THC varieties.

As one of the only dosed, whole flower devices on the market, the Omura was built with one goal in mind: to create a future-facing cannabis experience that is inclusive and consistent. The Series X takes this to a new level, and with even more Flowerstick options, Omura is poised to go above and beyond their initial objective by truly offering something for everyone.

Omura System Stands Out

The team behind Omura worked diligently to develop an exceptionally sleek and efficient vaporizer from the start, and the second generation only improves on its predecessor’s capabilities. Crafted by award-winning designer Michael Young, the Series X’s futuristic aesthetic combined with self-heating mechanisms; dual temp options that work perfectly for THC or CBD; and easy-to-use charging base make this device both fun and functional.

Here’s how it works: Biodegradable paper sticks containing 0.125 grams of lightly ground premium CBD or 0.145g of THC flower enter a compartment at the top of the unit, leaving one end exposed to act as a mouthpiece. Sensors within detect when a new Flowerstick has been inserted, automatically activating an internal convection heating component. A slight vibration indicates that the Series X is on. Three lights on the exterior begin to illuminate as the temperature rises — once all lights are on, another buzz signals the start of a three-minute session.

Users then inhale from the Flowerstick’s mouthpiece, taking in smooth, terpene-rich hits. The device automatically turns off at the end of the session. Used sticks are then removed and placed in compost or trash. The unit can then be returned to the charging base to keep it secure and fully charged day in and day out. 

Out of the box, the Series X has a high-tech vibe, invoking visions of the latest smartphone. The fast-charging USB-C base has the device ready to go in no time. In your hand, the Series X is lightweight yet sturdy, with a smooth exterior and metallic finish. Designed to be displayed proudly in the home, the unit comes with a matching charging base and goes well with any decor.

Consistency is King 

When designing the Omura, its inventors set out to build an aesthetically pleasing yet dependable consumption tool capable of offering a large catalog of cannabis cultivars that are suitable for any occasion, day or night. 

THC Flowersticks are currently sold in California and Massachusetts with more adult-use states coming soon. Brand partners include Caliva, TSO Sonomas and Tradecraft Farms on the West Coast, and Revolutionary Clinics on the East Coast. CBD offerings can be purchased in 40 states, with a wide array of blends available from Oriel, Bluhen, Barbari, Ohho and Libertine. Empty Flowersticks are also available for those who wish to use their favorite cannabis or home grow with the Omura vape.

We had a chance to try the Libertine Sour Space OG hemp variety while reviewing the Series X. The earthy and herbaceous tasting Flowerstick offered a mellow and relaxing effect, perfect for those seeking to reap the benefits of non-psychoactive CBD via a simple and effective system. 

The Series is available for $99.99. Each new device purchased includes two complimentary boxes of empty, fillable Flowersticks or one box of prefilled CBD sticks. This allows you to hit the ground running and easily enjoy all that Omura has to offer. 

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Small Business Spotlight: Bong and Vape on 97th

Bong and Vape on 97th is a beautiful blend of… well bongs and vapes for every smoker and toker. When you first walk in it is almost overwhelming just how much gear they have.

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Can lab tests help vape pens puff like a joint without wasting THC

Have you ever heard of too much weed? Perhaps you consume a plethora of cannabis concentrates, dabs all day. According to countless individuals who turn down dabs of concentrated cannabis, a joint or vape pen is often a perfect fit. So, how can a vape pen be designed based on lab tests to ensure it […]

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Buds & Baby Boomers

51, remembers well the first time he got high.

“I was
a freshman in high school and my friend Chovi from India found me on the
handball court where I had been spray-painting images of Alfred E. Newman with
a stencil I’d made,” says Steve. “Chovi must’ve been about 4’6” and had this
massive afro shaped like a square helmet that was three sizes too big for his
face. The guy was hilarious based on looks alone. I had low expectations,
because I had tried pot twice before and had never felt anything. And I didn’t
notice much from this at first, either, but it turned out to be a creeper.”

home, Steve remembers “feeling like Albert Hofmann on his famous bike ride”
after discovering the formula for LSD. Then, suddenly, he found himself overly
high and met with a locked door at his parent’s house – meaning he’d have to
confront his mom.

God, my mom was going to have to let me in,” he recalls. “I couldn’t face my
mom like that. As soon as she opened the door, I pushed past her and dashed up
the stairs. She shouted up to me all concerned, ‘Is everything okay?’ And I
shouted back, ‘Yep! Everything’s great, Mom!’ And I locked myself in my room
and played my KISS records.”

was 1977. Three businesses and a home in the wealthiest zip code of the Bay
Area later, Steve finds himself enjoying a new wave of Mary Jane’s alluring
wiles. Only these days, instead of rolling a doobie, he puffs his vape pen.

Steve’s story isn’t particularly unique. Baby boomers across the nation are getting reacquainted with cannabis after a hiatus from pot through their middle years. According to a 2012 study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration comparing trends with 2002, cannabis use among people between the ages 50-54 and 60-64 has almost doubled. Meanwhile, pot use among boomers age 55-59 has more than quadrupled. And they’re not merely dabbling. The National Institute of Drug Abuse reports that baby boomers are regularly consuming cannabis an average of once a week. And these numbers are expected to rise. By the end of 2015, nearly 111 million Americans over 50 were projected to be cannabis consumers, according to research by IBISWorld. That figure could jump another seven percent by 2020.

Baby boomers across the nation are getting reacquainted with cannabis after a hiatus from pot through their middle years.

responsible for this reefer renaissance is the rapidly increasing social
acceptance of cannabis as a medicine and recreational choice. 

medical marijuana became a thing and I realized I could get a pot prescription
and get my anxiety issues under control at the same time, that’s when I got
reacquainted with pot,” says Steve.

Indeed, studies suggest that boomers are using cannabis medicinally more than recreationally, often to deal with age-related issues such as chronic pain, depression and rheumatoid arthritis. Even Steve calls his vape pen “the most entertaining anti-anxiety medicine I’ve ever been prescribed.” In fact, the only time he labels his cannabis consumption recreational is in the context of a bad trip.

“When I
first came back to it around 2009, I had just met a lady, so I asked the
budtender to give me the very best they had. I didn’t ask for a strain that
does a particular thing, or makes you feel any particular way – just the best.”

The budtender recommended OG Kush, a name that he says he’ll always remember just so that he can avoid its super strength. 

“It was
unbelievably intense,” he says. “Way too advanced for my old-school roots. I
brought it with me to my lady friend’s house, thinking I’d impress her with how
hip I was. We had tickets to a show, but ended up just sitting on the couch for
about four hours. Not talking, not moving; I wasn’t even sure she was still
there most of the time. Every now and then, she would laugh, then I’d start
laughing. Then it would be silent again for another hour. That was awkward. I
will never smoke a strain that strong again, not unless I’m method-acting for
the role of a corpse. There was nothing recreational about that experience at

potency five to 10 times greater than the Mexican swag smokers enjoyed in the ’70s,
baby boomers are understandably trepidatious about coming back to cannabis.

“I miss
the giggling,” continues Steve. “Pot back then used to be really light and
giggly. Today’s pot is too heavy for me. It weighs me down.”

Despite the industry’s race to breed strains with the highest THC possible, options do exist for baby boomers who want to get pleasantly elevated without blasting off into the stratosphere. Cannabis with THC in the low double-digits – say, the 10-14 percent range – may provide a low-impact way to get a gentle buzz. And with the advent of the vape pen, boomers are strolling the path back to pot with more ease and grace than ever.

year, I was bed-ridden after a skiing accident,” recalls Judith, a 60-year-old
San Francisco travel agent. “All I could do was lay in bed taking pain killers
and watching Netflix. The pain pills had me so groggy and out of it that I
would suffer through [the pain] as long as I could before finally giving in and
taking one. When my son came over and offered me a puff off his new vape pen –
my first thought was, ‘My goodness, what kind of robot joint is this?’ But let
me tell you, it literally changed my world.

mean, it [worked] faster than the pain pills, and it didn’t turn me into a
zombie,” she says. “Pretty much one little puff every hour or two kept my pain
at bay, and I have to admit, it was pretty fun, too! I mean, I was laughing at
things that, on the pills, I couldn’t do more than stare at with my eyes glazed
over. With that little pen, I felt like myself again. And bonding with my son,
watching documentaries and laughing at movies together, was a brilliant,
unexpected bonus. Now when I have friends over, we’ll have a little vape with
our tea.”

pens are becoming ubiquitous as a discreet way for cannabists, many of them
boomers, to consume concentrated versions of the plant. Because it lends itself
so easily to taking just one puff at a time, the vape pen provides users with
an easier way to manage dosage. And because the oil contains such a high
concentration of THC to begin with, one hit will often suffice.

“That’s just a classy way to get high, in my opinion,” says Steve about vape pens. “Mine even doubles as a stylus. It’s my new favorite way to get high.”

Originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now.

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How to Choose a Perfect Portable Vaporizer

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What Vapes Should Be on Your Next Black Friday And Cyber Monday Wish List

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