Top Delta-8 Carts & Strains—Get High, Pick Your Favorite

Delta-8 carts are one of the most talked-about cannabis products right now. They’re also available in a variety of different strains. This piece will show you how to choose the right strains. Delta-8 cartridges have quickly risen to the top of the cannabis world. Many have started to refer to it as the most sought-after cannabis compound globally. The best part about Delta-8 carts is that it’s also made an imprint on the vaping industry. 

Delta-8 carts are becoming increasingly popular, so many people are facing the challenge of choosing between the strains available.

A Delta-8 cart strain will be most suitable if you study its mixture or internal composition. In addition to THC, CBD, and compounds, you need to consider the way the strain makes you feel. For instance, some Delta-8 strains provide stress relief and others provide pain relief. In the end, when you have checked all the alternatives, you are expected to choose the strain that contains the amount of THC or CBD you prefer.

What Are Delta-8 Cartridges?

As the name implies, Delta-8 carts are smoking or vaping cartridges that contain Delta-8 cannabinoids. Depending on the manufacturer, they may include delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, as well as other flavors. A high generated by THC is soothing and relaxing.

Courtesy Delta Cart

As has been discussed in previous posts, Delta-8 is an increasingly popular cannabis compound due to its similarity to Delta-9 THC—the component that produces feelings of euphoria, symptom relief, happiness, and sedation. 

There are two cannabinoids in this class, Delta-8 and Delta-9, which are similar in chemical structure and scientific name. A form of THC is Delta-8 or Delta-9, which is also called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. In other words, Delta-8 and Delta-9 are both forms of THC.

How To Choose The Right Strain of Delta-8

The interesting thing about marijuana is that it comes in many different strains. To select the right strain, you would have to weigh the effects of the different strains. Indica, sativa, and hybrid are the most commonly used strains of Delta-8.

There are a number of strains that are classified as indicas, which make you feel relaxed, sleepy, and relieve pain. The majority of these strains come from the Cannabis sativa family and have a higher CBD content.

As opposed to indica, sativa is known for leaving users more mentally active than others. They are more stimulating and contain higher levels of THC. People take sativa to feel creative and energized.

A hybrid strain, on the other hand, combines the qualities of both sativa and indica to create specific effects. These strains are popular due to the many possible combinations they allow. Many Delta-8 users adore the versatility of hybrid strains.

What Are The Effects I Get From Delta-8 Carts?

As a result, Delta-8 carts will get you high, but a milder high than regular THC. The chemical structure of Delta-8 cannabinoids and Delta-9 THC are similar. Like most indica strains, Delta-8 carts will make you sleepy rather than euphoric.

A recent study published by the Library of Medicine compares the benefits and effects of Delta-8 and Delta-9. These were their conclusions:

Courtesy Delta Cart

Differences Between Delta-8 Carts and Gummies

CategoryDelta-8 GummiesDelta-8 Carts
Delivery MethodEdibleInhalable
Onset Time30-90 minutesWithin minutes
Duration4-8 hours1-4 hours
Dosage AccuracyFixed dose per servingCan be difficult to accurately measure
ConvenienceEasy to use, discreetRequires battery, discreet
Flavor OptionsWide variety of flavors availableLimited flavor options

These edibles contain a specific amount of Delta-8 cannabinoids, and they are an interesting way of taking the THC-based compound. For example, if you bought a product containing 25mg of Delta-8 cannabinoids per gummy, and there are 10 gummies in the pack, then the product will give you 250mg. For people who are worried about tolerance, Delta-8 gummies are a great way to get euphoria from THC discreetly.

In contrast, Delta-8 carts are for those who enjoy smoking and don’t want something discreet. You don’t have to worry about losing count of your dosage because the liquid is injected through the lungs.

In the United States, hemp is allowed to be grown and used as a raw material for extractions. Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp can be grown and used as a raw material for extractions. Therefore, it can be produced in some states, whereas Delta-9 cannot.

As of today, Delta-8 THC is produced by the cannabis hemp plant for all uses. In states where THC is illegal, Delta-8 is legal and provides similar effects. People in states where THC is illegal can use Delta-8 as a substitute—it’s legal and offers similar effects. The real thing is much more potent, but Delta-8 has been restricted by certain states despite it being legal. Please do your own research before you buy.

As a result of the U.S. regulations and the desire to expand their market share, many hemp-based extractors are switching to or incorporating Delta-8 production methods.

Are There Any Benefits to Smoking Delta-8 Carts?

Courtesy Delta Cart

There are several interesting medicinal benefits to smoking Delta-8 based on the USA Library of Medicine. According to this resource, Delta-8 offers the following benefits:

  • Calm and relaxation
  • Euphoria
  • Pain relief 

Paranoia symptoms can also be alleviated by smoking Delta-8.

Final Thoughts on Delta-8 Carts

There is no doubt that Delta-8 is making waves around the world. Many people find it to be a mild alternative to taking marijuana directly. Ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable seller before buying your Delta-8 carts. Ensure the product’s quality is also examined before purchasing. Receive 40% OFF exclusively to High Times readers using the code: 40OFFD8. Exclusively available on 

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HHC Carts Are a Buzz! Risks, Benefits & More

In hemp plants, the cannabinoid hexahydrocannabidiol (HHC) is found in small amounts. There are small amounts of this compound naturally occurring. Delta-9 THC is hydrogenated commercially to produce it. Especially for smokers who are trying to quit, HHC carts are becoming increasingly popular.

A basic understanding of HHC is essential before using it. The purpose of this article is to examine the benefits and risks of using HHC carts.

Currently, there is no clear legal status for HHC. The chemical compound hexahydrocannabinol occurs naturally in hemp. Because it isn’t THC, it’s not psychoactive

In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, this should be legal.

HHC, on the other hand, is synthetically produced in laboratories. Its Schedule 1 status would actually result in the DEA banning it.

Different states have different laws regarding HHC. At the moment, HHC is readily available, but we hope that will continue to be the case in the future.

Benefits Associated with Using HHC Carts

In order to fully understand the benefits of HHC, further scientific investigation is needed. The endocannabinoid system interacts with HHC directly or indirectly because it is a cannabinoid.

Courtesy Delta Cart

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) carts are a relatively new form of THC product that are gaining popularity in the cannabis market. Some potential benefits of using HHC carts may include:

  1. Potency: HHC carts are reported to be more potent than traditional THC products, such as delta-8 and delta-9 THC, which may provide users with a stronger and more euphoric high.
  1. More relaxed high: HHC carts have been described as providing a more relaxing and calming high compared to other THC products, making it a good option for those who want to unwind or alleviate stress.
  1. Potential therapeutic benefits: Some users report that HHC has potential therapeutic benefits, including pain relief, mood enhancement, and improved focus.
  1. Improved taste: Many HHC carts have been noted for their pleasant flavor and smooth draw, which can make the experience of using them more enjoyable.
  1. Potential for increased creativity: Some users have reported that HHC can lead to a more creative and imaginative state of mind, which could be beneficial for artists, writers, and other creative professionals.
  1. Pain relief: HHC inhibits the transmission of pain sensation in mice, according to a study. Consequently, HHC may be useful in managing chronic pain.

Carts vs. Flower – So Which Is Better?

Inhaling vapor from a vape involves heating HHC oil. As an alternative to smoking, HHC vapes are becoming increasingly popular. Smoking and vaping differ in that the former involves the inhalation of smoke, while the latter involves the inhalation of vapor.

  1. Vaping is a milder way to consume cannabis than smoking: smoking is harsh on the lungs.
  1. If your knee pain becomes unbearable at work, you can use your vape to relieve it. Simply inhale some HHC in the bathroom.
  1. By inhaling HHC vapor, you can relieve pain in a few minutes: HHC vapor diffuses into the bloodstream more quickly than other types of vapor.
  1. Using this method of consuming HHC is less expensive.
  1. The health effects of vaping are less debilitating than those of smoking.
  1. HHC oil dosage can be controlled: you can control how much oil you put into the vape. Therefore, it reduces the incidence of the possibility of overdosing or toxic effects.

Possible Side Effects of Vaping

Cannabinoids can have some risks, especially when used excessively. HHC’s dangers are not sufficiently explored in research. The following are some of the expected side effects:

  • Dryness of mouth
  • Appetite increases
  • Increase of heart rate
  • Redness of eyes
  • Paranoia

HHC vs. Delta-9 THC

HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) and delta-9 THC are both forms of tetrahydrocannabinol, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. However, there are some key differences between the two:

  1. Potency: HHC is reported to be more potent than delta-9 THC, meaning that users may need to consume less of it to achieve the desired effects.
  2. Effects: While delta-9 THC is often associated with a strong, euphoric high, HHC is said to provide a more relaxed and calming high. Some users have also reported feeling more creative and focused after using HHC.
  1. Legality: While delta-9 THC is still illegal at the federal level in the United States, HHC is currently legal in most states, as it is considered to be a “hemp-derived” product.
  1. Research: Delta-9 THC has been extensively researched and studied, and its effects are well-known. However, HHC is a relatively new substance, and there is limited research on its effects and potential risks.

It’s important to note that, as with all cannabis products, the effects of HHC can vary depending on the individual user, the quality and potency of the product, and other factors such as dosage and frequency of use. Additionally, it is important to use all cannabis products responsibly and in moderation, and to consult with a healthcare professional before using any new THC products, particularly if you have any underlying health conditions or are taking other medications.

Exclusively Available for Our Readers

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Currently, HHC is still being researched as a semi-synthetic cannabinoid. Even though hemp contains a small amount, hydrogenation is used to produce it in large quantities. More states allow HHC vapes than THC, which is an advantage.

Moreover, HHC has a lower potency than delta-9, but a higher potency than delta-8. For individuals seeking something in-between, HHC may be the best option.

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2023 Farm-Bill, Delta-8 vs Delta-9, Isotonitazene, Medical Cannabis – The Cannadelics Sunday Edition

Welcome to the Cannadelics Sunday Edition, our weekly newsletter sent to our readers every Sunday morning with the leading stories of the week. This week the main articles were about 2023 Farm-Bill, Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9 THC, Isotonitazene – the new extra-string opioid, Poor-quality vape carts, THC-O clearance sale, Psychedelic medical settings, Medical Cannabis as a part of healthcare, Drugs on blue-monday and Salvia legality and more.

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The Cannadelics Sunday Edition (2/19/2023) – Isotonitazene, Vape Carts, 2023 Farm-Bill, Delta-8 vs Delta-9, THC-O Sale and more


Welcome to the Cannadelics Sunday edition, going out every Sunday with the top stories from the cannabis and psychedelics industries. This week we have a mixed bag of stories as well as a few deals from our deal-of-the-day segments.

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THC-O disposables – Only $8/vape

THC-O disposables – Only $8/vape

Get maximum savings on premium THC-O disposable vapes with the 8-pack bundle. It features 92% THC-O distillate and a range of terpene strains. For just $74 with the WAREHOUSE coupon, you get 8 vapes, plus an extra one for free! 

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This week we have a pretty even mix of both cannabis and psychedelics news. 2023 Farm-Bill is coming soon, what to expect? A few popular topics explore the latest opioid to hit the market, which is said to be stronger than fentanyl and comes along with public fears of a worsening opioid epidemic. Also covered is how legal cannabis impacts big pharma, how a medical setting impacts psychedelic therapy, and more!

Worse Than Fentanyl? New Opioid Isotonitazene Deepens Opioid Issue

Isotonitazene is a newer opioid to cause problems
Isotonitazene is a newer opioid to cause problems

Considering how strong fentanyl is, and the absolute devastation it’s had on the American public, it’s a bit crazy to think that a new, and even stronger opioid was just released. It’s name is isotonitazene, and it is said to be 20-100 times more powerful than fentanyl, making it around 500 time stronger than morphine. Will this make the already terrible opioid situation, even worse?

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What’s The Deal with Shoddy Vape Carts Lately?

What’s The Deal with Shoddy Vape Carts Lately?

Over the past few months, we’ve observed a significant decrease in the caliber of the vape cartridges we purchase. Strangely, it’s not the concentrate inside that’s the issue, but rather the carts themselves. Whether it’s leakage or complete disintegration, the majority of vape carts we’ve bought in the past year have been of poor quality. What’s going on?

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2023 Farm-Bill Under Construction: What to Expect

2023 Farm-Bill
2023 Farm-Bill

It’s that time again… time for a new and “improved” farm bill. A farm bill is a set of laws that governs a wide array of food and agricultural program, including hemp which is federally legal. The last one sure shook things up with its legalization of industrial hemp and derived products. But it also created many messes. Now with the new 2023 farm bill under construction, the burning question is, how will it impact the industry?

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Does A Medical Setting Affect Psychedelic Treatment?

How does medical setting affect psychedelic treatment, 2023 farm-bill
Does A Medical Setting Affect Psychedelic Treatment?

As psychedelics gain acceptance quickly, laws in different states are changing to accommodate their possession and use. So far though, the only states to legalize have done so with an allowance for use in a medical/supervised setting. But is this really the most beneficial setting in which to use these compounds, or can it get in the way of true spiritual healing?

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THC-O Gummies – $10 for 500mg

THC-O Gummies – $10 for 500mg
THC-O Gummies – $10 for 500mg

Don’t miss this amazing deal on premium THC-O gummies. This limited-time offer features a 6-pack of gummies, with 500mg of THC-O in each. Use the coupon code “WAREHOUSE” at checkout to get the 6-pack for just $55, which works out to less than $10 per jar – the lowest price ever for this high-quality product. 

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Additional Reading:

A few more articles for your reading pleasure, such as the 2023 farm-bill, medical cannabis, salvia, Delta 9 vs Delta 8 etc.

Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9 THC: What Are the Key Differences?

Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9 THC, 2023 farm bill
Delta-8 THC vs Delta-9 THC

For centuries, cannabis has been a widely used substance valued for its psychoactive effects and medicinal properties. Among the many cannabinoids found in cannabis, two of the most prevalent psychoactive compounds today are Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC. Despite their similar names, these compounds differ in their chemical makeup, psychoactive effects, medicinal uses, and legal status. What distinguishes Delta-8 THC from Delta-9 THC?

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Colombia Now Has Mandatory Medical Cannabis as a Part of Healthcare

Colombia is instituting medical cannabis as a part of healthcare
Colombia Now Has Mandatory Medical Cannabis as a Part of Healthcare

Columbia ended 2022 on a high note by announcing that medical cannabis is now a mandatory part of their healthcare program. That means that approved, plant-based cannabis products will be covered by insurance, for all residents. Resolution 2808 also added more medical conditions that can be treated with medical cannabis, like: chronic and neuropathic pain, cancer pain, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and fibromyalgia.

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In Which US States is Salvia Illegal?

Salvia regulation in different states
Salvia regulation in different states

Because salvia has managed to mostly fly under the radar with only small windows of popularity over the years, it has managed to uphold a much looser legal structure than other hallucinogenic drugs. At the federal level, it’s actually completely legal. However, several states have implemented some form of legislation to regulate the plant and its products. 

Continue reading »

Do People Consume More Drugs on Blue Monday?

Do People Consume More Drugs on Blue Monday?
Do People Consume More Drugs on Blue Monday?

Monday’s suck, but according to past studies, one particular Monday is worse than the rest. Blue Monday, or the third Monday of January, holds the title of Blue Monday, the worst Monday of the year. An interesting facet to all this, is what happens on Blue Monday, and more specifically, do people use more drugs on that day in order to ease their Monday blues?

Continue reading »


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25% Off THCA Diamond Pre-Rolls, 2023 farm-bill

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THC-O Clearance Sale – 50% Off All Products

thc-o sale 50% discount
THC-O Clearance Sale – 50% Off All Products

Prepare to take advantage of an incredible sale on THC-O products, with an unbeatable 50% discount on all THC-O items. This is a fantastic opportunity to stock up on your favorite THC-O vapesgummiesdisposablesdabstinctures, and edibles at prices never seen before.
posables, dabs, tinctures, and edibles at prices never seen before.

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*** Meet Psilomethoxin, the Love Child of Psilocybin and 5-MeO-DMT

*** The Positives and Negatives of Magic Mushrooms

*** 5 Weirdest ways to Consume Cannabis

*** Salvia: Tricks of Use for the Best Experience

*** The Lowdown On Syria As The New Captagon Narco State

*** Why is Everyone ‘Shelving’ their Drugs?

*** Global Mushrooms Legality

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What’s The Deal with Shoddy Vape Carts Lately? 

Living in Indiana, a very restrictive midwestern state, it’s not as easy to find cannabis products as it is in my home state of California. Not only that, but the price point is much higher here. In California, I can easily find an ounce of decent weed for $100, sometimes less, whereas the same quality of flower costs me $200 in Indiana. That also applies to vape carts, and since dispensaries are not a thing here, those are even harder to find.  

As a workaround, I often stock up on live resin carts in CA, which I can find for about $20-$30/gram. I’ve been doing this for years, but in the last few months, I’ve noticed a sharp decline in the quality of the carts I’m buying. And not in the concentrate that’s within the carts – that’s still perfectly fine – the problem is with the carts themselves.  

From some leaking to others completely falling apart, the majority of the vape carts I’ve bought in the last year (roughly 60 percent) have been subpar. Is cutting corners with shoddy manufacturing the new standard in a struggling cannabis industry?  

How vape carts are made  

A vape cart is a pre-filled glass cartridge containing some type of cannabis concentrate, such as distillate or live resin oil. Vape carts consist of three primary parts: the mouthpiece, the chamber, and the atomizer. The mouthpiece is the top part of the cart that allows the user to pull vapor out of the chamber. They are usually made from plastic, metal, or ceramic metal, and they can be attached to the chamber in a few different ways, either screwed in or with a fitted seal and some glue.  

The chamber is the largest part of the cart, sitting right in the middle between the mouthpiece and atomizer, and containing the concentrate. The chamber can vary in size, some holding only half a gram and others holding up to 3 grams of oil. Vape cart chambers are usually made from clear plastic, but sometimes Pyrex glass is used.  

And finally we have the atomizer, which is a metal or ceramic heating element attached to the bottom of the chamber which heats the concentrate and turns it into vapor. This is the portion of the cart that screws into the battery. Some atomizers are heated by the battery when a button is pushed. Others, like the ones attached to disposable batteries without a button, utilize a sensor that detects upwards airflow when the user inhales.  

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Specific issues that I’ve noticed 

Unfortunately, I’ve had a variety of problems with my recent vape cart purchases ranging from mild and fixable, to complete failures that rendered the cart useless. First, let’s cover some of the milder problems. First, clogging. Almost all of my carts have clogged at some point, and this could be due in part to the fact that I prefer live resin, which is thicker than distillate. However, some of them got clogged to the point where no amount of sucking/inhaling would help. 

Another problem I had was leaking, where the live resin would leak out either through the mouthpiece or the atomizer. When it leaked through the mouthpiece, a couple of times I was able to wedge a small twig into the hole to plug it up and they continued working. But when it leaks out of the atomizer, there’s no way to fix it and it will end up leaking all over the battery and ruining that also.  

I’ve also had a couple of carts that completely fell apart, typically, the mouthpiece falls off and cannot be pushed back in. If more carts were made with mouthpieces that screwed in, this would not be an issue. A couple of time I had issues with the atomizer loosening as well, which again, led to concentrate leaking onto my battery.  

Why is this becoming more commonplace? 

When an industry is doing well, we see a few things that typically take place. Mainly, we see more job opportunities being created, a larger number of higher paying jobs and raises, and higher caliber products with quality design/engineering. Lately in the cannabis industry, we’re seeing the complete opposite; and the issues are global and ongoing.  

Some of the main problems we’ve been seeing stem from cannabis’ status as a schedule 1 controlled substance. Because of extremely high licensing and real estate fees, lack of access to traditional financial services, and the highly competitive nature of the cannabis industry, very few growers/retailers/processors are in the black right now. This has led to a wide array of problems from cheaper equipment being used to falsified lab reports, mass layoffs in the industry, and more.

When an industry begins cutting corners on a larger, more widespread scale, often the ones who gets the screwed the most in these scenarios are the consumers, because they are now receiving a subpar product for the same price that they used to pay for something decent.  

Case in point, I’ve been buying vape carts for years and never had as many issues with them as I have over the last few months. I also asked a few other friends who vape and they complained of similar problems, so it’s not just me being unlucky, the problem is becoming widespread. To the extent that some dispensaries are even offering insurance coverage for vape carts, so in the event that it breaks, you can mail it into the manufacturer for a refund or replacement. But since most of these carts are relatively cheap and that sounds like a bit of unneeded hassle, they’re likely banking on the fact that most people won’t be doing this.  

Despite how doom and gloom as all the above may sound, it’s really not all that bleak. As someone who attends conventions regularly, those are still very busy which is a great indication that industry professionals are seeing some profits and remaining hopeful. Also, more states are legalizing cannabis, the federal government likely will soon too, and new research on the benefits of using cannabinoids are still released on a regular basis. Many of the more established brands are companies are still holding strong as well. So, even though we’re seeing some issues, that doesn’t mean things can’t be turned around eventually.

Final thoughts

Since I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere in any serious capacity, I figured I would throw it out there to see if any of our readers are having similar dilemmas. Have you noticed a growing number of problems with your vape carts lately? If so, drop us a line in the comment section below, we’d love to get some more opinions on this!

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NEW: Live-Resin THCA Carts, Disposables, Flower and Diamonds

Cannabis is an ever-changing industry with new exciting products arriving every week. Whether it is smokable flower, vape carts, gummies, disposables, dabs, tinctures or a new type of edibles, your options are endless as there are so many great products to choose from. Recently, with the latest introduction of live-resin THCA products (THCA carts, disposables, flowers and diamonds), we have entered a new stage: premium cannabis products sold freely online all over the united states, even in places where THC isn’t legal yet…

To understand How is that even possible, we need to look into what exactly is THCA and how does it converts into Delta-9 THC.

THCA is the precursor to Delta-9 THC and in its natural state isn’t psychoactive at all. However, when THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is heated, it converts into Delta-9 THC (the ‘regular’ cannabis we all love and use so often), so as a result, THCA products have the same strength and effects as regular THC products. In-fact, for the user, vaping THCA carts feels exactly the same like vaping cannabis. Same for smoking THCA flower, which feels like smoking cannabis. That’s why THCA products (even the ones sold online) such as THCA carts, disposables, flower and diamonds, are extremely potent products, compared equally to Delta 9 products.  

Recently, with the new popularity of live-resin products, we been introduced to live-resin premium THCA products and they have become the latest top-selling product everyone is buying. Whether it is high-THCA carts, discreet disposables, high-potency THCA diamonds or even THCA flower, this is what people are looking to buy this Christmas and this is what you need to try next! However, finding good live-resin THCA products isn’t easy, so that’s why we have created the list of the best products, below.

The Best Live-Resin THCA Carts, Disposables, Flower and Diamonds

To help you save money on premium THCA products, such as THCA carts, disposables, flower and diamonds, we have created a short-list of the best ones you can buy online. Whenever a discount is possible, we have included the relevant coupon code. Make sure to use it, as it allows you to save big on these top-selling products.

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Premium THCA Live-Resin Carts

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Live resin High-THCA vape cart – Granberry Haze – Sativa
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This Christmas you probably want to buy the all-new live resin high-THCA products, everyone is talking about. These extra-strong products uses premium 99% THCA distillate, paired with live rosin cannabis terpenes to give a superior experience.

THCA is the precursor to Delta-9 THC (the ‘regular’ cannabis, sold in dispensaries). However, when heated THCA becomes Delta-9 THC, so these extremely potent products, compared equally to Delta 9 itself. As a result, THCA products have the strength and the effects of regular THC. 

Currently, you can get these products with a 25% discount, using the Delta25 coupon code.

THCA Exotic Kush Cart - Best Deals
Live resin High-THCA vape cart – Exotic Kush – Indica
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Choose between Cranberry Haze (Sativa) and Exotic Kush (Indica).

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Live Resin THCA Diamonds

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If dabbing is your thing, you must try the high-potency live-rosin THCA diamonds, which provides a great experience, compared equally to dabing Delta-9 THC itself. This superior product uses quality 99% THCA distillate, paired with live rosin cannabis terpenes.

Each product contains 1500mg hamp-derived THCA which converted to Delta-9 THC when heated. In-fact, THCA diamonds have exactly the same potency and effects as Delta-9 THC diamonds. However, they just cost you less, as they sold outside the dispensaries, so no state taxes are added…

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Premium THCA Live-Resin Disposables

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Live resin High-THCA disposables – Unicorn Berry – Hybrid
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These new High-THCA disposables uses 99% THCA distillate, paired with live rosin cannabis terpene strains for a superior vaping experience. This is a sparking new product, already becoming a top-selling one. If you want a high-potency product, compared to Delta 9 itself, the new THCA live-resin carts and disposables are your perfect choice!

Currently, you can get the THCA disposables with a 25% discount, using the Delta25 coupon code. Compared to Delta-9 THC disposables (which have the same potency and effects) you can get the same quality for less money, as you don’t have to pay the high taxes, usually applied to any high-THC product sold in dispensaries.

Live resin High-THCA disposables - Sour Pebbles - Sativa - Best Deals
Live resin High-THCA disposables – Sour Pebbles – Sativa
Christmas sale: 25% discount + myste

Choose between Unicorn Berry (Hybrid) and Sour Pebbles (Sativa).

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Premium THCA Flower

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Premium THCA flower – 15% off with Delta15 coupon

As THCA flower have below 0.3% Delta-9 THC, they can freely sold online. However, when heated THCA converted into Delta-9 THC (the regulatr THC), so in-fact, for the consumer, smoking THCA flower is exactly the same as smoking cannabis

While it is a nice legal loophole, never intended to be when the farm bill was signed, it means that anyone can now buy THCA flower and smoke it in the same way you smoke or vape cannabis. As it is sold online, outside the dispensaries, you could get it for much cheaper than regular cannabis, as no state taxes are added, or any taxes at all…

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Top 420 Deals: $5 Vape Carts – Delta 8 and THCO 

The biggest stoner holiday of the year is upon us! 4/20 is tomorrow, and to celebrate, we’re bringing you the very best deals – starting with this sale on Delta 8 THC and THC-O vape carts. Stock up for only $5 each! Below you can read a bit more about each of these cannabinoids, or just skip all that and scroll down to the bottom of the page to get your product.

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What is Delta 8 THC? 

To understand the difference between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC, you’ll have to think back to chemistry class. Admittedly, that wasn’t my best subject, but I do remember some of the basics. One of the things that always stuck was how minor chemical changes could create a completely different compound.  

For example, O2 vs O3. When we breathe, we are breathing in O2, or molecular oxygen, comprised of two oxygen molecules held together by a covalent bond. Add one more oxygen molecule to that and you now have O3, or ozone, which is a highly reactive gas that can cause serious health complications if we breathe it in.  

Fortunately for us, the differences between D8 and D9 aren’t that striking. Delta-8 THC only has some minor chemical differences from Delta-9. It also has some psychoactive effects, although it’s less intense than D9. Delta-8 is only present in trace amounts in cannabis plants, so to utilize it, this compound needs to be extracted and isolated.

As far as medical benefits of Delta 8 THC, there are quite a few that are of particular interest. Numerous studies (mostly Israeli conducted by Raphael Mechoulam and associates) dating back to the early 1970s indicate that Delta-8 is an extremely powerful effects on the immune system. It has also been observed shrinking tumors and completely eliminating nausea in patients who were sick from other medications. 

What is THC-O? 

In short, THC-O is an analog of THC, meaning is has a similar chemical structure but, as is the case in chemistry, minor differences often lead to substantial changes. THC-O is short for THC-O-Acetate, or THC Acetate/ATHC. Most of the time you’ll see it written and referred to as THC-O. It’s important not to confuse ATHC with THCA, the parent molecule of THC which found in raw plants that have not yet been decarboxylated.  

In tetrahyrdocannabinolic acid (THCA) the A stands for acid, NOT acetate like with ATHC. THCA can be converted to THC-O, but THCA is a natural phytocannabinoid and THC-O is not. THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid that can only be produced in a laboratory setting, preferably by an experienced chemist. With the rise of DIY technologies, it can be tempting to try and make THC-O yourself, but the process can be difficult and quite dangerous, so it’s best left to the professionals.  

Because it is an artificially produced cannabinoid, what you see is what you get – meaning all you get is THC-O and none of the beneficial terpenes and flavonoids that are found in natural oils. This is an obvious issue for whole-plant advocates and proponents of the entourage effects, but when it comes to pharmaceutical formulations, isolated cannabinoids are always preferred.  

The purity of these compounds means that 1 milligram of isolate equals measures out to exactly 1 milligram of cannabinoid, whereas 1 milligram of full-spectrum plant extract might have 0.5 milligrams of THC, 0.3 milligrams of CBD, and 0.2 combination of other terpenes and compounds. This makes isolate very easy to use for specific dosing and product production.  

According to Serge Chistov, the inventor of Nanobidiol Technology, says his team has found a safe and efficient method to acetylate THC using only approved solvents. Chistov says his team “developed the analytical standard for testing for THC-O, as well as being in the final stages of introducing products to retail outlets.” So, if everything stays on track, the goal is to see THC-O therapeutics relatively soon. 

How To Get Your $5 Vape Carts

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My Product of the Month: Nectar Honeybee Vaporizer

As a cannabis journalist I do have the pleasure of trying a variety of cannabis products. These can vary from edibles, tinctures, cartridges, vapes, papers, lube and much much more. However, it has to be said, being from and living in London does not always make this the easiest of ordeals. Unless the specific products contain less than 0.3% THC then it is  going to be more difficult to get a hold of in the UK. Nonetheless, I do try my fair share of products and every so often I want to aim to shine a light on the best product I’ve tried. Today, I want to shine a light on Nectar Medical Vapes’ cartridge vaporizer: the Honeybee. This product has been nothing short of a life-saver for myself and my girlfriend and here’s why. 

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Laws in the UK 

Vaporizers – be they for cannabis or tobacco, dry of carts – are legal in the UK. Of course, this is no surprise. Why would an electronic device that doesn’t contain any substances be illegal? Whilst vaporizers are legal to purchase and sell in the UK, much like the rest of the world, the substances that go in them are not. To be specific, any product that contains more than 0.2% THC is illegal in the UK. Not only that, but CBD flowers or buds are also illegal. This is another example of a confusing law made by the UK. Despite the fact that CBD is a legal cannabinoid, CBD buds are banned. Kloris writes: 

“While these regulations do allow for CBD purchases, the problem lies in the fact that stalk, seeds, and fibre of hemp contain very little CBD when compared to the cannabinoid-rich plant flowers and leaves…because CBD flower comes from a prohibited part of hemp plants, even though it may contain no more than 0.2% THC, it can’t legally be sold.”

That being said, medical cannabis is legal in the UK. Therefore, if you’re able to receive a prescription, it’s likely that you’ll be able to access both CBD and THC cannabis to use as medication. However, the National Health Service does not currently offer any viable prescription services for cannabis medicines. In addition, for those specialist doctors that do offer cannabis prescriptions, the prices are often so extortionate that it makes it an impossible option. This means that there are around 1.4 million people in the UK who are forced to find cannabis illegally – through street dealers and the dark web – in order to access their much-needed medication. The issue is, this can put these people at risk of receiving fines and prosecutions. But, fortunately, it does seem that the UK police are beginning to become more lenient towards people with small amounts of cannabis. CBD Sloth writes:

“If you have a very small quantity, which broadly means less than an ounce (28g), then the police will normally accept it is just for personal use and will issue with a warning and potentially an on-the-spot fine.”

I know what you’re thinking. UK cannabis laws are confusing. You’re not wrong. That’s what makes Nectar Medical Vapes such an interesting company. They sell a product that is technically legal, but the substances that go inside it are not. Before we learn more about them and their product the Nectar Hive – which I love – let’s first understand better what a vaporizer actually is. 

What is a Vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electronic device that heats up tobacco or cannabis buds or carts and turns them into vapour, which can then be inhaled. Vaporizers came about and have gained popularity as a replacement for smoking. When you light a cigarette or a joint you release dangerous and cancerous carcinogens through the process of combustion, this can be highly damaging for the body. However, vaping avoids the process of combustion. That’s not to say that vaping is 100% healthy, but it does avoid those specific smoking problems. Hopkins Medicine writes:

“E-cigarettes heat nicotine (extracted from tobacco), flavorings and other chemicals to create an aerosol that you inhale. Regular tobacco cigarettes contain 7,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic”

Cannabis vapes come in basic two forms: the dry herb vaporizer and the cartridge vaporizer. Dry herb vapes have an oven chamber where the buds are placed and heated up to be inhaled. Cartridge vapes have a battery, which attaches to small cartridges and heats them up. These cartridges can be filled up with a variety of cannabis oils. Cartridge vapes tend to be more popular in countries that have legalized cannabis and have a proper cartridge industry. In the UK, it’s harder to get ahold of decent THC oil. However, despite the fact this product comes from the UK, for me, the Nectar Hive is worth shouting about.

Nectar Medical Vapes

Nectar Medical Vapes are one of the UK’s leading cannabis vaporizer companies. They sell an impressive selection of dry herb vaporizers, and are now beginning to release their cartridge vapes too. Not only that, they also sell several rosin presses and CBD cream and edibles. As a company, Nectar is ahead of their time – trying to push for a world where cannabis in the UK is fully legal. Of course, in the US, cannabis is legal in the majority of states and – as such – the vaporizer industry is booming. In the US, cannabis vapes are a hugely successful market. In fact, in 2020 Million Insights reported that the cannabis vaporizer market was worth 9.9 billion, and was expected to grow by 6% every year from 2021 to 2028. In the UK, there isn’t really much of a cannabis vape market yet. Therefore, Nectar is competing with the US market with their products. Yet they don’t disappoint. 

The Honeybee

The Nectar Honeybee cartridge vaporizer is my product of the month because it is easy to use, and has a simple yet slick design. I’ve tried my fair share of vaporizers and this product is at the top. The Honeybee has a 1ml capacity, a reliable 800mAh battery life and a very cool-looking LED design. It has a magnetic attachment to the cartridge and also vibrates and lights up when you connect it to the device. In other words, it’s totally awesome. 

The Honeybee vaporizer is unique because it originates from a country where discreteness is key. Unlike in the US, where large clouds and industrial-sized vapes are popular, in the UK it’s the complete opposite. Vaporizers cannot be obvious in their design. This means that the vape design needs to be slick and not draw attention to itself. That’s what I love about the Nectar Honeybee. It doesn’t scream ‘cannabis’ as you inhale. It does it’s job and it’s modest about it. Nectar write:

“The Honeybee was designed to be discreet, compact, reliable and most importantly; efficient, both in terms of battery life and oil usage”

The vaporizer allows for any cannabis oils and also comes with a few replacement cartridges in case you lose yours or need to replace them. In addition, Nectar offers a 2 year warranty and 24/7 customer support. It’s evident that they care, not only about their customers but also for their products. I often message the CEO of Nectar, Mario, about the product. I ask for advice or tips on how to get the most out of the vaporizer – he’s always happy to answer questions. 

I first bought the vaporizer as a gift for my girlfriend who was suffering from some pains. She wanted to avoid using opioids, and instead use cannabis. I’d heard of Nectar and decided on the Honeybee as I knew that cartridge vaporizers were something I hadn’t tried as much. Also, the product was only £30.00. For a reliable, slick and quality vaporizer – that price is an absolute steal. Myself and my girlfriend both loved it.


If you’re a vaporizer lover who wants to try something born and bred in the UK… the Honeybee is definitely worth a purchase. For me, it’s the best vape I’ve tried in a while and it hasn’t let me down yet. It’s deservedly my product of the month for April 2022.

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Consuming Cannabis: Dry Herb Vaporizer vs Cartridge Vaporizer

The year is now 2022 and it is estimated that around 19% of the world’s adults smoke. However, it’s believed that this will decrease to 17% by 2030. As more and more people begin to acknowledge the dangers of smoking, the vaporizer has snuck its way in as a viable and popular replacement. Whether people like consuming cannabis or tobacco, the vape has become the healthier option. There are two competing vaporizers that have taken over the industry: the dry herb vaporizer and the cartridge vaporizer. However, these devices are not always cheap, so deciding which one to get can be tough. That leaves one question: which is the right vaporizer to get? 

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The Vaporizer

The vaporizer industry has boomed over the last decade. In fact, in 2016 the vape market was worth 11.5 billion dollars, and is expected to increase to 86.5 billion dollars by 2025. But what are these magical devices that seem to be taking over the world of smoking? 

A vaporizer is an electrical device that heats up substances, turning them into vapor, which can then be inhaled. Some vaporizers heat liquids in cartridges, and others heat dry cannabis in oven-like chambers. E-cigarettes, which are now a highly popular alternative to smoking tobacco, are vaporizers that heat nicotine. But for those that want to avoid smoking joints, there are dry herb vapes as well as cartridge vapes that take cannabis cartridges. 

The Healthier Option 

Whilst vaporizers can look and feel cool – like a magic smoking wand – the real reason for their existence is that they offer a healthier way to consume certain circumstances. When a cigarette or joint is lit, it heats at around 900 degrees/1650 fahrenheit, This is called combustion. Combustion causes dangerous carcinogens and toxins to be released. In addition, when tobacco is burned – which can be in both joints and cigarettes – it also releases cancerous inhalants. PMI states:

“The combustion of tobacco results in the formation of smoke (that contains a range of chemical constituents), heat, and ash. … The high heat associated with combustion leads to the thermal breakdown of the tobacco when it is burned, resulting in the production of many of the toxicants found in cigarette smoke.”

It’s the avoidance of combustion that makes the vaporizer a healthier option. The device heats substances at around 180-220 degrees/ 350-430 fahrenheit, whereas combustion starts at around 250 degrees/480 fahrenheit. Instead of smoke vapor is created, which is inhaled and does not release the same toxins as smoke does. This is why the vaporizer is more healthy than smoking. However, it would be a lie to suggest that vaping is completely healthy and does not cause any damage at all. Vaping over long periods of time will damage your lungs, but it seems to be a better alternative and helpful way to wean yourself off smoking. 

History of the Vaporizer

Going through the entirety of the history of the vaporizer would take a while, so here’s a brief whistle stop tour of some of the major moments that might have led to what we now know as a modern day vape. 

5BC – Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians supposedly used to heat up hemp seeds on hot rocks and inhale the vapour that was released. This could be considered the first ever vaping experience. 

1020 – Hookah Water Pipe

The hookah water pipe, also known as the shisha pipe, became popular around 1000 years ago in Indian, Turkey and Afghanistan. Shisha pipes use hot coal to heat up tobacco. 

1927 – Butane Ignition Vape

Joseph Robinson invented the first butane ignition vaporizer in 1927. It worked like a blow torch. It didn’t ever reach the market due to its lack of popularity and probably lack of health awareness, but it did pave the way for future ideas away from common smoking. 

1971 – Tobacco Advertising Ban

In 1971 the US stopped the advertisement of cigarettes on television in their Health Cigarette Smoking Act. With the end of cigarette advertisement and as the world began to see the dangers of smoking, a space was slowly being created for the vaporizer. 

1993 – Shake & Vape

In 1993, Eagle Bill Omato – also known as the father of vapor, created the shake & vape. The device used a glass tube with a bowl at the end that you could place cannabis on. The cannabis was heated through the glass, rather than directly from the flame and thus didn’t combust. 

1997 – Indoor Smoking Ban

In 1997 smoking indoors was banned in the US, which made it harder to enjoy smoking in all areas of life. Vaping can be done indoors. 

2016 – California Legalizes Cannabis

In 2016, California became the first state in the US to legalize recreational cannabis. Vaporizers with the ability to heat cannabis – both in liquids and in dry form – became popular. 

The Dry Herb Vaporizer 

The question still remains: which vaporizer is better and how do they differ? Well, let’s start with the dry herb vaporizer, or dry cannabis vape. This electric vaporizer heats up dry weed in its chamber, which then turns into vapor, and can be inhaled through the mouthpiece. 

The Elements 

Here are the elements that make this vaporizer work. 

Rechargeable Battery

Dry herb vapes have rechargeable batteries, which means you can reuse them again and again. The more powerful the battery, the longer you can use it without needing to recharge. 


The chamber is where you place the dry cannabis. You pack the oven up and turn the device on, selecting the temperature you want. The hotter it is, the less flavoursome, but the more potent. The less hot, results in more flavour but less potency. You can also place cannabis concentrates in dry weed vapes, using a concentrate pad. 


The mouthpiece is the final part of the process. This allows you to inhale the vapour that has been created from heating the weed or concentrate. 


Here are the benefits of using a dry cannabis vaporizer.


If you’re someone who enjoys dry cannabis, then using a dry cannabis vaporizer is the easiest option. It also means that you’ll always have an option to use your substances to smoke a joint if you so desire. 


Using a dry herb vaporizer also offers you the opportunity to vape concentrates. Cannabis concentrates – such as wax, budder and shatter – are much higher in potency and enhance the usual effects. 

Cartridge Vaporizer

On the other hand, there’s the cartridge vaporizer. Also known as 510 thread vapes, cartridge vaporizers work by heating up liquid cartridges. The battery heats up a metal coil, which heats the liquid, which consequently turns into vapor and can be inhaled through thee mouthpiece. The substances can vary, and with more countries legalizing recreational cannabis, the variety of cannabinoids on offer are increasing day by day. 

The Elements 

Here are the elements that make this vaporizer work


The battery is, like the dry herb vape, rechargeable. This battery can be attached to all types of cartridges and acts as the heart of the device. 

Cartridge & Mouthpiece

The cartridges usually come with the mouthpiece on the end. This can then be attached to the battery and they are then used together. You can buy cannabis oil and pour this into the cartridges once it’s finished. Some cartridges can be used again and again. The types of liquids that can be used are hugely varied. 


Here are the benefits of using a cartridge vaporizer.

Cartridge Variation

The types of liquids or oils that can be used in cartridges are incredibly varied. The more research is done into the wonders of different cannabinoids, the more cannabis oils are also created. The world is no longer limited to only THC and CBD, there are other types of cannabinoids now; these include: THCV, CBN, and many others. Some are reported to be 30 times more potent than the usual psychoactive THC. 


Using a cartridge vaporizer can also be the cleanest vape to use. This is because you won’t have to clean out old dry cannabis residue from the chamber, instead you can simply wash out the cartridge and re-use. Liquid is always easier to clean than solid bud. 

So, Which is Better? Dry Herb Vaporizer vs Cartridge Vaporizer

It’s difficult to compare the dry herb vaporizer and the cartridge vaporizer because there are so many different models of each. There are bad ones, and there are good ones. The design and power of both types of vapes are essentially the same and, because of this, neither can be considered intrinsically better. The question has to be: which vape better suits your lifestyle? If you’re someone that can easily access cannabis oils or cartridges (like those in legal US states) then perhaps this kind of vaporizer would be better suited to you. However, if you live somewhere that has yet to legalize cannabis, then dry weed is probably easier to purchase and therefore the dry herb vape is more suited to you. Buying cannabis cartridges in the UK, for example, is far rarer and far more expensive than purchasing cannabis bud. 

Either way, whatever you decide to purchase, both vaporizers are a great alternative to smoking.

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Live Resin vs Distillate Vape Carts – What’s Better, Safer… and Why?

Every single year, thousands of adults all over the world are switching from smoking to vaping. It’s easy to see why, considering the discretion and variety you can find with vape carts as opposed to traditional cannabis and tobacco products. It’s also pushed as being the safer option between the two, but how accurate is that?

The truth is, vaping is only safer than smoking if the cartridges you’re smoking contain safe, high-quality ingredients. If you’re vaping boof carts filled with chemical cutting agents, pesticides, heavy metal contaminants, and who knows what else, that is much more dangerous to human health than smoking burnt plant matter.

Which brings us to our next question, what exactly is in all those weed vape carts you’re getting from dispensaries, online stores, or your local plug? A couple terms you’ll hear quite often when shopping for vapes is “live resin” and “distillate”. But what do these words mean when it comes to vape carts? What are each of them? Which one is better, or safer? And why?

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Quick Overview: Live Resin vs Distillate

When it comes to consuming anything other than flower, live resin is definitely where it’s at (in my opinion, as a cannabis purist). Live resin is processed from high-quality, freshly harvested flower that is flash frozen to preserve all the terpenes and additional compounds without prolonging the curing process. This results in a very full-flavored extract that produces what’s known as the entourage effect, where all the plant components work together synergistically, thereby providing the best results.

Distillate is highly refined, pure THC oil extracted from low-quality shake, trim, and discarded biomass, with plant terpenes added back in at a later point during the manufacturing process. Sometimes the terpenes are from cannabis, sometimes they are the same terps found in cannabis, but extracted from other botanical sources – for example, adding limonene from lemons instead of actual cannabis plant matter. Although this process does add to the overall flavor, the vaping experience if often lackluster compared live resin, because the terps and THC don’t always synergize as well as they would naturally.

Because all the terpenes are removed, distillate has no taste and is not the proper consistency for vaping. While adding the terps back will help solve these problems, some low budget, black market brands will often use some other type of chemical cutting agent for both, correcting viscosity and added profits. Common cutting agents include PEGs (polyethylene glycols), glycerin, and MCT oil; and the question of whether or not it’s safe to heat these compounds and smoke them remains a hot-button subject in the vaping community.

To summarize, distillate is like making Everclear and adding beer flavor in later from either natural or artificial sources. Live resin is like craft beer: carefully sourced, properly handled, with flavors and effects unique to each strains profile.

Vaping: Everyone’s Doing It

Over the last decade or so we’ve seen a sharp rise in the number of both adolescents and adults who use vape products, but the transition has been going on for quite some time now. Since the 1960s, the use of traditional cigarettes and tobacco products has decreased by around 68 percent, according to data from the American Lung Association.

But in dropping the cigs a new product found its way to the retail shelves and eventually our daily lives: e-cigarettes and vape carts. Particularly popular among young adults, we can see that sales of Marlboro, Newport, Camel, and similar brands that almost exclusively sell cigarettes are giving way to JUUL pods, vape pens, and different flavored disposables.

In the United States, roughly 28 percent of high school students and 11 percent of adults report vaping “regularly or occasionally”. Additionally, the FDA conducted a poll of 5 million Americans in 2019, 1 million of which claimed to use these products daily, and 1.6 million use them more than 20 times per month. Results from the Annual National Youth Tobacco Survey | FDA

In the same vein, cannabis vaping is on the rise as well, having doubled between 2013 and 2020. These number show the trend is not restricted simply to tobacco, but to all smokables across the board. I personally still enjoy old-fashioned pot smoking and I always thought I’d be the last person to hop on the vaping bandwagon but even I can’t say no to a top-shelf, live resin cart. They’re discreet, cost-effective, potent, and you still get the amazing flavor of the natural plant terpenes.

There’s been a lot of discourse on the safety of vapor products and whether or not they pose a threat to public health. There’s a common misconception that vaping is more unsafe than smoking, but that’s only true if you’re vaping things that shouldn’t be inhaled into the lungs at all, like pesticides and other contaminants, various synthetics, or Vitamin E acetate, a common cutting agent said to “interfere with normal lung functioning” when inhaled.

Distillate Carts

A distillate cart is a vape cartridge containing cannabinoid oil – typically THC – that is extracted using a range of solvents including carbon dioxide, butane, and ethanol. The oil is made from bulk biomass, usually discarded shake and trim, so while the use of low-quality bud might not appeal to most people, it is a smart way to repurpose plant matter that would otherwise go to waste.

Distillate vape carts are generally much higher in THC than live resin carts but they don’t contain any other cannabinoids, whereas LR often has noticeable levels of CBD as well. Higher quality distillate carts will be over 90% THC and have the terpenes reintroduced into the formula; be it from the same plant the THC was extracted from, a different marijuana or hemp plant, or another plant species altogether.

They don’t have the best reputation, and they honestly are not my preference either, but distillate is not inherently bad. It’s not the same as LR that offers users a more natural experience similar to smoking flower, but it certainly can be fun and it does hold an important place in the industry.  

The primary problem with distillate vape carts is the ease with which they can be poorly replicated, and the sheer number of knock offs, black market brands, failed safety tests, and generally nasty ingredients surrounding a lot of the distillate in today’s market.

Another downside to using distillates in vape cartridges is that, because there are no residual terpenes left behind, the consistency of the extracted material will be too thin. In order to be used in carts, some sort of cutting agent is required. Low budget brands are using everything from polyethylene glycol (PEG), propylene glycol (PG), to vegetable glycerin (VG), or even medium chain triglycerides (MCT), such as coconut oil and Vitamin E acetate in the mix to maintain proper viscosity and longer lasting oil consistency.

Live Resin Carts

Live resin carts are much different than distillate in that the material is extracted from high-quality, whole plant cannabis that is flash frozen at cryogenic temperatures (-292 degrees Fahrenheit). The plant is frozen immediately, meaning no leaves, stalks or branches are removed, as those are often covered in trichomes too. This is why creating live resin is considered a ‘full spectrum’ process.

With standard curing where the plant is hung up to dry and is exposed to light and oxygen, a lot of degradation takes place and you lose quite a bit of potency. Creating live resin is a more challenging and expensive to produce because of the use of subzero temps and high quality plant matter, as opposed to bottom shelf trim and biomass that’s utilized for distillate and other types of concentrate. However, live resin is potent, flavorful, and you get the whole plant relevant cannabinoid/terpene ratios you expect from flower.  

Some “live resins” sold by black market brands and certain irreputable distributors contain a little bit of live resin mixed with distillate and other compounds from varying sources. If a vape cart is 100% live resin as advertised, it will contain nothing other than extract pulled from fresh frozen cannabis plant matter.

Most people prefer live resin. Despite the fact that distillate is cheaper and more potent, the high gts boring really fast when you don’t get those whole plant ratios. Meaning that when you’re taking straight THC without any other combined compounds, you’ll quickly build up a tolerance. Not to mention the many benefits associated with the cannabis entourage effect you’ll be missing out on if you skip over the LR resin carts for more affordable distillate.

Black Market Brands

The widespread sale of bunk, low-quality, and outright dangerous products is a topic that needs to be discussed in more detail. What inspired me to write this article in the first place is a recent experience I had with a delivery service in California. It started with me making an online order for a few live resin vape carts they had advertised on their website. They called to tell me they were out of the brand I wanted and offered up some other options. I asked if they had any others that were live resin, because the only other brand I heard of that they had available was distillate. The budtender responded, “uuhmm, I don’t know.”  I asked if there was anybody there who knew more about the products and could answer some questions for me. “Uuhmm, no.”

Okay then, I canceled my order and started researching their products on my own, only to discover that nearly everything they had for sale was not just distillate, but black market as well. Now, these are all legal dispensaries, and you can pull up their licensing information on California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control website… so why are they selling illegal and potentially dangerous products? I think many consumers would be shocked to find out that a lot of the products they’re using, even those they think are from reputable brands, are untested and inconsistent in quality.

Check out the testing done by dat_dude41510 on Instagram. He sends carts out for independent testing that he picks up on the black market, from medical co-ops, and state-licensed recreational vendors. His focus is on the California market. To crudely summarize his findings: the market is filled with tainted products, dangerously high levels of pesticides, fungicides, and other nasties, and a scary high number of very legitimate looking counterfeits complete with fake holograms and serial numbers, and falsified COA’s (certificate of analysis).

Final Thoughts

I think the main point that I want to drive home is, that while it may seem tempting to save some money and buy the cheaper vape carts, especially if you’re using them regularly, please resist the urge and just spend those extra few dollars to make sure you’re getting safe, high-quality products. Even if you’re getting distillate carts, make sure they’re legit. Now that products like this have been in circulation for a while, people who have been using the fake stuff regularly are starting to report negative side effects, like shortness of breath and random vomiting. When done correctly, vaping is much safer than smoking so there is absolutely no point in consuming tainted products. Your body will thank you later.

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Best Delta 10 Carts: Top Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges – Summer 2021

Have you tried Delta 10 THC vape cartridges? With the perfect blend of Delta 8 and Delta 10 THC, plus delicious terpenes, the new Delta 10 carts are your go-to product to experience the many benefits of this new exciting cannabinoid.

While it’s still shining new, Delta-10 THC products (usually blended with Delta 8 THC) are already gaining popularity fast as they offer a new kind of ‘High’. People who have tried it report that Delta 10 provides a different kind of high than Delta 8. While the latter provides a relaxed body-high, Delta 10 gives a more mental high. Together, the new vape carts, made from a blend of Delta 8 + Delta 10 THC offer a well-rounded body & mind experience.

The list below contains the best Delta 10 THC vape cartridges, based on their quality, popularity, price and attractiveness. Whenever we found an attractive bundle, we gave it a place of honer, as bundles are the preffered way to buy Cannabinoids.

We would like to thank the Delta 8 Weekly newsletter for the assistance in creating this list. Subscribe today and be the first to try new Delta 8, Delta 10 THC, THCVTHCP & THC-O products.

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Top Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges


Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Premium Bundle

Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Premium Bundle

Our best choice award goes to the BinoidCBD’s premium bundles of Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridges. This bundles allows you to experience the full range of Delta 10 THC (both Sativa, Indica & Hybrid), for a very attractive price of only $22.5/cart, using the delta25 coupon code.

The 4 Pack includes: 1 Pineapple Express (Sativa), 1 Purple Punch (Indica), 1 Cookies & Cream (Hybrid) and 1 Strawberry Cough (Sativa)

The 8 Pack includes 2 of each flavor, and it is offered for an additional discount (using the Delta25 coupon code you can get it for as-low-as $22.5/cart). Choose this bundle to get the biggest discount!

Each Delta 10 THC vape cartridge contains 35% Delta-10 THC, 60% Delta 8, and 5% cannabis terpenes.

Don’t forget to use the Delta25 coupon code for the 25% discount (valid for all their bundles, including Delta 8, THCV and THC-O).

Click HERE to save big on Delta 10 THC vape cartridges

(With ‘Delta25’ coupon code)

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Let’s look into some of the products in this bundle:

#1 Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Pineapple Express – Sativa

Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge - Pineapple Express - Sativa
Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Pineapple Express – Sativa

If you want a Sativa strain, we recommend buying the Pineapple Express Delta 10 vape cartridge, perfect for having a good time with friends or just being social. With an amazing flavor and an enjoyable feeling, this one is definitely perfect for lighthearted fun.

Possible effects: The Pineapple Express Delta 10 vape cartridge might make you feel cheerful, happy, and productive.

Click HERE to get Pineapple Express Delta 10 vape cartridge

TIP: Choose the 8-pack and get an additional 25% discount using the Delta25 coupon code (valid for all the bundles). That’s only $22.5/cart, the lowest price anywhere for Delta 10 THC vape cartridges!

#2 Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Purple Punch – Indica

Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge - Purple Punch - Indica
Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Purple Punch – Indica

If you want a Indica strain, we recommend buying the Purple Punch Delta 10 vape cartridge, perfect for, night-time, watching T.V. or just doing your wind-down activities before bed. With a great feeling and a delicious flavor, this one might just make you feel relaxed.

Possible effects: The Purple Punch Delta 10 vape cartridge might make you may feel peaceful, calm and rested.

Click HERE to get Purple Punch Delta 10 vape cartridge

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#3 Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Cookies & Cream – Hybrid

Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge - Cookies & Cream - Hybrid
Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Cookies & Cream – Hybrid

If you want a hybrid strain, we recommend buying the Cookies & Cream Delta 10 vape cartridge, perfect for fun activities or after a good meal as a well-earned desert, thanks to its swert aroma.

Possible effects: The Cookies & Cream Delta 10 vape cartridge might make you may feel lively, joyful and inspired

Click HERE to get Cookies & Cream Delta 10 vape cartridge

TIP: Choose the 8-pack and get an additional 25% discount using the Delta25 coupon code (only valid for bundles). That’s only $22.5/cart, the lowest price anywhere for Delta 10 THC vape cartridges!

#4 Delta 10 Carts – Strawberry Cough – Sativa

Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge - Strawberry Cough - Sativa
Delta 10 THC Vape Cartridge – Strawberry Cough – Sativa

The last cart in the bundle is the Strawberry Cough a sativa strain, built for being focused and happy during your daily routine. While this one isn’t as popular as the Pineapple Express (above), it completed the bundle, as it offers you another Sativa alternative, to improve your mode.

By buying the 8 pack you will be abale to experience the full-range of Delta 10 THC, while paying only $22.5/cart (with the Delta25 bundle coupon code). This is by far, your best choice today for Delta 10 THC vape cartridges.

Click HERE to get Strawberry Cough Delta 10 vape cartridge

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VIBIN’ Delta-10 THC Tincture

Because you deserve a long-lasting euphoria…

NEW: Delta-10 THC Tincture
NEW: Delta-10 THC Tincture

Want to try something new? The Delta 10 VIBIN’ Tincture by DeltaEffex is everything you ever hoped for and even more! This well respected tincture is high among our best-selling products and people who are looking to experience Delta 10 THC, always buy atleast a few bottle of it.

With 300mg Delta 10 and 700mg Delta 8 in every bottle, this best-selling product will let you experience the unique benefits of Delta 10 THC, softly blended with Delta 8, which we all know to love. If you are looking for a ‘mental euphoria‘ and wish to feel ‘happy and motivated‘ this product might be the one for you!

Terpenes Used: Sour diesel, Blueberry OG

Current deal: Get it for as-low-as $25/bottle, when buying the 3-pack bundle and using the Delta25 coupon for a 25% discount (valid for all the bundles in the website)

Click HERE to buy Delta-10 THC Tinctures

(With DELTA25 coupon code)

Delta 10 THC Disposable Vapes

Lightweight, Compact & Easy-to-use

Delta 10 Disposable Vape Bundle
Delta 10 Disposable Vape Bundle

Another great products by DeltaEffex are the new Delta 10 disposables. If you want to take Delta 10 THC on-the-go, these lightweight, compact & easy-to-use disposables, are your best choice! With the perfect blend of Delta 8, Delta 10 THC & terpenes, these great disposables offer us an unforgettable vaping experience.

Choose the 3-pack or the 6-pack bundles to save an additional 25%. Each bundle includes the following carts: Blue Candy Kush (Indica), Ekto Kooler (Sativa) and Wedding Cake (Hybrid).

TIP: Choose the 6-pack and get it for as-low-as $22.5/disposable (using the Delta25 coupon code). This is the lowest price anywhere for high-quality Delta-10 Disposables.

Click HERE to get Delta 10 disposable vape

(With ‘Delta25’ coupon code)

Delta 10 THC wholesale opportunities:
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Delta 8 & Delta 10 Moon Rocks

Delta 8 & Delta 10 Hybrid Moon Rocks
Delta 8 & Delta 10 Hybrid Moon Rocks

Want to try something different? Try Delta 10 + Delta 8 Moon-Rocks.

Imagine a high-quality Delta 8 moon-rock, the one that makes you smile for hours. Now, infuse it with Delta 10 THC, for a more round body & mind experience.

Click HERE to get the Delta 8 + Delta 10 Moon Rocks

Hybrid Fruity Pebbles Delta 8 + Delta 10 THC Hash

Hybrid Fruity Pebbles D8 + D10 THC Hash
Hybrid Fruity Pebbles Delta 8 + Delta 10 THC Hash

The new Hybrid Fruity Pebbles Delta 10 & Delta 8 Hash, is both high on Delta 10 THC & Delta 8 which allows it to provide a full body & mind experience (completed with CBD & CBN, also available in the product). In-fact, it is infused with the same potent D10 distillate used for the Moon-Rocks.

If you ever wanted to try hybrid hash, now it’s your chance to do so!

Click HERE to get Delta 8 + Delta 10 THC Hash

What is Delta 10 THC and how does it aggect the body?

Just like Delta 8 THC and Delta 9, Delta 10 is also an isomer of THC. Unlike Delta 9 and the same as Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 is made from Hemp, which makes it available in most of the states. Unlike Delta 8 THC which provides a more body-high & relaxation, Delta 10 give a more heady experience. This is why most Delta 10 products are a blend of Delta 8 + Delta 10 (and terpenes), to get you an equal body and mental experience and relief.

Most Delta 10 products are sativa oriented, since Delta 10 THC have been found to give energy to user. 

Will Delta 10 THC make you high and what about drug testing?

Yes, Delta 10 THC will get you high, but you will feel different than when using Delta-9 THC or Delta 8. Generally speaking, Delta 8 and Delta 10 are not as strong as Delta 9. As a result, you will find it both similar and different from the experience using Delta-9. One great advantage of using Delta 8 and in a way also Delta 10, is that people find it easier to handle daily tasks using it, as most times, Delta-9 is too strong for them. In addition, people who avoid Delta-9 because of the anxiety and the mental over-load it provides, finds Delta-8 THC to be a more suitable alternative.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Delta 10 is more suitable for daytime use, due to it’s uplifting and Sativa like experience. Unlike Delta 10, Delta 8 is usually used later toward the evening, as it’s provides more relaxation and Indica kind of feeling.

Because Delta-10 THC will appear in a urinalysis it might be mistaken for Delta-9 THC so you might avoid using it if a drug test is on your horizon.

Delta 8 & Delta 10 THC wholesale opportunities:
Click HERE to learn how to get Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-O & THCV products for your shop.

Affiliate disclaimer: We work hard to find and verify the best products, so we may include affiliate links to support the maintenance and development of this site.

Best Hemp Flower Deals, Coupons and Discounts

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