Best THCP Products – Black Friday 2021

Black Friday. The day of elderly women hitting each other over the heads for plasma screen TVs and men getting into fights in order to ensure they purchase the last toaster oven on the shelf. The day of cheap stuff and amazing deals is coming. It’s close, so if you’re in the US, or wanting to benefit from some American online shopping, then this day is the day for you.

However, what kinds of cannabis products should you be looking out for? Plus, what’s the newest, hottest and most exciting products in the cannabis world at the moment? As you’ll be aware, the world of weed is evolving everyday, with THC and CBD being a thing of the past. Nowadays, it’s all about THCP; the new cannabinoid that is taking the world by storm. Today we’ll be delving into what this substance is and where to buy it on Black Friday. 

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What is Black Friday?

First of all, before we begin looking into the mad science of cannabinoids, let’s first understand what black friday is for any of you not living in the US or for those of you in the US but living under rocks. However, the truth is, black friday has caught on and now exists in many countries. But It originated in America, and exists because it’s the Friday after thanksgiving and many people see it as an unofficial holiday

“Because many people are off work, shops drop prices – historically for one day only – to start the Christmas season. UK shops have since caught on to this trend and it was brought across the pond over a decade ago. Between 2010 and 2013, Black Friday gradually built up momentum in the UK. In 2014, Black Friday became the peak pre-Christmas online sales day and many online retailers haven’t looked back since.”

This year black friday commences on Friday 26th November and people will be queuing for miles to get the cheapest items. So, if you’re interested in knowing which THCP products are worth purchasing this friday, then read on.

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Now, the question you might be wondering is: what is THCP? If you know this already then feel free to skip this section and check out which products to buy down below, however, you might learn a thing or two. 

THCP is a newly found cannabinoid within the cannabis plant. There are supposedly around 400 compounds within cannabis, around 100 of these being referred to as ‘cannabinoids’. Cannabinoids are the properties of the plant that essentially give it its identity; its aromas and effects. The two most spoken about cannabinoids are THC and CBD, and are the ones where the other more recent ones have originated from. 


CBD is a cannabinoid within cannabis that is not psychoactive. This means, it does not alter the stage of one’s mind. Therefore, CBD is not really known for its mind-boggling effects. In fact, CBD may be thought to have none. However, for those people that understand it a little better,  know that CBD has been known to help a lot in the medical sphere. Here are some of the positive effects of CBD. It helps with:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Chronic pain
  • Relaxation
  • Skin pain


THC, on the other hand, is a psychoactive substance. This means that it does have mind-altering effects, and it is these effects that are usually referred to as the well-known ‘high’ that recreational cannabis offers. This often means that THC has some problems with legality in certain countries. However, in America and certain countries in Europe, it’s completely legal. Here are some of the enjoyable effects that THC gives people:

  • Euphoria
  • Less-anxiety
  • Happiness
  • Enhanced senses
  • Giggliness
  • Mind-opening tendencies
All About THCP: A Recently Discovered, Potent Natural Cannabinoid

More About THCP 

As more countries around the world have opened their arms to cannabis – both medically and recreationally – more research has been done into newer cannabinoids. That is why the world is now talking about substances like: THCP, CBDP, Delta-8 and Delta-9. 

So, what is it? Well THCP is…

“…short for tetrahydrocannabinol and scientifically known as (-)-Trans-Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is a natural cannabinoid and analog of THC present in varieties of cannabis. It’s thought to be 33 times more active at cannabinoid 1 (CB1) receptors than THC, causing an intense and intoxicating euphoric high. 

THCP is more potent and strong than THC, which is why it’s filling a lot of people up with excitement. But how was it discovered? Well, in December 2019, the Scientific Reports website released an article entitled: “A novel phytocannabinoid isolated from Cannabis sativa L. with an in vivo cannabimimetic activity higher than Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol…”. This turned many heads in the cannabis industry. It’s now considered to be the most intriguing and fresh cannabinoid on the block. 

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How THCP Works 

THCP works mostly like any other cannabinoids, however, there’s a slight difference that makes it essentially 30 times stronger than usual THC. 

In the 1980s, cannabis scientists stumbled upon a huge revelation. They discovered two brain receptors that responded specificity to the compounds found within the cannabis plant. These brain receptors are called CB1 and CB2. There are many of these receptors in the human body, and they are strongly activated by THC

“A number of naturally produced neurotransmitters, called endocannabinoids, also interact with CB1 and CB2 receptors.”

The way that the cannabinoids within cannabis react with these receptors is through, what is called, their ‘side chain’. Each cannabinoid has a five-link side chain. It’s not until now that any natural occurring compound has been found to have more than a five-link side chain. THCP has been found to have a seven-link side chain, which is perhaps the main reason why the interaction with the CB1 and CB2 receptors are so prevalent and lead to strong effects.

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Where to Buy THCP Products?

So, without a doubt, you’re excited. And you have every right to be. Black Friday is round the corner and THCP sounds like the most exciting cannabinoid to be discovered since THC. But where should you go to get the best THCP products next friday? THCP is a fresh cannabinoid and isn’t the easiest to get your hands on, but both Binoid and Baysmokes are offering insanely good, and well priced THCP products. Let’s take a look. 


Binoid is a LA-based online store that prides itself in growing and selling some of the best cannabinoid based products on the market. They keep up to date on all cannabis products and have a plethora of THCP products on offer – mostly being cartridges which you can attach to any 510 thread vape battery. 

Recommended Product: THCP cartridge – Train Wreck

Our recommended THCP product from Binoid is the Train Wreck cartridge. This product gives both a mental and physical sensation. It says you can expect a “surge of creativity, euphoria and pure happiness”. Who wouldn’t want that? This product is definitely worth a purchase on black friday. 

Black Friday Deal: 30% Discount On THC-P vape cartridges

30% Discount On THC-P Vape Cartridges

30% Discount On THC-P Vape Cartridges

Looking for a high-potency product?

THC-P is a new super-potent cannabinoid that is considered to be stronger than both Delta-9 THC, Delta 8, Delta 10 and even THC-O. Each of the new THC-P vape cartridges contains premium THCP distillate, Delta 8 THC and terpenes.

Both the 4 pack and the 8 pack bundles feature the following strains:  Aurora (Indica), Trainwreck (Sativa), Fruit Loops (Hybrid), & God’s Gift (Indica).

Black Friday deal – Get a 30% discount on the 8 pack, when using the BF30 coupon code. This will get you 8 THC-P vape carts for $168. That’s only $21/cart, the lowest price ever for THC-P vape cartridges.

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Baysmoke prides itself in not being a corporate company, but for prioritising quality. It’s personally owned, and self-funded. Baysmokes has a variety of products, including edibles and cartridges containing a wonderful selection of cannabinoids. Like Binoid, they are passionate about customer options. 

Recommended Product: THCP tincture

Whilst Baysmokes also offers THCP cartridges, we’ve decided that the tincture is the one to shout about. This product comes in liquid form, and therefore allows you to drop it in your drink or directly in your mouth whenever you desire. You can even rub it on your knuckles or neck to consume it. This product is versatile and worth a buy. 

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26th November 2021: Black Friday

So, with covid still looming in the distance, and the last few years being ruined by it, every single chance for enjoyment must be taken. Black Friday, like any other celebration, is a time to find happiness in the small things. If you’re looking into the world of cannabis and, more specifically, THCP, we would definitely recommend taking a look at these two places and these two products. Make your Black Friday that extra bit special.

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All About THCP: A Highly Potent, Natural Cannabinoid

As the demand for cannabis research and potent new products continues to soar, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that this plant is much more complex than we ever could have imagined. It seems like every day we’re learning something new about pot, from medical applications and innovative technologies to recently discovered cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids – all with their own interesting effects and benefits.

Lately there’s a lot of talk about Tetrahydrocannabiphorol, or THCP, because it was only very recently synthesized for the first time and, according to the existing research, this THC-like compound is considerably stronger than many of the cannabinoids we’re currently familiar with.

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Different ‘Types’ of THC

When we talk about tetrahydrocannabinols as a whole, we are referring to a specific chemical structure known as C21H30O2. This chemical structure is basically the umbrella under which numerous different-yet-very-similar compounds can be created. These molecules, known as isomers, have the same chemical formula but the arrangement of atoms within the molecule can vary – like how the words ‘live’ and “evil’ have the exact same letters, but once you switch up the configuration a bit, the words take on completely different meanings.

Take all the delta THC’s, for example. In Delta 9 THC, the most abundant compound in cannabis, the ‘9’ represents where the double bond occurs, in this case, on the 9th carbon atom in the chain. When the double bond moves to the 8th atom, it becomes Delta 8 THC, which is an isomer of Delta 9. The same holds true for Delta 10 THC, which is an isomer of Delta 9 with the double bond located on the 10th atom in the chain.


MAI TAI Premium THCP Disposable
(From the Delta 8 Weekly newsletter)

The difference between Delta 8 and Delta 10 is that Delta 8 is a naturally occurring isomer formed via the oxidation of Delta 9 THC, whereas Delta 10 can only be created synthetically. And speaking of synthetics, let’s quickly discuss THC-O-Acetate. This compound is an analog of THC, meaning its chemical structure is similar to delta 9, but differs more than an isomer.

Then we have 11-hydroxy-THC, which has the chemical formula C21H30O3. Although it has ‘THC’ in the name, 11-hydroxy is not THC, nor is it an isomer or analog of THC. Rather, it is metabolite of THC and technically an endocannabinoid, created when our bodies digest other types of tetrahydrocannabinols. It has a very similar chemical structure to all THCs, but as you can see, there is one extra oxygen molecule making this a completely different compound, with similar, but reportedly much more powerful, effects.

THCP, on the other hand, is a special type of THC analog called a homolog. A homolog is a molecule belonging to a series of compounds that differ from each other by a repeating unit. In this scenario, the repeating unit is the alkyl side chain. Delta 9 THC has a 5-term alkyl side chain, which means that it contains 5 total carbon atoms. THCP has an elongated 7-term chain.

THCP: Enhancing THC’s Binding Ability

THCP is one of the newest cannabis compounds to be discovered, having first been documented in late 2019. Again, the main difference researchers found in THCP compared to Delta 9 THC is that THCP has a longer alkyl side chain, which is believed to be a vital factor in the way THCP interacts with the body’s CB1 receptors, compared to other THCs.

In organic chemistry, an alkyl is an alkane that is missing one hydrogen molecule. The term alkyl is intentionally unspecific to include many possible substitutions. Alkyls form homologous series and most of the simplest series have the same general formula.

A minimum chain length of three links is required for THC to bind with the receptors, with binding affinity peaking at eight links before starting to decrease. THCP’s seven-link chain puts it close to the maximum for receptor activity. When researchers checked THCP vs THC binding affinity with both cannabinoid receptors, they found that THCP was 33 times for active at the CB1 receptor and 5-10 times more active at CB2.

What Are The Implications of These Findings?

The main reason this discovery has everyone so excited is because researchers believe that THCP mimics the effects of THC in the body, but at a much more effective rate. Although THCP is a minor phytocannabinoid, its presence can still impact the high via the entourage effect and many in the scientific community believe it can do so more efficiently than other trace compounds.

This brings us to our next questions: as a minor compound, how much THCP is required to produce a noticeable difference in either medicinal or psychoactive effects, and exactly how much THCP is found in most strains? As much as I’d like to give an exact answer, the reality is that the research just hasn’t made it that far yet. The scientists who discovered THCP only had access to one strain, provided by the federal government of Italy, and in they found very little THCP. However, it’s worth noting this statement in the report claiming that “it is reasonable to suppose that other cannabis varieties may contain even higher percentages.”


SUNSET SHERBET Premium THCP Disposable
SUNSET SHERBET Premium THCP Disposable
(From the Delta 8 Weekly newsletter)

Other experts disagree, such as Dr. Samuel Banister from The University of Sydney, who believes the difference in effects is not that substantial. “While this possibility cannot be ruled out,” Banister stated, “the known potency differences for THC and THCP at cannabinoid receptors is relatively small, while the difference in abundance of each in cannabis is enormous. The same is true of CBD and CBDP, although CBD requires even higher doses to achieve many of its pharmacological effects. For this reason, I do not feel that minor or trace phytocannabinoids like THCP or CBDP contribute significantly to the psychoactive effects of different cannabis strains.” 

Bottom line, more research needs to be done in order to get a better idea of the full scope of THCP’s recreational and pharmaceutical potential. There is no way to put an exact number on how much stronger THCP is, or how much better it works than THC, if we don’t have repeatable research and solid data to reference to.

THCP Products… Where to Find Them, and Are They Safe?

Because so little is known about THCP, it’s impossible to say with 100 percent certainty whether it is safe or not. Because it’s a cannabis compound, one can assume that it has a relatively good safety profile. The consumer always assumes a certain level of risk when buying new, trendy, and barely-studied products, and this is true in more industries than just cannabis.

All that said, a few companies are already selling THCP products, and whenever we stumble on good-quality ones, we’ll make sure to include them in our newsletter. So far, all we’ve been able to source are vape carts and gummies, but either one is a great option if you’re interested in sampling THCP to see if this cannabinoid is right for your needs. As demand intensifies and more research becomes available, an inevitable wave of new products will hit the market.

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Cannabis has hundreds of different compounds, some major, some minor, some potent, some non-psychoactive. With so many restrictions in place, it’s impossible to know everything about certain cannabinoids at this point. The first discovery of an individual cannabinoid was in 1940, and THCP was just discovered less than 2 years, so it’s one of those subjects we’ll continue to learn about for a very long time. In the near future, additional information will be revealed about cannabis, giving us a more complete picture of what the plant and all of its compounds can really do.

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