Doja Drops Bring Weed to the People

When the Hollywood Strain Premiere Party initially launched in the summer of last year, it was the place to be when it came to weed in Los Angeles. For an event that had no public advertising and for which the address and method for entering were a secret, attendance was regularly packed. Smokers looking for the best top-shelf weed mingled with industry insiders, all talking about the latest hot strain drops.

Doja Exclusive founder Ryan Bartholomew is no stranger to creating events and buzz. His brand has been at the bleeding edge of strain trends in California for years now. As far as hype in the industry goes, Doja is one of the biggest names out there. Originating from Sacramento, the brand is now based in Hollywood, California, aka the center of the weed world.

In a sense, both the pop-up model and selling directly to consumers harken back to an earlier time when excitement around legalization made the Prop 215 medical marijuana era in California a constantly buzzing scene of seshes and pop-up events. For Bartholomew, this approach to sales and marketing is just one part of a larger plan for Doja Exclusive to circumvent traditional retail as much as possible.

High Times Magazine, August 2023

For the most part, Bartholomew said, the dispensary is a fading concept that is becoming increasingly impractical for marketing weed. He says that few people these days are excited to go shop at a dispensary. Most importantly, getting fresh product on the shelves has become a huge challenge. The supply chain to the dispensary shelves can be slow and, after testing and distribution, the product often arrives less than fresh. If it doesn’t sell out immediately it languishes for months. For Doja the situation was unacceptable.

“The shit was old inventory and I’m thinking this isn’t good for what I do. I’d rather just let people know where I have the latest drops and then let them come out and get it directly from fresh batches that I’ve recently QC-ed and feel comfortable about,” he said.

It led Bartholomew to conceive the idea of a direct-to-consumer sales event, which manifested as the Hollywood Strain Premiere Party. The idea was simple: “Let’s do something where consumers can come grab new flavors and meet me in person. The weed will be good every time. We make sure of that,” Bartholomew said.

The event also allows Bartholomew to build hype around the new strains that Doja is bringing to market.

“I wanted to do something a little different since we had constant new phenos that we were rolling out with JBeezy [of Seed Junky Genetics] at the time. We also had the project in motion with Duke of Erb and some new strains dropping with Fiya Farmer,” he said.

Ryan Bartholomew of Dojo Exclusive and Juan Quesada of Backpack Boyz. Photo by Dan Wilson, @visithollyweed

Part of the early buzz of the event was that you could try new genetics that weren’t yet widely available, hence the “Strain Premiere.” It became the only place in the world to get the freshest and latest in Cali genetics.

“We had new genetics that no one else had,” Bartholomew said. “We were one of the few brands to put out new staples last year, so it was dope to be able to have a curated menu of flavors that were new and unique.”

Doja premiered strains such as Permanent Marker and Push Pop, and has released multiple phenotypes of Giraffe Puzzy so that fans can see the process of isolating a new strain. Doja has also dropped exclusive clones and seeds at the event, as well as street inspired merch that quickly sells out.

In 2021 Bartholomew held several industry-only mixers in cities such as Las Vegas and Miami, which were well attended by his many industry acquaintances. Last year he wanted to expand on the concept, but this time to create a space that was partly for the industry and partly for the consumer.

“I felt like I needed to focus more on connecting with the people that actually buy the product, not just other people in the industry. One of the ways that I knew I could get people out was to have these Hollywood events where I invite my industry friends like Wizard Trees, Sourwavez, Don Merfos and Gerb, Fiya Farmer. But at the same time, everyone else can come too,” he said.

 “So now smokers can talk to Wizard Trees and be like, ‘Yo, I really fuck with what you’re doing.’ That was always the idea behind it. That’s why from the very first one, I invited all those people.”

Sourwavez of King Sourwavez Genetics and Chico Shyne of John Doe Supply Co. Photo by Dan Wilson, @visithollyweed

The spot has always been a place to sight weed industry insiders and celebs. Big players like Sherbinskis, Terphogz, Mr. Gelatti, Super Dope/Fear of Boof, TenCo, Fiya Farmer, Wizard Trees, Fidel’s, Freddie Biggs, Ray Bama, and culture makers like Desto Dubb, Lil Meech, Lupe Fuentes, and Jewice have all been spotted there.

For Bartholomew, the success of the event shows that it’s time to start thinking about what comes next.

“We can always keep a consistent amount of people in there but we’re not looking to keep a consistent amount of people. We’re just looking to touch and go. We want something hot, new, fresh all the time,” he said.

Doja Exclusive has done direct-to-consumer pop-ups all over the U.S. and Europe, and he says that Hollywood is one of his smallest, crowd-wise. But it has gotten the most buzz, including regular press coverage.

“Does it help sales? Yes, it does boost sales all over the board. There are people in New York that are buying the product because they’re like, ‘Damn, those guys are having the Thursdays in Hollywood,’” Bartholomew said.

As for why his Hollywood event gets so much buzz, Bartholomew said that it’s all about the legacy and reputation of California weed.

“I think there’s just a fascination with Cali weed,” Bartholomew said. “We’re from the most influential place for cannabis. It’s like if you’re a fashion designer and you’re from Milan or a sommelier from Bordeaux.”

This article was originally published in the August 2023 issue of High Times Magazine.

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Wrigley Settles Trademark Dispute with Cannabis Company Over “ZKITTLEZ” Name

Summary: Wrigley, the manufacturer of Skittles candies, has resolved a legal dispute with Terphogz LLC, a retailer of cannabis-related products. The lawsuit alleged that Terphogz infringed on Wrigley’s trademark by selling items under the name “ZKITTLEZ.” As part of the settlement, Terphogz has agreed to refrain from using the terms Skittles, Zkittlez, or any similar terms for cannabis-related sales and to cease using slogans similar to Skittles’ slogan “Taste the Rainbow.”

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Wrigley Settles with Terphogz Over “ZKITTLEZ” Trademark Infringement

Wrigley, the manufacturer of Skittles candies, has resolved a legal dispute with Terphogz LLC, a retailer of cannabis-related products. The lawsuit alleged that Terphogz infringed on Wrigley’s trademark by selling items under the name “ZKITTLEZ.”

To resolve the matter, Terphogz has agreed, as part of a proposed permanent injunction, to refrain from using the terms Skittles, Zkittlez, or any similar terms for cannabis-related sales. Additionally, Terphogz will cease using slogans such as “Taste the Z Train” and “Taste the Strain Bro,” which Wrigley deemed too similar to Skittles’ well-known slogan “Taste the Rainbow.”

Furthermore, Terphogz has consented to relinquish ownership of the domain name, although it may still incorporate the letter “Z” as long as it does not cause confusion. The settlement is currently awaiting approval from the court. This case highlights the importance of trademark rights and the potential legal pitfalls for cannabis companies that may inadvertently infringe upon established brands.

Oops, Tennessee legalized Delta-8 THC without planning to…

Wrigley, a Chicago-based unit of privately-held Mars Wrigley, had accused Terphogz of undermining nearly 50 years of goodwill generated by the Skittles brand with its “freewheeling use” of Skittles marks to sell cannabis, drug paraphernalia, and other merchandise, some of which also carried a rainbow theme.

[Source: Cannabis Business Executive]


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Smoking Through Art Basel Featuring The Yutes

With that being my objective, my week was destined to be a huge win. In fact, this was my opportunity to link with The Yutes, two brothers named Chris and Santris (or Tris) who are making quite a buzz with their music. These youngsters have been on my radar since they landed a prime slot on a SXSW Takeover showcase in Austin, TX. I’ve had my hand in producing this event over thee years and it’s proven to be a valuable platform for artists to develop and break their careers. This was the circumstance for The Yutes, and continuing on their growing momentum, they dropped a single entitled, “Trap Don Dada,” ultimately scoring a deal from Babygrande Records. I had the chance to check all their music out and was captured by their unique way of incorporating their youthful insights and mashing it up with trap and reggae sounds. During my discoveries, I found that they were not only natives of Kingston, Jamaica, but their dad is the iconic dancehall legend Mr Lexx. Needless to say, my mind was blown and they haven’t left my radar since.

While it could be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the events going on during Art Basel, it was a no-brainer to clear my schedule for a night out at SkateBird, who converted their skatepark into a full-blown concert venue featuring performances from none other than The Yutes and stoner rap legend Curren$y—courtesy of Clockwork Music. I knew that this was my chance to link up with The Yutes and get them really really high. 

On my way out of town, I wanted to make sure I had some official New York pack on me, so I stopped by The Astor Club and grabbed a few 8ths of the Sour Power for me, and a couple Sheist Bubz to gift to The Yutes. I also snatched a Punch Bar for my flight. After consuming a combination of my goodies, I arrived at the airport feeling like I could float to Florida without the plane. 

Somehow, I made it to Miami and the mission was to head straight to the show. I arrived, rolled up some of the Sour Power, and proceeded to find The Yutes and hand over the packs I brought them. We chopped it up, then immediately started to Chong out in their green room. Upon venturing out, we realized that there was a whole other cannabis pop-up event upstairs at SkateBird called Terp Basel. Cookies was in the building; they now have a location in Miami and it’s cool to see them support events like these. My New York homies, 167 Exotics, were there and they hooked us up with some with some powerful Cherry Poppers buds. We also ran into the TerpHogz gang and they let us try two new strains from their latest pheno hunt: Lava Cake X Zkittlez and Hindu Zkittlez x Papaya x Zkittlez #28. Eventually, it was show time. The Yutes had a tremendous performance, gracing the stage alongside Smoke DZA and Curren$y. After the crowd was rocked to its fullest potential, we ended the night smoking some more astounding weed and declared it a successful evening.

Courtesy of UnkleLuc

Things went so well that we cliqued up the next day and hit the Basel streets together to stop by various events. We pulled up to Coi Leray’s event, launching her new strain with TheTenCo, which was great because we were blessed to obtain a few packs of that delicious Pink Zushie. The rest of the day was spent at an indoor/outdoor arcade venue called FunDimension where an event called Dab Day: Art Basel Edition was held by Dab Day Productions.

Courtesy of Digi Dave

As you may assume from the name, it was certainly a terpy affair, filled with hundreds of Art Basel-goers ripping dabs, playing arcade games, and congregating over the love of cannabis. Of course we did even more smoking there: endless pre-rolls from the homies at Blazy Susan, some more fire from Buddies Bodega, and ran into Shaggy Brown with that extremely potent Shaggy OG (which is not to be slept on unless sleeping is a goal). 

Casa De Cristal, the headiest location for functional glass art in Miami, had a full-blown pop up with super rare pieces from the likes of Mothership Glass and Toro. This was where Tris took his first dab ever in life, using a Puffco Proxy. Later on, I had the honor of introducing them to one of my cannabis heroes, Richard “Uncle Rick” DeLisi. Rick, who runs his own family cannabis business called DeLisioso, blessed them with some wisdom and some merch from their booth.

Courtesy of UnkleLuc

As this night was coming to a close, it was time to hydrate, eat, and recharge, because at some point in my haze I needed to ask some burning questions to my new stoner pals.

High Times: I saw Curren$y really embrace you guys. He mentioned wanting to work again. What can you tell us about your song with him?

Chris: Making “High Grade” with Curren$y was an amazing feeling. It’s a stoner song. We live that everyday, so it was only right we tap in. Reggae is also something that we’re interested in because we come from Jamaica. We made a dope vibe and Curren$y added his flame to it. Plus he rapped a different style on it—definitely one of my favorites. 

HT: Do you remember how you were turned on to him as a fan? 

Tris: When we was 13 or 14, Wiz [Khalifa] put out a video for a Waka Flocka freestyle, called “Reefer Party.” We was tuned into Wiz because he was poppin’ out there, you know, with “Black and Yellow” and all that. Wiz was just going so hard in that video… smoke everywhere and everything. So Curren$y was not on that song, but he was in the video, and so was Nipsey Hussle. There were a lot of cameos, and us being students of the culture, we just soaked it all up. Listening to Wiz put us on to all of that.

Courtesy of Fulani Jabari

HT: What was it like to attend a pure Cannabis event like Dab Day? 

Chris: Being able to smoke so free and open like that was an experience for us. 

Tris: Whole event was crazy. We grew up with cannabis getting so much bad publicity—a lot of people in jail for the wrong reasons. Just the fact that we are at this point, where events like this exist, is beautiful. 

Chris: I was stoned as fuck, that’s why I missed out when Tris took a dab. I’m still mad about that!

Courtesy of Christian Hernandez

HT: What about meeting Rick DeLisi? 

Chris: Uncle Rick is a very intriguing and interesting person.

Tris: Everyone needs to read up on Uncle Rick’s story. But basically he was a cannabis smuggler who just got out of prison after 52 years. That is longer than both of us have been alive. It is great that he is free and happy, and smoking big.

HT: With Mr. Lexx being your father, has cannabis always been a part of your life? 

Chris: Yes, having a father in the music industry, he would always have his joints around. He would hide it from us, but we knew what it was. We figured out that it was a part of the music and his way of creating. 

Tris: And not just the weed, we found his whole lifestyle inspiring: the way he would interact with other artists, be in the studio and go to events, really made us want to go for it. He wasn’t always there, but when we do get to link it’s always an unforgettable experience.

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Styles P Celebrates 20 Years of Good Times in NYC

In terms of cannabis-themed tracks, Styles P hits it right on the nose with “Good Times.” Many smokers and avid music listeners don’t understand the criteria for making a “weed record” in the first place. First and foremost, a common misconception is that it is simply a cool song to listen to while baked. This is where I beg to differ and have taken it upon myself to add a rule: the song must be about smoking cannabis or contain at least one extremely overt and memorable mention of the consumption of the sticky icky. Then, and only then, will it qualify. 

So yes, when The Notorious B.I.G. on “Dead Wrong” exclaims, “Relax and take notes while I take tokes of the marijuana smoke,” that was the qualifier straight out of the park. I went ahead and made a Spotify playlist of such qualifiers available here. I kept the playlist mostly rap because it is in celebration of a hip-hop classic with some other genre qualifiers, for either trolling or educational purposes. Take your pick.

“Good Times” over-qualifies with virtually every line being about the inhalation of that sweet green. For example, Styles hits us with lines like, “Ayo, I smoke like a chimney, ‘matter fact I smoke like a gun,” and “I smoke like the hippies did back in the ’70s.” In essence, this track is just too significant for us stoners to ignore—especially the Dutch Masters-smoking, Timberland-wearing, Sour Diesel/Haze-copping old heads from that era. To gain further insight, I was able to track down Devin Horwitz, the original High Times magazine contributor from 20 years ago who interviewed a young artist named Holiday Styles, who we now know today as Styles P. He couldn’t remember much, other than, “Upsetting many staff members at the Interscope Records office after SP and I decided to light it up in a conference room that day.”

Two decades later, that song still holds so much weight in both the hip hop and cannabis communities. So much so, High Times, along with a few other reputable brands, got down to support two elevated experiences in NYC that paid tribute to “Good Times.” One was an extraordinary night at the legendary Irving Plaza, where over a thousand hip hop heads smoked the place out while being treated to an impressive performance from The LOX. Following that, was a pop-up and intimate performance at the Astor Club where Styles rocked out his classic records from on top of a couch, with Statik Selektah DJing.

Courtesy of Erick Sasso

The music was fire, but so was the flower. In fact, Styles P linked with Green R Fieldz and his team at TerpHogz to create a super potent and memorable strain called “Good Times 2.0.” When I caught up with Fieldz at The Astor Club to ask about the project, he recalled, “Working on the ‘Good Times 2.0’ with Styles P was a life goal. We see eye to eye on so many aspects, and amazing weed is just one of those things. This isn’t the end for the Strain Gang x TerpHogz collaborative efforts. We will be putting out at least one more strain together from our new Z fem pheno hunt. We are elated to be able to call Styles a brother and a business partner!”

Subsequently, many bong rips of the Good Times 2.0. were consumed by yours truly. Moments after he hopped off the couch/stage at Astor Club NYC, I sat down with Styles P in the flesh to get even higher and see what we could reveal from the man who calls himself The Ghost.

Styles, here we are again at the Astor Club. What is it about this place that you love so much?

Astor Club is just one of the greatest places in the world for hippies. Especially in NYC, the vibe alone is there, but you just come in here and they have the best bud. I love to come here and get stoned. Matt and Ben are true potheads. I see how members come here and they might have had a shitty day, but Astor sets the right vibe to let you relax and get high, sit back, and eat your snacks. I come here all of the time, and people either mind their business or hit me with strains I forgot about. I just love how you can bring your laptop here and work, or just let it go!

Courtesy of Erick Sasso

So you enjoy having quality cannabis nearby?

Yeah, great weed is like an escape for me. And usually, I have to jump on a plane for it, so I love coming down here.

Tell me about “Good Times 2.0.”

This is about 20 years of “Good Times!” If you know me, I’m about the bud. If you’ve ever been around me, you know I’m ‘bout those plants. Fieldz is my bro. “The Original Z” is by far one of my favorite strains. I wanted to do something dope that I was actually into.

I was very impressed that the “Good Times 2.0.” was actually on sale at Irving Plaza. How did that come about?

It’s a new era, it’s a new day. I think the whole city needs to pick up on what we’re doing and what we’re doing anyway. It’s not legal federally yet, but that’s why we need to stand together and push for what we are into and what we feel is okay. It’s fucking cool to light it up.

Courtesy of Erick Sasso

What else have you been up to in the cannabis space lately?

We’re just looking to bring more recognition, attention, and fun to all the communities, dispensaries, growers, and legacy brands across the world, and show them how we live. There are cool ways to do innovative shit with artists and actors. That’s “Strain Gang” and that’s what I stand for. But the cannabis industry is not as broad as it should be, and there is no honesty in that. What is the purpose of pot? One of the purposes is to rebel and it just became such a big industry that it trickled down to the legacy brands, and everyone competes with each other when we should be getting together to figure out how to make weed better, how to spread all our brands across the world, and how we can heal the most people. We need to show more unity because the plant is the common denominator on a lot of factors that people don’t want to speak about. The plant is one of the biggest defenders and fighters of racism. I have long-term friendships with really awesome white people because of the power of the plant! And that transfers to other things too, like fruits and veggies. But the real hippies need to stand up. The real stoners and the real potheads. Understand what the bud is really about, and that is unification.

Courtesy of Erick Sasso

Evidently, the world needs more people like Styles. As far as the next stoner anthem? Hit the bong, but don’t hold your breath. He recently announced his upcoming solo career retirement on Instagram. It seems that he intends to focus more on his ventures with Strain Gang and Farmacy For Life. It is extremely appreciated when such a stoner icon like SP The Ghost drops gems, and we are excited about what the future holds for him. Shoutout to Daniel at Doubt x Belief for putting in the work to make the events happen and graciously connecting us to the legendary Styles P.

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: Sweet 16

Intros are hard. You’d think by the 16th of these that I’d have some worked-out sign-on or something, but alas, here we are. After what seemed like a month full of events in September, October’s come (and mostly gone) on strong with colder weather and shorter days that have honestly felt pretty grueling, so I’m back again to lift your spirits with dopeness. I know we’re not really quarantining anymore, but we’re rocking the brand until at least the end of the year.

Although Hall of Flowers was great, and last month’s list was diesel, this month’s got a few that have been sitting in the hopper for a bit, since #15 was dedicated to the event. I didn’t even think about the fact that Halloween was basically next week until just now; otherwise I probably would have themed this out a bit more, but oh well. This shit’s all potent year round.

Below, we’ve got newness from old friends and classics reimagined by fresh faces, but assuming this isn’t your first ride on the Cop List express, you know we’ve got something for everybody. That said, if you think there’s something dope I missed, or something you just feel like complaining about, hit me on twitter (@joncappetta), and let’s hash it out.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program… 

Courtesy of 710 Labs

710 Labs Persey Pods

This was originally going to be a mention of their new Marshmallow OG cut, but my first look at the Persey Pods came in last week and I haven’t been able to put them down since. No disrespect to the Mallow, which has a delightful nose and taste that’s been rocking me to sleep the past few nights, but the Persey Pods really are something special. The first solventless pod offering from the 710 gang, these things are top of the line for function, but the taste is just as vibrant as you would expect from any of their other products—which is quite surprising for a pocket vaporizer. My personal favorite so far has got to be the GAK, though both the Grease Bucket and the Cherry AK are worth writing home about. If you’re not already on ‘the List’ you should definitely look into becoming a part of their DTC distribution program, as I don’t imagine these are going to get past their fans for a loooong time…

cop list
Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Onyx Volcano Hybrid

I’ve said it verbatim in the past, but the leader in vaporization tech hasn’t changed in years. With over 20 years on the market, Storz & Bickel’s Volcano has remained the premiere way to vape plant matter since its creation, and while many others have tried to replicate their success, none have even come close. 

Well, friends, they just set the bar even higher. Although it had released a few years ago, their Hybrid version of the Volcano, one that will vape concentrates as well as your dried herbs, is back on the market and releasing in the portfolio’s limited Onyx edition. Having gotten a chance to get hands-on with this unit, I’m pleased to report that the function is strong on the concentrate side, and inhaling out of a bag remains the ultimate way to consume.

cop list
Courtesy of Packwoods

Packwoods Paperillos

Here’s another early one, though it should be hitting the streets over the next few weeks. We’re so early on this, they haven’t even posted any pictures yet, so what you see above is still the old model. Y’all are already familiar with Packwoods, as well as their slimmed down pack sets, Packarillos, right? 

Well friends, Packarillo’s cousin is here, and they’re flying paper planes. Rolled with paper, but maintaining all of the details you love about Packarillos—from the glass tip to the curated flowers inside—I have a feeling these are going to make some serious noise. In case I forgot to mention, these are still infused, so get ready to dig into some of the strongest mini-doobs on the market!

cop list
Courtesy of Green Monké

Green Monké

This one’s for all the microdosers out there—and all you macrodosers who just want something new and delicious to drink. Introducing Green Monké, the deliciously refreshing ‘sparkling soda’ with ~10mg of cannabinoids (although most are on the CBD side). I don’t know what kind of soda exists besides the sparkling kind, but rest assured, this isn’t some flavored water baloney—these things are TASTY.  

While their Tropical Citrus flavor has been out for a while now, Green Monké has recently added two new flavors to it’s portfolio, Mango Guava and Orange Passionfruit, and the flavor train keeps comin’. I was a huge fan of their initial flavor, which was sort of like a Pina Colada, and although I never got bored of that one, these two new jawns are equally thrilling. 

cop list
Courtesy of Compound Genetics

Big Face

Not going to lie, this one is a bit special for me. I’ve been following Compound Genetics for a while now, so I’m always eager to see what they’ve got brewing, and this is the first bag I’ve gotten direct from the source. 

The genetic masterminds behind Cookie’s Apples & Bananas and Gummiez, as well as the highly coveted White Runtz, have been known to create some of the most flavorful and exclusive smoke in California… some of which have even ended up on our “Strains of the Year” lists. One of the latest releases, Big Face, extends the company’s reign. Chris’ post referred to it as “the New Steal Your Face,” and on top of always loving a Dead reference, the description fits. My shit melted. IG’s on one again, so keep an eye out for the return of an official page, but you can follow Chris here.

cop list
Courtesy of Winners Circle Genetics

Winners Circle Genetics

You likely heard the rumblings over the summer of Quavo from the Migo’s new strain. While many people thought he had spun out a whole new brand called Birkinz, it was actually a cultivar collaboration with the wizards over at Winners Circle Genetics. And while it certainly made noise online, it’s been elusive to actually obtain—even for me. 

Well, friends, I’m happy to report that I’ve secured the bag, and it’s just as terpy as the marketing let on. While this Gelato cut is sure to spark your memory of past seshes, it’s worth noting that this is a particularly good expression of the cultivar, with the grow gang claiming they combined several different iterations of the hypest of hype in breeding.

It’s also worth noting that Winners Circle does much more than just Birkinz, and that their 1942 is another standout cut that’s been commanding it’s own attention. While I know it’s hard to trust the marketing, rest assured that these guys know how to produce.

cop list
Courtesy of Baker’s

Baker’s Prerolls

This one’s for my price-conscious folk out there. No disrespect—I’m one of the cheapest people in the world outside of my smoking habit, but this one’s specifically for those that want to smoke the good without breaking the bank. 

New from the Cannadescent team (who, as a reminder, also make the Justice Joints that donate all of their profits to getting victims of the War on Drugs out of prison), Baker’s are high-potency, infused prerolls, available at a budget-friendly price-point. Now, while I know it’s easy to see a preroll with a lot of ‘extras’ on the outside and think, “Is that actually making it into my lungs?” I’m pleased to let you know that these things smack—even if I don’t get the outside frills, either. 

What’s even better, though, is that these are enjoyable smokes, unlike many of the others racing to create the most potent hit sticks. With clean hits that won’t make you choke, but that you’ll also feel on the intake, Baker’s may be price-conscious, but the high’s full-fledged.

Courtesy Larry Pack

Larry Pack

I’ve been trying to keep a better eye on the traditional market the past few months, and I’ve found another crew who’s moving work out-of-state that’s worth talking about. Whoever’s behind Larry Pack has a serious eye for quality—the cuts they’ve procured of both Biscotti and Sherbacio were top-tier, even when next to their original cultivators. 

They’re not kidding with the #NoRegular tag. I’ve heard from homies in both Dallas and Chicago that they’ve seen these packs at smokeouts already, so I know the distribution channels are wide-reaching—if you see the yellow backed bags in the future, don’t miss your chance to taste the right cut of your favorites.

Courtesy of Terphogz

Terphogz Zeuz Pods

After over two years of hands-on research and development, the gang at Terphogz have emerged from seclusion having developed one of the premier vaping devices on the market. Powered by CCELL, and filled with all of the iconic terps you’d expect from the genius’ behind Zkittlez, the new Zeuz pods are reminiscent of previous CCell tech, but with a much sleeker, all-built-in appeal. 

These disposable vapes deliver clean and flavorful hits presenting the complex terp profiles in all their glory. No disrespect to the wonderful flower they produce, as you all know for me, the bud is the most important, but this may be the best way to actually taste the rainbow.

cop list
Courtesy of El Blunto

El Blunto / THC Design Collab

I’m a fan of all things El Blunto, so when they dropped a new collab with the homies over at THC Design, you know I had to drop what I was doing and try it out. As with the products of theirs that I’ve smoked in the past, this was a very pleasant smoke—one that left me feeling truly “blunted.” 

This gang does not disappoint. The nearly-two-gram, hemp-wrapped blunt was filled with Pink Cookies, which was a particularly tasty cut, something that isn’t always apparent when smoking with a wrap. It’s worth noting that while the tobacco ban has stopped legal blunts from flooding the market like many traditional smokers may have hoped for, the El Blunto’s are not just a suitable replacement—they’re also better for you (if you’re into that sort of thing)!

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