NUUD’s HHC Sex Vapes Enhance Intimacy

Sex and cannabis make great bedfellows. NUUD is on a mission to become the market leader in alternative sexual wellness products. NUUD launched its first Sex Vape in 2022, and with no competition in the vape sexual wellness market, they’re poised to become the leader in the space. The company’s latest product uses a patent-pending blend of all-natural hemp and organic extracts to elevate sexual wellness for both men and women.

The all-natural vape is the first of its kind on the market and caters to pleasure enhancement that produces results through the essence of vapor, an aphrodisiac—or Vapordisiac, as NUUD likes to call it. It all comes together to provide a mind and body adventure unlike anything you’ve experienced, and without tobacco or nicotine.

While some successful personal sexual lubricants have been launched with cannabis and hemp-derived organic compounds, NUUD vapes are the first to introduce an entirely new delivery method comprised of HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, which is a hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoid. They also take advantage of other naturally occurring plant-based terpenes to add flavor and stimulate the body.

NUUD was developed to turn on sexual pleasure points for heightened performance during intimate sessions. Each formula has been precisely designed to elevate men’s and women’s individual sexual receptors to unleash an increased level of lust. Every formula goes through rigorous testing to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction. Since NUUD offers products catering to both men and women, let’s take a look at some of their different product offerings.

NUUD Vapes for Women

Formulas: Vanilla Lavender, Strawberry Basil, Passion Fruit

These vapes are an aphrodisiac designed specifically for women and may provide powerful sexual enrichment, including elevated performance, increased libido, reduction in stress, mood elevation, deepened awareness and heightened sexual arousal. Each product is beautifully packaged, and all of the NUUD vapes provide a complete list of certified ingredients for the specific batch bought, giving consumers an extra layer of protection while providing trust in their products. HHC is the main ingredient in both men’s and women’s formulas.

NUUD Vapes for Men

NUUD sex vapes for men

Formulas: Citrus Peppermint, Peach Vanilla, Watermelon Mint

Designed for men, these formulas focus on increasing libido, pleasure enhancement, sexual elevation and reducing stress. They may also elevate moods, deepen awareness and heighten sexual arousal. Like the women’s formulas, the men’s products are packaged elegantly and come with full disclosure on ingredients in every batch.

Made With Care and Quality

Proud of their ingredients, NUUD uses only the highest quality organic compounds for optimum results. HHC is the predominant ingredient, followed by terpenes, the compounds that give the plant its distinct taste and aroma. These unsaturated hydrocarbons are produced predominantly by plants, including hemp and conifers, but are also present in various other flora.

Terpenes can have strong, often pleasurable aromas. These compounds are also known for their natural healing and aphrodisiac properties. Terpenes can be found in everything from perfumes and cosmetics to food and drink products—and now in NUUD Vapordisiac formulas to arouse and excite while enhancing pleasure and increasing libido.

While each formula differs slightly, the main components of their Vapordisiacs are HHC, Botanically Derived Terpenes, Hexahydrothymol, trans-Caryophyllene, (R)-(+)-Limonene, Linalool, 3-Carene, alpha-Pinene, Eucalyptol, beta-Pinene, beta-Myrcene, Geraniol, Nerol, Terpineol, Fenchone, Caryophyllene oxide, alpha-Humulene, and Camphene.

These are all types of natural compounds and chemicals that can be found in various plants and herbs. Each one has its own unique properties and benefits. There’s scientific evidence supporting the potential benefits of these compounds, but further research will help fully understand their positive effects on the human body.

Passionate Executive Team

NUUD is devoted to merging the vices of sexuality and vapor to elevate your sexual experience. The company’s products are targeted towards couples between the ages of 21 and 65, although singles are still in the mix. NUUD also goes a step further by using customer feedback to improve and expand on current product offerings, hoping to solve the lack of HHC products addressing functionality and pleasure in the bedroom.

The NUUD executive team includes skilled specialists who have an intricate understanding of the technology behind aphrodisiacs and vaporizers. They work closely with leading manufacturers to ensure products are of the highest quality and meet all safety standards.

In addition to their first and only Vapordisiac, NUUD offers a wide range of gummies and chocolates with special ingredients to elevate your sexual experience.

“With our heads in the clouds, we dreamt of ways to make love between intimacy and vaping, and voilà– NUUD was born (in a birthday suit, of course),” their website states. “We desired to create a vape device that elevates your sexual experiences– because why not spice things up?”

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Introducing Baked Bags’ Coned; The Ice Cream Inspired Edibles

Delta-8 THC is a hot topic in the cannabis industry right now, and for a good reason. Delta-8 is a naturally occurring minor cannabinoid that has recently gained popularity for its unique psychoactive effects that are milder than Delta-9 THC, the primary psychoactive compound in marijuana. Delta-8 is federally legal in 35 states, making it more accessible than Delta-9 THC, which is only legal in some states. Baked Bags, based in Los Angeles, is California’s leading Delta-8 edible brand, and they have taken the market by storm with their innovative and delicious Delta-8 Ice Cream Cones. Make sure to check them out and use our code HIGHTIMES50 for BOGO 50% off plus free shipping!

Who says edibles have to be boring? Baked Bags’ Coned are the ice cream inspired edibles that are packed with rich chocolate infused with Delta-8 THC. They are the little chocolate-filled ends of a sundae cone. You know. The best part. And they come in 6 delicious flavors.

Courtesy Baked Bags

Baked Bags is on a mission to redefine edibles by offering a unique and tasty experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Their Delta-8 Ice Cream Cones are a crowd favorite, and it’s not hard to see why. Coned comes in a variety of delicious flavors, including Cookie & Cream, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Shortcake, Birthday Cake, Mint Chip, and Milk & Cookies. Each cone is packed with 25mg or 100mg of Delta-8 THC, so you can experience the milder psychoactive effects without getting too high.

For those who can’t decide on just one flavor or want to share with friends, Baked Bags offers a Variety Pack of Milk Chocolate, Birthday Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, and Milk & Cookies. It’s perfect for trying out different flavors and finding your favorite. The Variety Pack is great for parties or gatherings, and it’s a surefire way to impress your friends.

Courtesy Baked Bags

If you’re an advanced cannabis connoisseur looking for a stronger experience, Baked Bags has got you covered with their Extra Strength Cones. The Extra Strength Cones are packed with 100mg of Delta-8 THC, making them 4x as potent as the regular cones. The Extra Strength Cones come in flavors like Strawberry Shortcake and Cookies & Cream, so you can still enjoy the delicious taste while experiencing a more potent psychoactive effect.

Baked Bags takes pride in what they do, and they work hard to bring you the best Delta-8 THC edibles on the market. They use high-quality ingredients to create their exotic and tasty treats, and they always provide full transparency to their customers with visible COAs on their site. Baked Bags is committed to helping people enhance their lives physically, creatively, and emotionally through the responsible use of Delta-8 THC.

Baked Bags is a company that is always looking to innovate and offer its customers new and exciting experiences. They have taken the Delta-8 market by storm, and they show no signs of slowing down. They are constantly working on new flavors and products to keep their customers coming back for more. All of their products are made with high-quality ingredients and tested for potency and purity to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

Their unique and tasty Delta-8 Ice Cream Cones have become a fan favorite, and for a good reason. Baked Bags is redefining edibles by offering an experience that is both delicious and unique, and they’re doing it in a way that is accessible to more people than ever before.

Their infused ice cream cone tips provide a sweet and effective treat that has set Baked Bags apart in the industry. This unique form factor not only adds nostalgia but also allows users to benefit from the effects of cannabis. It has been well received by consumers and propelled the brand’s popularity.

Courtesy Baked Bags

If you’re looking to try Delta-8 THC for the first time or you’re already a fan, Baked Bags is the brand you should try. Their Delta-8 Ice Cream Cones are delicious, and they offer a unique and milder psychoactive experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Baked Bags is on a mission to help people enhance their lives physically, creatively, and emotionally through the responsible use of Delta-8 THC, and they’re doing it with transparency and high-quality ingredients. Try Baked Bags today and see for yourself why they’re California’s leading Delta-8 edible brand. Coned by Baked Bags is an experience you won’t forget! Exclusive BOGO 50% off + Free Shipping for High Times readers! Use code HIGHTIMES50.

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You Only Miss Me When I’m Gone: The High Cost of Lighting Failures

You might have heard the saying, “you’ve gotta spend money to make money,” but it never makes it easier to spend said money. This is especially true when looking to start a new business or invest in new equipment. Really, the only thing that eases the mind after seeing cash leave an account is the trust that you have in the company and product to deliver results.

Consumer trust is the glue that holds companies together, no matter how much money brands spend on clever marketing or buying industry professionals to tout the “great” qualities of their products. It always comes down to one thing: Does the product work as good as advertised? And if so, more often than not, you become a customer for life. However, if things are not ultimately up to snuff, not only will companies lose a customer, but it could end up costing more money in the long run. 

A lot more money when specifically talking about grow lights.

Courtesy Spectrum King

Walking the Walk 

The horror stories of having to throw out rows of plants because HPS fixtures were mounted too close, or entire operations being ruined by extended power outages due to faulty surge protection, are what keep growers up at night. 

If you are nodding your head in agreement, then you understand that choosing lights can be a stressful experience. Fortunately, that no longer has to be the case. 

At the end of the day, you want to go with a company that understands you are exchanging more than just your money. You are trusting that what you are getting will be reliable and function exactly as you need. Spectrum King LED operates off of this understanding, and is the main reason why its proprietary technology has evolved throughout the years to become the best choice for LED lighting solutions. 

The reality is, to become an industry leader, the talk has to be backed up by the walk. Other companies tout high ratings and lifespans that ultimately do not live up to the hype. But time and time again, Spectrum King LED has proven that a quality product means more than a well-done marketing campaign. 

The Phoenix line is a testament to just that. Backed by a team of expert engineers, Spectrum King LED has built a light that is nearly perfect – thanks in large part to the quality of each component that goes into every fixture:

Courtesy Spectrum King

Designed for the Long Haul

It would be easy for Spectrum King LED to sell this product knowing it will perform and leave it at that. But that is not the company’s style. Instead, every sale is treated as a chance to build a new relationship. The company prides itself on changing the way customer service is managed. As a result, Spectrum King LED works beyond the sale to help with troubleshooting and further guidance, enabling customers to get the most out of their operation. It is no secret that there is a lot that goes into running a successful grow, which is why Spectrum King LED has an experienced team of individuals who are available to help design lighting maps, configure lighting fixtures and assist in climate control and other facility functions. It is this attention to quality that runs throughout all operations so that nothing is left to chance, because after all, the longevity of a product is reflected in the company that produces it.

So when the numbers positively align with the company and the work they are doing, you know something is right. Currently, Spectrum King LED has a defect tolerance of .03%, which means that out of a thousand units sold, they see an average of only two or three fixtures with any reported issues. That is kind of a big deal – the trust in the product is well earned. 

Over the last decade, LED technology has come a long way, and it is no wonder why its popularity has skyrocketed. But as we all know, when something becomes “trendy,” quality tends to take a hit as more companies enter a market they are not necessarily ready to serve. The good news is Spectrum King LED has made the choice as easy as possible because with a track record of zero defects and zero returns, it is pretty obvious where you should put your trust. Visit to see for yourself why Spectrum King LED is the best choice in LED lighting solutions. 

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NukeHeads, the Most Advanced Seed Bank in the Cannabis Industry

Hi, I’m Cody Oebel, the owner of seed bank the most advanced seed bank in this industry. If you would like to join my Facebook page please click here:

I’m excited to share with you what NukeHeads does that is radicalizing the seed bank industry. So how did I take the age-old seed bank industry and turn it upside down on its head you might be wondering?

I did it with robotics, automation, C/C++ programming and 3D SLS, SLA, and FDM printing technologies combined with building relationships with the world’s best breeders and seed production farms!

Wow, what a mouth full right? So, what is it that NukeHeads does for marijuana growers differently than other seed banks?

Courtesy NukeHeads

When you order from NukeHeads we 3D design a laboratory container with your name designed into it, custom to you, that can protect your seeds from over 300lbs of crush force.

This customized container is just cool factor, right? Well, it’s not just cool. It’s practical to ensure that when we ship your seeds in the mail they get to you safely, but it’s more than that. Imagine when you show your medical patients or customers this customized lab container box with your name on it holding the seeds you’re growing. This tells your customers or patients that you only grow the best, that the genetics you purchase are meticulously cared for and a lot of work goes into the breeding work. The presentation shows you’re a serious grower and you buy from the most legitimate quality seed bank, and you grow genetics that’s seriously going to help medicate people. 

So as you see the job of the lab container is to protect your seeds in shipment, but it’s much more than that. Using 3D design software, we at NukeHeads are able to predict how much weight the design can sustain before your seeds get crushed. We carefully design around practical situations that can very much happen like a mailman stepping on your box or dropping something on your box. We want you to not have a bad day with crushed seeds that we hear occurs with how our competitors send seeds. Most of our competitors ship seeds in poorly structured glass tubes, encased in cardboard boxes that have flashy looking printing which means nothing when it arrives crushed in the mail. Even worse is most seed banks sending seeds in mylar baggies which have a huge percentage of seeds being crushed in the mail; this can really set you back on your grow schedule. With NukeHeads you won’t have this issue!

Our designs have proudly boasted a zero loss in the mail. We have had our containers get crushed badly but no seeds lost. When you need your seeds on time for a grow cycle you can count on NukeHeads.

Not only do we send this strong lab container we designed using generative design processes within computer aided drafting, but our lab containers are designed to take a few hundred pounds of crushing.

Each lab container we send you comes custom with your first and last name on it or your business name (it’s customizable just email to ask how

Courtesy NukeHeads

Customers who order 1,000 seeds or greater—bulk customers—we design you something completely unique. In fact, you can request a design you want. Some customers have requested a custom designed treasure box, or custom designed lock box with a key and lock, or their business logo be designed onto the box, or all the above combined. We can fully accommodate those customizations as we do all designs in house. We use $120,000 3D Printers boasting Hewlett Packard’s latest technology in their Model 580 Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer, as well as older technologies we incorporate into our production processes. We also use $500,000 Omax water jet cutting machines to make our grow light designs in house; we build them here in the United States of America. Most of our products are USA designed while we do have some of our products manufactured offshore in China, we mostly keep what we do here in the USA!

When you want top phytocertified lab grade genetics, NukeHeads seed bank is the leader in this regard. We are not only open to working with other seed banks who cannot match us in our technologies but produce amazing genetics, but we also work with huge farms producing feminized seeds at wholesale prices. NukeHeads has some of the lowest priced seeds in this industry, but lowest price doesn’t mean lower quality. No, what we have done in the four million dollars spent over three years is negotiate relationships to make NukeHeads seed bank the giant in the industry. We bulk order in advance from our fem seed breeders and farms and we bulk supply numerous businesses, and home growers. What our customers like most about our seeds is how fresh they are, and the high germination rates, and super low hermaphrodite reports. Sadly, the only complaints we see seem to be from dirty tactics of competitors having their people write false reports or making fake YouTube videos with false complaints about us. To combat this, we created, and invite everyone to join, our Facebook group with thousands of growers who grow our genetics who can share their actual buyer experience with you. We did this to remove any concerns new customers may have simply just click here and start talking with real growers on Facebook like yourself and ask them about NukeHeads genetics. Let them show you their plants and you will see for yourself why choosing to order from NukeHeads for all your feminized seeds is the best choice! You can also simply search for the NukeHeads Medical Cannabis Growers group on Facebook and join it that way, too! 

Courtesy NukeHeads

I’d like to thank you for your time today, but one last thing: If you grow magic mushrooms or drink coffee, we sell spores and green coffee beans you can purchase and roast yourself to your own darkness level. Providing you the most epic combination of quality coffees, mushroom spore genetics, and marijuana seeds to enjoy in the morning before you do that hard grow work in the garden!

Much love and STAY NUKED UP!

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The Strongest THC Blends

Today, we can customize our cannabis high like never before thanks to cannabinoids like delta-8 THC, delta-10 THC, THC-P, HHC, THC-H, THCjd, delta-9 THC, and many more, all of which promise a one-of-a-kind high that varies in potency and effects.

But, with a vast array of new THC cannabinoids jockeying for our attention, choosing just one isn’t always easy. And, that’s where THC blends come from. This new trend in the industry allows us to enjoy the effects of multiple THC cannabinoids simultaneously, as you’re about to find out here. Use the code HIGHTIMES25 to try THC blends for 25% off here.

What are the Strongest THC Blends?

THC blends refer to hemp products that contain more than one type of THC cannabinoid—for instance, delta-8 THC + THC-P.  What this does is allow us to experience a completely one-of-a-kind experience which results not only from the combined effects of each, but the synergistic reaction of taking them together, which can give us something super desirable, like enhanced feelings of euphoria or relaxation.

THC blends come in all kinds of product forms—vapes, tinctures, gummies and so on—and contain a variety of cannabinoid distillates, which are purified extracts of individual cannabinoids in the hemp plant. And, long-time fan favorite Binoid is the brand that’s leading the way.  

Now, let’s explore their highly anticipated THC blends, so that way, you can find the right product(s) to meet your daily hemp-related needs.

Courtesy Binoid

Binoid Knockout Blend

Binoid’s first foray into THC blending was their Knockout Blend, beginning as a disposable vape in two great strains—Fire OG and Ice Breaker—but now also available in gummies and tinctures. This blend combines THC-P, HHC-P and THC-H, which, if you happen to be a serious hemp enthusiast, you may know are three mind-blowingly intoxicating cannabinoids derived from the plant. The result is an ultra-potent and euphoric experience that is guaranteed to “knock” you off of your feet.   

Why Choose Knockout Blend: Knockout Blend is a great option for the hemp enthusiast looking for an intensely potent high that comes with lots of sweet euphoria.

Courtesy Binoid

Binoid Master Blend

Another great option is Binoid’s Master Blend, a carefully curated cannabinoid trio consisting of THCP-O, THCH-O and PHC. The former two cannabinoids are acetated forms of THC-P and THC-H respectively, to enhance the psychoactive potency of what are already the two most intoxicating cannabinoids naturally found in cannabis. Then, we have PHC, which is an acetated form of delta-9 that converts into delta-9 in the body.

Binoid’s Master Blend is available in the form of a disposable vaping device containing a very generous 3 grams of vape oil. And, you can choose between two very special strains: King Kong and Godzilla.

Why Choose Master Blend: Master Blend is a phenomenal choice for the enthusiast who wants something that’s absolutely out of this world in terms of its psychoactive potency, to make them incredibly high.

Courtesy Binoid

Binoid Beast Mode Blend

Then, we have Binoid’s Beast Mode Blend—a blend that lives up to its name, made up of THC-H, THC-B and HHC-P—3 highly intoxicating cannabinoids that can give you a euphoric effect that’s out of this world. This blend comes in the form of vapes—disposables and pre-filled cartridges—and a variety of top-shelf strains, including Strawberry Banana, Berries n’ Cream, Blue Dragon, Red Dragon and more.

Why Choose Beast Mode Blend: Beast Mode Blend is all about the dreamy, uplifting effects that so many of us seek out when we take cannabis products. It’s also an extremely powerful combination when it comes to the high you’ll be treated to.

Courtesy Binoid

Binoid Power 9 Blend

Finally, we have Binoid’s Power 9 Blend, a very exciting combination of delta-9 THC, THC-B and THCjd, with the latter two cannabinoids being more potent than the former, and together having the strong potential to induce a deeply gratifying relaxation effect in the mind & body. This blend, like Beast Mode, is made available in both pre-filled vape cart and disposable vape pen form, with ultra-beloved strain options like Melon Gum, Tangerine Haze, Caramel Cream and Candy Apple.

Why Choose Power 9 Blend: Power 9 Blend gives you two things that so many enthusiasts crave: a full-on mind and body relaxation, along with the effects of delta-9 THC through a legal avenue.

Try a THC Blend Today!

THC blends have arrived, flaunting the latest and greatest additions to the hemp market over the past couple of years. And Binoid’s got so many exciting THC blends to choose from that it can be hard to pick just one. If you’re all about powerful, customized highs, try all four and compare them for yourself, since each one truly has something special to offer to your hemp routine. Don’t forget to use the code HIGHTIMES25 to try THC blends for 25% off here.

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Enjoy Your Weed Without Coughing—Guaranteed!

The folks at Cough Shield are on a mission to make cannabis smoking and vaping cough free, by making the cough weed causes a thing of the past! 

Familiar scenario: You start a nice toking session, but two puffs in and you are plagued by a tickle in your throat that grows in intensity, until you can’t hold it anymore and break out in a fit of coughing, which further irritates your throat and lungs. Besides being uncomfortable and embarrassing when in company, it is also exhausting and certainly not great for your lungs. Your session is now quite compromised, when all you wanted was to smoke your weed in peace and enjoy! Cough Shield was invented to make this very scenario disappear forever!

Courtesy Cough Shield

How Does It Stop Smoking or Vaping Cough?

Cough Shield is a revolutionary product with a completely new approach to addressing the unpleasant effects of cannabis on your throat. While we all look for the benefits of the herb for energy, inspiration, mood, mental health, sleep and pain relief, one thing we could do without, is the cough weed can cause, even after the first toke and even for very experienced smokers. The smoke makes your lungs irritated and hurt, which is exhausting and can be embarrassing. 

Coughing is a reaction of your body to any irritants in your breathing passageways. Both smoke and heat can irritate the linings of the throat, producing a reaction from your lungs to expel air forcefully. Once you start coughing, you are much more likely to cough again and again, potentially ruining what would otherwise have been a great session. Coughing is physically exhausting and has the potential to negatively affect your enjoyment of weed.

While vaping tends to cause less coughing than pipe or joints, it is still not the perfect solution. If you want to enjoy weed cough free you need to stop the cough reflex BEFORE it even starts. This means preventing irritation before it begins. Cough Shield coats your mouth and throat linings with a powerful herbal-honey glycerite blend, so it can withstand the onslaught of smoke particles without starting a massive cough attack. Cough Shield really does shield your throat, and the makers of Cough Shield actually guarantee that you will enjoy your session with peace of mind and cough free.

Courtesy Cough Shield

How Do You Use It To Stop Smoking or Vaping Cough?

The idea behind Cough Shield is to stop the irritation before it begins. One squirt of the delicious tasting syrup on your tongue soothes and moisturizes your mouth and throat, coating them with a film of Slippery Elm and Marshmallow in a honey-glycerite base and preparing them for smoke and heat, so your next joint, vape or bowl does not feel harsh and irritating at all. 

Cough Shield acts as a cough inhibitor so you can enjoy your tokes from now on.

This revolutionary new approach and the use of all natural, organic and beneficial ingredients makes this one of the most innovative products to enter the cannabis world in years. We want to smoke in peace and enjoy for years to come, so we need to protect our mouth, lungs and throat. Coughing is a major turn off, so let’s stop it! That Cough Shield is also very pleasant tasting, has no harsh chemicals and made in the US, with organic ingredients, are just lovely bonus points to boot.

Courtesy Cough Shield

Why Slipper Elm, Why Marshmallow Root? What Are the Ingredients?

Cough Shield is a honey colored, tasty liquid syrup to coat your throat and mouth BEFORE you start to smoke. Its ingredients are all natural and age old remedies to soothe and moisten – combined in a new way and blended specifically to address the coughing concerns of regular weed smokers: 

Slippery Elm (Ulmus Rubra) is a traditional Native American healing herb. It has been used as a food and for its health benefits for centuries. It can heal wounds, burns and inflammation, both externally and internally. It relieves coughs, throat irritations and digestive ailments. It offers superior soothing action and a very pleasant taste.

In this formula Slippery Elm is backed up by Marshmallow Root (Althaea Officinalis), the root portion of a dainty little flowering plant. It has been used as a folk remedy for thousands of years and the common candy known as marshmallows takes its inspiration from one of the original herbal recipes to cook the pith and sap into a sticky sweet treat. Marshmallow root is helpful for a dry and irritated throat and helps prevent coughing. It is also beneficial for the rest of the body as it helps repair the gut lining, acts as a pain reliever and has heart and digestive benefits.

Honey is a healing food used by humans since the stone age. It is pleasant tasting and has numerous health benefits. It has immune supporting qualities, is rich in antioxidants and fights inflammation. It acts as a natural cough suppressant outperforming many over-the-counter cough syrups. It has no expiration date since honey cannot spoil. It also lends Cough Shield its pleasant sweet but mild taste.

Glycerine is an oily syrup derived from vegetables that brings moisture to any tissue it coats, therefore shielding the throat from drying out. Its coating action soothes the delicate mucous membranes. 

MCT Coconut Oil provides a thin film to further protect and shield the throat and delicate mucous linings of the esophagus. It is a gentle oil that is used for its moisturizing action. 

Pre-coating before toking is the way to go to prevent embarrassing, exhausting coughs that are getting in the way of enjoying weed the way it was intended. 

Cough Shield was created by a Clinical Herbalist in the New York Hudson Valley, who was trying to help her artist husband, a smoker for many decades, who could not enjoy his daily toke in peace. No matter which method of cannabis consumption he tried, the annoying cough remained. 

The combination of honey, herbs and glycerin in Cough Shield proved incredibly successful preventing his cough and also everyone else’s who tried it. 

Courtesy Cough Shield

Cough Shield comes in an environmentally conscious glass bottle – portable and an indispensable part of your toking kit. It is incredibly popular at parties, since passing Cough Shield around makes you the hero of any gathering – nobody enjoys the dry mouth, scratchy throat coughing sensation!

Each bottle offers 220 servings. One serving per session may be all it takes to make your next session cough free, or some may want to reapply in between tokes as needed, to keep that cough at bay.

Cough Shield comes with a “No cough – Money Back Guarantee” and is shipped nationwide.

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THC Detox: What You Need to Know

A THC detox is extremely complex from an objective standpoint. Absorption and metabolism of THC molecules into water-soluble metabolites so they can be urinated out is a naturally time-consuming process. Green Gone Detox, a THC detox brand designed by pharmacists, is on a mission to help you safely, naturally cleanse marijuana from your system. The goal of this article is to objectively explain THC drug testing and provide honest answers to the following questions:

  1. Why would I need to detox from THC?
  2. How long will THC stay in my system?
  3. What options do I have to expedite the process?

There are a variety of situations in which one may need a cannabis detox. A common situation is a urine drug test for pre-employment. Health insurance or life insurance may also require a drug test prior to policy approval. Drug screening is a routine part of parole proceedings. Some physicians and pain clinics require drug tests. Some athletic organizations may require the participant to pass a urine drug test as well.

Apart from the seemingly mandatory situations, one may personally wish to start a THC detox to reset their tolerance, AKA a “tolerance break” or “T-break”. Additionally, people may wish to refrain from cannabis simply to see how long it takes their body naturally, over time, to test clean for future reference. Regardless of your reason for detoxing, all situations should be treated with the same objective: focusing on how THC is metabolized and excreted by the human body. This leads to the importance of timing.

How Long is a THC Detox?

The amount of time THC stays in your system can vary depending on the attributes of the user in question. Some key factors include age, body composition and genetics. As we age, our metabolisms tend to slow down naturally and process chemicals that we ingest at a slower pace. Because of the complexity of how THC is broken down, many users will continue failing a drug test for cannabis even after many weeks of abstinence. The blend of liver enzymes your body tends to make also matters. The initial THC → THCOOH carboxylation reaction is mediated by a key liver enzyme system known as CYP 2C9. This is important because once the THC is carboxylated to THCOOH, the metabolite can participate in several other metabolism pathways that increase the water solubility.

Let’s not overcomplicate it though. The goal of all this is simply to break the molecule down into something easier to get rid of. If your body can’t break it into smaller molecules, the liver will add functional groups to improve water solubility to try and pass it with urine that way. That’s what’s happening here. Problems show up if you’re one of the unlucky people that doesn’t make enough—or at times not at all—the enzyme 2C9 to mediate the above-described reaction. Thankfully, only a couple percent of the population have this genetic anomaly though.

Then, there’s the whole matter of how much THC exposure the user has had. How much and for how long did the exposure take place? What was the method of ingestion? What was the potency of the material in question? All these factors matter when determining the time required for a clean test.

Having said all that, on average, it takes most consistent cannabis users around a month to test comfortably under the cutoff screening without any intervention other than time and abstinence. This, however, can fluctuate greatly depending on a combination of the above factors.

Urine sample for laboratory analysis. Photo Giovanni Cancemi

How a Drug Test Works

Now, let’s review how the drug test itself works. When a urine THC drug test is administered, they’re not actually testing for THC molecules themselves, but rather water-soluble THC metabolites that stay in your system much longer (such as the THCOOH described above).

The standard cut off that most testing centers are looking for is less than 50 ng/mL. This cutoff is extremely sensitive, as the test can detect a very small amount of additive THC metabolites per volume. However, it’s important to note here that if this is passed on a THC urine dipstick, then the test is over, assuming the upfront tests determine there’s nothing “wrong” with the sample.

What could be wrong? Several things if a substitution is made, which is an illegal form of fraud—something Green Gone Detox is strongly against. For example, the temperature could be too high or too low; an additive could be found in the sample; or the density of the urine could show the sample is diluted.

Green Gone Detox advises consumers to provide a real sample that is really from you and nobody else in an untampered state. Usually, this sample needs to have less than 50 ng/mL THC metabolites. If this test is failed for substance, many labs will do a confirmatory test via GCMS (gas chromatography mass spectrometry) that examines the specific molecules flagged even more closely to rule out a false positive. 

Items included in a Green Gone 5-Day Detox Kit. Image courtesy of Green Gone Detox

Green Gone Can Help

Now that you have background info on some of the factors that influence THC metabolism and excretion, and how the drug test itself is conducted, let’s discuss timing.

Naturally, you’ll want to speed the detox process up if you’re going to take a drug test. Green Gone Detox works in five distinct ways to decrease the overall time to a negative THC test: 

  1. Increase in metabolite output in the liver. The goal here is to encourage the liver to put these metabolites out as fast as possible, so they can be urinated and defecated out. Green Gone Detox uses a potent liver enzyme inducer known as St. John’s Wort.
  2. Binding of metabolites in the gut. To accomplish this, Green Gone Detox uses soluble fiber in the form of Psyllium Huskto tie up metabolites in the lower gut to be passed with stool.
  3. Decrease albumin binding. This one was the big breakthrough for Green Gone Detox. Recall that a major issue with attempting to dissolve metabolites into the urine itself is that THC metabolites are highly bound to blood proteins. Green Gone introduced salicylate derivatives naturally found in White Willow. This binds to the same sites on albumin as THC metabolites, and in doing, so frees up the drug to be cleared with the urine much easier. Additionally, this is why NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause false positives on a THC test strip, because both molecules are chemically similar and bind to the strip.
  4. Increase urine pH. Most urine produced is acidic in nature. Given the metabolites are also acidic, they tend to dissolve poorly. The Green Gone Detox formula increases pH using Sodium Bicarbonate to fix this.
  5. Increase urine output. This is fairly straightforward. Now that the hard part has been accomplished (making the metabolites quicker, collecting them in the gut, preventing them from being bound in the bloodstream, and increasing the pH to encourage them to dissolve in the urine), all you’ll want to do is produce more urine. Green Gone Detox also satisfied this need via a natural diuretic known as Horsetail Extract.

Green Gone Detox kits are proudly designed by pharmacists and made in the US at an FDA-inspected, GMP-certified facility. Additionally, health-minded consumers can rest easy knowing the Green Gone Detox kits are vegan and Kosher-friendly. Each kit is stocked with five THC urine test strips, and all kits are covered by Green Gone LLC’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Ready to Detox?

Hopefully this article helps you better understand how a THC cleanse works, as well as some of the methodology behind it. If you would like to learn more or would like to see which product would best fit your personal needs, try Green Gone Detox’s THC detox calculator. The brand has a seven-year established record of helping people successfully reach their THC detox goals.

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One-Stop Shop for Your Cannabis Needs

Have you been dreaming of a way to get all your Delta-8, Delta-9 products and smoking accessories from the same convenient place? Well, those days of dreaming are over. It’s true. We’ve discovered a one-stop shop for all your cannabis needs. 

Too good to be true? Just ask the ones running it over at A true blessing they’ve bestowed upon us. They’re making the days of having to shop multiple retailers for our favorite cannabis brands, products, cannabinoids, glass, and all other accessories a thing of the past. They’ve got the shop filled with top named brands such as Binoid, one of the top competitors for Delta-8 products currently on the market. Didn’t we tell you these guys are great? Plus, the cherry on top, they offer fast and free shipping, with your cannabis goodies arriving within 1-3 days, because who wants to wait a week for weed? Are we right? Or are we right? 

Let’s dive in and talk about some of their premium products, must try cannabinoids, and what accessories they’ve got stocked.

Top Notch Products is quickly becoming our favorite online cannabis retailer solely because you can try out various products from different brands to discover what works best for you. Not just that, but they won’t have you breaking the bank either. At, you can search for products based on your budget. That way, there are no unexpected fees when you get to checkout because that’s no fun. 

Whether you’re looking to try out just a few new items or hosting this year’s 420 shindig and ready to blow your wad restocking your supply, this one-stop shop has you covered. At, you can shop a wide selection of premium brands to get a feel for what you like and what’s not for you. Here are a few examples of some of the top brands that we love and are available through



Another brand worth trying out the next time you’re shopping at is CBDfx. We love this company for its mission to deliver the finest, purest, and most effective CBD products. CBDfx uses ingredients that are always organic and crafted in a way that truly allows you to experience CBD at its finest. So, they have something for all, whether you’re new or experienced.

Tre House

Next on the list of must-try cannabis brands comes Tre House, with a mission to create the best recreational Delta-8 and Delta-9 goodies under the sun. A true playhouse. Their products use the finest ingredients, taste amazing, and somehow always seem to achieve the perfect cannabinoid combinations. Plus, Tre House’s Delta-9 chocolate chip cookies are a favorite of ours. BRB, we’re drooling.


As mentioned, Binoid is a fantastic source of the most effective cannabis products on the market. Binoid’s products are derived from hemp CBD & Delta-8 THC. This cannabis brand works with local hemp farms in the luscious evergreen areas of Oregon to grow the best plant genetics, high cannabinoid concentrations, and beneficial terpenes by doing so in nutrient-rich soils. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting top-class cannabis.


Cannabinoid Candy Store 

If you’re reading up to this point and wondering what cannabis compounds offers, the answer is quite a few. This one stop shop wants to ensure that you get the whole 360 experience, meaning they offer a wide selection of products uniquely made using different cannabinoids. That way, you can experience the cannabis plant in its many forms. To give you a head start, we’ll list a few:

Delta-9 THC

If you found your way to this article, odds are you’re familiar with this compound. It wouldn’t be a head shop without Delta-9 THC. It’s the primary cannabinoid that produces psychoactive effects that many enjoy. It’s the compound found in many traditional cannabis products that will get you high. 

Wait, is Delta-9 THC legal to buy online? You betcha’! Due to the 2018 Farm Bill, consumers can purchase Delta-9 products online at levels <.3%, making the most of a happy little escape clause. So, make the most of it and shop’s selection of Delta-9 products like Guavaberry Edible Gummies.

Delta-8 THC

As many know by now, Delta-8 THC is Delta-9’s close but less potent cousin. Within the last year, we’ve heard a lot of buzz surrounding Delta-8 and its ability to arouse a peaceful high. This is due to the potency. Unlike Delta-9, when taking Delta-8, you’re less prone to experiencing anxiety or paranoia, making it an excellent option for someone looking for a tame experience but still feeling psychoactive effects. Over at, you can find tons of Delta-8 products, including Delta-8 Disposable vapes, or if you’re looking to stock up, you can find Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge Bundles.


If you’re unfamiliar with THC-H, don’t be too hard on yourself. This cannabinoid was only recently discovered within the last year or so. However, this compound quickly gives many other cannabinoids a run for their money. THC-H is the second most potent cannabinoid in all of the hemp plant, supposedly with a strength that’s 25 times stronger than the regular amount of THC. Woozers! When describing this high, some describe it as a peaceful, delightful, and overall transcendent experience. At, you can find many THC-H products, such as vape cartridges and more, to help with your introduction to THC-H.


Bongs, Rigs, & Wraps, Oh My!

When you stop by, don’t forget to stock up on your cannabis accessories. This one-stop shop has everything you’d need plus more for your next smoke sesh, from bongs to dab rigs and grinders; everything is convenient with just one checkout. Plus, you can find limited edition items on, such as Puffco Budsy Water Bottle Pipes. The days of going to the dispensary and heading over to the glass shop after are now over.

Now that you’re aware of this one-stop cannabis shop, all that’s left to do is head over to to check out the products, cannabinoids, and accessories for yourself. Plus, when buying online through, you’ll receive free shipping and guaranteed satisfaction with free returns. And don’t forget that your cannabis purchases are only 1-3 days away. So take advantage now with 20% off using the code HIGH20. So, what are you waiting for, then? We’ll meet you over there!

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Dominique Worsley and the Loopy Brand: Elevating the Cannabis Industry in California and Beyond

With their passion and hard work, they are elevating the cannabis industry in California and beyond. Dominique Worsley is a cannabis cultivator and tissue culture technician. He is helping bring the Loopy Brand to life, and has been making quite a name for himself in recent months. 

Dominique Worsley’s journey in the cannabis industry began in 2017 when he had the opportunity to cultivate cannabis in the Emerald Triangle, which spans across Trinity County in California and Southern Oregon. Since then, he has advocated for legal cannabis in his home state of New Jersey until 2020, when Green Xtrax of Limerick, Maine, invited him to join their team. Dominique subsequently headed back to California to work with the Loopy Brand based out of Los Angeles, where he has been for the past three years. Dominique has also had the privilege to work with other brands such as Weed and Wellness from NYC. 

When asked about his future goals in the industry, Dominique says, “Manifestation and hard work are real. You can achieve anything you want in this world with the right mindset, discipline, and determination.” In a few years, he sees himself owning and operating several cannabis cultivation facilities across America. The brands he has worked with will blossom into Cannabis Cup-winning, multimillion-dollar businesses, with the public able to join in their success by smoking some of the greatest cannabis he and the brands have to offer.

The Loopy Brand is a high end cannabis company with over a decade of experience in the cannabis market. Their expertise in tissue culture has been instrumental in developing new strains and improving the quality of existing ones. Tissue culture is a process of cloning plants, which is essential in the cannabis industry to maintain genetic consistency and improve yield.

The Loopy Brand’s contribution to tissue culture has not gone unnoticed, and they have been recognized for it. Dominique Worsley was invited to speak at various conferences and events, where he shares his knowledge and experience with others. He was also featured in several publications, and has participated in multiple High Times Cannabis Cups in both Denver and Jamaica. 

Together, Dominique Worsley and the Loopy Brand are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the cannabis industry. They are working to create high-quality strains that are not only potent but also safe and consistent. Their passion for cannabis and dedication to their craft is evident in the quality of their work.

What sets them apart from others in the industry is their willingness to share their knowledge and experience with others. They believe that the cannabis industry is still in its infancy and has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. They are committed to doing their part in ensuring that the industry grows in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Dominique Worsley and the Loopy Brand have substantially contributed to the cannabis sector in California and worldwide. Their devotion, hard work, and enthusiasm for their profession serve as an inspiration to others in the industry. As the industry continues to grow and evolve, it is brands like theirs who will shape its future.

Follow their Instagram accounts to stay up to date with the latest developments in the cannabis industry. Visit Dominique Worsley, Loopy Sanchez, Green Xtrax, and Weed and Wellness

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New Orleans Bars Welcome THC Seltzer

Thanks to new cannabis laws in Louisiana, the city’s famous Hurricanes, Hand Grenades, and Big Ass Beers have some new competition. Crescent 9 THC Seltzer, the highly satisfying cannabis beverage from New Orleans-based Crescent Canna, is now available at select bars and venues throughout the city.

The growing list includes one of the city’s most iconic music venues, Tipitina’s, which has hosted legendary acts like Dr. John, the Neville Brothers, and the powerhouse funk band Galactic, which now owns the place.

“We’re happy to be carrying Crescent 9 THC Seltzer at Tipitina’s,” says Galactic bassist Robert Mercurio. “It’s a natural fit for a club like ours, plus it’s tasty and refreshing. Very soon we expect almost all of the bars and clubs in town to be carrying Crescent 9, and the Tipitina’s family is excited to be among the first in New Orleans to have it behind the bar.”

Although medical marijuana has been legal in New Orleans since 2015, recreational marijuana is still illegal. This doesn’t mean you’ll have to bring your medical card to bars. To order THC seltzer, you just need to be 21 or older with a valid photo ID.

How can this be? Well, although marijuana is illegal in New Orleans, hemp is fully legal. Delta-9 THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the intoxicating effects of marijuana, can also be derived from hemp—and the effects are the same. So New Orleans companies can use hemp-derived Delta-9 THC to make legal THC products.

Louisiana Cannabis Laws

In 2022, Louisiana passed Act 498 to affirm the legal status of hemp products and clarify how they are regulated. Legal cannabis products in Louisiana must contain exclusively hemp-derived cannabinoids and less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC. 

All consumable hemp products need to be registered with the Louisiana Department of Health. To be registered, products must meet safety and quality standards, have accurate labeling, and be third-party lab-tested by an ISO 17025−accredited laboratory. 

Crescent 9 THC Seltzer was the first Delta-9 THC seltzer to be registered with the Louisiana Department of Health. With 6 mg of Delta-9 THC, 3 mg of CBD, and a touch of caffeine, Crescent 9 provides an uplifting psychoactive experience. This energizing beverage is perfect for a night out, and it won’t make you sleepy.

Low in calories but high in flavor, Crescent 9 THC Seltzer contains a refreshing tropical blend of fruit juice and puree with a hint of terpenes.

Benefits of THC Seltzer

Unlike THC gummies, THC seltzer provides fast-acting effects that you feel within 15 to 30 minutes, so you have more control over your experience, and therefore more power to ensure it’s a positive one. You can choose to coast on your current level of effects or elevate them by drinking more. 

Highly refreshing and delicious, drinking THC seltzer is a thoroughly enjoyable way to use cannabis—no inhalation required! It’s also sippable and sharable, enabling a more social experience.

A Better Way to Party in the Big Easy

THC seltzer provides an uplifting buzz without booze, so you can skip the unpleasant after-effects of alcohol and still keep the party going. When you’re done partying, you’ll get a more restful sleep thanks to the relaxing effects of cannabis and you’ll avoid the next-day hangover.

Recognizing the negative effects of alcohol, the California Sober movement—referring to adults who are replacing alcohol with cannabis—continues to grow. According to a 2020 poll, 45% of adults over the age of 21 have been making the switch. The surging popularity of cannabis beverages will indubitably help accelerate this trend.

Where to Get Crescent 9 THC Seltzer

Crescent 9 THC Seltzer is already available at many locations in New Orleans, including MRB, Rainbow Grocery, Ra Shop, Simply CBD, Crescent City Vape, Tipitina’s, Kajun’s Pub, Arabella Casa Di Pasta, Twelve Mile Limit, Health 4 NOLA, Mushroom, The Herb Import Company, Up in Smoke, Town Crier, Broad Theater, Bamboulas, and Market 45.

Not in New Orleans? Adults who are 21 or older can order Crescent 9 THC Seltzer online at Orders are eligible for $5 flat-rate shipping, and shipping is free if your order exceeds $99.

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