3CHI Blazes Into 2022 with a NASCAR Racing Sponsorship

It’s happening—believe it. The world of cannabis has again shifted, and social media has lit up with memes, as cannabis fans collectively rejoice.

Ever since the company first pioneered Delta 8, 3CHI has been a company focused on THC innovation within hemp-based consumer products. Now, raising the bar, the company has teamed up for a groundbreaking partnership with Richard Childress Racing, Tyler Reddick, and the No. 8 NASCAR Cup Series team in 2022.

This is a significant partnership for both organizations, as it marks the first category-specific team partnership in NASCAR and first hemp-based consumer brand sponsorship across all major professional sports. It’s a big step for NASCAR and a huge step for the THC industry.

To be clear, 3CHI has a quality rep, being focused on high-purity products that meet federal requirements for full legal compliance, and with emphasis on responsible adult use only to consumers aged 21 and older.

When asked about the partnership at the car’s sponsorship reveal, CEO Justin Journay said, “We’re very excited.  After getting to know RCR this past year, it was clear that, like us, they lead their industry through science, innovation and hard work.  Anytime you can partner with someone like that, you take it.” Journay added, “NASCAR took the time to understand our industry and had all of our products tested at their labs, and that shows the level of care they have for their customers, the fans, which is also how we approach things.”

The partnership will kick off with the DAYTONA 500 at Daytona International Speedway on Sunday, February 20 at 2:30 p.m. ET on FOX, MRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio. Tyler Reddick will drive the No. 8 3CHI Chevrolet Camaro during the 2022 season as part of the multi-race, multi-year partnership.

“This is a first-of-its kind partnership, both within motorsports and within the sports industry as a whole,” said Torrey Galida, president of Richard Childress Racing. “We’re proud of our role as industry leaders in this category and look forward to introducing a pioneer in hemp-based consumer products to NASCAR, as well as educating fans about 3CHI’s innovative, science- based products.”

Courtesy of 3CHI

About Richard Childress Racing

Richard Childress Racing (rcrracing.com) is a renowned, performance-driven racing, marketing and manufacturing organization. Incorporated in 1969, RCR has celebrated over 50 years of racing and earned more than 200 victories and 16 championships, including six in the NASCAR Cup Series with the legendary Dale Earnhardt.

RCR was the first organization to win championships in the NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR Xfinity Series and NASCAR Truck Series and is a three-time winner of the Daytona 500 (1998, 2007, 2018). Its 2022 NASCAR Cup Series lineup includes two-time NASCAR champion, 2017 Coca-Cola 600 winner and 2018 Daytona 500 champion Austin Dillon (No. 3 Chevrolet), along with two-time NASCAR Xfinity Series champion Tyler Reddick (No. 8 Chevrolet). RCR fields a full-time NASCAR Xfinity Series program with Sheldon Creed and Austin Hill.

Courtesy of 3CHI

About 3CHI

3CHI began with roots as a CBD producer and quickly became a pioneer in science-based cannabis research. Founded by a biochemist, the company was the first commercial developer of hemp-derived Delta-8, leading to the immense popularity of legally compliant THCs today. Based in Indiana, the company continues as an industry leader in emerging THC science and innovative hemp-derived products. To learn more, click here: 3CHI.com.

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Review: STIIIZY’s Mouthwatering Arsenal of Solventless and Curated Live Resin Offerings

Opening STIIIZY’s small boxes containing one-gram, black, glass dab jars full of sticky concentrates filled us with glee—like opening tiny holiday gifts. Each one emanated familiar pine and tropical scents to different degrees that at times made the hair stand up on our arms. The prism of colors and consistencies provided a Willy Wonka-like experience, as each concentrate seemed to outperform the last.

STIIIZY’s Curated Live Resin captures the true essence of cannabis in extract form. The whole plant is harvested then immediately flash-frozen—which preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids, boosting flavor. This unique process maximizes potency, flavor and consistency. As you can see on the website, there are dozens of Curated Live Resin strains to choose from.

On the other hand, STIIIZY’s Live Rosin Jam is cured for a perfect amount of time under the right temperatures—thus ensuring consistent quality while maintaining the terps. For rosin badder, ice, water and flower are combined and agitated, which loosens the trichomes enough to fall off.

Once separated, the trichomes are immediately frozen and dried. Once that is done, they are sifted and sieved in a cold environment, which continues to preserve the quality and taste. This is the route to go for people who prefer to stay away from BHO processes.

Courtesy of STIIIZY


If you’ve never tried STIIIZY products, you missed the boat long ago, but it’s not too late to jump aboard. STIIIZY was founded in 2017 primarily as a vape company, with a double-chamber vape pen proprietary pod system. But even then, the company knew it needed to preserve the delicate terpene profiles of each stain. That’s why the team always set out to be wary of hype. STIIIZY knows that good concentrate is reliant on good flower, so the team is selective about the strains that are chosen for the process. 

STIIIZY products, usually offered curbside, provide the quality you’re looking for. Keep an eye out for them in the concentrate sections of dispensaries or High Times stores. STIIIZY has branched out from its discreet, portable system to include STIIIZY Extracts, STIIIZY Flower, STIIIZY Edibles and retail stores. High Times has reviewed four of STIIIZY new potent drops.

STIIIZY Platinum Blueberry – Solventless Live Rosin Jam

One direct hit on the rig is all it takes to catapult you into a haze with this solventless jam. The famed Blueberry is made from an Afghani find—a single generation removed from Afghanistan–plus two Thai females, Highland Thai (Juicy Fruit) and Purple Thai. These combos resulted in an undeniable Blueberry aroma and corresponding flavor.

The strain took home wins at the 2000 and 2002 High Times Cannabis Cups, from multiple growers. This concentrate sort of resembles thickened apple sauce that’s beginning to separate. The piney-but-sweet blast of aroma is what really piqued my interest, though. STIIIZY Platinum Blueberry – Solventless Live Rosin Jam provided a pine scent that was quickly dominated with blueberry fruity sweetness. It coaxed us into a relaxed state and made us long for a hot fireplace.

STIIIZY Grape Pie – Live Solventless Rosin Badder

Ready for round two. This one felt sort of like softened beeswax, with a deceptively light pine aroma that beguiles the dabber into letting down his or her guards and taking a few too many dabs. Grape Pie (Grape Stomper x Cherry Pie) STIIIZY Grape Pie – Live Solventless Rosin Badder is a heavy indica-dominant hitter.

Don’t plan on getting any studying or cramming done under its spell. It tasted like pine in the first few seconds, but quickly tasted like grape on the exhale. Its long-lasting high put us in a relaxed state, but we didn’t immediately doze off. Be sure to plan out your activities, including the times when you need to stay lucid, because Grape Pie will not fade away very easily, even with coffee. It’s a persistent high that stretches about four to five hours is worth noting, which could get in the way of busy bees and workaholics. Just a little dab will do.

STIIIZY Grape Gelato – Curated Live Resin Diamonds 

By now, the torch was getting hot, and we started to force ourselves to be cognizant of where our fingers were. Approach this concentrate with caution—as it will surely warp your tolerance level and is not for the faint of heart. These beyond-potent wet diamonds are drizzled in a terp-drenched sauce that seems to pack more flavor than is possible.

STIIZY Grape Gelato – Curated Live Resin Diamonds is a feast for your taste palate. It has everything: earthy tones, sweet, berry taste and a kick of sweet diesel to boot. This is the pick out of the four for the people seeking out exquisite taste and who value that quality above other traits. Sauce lovers should take note of this offering.

Courtesy of STIIIZY

STIIIZY Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin 

This live resin had slightly fewer aromatic terps than some of the other finds, but no matter—it hit hard regardless. STIIIZY Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin is a gift to all those who are creative and seeking to amplify those abilities. It nearly sent us into a coma before we awoke in a wonderland of creativity.

It propelled us to sketch, jot down ideas, and play music before we lost grasp of priceless ideas. If you like strains that really turn on the creativity button, look no further, traveler. Banana Mac – Curated Live Resin maintains solid reviews online based on its potency. Don’t forget to include Banana Mac on your wish list.

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REVIEW: Kaizen Extracts Cold Cure Rosins

The method you select while curing your rosin can have a vast effect on the flavor and consistency of your final product.

While warm curing is usually done at temperatures ranging from anywhere between 90 and 135 degrees Fahrenheit, cold curing is usually done in a sealed jar between the temperature of 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The jar is left sealed for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours.

Courtesy of Kaizen

Warm curing involves either putting rosin that has been heated into a glass jar after extraction, and then sealing, or heating the rosin after it has been placed into a sealed glass jar. This resting process allows the terpenes to begin to separate and even pool on the surface of the rosin. Those terpenes are then whipped back into the rosin, creating a badder-like consistency. The end product is the ideal consistency for dabbing or twisting up in a joint.

One of the advantages of the cold cure process is that it minimizes the amount of terpenes that are lost through evaporation. Because of this, this process is commonly used to preserve the flavor and smell of the terpenes. Rosin has seen a noticeable increase in popularity in the last year. As the market matures and more education is being done around extracts, it seems more and more brands are trying their hand.

Today, I had the opportunity to try two Cold Cure Rosin strains from Kaizen Extracts. Kaizen’s Cold Cure Rosins are manufactured in Monterey County, California by Cypress Manufacturing and can be found in dispensaries across the state.

Kaizen is a legacy brand in California; the brand has been processing some of the best material in California since the medical days and has always put out clean, quality extracts. Since his entry into the industry, Kaizen’s Founder Dan Yoo saw a need for clean cannabis for patients, and he has since been committed to manufacturing only the highest quality concentrates.

Kaizen has won multiple awards for its extracts and is considered to be among the finest extraction companies for those who appreciate high quality extracts. Visit the Kaizen Extracts website to access the store locator to find them at a dispensary in your area. 

The first Kaizen product that I sampled was the White Tahoe Gelato Cold Cure. This rosin is a beautiful combination of White Tahoe Cookies crossed with Gelato. As I cracked the fresh jar, I was immediately welcomed by the pungent aroma of sweet pine with a menthol-like finish. Even after I put the jar down, the stench lingered in my nose, and I could feel it begin to make my nose hairs tingle.

Taking my first look into the jar, I noticed a beautiful, champagne-blonde rosin that had a consistency of smooth badder. As the smooth, thick smoke began to fill my lungs and mouth, I immediately tasted the creamy funk of the gelato. The flavor continued and then evolved, as notes of pine coated the top of my mouth as I exhaled.

The effect set in almost immediately. The strain is relaxing and sedative; I first noticed my shoulders and face muscles start to retract and relax. Any anxieties I had started to slowly melt away as I, too, started to melt into the couch. So physically relaxing and mentally calming, this would be a great strain to smoke before heading off to bed. 

The next extract on the table was Kaizen’s Banana Royale, which was a delightful smoke. Banana Royale is a mouthwatering cross of Banana OG and Dairy Queen. The rosin has a very similar look to the While Tahoe Gelato, with a vibrant blonde color and a similarly badder-like consistency. On first smell, I picked up notes of ripe and candied bananas from the Banana OG.

The sweet banana smell was followed up by a creamy and almost nutty aroma, which added a delightful savory note to the finish. The candied-banana terps transferred directly into the flavor as the sweet, creamy Banana OG hit my tastebuds. The Dairy Queen (being a cross of Cheese and Space Queen) then added a fatty, peanut-like taste to the exhale.

This strain is uplifting and euphoric without being racey or overly stimulating. The effects then slowly shift to a sedative and cozy feeling. This strain pairs well with your end of day activities helping you unwind while reading a book or binging your favorite series. 

After taking the time to smoke and enjoy these products, I can confidently say that if you enjoy high quality and tasty cannabis extracts, you should check out Kaizen’s Cold Cured Hash Rosin. Dan and the team have stayed true to their word and continued to put out only the highest quality extracts. I look forward to seeing (and smoking!) what other interesting rosins the team from Monterey comes out with in the coming months and years.

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Top Three Delta-8 Flower Brands to Buy Online

Do you want to get high without facing any side effects? Do you want to smoke legally? Well, delta-8 THC flowers can help you achieve this goal.

In this article, we are going to review the best delta-8 THC-infused flower brands. You can get your hands on the hemp products offered by these brands without thinking twice. So, let’s take a look at the top brands we found through extensive research.

#1. Exhale Wellness: Top-Rated, Best Overall

Exhale is one of the most popular names in the delta-8 industry, and the biggest reason for its growing popularity is the quality of its products. They are transparent about their growth process, which allows users to buy their products with confidence. They do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides during the cultivation process, and they use an indoor growing method to create the ideal environment for the hemp plant.

Exhale’s delta-8 hemp flower comes in a well-designed glass jar, which features a child-resistant cap. It’s a great option for people looking for the most potent delta-8 products.  However, the product can be too strong for new users, so beginners should start with small doses to test the product. If you are an experienced user, you are unlikely to face any issues.

Furthermore, the company is transparent about the product details and ingredients, and you can check the third-party lab test reports on the official website. The Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available for a variety of strains in the “Lab Tests” section of the site.

The price tag of Exhale’s delta-8 flower may not look too appealing to some people, but rest assured, it’s not overpriced. It is also available in different size variants, and you can choose the size that meets your requirements and budget. All in all, Exhale’s delta-8 flower is a great option to go with, and you are likely to have a pleasant experience with it.


Good shipping and return policies

Multiple flavors and a variety of strains offered

Third-party lab tested

Child-resistant cap on each jar

Natural and organic


Only available online


Effective: All Exhale products are effective, and their THC and CBD flowers are no different. They help users combat stress, anxiety and low moods. The fruity flavors and sweet-smelling smoke will make you feel relaxed, and you can rely on them at the end of a tiring day.

Appealing Offers: The company offers fast delivery, and you can make the purchase without thinking twice, as a 30-day money-back guarantee is included with every order. This means you can get a full refund if you are unsatisfied. If you are a regular user, you can save money by opting for the subscription plan. New users can also enjoy heavy discounts on their first purchase.

Ten Variants Offered: If you are someone who easily gets bored with the taste of a product, this is the perfect brand for you. You can choose from 10 different variants, which all offer a unique experience.

Customer Experience: Many customers claim they feel relaxed after using this product, and that it helps them sleep better at night. We did not find any reports about side effects. Most users posted good customer reviews about how the company offers superior quality products and hassle-free shipping.

#2. BudPop: Most Potent

BudPop has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time. All of their products are top-notch, and the same is the case with the BudPop delta-8 flower. You can expect a strong high after using it, and the experience is going to be smooth. One of the best things about this flower is that it’s not too sticky. It is perfect for experienced users; however, beginners can also go for it.

BudPop is a reliable brand, as it offers customers complete transparency. Third-party lab test reports of all products are available on the official website, and you can check them before making a purchase. Their CBD flowers are grown organically and completely free of any harmful ingredients.

They offer fast and free shipping, and they process all orders within 48 hours. As a result, you will not have any complaints in this field. If we look at the overall quality of the product, it is reasonably priced, and the company has several appealing offers for customers.

If you are a regular user, consider the combo pack which includes both variants and will save you money. You can also pay for the subscription plan and enjoy heavy discounts on all orders. You can make a worry-free purchase, as BudPop is one of the few brands that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Premium quality

Organic and non-GMO

30-day money-back guarantee

Excellent customer support

Fast, free shipping


Only available on the official website


Two Strains Offered: Currently, BudPop offers two different variants, and both of them are equally popular and worth trying. The Northern Lights variant is perfect after a long and tiring day, and it offers a nice, sweet aroma with an earthy flavor. The Cookies variant offers a nutty aroma, and you can enjoy it at any time of the day. Additionally, both variants come in different size options, so you can buy according to your needs.

User-Friendly Website: BudPop is a customer-centric brand, and it offers excellent customer support. You are likely to have a hassle-free experience while making the purchase. The interface of the official site is user-friendly, and each category is well-designed. Moreover, their shipping and refund policies are clearly listed on the site so you can shop with confidence.

Growing Popularity: BudPop has easily outmatched the existing players in the industry, and the team has worked hard to stand out in the crowd. They offer unmatched quality, and all products contain pure ingredients.

Customer Experience: BudPop’s delta-8 hemp flower has managed to get a positive response from customers, as users love the quality and effectiveness of the product. Customers are waiting for the company to launch more variants like these two.

#3. Delta ExtraX: Full-Spectrum Delta-8 Flower

If you want to save money without compromising on quality, the Delta ExtraX flower is a great option. Affordable flower and pre-roll options are free of any harmful additives. Overall, you can expect a nice, smooth high when smoking with this brand.    

The Sour Diesel variant offers mental clarity, helping you focus. This means you can try it any time of day. If you are a person who likes potent flowers, this is the right option for you. On the other hand, the Bubba OG Kush is perfect for ending a tiring day on a relaxing note. It offers a sweet aroma, and it will help you manage stress and anxiety.

Delta ExtraX is growing in popularity, and their customer base is growing bigger with time, as they pay attention to every little detail while manufacturing products. All products are tested at third-party labs, so you can know exactly what you’re getting Users can save money with a recurring subscription plans, and new customers will also receive a special first-time user discount.


Organic and chemical-free

Pre-rolls are available

Fairly priced


No major cons


Transparency: Delta ExtraX is transparent about their ingredients and growth process. The brand extracts only the highest quality delta-8 THC from naturally grown hemp plants, and they do not add any harmful components to their products.

Excellent Customer Support: The company works hard to help customers have a pleasant online experience. Their website is well-designed, and ordering products is easy. Dosage guides can also be found on the website, which can be a great resource for beginners.  While they don’t offer 24/7 customer support, their highly trained team members are ready to help customers, Monday-Friday during regular business hours.

Shipping and Return Policies: The brand offers fast shipping, and they also have a 30-day return policy. You can return unopened and unused products if you do not want them.

Quality Experience: While doing our research, we did not find any negative reviews about the Delta ExtraX flower. Customers like how effective the products are, in addition to loving the high quality offered at this price point.

How to Choose the Right Delta-8 Flower


Purity is one of the most important factors to consider when buying delta-8, as the market is full of poor quality products. Assessing hemp purity can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner.

To ensure purity, you can check a brand’s lab reports and certifications. Popular brands of delta-8 flowers allow users to check the Certificate of Analysis (COA). A company will not offer a third-party lab test report if it has something to hide.

You should also ensure the CBD hemp flower is naturally grown and that no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers were used during the cultivation process. Check to make sure the product in question is non-GMO and does not contain more than 0.3% delta-9 THC or any other harmful components.  

Smell and Taste

When looking for delta-8 flowers, you will find different flavors to choose from. Each one has a different smell and taste, ranging from mild to strong.  

Taste plays an important role in the smoking experience, so you should not compromise in this field. Some variants not only differ in taste, but they also vary in strength. If you are not an experienced user, you should order small packages of different flavors to find out what you like.


Consider companies with loyal brand followers. A popular brand won’t typically compromise in quality, as it has an image to protect.

Shipping and Return Policy

Always check a brand’s shipping and return policy before making a purchase. Many brands offer fast and free shipping, which makes for a hassle-free experience that also saves you money. Checking the return policy is also important. Some companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee—having that extra layer of security is always a good idea.  

Total Number of Variants

As we mentioned above, you will find different variants of delta-8 flowers to choose from. If you have multiple options, you will not get bored, and you can keep trying new flavors. But, if there are limited options, you may get tired of the taste. It is all a matter of personal preference.


Delta-8 products are available in different price ranges. Price points vary depending on several factors like brand, quality and quantity. Expensive isn’t always better, but you also shouldn’t opt for for a low-priced, poor-quality delta-8 product.

Choosing a product that suits your budget and offers quality is important. To help you find a suitable option, we have reviewed products available in different price ranges.

How to Safely Try Delta-8 THC?

If you have experience in the field, you likely know what suits you best. But, if you are a beginner, we recommend following these tips for a safe experience.

Buy Only High-Quality Products

As mentioned above, you should never invest in low-quality delta-8 products. These products will not offer the desired effects, and you also risk facing side effects. Always choose premium-quality options.

Start Slow

Be careful not to get carried away while trying delta-8 THC products for the first time. If you are a first-time user, take a small dose and test your tolerance. If you are trying an edible product, you can cut the doses into smaller ones to get a feel for its effects.

Wait for the Dose to Kick In

Wait for the dose to kick in before taking more, as the product may take some time to show effects. If you take the second dose right after the first one, you may get overwhelmed. In the case of edibles, you may have to wait up to two hours before going for the second dose.

Keep Track of Your Doses

After trying a product a few times, you can gradually increase the dosage. You should keep track of your doses to decide how much to take the next time. As you gain experience, your tolerance will also increase, and it will be easier for you to try heavier doses.

Now that you know how to safely try delta-8 products, let’s review the best ways to use them.

Reasons to Buy Delta-8 Products

Gives a Smooth High

Since delta-8 is not as potent as delta-9, many people consume it to get a smooth high. It may help you feel relaxed, and you may be able to focus on your tasks. Be careful to choose the right variants and start with a small dose if you are a beginner.

Appetite Stimulant

Delta-8 is an excellent appetite stimulant, and it can help the body absorb nutrients. Research was conducted on mice, and the results were amazing. According to the study, delta-8 increased the food intake in mice by 16%, and there was no significant weight gain. This research indicates delta-8 may boost your appetite, and you do not have to take heavy doses to get such results.

Pain Reduction

Many people use delta-8 for pain management. It is a great alternative for painkillers that contain harmful chemicals.

FAQs: Delta-8 Flower

Q: Can Delta-8 Get You High?

Yes, it can get you high; however, its effects are different from that of delta-9 THC. People love the mild effects delta-8 has to offer, and it is one of the biggest reasons for its increasing popularity.

Q: How Long Does a Delta-8 High Last?

If you have this question in mind, you are not alone. Beginners often have such doubts, and it is good to know about the effects of delta-8 before taking your first dose. A delta-8 induced high can last two to eight hours, depending upon several factors.

The duration of your delta-8 high will depend upon the type of product you choose. Your metabolism and THC tolerance will also play a big role here. Your level of experience can be a factor as well, and if you are a beginner, the effects may not wear off quickly.

Q: Will Delta-8 THC Show Up on a Drug Test?

Yes, delta-8 will show up on a drug test; however, the result will be positive only if it is still in your system while taking the drug test. Your body will take some time to remove all trace amounts of THC, and this time period can vary from person to person. It also depends upon factors like body fat and metabolism.

To avoid testing positive for THC, you will need to wait for your body to naturally get rid of THC metabolites. If you are an occasional user, you should take the test after waiting two to five days. Regular smokers should wait one to three weeks, and heavy smokers should wait for at least four to six weeks to avoid testing positive.

You can speed up the process by following a healthy diet plan and drinking plenty of water. Eating the right foods and drinking enough water every day may help your body get rid of byproducts faster.

Q: Is Delta-8 THC Safe?

People often wonder if delta-8 THC is safe or not. Well, it is not poisonous, but consuming heavy doses can lead to unwanted side effects. An overdose can result in lethargy, fast heart rate and numbness. However, not all users report such side effects, and you can stay on the safer side by keeping the dosage under control.

Q: What Are the Different Types of Delta-8 THC Products on the Market?

There was a time when the delta-8 THC products industry did not have much to offer, but things have changed. Today, you can find multiple products on the market, and several brands have jumped in to take things to a higher level. Delta-8 gummies, cookies, vape carts, tinctures, soft gels and flowers are some commonly available options.

Q: Is Delta-8 Legal?

According to the Farm Bill of 2018, the cultivation and sale of hemp flowers is legal on the federal level. The sale of products derived from the hemp plant is also legal, but the delta-9 THC content must be less than 0.3%.

Q: What Are the Benefits of Delta-8?

Many people prefer delta-8 over delta-9 THC. Delta-8 helps people achieve a clear and relaxed state of mind, and it does not lead to bad side effects linked with delta-9. The chance of facing issues like headaches and anxiety is very small, and it may also promote appetite and boost energy levels.

Q: Which Delta-8 Flower Strain Is the Best?

It is all a matter of preference, as a flower strain that you don’t like could be the best option for someone else. Sour Space Candy, Sour Diesel and Northern Lights are some of the most popular variants among customers.

Finding The Right Flower

We hope this guide proves useful when buying delta-8 flower online. You can’t go wrong with any of these brands, which are all additive-free and made of high-quality ingredients. However, Exhale Wellness does sit at the top of this list for a simple reason: It’s the best. Last but not least, be sure to follow the safety tips included in this article. If you are clear about your limits, you can try different methods of consuming delta-8 products.

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Goldkine: The Midwest’s Gold Standard in Cannabis

In 2018, Michigan became the first Midwestern state to legalize recreational cannabis. Michigan Proposal 1, Marijuana Legalization Initiative passed with 56-44% in favor, allowing residents to grow, consume and possess cannabis. The first dispensaries in Ann Arbor and Morenci opened their doors to residents of the Great Lakes State in December 2019. It has clearly been a popular move; since legalization, Michigan has become the third largest cannabis market in the U.S., behind California and Colorado, with recreational sales up 115% to $128.4 million. Luxury cannabis brands like Goldkine are driving those sales.

Goldkine was founded with the goal of creating premium craft cannabis products through unmatched genetics and premium branding.

“Legalization gave us the chance to start a business together, a dream we always had,” co-founder Jimmy Smith told Cannabis Now, referring to the three other co-founders and close friends. “The dream became Goldkine.”

Each of the four Goldkine founders brings a unique skill set to the table, enabling them to better serve their customers.

“In a rapidly changing, expanding industry like this, that diverse knowledge base is key,” Smith said. “It allows us to adapt and push through the many obstacles of a growing segment—the fastest growing industry in the world.”

Goldkine Genetics Are Golden

Goldkine’s cultivar catalog features genetics that have been specifically bred for indoor cultivation. At its sophisticated grow facility in Warren, Michigan, state-of-the-art equipment and a team of cultivation experts follow carefully choreographed harvest schedules to ensure their customers always have Goldkine products on hand. 

Attention to detail is everything, and the Goldkine team pays special attention to the drying and curing process to preserve the delicate terpene profiles of their flower. The resulting flower is more than a product—it is a symbol of life’s finer things.

According to Smith, Goldkine’s curated product offering focuses exclusively on top-shelf flowers, including Apple MAC, Mimosa and Zkittlez Kush Mints.

Apple MAC

Apple MAC is a cross of Alien Cookies, Starfighter and Columbian strains with all the tasty richness of an apple pastry. Time is known to slow down for a while with this strain, leaving the consumer with a clear but intensely sedative feeling.

“Apple Mac is an exclusive strain developed in-house and selected by Surfr,” explained Smith. 

“MAC1 combined with Trophy Wife has flavors that explode. The gasoline-rich pheno of Triangle Mint, with hybrid landrace genetics, makes for a very euphoric high like you are traveling through space.”


Mimosa is a cross of Purple Punch and Clementine, creating a unique flavor profile of strong citrus with hints of Hawaiian punch. The strain’s uplifting, clear-headed effect and sense of focus has made it a favorite strain for many across the country. It’s no surprise that Mimosa is the recipient of multiple Cannabis Cups. 

“The Goldkine Mimosa is the best in the state with unique aromas claiming top-shelf everywhere,” Smith said. “This sativa-dominant hybrid by Symbiotic Genetics is known for its euphoric and pleasant cerebral high.”

Zkittlez Kush Mints

Zkittlez is one of the most popular and award-winning cannabis strains on the market. An indica-dominant mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit crossed with another undisclosed strain leaves consumers feeling calm, focused, alert and happy while unwinding at any time of day.

”Zkittlez Kush Mints (also called KmintZ) was bred by Ripper Seeds and is a combination of Zkittlez and Kush Mintz,” Smith explains. “The top reported aromas of the Zkittlez Kush Mints strain are candy, fruit and mint. It is said to taste of mint, sour and sweet citrus, and berries.” 

Creating a Gold-Standard Experience

From the branding to packaging, each facet of the Goldkine experience has been driven by a passion for delivering luxury cannabis and a true “One of a Kine” experience. 

“The current success we have, and will continue to have, comes from a lifetime of trust—and the fact that we all strive for perfection,” Smith said.

But the Goldkine brand is more than just a label. By marrying top-shelf flower with best practices and consistent service, the Goldkine team has pledged to support local charities. For Smith and his co-founders, a combination of passion for the plant and their dedication to upholding their values and standards will continue to grow Goldkine’s place in the market. 

“The cannabis business is fun, and the people in it and the customers have such passion for this product,” Smith said. “It’s inspiring. It really makes you want to work endlessly to provide the people what they want. Love for the brand on their end drives love for the process on our end—and that’s important.”

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Introducing ReCreate Beverages: All the Buzz Without the Fuzz

Today’s cannabis connoisseur has certain expectations when it comes to ingestible products. Gone are the days when unhealthy, sugar-laden brownies with unknown cannabis quantities were the only edible option.

Scientific developments and new technology have led way to “edibles 2.0,” a new wave of cannabis-infused products that provide consistent doses, increased efficacies, and perhaps most importantly, enhanced wellness. ReCreate’s new line of THC beverages ticks all these boxes—and then some.

ReCreate is the new brand of THC products from the Stanley Brothers, experts in the realm of whole-plant health thanks to their CBD product, Charlotte’s Web. With ReCreate, the brothers have developed a range of THC-infused products to improve overall wellness. The range includes gummies, tinctures and beverages.

A relatively nascent vertical, cannabis beverages make up only 5% of the edibles market. However, their popularity is growing at an impressive rate: According to the Cannabis Beverage Association, infused beverage sales surged 40% last year, to $95.2 million. By 2025 the THC-infused beverages market will account for $1 billion in U.S. sales, according to Brightfield Group.

It’s easy to see why cannabis beverages are making such a splash. Whether you’re new to cannabis or consider yourself somewhat of an expert, THC beverages bridge the gap between the expected and the unexpected. Most people know how a beer or a glass of wine will make them feel. Infused beverages offer precise doses, meaning consumers can expect consistent, predictable effects.

Most people who have consumed edibles can recall a time when they had one (or two) too many gummies. Growing impatient while waiting for the effects to kick in, you decide to take more, but are then left incapacitated when the THC hits all at once. That’s because cannabis edibles are metabolized in the liver, converting THC into the more potent compound 11-hydroxy-THC. This process can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours to feel the effects, and can lead to over consumption if you’re not careful.

Using proprietary nanotechnology, the THC in ReCreate beverages starts to work almost immediately. It enters the bloodstream through the tissue of your mouth, esophagus and stomach, maximizing the bioavailability of the cannabinoids and delivering fast results. This means you will start to feel the effects within five to 15 minutes. Say goodbye to the waiting game, and get the feeling you are looking for right away.

ReCreate Drinks Blend Science with Sapidity

All ReCreate beverages have been formulated for a targeted experience, whether that’s deeper relaxation, mental performance, better sleep, creative energy, or all-around body relief.

The advance formulations contain optimal amounts of CBD and THC for a balanced, well-rounded high. The drinks are also enhanced with additional minor cannabinoids CBN and CBG for a more efficacious experience. Along with cannabinoids, scientifically proven botanical boosters and adaptogens like Yerba Mate, Ashwagandha, Cordyceps and Passionflower have also been added to help you function at a higher level.

THC and CBD are the two most commonly known “major” cannabinoids, but the cannabis plant has over 150 cannabinoids with potential health and wellness benefits waiting to be discovered. Professor Raphael Mechoulam was the first to isolate cannabinoids—and also the first to discover how they interact with our bodies’ endocannabinoid systems (ECS). This complex network of receptors and transmitters works to keep our bodies in homeostasis by regulating sleep, stress and pain management.

There are three flavor options available as a 2.5 mg CBD/2.5 mg THC microdose formula: Blueberry Mint Acai, Cucumber Mint, and Mango Hibiscus. For those wanting a heavier hitting dose, Cucumber Mint and Mango Hibiscus are available in an extra-strength 10 mg CBD/10 mg THC option that will uplift you in a delicious, refreshing way.

Clean ingredients are essential to encouraging a healthier lifestyle, so ReCreate beverages only contain natural products made from ethically sourced, non-GMO, vegan ingredients. Plus, each can contains only 30 calories.

Maybe you’re looking for a new and refreshing way to get high with friends. Or maybe you’re just sipping solo and want a little extra buzz. Either way,  ReCreate beverages are one of the most advanced highs you can buy. They offer a delicious replacement to alcohol and the associated adverse effects while still having access to the same social experience as popping a few cold ones—without the concern of over-consuming.

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Spectrum King LED Grow Lights: Numbers Matter

As a grower, one of the main points you want to truly understand is that different fixture designs are intended for specific applications.

Sure, everyone and their mother seems to have a linear bar fixture these days, and that’s fine, but if you’ve been growing with a bulb fixture, whether double-ended or single-ended, 600 watts to 1,000 or more watts, then an array (which is what a fixture with many bars is, basically) is not what you’ve been using and not what you are used to.

With that said, if you are not in the mood to completely change your grow style and setup, then you’d want to replace those point source bulb fixtures with a powerful LED point source fixture. Spectrum King LED makes true 1:1 point source replacement fixtures: the SK403 and SK603 .

Courtesy of Spectrum King

If you’re looking to grow quality plants for yourself with a fixture that truly delivers the right photon balance to your plant canopy, look no further than the SK403, which delivers a punch deep into your crops that blows away single-ended bulbs yet uses only 440 watts!

If your growing tree uses double-ended bulb fixtures at 1,000 or more watts, then the SK603 is your go to replacement. It outperforms double-ended bulb fixtures with only 640 watts that you simply must see with your own eyes to believe.

Spectrum King
Courtesy of Spectrum King

Leave the creative storytelling aside, and check out a true bulb killer (or replacement if you prefer) that has real lab data and tons of real users posting on social media and forums about what they’re getting with them.

Spectrum King LED is a company formed by growers, for growers. Spectrum King LED is actually the one that started the full-spectrum movement all of those many years ago and even patented it.

It’s clear that they’ve done plenty of research and development, and all you need to do is see what an SK403 or an SK603 can do for your crops. Truly epic results are yours to be had.

Third party NVLAP accredited laboratories are an essential part of data verification. These labs provide an unbiased evaluation and are calibrated to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). They perform testing of lighting fixtures in accordance with IES LM-79, which specifies how to test and measure LED fixtures. Using these standards lighting and horticulture metrics can be obtained—such as the PPF, PBAR, PPE, etc. A directory of these labs can be found at www-s.nist.gov.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the horticulture lighting industry, with many companies having unverified claims. There are companies posting 3.0+ PPE numbers, which is very high for the current performance of LEDs.

Due to this high performance, immediately, buyers are very interested. When asked for the report or performing a third-party test, the result is a much lower value. Often, they result in the low 2.0-2.2 PPE, which is significantly lower than the current market performance.

Where these high numbers originate from is directly from the bare LED performance without considering efficiency losses due to heat, optics and drivers. Buyers that specify these unverified lights get disappointed with the low PAR readings. This leads to expensive delays.

Often, this type of disappointment is then generalized throughout the LED industry and ultimately hurts companies that have real measurements and real test data. It is critical to cross-reference the specification sheet numbers and the third-party data numbers.

Spectrum King stands by the quality of their product, which includes both performance and mechanical ruggedness. There are no surprises to the test data and our advertised data. The system components of the SK603 and SK403 are tested by third-party labs with NVLAP accreditation.

Spectrum King
Courtesy of Spectrum King

The PBAR efficiency of the SK603 (380-800nm) is 2.6 umol/J. The PBAR output is 1600 umol/s.

Remember all of the numbers and data posted are good indicators if on verified third party lab reports, disregard those who don’t have verified third party lab reports and when you see and hear good things from people you trust then ask to check out their plants as they don’t lie.

Creative storytelling can be entertaining, but when it comes to your hard-earned money, you want results, and either the SK403 or SK603 will get you those results. Battle tested, built to last, with verified performance, as it should be.

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Fohse is Helping NorCal Cannabis Company Create a Brighter Future

One of the many benefits of cannabis legalization is the continued development of cutting-edge technology to maximize crop yield. The people behind Las Vegas-based lighting company Fohse are true innovators in the niche space of commercial cannabis LED grow lights. The company’s flagship model, the A3i, is currently the most powerful and efficient LED grow light on the market, thanks to patented canopy penetration technology.

NorCal co-founder and CEO Jiger Patel is an expert in indoor cannabis cultivation. Here, Patel talks to Cannabis Now about how Fohse’s A3i lights are an integral part of NorCal’s expansion plan.


NorCal’s indoor cultivation and production facilities are designed for precise control of every environmental factor impacting premium indoor-grown cannabis. “With indoor grows, what you’re trying to maintain is consistency and quality,” Patel said. “Having the most efficient setups—wherever you are—is how you win that game.”

The company had been using HPS lamps from multiple vendors since they launched. As Patel puts it, “HPS was always assumed to be the best commercial grow lights out there.”

“HPS lights max out between 900 and 1100 PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density), depending on the density of your light grid. With Fohse lights, depending on the plant and time of that plant’s life cycle, we can comfortably run at 1500 PPFD,” he said.

NorCal’s growth can be attributed to their continual drive for innovation. When the cultivation team began searching for the next progressive step that would allow them to increase yields, they found Fohse.

“People had always looked at indoor LED lights as being the future, but we weren’t seeing a light that could produce as much intensity as we wanted out of LEDs,” Patel said. “But when I first started hearing about these powerful Fohse A3i LED lights, I didn’t believe it until I saw it. Science is science—and it makes sense.”

Growing a Legacy

The Fohse A3i’s swiveling light bars cross-illuminate neighboring grow plots, allowing growers to achieve maximum canopy penetration. For the last year, NorCal has been running 40 of them in a test room to dial in their understanding of LED grow lights and the different inputs that go into growing flower under the A3i. They found that the A3i lights produce 60% more light per BTU than traditional HPS systems.

The reason for this extra layer of research is the company’s planned move into the next level of production—a brand-new facility.

“When we decided to really double down on cultivation, we wanted to build something that wasn’t going to be a dinosaur after the first year,” Patel said. “I believe we can become even more efficient by putting Fohse lights into the entire facility. [They] create a better grow environment by replicating sunlight without giving off as much heat as HPS lights. That initial input of light allows us to then play with everything else to create maximum yield and efficiency of the plants. If you have the right lighting, you can then adjust your watering, nutrients and environment to let the plant thrive.”

Patel says they have pulled “somewhere between six and seven pounds per light” and have seen the same results with multiple cultivars—that’s a 30 to 40% yield increase.

There are also environmental benefits to using Fohse lights. As the A3i produces 60% more light per BTU than an HPS system, it significantly reduces the strain on cooling systems.

“Ai3 lights run less hot, so we’re able to negate the use of air conditioning. This allows us to have a greater impact in different parts of our business, in terms of efficiency and environmentally,” Patel explained. “We’re even thinking about retrofitting one of our entire buildings with Fohse. It’s basically plug-and-play, so they’re an easier light to retrofit than most.”

The Future Looks Bright

Patel believes that because California’s recreational industry is nascent, companies have been able to compete in the market without efficient grow ops.

“While cannabis production has been around for a long time, we’ve never had all the access to the technology and the data that we do now, and that’s what’s driving efficiency on everybody’s end,” Patel said. “It’s an exciting time to be participating in this business because there’s so much innovation.”

As indoor-grown cannabis becomes more of a commodity, pricing will become more competitive, and the difference between efficient growers and those using older technology will start to become clear.

“While we don’t welcome what’s happening in California, we do find ourselves in a position where we’re able to say we’re as efficient as anybody—if not more than anybody—and it really does give us a competitive advantage,” Patel said. “Fohse allows us the ability to become more and more efficient every day. They represent the cutting edge of lighting, and we see them being innovative for years to come.”

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2nd Annual Cannabis Drinks Expo Leverages Beverage Industry

The Cannabis Drinks Expo is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.

For anyone curious about the future direction of the cannabis beverages industry in the United States, the place to be in 2021 will be the second annual Cannabis Drinks Expo hosted by the Beverage Trade Network. This event is taking place November 11, 2021 in San Francisco, and November 15 in Chicago.

This year’s Cannabis Drinks Expo is expected to be the largest global gathering of cannabis drinks professionals ever, bringing together drinks producers, manufacturers, dispensaries, cannabis distributors, brand owners, distilleries and brewers all in one place for a spectacular one-day expo in both San Francisco and Chicago.

The major theme of the Cannabis Drinks Expo will be on growing your business and growing your bottom line. So, if you’re a brand owner, or a distillery or brewery looking for an on-ramp to the very aggressively growing U.S. cannabis industry, this event will provide the perfect platform for growth.

If you are a cannabis distributor or a dispensary, you can expect to discover fast-growing cannabis beverage brands.

Opportunity Is Here. Are You In? 

“From hemp-based sports drinks to cocktails that get you high, science has finally cracked the code to making cannabis beverages that don’t taste awful,” said Jonathan Bloom from NBC Bay Area News.

The first Cannabis Drinks Expo took place July 25, 2019, and was a huge success that gave the worldwide drinks industry — and North America, in particular — the chance to come together and look at ways it can address legalized cannabis. 

Hosted by the Beverage Trade Network, this expo shined a spotlight on the skyrocketing legal cannabis market and provided insight into a future brimming with opportunity. A must-attend event for those curiously eying the future of the burgeoning U.S. cannabis industry, it also covered key issues surrounding the likelihood and timescale for legalization in other countries, as well as the impact of legalized cannabis on the traditional alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks markets. Read on for more info about the 2021 show and how to get your tickets.

When and Where

Visitor registration is now open. Get your passes now and save with early bird tickets before pricing goes up on Sept. 1. Learn all about the cannabis drinks industry and source fast-growing brands. Note that these are trade-only events, meaning cannabis consumption and samples are prohibited. 

San Francisco: November 11, 2021 at the South San Francisco Conference Center. San Francisco tickets available here.

Chicago: November 15, 2021 at the Midwest Conference Centre. Chicago tickets available here.

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CCELL’s New Disposable Vape Pen: Small but Mighty

Meet Listo — the latest and greatest from industry hard hitter, CCELL. Compact, elegant and easy-to-use, the Listo offers everything you could want in a disposable vape pen. With a transparent, 1 ml large tank, the Listo holds a generous amount of oil that you can see. This means you always know how much you have left and can say goodbye to those dreaded times when your pen runs out mid-sesh. 

Complete with CCELL’s iconic ceramic heating elements and top-quality materials, this high-volume disposable with a fun, playful design and is an all-around crowd pleaser. 

Leaders in Vape Technology

A pioneer in the ceramic heating market, CCELL leads the charge when it comes to vape technology. The company sets the bar high. A team of over 260 engineers work to make sure your experience is just right, from start to finish. And the effort isn’t wasted; their tech-forward approach makes for an impressive, no-nonsense device. 

Safety is a priority for vape users. To ease any concerns, CCELL utilizes the highest standard production facilities and sets strict hygiene and safety measures. CCELL is the first certified dust-free facility of its kind.

Accolades aside, we have come to expect the best from CCELL and the Listo is no exception. 

Advanced Heating 

CCELL’s drive to create the best product possible sets them apart from competitors. Labelled as a technology brand that specializes in vape devices, CCELL’s proprietary ceramic heating elements have created some of the most buzzworthy vaporizers on the market.

The Listo’s ceramic heating elements replace outdated wick-based coils and allow for the purest extraction possible. Be prepared for a smooth draw and satisfying result. High temperature sintering creates micro-holes within the ceramic to allow for more efficient and even oil extraction. All this advanced heating tech allows flavor and potency to shine through. 

A Compact, Long-Lasting Vape

One of Listo’s most notable features is its transparent 1 mL tank. Listo’s small size makes its larger tank a pleasant surprise. No more guessing how much is left in your disposable — with a quick glance, you can see exactly how much oil is left. 

Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the size and design of the tank stands out as Listo’s star feature. An average vape pen will hold around 0.3-0.5 mL of oil while Listo holds 1mL — that’s twice as much! Long-lasting and pocketable, the Listo is easy and practical. 

Easy Recharge

Waste not, Listo is rechargeable. The ability to recharge is a major upgrade in disposables and means you won’t ever have to leave oil in an unfinished pod. An indicator LED light informs you when the battery is low and it’s time to find an outlet. With a powerful 350 mAh battery, your device should last days before needing a charge. All it requires is a simple USB charger — a nice surprise when we see so many vaporizers with proprietary charging ports. Listo was made to make the user’s life easier, and practical charging meets that goal. 

A Pop of Color

There’s nothing boring about cannabis use, so why should your device be any different? Listo is brightly colored and fully customizable — the best of both worlds if you ask us. Rather than the traditional metallic exterior, CCELL opted for a more playful design that’ll get you excited to share with friends.   

Listo’s internals feature medical-grade, 316L stainless steel, and food-grade plastic makes up the mouthpiece. The use of stainless steel means the danger of corrosion is reduced and food-grade plastic keeps you safe from toxins.  

The Rundown

As far as disposables go, it’s hard to find anything wrong with the Listo — it’s perfect for customers who want a disposable device that doesn’t skimp on material or design. 

With this latest addition to the CCELL lineup, they’ve filled a void in the vape pen market by designing such a compact pen with a large tank. As far as disposable vape pens go, this one checks a lot of our boxes: portability, design, ease of use, and of course, longevity. 

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