How to Precisely Control Humidity in an Indoor Cannabis Grow

Striking the balance of perfect humidity for cannabis plants has always been a struggle for growers. From a novice’s basement set-up to a pro’s industrial grow room, not having an indoor grow’s humidity dialed in can wreak havoc on your plants. Part of the struggle comes from the fact that the cannabis plant needs varying levels of humidity depending on where it is in the growth stage. If you are planning to grow cannabis, it’s important to invest in a humidifier in order to protect your crop.

There are a handful of different humidifiers out there, but the one most growers turn to is the ultrasonic humidifier. Ultrasonics can produce both warm and cold mists that circulate throughout the room using an internal fan. Though the ultrasonic humidifier is a favorite for growers, one of the big drawbacks is its inability to connect to a water source. This means the user spends a lot of energy keeping track of when it needs refilling.

That’s where Horticat Grow Technologies comes in. Growers can now have the best of all worlds: an ultrasonic humidifier with the ability to connect to a water supply, eliminating the stress of refilling.

By Growers, for Growers

The innovative team at Horticat Grow Technologies recognized this issue and felt the need to develop a solution. As growers themselves, they knew there weren’t many good choices on the market for adding humidity to the grow room.

“Most people used the old, clunky mushroom type of humidifiers that were very messy and didn’t have any controls built in,” said Chad Munson, VP of product development. “After many design changes and trials, we launched the first wall-mount, direct-connect humidifier with built-in controller in 2015”

CEO Robert Johnson has been focused on manufacturing, distributing and innovating products since 1998. In 2014, Munson convinced Johnson to shift gears and enter a new industry – the cannabis industry.

“Now is the time to innovate for a market in its infancy” Munson said.

 The Horticat U80

As mentioned, the Horticat U80 is a humidifier that doesn’t require regular refilling since it can be connected directly to your water supply line. This is a huge time saver, and more time in the grow room can result in more nurtured plants.

The Horticat U80 dispenses clean mist over plants in the grow room and feeds them with humidity by dispersing up to 10 gallons of water a day, without leaving any mess. Install one unit for smaller grows or connect multiple units to evenly distribute humidity in larger rooms.

The unit easily mounts to the wall and stays extremely quiet while operating – you might almost forget that it’s there! But your plants won’t. The humidity of the room will stay set to your specifications without your ever having to worry about filling the humidifier. 

Horticat Grow Technologies

Weighing only 15 pounds, the U80 is extremely easy to maneuver and easy to clean. And for such a high-quality humidifier, the price point of $299 is extremely affordable. Pay a bit more for the U80 Pro model ($399), and you get the ability to digitally control the humidity and have a day-and-night mode setting.

The U80 Pro unit has again reshaped humidity needs. Single units are perfect for the small-scale grower, but large-scale commercial growers are now using the U80 Pro. They can be installed throughout a very large space, then multi-linked together wirelessly where they act in unison, turning on and off as needed to provided even humidity distribution. “The industry is always trying to improve. People in this industry are honestly just recently realizing that humidity control is absolutely key to vegetative, flower and the curing process,” Munson said. “In other words, it’s key for reaching next level quality product.”

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5 Reasons to Learn More About CBN

A wide range of non-intoxicating cannabinoids have burst into popularity over the past few years. Mainstream acceptance of CBD initiated an avalanche of interest in CBG, and now eyes are turning to CBN, one of the most hyped and least understood Cannabis sativa compounds. Join us as we discuss the five most compelling reasons that CBN should be on your radar.

What is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN) is one of the hundreds of naturally occurring cannabinoids that are present in cannabis. This cannabinoid is so new that it should only be sourced from trusted, high quality, hemp suppliers like GVB Biopharma. Efforts are underway to produce CBN-rich forms of hemp, but at present, this cannabinoid is usually converted from THC.

If you take a close look at the word “cannabinol,” you’ll see that it lines up significantly with “delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol,” the full name of THC. Unlike THC, cannabinol isn’t intoxicating, but it is structurally similar to THC, which means that some of the benefits these cannabinoids exert might overlap.

While scientists have known about CBN since the early 1930s, the status of cannabinol research remains lamentably undeveloped. Regardless, we’ve learned a few very interesting facts regarding this cannabinoid that may make CBN just as popular as CBD within a few short years.

1. It’s non-intoxicating like CBD.

The first thing you should know about CBN is that, like CBD, this cannabinoid is non-intoxicating. CBN won’t make you high and this cannabinoid also doesn’t appear to be addictive. Most people who have tried CBN report that this cannabinoid offers relaxing effects similar to those produced by CBD. 

2. It’s being investigated for a variety of potential benefits.

While it’s similar to CBD in many ways, CBN is currently being researched for potential benefits that might firmly set this cannabinoid apart from all other hemp compounds. For instance, research into the sleep-inducing potential of CBN has been widely publicized. Further studies will need to be conducted, however, to determine if CBN is actually capable of helping with insomnia or improving sleep health.

CBN has also been studied for its potential ability to prevent or treat neurodegenerative conditions, and scientists have been keen to get to the bottom of this cannabinoid’s potential antimicrobial properties. All in all, CBN is a prime target of cannabinoid research, and this research appears to describe CBN as a uniquely desirable Cannabis sativa compound.

3. It might mimic some of the benefits of THC.

Emerging out of the black market and into mainstream society with the nation’s first medical marijuana programs in the 1990s, THC is rapidly becoming more and more popular among American adults from all walks of life. While there are many aspects of THC that might be desirable, this cannabinoid isn’t without its share of drawbacks. As a result, cannabis scientists are keen to identify compounds that might provide the same benefits as THC while remaining non-intoxicating and non-addictive.

Due to its close chemical resemblance to THC, CBN is a prime target of these efforts. For instance, CBN has been researched for its potential appetite-inducing and nausea-reducing effects. Since reducing nausea and increasing appetite are the main reasons that medical marijuana was originally prescribed to cancer patients enduring chemotherapy, cannabis scientists are intent on learning whether CBN might be able to provide the same effects without getting you high.

4. It’s available in isolate form.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in offering CBN to their customers, it’s a relief to hear that CBN is available in isolate form. Isolated cannabinoid extracts have a variety of unique benefits, and premier cannabinoid suppliers like GVB Biopharma have started making high-quality CBN isolate available to aspiring cannabinol brands.

One of the primary advantages of CBN isolate is that it does not contain detectable concentrations of THC. While THC may be beneficial in certain contexts, many hemp producers want to remove this cannabinoid as thoroughly as possible from their end products, and CBN isolate makes this goal a reality while still delivering the unique benefits of cannabinol.

Cannabinoid isolates are also remarkably easy to work with, and they work well together. For instance, it’s relatively simple and inexpensive to combine isolated forms of CBN, CBG, CBD, or other cannabinoids to provide the potential benefits of the entourage effect without involving THC.

5. It might contribute to the entourage effect.

According to the latest research, individual cannabinoids may exert more powerful effects when they are used together. This theorized cannabinoid synergy is called the entourage effect, and including CBN in products that also contain other cannabinoids may activate the entourage effect in new and unique ways.

First discovered due to a drop-off in the effectiveness of isolated cannabinoids administered in high doses, the entourage effect may make products that are high in CBN more effective when other cannabinoids are included in the mix as well. Perhaps even more impressively, just a small amount of CBN isolate added to hemp extract that’s high in other cannabinoids may improve the effects of these main cannabinoids. Every strain of Cannabis sativa includes at least a tiny amount of CBN, and reintroducing this substance into cannabinoid isolates or other forms of hemp extract may revitalize their natural effectiveness.

Experience the Power of CBN Today

Now that you have an idea of the reasons you should keep an eye out for the latest CBN research and news, it’s time to experience this cannabinoid for yourself and share it with others. While CBN remains relatively rare within the hemp market, certain intrepid cannabinoid producers, such as GVB Biopharma, now offer high-quality CBN extracts and white label CBN products.

It’s the perfect time to explore everything that CBN has to offer and start sharing this cannabinoid with the world. Within a few years, CBN will have attained a practically unimaginable level of popularity, but right now, demand for this cannabinoid exceeds the rate that dependable CBN products are entering the market. Next-generation cannabinoid white labelers like GVB Biopharma can help you position yourself on the ground floor of this rapidly growing hemp submarket.

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Why New Cannabis Vapers Love the G Pen Dash

While 2020 has presented numerous challenges for companies across the globe, the year has been one of innovation and production for Grenco Science. Heralded throughout the cannabis industry for their cutting-edge vape technology in their G Pen iterations, the company has impressed again with their latest offering: The G Pen Dash.

Hot off the heels of the G Pen Roam, Grenco’s latest portable concentrate vape released earlier this year, the G Pen Dash is a return to classic, dry herb vaporizing but with cutting edge technology. 

A Small But Mighty Vaporizer

The Dash is aptly named, as it’s the perfect size for on-the-go vaporizing. Quite small compared to other herb vaporizers on the market, it stands at approximately 3.5 inches high and can rest comfortably in the palm of one’s hand – perfect for taking a discreet puff.

Unlike the smell of burned cannabis, the scent of vaporized herb only lingers for a few seconds and doesn’t permeate fabric, which is why many people have turned to vaporizers for their dry herb. If you’re new to the cannabis vape scene, the Dash is a great entry point.

Quality Features for an Entry-Level Price

Like most of the G Pen vapes, the exterior of the Dash consists of a light, yet durable classic-black aluminum alloy shell. This encloses a glass glazed stainless steel heating chamber that features three different temperature settings. To make things easy, there are three corresponding LED lights with different colors for each setting.

Air intake holes are located on the front and back of the vape, and a micro-USB port is found at the bottom to support pass-through charging.

A complaint that many enthusiasts have about flower vapes is that the vaporizer usually heats up so much that it can burn their fingers or lips if used for too long. The Dash has a special insert called a Helix that is engineered to cool down the vapor and prevent the vape from overheating.

Many flower vaporizers with these features can run upwards of a few hundred dollars, but the Dash comes in at $69.95, making it perfect for the first-time user who has been hesitant to take the plunge into vaping cannabis due to the hefty price tag.     

How to Use the Dash

Another reason the Dash is great for newbies is that it’s extremely intuitive and easy to use.

1. Pack 

Its magnetically attached mouthpiece pops off, revealing the chamber, which can hold a little less than a quarter of a gram and shouldn’t be packed too tightly.

2. Heat

Attach the mouthpiece back to the device and press the power button five times (as is common with vapes), and the heating process will begin. To select your ideal temperature, hit the button three times, and once that temperature is reached, the Dash will vibrate to let you know.

3. Enjoy

Pull slowly and inhale deeply for a smooth vape experience.

Bonus Features at a Bonus Price:

In order to maximize the battery life, the Dash automatically turns off if left idle. Grenco incorporated this innovative auto shut-off technology combined with the haptic feedback, or vibration feature, to make vaping easy for beginners. And with the affordable price point, the Dash is hard to beat when comparing it to other flower vaporizers on the market.

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The Future of Skincare: Get Glowing with QULCBD

QULCBD represents the next generation of skincare, beauty and wellness. Combining the highest quality ingredients with the most advanced technology, QULCBD’s formulators came up with a new, luxury CBD skincare line that launched in California last year.  

Unlike most other U.S.-based CBD skincare lines on the market that utilize CBD isolate and basic ingredients like coconut oil, QULCBD was created with the intent to be competitive with top European skincare brands like La Mer, Natura Bisse, La Prairie and Chantecaille. On their search for the perfect formulation, QULCBD founders attended a Parisian skincare show where they discovered just how effective probiotics and microalgae are when paired together. Probiotics help maintain a healthy balace of bacteria that results in younger, healthier and more radiant skin that is more resilient against aging, pollution and the sun.

So the founders decided to pair these ingredients with pure, small-batch, full-spectrum CBD and a myriad of other pure, power-packed ingredients including Rubescens Scenedesmus, Retinol, Marshmallow Root, Milk Thistle, Rose Hip Oil, Trehalose and Galactoarabinan. Now a patent-pended formula, no other company can legally combine these ingredients in their skincare products.

Adding high-quality, USA-farmed, full-spectrum CBD to the already effective ingredients featured in QULCBD products gives users all the increased benefits of this power-packed plant, which is known for its soothing properties and assists in maintaining healthy, youthful and glowing skin. The full-spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC and includes pure fatty acids found in hemp, important cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and CBC, along with a natural combination of terpenes sourced from Hemp extract that contains as many as 110 different minor cannabinoids.

QULCBD’s popular Glow Kit includes four signature products from their scientifically formulated beauty line that synergistically work together to keep you glowing all day and night. The kit gives consumers a way to try out a whole new skincare routine and product line at a more accessible price point.

“We want our amazing products to be affordable for anyone to use, but still high end,” said Shaya Mulcahy, QULCBD’s Skincare Specialist. She added that the entire price of the Glow Kit at $399 is what one might pay for just a single moisturizer from one of the aforementioned luxury European skincare brands, which do not include any superior ingredients over what QULCBD offers.

Knowledge is power and knowing how your skin reacts to the ingredients in products is critical to finding the best product for your body and skincare goals, and the QULCBD beauty line, in my experience, has worked for all skin types,” said Morgan Kelly, QULCBD’s Senior Skincare Expert.

Karol M., identified as a “Next Generation of Skincare” user says, “for being a mom and being tired, these products combined have made my skin come back to life. QUL is more than cool.”

Below, we break down how each product in this four-step skincare system works, and the amazing ingredients that make them up. 

The QULCBD Glow Kit

QULCBD’s Glow Kit features signature products scientifically formulated for their 4-step skincare system: Exfoliating Cleanser, Anti-Aging Moisturizer, Glö Serum, and Night Repair Moisturizer.

QULCBD wants to make your skincare regime effortless and enjoyable. The company believes in full transparency, and their formulas are very straight forward and efficacious, while the system is easy and quick. The products are effective across various skin types. This allows one to see results and stay committed to a daily routine.


STEP 1: Exfoliate with QULCBD’s Exfoliating Cleanser

See effective results immediately with QULCBD’s sulfate-free Exfoliating Cleanser, as it travels deep into pores to remove the impurities and helps condition the skin.

The gel-based cleanser offers exfoliation two ways – physically and chemically. Both are essential in the removal of dead skin and sebum build-up, which causes breakouts. When both methods are used in a routine, the skin will appear brighter and clearer.

Since the exfoliator uses apricot powder instead of grains, it is extremely fine. This means it safely opens pores without causing any microtears in the skin.

“It’s a gentle cleanser that can be used daily, even on sensitive skin,” Mulcahy explained. “And with CBD in the product, it keeps your skin hydrated as you cleanse.”

Key Ingredients:

  • Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract: Natural moisturizing saccharide complex derived from apples provides instant moisturization to the skin. Clinical studies show increased skin hydration by 88%. This helps lessen the “stripping” effects that can be caused by surfactants. High in antioxidants, this key ingredient works to combat life’s stresses, maintaining your skin’s youthful appearance and healthy glow.
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (Green Tea): Naturally rich in antioxidants, B Vitamins, Folate, Manganese, Potassium and Caffeine. It also contains amino acids, enzymes and photo-chemicals like polyphenols to further improve the appearance of brighter looking skin.

STEP 2: Hydrate with QULCBD’s Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Rich in antioxidants, QULCBD’s lightweight Anti-Aging Moisturizer combines full-spectrum CBD with a power-blend of micro-algae and probiotics to provide hydration and anti-aging benefits.

Unlike the majority of skincare routines, QULCBD’s moisturizer is intended to be applied before the Glo Serum. This is because the serum is an oil made with more than 15 different oil botanicals. If you were to apply the serum first, then the moisturizer would not be able to penetrate through the serum.

Key Ingredients:

  • Silybum Marianum (Milk Thistle) Ethyl Ester: Application reinforces the skin’s resistance by protecting against mechanical & chemical stressors, dry skin & loss of water.
  • Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil: Rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which form a protective seal over the surface of the skin to help with hydration.

STEP 3: Nourish with QULCBD’s Glo Serum

The QULCBD Glö Serum is designed as a beautiful daytime finishing oil for all skin types. It can be applied based on the preference of the user and does not feel heavy or greasy.

Smoothing, firming and calming ingredients in the Glo Serum fortify and strengthen the natural skin barrier while adding extra nourishment that provides immediate smoothness. This leaves your skin dewy, firm and glowing. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Rosa Damascena (Rose) Extract: Excellent properties for moisturizing the skin. It also offers antiseptic and astringent properties to reduce the appearance of blemishes and irritation.
  • Calophyllum Inophyllum (Tamanu) Oil: Leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer. It soothes, repairs and diminishes the appearance of redness, scars, stretch marks, irritation, itchiness, dryness and peeling.

STEP 4: Repair & Rejuvenate with QULCBD’s Night Repair Moisturizer

QULCBD’s rejuvenating Night Repair Moisturizer contains high levels of quality ingredients, including full-spectrum CBD (hemp extract), retinol, and double the probiotics and micro-algae. Encouraging cell turnover on a deeper level, this nighttime moisturizer is specifically intended to provide immediate and ongoing beautiful, youthful skin. 

“It combines proven active and natural ingredients to give you the best results possible,” Mulcahy said.

Key Ingredients:

  • Retinol: Clinically proven to help improve the appearance of aging skin, Retinol aids in evening skin tone and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Scenedesmys Rubescens Extract: This micro-algae extract combats the effects of the environment, digital devices, and reduces the appearance of aging and skin damage.

BONUS: Wind Down with the Vegan Vanilla CBD Tincture

Take your beauty and self-care routine to the next level by adding one of QULCBD’s tinctures to your wellness regime. With 800mg of full-spectrum CBD, the Vanilla CBD tincture is enhanced with natural vanilla flavor while maintaining terpenes and minor cannabinoids. This allows for the entourage effect to take place, giving you all the beneficial aspects of CBD.  Add to your herbal tea, and wind down at the end of the day for a restful night’s sleep.

How to use QUL Tinctures: Shake well before using. Using provided dropper, take desired amount daily. Repeat as needed at home or on the run as a powerful hemp extract facial oil.

For a limited time, a free vegan, Vanilla CBD Tincture is included in the QULCBD Glow Kit. 

Created by Nature, Harvested by Hand, and Extracted with Care

After a long journey searching to find the perfect curation of ingredients, QULCBD is proud to offer a simple and effective, but luxurious skincare line for dewy, healthy skin all day and night. Handcrafted and extensively tested, QULCBD products incorporate only the best ingredients.

All products contain the highest quality USA-farmed, full-spectrum CBD, which is extracted by hand and harvested with care. The Esthetician-approved line is cruelty-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and Vegan friendly (all tinctures are Vegan).

The Glow Skin Care Kit specifically gives people interested in focusing more on their skincare a great way to see how important and effective all steps in a routine are. Each product and step in the process supports each other to give you the most radiant skin possible.

Visit and get glowing today! Use promo code QUL30CBD for 30% off your entire order.

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Farmhouse Hemp Uses Solventless Extraction for Healthy & Effective CBD

Bigger isn’t always better, and Farmhouse Hemp is making that clear with their premium line of solventless, small-batch CBD products.

The vertically integrated company out of Fort Collins, Colorado oversees all aspects of the operation, ensuring the highest quality standards are implemented, even before the seed hits the soil.

“I wanted to create a company that was 100% natural from start to finish,” said Crosby Moresco, who co-founded the company in 2016 out of a desire to create the healthiest CBD products on the market and close the transparency gap he was witnessing in the industry. Having been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis, a chronic respiratory disease, Moresco was personally invested in finding healthy, homegrown products. 

Moresco says they have intentionally kept the operation small to maintain a high-quality product while ensuring full transparency. Creating CBD oil in small batches at their licensed certified Fort Collins headquarters allows for full traceability and a complete understanding of the genetics. 

“One of the reasons we extract and formulate in small batches is for quality control,” Moresco explained. “We can dial in every variable and factor, from our strains and terpene profiles, to our rosin and end products. This creates an extract that has the most efficacy.”

What also sets Farmhouse Hemp apart is their all-natural extraction method, which utilizes low heat and pressure, as opposed to the industry standard of ethanol and CO2.

Choosing the Rosin Route

Prior to starting Farmhouse Hemp, Moresco had spent years extracting THC from cannabis in Colorado. He witnessed first-hand the dirty side of solvent-based extraction and the harmful chemicals that can go into it.

The rosin tech extraction method, on the other hand, is completely solventless, and as Moresco says, is “hands-down one of the safest extraction methods.” By keeping chemicals out, rosin tech makes for a cleaner, healthier product that Farmhouse believes is more effective.

“With rosin, we can retain everything,” Moresco said, adding that at Farmhouse Hemp, they are firm believers in the entourage effect – a synergistic effect in which the many components that make up the plant produce a stronger effect on the body combined than alone. 

“We want to keep this the way Mother Nature intended it to be. If we are going to be this vertically integrated company, we need to make sure it’s as close to the whole plant as we can get,” said Farmhouse’s Marketing Director, Jake George.

CO2 and ethanol used in other extraction methods can degrade the oil in terpene and cannabinoid retention. With CO2, extracts can contain levels of carbonic acid which can alter the flavor, making it more bitter. George also touches on the sustainability factor of rosin, commenting that it is one of the most sustainable extraction methods on the market.

“We don’t have hazardous waste afterward,” he said. “And the waste we do have can then be 100 percent composted.”

The compostable waste George refers to is also known as the rosin chip – what’s left over after squishing 60 grams of hemp under a rosin press. Any remaining CBD left in the rosin chip is steam distilled and used to formulate their pet drops. Farmhouse Hemp then takes the rosin chip and explores whether it can still be useful for things like feeding goats and chickens before composting it.

With all the benefits of using the rosin extraction method, one might wonder why more companies aren’t doing it.

But Moresco explains that it’s labor-intensive, and not as economical. He estimates that less than one percent of the industry is implementing rosin extraction.

“Companies looking to make a quick buck will never do rosin because it takes time and money,” he said.

“Because we are vertically integrated and doing everything ourselves, we can cut a tremendous amount of costs by cutting out the middleman,” Moresco said, giving another reason he chooses to keep the operation small. “We can provide a really high-quality CBD product at a competitive price.”

Closing the Transparency Gap

Farmhouse Hemp’s dedication to maintaining control over all factors of production is driven by their underlying goal to close the transparency gap in the cannabis industry. They are able to use everything they grow – no outsourcing is needed. 

“We wanted every batch to have full transparency and full traceability,” Moresco said. Before starting Farmhouse Hemp, Moresco says finding testing information for CBD products was extremely difficult, and companies weren’t talking about where their products were grown or what practices they were using.

“Since hemp picks up everything in the soil, knowing that your hemp is grown on organic soil in a safe place becomes important information,” he said. 

With a firm belief in the power of transparency, Farmhouse Hemp implements rigorous testing at every single step of the process and will gladly tell consumers about everything in their products. 

In fact, it’s what they strive for. 

“It’s a difficult industry for consumers to navigate, so for us, it’s about education,” George said. “We can’t overstate how that is seldom seen in the industry. The onus is on the consumer, so you really have to operate with corporate responsibility.”

View the company’s full line of CBD products at First-time customers can enter the discount code hemp20 at checkout for 20% off.

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How to Tell if a THC Detox Kit is Fake

The most common reason people want to detox from THC is because of their job. Despite full legalization in 11 states and Washington D.C., many companies still require their employees to pass a urine test. In fact, most places will not even hire an individual who has traces of THC in their pee. As you may know, it’s not uncommon for traces of THC to stay in urine for up to 10 weeks, and if you are one of the 10% of the population who lost their job due to COVID-19, passing a drug test might be something you need to consider. It’s a situation that has forced people to look for help passing these employment-based drug tests without much notice, thus entering the tricky world of finding the best way to detox from THC.

The only way to be positive you will pass a drug test is to refrain from consuming THC for 2-3 months, but this is not a feasible timeline for those who recently lost their job and need to get back on the job market within a short period of time. For this reason, many turn to detox kits. By promising clean urine in a week or less, THC detox kits can help individuals get back to work sooner.

Detox kits usually come in the form of pills or liquids. Like anything else, you should be hyper-aware of what you’re putting into your body. So, before starting that pill regimen or downing a bottle of detox formula, here are some important things to know:

Look Out for “Milk Thistle”

Many detox products claim that their herbal blend contains ingredients that boost liver function, with milk thistle being the most prominent ingredient. According to a recent study conducted among alcoholics, marijuana users, and even hepatitis B and C patients, there is weak evidence for milk thistle’s effectiveness as a detox agent. In fact, there is evidence that shows the opposite – that milk thistle can actually be harmful to your detox and prolong it.

Milk Thistle is from a subset of compounds known as “2C9 inhibitors.” Chemicals from this class shut down the liver enzyme system of the same name. This causes a clear problem for people trying to detox THC, given these enzymes play a key role in the conversion of THC to THC-COOH, adding the carboxylic acid moiety. Without this step, the undigested THC continues to circulate in the system, getting stuck in fat and other tissues and can’t become water soluble and disposed of through urine.

Don’t Try a High-Oxalate Diet

You may have a positive association with oxalates since they are chemical compounds found in healthy vegetables such as spinach and beets. Some detox kits are banking on this association and pump their detox product full of this naturally occurring substance. But consuming large quantities of oxalate can be harmful. According to the University of Michigan, oxalates exit the body through urine, and too much oxalate can result in kidney stones. Be cautious with your oxalates!

Laxatives Are Not the Answer

Many detox kits feel like they’re working because you’re running to the bathroom frequently. Unfortunately, this suggests the presence of laxatives, which don’t aid in detoxing your system of THC. Watch out for products containing magnesium hydroxide, cascara, senna and rhubarb – any of these additions to detox blends can cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance instead of helping. The dehydration contributed by these laxatives is also harmful in the testing process. Dehydration naturally concentrates the urine sample you will provide, increasing your odds of failure.

What is helpful, on the other hand, is fiber supplementation as it helps bind metabolites in the gut and prevents reabsorption. 

If the detox blend doesn’t use ingredients that actually break down the cannabinoids so that they can pass through the nephron barrier, it doesn’t matter how much you pee – you aren’t flushing anything out.

This brings us to the ingredients that will. Our friends at Green Gone Detox, the only known THC detox company developed by pharmacists, helped us curate this list of five natural ingredients that will help you detox from THC. Green Gone’s detox formula blends all of these herbs together to create an efficient way to remove THC from the body.

1. Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.)

The horsetail plant is an herbal remedy that dates back to ancient Roman and Greek times. Horsetail has traditionally been used as a diuretic (helps rid the body of excess fluid by increasing urine output). People who took horsetail experienced an increase in diuresis (urine output), which is exactly what is desired in a detox product. The horsetail is able to safely flush the body of THC, preventing it from getting reabsorbed. To get the full health benefits of horsetail, it is best combined with other medicinal plants like nettle, dandelion, white willow or psyllium husk.


2. White Willow (Salix alba)

Willow bark is the bark from several varieties of the willow tree and contains a chemical called salicin that is similar to aspirin. In terms of THC detox, Green Gone tells us: “We use 15% white willow extract in our kits to break down the binding between albumin [a protein made by the liver] and THC.” THC needs to be broken down in order to pass through the urine and the properties that make white willow an effective aspirin-like aid in this process. It also has very minimal side effects – something Green Gone considered when deciding to use it in their product.


3. Psyllium Husk

One of the most notable benefits of psyllium husk is that it’s a great source of fiber. Increasing your fiber intake gives the THC in your liver and digestive tract something to bind to. As the psyllium husk exits your body, so does the THC. Working in tandem with the other herbs, like horsetail, psyllium husk is especially great for detoxing marijuana edibles.


4. Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)

While you probably have some in your kitchen right now, you may not have known that sodium bicarbonate can help boost your body’s natural THC elimination process. It is also used in many health and wellness products – not just for baking or freshening up your refrigerator. The high pH of sodium bicarbonate makes it an excellent antacid. It also works to raise the pH of your blood, encouraging the acidic THC to make its way to your bloodstream and get flushed out of your system.

5. St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

While St. John’s Wart is commonly known as a natural treatment for depression; a great potential for wound care; and a promoter for the production of liver enzymes, the herb is still under scrutiny in the medical community due to the lack of verified research.

Through the lens of detoxing, the herb is used to induce an optimal liver enzyme balance to boost your body’s own natural processes. Make sure you look into the side effects before using any products that contain St. John’s Wort.

These are just a few ingredients to look out for when trying to find a THC detox product that works. And they can all be found in Green Gone Detox’s all-natural, pharmacist developed detox products.

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Peace of Mind with Canndeux’s THC-Free CBD

By now you’ve likely heard about CBD, and perhaps even researched about it on your own. Its natural benefits like anxiety, pain relief, anti-inflammation and so many other health-improving properties are widely publicized.

But when you take a deeper dive into the world of CBD, you start to learn that not all CBD products are created equal. When it comes to ingredients and the manufacturing process, quality matters – especially when you’re looking for 100% broad-spectrum CBD.

If 100% broad-spectrum CBD is important to you, then consider Canndeux. Made from Non-GMO organically farmed hemp, and grown in the fields of Colorado, Canndeux is an all-natural, pure and potent line of CBD products.

Enjoy CBD in its Purest Form

Put simply, broad-spectrum CBD is full-spectrum CBD, with 100% THC removed. So, it contains all the health benefits of CBD, minus all the THC. It begins as a full-spectrum extract with all of hemp’s terpenes and cannabinoids intact before it is sent through a refinement process to remove the THC compound. 

“Whether [consumers] don’t want the high from THC, or are concerned with passing drug tests because of it, we wanted to create a product line featuring all the health benefits of CBD with 0% THC – which is why it’s called broad-spectrum CBD,” said Andrew Revell, Canndeux’s Founder and CEO. “That’s an important distinction, and it’s why we created Canndeux.” 

The industry and legal standard for any pure CBD product is one that contains less than 0.3% THC, which is why many CBD products still contain THC. Aside from concerns of the “high” that comes with THC, did you know that some products can sometimes result in a failed drug test? Mandatory drug tests check for THC, the federally illegal molecule that occurs naturally alongside non-intoxicating cannabidiol (CBD), which is why some are hesitant over trying CBD products.

If you’re looking to enjoy CBD in its purest form, without concern over THC, it’s important to be sure of the process and certifications behind the brand.

Complete Transparency 

Canndeux believes you should never have to worry about what you’re putting in your body for better health. With this belief in mind, the company removes all THC risk in the creation of their high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products. They are certified as 100% broad-spectrum CBD and 0% THC for your peace of mind. This is confirmed through independent third-party labs and labeled on all products. 

These tests verify all Canndeux CBD products throughout harvest, extraction and creation. These certificates of analysis and potency reports on all products are readily available, thanks to Canndeux’s commitment to transparency. 

Additionally, Canndeux goes even further and uses the Supercritical Extraction method so that no harmful solvents are used in processing. This means that the final hemp extract used in all Canndeux CBD products is completely solvent-free.

The result? A high-end line of CBD products that you can trust are certified THC-free, with all the CBD benefits. Canndeux is available in gel capsules, mint serum, and their brand-new CBD Body Lotion, for a wellness routine you can rest easy with.

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5 Moments of Cannabis Indulgence That You Need Right Now

Whether it’s the bustle of juggling remote work and school, family stress or a never-ending to-do list, you deserve to take time for a mini break. Regardless of what’s going on in the world, there’s still a bubble bath, a walk in the park, or a Zen cleaning experience waiting for you. 

Unwind by pairing these rituals with the calming nature of the herb for some “me time.” With the exquisite look and feel of both the Session Bong and Session Pipe, your smoking rituals are about to get even better. 

1. Have a Bubble Bath Bong Break

It’s been said that happiness is a long, hot bubble bath, and we completely agree. But we insist on adding some tokes of cannabis. Right after the tub is filled and that sound of rushing water is replaced with the sweet sizzling of shiny bubbles, make sure a bong and lighter are within reach before getting in. Practically an art piece, the Session Bong, with its tapered glass form and angled mouthpiece is the perfect pairing – just grab it from its place on the corner of the tub, where it sits sturdily on its silicone base, and bring it up your lips. Close your eyes, take a hit and exhale as all the tension in your body simply melts away.  

Session Goods

2. Go for a Post-Workday Stroll  

As many of us have been cooped up inside more than usual, going for a walk after a long day can be very therapeutic. Nothing is more centering than taking a puff of cannabis and getting away from all screens for at least 30 minutes.

As the sun makes its way to the west, slip an already packed Session Pipe onto your belt loop (it will stay intact within the attractive silicone casing), grab your essentials, and head out the door. The Session Pipe is very sleek and quite discreet within its casing, so you don’t have to worry about neighbors giving you weird looks along the way. As the sunlight filters through your neighborhood, find a decent spot to stop for a nice hit. Let the cannabis take you into your body and allow yourself to fully feel all the wonderful effects of taking a stroll. 

3. Invite Friends for a Socially Distanced Smoke 

Passing a pipe around a smoke circle of friends is one of the most classic smoking rituals. In the time of COVID-19, this cherished tradition has fallen by the wayside. As the months roll by, and we are still sheltering in place, that connection of the smoke circle has dwindled for many reasons. But there are ways to indulge in this timeless ritual safely.

Being outside is a must. Assuming your group is into the functionality and beauty of the Session Pipe, everyone can attach their pipe to their keyring, belt loop or backpack and head to a park, or one of your friend’s houses with a large backyard. It’s important to take part in something relaxing during these tough times, and being around people you care about is essential.

Replicating that ritual of friends gathering in a circle to enjoy cannabis is still possible! If you or a loved one has been feeling down, suggest a socially distanced smoke. 

4. Get Colorful With It

It’s no secret that some of the most influential artists and brightest thinkers of our time have cited cannabis as a major creative influence. Perhaps you’re one of these artists who enjoy elevating your mood and creativity by picking up a bong before you pick up your sketchbook. 

If you already have a Session Bong, grab some of their smoking accessories for an aesthetically good time. Session Goods provides interchangeable silicone bases, grommets and the tab that acts as the holder of the downstem in a variety of colors to add more fun to your smoke sesh – and perhaps even boost your creative output.

Once you take a hit from the bong with its celery colored silicone base, there are many reasons for green to be on the brain. As all the self-consciousness washes away, you grab an emerald green colored pencil and drag it up and down the page before you. You’re just goofing around, there’s no pressure to create – only to have fun. Next thing you know, there’s a detailed still life of the cactuses sitting in your window sill stretching up towards the sun sun. 

5. Get in the Clean Zone

The stoned person who gets really into cleaning is basically a trope at this point, which can be seen as a win for cannabis normalization since it directly opposes the lazy, messy stoner stereotype. It is 2020 after all – away with stereotypes, cannabis is for everyone!

For those who do love to get their clean on after partaking in some herb, what could be more therapeutic than cleaning the vessel that you cherish smoking from? If it’s one of Session Goods’ glass offerings, you will want to keep them shining, as they are likely to hold a prominent place in your home. You can take care of a gunk-filled bong with just a couple ingredients and some elbow grease. You’ll just need some salt, rubbing alcohol and a few minutes to shake your bong up like a maraca.

With Session’s silicone cleaning caps, the experience is even more satisfying. First, take your bong apart, pour out the dirty water and rinse thoroughly with fresh, warm water. Next, add a handful of salt to the empty bong, pour in some alcohol, plug the mouth opening with Session’s water-tight cleaning caps and proceed to shake, shake, shake until your bong looks brand new. After the bong dries, return it to its place on your coffee table or on the cabinet near your record player. Stack the caps (they nest neatly within one another) and put them away until the next time you need to indulge yourself in the act of cleaning.  

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Fall Asleep Faster with Cannabidiol Life’s New CBN Oil

Between 50 and 70 million Americans report having difficulty falling asleep at night on a regular basis. Sleep treatments vary, from CPAP machines to sleeping pills and even surgery. But often, the best cure comes with a change in lifestyle and wellness routine. 

Cannabidiol Life, a wellness and education company dedicated to providing consumers with CBD education alongside high-quality cannabinoid products, recently released a CBN Oil, created with the intention of helping people fall asleep faster. 

CBN is short for Cannabinol and is one of 100+ known cannabinoids naturally found within cannabis and hemp plants. Recent CBN studies have indicated that it may be beneficial for sleep, thanks to its sedative side effects. 

Cannabidiol Life’s CBN Oil is the company’s first dedicated sleep product. While the research surrounding CBN is limited, Cannabidiol Life’s CEO Chris Visser explains the difference between CBN and CBD on a basic level. 

“Think of it as a side effect type deal,” Visser said. “CBD’s side effects are that it’s anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. CBN is sleep enhancing, and it enhances the side effects of any other cannabinoids that are present, like THC.”

According to Visser, studies performed on CBN show that it’s the most potent sedative of all the cannabinoids they’ve tested so far. CBD can help you stay asleep and get that important deep sleep needed in order to feel rested, but it doesn’t actually help you fall asleep any faster.

While one of CBN’s side effects is sleep-inducing, this doesn’t mean users can expect to drink a cup of coffee, take some CBN, and have no problem falling asleep. 

“It’s imperative for people to know that for any sleep product to work, you have to stop drinking caffeine 5-6 hours before you go to bed,” Visser said, adding that incorporating healthy habits is an important part of setting yourself up for a good night’s rest. 

CBN Night-Night Boosters

Cannabidiol Life’s new CBN Oil for sleep is quite possibly one of the strongest CBN oils for sale online, with 1,000 MG of total hemp extract (800MG of CBN and 200MG of CBD). As mentioned above, having a high CBN content enhances other cannabinoids, and this includes terpenes. 

Taking this into account, Cannabidiol Life collaborated with an herbalist to create the ambition-specific formula for their CBN Oil.  The new formula is made with a proprietary blend of all-natural, organic ingredients, including sedative herb extracts. Visser says they call this combination of ingredients “Nature’s Night-Night Boosters.”

The CBN Oil has a gorgeous golden hue and is made from a full-spectrum CBN distillate. It’s also homogenized perfectly with organic MCT oil, and the following hemp and herb extracts:

  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracted CBN Distillate
  • Full Spectrum Cherry Wine CBD-Rich Hemp Extract
  • Sedative Terpene Blend
  • Proprietary Blend of several sleep-promoting organic herb extract

Cannabidiol Life’s sleepy time formula is another example of how the company is always working to take their products a step further and uphold their mission of helping as many people as possible.  

“If you think about our mission, it’s people first – we’re trying to solve problems and issues through our all-natural product line,” Visser said.  “This CBN Oil holds true to our values and mission because we are trying to create the best product out there for anything someone could be dealing with.” 

While research is still limited around CBN, Cannabidiol Life is excited to enter this new frontier and be a part of the solution in helping people from all around the world fall asleep at night.  

“People who once hated cannabinoids and the plant are now coming around with the mindset that this could be good for me,” Visser said. “Just thinking about the possibility that we can help 50 million Americans is awesome to think about – with just one of our products.”

TELL US, how do you incorporate Hemp and THC into your bedtime routine?

A great natural way to get some extra sleep, Cannabidiol Life’s CBN Oil is packaged in 30mL bottles, perfect for at-home or on-the-go. Get yours today.  

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Learning All Things Cannabis With Weedmaps

In our first installment of the Weedmaps content series, we gave readers a general overview of the cannabis economy’s leading technology provider and explained why consumers should choose Weedmaps as their source for buying cannabis. Now, we take a look at the WM Learn platform.

As the largest technology company in the cannabis industry, Weedmaps has a critical role to play in expanding legalization and breaking down the stigma against cannabis. For Weedmaps, this starts with education.

“Education plays a significant role in building a transparent and inclusive global cannabis economy,” said Lesley Nickus, Senior Content Manager at Weedmaps. “It is of prime importance to us at Weedmaps to educate consumers and legislative decision-makers about both the plant and the industry.”

Weedmaps aims to take the guessing game out of purchasing with their informational efforts, geared to educate consumers with varying levels of cannabis experience. With so many new products on the market, even the most experienced cannabis user can benefit from reading about what options exist and gain valuable information about product ingredients, allowing them to know exactly what they’re putting in their bodies. 

“With so much misinformation going around about cannabis, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction, marketing jargon, and everything in between,” Nickus said. “For the consumer new to cannabis, Weedmaps provides a foundation of understanding that helps them make better decisions for themselves.”

WM Learn: An Accurate, Peer-Reviewed Source for Cannabis 

The WM Learn platform launched in 2018 and was designed to make it easy for people across experience levels to find the information they need to make informed decisions about cannabis. 

The content featured on WM Learn is broad enough that both novice and connoisseur cannabis consumers can take their cannabis knowledge further. 

For those who are new to cannabis, a good place to start is the WM Learn homepage. From there, consumers can investigate using the search tool, or browse by topic. Whether they are interested in learning more about CBD, the cannabis plant itself or products and how to consume them, Weedmaps provides information that is accurate, up-to-date and reviewed by subject matter experts and editors. 

Here are some good articles new cannabis users can start with:

“The content on Learn is created in collaboration with doctors, researchers, and other industry specialists. It is one of the most comprehensive and accurate online destinations for learning about all aspects of cannabis,” Nickus said. 

Making the information featured on WM Learn digestible is of utmost importance. Rather than re-sharing scientific data that can be difficult to understand, Weedmaps’ team of writers contextualizes research to ensure the content is genuinely helpful to the consumer. 

“Consumers can also research what strain might work best for them through WM Strains on Weedmaps, which shares information on the top reported effects, flavors and products associated with a particular cultivar, or strain.”

Education: A Core Company Belief

In 2008, Weedmaps was founded with a strong belief in the power of cannabis and the importance of enabling safe, legal access to consumers worldwide. 

Since then, Weedmaps has worked tirelessly, not only to be the most comprehensive platform for consumers, but also to:

  • build the software solutions that power businesses compliantly in the space
  • advocate for legalization, social equity, and licensing in many jurisdictions
  • facilitate further learning through partnering with dozens of subject matter experts on providing detailed, accurate information about the plant and the industry. 

Knowledge is power, and Weedmaps aims to continue to share cannabis information in order to empower individuals. 

“From these resources, consumers can explore listings and product menus on Weedmaps and apply their new education to their next purchase,” Nickus said. “When it comes to health and personal preferences, informed consumers make better purchasing decisions.”

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