Smoking Weed And Your Rights – A BC Cannabis Consumption Lounge Crossword

In Canada, you can legally buy a joint but there are few places where you can smoke it. At first glance, the issue might seem like a low priority when in fact it’s actually anything but. Smoking weed indoors is a luxury for some and a necessity for others. Clean air bylaws, strata councils and […]

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The Current Situation for BC’s Cannabis Smoking Lounges

It’s been a rough road since day one and the pandemic has made the struggle even harder; cannabis consumption sites, also known as lounges, do not have it easy. As one could imagine, a virus that attacks the respiratory system is a serious threat to a smoking lounge. With that in mind, here’s a look […]

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Can You Smoke in Space?

When Neil Armstrong took his and all of humanity’s first steps on the moon in 1969, it was a landmark moment for all of planet Earth. However, what he probably didn’t envisage, was the fact that human beings – in 2021 – still wouldn’t have ever returned. Even worse, he probably wouldn’t have thought that this lack of returning would have led to conspiring thoughts that the moon landings were fake. Sorry Neil. Nonetheless, he knew that he was and always will be the first person to ever step foot on the moon. He knew he was most definitely the highest any man has ever been. However, now people look at space and use a different definition of the word ‘high’.

An interesting question now is: can you smoke in space? Or, more specifically, can you get high off THC in space? One would think that the wonders of cannabis and the wonders of space would surely combine perfectly, however, science might not allow it to be that simple. So, can you smoke in space? Let’s find out. 

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The cannabis plant has been around for centuries. First it was just a part of nature – untampered by human hands. Then it was used in religious ceremonies and for materials and clothes. After that, it’s recreational benefits became worldwide and championed, until soon it was illegalized for its questionable ‘links’ to crime. However, the true essence of cannabis has never really changed. It has been altered, synthetically edited and formatted into various consumables – but really, cannabis is still the same as it always was. When used right, the combination of the two most prominent cannabinoids inside cannabis – THC and CBD – create a feeling of relaxation and euphoria. It’s this feeling that makes cannabis something that compliments nature so well. 

Writer and novelist Arthur Clarke wrote this about the universe:

“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

Clarke perfectly captures the two realities that every human being is afraid of: the feeling of being alone and the feeling of being under threat. Both are equally daunting. Space is something that confuses, scares and inspires almost all of us – and the mind-opening effects of cannabis goes hand in hand with its endless possibility.

Here is a list of the many positive feelings that THC cannabis can induce in a consumer:

  • Relaxation
  • Heightened sense
  • Euphoria
  • Giggly 
  • Creative
  • Peckish
  • Thoughtful 
  • Amused

If you’ve ever sat under the stars, enjoyed some high-THC cannabis, and looked in amazement at the universe then perhaps you’ll know – even a little bit – what smoking in space would feel like. Perhaps that’s the closest this generation will ever get. But will our grandchildren, or grandchildren’s grandchildren, or grandchildren’s grandchildren’s grandchildren be smoking in space?


Space and the universe is essentially everything. It is all planets, all stars, all galaxies, all universes, and all of time. A popular theory of the creation of the universe is that it all started with a big bang over 13 billion years ago, and that the universe has been expanding since then. With the heightened senses and lack of sense of time that cannabis can sometimes influence in people’s minds – it seems that the human mind post-THC and the universe itself have many similarities. Since the dawn of time, human beings have looked up at the sky and asked questions. They’ve desired to know more about it. 


The first question that surely arises when thinking of smoking in space is gravity. Gravity is the force that planets have, which pulls other objects into its centre. Thus, the reason why we all don’t float off into space is because gravity from the Earth’s core is pulling all of us and other objects down towards space. However, gravity becomes weaker with distance. Therefore, in space, where distance from planets is further, gravity is almost non-existent. This is why people float in rocket ships. However, funnily enough, humans are able to digest food and drink in space. And considering that smoke is a gas, rather than a liquid or solid, it would surely be easier to consume in space than the other two. Gas barely has any weight to it anyway, which means even on earth smoke sits in the air, rather than falls to the ground. In conclusion, the wonders of cannabis would not be restricted by gravity. Thus, inhaling cannabis and allowing the THC to get into the bloodstream would be possible in space, just like it is on earth. 

Fire In Space

One thing you’d need in order to smoke in space is fire. However, fire on earth requires oxygen, and considering there is no oxygen in space, then surely fire is impossible. However, fires inside rockets or space stations are possible as they create a vacuum within the vehicle. Whilst the possibility of a fire on a spacecraft could be deadly, there has been more research in recent years where astronauts have been experimenting with fire in space. Astronauts want to discover how fire reacts in different atmospheres so that if we ever need to create life on a different planet, we’ll understand how to create one of man’s greatest needs: fire. Surely then, during one of these experiments, someone could hypothetically light up a joint and smoke in space. Or, alternatively, a dry herb vaporizer would also work in space and would require no fire whatsoever. Therefore, it wouldn’t be smoking, but it would be still cannabis. However, NASA may have made this slightly difficult. 

NASA Cannabis Ban

NASA, who have led the charge at space exploration since their moon landing in 1969, are the first port of call for new space discoveries.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) write on their website that:

Humans are driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds, push the boundaries of our scientific and technical limits, and then push further. The intangible desire to explore and challenge the boundaries of what we know and where we have been has provided benefits to our society for centuries.

However, despite their love for space discovery, it seems they are not too keen on the wonders of cannabis. Since Ronald Reagan declared it in 1986, NASA has been a drug-free workplace. This means all employees are not allowed to use recreational drugs whether they are on or off duty. Therefore, any astronaut working for NASA, or even a passenger on a NASA space vehicle, would be unable to smoke cannabis in space. 

Elon Musk

Whilst NASA may have been leading the charge in space exploration for decades, billionaire Elon Musk and his company SpaceX are now on a mission to colonize Mars and re-define space travel. Elon Musk first became known for being the founder of Tesla, which revolutionised sustainable cars. However, in 2018, Musk made an appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast and – during a long discussion about space – he appeared to take a puff of Rogan’s cannabis joint. Surely if any company would be willing to try smoking cannabis in space then Musk and SpaceX would be the chosen ones. However, Musk got in a great deal of trouble when this footage was seen. SpaceX had to experience an extremely thorough and expensive safety investigation by NASA after Elon’s stunt. 

The bright side may be that SpaceX will potentially be teaming up with an Agri-tech company called Front Range Biosciences out of Colorado. Their aim will be to send coffee and hemp cultures to the International Space Station. The goal is to see the effects of space on agriculture. They will spend around 4 weeks in orbit, and then will return to earth. So, unfortunately, cannabis is not for consuming and most definitely not for smoking. 

The Future of Cannabis In Space

Although smoking cannabis in space may not have happened yet – or at least it hasn’t happened and been spoken about – that doesn’t mean it will never happen. The wonders of THC and space will most definitely one day unite. What Elon Musk is doing to space travel is constantly extraordinary and may perhaps one day lead to bringing human life to another planet. If this happens, and societies are built, cultures are made, then there is no doubt that cannabis would be a part of it. Humanity, cannabis and space are beautiful together.

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Study to Determine if Psychedelics Help to Quit Cigarette Smoking

Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. But researchers think psychedelics have a unique ability to unlock patterns in the brain that lead to addiction—notably nicotine addiction.

Mydecine Innovations Group announced on August 18 it has signed a five-year research agreement with Johns Hopkins University (JHU) School of Medicine, to study the efficacy of psychedelic formulations for smoking cessation.

While Mydecine Innovations Group is not disclosing the types of psychedelics to be used in the study, researchers have already explored psilocybin for the treatment of addiction and ketamine for the treatment of addiction, for starters.

“We are excited to expand on the current work we are conducting with Dr. Matt Johnson and his team at JHU in regards to smoking cessation to include numerous other projects over the next five years,” Mydecine CEO Josh Bartch stated in a press release. “The researchers at JHU have proven their incredible depth of knowledge in the field.”

Research to be led by Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Matthew W. Johnson, Ph. D. While research into psychedelics for medical purposes is young, the Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit has extensive experience conducting clinical research related to therapeutic use of psychedelics.  

“The long-term potential of this research agreement is captivating for us here at Mydecine,” said Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Mydecine, Rob Roscow. “It demonstrates our commitment to advancing psychedelic medicine by exploring multiple molecules and medicines for a variety of indications.”

The researchers pointed out that it’s important not to forget the deaths caused by tobacco, despite the focus on opioid addiction lately.

“Despite the recent attention to opiate and dependence on other illicit substances, we sometimes forget about the incredible burden that nicotine dependence has on our societies,” said Dr. Rakesh Jetly, Chief Medical Officer, Mydecine. “According to the CDC, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, killing more than 480,000 Americans each year. Despite all the public education and dire warnings, cigarette smoking remains one of the most difficult addiction to treat and contributes to more deaths than all the other substances combined, making research like this vital.”

Smoking Tobacco vs. Smoking Cannabis

While tobacco kills nearly half a million Americans each year, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that cannabis generally does not lead to overdoses, despite common freak-outs out after eating edibles. 

“There are no reports of teens or young adults dying from an overdose of marijuana alone,” the organization states. “But there are reports of individuals who have sought treatment in emergency rooms, reporting uncomfortable side effects after consuming high THC levels in smoked marijuana or marijuana edibles.”

Cannabis smoke is not as equally carcinogenic as tobacco smoke—yes, there is a big difference. There are many reasons for quitting tobacco, however.

The American Cancer Society paints a sobering picture of how much a difference quitting smoking cigarettes can do. Your body changes within minutes and hours after quitting.

Twenty minutes after quitting—your heart rate and blood pressure drop. A few days after quitting, the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops to normal. Two weeks to three months after quitting, your circulation improves and your lung function increases. One to 12 months after quitting, coughing and shortness of breath decrease.

“Tiny hair-like structures (called cilia) that move mucus out of the lungs start to regain normal function, increasing their ability to handle mucus, clean the lungs, and reduce the risk of infection,” The American Cancer Society reports. One to two years after quitting, your risk of heart attack drops dramatically.

Here’s what happens in the long-term:

Five to 10 years after quitting, your risk of cancers of the mouth, throat, and voice box is cut in half. Your stroke risk decreases. Ten years after quitting, your risk of lung cancer is about half that of a person who is still smoking (after 10-15 years). Your risk of cancer of the bladder, esophagus, and kidney also decreases. Fifteen years after quitting, your risk of coronary heart disease is close to that of a non-smoker.

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Find Your Back-Up Blunt Wrap Brand

The marijuana industry has evolved greatly over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed within the stoner community is the love for a good blunt — but even blunt wraps have evolved in their own way.

Now, with the introduction of hemp wraps, there are more options for the health-conscious consumer. Having so many brands to choose from can be both a blessing and a curse. This list features the best blunt wraps to consider purchasing for your next smoke sesh. However, the best blunt wraps are in the eyes of the beholder, or in the eyes of the smoker, for that matter. Unlike joint wraps, there’s a little bit of nuance when purchasing blunt wraps since you’re dealing with an actual leaf instead of a slice of rice paper.

Blunt wraps also come in a wide selection of flavors. Ranging from organic to vegan, there’s a wrap for every toker. Our list includes legendary blunt brands that have stood the test of time for decades, as well as newer brands. Whether you’re new to the weed game or an OG to the blunt scene, we can help you find the best blunt wraps for you and your lungs!

Every smoker knows there’s nothing worse than making a special trip to your local head shop, only to find they don’t have the weed wraps you want. For this reason, it’s always nice to have backup blunt brands that you like.

Choose from our list of the best blunts wraps in the nation right now, that are featured everywhere from billboards, to blogs, to marijuana news.

1. Juicy Jay’s: Flavorful Hemp Wraps

One of the stoner community’s most beloved brands — a staple in the culture — is Juicy Jay’s hemp wraps, created by none other than Josh Kesselman, the creator of RAW papers. Just like their rolling paper counterparts, the Juicy wraps are some of the best blunt wraps filled with immense flavor to elevate any smoking experience, whether you’re blazing ganja or tobacco. 

Juicy hemp wraps take a flavorful, health-conscious avenue towards smoking a blunt. These could be your perfect match if you enjoy flavorful blunts but also want an organic natural smoke that won’t cause major damage to your lungs. These are one of the best brands for delicious and smooth-tasting blunt flavors.

2. High Hemp: A Healthier Avenue

Made entirely of sustainably grown hemp, High Hemp herbal wraps are the perfect organic blunt wraps for the smoker that likes the aesthetics of smoking a blunt, but doesn’t want all the harmful tobacco carcinogens. High Hemp also has an assortment of CBD blunt wraps for the tokers that like the properties of CBD just as much as they enjoy their THC. High Hemp’s CBD wraps are a nice change of pace from the traditional blunt wrap. Newcomers who don’t want to start with a harsh tobacco leaf should gravitate towards the smooth taste of these organic wraps.

3. Twisted Hemp: All Natural Wraps

Smoking Twisted Hemp wraps will surely have you vibing high during your next smoke session. Unlike tobacco wraps, Twisted Hemp uses all-natural hemp and flavoring to create their papers. Undiluted by nicotine or tobacco, Twisted Hemp is the way to go for the health-conscious pot smoker that enjoys a nice healthy blunt. If you’re someone who likes the feeling of splitting your blunt paper apart and dumping the guts out to replace it with some fluffy cannabis, this wrap may not be for you. However, if you enjoy a less harsh smoke that still burns nice and long, then these hemp wraps are right up your alley.

4. King Palm: Hand-Picked Palm Leaf Wraps

If you fancy King Palm wraps, you’re a true herb connoisseur and care about the quality of your weed wraps. With King Palm blunt wraps, you can say goodbye to the tedious and messy rolling process; these blunts are pre-rolled and ready to be stuffed and smoked. Contrary to hemp wraps, King Palm uses all natural palm leaves, completely free from toxic chemicals and tobacco.  The leaves are hand-picked from Cordia trees and cleansed with purified water. Slow-burning and available in a multitude of flavors — from Blueberry and Fruit Passion to Margarita, Banana Cream and even Magic Mint — King Palm wraps are an all-around solid choice, if you are up for a change.  

5. Kingpin: Smoke Like a King

Kingpin hemp wraps are some of the most sought-after hemp wraps in the industry. These cigar wraps are made completely out of hemp but still provide a blunt-like feel that any midnight toker would enjoy. The Kingpin wraps come in a wide variety of flavors to suit your taste buds and elevate any smoke session. These hemp wraps are a great happy medium that allows you to enjoy a healthier, more flavorful smoke. The old timers who were smoking blunts before hemp became a part of the cannabis enthusiasts’ dynamic may have a hard time warming up to the Kingpin blunt wraps. But for the novice cannabis smoker, these are easy on the lungs and perfect for learning how to roll blunts.

6. Endo: Pre-Rolled Wraps With A Twist

Endo hemp wraps are weed wraps with a twist — they’re pre-rolled with a wooden tip at the end! With this built-in wooden filter, you no longer have to purse your lips onto the blunt wrap with the risk of getting the flavored residue on your lips or tongue. Reminiscent of Black & Mild cigar wraps, Endo wraps bring back an old school style to a new school form of smoking made entirely from hemp. These are perfect for the OGs that want to take a trip down memory lane. There’s also a plethora of flavors to choose from, including Russian Cream and White Grape.

7. Billionaire Hemp Wraps: When You Want to Splurge

Billionaire hemp wraps are made from the finest hemp with the perfect amount of flavor added to complement your smoking experience. These are for anyone who wants to still taste their terpenes but also wants to add a little extra flavor to their smoke. The Billionaire hemp wraps are a great alternative to smoking regular blunt wraps as well as joint wraps. If you want to feel rich and splurge a little bit on some of the best hemp wraps in the game, then these are the perfect wraps for you.

8. Cyclones: Leave Your Head Spinning

Cyclones hemp cones are one of those blunt wrap brands with a new school twist. Aside from having a mass assortment of flavors, Cyclones blunt wraps are made completely out of hemp in a pre-rolled cone that allows you to enjoy your herbs from beginning to end. These cones have a distinct way of burning, where the tip is very wide, leaving more space to pack your herb inside. This also allows for a slower burn, where you can really feel the effects of your ingredients. With Cyclones, smokers can pack copious amounts of herb into their blunt as opposed to joint wraps that can only hold a fixed amount.

9. Zig-Zag Wraps: The Legendary Classic

For more than 140 years, Zig-Zag Wraps has been a classic staple among joint paper brands. Since expanding into blunt wraps in 2009, the brand’s cigar wraps have become a smash hit, thanks to their high-quality tobacco leaf and industry-leading processing. This is the most ideal blunt wrap for those who grew up rolling Zig-Zag joint wraps in their youth; now they can roll a nice blunt with the nostalgic brand.

If you’re new to the blunt rolling game, these may be a tough brand to start with. Zig-Zag blunt wraps are the perfect wrap for someone who just wants to roll their weed and smoke — nothing too fancy. The blunt wrap brand also has a number of classic flavors, ranging from cherry to melon, to go along with their wraps. This classic brand has been a legendary name throughout the stoner community. If a quality smoke with a touch of flavor is what you’re into, you’ll enjoy Zig Zags.

10. Dutch Masters: A Versatile Blunt Wrap

The Dutch Masters brand, most commonly known as “Dutch,” is a favorite among habitual blunt smokers that is constantly stocked in any local smoke shop or gas station. The slow-burning tobacco leaf is easy to roll, and very forgiving when it comes to making mistakes. There’s nothing better than smoking a nicely rolled honey fusion Dutch blunt, along with their illustrious assortment of flavors. Dutch blunt wraps are great for the OGs to roll up with as well as the new smoker who is just learning to roll and figure out his preferred blunt wrap.

11. Swisher Sweets: A Top Cigarillo Brand

Swisher Sweets are one of the most popular names in the blunt wrap industry. They’re the first brand you see when you walk into a gas station or head shop. Swisher blunt wraps are akin to any Pokemon starter pack that you saw in any grocery store; they’re a dime a dozen and are just to get you started on your journey. These wraps come in a ton of different flavors. While they don’t provide the longest burn, you do get a smooth smoke with a nice hint of flavor. Swisher blunt wraps make great learning tools when first rolling, but once your skills have improved, you’ll want to try out other wraps.

12. Optimo: Smoke Like a Pro

While being widely celebrated by the likes of The Notorious B.I.G. and Young Thug, Optimos are legendary among blunt smokers and rappers alike, while still being quite underrated. This cigarillo brand prides itself on its ability to produce a leaf that’s all-natural tobacco. It provides a nice, smooth, slow burn every single time. There’s nothing better than opening a fresh pack of Optimo wraps to fill with some fresh, dank bud to relax after a trying day. These blunt wraps are easy to roll with, too: The leaf is very soft — not too stiff — allowing for a consistently smooth smoking experience. Optimo blunts are perfect for any social gathering or solo sesh; they burn slow, and they have a plethora of great flavors to choose from. If you’re a cannabis smoker that likes a nice slow burn when smoking with a wrap, then give Optimos a try.

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Top 10 Best Flavored Rolling Papers and Wraps

Many people like using unflavored papers, so they can simply enjoy the natural taste of their chosen flower. Others prefer a fruity or minty flavor to enhance their smoking experience. In today’s market, we have more choices than ever. Some brands offer amazing flavors to complement your flower while others may leave a strong chemical aftertaste that leaves much to be desired. Whatever your preference may be, this article will help you find your next favorite rolling paper or wrap.

We took a look at multiple elements when comparing the current best flavored wraps and papers for sale. Ingredients are a huge factor, affecting how your joint tastes, how fast it burns, and how easy it is to roll. The ingredients can also affect how healthy the joint is. Some people prefer flavored rolling papers, tobacco wraps, hemp wraps, and now fruit terpenes inside of corn husk filter tips. Every cannabis user has their own unique needs that will be met with different types of material. 

Know Your Materials

There are many kinds of flavored wraps and weed cones on the market, but the three most common materials used to make joints are: 

  • Hemp Rolling Papers: These are virtually flavorless and burn slowly. Hemp wraps are also known for staying lit, which is helpful for on-the-go smokers. They are made from hemp fiber and are generally not bleached, which gives them a light brown color. They are relatively easy to roll, making them popular for newcomers. They are also perfect for seasoned stoners who want to taste their weed.
  • Rice Rolling Papers: Rice rolling papers are thinner than hemp rolling papers. They are a bit harder to roll than hemp, but they burn very slowly. People enjoy them for leaving virtually no aftertaste and being easy on the lungs. Rice rolling papers are very fragile, especially in wet conditions, so they are better for smoking indoors. They also go out quickly, so make sure your lighters are filled! 
  • Cordia Leaf:  A tobacco free leaf that’s similar to a blunt wrap, the Cordia leaf wrap comes hand-rolled and ready to stuff with cannabis. A corn husk filter tip is also preinstalled. These weed cones will burn much slower compared to any rolling papers and are virtually tasteless. They were first introduced by the company King Palm, which has high standards for growing organically.

Best Flavored Rolling Papers In 2021

Flavored rolling papers add an extra element of fun to your smoke session. Chances are if you’re a seasoned smoker, you enjoy the taste of weed. However, sometimes it’s nice to taste some fruity flavors to make your cannabis’ terpenes pop. Explore the vast amount of flavored rolling papers with these 10 picks! 

1. King Palm: Crush Filter Tips with Terpenes 

Flavored papers can leave you with a pleasant aftertaste, but they don’t match up to King Palm’s real fruit terpenes. Just crush the corn husk filter tip to release the infused natural flavoring. The corn husk filters offer an unparalleled filtration, resulting in a smoother smoking session.

King Palm boasts 25 flavors, including  Watermelon Wave and Magic Min, as well as newer flavors like Cherry Charm, Honey Pot, Pumpkin Cream, and Rich Chocolate. Ready to go, these are sold as pre-rolled cones, available in a wide variety of sizes, completely eliminating any need to roll them yourself. 

Lastly, King Palm’s crushing technology allows users to either pop the filter and experience flavor immediately or taste the weed’s natural terpenes before activating. Every King Palm leaf cone is eco-friendly too

2. King Palm Leaf Wraps with Flavored Filter Tips

Smoking cannabis with a super slow and smooth burning King palm leaf wrap makes for an easy, all-natural smoke sesh. The Cordia leaf offers a smooth hit that’s easy on the lungs. The leaf burns slowly and evenly for a relaxing smoking experience. Unaltered and 100% organic, the Cordia leaf if free of harmful chemicals and additives that are present in other rolling papers. They also don’t include any nicotine, ensuring that they are not habit-forming. Enjoy a super smooth and flavorful combination with your bud with King palm flavors.

3. Juicy Jay’s

Juicy Jay’s have been the go-to flavored rolling paper for a long time. Easily the most popular brand, Juicy Jay’s revolutionized the flavoring process. Most flavored rolling papers have all the flavor contained in the gum line. Juicy Jay’s rolling papers changed this with their patented triple-dip method, ensuring the entire joint is bursting with flavor. This method offers a more robust taste to match their wide flavor selection, which includes Tequila, Peanut Butter, Wham Bam Watermelon, Root Beer, and Jamaican Rum. 

These joints also differentiate themselves aesthetically, as their papers have a printed pattern on each joint to match the flavor. The ink is soy-based to ensure that Juicy Jay’s doesn’t have a nasty chemical taste. Some users even suggest using the flavor patterns to help organize your joints based on different weed strains. 

Juicy Jay joints come in almost any size – from 1 1/4″ to king-sized – and the thick paper burns slowly and evenly. Thinner sizes are also available if desired. 

4. Hornet

Hornet rolling papers may not have the strongest flavor, but they make up for it with a massive collection of customizable options. Users can choose between cellulose, natural paper, and hemp with cotton filters, among others. 

The rolling papers are stable and durable, making them a popular pick for busy users on-the-go. They come in a variety of fresh fruit flavors – some of the most popular include banana, honey, coconut, strawberry, and pineapple. Many users like Hornet for its subtle flavoring, as it allows the flavor of their herb to shine. 

5. Skunk Brand

Skunk Brand flavored rolling papers have been a fan favorite for over two decades now. Made from 100% hemp, their system to ensure a slow and even burn is called a “run preventing watermark”. The paper is made with a cross-weave pattern and vertical hard-stop lines to control the burn. 

These rolling papers are sealed air-tight to ensure freshness. The flavor of Skunk Brand is intentionally subtle, as it’s designed to enhance the flavor of your cannabis, rather than mask it. The papers are made with all-natural ingredients, including a small amount of cane sugar to provide a fantastic flavor. 

Skunk Brand currently comes in six delicious flavors: Strawberry Skunk, Blueberry Skunk, Hawaiian Skunk, Skunkolated, Skunkalicious, and Blackberry Skunk. 

6. Zig-Zag Wraps

Zig-Zag rolling papers may be the most iconic in the world. Born out of France over 120 years ago, these papers are made from wood pulp and have a thin glue line to help create a perfect seal. Zig-Zag rolling papers are notoriously fun to roll, too. The paper is incredibly thin, so it’s not exactly a beginner’s roll, but it smokes very slowly and tastes great. 

Zig-Zag used to come in 3 standard flavors, including orange, vanilla, and grape. Though their selection isn’t massive, the quality of the paper speaks for itself. However, they’ve slowly expanded their flavor selection to include Apple Blitz, Cherry Rush, and Blueberry, among others. 

7. Rizla

Sometimes original is best. Rizla flavored rolling papers were the world’s very first flavored rolling paper. Rizla is made from rice paper (Riz is French for Rice) and has been providing users with a quality smoking experience for over 135 years. 

They released their first two flavors in 1906, starting with strawberry and menthol. Since then, they have widely expanded their flavor selection. Rizlas also come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, indicated by the color of the pack. One of their most popular flavors is their iconic licorice-flavored papers, known for their strong and distinctive licorice taste. Rizla is also offering DIY flavor cards to allow users to self-infuse their joints with minty menthol flavors. 

8. Cyclones

Innovation cannot be ignored. Cyclones were the first brand to bring flavored pre-rolled cones to the market in 2003. Over the years, they have been able to refine their process to produce consistently delicious flavors with some unique innovations. 

Their first innovation was making entirely clear rolling papers with cellulose fiber. This gives some people pause, but there’s no need to worry – the cellulose is derived from natural sources like wood pulp, rice, cotton and flax. This cellulose material burns smoothly and evenly for a leisurely smoking experience. 

A few of the brand’s flagship flavors include grape, strawberry, and tiki tango. The joints come pre-rolled, which makes them popular for beginners looking for an easy and flavorful smoking experience. 

9. E-Z Wider 

E-Z Wider rolling papers were intentionally designed for smoking cannabis. They’ve been around since the ’70s and were inspired by the Jack Nicholson film “Easy Rider.” Made from rice, these rolling papers are also made with Arabic gum, which doesn’t have any artificial flavors or additives. They are notoriously easy to roll, offering a wider paper that’s appealing for beginners. Some of the flagship E-Z Wider flavors include wild berry, grape and pina colada. 

10. RIPS

RIPS have been around since 1972, but only recently started carrying flavored rolling papers. The rolling papers are generally made of rice, but 100% hemp papers are also available. In the company’s early days, they were marketed as the only paper on a roll. In 2006, RIPS launched a line of flavored papers that were sealed tightly and individually to ensure fresh flavor. 

Some of their flagship flavors include bubble gum, cola, chocolate, grape, peach, and mint. RIPS rolling papers burn slowly and smoothly. The paper is gummed with Arabic gum and comes with a watermark to ensure you’re smoking the real thing. 

If you need help on how to roll, check out this guide on how to roll a blunt. We also made another list on the 15 best rolling papers without flavor.

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Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Tuesday, April 6, 2021 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Cops Can’t Arrest You For Smoking Marijuana On Sidewalks NYPD Says In Post-Legalization Memo (Marijuana Moment)

// New Mexico Takes First Step On Marijuana Implementation Before Governor Even Signs Legalization Bill (Marijuana Moment)

// Schumer says the Senate will act on marijuana legalization regardless of Biden’s position (Report Door)

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// Mexico Marijuana Legalization Bill Clears Key Senate Committee With Floor Vote Expected This Month (Marijuana Moment)

// Recreational marijuana sales in Illinois smash record in March – $109 million (Chicago Tribune)

// Trulieve Buys Keystone Shops In $60 Million Deal (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Planet 13 Q4 Revenue Increases 22% From a Year Ago to $20.1 Million (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Jushi Completes $9 Million Nevada Acquisition ()

// D.C. Is ‘Ready’ To Legalize Marijuana Sales As Soon As Congress Gets Out Of The Way, Mayor Says (Marijuana Moment)

// Colorado Is Auctioning Marijuana-Themed License Plates To Raise Money For People With Disabilities (Marijuana Moment)

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