Maskne: 5 Ways to Keep Your Face Mask from Causing Breakouts

Maskne – the latest in COVID colloquialisms – refers to breakouts, pimples and skin irritation from your face mask. Since face masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, what better time for a quick 101 on your skin type and the care you need? Here are 5 ways you can keep yours from causing breakouts so […]

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How To Properly Use CBD Cream For Maximum Benefits

For CBD users, there are a number of CBD products to choose from. The days when all CBD users had to choose was the oil strength they wanted are long gone. Today, there are already a vast selection of CBD vapes, capsules, edibles, and even cream. Skin care through CBD is all the rage at […]

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Succesful feasibility study for the development of topical medical cannabis products

Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd (TASE: CSURE) (“Cannassure”), an Israel based developer and producer of innovative medical cannabis products, announces today the successful completion of a feasibility study for the development of IP protected, homogeneous, topical medical Cannabis products for the treatment of skin inflammation, including psoriatic lesions. (PRESS RELEASE)

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Product development of such topical medical Cannabis products based on AKVANO® is being conducted under a collaboration between Cannassure and Lipidor AB (“Lipidor”), a Swedish topical drug development company, owner of the proprietary drug delivery platform technology AKVANO, which was signed in December 2019. The development project budget is partially funded by the Israeli Innovation Authority, by a non-dilutive grant.

The product under development is an incorporation of cannabinoids with AKVANO®, a topical drug delivery platform. Successful development of the product will allow localized administration of a precise dosage of cannabinoids using a spray, in a technology that allows for prolonged contact and optimal penetration of the active ingredient into the skin.

As part of the feasibility study, AKVANO® technology and cannabinoids were tested for compatibility, and it was found that the cannabinoids can be successfully combined in the AKVANO® system for a homogeneous, uniform and stable formulation. Cannassure tested the degree of product penetration into the skin by using known and acceptable models and found significant penetration of active ingredients into the skin tissue. This enhanced penetration may increase the therapeutic potential of the product. Based on these results, Cannassure will proceed to accelerated development stages and more advanced testings.

According to the agreement, Cannassure has informed Lipidor on its intention to start negotiating an exclusive global license for the use of Lipidor’s technology for the development of cannabinoids based topical therapeutics products for the treatment of indications to be chosen by Cannassure.  

The main guidelines for the licencing agreement, including royalties to be paid to Lipidor on product sales, were defined in the collaboration agreement.

According to estimates, the global market for products for the treatment of psoriasis is expected to reach 21.1 billion dollars by 2022. The current global market for topical products for the treatment of psoriasis is valued at 7 billion dollars, and the global market for topical pain treatment products is projected to reach 13 billion dollars.

The product development of topical treatments based on cannabinoids is in line with Cannassure’s strategy focused on the development and commercialisation of innovative medical cannabis products based on established drug delivery systems and formulations for enhanced therapeutic value. The product development is performed under the Israeli Medical Cannabis regulation, which allows a short development process.

About Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd.

Cannassure Therapeutics Ltd. (TASE:CSURE) is a leading, world class, trusted developer and provider of top-quality-grade medical cannabis products and pharmaceutical cannabinoid medicines, addressing a broad range of unmet medical needs.

About Lipidor AB

Lipidor AB ( is a Swedish, Stockholm-based research and development company with a pipeline of pharmaceutical development projects in preclinical and clinical phases. The Company develops topical medical products for the treatment of diseases such as psoriasis, bacterial skin infections and atopic dermatitis by reformulation of proven pharmaceutical substances.

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Popular Cannabis Products You Probably Want to Try

The legalization of cannabis in several states and countries paved the way for it to be available mainstream. For this reason, it is now easier to acquire the cannabis products that you need to aid your medical treatments or simply for recreational purposes. Alongside this, there has also been a boost in the emergence of […]

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Ask Dr. Mitch: Trust in Cannabis

Dr. Mitch Earleywine, Ph.D, author of Understanding Marijuana and Parents’ Guide to Marijuana and member of NORML’s advisory board, answers your questions about cannabis in his monthly advice column:

Kids these days are saying “cross-faded.” What the hell?
L. Derly Mann

Hey Mann,
“Cross-faded” refers to using cannabis and alcohol simultaneously, a practice I can’t recommend. Data from my lab and others suggest the habit is more likely to lead to trouble. Alcohol decreases THC’s rate of metabolism. Although the effects are small, the more you drink alcohol, the more likely you are at risk of stroke, heart problems, or aortic aneurysm.

Would a CBD cream help my eczema?
S. Kin Issues

Hi S. Kin,
Cannabidiol is a legendary anti-inflammatory, so a topical application should definitely help. I haven’t seen any human trials, but work on skin cells in the lab is very promising, and human studies on general itch suggest this approach ought to work.

I saw an idiotic experiment in which researchers gave folks THC and then bragged that it “decreased cannabis craving.” WTF?
I.M. Madden-Kursing

Hello Madden,

I’m afraid I saw the same article. They are trying to draw
parallels with the nicotine-replacement idea, but it seems pretty ridiculous. Given the price of the pills (often $1 per milligram of THC), they should just go with edibles.

What pot stocks should I be investing in?
Penny Scrooge

Greetings Scrooge,
I honestly don’t know. I have no secrets about the cannabis-business world. But if you want to invest in High Times, go to

My mom never used to let me read sci-fi because she said it would make me “a druggy.” Are there any classic sci-fi stories that focus on marijuana?
Jed I. Knight

Howdy Jed,
Several novels from the genre normalize cannabis use, including Carl Sagan’s Contact, Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Buried Deep and Fritz Leiber’s A Specter Is Haunting Texas, and I’m sure tons of short stories do, too. Nevertheless, plenty of science-fiction books warn against drugs, especially PKD’s A Scanner Darkly and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

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