Do terpene infused hemp cones add more than flavour

Competition in the rolling paper industry is stiff. Companies have designed and produced paper for smoking since the 1700s. Machines still pump out, interweave, and stack sheets of paper. More recently, the rolling paper industry is driven by hemp and convenience, albeit cones are seldomly infused with hemp-derived terpenes. Falling behind without hemp Hemp was […]

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Shining a Light on the Thailand Cannabis Community

Thailand hasn’t always prohibited cannabis; it’s part of the culture.

Ganja plants were typically grown on the side of the house and used in traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage. Even today, some grandparents cultivate a few plants and toss a couple of leaves in their Tom Yom (traditional Thai soup).

The U.S. illicit market fueled Thai Stick exports, which came from U.S. soldiers based in the Kingdom during the Vietnam War. At the time, there was no legal or moral taboo surrounding the plant in Thailand.

Then, during the 1980s, the United States’ War on Drugs pushed Thai legislators to change the law, burdening consumers and OGs (original ganjapreneurs) with the threat of severe penalties for cannabis smuggling, sales, production and consumption.

The Kingdom has made some progress over the last few years. However, its emerging legal cannabis market is still in its beginning stages, characterized by confusing legislation, empty promises and false reporting about what’s allowed.

Still, somehow, the cannabis community is alive and well in Thailand.

Courtesy of Chopaka


Kitty Chopaka, a cannabis advocate who tirelessly contributes to the legalization efforts in the Kingdom of Thailand, opened Chopaka, a terpene-infused gummies shop based in Bangkok, Thailand. She’s one of the most knowledgeable people regarding Thailand’s legal cannabis status and works hard to educate those interested in learning the truth about the plant.

“The new market is interesting. Because we’re in Asia, many people are curious but don’t want to get high. They still want to experience it, and the terpene gummies are exactly what they needed,” Kitty explained. “These gummies give a light effect leading up to a high, so they’re not so scared to try it.”

Courtesy of Chopaka

While there’s no weed involved, these sweet treats offer something unique to satisfy those new to cannabis and complement the consumption experience for long-time consumers.

“Lots of lady customers, surprisingly, come into the shop by themselves or with their girlfriends,” she said. “Some are hidden users; others are just looking to try it for the first time. They’re curious about terpenes and how they’re related to cannabis, especially after seeing the giant neon cannabis sign in the front window!”

Courtesy of Chopaka

Rather than using illegal, cannabis-derived terps, Chopaka uses artificial terpenes to create gummies that taste and smell like popular cannabis strains.

“Natural terpenes are challenging to use in the food industry. If we use them, they’re not stable,” Chopaka explained. “The shelf life is cut in half; they don’t hold up to the heat, and the taste and smell fluctuate. And in a massive market where weed is accessible for $300 a kilo, it doesn’t make sense to sell cannabis or cannabis products at the high price natural terpene products demand.”

Courtesy of Chopaka

Since starting the operation in September 2021, Kitty has perfected her recipe and obtained the correct licensing and FDA approval. Within a few months, she opened her shop, and over the last four or five months, she has moved 200 kilograms shy of a ton of terpene-infused gummies, which has made her an inspirational success in Thailand’s cannabis community.

“This is but the beginning of cannabis in Thailand. Don’t forget, the U.S. has gone through this, and we’re going through it in our own way,” Chopaka said. “We’re doing similar things with legalization and are working with what’s allowed due to the regulatory limitations. But as soon as progress is made, all of the other guys within this community will have some interesting innovations ready to release.”

Courtesy of OG Papers

OG Papers

As a cannabis consumer in Thailand, Krit Choo saw that the rolling papers in the Kingdom were commercialized; the products were only sold in supermarkets and large corporate stores. He decided he wanted to change that by starting OG Papers.

“I thought I could create a paper that’s comfortable to use and has more appealing packaging than what was available on the market at the time,” he explained. “So I started conducting research and made the first version of my papers.”

The papers are now made out of 100% hemp, but his first version was made from wood pulp. OG Papers changed the material to hemp in 2020, effectively leveling up the smoking experience.

Krit worked alone on OG Papers for two years before Pim Pirom noticed that the brand could be improved and requested to join the company, ultimately leading to its Siam-style rebranding in 2021.

Courtesy of OG Papers

The operation is entirely legal, and while these papers are obviously for cannabis consumers, there’s no law in Thailand prohibiting rolling papers.

“The law doesn’t impact our operations,” Pim explained. “Because we know deep down that everyone is smoking weed already, and the papers are normally used for weed, not tobacco. Most people who purchase our papers consume cannabis. But the regulations don’t make it difficult for us to continue making and distributing our products because we don’t say they’re for weed.”

OG Papers began its operations right before Thailand began to experience legislative progress. While recreational cannabis remains prohibited, fear is dissipating in the Kingdom’s cannabis community as interest in the plant flowers.

“It’s more popular than in the past,” Krit said. “Now, people can talk about weed in public without as much fear as before. In the past, it was more taboo.”

“I can see the difference in the news and regulations, but in everyday life, it doesn’t affect us at all,” Pim added. “Big brands are coming into the market, but this doesn’t change our operations. The legislative changes are more for the corporate levels than the small businesses.”

Besides changes at the consumer level, small businesses are connecting and collaborating with one another as the Kingdom’s legislative changes tend to lean more towards the large, corporate operations.

“Many small businesses are now coming together in the cannabis community,” Pim said. “More events are drawing them out than ever before, attracting small businesses that come out to share.”

Courtesy of Bloom


Bloom was conceived to solve one of the more significant issues in Thailand’s cannabis community: a portal to purchase quality, legal cannabis products. The Kingdom’s first “green rush” began in mid-2021, but most of the products were low-quality and gimmicky with poor branding.

“When we first started Bloom, it was even hard for us to find quality products to put on the website,” said John Williams, one of Bloom’s co-founders. “Quality companies were also having difficulty reaching the right audience.”

Courtesy of Bloom

The company created its own line of cannabis products and established a network of trusted vendors. It offers a gateway for these qualified vendors while serving the community with quality products, education on its website, and answering questions at three to four events monthly.

“Bloom has been fortunate to have opportunities that align with Thailand’s health community,” explained Williams. “We participate in community markets, health-conscious events, concerts, and this week, we’re running a Q&A panel and workshop about women in cannabis.”

Thailand’s cannabis laws constantly evolve, but the rules are progressing towards full legalization over the last few years. With around 125 Thai local cannabis products that can be made in the Kingdom and certified easily, plenty of product options exist. The main issue is the FDA’s regulations for packaged items.

“Any store can buy cannabis leaves from a legal source and cook cannabis foods without a license,” Williams explained. “A series of new laws have been approved to allow THC in foods, too, which comes fully into effect around June. However, it must be under 0.2% total THC content.”

As a new company operating in Thailand, Bloom must be wary of the law. However, the company has forged strong connections with policymakers and receives inside information prior to most public announcements, allowing it to remain ahead of legislative changes.

Bloom also collaborates with other members of Thailand’s cannabis industry, including Golden Triangle Group, an industry leader for growth and extraction. The lead grower of this operation, Jamie Carrion, bred a nine-time Cannabis Cup-winning CBD strain, Cannatonic, into Thailand’s landrace strains to create the CBD-rich “Raksa” strain.

The company also focuses on forming collaborations with key industry players, cannabis influencers, politicians, doctors, clinics, celebrities and local law enforcement.

Courtesy of Nudkinpuk Festival

Nudkinpuk Festival

The word “Nudkinpuk” is a southern Thai language pronounced “Nud Kin Puk.” “Nud” translates to skilled; “Kin” means to eat; and “Puk” means vegetable. Together, these three words could be used to describe a group of people who are experts at eating vegetables.

“It started with my friend and co-founder, Beer,” explained Nuttawat Attasawat (Nut), one of Nudkinpuk’s co-founders. “We started by making a bong-cleaning product called ‘Blue Magic.’ We saw the separation in Thailand’s cannabis industry, an ongoing battle between high-quality and compressed marijuana.”

The idea behind the event was to clear the stress and problems within the cannabis community participating in the “Green Party House” in the Lat Phrao area. It grew into an event as friendships formed between the old and new generations.

“I thought about creating an atmosphere where cannabis lovers could celebrate and party together,” said Nut. “Breaking the walls from within the cannabis community was when the Nudkinpuk festival started gaining traction.”

The first event was held on the Chao Phraya cruise ship. This cruise represented those in the cannabis community who are in the same boat, encouraging members to set out together in search of friendship through weed. But the taboo nature of cannabis has caused issues while planning more events.

“The second Nudkinpuk was to take place near a forest’s edge,” Nut said. “However, between the COVID-19 situation and the fact that the Nudkinpuk festival is a marijuana-centered event, the property canceled two weeks before the event!”

As Thailand’s budding cannabis consumer market materializes, its cannabis community continues to push for full legalization. For now, these business operators must adhere to the Kingdom’s restrictions and societal prejudices while maintaining a watchful eye on the country’s evolving legislation.

Courtesy of Nudkinpuk Festival

The festival was rescheduled, but permission wasn’t granted when Beer went to see a new location. Instead, they had to dilute the concept to focus more on the camping in nature aspect of the festival rather than the cannabis and bands.

“On the concert side, we selected bands that talk about cannabis with love, such as Srirajah Rockers, JUU4E, Pae Arak, Swisawaard, Jahdub Stido and Srirajah Sound System,” Nut explained. “We also include guest speakers at the event, allowing festival-goers to hear inspiration from people who use cannabis to drive their lives. Some speakers include Ko Dam Koh Tao, Guide Highland, Oof Green Party and Beer Sukhumweed Industries.”

More than 20 brands participated in these events as well most notably Bong Party, Nippan Nirvana, Blue Magic Something Else, Highland, Thailand Green Party, Channel Weed Thailand, Treekings OG, Green Mile, New Atlantis, Pisit Thai & China Tradition Clinic, Squidroll, OCB, OG Rolling Papers, Releaf Mint, King Kangaroo Kush, Mr. Herbman and others.

Nudkinpuk has had to overcome some legal hurdles. This mostly has to do with the taboo prohibition the Kingdom encourages.

“With the legal restrictions unclear, many people aren’t open to cannabis in Thailand yet,” explained Nut. “But the event isn’t directly affected because rather than focusing on cannabis literally, we use the symbolism of vegetables to represent marijuana. True marijuana lovers understand that the focus of this festival is to eat vegetables together.”

Like every active member of Thailand’s cannabis community, Nut and Beer would like to see the government become more open to hearing citizens’ opinions about the benefits of cannabis. They believe that the benefits in medicine, the local economy, and recreational consumption outweigh the prejudice from the older generation that banned weed outright in the Kingdom.

As legal cannabis makes more progress in Thailand, this unique community continues to expand as ganjapreneurs share and work together towards the change they desire.

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Zig-Zag Goes Beyond Rolling Papers with the Introduction of their Media Hub, Zig-Zag Studio

The iconic rolling paper brand Zig-Zag announced the launch of Zig-Zag Studio, a new media platform fueling the company’s evolution into content, collaborations and entertainment supporting the Zig-Zag brand.

For decades, Zig-Zag has been widely recognized as a pop culture staple and a cornerstone of music and smoking. With the launch of Zig-Zag Studio, the brand aims to further its legacy as a media platform hosting exclusive content created to inspire creativity through storytelling and digital media.

Featuring artists from a diverse range of industries and genres, Zig-Zag Studio will focus on art and lifestyle content, and serve as a launchpad for emerging talent, exclusive merchandise drops and collaborations.

”At Zig-Zag, we are focused on building unique and memorable experiences for our customers,” said Eric Anwar, Senior Director of Zig-Zag Marketing. “Through the launch of Zig-Zag Studio, we have created a platform aimed to illuminate talent through storytelling and foster new ideas to shape our culture and inspire others to enact positive change in our world.”

Zig-Zag will introduce “Studio” in several layers that promote its native content including photography, video and live performances from music artists. The flagship live music performance series, titled “Studio Sessions,” will debut with a full line-up of performances from musical elites Sleepy Hallow, Marc E Bassy, Mariah The Scientist and NGHTMRE.

Filmed live in Southern California, fans will be able to watch the series on YouTube and Moving forward, Zig-Zag will also showcase a variety of established and emerging artists from hip-hop to EDM.

Courtesy of Zig Zag. Photo of Sleepy Hallow for Zig-Zag’s Studio Sessions. Shot by Adam Zvanovec.

You can view Zig-Zag’s Studio Sessions here:

The Studio’s storytelling video series, “Through My Lens,” gives viewers an inside look at the unique backgrounds and creative processes of artists—from photographers to producers—with a goal of inspiring the next generation of creators. The series will premiere with Sam Dameshek (Photographer), Jeff Cole (Digital Artist), Matt Gondek (Fine Artist) and Dot (Music Producer).

Courtesy of Zig-Zag. Photo of Matt Gondek for Zig-Zag’s Through My Lens Series. Shot by Adam Zvanovec.

You can view Zig-Zag’s Through My Lens series here:

In celebration of Studio’s launch, the Zig-Zag brand will also launch its first limited edition apparel and accessories line dubbed, The 1879 Collection. Named after the year Zig-Zag was founded, the modern collection reflects the trailblazing story of Zig-Zag’s French heritage with an array of styles, including embroidered vintage tees, hoodies and sweatpants, as well as elevated products like varsity jackets and leather goods.

Courtesy of Zig-Zag. Photo of Madison Masaitis for Zig-Zag’s Studio’s 1879 Collection. Shot by Sam Dameshek.

Harlan Raine, Zig-Zag’s senior marketing manager was responsible for the design of the collection and described the inspiration behind it: “The 1879 Collection is a tribute to Zig-Zag’s rich history and the mythical story around the company’s French origins, all told through the lens of modern apparel and accessories. You’ll find references to the past in every piece; some obvious and some more subtle. Having a 140-plus year history gives us a nearly endless supply of material to translate into new forms, whether it’s clothing, entertainment or experiences.”

Courtesy of Zig-Zag. Photo of Madison Masaitis for Zig-Zag’s Studio’s 1879 Collection. Shot by Sam Dameshek

The 1879 collection was shot in Los Angeles by photography phenom Sam Dameshek featuring models Madison Masaitis and Tanner Zagarino.

You can purchase the 1879 Collection items here:

What to Expect From Zig-Zag Studio in the Future

Zig-Zag has expressed this is only the beginning of their new marketing endeavors embracing creativity and consumer experience. The company plans to expand on its existing video series with both established and emerging talent as well as launch additional original content revolving around art, culture and entertainment. 

At its core, the Studio platform aims to serve as an interactive entertainment-based e-commerce platform that enhances the experience for customers from pre-purchase to post purchase. 

The company has stated, “There are millions of creative voices in the world and we want to showcase their great ideas, stories, and work.”

The rolling paper company plans to bring the same level of creativity and energy into its core product lines with the addition of new smokable products and accessories to service its 220,000-plus retail customer base in the United States. 

You can find all of Zig-Zag Studio’s projects on the Zig-Zag website: 

About Zig-Zag

Born in Paris in 1879, Zig-Zag Rolling Papers have grown for more than a century to become the most iconic premium rolling paper brand in the world. What began as two French brothers, Maurice and Jacques Braunstein, producing papers in their manufacturing facility in west Paris, has evolved into a global brand filled with culture, creativity and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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Small Business Spotlight: Papes

What came first, the robot or the cone? Get ready for this: Canadian rolling paper company Papes are refining rollies with the help of robotic automation from RoboRoots. Believe me, that was as fun to write as it was to read. The process features proprietary technology and chlorine-free paper. It gives Papes the opportunity for competitive […]

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Small Business Spotlight: Canadian Lumber

Rolling papers are what our world can revolve around sometimes. When you need one, you can’t find one, and when you finally do…it’s ripped, or the glue doesn’t stick.

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Pre-Rolls: The Next Big Trend in Cannabis Smoking

The cannabis market is far from what it was 10 years ago. Around the same time when the music industry began to embrace the digital world entirely, the cannabis industry embraced changes that, like streaming services, offered convenience to a new generation. It’s all about pre-rolls. Millennials and Gen. Zers hardly embrace the art of rolling like OG smokers. In fact, pre-rolls are becoming so popular that the state of Washington is offering free pre-rolled joints to anyone who received their COVID-19 vaccine. Though RAW papers are still flying off the shelves, many casual cannabis users are wondering where to buy RAW cones.  

There was a time when learning how to roll a joint was almost a rite of passage into the cannabis community. The baby steps, from pencil rolling to hand rolling, were part of a learning process that few mastered, yet a crucial skill for any smoker. Now, with the rise of recreational cannabis in more states, every marijuana dispensary in the legal marketplace offers pre-rolled joints for your convenience. 

If you don’t have the rolling technique mastered, but still want to enjoy the experience of smoking a joint, pre-rolled cones are a nice middle ground. This method of smoking is growing among young cannabis consumers, largely because it saves them time. The younger generation does not seem to be as concerned with fancy rolling techniques either. It’s all about getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Twisted to perfection, pre-rolls mean all you need to do is grind your herb and pack it in for that perfectly slow-burning joint.

The evolution from hand-rolled to pre-rolled was inevitable. Tobacco products were similarly packed in rolling papers — often with no filter — before cigarette companies revolutionized the way people smoke. Cannabis is following a similar path in making it trouble-free to light up at any time. Pre-rolled cones, whether Element, Futurola, or RAW cones, have grown in popularity alongside cannabis in the past year. While they are currently in high demand, there have been difficulties meeting the market’s needs during the pandemic. 

The widespread lockdown in states across America has played a role in the surge of marijuana consumption in the legal cannabis industry. Meanwhile, there’s a shortage of pre-rolled cones. HBI, the company behind RAW and Elements, dealt with the blow at the start of the pandemic. HBI Sales Executive Niles Van Buren explained in a recent interview that while the paper itself is being processed through machines, pre-rolled cones at many companies remain hand-rolled. Unfortunately, these companies were hit the hardest when early social distancing measures forced them to shrink their staff. This caused a decrease in production while demand continued to spike. While rolling joints themselves is messy and outdated, millennials and Gen. Zers have been driving the demand for pre-rolled joints in recent years. Cy Scott, CEO of Headset, Inc., a cannabis industry analytics service that provides data and statistics to U.S. dispensaries and retailers, said that millennials are the biggest clientele in the pre-roll category.

In his opinion, it’s because pre-rolled joints are relatively inexpensive in comparison to purchasing an abundance of flower. Plus, it cuts out the process of rolling cannabis, allowing consumers to simply enjoy cannabis without hassles.

“Some of our assumptions around that are related to pre-rolls being a relatively inexpensive product; you could buy a single-pack pre-roll for pretty cheap. So, they are purchasing a lot of units of that,” Scott said during his appearance on the GreenEntrepreneur podcast.

Right now, products like RAW cones have dominated the pre-rolled cones market, mainly because they’re one of the few companies that have been able to supply during the shortage. The brand familiarity certainly helped, too. RAW cones have also found strength in their dog walker mini-size pre-rolled cones.

Dog walker mini pre-rolls are bringing a sense of excitement among Millennials and professionals. The tiny pre-rolled cones were made with the intention of a quick smoke while taking your dog for a walk, hence the name. These, too, have been favorable among younger crowds, and are bound to become a staple in the cannabis community. They are suited for the casual smoker who is simply looking to take a few puffs to unwind. Many have found dog walker pre-rolled cones convenient for on-the-go activities.

Cannabis smokers are leaning further and further away from manually rolling their own joints. After all, time is money and people are trying to save both. The perks of pre-rolled cones, whether already filled with cannabis from the dispensary or made at home, are changing the way cannabis users smoke. The iconic joint paper packages probably won’t fade away in the near future, but they might end up being less common among your smoking buddies.

As we witness a shift in attitudes towards cannabis, more people are openly embracing its benefits. More states are legalizing cannabis, and discussions for federal legalization are currently underway. As pre-rolled joints continue to rise in demand, it’s more than likely that it won’t just be Millennials and Gen. Z smokers embracing their convenience, but smokers of all ages.

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15 Best Rolling Papers and Weed Cones

As cannabis increases in popularity, people have more options than ever before. The classic joint is one of the most well-loved ways to smoke the plant, explaining why rolling papers have remained prominent in the world of cannabis for so long. Joints are an excellent way for seasoned and new smokers to relax, medicate or just have a good time. Weed cones are another great option for cannabis smokers and have become much more favored in recent years. They are similar to joints, differing only in their shape: a joint is straight and narrow, while a cone is thicker on one end.

Today, most cannabis accessory companies sell rolling papers along with pre-rolled cones or joints. Pre-rolled cones are perfect for heavy smokers who don’t have the time to roll all their cannabis, or new smokers who are still learning to roll. The best part is that everyone can enjoy, not just those that know how to roll. Regardless of your rolling skills, the choice of paper is crucial for the best smoking experience. 

The list below focuses on the best of both worlds, featuring the top 15 rolling papers and weed cones. From classic options like Zig Zag, to more luxurious brands like Luxe, this selection includes the perfect paper for every kind of cannabis smoker. 

1.    King Palm

King Palm offers a unique smoking experience with their all natural palm leaf wraps and pre-rolled cones. Natural Cordia leaves are used for the paper, making this a true all-natural, environmentally friendly option. As their website explains, palm leaves were used for smoking as early as the tenth century. King Palm is giving cannabis enthusiasts a chance to go back to the basics with these all natural, handmade wraps.

Since their launch in 2016, King Palm has gained popularity among seasoned cannabis smokers. They sell over 21 flavors, including the ever-popular Lemon Haze and Pumpkin Cream. And because they only use natural terpenes for flavoring, they are considered healthier than other flavored rolling papers on the market.  

Sizes of rolling papers vary on the King Palm site and range from size “rollie” (0.5 grams) to the limited edition XXL (7 grams). Sets come with reusable plastic pouches for storage, a bamboo packing stick and corn husk filter (what’s included depends on the size of the order). 

Users comment on the famously slow burn of King Palm rolls, the pleasant taste of the wraps and their unique look. All in all, these King Palm cones are a great choice for those seeking a natural and smooth smoke. 

2.    Raw

Raw rolling papers

One of the more famous paper companies, Raw, remains a fan favorite among both newbies and experienced smokers. With a simple, translucent tan color and flavorless smoke, Raw papers and cones are ideal for any occasion. All products are made from unbleached paper with no added chalk or dyes. 

Cannabis smokers can choose from classic, black or organic hemp for their papers and pre-rolls. Sizes vary from classic, to “kingsize,” to “challenge,” and sets come with unrefined paper straws and filters. 

Reviewers love the clean and flavorless taste of Raw’s pre-rolled cones and rolling papers, allowing them to enjoy the essence of their flower instead of covering up the taste. Raw products are not sold online, but seekers can find local retailers on their website

3.    Zig Zag

Zig Zag rolling papers

Established in 1882, Zig Zag continues to stay at the top of the list. Zig Zag sells a variety of papers, from ultra-thin, to organic hemp, to slow-burning. Buyers can find joints of different sizes, all made from 100% natural gum arabic and wood pulp and flax. Their pre-rolled cones are made with the same natural ingredients and come in a crush-proof box to take anywhere. 

Buyers can trust the quality of their product because of Zig Zag’s extensive history in the rolling paper game, and their notably popular reviews. Gorgeous packaging and intricately printed paper makes for an extra classy session. 

Zig Zag papers are known to be on the thicker side, making them the best option for skilled joint rollers, or smokers with a rolling device. Products, including rolling devices, can be bought through the Zig Zag website or other retailers. With reasonable prices and quality products, it’s clear why Zig Zag has stayed in the game for so long. 

4.    Elements

Elements rolling papers

Using eco-friendly materials and windmill power at their production plants, Elements products are an excellent choice for smokers that care about the origin of their rolling papers. 

Elements papers are made from rice paper, which makes for an ultra-thin product with very little taste. The papers and pre-rolled cones have a crisscross watermark to create an even burn. 

The company prides itself on two aspects of their products: the easy-closing magnetic box, and the foldless paper. If you like to smoke on-the-go or are just learning how to roll, Elements is a great option for you. The joint holder with magnetic closing makes it easy for joint enthusiasts to take their papers anywhere and everywhere. And since the papers come with no fold, you can make your own. Elements also sells rolling machines for those seeking a clean, perfect roll every time. 

Elements papers can be found on Amazon and other distributors, for a low price of $3.99 for 300 papers. 

5.    OCB

OCB rolling papers

OCB, or Odet-Cascedec-Bollore, is a family-founded company established in 1822. Beginning as a paper mill and eventually transitioning to rolling paper manufacturing in 1918, it is another historically trustworthy company. 

OCB papers are made from flax plant fibers and 100% natural gum arabic for a vegetarian, eco-friendly product. The packaging is also recyclable.

Buyers can choose between OCB Premium and OCB Organic. Premium offers an especially thin paper for a transparent finish. OCB Organic offers hemp papers, which can vary in color based on the years the leaves were harvested. Smokers can see the natural quality of the papers from these color differences! 

For both Premium and Organic, OCB sells a variety of sizes: the standard 1 ¼ inch, single-wide, or king slim. Fan favorites for users new and old, OCB provides a thin paper with a clean taste. 

6. Pure Hemp

Pure Hemp weed cones

Pure Hemp advertises the importance of smoking natural, tree-free papers. Made in Barcelona, Spain by the paper company Miquel & Costa & Miquel, Pure Hemp delivers an eco-friendly, 100% hemp paper.

They promotes a slow burn with low ash, and papers with a natural hue instead of a bleached look. Pure Hemp’s website even details the production process for these papers – all the way from the hemp’s origin, to the history of the family-founded company. 

As with other options, there are four sizes to choose from, including standard 1 ¼ inch and king size pre-rolls or papers. Cannabis smokers love the natural taste and sturdiness of Pure Hemp papers. Better yet, Pure Hemp products can be purchased on their store site, or through other retailers using their store locator. Their lowest priced product is a set of 1250 1 ¼ inch classic papers for $32.00. 

7.    Simpacti

Simpacti cone loader

Simpacti offers more than just rolling papers or pre-rolled cones. The company was founded in 2015 with the “packNpuff,” a device used for the perfect pre-roll pack. Their website offers the packNpuff cone loader, pre-rolled cones and cone holders and filters. A purchase of any packNpuff device includes a set of pre-rolls. 

There are two options for the packNpuff and pre-rolled cones: standard 1 ¼ inch or king. The king-sized packNpuff also works on standard joints. Papers from Simpacti are unbleached and made from hemp. Reviewers love the simplicity of the packNpuff device and note the flavorless, solid smoking experience of Simpacti’s hemp papers. 

The standard packNpuff goes for $29.95, including 20 pre-rolled weed cones. It’s a great deal for a rolling device and a couple pre-rolls. Alternatively, Simpacti sells 25 pre-rolled cones for $16.99 – on the expensive side, but worth it for the quality. 

8. Hornet

Hornet rolling papers

With a very extensive collection, Hornet Paper is a great option for seasoned cannabis smokers. A set of flavors including Jamaican Rum, Champagne, and Cappuccino gives buyers a chance to experiment with the mixing paper flavor and flower. 

Hornet offers natural rolling papers and cones made from unrefined hemp. Options also include Savannah coffee papers, brown paper cones, and transparent cellulose sheets. The cellulose papers are made from organic vegetal, a fiber extracted from plants. Hornet’s flavored papers can be purchased in-store, and all their products can be found through other online retailers. 

While the flavored papers are their most popular product, all of Hornet’s options give cannabis smokers a variation on their everyday joints. Plus, their prices are still reasonable at $6.99 for 192 papers on Amazon. 

9. Ornate Ocean

For a fun twist on the standard cone, Ornate Ocean offers designer pre-rolls. This set includes 50 printed pre-rolled cones in the style of $100 bills. Even with the exciting design, Ornate Ocean’s papers are still made from unbleached fibers. From watermelons to dollar bills, Ornate Ocean gives cannabis users a chance to change things up for special occasions, or even a night in. 

The company uses environmentally friendly sources and production for the best quality. Cannabis smokers can appreciate the elegant look and quality of paper, and, each set of pre-rolled cones comes with a mini metal snuff spoon for packing!

The prices for these designer papers are fairly average at $29.98 for this set of 100 cones. For someone who wants to feel a little fancier on their daily smokes, smoking a hundred-dollar bill seems like a good place to start.

10. Ubung 

Ubung rolling papers

A lesser-known choice for rolling papers is Ubung. Made from unbleached, unrefined plant fibers, Ubung papers come in a classic tan shade. Cones are sold with a cone loader, packing stick and plastic “doob tubes.” 

The “doob tubes” keep weed cones safe and smell-free, which is perfect for smokers-on-the-go. Raved about as a great paper for slow-smokers and sharing with friends, this paper burns smoothly. The entire set comes in a sealed jar for safe keeping, too

Ubung papers are hard to find, and the company doesn’t have a specific website, but it’s worth the search. For someone who appreciates a classic smoke with a great price ($18.99 for 450 rolls), Ubung is an excellent choice. 

11. Juicy Jay’s 

Juicy Jay's rolling papers

Juicy Jay’s flavored joint papers are a time-honored way for those who love joints to spice up their standard smoke. With one of the more extensive sets of flavors, ranging from peanut butter to marshmallow to raspberry, there is a choice for every favorite. 

The novelty flavors add a natural hint of taste to any joint, without overpowering the flower. Juicy Jay’s has the standard 1 ¼ inch, a 1 ¼ slim, and a king size. They even have two menthol flavors – Cool Jays and Black Magic – for an unusual spin on the standard joint. 

Juicy Jay’s fans love the taste and price of their rolling papers. Available at online retailers and almost every head shop around town, these are easy to find too. 

12. Gypsy Palace 

Gypsy Palace papers

Another tree-free option for rolling papers comes from Gypsy Palace. These papers are made with cellulose and are 100% biodegradable. 

What’s most unique about Gypsy Palace papers is the completely clear look. The cellulose papers are fully transparent, allowing flower enthusiasts to see their product through the rolling papers. 

Cellulose also means there is no need for gum, since the paper sticks to itself when wet. With that, rollers can choose their preferred cone size. These are perfect for smokers who prefer something a little thicker, or something long and lean.

Though unique in their use of cellulose, Gypsy Palace keeps the prices low (around $6 for 200 papers). For anyone who smokes stellar weed and wants to see it light up clearly, Gypsy Palace is a great choice.

13. Luxe 

Luxe rolling papers

Known as “The World’s Most Luxurious Rolling Paper company,” Luxe gives cannabis users the option to fancify their smoking experience. From beautiful printed pre-rolls to intricately designed rolling papers, Luxe has ample options for a colorful smoke. 

Being on the pricier side, Luxe is a great choice for special occasion smokes, or sessions with a group of pals. They even offer custom printed pre-rolls and paper, so cannabis smokers can design rolls with their favorite images. 

Fans of Luxe love the quality of the smoke, and the memorable feeling that comes with every Luxe joint. With such an artistic take on joints and cones, Luxe is bound to continue growing in popularity. 

14. Shine 

Shine gold rolling papers

Another option for a luxurious smoke is Shine. Inspired by the London Cut Gold Cigar, Shine designed the first 24K rolling paper. Sold in a beautifully simplistic box, the papers are available in gold or silver. 

The gold rolling papers are handcrafted with edible 24K gold. Using a base of hemp and the edible gold finish, they are extremely safe to smoke and enjoy. Ash from each 24K joint even contains flecks of the gold. 

Though on the pricier side for obvious reasons, these are a great option for a birthday or holiday, or even just a personal pick-me-up. For anyone looking to spend a night in elegance, Shine can provide a cone to mark the occasion. One gold cone is priced at $16.00 on their website, and sheets of six are priced at $50. 

15. Bambu 

Bambu Weed Cones

Seasoned smokers will recognize Bambu’s classic packaging. Bambu is one of the world’s 1,000 oldest companies. The long history of Bambu should comfort every smoker, as they’ve been trusted to produce quality paper since 1764, originally making Bible paper before transitioning to rolling papers.   

Made from wood pulp and natural gum sealer from the African Acacia tree, Bambu papers are another natural option with no additives of any kind. With size choices of 1 ¼ inch to king, and a choice of organic hemp, cannabis smokers can feel good about Bambu. 

Sold mostly in bulk packs, Bambu is a great bang-for-your-buck option. New and seasons cannabis smokers love the quality of the paper, the history of the brand, and the price point. 

Bambu papers and cones can be found on their website, other online distributors, or in-stores starting at $5.99 for a 3-pack. 

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Hempire Provides Sustainable Smoking Experience for the Masses

In today’s world, sustainability is more important than ever. Thankfully, more consumers are choosing products that help them both save the planet and maintain an all-natural lifestyle. One company keeping this ethos at the center of all they do is Hempire, makers of premium hemp-based rolling papers and apparel. Driven by the notion that “hemp makes stronger bonds,” this brand is showcasing the many incredible uses the plant has—a fact often forgotten due to generations of prohibition.

“Quite literally, the history of civilization can’t be told without the inclusion of hemp,” explained Nicolas Pettersson, brand manager at Swisher, Hempire’s parent company. “Hemp was used to make paper, rope, rolling papers and more for the majority of human history. The great artists of the Renaissance rolled their tobacco on hemp paper in Europe. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper, and the first U.S. flag was made from hemp cloth.”

Hempire is putting hemp back in the spotlight in a big way—read on to learn more!

Earth’s Future at the Forefront 

Hempire was born out of a crucial need to support the planet, which is in constant threat due to climate change.

“Hempire was founded because hemp is our best hope for a sustainable future,” Pettersson said, explaining many of the reasons why hemp is the best choice when it comes to textiles, fabrics and other industrial products.  

“Hemp doesn’t require much land to grow. One acre of hemp produces as much paper as four acres of forest. Hemp saves on water, too. It only needs half the water that cotton requires and is less dependent on pesticides and fertilizer. It’s also durable. Hemp-derived plastic is stronger than petroleum-based plastic and biodegrades within a year.”

The knowledge of how the plant can impact our world for the better, especially at a time of great environmental crisis, drives everything the brand does.

“It’s why Hempire believes that hemp should be a choice for everyone, no matter their lifestyle,” Pettersson added. “We provide consumers a more sustainable choice—a choice that allows them to put the planet first.”

Hemp Papers Offer Smooth and Sustainable Smoking Experience

Hempire’s signature rolling papers are a favorite among cannabis consumers. Crafted from ultra-thin and eco-friendly hemp, they provide an even, slow-burn without compromising on strength. They’re easy to manipulate, creating a perfect roll every time. Hempire papers come in a variety of sizes, too. You can create pinners, perfect for a quick buzz, or a fatty meant to satiate a small crowd. Hemp filter tips are also available, making the perfect all-natural complement to your joint.

‘Hemparel’ Line Features Something for Everyone

To expand their environmental efforts, Hempire introduced a line of hemp clothing, hats and accessories. The materials used are soft yet durable with a variety of styles to choose from. In order to scale the operation, Hempire has partnered up with Alpine Hemp Company, a hemp apparel manufacturer based in Denver, Colorado. 

“Alpine and Hempire share similar adult consumer demographics—hemp and cannabis enthusiasts with an interest in sustainability and the great outdoors,” Pettersson explained. “The brands have crossed paths over the last couple of years, and after learning more about each other, we felt there was a natural synergy that allowed for a custom collaboration project and a business relationship.”

Hemp is Back and Here to Stay

Hemp has a long and storied history in the U.S. While it was a revered industrial resource, medicine and sacrament for hundreds of years, the plant faced massive criminalization in the early 1900s, eroding the acclaim it once enjoyed. Now, thanks to reform efforts, hemp is again gaining steam, something Pettersson and the team at Hempire are grateful for.

“Finally, after a hundred years of dormancy, hemp is getting the respect it deserves,” Pettersson said. 

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Top 13 Marijuana Products From California In 2021

As states and countries begin to loosen their restrictions on marijuana laws, the market for these products seems to have exploded overnight. Learn about the top 10 cannabis products  trending out of California. Smoking bud has evolved into cannabis oil cartridges for those who prefer vaping, topical treatments for those suffering with various skin conditions, […]

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How to roll a cone

Joints are among the most popular ways to partake in a bit of cannabis, and among the most obvious visual signifiers of cannabis use. Once portrayed as a wad of twisted toilet paper, the joint has become a sleek symbol of the modern weed consumer, and their conical cousins are not just a goofy avatar of cannabis past, cone joints are big business.

A joint is considered a cone when the tip is wider than the mouthpiece. This method of rolling is preferential for anyone invested in the aesthetics of smoking, as the cone joint is a counterculture icon. Most crappy joints are as smokeable as a perfect cone, but one “looks” the part while the other is simply utilitarian. 

This is why people sharpen their rolling skills — being able to pull out a beautifully executed cone is membership in the cult of stoner personality. It’s a rebel yell, it sticks out, clearly exclaiming that it is not a cigarette. Here’s how you can craft your own perfect joint.

A step-by-step guide to roll your own cannabis cone joint

First things first: choose your favorite cannabis strain. 

Keep in mind that cones aren’t always mondo-sized behemoths with gram after gram of fancy weed inside. They come in pretty much any size, so try using the same amount of cannabis you’d put in a typical joint, then adjusting to your preferences. What makes a cone a joint is the shape, not the size (though they tend to lean a little girthy). 


  • Cannabis strain of choice
  • Rolling papers
  • Crutch or filter tip
  • Pen or toothpick (used to pack down the weed)

Directions for a hand-rolled cone

Step 1 — roll your crutch

Roll a ½” diameter crutch with lightweight cardboard or purpose-made tips. Hold it on the rolling paper in the fold or crease with the adhesive gum at the very top

Step 2 — fill your roll

Sprinkle your desired amount of well ground flower along the centerfold, this can be anything from a half gram to an entire eighth.

Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

Step 3 — shape your cone

Fold the excess paper up over the crutch and the flower using your thumbs and gentle pressure. Using a motion similar to snapping your fingers in slow motion, tuck the paper into the flower as you begin to form a joint.

Step 4 — twist it up

When you creep up to the top of the paper, lightly moisten the gum strip. Quickly finish the twist upwards to seal the joint. Tuck or twist the tip and you’re ready for fire.

Tip: If you usually roll with your fingers evenly placed on the paper, then to get a cone shape it’s helpful to position them much closer to the edges. Some people make an angled crease in the paper before beginning to create a guide, maintaining a tighter wrap on the bottom with a slightly loose arrangement on the top. 

Play with the tension you use at the top. Just like any joint, tight is good, but too tight means a sub-par burn. Conversely, if you roll or pack a cone too loosely, you’ll end up with a floppy and unreliable joint. 

rolling a jointGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Directions to fill a pre-made cone

Step 1 — funnel your cannabis

Using a creased business card or sheet of paper, create a funnel for your herb. Depending on the size of the cone, you will need between ¾ gram and 2 grams of ground material to fill it up. Use the funnel to add a pinch of flower at a time into the cone.

Step 2 — pack it down

Using a pen or toothpick, push the ground material down gently, without too much force. Continue to add and pack the flower until you reach the tip.

rolling a jointGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Step 3 — twist it up

Twist or fold the last ¼” of the cone into itself to create a bit of kindling for the flame of a lighter, match, or hemp wick.

The pros of cone smoking versus regular, uniform thickness joints are strictly personal. One doesn’t burn better than the other as long as they’re rolled proper.

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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