Can a laser bong handle heavy use? Hitoki Interview and Trident V2 Hard Kilometer Review

I smoke a lot of weed and my gear gets gnarly fast. If it’s not durable, well-made, and easy to clean, it’s not going to last for very long. For me to invest in a smoking device, I need to feel confident that it will perform well, regardless of heavy and continuous use. Anything less […]

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THC Testers Needed – Get Paid To Try Cannabis Products!

THC Testers Needed: If you’re looking for the ultimate cannabis job, we have the perfect one for you. That’s right, not only will you get free cannabis products, but you will also get paid for it!

We are currently recruiting more THC Product Testers to try Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, HHC, THC-P, THC-O, HHC-O & THCV products. As one of our testers, your job will be to try new cannabis products, which will be sent to your home, and post a detailed review.

This is a paid position perfect for experienced cannabis users.

THC Testers Needed: CBD Testers is currently looking for skilled and experienced cannabis users to try new cannabinod-based products. Once approved, our THC testers will get weekly samples of all the latest and trendiest cannabis and hemp products, such as vape carts, gummies, dabs, flowers, disposables, tinctures, topicals and more. In exchange, you will have to submit detailed reviews that will be post in CBD Testers website.

Beside skilled writer, we are also looking for people to do video reviews, that will be shared in our instagram channel.

If you want to get paid trying cannabis products, this is the ultimate opportunity for you!

How to become a THC Tester:

STEP #1: Subscribe below to the THC WEEKLY newsletter, as only registered users can be a tester. After subscribing, a detailed email will be sent with further instructions.


Examples of products our THC testers are getting

As THC Testers, your job will be to submit a 1200-1500 word article to be publish in CBD Testers website, or a video that’s a few minutes long, to be shared in our instagram channel. Based on your reviews, we will pick the best products to feature in the THC Weekly newsletter, and even secure exclusive deals for our subscribers. Your work is important!

We have included a few samples of real products we are currently testing. These are exactly the kind of products you can expect to get, once approved as a tester. Please keep in mind it that is not a ‘free sample’ offer, but a real job opportunity. We are interested in people that are capable of doing several product reviews every month (2-4 times a month), and get paid for it… so subscribe today to get started!

The THC Weekly Newsletter
Based on your reviews, we will pick the products to feature in our newsletters.

Example #1:

High-Potency THC-P Vape Cartridges

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

THC-P vape carts are one of the latest top-selling products, since they are so strong…

Based on the work of our THC testers, we have secured a 25% discount on both the 4-pack and the 8-pack THC-P vape cart bundles. Using our exclusive coupon code, the subscribers of the THC Weekly newsletter can now get this high-potency product, for lowest price anywhere! Using the information we are getting from testers like yourself, we can now feature the best availabe products with the lowest price anywhere!

Click HERE to see more THC-P products

Example #2:

Vegan Hemp-Derived Delta-9 Gummies

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

These Vegan Delta 9 Gummies are another top-selling hemp-derived Delta 9 product. With 10 mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC it is a great choice for anyone looking to buy Delta 9 THC products online.

We have secured an exclusive 35% discount for this product, and based on the review coming from our THC testers, this product is now available for the subscribers of the THC Weekly newsletter.

Click HERE to see more Delta-9 THC products

Example #3:

High-potency THC-O gummies

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

Have you tried the new THC-O edibles? The Long-awaited THCO gummies have arrived and they are so strong! This is another great example of products sent to our THC testers. Currently, as this product is so popular, we have managed to secured an additional 25% discount, only availabe for the subscribers of the THC Weekly newsletter. This was never could have done without the great work of our THC testers!

Click HERE to see more THC-O products

Example #4:

Euphoria Delta 9 THC Gummies

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

When was the last time you experienced Euphoria?

With 16.7mg Delta 9 THC, 67.6mg CBG, 83.5mg CBD, 2.9mg CBC and 1.6mg CBN per gummy the Euphoria Delta 9 THC Extra Strencth Gummy is a great choice for anyone looking to try a multi-cannabinoids psychoactive edible.

This is another great example of products our testers have to try for us and get paid doing it!

Click HERE to see more Delta-9 THC products

Example #5:

HHC Disposables

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

HHC and HHC-O (just released) are two new cannabinoids, that are very close to Delta-9 THC, but not exactly the same. Your job as a tester is to explain to the world what are the key differences between both cannabinoids and to assist us in finding the best availabe products.

As HHC is gaining popularity fast, you job is very important.

Click HERE to see more HHC products

Example #6:

THCV Saver Bundle – Tincture, Gummies, Softgels

THCV might be one of the most interesting products availabe today, as it suppose to have some unique appetite-balancing qualities, that’s why some people refer to it as ‘Diet Weed’. Is it true or just a marketing slogan? This is exactly what our THC testers have to dind out, join us and help finding what is true and is what is false in our industry!

Click HERE to see more THCV products

Ok, I am interested, how can I begin?

Want to become a THC Tester? Please subscribe to the THC WEEKLY newsletter, and look for an email from ‘THC WEEKLY’ with further instructions.

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REVIEW: STIIIZY Offers a Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangle for Every Occasion

When it comes to reviewing cannabis for a living, you can only imagine how many times we’ve crossed paths with different products. Back when we first feasted our eyes on STIIIZY’s vape cartridges, their unique design was the first quality that piqued our attention. At that time (back in 2017), given the unique construction of the carts in comparison to the industry standard vape carts on the market, we were unsure how well this product would actually perform. Would consumers be so loyal to the brand that they trade out their tried-and-true cart batteries in order to consume just STIIIZY products? Fast forward to years later, our question was answered: It was a clear yes!

The fact that this brand has earned its spot as one of the fastest growing cannabis companies, and that we personally have a STIIIZY vape on-hand at almost any occasion, it’s clear to say our concerns about their completely unique design were never realized. This company was on to something epic back in 2017, and its expansion of product offerings only continues to prove that this company is on fire.

This brings us to the relaunch of STIIIZY’s latest high-inducing endeavor—STIIIZY Edibles. To kick off the edibles category right—STIIIZY just introduced its premiere line of Sour Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangles to the public, which are fast-acting due to having Nanomolecular-Enhanced Live Resin expertly infused into each bite.

Whether you’re looking to go hard, or prefer to keep it mellow and microdosed, STIIIZY has you covered. Each bag of gummies contains a whopping 90mg of THC. You don’t have to go and eat the whole bag at one time, however. The gummies are segmented down into three large triangles (at 30mg each), and from there you can break them down into even smaller triangular-shaped doses, three at 10mg.

What makes these gummies stand out among the crowd of candies comes down to the technology. Utilizing nanomolecular technology, these gummies will deliver cannabis to your bloodstream at a record pace, giving you desired results in warp speed. Edibles have notoriously had a bad rap in the cannabis space, because the effects can often take hours to hit the consumer, leaving a large margin of error for getting “too high.” This leading edible tech makes that a thing of the past.

In our assessment of an assortment of these gummy varieties, two qualities really stood out, beyond the effects: The taste and texture.

Courtesy of STIIIZY

The first offering we tried was the Blue Raspberry Blast Gummies, which is an indica offering. Anticipating the effects of a good indica edible, we decided to take these after dinner and before our bedtime routine of Netflix and chillin’.

Ripping open the triangle shaped package, the sweet smell of blueberry filled the room, transporting our minds to day trips to the local farm where we’d pick fresh berries by the basket-load. Following the instructions on the back of the package, we decided to start out by consuming one-third of a 30mg triangle. The flavor burst made our mouths water, reminiscent of popping a freshly picked blueberry into your mouth.

Within 15 to 20 minutes, we already felt the buzzing effects starting in our limbs and warmly wrapping our minds and body in a relaxing state, much like being snuggled in a cozy blanket next to the fireplace on a winter’s night.

One hour after eating the 10mg triangle and well into our binge-watching of Squid Game (for a second time, mind you), our bodies were heavy and relaxed, prompting us to set the sleep timer on the TV for 30 minutes. These Blueberry gummies proved to be great at not only getting us to sleep, but also providing deep, pain-free slumber through the night, without feeling any kind of head fog come morning.

After such a positive experience with the indica gummies, we didn’t waste any time in trying the next flavor the following morning, which was Caribbean Breeze, a sativa variety. The package alone gives consumers a good preview into what taste they can experience. With green apples, strawberries, citrus fruits and pineapple swimming in a sea of yellow juice on the package, we knew this one was going to be filled with flavor.

The scent of these wasn’t as overpowering as the Blueberry, but the flavor was again spot on. Pineapple came through hard in terms of flavor, with the sugary sweet coating of the gummy providing a welcomed texture that perfectly complemented the tropical taste experience. Our day ahead was going to be a busy Saturday at home, doing chores and finishing up some outdoor projects in the garden. Let’s just say that we opted for a bigger dose, since our experience with just one, 10mg triangle proved to be manageable and positive our first go-round.

After eating two squares and going in the backyard to harvest fruit from our lemon trees, it wasn’t long before the uplifting psychoactive effects kicked in. Suddenly a mundane task of chores in the garden turned all the more enjoyable. The sun was shining brighter, our minds were wandering, the music we were playing sounded better… overall, it was an intense and uplifting experience. While productivity wasn’t necessarily affected, we did find ourselves switching from one task to another, quickly forgetting what we were doing momentarily, truly enjoying the day.

Throughout the day we were able to consume one triangle at a time, about every hour, to keep the effects going strong without putting a damper in our busy day of chores.

The last gummy we tried was the STIIIZY’s Sour Apple Hybrid gummy. We were a little nervous because typically with sour flavors, we’re a little bit sensitive. That said, the flavor was sour, but the sugary sweet coating made it all the more manageable and not overwhelming. Consistent with the other gummies, the effects onset quickly, with us first feeling effects within 20 minutes, and the full body-high set in at about 45 minutes. Starting with one gummy, we decided to pop at second at around 90 minutes, since the effects were strong but satisfying.

Feeling a little stressed after a long weekend (and anticipating a busy work week ahead) the hybrid was helpful in easing our stress and anxiety, without causing us to overthink anything. Instead, we were able to take a nice bike ride around the neighborhood, followed by a spontaneous trip to the store (which very well could have been motivated by a case of the munchies). We found ourselves browsing the aisles in a carefree state, picking up essentials for the week, as well as some spontaneous snacks that we couldn’t resist.

All in all, all three edible varieties delivered on our expectations, giving us varied and enjoyable experiences that didn’t put a damper in whatever activities we had set out to accomplish. From the tasty flavors to the fast-acting properties, these were hands-down some of our favorite edibles we’ve tried to date. There’s nothing like consistency and a fast onset of effects to keep our faith in edibles, and STIIIZY delivers on all that and more.

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All in on Far Out: Stoned at DesignerCon

I’ve gone to a lot of conventions in my day, but few are as exciting as DesignerCon. Originally founded in 2006, and known as the Vinyl Toy Network back then, DesignerCon is a three-day art and toy convention held annually at the Anaheim Convention Center. Although this was the first event since 2019 due to that moment in time we’d all like to forget, it was clear that the spirit of DesignerCon is thriving, with over 800 vendors displaying 550 artists across this year’s showroom floor.

Featuring everything from vinyl toys to hand-made customs, and fine art prints to originals, Dcon is honestly a creative’s Valhalla. The entire hall is covered with art, and almost everyone notable in today’s landscape is represented, if not there themselves. For example, I’m not sure Kaws showed up, but that doesn’t mean there was any shortage of his work. 

I’ve known of this event for a few years, and while I’ve always been interested, given my typically hectic schedule, this was the first one I was actually able to attend. Now that I know exactly what goes on here, I’m pretty sure I won’t miss another. I know my wallet won’t be happy about it, but my soul will be smiling. Here’s how it went for me.

Courtesy of Birdman Photos

Getting In

In case you’ve never been to the area, the Anaheim Convention Center is, like, across the street from Disneyland, so I was expecting security to be TIGHT. After a rough experience at ComplexCon the week before, I was frankly pretty on edge. I had joints hidden EVERYWHERE. 

However, I’m very pleased to report that besides making sure you were properly vaccinated or proved COVID-negative, security was not concerned whatsoever about whatever consumables you may have had on you. Although I was asked not to smoke “hard tobacco” so close to the convention center on my initial approach, there were plenty of smoking areas adjacent to the hall to pop out and puff in, and there were far more joints being roasted there than cigarettes, from what I saw.

Once inside, it was actually a much smoother operation than I was expecting. Having experienced the madness from CES to Comic-Con, the seemingly tranquil ingest process was a breeze, and though it was clear that there were a LOT of people there, everyone was moving in the same direction. Even better, although traffic flowed, there was plenty of space to pop off to the side and see whatever art you wanted without causing a massive jam.

Courtesy of Birdman Photos

On the Floor

I know I called it Valhalla earlier, but there really is something so magic about the floor of this show that it feels entirely accurate. While my personal arrested development still has my obsession with toys at an all time high, there truly was something for everyone here, and every booth was worth stopping and checking out—even if just to get out of your own aesthetic preferences for a moment to see something new.

I do this at weed shows, but there are very, very few other events I make sure to check out absolutely everything at, and this was one of those. I was fortunate to be rolling with a few gents who appreciate the arts as much as I do (shout out to Ted from Alien Labs and Curtis from the Yellow Brick Group), so the mission was clear from the jump—we WERE going to see everything dope there. Let me just say, this is a MUCH more difficult task than I imagined—the dope list is never-ending, and it’s easy to get sucked down a rabbit hole. 

Courtesy of Birdman Photos

Finding the Heat

From the first steps you take into the space, it’s clear that the titans of industry were all present at this event, and that this wasn’t some throwaway experience for them—they were showing out. Booths like Medicom, the makers of the ever-popular Be@rbricks, sported a line around their entire, massive set-up for basically the whole event, while others created much more personal and approachable experiences. 

My personal favorites, the Mighty Jaxx gang, made an excellent display around their footprint that looked as if their entire collection was tucked away inside a vault. Although much of it is still waiting to enter the country due to the global shipping issues right now, I was able to secure one of Jason Freeny’s new Melting Bomb piece, which I’ve had my eye on forever. Another booth of note, which should come as no surprise to our frequent readers, was, of course, Talking Terps’ Cottage, which was making its second public debut. 

Courtesy of @_shawnsolo_

Some brands stood out with just their stores, while others utilized massive installation pieces to draw a crowd. Newcomers like RRAR developed a giant version of “Always Somewhere Else,” which is now accepting preorders for it’s 12-inch release in Q1 ‘22, to make their debut on the scene. Artists like Robert Burden, for example, used their space to show off the expanse of their work, with larger-than-life canvases that featured a seemingly never-ending collection of pop-culture references. 

Robert Burden at Work

Exclusives to Bootlegs

One of the best parts of DesignerCon is all the exclusive releases that happen special for the event. From unique colorways of already popular pieces, to brand-new creations released there for the first time, there were far too many items I simply couldn’t say ‘no’ to. Tristan Eaton’s “Let’s Bang” sculpt in Black, which was released in partnership with 3D Retro, was a prime example of this. 

Another was Fett Up Toys Boba Fett / Skeletor mash, which I’ve become obsessed with. The hand-made, bootleg game was especially popular this year, with every possible play of Mickey Mouse imaginable on display at one booth or another. While some certainly lacked creativity, others absolutely took things to the next level, whether it was through combining traits, mashing colorways or just straight up destroying cultural icons, and I was there for it.

DesignerCon Exclusive Bearbricks

One of the more interesting developments at this event was the way NFTs have begun to invade this space. Obviously given the rarity and collectible aspect of many projects, NFTs seem prime for adoption by this audience, but what Veve is doing is really interesting. Leveraging artists with real-world fame (and cult-like followings) like Luke Chueh, Sket One and Camille Rose Garcia, and the IP of powerhouses like Marvel and James Bond

They’ve managed to make carbon-neutral NFTs that allow these fandoms to tap into this burgeoning, new technology without any of the negative ecological costs. I’m not sure if they’ll take off, but they sold out many of their projects in seconds, so it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

Courtesy of @3dretro

Hit or Quit

Overall I’ve got to say this was one of the most fun events I’ve been to in a LONG time. Sure it was like, exactly in the pocket of things I love, and I spent far, far more than anticipated, but I was on cloud 9 the entire event—I floated through the convention hall snatching up unique figures and prints, both beautifying my apartment (by some standards) and satisfying my obsession with the weird. I said it above so it should come as no surprise, but this is now a must attend on my yearly calendar, and while I may go broke in the process, at least I’ll die with the most cool shit to pass on.

Talking Terps Cottage – Courtesy of Birdman Photos

Finally, shout out to Dole whip, man. I knew they had it at Disney, but thankfully, the Convention Center also has the plug, and few things hit like a nice frosty pineapple jawn after walking around smashed all day. I don’t know why more places don’t have it—seems like the kind of thing McDonald’s or someone should capitalize on, but if you’ve never tried it, and you ever see a stand offering some in the future, TRUST… you’re going to enjoy yourself. 

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Review of Cowboy Diplomacy’s “Easier When I’m Stoned”

“Easier When I’m Stoned” is the latest must-listen single from four-piece alternative blues rock band Cowboy Diplomacy. The track contemplates the break from reality that getting stoned offers — and as we near the final months of 2021, I think we all need a break. As Cowboy Diplomacy says, “the real world is hard.” Easier […]

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Small Business Spotlight: Canadian Lumber

Rolling papers are what our world can revolve around sometimes. When you need one, you can’t find one, and when you finally do…it’s ripped, or the glue doesn’t stick.

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Small Business Spotlight: Alternative Greens

Alternative Greens is different from the chains in everything from atmosphere to entry. It feels almost like entering a speakeasy when you go in the front door and wait to be let into the main store.

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