Take Waking and Baking to the Next Level with Waffleye

Billy Owczarski has been diagnosed with cancer three times in his life and, like many, turned to cannabis as an aid to deal with the cruel side effects of chemotherapy.

In 2017, when Owczarski was battling Hodgkin’s lymphoma, he spent a lot of time at home since the chemo made it impossible for him to go to work.

Looking back at that time, Owczarski recalls having little to no appetite. Opting for a joint instead of a snack, Owczarski got high and let his thoughts wander. He arrived at an opportunity to bring cannabis, food and fun together in the form of a cannabis leaf-shaped waffle maker. And he called it the Waffleye.

When Life Hands You Lemons

That classic “pot brownie” in that classic square Pyrex pan is quite tired after all these years and often associated with a negative stoner stereotype. The Waffleye is an effort to move past stereotypical cannabis edibles.

“I wanted it to be something arbitrary, not associated with anything too specific like ‘weed waffle,” or anything like that,” Owczarski said about the company name. “It is a play on the all-seeing eye, it is a play on being full, it is a play on a new way of seeing waffles.”

Billy and Alex Owczarski

Owczarski and his wife/business partner Alex Owczarski did a lot of the work needed to bring Waffleye to fruition during a three-week hospital stay while Billy received his bone marrow transplant.  

“It was rough. I remember working on building the website and bouncing ideas off of Billy when I could,” Alex recalled. “It was a decent way to pass the time, and the exciting thought of creating a business together definitely helped keep the mood light during such a bleak time.”

Thankfully, after the draining chemotherapy sessions and long hospital visits, Billy was able to beat cancer.

Since the Billy’s treatment was such an integral part of Waffleye’s inception, the couple decided to give back by donating a portion of all sales to City of Hope Cancer Treatment and Research Center.

Waffleye became a bright spot in an extremely difficult time for the Owczarskis, and their company slogan suits this perfectly: “When life hands you lemons, make waffles.”

Mom & Pop Waffles

Being a small husband-and-wife-owned business, Waffleye inserts a familial tone into their brand through the recipes on their website and social media.

“Our mascot is Grandma, who is inspired by our own grandma,” Alex said. “She cooks breakfast every Sunday for our family and always uses a Waffleye waffle maker.”

There is Instagram evidence of this on Waffleye’s account, featuring a video of Alex’s grandmother at home using the Waffleye to make a waffle cake with her 92-year-old grandfather.

According to their site, the recipes are written by Grandma and always include things that she or Grandpa have actually said.

From pizza waffles to waffled donuts, there are lots of unique recipes to use with the Waffleye. And the accompanying step-by-step photos will make you want to reach out and grab your screen.

Waffleye’s family-oriented brand, paired with a creative way to express a love of cannabis, shows that cannabis normalization has come a long way and the company is cognizant of this fact.

“As a small business, we are passionate about what we do,” the Owczarskis state on their website. “We truly hope to provide fun and interesting recipes, to make you laugh, and to help change the narrative about cannabis.”

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How to make a cannabis-infused piña chillada

Cannabis beverages are a growing trend, and it’s easy to understand why. From CBD-infused coffee to THC microdose sodas, there are seemingly endless flavors and styles that can be used to make stoney signature drinks in place of traditional cocktails. 

While no one is trying to take away our precious margaritas or frosé, reducing alcohol consumption in general is increasingly popular among people of all ages. With physical and mental well-being seen top priority, cannabis drinks can satisfy the thirst for delicious beverages that provide relaxation without hangovers or added calories.

Part of the fun of cocktails is the element of craft that goes into them. Of course, the many ready-to-drink cannabis beverages can be enjoyed on their own as an alternative to alcoholic tipples, but for those who crave the ritual of mixing something unique in their home bar — or for those who want to enjoy a complex drink that equal more than the sum of its parts — these recipes are for you. 

The concoctions below use a combination of pre-made infused beverages and tinctures. Any type of tincture, such as full-spectrum hemp, CBD or THC, will work, though we are partial to nano tinctures that are made specifically for beverages since they mix in easily and don’t change the flavor profile. 

How to make delicious cannabis-infused cocktails

Before you start mixing, there’s a few tried-and-true tips you should have at your disposal for the best canna-cocktail experience: 

  • After following a recipe, periodically taste and adjust the amounts of each ingredient to create your ideal balance.
  • Add your own flare: play around with garnishes to put a personalized stamp on homemade drinks. Try anything from cinnamon sticks to fresh figs. 

Why the piña chillada 

Tropical drinks always taste like vacation in a glass, and with a cannabis boost, they can also feel like vacation. This Pinna Chillada uses all-natural ingredients, featuring coconut milk instead of sweet and processed cream of coconut. 

Aside from being a healthier option, natural full-fat coconut milk can enhance the effects of cannabis. This is a very forgiving recipe that can be easily customized: adjust the amount of maple for desired sweetness and adjust water for desired consistency. If you don’t have frozen pineapple, use fresh or canned and use a few ice cubes instead of cold water. 

Gina Coleman/Weedmaps


  • 2 oz coconut milk
  • ½ oz maple syrup
  • 2 oz pineapple juice
  • 4 oz frozen pineapple chunks
  • Splash of cold water 
  • Tincture of choice


  • Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.

Products we mixed: Kickback Nano Tincture 

A 2 millimeter serving size of Kickback Nano Tincture contains 5 milligrams of CBD.

Available: Nationwide

Photos by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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How to Elevate Your Memorial Day

If you’re lucky, the weather is really starting to warm up where you are — which means summer is right around the corner. While the sun is beginning to stay out longer, it’s the perfect time to get outside (if you are fortunate to have the private space to do so) in the sunshine to celebrate Memorial Day with a BBQ. Obviously this year is different from previous due to COVID-19, but you can still have a nice chill Memorial Day weekend. These edibles recipes will help it be even more chill. 

And remember to be thankful that more of our nation’s heroes have access to medical cannabis than ever before. 

PHOTO Skitterphoto

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Having a few cannabis-infused recipes up your sleeve for any holiday is a must. For the best results, consider only choosing one or two dishes to make so that you can responsibly have a good time without having to miss out on eating all of the good food that’s available. Also, make sure that you clearly mark which foods have cannabis in them and which ones don’t. Here are our picks for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day American Flag Cannabis Access For Veterans Cannabis Now
PHOTO Anthony Quintano

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While veterans living in regulated markets have had better access to medical marijuana than ever each consecutive Memorial Day over the past few years, there are still many dealing with the physical and mental scars of their service who are being denied access across the country.

memorial day recipes
PHOTO Bruce Wolf

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With bright splashes of fruit, these simple cannabis popsicles are a work of art. If you are looking for a “party in your mouth” experience, look no further than these popsicles infused with cannabis honey. The beautiful squares of fruit and juice are simple to make and completely adaptable. The idea that you can have these babies in the freezer, ready at a moments notice, is a game-changer.

PHOTO Anna Shvets

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Warfighter Hemp will donate an antiseptic sanitizer with CBD to frontline persons leading the battle against the Coronavirus with every purchase. They recently launched a CDC-grade antiseptic sanitizer gel and spray with CBD to help combat coronavirus and protect the most vulnerable in our society.

TELL US, what are you doing this Memorial Day?

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