5 weed products rapper Problem can’t live without

Last week, West Coast legend Problem dropped a track called “4 the Low.” In the song’s video, you can see the Compton-raised MC talk broad strategy with co-star Wiz Khalifa, bike through Los Angeles’s neighborhood streets — joint on his lips, old-school —  and rhyme with Wiz in front of super-fine rides. 

Woven into a bright and bouncy beat — produced by Problem, Mike & Keys and Vangogh— are two Problem lines that distill the whole vibe:

“Black market on the East side thеy boxed up and got rich

For that same thing they doin’ now homiеs locked up and I’m pissed”

Problem isn’t the first MC to articulate rage over the complexion disparities within legal weed ownership; but there’s something about this rapper’s conviction of delivery that hits at the issue fresh. 

Problem’s hot verse isn’t what’s most remarkable about “4 the Low.” At the video’s bottom runs a faux stock market tracker. The numbers crawl: Viola, Monogram and Dr. Greenthumb — brands operated by celebrities of color — are up. Also up, coincidentally, is Coffee and Kush, best known as a pair of 2020 Problem albums and the coffee mug and pipe that Problem uses in the video. Something more than self promotion, there’s a message in the hip hop artist’s wishful thinking.

“I just think it’s about time for them to allow us to have something that is ours, and let us talk about the way we want to do it,” he said. “When this thing goes federal you’re going to see that the minority people are not as greedy as you think. We want everybody to win. We don’t hate anybody. We just want to make sure we’re alright, too.”

Problem, whose government name is Jason Martin, told Weedmaps that his first edible came from “mama’s kitchen.” His cannabis roots go deep, and can be felt in THC-assisted verses he’s traded with top-shelf rappers like his mentor Snoop Dogg and Freddie Gibbs. Most notable: he wrote the hook and is the first voice heard on the all-time problematic banger, “Function.”

Problem’s Coffee and Kush: the concept

It wasn’t until quarantine that Problem fully embraced weed as a brand. Somewhere between his 2018 appearance on the Wiz Khalifa album Gin & Drugs and 2020, dude slowed down. The question, “Whoever thought I’d fall off like the way I did?” from the 2018 mixtape S2, might offer clues as to why he’s passed hard on being a standout partier.

Problem became the guy in line with his girl getting morning coffee, and the early AM java runs opened his eyes. “I wasn’t the only one smelling like weed at Starbucks,” he said. “There’s a whole morning market that no one was tapping into.”

The Starbucks revelation started Problem thinking about the audience for java and bud, but the name was inspired by Khalifa. He had listened to his seminal mixtape Kush and Orange Juice and thought, “Wiz should have started an orange juice company … it probably would have been genius.” Then it was, “No, I should start a coffee company.” 

Finally, the rapper realized that he wanted to develop a coffee company and a marijuana dispensary. As of now, Problem has “three or four brands” in development, as well as a new partnership with the Los Angeles brand Green Label. Coffee and Kush: The pipe-mugs and music collections are his broad-based beginning. 

“Being able to monetize off your music, especially in today’s times,” he said, “is very, very important. With the lack of touring [and] streaming numbers are really not paying out like they should.” 

With last May’s release of Problem’s coffeehouse-smooth Coffee and Kush mixtape came the pipe-combo mugs. A second volume of that mixtape followed. Now, the rapper-turned entrepreneur takes his next steps into rebranding what was once called a “hippie speedball” as “The New Chicken and Waffles.”

But Problem, an “old-school” type of smoker, has certain preferences and rituals when it comes to rolling up. Here are four more products he can’t live without. 

Zig Zags

I’m so old-school, man. I’m an old-school dude. I like rolling up a Zig Zag that hits hard as fuck. Just gettin’ into my zone, bruh. I like the black zig zags, the long ones. No disrespect to Raw or anyone else. But I can roll a perfect Zig Zag joint in under 20 seconds.” 

Medicinal Marijuana

Once a renowned party boy of the West Coast mixtape scene, Problem claims the lifestyle some call California Sober — he claims he doesn’t aspirin anymore. “If the weed don’t fix it, then it’s my time to go.”

Khalifa Kush 

Khalifa Kush used to be the weed that got me the highest. He used to give me that shit and I’d be fuckin’ stuck. That boy’s got some of the best weed out here that’s legal. That was my go-to before I got with my boy Steve.”

Problem said that for the past three years he’s almost exclusively consumed cannabis grown by a 60-year-old unlicensed Los Angeles-grower named Haitian Steve, who will only sell him an ounce at a time. “He fuckin’ loves those plants. He sings to ’em, fuckin’ reads to ’em, plays jazz. You can tell, it’s weed for the creatives.” 

Cannabis and Kush Combo Pipe Mug

Ever since this Coffee and Kush mug came out, that’s pretty much all I use, bro. Drop a nug in here. I get high as shit, real quick. I got my coffee, I can sip it. I don’t have to look for papers and all that shit. The mug keeps me from getting too high because I’ll roll up a big-ass joint and smoke way too much — that’s my temperament right now. I really use the product that I sell, a lot. I have it in my fuckin’ hand right now.”

Featured image courtesy of Problem. Graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps

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3 weed products rapper Boosie can’t live without

Boosie Badazz, Boosie Boo, Lil’ Boosie, or simply Boosie is a rap legend from Baton Rouge, LA that really needs no introduction. If you’ve ever wiped down your shoulders, chest, pants, shoes, then you know Boosie. If you’ve ever screamed “I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T” at the top of your lungs as a celebration of Black culture and female independence, you know Boosie. If you’ve ever sang “36 O’s, 36 O’s, all white, all white, like some tiptoes” while bagging up the work, you know Boosie. 

Recently, I had the chance to hop on a Zoom with Boosie to discuss weed, music, life during a global pandemic, and above everything else, his recent partnership with hemp CBD company Black Bayou. Without hyperbole, I can tell you that it was the funniest conversation I’ve ever had. Off rip the man introduced himself like, “My name is Boosie, I’m a G in the world, and I’m just a ballin’ ass nigga who loves a lot of people, and a lot of people love me.”

Music-wise, Boosie has released multiple projects this year, with more on the way. In February he fed the stress with BADAZZ MO3, a collaboration with rapper MO3, in April 2020 he gave us G.O.A.T Talk 2, and in June he gave us his quarantine soundtrack, In House. On what’s to come, Boosie said, “My G.O.A.T. Talk 3 next. I got [NBA Young Boy], I got Trouble on there — my artist Yung Bleu just got a feature with Drake. We steady going up.” 

The pandemic has shut down live music and tours as we know it, however the serial hustler has been finding ways to still perform, mainly in Atlanta and smaller towns with less restrictions. On how he’s kept so active, Boosie told me, “I can’t let this Corona stop me from feeding my family. I’ve got to protect myself as much as possible, but I’m out there, I’m still getting to it. I’m state to state.” 

Boosie’s favorite weed

Much like his music, Boosie’s love for cannabis is well-known. And in partnership with Black Bayou, Boosie is now choosing to express that love commercially. According to its website, Black Bayou is a Black-owned business operating out of Lakewood, Colorado that produces a line of vegan hemp products “for all the moments you want most.” 

“We got the gummies, we got the sex oil, we got the vape pens, we got stuff for anxiety, we got the best product. I’m the king of CBD cause my product is damn good, and it’s healthy. I’ve been trying to get into this CBD lane, I just needed to get with the people who had the best products and best facilities,” Boosie said of his product line.

In addition to CBD, we also talked about THC, how Boosie smokes an ounce per day, and why he loves to smoke weed. On the benefits of weed, Boosie shared, “I feel like weed keeps you out of trouble. If you smoke weed, it’s a different lifestyle. Most of the time with marijuana, you’re going to chill at the house. Or you’ll get high, or go [hang out with a woman].”

Here are 3 weed products that Boosie Badazz can’t live without.

Black Bayou Male Enhancer

Black produces two gender-specific sexual enhancement oils. If you’ve ever listened to “Nasty Nasty” or “Let Me Ease Ya Mind,” then it should come as no surprise that Boosie loves sex products, and swears by his own. “I rub it on my nuts,” he said of Black Bayou’s male enhancer. 


Past his male enhancer, for the most part, Boosie smokes flower and blunts exclusively. Backwoods are his preferred blunt wrap, and he fills them with an eighth every time.

Asked if he likes other methods of consumption, Boosie responded, “Nah, man. I had a bad experience in Cali with the dabs. I couldn’t stop coughing, I threw up and shit. I don’t like the edibles that much cause it has me stuck. I’m a busy person, I don’t like to be stuck.”

Exotic weed

If you ever need to know about Boosie and his favorite weed, just run “Weed Head X4” off his Talk Dat Shit album. Out the gate he lets you know he “be smoking on that pressure,” some good ass weed. What kind of good ass weed? “I smoke straight Exotic, I ain’t even gon’ lie. I smoke the Runtz, I smoke Gelato, I smoke the real ones. I’m smoking top notch weed. I’m smoking Cherry Runtz right now,” said the king of CBD.

It doesn’t even matter if it’s sativa, indica, or hybrid, Boosie is just chasing the best, most flavorful weed that will send him straight to Cloud 9. “It just really gotta be gas. I’ll smoke a sativa, it just has to be the real deal. I don’t smoke no deps, I don’t smoke no alright shit.”

Photo courtesy of Boosie. Graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps

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4 weed products rapper Doley Bernays can’t live without

Doley Bernays is a rapper from the Bronx, New York that you should be listening to right now. He popped up in my Spotify Discover a few weeks ago, since then, there hasn’t been a single morning that I haven’t played “New Bosses” like all my dreams are possible. Doley has that special gift of turning his real life perspective and  experiences into relatable content that the world can feel. It’s a style of  content that can only be described as “real shit,” which is something the Bronx native champions in his music.

On making music, Bernays said, “This woman had DMed me, she had lost her one-year-old son. I had this song called ‘I Know Pain because my son had epilepsy and in the song I was talking about that, just the battle of the mental state, this was when my son was a kid and was having seizures. And as a parent, you’re in a state of confusion, it’s not something you can plan for, or something I can block him from. She said she had a similar thing when her kid died naturally, and she listened to ‘I Know Pain’ on repeat every day for a year straight and it got her through it. And shit like that, I just realized, if you talk about your real life, you never know how many people are going to be affected by that. So I just try to keep it in that realm.”

Recently, Bernays dropped his newest album Lobby Tape Side A, which follows his journey through his projects in the Bronx, and honors the life of his late brother Muddy who was murdered in their project’s lobby. “The cover is in the building. That’s the real building, my [late] brother Muddy’s lobby, that’s where we were raised. I wanted people to get that feel for my hood, cause I come from a whole different place. I just wanted to really show where I’m from, I just wanted to walk y’all through my building. Literally, that’s what the whole tape is, I’m walking [people] through the projects, letting [people] know what that shit is like.” 

Bernays really wanted this album to have a gritty feel that matched the look of his lobby. Something people could not only hear and see, but also feel. “I try to craft my shit in such a musical way, but in this one I really wanted to tap into the Mac & Cheese era, the Dedication Wayne era. I’m going to do original beats, but I wanted it to sound as grimey as my lobby. I didn’t do the pretty mixes.”

Bernays’ Lobby Tape Side A is available on all streaming platforms now.

Doley Bernays favorite weed

In addition to making music, Bernays smokes hella weed. “I’ve been smoking so long that shit is my norm. It’s almost a part of my day, like getting dressed in the morning. Everything is normal for me when I’m high, I guess that’s the benefit. It makes me feel normal. I ain’t never had no reason to stop smoking since I started.”

When it comes to preferred consumption methods, Doley is all about the flower. “I seen someone take [a dab] and pass out early in the game. I was like, ‘I’m not smoking that shit.’ And honestly, I grew up around mad crackheads, so I don’t like pipes and shit. I don’t do edibles cause I look at them edibles like a roller coaster: once you on that ride, if that’s shit going bad and I feel like, ‘Oh nah, this getting me too high — I can put it out,’ I can’t do that with an edible. And vapes, I don’t even do that, cause why do that when you can do the real shit? I’m really just on some natural weed shit.”

Here are the 4 weed products that rapper Doley Bermays can’t live without. 

Fronto Leaf

“I smoke Gorilla Leaf with some papers. That’s how I do all my blunts. If I don’t got no Grabba leaf or some fronto leaf, just forget about it. I can’t smoke straight joints, I be feeling like I’m smoking air.”

Fronto leaf is a whole tobacco leaf that people use to roll blunts. Bernays likes smoking Gorilla Leaf and Grabba Leaf brands.

King Size RAW Papers

Bernays always wraps his blunts in paper and it’s mandatory that they’re king size RAW papers.

“I can’t live without the Grabba Leaf, with papers. I gotta have some papers to roll with it, and it’s gotta be RAW, not them little shits. I hate when I end up with those little ass papers.” 

RAW is a smoking accessories brand that makes papers, cones, trays, and pretty much anything else you need to smoke.

Indica-dominant Hybrids

Bernays was smoking Gelato when we spoke, however, he doesn’t really have a favorite strain. Just a favorite type: indica-dominant hybrids. 

“Nowadays, [growers] just be naming [strains] anything. I need some strong OGs, some indicas, or indica-dominant hybrids. If I’m going to cop from a dispensary, I don’t even want to see anything under 30% THC, don’t even show me that shit. Give me everything over 30% THC that’s an indica all the time. Because the strains change all the time, and even with the strains, you might get a bad batch. And as soon as a strain starts popping, you start getting synthetic ones. No strain can go that long without motherfuckers making a fake one.”


“And lighters — that’s all I need: some bomb weed, leaf, papers, some lighters, what else do you really need?”

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5 weed products rapper Rick Ross can’t live without

Rick Ross needs little introduction. One of the most iconic rappers of all time, the Miami native rose to notoriety at the end of the aughts on a flossy blend of boss vibes, Rozay lifestyle, and bigname features, the culmination of which can best be described by his signature phrase, Maybach Music

In addition to being synonymous with big daddy luxury and his music projects, the phrase also refers to Maybach Music Group, the record label Ross founded in 2009, which elevated him from just another rapper to the Teflon Don we love today. After a decade and a half of chart topping hits, nods for every award under the sun (including a 2020 Grammy nomination for Gold Roses with Drake), and the kind of career that dreams are made of, Ross has set his sights on a new kind of success. Specifically, investing in a handful of WingStop locations, and launching Collins Ave, his own line of flower.

For the latter venture, Ross has linked up with California mega-brand, Cookies, owned by none other than frequent rap collaborator and old friend, Berner. “I met Berner in 2011, just touring,” said Ross. “One of my homies brought him on the tour bus and introduced me to him. We smoked, and he gave me my own personal sack of what we were smokin’ on. That was the beginning of it. We just went from there.” He continued, “He’s a cool, laid back motherfucker. He’s real calm, and I like that.” 

For the lifelong stoner, who smoked his first spliff at age thirteen, weed has always served a positive role, making Ross’s foray into the legal market a natural progression. “I’ve always been a heightened individual. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. I can be aggressive. So smoking tones me down a little bit. It makes me a little more relaxed, gives me time to reflect by myself,” he paused, “but I’m a real smoker. Like I really intake. Big smoke. I love big smoke.” 

To celebrate the launch of Collins Ave, here are five weed products Rick Ross can’t live without, straight from the Don himself. 

VIBES Hemp Rolling Papers

VIBES are an extremely high-quality line of rolling papers created by Berner, and made in France. Though they also come in Rice and Ultra Thin, Ross swears by the Hemp version. “They’re my white bread,” he said. 

Available: Nationwide

Swisher Sweets

“If I’m not smoking my hemp VIBES, I’m smoking my Swisher Sweet,” said Ross. Like him, these blunts are ultimately iconic, big in major cities, and need very little introduction. 

If you’ve been around the weed world at all in your life, you’ve hit a Swisher more than once. If you’re anything like Ross, you hit them every chance you get. He continued, ”I mean, I want an old school blunt. I’m talkin ’bout that old school ’95 shit. That Wu Tang shit,” he laughs, “that’s actually what I’m smokin’ right now.” 

Available: Nationwide

London Pound Cake #75

When asked about his favorite strains of flower, Ross said, “I love that London Pound Cake.” London Pound Cake #75 is a particularly fire Cookies strain as a cross of Sunset Sherbert and an unknown heavy-hitting indica. With a fruity, floral smell and a sweet, citrusy flavor, these beautiful buds, densely purple with orange accents, bring a creeper high that will leave you feeling euphoric, heady, and chill. 

Gary Payton by Cookies

Next up? Gary Payton. “Then that Gary Payton strain, that’s my main shit right now,” said Ross. 

The Gary Payton strain by Cookies is another all out banger, and a relatively new one at that. The strain dropped about a year ago in collaboration with the legendary Seattle SuperSonics and Hall of Famer. 

Known for its spicy, gassy buds and a hard hitting, long-lasting high, it’s a strain for feeling blissed out and floaty, with a heavy body and a head to match. 

Collins Ave 

Ross, of course, couldn’t live without the very collaboration he’s been working on. “Wow man, it’s really a big thing,” Ross said of the collaboration. “What Berner created out on the West Coast, you know that shit is global now. Cookies is global. I’m happy to bring that shit to the South.” 

He continues, “Growing up in Miami, I smoked a lot of Jamiaican weed, a lot of backyard weed. Anything you could imagine, we smoked it. But on the West Coast, there’s something in the air. That’s what I want to bring to the South. This idea is based on smoking the best bud, and working with homies everywhere.” 

Collins Ave is offering three strains: Collins Ave (a soothing indica), Pink Rozay (an all-day hybrid) and Lemon Pepper (a spicy, upbeat sativa). 

When asked his favorite of the three strains, Ross wasn’t shy. “My favorite is the Pink Rozay right now. This shit taste like my girlfriend.” 

He continued, “Indica and sativa, I don’t even talk that. It doesn’t matter. I wanted this to be something you could smoke all day, because that’s what I’m smoking for. I want a powerful effect. So that’s what’s important. That this shit tastes like my girlfriend,” Ross paused, “Wow I love that quote.” 

Photo by Jamie Lamor Thompson/Shutterstock. Graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps

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Lil Wayne Officially Enters Cannabis Industry

One of the most prolific rappers and cannabis enthusiasts of the generation has decided to enter the cannabis industry as Lil Wayne announced his new cannabis brand GKUA Ultra Premium early this week. 

According to GKUA launch announcement, Lil Wayne wants the new brand to celebrate the best cannabis in the world. The company will attempt to merge the cutting edge of cannabis tech with experienced cultivators to create its own one of a kind experience  

In the age of celebrity cannabis the first question you have to ask is “how is the pot?” Now obviously we’re giving Weezy the benefit of the doubt; I mean he co-headlined the first Cannabis Cup in California after the adult-use market came alive. The guy has spent the better part of the last 20 years as his own traveling weather phenomenon with the cloud coverage he’s bringing in. So one would imagine someone that loves weed that much wouldn’t just throw his iconic name on some mids; according to the announcement, he’s had samples and approved everything in the lineup. This is definitely not always the case with some celeb-backed companies grabbing whatever white label product they can. 

And that’s not to be a knock on the practice of white labeling in general, plenty of people who grow good pot and didn’t want to brand themselves deserve a mechanism to sell their wares. But like most things in life, not everyone is good at it. Regardless, we’d imagine any pot that made it through Weezy’s testing protocol has a lot of potential. 

“I used to just want to get high, now I smoke to get inspired,” Lil Wayne said of his new endeavor in the announcement. “With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.”

GKUA and Weezy

We reached out to GKUA to get the deal on the pot, specifically in hopes of identifying who is growing it with the level of branding they are going for tossing around boutique adjectives. “We are working closely with a half dozen of the most experienced growers in Northern California in the Emerald Triangle,” GKUA’s executive team told High Times. They followed up saying the specific names of the growers are confidential at this time but they plan on putting out the details of who they’re collaborating with at a later date. 

The proprietary strains they are sourcing from those cultivators is also a bit of a mystery so far. Like many, they are using company specific strain names to prepare for the forthcoming cannabis trademarking wars. Just think about what happened with Gorilla Glue’s lawsuit multiplied by a hundred. It’s going to be ugly unless you’re a lawyer billing hours. 

Currently the GKUA is showing off a lineup of three strains available to licensed California dispensaries. They are the GKUA VIP, Hollygrove, and Uproar. Now we haven’t had the chance to try any of the three, they won’t tell us who grew it and we don’t know the genetics…but it looks like pretty decent pot. They used a regular PR Photographer type person who didn’t know how to properly light up trichomes, so tough to be definitive. 

The rest of the leadership at GKUA is obviously hyped to be working with Lil Wayne on the project. 

“The combination of our incredible products, market knowledge, and commitment to quality, paired with the unmatched fanbase of Lil Wayne, the ultimate cannabis connoisseur, creates an unprecedented opportunity to create a cannabis brand that values creativity and the artistic pursuit,” said Beau Golob, President and Co-founder GKUA Inc. “It’s an honor to lead this company along with Lil Wayne, curating a premium line of products that inspires people and feeds their creativity. This is historic and really exciting!”

At launch the lineup of products will include the flower, vapes with proprietary batteries, and raw concentrates that will be dabbable. The rollout will start with a few select Los Angeles area dispensaries and then across California and beyond in 2020. 

GKUA plans to use an array of events to help get hype levels around the brand up including VIP parties, special one-off performances, and curated artistic experiences.

In the end, the goal for GKUA’s team is to be more than just a brand in the sense that it will be another platform for Lil Wayne to connect to and inspire his millions of fans. In the process they’ll celebrate “culture and artistic achievements while appreciating and sharing the benefits of quality cannabis.”

Courtesy of GKUA

In recent years Lil Wayne has been a mainstay at the Cannabis Cup but his love of marijuana and advocacy are nothing new. A decade ago he famously sat down with Katie Couric as one the top musical acts in the country and defended his marijuana use. 

“You also reportedly like your weed” Couric told Weezy with a laugh. 

“Yeah, I will stand up for marijuana any day, yes,” he replied. 

Couric asked if he smoked a lot of pot. 

“Medicinal now,” he replied Couric who began to smirk and asked for specifics. 

“I have migraines. I get migraines that just make me want to kill myself,” Lil Wayne said. 

Couric wondered his recent arrests, back then, made him wonder if he should ease up on the weed. 

“I never think that,” he replied, “I’m a rapper. That’s who I am Miss Katie, and I’m a gangster, and I do what I want, and I love to smoke.”

We’ll see how Lil Wayne’s love of the game transitions over to California’s cannabis industry.

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