Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Brett Heyman, Founder of Luxury Cannabis Line Edie Parker

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Like her cannabis company’s slogan, Brett Heyman is “here for a good time.” The founder of accessories brand Edie Parker — as well as its luxury cannabis arm, Flower by Edie Parker — has an infectious confidence and sense of humor that exudes “life of the party” energy. 

During a video interview, the brains behind one of the more stylish weed lines had me cracking up in earnest — a rare treat for an introductory chat over Zoom. Edie Parker has been described as the “Coco Chanel of Cannabis,” and that makes sense; Coco was funny on top of being fashionable, too. 

Heyman’s vibe made it very clear how a former fashion exec (she used to spearhead PR at Gucci, and previously worked at Dolce & Gabbana) could achieve the not-so-simple task of merging haute couture and cannabis under one seamless umbrella. The boss knows what she likes and what she wants, from her personal consumption preferences, to her thoughts on design and culture. Her convictions trickle into a cohesive vision, which in turn inspires good products and an exciting brand.

As such, Flower by Edie Parker offers a myriad of products, including tabletop lighters, sexy handmade ashtrays, flavored crush cones, wearable one-hitters, and premium flower (currently sold in Massachusetts and Illinois). Their releases sometimes remind me of Jonathan Adler’s tastefully absurd, drug-inspired decor — but more youthful and femme. In any case, Edie Parker ephemera is ideal for potheads and fashion enthusiasts alike. (They’re also charitable; peep The Edie Parker Foundation.)

In our interview below, Heyman sounds off on how her husband originally sparked her adult relationship with cannabis, explains how the couple does at-home R&D on their pipes, and speculates about the future ties between weed and fashion in NYC.

What was your first time smoking weed? 

Brett Heyman: I haven’t answered this in a while. It’s embarrassing, but I started smoking weed for a boy. I was in high school and I was a little bit afraid of drugs — I had very, very conservative parents. They had me thinking that cannabis was really bad, anything that was illegal was really bad. Certainly any other type of drug was really bad. And I was very into music. I played guitar, I loved the Dead. I loved all these things that made my parents very uncomfortable, so they were distrusting. 

I did a lot of ceramics in high school, and I won the pottery award, so I would come home with ceramic little mushroom things, little pottery pieces that I made. And my dad would always come in and like lift them up because he was always looking for drugs. And the irony is I didn’t do drugs.

And then I had not a boyfriend, but a best friend who I really liked. We were like Ross and Rachel — his words. But he smoked a lot of cannabis. And so I started smoking pot through him when I was in ninth grade. It definitely took me a while to figure out how to use weed in a way that worked for me. I’m still like this as an adult, where less is more for me. I like to have a little bit of cannabis a lot of the time, you know? I never like to be ripping a bong or dabbing. I don’t do any of that. So I have a very good relationship with cannabis now, but it took me a long time to figure it out. 

At what point do you think you fell in love with the plant? When it wasn’t just a rebellion or recreational thing?

I’m gonna sound like such an anti-feminist, but again for a boy [laughs]. A different boy, totally different boy, who’s my husband now. So I had a relationship with cannabis through high school and college, but again, it would be the kind of thing where I’d get really drunk — or I would do other substances — and then I’d smoke cannabis in order to go to bed.

It wasn’t until I lived in New York City that I truly got into cannabis, but it wasn’t immediate. What happened was I went on my first date with my now-husband. I had agreed to go to lunch with him. That day, I didn’t eat breakfast, I exercised in the morning, and then I had two martinis at lunch… and that was it; I never left his side. But after lunch, we decided to go home and watch Almost Famous. He had cannabis at home and I was like, “Oh, I haven’t smoked in a while. Great.” 

We used this ridiculously obnoxious pipe with a girl’s butt on it, which we still have. So I smoked with him and I think it was the first time where it was the right amount of weed. Maybe he had better stuff than I’d tried before. Anyway, it finally felt like having an adult relationship with cannabis. Not getting crazy, but just enjoying the plant in the way that I enjoy it now. So I think I fell in love with it then. We started dating when I was 26, so that’s the age I developed a real relationship with cannabis.

Brett Heyman, photo via Marijuana Venture

What’s your day-to-day use like now? Are you a nighttime smoker? Is it a medicinal tool?

I mean it’s not just medicinal for me; I really like the pleasure aspect, too. I like to smoke either a little bit or have a gummy before I go to bed. Those Wyld gummies are really good for sleep; I love those. But mostly, my relationship with cannabis is still the pleasure of it. So I really love combining sex and cannabis, especially when you’re married for a long time. You just need something to spice it up, and make it feel like, “Oh, this still feels good.” Just kidding [laughs]. We have a house in the country now, and we take a lot of walks. So we’ll smoke a little bit of cannabis and then I’m like, “The green is so beautiful, and it’s different every season!” My husband is my partner in all of that and he loves it. I think it’s really like a pleasure center for me, but I do use it for bed.

I wanted to ask you about the Edie Parker flower line. Do you have any current favorite strains?

The real, tough truth is that I don’t get a lot of Edie Parker all the time because we only sell it in Massachusetts and Illinois. So no, I don’t have a favorite Edie Parker strain, unfortunately. But I think our goal is to offer flower that inspires really consistent, good experiences — not just weed that will knock you off your chair. So things like THC percentages in the low 20s. As I said, I don’t like to be so stoned where I can’t see straight and have to lie down. So it’s about offering a consistent experience. Obviously, sometimes I want to feel headier or sometimes I want a body high, but both are options with the flower we sell. 

Do you have a preferred consumption method when you do use flower?

I like to smoke. Well, I like to smoke a joint, but just like a little bit — for me, one or two puffs of a joint is perfect. And that is my favorite consumption method. I’ve never talked about my husband so much in an interview, but we also have this really romantic tradition where our brand makes a lot of pipes, so we are always testing them. Very sweetly, he likes to fill up the pipe for me, light it, and then give me all the cool smoke after he takes the hot hit. That’s so thoughtful. No one ever did that for me before, but he always does it. He’s like, “Oh, let me hit it first, and then you just take all that beautiful, cool smoke.” So we do that a lot — R&D for our products, as a couple.

Of all the ancillary products that you make, which one do you personally use most? 

Um, I’m kind of lame. I’m not like a good joint roller, so I use the pipes a lot. But also, we have these cones that I think are great — and we just launched crush cones, which have a flavor profile. I like those and think it’s really nice to have something that’s functional and quick and New York-y. I like things to be quick and efficient, so I like the cones and use them. I like the pipes, obviously. I also love our tabletop lighters and have one in every room. They’re really pretty, there’s an ashtray built in, and they’re handmade. They’re labor-intensive products that last forever. They combine our heritage of being this handbag and accessory brand that went into cannabis. So products like this have that obvious marriage and compatibility. I just love these things.

Edie Parker one-hitter necklaces

Are there any brands out there that you think are kindred spirits to Edie Parker? Brands that you respect what they’re doing.

I mean, I respect everybody that’s doing it because it’s so hard for sure. But I love Pure Beauty and think they’re doing interesting things culturally. Their collaborators are interesting, their photographers are interesting. I think that’s amazing and I love that. And what I think we do is help with that conversation around the mainstream-ification of cannabis, like using collaborators from different industries — whether fashion or art — to just put a different spin on cannabis. Pure Beauty does that, too. 

I also like Houseplant. I think they’re doing an incredible job with accessories. They have very different aesthetics than us, but their stuff is amazing. Seth [Rogen] has really created something special and popular; it is amazing how their stuff sells out so quickly. I also really like 1906. I love a 2.5mg THC product, so I really like the THC pills they make.

I would say you’re one of the pioneers or trailblazers when it comes to combining fashion and cannabis in a high-level way. I’m curious if you think that type of synergy between fashion and cannabis will continue to either evolve or feel more omnipresent in the future.

Totally. But it’s a layered answer because a thousand percent I think it’ll happen more. First off, one of the reasons fashion is important is because it’s very much reflective of what’s happening at a specific time. Maybe we don’t always see it, but we do when we look back in the rearview mirror. So I think fashion is important in that way. And I think that what is happening now culturally, with social justice and criminal justice reform and all that… cannabis is what’s happening. So I think there will be more synergies with fashion because of that. 

I also think that New York will be transformative. I think there are so many fashion creatives working in New York. I think there are so many creatives, many whom I know personally, and they smoke a ton of cannabis. And now that New York has legalization, soon there will be a lot of people in fashion who dip a toe in the cannabis space, whether through collaborations or otherwise. I think that will absolutely happen. Culturally, these things will be synergistic and really important.

I’m noticing it myself. Like Laquan Smith had a fashion week party, and a delivery service I know was there giving out pre-rolls. That felt like something that would not have happened five years ago.

Totally, Laquan Smith, Brandon Blackwood, and others. These are people who are very public about their cannabis use. They’re giving out cannabis at events. They will definitely do cannabis collabs. They’ll partner with somebody and have a cannabis launch. So I think, yes, absolutely. I don’t think big brands like any LVMH brands will touch it for years, but I think it will absolutely continue to happen with the independent creators in New York.

Is there any activity that you like to do when you’re really high? Whether a particular hike, digging on Etsy, or going to a particular restaurant with your husband?

I don’t like to go to restaurants when I’m stoned. I like to watch TV in bed. I like to take walks in our backyard. We have lots of trees and pretty flowers in Connecticut, so I like to do that. As I said, I like to have sex while high. And then shopping while high is a real problem for me. It happens a lot, especially when I smoke to go to bed and then I sort of delay going to bed and instead buy a fuck ton of stuff online. I end up having to return so much. My penchant for shopping online while high can be problematic.

What about something you like to watch when you’re stoned? You mentioned The Real Housewives before, but what city?

Okay, great, thank you for asking that specific question. I need to watch that show if I’m too high because it calms me down like nothing else. I find Housewives very comforting. I don’t like the weird, Jesus-y Republican cities. So I don’t like OC. I don’t like Dallas. But I love Beverly Hills, New York, Atlanta, Potomac, and New Jersey.

I love The Real Housewives because the show makes me laugh. I make this joke that there are no roles for women in Hollywood over 40 other than the Housewives. This is where all these women go to work and die at a certain age. And they’re just so unaware of the joke. They take themselves so seriously, and I find that to be a trainwreck that I cannot stop watching. I think feeling compelled to watch it all the time is a real waste and I will never get those hours back, but I love it.

What do you like to listen to when stoned?

Definitely music, not so much podcasts. I have a problem where I feel like music stopped being good after the mid-90s. I’m having a big Mr. Mister resurgence, which is very weird. It’s a little bit like my high shopping where I’ll hear a song, it will remind me of a whole genre that I haven’t listened to in a while, and then I’ll do a deep download and have a whole ’80s or ‘90s-era dance party by myself. I am a real secret singer by myself, too. So anything that I can sing at the top of my lungs. So I’m listening to Annie Lennox again, as well as music that I can dance and sing to alone. That makes me very happy.

What do you like to read when high? Any books, magazines, or particular writers?

I read articles in The New Yorker and The Atlantic, but it takes me days. I’m a slow reader. I just bought the new David Sedaris essay book and I’m obsessed with him. So anything humorous like that. If I’m high at night and I’m not shopping, I’ll read something like that to go to bed. I like to read the news. It’s a tug of war with myself because I get sad reading the news and it makes it hard to get out of bed after, but I feel that I have to be informed and confront what’s happening. So I read a lot of news.

My last question is if you could have a dream blunt sesh with anyone alive or dead, who would be at your pot party?

Who do I like? I like a humorist. So I feel like someone like David Sedaris would be fun, although I don’t know how fun he would be when high. Who do I admire? Maybe someone like John Lennon, who I’d just like to meet. Also, John Waters, Jesus, and Chris Hemsworth (but only as Thor).

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Enjoy a Buzz Without the Booze This St. Patrick’s Day

Break out the Lucky Charms, salute your shamrock and sing classic folk songs about the “aul country” while wiping away a tear—St. Patrick’s Day is here. If you’re not au fait with the meaning behind the March 17 holiday, here’s a quick Cliff’s Notes version. The day commemorates the famed patron Saint of Ireland, Patrick, who notably brought Christianity to Ireland and, according to legend, drove the snakes out of Ireland.

Even if you’re not from the Emerald Isle by birthright, you can still embrace the Irish spirit and celebrate all things Irish, which basically means drinking Guinness, green beer, or whiskey shooters. But if your vibe is more Emerald Triangle than Emerald Isle, you might want to skip the booze and try a cannabis-infused beverage instead.

The cannabis-infused beverages category is surging: according to Brightfield Group, the THC-infused beverages market will account for $1 billion in US sales by 2025. It’s easy to see why the relatively nascent vertical is experiencing such growth. Infused drinks offer a delicious replacement for alcohol and the associated adverse effects while still having access to the same social experience as popping a few cold ones—without the concern of over-consuming. They bridge the gap between the expected and the unexpected, offering precise doses to give consistent, predictable effects instead of surprise drunkenness. The best part? No hangover.

Whatever your tipple taste preference, be it flavored seltzers, mocktails, or tonics, why not swap for the sauce for these five deliciously effective, effervescent and better-for-you beverages this St Paddy’s Day.

Photo courtesy of Pure Beauty

Pure Beauty: Little Strong Drink

First up, it’s a beverage that really packs a punch. Little in name only, the Little Strong Drink is made from live resin and squeezes 100mg of THC into only 2oz. The preserved terpene profile of the extracts and Concord grapes grown in the Yakima Valley make this deliciously aromatic drink perfect for sipping straight or mixing into other beverages like soda or mocktails. Other ingredients of note include sustainably grown Ashwagandha root, which helps to relieve stress and strengthen adrenal wellness. It’s also free from nasty artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and added sweeteners.

Cannabis-infused beverages
Photo courtesy of Cann Social Tonics

Cann Social Tonics

With a slew of celebrity fans, including Kate Hudson, Rosario Dawson and Gwyneth Paltrow, Cann social tonics offer the perfect dose to get you in the mood for fun, without altering your mind. Cann has relaunched its delicious Ginger Lemongrass seasonal flavor just in time for St Patrick’s Day. With a microdose of 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD to give you a relaxed-yet-sociable buzz plus only 35 calories, Cann’s lightly carbonated beverages are also available in Cranberry Sage, Lemon Lavender, Grapefruit Rosemary, and Blood Orange Cardamom flavors and are made with all-natural ingredients.

Flora Hemp Spirits
Photo courtesy of Flora Hemp Spirits

Flora Hemp Spirits

The phrase “drink to good health” takes on a new meaning with Flora Hemp Spirits, the world’s first alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits made using all-natural ingredients while containing zero sugar and zero calories. This innovative range provides a delicious alternative to booze while letting you unwind with a mild buzz. Perfect for the “sober curious,” Flora Spirits are available in three options: Essence (CBD), delta-8, and pre-mixed Passion Fruit “Margarita,” which contains 5MG of delta-8 THC and 10MG of CBD in each can. Simply swap out gin or vodka with Flora’s Essence or delta-8 spirits to create delicious mocktails. 

Cannabis-infused beverages
Photo courtesy of ReCreate


Brought to you by the Stanley Brothers, the Colorado-based family known for their game-changing Charlotte’s Web CBD oil, ReCreate beverages are among the most advanced highs you can buy. The fast-acting formulations include full-spectrum extracts and efficacious botanical adaptogens like Yerba Mate to help uplift your energy levels. There are three flavor options available as a 2.5 mg CBD/2.5 mg THC microdose formula: Blueberry Mint Acai, Cucumber Mint, and Mango Hibiscus. For those wanting a heavier-hitting dose, Cucumber Mint and Mango Hibiscus are available in an extra-strength 10 mg CBD/10 mg THC option that will uplift you in a delicious, refreshing way.

Cannabis-infused beverages
Photo courtesy of Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water

Combining a stimulating buzz with a soothing calm to sharpen focus while reducing anxiety, Psychedelic Water is truly perfect for people engaged in creative or stressful work where energy and a positive mentality are essential. The non-alcoholic psychedelic beverage is made from kava, damiana leaf extract and green tea leaf extract, a trio of ingredients chosen to replicate the euphoria-inducing effects of psychedelics without the hallucinations. Available in for Blackberry + Yuzu, Hibiscus + Lime, Oolong + Orange Blossom and Prickly Pear, Psychedelic Water produces a clean and healthy buzz that’s Kosher, non-alcoholic, free of added sugars and low in calories.

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The Best THC-Free Gifts for Everyone You Know

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” plays in every store you enter. At the North Pole, Santa and his elves are going through the naughty or nice list. (Which one are you? Be honest!) This can only mean one thing: The holidaze are fast approaching. But don’t panic. You still have plenty of time to shop for the perfect present. We’ve curated 10 THC-free gifts for the cannabis lover in your life. And yes, that includes you. From designer accessories to stylish loungewear and delicious new products, here are a few picks we hope to find in our stockings on Christmas morning. It’s been a long year—treat yo’self!

Delta Munchies / From $19.99

The team at Delta Munchies is dedicated to providing their customers with some of the strongest and tastiest Delta-8 gummies on the market. Choose from mouth-watering flavors such as Peach Gelato, Tropical Punch and Grape Gushers—plus, fun favorites like Sour Worms and Gummy Bears. Delta Munchies products are made from American-grown hemp and are rigorously lab-tested to ensure they contain the purest and most potent ingredients without sacrificing taste or quality. Nationwide shipping is also available. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 25% off all products excluding bundles

Flora Hemp Spirits / From $23.99

Flora Hemp Spirits

The phrase “drink to good health” takes on a new meaning with Flora Hemp Sprits, the world’s first line of all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits. This innovative new range provides a delicious alternative to booze while letting you unwind with a mild buzz. Perfect for the “sober curious,” Flora Spirits are available in three options: Essence (CBD), Delta-8, and pre-mixed Passion Fruit “Margarita,” which contains 5MG of Delta-8 THC and 10MG of CBD in each can. Simply swap out gin or vodka with Flora’s Essence or Delta-8 spirits to create delicious mocktails. Made with all-natural ingredients while containing zero sugar and zero calories, you can eat, drink and be merry this festive season without having to bother with alcohol. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 10% off + free shipping sitewide.

Ongrok Infuser Machine / $149.99

Ongrok Cannabis Infuser

If the aspiring cannabis chef in your life is big on ambition, but small on space, then the Small Botanical Infuser Machine and Kit from Ongrok is a must-have. Featuring five pre-set temperature options, DIY customizations and made with professional, premium quality, food-grade 304 stainless steel, this small but mighty device can create two-and-a-half cups of butter, oils and tinctures in less than an hour. The kit has everything needed to start, including a butter mold, silicone gloves, mesh strainer and recipe book. Use code NOW15 to receive 15% off sitewide

Prism Water Pipes / From $99

Prism Water Bong

Why have a boring bong when you can choose a bespoke bong? Prism modular bongs are held together using threaded Halo connectors allowing you to mix and match glass pieces to fit your mood and preference. But it doesn’t stop there. With their online 3D modeling program, you can design your own custom bong that suits your smoking style by swapping out bangers, bowls, bases and more. Have fun playing around with all the different options, and see exactly what it looks like before you buy. Additionally, this innovative approach to the classic consumption method makes cleaning dirty bongs a breeze. Easily take it apart, clean the separate pieces and then rebuild it in time for the next sesh. Use code Cannabisnow20 to receive 20% off.

Klip Grinder by HØJ / $150.00

THC-Free Gifts

Craftsmanship, nature, simplicity and respect are the four pillars of HØJ, the Danish company that’s redefining the standards of cannabis accessories. Holding these four pillars in mind, HØJ, meaning “high” in Danish, creates unique products that deliver higher standards, higher quality products and higher experiences. Using magnetic magic, the Klip grinder finely slices flower instead of crushing it, protecting the trichomes and delivering a better experience. These magnets make this an excellent grinder option for those with limited dexterity. Build your own experience with HØJ’s patent-pending accessory system that easily snaps together. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 10% off sitewide.

Mother Vaporizer by Pucker / $289

Mother Pucker Vaporizer

If you’re buying for someone that loves multi-disciplinary vaping, the Mother Pucker has you covered. Weighing in at just under 9oz., this electronic dab rig is one of the newest devices on the market and has quickly become a fan favorite. It features a ceramic pot for flower mode and a titanium quartz pot for extracts mode. It also has four temperature settings, each one with a different colored light that’s both a practical and cool design feature: 437°F is a blue light; 455°F gives off a groovy green light; 473°F is a red light; and the hottest setting, 509°F, gives off a white light. The powerful 2200mAh battery will keep the clouds strong after several sessions. Use code NOW50 to receive 50% off. Discount code will automatically apply at checkout.

Puffco Proxy / $ 299.99

Puffco Proxy

The most awarded vape-tech company, Puffco, brings together the disciplines of design, technology and engineering to create the coolest—and most covetable—vaping devices. The Proxy continues the company’s commitment by introducing a traditional-meets-contemporary consumption method. The Proxy is powered by an innovative new 3D chamber that heats the extracts on the sides of the ceramic chamber instead of the bottom, preserving the quality of the oil and amplifying the user experience. The Proxy has four precision heated temperature settings to deliver the most flavorful experience and vapor production from your extracts. You can also customize the experience with accessories and artist collabs. Free shipping for orders +$150. Interest-free payment plans are also offered through Sezzle.

Farmers Defense Gear / From $27

If you’re shopping for your green-thumbed friend, you can’t go past the range of products from Farmer’s Defense. Designed for farmers by farmers to help keep skin protected from the elements, the range includes everything from UV-protective clothing to waterproof aprons. We especially love the unisex Fungi Forager straw hat that features a handy internal headband to keep sweat off your face when tending the greenhouse, garden or simply enjoying some sunshine. Save 20% now in their sitewide holiday sale.

Saber by Hitoki / $359.99

This festive season, give your tech-loving friend the new Hitoki Saber, the latest innovative product from the team that brought you the original Trident. The handheld iteration uses the same laser technology to produce a clean, tasty vaping experience in a compact, portable device—perfect for busy, on-the-go people who love smoking weed with lasers. The Saber’s contemporary design offers three power levels that are indicated by color: Low (red) is for dry blends, medium (green) for denser blends and high (blue) blends for infused oils. The Saber’s modular design makes it easy to attach to the Hitoki Bubbler or upgrade your favorite 14mm or 18mm glass waterpipe with lasers to elevate your experience. Use code cannow 40 to receive 40% off the Hitoki Trident (excludes existing sale price).

Drugstore Collection by Pure Beauty / From $26

If you’re shopping for a friend who puts session style above all else, the new Drugstore Collection apparel range from Pure Beauty will undoubtedly earn you some brownie points. Taking its cues from the intersection of fashion, cinema, music and art, this cozy line includes sweat sets, tees, accessories and so much more. It’s all made in the USA, too. The creative minds at Pure Beauty are all about shifting cultural perspectives; creating powerful connections with customers; and providing a fun, creative and safe place for expression in cannabis culture. Use code CANNABISNOW20 to receive 20% off Pure Beauty merchandise (excludes special collaboration pieces).

Le Canna Royale by Reef Drinks / $150

Perfect for kicking back and relaxing during the hectic holidays, Le Canna Royale offers a complex sensory experience of sweet and savory licorice. Utilizing the cleanest micronizing technology, Le Canna Royale delivers euphoric effects without the hangover. With a potent 1:1 ratio of 750mg of hemp-extracted Delta-8, you can enjoy this delicious drink as a shot, neat, on the rocks, or mixed with your favorite sparkling mixers to create delicious mocktails.

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Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Noah Rubin, Author of ‘How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs’

This article was originally published on Cash Only. Sign up for the newsletter here and follow Cash Only on Instagram and Twitter.

Noah Rubin is pretty much the big brother I never had. A little over five years ago, he hired me as an editor at Merry Jane. We quickly discovered that we were coincidentally from the same rural town in Massachusetts, as well as some of the only jews hailing from the small community. We went to the same college (though at different times; Noah is 13 years my senior), we both cut our teeth professionally at record labels and print magazines, and—most importantly—we both really like weed. Yes, it was kush kismet that the guy became one of my closest pals and regular collaborators.

While Noah and I have both moved on from Merry Jane, he’s kept his THC ties fully ablaze and just dropped a marijuana magnum opus. His book How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs, out now via Chronicle Books, is required reading for seasoned tokers and the cannabis curious alike. It may very well be the first in-depth text that explores one of the most foundational aspects of weed culture (CONSUMPTION methods!), and it elegantly mixes tutorials and history alongside interviews, epic stories from iconic smokers like Snoop and Tommy Chong, do’s and don’ts, illustrated guides, and much, much more.

I’m proud of my boy, and not surprised that the text is flying off shelves and making waves in the world of printed matter. Noah is also promoting How We Roll in a nuanced way by offering rolling tutorials at music festivals across the country, on top of pop-ups and activations at weed-friendly establishments that aren’t distinctly plant-touching. Places like Morgenstern’s Ice Cream in New York, where he’ll be celebrating the book on November 4th, 5th, and 6th in an event co-presented by WeedFeed. Come say hey and smoke one if you’re in town!

To ring in this milestone for my bud, we thought it was time to give Noah the Cash Only treatment—and man did he come correct. Below, we discuss squirreling homegrown weed from Cantor Bob, some of the more exotic locales where Noah has sparked one up, and why it’s time to finally get Joe Biden high.

Much love and big ups, Noah! See you at the trippy tree.

Courtesy of Chronicle Books

What was your first time smoking weed like? Were you in Sherborn, our hometown?

Noah Rubin: So it’s funny that you ask about Sherborn, because that’s definitely where my first memories of smoking weed are from. As you know, being a Jew in semi-rural Massachusetts is a bit of a rarity, but one of my best friend’s growing up, Ori, and her family were deeply involved in the Jewish community out there. Her father Bob was actually a cantor in the temple a few towns away. For the uninitiated, a cantor is almost on the level of the rabbi; he sings all the prayers in the temple etcetera. So I would go to their house for sabbath dinner on occasion and we would notice that after knocking out the prayers, Cantor Bob would disappear for a bit. He’d come back with bloodshot eyes, smelling kind of funny, and in an extra good mood. As we got older, we started to put one and one together, and realized that Cantor Bob was actually a stoner on the low. 

Once we realized that, we started sniffing around until one day Ori came to school and let us know that she was in her mom’s garden and noticed that there was a plant that looked an awful lot like a weed plant. That, of course, got us plotting how we could get some. We sort of started whispering about that, and I think the parents overheard us. Before we knew it, the plant disappeared from the garden. 

It was a smart defensive move on the adults’ part, but it tipped us off that Cantor Bob had harvested it and stashed it somewhere in the house. It didn’t take Ori too long to figure out where the stash was—and that became the first time we had access to a steady supply of weed. 

And the weed was honestly amazing. Cantor Bob also brewed his own beer at that time, which was always fermenting in the basement and there was more of it than he could drink. Needless to say, my parents were wondering why I was so interested in going over to their house for sabbath dinner all the time. Even though Ori’s mom was an incredible chef, it definitely was Cantor Bob’s beer and bud combo that kept us coming back for more. We’d eat an amazing dinner, then steal our party favors and chill on the couch on the second floor of their garage. I remember those as some sacred evenings on multiple levels.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Your book opens with a great anecdote about scoring nug in mainland China. What are some other foreign locales you’ve lit one up in? Any memorable weed/travel stories that didn’t make it into the book?

Definitely. My parents were actually quite chill when I was a kid, so I didn’t have a lot of rules. So when I asked if I could go on a solo trip to Europe at the age of 15 with a friend of mine who was a couple years older, they said yes without much hesitation. And you’ve got to remember this was before cell phones or anything, so they were basically letting me go to Europe alone for three weeks at the age of 15 with the understanding that they weren’t going to hear from me for that entire time. 

Of course, me and my buddy Geoff who I went with immediately routed the trip through Amsterdam. We got there after a couple days in Germany and the first thing we did was hit up a coffee shop where it was a weed cornucopia like nothing I had ever seen. I remember we bought this really amazing black Nepalese hash and proceeded to roll it up in a spliff and get really blazed. I think we also bought some “space cakes,” which was more than we should have taken all at once. The next thing I remember, I was sitting cross-legged on the floor in the Salvador Dali Museum, looking at a painting from like six inches away. I was so high off my ass that I literally didn’t know where I was. 

Fortunately, after a couple hours, I got my head straight and had something to eat and we started drinking beers in the red light district. I spent the rest of the night chit-chatting with ladies of the night, probably annoying them as a weird 15-year-old kid who had never really experienced anything before.

While working on How We Roll, did you discover anything surprising about your own relationship with weed? For example, did you realize you were better or more knowledgeable about X than you previously thought? Did you find any gaps in your cannabis education or consumption skill sets that you had to bone up on?

Working on How We Roll definitely reminded me of all the amazing people in my life that I have smoked weed with from around the world. I never even thought about that before, but all of these relationships that I’ve had for many years and cherished had some component of smoking weed as a recurring theme. I was really happy that the book pushed me to examine that part of my own personal relationships, as well as just read up on as much material as I could find about rolling and weed history. 

Not only did I brush up my general knowledge, I also had to roll a ton of joints. I forced myself to roll every joint I wrote about in the book until it was really good. That gave me a good basic vocabulary of different things to roll and I am pretty grateful for that in hindsight.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Do you have a favorite quote, tip, or particular illustration from the book? 

I would just say overall that I’m super happy with how the illustrations came out. I’m extremely grateful to my illustrator Tasia Prince for hitting such a home run with the artwork. Tasia and I go back as collaborators to when she was an intern at Mass Appeal and I was editor-in-chief of the mag over there. She would always show me these dope little drawings she was working on and I was always impressed. Now she’s a big-time tech executive, but her art skills are super on point, so collaborating with her on this project was an extension of this relationship that has meant a lot to me over the years. 

In terms of my favorite quote, I think that the story that Tommy Chong told about being in the room with a stinky ass joint alongside John Lennon and Rod Stewart still slaps, even though I’ve heard it several times before. And speaking of quotes, I got to say I’m really appreciative to the Anthony Bourdain estate for letting me clear his iconic quote about wiping your ass and omelettes and the importance of rolling a joint—shout out to my boy Nick Morgenstern for connecting the dots on that one.

If you could get the book into any living person’s hands, who would you want to read it? 

I guess now that President Biden is trying to be down with the weed, I think someone on his team should put him on to my book so he can get a basic grasp of where a lot of this shit comes from and the culture behind it. If anyone out there can make it happen, please holler at me.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Do you have a current favorite weed strain? How do you like to consume it? (Bong, joint, etc.) 

My old friend Luca at Biscotti just hit me with his line of flower, and it’s pretty fire. Even though Biscotti really made a name for themselves with premium hash, they’re definitely coming correct with this new product. I smoked the Sugar Biscuits strain the other night in a big fat joint then crushed some Thai food at Ruen Pair in L.A. I gotta say it was an amazing combo.

Also, just for the record, even though I’m the guy that just wrote a book about joints, I am a big fan of bongs in general, as well. I always keep my handy bong, Mr. Pink, on deck when I need a late night rip. 

Do you have any favorite weed products—any particular papers, grinders, or whatever?

The beautiful thing about being a California resident is that we have a lot of amazing product innovations here… like shit I would never have dreamed of as a young weed smoker. One product I want to shout out in particular is the Pure Beauty “menthol cannabis cigarettes.” Definitely not a product for the purists out there, but an amazing overall experience for someone like myself who wants to have a menthol ciggy on the low once in a while. Definitely scratches that itch like none other. I also want to give a shout-out to Krush grinders cause I think they make a really beautifully-engineered product. And then in the world of edibles, I think Harmony’s Malus infused cider is top notch. Super dry and delicious with a good THC kick.

Photo by Zach Sokol

 Lately, what activity do you like to do after you’ve gotten stoned? 

I’ve been a big fan of smoking weed and doing outdoor activities for a long time. Back in the day, I would roll with a crew of folks all over New York City on our bikes. We would pick destinations 10 or 15 miles from Manhattan and ride out there and smoke a few big blunts and then find something amazing to eat, like L&B Spumoni Gardens. That kind of defined an era for me and we had a lot of great times together. Now that I’m in L.A., if I have the opportunity to smoke a joint and go hiking in Griffith Park or basically anywhere else, I will definitely do that.

Can you recommend something to watch while baked? 

Since you’re a cat guy, I’m guessing you might be up on this video game called Stray—it’s a super chill and interesting video game. Basically Stray imagines a post-apocalyptic world in which you’re a cat adventuring through an abandoned city. The music is amazing and even though there are some hectic moments in the game, it’s a super zen and exploratory experience overall. I highly recommend checking it out.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Currently, what do you like to listen to after smoking?

The Jamaican artist Protoje just dropped his new album called Third Time’s the Charm. It’s a great example of an artist taking classic roots ideas and updating them in an interesting way, while still staying true to a core reggae aesthetic. 

Also gotta give some props to my man Ev Bird who just dropped his debut EP Puff Piece on Royal Mountain Records. He’s a young indie artist with a genius instinct for writing chill tunes. I connected him with Boldy James for a song called “The Ring,” which has been doing well. Definitely check that one out, too.

Can you recommend something to read after smoking besides your own book?

Sex Magazine, duh.

Photo by Zach Sokol

Who’s in your dream blunt rotation? Dead or alive.

I honestly feel so blessed by the amazing people I have had the opportunity to smoke weed with. It’s kind of crazy when I think about it. In terms of people I haven’t smoked with that might be in my dream rotation, I guess I got to go back to politics, cause I think it’s time we get Joe Biden high. And maybe let’s invite Obama, ‘cause I bet he’s got some solid rolling skills. And I’m even down to get some maverick Republicans in the rotation, too. We all gotta start smoking weed together cause this is an amazing country that needs to do more in leading the world to be a better place than it is right now.

You’ve been doing some nuanced promotion for the book release, including events and classes you’re teaching at music festivals, as well as pop-ups at stores that have nothing to do with weed. Can you tell me about this approach to getting the word out and what else is on the horizon?

I like bringing some of the message to people in non-conventional ways—food, music, and art are things that I’ve always closely associated with my love of weed.

On that note, I’m looking forward to the upcoming How We Roll event with Morgenstern‘s Ice Cream in NYC, in collaboration with WeedFeed. It’s going to be a three-day event—November 4th, 5th, and 6th—celebrating rolling culture alongside one of my favorite things besides weed: ice cream. Nick Morgenstern, the brains behind the operation, collaborated with me to develop an incredible variety of sundaes that people will be able to experience. It’s a whole different way to help bring to life some of the regional vibes that I explore in my book.

Photo by Zach Sokol

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Cash Only’s 420 Recs: Mira Gonzalez, Poet and Blunt Queen

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Cash Only’s 420 Recs is an ongoing series where interesting folks offer recommendations for all things 420 — what strains they like, what weed products are blowing their minds, and what they like to do once stoned.

Mira Gonzalez rolls the best, most aerodynamic blunts west of the Mississippi. On the east, the award goes to Janice Griffith—Cash Only fam, and unsurprisingly one of Mira’s BFFs. Her skills are so good that she could easily land one of those gigs being the personal roller for a rapper—maybe Waka Flocka Flame is still hiring?

Yes, Mira is a legendary toker, and she’ll tell you she has the tolerance of at least five grown men, though the number could be higher. Outside of huffing Dutchies, Mira is an accomplished writer, poet, and illustrator—with an always-funny Twitter to boot. She’s also published a poetry collection, an NSFW coloring book, and temporarily co-hosted a really good podcast called “Really Good Financial Advice.”

Mira and I go back to our days as editors at Merry Jane, Snoop Dogg’s cannabis media brand. One of the best parts of that gig entailed me catching a ride to work with Gonzalez, and us chain smoking blunts while brainstorming articles or talking shit for the whole damn cruise. We also did some great work, like breaking a story on black market vape carts and how they were causing a mysterious lung illness amongst consumers, as well as partnering with Pornhub on a series of videos, including one in which Mira and Janice turned a fleshlight into a bong.

Mira always makes me laugh, and her 420 Recommendations for Cash Only definitely scratched that itch. Below, the weed lord explains how strain names are mostly fake, her love of getting high and “freaking the fuck out” to weird movies, and shopping for very expensive hyper-realistic babies on Etsy. Thanks Mira, we love ya!

What’s your current favorite strain and how do you like to consume it?

Mira Gonzalez: Honestly, one of the first things I learned when I started working in the weed space is that strains are mostly fake and so is the divide between indica and sativa lol.

For example, my first job involving weed was as a budtender for a weed dispensary in Los Angeles when I was 19. When we got new weed, me, the one other employee, and the owner would smoke a blunt together. Then, the three of us would collectively decide if the weed would be labeled as indica or sativa, and what that strain would be called. (Anything we gave the name “Girl Scout Cookies” or “Blue Dream” would sell extremely fast.)

All of that is just to say, I don’t really have a favorite strain. I find it’s more reliable to choose my weed based on scent, THC content, and vibes.

My favorite way to get stoned kinda changes depending on my mood. I go through phases, but lately I’ve been dabbing a lot.

When it comes to flower, though, my favorite way to smoke will always be blunts. Dutches are my preferred brand, but tbh I’m not picky. I’ll never be too proud to smoke a Swisher if that’s what’s available.

Do you have any favorite weed products right now?

Like I said, I’ve been dabbing a lot. Raw Garden is probably my favorite brand for concentrates.

I also love edibles, but I have the weed tolerance of like five grown men, so I always want the really strong shit. In California, that mainly comes in the form of pills and tinctures. Some of my favorite brands are Protab (tablets) and Proof (tinctures). For flower, I love Pure Beauty.

What activity do you like to do after you’ve gotten really stoned?

I love getting really high and braiding my hair. I also like finding weird or niche Etsy shops. The other day, I found a shop that just sells hyper-realistic fake babies for thousands of dollars each. The shop had a ton of five star reviews from really happy customers.

Can you recommend something to watch while really high?

Well personally, I love to get high and freak the fuck out; just absolutely lose my shit. So if that sounds appealing to you, here are some of my recommendations:

Eraserhead (1977)
Angst (1983)
House (1977)
Natural Born Killers (1994)
SexWorld (1978)

Can you recommend something to listen to while smoking?

Taylor Swift.

Can you recommend something to read once stoned?


Who’s in your dream blunt rotation?

Cornel West and Dolly Parton.

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