The Best THC-Free Gifts for Everyone You Know

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” plays in every store you enter. At the North Pole, Santa and his elves are going through the naughty or nice list. (Which one are you? Be honest!) This can only mean one thing: The holidaze are fast approaching. But don’t panic. You still have plenty of time to shop for the perfect present. We’ve curated 10 THC-free gifts for the cannabis lover in your life. And yes, that includes you. From designer accessories to stylish loungewear and delicious new products, here are a few picks we hope to find in our stockings on Christmas morning. It’s been a long year—treat yo’self!

Delta Munchies / From $19.99

The team at Delta Munchies is dedicated to providing their customers with some of the strongest and tastiest Delta-8 gummies on the market. Choose from mouth-watering flavors such as Peach Gelato, Tropical Punch and Grape Gushers—plus, fun favorites like Sour Worms and Gummy Bears. Delta Munchies products are made from American-grown hemp and are rigorously lab-tested to ensure they contain the purest and most potent ingredients without sacrificing taste or quality. Nationwide shipping is also available. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 25% off all products excluding bundles

Flora Hemp Spirits / From $23.99

Flora Hemp Spirits

The phrase “drink to good health” takes on a new meaning with Flora Hemp Sprits, the world’s first line of all-natural, alcohol-free, cannabinoid-based spirits. This innovative new range provides a delicious alternative to booze while letting you unwind with a mild buzz. Perfect for the “sober curious,” Flora Spirits are available in three options: Essence (CBD), Delta-8, and pre-mixed Passion Fruit “Margarita,” which contains 5MG of Delta-8 THC and 10MG of CBD in each can. Simply swap out gin or vodka with Flora’s Essence or Delta-8 spirits to create delicious mocktails. Made with all-natural ingredients while containing zero sugar and zero calories, you can eat, drink and be merry this festive season without having to bother with alcohol. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 10% off + free shipping sitewide.

Ongrok Infuser Machine / $149.99

Ongrok Cannabis Infuser

If the aspiring cannabis chef in your life is big on ambition, but small on space, then the Small Botanical Infuser Machine and Kit from Ongrok is a must-have. Featuring five pre-set temperature options, DIY customizations and made with professional, premium quality, food-grade 304 stainless steel, this small but mighty device can create two-and-a-half cups of butter, oils and tinctures in less than an hour. The kit has everything needed to start, including a butter mold, silicone gloves, mesh strainer and recipe book. Use code NOW15 to receive 15% off sitewide

Prism Water Pipes / From $99

Prism Water Bong

Why have a boring bong when you can choose a bespoke bong? Prism modular bongs are held together using threaded Halo connectors allowing you to mix and match glass pieces to fit your mood and preference. But it doesn’t stop there. With their online 3D modeling program, you can design your own custom bong that suits your smoking style by swapping out bangers, bowls, bases and more. Have fun playing around with all the different options, and see exactly what it looks like before you buy. Additionally, this innovative approach to the classic consumption method makes cleaning dirty bongs a breeze. Easily take it apart, clean the separate pieces and then rebuild it in time for the next sesh. Use code Cannabisnow20 to receive 20% off.

Klip Grinder by HØJ / $150.00

THC-Free Gifts

Craftsmanship, nature, simplicity and respect are the four pillars of HØJ, the Danish company that’s redefining the standards of cannabis accessories. Holding these four pillars in mind, HØJ, meaning “high” in Danish, creates unique products that deliver higher standards, higher quality products and higher experiences. Using magnetic magic, the Klip grinder finely slices flower instead of crushing it, protecting the trichomes and delivering a better experience. These magnets make this an excellent grinder option for those with limited dexterity. Build your own experience with HØJ’s patent-pending accessory system that easily snaps together. Use code CANNABISNOW to receive 10% off sitewide.

Mother Vaporizer by Pucker / $289

Mother Pucker Vaporizer

If you’re buying for someone that loves multi-disciplinary vaping, the Mother Pucker has you covered. Weighing in at just under 9oz., this electronic dab rig is one of the newest devices on the market and has quickly become a fan favorite. It features a ceramic pot for flower mode and a titanium quartz pot for extracts mode. It also has four temperature settings, each one with a different colored light that’s both a practical and cool design feature: 437°F is a blue light; 455°F gives off a groovy green light; 473°F is a red light; and the hottest setting, 509°F, gives off a white light. The powerful 2200mAh battery will keep the clouds strong after several sessions. Use code NOW50 to receive 50% off. Discount code will automatically apply at checkout.

Puffco Proxy / $ 299.99

Puffco Proxy

The most awarded vape-tech company, Puffco, brings together the disciplines of design, technology and engineering to create the coolest—and most covetable—vaping devices. The Proxy continues the company’s commitment by introducing a traditional-meets-contemporary consumption method. The Proxy is powered by an innovative new 3D chamber that heats the extracts on the sides of the ceramic chamber instead of the bottom, preserving the quality of the oil and amplifying the user experience. The Proxy has four precision heated temperature settings to deliver the most flavorful experience and vapor production from your extracts. You can also customize the experience with accessories and artist collabs. Free shipping for orders +$150. Interest-free payment plans are also offered through Sezzle.

Farmers Defense Gear / From $27

If you’re shopping for your green-thumbed friend, you can’t go past the range of products from Farmer’s Defense. Designed for farmers by farmers to help keep skin protected from the elements, the range includes everything from UV-protective clothing to waterproof aprons. We especially love the unisex Fungi Forager straw hat that features a handy internal headband to keep sweat off your face when tending the greenhouse, garden or simply enjoying some sunshine. Save 20% now in their sitewide holiday sale.

Saber by Hitoki / $359.99

This festive season, give your tech-loving friend the new Hitoki Saber, the latest innovative product from the team that brought you the original Trident. The handheld iteration uses the same laser technology to produce a clean, tasty vaping experience in a compact, portable device—perfect for busy, on-the-go people who love smoking weed with lasers. The Saber’s contemporary design offers three power levels that are indicated by color: Low (red) is for dry blends, medium (green) for denser blends and high (blue) blends for infused oils. The Saber’s modular design makes it easy to attach to the Hitoki Bubbler or upgrade your favorite 14mm or 18mm glass waterpipe with lasers to elevate your experience. Use code cannow 40 to receive 40% off the Hitoki Trident (excludes existing sale price).

Drugstore Collection by Pure Beauty / From $26

If you’re shopping for a friend who puts session style above all else, the new Drugstore Collection apparel range from Pure Beauty will undoubtedly earn you some brownie points. Taking its cues from the intersection of fashion, cinema, music and art, this cozy line includes sweat sets, tees, accessories and so much more. It’s all made in the USA, too. The creative minds at Pure Beauty are all about shifting cultural perspectives; creating powerful connections with customers; and providing a fun, creative and safe place for expression in cannabis culture. Use code CANNABISNOW20 to receive 20% off Pure Beauty merchandise (excludes special collaboration pieces).

Le Canna Royale by Reef Drinks / $150

Perfect for kicking back and relaxing during the hectic holidays, Le Canna Royale offers a complex sensory experience of sweet and savory licorice. Utilizing the cleanest micronizing technology, Le Canna Royale delivers euphoric effects without the hangover. With a potent 1:1 ratio of 750mg of hemp-extracted Delta-8, you can enjoy this delicious drink as a shot, neat, on the rocks, or mixed with your favorite sparkling mixers to create delicious mocktails.

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Jon’s Stone Cold Cop List #31: MJBizCon finds… only kidding. They didn’t even have weed there.

Well I missed November, but it’s been a crazy month so bear with me. This one’s stacked with all the gems I found during Biz Con… only kidding. The best part about that event was our afterparty with Meth & Red at Brooklyn Bowl, and that wasn’t even official. Y’all know we know how to get down, even at a suit conference. Worth noting that our event and Jimi’s Heat Quest were the only two events I enjoyed period, so we’ll see if I’ll even do the Vegas marathon again next year. I do hope all your time in Vegas was all you hoped it’d be, but it seems apparent the industry is less and less hyped for this one every year. 

But this train doesn’t stop! I’m writing this on a plane to Taipei, en route to my final destination of Bankok, Thailand. Rolling out to check the newly legalized scene with my buds Jimi Devine and the High Rise gang, so you know there’s going to be a ton of transmissions from the road. Hopefully we don’t end up in an South East Asian prison. Only time will tell! 

If you can’t wait until the next edition to hear how it went, follow along with our antics on IG or Twitter. And as always, feel free to ping me and bitch about what I missed, or what should be on the next one!

Green Dawg’s Maracuya

Courtesy of Green Dawg

I’m constantly hunting for ‘out of the ordinary’ flavors, and boy did Green Dawg hit me right in the strike pocket with this one. To start, this sweet yet musky cut is like, repulsively attractive. You know what they say about cologne needing some funk? This one’s allll over that vibe. And while a lot of brands have figured out tips and tricks to inflate the smell of their goods to potential consumers, you know they’re doing it the right way when you can actually taste the flavor on your tongue. Plus, it’s a Green Dawg strain – which means it’s not even trying to play the hype game, they’re just focused on producing really, really good weed that they themselves want to smoke. The ultimate QC process!

Portal Gummies

cop list
Courtesy of Portal Gummies

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen these on my story a few weeks ago, but now that I’ve had some time to do my research I’m pleased to inform you all that they’re so much more than MDMA gummies. While those were dope, and I certainly enjoyed myself, this is only the tip of the iceberg for this team. Also producing both micro and macro LSD gummies, a combination Mushroom & Molly chocolate bars, and DMT both in vape and it’s natural forms, I have no idea how these guys are getting away with this but the drugs are legit so tap in with the gang to get way out there!

Doja Pak’s Giraffe Puzzy

cop list
Courtesy of Doja Pak

I talk about how Doja’s crushing quite a bit, and I get it annoys some people looking for new names, but the truth is, once you see this next cut you won’t care about the other guys. The Giraffe Puzzy (a project the team has been working for years) is truly the one. With a flavor reminiscent of Chem, this bright green bud feels like a lost classic reinvigorated with todays tech. Not only that, but it will get you the perfect level of insanely high, and yet not slow you down. Y’all know I like the daytime steeze. Also worth mentioning their General Purpose pre-rolls. I grabbed one for the first time before Thanksgiving and I’ve gotta say – this is how pre-rolls should be. Three grams of all flower, and it smokes perfectly. They’re also blends of the gang’s favorite mixes – mine was Purp Dino x Stardawg 41 x Giraffe Puzzy, and it was the ultimate experience.

Talking Terps’ Terp Crawford Cases

Courtesy of Talking Terps

Y’all know the Terps are my people, and while I do my best not to include every drop they do, there is so much heat coming out of that camp that it’s hard to go too many lists without including the gang. Now, we know the Terps like high end, and that not every product they release will be in every fan’s budget, and this is likely one of those – but man, just look at how dope they are! Made in Silver, Bronze and Brass, these iconic lighter cases feature TC’s likeness carved into the metals (as well as the classic TT logo emblazoned on the back). And while they might be pricey, it seems like a small price to pay to ensure your lighter always finds its way back to you! They’ve got a gang of other shit out rn too if you’re holiday shopping and don’t want to break the bank, tap in with the boys!

Snowtill’s Piescream

cop list
Grown by Snowtill, shot by Ginja Club

I’ve included Snowtill here before as more of a brand profile, but this time I’ve gotta call out a specific cut he’s been working on. To put it simply: ST’s Piescream is one of the most interesting cultivars I’ve tried recently. It’s got this like gassy and sweet nose, but what blew my mind is the bud has this like grease to it that’s incredible. Normal buds just make your fingers sticky – this provides almost a liquid residue on your fingers that eventually dry out to the stick we all know and love, but it’s clear this plant was finished properly, so I’m looking at this as an advancement in his capabilities. I’ve never seen anything like this before, and the almost lime flavoring on the inhale sort of numbs the mouth. Joe’s onto something special.

Cali-X’s Dole Whip

cop list
Courtesy of Cali-X

You likely already know I’m a big Dole Whip fan, but what Cali-X has managed to do with the cultivar has really taken it to the next level. Definitely the first time I’ve seen it in rosin form, but the flavor will smack you as soon as you crack the jar. While maintaining the pineapple sweetness, Cali’s version of it presents with a far stronger gas aroma than I’ve seen in the past. Not to mention it’s got an excellent cerebral effect that’s perfect for going down a deep rabbit hole, or melting into your couch with a good book.

Mike Glazer’s After Party at the Comedy Store

Courtesy of Mike Glazer

There are very few people I love as much in this industry and our adjacent communities than Mike Glazer. The host of ‘Glazed’, the pre-pandemic variety show at the Hollywood Improv Lab, was my favorite show in L.A. before all that COVID madness fucked our lives up. That said, ya boy is back with another instant classic that I had so much fun at I need you all to know too. Including insanely talented comedians like Neal Brennan, Ali Mac & Frank Castillo, Glazer’s show always has bells and whistles you can’t possibly expect, so you never know exactly what you’re in for, but let me promise you this: you won’t be disappointed you went. I believe the word on the street is there’s another coming before the end of year so keep an eye on his Instagram – you’re definitely not going to want to miss these!


Courtesy of Lemonskrill

While this is presumably a new name for many of us, you’re going to recognize the flavor of Skrillmo’s most recent project, Lemonskrill. Akin to Lemon Up, with that same almost sour lemon pungency, Skrillmo has dialed this one in in a classic, yet refreshingly new way. We’ve been chatting online awhile and I’ve got to say, the first taste he provided was certainly a head-turner. Plus, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his marketing is creative, attractive, and you can fit way more than an eighth in the mylar if you feel like taking it on the road!

The Liz

Courtesy of Squints x Foreign Genetics x Westside Gunn

This next one’s a collaboration between Squints, Foreign Genetics and Westside Gunn, and it smaaaacks! I know anytime we hear a celebrity’s name at this stage in the game it’s almost an instant tune out for most of us, but this feels more like a real play than an influencer grift. Squints ain’t no buster. In fact, I’ve been saying for a minute that what Foreign Genetics is doing is impressive, and this certainly continues the legacy. The dark buds have a perfumated nose, with an almost cheesy undertone, but it’s the attractive die cut mylar shaped like a woman’s bust with a third eye that makes it the complete package. And so as not to go too over the top on the celebrity angle, the only mention of Gunn comes from the scorpion pattern utilized in the bottom gusset. Honestly, it’s hard to knock.

GT Rolling

Courtesy of GT Rolling

I’ve talked a lot about professional rollers lately, but something about what GT is doing is taking the experience to the next level. As I always mention, the flower is the most important part of the pre-roll, and every roll I’ve seen from GT smokes like it was just finished curing. Even better, they’ve got some of the most creative ways of promoting their products on Instagram. Hailing from the Mitten, ALL the flavor and terps you’d expect from any strain these guys are working with will be as vibrant as you’d expect had you rolled it yourself. Even better – while I prefer flower cannons over hash holes, his other brand, FlintStoned, can satisfy those needs for you as well! If you’re in Michigan tap in with the boys!

Bonus: These Crazy Skittles

Courtesy of Trap Mart

So y’all know I like exotics, especially of the soda and candy variety, and boy have I got a killer for you this time. I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what they’re called because it’s written in another language, but I am happy to describe them to you. Have you had the Skittles Cloudz yet? They’re like a cross between a marshmallow and a gummy, and frankly they’re excellent on their own. However, whatever these new guys are take things up a notch. While the Cloudz are more marshmallow than gummy, these new jawns flip the script and honestly, it’s a way better format. Cards on the table I bought them because they had a lil sticker in the corner that had a cherry on it with some writing I couldn’t understand. I still don’t know what it means bc I didn’t taste any cherry flavors, but would 1000% buy again.

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Cannabis Products, Perfect for Thanksgiving

If you’re reading this article, odds are decent you’ve already discovered the value of combining Thanksgiving and cannabis. Look no further than the time-honored tradition of cutting out to hit a joint down the street while the turkey’s being carved as proof of weed’s well-established place at our Thanksgiving feasts. 

But the modern industry has upped the stakes entirely, ushering in a new generation of edibles and products seemingly tailor-made for age-appropriate enjoyment at the dinner table. Offering a veritable cornucopia of cannabis delights, the fact of the matter is that it’s never been easier to go “green” at Thanksgiving by offering some THC-infused dishes that can be both meal and entertainment.

As you prepare for this year’s Thanksgiving, here are some suggestions for what to add to your shopping list. Running the gamut from pantry staples to palate-cleansing beverages, let’s just say the options for incorporating THC into Thanksgiving have never been stronger. All products below are available in California, and you must be at least 21 to purchase.

1. Kiva’s Turkey Gravy

Arguably the signature cannabis product of the Thanksgiving season, Kiva Confections’ Turkey Gravy offers 10mg THC per individual serving/package. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because Kiva’s been holding it down with award-winning chocolates and gummies for years. Now they’ve the hit gravy, which means those interested can substitute the household edition for this scrumptious mix of cannabinoids, rosemary, thyme and oregano. 

Uplift your dinnertime chats without ever having to conspicuously disappear, only to return 20 minutes later with guiltily red eyes and no excuse. Plus, it’s delicious! Available for a limited time, Kiva’s THC Turkey Gravy packets are a “break in case of emergency” kit you won’t want to be without this Thanksgiving.

2. Cann Cranberry Sage

Another ideal option for enjoying weed with discretion comes in the form of Cann’s festively flavored Cranberry Sage social tonics. Now a major player in the emerging cannabis beverage market, Cann undoubtedly had Thanksgiving in mind when they concocted this refreshingly tart winter flavor. Featuring an entirely reasonable 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per can, you can also rest easy knowing you don’t need to stretch out the contents over several hours’ worth of sips. Grab a six-pack and toast your clever success at dosing without needing to ditch the table. Another limited edition offering, Cann’s Cranberry Sage social tonics will have you saying “cheers” in no time.

3. SelfBaked THC Butter

A proper Thanksgiving often involves the baking of many pies. Some are familiar; others remain enigmas. But one thing these creations of crust and filling have in common: butter. That’s why new California cannabis company SelfBaked is making it easier than ever to infuse THC into the Thanksgiving baked desert of your choice. The star of the show is their Liquid Diamonds Butter. Packed with 1000mg of THC, this small tub of refrigerated, pre-infused butter offers a refreshingly easy way to add cannabis to any recipe calling for the ingredient. 

Directions on SelfBaked’s packaging makes substituting to your desired dosage a breeze. Reminder: Always take care to properly label and store any infused treats you bring to a family gathering. Responsible consumption is the best consumption!

4. Potli x Aster Farms Olive Oil

Like SelfBaked, Potli is a company that specializes in infused ingredients, rather than entire edible creations. So, they offer ingredients such as infused chili oil and infused honey that can then be added to any dish of your choice. When it comes to Thanksgiving, there’s any number of plates that might call for olive oil, which is why Potli’s limited edition collaboration with Lake County’s Aster Farms is a win for minds and tastebuds alike. 

Featuring Aster’s Watermelon OG and extra virgin olive oil sourced from nearby Lake County olive orchards, this limited release has you covered with 8mg THC per serving (100mg per package). Bring a touch of NorCal with you to wherever your Thanksgiving meal takes place with this sharp-looking tin of delectable liquid gold.

5. Kikoko Herbal Teas

At some point on Thanksgiving, you may want a break from the hard stuff. Alternatively, we’re talking about a holiday in late November here. It’s cold! Whether it’s time to give your liver a rest or simply the right moment for a steamy mug of something uplifting, Kikoko Herbal Teas are a boiling kettle away from curing what ails you. Available in five varieties (Sympa-Tea, Tranquili-Tea, Creativi-Tea, Sensuali-Tea, and Positivi-Tea) as well as varying potencies, Kikoko’s line includes something for every palate. Be it their caffeinated black Creativi-Tea (10mg THC) or their far subtler chamomile valerian Tranquili-Tea (3mg THC), each blend also features minor cannabinoids, complex flavors and a reliable experience you can count on in the clutch.

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Hemp Biodiesel: Myths & Facts 

What are some myths and facts when it comes to hemp biodiesel? Proponents say it’s the answer to weaning the West off Saudi Arabia’s oil. Critics say it’s a pie-in-the-sky idea that doesn’t conform to economic realities. So what are the myths and facts regarding hemp biodiesel? The inventor of the diesel engine, Rudolph Diesel, used peanut oil in his original design. He intended to liberate small business owners from their energy concerns, thereby decreasing the power and influence of […]

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Higher Profile: Zane Witzel, CEO, Cannador

Zane Witzel founded Cannador, a humidor storage system for cannabis, in an effort to raise the bar for cannabis storage. But, his conservative Catholic upbringing, combined with a Christian college education, makes him an anomaly in the cannabis industry.

“I was baptized Catholic, but rejected practicing and attending in grade school,” he shared. “My parents knew that I had my own feelings and voice at a young age. I believe in allowing your child to choose their own path where religion is concerned.”

The first time he tried cannabis was in high school where he grew up in Upstate New York. In a setting similar to That 70s Show, a group of friends sat in a circle in someone’s basement and passed around a joint. He said he enjoyed it right away, never feeling guilty about his use. 

“I played on the Lacrosse team and was Class President of both my Junior and Senior classes, pulling As and Bs, so no one could call me a non-productive stoner in high school,” he laughed. “I proved the stereotype wrong and leaned into my use and belief that the plant was not harmful because of the kind of person I was. The stereotype just didn’t apply to me or my friends—it never has.”

Witzel set his sights on California for his first degree in telecommunications from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles. Pepperdine is one of the top private Christian universities in the country, with the perk of overlooking the tawny beach town of Malibu and the Pacific Ocean.

Courtesy of Cannador

Every Seed Bearing Plant

God said, “See, I give you every seed-bearing plant that is upon all the earth, and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit, they shall be yours for food.” – Hebrew, Genesis 1.29

Witzel said he was well aware that Pepperdine was run by the Church of Christ, and that his cannabis use may be in question, but the campus overlooking the ocean was compelling.

“Aside from Pepperdine being a great university, with an excellent communications department taught by A-listers in the TV and film industry, the location was a definite draw,” he said. “I lived on campus, and though the university had strict rules about drugs and alcohol, I found my tribe of cannabis users pretty easily. The tribe finds each other, no matter where you are. Turns out, Christians like weed as much as anyone else.”

Cannabis as a superfood is how the plant began its life on earth. We as a species have upped the level of THC over the decades via hybridization. 

When the late Lawrence Ringo from Southern Humboldt, California, hybridized cannabis plants to have lower tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), he referred to his first high cannabinoid (CBD) cultivar as the “God plant,” as the original plant measured in at around four percent of the psychoactive compound before human hands messed with it.

Witzel said there was never a discussion with his colleagues on the status of cannabis within the church, the Bible, or any guilt associated with its use.

“I never understood why the church rejected cannabis,” he said. “There were many in my tribe at Pepperdine who were way more into Christianty than I, and they used cannabis. I never read anything in scripture saying thou shalt not partake of this plant. My cannabis use has nothing to do with my relationship with God or my faith. To date, no one has proven to me that weed is heatheness.”

To put his Pepperdine tribe experience into perspective, Witzel detailed fellow students as brilliant and gifted, with better test scores than he had, all partaking of the plant. To get into Pepperdine you had to be smart, and if you didn’t have a full scholarship, you pretty much had to come from money. This fact further cements the truth of the demographic of the plant, crossing lines of race and status in society.

He likened one classmate to the Nobel Prize winning mathematician, John Nash, profiled in the film, A Beautiful Mind.

“We shared a wall in the dorms, and I could hear him tap, tap, tapping, as he worked out these long, complex mathematical problems on a board on the wall between us—much like Nash did at Princeton University. My point in retelling this story is, the students who used cannabis at Pepperdine were not slackers. We didn’t fit the stereotype at all. These were believers of God from conservative and, for the most part, upper class families.”

With a love for movies and TV shows, Witzel set his sights on a career in the entertainment industry, but upon graduating in 2009, on the crest of a global financial crisis, projects went astray. He also wasn’t thrilled at the aspect of working from project to project, as is common in the entertainment industry.

Realizing he had to pivot, he enrolled in the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University; 30 miles east of downtown Los Angeles.

With a focus on strategies in business, Witzel worked for a management consulting firm while studying at Claremont. Still smoking cannabis and hanging out with friends, he had what he calls a “lightbulb moment,” when a buddy set a shoebox on the coffee table, with his stash in disarray inside.

“I thought to myself, we can do better than this,” he laughed.

Courtesy of Cannador

A Functional Stash

After some research, Witzel came across a humidity control system originally used for cigar humidors. After making a few adjustments to the product, he was able to adapt the humidity setting to accommodate a lower relative humidity, which is necessary for cannabis. Witzel then purchased the patent from the original owner and rebranded it to “VaporBeads.”

Citing a study from 1975, Cannador’s website educates on weed storage, “The Stability of Cannabis and its Preparations on Storage,” wherein the best storage was found to be at room temperature in a dark, sealed container. The researchers observed the plant material for two years, noting changes in potency.

The outcome showed that properly stored cannabis plant material with a correct amount of moisture retains higher terpene and cannabinoid counts—the compounds where flavor, scent, and medicinal efficacy is found. 

The study also confirmed that humidors made for cigars have a higher moisture content, and are not suitable for cannabis. It’s a fine line of humidity that keeps cannabis fresh, flavorful, and mold-free.

A big difference between cigar and cannabis humidors is the interior wood and the way they maintain humidity. Most cigar humidors maintain a higher relative humidity and utilize chemicals like propylene glycol. Additionally, cigar humidors are lined with cedar, whereas cannabis humidors should be lined with a more neutral wood like mahogany. Cannador’s patented VaporBeads allow just the right amount of moisture to maintain the terpene’s aroma and taste by only adding water. A relative humidity (RH) for cannabis is best kept between 58 to 65%. Anything over 70% RH runs the risk of mold growth.

Courtesy of Cannador

Keeping the Faith, Keeping it Fresh

With the holiday season upon us, Witzel is gearing up for gift-giving season, offering up his limited edition 3-strain Cannador Artist Collaboration, designed by Chelsea Van Voorhis, who specializes in working with veneer products.

Also in the mix are his handcrafted walnut and mahogany roll trays, and leather toolkit for travel. 

Giving back in the cannabis industry is important and Cannador is passionate about sustainability, pledging to plant one tree for every Cannador purchased, as part of Plant-it 2020, a global non-profit operating in Colorado, dedicated to properly planting, maintaining, and protecting as many indigenous trees as possible.

For Witzel, his mission is clear, provide the best and most beautiful products to keep cannabis as fresh and flavorful as possible—because, after all, he too still enjoys the plant.

“I still enjoy cannabis, but not everyday,” he said. “I really like good wine, and if I’ve had too much I like to reset by smoking cannabis. It helps get me out of my shell and converse more easily with people. I like to vape or smoke joints, but no more bong rips for me. Everything in moderation—and that actually reflects what the Bible says about alcohol.”

Witzel’s focus is still as clear as it was in college, on being a productive human.

“My alma mater probably doesn’t want to hear this, but cannabis always made everything more interesting for me,” he concluded. “I still love listening to music while high. I balanced school, sports, and work around my cannabis use. I don’t think there always has to be some kind of trade-off, you simply work hard and have fun responsibly along the way—and cannabis will always be a big part of that for me.”

For more information on Cannador & VaporBeads visit, 

Visit Cannador’s Limited Collections page here, 

Visit its accessories page here, 

For more information on Plant-it 2020 visit,

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Creator Explains Patented Process To Extract Cannabinoids From Smoke

Extracting cannabinoids from smoke is now a reality, using a patented extraction method, activating compounds at levels only achieved via smoking. Why? Imagine edibles made with an oil that provides more of the impact you normally only get from smoking.

Boston, Massachusetts-based Real Isolates announced on October 24 that it has been issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a novel method used to extract cannabinoids and other compounds—from cannabis smoke. 

The company introduced a new brand as well as two products in oil form: Smokenol Day is a CBD-forward cannabis smoke extract derived from hemp. The THC-rich extracted oil created by this method, on the other hand, is sold, and licensed under the brand name Smokenol, is rich in common and rare cannabinoids and enables a new category of oral, topical, and inhaled cannabis products. Profound Naturals is the brand under which hemp derived Smokenol Day CBD products are sold.

Creator of Smokenol and Vice President and co-founder of Real Isolates Andy Westerkamp explained the concept and products using Real Isolates novel extraction method.

The reasoning behind the new extraction method comes down to common consumer preferences: “Do you prefer edibles or smoking?” Westerkamp asked High Times. “I prefer smoking, my wife prefers smoking, and most of my friends do. If you look at consumer preference surveys, or sales data in the cannabis industry, it’s largely going to show you the same thing—consumer sales are smokeable products, whether it’s flower, concentrates, or you name it. Smoking feels different than edibles.” 

The reason smoking feels different than edibles is that through your lungs, cannabis is metabolized through your liver, transforming THC into 11-hydroxy-THC in your liver. Smoking feels different because of the way compounds are transformed under high heat. In any case, some level of decarboxylation or transformation of the compounds is necessary.

“So basically, to put in perspective, the ember on a joint, or a cherry on a bowl, is probably somewhere between 900 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit,” Westerkamp said. “That’s really high. The layer burns at 2000 plus degrees Fahrenheit. So when we’re applying that amount of heat to the input material, you’re going to transform everything.”

Courtesy of Smokenol

For Real Isolates’ first experiment, the team took 99%+ pure CBD isolate, burned it in a dab rig and sent it through a special filter, allowing them to extract 18 different cannabinoids. 

“Every single one of those cannabinoids in the input material is 100% in the plant, or you know, a variety in your concentrate of choice—those are going to transform significantly before you inhale,” Westerkamp said. “So essentially, when you’re smoking, you’re consuming a completely different chemical product than when you eat a traditional edible or extract. So for us, we designed a special filter that we call ‘the lung’ internally.”

Given that millions of people are unable to smoke due to chronic respiratory conditions and so forth, this method allows them to feel some of the effects.

Westerkamp said they designated this filter “to selectively capture those compounds out of the smoke, so that we can deliver them in different formats like specifically edibles, but edible tinctures, topicals, suppositories, vapes, you name it. So we can take that profile, that chemical fingerprint that you would only get from smoking, and now put it into other things. And our trademark there is, you know, our slogan is ‘We smoked it for you,’ which is literally what we’re doing.”

You don’t necessarily have to decide between edibles or similar effects compared to smoking. If you’re curious about learning more about Real Isolates unique extraction method and products, visit the website.

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #29: Hall of PuffCon Glory

We’re less than halfway through October but boy has it been a banger already, so we’re stacking this one extra fat to catch up on all the action. I feel like I’m constantly saying to myself ‘that was only last week’ after talking about things that seemed to have happened months ago, and I don’t want to let any flame slip through the gaps. Although I’m still going to do our normal collection at the end of the month, there was a TON of heat across Puffcon and Hall of Flowers, and a special edition was warranted, so let’s get into it.

First off, Puffcon was a blast. I really believe this is the best event doing it right now. While I tried to go incognito to this one and trip out off the radar, this event is so packed with homies that I couldn’t walk 5 feet without running into one of the gang. Not to mention all the vendors and entertainers that come out for Puffco’s flagship celebration are incredible, so the whole event feels like the best sort of family reunion. In fact, given how quickly everything is happening right now it feels weird to think that that was only the second one – it could’ve been a ten year reunion. I hear rumblings they’re going to go even bigger for the next one, so if you’ve been sleeping so far please hear me: not all events are made the same, and you will likely be far less stoked on the half-assed happenings around town once you see what’s possible. Once again, shouts to Puffco for making it all happen.

Returning to Santa Rosa, Hall of Flowers was once again the massive brand show-out you’d expect. The ComplexCon for weed, all of the industry’s hypebeasters were on the scene to see the latest and greatest, and the OG’s were on the ground working out of backpacks instead of paying thousands for tables. While attendance did feel a bit lighter this year than usual, I would actually argue that counter-programming won the day for this one. Although none of the officially un-official afterparties were anything to write home about, two private affairs happened at Sazon (which is SO good – if you’re in Santa Rosa it’s a must stop) the first two nights. More on that later, but as always, don’t miss a Doja sesh if you hear it’s happening. That one was LEGENDARY.

As always, let me know what you’re excited about, what I missed, what you’ve got coming, or what just generally sucks on Twitter.

Talking Terps

Courtesy of Talking Terps

I already told you Puffcon was about the homies, and just like last year I’m so stoked on Talking Terps activation on site. Once again bringing the cottage to the masses, this year the gang debuted a special commemorative event shirt (featuring Crawford & his Proxy), towels, some toys & foam fingers. On top of a killer activation, with a new mural by Sunflower Form & his girlfriend, the craziest part to me is how the Terps are always visible before you even enter the event. Most of the line was covered in their various drops and while everyone had a Puffco product, I would definitely say the next most popular brand of the outing was the squad. The boys had a line ALL DAY!

Alien Labs x Kalya’s Puffcon drop

Courtesy of Alien Labs

Another brand I talk about a lot, the Aliens. Of course. But bro – the Kalya collab that dropped at Puffcon is quite possibly the best rosin I’ve ever smoked in my life. Full stop. Of course I was an idiot and forgot to scoop a jar at the event because I was losing my mind, and there were only 100 to begin with, but thankfully my buddy Frank Castillo did and glob’d me out at The Comedy Store. All I can say is despite being insanely high already, that Xeno cut right through. Not only was I elevated to a new level, but that flavor stayed on my tongue through the next three joints. 

Custy Life

Courtesy of Custy Life

This was, without question, the most ridiculous pre-party I have ever been to. Besides the fact that there was probably a half a million in glass scattered throughout the house, and the most premium cannabis products available on the market today, these guys flew our Custy Chef from New York to make the best pizza I’ve had in my life – for eight hours. Even crazier, dude didn’t come in for the day. They brought him in for the week, and he spent at least 3 days prepping for the meal. It was as incredible as it sounds. I have no idea how this came together. I was invited by my guy BK the God who assured me ‘Custy Life’ was not a brand, but a vibe, and that absolutely no business would go down there. Homies like Kapow, Dan’s Roll Ups, Alkemist Organics and even the elusive Bobby Trill showed up. I’ve since learned from Dan that the whole purpose of this thing is really to recruit new White Corn Pizza missionaries – which, mission accomplished: I’ve converted. In all seriousness though, this was probably the most extravagant outing I’ve seen to date.


Courtesy of Jesse the Chef

Yes, Jon likes Zkittles. We know this, tell us something new. Okay, well how about this? Of course the one time I miss Doja’s sesh FieldZ shows up with all his new Z phenos and ya boy wasn’t there to see! Seems my luck lately. Fortunately, my guy Jesse the Chef couldn’t let him leave town without pulling some new fire for the community. Selected by Jesse and affectionately named Z5 (a play on the A5 wagyu he’s become known for), I’ve seen a lot of good Zkittles lately, but this one’s particularly delightful. Given that it’s still a bit early for the premieres of the new phenos, this is your shot to get laced up right now.

Trevy Metal

Courtesy of Trevy Metal

Probably my favorite part of Puffcon is the lot, which brings out so many incredible artists to introduce and sell their wares to the community. While the usual suspects like All My Hats Are Dead, Trove SF, and Elbo were back showing out, I was fortunate enough to meet the new homie Trevy Metal for the first time, and boy was I stoked to see his spread. I picked up this crazy half smiley with a skeleton peeking out pillow that’s way cooler than it sounds now reciting it back. But from his prints to the 1/1 merch items he had on display, it was super dope to see the breadth of this creative’s work in basically the perfect headspace for it.

MycoOakland’s Gear

Courtesy of MycoOakland

And speaking of lot homies, I’ve got to call attention to how my guy MycoOakland has been growing – and not just on the fungi side. The pinky pioneer has already been quietly producing some of the best branded merch in the game – from cut & sew shorts to jackets – but what he’s got coming… Let me just say there are a lot of brands who are trying to do seasonal style offerings to mobilize billboards in the wild, but few have brands that could stand on their own if the traditional biz didn’t exist. Myco’s got that. This is the type of gear that, while definitely mentioning where it came from, could fit in just about anywhere, while still subtly nodding to the culture in each piece.


Courtesy of Champelli

Pelli’s a legend so I doubt this is going to be the first time anyone’s hearing this name (especially if you’ve spent virtually any time in the Bay), but the man’s been popping up all over the scene lately and I want to celebrate how loud the work’s been. The always humble icon is the type to usually preface opening his bag with something like ‘this isn’t even anything that impressive’, and it ALWAYS has something THAT impressive. Not only that, but Joe’s a real artist – he’s thought through every detail of the experience so while the weed’s better than the majority of the market to begin with, he’s also got mylars that would stoke out even the most picky street hustlers. It’s hard to beat the Champ.

Sourwavez RS-11

Courtesy of Sourwavez

Also all over the scene lately has been the infamous meme legend Sourwavez. While I’ll admit I knew about the jokes before the work, one thing is clear: his plants are no laughing matter. Well, maybe that excited giggle if you’re like me, but you get it. Y’all know I’ve smoked a LOT of RS-11 in my day, but Waves’ take on the strain that has propelled several brands into the limelight already is worthy of the call out. Even better, the donuts he’s moving right now are KILLER. Branded a la The Simpsons, Smokin’ Donuts are definitely worth a snag if you come across them – some of the cleanest hash j’s I’ve smoked!

Sacred Fruits Merch Collabs

Courtesy of Sacred Fruits

If it feels like the first half of this is all gang, it is. You’re getting 20 today and I already told you what Puffcon is about, so don’t be surprised. That said, how the Sacred Fruits infiltrated this year’s event is worth writing home about. Debuting collabs with all the legends – from a Trapis Designs dyed Alien Labs collab, to a long sleeve with the Good Trip guys, to the first-ever Sacred Fruits hats created by All My Hats Are Dead, who they also split a booth with, the gang did not let the fact that they’re primarily dealing in the less-than-legal stop them from making a splash at one of the real head’s favorite days. Well played, and thanks for the drugs!

Trich x Astor x LING x the Alchemist’s Pre-Bash

Courtesy of Trich

This one’s laced with counter-programming already, but I can’t forget to mention Puffcon’s OTHER pre-celebration, this time thrown by Trichadelics and Astor Club. Taking place at the 91 Club downtown and featuring a performance by the Alchemist, this one brought out all the legends and was a clear sign that the next day was about to rule. From Squints to the First Smoke of the Day gang, everyone pulled up to catch the set, grab some of Trich’s new press, and score one of the hyper limited oz jars Alchemist x Life is Not Grape released of 11 Grapes. Coming off Custy Life, this was the perfect way to end the day and lean into the celebrations of the weekend.

Surefire Selections New Phenos

Courtesy of Surefire Selections

Another excellent pre-party I had the fortune of attending was Surefire Selections’ new pheno tasting in Santa Rosa the night before HOF began. Now, I would’ve gone to this thing either way as I respect what Surefire’s doing, but homie had it at Sazon – possibly the best restaurant in Santa Rosa (fight me, I’ll stand on it) – so I knew I was in for a treat. Even with all that going for it, as expected, the flower was once again the star of the show. My two choices of the night were Candy Fumez, a cross of Zkittles and Sherbanger (bred by Boston Roots), two consistent fan favorites, and a Cherry Pie x OZK cut (bred by Mendoja Farms) I’m not sure has a name yet. While I’m sure it’ll be a bit before these are available to the general consumers, please keep an eye out. These batches are so standout when I got back to New York my family told me “This is the most impressive stuff you’ve ever brought home.”

Fig Farms

Courtesy of Fig Farms

This is another one y’all certainly know we’re big fans of over here, but considering it was Fig Farms‘ first showing at Hall of Flowers I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my pick of the show, despite the fact that they’re a consistent favorite. You have already heard me explain that the flower these guys produce is truly in a league of its own, but they’ve always got some new special project to show me that floors me. Every. Single. Time. This show’s surprise was Z’clair, a new cross of Zonuts & Cold Heat that tastes even better than it looks. As always, this high’s stoney, especially for casual consumers, but I found a bright and giggly high, despite physically feeling sluggish.

Decibel Gardens

Courtesy of Decibel Gardens

Y’all know I’m always on the hunt for daytime strains, and I’m pleased to report a new name producing some truly impressive work. I had the pleasure of meeting the Decibel Gardens team at this year’s Hall of Flowers and while I say new because they’re new to me, the work shows the expertise is there. With three bright & citrus-y expressions that I’ve been enjoying the past few days (Golden Kiwi, Citric Acid & Cali-O), the brand has set a clear focus on a side of the market often overlooked in favor of the candy gas the market is always asking for. While I’m sure it seems like easy riches catering to what the market is asking for right now, I’m far more interested in those honing in their specific cuts, so I’m excited to watch these guys evolve.

Big Chief’s Fizzlezz

Courtesy of Big Chief

I rarely include edibles in this list anymore because there’s so much flower crushing the game right now, but you know I can’t help myself when I find something truly unique and exciting. Well gang, weed pop rocks are here, and they’re insanely delicious! Released by Big Chief, the Fizzlezz are flavored popping candy you can add to anything or just pound from the pack (guess which I did). And even better, the flavors aren’t just your standard Cherry or Grape – they have frickin Pina Colada, Mocha and even Cola! And that’s what they taste like! What a time to be alive!

Sturt’s Doinks

Courtesy of Sturt’s Doinks

I’ve been hearing good things about Sturt’s for awhile now, and while we’ve been friends online for a minute I just got to try one of his coveted hand rolls recently, and let me tell you, the hype is real. While I’m not going to lie, this thing was a gauntlet to smoke, it was incredibly flavorful and manageable despite the size – 3.5g of flower & a full gram of rosin. The first I smoked was a double down on Sherbanger, and was honestly one of the tastiest joints of my life, bar none.

Real Deal Resin

Courtesy of Real Deal Resin

One thing that seems to have gotten lost from a lot of brands lately, especially in marketing collateral and displays, is a real sense of fun. While sure everyone looks polished lately, and fancy mylars are everywhere, no one else had close to the type of vibe Real Deal Resin was providing at this year’s HOF. Emblazoned with flips of some of the most iconic wrestlers of all time, RDR’s a lot more than just good packaging, but it will definitely draw you in. Once you actually tap into the products though? You’re in for a treat. I was fortunate enough to see their work both pre and post rec, and I’ve got to say, they’re one of few that have got it down on both ends of the spectrum.

Terp Hogz

Courtesy of Terp Hogz

Do y’all realize how lucky you are that I’m providing you with TWO separate Z mentions in the same article? I said earlier this year that Z season was back, but even I couldn’t have expected what the OGs were about to turn out. And I haven’t even seen all the new phenos yet! But I was fortunate enough to run into Jondo a few times throughout the week in Santa Rosa, and he broke me off with one of the Original Z x West Coast Alchemy buckets he had on him. All I can say is that while this flavor is often imitated, simply nothing beats the original. If you can get your hands on one of these super limited jars I would move quick – this is one I’m going to cherish for a while.

Laughing Gas

Courtesy of Laughing Gas

I recently heard Joey CoCo Diaz talking about this brand and how he wanted the devil to be front and center because it’s weed and not health food. I love this mentality, but I’ll be honest, I love the weed even more. This is admittedly not the first time I’ve tried Laughing Gas, but having had the opportunity now to sniff & smoke through their whole portfolio I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the dank here too. While again, this is another one with an attractive eye-catching mylar, this is also one filling their bags with the real deal. The Zashimi was my favorite of the selection (go figure), but the Truffle & Rainbow Runtz were also worth scooping!

It’s All About Choices

Courtesy of It’s All About Choices

As just mentioned above, I’m only sharing edibles that truly excite me now, and these guys are exciting. These guys seem to infuse EVERYTHING. And when I say everything, I mean everything. They’re coming to market with 150 SKUs and include items like medicated ketchup, mashed potatoes, drink mixes, etc. It’s really never ending. Not only that, but the recipes are formulated from scratch by Casey Shea, a pastry chef formerly at Milk Bar, so they’re all actually just as delicious as they are medicated. What a great combination. For those of you that don’t want to taste any plant material, or change your diet or routine whatsoever to Runtz your life up, your ticket is on its way.

Panacea’s YSL

Courtesy of Panacea

These guys aren’t a new name to me, but I’m pretty sure they’ve never graced the list before. This one’s my pick for the most standout nose of the show. While it’s a Runtz cut, which is of course not the most unique, Panacea’s Yves St. LaRuntz is certainly not just more of the same. Although the sample I saw admittedly seemed a bit early, there’s this classic musk to the buds that translates through to the flavor, and it stays with you. Almost like rotten vanilla, you’ll find yourself craving it before long. Not only was the taste there, but the high from this one was surprisingly impactful, staying with me far longer than most of its relatives had in the past.

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