A Whistle Stop Tour of the Cannabis Concentrates

The cannabis market has been booming over the last few years as more countries around the globe begin to accept the wonders of the plant. What once was an illegal, unacceptable drug, is now – slowly – becoming a legal medicine and even a legal recreational pastime. One of the more modern inventions inside the cannabis world is cannabis concentrates.

Whilst some have been around for centuries, others have been created more recently by the wonders of science. There are several different cannabis concentrates out there, so sometimes it’s hard to find the information you want. In this article, we’ll be taking you on a whistle stop tour of all of the main cannabis concentrates. And don’t worry – this tour is completely free of charge. Put your seatbelt on. Let’s begin.

Cannabis concentrates can be found on dispensary shelves, boasting names like shatter, butter, wax, resin, and more. Any specific cannabinoid can be concentrated, so regardless of whether you’re looking for delta-9 THC, delta-8 THCdelta 10THC-OTHCV, CBG, or something else, it can be found in concentrate form. This is great for delta-8 THC users, because it allows a concentrated form of this alternate form of THC which doesn’t cause anxiety like half-brother delta-9, and which leaves users with a clear head and energy, while having a similar medical profile. We’ve got great deals for delta-8 THC and many other compounds, so take a look, and try ’em out!

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Once someone has total control over the marijuana plant, there are many ways to transform and eventually consume it. Cannabis can be placed in oils, edibles, the usual buds and even synthesised concentrates. It all depends on the creation process. But before we discuss how they’re made, let’s first truly understand what they are. And, as always, there’s never a better places to find complex definitions than wikipedia

“A cannabis concentrate (also called marijuana concentrate, marijuana extract, or cannabis extract) is a highly potent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or cannabidiol (CBD) concentrated mass. Marijuana concentrates contain extraordinarily high THC levels that could once range from 40 to 80%, up to four times stronger in THC content than high grade or top shelf marijuana, which normally measures around 20%”

It’s in the name really, isn’t it? Cannabis concentrates are designed to be especially potent in comparison with cannabis buds or other products. By getting rid of any extra, unnecessary parts of the cannabis plant, cannabis concentrates are able to focus on what really matters: the terpenes and cannabinoids. It’s within these that the aromas and effects of cannabis are found – which is why people have spent years trying to find a way to harness them in the greatest possible way. That is why cannabis concentrates come in so many different shapes and sizes, and are made in a variety of ways. 

How are Cannabis Concentrates Made?

Cannabis concentrates is an umbrella term for many different substances; some are liquids, some are solids and some are a mix of both. There are two main ways of making cannabis concentrates and that is through solvent extraction, and solventless extraction. One uses chemicals, labs and science coats, whilst others are easier to make and more natural. Let’s figure out what these are. 

What is Solvent Extraction?

A solvent extraction is essentially when a chemical is used to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. By introducing certain chemicals, as well as heat and pressure, into the equation – this separation occurs. However, there isn’t just one way of completing this process. Some use carbon dioxide, whilst others use butane; these are two of the most common ways of using solvent extraction to create cannabis concentrates. 

Carbon Dioxide Extraction 

Carbon dioxide extraction is complex because, obviously, co2 is a gas, not a solid. However, the amazing result of a beautiful cannabis concentrate makes the process worth it. The carbon dioxide is first placed in a chamber where it is pressured and turned into a liquid through low temperatures. The co2 is then reheated, which due to the nature of carbon dioxide, makes it a supercritical substance. This substance is then passed through a chamber containing the cannabis plant. The supercritical substance will extract the trichomes, which contains the pure and potent compounds desirable to create cannabis concentrates. The substance that is left after this process can then be used to create a variety of cannabis concentrates. 

Butane Extraction

Butane extraction is most popular for creatine hash oil. But how does it work? As mentioned earlier, any solvent extraction to make cannabis concentrates uses some sort of other chemical – which in this case, is butane. The cannabis is first covered with butane, in its liquid form. Butane happens to be a very easily liquefiable gas. Once this is done, heat and pressure is used, and yet again, what is left is a cannabis concentrate. This can be used to create hash oil, budder, shatter or crumble. 

What is Non-Solvent Extraction?

Non-solvent extraction is a far less complicated process, and one that doesn’t leave you scratching your head quite as much. However, that’s not to say that the result is any less wonderful. Non-solvent extraction is made, as you can imagine, without chemicals in the creation process.

For example, kief and hash would both be cannabis concentrates that are made with non-solvent extraction. But, yet again, there are a variety of ways that non-solvent extraction can take place. Kief is made through rolling the dry cannabis plant over a sieve, and allowing the whitey yellow thrichomes to collect. Trichomes also look a bit like mini snowdrops up close. These are hugely potent and hold all of the best compounds of the plant. 

Another example of a non-solvent extraction would be in the creation of hash. Hash is one of the oldest types of cannabis concentrates. In fact, a scientist called Gmelin first mentioned the substance in 1777. The process of creating hash can vary depending on technique. However, one way of making hash is in water. The cannabis plant is tumbled in icy cold water and is then filtered through a mesh. This substance is then dried and pressed into small blocks. The resin, which is what the substance is made out of, is very high in THC.

Why are Cannabis Concentrates Popular?

Before we take a whistle stop tour through some of the main and post popular cannabis concentrates, let’s first ask the question: why are they so popular? Well, it’s first important to realise that any connoisseur of any substance will always search for the most pure version of it. Think of pressed olive oil, some people will spend their lives searching for the first press because it will be the highest quality oil.

This is the same with orange juice, the first press of orange juice is considered to be the purest, healthiest and tastiest. Cannabis concentrates are no different to this. People who love cannabis and the effects of it, are always discovering new ways to enjoy it in its purest and most powerful form. As mentioned earlier, the average cannabis concentrate can have THC levels of over 60%. This is why cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular. 

The Cannabis Concentrates



Kief is a collection of resin trichomes. Kief is one of the easiest cannabis concentrates to make. In fact, some three-part grinders have a section at the bottom that collects fallen down kief over time, which can then be placed in a joint and smoked. It is golden in colour, and powdery. 


Hash is usually sold in brown blocks. Some are dark and some are light brown. Usually, a good way to tell if hash is good quality is to see if it burns like a candle. If it does, then your hash is excellent. Usually hash will be heated before consumption, so that small parts can be separated from the large block. These small parts of hash are then placed in the joint. 


Charas comes primarily from India and Jamaica. It looks quite similar to hash but is usually darker and sold in balls, rather than blocks. The difference between hash and charas is that the latter is made from the entire cannabis plant, whereas the former is made from dried trichomes. 



Shatter is an example of cannabis concentrate that is made from butane extraction. The substance is golden in colour and looks like shattered glass. It also looks quite a lot like frozen honey. 


Wax is very similar to shatter, except it’s slightly more liquidy. Whilst the aroma and potency of wax is almost identical to shatter, it’s the consistency that differs. Wax is opaque and malleable. In addition, wax is dabbed into a joint in order to smoke it. 


The average crumble has THC levels of anywhere from 60-90%. Again, there are many similarities between crumble and the rest of the solvent cannabis concentrates, however the look and consistency is different. Crumble literally crumbles in one’s hands. Crumble is also dabbed in order to use it. 

The Tour Is Now Over

So there you have it, that was a quick and concise whistle stop tour of the cannabis concentrates. There are many other cannabis concentrates that people might mention, and all of them are very slightly different to the next. Like any enthusiasts, cannabis-lovers like to invent and name new cannabis concentrates constantly – even if they look and feel the same as before. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that cannabis concentrates are a highly potent and quite amazing substance. 

But what’s your favourite cannabis concentrate? Drop us a line in the comment section below!

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Bundling Up Seven Leaves: How Sami Bundlez Turned a Normal Grow Into a Proprietary Powerhouse

Part of what makes competing in today’s legal landscape so difficult is that it takes far more than just a quality product to attract consumers. While back in the medical days, many cultivators weren’t even branding their stuff, let alone designing flashy packaging, today, it’s essential for any producer who wants to see their consumer again, let alone generate any consistency. 

With major grows driving down the price per pound lower with every harvest, cultivators’ only hope to compete against the money guys is to develop a brand that will generate name recognition. One that the consumers come in and ask for, not just buy because it’s available. While there are many brands that have figured out how to generate a cult following that builds demand for their products even in states still facing prohibition, few are as tapped in as Seven Leaves.

You might not guess it, since you can find knock-offs of their mylars in just about any head shop across the country, but Seven Leaves wasn’t always the visibly hyphy brand it is today. In fact, while they’ve been cultivating stand-out flower since 2008, it wasn’t until the end of 2017 that the brand got its modern facelift. This facelift, as well as the curation of many of the strains the market is currently fiending for, like Zruntz for example, is thanks in no small part to the efforts of Sami Bundlez.

Meet Sami

Originally from Yonkers, but having moved to Sacramento at a very young age, Sami’s been running the plant since he was just a boy. Having gotten caught with weed for the first time in 1995, the year before the medicinal legalization of the plant, Sami fondly remembers the experience.

“I got caught with weed at school—a shitload of it too—and it was crazy, bro, because the security guard there was like, ‘Don’t even worry about it. This shit is going legal next year; just don’t fuck around.’” Sami said. “And sure enough it actually went legal, and that’s when my parents stopped tripping off me and weed. But I was never really attached to it; weed just always played a part because I was always into music.”

It was the music that built his network. Between rapping with friends and going to shows with Bay Area-legend the Jacka, who was one of Sami’s best friends before his tragic death, Bundlez built a rapport with many key players across Northern California. He credits much of his network and understanding to Jacka, who even kicked him down some verses for his own projects back in the day.

“This weed shit, and this music shit, go hand in hand. It’s always something I’ve always wanted to do,” Sami told me. “[Jacka] fucked with us in the long way, bro, like where we got phone calls before going out to shows like, ‘Hey I’m performing here, I want y’all to come with me.’ That’s how we built the face.”

Courtesy of Seven Leaves

Bundling Up

“From there, I got into throwing concerts. We brought everybody out—from Future to Uzi, Post Malone, Belly—bringing everybody to Sacramento. I just kept working with the weed shit like I was building my brand—the Sami Bundlez brand. Every time somebody would come to Sac, they would say, ‘Call Bundlez.’

“I know I got some fire-ass weed, and me branding myself as, you know, that guy,” he added. “The name stands for itself. People would always hit me up, but we weren’t branding it, like, on T-shirts or on packaging—nothing like that yet; it was just all an idea. Fieldz from Zkittlez was actually like, ‘Bro, you should start your own shit—just do it!’ But it was funny because once he said it, so many other people came and was like, ‘Yo, you should do this.’”

Understanding that he now had the network and know-how to not only source the products the market wanted, but to get them into the right hands, Sami began plotting his legal play.

“My boy [Brian Khem] hits me up, and he’s like, ‘Yo Bundlez, you know, I work for a company that has a significant amount of lights. And I think that if you came here, it’d be something you know, that you could do here.”

Although the deal certainly didn’t happen overnight, that company was Seven Leaves, and Brian was onto something…

Seven Leaves
Courtesy of Seven Leaves

The Next Level: Seven Leaves

Seven Leaves was founded by Mike B, Tyler Kerns and Gary nearly a decade ago in Sacramento. With a cultivation facility already producing solid work by this point thanks to Brian’s know-how, Sami was able to see a blueprint from their first meeting. 

“I gave [Brian] a list of what genetics I needed. I gave him a list of who I wanted to work with and what I wanted to do, and we moved forward.” Sami recounted. “I brought [former NBA athlete] Matt Barnes on, and the first thing we ever did was the Matt Barnes prerolls. That started everything.”

More than just attention, Sami quickly realized Seven Leaves would need a real brand voice and some help on the genetics side, to transcend. His efforts can be directly felt through the brand’s aesthetic. From the colors to the names, Sami mapped out everything. At one point, there was even a discussion about totally rebranding and running with a new name.

“They said, ‘You know, we’re down to try something new.’ But just to show them what I had to bring to the table, and what I could do, I was like, ‘Nah, we’re going to run with this’—and we RAN with it. I created the menu there that everybody knows. Blue Slush, Bon Bons, VoVo, Brainfood. 

“I brought on guys that I’ve been rubbing shoulders with my whole life, like Zkittlez, from Humboldt and Mendocino County.” He remembered fondly. “When me and Matt came on board, you know, we built Seven Leaves out to be a lifestyle brand—our lifestyle. We brought our lifestyle to this brand, and then we marketed it that way.”

Courtesy of Seven Leaves

Living the Lifestyle

For Sami, ‘lifestyle brand’ isn’t just a fun marketing term. Sami really lives it. In his own words, here’s the daily routine:

“First thing I do in the morning is roll me up a Lemon Slush and make some coffee. After that, I’ll go with the Blue Slush, boom. After my workouts, you know, later on in the day, I’ll smoke the Brain Food. Then, you know, I might roll up some Vovo. And then, absolutely not before 9 p.m., because it’ll ruin my day for real, I’m gonna smoke the Bon Bons because that shit right there is the insomnia killer. That shit will knock you out cold.”

“I followed the Jacka blueprint, the Berner blueprint.” Sami explained. “I followed the guys that came before me that really did this shit. I tip my hat to these guys. We tried to veer off as much as we can so we’re not mimicking nobody, but those are the people that gave me the inspiration to do everything that I wanted to do.”

Although it’s clear Sami’s happy to take the credit for ramping the brand up, he’s quick to admit he didn’t walk into a broken vessel.

“My boy Brian’s the man that made it all happen, like the head grower at Seven Leaves,” he explained. “I tip my hat to Mike and Tyler and Gary and everybody else who had a hand in Seven Leaves. My boy Hansel. And Brian—this dude is like a green thumb’s green thumb, bro. His shit is literally why everybody is talking about Seven Leaves right now. You know what I’m saying? Like, I just came in and put the shit on loudspeaker!”

Courtesy of Seven Leaves

A Rising Tide

With more attention and more consumers coming in by the day, the hype the brand has built, as well as the network Bundlez has amassed over his career, has afforded the brand more opportunities to collaborate and carve out its space within the industry. Through an expanded partnership with the Terp Hogz/Zkittlez team, Seven Leaves has now co-branded a few proprietary strains Sami considers to be among the greatest to ever grow. 

“I think the Zkittlez phenos and flavors, you know, that they’ve been working on for the past five to 10 years are going to be the next thing that’s going to be talked about for the next fucking 10 to 15 years,” Sami said. “Everything else has had its run, bro.”

But the collaborations don’t stop there. The first of many co-brands with musicians to come, Seven Leaves released Wowzers, Belly’s hand-selected personal strain, earlier this year. Bundlez was also able to mention that they’re currently working on something with Cozmo.

“It’s like Coca-Cola, bro! We’re by no means trying to compete, or compare with anybody. We’re just here to let everyone know what we’re doing. Show them what we have and let them experience what we got coming up on the market.”

Fan Leaves

With new flavors and partnerships in development, Sami has now set his sights onto expansion. Having started a skate team during COVID, and a street team on the East Coast, Bundlez has always prided himself on delivering the unexpected.

“I feel like we just got to touch on different shit; I don’t think we should just be staying in that box of you know, this is weed.” He tells me, “We’re working on doing more merchandise. Different designs—not always just the logo, or trying to make a quick buck. We’re doing skateboards. Everything that we do, we want it to be educational—lifestyle educational. You’re going to get something from this other than just high.”

It’s clear from talking to him how excited he is about what he’s doing. He gets just as excited as I do when I open each of the different bags to take a whiff. For someone who’s got the visibility across the industry that he does, despite the frustrations of the legal market, Bundlez remains grateful. In maybe the best example of this, before I leave, he asks me to include:

“I want to shout out the guys who helped me put all this shit together, for real. And, you know, our street teams everywhere. And everybody who fucks with us. Everybody who smoked Seven Leaves and posted it. Anybody who’s ever really took their time, and money, to buy and try seven leaves out, I want to thank those people. Other than that, like you know, shout out to Jay Bape and Jigs and… shit, that’s pretty much it.”

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How To Make A Bong Out Of Pretty Much Anything

Was arts and crafts ever your strong suit? Did you used to enjoy making papier-mache objects? Or, like many of us, are you pretty bad at making anything with your hands? Well, not to worry, making a bong doesn’t require a degree in fine art or a course in cannabis related items. It doesn’t even require you to spend 7 years studying architecture at Harvard.

The bong has been around for centuries, and still to this day it is used to consume cannabis. They are made from many different materials, but really, they all work roughly the same. So how can you make a bong out of pretty much anything? Well, by understanding how bongs are made and how they work, you should be able to turn almost anything into one. So, if you wanna be the person at a party who turns a carrot into a smokable bong, then read on. 

Although cannabis paraphernalia has taken a modern and even futuristic turn in the last few years, the basic bong has been around for centuries and it remains a staple in most cannabis-users’ glass collections. For the best Delta 8Delta 10THC-PTHC-OTHCVHHC and even Delta 9 products subscribe to the Delta 8 Weekly newsletter.

What is a Bong?

If you’ve ever watched Pineapple Express – one of the greatest stoner films of all time – then you’ll know exactly what a bong is. If you’re unsure, then let’s quickly define it. Within the world of cannabis, people have always been searching for new and excitable ways to enjoy the beautiful plant. Some people smoke it, some people eat it, some people drink it, some people vape it, some people rub it into their skin – there are essentially unlimited ways to consume cannabis. Even those that enjoy smoking it have found various ways to do that. It has become its own sub category. That’s where bongs come in. A bong – or water pipe – is a filtration device that is used to smoke and inhale cannabis. But how does it work?

How Does it Work?

A bong might look like a complex device, but it’s actually very simple. Each part is essential in allowing the bong to work. There are a few major parts to a bong that – without – would make the bong inactive. Bongs are used to create much more smoke than you would get from a usual joint, and to cool down the smoke. So, let’s take a look at some of the major elements of the bong. 

The Base

The base is the central core of the bong. It’s like the lung of the device. In a common water bong, the base is where the water sits. The cannabis is lit, the smoke is inhaled, and this passes through the water, it is cooled down and then inhaled. The bigger the base, the more smoke is able to build up and the bigger the hit will be for the user. 

The Bowl

The bowl is where the cannabis sits to then be subsequently lit. In a common bong, the bowl will be on the edge of a stem, which sticks out of the base. The bowl will usually have small holes in it so that the smoke can be sucked from the lit cannabis; but the holes must not be too big or the cannabis could fall into the device. The bowl is the home for the cannabis, and the bigger it is, the more cannabis can be used at any one time. 

The Neck

The neck is the mouthpiece or the inhalation station. As previously mentioned, the neck will look very different depending on which bong you have. Some will be small holes that you can inhale through, whilst others will be long pipes. They all do the exact same thing. The neck is inhaled from, which sucks the smoke from the cannabis, which then travels through the base and eventually into the mouth. 

The Carb

The carb is probably the most undervalued part of any bong, and probably the element that is most often forgotten. The carb is an extra hole that is used to create circulation or to stop circulation. When inhaling from the bong, the carb will be covered so that the smoke can build up in the base, and then it will be uncovered when the smoke is finally sucked into the lungs. This helps the process go smoother. The carb also allows for leftover smoke to drift out of the bang and not build up in the bottom. Every bong needs a carb. 

Types of Bongs

Whilst the common image of a bong is usually a glass, tall and transparent looking device, the truth is that bongs come in many shapes and sizes. As long as a bong has a workable base, bowl, neck and carb, it can be made out of pretty much anything. Here is a list of some of the most common, but also crazy, bongs. 

Glass bong

The glass bong is made from – you’ve guessed it – glass. They are probably the most popular bong type as the glass doesn’t erode easily from the smoke, they are always sturdy and they maintain the flavour and aromas of the cannabis. Of course the danger is that you can drop it and it will be smashed but – if you take care of it – a glass bong can last you years. 

Ceramic bong

Ceramic bongs are almost as tasty as glass bongs. In addition, they look very stylish. Ceramic bongs can look like great big vases, and pieces of artwork. People may choose a ceramic bong over a glass bong due to preferred aesthetics. 

Dry herb vaporizer bong 

A dry herb vaporizer is an electrical device that heats up cannabis at a low temperature, which creates vapor instead of smoke. It works much like an e-cigarette, but instead it’s used for cannabis. Some vapes allow you to attach a vape bong. These are very small and sort of look like elaborate iPhone attachments. The important thing to remember is that even dry herb vape bong – be it small – will have all of the elements of a usual bong.

Plastic bottle bong

You’ve probably seen a couple teenagers try to make a plastic water bottle bong at a dodgy party. However, making a plastic bottle bong is the first step on anyone’s journey into making a bong out of pretty much anything. These types of bongs are made by cutting two holes in a water bottle, one which you can stick a joint into, and the other which you can use as the carb. The mouthpiece of the bottle becomes the mouthpiece of the bong and the base of the bottle becomes the base of the bong. It’s a pretty simple transformation and it works like a charm. 

Bamboo bong 

A bamboo bong, much like the plastic bottle bong, requires a level of finess. However, once you have the imagination of a bong-maker, you’ll realise that making one out of lots of materials is almost easy. A bamboo bong uses much the same ideas as the bottle bong – you create the holes for the carb and a hole for the joint to fit into. The entire shoot of bamboo is used as the base. Whilst there is no water inside it, the size of the bamboo shoot allows for clouds of smoke to build up, and then be inhaled. 

Apple bong

The apple bong, again, is an art form. Who would ever have thought you could smoke cannabis through an apple? Perhaps that’s what Adam and Eve wanted to do all along. The apple bong uses the core of the apple as a base, and the top dent as a place to put the cannabis. Mini holes through the top and on the sides act as the circulation holes. The natural water from the apple gives a tasty flavor to the smoke inhaled. Although the apple bong doesn’t last longer than a day, the process of making it and using it is a joy. 

How To Make a Bong Out of Pretty Much Anything

As you can see with the bongs mentioned, as long as the item has the most integral parts, a bong can be made. Of course, there are a few important things to consider. A bong cannot be made from something that could burn and create dangerous toxins. The reason why a rolled joint is usually poked through a plastic bong is to avoid the plastic from burning and creating toxic humes. Therefore, make sure whatever you use is not dangerous. Other than that, as long as you have circulation, a place to put the bud and a place to inhale the bud, then the world is your oyster. Let yourself be creative. You can make a bong from almost any vegetable or fruit you want. You could even create a bong out of a house if you had enough people to help you and very nice neighbours. Just remember: make sure there’s a neck, make sure there’s a base, make sure there’s a carb and make sure there’s a bowl. The rest is up to you. 

What will you make a bong out of next?


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NorCal Cannabis Cup Winners Now Available—Exclusively at High Times Dispensaries

Be the first one in your neighborhood to get your hands on exclusive award-winning cannabis products—carefully selected by the judges at High Times. As cannabis brands duked it out over the most terpene-rich, flavorful and potent offerings, when all was said and done, only a handful of top brands could claim the titles of winners and finalists.

We’re celebrating over three decades of hosting the world’s leading cannabis competition—and for the first time ever, High Times Dispensaries are exclusively selling The Cannabis Cup Northern California 2021: People’s Edition winners and finalists. The cup was virtual and socially distanced this year, with our People’s Choice edition making it possible for judges to safely sample brands from the comfort of their own homes.

Part of NorCal’s territory overlaps with the infamous Emerald Triangle—spanning Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties—which is home to some of the finest herb on the planet. Heritage growers in this region can trace their roots back several generations. To this day, the area produces cannabis that is worthy of the top connoisseurs in cannabis.

High Times has been the world’s most well-known cannabis brand—established in 1974—championing the cannabis lifestyle and educating the masses on the benefits of this natural flower. Since its humble beginnings in Amsterdam in 1988, the only place it could take place at the time, High Times Cannabis Cup has evolved into an assortment of events scattered through several markets across the U.S.

We have now evolved into a rapidly growing network of the best cannabis delivery service and dispensaries across California, currently open at locations on Oakport street in Oakland, as well as Shasta Lake, Coalinga and Redding. Delivery services are available in other areas.

Starting October 5, you can shop and browse through The Cannabis Cup Northern California 2021: People’s Edition winners and finalists—available ONLY at High Times dispensary locations. We scoured through flower, pre-rolls, edibles, ingestibles, concentrates and more to narrow down the best of the best.

Shop the winners now:

Courtesy Atrium Cultivation

Indica Flower, Atrium Cultivation

Courtesy of Garcia Hand-Picked

Sativa Flower, Garcia Hand-Picked

Sungrown Flower, High Supply

Concentrate, High Supply

Courtesy of Ursa

Solvent Concentrate, Ursa Extracts

Concentrate, Ursa

Courtesy Holy Water x Grandiflora

Non-Solvent Concentrate, Holy Water x Grandiflora

Courtesy of Dripp

Sativa Vape, Dripp

Courtesy of Kingpen

Indica Vape, Kingpen

Courtesy of Cream of the Crop

Individual Infused Preroll, Cream of the Crop

Individual Non-infused Preroll, Cream of the Crop

Courtesy Green Revolution

Gummies, Green Revolution

Courtesy Manzanita Naturals

Drinks, Manzanita Naturals

Courtesy of Dr. Raw Organics

Topical, Dr. Raw Organics

We offer delivery; express, in-store pick up and the best open-sell experience available in-store. Find the closest High Times store near you.


Don’t miss out on the chance to shop Cannabis Cup winners all in one place. To learn more about the 2021 NorCal Cannabis Cup, click here.

Learn more about High Times iconic history with the Cannabis Cup.

HIGH TIMES Delivery 
What 2020 taught us was that in-store pickup doesn’t always work out in all situations. With safety in mind, delivery options are available to those who are seeking to continue to stay out of the crowd and safely stay socially distanced. Get weed delivered directly from our top shelf to yours. New customers get 30 percent off their first purchase using code HT30

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Smoking Like a Boss – Luxurious Delta-8 THC Cigars

You’re chic, you’re fashionable, you’ve got it going on. You don’t want to be a millennial sucking on a vape, and you’re not interested in picking through gummies or finding the perfect THC chocolate bar. You want something sophisticated. You want something that screams ‘luxury’. Well, my friends, these delta-8 THC cigars are exactly what you’re looking for, to smoke in the utmost of style.

Delta-8 products are wildly gaining popularity all over the US, with offerings like delta-8 THC cigars showing what a super-high-end smoking experience looks like. However, not everyone likes cigars, and that’s why it’s great there are so many delta-8 products to choose from. In fact, go ahead and take a look at our awesome Delta-8 THC deals to find the perfect products to fit your lifestyle. But delta-8 isn’t alone in the game, other hemp-derived THC products, such as delta-10 THCTHCVTHCOTHC-PHHC are also selling very well…

What is a cannabis cigar?

A cannabis cigar is not like a standard cigar, that’s the first thing to know. A standard cigar is a tobacco product, and cannabis cigars actually do not contain tobacco. They are, instead, a form of smokable cannabis that uses several different parts of the cannabis plant. These cigars can be made from high-THC marijuana plants, or low-THC hemp plants, either way, the production process is the same. These cigars go by different names, including, Thai sticks, cannagars, and canna cigars.

Very high-grade cannabis flowers are ground and packed together. Then, the matter is rolled in resin or cannabis oil to act as glue, before being wrapped in cannabis leaves, or hemp wraps. Some companies will go a step beyond this even, applying resin or oil and then rolling the cigar in kief for an added kick. Pretty intense, huh?

If it sounds like smoking cannabis cigars might burn a hole in your pocketbook, this might indeed be the case, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. The highest grade cannagars can run as high as $500, or even a $1000+, but like with almost any kind of product, this does not rule out more affordable options. And plenty of the less cash-intense products still offer the user a high level of quality, as is generally desired by the standard cigar smoker.

delta-8 THC cigars

Some people like to smoke cigars to celebrate special occasions, like a marriage, or a graduation. Others smoke more regularly, kicking up their legs in an armchair as they puff, or taking drags behind a big heavy, wooden desk in a business meeting (understandably this image is less likely with laws against smoking indoors, but it sure passed muster a few decades ago, and is still quite relevant in plenty of situations today).

Best delta-8 THC cigars


One of the premiere companies for cannabis cigars in general, provides great delta-8 THC cigar options as well, Leira. Leira actually offers tons of delta-8 THC cigars in different strains ranging from:

$50 – Leira Noir: 5 Gram CBD Cannarillo – Wedding Cake, which offers a 3 for the price of 2 deal.

$75 – Leira Noir: 5 Gram Delta-8 Cannarillo – Pineapple OG, which also offers a 3 for the price of 2 deal.

$250 – Leira Cannagar: 12 Gram Delta-8 – Gelato, a super high-end cigar for those who want to really show they spent the money.

Rose Cannaroma - Delta-8 THC Cigars
Rose Cannaroma – Delta-8 THC Cigars

Country Road Cannagars

Country Road Cannagars is another way to get your delta-8 THC cigar fix. Country Road Cannagars hand-wraps all its cigars, which are made from 100% hemp, complete with certificates of analysis, and terpene profiles for all strains used. Cigars come with a humidity pack to ensure freshness for up to three months. This company offers four cigar options, along with three multi-pack options.

$20 – 1.2 Gram CBD+250mg Delta 8 Stubby Cannarillo – This delta-8 THC infused cigar is made from organic hemp flowers, and wrapped in hemp leaf grown indoors. It is quite a bargain for $20, and smokes for approximately 20-35 minutes.

$42 – 2.5 Gram CBD+550mg Delta 8 Cannarillo – This cigar has approximately 550mg of infused delta-8 THC, is about four inches long, and is fit with a wood tip made by Organitips. This cigar will smoke for 40-55 minutes.

$68 – 4 Gram CBD+1000mg Delta 8 Wood tip Cannagar – With about 1,000mg of infused delta-8, wooden tip, and packed with four grams of organic flower, this cigar can last between 55-95 minutes.

$95 – 6 Gram CBD+1300mg Delta 8 Cannagar – This high-end option has about 1,300mg of infused-delta-8, along with six grams of organically grown flower, a cigar style tip, and can be smoked for 85 minutes to two hours.

smoking in style

This company goes a little farther, offering multi-pack options.

$59 – Three Pack (3) of 1.2 Gram CBD+250mg Delta 8 Stubby Cannarillos, to get the night going.

$99 – Five Pack (5) of 1.2 Gram CBD+250mg Delta 8 Stubby Cannarillos, to make sure you can go all night.

$230 – Sample Collection (4) of CBD+Delta 8 Cannarillos & Cannagars, so you can share with friends and family.


Yerba offers some of the most luxurious delta-8 THC cigar options. These cigars use single origin organic hemp flowers, are hand-rolled to perfection, and are set at a price point that allows full luxury, but still within reasonable spending limits. The company offers two delta-8 options, along with some other great cigars, which are also listed.

$33.99-34.99 – Delta 8 THC Dipped And CBD Kief Dusted Hemp Cigar. This cigar is an intense experience with organic hemp wraps, wooden tip, 76.1% delta-8 distillate, and 22.4% organic CBD kief. This cannagar weighs eight grams and can be smoked for over an hour.

$60 – Delta 8 THC Drizzled 24K Gold Tipped Rose Cigar. This cigar or ‘rosegar’, uses real rose petals, along with a wooden tip, rolling paper made of 24k gold, and organic hemp infused with 76.1% delta-8. The cigar comes with a humidity pack to ensure freshness, and can be smoked for over one hour.

Other non-delta-8 options from the company include:

$22.99-25.99 – Aztec Cannarillo Corn Husk Cannagar. This cigar uses T.Ras corn husk wraps with its premium organic hemp flower, and a wooden tip. Weighing in at about 4.5 grams, this cigar can be smoked for over 35 minutes.

$55.99 – 24K Gold Tipped Rose Cannagar Cigar. This ‘rosegar’ cigar comes with a wooden tip, uses real rose petals, 24k gold rolling paper, and premium single origin organic hemp flower. It comes with a humidity pack, weighs in at nine grams, and can be smoked for over an hour.

$55-60 – 24K Gold Cannagar Cigar. This cigar uses 24k gold leaf rolling paper to pack its organic premium single origin hemp flowers. It has a wooden tip, comes with a humidity pack to lock in freshness, and can be smoked for over one hour.

Mountain Strong Hemp Company

$14.99 – This company offers Delta-8 Infused King Palm Cigars, made of the finest ingredients. These cigars are infused with CBD, CBG, and delta-8 THC to make a cannabinoid trifecta, which is hand-rolled perfectly, and stored in tight glass tubes to ensure freshness. Each cigar is filled with ‘Special Reserve Full Spectrum Top Shelf Flower’, and comes in the flavors Regular, Mint, and Banana Cream. Cigars can be bought as one, or in packs of four ($54.99), ten ($124.99), twenty ($220), or fifty ($450). Bulk and wholesale prices are available, and suppliers should contact the company for more information.

puro cannarona - Delta-8 THC Cigars
Cannarona – PuroCannagars

What is delta-8 THC, and why use it for cigars?

In short, delta-8 THC is an alternate form of THC to delta-9, which is the standard THC associated with marijuana that gets a person high. Though they share the same chemical formula, and offer nearly identical medical benefits, there are a few differences between the two. First, delta-8 THC is associated with less psychoactive high, about 2/3 that of delta-9. It is also not associated with producing the same kind of anxiety in users as delta-9, but it is associated with producing a milder high which leaves the user feeling more energetic, with less couch locking effect. All of these attributes make delta-8 THC preferable to many recreational and medical users.

While delta-8 THC does not seem to be legal, it has managed to carve itself out a place in what is considered legal gray area, which, whether this is true or not, has allowed for a market. And there doesn’t seem to be much stopping it on a larger level, though individual states have passed laws to keep it from being sold. The reason given for this is the fact that delta-8 THC, though occurring naturally, requires human processing help to produce enough to use for products, thus making it eligible for illegality due to the Federal Analogue Act.

This, of course, doesn’t make delta-8 THC bad or dangerous, but means that without regulation, its hard for the buyer to be sure of the safety of their product. For this reason, buyers should stick to sellers they are familiar with and trust if they are worried about the quality of the product being bought. Nevertheless, there is an array of great delta-8 THC cigars on the market for interested consumers to try. Since delta-8 has not been ruled out fully to the point of not being able to buy and sell products, and because of the legal gray area it seems to sit in, it also means delta-8 THC cigars can be mailed throughout the US, whereas delta-9 products generally cannot. This makes them more nationally accessible than other high-THC cigars.


Delta-8 THC cigars are not for everyone. But they certainly scratch the itch of a certain population. For high-class smokers who don’t want to give up the cigar experience, and are more interested in cannabis than tobacco, these cigars represent the luxury, class, and style that cigars are known for. Plus, they offer the perfect delta-8 THC buzz for smokers who want a different option from delta-9, but still want a THC experience.

Save Big On Delta 8 LunaRockets
Save Big On Delta 8 LunaRockets

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What Are The Most Popular Cannabis Dispensary Products?

I don’t know about you, but me personally, I feel like every time I set foot into a cannabis dispensary (whether it’s a new one or one that I frequent regularly), I’m pleasantly surprised by a wide array of new and innovative products. Me being a stoner, I’m tempted to try them all, but I also don’t want to waste money on a passing fad that won’t produce the desired effects. From traditional flower to unique edibles, and even topicals, capsules, and THC-inhalers… Whar are the top cannabis dispensary products today?

Weed is the best; and what’s particularly fun about today’s industry is the sheer variety of products you can find online or in most dispensaries. In-fact many of the top cannabis dispensary products could be found online, if you know where to look for them. If you would like to learn more about how to find them online, or try out different products make sure to Subscribe to The Delta 8 Weekly Newsletter to learn more and for exclusive deals on Delta 8Delta 10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP HHC.

A Quick Overview of What’s Popular

Point blank, flower remains king when it comes to the most popular cannabis products, included in nearly half of all dispensary transactions. Next in line are edibles (including beverages) and pre-rolled joints, raking in 17% and 11.5% of total sales, respectively. Also popular are concentrates and vape pens.

Additionally, a survey conducted by Headset, a well-known cannabis industry data and market intelligence company, broke it down even further to see what type of flower is most popular. According to their numbers, hybrid flower is the best seller at over 25% of total flower transactions, followed by indica at 11% and sativa flower at 10%. This might come as a surprise to many people considering how heavily most budtenders push the indica strains.

When it came other products, gummies and high-quality chocolates, carbonated beverages, live resin, and various vaping items are seeing a sharp spike in popularity. Of the above listed products, live resin has the highest growth rate, averaging about 29% higher sales every month.

Keeping it Old School with Flower

According to the budtenders I’ve spoken to, they estimate that traditional flower accounts for roughly half of all dispensary sales. And statistically, that number is not far off. Data provided by Headset, indicated that 49% of all dispensary transactions are for the purchase of flower.

That being said, “traditional” flower is not quite so traditional anymore, with quality and overall potency on the constant uprise. Even on the lower end, today’s strains average 16-18 percent THC, but for top-shelf buds that number can soar to over 30 percent. Compare that to an average of 10 percent with high quality flower clocking in about 20 percent just a decade ago, and you can see that despite peoples’ inclination to chose flower, there is a growing demand for higher THC products.

Even when people use other products, like concentrates and edibles, they often buy some flower as well. Additionally, flower products are often the first choice for novice users and good flower deals are proven to help attract new customers to a business.

Eat or Drink Your Cannabis

When looking at both THC-infused food products AND beverages, this sector makes up just under 17% of the overall market. Food product transactions stand at 13.1% and beverage sales account for about 3.7% – totaling 16.8% of a standard dispensary’s sales.

Although dosing isn’t particularly accurate with edible products, they offer many other benefits including discretion and potency. Not to mention the sheer variety of products you can find these days. Sweets like gummies, cakes, cookies, brownies, and chocolates dominate the market, but some stores sell savory treats like chips and popcorn as well.  

Cannabis-infused beverages are also an up-and-coming trend, with many people preferring them over other options because they are easy to consume and often have less sugar and dietary fat than most of the readily available dispensary edibles.

One of the primary reasons that edible products are so popular is because they offer more intense, and longer-lasting effects than smoking or vaping flower. When THC is processed via the digestive system, the body breaks it down and metabolizes it in the liver, producing the cannabinoid metabolite 11-hydroxy-THC (11-OH), which is regarded as being much more potent than regular delta 9 THC. It takes longer for 11-OH to reach the brain, but once it does, the high will be much more intense and can last for a few hours, whereas smoking hits almost immediately but the effects fade after about 1 hour at the most.

Concentrates or “Dab” – Wax, Shatter, Live Resin, and More

Cannabis concentrates, or “dabs” are extracts that contain high levels of certain cannabinoids, typically THC. Popular concentrates include wax, shatter, crumble, sugar, sauce, badder, live resin, and many others. They typically average 70-80% THC content, but some will boast close to 100% purity. Most concentrates are extracted using butane, CO2, hydrocarbons, alcohol, heat, propane, and/or water.

Due to their strength, and the fact that you may need specific, often more complicated devices to consume them, concentrates can be intimidating to some users – especially older or inexperienced users. By late last year, concentrate sales reached $94.8 million and account for just under 30 percent of total dispensary revenue; and that number is on the rise.

Nick Tennant, founder and chief technology officer of Precision Extraction Solutions, a hemp- and marijuana-extraction company based in Detroit, says that concentrates are often a small part of new markets, but they tend grow in popularity over time.

“We tend to see an 80%-20% in favor of flower in early markets,” he said. “As consumers become more seasoned, you see that trend shift. The shift can go all the way to 65% flower versus 35% concentrates as the market evolves.”

Healthier Consumption with Vape Pens

Between vaping and smoking, vaping is without a doubt the healthiest option out of the two. The reason is because you can regulate your device to heat up to whatever the optimal temperature is for the particular product you’re consuming. Regardless of how many benefits there are to using cannabis, inhaling burnt plant matter comes with some risk of side effects, albeit less than cigarette smoke.

And when you consider that today, you can vape concentrate, oil, AND raw flower, it’s no surprise that vape pens are one of the most popular dispensary products on the market, accounting for about 8.2% of all industry transactions. You can get a very basic vape pen for standard carts for under $20 at most dispensaries or headshops, but some of the more specialized, brand-nape options can run up to well over $150.

Pre-Rolled Joints for Convenience           

Although this is technically a flower product, pre-rolls deserve their own category because of how much growth this particular item is experiencing. A lot of people, even many of my own friends, prefer pre-rolled joints because they’re discreet, convenient, disposable, and moderately inexpensive. For example, my local dispensaries sell packs of 14 prerolls, each one weighing 1 gram, for $50-55, which is roughly the same price as a quarter of raw flower but with much less work if you’re a regular joint smoker.

Despite popular belief that dispensaries use their low-quality shake in the pre-rolled joints, that’s actually not true. Prerolls are usually made with the same cannabis that they sell in flower form. The product that I referenced above, comes from the Pacific Stone brand, who also sells a variety of flower strains.

In total, the sale of pre-rolled joints in general grew 59% last year, from $704 million in 2019 to $1.12 billion in 2020. The sale of multipack prerolls grew by 69.4 percent while single joints only saw an 18.1% boost. By comparison, the entire cannabis market which has seen substantial growth, has only increased by 54.2% during the same time period.

Let’s Take a Look at Profit Margins

All these products are experiencing significant growth, but when it comes to actual profitability, some products have much higher margins than others. What’s interesting is that profit margins don’t always correlate with product popularity. They are simply a measure of how much net profit a product brings in after expenses.

Flower, which is the most popular product in all dispensaries, has the lowest profit margin at 53.5%. Shake and trim also has low margins. The least popular product in the industry, capsules, have the highest profit margin of 58.0%. When it comes to finding that perfect middle ground, vape pens are both popular and carry high profit margins. Edibles and prerolls also have relatively high margins. You can see there is a trend with convenience products, and these tend to have high margins and sell quickly.

According to Priconomics Data Studio, flower products are less profitable from the retailers’ perspective. “That’s why they are probably glad, if not encouraging, the rising popularity of alternatives. People are increasingly likely to leave a dispensary with baked goods, candies, gum, and vapor pens. This may hint at a shift in marijuana habits. Or these alternative products may just be the dispensary equivalent of impulse buys at the cash register.”

Cannabis Dispensary Products – Final Thoughts

Most of the available data examines the cannabis industry as a whole, but it’s important to look at the sales statistics and profitability of individual products – one, because it gives a good idea where the consumer side of the industry is headed (hint, convenience products are on the rise), and two, because it offers some sort of guidance for new dispensary owners.

What are your favorite dispensary products? I’m personally a fan of raw flower and concentrates, but I love a nice, infused preroll occasionally as well. Let us know your go-to items in the comment section below. And thank you for stopping by CBD TESTERS, your hub for all things cannabis-related. Remember to subscribe to The CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter for more articles like this one and exclusive deals on flowers, vapes, edibles and other products.

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Vape Cartridges — Pure Extracts Defined

When I first started smoking cannabis vapes, I had no idea what the differences between different extraction processes meant, and because of this, I couldn’t fully enjoy cannabis cartridges. So please don’t make my mistakes; grab a joint and get comfortable while we break down the definition of a pure extract and how it affects you.

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Ardent FX Product Review

If you’ve stunk up your house getting your flower ready for edibles, you’ve surely thought there has to be a better way. The good news is that Ardent has created a solution and, as a bonus, provided an oven to bake your edibles in! Keep reading to learn more about how this may be the […]

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List Number 15: The Hall of Flowers 15

Coming off of another highly successful Hall of Flowers event, I thought I’d do something a little special for the list this month. After a marathon such as HOF, my bags were packed with far more flame than usual, so we’re taking it up a notch for this one. What follows are my 15 highlights from the event—including the hype from the showroom floor, what the OGs were passing around, and a special lil’ shout out to the talk of the town. 

Before we get into that, though, I want to give a massive shout-out to all those I saw on site—whether we sparked up or just slapped fives, it was excellent to see your smiling faces again. It’s been a long time since I got to feel the love like that, and I was instantly reminded of the magic I’d been missing. Big thanks to the Hall of Flowers team for this massive undertaking; I know I speak for many of us when I say we needed it!

As always, feel free to let us know what I missed on Twitter @joncappetta or @High_Times_Mag—I know for certain I’m missing a few gems on this! More importantly, come and say what up the next time you see us out at the show; I wanna hear about what’s exciting you!

10 from the Floor:


Courtesy of Blueprint

While I’d heard the rumblings about these guys before the show, HOF was my first chance to get hands-on with the new industry darlings Blueprint. Founded by a cultivator who used to produce for Connected (is there a stronger legal co-sign?), it’s clear to see why these guys are already driving so much attention. 

The three strains I got to see, Jesus Shuttlesworth, Backyard Boogie and Triple Lindy, were each standouts—all packing an aroma you could smell from the next booth over while wearing a mask. Fans of craft cannabis will know this brand’s name soon if they haven’t learned it already …

UMMA Sonoma

cop list
Courtesy of UMMA

Another first taste for me last week was of UMMA, a small batch organic-focused flower company from Sonoma County. With four cultivars on display at the event, (Hermosa, Deja Vu, Guavosier and White Runtz—by order on their display table), it’s clear that these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to cultivating or sourcing—everything they brought seriously smacked. 

My personal favorite from the lineup was the Deja Vu, though you can’t go wrong with any of their flavors—the White Runtz was another notable standout. These guys have a good team behind them, so I’m confident we’ll be hearing more about these guys before long, but here’s to hoping some of those beautiful Sonoma flowers find their way downstate more often!

Alien Labs 

Courtesy of Alien Labs

While HOF is typically a celebration of the new, few of the brands that have been around for a while brought anything truly innovative to the show this year. Sure, there were some new flower crossovers or cuts, but in a sea of mostly the same, it’s super satisfying to see the OGs over at Alien Labs continue to push the buck forward even while already so far ahead of the pack. 

With over two years in development, this show was the debut of Alien Lab’s new, airtight and waterproof jars—which I have to say look and feel like everything you’d expect from the market leader. With an aesthetic that feels like you’re buying weed in a UFO, now you’re not only getting the best flavors from these guys—you’re getting a proper display setup too. 

They also had a preview of their new Gemini strain in one of the beakers, and while y’all know I love flower more than just about anything (and this one was nothing short of magic), I’m still alarmingly excited that someone finally fixed the jar problem.


Courtesy of Tsumo

This was a fun one! In a recent list, I talked about the Shrimp Chips and how those were unusually delicious, but what if they were Cheetos? All of a sudden, things are much more my speed! 

Cut to Tsumo and their delicious new line of doodle-type snacks infused with 10 mg of THC that I was introduced to last week. Their delicious doodles come in two flavors, cheese or hot, and let me tell you—they’re just as good as the snack you buy at the convenience store. In case these are ‘too much’ for ya, they also make tortilla chips, which are available in zesty ranch or hint of lime. Now while I know my tolerance is significantly higher than most, I don’t see how anyone could go wrong with this product.


cop list
Courtesy of Pinkies

Normally I don’t get too excited about brands having large footprints at events like these, but man, am I excited to see how Pinkies has scaled up in just a few short months. With one of the larger outdoor setups at the event, it was impossible to enter C hall or hang out under the trees without getting a Pinkies impression, and boy do they stand out. 

I’ve probably talked before about their flip on the Newport logo, and how their aesthetic is one of my faves in the space, but their new Pink Envy cut is one you’re going to want to make sure you cop yourself. A cross between London Pound Mints x Jealousy, the name is a nod to the increasing wave of pink we’ve seen across the industry the past few months. If there’s one thing you can rest assured of, these guys are often imitated, but never duplicated.


Courtesy of Connected

Without question the most popular spot at HOF was the Connected/Alien Labs booth, and for good reason. With some of the highest quality flower on the market, pretty much everything Connected touches is top tier, and like I said earlier, even being associated is enough to propel a newcomer. 

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that Connected’s new Pantera Limone is one of the hottest tickets in town right now. Although I don’t think it technically launched at HOF, it was certainly one of the most popular favorites of the show. Seriously, I had MULTIPLE people asking what I thought before the end of the first day. Although not as up-y as I expected from the terp profile, this is a refreshingly bright-nosed cultivar for the Connected team. Not quite as citrus-y as the Lemonatti, but with an equally stand-out nose.  


Courtesy My Own Instagram Story Skills

I’ve been waiting for this one for a minute, so I’m extremely excited to see this not only go live, but that they’re actually bringing the heat. Having established themselves up north in Canada, the cannabis lifestyle brand is making its first play in the States, taking on the formidable California market. 

Given how Canadian brand launches have gone in the past down here, you wouldn’t be wrong to have a degree of skepticism, but thanks to their partnership with LA locals Problem and Green Label RX the market will certainly not be disappointed by this offering. 

Their pilot strains, Butter Tarts & Beaver Tail, are each loud in their own right, but I think their Beaver Tail blunts are what’s going to turn the most heads this fall. Complete with a mouthpiece modeled after (you guessed it) a beaver’s tail, these 2G, hemp-wrapped blunts are sure to become a party staple.


cop list
Courtesy of Wonderbrett

I’m a long-time fan of Wonderbrett’s, so when there’s a new drop coming I’m almost always tuning in, but this new Cherry Trop checks all my boxes. Known for their standout terps, Wonderbrett didn’t disappoint with their new cultivar, but honestly, it’s the look of these buds that is worth writing home about this time. 

Photogenic in just about every way, the dense buds start with light green bases that darken to purple on the tips, frosty with trichomes and fuzzy with bright orange hairs, this flower was so perfectly manicured you’d think they were setting these up to be shot for the centerfold. That’s not to diminish the nose—these almost spicy buds are bursting with flavor from the second you open the jar, but trust, this is the score you’re going to post on your IG.

Jiko Joints 

cop list
Courtesy of Jiko Joints

This one’s getting points for their thoughtfulness, and it’s one that I probably would’ve overlooked had Steph from Viola not pointed them out to me, so cheers to her. At first glance, Jiko Joints are infused, half-gram doobers with extended filters, but the rationale behind the filter sizing is where things start to get interesting. 

Designed to extend the airflow allowing more time to cool the smoke, these 0.4g flower 0.1g badder joints pack a serious punch, but to the credit of the design, they aren’t punching your lungs—just your intoxication levels. While a lot of people are trying to throw as much into the joint as they can to bring the THC percent to its peak, Jiko is ensuring a quality smoke for its consumers.

Ember Valley

cop list
Courtesy of Ember Valley

The work coming out of the Ember Valley camp lately has been on a serious rise. Not that their flower hasn’t been tops for awhile, but the last few new cultivars they’ve championed, like the Zkittles Sangria, for example, have really transcended the brand’s past cultivars. 

I caught up with these guys at the event, and while I’m extremely excited to try the new, infused blunt line they’re launching, I’m also geeked about the pheno hunt they’re working on right now. I’m not sure which of these are going to make it to the next level, but just in case they make it to retailers I’m going to call out my top three: The Tropic Truffles x Cookies & Cream, the Grape Stomper x Cherry Pie x Wedding Cake and their Platinum Tangie x Arise. 

If any of these become available, trust me when I say they’re worth buying for the nose alone. 

5 on the Scene:

Sure Fire Selections 

Courtesy of Sure Fire Selections

While I’d heard the good word about Lemon Up and the Pink Z for a while now (you might have too if you’re also following Juice on Instagram), one of the highlights of Hall of Flowers was finally getting to link with Sure Fire Selections, despite them not having a booth. 

While both their best-known cultivars are just as good as I’d heard rumors of, it was the Z28 that had my jaw on the floor. Serious wow factor, even for seasoned, top-shelf consumers. While it’s not easy to get your hands on, it’s easy to see why people are spending their rent to get these jars. 

Flamingo Farms 

cop list
Courtesy of Flamingo Farms

I know that everyone loves the diesel smell, and that OGs run the market, but I have got to take my hat off to the Cuban Linx cut from Flamingo Farms for revitalizing me with some fresh terps last week. Bred by Swamp Boy Seeds and selected by the Flamingo crew, the Cuban Linx is a cross between Trigerian and GMOTK Skunk, and while this may have a bit more citrusy profile than some consumers are used to, there’s something both nostalgic and refreshing about those classic terps. Also, shout-out to Jason Pinsky for the invite to the function; that one was legendary.

Doja Pak 

cop list
Courtesy of Doja Pak

I’ve sang Doja Pak’s praises for a while now, but that gang continues to impress. Every time I hear there’s a new flavor they’re hyped on, I’ll drive basically wherever I have to to get a look, let alone a taste. 

I know these guys are their own harshest critics, so when they’re excited, the hype is real. This is self-tested, after all. The latest is a Bixcotti cut crossed with Helium, and for a group that’s consistently pushing unique terps, this one does not disappoint. A bit more vibrant than you’d expect from a Bixcotti cross, this one will rock you, but not necessarily to sleep.

GreenDawg Cultivators 

Courtesy of GreenDawg Cultivators

This one was actually kicked down to me by the homie Turtle from Turtle Pie Co, but this is my formal note to pay more attention to whatever GreenDawg Cultivators is putting out because their work is always impressive. 

I’ve known about their work with the above-mentioned legend Doja Pak, as well as Wizard Trees and Deep East, but Turtle brought me some of the fresh Zoap they’ve been growing, and BOY are they doing right by that cut. I KNOW the hype is real about the ¥$11 too, so I’m keeping my eye out for that. You probably should, too.

Fig Farms 

Courtesy of Fig Farms

They don’t even need to show up to be one of the best in the room sometimes, and Hall of Flowers was no exception for the cult-followed Fig Farms. The subject of the first-ever Brand Spotlight column in our print magazine years back, I’ve been singing the gospel about these guys to anyone who would listen since basically the first day I saw them. 

If we’ve talked about them personally, I’ve likely told you their plants look like they’re grown on Mars—there’s something almost alien about them—and despite all the success they’ve seen, they just keep getting better. I had to swear that I wouldn’t talk specifics when checking out samples of their new cuts, but believe me when I tell you that what I thought was the mountain top was just a rest stop for these guys because they just keep raising the bar. 

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Without a doubt the most popular question I heard all week was, “Are you going to Puffcon?” While Puffco was clearly on display at Hall of Flowers—with two massive booths both inside and outside of the main hall, and they moved WAY more product than you’d expect from a cannabis buyer’s expo—their upcoming event seems to be on everyone’s minds. 

Landing at Center Studios on Saturday, October 2, the Puffcon Block Party is free to anyone (vaccinated) over 21 who also owns a Puffco Peak product—even one of the OGs. While I know the return to concerts is enticing for many of us (shout out to the Flatbush Zombies and Action Bronson who will be performing this weekend), it’s also clear that the community is eager to see each other again after so long apart. 

It’s been a looong time without communal sesh’s, and even though the world isn’t quite back open the way we’d all wish, it’s going to be extra special to gather in a safe way in the heart of Los Angeles. Not to mention there will be no reason to spread germs as we’ll all have our own Peaks in tow. Finally, and what’s probably most exciting for me, is the collection of homies these guys have assembled to round out the event. From the Talking Terps crew to Elbo, Sunset Sneakers to Alien Labs, the lot is speaking my language in every way. 

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