My Experience with Amanita Mushrooms

When I first heard of Amanita Mushroom products, my mind instantly wondered if these were the legal version of “magic mushrooms.” I’d always heard of people doing ‘shrooms and experiencing crazy psychedelic “trips” but never had the guts to try it myself. In fact, I was quite the straight-edge throughout high school and college; never smoked (tobacco or weed), took my first alcoholic drink at age 22, never participated in the craze of getting wasted and partying in clubs.

When I was 25, I started vaping and fell in love with the delicious flavor of fruits, desserts, and sweets that permeated the market and became quite proficient at it. A few years later, I was introduced to cannabidiol (CBD) and eventually Delta-8 THC. 

To Weed or Not To Weed

Now, I’d tried weed maybe three or four times before, all in edible form (a cookie, Nerdz Ropes, and Sour Belts), all from “a friend of a friend” and only once did I actually enjoy being high. As such, I was very hesitant to try Delta-8 THC for fear that it would be just as overwhelming and nerve-wracking as regular weed. To my great surprise and delight, Delta-8 THC was incredible! The high was smooth and comfortable, transporting me to a dreamy euphoria that I wished would never end.

I’ve tried quite a few Delta-8 THC product types and for the most part, really enjoyed all of them. Of course I have my favorite brands and strains for each product, but with such a wide variety of products under my belt, I have a unique sense of what “being high” is supposed to feel like for me. I’m always looking for my newest favorite and constantly sampling new hemp-derived compounds, marijuana-derived THC, and most recently, Amanita Mushrooms

Fun Guys (Get it?) or Party Poopers?

I recently had the opportunity to sample Amanita Mushroom products for the first time, both gummies and capsules. I’ll admit, I had no idea what to expect, having never tried actual ‘shrooms before. Would the high be similar to the overwhelming effects of marijuana-derived THC, or would they be as relaxing and comfortable as hemp-derived Delta-8 THC? I was unsure what to expect, and that alone was very intimidating.

I tried to do as much research as I could on the topic, but there aren’t a lot of companies that offer reviews on mushroom products, let alone non-psilocybin mushroom products. The majority of what I found were simply advocating the benefits of using mushroom capsules like Lion’s Mane or Ashwagandha, but not necessarily to get high. I spoke with some friends who absolutely loved the “waves” of magic ‘shrooms, the brightness of colors, and many other possible effects. I steeled myself for the possibility of going in blind, not quite sure what to expect, but determined to find out!

My Experience With Amanita Mushroom Gummies and Capsules

I had two product types at my disposal: soft chewy gummies and simple capsules. The gummies were a true delight to chew: delicious flavor, softer than most gummies I’ve eaten, coated in sugar crystals for a delightful little crunch, and no detectable flavor aside from the fruit sweetness. The gummies themselves didn’t leave any pieces stuck in my back teeth, nor was there any bitter aftertaste that required a rinse.

The capsules were even easier to consume; not overly large where I was scared that they’d get stuck in my throat, no weird flavor when they touched my tongue, and easy to swallow with or without water (though I do recommend water out of principle). However, the ease and enjoyability of both of these products were the only good things. The high for both was quite disappointing, the mushroom capsules more than the gummies. Allow me to explain. 

Mushroom Gummies

With the gummies, I took one initially to establish tolerance and to see how the high would feel. After about 45 minutes, I felt a very light buzz, almost like the high was trying to start but couldn’t get off the ground. Think of a bird with a broken wing; the capability was there, certainly! But the high was pitiful and disappointing. I vowed to try again to make sure I’d given it enough time; unfortunately, the results with just one were exactly the same, perhaps more disappointing since I already had an idea of what to expect.

I tried a third time, now with two gummies as my dosage. The results were noticeably different this time! The effects started once again after about 45 minutes, but were much more intense. I felt overwhelmed and increasingly drowsy. It felt like such a relief to close my eyes and not deal with the dizziness. I was definitely high, but not the warm euphoria I normally associated with hemp-derived compounds.

Thankfully, I didn’t experience any dry mouth or uneasiness, but overall, the high was ehhhh. Not terrible, but not great. The effects lasted for several hours, but nothing that made me go “Wow! Can’t wait to try these again!” It was more of a “that’s it?” experience that really did not bring me any joy or anticipation to try again. Now that I’d officially tried the gummies, I wondered if the capsules would fare any better. Only one way to find out! 

Mushroom Capsules

With the mushroom capsules, I knew there wouldn’t be anything to expect in terms of taste, texture, or aroma. Capsules are referred to as no-nonsense product types for a reason! I decided to start off with a single capsule and work my way up from there. Shockingly, I felt absolutely nothing. No effects despite waiting over two hours for anything to begin. I became suspicious; with one gummy, I had felt at least something after 45 minutes.

But a single capsule for my initial dose disappointed me right off the bat. I repeated a single capsule dose the following night just to be sure; zero, zilch, nada. I upped the dosage to two capsules on a separate occasion and that’s when I felt the effects for the first time. I became increasingly dizzy, uncomfortable, and slightly paranoid. I was left feeling like I’d taken too much, yet the capsules were already a set dosage (meaning no way to halve or portion the dosage).

I did not enjoy the high and distinctly remember thinking how much I looked forward to when these overwhelming effects wore off. I was sleepy, irritable, grumpy, and frustrated. I did not enjoy the effects and in contrast to the mediocre effects of the gummies, I was not keen on trying these capsules again. Yet I tried them a fourth and final time just to try to establish some consistency, effectively killing the entire bottle. The results were once again unimpressive. I felt increasingly frustrated, wondering if there was something that I was doing wrong. I truly expected an incredible psychedelic experience, but was met with an inconsistent undesirable high that left me yearning for morning, when the effects would be only a distant memory. 

Final Thoughts 

My first experience with Amanita Mushrooms was shockingly underwhelming. The instructions were very poorly conveyed, forcing me to consult the actual website in order to get any idea of how much to consume as a single dose. The results were not consistent with either the gummies or the capsules. The gummies were slightly more enjoyable due to the excellent flavor, but one gummy was disappointing while two gummies left me feeling disoriented and uncomfortable.

The capsules fared no better, ending with me consuming the entire 6-count pack over the course of four sessions. A single capsule dealt absolutely no effects, while two capsules varied greatly but left me feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. I’m sure there are other Amanita Mushroom products out there that are effective and enjoyable. Yet my first experience with this unique and innovative product was incredibly saddening. It won’t deter me from trying more Amanita Mushroom products and at the very least, I’ll have something to compare it to and hopefully look forward to a better experience. 

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Amanita Mushroom Capsules Product Review

Did you hear about what happens if you take a final exam on magic mushrooms? Supposedly you’ll pass with…flying colors! Bad puns aside, you’ll want to scoot your toadstool a bit closer as I outline my experience with featuring a compound that’s sweeping the industry: Amanita Mushrooms! Today’s product review will focus on a no-nonsense product type in the form of Amanita Mushroom Capsules.

Since actual magic mushrooms are still wildly illegal, these capsules contain mushroom powder that’s been carefully purged of any psilocybin to comply with federal regulations. I recently reviewed another Amanita Mushroom product, the Blue Razz Gummies in the form of soft and chewy edible, so I’m curious and excited to see how these capsules are in comparison. I’ll start off by briefly mentioning what the Amanita Mushroom brand has to say about these simple capsules and what to expect. 

The Basics For Amanita Mushroom’s Capsules 

The name “Amanita Mushrooms” is for both the brand name as well as the product type. If you’re new to trying any legal mushroom product, this might be confusing at first glance; it sure was for me! I scanned the QR code on the back of the plastic tube that the capsules came in but was redirected to a DropBox link for all of the brand’s CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) results.

Amanita Powder: The basic element most Amanita Products use

While this was great to see, it didn’t redirect me to the official website. I ended up just entering the brand name into my web browser to find the official site. This irked me as I wasn’t able to find the website quickly, an annoyance that could have easily been avoided by listing the official site on the label itself. Not a dealbreaker, but I felt this would have simplified future ordering from the brand. Once I did find the official website, I was met with another dilemma: the site has two options for mushroom capsules. After several more minutes of comparing the two, I’m fairly certain I found the correct ones listed at $12.99 for 3 capsules, $24.99 for 6, and $39.99 for 10.

There was a sale going on at the time of this review, so prices may vary depending on when you purchase them. However, there was one final snag in trying to figure out which capsule type I was consuming. There were four different options of Muscaria/Pantherina levels: Spiritual (1:2:1), Energy (2:1:1), Reflect (1:1:2), and Mood (1:1:1). Unfortunately, there was absolutely no information mentioned on the label to confirm which one I received, so I’ll be doing this review completely blind. 

There is no recommended dosage listed on either the product packaging or in the site’s product description. This was frustrating as not everyone’s tolerance is the same, and it would have been very helpful to have a starting point. The description mentioned that the capsules were vegan and are 100% free of Ibotenic Acid. The capsules contain 0.35 grams (350mg) of Amanita Mushroom Extract and 5.6 grams of muscimol.

A lot of these terms were unfamiliar to me, but there was an additional FAQ section further down that explained in simple verbiage what each of these unfamiliar words signified. I personally felt that the site could have used a better layout with more eye-catching graphics and details, but I can understand how minimalists and no-nonsense consumers might appreciate this. Barely satisfied with my experience so far, it was time to check out the actual product: the Amanita Mushroom capsules! 

Amanita Mushroom Capsules Product Review 

Capsules, while offering a direct and simple product type, are a bit of a no-frills or exciting product type to review. No scent, no taste, no nonsense! Simply swallow and that’s it! The capsules I received came in a plain plastic pill bottle; slightly opaque and quite similar to the pharmaceutical ones (but not orange). There was a single sticker that wrapped halfway around the container that outlined the total milligram count (350mg) and a large black X marking the total amount of capsules within (options were for 3, 6, or 10).

While there was no mention of a recommended dosage, a disclaimer suggested that the effects would kick in anywhere between 30-45 minutes. The instructions did state that you need to squeeze the sides after tearing off the pull tab, thus popping open the top of the bottle. I followed those instructions and got my first glimpse of the capsules.  

Appearance, Scent, & Taste

In lieu of the capsules not having any scent or taste, the only thing to really review in this section would be their appearance and size. The capsules were about the size of a quarter and very light. The capsule itself was clear so I could see the mushroom powder inside, a light tan color. The capsule had no discernable scent or taste (both of which I expected). The capsules were a little intimidating once they were on my tongue but I was able to easily swallow them with a swig of water. I didn’t feel any pain while or after swallowing, which was a relief. I glanced at the clock and noted the time, unsure of exactly when I’d feel the effects, but curious to experience them nonetheless. 

Time Elapsed To Feel Effects 

I’ll preface this by saying I ended up blowing through all six of these capsules to try to establish some sense of consistency. I initially tried one, but after more than an hour had passed, I felt nothing. The next time I tried the capsules, I once again tried only one; it took about 45 minutes before I thought I felt something. However, the effects were very minimal. The effects seemed extremely dulled and almost muted, like I was imagining them out of desperation to feel anything at all. The third time I popped two of the capsules into my mouth but fell asleep after waiting bored for an hour. The fourth and final time, I took two capsules very early to see if the capsules had a delayed reaction time. That seemed to do the trick, as it took about an hour and fifteen minutes to start feeling some very noticeable effects. 

Effects Felt During the High – 2 Capsules (Final Time)

The two times that I tried just one capsule in each session didn’t seem to bring any noticeable effects. Instead, the effects I had were almost like a sputtering flame, like a match trying so hard to burn into a roaring fire but simply could not. This is what prompted me to take two capsules; I suspected I simply hadn’t taken a strong enough dosage for my tolerance levels. The fourth time that I tried the capsules, I down two but must not have allotted enough time for them to kick in. But the second time I took two capsules earlier in the evening, those did indeed deliver a very different kind of high.  

If you don’t mind drying the mushrooms yourself, the Amanita caps are your perfect choice

After about an hour, I noticed a very strong sense of uneasiness coming over me. My chest felt uncomfortably tight and constricted, very similar to the unpleasantness accompanied with indigestion. I experienced a shortness of breath and waves of nausea that made me feel queasy and unsure of myself. My eyes felt droopy and I felt a distinct tingling in my back, a sensation that I’d never felt before. My face and the tops of my hands were also “buzzy” but it wasn’t a warm comfortable tingling that I enjoyed.

This was very different from a Delta-8 THC high in that I was very acutely aware that I wasn’t sober, but none of the euphoria or familiar effects were present (haziness, slowed sense of time, blurred vision, couch lock). I experienced a sense of urgency to do things quickly, like a growing sense of uneasiness that seemed to intensify every few minutes. I became weary of my surroundings and walked quickly to my bed in hopes that laying down would help. 

Once fully wrapped up in my warm blankets, I felt cold yet very awake. I was relieved that the nausea dissipated somewhat and my eyes closed to ward off the sense of dizziness. This also helped, but I couldn’t shake the growing discomfort of knowing that something was off, and not in a good way. One very uncomfortable sensation that followed when I closed my eyes was that it felt like parts of my body were solidifying and I grew more irritable with every passing minute. I became adverse to touching anything, acutely aware that this high was not enjoyable. I wished for the high to be over and managed to fall into a grumpy slumber. I woke up about an hour later, still high, feeling extremely uncomfortable and bewildered. The blankets felt rough and smothering on my skin, causing me to toss and turn restlessly. Thankfully, this only lasted about ten minutes before I was somehow able to fall back asleep until morning. 

What exactly is Muscimol and what are its effects?

Longevity of The High

Not a single session with these capsules produced consistent results; it was a guessing game from the first session to the last, filled with impatience and frustration. One capsule had no effect, while two capsules were too much. The final session of two capsules lasted for about three hours, which delivered an overwhelming and uncomfortable high that I did not enjoy. There were very minimal waves of feeling high that rose up and tapered off to feeling not high at all. I remember wishing for the effects to go away completely, as I was not enjoying myself at any part of the high. 

Lingering Effects The Next Day

Upon waking the following morning, I was so relieved to see sunlight streaming through my windows. I was grateful to not feel any lingering effects, but I strongly remembered the effects from the night before. I distinctly remember thinking that I did not enjoy the high and was not interested in trying the capsules again. I was able to start my day with no mental fog or cobwebs to battle before feeling “normal” again. 

Amanita Mushroom Capsules – Final Thoughts  

I pride myself on finding at least one or two redeeming qualities, but the Amanita Mushroom capsules made that extremely difficult. From difficulty locating the exact type of capsules these were on the official website to struggling with the correct dosage, I knew I was in for a rough experience. The actual high was elusive with a single capsule and overpowering with two capsules. The effects were unpleasant and unwanted, something that is extremely rare when I reflect on how many products I’ve had the opportunity to review.

The Amanita Mushroom gummies that I reviewed were much more pleasant, but I’d implore the brand to go back to the drawing board with these capsules. It breaks my heart to give a product a poor review, but these capsules were not enjoyable during any of the four sessions that I consumed them. I’m sure the Amanita Mushrooms brand has a variety of excellent products, but unfortunately, I do not feel that these capsules reflect well on the brand overall. For these reasons, I must rate the product a 1-star rating out of 5 possible stars. 

If you’re brave enough to try these capsules for yourself, I’m extremely curious to see how your experience is. I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments below! I realize that legal psychedelics and psychoactive compounds are unique to the individual, meaning that the effects of my high may be better or worse than yours. In my next product review, I’ll be returning to the beloved Delta Extrax brand, this time reviewing a duet of Apple Fritter & Berry Pie vape carts. I love all things sweet and dessert flavored and I’m excited to see what effects may follow after a puff or two of these unique flavors. I look forward to seeing you again soon as I continue to review a variety of products available in the hemp and mushroom industry. Until we meet again! 

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Blue Cookies HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC Live Resin Vape Cart – Product Review

Take a trip down memory lane with me for just a moment…there’s a certain furry blue monster with a penchant for cookies who used to sing about his absolute favorite letter: C! The letter C in the song stands for cookies, and while that usually is “good enough for me,” C also stands for cannabis. In today’s product review, we’ll be combining both cannabis and cookies in this mouthwatering strain by Delta Extrax: the Blue Cookies Live Resin Vape Cart (HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC!

All these unique (and fairly recently discovered cannabinoids) come together in a 2-gram vape cartridge that you can screw into any 510-connection pen-style vape pen. Delta Extrax offers an incredible selection of products and I’m excited to share many of my experiences with you. Before I delve into the product review, I’d like to take a few minutes to share what the brand has to say about this particular product. Let’s get started! 

Remarks From Delta Extrax  

When I first read the name “Blue Cookies,” I was instantly intrigued to read what Delta Extrax has to say in regards to the expected flavor, scent, and effects. You’ll probably be as surprised as I was to learn that the hybrid strain is actually a “sweet berry and earthy cherry” flavor. What?? Told you you’d be surprised! Now that you know not to expect the thick and crumbly flavor of cookies, let’s see what the predicted effects are like. 

Can you vape a mushroom?

Delta Extrax defines this strain as a heavy hitter, which can be a little intimidating even for experienced users. Each user’s tolerance levels will be different, but try to start off with just one or two puffs and see how you feel. The effects are described as heady euphoria that gently softens into a smooth body high. Hybrid strains tend to be a combination of alertness coupled with deep relaxation; many consumers enjoy hybrid strains during the day as well as at night, so feel free to see which time works best for you. 

The cartridge holds 2 grams of 9-Hydroxy-THC (HXY9-THC), 8-Hydroxy-THC (HXY8-THC), THCM, and Live Resin. Delta Extrax generously includes two of these carts in the same box, allowing you to enjoy 4 grams for merely $45.99. Speaking of which, it’s time to see how this unique Blue Cookie berry and cherry flavor is. Keep reading to learn more about my experiences with this unique hemp-derived cannabinoid blend! 

Blue Cookies HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC Live Resin Vape Cartridge by Delta Extrax Product Review

The Blue Cookies vape cartridges were housed in a stunning white box with a blue chrome design that appeared to be dripping off the top. Two inserts on either side of the box featured the identical cartridges that were easy to remove. The carts themselves felt almost weightless; the thick oil within the glass cartridges was quite clear, with an almost imperceptible tinge of yellow. Small rubber caps cover both the connection and the mouthpiece, both of which I removed prior to screwing onto my vape pen (e-cigarette). I use a Vuber Pulse, but you can use whichever vape device you like, preferably one with adjustable wattage for the best flavor and vapor.

I held the duckbill mouthpiece to my lips, depressed the preheat button to warm up the oil, and prepared to take my first hit. 

Scent Prior To Inhaling/Flavor After Exhaling

I brought the tip close to my nostrils and sniffed deeply to get a feel for the scent prior to taking my first hit. I immediately detected a sweet blueberry coupled with an earthy hemp scent; perhaps that’s where the “blue” in “blue cookies” comes from! My curiosity piqued for the actual flavor, I pressed on the firing button on my vape pen and took a tentative pull. 

The initial hit had a lightly sweet taste both on inhale and the exhale. I tasted a strong flavor of hemp and noticed a light burning in the back of my throat. The flavor had notes of blueberry and a tangy sweetness which I can only assume was the “earthy cherry” reference. The taste of the vapor was incredibly pleasant and I was surprised that I didn’t have any urge to cough or sneeze. The second hit I took had a faint dessert crust flavor to it, so perhaps that’s where the cookie flavor really comes into play. While the hits were flavorful, there was no lingering aroma of the berry/cherry scent and I was relieved that the vapor dissipated very quickly after each exhale.  

Time Elapsed To Feel Effects (time starts after first inhale, with a mention of how many hits were taken)

I was delighted by the fact that despite taking three hits, I had no desire to cough or sneeze. This is very atypical of my vape cart/disposable experience and I must say, it was a welcome change! The effects were very slow to start, as I noticed about five minutes had gone by since my initial hit. After about ten minutes, there was a much more noticeable “heady” feeling where I felt like the effects were starting to kick in. Despite my three hits, the effects were gradual and I didn’t feel any fluidity in time passing until about 20 minutes into the high. Then it felt like time slowed down and I was surprised to realize just how slowly the minutes were actually passing by! 

vaping cannabis

Effects Felt During the High

Due to this strain being a hybrid, I noticed a distinct difference in that while the high was smooth and euphoric, there was a very light drowsiness. Even the word drowsiness isn’t quite accurate; it was more a sense of calm and relaxation. I felt aware of my surroundings without being disoriented or confused. There was a very smooth and rolling sensation of heaviness that, while incredibly warm and relaxing, was not debilitating to the point of being “couch locked.” I became acutely aware of my tongue dryly stuck to the roof of my mouth along with a moderate dry mouth. Water tasted incredibly cool and refreshing on my parched palate and I felt a very slight sense of munchies, though I was able to successfully resist devouring my pantry. 

I noticed a warm tingling in my arms, face, legs, and chest. I experienced bouts of memory recall and felt almost like I was watching a movie with how sluggish my movements felt. My speech was somewhat slowed but not quite slurred. I definitely agree with the brand’s use of the phrase “heavy hitter” as I was extremely comfortable throughout the high but did not feel overwhelmed or uneasy at any point during the high. 

Longevity of The High

While the effects were gradual and rolling, it was a building intensity that felt smooth and controlled. Each time I looked at the clock, the minutes seemed to comfortably roll by and I wasn’t trapped in a sense of “oh no! Time is moving too slowly!” The high lasted for roughly two hours before I finally retired to bed. I was very well relaxed and calm throughout the high. I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly through the night. I woke up feeling slightly jetlagged, but after a few moments was able to brush away the cobwebs of sleep and start my day. I felt well rested and was able to complete my morning tasks with ease. I remembered with fondness the effects of the high from the previous night and looked forward to enjoying that unique flavor once more in the near future. 

Ease of Use

There is something to be said about vape carts, in that they require a specific piece of hardware: a vape battery. The pen-style devices are readily available, but I noticed with some amusement that there is a specific type of pen needed for these cartridges. When I first started using vape pens, I used the Vuber Pilot. This was a small very basic vape battery that didn’t have any bells or whistles. It was decent for a beginner, but as my experience with new vape carts progressed, I decided to upgrade to the Vuber Pulse. Just for kicks, I screwed the vape cart onto the Vuber Pilot, only to discover that the base of the cartridge overlapped the entire device! While it still fired, it looked ridiculous and wasn’t stable at all to stand or use comfortably. The Vuber Pulse, on the other hand, had a smooth and streamlined appearance and looked sleek and solid. The additional usage of variable wattage on the Pulse was superior to that of the Pilot, so it does make a difference which device you choose. When selecting a vape battery, be sure to find one that works well with the cartridge you’re using. 

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Final Thoughts  

Blue Cookies HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC Live Resin Vape Cart by Delta Extrax surprised me at every turn. While the flavor wasn’t at all related to cookies, it had a rich and smooth fruit flavor that was on point with how Delta Extrax describes it: berries and earthy cherry. I was extremely pleased that I felt no urge to cough or sneeze despite taking three hits. The effects were creeping and gradual to begin, but intensified smoothly into a rich euphoria. The high lasted for several hours and was everything you’d hope for: no dizziness, uneasiness, disorientation, intense couch lock, or unbearable drymouth. The high did not carry over much the next morning, but the faint remains of the effects faded away very quickly after waking. I was extremely pleased with the overall experience and I very much look forward to enjoying this flavor again!  For these reasons, this inhalable earns a 5-star rating from me!

My next product reviews a two-for-one special: Berry Pie X Apple Fritter THCA + Delta 9P THC 2G Cartridge! Most cartridges only feature a single flavor, but this one is an actual duo, especially enticing for those who prefer a bit of variety in their flavored vapes. Sunkissed berries and sweet apples in a tender crust? Yes! Sign me up! These new cannabinoids might seem intimidating to first time users, but that’s why these reviews are so important! I hope you’ll join me as I continue to share my experiences from products and brands across the country! 

Have you tried the new 5g disposables?

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Dynavap BB6 – Sleek, Cool, No Batteries Needed

Dynavap is sure good at producing cool-looking, functional vapes. Recently I purchased a Dynavap BB6 to replace my standard M model. Here is my review of this super-cool, James’s Bond-like vape, with all pros and cons attached.

What’s Dynavap and what does it offer?

Vapes are all the rage these days, although when we say ‘vape’ we’re referring to one of two things; a contraption that vaporizes oil or concentrate, or one that vaporizes dry herb. In this case, Dynavap is a brand which specifically produces dry herb vapes; though all its vapes can be used for concentrates with an adapter. The one I’m specifically looking at today is called the Dynavap BB6.

What sets these vapes apart from other vapes, is the general design, which is seen with all models. They require no battery, and therefore no electrical input, or charging. Instead, they rely on a heat-click system by way of a lighter (best with torch lighter, or after market induction heater). The user heats the cap on one end, which produces two clicks when the device is ready to use. Another two clicks sound when its cooled down enough to re-use. Heating in between can burn out a bowl.

Three years ago I got the signature Dynavap M when I was going off to travel. Three years later the little guy still works well, although it doesn’t have that sparkly new feel anymore. It’s simple mechanics, just a metal pen-looking device with a cap on one end, a mouth hole on the other, and a carb hole near the mouth hole to regulate the amount of vapor. The cap protects the weed from chemical residue. The mouthpiece and inner tube work as a condenser.

3-year-old Dynavap M

I decided it was time to update with a different model, and try another of the company’s products. This time I went for the Dynavap BB6. Main difference between the two models? Whereas the M is made of stainless steel, the BB6 is both stainless steel and glass, with beads instead of a condenser. Plus, the BB6 is designed for greater use with a bong.

Dynavap BB6 – basic scoring

Functionality – 10/10 – I’m happy to give this model a full score in doing what it’s meant to do. Getting the hang of it might take a few tries, but it consistently produces nice hits. My weed goes way farther with this vape than it has with other vapes, or when smoking in any way. One small bowl fill can get me up to five or six big hits.

Quality of vapor – 9/10 – Truth is, some battery-powered vapes produce a slightly cleaner vapor. For cost of product, however, this vape does produce a great, clean vapor. If a person feels they require more (I have asthma and I still don’t), I’d say go high end like the Volcano. Otherwise, the vapor is clean, and tastes just like the weed. No burning, no chemical taste.

Ease-of-use – 8/10 – It does require holding a torch lighter to it. And it does come with a certain learning curve. I was already used to the brand, but I do find when introducing people, about half need to try it several times to get it right. In that sense, it involves more than simply pressing an ‘on’ button; and does require a little know-how. Once you get it however, it’s simple to do.

Design/Durability – 6/10 – This is the weak point for the BB series. Just like with any other glass piece, you must be careful not to drop it. This is the opposite of other Dynavap products (like the M) that receive a 10/10 for their durability. All glass pieces come with this detraction.

Design/Coolness factor – 10/10 – A space-age looking device that clicks when you heat it? I can picture James Bond pulling it out of his pocket. You might have to explain once or twice that its most definitely not for crack or meth, but this is a minor point of humor for such an intensely cool product.

Dynavap BB6 standing
Dynavap BB6 standing

More specifics of the Dynavap BB6

The Dynavap BB6 looks nearly the same as the M, except that its body is made of glass, with colored balls inside. Mine is blue-colored glass; it comes in blue, gray, and pink. The balls are meant to diffuse the vapor as it travels down the tube. It measures longer than the M, and a bit wider (or seemingly so due to the glass), but the cap end is the same. All caps are interchangeable with all products. The cap looks like a pen cap, and fits on the ridged end that holds the weed.

The M has a stainless steel mouthpiece, which is an extension of the stainless steel vape body. The BB6 has a glass body and mouthpiece. The company advertises that the mouthpiece has a stainless steel tip, but mine did not, something I will ask Dynavap about. The glass mouthpiece makes it bong-ready. In fact, it’s shaped like a bong adapter; and was designed to fit into the stem of a bong to create a vapebong. A vapebong is a device (or devices put together, like in this case) whereby the vapor from a vape is pulled through water, before inhalation. Just like a regular bong; but without the fire and smoke.

Functionally it works the same as the M in terms of what I have to do. Whereas my M has gone through a lot of wear and tear, and a ton of weed, the BB6 is in perfect functional condition. My M, for example, won’t always click twice these days; and if I wait for it to, I’m more likely to burn out the bowl. It still works fine and produces great hits, but I now have to keep this in mind. Minor cleanings haven’t done much to help, but a major cleaning might…I admit I get lazy about this. Its a reminder that everything is affected by aging, even if it holds up well enough to retain basic functionality.

I don’t think the vapor was any cooler, though I like the design with the multiple beads within the body. Other models like the M have a condenser, but the BB6 has beads instead. I’m not sure if this is meant to provide cooler vapor; if it is, I didn’t experience much difference between the two models. The body is a cylinder like the M, but with a wavy exterior made by divots. I don’t think the slightly longer body is technically enough to reduce the heat greatly. It’s a standard issue with many vapes. I’ve never found the heat to be damaging, just a bit irritating.

This model comes with the Captive Cap instead of the original Vapcap; an upgrade that holds it on better with grooves, and helps airflow get distributed more evenly. All models now come with this updated cap.

The vapebong ability

The vapebong ability allows two great things to be put together – vaporizers and bongs. The BB6 was specifically made for this purpose with a mouthpiece that fits 10mm and 14mm female fittings. If you never thought of your bong as having a gender before, indeed it does! How to know the difference? If the mouthpiece slides into the joint, it’s a male bong; if it goes over the joint, its female. Roll it around in your head for a minute…it makes sense.

M and BB6
M and BB6

Bong joints range in size from 10-18 millimeters, for both male and female. The BB6 comes with two size options, so if you’re getting it to use with a specific bong, make sure to get the right size. To use it in this way you put the mouthpiece into the joint of the bong, and heat it as you would if it were in your mouth. When it clicks, just breath in through the bong mouthpiece.

I found the Dynavap BB6 easy enough to use in this way. It was actually my first experience with a vapebong; though I have been a fan of both vapes and bongs for many years. It was quite a different experience to get a huge water-refined hit, and without the same overwhelming feeling of a mass of smoke to the lungs. The bong made the hit much cooler than taking it directly from the vape; a good way to minimize the hot hit issue. I did not feel any damage after.

Much like the M model, the Dynavap BB6 model requires heating with a lighter to the point of getting very hot. As glass conducts heat similarly to metal, it does mean the product gets hot in the hand. The other positive of sticking it in a bong, other than a cooler hit on your lungs; is that its not hot in your hand.

Though the Dynavap BB6 gives greater vapebong functionality than the M, the M does come with a tip that can fit a 10mm female opening. All Dynavap models are made to have some functionality with bongs; and the company sells bong equipment alongside the vapes. This includes actual bongs as well as adapters.

Biggest downside – glass

One of the most awesome things about the M is that its practically indestructible as far as vapes go. So long as you don’t crush the cap (and I didn’t in three years!), it can take a lot of abuse. I used to demonstrate to people how I could drop it on the floor with no damage done. This was often met by squirming on their part until they realized it was fine. For someone like me, with a wasteland of broken bongs, bowls, and bubblers littering my past; this is one of the biggest advantages of the product. Most stuff breaks if you drop it, the M does not.

But the Dynavap BB6 does! Three days after purchase, just as I was really getting into the grove with it, I dropped it. For a split second I thought – ‘its cool, I drop it all the time;’ but unlike the M, the body shattered into a million pieces. I can easily buy a replacement glass body for $29, but the original glass midsection is not fixable, like most of the other glass casualties I’ve caused. I was sad to unwittingly test that aspect so quickly. I was hoping maybe I could get a few drops in before total breakage (I mean….that was always inevitable for me).

Dynavap BB6 open
Dynavap BB6 open

I loved the vape for the short time I used it. But I also have to say, that if you’re like me and prone to breaking anything breakable; consider that when buying this model. Dynavap has plenty of non-shatterable offerings that can take a huge amount of abuse and keep working; so no need to throw your hands up in despair. Just get a model that can handle your lifestyle.

Dynavap product offerings

The M – Most basic model made of stainless steel -$69

The M Plus & M Plus Classic (with finless tip for faster heating) – $79

The B & B Neon Series – Made with a silicone stem that minimizes hot vape issue, and is also less breakable – $49

The BB3 & BB6 – Made with the glass body and either three or six beads inside -$70, $75

The Omni – Flagship model made of titanium – $199

The company also sells bongs which can be used by themselves or as attachments. These range in price from $29-$125. The company sells a range of accessories like grinders, torch lighters, and storage containers; dab adapters and accessories; replacement pieces for the vapes; and after market products like an induction heater which gets rid of the need for a torch lighter. The heaters are mostly below $20.

The company also sells starter packs which come with a range of items beside the vape, like a DynaStash box to hold herb and refill the vape with ease, and a torch lighter. These vary in price as per the vape they go with. Interested buyers should peruse the online shop for more details on products and current deals.

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Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies Product Review

Get your taste buds ready for a magical adventure that might bring back nostalgic memories of recklessness in your younger years: introducing Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies! Both the brand and the product carry the same name, leading me to believe that this may be one of the pioneer companies to produce such a unique product.

Keep in mind that these gummies are not at all the “magic mushrooms” of your younger years you might be thinking of. Rather, they’re part of a new journey into the world of legal compounds that can indeed get you high. This is my first experience with any sort of legal psychedelic and I’m psyched (pun intended!) to share my journey with you. I’ll begin my review by going over what the Amanita Mushroom brand has to say about these unique gummies. Let’s begin! 

More About The Amanita Mushroom Brand 

Amanita Mushrooms” is both the product type and the brand name, which threw me for a loop when I tried to look up the company website. I resorted to scanning the QR code on the back of the plastic tube and was redirected to the lab results. From there, I was able to find the exact description of the gummies as well as a very helpful block of text outlining the recommended dosage, expected effects, and total gram/milligram content. The site looks like it could use a bit more flair, as the layout is plain and there aren’t many eye-catching graphics or popups. But for no-nonsense consumers, this site is very straightforward and informative. 

Amanita Mushrooms homepage

The gummies are available in two flavor options: Blue Razz Muscarita (which is the one I’ll be reviewing) and Cherry Pantherina. Both options are gelatin and contain 0.35 grams (350mg) of Amanita Muscaria Extract. These gummies are ibotenic acid free and do not contain any psilocybin. They do however contain 2.75 mg of Muscimol and 7 mg of Muscarine. A three-pack is $12.99, a six-pack is $24.99, and a 10-pack is $39.99, but the site was having a sale at the time of this article, meaning the price may vary at the actual time of purpose. 

Amanita Mushrooms doesn’t offer much information in terms of dosages: 1-4 pieces. They weakly state that this dosage is “For Spiritual, Religious & Educational Purposes Only.” As this was my first experience with amanita mushroom in general, I decided to start off with one gummy and see how I felt. I did end up consuming two gummies in a second session, and I’ll share both of those experiences with you in the next few paragraphs. Without further ado, I give you my full review of the Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies!

Amanita Mushroom Blue Razz Gummies Product Review 

The Blue Razz Gummies by Amanita Mushroom came in a shockingly simple container: a slightly opaque plastic container similar to a pharmacy pill bottle. A single sticker on the front outlined the total mg count (350mg) and an X marking if it was a 3, 6, or 10 count. The label did not mention any dosage recommendation but did state that the effects should kick in between 30-45 minutes. I pulled off the little tear tab and squeezed the sides to pop open the top. I peered inside and got my first glimpse of these curious sweets. 

Appearance, Scent, & Taste

The gummies were a deep shade of purple and were heavily coated in sugar crystals. Each gummy was about the size of a quarter and cube-shaped. I fished one out and was intrigued to detect the warm smell of grape rather than the blue raspberry scent I was expecting. The gummy was firm to the touch and did not squeeze easily under the pressure of my fingertips. Satisfied with my initial inspection, I popped a single gummy into my mouth. 

Despite being firm to the touch, the gummies were incredibly soft and easy to chew. It was almost like they were melting in my mouth! The flavor had a deliciously warm grape marmalade flavor with the slightest hint of peach and apple.  The rich flavor was a true delight to chew and didn’t taste unnatural. I was pleasantly surprised to discover there was no bitter aftertaste or burning in my throat, no pieces remaining in the back of my teeth after chewing, nor was there any coating left on my teeth or tongue. I was impressed with these gummies, as they were quite different from any other gummy I’d tried. 

A quick side note: I found myself wondering why the flavor and scent seemed so familiar. After a few minutes of pondering, I was struck with a realization (and here’s where I may be dating myself): the scent was remarkably similar to the scent of powdered Lipton Peach Tea! After getting over my initial shock (and delight) at this realization, I made sure to note the time, curious to see how long it would take the effects to kick and a bit unsure of what to expect. 

Time Elapsed To Feel Effects 

The very first time I tried these gummies, I only ate a single gummy. Amanita Mushrooms’ prediction of 30-45 minutes to feel the effects was very accurate; after roughly 45 minutes after eating a single gummy, I definitely felt a slight something. Only after about an hour did the full effects kick in. 

The second time around when I ate two gummies, the effects seemed to take slightly longer. I started to feel the effects kick in closer to an hour after consumption. The effects fully kicked in after an hour and fifteen minutes but were gradual and smooth. I realize that the time frame it takes to feel the effects from any product varies with the user, so be sure to start off with one and see how you feel. 

Effects Felt During the High – 1 Gummy

When I ate just one gummy, the effects were much less intense than I anticipated. It felt almost like a microdose of Delta-8 THC. There was a light warm tingling in my hands, chest, and feet, but nothing like the full-blown heady high I had hoped for. There was no fuzzy mental fog, no couch lock, no weighted blanket sensation, no munchies, no dry mouth, no overwhelming sense of drowsiness, and no enhanced sense of taste/touch. It felt very like the beginning stages of a Delta-8 THC high that never matured in intensity or euphoria.

The taste was honestly more enjoyable than the high, and I found myself insanely curious how the high would have been had I eaten two at a time. I was somewhat disappointed until I thought about how well this would work for daytime use. Indeed, the light buzz of relaxation and minor dipping between feeling a slight something and then nothing at all would be excellent for first-time users looking to get a micro high during the day.

Effects Felt During the High – 2 Gummies

Now that I had experimented with a single gummy, I was excited to try a double dose. The effects of this dose had brought a much more noticeable high that was incredibly pleasant. Now I experienced the heavy weighted feeling and felt extremely relaxed and comfortable, though not quite full-on drowsiness. I noticed a tingling in my chest, legs, arms, and face (particularly my nose). While there was still no dry mouth, my eyelids felt weighted and I noticed myself feeling like I was gently sailing through a dreamy cloud of euphoria.

I felt like I was floating across waves – one minute feeling only slightly high, and the next feeling extremely high. I can only liken this feeling to the sensation of being on a boat and being gently rocked back and forth by the waves. Similar to first-timers on a boat, I felt a slight sense of nausea; closing my eyes felt like a reward. After enjoying this sensation of warm drowsiness and mild weighted feeling, I eventually sank into a peaceful slumber. 

Longevity of The High

When I ate a single gummy, the high was not consistent. At times it seemed to feel like it was building into a deliciously strong and euphoric high, but would immediately taper off and feel like I wasn’t high at all. I grew frustrated at the waves of being slightly high, then not at all. I later realized this is very consistent with how the illicit magic mushrooms are. 

The second time when I ate two gummies, the high crescendoed into a deliciously rich euphoria and then mellowed out to a softer less intense high. The rolling waves of the high made it difficult to pinpoint exactly how long the effects lasted, but definitely for several hours before I drifted off to sleep. 

Lingering Effects The Next Day

I fell asleep very quickly once I went to bed and slept deeply throughout the night. I awoke feeling slightly groggy the next morning, but was successfully able to brush away the morning cobwebs from my mind and begin my day normally. I didn’t experience any dizziness or disorientation upon waking, nor did I have trouble getting out of bed to start my day. Since I’d never tried anything “mushroom” (gummy or capsule), I was concerned that the high would still be somewhat in effect. Thankfully, the only remaining aspect of the previous night were fond memories and a curiosity of what 3-4 gummies would feel like!

Final Thoughts  

For first-time consumers of any Amanita Mushrooms, I implore you to start off slow with a single piece. The first time I ate one of these Blue Razz gummies, the flavor was so enticing I almost ate a second one to continue enjoying that fruity sweetness and soft texture. The gummies had a very natural taste, did not have any bitter aftertaste, or remaining pieces stuck in my teeth.

The predicted start time of the effects was a little more than I anticipated, but I understand that this may vary based on the consumer. The initial dosage of one gummy wasn’t enough for me, and I was disappointed with the overall effects the first time around. Yet when I had two gummies, I was very comfortable with my experience and enjoyed the smooth and rolling waves of the high. For these reasons, I feel that a 3-star rating is accurate.

I have no desire to experiment with three or four pieces in any future doses, but if you do venture into that dosage range, I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below! The high from mushroom gummies differed greatly from traditional hemp-derived psychoactive cannabinoids and I’m grateful for the opportunity to try such a unique product.

In my next product review, I’ll be checking out the Amanita Mushroom Capsules. Capsules are more of a no-nonsense product type (i.e., no smell, taste, texture), which leads me to wonder if my experience with one or two will be the same. If you’re curious to learn about my experiences with these capsules, I encourage you to check out my upcoming product review. Hope to see you there! 

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Forbidden Jelly HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC Live Resin Disposable by Delta Extrax Product Review

In the rapidly expanding world of newly discovered psychoactive cannabinoids, it can be intimidating to pick which one to enjoy. Today’s product review makes that decision a little easier with their infusion of three hemp-derived cannabinoids: introducing the Delta Extrax inhalable called Forbidden Jelly HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC Live Resin Disposable!

These may be cannabinoids you’re not familiar with, but rest assured, they’re all hemp-derived and federally legal in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. The Delta Extrax brand is praised for their incredible creativity and potency of all their products, and it’s exciting to see what experience can be had with this particular inhalable. But before I get into that actual experience, I’d like to take a moment and see exactly what the brand has to say about the product in today’s review. 

What Does Delta Extrax Have To Say?

Delta Extrax has exquisite verbiage in describing this particular product, particularly in regards to the scent: smokey tobacco and bold cherry. With a name like “Forbidden Jelly,” I was expecting more of a berry or grape flavor, but cherry? My curiosity has been piqued! Flavored strains are typically described as piney, skunky, or earthy, but I’m seeing more and more companies offer fruit-flavored carts that actually taste as described. One can only hope that the cherry flavor does indeed come forth in a delicious cloud. 

The disposable comes with a unique preheat button, meaning it’s not simply an inhale-to-activate device. The chamber houses 3.5 grams of HXY9-THC, HXY8-THC, THCM, and Live Resin, and is described as an indica blend. Delta Extrax recommends the initial dosage to be “1-2 puffs to establish individual tolerance” so be sure to start off slow with the understanding you can always consume more if you don’t feel anything after the first few minutes. 

The effects are described as “a tingly, uplifting high that calms the body with contentment.” One of the more enjoyable side effects of hemp-derived cannabinoids is the body high, where various extremities bring a pleasurable pins-and-needles sensation. As with any indica high, you should expect a calm and subdued high that will most likely leave you feeling “stuck in da couch” and thoroughly relaxed. Now that the preliminaries are out of the way, it’s time to try this intriguing inhalable and experience the flavor and effects! 

Forbidden Jelly HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC Live Resin Disposable by Delta Extrax Product Review

The Forbidden Jelly disposable device came beautifully packaged in a white box with a stunning pink chrome on the top that looked like dripping jelly. The device itself was a lightweight slim pen with two elongated hexagon windows near the top. The oil in the chamber was completely clear with a very faint yellow tinge and extremely viscous to the point it did not move despite vigorous shaking.

The preheat button was cleverly designed as the Delta Extrax logo, with the same logo etched into the back of the device. The disposable, while not refillable, is rechargeable with a type-C charging cable (not included). When charging, the etched logo in the back doubles as a charging indicator that glows and pulsates a deep blue. Overall, the device was beautifully crafted with aesthetic details that were quite impressive. After letting the device charge for a bit, I held the duckbill mouthpiece to my lips, depressed the preheat button to warm up the oil, and prepared to take my first hit. 

Scent Prior To Inhaling/Flavor After Exhaling

A deliciously sweet and floral scent emanated from the duckbill tip before I had even taken the initial hit. I was reminded of the warm and inviting scent of green tea, and I fully believe I could have spent five minutes basking in that scent alone. Yet my curiosity for the flavor was too great, and I took my first hit. There was a rich hint of sweetness rolled up in a smoky exhale, followed by an absolutely incredible fruity aftertaste.

I’m not sure I would call it cherry, but it was definitely a noticeable flavor that strongly suggested a fruit jelly. There was a light burning in the back of my throat that was quickly eradicated with a quick sip of water. I ended up coughing lightly and sneezing twice on the first and second hits, but nothing that would have deterred me from vaping again. There was no lingering scent once the vapor evaporated, which I appreciated greatly. 

Time Elapsed to Feel Effects (time starts after first inhale, with a mention of how many hits were taken)

I was blown away by how flavorful the hits were and was strongly considering taking additional hits, but decided to heed the recommended 1-2 hits. Generally, it takes between 5-10 minutes for me to start experiencing any effects, but this particular inhalable kicked in shockingly fast. Three minutes after the initial hit, I distinctly felt the effects gradually kick in. After about twenty minutes, I was fully engulfed in the effects and quite comfortable. Time seemed to fluctuate fluidly and what seemed like an hour was a mere five minutes! 

Effects Felt During the High

I experienced a deliciously warm and drowsy sense of euphoria that left me feeling incredibly relaxed. My sense of taste and touch were heightened exponentially and I noticed that while I was slightly thirsty (my tongue clung to the roof of my mouth), water tasted incredible. I experienced a delicious tingling (that famous body high!) in my hands, feet, face, arms, and slightly in the center of my chest. My eyelids felt heavy and it was difficult to keep them open completely.

I felt as if a warm weighted blanket had been lovingly draped across my entire body and descended into a drowsy couchlock that was incredibly soothing. My mood felt completely peaceful and calm and I was surprised that the high was this intense with just two hits! I also felt like my ability to recall memories improved and I found myself pensively recalling fond memories from both recent and distant past. My vision was clear but it almost felt like I was swimming through a mental fog when I finally got up to go to sleep. 

Longevity of The High

The high kicked in quickly and time seemed to last for quite a while. Yet every time I looked at the clock, it seemed that only a few minutes had passed. I enjoyed the high for at least two hours, and remember immensely enjoying the sensation of darkness and warmth in bed. I fell asleep easily and slept well throughout the night. Upon waking, I felt a little groggy but very well rested. There was no lingering mental fog or cobwebs that prevented me from getting up and functioning normally. I was left feeling refreshed and ready to start the day, savoring the fond memories from the night before. 

Ease of Use

While the device seemed simple enough to use, there were a few curveballs that I’d like to mention. There is no type C charging cable provided, which is a bit of a nuisance since I discovered that the device needed to be charged prior to using. The preheat button caught me off guard at first, since I’m used to the inhalables being draw-activated. Also, you’ll want to hold the preheat button for a few seconds to warm up the oil before taking the first hit. This allows for a smoother inhale and more flavorful exhale. Lastly, the 1-2 hits is definitely something to start off with. I ended up taking a third hit on another test run and the results were the same, but more intense. I realize everyone is different when it comes to cannabis use, but too many hits of this device and you may experience some unwanted uneasiness and stronger dry mouth. 

Final Thoughts  

Forbidden Jelly HXY9-THC + THCM + HXY8-THC Live Resin Disposable by Delta Extrax has now earned the spot in my top five favorite inhalables. The flavor was an absolute delight to puff on and I enjoyed the distinct fruity sweetness on both the inhale and the exhale. The effects kicked in quickly and lasted surprisingly long. The high was filled with a sense of comfortable relaxation and calming euphoria, allowing me to enjoy the enhanced sense of touch and taste while time seemed to slow down. I fell asleep easily and woke up with slight grogginess, but nothing that ultimately hindered my starting and enjoying the day. For these reasons, I give this inhalable a full 5 stars.

In my next article, I’ll be renewing another product from Delta Extrax called Blue Cookies. This double cartridge pack features an intriguing 2g blend of HXY9-THC, THCM, and HXY8-THC Live Resin. With all of these new psychoactive cannabinoids gracing the market, it’s bound to be a euphoric experience that I look forward to sharing with you. If you happen to try Forbidden Jelly, or any other product from the Delta Extrax brand, I encourage you to share your experiences with the rest of us by dropping a comment and letting us know how you liked it! 

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Delta Munchies Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen Product Review

What do you get when you cross the renowned Zkittles, Gelato, Grape Ape, and OG Kush strains? If you guessed, “the star of today’s product review”, you’re correct! Grape Runtz (also called Grape Runts) is a beloved hybrid result of all the aforementioned strains combined. It is best enjoyed towards the end of the day, as the calming effects can make the user somewhat drowsy. I’ll be reviewing the Delta Munchies Delta-8 THC rendition of the Grape Runtz strain in their 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen.  

Delta-8 THC has surged in popularity in the last few years and is available in edibles and inhalables. Edibles like gummies, softgels, and tinctures are easy to consume but can take some time for the effects to kick in, and the high itself can last for several hours. Inhalables like vape pens, disposable devices, and pre-rolls have a bit of a learning curve to use properly, which can deter new and experienced users from trying them. Yet with just a bit of patience and practice, users of all levels can enjoy the deeply relaxing effects of this unique product type in mere minutes.

If you’re short on time or impatient to feel the effects of a psychoactive cannabinoid, you’re gonna love the Delta Munchies Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves; it’s important to know a bit about the brand to better appreciate the product. Without further ado, here’s a brief overview of the Delta Munchies brand! 

A Brief Overview of the Delta Munchies Brand 

The term “munchies” refers to one of the most well-known side effects of consuming cannabis. Stoned users often experience an increased appetite as well as an enhanced sense of taste, making ordinary snacks and meals taste exponentially better, causing them to crave sweet and salty treats. The Delta Munchies brand fully embraces that side effect in their name and delivers a delightful assortment of products in both edible and inhalable form.  

The official Delta Munchies website is beautifully designed with bold graphics and bright colors. Their vast catalog of edibles and inhalables is neatly organized by cannabinoid preference or product type. The brand currently offers three cannabinoids (Delta-8 THC, Farm Bill Compliant Delta-9 THC, and HHC) in gummies, tinctures, and vapes. Every product has been subjected to testing by independent third-party labs, the results of which are conveniently located in the Lab Results tab on the top of the page. I highly recommend you take some time to fully explore the entire site at your convenience, but I’ll be focusing on just the Delta-8 THC Disposable Vape Pens in today’s review. 

Delta Munchies loves variety, which is evident with their disposable vape pens. There are eight different Delta-8 THC options that predominantly feature fruit or candy flavors, either in sativa, indica, or hybrid options. Grape Runtz is an indica-dominant hybrid that advertises a fruity flavor that’s best used before bedtime, but feel free to use whenever you need!

Each vape pen is rechargeable via a microUSB cable (though the cable itself isn’t included in the small box) and includes 2mg of Delta-8 THC oil that can be enjoyed for up to 1000 puffs. The vape pens are regularly priced at $59.99, though there are promotions and bundles that shave off a few bucks for consumers on a budget. But enough about the preliminaries; it’s time for the good stuff! Here’s my thoughts and experiences with using the Delta Munchies Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen! 

Delta Munchies Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen Product Review

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the flavor of the Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen. The strain profiles are a mixture between earthy, sweet, floral, and fruity, which seems like a grab-bag of anything and everything. But my curiosity was piqued, and I was eager to see what treasures lay in store. 

The disposable yet rechargeable vape pen came in a stunning royal purple box, complete with comic book fonts and graphics. The box utilizes a unique tamper proof design where a small flap must be depressed in order to release the inner box that houses the vape pen. I removed the device from the box and was surprised to see how lightweight the slim device felt. I noticed there were two windows on the front and back of the device that allowed me to see how much oil remained in the chamber.

The oil itself was completely clear and extremely viscous, refusing to move at all in spite of my shaking and tilting of the device. I also saw a LED circle towards the bottom of the device that glowed white when the device was activated. There were two stickers on both sides of the device that displayed the brand logo on one side and “Delta Munchies” on the other. I wish that at least one of the stickers would have displayed the product name or at least included it on one of the stickers, but this would only be helpful if you have multiple vape pens and want to keep track of which flavor is which. 

I eagerly held the device close to my nostrils and smelled a faintly sweet yet sharp scent that reminded me of expensive perfume. My curiosity surged into overdrive and I tentatively brought the device to take my first hit. My mouth was flooded with a combination of flavors that left me breathless and extremely surprised. The flavor was definitely sweet with a hint of grape, but also included a sharp perfumy flavor mingled with the bitter taste of hemp.

I felt a light urge to cough on the first hit but was able to quell it with little effort. The second hit was a bit easier now that I knew what to expect, but I ended up coughing a few times due to the deeper hit I had taken. The flavor was actually quite enjoyable and I enjoyed taking a third and final draw. I noticed a light pressure in my chest as well as a very light burning sensation in the back of my throat. I took a few sips of water to soothe the minimal discomfort in my throat and chest and made a note of the time. 

Within five minutes, I began to feel something, and after ten minutes I was fully engulfed in the effects. I felt warm and relaxed but not quite sleepy or drowsy. Time seemed to slow down and I  experienced a lovely floaty feeling as the minutes passed. I experienced a delicious tingling in my chest, stomach, face, hands, arms, and legs, a phenomenon known as a body high. My mood became much happier and I found myself giggling at the most random things. I felt calm and comfortable in the warm euphoria and became drowsier as the high progressed.

At no point did I feel uneasy or overwhelmed in the high, nor did I wrestle with raging cottonmouth. I was amused to find that I experienced a light case of the munchies and I thoroughly enjoyed the snacks in my kitchen. I remained clear-headed but the light mental fog was delightful in that I was high but not incapacitated. The effects lasted for a little over an hour, which is when I succumbed to the drowsiness and fell fast asleep. I awoke the next morning with no lingering effects or mental cobwebs that made me feel groggy and sluggish. 


I was extremely pleased with my experiences with the Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen by Delta Munchies. The flavor was probably the most surprising, as the fruity flavor mingled with a sharp piney flavor was more enjoyable than I expected. I experienced minimal coughing and actually enjoyed taking moderately deep drags from the device. The effects kicked in a bit slower than I anticipated, but the gradual effects were worth the wait. I experienced a combination of both the indica and sativa effects, which was richly euphoric. The drowsiness and light couch lock coupled with an uplifted mood and enhanced sense of humor made the high extremely enjoyable. I enjoyed the high for a little over an hour and appreciated the ease in which I drifted off to sleep. If you’re stuck between choosing a sativa or indica strain, I highly recommend trying the Grape Runtz 2G Dart XL Disposable Vape Pen by Delta Munchies for the best of both worlds! 

While the Grape Runtz rechargeable disposable device marks the last of the inhalable products I’ll be trying from the Delta Munchies, I’m happy to repeat that famous commercial by saying, “But wait! There’s more!” In my next review, I’ll be checking out Strawberry Shortcake Delta-9 THC gummies. This will be the first of the Delta Munchies edibles I’ll be sampling, as well as the first Delta-9 THC product I’ve ever tried. If you’re curious to see how Farm Bill compliant Delta-9 THC gummies compare to traditional marijuana edibles, you’re in luck! Be sure to check back soon for this and other in-depth product reviews from verified cannabis brands throughout the country. Until we meet again! 

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Cannabolish Truly Abolishes Smoke and Vapor Odor – Hotel Tested

When you take a drug test, the goal is to pass it, right? Whether you’re diluting your urine with water, or attempting to mask cannabinoids with some other compound, no one who smokes weed wants to fail a drug test. The same sentiment applies when you’re trying to hide that you’re smoking in general. What’s the point of a spray or candle that just doesn’t work? Luckily, when it comes to getting rid of the smell, Cannabolish really hits it on the nose, with its spray that totally abolishes cannabis smoke and vapor.

Why is this necessary?

If you live in certain places, or come from certain families, you might be confused that someone else has any desire to hide the smell of their weed smoke, or vapor. But the truth is, much of the country is still weed-resistant, and plenty of people live in locations or within families where such outputs are not welcome. Plus, think of the teens out there. We know high school kids smoke weed, and they’re probably not going to stop. There are still plenty of reasons why a person might not want to go public with their weed habit.

To add onto it all, there are also many places where its not simply undesirable to smoke (or vape), but where potential fines or even jail time, are associated. Consider that every school is anti-weed, and that in some jobs, a simple weed smoke break could land you in hot water. Maybe for some, this is a good stipulation, but there are plenty of situations where the laws are a little much, considering how little damage cannabis causes.

Beyond work and school situations, it should always be remembered that everyone wants to make a buck. It’s a trend now in businesses like hotels to install not just smoke detectors, but vape sensors and THC sensors as well. And here’s the kicker, this can happen in places where weed is technically legal for recreational use. I had to sign off on such sensors for my recent stay at a hotel in Las Vegas.

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For all those times in life when you’re not doing anything actually awful, but know you can still get in trouble, it’s good to know there’s a way to cover your tracks. And if you’re simply someone who doesn’t want a lot of smoke or vapor around, it’s also wise to have a product that can neutralize the smell. Luckily, one does exist, and has now been tested well in a place where a sensor to pick up everything mentioned above, was used.

How to cover smoke odors

Cannabolish is a company that offers a line of products meant to neutralize smoke and vapor from cannabis or cigarettes. The company uses all natural ingredients like wintergreen oil, and stays away from unwanted ingredients like alcohol, phthalates, VOC’s, and other dangerous chemicals. The plant oils used in the products neutralize the byproducts of the smoke, like benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde.

According to the company, “We designed Cannabolish specifically to destroy the unique chemical makeup of weed smoke molecules. Our team of chemists and engineers use science we’ve perfected over 30 years of removing the toughest odors around the world – from wastewater treatment plants to landfills, smoke-filled hotel rooms to skunk-sprayed pets.”

The company puts out a spray which deals with offensive odors (not just smoke), as well as candles, and a gel that absorbs odors from the air around. Products are offered in both wintergreen scent and lavender, and run from about $4.99 for 2 fluid ounces of spray, to about $30 for candles, to around $90 if you want all the products. For those who prefer no odor when covering their weed smell, that’s a possibility as well with this company: NSNT. This product likewise removes odors, but leaves nothing in their place. And also does so with only natural ingredients.

Since both companies make products that neutralize bad odors in general, they’re usable for more than weed smoke. When I originally tested out these sprays I also sprayed them in a moldy smelling bathroom, and on dirty socks. In both cases, both sprays neutralized the smell, one leaving a scent, and one without. Also in both cases, the products are advertised as good for spraying in the air, as well as on clothing, bedding, curtains, and carpets.

My recent hotel experience with Cannabolish

It’s one thing to test out a product in the privacy of your own home, and another to test it out in a more relevant situation. Sure, it was nice to take the smoke out of the air in my apartment, but that didn’t help me understand if the product was good enough to get past a detector. In my recent stay in Las Vegas, I was able to test out the Cannabolish spray in a hotel room that employed both weed smoke and vapor detectors. At least according to the document I signed off on which stated I’d be charged an extra $250 if I set the sensors off.

Cannabolish for weed smoke and vapor

Now, the hotel claimed to use sensors by the company NoiesAware, which actually specializes in sensors for noise levels, to help ensure guests aren’t overcrowding rooms or having parties. While I expect they do offer the sensors the hotel said they use, no information for smoke and/or vape sensors was apparent on their site.

So, I really don’t have a good confirmation for effectiveness, any information on the product, or know if it was actually used at all. The last point is important because its not an unheard of thing for an establishment to encourage good behavior by making patrons think they might get in trouble, when in reality there is nothing monitoring them.

I vaped high THC cartridges every day I was in the room, followed each time by a couple sprays of the Cannabolish in lavender. I vaped in the bathroom, and gave the spray a few seconds to work its magic before opening the door. As there was no window or fan in the bathroom, whatever was in the bathroom, eventually made its way to the main room where the sensors were.

To ensure a full test though, on one night, I brought back a co-worker and some new convention friends, to smoke up in the room, this time with blunts, and plenty of actual smoke. We did aim to get the smoke out the window, but we all know how smoke is, and how easily it makes its way around. Each hit was followed by a spray of Cannabolish.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure how it would go. I’ve certainly stayed in lower rent hotels that clearly had non-working smoke detectors, but this place was so hardcore about it, I figured they were actually monitoring us. Truth is, I still can’t say for sure, which means even the outcome of this review is contingent on something I can’t provide; details of the functionality of the senor system.

What I can say is that I wasn’t charged anything extra. Either the hotel really was just trying to instill fear in my heart, or that spray did the trick. Many of the sensors on the market now for the same purpose claim to detect cover smells as well, like standard perfume. Though Cannabolish has a scent, its strength is not in covering the smell of the smoke with something stronger, but in neutralizing it. It’s evident when testing the product that this is the case, which gives extra credence to the idea that the spray actually kept the sensors from picking anything up.

Cannabolish abolishes weed smoke
Cannabolish abolishes weed smoke

A little more on these sensors

Very little information exists on the sensors now used commonly in hotels, schools, and other smoke and vape-free locations. Most any information out there comes from the product companies themselves, which makes it hard to know how well they work, and with what kind of track record. All the companies claim the products can pick up smoke, vapor, and THC remnants. But there aren’t any official tests that I found, or confirmation for any of this.

These new age sensors that are said to detect THC and vapor are relatively new. As in, up until the last couple of years, only standard smoke detectors applied. The market therefore has very little formal information associated with it, but a push for ways to catch people. It could be that this is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors; it could be that technology is advancing, and though these might not offer all that’s said, that a newer line in a year or two might; and it could be that they do what they’re intended to do already. Unfortunately, I just don’t know.

The companies are all pretty vague, and they explain that its hard to effectively detect certain things, that vapor and smoke can travel, and that its hard to know the starting point of smoke and vapor; (which realistically messes with the justification of having the sensors). Every time I opened the door to my hotel room, the smell of weed wafted in. Clearly the hotel would have issues if it charged every person for what came into their room upon opening their doors or windows.


Since I can’t speak to the effectiveness of the sensors, I can’t give a firm confirmation on the ability of the product. But given my personal experience of both smoking and vaping in a room with both smoke and vape sensors, and not getting a fine for it; it seems Cannabolish spray certainly abolishes smoke and vapor from weed, enough to get past detectors.

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What is a Chillum?

The history of cannabis consumption spreads over centuries and, consequently, the creativity of innovation has come with that. Thousands of years has led to some incredible weed smoking devices and the chillum is yet another beautiful and somewhat spiritual contraption that allows for smokers to enjoy that perfect hit. If you’ve ever been in Asia or the Americas, you may have been offered the experience to try a chillum.

It’s somewhat similar to a bong but also looks a bit like a large cigar. Nonetheless, overall it has its own incredible individual personality. But what is the history of this device? How do you use one? Why bother? We’re going to delve into the world of the chillum and find out everything there is to know. 

The Chillum

If you’ve ever found yourself in India or in parts of South America then you will have done well to avoid seeing a chillum. In essence, they are everywhere. They are sold in shops, they are handed around at parties, they are part of the culture. But what are they? A chillum has the cylindrical look of a cigar, with the intense effects of a bong. Usually made from brown clay or soft stone, this handheld pipe has three main parts: the mouthpiece, the tunnel and the bowl. 


The Mouthpiece is where you inhale the good stuff. Due to the shape of the chillum, you often need to create a specific shape with your hands in order to inhale from this device. The fact that it’s one long cylindrical shape means that you cannot inhale it like a cigarette or a cigar. If you did, the majority of the cannabis or hash would simply fall out of the end. Instead, you need to create a vacuum with your two hands, leaving a small gap to inhale from, slot the chillum into the top, and away you go. It’s like your hands are the base of a bong, and the chillum is the neck. It’s also common to use a cloth or something similar to cover the mouthpiece with, this acts as a filter. 

The Tunnel

The tunnel can vary from device to device, but the main purpose remains the same. This is where the smoke builds up from the burning cannabis and the inhalation process begins. The question you may be thinking is: what stops the weed from simply falling through the chillum and landing directly into my mouth? Well, that is an absolutely sensical question. Some chillums are designed in one piece, with a tight end or mesh in order to place the cannabis on top. However, others are made out of two pieces – the main contraption and the inner chillum stopper. This is a small, hollow stick that goes through the middle of the chillum and stops the cannabis from falling through. These are usually the more retro types. Whichever model you prefer, the main aim of the tunnel is to avoid getting clogged up with weed and to allow spacious inhalation.  

The Bowl

Then you have the bowl of the chillum. Whilst they come in many shapes and sizes, yet again, the purpose is always the same. The bowl has to offer a safe space for the cannabis to sit and for it to be burned. Without this, the weed will be falling into your contraption and not lighting at all. The bowl on a chillum is exactly the same as any bong or pipe. 

The History of the Chillum

When you see a chillum it doesn’t look like anything special. In fact, it sort of looks familiar. That is because it is – the device’s shape and purpose is nothing new and has a similar design to many other cannabis accessories. However, the simplicity of a chillum is what makes it appealing. Plus, the history of the device gives it an extra edge of spirituality. Some of the earliest sightings of the chillum were in South America and India. There is evidence of the device being used in Asia as far back as the 18th century in Asia, but there are also similar sightings in Africa around the same time. Back then, they would have been made from animal horns. Nowadays, stone, clay or even glass if you’re feeling extra classy will suffice. Whilst the pipe was popularised in the western world, the chillum seemed to stay firmly in Asia, most commonly being used by Sadhus in India. These religious folk believe that Lord Shiva – also known as the destroyer – was a big fan of using a chillum and smoking cannabis. For her, the weed plant was one of the most important in the world. In response, many sadhus now follow her lead during religious ceremonies. It’s important to note that, despite India’s love for chillums, there is no doubt that the device has origins in all four corners of the globe. Cannaconnection writes:

“The chillum is generally associated with smoking hash, but it wasn’t always just used for that. During the 60’s there was a mass flux of American and European visitor-explorers to the lower East Asian regions, where they would bring chillums back as souvenirs. These hippie tourists freely experimented with all sorts of substances… In Arabian countries back then, chillums were used more for smoking opium than hashies.”

As the hippie trail began, more travellers became aware of the chillum and started using it in their homes when they returned. In the present day, these contraptions can be found everywhere. However, if you’re looking to purchase one, you may want to try asking a friend who’s visiting a country outside of Europe. A chillum in India or South America will probably be 10 times less the price. In the US, you’re looking at anywhere from 20-40 dollars. But is it actually worth it? 

The Pros & Cons 

The chillum is part of a large range of cannabis accessories that essentially do the exact same thing. All of them take the substance and turn it into an inhalable smoke or vapour. When it comes to consuming weed there is tough competition. Do you use a bong? Do you smoke joints? Do you use a vape? Do you use a pipe? The possibilities seem endless. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the chillum. 


A chillum probably has one of the simplest designs of any cannabis accessory. Unlike a bong, there is no carb. There is no separate place to put your weed, instead it’s all in one line. This makes it very easy to use – without many complications. However, due to its design, the inhalation process can take some time getting used to. Having to create the vacuum with your hands and covering the mouthpiece with a piece of material can be laborious. Although, it’s fine once you get the hang of it. 

The Hit

The hit from a chillum feels different to other devices. There is no water or separate parts to get in the way, it feels extra pure. If you’ve ever been given a blow back by a friend, it isn’t too dissimilar to that. The Consumer writes:

“The fact that the pipe is straight in shape can create some issues. Firstly, you don’t want the herb to drop out if you hold it too straight, so angling it upwards at least 40 degrees when you bring it to and hold it in your lips is best. Secondly, knowing how to pack a one hitter properly will definitely help. You want to press it into the bowl pretty firmly”

Another issue is that the hit can also be a little too intense for people, which might make it less appealing than a comforting joint. 


There is something about a chillum that just feels good. The device has a lustrous history and, due to this, you can almost taste the spirituality when you use it. This aesthetic will definitely be increased if you’ve bought the product in an origin country and have seen locals use it. There’s nothing quite like being taught how to use a chillum by someone who has used it as part of their culture for generations. 

Is It Worth It?

When it comes to cannabis accessories, a chillum is definitely not the most popular. The bongs or pipes of the world certainly have more air time than these devices. However, just because they may have commercially taken off does not mean that their usefulness should be ignored. The chillum is certainly worth the purchase, if only for its simplicity. But if you have the time and the money, going abroad and seeing the chillum in its natural habitat is definitely worth it.

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Should I Buy a Rosin Press?

If any cannabis lover had all the money in the world, their house would be full of all of the many weed accessories that are now available in the 21st century. The innovation that is now behind the cannabis industry is booming and, consequently, there are a plethora of exciting, strange and beautiful products.

The rosin press, a device that allows the user to create their own potent cannabis concentrates, is one of the more advanced accessories that a weed lover can buy. But in the capitalist world we live in, with thousands of new products coming out every week, it’s hard not to wonder: is it actually worth it? Should you bother buying a rosin press when the heat and pressure from a pair of hair straighteners could – theoretically – do the same job? Let’s find out. 

What is a Rosin Press?

Don’t stress, the cannabis industry has so many random devices and tools that it’s not hard to get lost in them all. What ever happened to the days of a gram of bud and a lit joint, eh? Well, times have changed. There are now vapes to unlock the flavorsome terpenes and potent effects of weed, as well as edibles if you’d rather not inhale anything at all. But there is also something else, an industrial level rosin press that allows you to unlock the world of cannabis concentrates.

This device comes in many shapes and sizes, but it is worth noting that they are often large – definitely too large to take around in your pocket. Some are so big that you probably wouldn’t even be able to pick them up at all without some help. Remember – rosin press’ use heat and pressure to turn cannabis buds into concentrates. 

How Does it Work?

Whilst a rosin press might look like a highly advanced and complex machine, it actually is pretty simple. The press has two slabs of metal that are heated to a certain temperature. These two slabs then press together – with the cannabis buds or hash between them – and eventually this results in a batch of concentrates, such as rosin or wax. It is important to remember that concentrates can be super sticky, so placing the cannabis in some baking paper before placing it on the machine is essential. This way, when the process is over, you can unfold the paper, slowly scrape out the wax and enjoy it. The common rosin press is powered by either pneumatic, hydraulic or manual power.

Pneumatic Rosin Press

This type of device uses air or gas in order to create pressure. A pneumatic rosin press is usually bigger as it needs an air compressor, but it usually has a higher yield. This is because air pressure can work quicker than water pressure.  

Hydraulic Rosin Press

Hydraulic powered machines usually come smaller and more portable. These use heated liquid in order to create the pressure. The issue is that the yield can be lower with these machines. 

Manual Rosin Press

This type of device is the simplest. It allows the user to use their own force to press the cannabis. These rosin press machines are the easiest to use and usually the most portable. 

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Cannabis Concentrates

A key factor to consider when debating whether to purchase a rosin press is whether you actually want to create cannabis concentrates. For some people, the idea of consuming a 40-70% THC product is close to a dream. For others, a 10-15% THC joint or vape hit is potent enough. Concentrate and its strength is not for everyone. NIH writes:

“Marijuana concentrates have very high levels of THC. Solvent-based products tend to be especially potent, with THC levels documented at an average of about 54-69% and reported to exceed 80%, while non-solvent based extraction methods produce average THC levels between 39-60%”

A rosin press is just one way of creating these sorts of substances, there are many other ways that involve both solvent and non-solvent solutions. Solvent methods use CO2, alcohol or hydrocarbons. Whereas non-solvent methods can use ice water, sifting or the rosin press (pressure and heat). 

Types of Concentrate

There is a wide range of cannabis concentrates that exist in the world, and many of them seem like they are just the same substance but with a different name. Nonetheless, people find strict differences in each of them. Here are some of those:

  • Rosin
  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Hash
  • Kief

How much is a Rosin Press? 

Cannabis concentrates – if purchasing from a dealer – can cost you anywhere from $50-150. The market is wide open, and often many buyers don’t know how much they should be paying. This is why many cannabis fanatics are considering purchasing a rosin press and making the concentrates themselves. If you’re one of those people, then let’s take a look at the average price of a rosin press. To be brutally honest, finding a device that costs less than $300 will be a stretch, with some larger ones easily surpassing $1000. Remember, these are industrial-quality machines. However, there are smaller ones – such as the Nectar Pollen Pincher – that acts as a great beginners rosin press. 

If you think of it mathematically, the purchase of a rosin press only really makes sense if you’re going to use it reasonably frequently. The cost of a device can be around 5 times the cost of a gram of concentrate – at the least – which means that you’ll be starting in a deficit but can quickly reach a profit. This, of course, will only happen if you’re a cannabis concentrate connoisseur. Picture this: 

You buy a gram of concentrate once a week for 2 months:

8 x $75 = $600

But what if you bought a rosin press?

Let’s say a rosin press costs $300

8 grams of usual bud, which you’ll use to put in the machine, costs around $100

This totals a $400 expense. 

Therefore, in around 2 months you’ll be spending less than you would have done. However, if you’re not going to use it that much, then perhaps an alternative option is better. 

DIY Rosin Press

On Amazon, you can buy a pretty basic hair straightener for around 20 bucks. If you want to invest a little more than you can purchase one with specific heat controls, which will increase the yield of your concentrates. That’s right, you can use a device like this to create these substances too. It might sound crazy, but many people use this method as a cheaper and beginners way into the world of cannabis concentrates. It has heat and it has pressure. The issue is, the yield of a pair of hair straighteners is going to be a lot less than an industrial rosin press. For your information, the yield essentially means the amount of concentrate you get from your cannabis buds, and how much is or is not wasted. Nectar Medical Vapes writes:

“The usual yield received from a DIY rosin press (hair straighteners) is only about 5%… It’s harder to manually change the temperature and pressure of hair straighteners, whereas with a rosin press it’s built into the system… However, with a shop bought rosin press the usual yield increases to about 40%, which is a great deal better and more efficient.”

It’s also important to note that the durability of straighteners is far less than a rosin press, which is literally designed to create wax. But, again, if you’re only wanting to try to concentrate every so often then it probably isn’t worth investing in an expensive rosin press. Straighteners will do the job if you’re looking to experiment and don’t mind wasting a bit of your stash. 

Is it Worth It?

So, the question still remains, is buying a rosin press actually worth the money? Well, now you understand a little better about the different types, the price and what these devices can do, the answer to that question is left to you. It is evident that if you’re a concentrate lover then, in the long term, purchasing a rosin press will eventually become far more worth it. However, if you’re someone that simply wants to try these substances and are not looking to indulge in a long-term, industrial creation process, then why not just buy some straighteners? A rosin press is a powerful and wonderful device, but only if you really need it.

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