Product Review: GAGS E-Rig by The Kind Pen

When I got the offer to do this review, I was stoked. As a professional writer, one of my favorite things to do—in any industry—is try the newest technologies. And as a human, one of my favorite things to do is smoke cannabis concentrates. So when I was approached about reviewing the GAGS system from The Kind Pen, it was like my birthday and Christmas rolled into one. At the same time, the fact that those two things are my favorite to do gave this particular concentrate vaporizer a very high bar to clear, because I’ve tried enough of them doing my own independent research. The GAGS didn’t clear that bar so much as circumvent it; despite, or perhaps because of this, it still made it to a permanent spot in my rotation.

Somehow both sleek and hefty, the GAGS comes in multiple colors (I was lucky enough to get purple), and it won’t look bad on a coffee table or shelf. Because the touch-button is integrated, the whole thing doesn’t necessarily look like a smoking device—a feature that plays in its favor in terms of displayability. I don’t feel the need to hide mine when less-pot-friendly guests are over. However, the weight of the base and the delicate quality of the glass do mean that the GAGS is not necessarily the most portable way of smoking. Still, there are plenty of extremely portable ways of smoking concentrates, including other products from The Kind Pen, so if the GAGS is mostly an at-home sesh machine, so be it. Odds are, if you’ve found your way to this review or the GAGS, you have a few other smoking devices and don’t need to carry this specific one around.

This is particularly true for the form of concentrates I found myself using most frequently with the GAGS, which is…*drum roll, please*…cartridges, for god-knows-what reason. Don’t get me wrong, I do use good, authentic cartridges—I initially tested the GAGS out with Jetty Extracts Solventless XXX, if you want to get specific with it—but that doesn’t mean I think they’re the purest way of smoking. In fact, before this, I ran through one cartridge every few weeks. So I was deeply surprised to find that I had gone through three cartridges in the two weeks following the arrival of the GAGS. In case you’re not getting what I’m saying: I use this thing nonstop. I use it nearly as much as I use my PuffCo Peak, which I’m obsessed with. The GAGS is now a daily driver for me. And, while I’m reluctant to admit it, I pretty much never use anything but cartridges with it. 

Courtesy Carolyn Hanson

So, how did we get here? Because honestly, upon opening the box, I had a hard time figuring out how to use the system and almost never used cartridges. I couldn’t tell if you were supposed to put water in it, although nowhere on the packaging or in the instructions does it tell you that you should (you shouldn’t). I also couldn’t really determine whether you were supposed to pick the globe up and hit it, or hit it with the globe on the base like you would basically any other smoking device. I’m of the firm belief that when it comes to stoner products, you have to remember you’re building for the stoned. Good, clear instructions on what to do and what not to do go a long way, particularly when you’re dealing with something digital like the GAGS. The last thing you want to do is get water onto a component you’re not supposed to and fry the whole thing, and when you’re dealing with cannabis most devices of this complexity use a water filtration system. Maybe it’s a nitpick, but the instructions weren’t very clear and that made getting off the ground with the device a bit difficult. 

Once I figured out how to use it, however, I was flying. This thing gets you absolutely ripped. I tried the cartridge before the ceramic or quartz nails, purely out of sheer laziness (it’s so easy), and the sort of dry-dab-nectar-collector-type-thing it has going on will have you in an absolute haze. Seemingly, there is genuinely something to the idea that you’ll get higher from a harsher hit, and dry dabs certainly provide that. If you want an intense hit from loose concentrates, go for the ceramic or quartz nails, which also screw in through the 510 threaded connector. 

The ceramic nail is your run-of-the-mill ceramic nail encased in a metal conductive sleeve. Because it has to screw into the connector, there’s going to be a metal component, so I can’t fault them for that. It works like any ceramic nail will, just make sure (as with most nails of this type) that you get your concentrates onto the bottom of the nail, not the sides. The quartz nail, on the other hand, is different from your standard quartz nails. It’s not a banger or a bucket, instead it’s a 3-rod system where wire is wrapped around the rods to heat them up. Both nails worked perfectly fine, but I’m not personally a huge fan of the intensity of dry dabs of that magnitude, so I’ve found myself sticking with using the GAGS for cartridges.

Courtesy Carolyn Hanson

But what a good system it is for cartridges. Wow. The GAGS is massively convenient. For those moments when you need a no-fuss option of just something to smoke, it’s right there and I find myself reaching for it more often than not. An example? When I’m running out the door, the Uber is already downstairs, and I don’t have the time to pack a dab. I just tap the button a few times, watch the cup fill up, hit it, and go on my merry way. It’s great for getting very high, very efficiently in terms of time and effort. It’s also great for the terminally lazy, because you rarely need to charge it and there’s no clean up, save for the occasional cleaning of the globe. This should come as good news if you don’t want to deal with the whole q-tips and cleaning situation that typically comes with loose concentrates. 

Also, not for nothing, the user-friendliness once you know how to use it is insane. You don’t pull on it; instead, the GAGS sort of hits it for you, so the cup slowly pools with extremely thick smoke from the bottom to about halfway up. My partner and I have taken to asking each other “Want a glass of milk?” every so often when we’re offering the other a hit, because it genuinely looks like a glass of milk. It’s been a fun way to smoke when people are over due to the ease of pouring a hit for someone else. You can even sip it, if you so choose, because the mouth is so wide. Is that how you’re supposed to hit it? Probably not. But it does make for a great party trick. 

Ultimately, the GAGS is a very novel system, and it does its job of getting you high impeccably. If convenience is a priority for you at home, or you want a new, fun way of smoking cartridges, this will become a staple for you. If you really need the portability, go buy a 510 battery or a disposable. This is meant for the mantle.

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The MISHMASH FLÜT TÜLBOX Is a Gravity Bong Kit for Grown-Ups

I’m a hash-addled fiend who lives to inhale terps so when the good people over at High Times contacted me asking to review some of the new MISHMASH products, I shed one single thug tear of joy knowing deep down that I finally made it.

The package arrived during an actual blizzard that unexpectedly dumped about a foot of snow at my house where it almost never snows so opening the box felt like receiving an arms shipment in the heat of intense battle. The snow prevented me from driving anywhere and maybe an hour before the box showed up my Puffco stopped working and my torch ran out of butane so I was staring down the barrel of going without dabs on a snow day. That shit should be illegal so shout out to the FedEx guy who risked his entire life to deliver me the necessary supplies.

I brought up the Puffco for a reason and the MISHMASH people probably won’t like me comparing this to that but ignoring the elephant in the room is a good way to get brutally murdered by an elephant tusk through the ribs. The Peak and Peak Pro led the way in portable dab technology so to ignore the obvious comparison would be sinful. There are things I like and dislike about both products and we will get to that.

The MISHMASH FLÜT TÜLBOX is an all-inclusive kit for what is essentially an electric gravity vape bong. It’s not exactly a gravity bong but I say that because of the way the vapor feeds into the glass attachment and the way it hits. It has a circular plastic base with a generic 510 thread in the middle. The kit comes with two differently-shaped glass chambers, either of which can be placed on top of the base while the vapor feeds into the attachment and subsequently removed for consumption. One chamber looks like a rocket-themed coffee cup warmer that would have been used before the bombs dropped in Fallout 4. The other looks like a sippy cup with a silicone top. If you haven’t played Fallout 4 please consider getting your life together before reading on, it’s been out for like ten years you’ve had plenty of time. 

Courtesy FLÜT

It took me a while after unboxing everything to realize what this device was really capable of. Whereas a Puffco is meant to replicate the traditional experience of dabbing with a torch and nail, the FLÜT appears to be meant to improve upon the experience of a gravity bong and make it accessible to concentrates. If you’re only looking to smoke six-star hash and keep all that super terpy flavor, this probably isn’t the electric dab device for you because it can do many other things whereas Puffco products are geared toward specifically that but I think the FLÜT actually appeals to a larger portion of the consumer market than a Puffco might because a lot of people seem to like cartridges and with the FLÜT they can switch off between cartridges and anything else they want.

The 510 thread on the MISHMASH FLÜT can be used with any corresponding 510 attachment. For those who don’t know, 510 is what the overwhelming majority of vaping accessories use which basically opens a whole world of possibilities that previously were not available in gravity bong form. Not to shill my own work but if you happened to catch my article about the stackable vape technology which allows you to vape nicotine and cannabis simultaneously, you’ll know that the world of vape attachments is vast and they all use 510 threads so you can now take gravity bong rips a million different ways including but not limited to, a six-cartridge spliff vape combination (Yes, I am absolutely going to try it please pray for me).

It feels weird even calling it a gravity bong because when I say that I think of a socket wrench attachment being substituted for a bowl piece crudely stabbed into a melted milk carton cap. The milk carton, of course, has the bottom cut off and is being drawn upwards from a dirty 5-gallon work bucket filled with tap water, creating the deadliest milky yellow smoke from a one-gram bowl of the mids that invented mids. You take the rip, your soul leaves your body entirely and your lungs effectively cave in on themselves. Shortly thereafter you watch the I, Pet Goat II video on YouTube fried out of your tiny little 15-year-old gourd and never experience true happiness again. That’s a traditional gravity bong experience and I’ve only seen one other worthwhile modern take on gravity bongs so to receive one capable of making cartridges actually smoke well was an unexpected treat.

I’m not lying either! Cartridges don’t have to be a soft-ass experience anymore and let’s face it, they have been until now. I can’t stand cartridges because you can never get a decent rip out of them and they taste like shit. That said, a lot of people use them because they have to be discreet while they’re at work or around family so I can only imagine those people will be pleased to know there’s a tabletop vaporizer that will milk the absolute bejeezus out of any cartridge you have and give you a proper hit that for all intents and purposes should completely floor you. I have the tolerance of ten men and one full cup of cartridge vapor on the low heat setting is enough to keep me happily sedated for a couple of hours, which is saying something.

As for the shape of the attachments, I really like them both because it looks discreet but the shape also makes for a quick and potent rip. Honestly, if your boss is a complete dork who knows nothing about weed you could keep the whole thing on your desk and there’s a good to fair chance no one would ever ask you about it. It smokes well for what it is too. It heats up and stacks vapor in the glass for about 30 seconds which as dabbers know, is dangerously close to “stale smoke territory” but for hitting like a gravity bong, it’s actually pretty smooth. Like I said before, the atomizers it came with for traditional dabbing did not maintain the taste as well as I would have liked but given that you can attach anything to the 510 thread, I’m almost certain there’s another attachment available somewhere that would provide you with a better taste because the TÜLBOX is cool enough, in my opinion, to defend buying it anyway.

Courtesy FLÜT

I say that because people have their own preferences and almost every stoner friend I have who doesn’t work in cannabis is generally unable to smell like reefer all day long. They all smoke cartridges and they all have the same complaint: the carts don’t hit hard enough. Usually, I tell them to seek spiritual enlightenment through the magic of hourly half-gram full melt hash dabs but now, I’m gonna tell them to buy the MISHMASH FLÜT TÜLBOX. Keep it in your car, keep it in your desk drawer, keep it anywhere you might be able to sneak two fiscal minutes of privacy because that is genuinely all you need. Once you activate the device the cup is full of vapor in thirty seconds and it dissipates in another minute after consumption. Obviously, if you work inside an office, you can’t take fat rips inside but you’ll be pretty much undetectable anywhere with airflow. Hell, I’d say if no one bothers you for 15 minutes at a time you can probably smoke it inside but if you get fired it’s not my fault.

Another huge upside of this device is that it’s unbelievably easy to keep clean. As much as I love my original Peak, I have to clean it every two days to keep it from getting too gunked up to function and even then they still break sometimes because the parts are very delicate. The MISHMASH FLÜT base is super simple and durable. It’s made of plastic and silicone rather than glass. The glass chamber is dishwasher safe and can easily be cleaned by hand (a dishwasher may not hurt the piece itself but if you wash a piece covered in dab resin in your dishwasher you deserve all the clogged pipes and resin-covered cookware you end up with).

Overall, the MISHMASH FLÜT TÜLBOX was a pleasure to get familiar with and the usage of said device paired with a Lemon Cherry Gelato cartridge (or Runtz or whatever) inspired every word of this review. Go get you a MISHMASH FLÜT if you know what’s good for ya. Use my special discount code *HASHDAD for absolutely no discount whatsoever.

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Product Review: The G Pen Hyer Is The Crossover Vaporizer for Dab Purists

I’ve smoked cannabis for over twenty years now, and I’ve never really been about torching dabs. Spoiler alert: not a big rig guy. It’s just such a pain sometimes to clean and maintain. Your torch runs out mid-dab, a banger shatters because you let the new guy do it himself, all the sticky dab tools and isopropyl alcohol—it’s a lot. Or maybe I’m just high maintenance and prefer the alternatives.

Conversely, I’ve been someone who’s enjoyed vaporizer devices since my first chalked up balloon almost two decades ago. In my professional experience, I’ve tried almost everything on the market at this point. And if the G Pen Hyer is anything like their other Roam and Micro+ models (both of which I own), it gave me all the confidence in the world that this vaporizer would be just as fun and effortless to use. 

As you might imagine, burning your finger with a flaming torch or scolding yourself on hot glass is something you probably aren’t fond of. Burnt bowl pieces and bangers are usually par for the course for any avid smoker. You know who you are. Finding that perfect temperature each time for every type of cannabis extract is an art that most everyday smokers may never master. Then came along the G Pen Hyer. No more burnt coils from overuse. No more piping red hot glass. I’m talking about full flavor and maximum power. On its highest setting the Hyer hits like a true glass dab rig—like a truck. On its lowest setting you get a full entourage effect of flavorful terpenes and psychoactive cannabinoids. It truly is one of the best crossover electronic devices for cannabis that I have ever experienced. It’s like the Keurig for concentrates.

The G Pen Hyer is a dual-use, smart-heating, portable e-rig that you can use with any concentrate, and even flower. It’s designed to pair with any glass-on-glass water piece and includes a big quartz chamber heating element slide piece that’s tethered magnetically to a diesel-looking battery, boasting an LED color-coded user interface with five temperature and timer settings to optimize each individual experience. The temperature range for the concentrate tank starts low at 482 degrees and rises up gradually in increments of 90 degrees, all the way up to 842 degrees. The dry herb tank’s temperature settings start much lower at 356 degrees and increase slowly at 18 degree increments up to its hottest setting at 428 degrees. So, I figured the best way to review this product would be to try out both concentrates and flower at each of the five temperature settings to see how the incremental increases affected the cannabis itself. I did this for over a week to get a true feel for the device and to understand how each different cannabis product tasted and burned.

One thing I found was that the power on this rig was really legit. It boasts a powerful 6,000mAh lithium-ion battery with rapid, pass-through charging via USB-C: meaning this thing pumps energy and charges fast. I gave it a full charge when it arrived and have used the Hyer at least 3 times a day for a week, mostly on lower temperatures mind you. Even as I write this review, I still haven’t had to charge it again. Another cool feature is the quartz tank itself which is quite large and has plenty of room for over a half gram. The concentrate cap, which is magnetically attached and made of anodized aluminum with a ceramic liner, has dual airflow holes for smooth functionality. It includes a stainless steel wax tool that can be screwed into the top or side of the tank cap for easy placement and accessibility. The Hyer gets bonus points for that little feature.

Some of my findings I couldn’t be more thrilled to share. I had a lot of skeptical friends, many of which in the cannabis industry who are hardcore dabbers, that couldn’t imagine not using a torch. The Hyer changed those mindsets. This is the first e-rig or vape device that I’ve gotten big clouds with and gives you a flavor profile that is second to none to other high-end vape devices. Choosing the right temperature and duration of your burn is what makes all the difference. 

Courtesy G Pen

I found that for solventless rosin products and live resin extracts it was best to maintain the lowest setting (Blue) at 482 degrees for forty five seconds to ensure full flavor without burning off the delicate terpenes. A ‘low-temp’ dab, if you will, allows for these chemical compounds with lower combustion points to be fully absorbed into your lungs, not burnt off before you can benefit from them. At that range you’re getting the most medicinal properties from the plant, as well. When I bumped it up to 572 degrees (Aqua) and kept the same time setting, I found the live resin hit more powerfully with similar flavor, but the rosin lost some of its tasty punch. Cured shatter and badder tasted nicely at this setting too. Once I bumped the heat up to the Green (662) and Yellow (752) settings, I dropped the duration down to thirty seconds. This allowed for me to get a more concentrated, formidable hit without burning out the dab first. The Red setting is definitely where the OG dabbers want to be, as it’s surprisingly equal to any high end glass and torch. I recommend at least a quarter gram or more, as this setting will definitely burn your concentrate fast. You may want to drop it down to fifteen seconds to better control the heat.

Another cool feature is that G Pen offers a dry herb tank attachment that can be used to vaporize flower. This can be easily screwed into the slide piece to replace your concentrate tank. This tank starts at a lower temperature, so I found that ramping it all the way up to the Yellow and Red setting was best for burning flower. It needs to be ground up finely and packed loose, otherwise the top has a hard time burning through. The flavor is that of most electronic flower vaporizers, but I could definitely taste the difference when bouncing from different genetics. For me though, it was hard to compare once I’d tried the concentrate tank. That was the game changer. The Hyer makes me a believer that tech can compete with glass now. It made me remember how much I love the smell and taste of extracts oozing and bubbling throughout the house too. I’ve been smoking more concentrate now than I have in months!

The G Hyer is one the most innovative and rad products on the cannabis device market right now. It gives you the best of both worlds of glass and cannabis technology. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, has a long-lasting battery, delivers elite flavor, and packs a punch that dab purists can appreciate. At $249.95 the Hyer is a bargain when you compare it to the competition. This little baby is my new living room centerpiece now and she won’t be going anywhere for a long, long time.

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Product Review: The New Volcano Hybrid is Slick as Hell

Full disclosure: I loathe vaping cannabis flower. I find it to be a weak and cruel suggestion and I simply prefer bong rips or dabs which skip all the bullshit and force you into a death grip of buttery happiness as soon as it hits your lungs. That said, the Volcano Hybrid has genuinely made me reconsider this. It brings the science and tech of dabbing to smoking bud and makes more efficient use of your flower than a lighter would. Allow me to enlighten thee, good stoners of the world.

The classic Volcano has been around since 2000 and people still rave about it to this day. I have admittedly never used one because anytime I have $400 to spare I usually blow it on hash within minutes. I’ve long admired the way the bag system works and always meant to try one but it just never came up. I’ve tried about 100 other various flower vaporizers and hated every single one of them. They all tasted like burnt ass popcorn and I never felt like I was getting high enough.

When the Volcano Hybrid arrived at my house I wanted to leave my reaction completely up to science so I bought two eighths: one was super midsy on purpose and the other was some of the new Bad Apple from Connected (the single best eighth in the dispensary that day). I bought those two specific eighths so I could approach this from the perspectives and palettes of both an average consumer and myself.

Unpacking the Volcano Hybrid was a bit overwhelming. There’s a lot of tubes, bags and different attachments that can be confusing if you don’t read the instructions so definitely read the little quick start manual that comes with it before using.

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

There’s essentially two ways to use it: the classic method of filling up a pre-made bag with vapor and then inhaling from the mouthpiece attached to the bag, or you can attach a tube directly to the unit itself and inhale as you please. I tried the Bad Apple using the bag first and it took a few tries to get it right but it was a super clean and relatively flavorful hit compared to other flower vaporizers I’ve tried. In my opinion, the same flower still tasted better out of a clean bong but it actually got me higher out of the Volcano because it made more efficient use of the flower than I imagine a lighter would have. I also tend to only hit a bowl once because after the lighter touches the flower, anything remaining usually tastes charred after the first hit but each hit out of the Volcano bag had a consistent, smooth flavor.

I wanted to try two distinctly different qualities of weed because in the past, all flower tasted the exact same out of any flower vaporizer I’ve tried. To my absolute delight, not only did the good flower taste significantly better than the lower quality flower, but the midsy stuff smoked much more smoothly for me than it would have out of a pipe or a bong. I truly cannot stand to smoke mid and it was very tolerable in the Volcano Hybrid. That alone should be a testament to its effectiveness.

It’s also worth noting that I caught a bit of a cold the day after the Volcano arrived so it was very nice to have a smoking option around the house that was easier on my throat. Ultimately, I still needed a couple dabs to get where I wanted to be but my throat was appreciative nonetheless because normally I dab like a loon from sunup to sundown.

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Now let’s get to the features. I compared the Volcano Hybrid to dabbing because you can choose your own experience every single time. When I’m dabbing in the morning I let my nail cool down for 82 seconds exactly but later in the afternoon when I want to get punched in the face a little bit I hit it at 75 seconds or so. The Volcano Hybrid gets me extremely wet in this regard because it has an app that lets you fully automate and customize your smoking experience with regard to temperature and air. I can set it to heat up my flower for two minutes at 190 degrees Celcius, blow air and vapor into the bag for five seconds, then heat up an additional five degrees, then blow air for ten seconds and so on. The possibilities are truly endless. The app is only available for Android at the moment but there’s a web browser version for iPhone users.

I didn’t notice much of a difference using the tube versus the bags so I mostly stuck to using the bags because frankly, it looks cool as hell. But it is nice to have the tube option when you just want to lay in bed in the morning and get super high without moving at all or waking up sleeping people with the noise from the bag.

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Now comes the big question of “Is it worth the money?”

Well, it retails for about $699 and I would argue that even though I personally would not spend that money on it, I advocate that others should and here’s why:

I’m a writer and writers aren’t typically swimming in disposable income, for one. But in all seriousness I just don’t care about flower much in the first place and I have an extremely high tolerance that does not beget the smoother, less aggressive experience you get with the Volcano Hybrid compared to more traditional methods of smoking. 

However, I am not most people. The overwhelming majority of consumers I talk to just want to get high without losing a lung, not to mention the extremely high number of medical cannabis patients that need to consume weed but can’t smoke it without risking lung infection or something equally as ghastly. The Volcano Hybrid is worth the money for those people. It’s the ultimate experience for people who value the cilia lining their throat cavity and want to use cannabis with minimal damage to their body. 

I’d suggest patience with this machine because flower vaporization is not instant and if you want it to taste good, “low and slow” is your new motto. Let it cook for a few minutes longer at a cooler temp rather than speed up your hit by five minutes. With midsy stuff that rule goes double because it already tastes bad, you don’t need to make it taste worse. 

Another tip I have is to spend the time to figure out what temperature your flower will burn best at because I promise you it will vary from strain to strain and even from microclimate to microclimate so any temperature or time suggestions I have won’t be super helpful. 190 degrees Celcius is the recommended max temp but if you don’t care as much about flavor you can ramp that up to about 206 and get a solid bagful within two or three minutes without sacrificing too much flavor.

Overall, this thing is super slick and worth the extra money over the Volcano Classic in my opinion. It won’t be a daily driver for me because I’m a hash head at heart, but this thing will definitely be getting a lot of use in my house. 

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

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The Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel is My New Best Friend on Road Trips

A lot can happen in twenty years and the team of evil geniuses over at Storz & Bickel made a handheld dry herb vaporizer that works way better than any other similar product I’ve tried.

The Mighty+ is a black device about the size of a small tablet or large smartphone. There’s a very fun little screen on the bottom that displays the target temperature of the vaporization chamber, the actual temperature and how much battery life is remaining. It’s a bit heavy for its size and looks like it could easily survive light to moderate artillery fire, not that it would need to (but on the off chance our armed forces can ever smoke weed in battle someone needs to get Storz & Bickel on the phone with the Department of Defense). 

It’s a very easy device to use overall, though it did take me a minute to figure out how to properly open it. It twists open from the top and there’s a little compartment for the ground flower to be placed, very similar to a bowl in a pipe actually. Then you twist the top back on and hit the power button. You use the arrows to choose your temperature and that’s literally all you have to do. It buzzes to let you know it’s at the right temperature and you are free to begin smoking. It seems to make more efficient use of a smaller amount of flower compared to traditional methods like a bong or a pipe. One bowl got me anywhere from 5-15 decent sized hits over the course of about five minutes.

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

I usually do not care for vaping flower. I prefer hash rosin to the face at all hours of the day or night. However, I truly enjoyed using this little device and it actually managed to get damn near the same taste quality as the more expensive Volcano Hybrid. Some hits I would argue actually tasted better, but at a certain point it’s almost not worth thinking about. Either way the taste was superb and incredibly smooth.

One thing I particularly appreciate about the Mighty+ is that it’s so simple and easy to use. I don’t even have to think about it, which is not always what I’m looking for but when I’m out and about it’s a must have. I hate lugging my dab rig, torch, carb cap and Q tips with me everywhere I go, so I often experience the outside world unmedicated and that simply will not do. But with this, all you need is the device itself and your flower. I appreciate simplicity especially on road trips because my biggest pet peeve is clutter in a car while I’m on a long drive. 

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

Honestly, my one sole issue with it is for how big the thing is, I thought it would have a bit better battery life especially with a $399 price tag. It’ll definitely last through the day but if you’re really getting after it you’ll kill the battery before too long. That’s super subjective and for most average smokers it’ll last a few days without needing to be charged, but for the heads reading this just know you’ll want to keep a charger nearby if you plan to stay roasted in the long term. It also does not comfortably fit in my pants pockets but that is rarely a metric I judge anything by because keeping anything other than a lighter and a knife in my pocket feels unnatural, but to some people that’s a dealbreaker so it seemed noteworthy. 

Those are my only two complaints, if you’d even call them that, because I cannot name a dry herb vaporizer made by a different company that is anywhere near comparable to the Mighty+ battery life or otherwise. Like I said before, I’m not a fan of vaping flower and that’s primarily because of the taste. I never liked that good weed tasted the same as bad weed in any of the other mods I tried. 

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

However, I tried a top shelf eighth and a bottom shelf eighth in the Mighty+ and both actually tasted excellent, but the better weed tasted significantly better. I like that because as a consumer if I spend 30 dollars more on my weed, that should be reflected in the quality of vapor smoke and I’ve only ever experienced that with Storz & Bickel products. I also think it’s cool that someone found a way to make mids taste a bit better because God knows we have enough of them lying around.

A huge bonus of this device for me is that it looks super discreet. I know stoners love smoking in the car but that shit makes me paranoid! Not only does smoke pour out the car window for every cop in the world to see but even after we’re done I will sit there for two hours worrying about getting pulled over because I know the car still smells. The Mighty+ looks like a regular nicotine vape mod or something similar and the vapor it produces is nowhere near enough to attract anyone’s attention. The vapor also doesn’t smell, which is obviously a huge benefit of vaping in general but I never used them in the car before because they never got me high enough. This thing actually makes you feel like you smoked a decent sized bowl without the added stress of people (or the police) knowing you’re roasted. My road trips have now been upgraded significantly because I can actually relax and enjoy my high instead of spending 200 miles at full clench.

Courtesy of Storz & Bickel

The Mighty+ really allows you to medicate anywhere which is the coolest part to me. Personally, I took it out with me on my daily run with my dog where I skateboard alongside her so she can run like a maniac. I live in a community full of Bible thumpers who all hate weed and not one person gave me a sour look for holding this thing in my hand, and I hit it the whole time. No one could see smoke because any vapor produced was gone in seconds. Hell, even holding it up to my mouth it could almost look like I’m drinking out of a canteen. You have to appreciate something that allows you to get high right in front of people without them having any feasible idea and while that may not be what Storz & Bickel had in mind when they made the Mighty+, it’s certainly a handy tool to keep around.

As far as the price tag goes I’d say this thing is absolutely worth the $399 it costs. I haven’t found a portable vaporizer anywhere near as effective and most of them cost about that much anyway so if dry herb vaporization on-the-go is what you’re after, may I humbly recommend the Mighty+ for your next mobile adventure. 

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ONGROK: A Cleaner, Quieter Herbal Infusion Machine

Gone are the days of infused butters and oils that take up chunks of time and leave an uprooted kitchen in its wake. The ONGROK Botanical Infuser Machine is compact and takes up minimal space on the counter, allowing the ability to work around it—while it works for you. The ONGROK Butter Infuser is an affordable machine and comes with the many accessories you will need, as well as an infused cookbook, which helps take your extractions to the next level. Feel this machine’s magic with the simple press of a button as you easily create custom edibles and topicals at any desired potency. 

The unboxing in itself was a satisfying experience. I pulled out the sleek orange and black machine, set up the butter molds and the ultra-durable filters, and set aside the silicone gloves. ONGROK’s packaging and included materials show the company’s desire to create an easy, pleasurable experience for the consumer. 

As I took the products into consideration, I became aligned with the straightforwardness at which the infusion process would take place. Decarbing my flower was the only step I had to take before using the ONGROK. They’ve just launched a Decarboxylator Machine, which I look forward to getting my hands on.

Thankfully, if you haven’t made your own edibles in the past, the ONGROK Butter Machine comes with a manual that breaks down the decarboxylation process for you. Once my flower was ready to go, I referenced the Infused Cookbook to help calculate the dosage I was looking for. Now it was time to choose my oil and begin cooking.  

Butter Time: The Process

I decided to go with an infused cannabis butter knowing that once the infusion process was completed, I would have the option to add it into many recipes, or use it as a spread. Set up really is as easy as plugging in the infuser. After adding the ingredients to the machine, we simply pressed the “butter button” and set the temperature. As the ONGROK Infuser Machine starts to blend the herb into the butter, there are spurts of sound that remind me of a blender set to low—but it’s not too noisy as to be distracting. I walked away and continued on with my day as my butter had its herbal soak. 

It was nice that it was quiet. It was also extremely convenient not having to monitor the process or do anything further with the edibles while it worked. However, the most noticeable difference was the smell. There was none. During the two-hour duration I continued to move over to the machine and take deep inhales, expecting to fill my nostrils with the pungent smell that covered the room during decarboxylation. However, I was met with a clean smell lacking anything distinguishable. I am very thankful that I wouldn’t have to worry about any lingering odors while making my edibles.

Two hours later and I am left with a fully blended butter. I pulled on the ONGROK silicone gloves and readied the filter bag. The gloves are a great addition to the infusion kit, adding safety to the end process. There was no need to worry about burns as I poured the hot oil into the butter mold. The filters and easy pour spout on the machine make it so that there’s hardly any mess, and you don’t lose any product. I recommend squeezing the filter to ensure the saturated flower is rid of any of the oil. After letting the butter chill for a few hours, I easily popped out a beautiful stick and was ready to try it out. The experience from start to finish went as smooth as…well, butter. 

Clean In Seconds

Once the butter was stored in the refrigerator, I examined the machine to assess the cleanup. It was a breeze—cleaning up was as easy as making the edibles. Add a bit of water and squirt of soap and press the clean button on the machine. It really was that simple. 

All of the accessories that come with the Botanical Infuser, including the filter bags, are dishwasher safe. I threw the gloves, filter bag and butter mold into the dishwasher. Within a little over two hours, I had edibles made, and my kitchen cleaned. 

From start to finish, ONGROK showed the dedication this Canadian company has to giving the consumer a safe, affordable and simplified way to make their own edibles. ONGROK offers a full line-up of modern accessories to help consumers store, prepare, and consume. From Grinders, Smell Proof Wallets, Storage Jars, to Infusers, their offer provides several solutions for consumers to enhance their experience. 

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Custom-Made Water Bongs by Prism

Prism is solving all your bong problems with their fully customizable, interchangeable and easy-to-clean water pipes. With Prism, not only can you change the bong’s appearance so that it perfectly fits your vibe, but you can build a bong that meets your personal smoking preferences and delivers a smooth hit every single time. Being able to interchange different pieces means you can switch up both the functionality and design. Plus, if a piece were to break, you can easily order a single replacement piece at minimal cost.

Using Prism’s online 3D custom bong builder, virtually mix and match any of the company’s glass and decal options so that you can easily visualize your own custom piece from every angle before purchasing it. Try out different combinations until you land on just the right one. These endless design options enable you to create a piece that you truly love seeing on your shelf (they also make thoughtful gifts for your cannabis-loving friends!)

However, as mentioned, these custom designs aren’t just for looks. Being able to thread the bong pieces together gives you increased functionality, as you can try out different types of mouthpieces and percolators and even create double stack or triple-stack bongs for extra-large hits. Prism also offers an array of accessories, including ash catchers, hand pipes, bowls and downstems so you can keep building onto your bong. 

Once you’ve chosen your favorite bong design and setup, you can rest easy knowing that it will stay looking fresh and pristine, thanks to how ridiculously easy it is to clean. This is usually hard to do with any sort of percolators in traditional bongs. 

The Cannabis Now team tested out the Prism, and is reporting that, overall, Prism water pipes are easy to use and a very good value. Continue reading for the full review. 

First Impressions

Desert Dream'n water pipe
From the new Desert Dream’n Collection. PHOTO Courtesy of Prism

We first noticed the size of the bong’s pieces, along with how beautiful the colored glass is. The overall size of the bong is large, but it’s by no means obnoxious. The colored mouthpiece and artwork designs are flawless. Upon opening the package, it was clear that the piece was made with care and of high-quality materials. It felt sturdy and secure. 

A Closer Look

PHOTO Shelby Nelson

The Prism water pipe is made of three parts, with pieces called “halos” that are used to screw the different pieces together. These halos come in all different colors to go with whatever design you choose. For our custom design, we chose a clear beaker-style base with a built-in lavender percolator. The middle piece is also a tree style percolator with an artist’s design of your choice. We chose a fun abstract pop art design by Pretty Done. The top piece is the downstem and is a light lavender color. Lastly, the bowl piece is a transparent pink color, with lots of room to pack a fat bowl.

The Prism in Action

Prism custom water bong
Jayde testing out her custom-designed Prism water pipe. PHOTO Shelby Nelson

The Prism bong is extremely user friendly. Just use the Prism Halo connectors to screw the entire piece together, and it’s ready to go. We used Piece Water when smoking out of the bong to keep the water cleaner for longer and to reduce any resin buildup. These water pipes are 100% entry-level, but they’re also appealing to the cannabis connoisseur. The pieces are easy to assemble and don’t require any former knowledge or additional instructions to use. 

A Sound Purchase

Prism water pipes are a great investment overall. The prices are extremely reasonable for the quality of the product combined with the ability to make it completely custom. The glass is of high quality and very durable. And cleaning is so easy since you can disassemble the entire piece giving you more time to relax and enjoy your smoke sesh. 

Supporting The Arts

custom water bong
PHOTO Courtesy of Prism

Prism has teamed up with many talented graphic artists to bring you some epic decal designs. Artists include Pretty Done, Enzy and Prism’s own shop manager.  The new Desert Dream’n collection just dropped on Prism’s online store and features Aztec-inspired designs that will make you want to get lost in nature. 

A World of Opportunities

Prism was created with the desire to open up a world of opportunities around bong modifications, modularity and customization. As the company website states, “In this ever-changing world, nobody wants to be stuck with one option. Convenience is key, and your water pipe should be as unique as you are.”

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Dynavap’s Entry-level Dry Herb Vaporizer

As people become savvier about the benefits of dry herb vaporizers, the category has become an intelligent way for health-conscious consumers to enjoy their buds. The market is booming—and for good reason. Dry herb vapes provide an efficient and cost-effective way to enjoy cannabis while being conveniently portable and discreet. Wisconsin-based company Dynavap has become one of the most popular portable dry herb vape brands on the market, building a cult-like following of disciples who swear by its innovative range of battery-free thermal extraction devices. They’ve recently released a new entry-level product, the Dynavap B, which is designed and refined for those looking to shift away from combustion and move to a healthier alternative at an affordable cost.

History of the Dynavap

Founder George Breiwa wanted to develop a product that would offer an alternative to smoking and let people enjoy cannabis combustion-free—in other words, smoking without the smoke. He also wanted to make a battery-free device that would allow people from all walks of life to enjoy their cannabis conveniently. He began his mission from his basement in 2014, just as vapes started becoming more mainstream. 

Researching air flow and combustion methods led Breiwa to develop a thermal extraction device—essentially, a heater designed to bring plant material to a specified temperature to extract beneficial compounds—that would vape cannabis flower with convection heating rather than combustion. And the Dynavap VapCap was born.

Great Taste, No Waste

The efficient and effective design features of Dynavap products allow for two heightened user experiences: 1) enjoying better flavor and 2) stretching your stash to last longer. 

No batteries or electronics are required to heat the VapCap. Instead, apply even heat to the convection chamber by slowly spinning the vape utilizing a heat source, such as a butane torch lighter, until you hear or feel a click. This clicking sound is, in essence, the magic of the VapCap. A metal disk housed within the chamber emits a click to indicate to the user that the cannabis is ready for inhalation. This cue works in two sensory ways: an audible “click” and a tactile “feel.” The click lets you know that the chamber has heated to an optimal temperature—a feature particularly helpful for flavor lovers as the lower temperature will let you taste those terps. No more guessing games to find the sweet spot of tasty vape clouds.

In a process similar to how boiling water transforms into steam, by externally warming the chamber, the active compounds in cannabis heat to the point of boiling and then convert to vapor. This process enables you to enjoy all the advantages of your herb minus the risk of breathing in burning plant material, byproducts or hot smoke. 

Another way to think about the process is to imagine the VapCap as an oven. Because you’re not lighting the material directly, it’s like you get the taste of freshly baked cookies versus burnt cookies that make you feel sad.

Dynavap products can also help you be more weed-economical. With a standard vaporizer, you get four to six hits from a tiny amount of weed instead of just one or two from a bowl or joint. The device’s design eliminates the risk of wasted buds from either underheating or burning, helping you save money on would-be wasted weed. Additionally, you can make delicious edibles from your decarboxylated weed after vaping rather than throwing your ash into an ashtray as you would with a traditional pipe or other combustion-based devices.

Dynavap’s range of vaporizers includes the “M,” the VonG, the Omni, along with the newest product for entry-level vapers, the “B.”

“B” Yourself

Dynavap Dry Herb Vape

The latest release from DynaVap is the “B,” an entry-level dry herb vaporizer that’s been thoughtfully designed with first-time users in mind. It packs many punches you’ll find within the Dynavap product range and comes with a cost-efficient $50 price tag.

This new device welcomes beginners to dry herb vaping to the “Dynaverse.” The Dynavap brand was built on creativity and encourages consumers to customize their smoking experience by mixing and matching different components and colors. Naming it the “B” speaks to Dynavap’s goal in encouraging users to embrace authenticity and “b” who they want to be, where they want to be, and to ultimately just be you. 

With simplicity at the forefront, the Dynavap B is comprised of only five parts: a stainless-steel captive cap, tip, condenser, CCD and a silicone stem. Colored silicone stems for the “B” are coming soon, so you can customize your experience further, just as you can with other Dynavap products.

Like all DynaVap products, this entry-level dry herb vaporizer is heated for extraction by an external heat source and serves up dense vapor from the first hit to the last. The Dynavap B is also compatible for use with water pieces, and its tapered stem fits 10mm adapters.

Discover Dynavap, Respect the Click

Dynavap’s core lineup of battery-free vaporizers is proudly made at the company headquarters in Wisconsin using only the best materials. 

Uniquely, Dynavap lets customers choose between titanium or stainless-steel options when buying tips, condensers and screens. The titanium components are all Grade 2 titanium, and the stainless-steel components are medical grade. 

Try something new today. Experience the joy of a battery-free portable vape that offers a delicious sesh while being kind to your stash. Check out Dynavap’s buyer’s guide and see which product is right for you.

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The Pulsar Sipper is Changing the Way we Consume Cannabis

At Pulsar, they believe quality concentrates deserve their own decanter of sorts. Now with the new Pulsar Sipper, the concentrates or 510 carts of your preference can truly be sipped and savored to their fullest potential.

Courtesy of Pulsar

The retro look of this product resembles a lava lamp, but besides the retro style, there is nothing old-fashioned about this cutting-edge design. This autofill bubbler is hands-free and user-friendly. Just activate the one-button touchpad, and you can control the heat, monitor the battery life, and know it all at a glance. When the battery is low, it’s easy to charge up with the USB-C cable included in the box that doubles as a convenient storage case.    

Courtesy of Pulsar

One of the coolest things about this product is the autofill model. If you tap the touchpad twice, the pump inside fills the bubbler chamber with water-cooled vapor just begging for you to sip back and relax! If you’re feeling really opulent, you can even detach the bubbler cup from the base, and inhale like the king, queen, or sovereign that you are! 

Best of all, the Sipper works with both 510 cartridges and concentrates, a real bonus, since this is rare. On top of that, the Sipper’s bubbler chamber features unparalleled water filtration for smooth sips or cloudy rips every time. You can either load up the wax atomizer or thread in your favorite 510 cartridge to get started! Go back and forth, and discover your favorite way to #EnjoyHigherCulture! The Sipper is the most unique new vaporizer on the market!

Courtesy of Pulsar

Pulsar Sipper Technical Specifications:

  • Size: 4.3 x 4.3 x 8.75 inches (10.9 x 10.9 x 22.5cm)
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Voltage: 2.5v, 3v, 3.5v, 4.2v
  • Atomizer Resistance: 1Ω (1 ohm)
  • Charger: USB-C
Courtesy of Pulsar

Pulsar Sipper Kit Includes: 

  • Pulsar Sipper base
  • Borosilicate glass bubbler cup
  • Airflow valve
  • Atomizer/cartridge cover
  • Wax atomizer w/ triple quartz coil
  • 510 connection
  • Stainless steel dab tool/poker
  • USB-C charging cable

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Solventless Tsunami: Left Coast Extracts Vape Pods Deliver the Flavor

Fans of magnetic, dual-barrel vape systems are in for a long and steady ride on a rollercoaster of terps. Left Coast Extracts pods are available in dual-barrel form, and the strain-specific extracts are more than worthy of praise. Apart from Left Coast Extracts’ 510 thread pens, cartridges, and Dablicators, the dual-barrel pod system provides consistent deep draws that fits flat and naturally.

San Diego County-based Left Coast Extracts craft solventless-focused concentrates from California-grown flower with quality that carries over in the final product. The company was founded by Alexandria Kometas and Coltin Barody, who comes from a background in the U.S. Navy and presidential honor guard.

At Left Coast Extracts, strains known for their effects are hand-selected for the extraction process, and there’s also an emphasis on the individual consumers and patients. Left Coast offers a variety of solventless consistencies including crumble, diamonds (with over 95% THC), badder, diamonds & sauce, and so on. The company has taken home multiple Cannabis Cup wins over the years at events from Denver, Colorado to Amsterdam with entries such as Jack Herer, a sativa.

The vape pod delivery system is perfect for AirBnb stays or moms and dads who want the vape to hit but also want the odor to be minimal. The pods fit together with the battery stick like a Lego, and it is held together with a magnet. It’s light enough and flat enough to forget it’s in your pocket. It’s interchangeable with similar dual barrel pens; however, Left Coast owns the patent to the pod. The colorful pod boxes provide lab results, and a QR code on the back can be scanned to provide further results.

Courtesy of Left Coast Extracts

Left Coast Extracts Premium Vape Pods Review

I started off my journey with the Gelato Premium Vape Pod (Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies) hybrid, which came in a red box. It contained 878 mg of THC and 1.6 mg of CBD. A quick wave of peace and warmth massaged my body. It provided a moderately strong body high—the perfect ballpark of medium potency for aficionados but maybe a bit too much for newbies. All of the Cookies, Sherbinskis, and Mario Guzman goodness is still there in oil form from this popular strain. This one in particular turned up the crank in creativity, and it made me want to create art or start a project.

Next, I opened a yellow box containing another pod with a tiny picture of an ice cream cone melting on a cake. Ice Cream Cake Premium Vape Pod (Cheesecake x Dream Cookie), an indica, contained 901 mg of THC and 1.7 mg of CBD. It’s sweet, tangy, and has a bit of vanilla nut hint. Fire up this cart before a binge on Netflix because you’re going to be somewhat cemented to the couch. It won’t render you into a deflated bog person, but you probably will lose track of time a bit after a couple of hits of the Ice Cream Cake. When I eventually came to my senses, it was a rude awakening into reality, and I remained in a pleasant haze.

NYC Diesel Premium Vape Pod had a refreshingly different taste with 939 mg of THC and 7.7 mg of CBD. I’d recommend this for people seeking out substantial levels of CBD that you’re probably not getting with smoked cannabis. NYC diesel has been around for over 20 years as a killer sativa, a Mexican sativa crossed with an Afghani cut, and it still knocks me out of the park. It provides a full-bodied high with numerous effects on mood, energy, and general well-being. The sweet chem-diesel taste and aroma, however, is the real reason most people gravitate towards NYC Diesel. For some people, it’s a flashback from the past. I took this pen along with me when I went jogging, making the activity quite a bit more enjoyable.

I popped open another pod that also provides a bit more CBD than you typically find in carts. Orangeade Premium Vape Pod, another hybrid, (Tangie x Purple Punch) contained 940 mg of THC and a whopping 9.7 mg of CBD in an orange box. This had the most powerful effect on mood out of any of the pods that I sampled. I can see the potential here for anyone facing mental conditions on their own. Orangeade flower is loaded with humulene and limonene and provides the expected citrus taste, combined with the floral/hops notes. The balanced effect is useful during multiple times of day.

Also check out vape pod flavors such as indicas like Zombie OG and Superman OG Vape Pod or sativas like Jack Herer and Blue Dream.

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