Arizona Dispensary Trading Pre-rolls for Bras to Fight Breast Cancer

A Phoenix-area cannabis dispensary chain is giving away free pre-rolled joints to customers who donate a bra in a campaign to support breast cancer awareness while supporting an Arizona nonprofit group. A collaboration between Mint Cannabis and Check for a Lump, the Buds ‘n’ Bras campaign aims to highlight the vital need for breast cancer screenings and raise funds for related support services.

Now through October 15, customers 21 and older who donate a new or gently used bra at any of The Mint’s three greater Phoenix dispensary locations will receive a free pre-roll. Those who donate 10 bras will also receive a free breast cancer awareness T-shirt, with a limit of one joint and one shirt per customer, per day. 

The bras will then be given to Check for a Lump, which receives a cash donation for each bra donated. The Mint’s goal for the campaign is to collect 4,200 bras to support the nonprofit. During the seven-week campaign, the Mint will also donate $1 from every pre-roll sale to the nonprofit.

Courtesy of The Mint

Vital Screenings Delayed by Pandemic

In an era of health screenings delayed by the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 6,000 new cases of breast cancer and 900 deaths are expected in Arizona this year, according to a statement from The Mint. A study from the IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science found that the number of mammograms declined 87 percent compared to the same period a year earlier. 

To address the issue, the Buds ‘n’ Bras campaign will include breast screening events held at its dispensaries in conjunction with Check for a Lump. Screenings will be conducted aboard the mobile mammography bus (MOM) from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday, September 18 at The Mint’s Phoenix dispensary, and on Saturday, October 9 at the Mesa location. Patients can call (480) 967-3767 to pre-register for a screening.

All Mint locations will also share information about how to participate in the Check for a Lump Pink Out 5K walk/run planned for Saturday, October 2 at Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix. The company will also sponsor a booth at the event where it will collect new and gently used bras for the nonprofit group.

The Buds ‘N’ Bras campaign kicked off on August 27 with a “bra raising” ceremony held at The Mint’s Tempe/Guadalupe location with Check for a Lump. At the event, breast cancer patients and survivors hung a string of bras across the dispensary parking lot.

“Nothing better than seeing dozens upon dozens upon dozens of bras fluttering in the wind!” a spokesperson for The Mint told High Times in an email.

Arizona Campaign Off To A Good Start

So far, The Mint and Check for a Lump have already collected eight large, plastic trash bags “jam-packed” with bras. The spokesperson said that just one bag was too heavy to lift, adding that “at that point, it hadn’t even been a full two weeks that the program has been running, so the response has been wonderful.”

Rudy Molina, The Mint’s Director of Arizona Operations, told High Times in an email that “giving back to the communities we serve is a cornerstone of Mint Cannabis. We especially seek to help nonprofits that support our patients. We like to support organizations devoted to cancer, veterans, families and epilepsy, to name a few.”

 “As we approach Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we wanted Arizonans to think about giving through a different lens,” Molina added. “By asking for a new or gently used bra, and then stringing it to fly high above the dispensary, Buds ‘n’ Bras offers a creative way for customers to give back while also helping a great local cause.”

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The Winners of The Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition 2021

The cannabis cup may be virtual this year, but that isn’t stopping us from nerding out over some of the best bud, concentrates and edibles in the Southwest. Here are the winners of the Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition 2021.

Thank you to all the judges who put their hearts and souls into judging the competition entries to help crown the best of Arizona! For more info on how to become a judge and to sign up for updates, please visit

Indica Flower

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Alien Labs – Kryptochronic

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Shango x True Harvest – Modified Banana

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Aeriz – Ice Cream Cake

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Mohave Reserve – Zkittlez Mints #5

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: High Grade – AMF OG

Sativa Flower

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Alien Labs – Melonade

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Shango x True Harvest – Anslinger’s Demise

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Aeriz – Jenny Kush

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Mohave Reserve – Durban Gushers

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: High Grade – Clementine

Hybrid Flower

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Connected – Gushers

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Shango x True Harvest – Alien Cookies

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Aeriz – Mac 1

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Mohave Reserve – Motor Breath

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Sunday Goods – Bangers & Mac #1


Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Alien Labs – Gelato 41 Pre-Roll

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: MPX – Kush Mints x Dark Knight Diamond-Roll

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Item 9 Labs – Dosido Pre-Roll

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Lovejoy’s – Sour Sprite Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Mad Terp Labs – Snoop Dogg OG Terpstix


Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Shango x True Harvest – Alien Cookies Live Rosin

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: HOLOH Extracts – Strawberry Banana Live Resin Diamonds

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Earth Extracts – Platinum Kush Breath Badder

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Aeriz – Runtz Live Resin Sugar

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Vapen – Truck Driver Cake Batter

Vape Pens

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Item 9 Labs – Black and Blue Kush Vape

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: K.I.N.D – Sweet Karts – Rocket Pop Vape Pen

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Bloom – Maui Wowie Vape

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Rove – Skywalker Vape

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: The Pharm – Clementine Vape

Edibles: Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Baked Bros – Prickly Pear Lemonade OG Kush Stoney Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Pure – 100mg Watermelon Indica Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Kiva – Camino – Midnight Blueberry Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Flav – Rainbow Sour Gummy Belts

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Alien Labs – Galactic Gummies

Edibles: Non-Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Ediquette Edibles – Hazelnut Truffles

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Good Things Coming – French Chocolate Brownie Bites

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Encore – Tangerine Mints

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Hippie Chicks – Menthe Dark Chocolate Bar

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Vapen – White Chocolate Rainbow Crunch

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Mellow out with these 7 hemp prerolls

Now that 4/20 has come and gone, you may be feeling a little greened out. So if you’re looking to take the edge off without any intoxicating elements, consider the classic hemp preroll. Though the effects don’t hit you as hard as a hefty dose of THC, a few hits of cannabidiol (CBD) flower may loosen you up and give you a sigh of relief at the end of a long day. 

Thankfully, since hemp is federally legal in the U.S., you can order CBD flower and joints in a way most convenient for you. Below, check out seven hemp prerolls made for kicking back and letting go. 

CBD+Herb Minis from Miss Grass

Each CBD mini preroll pack from Miss Grass is loaded with organic full-spectrum hemp containing CBD and CBG and a unique blend of adaptogenic herbs. You can choose from the XXX pack for pleasure, ZZZ pack for sleep, and the OOO pack for balance. Or go for all three for an ultra-mellow sampling. Customer reviews boast smooth hits and bright flavors. 

Price: $26 per pack or $63 for the trio

Special Sauce 3-Pack Prerolls from Friend Leaf 

Sun-grown and USDA certified organic, Friend Leaf’s CBD prerolls come with 2 grams of flower in each three-pack offering. Its Special Sauce strain delivers notes of pine and hops while lightly relaxing the body and mind. 

Price: $26

Slim Hemp CBD 14-Pack Prerolls from Alive and Kicking 

If you regularly microdose CBD, then you may get a kick out of Alive and Kicking’s Slim Hemp Prerolls. Each mini preroll contains 0.3 grams of third-party tested whole flower hemp, so you won’t be getting any stems or pesticides here. Choose from three strains — Lifter, ACDC, and Orange Glaze — before lighting up on a breezy day.   

Price: $29

Lit for a Queen CBD Preroll and Lighter from Her Highness 

Offering a CBD preroll with an extra long filter to save your nails, Her Highness knows how to treat cannabis with a healthy dose of luxury and self-care. The preroll-and-lighter combo pack contains a single joint of Cherry Blossom flower in a cherry-blossom-flavored hemp wrap, along with a gold lighter that will last — save for the butane.

Price: $15

Something’s Fishy 5-Pack from Dad Grass

Discreet and charming, this five-pack from Dad Grass comes in a sardine packaging sleeve to throw off your friends, neighbors, and kids. Loaded with five classic hemp joints, the hits are mellow and smooth.

Price: $37

Premium Hemp Cigarettes 21-Pack from The Botanical Joint

Latina and indigenous-owned, The Botanical Joint boasts 0.75 gram CBD joints in a 21-pack tin. Each of its strains is tested with a robust terpene analysis that speaks to the quality of The Botanical Joint’s hemp flower. 

Price: $30

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Top 13 Marijuana Products From California In 2021

As states and countries begin to loosen their restrictions on marijuana laws, the market for these products seems to have exploded overnight. Learn about the top 10 cannabis products  trending out of California. Smoking bud has evolved into cannabis oil cartridges for those who prefer vaping, topical treatments for those suffering with various skin conditions, […]

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Friday, February 26, 2021 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, February 26, 2021 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Washington Supreme Court Strikes Down Criminalization Of Drug Possession (Marijuana Moment)

// Disagreements Threaten Virginia Marijuana Legalization Deal As Deadline Approaches (Marijuana Moment (Virginia Mercury))

// Dispensaries: Millions in tax revenue could be lost if legislators delay Montana’s recreational marijuana program (KTVQ 2 News)

These headlines are brought to you by Cova Software, the number one dispensary point-of-sale system in North America! Swing over today to see why two thirds of all Canadian cannabis stores run on Cova software, which is also the fastest growing dispensary software in the U.S., with more than a hundred new client dispensaries open for business in January alone!

// Another New Mexico House Committee Approves Marijuana Legalization Bill (Marijuana Moment)

// Sales of cannabis pre-rolls up nearly 50% in 2020 despite pandemic (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Sales of Canadian cannabis edibles extracts fall for first time (Marijuana Business Daily)

// House passes recreational marijuana legislation in North Dakota (Rapid City Journal (AP))

// Missouri pushes back deadline for medical cannabis businesses to open (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Canadian marijuana firm Canopy Growth files $2 billion shelf prospectus (Marijuana Business Daily)

// New Jersey Attorney General Orders Marijuana Cases To Be Dropped Following Legalization Bill Signing (Marijuana Moment)

Check out our other projects:Marijuana Today— Our flagship title, a weekly podcast examining the world of marijuana business and activism with some of the smartest people in the industry and movement. • Marijuana Media Connect— A service that connects industry insiders in the legal marijuana industry with journalists, bloggers, and writers in need of expert sources for their stories.

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Photo: Raymond Wambsgans/Flickr

Friday, August 7, 2020 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, August 7, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// Texas Lawsuit Challenges State’s New Ban On Smokable Hemp (Marijuana Moment)

// Marijuana recalled across Michigan after worker accused of licking joint in Bay City processing plant (Michigan Live)

// Vermont Will Advance Marijuana Sales Legalization Bill Within Weeks House Speaker’s Office Says (Marijuana Moment)

These headlines are brought to you by Green Worx Consults, a company specializing in project management, workflow mapping and design, and Lean & 6 Sigma process. If you could use help making your business better at business, get in touch with Green Worx Consults.

// DEA Reveals Details Of Investigation Into California Marijuana Companies With Latest Court Filing (Marijuana Moment)

// First pot licenses could be awarded this month (News Center Maine NBC)

// Pennsylvania wraps up medical marijuana research partnerships (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Cannabis social equity makes progress in Washington state but licensees will face notable obstacles (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Cronos Group Stock Falls As Losses Rise (Green Market Report)

// California Cities Battle Over Marijuana Home-Delivery Rule (CBS 13 Sacramento)

// Possessing marijuana while being booked is not itself a crime Court of Appeals rules (Colorado Politics)

Check out our other projects:Marijuana Today— Our flagship title, a weekly podcast examining the world of marijuana business and activism with some of the smartest people in the industry and movement. • Marijuana Media Connect— A service that connects industry insiders in the legal marijuana industry with journalists, bloggers, and writers in need of expert sources for their stories.

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Photo: Marc Fuya/Flickr

Trying cannabis for the first time? Read this first

Trying cannabis for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience, making it hard to know where to begin. Weed is meant to be relaxing. So, to help take the stress off, here is what you need to know before your first time. Don’t be afraid to ask questions Two pot smokers will happily share […]

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You can laugh, but CBD Pre-rolls are the future

The first time I encountered a CBD pre-roll, I was at work. As a writer for a cannabis lifestyle website, brands would send all kinds of products our way, the bulk of which contained high levels of THC. This was back in early 2017 when CBD had just begun taking off and the idea that you would smoke something with less than 20% THC—let alone none at all—sounded absurd. As we examined the cigarette-like filter and packaging, my coworker laughed. “The only thing that’s good for is wasting money,” he said. 

I was inclined to agree. What’s the point of smoking something that doesn’t get you high? Why not roll up some dried rose petals or oregano and call it a day? Still, I was curious. So, I took the pack home with me and lit one up on my back porch. I smoked the whole thing and waited. And waited. When I still couldn’t feel any noticeable difference in my body or mind twenty minutes later, I assumed my coworker was right. CBD pre-rolls had no place in a stoner’s life. 

It would be another two weeks before I tried again, this time in the anxiety-charged aftermath of a deeply upsetting phone call. As I puffed away, I could feel a wash of calm gaining momentum, slowing my torrent of dark thoughts down to a trickle by the time the ash reached the filter. I wasn’t a ray of sunshine by any means, but I was calm and clear-headed. I realized there might be something to these high-less joints after all. 

A word on myths and benefits

If you’ve tried a CBD product before and didn’t feel a damn thing, you’re not alone. With so much misinformation out there, it’s hard to know what dose you should be taking or if what you bought actually contains any CBD at all. It doesn’t help either that the conversation around CBD has vacillated between two extremes: either it’s god’s pain-relieving, anxiety-crushing, sleep-inducing gift to earth or snake oil designed to fool the unassuming masses. 

As with most things that cause such rancorous debate, the truth lies somewhere in the murky middle. In terms of hard scientific evidence, the FDA approved a CBD-rich, cannabis-derived drug after research proved it to be effective at treating severe forms of epilepsy. According to a comprehensive WHO report, CBD could help wean addicts off of opioids, cocaine, and tobacco (albeit much more research is needed). 

Very, very early research shows CBD may even assist antibiotics in killing off increasingly resilient bacteria. But before you go stocking up for the apocalypse, know that much more research needs to be conducted before we can understand what dose or frequency is required. 

That’s the clinical stuff. For our purposes, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest CBD can help alleviate stress and mild aches and pains. In my personal experience, CBD feels most akin to an over-the-counter pain reliever or supplement. When I feel perfectly fine, it does nothing for me, but if I’m in mild pain or discomfort, it can do wonders. 

Not that it’s all about feeling something. Noticeable psychoactive or physical effects are well and good — that’s what most of us have traditionally looked for in a THC experience. But there’s something to be said for subtle shifts and adjustments. For instance, I like to consume some CBD along with a second cup of coffee to feel a boost of focus and energy — minus the heart palpitations. 

When done right, I tend to notice less what CBD is adding to my experience and more what it’s taking away.

Why CBD pre-rolls?

For all the CBD-infused products I’ve tried and enjoyed, I love CBD pre-rolls the most because they’re highly shareable and you cannot mess it up. I can share them with my grandma and THC-fearing girlfriend without fear they’ll overdo it and have a bad experience. And unlike edibles, which involve a lot of guessing and waiting around, pre-rolls allow you to self-titrate in real-time. 

For more experienced smokers like myself, they can quickly balance out a high that’s taken a turn for the jittery. I’m not alone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gleefully watched my stoner friends feel the subtle, calming shift and enjoy it despite themselves.

All of that said, you have to do your research to make sure what you’re buying is legitimate. Filling your Amazon cart with anything and everything labeled “CBD” is not going to cut it. The simplest way to find reputable products? Visit a licensed dispensary. While requirements do vary state to state, you’re far more likely to find lab-tested products in a dispensary than from a random online retailer. 

If you don’t live in a legal state, one hack is to look for brands that sell CBD pre-rolls in addition to ones with THC. Going through the arduous process of getting licensed to sell THC products is a good indication they’ve put in the effort to sell reputable CBD products as well. 

A few of our pre-roll recommendations 

No matter which route you go, hemp CBD and high-CBD pre-rolls offer a gentler, wider path for more people to enter the weed world and experience all the benefits the plant has to offer. Below, check out some of the CBD brands we’ve come to love. 

Alive & Kicking 

Alive and Kicking is one brand that sells low-THC, high-CBD pre-rolls in dispensaries in addition to hemp-derived CBD pre-rolls by mail. They come in $26 packs of 14, and the cigarette-like joints are so tiny you could easily smoke one to yourself. I find them adorable and very convenient for a quick smoke break, and even my girlfriend — who is the champion of weed lightweights — loves them. 

Price: $26

Available: Nationwide (pre-rolls with THC only sold in California)

Her Highness

I’m a fan of the single CBD pre-roll and lighter kit sold by Her Highness. (Full disclosure: I was recently hired to write their product descriptions and tried just about all of their products in the process.) For $15, you get one extra-long pre-roll and a reusable gold lighter. I would like to see a CBD pre-roll pack from them since I’m not about to buy a new lighter every time I want a pre-roll, but in terms of a gift for your lightweight friends, it’s pretty ideal. 

Price: $15

Available: Nationwide

East Fork and Friends 

Alternatively, if you want the most bang for your buck and don’t mind a little elbow grease, East Fork and Friends sells premium craft hemp online for $95 an ounce. That’ll leave you with 56 half-gram joints for about $1.60 apiece. Not bad. 

Price: $95

Available: Nationwide

Henry’s Original 

If you’re still skeptical about boarding the hemp CBD train, may I suggest trying high-CBD pre-rolls? For a balanced mind-body buzz, try Henry’s Original. It’s a reputable brand with a range of high-CBD pre-rolls that deliver a gentle yet still psychoactive experience. 

Price: Varies

Available: California

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The Preroll Joint Packs You Need to Try

You should never judge a preroll by its package.

Sure, prerolls are the ultimate convenience, but, as the saying goes, what’s cheap ain’t always good, and what’s good ain’t cheap. I’m a weed snob, but I also really love convenience. What is a stoner to do? 

I always attempt to opt for preroll packs that are well-made, high quality, and reasonably priced, for starters. Weed brands have upped their preroll game and the proof is in the numbers. Weed smokers in California, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington spent $37 million on prerolls in May 2019 alone, according to a BDS Analytics report

When I look at the lab results for preroll packs I look to see that the weed passed tests for residual solvents, microbiological contaminants, mycotoxins, metals, and pesticides that are unhealthy to ingest. Once I know it’s free of all residuals and contaminants, depending on what experience I’m looking for, I look for the THC percentage on a scale ranging anywhere from 10% (a CBD-dominant strain) to upwards of 30% (a potent, high-THC strain). As an added bonus, I look to see where the terpene profile clocks in to try to get an idea of the flavor, since more often than not preroll packages are sealed and I can’t smell the flower before I purchase. 

But if you’re wondering where to get started, here are 11 prerolled joint packs I think are worth trying. 


A favorite in the Pacific Northwest, Saints Joints’ prerolls come in packages designed by a rotating series of artists. Smoke the joints, but collect the packages. (Photo courtesy of Saints Prerolls)

Founded in Seattle, Saints Joints offer shiny, colorful preroll packs that are beloved in the Pacific Northwest. The branding consists of colorful packages designed by rotating collections of artists including Jimbo Phillips, Skinner, and Jeremy Fish. Strains in recent packs include Honey Bananas, Sunny D, Mimosa, 24K Gold. Lab-tested by Confident Cannabis and offered in 20 strain blends and varieties, Saints are sold at 40 stores across Washington.

These joints are much more than a pretty package. Judging from the lab results Weedmaps News received, Saints offers a selection of potent prerolls that are ideal for a hardcore stoner who tend to have a higher THC tolerance. Its Sunny D preroll testing at 19.6% THC. Saints’ next-level sticky Honey Bananas strain tested even more potent, still, at 21.7% THC. The total cannabinoid profile includes cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and some lesser-known cannabinoids.

Availability: Washington

Find it on Weedmaps

Lowell Smokes 

Lowell Herb Co.’s Lowell Smokes prerolls take their style cues from old-fashioned cigar boxes. (Photo courtesy of Lowell Herb Co.)

Lowell Herb Co. has reimagined the old-timey cigar box aesthetic with its rustic, classic joint packs. These preroll packs come in various strains, including their yearlong blends called Pride, Hybrid, Indica, Party, Sativa, and more. Lowell’s blends each use cannabis depending on the company’s most recent harvest.  

Lowell’s prerolled joints are tested by CannaSafe and include strains such as Royal Razzberry, a pungent Indica testing at 20% THC and about 2% CBD. The Giggly Hybrid, which tests at 19% total THC, seems as though it would be ideal for the stylish cannabis smoker who just wants to laugh into the night with friends.

Availability: California

Find it on Weedmaps


Pink Panties is one strain you can try as a preroll from the cult-favorite weed brand Sherbinskis. (Photo Courtesy of Sherbinskis)

Sherbinskis embodies how a preroll can be both convenient and awe-inspiring. The legendary cultivator most often associated with popularizing Gelato, Pink Panties, and Sherbet is bringing Sherbinskis Bacio Gelato prerolls to joint smokers of a higher class. Each tin has 10 prerolls and is as elusive to find as it is earthy and delicious to smoke. The Pink Panties joints are available currently, while Bacio Gelato goes in and out of availability depending on its production cycle. 

Through lab analysis, Pink Panties selections have revealed THC percentages as high as 27%, and total terpene percentages as high as 3.24%. The organic compounds known as terpenes not only define the flavor of the smoke, but aid in the entourage effect, which studies suggest makes the weed experience superior to isolated compounds extracted out of the plant. Most terpene percentages for strains hover around 1% or lower, so 3% or above is fairly high. 

“If you want to help people, you want to do it with style,” Sherbinskis founder Mario Guzman told Weedmaps News. Guzman personally selects every strain used in his line of cannabis products. If you are lucky enough to smoke one of his J’s, you will be singing the gospel of preroll packs near and far.

Availability: California

Find it on Weedmaps


For Higgs, prerolls are a black-and-white proposition, with splashes of neon blue and flamingo pink accenting the packages. White boxes are sativa-like, and black packs are indica-like. (Lindsey Bartlett/Weedmaps News)

Higgs has stepped up the preroll joint pack game with its look and style. Its kitschy, ’80s-esque packs come in two options: White (sativa-like) and Black (indica-like). The oddly satisfying feel of these cardboard packs come with their own Higgs matchbooks. Down to the details on the crutch, these are simply divine. It’s cannabis is cultivated by Greenstone Farms and the smoke is mellow, burning smooth, with kief packed just densely enough for them to burn evenly. 

Its preroll flower is tested by Encore Labs and show a cannabinoid profile for its indica Black pack with 23% THCA and its terpene profile includes 0.43% caryophyllene, a terp that would taste like cloves, black pepper, or hops; and 0.13% consists of bisabolol, which echoes the flavor and aromas of cinnamon, chamomile, and lavender. The sleek little packs are perfect for a night on the town. Throw one in your back pocket and let shenanigans ensue. 

Availability: California, Colorado

Find it on Weedmaps


Just like wine or beer flights, Canndescent presents a flight of five joints with promised effects: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge. (Photo courtesy of Canndescent)

A preroll flight? Yes, please. California-based Cannadescent has a great lineup of prerolled joint packs that are organized not by strain, but instead by the intended effect that each J would allow the smoker to experience. The flower inside is grown using purified water and organic pesticides, while each preroll pack containing a total of an eighth of flower rolled up across 5 joints. 

From the looks of the lab results for Canndescent’s Preroll Flight, one can swing from a heavy indica called Calm 117, which tests at a high 27% THC, with a terpene profile predominantly consisting of citrusy limonene, lavender-esque linalool that sounds like it would make for a relaxing nighttime toke. On the other end of the spectrum, mind-buzzing Connect 411 is a fun sativa found in the Flight. It contains 17% total THC, and a fragrant, piney terpene profile strong in alpha-pinene.

Availability: California

Find it on Weedmaps


Evoking the tropics, Caliva’s preroll boxes in soothing blue hues offer five filtered joints to a pack. You can set your soul at ease knowing the plants were blessed by a shaman. (Photo courtesy of Caliva)

Caliva has grown coveted indoor weed since its founding in 2015 in San Jose, California. Today, its vertically integrated cultivation facilities produce 11,000 pounds, or nearly 4,990 kilograms, of cannabis a year. Even on this scale, a shaman blesses Caliva’s plants every Wednesday, the company said. Caliva’s scope is wide across the California, but it has not sacrificed quality for product accessibility.

The company’s shaman-blessed cultivation method translates into its joint packs. Bright, tropical-patterned packs called Toasties, alongside the smaller personal joints, Dogwalkers, each offer convenience. Toasties Bold light easily, don’t canoe, and pack a pungent smoke and mellow feel. A recent pack of Bolds tested at 12% total THC, which may seem lower on the scale compared with the more potent joints on this list, but are in fact perfect for a smoker seeking a mellow high, a night in with girlfriends, a lowkey sesh, as Caliva intends with its smaller packs, during a “dog walk.” These won’t make you tired, which is an effect I often seek depending on what the day requires. The prerolls have a nice filter that makes for a delightfully smooth hit. 

Where to find it: California

Find it on Weedmaps

Sunday Goods

Sunday Goods, based in Arizona but now with a presence in California, packages five preroll joints to a tin. (Photo courtesy of Sunday Goods)

Sunday Goods speaks to the cannabis consumer who has a reverence for nature, saying on its site that cannabis contains “healing magic.” Sunday Goods grows weed in its 320,000 square-foot, 7-acre Dutch glass greenhouse located in Willcox, Arizona. The hip company, which expanded from Arizona to California in November 2018, sells 5-gram, five-joint pack tins that are high quality at an often accessible price. 

Joints come in “experiences” Rest, Delight, Spark, as well as strain blends of indica, sativa, and hybrid, and rare strains Wookies, Grape Pie, and Kirkwood OG. Hybrid joint packs tested by Cannalysis Headquarters show a makeup of 15.5% THC. Sunday Goods’ recent Indica tested at 17% total THC. I would expect these prerolls to offer some pain relief alongside a stoney, calm relaxation. Most importantly, they smoke evenly and taste just as good as they look.

Availability: Arizona, California

Find it on Weedmaps

Pure Beauty 

Joints peer out from the yellow box of Pure Beauty, which contains Sativa Lemon Haze. (Photo courtesy of Pure Beauty)

Prerolls, but make it fashion. These devilish looking “flower cigarettes” from Los Angeles-based Pure Beauty contain unique strains of cannabis wrapped in hemp paper with a wood fiber crutch. They’ve also been described as “visual ASMR,” by Nice Paper. With its colorful packaging and peeking eyes, this preroll pack is divine. 

Pure Beauty’s rare strain offerings are sold as an eighth and broken down into five joints, ranging in potency. Its Special Sativa Blend, tested by Harrens Lab, tested at 24% THC and is high in caryophyllene and humulene, which would seem to give these joints spiced orange, flowers, and cinnamon scents. 

Availability: California

Stone Road Farms

Stone Road Farms makes Standard and Reserve prerolls from farms in Humboldt and Santa Barbara counties in Californa. (Photo courtesy of Stone Road Farms)

The Northern California-grown Stone Road Farms emulates style and class in its sophisticated joint packs. Varieties come in Standard and Reserve, as well as Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Stone Road’s cannabis is grown by two main farms in Northern California, one in Humboldt County, and one family-owned operation out of Santa Barbara, called Private Reserve.

A recent strain that appeared in Stone Road’s whimsical corked glass joints was Sour OG. It tested by CannaSafe at 27% THCa, and of the rest of the cannabinoids broke down among CBD and other “unsung hero” cannabinoids including, CBG, cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), and cannabichromene (CBC), all of which offer myriad benefits both physical and mental that researchers are just now learning more about The terpene on the top of the charts for this strain is caryophyllene, giving it the classic skunky kick that stoners typically love.

Availability: California

710 Labs

Preroll joints come in a jar of 10 from the folks at 710 Labs, with a fusilli noodle included as a crutch. (Photo courtesy of 710 Labs)

OGs roll better OG. These rare joints are individually hand-rolled using in-house flower that is grown in wild, beautiful living soil. The joint packs are pricey, but quite a treat for the weed-snob.

Strains grown by 710 Labs include Banana Pie #14, Ghost Hulk #25, and Dolato, a pungent, flavorful genetic mix between Dosidos and Gelato. Each joint is not ground finely by a machine but instead broken-down in a grinder to help maintain the colas and to create a joint similar to one you’d roll at home. The unique component is the gluten-free, organic fusilli noodle as a crutch, a nice finishing touch with the functional solution of adding great airflow. 

Availability: California, Colorado

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Loud Packs USA

Loud Packs USA is full of California love. Its prerolls associate a popular strain with the cities of San Francisco, pictured, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Diego. (Photo courtesy of Loud Packs USA)

Loud Packs are bright, hand-rolled wonders. Loud Packs USA has been making sleek and stylistic preroll packs with four one-gram joints since 2008. In its packs you will find one-gram joints, along with a sleek and stylist pack and matching lighter. Each pack represents a different California city: Sunset Sherbet for Oakland, GSC for San Francisco, Blue Dream for San Diego, and OG Kush for Los Angeles. All flower is tested by Steep Hill Lab

Availability: California

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Feature Image: A golden pack filled-to-the-brim with prerolled joints. Photo provided by Stone Road Farms.

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