Learn To Marijuana Like a Pro While You’re on Virus Lockdown

If you are reading this, chances are you are hunkered down somewhere, like the rest of America, just wondering when or if civil society will rise above this gnarly virus and get back to normal. But after taking in just 30 seconds of the daily press conferences held by the White House, it is plain to see there isn’t much hope that day is coming anytime soon. Although President Donald Trump claims there isn’t a need for a national lockdown, and he’s even mentioned that he might let the country ditch all of this social distancing stuff to keep economies from tanking, many states have still instituted “stay at home” orders to keep the population at home.

It means that millions of people, just like you, are hanging around the house, bored out of their skulls. At first, it was sort of like an extended vacation, but now that you’ve cleaned all of your bongs, built a couple of new ones, and possibly even engineered a new cannabis strain called “Corona-B-Gone,” there isn’t much else to do until the government allows you to go back outside. We can sympathize. We are desperate for something, anything to keep us from going insane.

It’s like Nietzsche said, “a subject for a great poet would be God’s boredom after the seventh day of creation.” Only, it’s not quite like that at all, seeing as we must use the listlessness of the times as a way to rise about the crud once science quits messing around and squashes this bug once and for all. The only way to achieve that is through education, reflection and a little bit of fun. So, in the spirit of all that, we highly recommend the following reading material. Who knows, it may help you emerge on the seventh day (or 70th) a little wiser. You’ll definitely be more stoned.

Learn To Grow Cannabis

“Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide To Growing Marijuana”

 Longtime High Times magazine cultivation editor Danny Danko has penned an “easy-to-use” cultivation guide for the person serious about growing weed. This 144-page document touches on the many facets of the cultivation process, from setting up a grow room to harvesting. 

“Marijuana Grower’s Handbook”

Let legendary cultivation expert Ed Rosenthal show you how to grow weed. In this book, Ed, with his more than 30 years of experience, teaches both beginner and advanced methods for producing healthy, potent plants in an indoor and outdoor situation. Commercial cultivation is also covered. This 500-page document, complete with color photos and illustrations, is one of the highest-rated in the field of cannabis cultivation, and probably one of the best introductions to growing weed on the market. 

Learn To Cook With Cannabis

“Bong Appetit” 

There isn’t much else to do during these apocalyptic times but get high and eat. This book by the folks at Munchies allows you to do both, going way beyond just whipping up a batch of pot brownies using a store bought mix. It’s an elevated journey into the art of cannabis cooking, providing the reader with all they need to know about making cannabis cooking oil and butter. It includes 65 “high-end” recipes from infused dinners to desserts. 

“The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook” 

One of the first books written on the subject of cannabis cooking is this one by Elise McDonough. It’s an old school guide to the cannabis infusion scene that comes with easy to follow recipes for appetizers, entrees and desserts. It’s hard to go wrong with the classics, folks. 

Learn To Make Cannabis-Infused Cocktails

“Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, & Tonics”

Drinking is also a welcomed activity during these dark days. This book by Warren Bobrow takes the cocktail up a notch by showing the reader a ton of recipes for combining cannabis and booze. It covers everything from the decarboxylation process (activating THC) to creating a variety of refreshing beverages. 

TELL US, what are you doing to pass the time?

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Plant Power – The Health Benefits of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Once again, we turn to
nature to heal the ailments we struggle with. This time, we’re taking a look at
magic mushrooms, or rather, their active ingredient – psilocybin.

Psilocybin is a classic hallucinogenic compound produced by over 100 species of mushrooms across the world. It has a strong effect on serotonin receptors in the brain, including some in the cerebral cortex and thalamus regions.

Although mushroom use – casually referred to as “shrooming” – is commonly associated with hippies, artists and others that tend to live a more alternative lifestyle, their consumption actually dates back thousands of years. Historically, they’ve been used as an aid in religious ceremonies and are still considered a gateway to some very profound spiritual experiences.

Psilocybin mushrooms also have some powerful therapeutic benefits, and have been decriminalized in a few areas of the world as researchers dive into their potential to treat numerous disorders. Areas of interest include conditions like mood disorders, anxiety, OCD, and addiction.

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What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the main psychedelic
compound in mushrooms and truffles. It’s a basic tryptamine hallucinogen, with
properties similar to lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and mescaline, although the
chemic structure is different. Research shows a common mechanism of action
through serotonergic (5-HT) pathways. Psilocybin is a strong agonist at 5-HTreceptors
which are located within the thalamus and cortex of the brain

The onset of hallucinogenic
effects typically kick in around 20 to 40 minutes after consumption, and they
last up to 6 hours. Psilocybin’s threshold for intoxication is approximately 40
mcg/kg of body weight. In wild mushrooms with lower levels of psilocybin, this
translates to about 2 grams, although some people use up to 4 grams for a good psychedelic

Psilocybin was first
isolated by swiss chemist Albert Hoffmann in 1958, using the Psilocybe Mexicana
mushroom species from Central America. Psilocybin is found in both wild and cultivated
mushrooms, although just like cannabis, cultivated mushrooms tend to be more
potent. Through cross-breeding, cultivated mushrooms can have up to 10 times
higher levels of psilocybin than wild species.

Research and Legal Roadblocks

In the United States, use of psychedelic mushrooms has been
illegal since the Controlled Substances Act was implemented in 1970. Since
then, clinical studies have pretty much ceased, but recreational use definitely
has not.

However, in 1992, the National Institute on Drug Abuse linked up with an FDA advisory to revamp research efforts of psychedelic agents – albeit extremely limited research. In 1993, the Heffter Research Institute in New Mexico was founded. It’s one of the only institutes in the world the is entirely dedicated to uncovering the medical benefits of psychedelic compounds found in nature. Despite these developments, psilocybin is still banned in the U.S.

The Complicated History of Cannabis in the United States

Around the world, novel and alternative treatments for mental
illnesses becoming increasingly sought after, new resources are being aimed at
age-old therapies including cannabis, ketamine, mescaline, and psilocybin. Dr.
George R. Greer, co-founder and president of the Heffter
Research Institute
, “Our mission is two-fold: one to do research
that helps us understand the mind, the brain, how all that works, and number
two, to help reduce suffering through therapeutic use of psychedelics.”

Medical Benefits

Although there are many possible uses for psilocybin, at the moment, it’s most frequently used to treat conditions relating to mental health. Depression and anxiety are among the most researched indications for psilocybin treatment.

“There’ve been some promising preliminary results in such areas such as the treatment of overwhelming depression and existential anxiety in people who are facing the end of life, who have diagnoses of advanced-stage cancer,” Dr. Charles Grob, professor of psychiatry at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, stated in an interview with Healthline. “The thing that we have the most evidence for is cancer-related depression and anxiety. That seems really strong, and I’d be surprised if those results didn’t hold up,” he added.

Another possible use for psychedelic mushrooms is in the cessation of smoking, drinking, and other addictions. In a small pilot study conducted at Johns Hopkins University, people who partook in psilocybin therapy successfully abstained from smoking cigarettes over the following 12-month period.

“The general idea is that the nature of these disorders is a
narrowed mental and behavioral repertoire,” says Matthew Johnson, PhD, Associate
Professor of Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences at John Hopkins. “So, in
well-orchestrated sessions, there is the ability to essentially shake someone
out of their routine to give a glimpse of a larger picture and create a mental
plasticity with which people can step outside of those problems.”

It’s also being looked at as a possible treatment for certain
types of cancers, heart disease, inflammation, and many other conditions.

Applications Around the World

As mentioned above, psilocybin-containing mushrooms are illegal in the United States and are listed as a Schedule 1 drug. Even mushroom spores, which don’t contain any psychoactive chemicals yet, are illegal in many states. A few cities – Denver, Oakland and Santa Cruz – have decriminalized mushrooms, meaning you won’t get arrested for possessing them but there are no legal avenues through which to purchase or sell them either. Oregon has plans to legalize mushrooms entirely, however, these plans have been put on the backburner amid the current pandemic.

Exploring the 3 Different Types of Cannabinoids: Endo, Phyto, and Synthetic

Some countries have a
much more liberal approach when it comes to hallucinogenic mushrooms though. In
Austria, Brazil, Samoa, Jamaica, the Netherlands, and the Bahamas, mushrooms
are legal. Recreational use is quite popular in many of these regions and you
can purchase mushrooms, truffles, and spores for both from select online
retailers based in some of these countries.

In Israel, mushrooms are
being studied for their medicinal properties. One of the pioneers in this field
is Prof. Solomon Wasser of Haifa University, who runs a mushroom research lab
and is the founder and editor-in-chief of the International Journal of
Medicinal Mushrooms.

Last year, his lab took
out a patent on a product derived from Cyathus striatus, a type of mushroom
found in Israeli forests. In animal trials, the drug appeared effective against
pancreatic cancer, which is considered a particularly lethal cancer for which
no new drugs have been discovered in recent years.

Another Israeli company,
medical cannabis firm Cannabotech, is currently looking at how certain blends
of cannabinoids, medicinal herbs, and mushrooms could effectively treat a
variety of chronic medical conditions. So far, they have developed five proprietary
blends intended to treat colon cancer, infertility, fatty liver disease,
inflammation, and heart or vascular disease. These products are all currently
awaiting clinical trials.

Microdosing Magic Mushrooms

When used in a therapeutic setting, the best way to get
medicinal benefits without any intoxication or risks is by microdosing, which just
means taking an extra small, or sub-perceptual, dose. This should ideally be
administered in a medical setting by a trained professional, but that’s not
always the case.

Many health enthusiasts have incorporated mushroom microdosing into their daily or weekly routines report higher levels of creativity, increased energy and focus, and improved relational skills. Some even claim that microdosing psilocybin mushrooms helps to heighten spiritual awareness and enhance their senses.

That said, there are some risks associated with the use of psychedelic
mushrooms. “Psilocybin is a lot more psychologically dangerous than cannabis,
and it’s especially dangerous for a small percentage of the population who have
had an episode of psychosis or mania, manic episode, or even, say, a close
family member whose had those problems, because it can trigger a psychosis or
manic episode in a person who is vulnerable to that,” Greer said.

If you’ve ever heard the term “bad trip”, that’s exactly what he
is referring to. Some people can move past it easily, but for others, a bad trip
can cause irreparable psychological damage.

Final Thoughts

Although some are optimistic that psilocybin mushrooms will follow the path of cannabis in MDMA, with approval in the next 5 to 10 years, the truth is, the future remains very unclear. There is really no realistic timeline for when this class of drugs might be legalized, especially given the current circumstances.

“There needs to be more FDA-approved clinical research with
psychedelics,” mentions Grob, “exploring both how to optimize their therapeutic
potential but also trying to get a better understanding of the range of medical
effects, which may be problematic… There’s still some questions that need to be

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Save Big on Your Favorite Brands With Vapor.Com’s 4/20 Sale

4/20 is almost here and it’s going on all month! You’re probably about to spend a lot on your dry herb or concentrates, so why not make sure it’s being ingested the best way possible? To get you in the mood for the greatest day on the cannabis calendar, vapor.com is starting its 4/20 sale early! From April 17-30, you can save 20% off an extensive selection of your favorite products, or treat yourself to that piece you’ve had your eye on for a while, by using VAPOR420 at check out.

Get prepped for your favorite holiday with vapor.com’s guide to finding the top 4/20 friendly devices, pipes and CBD products for all cannabis enthusiasts to enhance your sessions. 


Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, modern vaporizers can satisfy any and all needs for wax and herb consumers. Let’s take a look at some portable dry herb vapes, concentrate-centric devices and desktop vaporizers to find out how they can elevate your 4/20 experience. 


The Crafty+ from Storz & Bickel delivers a 30% faster heat-up time, more sessions and improved battery life compared to its predecessor. Preset temperatures are calibrated for immediate use and a new Super Boost mode produces very thick vapor for such a small portable vape. An updated circuit board delivers more reliable performance, while the improved battery life extends sessions. 

The combined conduction-convection heating system of the Crafty+ heats dry herbs and concentrates efficiently and thoroughly. If you need an elite portable vaporizer this 4/20, the Crafty+ needs to be in your arsenal. Take 20% off the Crafty+ (and ALL Storz & Bickel products) during the 4/20 sale using promo code SB420 at checkout.

G Pen Connect 

G Pen has adapted to meet the needs of vape users since they first came on the scene — the new G Pen Connect continues that tradition. Able to turn any water piece with a glass-to-glass connection into an e-rig, the G Pen Connect Vaporizer is one of the best ways to vape concentrates. 

An 850mAh battery delivers substantial power from such a small vaporizer while evenly heating the ceramic heating element and your material. Three temperature settings allow for terp tasting and effect exploration. Wax users who want a smoother draw from their rig should check out the Connect. 

Volcano Hybrid 

We can’t leave the homebodies off this 4/20 guide, so we added the best desktop vaporizer available: The Volcano Hybrid. Choose from the classic Volcano balloon bag delivery system, or switch to the traditional whip-delivery method for your dry herb or wax vapor. A faster heat-up time, which is ten times faster, makes for a more streamlined process. While the improved airflow allows for easy draws. 

Storz & Bickel’s iconic convection heating creates smooth pulls and won’t overheat your material. Desktop vaporizer users who need another workhorse unit should check out the Volcano Hybrid. Remember, during the 4/20 sale you can take 20% off all Storz & Bickel products using promo code SB420.

Vape Pens

If you’re an on-the-go cannabis consumer, a vape pen is your best friend. Today’s vape pens have variable voltage options and universal cartridge capabilities, so if you’re looking to upgrade either your dry herb or concentrate vape pen, try one of these elite options. 

Atmos Jump

Dry herb vape pens are some of the most elusive devices out there. Thankfully, the Atmos Jump has stood the test of time and remained a favorite among herb vapers. An absurdly powerful 1200mAh battery gets the Jump to temperature fast and produces thick vapor clouds. The anodized heating chamber has no exposed coils, helping ensure no combustion. 

Straight-forward and without frills, the Atmos Jump is an old-school dry herb vape pen built to be used on-the-go and able to withstand everyday drops and tumbles. 

G Pen Nova – Cookies Edition 

G Pen has joined forces with Cookies SF to bring you a limited edition, eye-catching version of the efficient Nova Vaporizer. Wrapped in the iconic Cookies SF blue color, the eye-catching Nova Vaporizer features a ceramic oven for flavor retention and three voltage options (3.2v, 3.5v, and 3.9v) to let you enjoy more taste or larger clouds, depending on your preference. 

Stylish vape pen users who want a statement “going out” device will enjoy the G Pen Nova – Cookies Edition

HoneyStick Elf 

The HoneyStick Elf is the most compact and efficient way to enjoy vaping from pre-filled cartridges. With one optimized 3.7v setting, the Elf is compatible with standard width 510-thread cartridges. The magnetic connection of the Elf sits next to the battery as opposed to on top of it, which makes the Elf Vaporizer so compact. Refillable tanks are included if you have your own juice or concentrates you want to enjoy as well. 

Those in need of an uber-discreet vape battery should snag a HoneyStick Elf this month. 

Glass Pipes 

From the water-filtered to the one-hitter, having a high-quality glass pipe will let your material’s flavor flourish and provide cool hits for a comfortable session. During vapor.com‘s 420 sale, you can take an extra 20% off all glass on the site.

Higher Standards Glass Taster  

For a glass pipe with a pretty standard design, Higher Standards made their Glass Taster look fantastic. The iconic HS triangle artwork is etched into the glass and you can choose from a clear or frosted glass option. Constructed from borosilicate glass, the Higher Standards taster is durable and discreet. 

Light dry herb smokers who want a mess-free one-hitter will enjoy the Higher Standards Taster, thanks to a notch at the end of the pipe that ensures no loose herb during pulls. 

MJ Arsenal Cache 

MJ Arsenal is known for their mini dab rigs and blunt bubblers, but they came through clutch for bong users with the Cache. Measuring in at a compact seven inches, the Cache features an integrated dry herb storage jar to make storing and loading bowls easy. A quad-slit percolator sifts your smoke to cool each hit before it reaches your lips. 

If you’ve wanted a new water pipe but don’t want something that will dominate the room it’s in, the MJ Arsenal Cache is a great option. 

Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Spoon Pipe 

If it’s coming from the first family of weed, you know it’s going to be a high functioning product. The Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Spoon Pipe features American Black Walnut on the mouthpiece and below the borosilicate glass bowl. A carb hole helps you concentrate your draws, while the wood mouthpiece cools hits. Each part is detachable, so cleaning the Glass & Walnut Spoon Pipe is hassle-free. 

Outdoorsy smokers can take the Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Spoon Pipe on any hike or adventure. 

Rolling Papers 

What better way to celebrate 4/20 than a freshly rolled joint? From ultra-thin papers to easily fillable cones, dry herb users won’t have a shortage of elite rolling options this holiday. Pick your favorite brand and save 20% on vapor.com during the 4/20 sale.

Vibes King Size Cones 

Bay Area rap legend Berner dropped Vibes Papers recently and they have quickly become a favorite among the dry herb community. If you need a larger-than-usual cone that will burn evenly while keeping your material’s taste intact, Vibes King Size Cones need to be in your stash box. Available in Rice, Hemp, or Ultra-Thin varieties. 

Smokers wanting to enjoy papers without having to roll will prefer the Vibes King Size Cones, the size is great for large sessions as well. If you’ve caught the vibes, vapor.com is taking 25% off all Vibes Rolling Papers during their 4/20 sale.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers 

Would any 4/20 buyers guide be complete without RAW Rolling Papers? The iconic rolling paper brand brings you 100% vegan papers that feature the classic RAW run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines for an even burning session. 

If you’ve never enjoyed a joint with RAW Papers, this 4/20 is a perfect time to see what all the fuss is about.  

Elements Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling Papers 

If you’re looking for the least amount of paper in your rolling papers, the Elements Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling Papers should be your go-to. Made from pressed rice and utilizing Acacia plant gum, the Elements Ultra-Thin Rolling Papers but without ashing everywhere, making your 4/20 mess-free. 

Flavor-centric joint smokers — or those who don’t want to deal with pesky ashtrays — will enjoy Elements Ultra Thin Papers.

Dab Rigs 

Modern glass and electric dab rigs give concentrate fans amazing flavor and substantial clouds. Whether you’re a torch-wielding dabber or more partial to an electric rig, there are a ton of options that will enhance your next session. 

Higher Standards Riggler 

Is it a dab rig? Is it a bong? It’s both! The Higher Standards Riggler can seamlessly transition from bong to rig and comes with both a bowl and quartz banger. The fixed diffused downstem of the Riggle sifts your wax vapor through moisture to cool draws and keep your flavor full. 

If you’re a dry herb and concentrate user who wants to consolidate their smoking arsenal, the Higher Standards Riggler is an elite bong and rig all-in-one. 

KandyPens OURA 

E-rigs have made a huge impact on the wax world recently, and the KandyPens OURA is the most powerful of the bunch. A beastly 3000mAh battery delivers endless power and four preset temperatures are optimized to manufacture gigantic vapor clouds. The unique glass bulb shape allows you to take all of your draw at once or enjoy sippable vapor.  

Additionally kitted out with a quartz atomizer and ceramic bowl for different taste options, wax users who put a premium on cloud size will fall in love with the OURA. Make sure you check back the day of 4/20 for 42% off all KandyPens products with promo code KP420.

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig 

The Ursa from MJ Arsenal has a traditional dab rig design but shrunken down to help concentrate your vapor and conserve material. MJ Arsenal gave the Ursa a disc percolator, rear-mounted downstem and a built-in reclaim catcher for clean draws. 

Have a torch but want more concentrated vapor? The MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Rig will satisfy traditional rig users and help them conserve material. 


The CBD-sphere has expanded at a lightning-fast rate over the last few months. Each of these CBD products has been selected for its unique use and application method. Vapor.com is stocked with every kind of CBD you’d need and you can save 20% during the 4/20 sale across all products throughout April.

Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vapor Pen 

Bloom Farms is one of the most respected CBD brands out and their Mini Vapor Pen can be used right out of the box to deliver CBD draws. Using uncut, whole hemp-plant extract means that Bloom Farms CBD Mini Vapor Pen utilizes the “entourage effect.” The ceramic wicking system means you’ll be able to fully taste the Blueberry, Mint, Natural, or Stone Fruit flavor. 

If you’re a commuter who needs CBD to help out with the day-to-day comings and goings, Bloom Farms’ CBD Mini Vapor Pen is a great choice this 4/20. 

Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Compound

One of the newer CBD brands on the market, Mary’s Nutritionals brings broad-spectrum relief where you need it most. Mary’s Nutritionals has partnered with the boutique hemp farm Elite Botanicals to deliver some of the highest-grade CBD balm available. 

Athletes or those who suffer from various pulls, twists, and knocks will enjoy the muscle penetrating Mary’s Nutritionals Elite CBD Compound

Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops 750MG 

If you’re not exactly sure how you’d like to take your CBD, Social CBD’s Broad Spectrum Drops 750MG can be added to food, drink, or applied directly to your tongue. Available in seven different flavors (including Natural), Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops can accommodate any taste. 

If you’re in need of more products during this month-long 4/20 celebration and want to save money on all your wax, dry herb and accessory gear, check out vapor.com’s site-wide, month-long 4/20 sale and take 20% off with promo code VAPOR420. 

TELL US, what’s your favorite way to enjoy cannabis?

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Season3, Episode 12, Quarantine Edition 2 w/Guests: Sunshine, Patti Steel, Don from Lit, Chelsie and Chris Miles, & Jenny Dietzel

Wendy and Topher intro the show from their living room. Due to the coronavirus we are still under quarantine. Guests sent in videos as follows: 

Sunshine Broder:  The Hostess of Sunshine After Dark and Shine Salon once again sent in a video with some hair tips for you. 



Health Guest:  Jenny DIetzel


In the Green Zone:

Chelsie and Chris Miles return to the show from https://www.cannacook.com/

Don From Lit Smoking Supplies discusses dabbing   https://www.litsmokingsupplies.com/

Much gratitude to our sponsors:








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Many thanks to Out of Hand Artist Collective and Hair Extensions by Miss J.

Thanks to our supporters, patrons, crew and collaborators!

Our amazing crew:

Sound: Derek Wieiand

Camera and Production: Robyn Adair

Consultant and production: Angela Edge

Director: Adrian Sturdevant

Intern:  Astra L’amour

Booking: Mike Kinkle  

Set Design: Trisha Guting 

Editing: Flint Woods

Booking Inquiries: mikekinklebooking@gmail.com

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Pure Beauty Combines Aesthetics & Heart

Equipped with a pack of prerolled joints filled with premium herb, one feels more prepared for taking on the challenges of the day. In this regard, the dainty mini joints from Pure Beauty might make you feel like you’ve leveled up to gain more brightness and hope to project into a world filled with uncertain times. It’s the little things in life, as they say. 

Pure Beauty, which grows its cannabis in Sacramento, but based its company in Los Angeles, is an up-and-coming company that’s making noise in all the right ways. Their packaging is minimalist and sleek. On the website the video that plays flashes between a woman smoking a preroll to putting a fish back (?!) in the ocean and squashing grapes underfoot. It’s confusing and intriguing all at once. 

But the best part about this company is that not only does the cannabis inside taste exceptional, but Pure Beauty is also constantly trying to do its best to make sure what they are putting out into the world is sustainable. While they do utilize indoor cultivation, which is certainly not as eco-friendly as growing outdoors, they pull the water they use straight from the air using dehumidifiers and an HVAC system and the electricity is generated on site using microturbines. CEO and co-Founder Imelda Walavalkar explains that Pure Beauty even goes as far as to donate the soil they are using to public parks. 

“We are super particular about what we’re putting out there,” Walavalkar says of Pure Beauty’s flowers. “It’s just really good product that’s inside.”

The mini joints — Pure Beauty calls them babies (!) — come in packs of 10 in indica, sativa, hybrid or CBD. Pure Beauty’s working with strains like Mendo Breath and  Forbidden Lemon Glue. They’ve also got some classic flavors in their line-up such as Super Silver Haze and an Orange Burmese that pulls from the lineage of a Burmese landrace strain.

The mini joints are filled with whole flower and burn evenly. Because the joints come ready to go, they can easily be shared with friends. As a sign of the times,  each person could have their own smoke sesh down to the roach. The size makes them manageable because, as Walavalkar aptly says, “all iterations of trying to light a joint later just don’t work.”

Beyond what Pure Beauty is doing in terms of sustainably growing its flowers, the company is also launching plant-based packaging and, judging from the posts on their Instagram, saving the earth is looking quite sexy.

TELL US, have you smoked prerolled joints before?

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Studio710 Cypher Sessions Episode 3 – The Return of the Beats

If you’ve been going a little cuckoo lately from being cooped up at home, here are some fresh freestyle raps from the latest Studio710 Cypher session to help get you through this all. Filmed shortly before social distancing became the new normal, Creed Taylor once again hosts a mix of new and returning fire spitters […]

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WeedMD returns fire to stave off potential union infection

A press release issued Friday by Ontario licensed cannabis producer WeedMD INC. (TSX.V:WMD) takes the tone of a return salvo in a media war initiated by the United Food and Commercial Workers, who are trying to organize an estimated 200+ workers at WeedMD facilities in Strathroy, Aylmer and Bowmanville, Ontario. The company’s release repeats its […]

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By Any Other Name

It takes a lot of chutzpah to claim a place. Alex Schutz knew that he was treading on hallowed ground when he named his cannabis business after Williams, a small town in Southern Oregon just over the border from California’s northernmost Siskiyou County. Williams has a long legacy of cannabis cultivation, much like its Emerald Triangle neighbors to the south, with a solid population of territorial growers who could contest such a name. But Schutz says he’s been in Williams for years, he’s growing cannabis genetics from a family who’d been in the town since the ’80s and he’s using natural inputs from the land itself, so why not?

“It’s a bold feeling to be claiming the Williams name and putting it first,” Schutz says. “But as the cannabis industry started to take hold in Oregon and we started to see what the consumers were buying and what they liked, we saw they were gravitating towards name brands that were trending and I didn’t have any — and I still don’t mess with them. What I grow are all Williams genetics and so I decided to name this company Williams Canna Co.”Schutz first made a name for himself in Oregon as a breeder in the medical marijuana industry through his company Supermodel Seeds. Today, more than many other breeders, he avoids working with trendy strains and phenotypes (you won’t find a Purple Punch or a Zkittlez in his lineup), but instead works with those more classic and obscure genetics — and focuses on growing the strains he has created with the most regenerative methods he can muster.

When it comes to farming in Williams, Schutz says the process of building his cannabis flower operation has always been about creating healthy soil using resources from the land itself.

“The more you recognize what is available to you in nature right next to you, the less you find yourself looking for things you don’t need,” Schutz says. “My goal is to bring absolutely nothing into the garden that didn’t come from our property next year.”

Today, Schutz says that Williams makes its own mulch and composts from decaying matter gathered from the land, grinds rocks into soluble phosphorous and potassium to use as fertilizer, and cultivates native plants to be harvested and used around the farm.

“This farm is my organism to play with and I’m making it as beautiful as I can with very little resources,” he says.

The work to breed and grow quality strains with regenerative inputs seems to be paying off, as Schutz says the company is increasingly recognized among “respected heads” in Oregon and wholesalers are willing to pay him twice what they did in the fall 2018.

However, these past few years in Oregon’s cannabis industry have not been easy going. After the state’s legal adult-use cannabis market launched in 2017, many farmers struggled in the face of a huge glut of flower, rock-bottom prices, and increased regulations and taxes. The state’s decades-old medical marijuana program slowly dwindled in the face of higher costs of entry for patients and producers alike.

In 2017, Schutz was unsure if he wanted to stay in the medical market or switch to the recreational side. But by the end of the 2019 season, he says he knows he made the right choice.

“We decided to go ahead and prove ourselves on the recreational market, and I was a little nervous having a menu of strains few people had heard of,” he says. But he has no regrets: “I couldn’t have asked for a better time to be in the rec game.”

Williams Canna Co. is currently growing F2s of Supermodel Seeds genetics, clones from the Humboldt Seed Company, inbred F1s, and “a whole host of generations of stable, deeply related, true-bred seed stock,” Schutz says.

In the future, the farm plans to conduct its own genotyping on-site with advanced testing machinery, which will allow it to greatly speed up its genetic projects.

“I’ve been trying to stay true to who I am and my mission in the industry and I’m not trying to rush to have genetic backcrosses that are feminized and that are cooked up from the same female plants,” he says. “I’ve been working slowly but surely on true-bred lines.”

This slowly-but-surely mentality applies to his cannabis cultivation practices as well, where he says the years of hard work on the land itself is allowing the cannabis to take care of itself, to burrow its roots more firmly in the ground.

“The more you establish your garden, the less work you have to do,” Schutz says. “The herb looks better than ever before. It’s unbelievable, I can’t believe it. It’s pushing the limits with how it can do everything on its own.”

TELL US, have you ever wanted to grow your own weed? What strain would you choose to start with?

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