The Winners of The Cannabis Cup Nevada: People’s Choice Edition 2021

The time has come to announce the proud winners of the Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Edition in the “Silver State” of Nevada. While the famed cannabis cup event has gone virtual, you can still bet that the competition and winning products are better than ever before. Join us in congratulating the many well-deserved winners of the Cannabis Cup Nevada: People’s Choice Edition 2021.

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all the judges who dedicated themselves to judging the competition entries, helping us crown the best of Nevada. There were some seriously solid contenders, and we can’t wait to return next year!

This competition wouldn’t be possible without the support from our sponsors. We’d like to give a special shout out to our Presenting Sponsor CAMP, our Silver Sponsors FloraVega and Elusive Handcrafted Cannabis and our Bronze Sponsor Bohemian Brothers. Also, big thanks to our General Sponsors Silver State Relief, Kanha, Shango, Srene, Rove and Medizin.

Finally, we’d like to thank our intake partner, Exhale, as well as our retailers: Jade, Exhale, Jardín, The Sanctuary, Zen Leaf, Cookies on Flamingo, Essence, Cookies on the Strip, Essence, Silver Sage Wellness and Oasis.

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Indica Flower

Courtesy of The Grower Circle

First Place: The Grower Circle – Pellegreeno

Courtesy of Aether Gardens

Second Place: Aether Gardens – Slurricane #7

Courtesy of FloraVega

Third Place: FloraVega – Chernobyl

Sativa Flower

Courtesy of Matrix

First Place: Matrix – Super Sour Diesel

Courtesy of Medizin

Second Place: Medizin – Chloe

Courtesy of FloraVega

Third Place: FloraVega – Tropicanna Punch

Hybrid Flower

Courtesy of Virtue

First Place: Virtue – Diamond Dust

Courtesy of Medizin

Second Place: Medizin – White Truffle

Courtesy of Fiore

Third Place: Fiore – Wedding Pie


Courtesy of Verano

First Place: Verano – Swift Lifts Gelato Pre-Rolls

Courtesy of Qualcan

Second Place: Qualcan – Drago Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Cannabiotix

Third Place: Cannabiotix – Kush Mountains Pre-Roll

Infused Pre-Rolls

Courtesy of The Grower Circle

First Place: The Grower Circle – Cosa Nostra Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy of CAMP

Second Place: CAMP – Animal Face Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Featured Farms x Nature’s Chemistry

Third Place: Featured Farms x Nature’s Chemistry – OG Kush Infused Pre-Rolls

Sativa Concentrates

Courtesy of City Trees

First Place: City Trees – Apricot Crumble Sativa Live Resin Sauce

Courtesy of Matrix

Second Place: Matrix – Durban Tang Sativa Live Resin Syringe

Courtesy of Verano

Third Place: Verano – G Wagon Sativa BHO Live Badder

Indicia Concentrates

Courtesy of Aether Gardens

First Place: Aether Gardens – Banana Ice Water Indica Live Rosin

Courtesy of Melting Point Extracts

Second Place: Melting Point Extracts – Duct Tape Indica Live Resin Sauce

Courtesy of Huni

Third Place: Huni – Peach Crescendo Indica Live Resin Budder

Sativa Vape Pens

Courtesy of City Trees

First Place: City Trees – Apricot Crumble Sativa Live Resin Vape

Courtesy of Matrix

Second Place: Matrix – Tangilope Sativa Live Resin Vape Pen

Courtesy of Medizin

Third Place: Medizin – Hawaiian Butterscotch Sativa Vape

Indica Vape Pens

Courtesy of Church

First Place: Church – Runtz Indica Vape

Courtesy of Rove

Second Place: Rove – Lychee Indica Vape Pen

Courtesy of CAMP

Third Place: CAMP – Rainbow OG Live Rosin Indica Vape

Edibles: Gummies

Courtesy of Shango

First Place: Shango – Watermelon Gummies

Courtesy of Dixie

Second Place: Dixie – Tropic Twist Gummies

Courtesy of Encore Edibles

Third Place: Encore Edibles – Berry Burst Indica Gummies

Edibles: Non-Gummies

Courtesy of Qualcan

First Place: Qualcan – Fruity Rice Crispy

Courtesy of Incredibles

Second Place: Incredibles – Black Cherry 1:1 Bar

Courtesy of Dixie

Third Place: Dixie – Fruit Punch Elixir

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Lemonhaze’s Cannabis Executive Golf Classic in Las Vegas

Relationships, relationships, relationships. The world’s top business executives will tell you this is what success in any industry boils down to. Drawn to the networking opportunities, and some time on the greens, cannabis leaders teed up for some new and impressive connections at last month’s inaugural Lemonhaze Golf Invitational.

The invite-only event took place on Oct. 19 at the award-winning Cascata Golf Club, located in Boulder City, Nevada, just 30 miles outside Las Vegas. Lemonhaze CEO Brian Yauger is setting out to bring the cannabis industry the most coveted networking opportunities and exclusive experiences.

“This is where the executives and the most powerful decision-makers in the industry get together to hobnob every year,” Yaguer said. “The golf tournament is a tool for bringing the cannabis community together.”

Founders, VP’s, and C-suite executives traveled from around the country for a next-level networking experience that combined the outdoors, sports, entertainment—and of course lots of cannabis-related conversations. Guests included the likes of Curaleaf CEO, Joe Bayern; Heisman Trophy Winner, Ricky Williams; along with execs from KIVA, Med Men, Bhang, Wana Brands and more.

This year’s Lemonhaze Golf Invitational was a testament to the future of cannabis—classy, community-oriented, and active.

Upon arrival in Las Vegas, tournament players were transported to the golf course in party buses stacked with the who’s who of cannabis. Foursomes then took to the green for some healthy competition and handshakes, with industry mixers set-up before and after golf, undoubtedly as important as the game itself.

While Lemonhaze first became known for its budtender parties thrown around the country, Yauger has since leveled things up. He is now responsible for creating one of cannabis’ most high-profile events.

Those itching for an invite to next year’s Cannabis Industry Executive Golf Invitational will be delighted to know that Lemonhaze is expanding its reach across North America. Cannabis insiders in Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan, California, Illinois, New Jersey and Florida should be on the lookout for upcoming golf outings in 2022.

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Cameron Forni Pushes Innovation With Rolling Stone Cannabis Collab

Pulling up to entrepreneur turned cannabis mogul Cameron Forni’s Las Vegas home feels like driving up to the entrance of a Las Vegas Strip hotel. In his driveway, a custom-decalled Ferrari stands out with a monopoly-esque art themed wrap. The wrap showcases his consulting company, an eco-friendly crypto currency, and also pays homage to the brand that started it all—Select. Parked next to it is an all-black Rolls Royce Ghost. On first impression, Cameron Forni has built quite a life as an entrepreneur.  

“I’m glad you found the house!” He says jokingly as I hop out of my car and walk up his impressive driveway to the door. The 35-year-old can’t be any taller than 5-foot-9, and his unassuming black t-shirt and navy-blue shorts suggest that, even with this level of success, he’s still relatable.

We are greeted by a pair of medium-sized Pomsky’s, Meso and Cali. We make our way through the striking entryway to the kitchen where we all sit together to become more acquainted. Forni passes around a plate of avocado toast for us to snack on while we discuss his latest device for Select in the cannabis space.  

We’re here to talk about the recent partnership Select launched with Rolling Stone magazine on co-branded vape pens and Select’s first-ever pre-rolls. Forni explains that his goal is to create a smooth, enjoyable experience for all cannabis users. Further, he is excited about the reach and cultural alignment between the Rolling Stone brand and music. 

Rolling Stone’s president and COO Gus Wenner also speaks to the larger purpose driving the new co-branded product line.  

“There’s a mission here that’s been a part of our DNA since the beginning. Music and cannabis are so connected, and we set out to make a product that is A) really good and B) strikes right at the heart of what makes experiencing great music so special,” Wenner told Cannabis Now, adding that the Rolling Stones team has spent the past three years exploring ways to create this opportunity.

“In CuraLeaf and Select, we found a perfect partner who could design innovative and exciting products that elevate the music listening experience and so much more,” he said. “We both recognize cannabis’ place in music and in history. We’ve covered the health benefits and some of the incarceration issues around how cases are treated for non-violent crime offenders in our reporting and will continue to do so.”

If legal cannabis was a baseball game, Forni insists we’d still be in the second inning of a typical nine-inning game. The black market remains too powerful for the legal industry to reach its full potential, he says. Forni also comments on the tumultuous hemp-based Delta-8 market, which he believes “is finally being cracked down on.” 

The Select founder contends legal weed’s biggest boon will happen when Congress passes the SAFE Banking Act and the STATES Act, opening the way for cannabis companies to list on the New York Stock Exchange. 

“It’ll change the entire financial landscape of the cannabis industry,” he says. “That’s what we’re waiting for.” 

The legal cannabis Green Rush has been good to entrepreneurs like Forni, who got involved early and worked tooth-and-nail to earn significant market share. Forni founded Select back in 2015 after puffing on a marijuana vape and coughing his lungs out. This experience inspired his first business venture, and he set out to develop a smoother cartridge. Select was born. 

Forni built this company from the ground up and filled his first cartridges by hand. From his living room, Forni managed to turn Select into the fastest growing cannabis brand in history. This caught the attention of the world’s largest cannabis company, Curaleaf, which purchased his company for $948 million dollars in 2019. Since the sale, Forni has stayed on as a special advisor to Curaleaf’s CEO Joe Bayern. Expanding the product line beyond its staple cartridge products, Select now also offers THC oil, gummies, tinctures and drink mixers.

Forni brings us to his office and hands over a pack of his newest edibles, “Nano Gummies.” The citrus-flavored edible is made of strain-inspired terpene formulas and are infused with cannabis oil. They are also water soluble which allows the THC to digest quicker. Their new gummies will surely be a hit across the 2,000 dispensaries in 21 states that carry Select’s products. However, Forni isn’t completely satisfied quite yet. “You can taste hints of cannabis, we can make it better,” he says. 

How does a guy in Forni’s position not let all of this get to his head? We ask him how he’s changed, besides the new house and luxury lifestyle. The answer? Not much. Forni says he’s always had a bit of an edge to him. But in a good way. 

“You got to keep it,” he says of his ego. “I always try to be myself; I always try to be kind to everyone around me, and I always try to teach and mentor people to bring them up to the next level. Success follows success, and I always wanted to follow the people that had success before me. I just hope I can inspire people—whether that’s a role model or a mentor—to do and achieve incredible things for themselves, their family and the planet.”  

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First Nevada Cannabis Dispensary Approved at Border of Idaho

The Nevada-Idaho border is about to get a little bit greener. 

Officials in Elko County, Nevada last week signed off on a proposal for a marijuana dispensary to open in Jackpot, Nevada, which straddles the border between the two western states.

Commissioners in Elko County unanimously approved the license for the business, according to the Associated Press, adding that the shop could open as early as Monday.

“We have no issues moving forward with the license,” Elko County Undersheriff Justin Ames said Wednesday at the commissioners’ meeting, as quoted by the Associated Press.

The Elko Daily reported that the business, known as Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, “passed background checks” and had “interviewed nearly 60 candidates to work in the dispensary, giving preference to Elko and Jackpot residents.”

As of a month ago, 35 people had been hired and paid, according to the Elko Daily.

The dispensary’s proximity to Idaho, where marijuana is still illegal, brought attention to the licensing approval process.

The Thrive in Jackpot will be “Nevada’s first along the Idaho line,” according to the Associated Press, and that its opening aroused anxiety among law enforcement officials in Idaho.

Across the border from Jackpot, commissioners in Twin Falls County, Idaho “had raised safety concerns about the dispensary on U.S. Highway 93, which connects Jackpot and the town of Twin Falls,” according to the Associated Press.

The Associated Press reported that authorities in Idaho “expect to increase patrols in the area once the pot shop opens.”

In a statement, the Idaho State Police said that anyone “engaging in illegal behavior should be aware they risk attracting attention from law enforcement.”

Historically, conservative Idaho finds itself surrounded by neighbors that have embraced legalization: to the south, regulated marijuana sales in Nevada began in 2017; to the west, sales opened in Washington and Oregon in 2014 and 2015, respectively; and to the east, voters in Montana passed a ballot proposal last year to legalize recreational pot use for adults. 

The discrepancy in those laws has sparked some tension among officials in Idaho—and, in some cases, increased sales along the border. 

A report released last year from the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis found that marijuana sales along the Oregon-Idaho border were about 420 percent the statewide average—a data point that was almost too on the nose.

“Obviously, recreational marijuana is not legal in Idaho, but even after throwing the data into a rough border tax model that accounts for incomes, number of retailers, tax rates and the like, there remains a huge border effect,” Oregon Office of Economic Analysis economist Josh Lehner wrote in the report. “Roughly speaking, about 75 percent of Oregon sales and more like 35 percent of Washington sales in counties along the Idaho border appear due to the border effect itself and not local socio-economic conditions.”

In what could offer a glimpse of things to come in Elko County, Nevada, Lehner noted that the jump in sales along the Oregon-Idaho border is likely linked to the presence of three stores along that state line.

“Initially the closest retailers to Idaho were located in Baker County, [Oregon], however that changed last summer,” Lehner explained. “There are now three retailers in Ontario, [Oregon] (Malheur County) which is right at the border. These new retailers are 30-60 minutes closer each way to any potential customers traveling into Oregon along I-84 than the retailers in Baker County. 

“As one might expect, as these new stores in Malheur County came online, sales plunged in Baker County by around 80 percent. This is a knock-on impact of the border effect. Proximity or distance traveled matters as do product availability, prices, and taxes.”

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Nevada Cannabis Licenses are Being Federally Investigated

Nevada industry players have been getting interviewed by the FBI over the cannabis licensing process. 

The investigation is to see if any people or businesses tried to bribe politicians or other government officials in any way to obtain licenses to operate. Since 2016, recreational cannabis has been legal in Nevada, and there has been controversy over the process the entire time. Applicants who didn’t get licenses have brought corruption charges against those who are in business, and there has been discussion about the cannabis companies associated with politicians and business leaders, and whether they obtained their licenses ethically. 

So far, the state has given out more than 750 licenses for all parts of the industry. A total of 335 of those are dual licenses for medical and recreational providers. 

“My gut told me, and our Spidey sense is telling us, there is a lot of ‘pay to play,’” Chad Christensen, a former legislator and co-owner of Pisos Dispensary in Las Vegas, told the Las Vegas Review Journal. He is one of the concerned individuals who came forth and chatted with the FBI. At least two other anonymous sources have been interviewed as well. 

On February 18, 2020, the investigation became official, as Nevada’s attorney general was notified about the investigation. 

“I don’t comment on investigations and am not authorized to do that,” FBI agent Matt Edwards said when questioned by the Las Vegas Review Journal. “I’m not going to have any conversation about FBI investigations.”

“It’s all about public trust and confidence,” said Tyler Klimas of the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board. “As regulators of the state’s cannabis industry, it’s imperative that we work with our federal partners to ensure that trust and confidence extends outside of our borders and prevents any actions that could damage the state’s reputation or harm the industry.”

Further controversy following the original scandal surfaced in 2018 when 64 new licenses became available. The Nevada Department of Taxation allegedly received more than 460 applications total from 127 different groups and people who were interested in getting involved in the industry. However, only 17 of those applicants received all 64 of those licenses. This brought about an even bigger lawsuit that was called “World War Weed” by some industry insiders. It has now been elevated to the Nevada Supreme Court. 

In 2019, to try and get some of the controversy to die down, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board was established to potentially take over the licensing process in the future from the  Gaming Control Board, who had previously been in control. The  idea behind this move was to try and eliminate further controversy and show that new, unbiased people were being put in charge. The board was responsible for issuing permits for consumption lounges as well, and the hope was to make licenses for growers, manufacturers, and retail businesses more available and accessible. 

However, they were not successful in mitigating controversy, as FBI agents began their investigation in 2020. They interviewed a source as recently as this past April about the “pay to play” nature of cannabis in Nevada. 

“They were interested in talking about all licensing issues from a year ago plus,” the anonymous source said regarding the allegation and the investigation, when asked by the Las Vegas Review Journal what the nature of the investigation was. 

According to sources, the FBI didn’t ask about politicians, but asked a lot of questions about the former taxation department deputy director Jorge Pupo, who was put on leave in 2019 and seems to be a person of interest when it comes to the FBI investigation. 

Currently, the FBI is being silent about the investigation and when it may come to an end, but one thing is clear—they are taking these claims of corruption very seriously.

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Consumption Lounges on the Horizon for Nevada

By the middle of next year, Nevada is poised to offer a new type of venue to get high.

State lawmakers on Wednesday approved funding for the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board to oversee so-called “cannabis consumption lounges” there.

Members of the Interim Finance Committee “unanimously approved three items that will provide the [Cannabis Compliance Board] with funds to hire more staff, work with the state attorney general’s office to hammer out regulations, and direct cannabis revenue toward education funding,” according to the Nevada Independent.

The Independent reported that the committee “would direct $10.9 million to fund 23 new full-time employees at the regulatory agency,” which “would include positions responsible for cannabis lounge licensing, pre-opening and ongoing compliance checks, background checks, lounge suitability determinations and criminal investigations.”

Tyler Klimas, the executive director of the Cannabis Compliance Board, told the committee on Wednesday that the additional funding places the new businesses on track to open their doors early next year.

“All goes as planned, we’re looking at—at least the first quarter, or the first half of 2022,” Klimas said, as quoted by the Nevada Independent. “Not only to see the lounges open, but then also the first part is where we would start to realize that revenue.”

The new type of businesses were put in motion last month after Nevada legislators passed a bill aimed at diversifying the state’s still-nascent recreational marijuana industry.

The legislation also included provisions for the cannabis consumption lounges: to provide “for the licensure and regulation by the Cannabis Compliance Board of cannabis consumption lounges”; to set “forth certain requirements for the licensure of cannabis consumption lounges”; and to set “forth certain requirements for the operation of retail cannabis consumption lounges and independent cannabis consumption lounges.”

Consumption Lounges Won’t Be the Only Positive Change for the Industry

The bill also requires the Cannabis Compliance Board to “adopt regulations establishing criteria to determine whether an applicant for the issuance or renewal of an adult-use cannabis establishment license for an independent cannabis consumption lounge qualifies as a social equity applicant,” defined as “an applicant that has been adversely affected by previous laws that criminalized activity relating to cannabis.”

Moreover, the bill “authorizes the Board to reduce certain fees associated with an adult-use cannabis establishment license for an independent cannabis consumption lounge for social equity applicants,” and “requires that at least 10 of the first 20 adult-use cannabis establishment licenses for an independent cannabis consumption lounge issued by the Board be issued to social equity applicants.”

A report issued by the Cannabis Compliance Board earlier this year found that the state’s marijuana industry lacked diversity, with around 65 percent of owners and managers identifying as white.

Steve Yeager, a Democratic assemblyman from Las Vegas, sponsored the legislation, which he hailed as a boon for the state’s recreational pot industry.

“It’s been a long journey from where we started, really, in the 2013 session and then launching dispensaries, so it’s really nice to see how the industry has matured,” said Yeager, as quoted by the Nevada Independent. “The legislation that we see this session is really in recognition that we’ve primarily done things right and to try to take that next step.”

The bill also provides funding from the cannabis sales to the state’s K-12 education. Yeager said Wednesday that Nevada’s marijuana business is “going to be an industry that is going to pay for itself, and then hopefully be able to fund education in a way that I think we’d all like to do here in the Legislature.”

Recreational marijuana was officially made legal in Nevada in 2017, after voters there passed a ballot measure the year before. According to CannaCon, Nevada is now one of seven states to have legislation on the books permitting cannabis lounges.

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Nevada Gives Green Light to Cannabis Consumption Lounges

Cannabis consumption lounges will be coming to Nevada next year under a bill signed into law by Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak earlier this month. The measure, Assembly Bill 341 (AB341), was signed by Sisolak on June 4 after being passed by lawmakers in both houses of the state legislature in May. Currently, onsite cannabis consumption is only allowed at the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace on Las Vegas Paiute tribal land north of downtown.

The legislation permits two types of cannabis businesses. Retail cannabis lounges will be operated by licensed marijuana dispensaries, while independent cannabis consumption lounges will not be connected to a retailer. Both types of businesses will sell ready-to-use or single-use cannabis products for onsite consumption by adults 21 and older. Live entertainment is permitted, but alcohol will not be allowed.

“You can think of it like a bar, except obviously there will be no alcohol,” Assemblyman Steve Yeager, the sponsor of the legislation, said during a Senate Finance Committee hearing, as quoted by Forbes. “It could be a joint, an edible, it could be an infused food or infused soda, whatever the concept might be.”

Yeager added that more original concepts would also likely arise, noting that ideas such as fine dining restaurants serving cannabis-infused dishes, cannabis-friendly yoga classes, and comedy clubs offering marijuana products could all become reality. 

“Whatever you could think of could be possible,” Yeager said.

Ben Kovler, the CEO and founder of multistate cannabis operator Green Thumb Industries, said that the company is planning a lounge for the dispensary opened on the Las Vegas Strip by GTI in May under a licensing deal with the founders of the brand Cookies, rapper Berner and his cultivation collaborator Jai.

“When people come to Vegas for a bachelor party, a wedding, or just to see friends they haven’t seen in 15 months, they’re going to want to get together and consume cannabis and pretty soon there will be consumption lounges and they’re going to want to come to Cookies,” Kovler said. “What better place than Las Vegas? It’s an experience city in the middle of the desert.”

Consumption Lounges And Social Equity

Nevada’s foray into cannabis consumption lounges will bring a measure of equity to the state’s efforts at marijuana policy reform. Before AB341, cannabis consumption was legal under state law only in private residences with the owner’s permission, leaving renters and visitors open to the disparate enforcement of drug laws that has been repeatedly documented. Consuming cannabis in hotels and casinos is not allowed.

“Consumption lounges are important because they help protect people from prejudicial law enforcement or being fined or sanctioned in a way that causes real harm, that perpetuates the War on Drugs,” cannabis and social equity advocate and Las Vegas resident Noel Gordon told Filter.

The legislation also has social equity provisions built into the licensing regulations for cannabis consumption lounges. Nevada’s legalization initiative, passed in 2016, is lacking in robust equity measures. Such oversights are likely to doom or delay legalization proposals today, a fact seen in recent and eventually successful reform efforts in New Jersey and New York.

Qualified social equity applicants who wish to open a cannabis consumption lounge will receive up to a 75% reduction in application fees, which can cost as much as $30,000. Under the bill, a social equity applicant is a person “who has been adversely affected by provisions of previous laws which criminalized activity relating to cannabis, including, without limitation, adverse effects on an owner, officer or board member of the applicant or on the geographic area in which the applicant will operate,” according to the legislation.

Additionally, the number of independent cannabis consumption lounge licenses will initially be capped at 20, with half reserved for social equity applicants. But despite the efforts, Gordon is uncertain the social equity provisions will work as intended.

“I’m not all that optimistic we will still deliver on the social equity pieces,” Gordon said. “We still live in a prohibition lite version of legalization here in Nevada whereby you can purchase and consume cannabis in your home, but short of that, if you were to consume it on the sidewalk, in a hotel room, at a friend’s place, you will still be subject to some kind of criminal penalty or sanction.”

AB341 goes into effect in October, and state regulators are expected to begin accepting applications for cannabis lounges in July. But with regulations still being drafted, it is likely to be next year before the first consumption clubs open.

“The Cannabis Compliance Board is continuing to review the bill and its requirements in establishing consumption lounge licenses in Nevada,” said Tiana Bohner, public information officer for the agency. “The Board will aim to promulgate regulations and begin issuing licenses by early 2022.”

Bob Groesbeck, the co-CEO for Planet 13, a 112,000-square-foot Las Vegas dispensary billed as the world’s largest, said that his company has been planning a cannabis lounge for the site since AB341 was introduced two years ago.

“Our SuperStore is one of the only dispensaries with the space on site and the proximity to the Las Vegas Strip to create a truly Vegas style club,” Groesbeck said in a statement from Planet 13. “As with the rest of our dispensary we look forward to setting the bar and showing the industry what is possible when your goal is to Out Vegas, Vegas.”

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Rolling Stone and Curaleaf Partner On New ‘Rolling Stone by Select’ Cannabis Brand

International cannabis powerhouse Curaleaf announced on Tuesday that its Select brand will market co-branded cannabis products under a new strategic partnership with pop culture and music authority Rolling Stone. The deal will initially bring “Rolling Stone by Select” branded vaporizer products and pre-rolled joints to Nevada, with plans to expand to other regulated cannabis markets in the future.

Rolling Stone and Select are creating a groundbreaking partnership that will showcase our next generation hardware [and] America’s best-selling premium cannabis oil while curating an exclusive relationship between music, cannabis and culture,” Select founder and president Cameron Forni wrote in an electronic message to Cannabis Now.

The new line of Rolling Stone by Select products will include Select’s newest proprietary cannabis oil vaporizer pod system, The Cliq, as well as Select’s first ever pre-rolled joint. Both product formats will feature three different “strains and flavor profiles hand-selected by Rolling Stone to celebrate some of the most well-known and genre-defining artists and sounds in music history,” Curaleaf wrote in a press release. The line includes Overdrive, berry-forward sativa; a complex and full-bodied indica known as Reverb; and a fruity, calming hybrid marketed under the moniker Phaser. The products will be distributed through Select’s wholesale partners and at Curaleaf dispensaries, including Acres by Curaleaf and Curaleaf Las Vegas Boulevard.

Rolling Stone by Select Cliq Vaporizer

“Music and Cannabis go hand in hand,” said Rolling Stone president and chief operating officer Gus Wenner, noting that the company has a legacy of celebrating this connection and a history of covering cannabis policy reform efforts.

“We are thrilled to have found a perfect partner in Curaleaf who gives us the opportunity to design a product that elevates the music listening experience and celebrates the deep connection between the two.” 

Music Icon Teams with Cannabis Powerhouse

Curaleaf and Select made headlines in 2019 when they joined forces in what was at the time the cannabis industry’s largest merger deal in history. Today, Curaleaf operates in 23 states with 106 cannabis dispensaries, 23 cultivation sites, and more than 30 processing sites, with a workforce of nearly 5,000 in the United States. Curaleaf International is the largest vertically integrated cannabis company in Europe, conducting pioneering scientific research integrated with a unique supply chain including cultivation, extraction and production, as well as a distribution network across the European market. 

“Part of my job at Curaleaf is building brands people love. Select is a brand built around the relentless pursuit of progress and going to great lengths to create the best possible experience for our consumer,” Curaleaf CEO Joe Bayern said in a statement from the company. “This is a synergy we are honored to share with Rolling Stone. They are known for having one of the most authentic and discerning voices in modern journalism, and, as part of that, they’ve included cannabis in their coverage for the past 50 years – something many other publications are only just starting to do today. We’re honored and thrilled that the Rolling Stone team believes in our vision, our products and our people to create and deliver the highest-quality cannabis products and experiences in the industry.”

Putting Social Equity into Practice

Bayern told Cannabis Now in an email that Rolling Stone and Curaleaf have an opportunity to use their combined platforms to advance social equity issues including reducing mass incarceration and ensuring that all entrepreneurs, especially those belonging to communities adversely affected by the War on Drugs, have an opportunity to participate in the legal cannabis economy.

“Since our inception, Curaleaf has been dedicated to putting its best foot forward for each other, our customers and our communities. We truly believe in shaping a healthy, inclusive, well-regulated cannabis industry that provides for social, financial and environmental benefits shared by all,” Bayern said. “Throughout Curaleaf’s network and supply chain, we’re constantly looking for ways to support equal access and opportunity for communities impacted by the War on Drugs so that everyone has the chance to participate in the regulated cannabis industry.”

Bayern noted that Curaleaf’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, called “Rooted in Good,” is grounded on three core pillars: social equity; sustainability; and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). Through the program, Curaleaf strives to deliver social impact through focused efforts that match the company’s capabilities and prioritize resources for social equity programming that deliver real opportunities.

“As a part of that work, we engage in strategic partnerships activating programs that foster opportunity and remove systematic barriers for communities most harmed by the War on Drugs and cannabis criminalization,” Bayern said. “Regarding our partnership with Rolling Stone, we are excited to explore conversations with their CSR team around future endeavors to further advance cannabis social equity issues and bring about change in a positive way.”

Curaleaf also revealed that the partnership would launch a new retail concept inspired by “Select’s commitment to enriching communities and creating inclusive, meaningful experiences and Rolling Stone’s world class storytelling and culture-defining content.” The retail location is expected to open in Las Vegas in 2022, with further details to be announced later.

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Tuesday April 6, 2021 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

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// Mexico Marijuana Legalization Bill Clears Key Senate Committee With Floor Vote Expected This Month (Marijuana Moment)

// Recreational marijuana sales in Illinois smash record in March – $109 million (Chicago Tribune)

// Trulieve Buys Keystone Shops In $60 Million Deal (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Planet 13 Q4 Revenue Increases 22% From a Year Ago to $20.1 Million (New Cannabis Ventures)

// Jushi Completes $9 Million Nevada Acquisition ()

// D.C. Is ‘Ready’ To Legalize Marijuana Sales As Soon As Congress Gets Out Of The Way, Mayor Says (Marijuana Moment)

// Colorado Is Auctioning Marijuana-Themed License Plates To Raise Money For People With Disabilities (Marijuana Moment)

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Photo: Adrian Owen/Flickr