Cannabis Holidays to Celebrate Throughout the Year

We all know 420 as the quintessential stoner holiday. Even many people who don’t smoke very much have heard of the day; it’s globally recognized. But did you know there are quite a few other cannabis holidays, more quaint and less commercialized ones, that are very much worth celebrating?

So, mark your calendars, call your friends, and make sure you’re stocked up on all your favorite products when these cannabis holidays roll around.

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420 – April 20th

First on the list, not because it’s the most well-known but because it’s chronologically first, is none other than 420. The origin of the term 420 can be traced back to a group of five teens from San Rafael, California, the birthplace of many industry trends and the current largest cannabis market in the world. The teens were appropriately nicknamed “the Waldos” due to their preferred hang out spot – a wall outside of their high school. In the fall of 1971, the Waldos got wind of a rumor that a Coast Guard planted some cannabis seeds there and was no longer able to tend to his field.

Every day after school, they would pile into one of their cars, have a little smoke sesh, and scour the Point Reyes National Forest for this legendary crop. Their daily meeting time? 4:20 p.m. They never did find the elusive crop (that likely didn’t even exist), but they did manage start a trend that would first take over their high school and soon reach global status.

The phrase “420” quickly spread around, especially with teens and young adults, because it allowed teens to talk about cannabis openly while their parents, teachers, and supervisors were none the wiser. Eventually, thanks to some attention from Grateful Dead and a simple flyer that read, “We are going to meet at 4:20 on 4/20 for 420-ing in Marin County at the Bolinas Ridge sunset spot on Mt. Tamalpais.” Once High Times printed the story, accompanied by a photo of the flyer, it was game over… 420 was officially a thing.

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Jack Herer’s Birthday – June 18th

If you live in a legal or medical market, it’s not uncommon to find numerous strains with “Jack” in the name. Jack Diesel, Critical Jack, and Super Jack are all variants of the infamous sativa strain, Jack Herer. A lot of people, both consumers and those within the industry, know about the potent effects and robust flavor of this strain, however, many are unfamiliar with the man behind the strain.

After serving in the U.S. Army and moving to Los Angeles, California, Jack tried marijuana for his first time at the ripe of 30 years old. After falling in love with the plant and its effects, he quit his job and opened a head shop in Venice Beach, a mecca for art and hippie culture at the time.

By the 1970s, Jack Herer became a powerful presence in the movement to legalize cannabis. Herer spent a lot of time at the Library of Congress, reviewing decades of government-backed research on marijuana benefits and hemp fiber uses. He used this information for his 1985 book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes, which marked a watershed in his career as a cannabis industry activist.

His book quickly became known as the “holy grail” or “bible” of cannabis knowledge. To this day it is still viewed as a classic and a must-read for anyone with any sort of involvement with cannabis. To commemorate his many strides in the cannabis industry, many choose to celebrate his birthday, June 18th, by lighting up a joint, bowl, or blunt in one of his legendary strains.

710 – July 10th

For most people, July 10th is just another day; but in the cannabis industry, it’s a new-ish holiday to celebrate dabs. While most people view this as a very recreational form of using cannabis or hemp buds, many medical patients utilize it for the strong and fast-acting effects. Concentrates have anywhere from 50 to 90 percent cannabinoid content.

The exact origins of how this holiday came to be remain a bit hazy, but the date was picked for one simple reason: when you take the number 710, and flip it upside it looks just like the word “OIL”. The first documented 710 celebrations were back in 2012, when Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize recreational cannabis and thus, created The 7/10 Cup to showcase newly permitted concentrate products.

Current 7/10 celebrations consist of concentrate consumption, usually via a popular method referred to as “dabbing”. Concentrates come in many forms such as wax, shatter, and bubble hash, and you can get both THC and CBD varieties. A small amount of concentrate is loaded into a dab rig then heated with a blowtorch.

CBD Day – August 8th

August 8th is celebration of cannabidiol specifically. Although it technically started as a marketing campaign, it’s grown to be nationally recognized as a day to spread awareness about the numerous health benefits of using CBD, arguably one of the most important cannabis holidays. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive so it’s primarily used in the wellness sector and there is even and FDA-approved medication, Epidiolex, that utilizes CBD as the main ingredient.

Although Epidiolex is only prescribed to patients with a few rare forms of epilepsy, CBD is used to treat a laundry list of different ailments including anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain, nausea, and other neurological disorders.

CBD is legal in all 50 states and, according to a recent Gallup poll, 64 percent of Americans have tried it at least once or have some level of familiarity with it, and 14 percent of people use it regularly. For adults under the age of 35, it is the preferred treatment method for mental health disorders.

Cannabis Holidays – Final Thoughts

Aside from 420, what cannabis holidays will you be celebrating this year? And how do you plan to celebrate? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure to subscribe to The CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter for exclusive deals on flowers and other products.

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Happy National CBD Day to Our Readers!

Back in 1971, when a group of cannabis enthusiasts calling themselves “The Waldos” met daily after school to search for a famed cannabis crop in the woods, they had no idea how significant the term “420” would become in later years. But what about National CBD Day on 8/8?

The number “420” has been synonymous with cannabis culture for some time now, although many people don’t know the origins of the term. There are a few different versions of the 420 story, but the real story dates back to 1971 in San Rafael, California. It was down to five high schoolers – Steve Capper, Dave Reddix, Jeffrey Noel, Larry Schwartz, and Mark Gravich who went by the name of “The Waldos.”

Why did they go by that name, you ask? Because the team of friends would hang-out by a wall outside their school, where they hatched an intricate plan to track down and locate some abandoned cannabis.

It’s a great story, as the five friends had in their possession what was alleged to be a treasure map from a cannabis grower. This map was supposed to lead to a stash of abandoned cannabis. The Waldos made the now-infamous Louis Pasteur statue near their school their meeting place. They also arranged to meet daily, as scheduled, at 4:20 in the afternoon. The plan to find the stash was called “4:20 Louis” but when it failed the Waldos dropped the name to simply “420”.


There are undoubtedly other versions of the 420 story. No matter what the roots of the phrase, National 420 Day takes place annually on April 20th since 2018. There’s also 7/10 (July 10) which is Cannabis Oil Day for some. That number originated because 710 read upside down looks like the word oil. But what about National CBD Day? And when did it become a thing?

National CBD Day takes place once a year on August 8th, hence 8/8. The number has no cute backstory like the others but is the brainchild of one of the most prominent players in the CBD industry, cbdMD, based in North Carolina.

They even applied to the National Day Calander to have National CBD Day instituted “officially.”  The company receives around 20,000 applications each year for new national holidays, but not all are approved. Each application goes before a four-person committee who decide whether or not to approve the holiday.

Back in 2018, cbdMD’s application for National CBD Day was approved, and set for August 8. As the CEO of the company, Marlo Anderson explained, CBD “has quickly swept the nation, prompting experts to finally acknowledge the significance of the all-natural supplement.” Obviously, these new holidays are not official by any means and are simply a marketing tool to energize various industries or fields.

According to Anderson, National CBD Day has shot to popularity around the world beyond all expectations. Anderson expects around 100 million people will be aware of National CBD Day 2019. In any event, for those who enjoy CBD, whether medicinally or recreationally, National CBD Day is a great idea. Some want to celebrate, for example, moving from prescription medications to the natural benefits of CBD.

If you’re planning to celebrate National CBD Day this year, or even if you’re not, make sure you look out for 8/8 deals from CBD vendors online as they’ll be offering discounts.

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