Oregon Psilocybin Service Centers Set High Prices, Thousands Have Already Waitlisted

An estimated 3,000 people are now on a waitlist for Oregon’s first legal and operating psilocybin service center. EPIC Healing Eugene opened in June but is one of many psilocybin service centers that are still working on beginning operation.

“Our services focus on deep healing work, mindfulness, empowerment, spirituality, and transformation through psilocybin facilitation and integration,” EPIC Healing Eugene states on its website. “We teach self-help strategies that support self-directed personal development and brain change. We help you prepare for a healing shift that will help you get the most out of your experiential journeys. Our skilled and supportive staff offer preparation sessions, followed by integration sessions to help you better recognize and incorporate the gems of insight from your psychedelic experiences into your daily life.”

While patients don’t need a prescription or referral in order to take advantage of EPIC Healing Eugene’s services, their insurance also won’t cover such an experience. AP News stated that the price to try this new experience can exceed more than $2,000, which covers the business cost of the service center, as well as facilitators who assist participants through their experience, and lab-tested psilocybin. However, group pricing reduces the overall price.

According to Angela Allbee, Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) Section Manager, patients appear to be enjoying their experiences since EPIC opened. “So far, what we’re hearing is that clients have had positive experiences,” she told AP News. Allbee also mentioned that they’ve received inquiries from across the world.

In November 2020, Oregon voters pass Measure 110 officially became the first state to decriminalize hard drugs such as heroin or methamphetamine, and also legalized the use of psilocybin mushrooms for therapeutic use. By December 2022, the state was training facilitators to care for participants experiencing their psilocybin journey.

It took until May 2023 to approve the first license, which belonged to EPIC Healing Eugene. “We want to congratulate Cathy Jonas of EPIC Healing Eugene on being the first licensed service center in the state,” Allbee said at the time. “This is such a historic moment as psilocybin services will soon become available in Oregon, and we appreciate the strong commitment to client safety and access as service center doors prepare to open.”

As of September, there are 10 licensed service centers (a few of which are not yet operational), four growers, two testing laboratories, and “dozens of facilitators,” according to AP News

EPIC Healing Eugene states on its website that it specifically offers macrodosing, ranging between 10 mg to 35 mg (although the state allows these service centers to offer up to 50 mg). However, the service center hopes to include microdosing in the future. Once it has been verified if participants are ready for such an experience, they must undergo two one-hour sessions (or one two-hour session) for preparation. A single psilocybin administration session takes approximately six hours. Once the session has completed, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) requires that all forms and documentation be kept for five years. 

According to EPIC Healing Eugene owner Cathy Jonas, she’s not expecting to turn a profit anytime soon. Instead, it’s more of a calling to help others. “The plant medicines have communicated to me that I’m supposed to be doing this thing,” she told AP News. 

One of Jonas’ first clients took a 35 mg dose, which they described as “… kind of infinite-dimension fractal that just kept turning and twisting.” “It was kind of mesmerizing to watch, but it got so intense,” explained the unnamed individual. “I started to have this experience of dying and being reborn. And then I would kind of see large portions of my life going by in a very rapid way.”

Additionally, another psilocybin service center called Omnia Group Ashland opened in September in southern Oregon as well. So far, it has approximately 150 people on its waitlist. Another center in Bend, Oregon, called Lucid Cradle, is already booked through December 2023, but plans to serve one client per week.

Mushroom cultivation differs quite a bit from cannabis cultivation. One of Oregon’s licensed mushroom growers, Gared Hansen of Uptown Fungus, is the sole person cultivating psilocybin for his business. He grows mushroom varieties such as Golden Teacher, Blue Meanies, and Pink Buffalo, with an average cost of $125 for a 25 mg dose.

Hansen emphasizes the importance of purchasing mushrooms for legal sources, because mushrooms often look similar, and some may be an incorrect and poisonous variety to the untrained eye. “Sometimes part of the healing could be a negative experience someone has to go through, to kind of flush negative emotions out or reexperience some trauma in a healthier way,” said Hansen. “I’d hate to have someone that’s never tried it before take it home, have a bad trip and hurt themselves.”

According to a recent report from Willamette Weekly, Oregon Psilocybin Services have not yet yielded a groundbreaking amount of money from fees, noting that it currently costs more to run the program. “Backers of Measure 109 said the program would cost far more—$3.1 million a year—to run,” the outlet stated. “To fill at least part of that gap, Oregon lawmakers appropriated $3.1 million from the taxpayer-supported general fund for the two-year period that started July 1. OHA is betting that shroom fee revenue will pick up as the biennium proceeds, making up the rest of the shortfall,”

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Want To Feel More Authentic? Try Microdosing, Study Says

Becoming your true, authentic self could be facilitated by microdosing psychedelics, according to a recent study

The study, published in May in the journal Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, focused “on the relationship between state authenticity – the experience of being true to oneself in a particular moment – and microdosing – a practice that implies repeatedly ingesting very small doses of psychedelics that do not reach the threshold for perceptual alterations.”

The authors proposed that “microdosing could increase state authenticity through influencing people’s mood and the number and satisfaction with daily activities,” and sought to demonstrate that through “self-assessments of state authenticity collected from 18 microdosers in the Netherlands across the period of 1 month for a total of 192 observations.”

Ultimately, the authors of the study learned that “on the microdosing day and the day thereafter, state authenticity was significantly higher,” and “the number of activities and the satisfaction with them were higher on the day when participants microdosed, while the following day only the number of activities was higher.” According to the authors, both “the number or activities and the satisfaction with them were positively related to state authenticity.”

“We propose that feeling and behaving authentically could have a central role in explaining the positive effects of microdosing on health and wellbeing that are reported by current research,” they wrote in their analysis. 

“In conclusion, we have found evidence that the microdosing practice was related to higher ratings of state authenticity and that a behavioural mechanism is most likely at work. Our study opens the door to a new line of research as we propose that feeling and behaving authentically could have a central role in explaining the positive effects of microdosing on health and wellbeing that are reported by current research.”

Microdosing is all the rage these days, with its practitioners ranging from everyday millennials and zoomers to Silicon Valley’s elite

The study tracing the effect on one’s authenticity isn’t the first to lend credence to those microdosing evangelists. 

Research published last summer offered evidence that microdosing on psilocybin mushrooms has a positive effect on one’s mood and overall mental health. 

Those researchers observed “small- to medium-sized improvements in mood and mental health that were generally consistent across gender, age and presence of mental health concerns … improvements in psychomotor performance that were specific to older adults.”

They claimed that the study was “the largest prospective study to date of microdosing psilocybin, the first to distinguish between microdosing admixtures (i.e., stacking), and among the few prospective studies to systematically disaggregate analyses according to age and mental health concerns.”

The researchers behind the authenticity study acknowledged that there were “limitations” in their analysis, among them “concerns the potential placebo effects that cannot be addressed with these data” and “the variability in doses and regimens for microdosing, makes it impossible to distinguish between genuine drug effects and placebo effects.”

“While genuine drug effects are undoubtedly relevant to our understanding of microdosing, our study takes a different approach. Our study aims to capture the effects of microdosing in a natural setting, where variations in factors, such as dosage and regimen, are expected. This approach increases the external validity of the results, reflecting real-world conditions in which individuals are likely to have different practices, sensitivities to substances and goals for microdosing,” they wrote. 

“In addition, our data collection design captures the effects of a microdosing practice in a natural setting,” they added. “It embraces the inherent variability in regimens and dosages while ensuring a common understanding of microdosing among participants. This approach enhances the external validity of our findings and reflects real-world conditions. Furthermore, our study is a positive example of the use of experience sampling methods with the use of a phone app, and an invitation for researchers to further explore this methodology.”

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LSD Microdoses Led to Extra 24 Minutes of Sleep the Following Night, Study Suggests

The magical and potent hallucinogen lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) may have a new, clinically significant medical benefit: getting sleep. A new study, entitled “LSD Increases Sleep Duration the Night After Microdosing,” was published June 28 by researchers associated with the University of Auckland in New Zealand. 

Results showed a significant improvement in sleep patterns, but that particular benefit took a day to kick in, after the initial effects wear off.

Researchers observed 80 healthy adult male volunteers over a six week time period as they took either LSD (10 µg) or placebo with doses self-administered every third day. There’s a reason for this. As MAPS notes, a solid tolerance of the effects of LSD develops and won’t wear off until 2 or 3 consecutive days.

Researchers used the microdose range in the study. The normal recreational dose range of LSD—50-250 μg—is still a small dose compared to other hallucinogens, but with a much more profound effect.

A “clinically significant” improvement in sleep patterns the next day was observed, including improvements in REM sleep time, the stage of sleep when most dreams happen and when dreams are more vivid.

Improved Sleep Time

“In this study it was found that participants in the LSD group had significantly increased sleep time compared to participants in the placebo group when they had taken a microdose the previous day, but no differences were found the night of the dose,” researchers noted. “These differences corresponded to an extra 8 minutes of REM sleep, 21 minutes of sleep time and 24 minutes of total sleep time the night after microdosing with no differences in sleep on the microdosing day itself with participants going to bed earlier the night after microdosing.”

The study was written by authors Nathan Allen, Aron Jeremiah, Robin Murphy, Rachael Sumner, Anna Forsyth, Nicholas Hoeh, David B Menkes, William Evans, Suresh Muthukumaraswamy, Frederick Sundram, and Partha Roop. 

The authors continued, “There were no differences in the ratio of time spent in each sleep stage, nor were there detectable differences in the physical activity of participants between the groups or evidence of tolerance/sensation.”

The researchers explained that the purpose of microdosing compounds like LSD or psilocybin below the threshold to induce hallucinations has profound implications in psychotherapy, which includes improving mood and well-being, reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as potentially enhancing creativity and productivity.

LSD is complex and can have both stimulant and depressant effects.

They used a commercially available sleep/activity tracker to keep track of sleep duration during the study. Data from numerous nights of sleep showed that on the night after microdosing participants in the LSD group slept an extra 24.3 minutes per night compared to placebo. There were no reductions of sleep observed on the dosing day itself. 

Implications for LSD in Medicine

“These results show clear modification of the physiological sleep requirements in healthy volunteers who microdose, and may have implications for the proposed therapeutic effects of microdosing in mood disorders such as major depressive disorder where sleep is frequently disturbed. The clear, clinically significant, changes in objective measurements of sleep observed are difficult to explain as a placebo effect.”

The authors noted that several microdosing studies have provided some subjective reporting around sleep quality. These studies tend to show bidirectional effects, with both improvements and difficulties in sleeping reported. 

Meanwhile, the data aligns with confirmatory positive sleep responses reported by MindBio Therapeutics earlier this month. In that study, 80 clinical trial participants were given either a microdose of LSD or a placebo.

Also in 2022 a New York-based biotech firm has begun a clinical trial to study LSD as a treatment for anxiety.

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Amanita Mushroom Capsules Product Review

Did you hear about what happens if you take a final exam on magic mushrooms? Supposedly you’ll pass with…flying colors! Bad puns aside, you’ll want to scoot your toadstool a bit closer as I outline my experience with featuring a compound that’s sweeping the industry: Amanita Mushrooms! Today’s product review will focus on a no-nonsense product type in the form of Amanita Mushroom Capsules.

Since actual magic mushrooms are still wildly illegal, these capsules contain mushroom powder that’s been carefully purged of any psilocybin to comply with federal regulations. I recently reviewed another Amanita Mushroom product, the Blue Razz Gummies in the form of soft and chewy edible, so I’m curious and excited to see how these capsules are in comparison. I’ll start off by briefly mentioning what the Amanita Mushroom brand has to say about these simple capsules and what to expect. 

The Basics For Amanita Mushroom’s Capsules 

The name “Amanita Mushrooms” is for both the brand name as well as the product type. If you’re new to trying any legal mushroom product, this might be confusing at first glance; it sure was for me! I scanned the QR code on the back of the plastic tube that the capsules came in but was redirected to a DropBox link for all of the brand’s CoA (Certificate of Authenticity) results.

Amanita Powder: The basic element most Amanita Products use

While this was great to see, it didn’t redirect me to the official website. I ended up just entering the brand name into my web browser to find the official site. This irked me as I wasn’t able to find the website quickly, an annoyance that could have easily been avoided by listing the official site on the label itself. Not a dealbreaker, but I felt this would have simplified future ordering from the brand. Once I did find the official website, I was met with another dilemma: the site has two options for mushroom capsules. After several more minutes of comparing the two, I’m fairly certain I found the correct ones listed at $12.99 for 3 capsules, $24.99 for 6, and $39.99 for 10.

There was a sale going on at the time of this review, so prices may vary depending on when you purchase them. However, there was one final snag in trying to figure out which capsule type I was consuming. There were four different options of Muscaria/Pantherina levels: Spiritual (1:2:1), Energy (2:1:1), Reflect (1:1:2), and Mood (1:1:1). Unfortunately, there was absolutely no information mentioned on the label to confirm which one I received, so I’ll be doing this review completely blind. 

There is no recommended dosage listed on either the product packaging or in the site’s product description. This was frustrating as not everyone’s tolerance is the same, and it would have been very helpful to have a starting point. The description mentioned that the capsules were vegan and are 100% free of Ibotenic Acid. The capsules contain 0.35 grams (350mg) of Amanita Mushroom Extract and 5.6 grams of muscimol.

A lot of these terms were unfamiliar to me, but there was an additional FAQ section further down that explained in simple verbiage what each of these unfamiliar words signified. I personally felt that the site could have used a better layout with more eye-catching graphics and details, but I can understand how minimalists and no-nonsense consumers might appreciate this. Barely satisfied with my experience so far, it was time to check out the actual product: the Amanita Mushroom capsules! 

Amanita Mushroom Capsules Product Review 

Capsules, while offering a direct and simple product type, are a bit of a no-frills or exciting product type to review. No scent, no taste, no nonsense! Simply swallow and that’s it! The capsules I received came in a plain plastic pill bottle; slightly opaque and quite similar to the pharmaceutical ones (but not orange). There was a single sticker that wrapped halfway around the container that outlined the total milligram count (350mg) and a large black X marking the total amount of capsules within (options were for 3, 6, or 10).

While there was no mention of a recommended dosage, a disclaimer suggested that the effects would kick in anywhere between 30-45 minutes. The instructions did state that you need to squeeze the sides after tearing off the pull tab, thus popping open the top of the bottle. I followed those instructions and got my first glimpse of the capsules.  

Appearance, Scent, & Taste

In lieu of the capsules not having any scent or taste, the only thing to really review in this section would be their appearance and size. The capsules were about the size of a quarter and very light. The capsule itself was clear so I could see the mushroom powder inside, a light tan color. The capsule had no discernable scent or taste (both of which I expected). The capsules were a little intimidating once they were on my tongue but I was able to easily swallow them with a swig of water. I didn’t feel any pain while or after swallowing, which was a relief. I glanced at the clock and noted the time, unsure of exactly when I’d feel the effects, but curious to experience them nonetheless. 

Time Elapsed To Feel Effects 

I’ll preface this by saying I ended up blowing through all six of these capsules to try to establish some sense of consistency. I initially tried one, but after more than an hour had passed, I felt nothing. The next time I tried the capsules, I once again tried only one; it took about 45 minutes before I thought I felt something. However, the effects were very minimal. The effects seemed extremely dulled and almost muted, like I was imagining them out of desperation to feel anything at all. The third time I popped two of the capsules into my mouth but fell asleep after waiting bored for an hour. The fourth and final time, I took two capsules very early to see if the capsules had a delayed reaction time. That seemed to do the trick, as it took about an hour and fifteen minutes to start feeling some very noticeable effects. 

Effects Felt During the High – 2 Capsules (Final Time)

The two times that I tried just one capsule in each session didn’t seem to bring any noticeable effects. Instead, the effects I had were almost like a sputtering flame, like a match trying so hard to burn into a roaring fire but simply could not. This is what prompted me to take two capsules; I suspected I simply hadn’t taken a strong enough dosage for my tolerance levels. The fourth time that I tried the capsules, I down two but must not have allotted enough time for them to kick in. But the second time I took two capsules earlier in the evening, those did indeed deliver a very different kind of high.  

If you don’t mind drying the mushrooms yourself, the Amanita caps are your perfect choice

After about an hour, I noticed a very strong sense of uneasiness coming over me. My chest felt uncomfortably tight and constricted, very similar to the unpleasantness accompanied with indigestion. I experienced a shortness of breath and waves of nausea that made me feel queasy and unsure of myself. My eyes felt droopy and I felt a distinct tingling in my back, a sensation that I’d never felt before. My face and the tops of my hands were also “buzzy” but it wasn’t a warm comfortable tingling that I enjoyed.

This was very different from a Delta-8 THC high in that I was very acutely aware that I wasn’t sober, but none of the euphoria or familiar effects were present (haziness, slowed sense of time, blurred vision, couch lock). I experienced a sense of urgency to do things quickly, like a growing sense of uneasiness that seemed to intensify every few minutes. I became weary of my surroundings and walked quickly to my bed in hopes that laying down would help. 

Once fully wrapped up in my warm blankets, I felt cold yet very awake. I was relieved that the nausea dissipated somewhat and my eyes closed to ward off the sense of dizziness. This also helped, but I couldn’t shake the growing discomfort of knowing that something was off, and not in a good way. One very uncomfortable sensation that followed when I closed my eyes was that it felt like parts of my body were solidifying and I grew more irritable with every passing minute. I became adverse to touching anything, acutely aware that this high was not enjoyable. I wished for the high to be over and managed to fall into a grumpy slumber. I woke up about an hour later, still high, feeling extremely uncomfortable and bewildered. The blankets felt rough and smothering on my skin, causing me to toss and turn restlessly. Thankfully, this only lasted about ten minutes before I was somehow able to fall back asleep until morning. 

What exactly is Muscimol and what are its effects?

Longevity of The High

Not a single session with these capsules produced consistent results; it was a guessing game from the first session to the last, filled with impatience and frustration. One capsule had no effect, while two capsules were too much. The final session of two capsules lasted for about three hours, which delivered an overwhelming and uncomfortable high that I did not enjoy. There were very minimal waves of feeling high that rose up and tapered off to feeling not high at all. I remember wishing for the effects to go away completely, as I was not enjoying myself at any part of the high. 

Lingering Effects The Next Day

Upon waking the following morning, I was so relieved to see sunlight streaming through my windows. I was grateful to not feel any lingering effects, but I strongly remembered the effects from the night before. I distinctly remember thinking that I did not enjoy the high and was not interested in trying the capsules again. I was able to start my day with no mental fog or cobwebs to battle before feeling “normal” again. 

Amanita Mushroom Capsules – Final Thoughts  

I pride myself on finding at least one or two redeeming qualities, but the Amanita Mushroom capsules made that extremely difficult. From difficulty locating the exact type of capsules these were on the official website to struggling with the correct dosage, I knew I was in for a rough experience. The actual high was elusive with a single capsule and overpowering with two capsules. The effects were unpleasant and unwanted, something that is extremely rare when I reflect on how many products I’ve had the opportunity to review.

The Amanita Mushroom gummies that I reviewed were much more pleasant, but I’d implore the brand to go back to the drawing board with these capsules. It breaks my heart to give a product a poor review, but these capsules were not enjoyable during any of the four sessions that I consumed them. I’m sure the Amanita Mushrooms brand has a variety of excellent products, but unfortunately, I do not feel that these capsules reflect well on the brand overall. For these reasons, I must rate the product a 1-star rating out of 5 possible stars. 

If you’re brave enough to try these capsules for yourself, I’m extremely curious to see how your experience is. I encourage you to share your experiences in the comments below! I realize that legal psychedelics and psychoactive compounds are unique to the individual, meaning that the effects of my high may be better or worse than yours. In my next product review, I’ll be returning to the beloved Delta Extrax brand, this time reviewing a duet of Apple Fritter & Berry Pie vape carts. I love all things sweet and dessert flavored and I’m excited to see what effects may follow after a puff or two of these unique flavors. I look forward to seeing you again soon as I continue to review a variety of products available in the hemp and mushroom industry. Until we meet again! 

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Boomers Amanita Gummies: 75% Discount -The Ultimate Deal of the Day

In the ever-evolving world of wellness and natural supplements, Boomers Amanita Gummies have carved out a unique niche. Today, we are thrilled to announce a whopping 75% off on these sought-after gummies, making it our Deal of the Day!

Boomers Amanita Gummies are not just another product on the shelf. They are a testament to the power of nature, harnessing the benefits of Amanita Muscaria mushrooms in a convenient and palatable form. Each gummy contains 375 MG of lab-tested Amanita Muscaria extract, making them an excellent choice for those interested in microdosing (which is one of the top traditional ways to experience this mushroom!).

The gummies come in professional, retail-ready packaging, making them perfect for bulk wholesale, resale, and distribution. But the real highlight of today’s deal is the unbeatable pricing.

75% Discount on Boomers Amanita Gummies

For those looking to try out these gummies, the 10 Gummy Pouch is available for as low as $0.75 per gummy, totaling just $7.50. If you’re looking for a larger quantity, the 5 Pouch Display offers gummies for as low as $0.50 each, costing $25.00 in total.

For our bulk buyers, the 100 Pc. Bulk Bag and the 1000 Pc. Bulk Bag offer even more value, with gummies priced as low as $0.43 and $0.35 each, respectively. And for those looking to stock up, the 20 Box Case offers gummies for as low as $0.375 each, totaling $375.00.

Don’t wait, take advantage of the 75% discount and stock-up on Amanita gummies today!

Boomers Amanita Gummies

75% Off Boomers Amanita Gummies

Save big on Amanita Gummies

But why choose Boomers Amanita Gummies? Apart from their competitive pricing, these gummies are made from Amanita Muscaria mushrooms, which are tested for potency, heavy metals, and to ensure there is no psilocybin (while we love magic mushrooms, they are not legaly sold online, unlike Amanitas, which you can get HERE). A scannable QR code linking to the Certificates of Analysis (COAs) is affixed to each product, ensuring transparency and trust.

Moreover, these gummies come in a variety of flavors, including Booming Berry, Cosmic Cherry, Sour Grapezilla, Apple Astronaut, Tropical Trip, and Magic Mango, catering to a range of taste preferences.

This deal is not just about the price; it’s about the opportunity to embrace a natural, wellness-focused lifestyle. So, take advantage of our Deal of the Day and experience the benefits of Boomers Mushroom Gummies today!

75% Off Boomers Amanita Gummies
75% Off Boomers Amanita Gummies

Save big on Amanita Mushrooms

In conclusion, our Deal of the Day, the Boomers Amanita Gummies, is more than just a product; it’s an opportunity. An opportunity to embrace a wellness-focused lifestyle, to experience the potential benefits of Amanita Muscaria, and to do so at an unbeatable price.

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Lucy Drops Amanita Mushroom-Based Microdose Line

The ancient use of mushrooms to improve physical and mental well-being is coming back full-swing. On Monday, Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. unveiled Mindful, a functional Amanita mushroom-based product line that is now available at multiple retailers. 

British Columbia, Canada-based Lucy Scientific Discovery is a psychedelics manufacturing company focused primarily on emerging psychotropics-based medicines, the latest being its new microdose product line. 

Mindful by Lucy is designed to enhance well-being and promote a mindful approach through the power of microdoses. Each capsule is carefully crafted, incorporating quality natural ingredients. Mindful by Lucy comes in jars of 60 capsules containing a microdose of Amanita muscaria-based compounds.

“We are thrilled that Mindful will be available to consumers, and are excited about the revenue potential,” said Chris McElvany, CEO of Lucy Scientific Discovery Inc. “Our goal is to offer Mindful to consumers directly through our platform and a variety of 3rd party platforms and traditional retail channels. Mindful by Lucy is a testament to our dedication to providing exceptional quality and a mindful approach to wellness.”

A recent renewed interest in the potential improvements in cognitive function and memory with the help of mushrooms is sweeping the industry, using them as adaptogens. Dividing up doses into capsules makes it easier to titrate. Mindful by Lucy contains ingredients, some mushroom-based, including the following:

  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: Ignite cognitive function, memory, and nerve growth factor production.
  • Reishi Mushroom: Adapt to stress and bolster well-being with adaptogenic properties.
  • Cordyceps: Elevate energy levels and amplify physical performance.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: Boost memory and learning with traditional Ayurvedic wisdom.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: Combat stress, fatigue, and sharpen mental performance.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: Enhance memory and focus through optimal brain circulation.

Mindful by Lucy can be purchased on the company’s online store and through Hightimes.com. High Times has an ownership stake in Lucy Scientific Discovery.

Lucy Scientific Discovery and Psychotropic Products

Lucy Scientific Discovery has explored a number of psychotropic substances including controlled substances. How is this possible? The company holds a Controlled Drugs and Substances Dealer’s License granted by Health Canada’s Office of Controlled Substances. Lucy Scientific Discovery and its subsidiary, LSDI Manufacturing Inc., operate under Part J of the Food and Drug Regulations promulgated under the Food and Drugs Act in Canada. This specialized license enables the company to develop, sell, deliver, and manufacture pharmaceutical-grade active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) used in controlled substances as well as their raw material precursors. 

The Amanita muscaria mushroom has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, and it is not a controlled substance in the U.S. Proponents of Amanita microdosing believe that it can improve creativity, focus, productivity, anxiety and overall well-being. 

The company is exploring other types of fungi as well, including mind-altering varieties that are commonly known. Work at Lucy is underway to develop psilocybin mushroom-based products which are believed to be invaluable in psychotherapy. Lucy Scientific Discovery announced a partnership with TheraPsil to advance medical psilocybin access and research.

Opportunities to discover these new products are approaching. Lucy Scientific Discovery also announced that it will be a sponsor at the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Psychedelic Science Conference taking place June 19-25 in Denver, Colorado. 

The conference is expected to attract 10,000 attendees, and will feature five days of panels, workshops, and lectures from leaders in psychedelic research, education, policy, business, culture, and communities. It will also feature athletes such as Aaron Rodgers as well as musicians including Melissa Etheridge.

Lucy is a Nasdaq-listed (LSDI) licensed producer of compounds for medicinal products. Check out Lucy Scientific Discovery’s website to learn more about the company and its products.

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A Year Being Weird, and Where We Go From Here

Damn, can y’all believe we’ve been doing this WEIRDOS thing for a year already? It seems like just yesterday I was writing the introduction, and trying to convince my superiors that calling this new section ‘WEIRDOS’ made sense, inspired by an earlier, random submission I received that I wanted to create more space for.

Today we’ve generated over 1 million impressions to this section alone, and created a social coefficient that’s hard to measure. The conversations that have been generated around these topics were the goal of this initiative, and as more of you keep talking about these issues, the entire industry benefits from our collective understanding. That said, I didn’t expect as many of you to respond as quickly as you did, and it’s been a joy to keep all these conversations going with you all in real life, and on our social platforms.

But let me put that into perspective real quick. We post ~27 pieces a week to our .com, every week of the year. That’s over 1,400 pieces a year, of which this section totals just 52. The bulk of our content is news, and features on the individuals and brands that make our community great. That means that these rants account for less than 4% of our annual content, yet were alone responsible for a solid chunk of our digital and social reach over the past year. You see, these aren’t the same as our typical news pieces, which are boosted by SEO and news roundups. No, these are seen because YOU share them, and respond to them, and debate them. We thank you for that. Even if you come to object to the point we’re making, you’re fueling the conversation, and that’s what we’re looking for. We’re not right all the time, but we don’t get anywhere by standing in place. We’re willing to be wrong if it means moving forward, and I think there’s a freedom in that. As I said in the beginning, many of these issues don’t have clear answers, and the only way we’ll solve them is by talking this out. Together.

The First Wave

Over the past year we’ve begun to tackle some of the biggest issues facing our industry and culture today. From THC % being bullshit, to the sexism that still flourishes across our ‘inclusive’ space, there have been a lot of stakes thrown in the ground in this section already. We’ve had on-going discussions, like our Indica / Sativa debate, which was most recently addressed by legendary cultivator and High Times alum Todd McCormick, and tried to guide the industry through thought pieces like ‘Our Escape’s Gone Corporate’ and ‘Shit Talk’. At times we’ve straight up thrown stones, like Joe’s ‘Standards’ piece, or Jackie‘s ‘I’m Over Cannabis Brands That Don’t Like Cannabis Users’, which found that most of the community feels a similar way, despite what the brands that are making products for ‘us’ seem to think. We’ve asked important questions, and tried to defend the trap, but we’ve just started to scratch the surface…

Although, that makes it sound like kind of a drag… it wasn’t all serious! We’ve also welcomed comedians like Frank Castillo, Mike Glazer and Steve Furey into our fold, and heard their stories, ranging from a day in the life to what it’s like trying to score on the road. Mike even wrote us a short play about being online lately! Our Canadian friend Ben told us about the first time he took DMT, and Cody made up a fake study that not everyone understood was fake. Javi reminded us that we can’t do whatever we want. We’ve gone back and forth about including tobacco in your smoke, as well as what actually qualifies as a blunt. Jimi uncovered that microdosing is just a PR conspiracy, and Ellen even waxed on her love for eating hash

There’s been as many laughs as there have been arguments, but that’s kind of analogous to life, isn’t it? Peaks and valleys, man. It’s not all gravy, but it can be fun.

Falling Down The Weirdo Rabbit Hole

Now selfishly, I can’t believe how big my baby has grown. I knew this would work, but I wasn’t anticipating the support, or the amount of people who would want to participate. I didn’t expect the number of people to talk about it offline, or the stature of individuals it would reach. I honestly expected to have to work a little harder to get the community involved, but the sheer number of ideas that have been thrown my way for this column specifically is stunning, and it reminded me of the power of this brand, and its reach. It reminded me why I love this culture. The creativity, and off the wall ideas that pour out of our community is in my opinion the most vibrant in the world. I know a lot of people have already counted us out, or are praying for our downfall, but I’ve never been prouder of the work we’re doing. 

In that regard, we’ve already booked basically every Friday through the rest of the year. The schedule says we’re full, but there’s still so much more ground to cover! And this rabbit hole goes far deeper than it seems…

So, we’re going to start trying some more stuff. Some of it might suck, all of it will be weird, but we’ll see how you rock with it. We’ll start small. Over the next few months you’ll start seeing WEIRDOS on different days of the week. More creative pieces. Short stories, allegories. Sometimes even on the weekend. You’ll see some more rich media than you’re used to over here, and maybe even some live rants on Instagram. Maybe even some music. Who knows?

While we’re not jumping into an everyday feature or anything there are so many more opinions, and voices, we can’t wait to share with you. Some insane talent has volunteered to get involved, and we look forward to providing an even wider perspective on this culture we all love so dearly. From our highest highs, to our deepest lows.

This is far from over – in fact, we’re just getting started. We hope you’re enjoying the ride! 

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Tips for Hosting a Microdose Mixer

Rediscovering commonality among your friend group after you’ve made a drastic life change isn’t always easy, especially when those relationships were built around alcohol. As I am nearly four years of being Cali sober, I’ve been forced to ideate new ways of socializing beyond instructing friends to pull up to spark up. Something had to give. My latest idea: Host a Microdose Mixer. Why? Well, why not? Cannabis is a community, and I’ve always been one to let my friends know about products I enjoy microdosing. 

Pulling off such a simple yet general idea in two weeks requires semi-serious planning and outsourced support. As a writer in the cannabis space for the same amount of time since divorcing alcohol, I’ve learned a thing or two about microdosing THC and CBD. The most important lesson is that everyone’s body reacts differently. Understanding that, it was imperative to offer various consumption methods at my event, especially considering some invitees don’t even touch the herb. 

The key to planning a last-minute gathering for people all over the cannabis consumption scale lies in a checklist and recruiting family members and friends for help. I had to ask myself, “What do I want my people to take from this event?” For many of them, rolling up is the only method of consumption they know, and the source of the strains they roll up is an entirely different story. My guests deserve to be introduced to new, reliable products and experiences and damn it, that’s what I was going to do. 

Two Weeks Before Event: Who all is Coming? 

Knowing how many people you wish to invite is crucial for planning any event. Before considering which microdosed products to feature at the function, I needed to think about who would come. This is where budgeting first comes to play. Be realistic with how many people you’re willing to accommodate. Twenty-five guests were reasonable enough for me, considering I needed snacks, drinks, tinctures, and flower to make this a proper mixer. 

Next, figure out where you’re hosting everyone. I knew my one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment would be alright, but it wouldn’t capture the vibe I was going for. My walls are also super thin, and I didn’t want my guests to hear screaming children as they were toking. As I’ve mentioned, cannabis is a community. If you’re around enough, you make a few friends. I hurried to a local 420-friendly coffee shop called Drip Cafe and asked the owner if I could use the space on the date of choice. They often throw events, so it was no surprise when the owner, Mitch, said yes, sharing his enthusiasm for introducing more people to the space. “This is why we have this spot, to serve the 420 community.” 

Once the date, time, and spot are secured, start working on those invites. 

Canva became my best friend. I quickly drafted a flier with a save-the-date, giving my guests an idea of what to expect. Once I confirmed an event location, I created an Eventbrite to keep track of yeses and nos. I immediately sent those to my list of intended attendees, then moved on to the next planning stage.

One Week Until the Event: What’s Good With The Goodies? 

It’s one thing to plan what you will serve at your event. It’s another to envision it. 

Planning out a layout for the show’s flow was essential in deciding how I would introduce these different methods to my guests. Cannabis has already grown to be overwhelming, and the last thing I wanted was for my event to be another exhausting space. I had to know my audience.

Microdosing can apply to many things: herbs, tinctures, and edibles. I first had to consider brands I liked and felt my people would appreciate. My friends and family often tell me about their struggles to quit smoking, drinking or both. Some of them shared an interest in microdosing infused gummies during the day. Others desired a tincture to help with sleep or menstrual pain. This was the perfect opportunity to share these flavorful alternate methods.  

I took inventory of what I already had, so my to-do checklist wouldn’t feel so overwhelming. I quickly scanned my apartment and realized that I already had non-alcoholic drinks from Dhos Spirits to make mocktails, digestible CBD tinctures from FLWR CITY to infuse those mocktails, a Studenglass so my folks could microdose flower via gravity bong and a case of micro-infused drinks from CANN. A good friend from Tempo also sent over four flavors of CBD-infused crackers to try, which I was excited to do since I’ve never had an infused snack. The options were Chili Limon, Salt & Vinegar, Truffle Parmesan, and Buffalo Cheddar, with each cracker containing about 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. See? Community comes through. I also purchased these mini chalkboard signs from Amazon because although I wasn’t sure what I would feature exactly, I knew I would have to be prepared to identify them to my guests––no matter how I decided to set them up. 

Photo by Potluckcrew/@potluckcrew

Five Days Until the Event: Making the Menu 

Once you have an idea of the types of products you’d want to feature, create a menu so that guests can know the details of what they’re consuming.

I knew that since the cafe was doing this off the strength of community, I needed to do the same, so there was no need to curate an elaborate food menu since the cafe has its own, along with alcoholic drinks for my friends who still wanted to indulge. I enlisted the help of my sister Christine the Charcuterie Queen, to make a board worthy of all the world’s munchies, a task she took on proudly. The snacks and dippings on the board were not infused; however, you could microdose the jams and honey. 

For the mocktails, my friend Shaloma Wagstaffe, a mixologist in her past life, helped me create unique drinks based on the Dhos Spirits flavor profiles. We worked with their juniper berries, floral citrus, and bitter rhubarb flavors to develop drinks highlighting their distinctive notes. To keep on the theme of a “microdose mixer,” we then named the drinks after strains that share a similar profile. 

Photo by Potluckcrew/@potluckcrew

I had a couple of cases of CANN, which included about twelve drinks, each infused with about 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD. I typed each of those flavors up on a cutesy template in Canva and decided to serve those drinks with cups, bartender-style, rather than hand out full cans. 

Photo by Potluckcrew/@potluckcrew

Four Days Until the Event: Rechecking the Checklist 

Now that a place is reserved, the invites are out, and the menu is made, you must reference your checklist for anything you might forget. 

At this point, I just needed to ensure the plates and napkins were on theme. I also knew I needed the juices for the mocktails Shaloma and I came up with. Christine and I took a trip to Trader Joe’s and spent about $80 for enough meat, cheese, and grapes for two charcuterie boards, one for each side of the bar the food would be on.

The Day Before the Event: Last-Minute Pick-Ups 

A printer can help to change an entire aesthetic. 

One day before the event, I still needed to print out the 4×6 menus I had made on Canva. I placed those in the two 4×6 picture frames I purchased from Target. I also printed out 25 copies of a “Microdose Mood Check” list I created to gauge how my folks were feeling about the event. Feedback is not just welcome but encouraged. I made sure I had toothpicks for the charcuterie. I picked up three containers to make the mocktails from 5Below. I then messaged the cafe owner to express my excitement for the event the next day and ensure we were still rolling. 

My friend Dyani created a playlist since I’m too broke for a DJ, and she agreed to pick me up to help me bring the supplies to the event the next day. My checklist was complete. 

The Day of the Event: It’s Microdose Time 

With the event set to start at 6 pm, I made sure to be at the venue by 5 pm to set up. I wanted to be there earlier; however, it’s an actual establishment, and I wanted to respect their time. 

Christine came over to help me bring all the products down from my apartment to load into Dyani’s car, and off we went. Shaloma met us at the cafe so we could make the drinks fresh and set up the bar area. My sister began assembling the charcuterie, setting up two boards beside the drink station. Next, we set up the Studenglass Gravity Bong for flower at the far end of the bar. 

A friend (who asked not to be named) donated different strains of flower that I included on a menu. They also had a QR code on top of the canister so guests could participate in weed grading, a process where cannabis is graded by how it looks, smells, and feels. I set that up next to the gravity bong to introduce that method and prevent people from sullying the strains with harmful additives such as fronto. (I’m people.)

With the setup complete, we now wait. I channeled my inner field of dreams mantra as I took deep breaths and reminded myself, “If you build it, they will come.” And they did! Guests began filing into the cafe’s speakeasy lounge area, greeted by me, and were given instructions on how to grade the flower. One friend Nyjer especially loved the Garlic Parmesan Tempo and said, “The crackers were very tasty and light. The drinks were amazing. I’m not really into infused drinks, but those were tasty and made very well.” 

Party’s Done, Clean It Up 

After thanking my friends and family for coming, I reminded them to embrace and support places like the local cafe that encourage community gatherings. My sister, Dyani, and I then began cleaning up the area, which wasn’t much since I was picking up after guests throughout the night. I packed everything back up within 25 minutes. The consensus of the night was that everyone was feeling nice and relaxed. Until the next mixer, folks! 

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Discover the Magic of Amanita Muscaria Capsules for Microdosing Mushrooms

Introducing Amanita Muscaria capsules: A new legal way for microdosing mushrooms.

One of the most promissing way to use psychoactive and legal psychedelic products, is by microdosing. Microdosing is the act of taking small, sub-perceptual amounts of a substance, such as Amanita Muscaria extract, to improve mood, creativity, focus, or other aspects of well-being. As part of our ‘Deal of the day’ we are excited to introduce you to a new product that is perfect for anyone interested in microdosing legal magic mushrooms: Amanita Mushroom Capsules. This new product, pairs Amanita Muscaria Mushroom powder with other fungi varieties like Amanita Pantherina and Amanita Regalis to create unique and effective blends for an improved user experience.

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Amanita Muscaria capsules – A new legal way for Microdosing Mushrooms

Introducing a new line of microdose mushroom capsules, featuring the powerful Amanita Muscaria mushroom powder blended with other fungi varieties like Amanita Pantherina and Amanita Regalis. This proprietary blend is available in four different ratios, each renamed to match popular Magic Mushroom species. Choose from PENIS ENVIES, ALCABENZI, MAZATAPEC, or BURMA, each offering unique benefits to enhance your spiritual, energy, mood, and inner work experiences.

Microdose Mushroom Capsules are a convenient way to consume the Amanita Muscaria mushroom powder in a precise, easy-to-measure dose. Each capsule contains 350mg (0.35 grams) of powder derived from Amanita Muscaria, Amanita Pantherina, and Amanita Regalis fungi. These mushrooms are known to contain legal psychedelic compounds, such as Muscimol and Ibotenic Acid.

Choose between ‘Amanita Muscaria Capsules’ with 500mg in each capsule and ‘Microdose Mushroom Capsules’ with 350mg in each capsule. As always, in case you are not sure, take a lower dose and if needed, increase it overtime.

In conclusion, Amanita Muscaria Capsules offer a new and exciting way to microdose, with a range of benefits to enhance your spiritual, energy, mood, and inner work experiences. With precise dosing, easy-to-use packaging, and a variety of blends to choose from, there’s never been a better time to try our Microdose Mushroom Capsules. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your experience – order now and use the ‘Cannadelics’ coupon code for a 20% discount!

So why wait? Try the Amanita Mushroom Capsules today and take advantage of our ‘Deal of the day’. Use the ‘Cannadelics’ coupon code and join us on this exciting journey of microdosing with legal magic mushrooms.

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Microdosing mushrooms with Amanita Muscaria capsules
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Save 20% on Amanita Muscaria capsules - with Cannadelics coupon code
Amanita Muscaria capsules
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In conclusion, Amanita Muscaria Capsules are a new product that contains powder from Amanita Muscaria, Amanita Pantherina and Amanita Regalis mushrooms. Each proprietary blend has a different ratio and is named after popular Magic Mushroom species. The capsules contain legal psychedelic compounds Muscimol and Ibotenic Acid, with each capsule containing 350 mg of powder (for microdosing) or 500mg (for full effects). They are available in different quantities and are considered legal because they do not contain Psilocybin.

With a competitive price point and the added bonus of a Cannadelics coupon code, this new legal way for microdosing mushrooms a cost-effective and legal choice for users.

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Learn more about Amanita Muscaria Capsules:

Amanita Muscaria Capsules: The Perfect Choice for Microdosing Legal Magic Mushrooms

What are Amanita Muscaria Capsules

Amanita muscaria capsules are pills that contain dried and powdered form of the Amanita muscaria mushroom. This mushroom is known for its psychoactive properties and has been used in traditional and cultural rituals. Amanita Muscaria mushrooms have a long history of use, dating back to indigenous peoples of Siberia. Microdosing Amanita Muscaria Capsules can enhance creativity, increase focus, and improve mood, offering a new way to experience the benefits of this powerful fungus.

Benefits of Microdosing with Amanita Muscaria capsules

Amanita Muscaria mushrooms have a long history of use, dating back to indigenous peoples of Siberia. Microdosing Amanita Muscaria Capsules can enhance creativity, increase focus, and improve mood, offering a new way to experience the benefits of this powerful fungus.

However, like any substance, Amanita muscaria capsules should be taked with caution. If you are taking anything for medical reasons, it might be wise to consult with a medical professional to understand the potential risks and benefits. While it hasn’t been studied enough, ancedotal reports describe a variety of intoxicating effects, including psychedelia, delirium, sedation, depression, and dissociation.

How to Microdose Amanita Muscaria Capsules?

Microdosing Amanita muscaria capsules involves taking a small, carefully measured dose of dried and powdered Amanita muscaria mushroom. The exact amount and frequency of microdosing can vary and is often a matter of personal preference, since Muscimol is a psychoactive substance, some sources advise to start with a small dose of no more than 0.35 grams (one capsule) before determining the right amount for yourself.

It is important to note that Amanita muscaria is a highly potent and potentially dangerous substance, and consuming even small amounts can cause serious health problems, including nausea, vomiting, and in extreme cases, death. Before attempting to microdose Amanita muscaria or any other substance, it is important to consult with a medical professional to understand the potential risks and benefits.

Amanita Muscaria capsules
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What is microdosing

Microdosing refers to the practice of taking small amounts of a psychoactive substance, typically LSD or psilocybin, but also ‘new’ products such as Amanita Muscaria extract in order to enhance creativity, increase focus, and improve mood. It is believed that these substances can produce benefits at low doses without inducing the typical full-blown trip associated with higher doses. The effects of microdosing can vary from person to person, and there is limited scientific research on the long-term effects and safety of this practice.

What is Amanita muscaria mushroom?

Amanita muscaria is a species of mushroom belonging to the genus Amanita, which is commonly known as the fly agaric mushroom. It is a distinctive and recognizable mushroom with its red cap, white spots, and white gills. Amanita muscaria is native to the temperate and boreal regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe, Asia, and North America. Historically, it has been used for spiritual and medicinal purposes by indigenous people in Siberia and other parts of the world. However, Amanita muscaria is also known for its psychoactive properties and can produce intoxicating effects if consumed.

What are the effects of consuming Amanita Muscaria mushrooms?

Historically, Amanita muscaria has been used for spiritual and medicinal purposes by indigenous people in Siberia and other parts of the world. Some people believe that Amanita muscaria can bring greater spiritual awareness and insight.

Some believe that by microdosing Amanita muscaria you can improve mood, enhance creativity, and increase energy levels.

The effects of consuming Amanita muscaria mushroom vary widely and depend on several factors, such as dose, method of preparation, and individual tolerance. Some of the effects that have been reported include: Psychedelic experiences (hallucinations), Changes in perception of time and space, Altered sense of self and reality, Mood changes, including euphoria and anxiety but also possibele negative effects such as Nausea, dizziness, disorientation, Increased heart rate and blood pressure.

Please be advised that consuming this mushroom also carry potential risks, as Amanita muscaria can be toxic if consumed in large doses, and it can cause serious health problems, so use it with caution.

How do you store Amanita Muscaria Capsules

Amanita Muscaria Capsules should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and moisture. The recommended storage temperature is between 59-86°F (15-30°C). It is also advisable to store the capsules in an airtight container, such as a jar with a tight-fitting lid, to maintain their freshness and potency. Additionally, it is important to keep the capsules out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.

What is microdosing mushrooms

Microdosing is the act of taking small, sub-perceptual amounts of a substance, such as psychedelics, to improve mood, creativity, focus, or other aspects of well-being. With mushrooms, this means taking a dose that is below the threshold for inducing hallucinations or other intense effects. Microdosing is usually achieved by taking doses ranging from around 0.1 to 0.3 grams of dried mushrooms, either whole or in the form of capsules, on a regular basis, such as every third day. The idea behind microdosing is to produce subtle effects, rather than intense trips, and to integrate these benefits into daily life. However, it’s important to remember that research on the effects and safety of microdosing mushrooms is limited and more research is needed to fully understand its potential benefits and risks.

Amanita Muscaria Capsules – Conclusion

To summarize, Amanita Muscaria Capsules are a novel item that encompasses powder made from Amanita Muscaria, Amanita Pantherina, and Amanita Regalis mushrooms. Each blend is unique and named after well-known Magic Mushroom types. The capsules hold legal psychedelic substances Muscimol and Ibotenic Acid, with a dose of 350mg of powder per capsule for microdosing or 500mg for complete effects. They come in varying amounts and are considered lawful as they don’t contain Psilocybin.

About the Cannadelics Sunday Edition Newsletter

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Additionally, as a subscriber, you will have access to exclusive coupons and discounts on our premium products, including our Microdose Mushroom Capsules. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay informed and save on high-quality products! Subscribe to the Cannadelics Sunday Edition newsletter today.

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Oregon Health Authority Finalizes Rules for Psilocybin Services Act

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) approved its final rules for the Oregon Psilocybin Services Act on Dec. 27. The Act was originally created through the passing of Ballot Measure 109 in November 2020, which was later codified into law as ORS 475A.

The OHA’s final rules were created through recommendations from the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board, the Rules Advisory Committee, and public comments. Initially the OHA released its first subset of rules in May 2022, and with the final rules now in place, Oregon Psilocybin Services (OPS) will begin accepting applications for four license types starting on Jan. 2, 2023.

According to a letter co-written by André Ourso, Administrator of the Center for Health Protection, and Angie Allbee, Section Manager for OPS:

“OPS received over 200 written comments and six hours of comments shared in the public hearings during the November 2022 public comment period,” wrote Ourso and Allbee. “These comments helped to further refine and improve the rules, which have now been adopted as final. The final rules are a starting place for the nation’s first regulatory framework for psilocybin services, and we will continue to evaluate and evolve this work as we move into the future.”

These new rules include an option for microdosing with the hope that it will “increase access, equity, and affordability while ensuring public safety.” “The final rules on duration of administrative sessions have been revised to create a new tier for subperceptual doses. These doses are defined as products containing less than 2.5 mg of psilocybin analyte. After a client’s initial session, the minimum duration for a subperceptual dose of 2.5 mg of psilocybin analyte or less is 30 minutes.”

The OPS also established rules to create translated materials in English, Spanish, along with interpretation materials to best serve a wide variety of potential patients. The agency also created numerous rules to address confidentiality of client data, improvements to the application form, and certain limitations for applicants if they have recently had thoughts about causing harm to themselves, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

As for fees, the OPS will offer less expensive options to those who qualify, with the opportunity to consider making the service more affordable in the future. “The final rules include reduced license fees for applicants who are veterans, receiving social security income, receiving food stamp benefits, or are enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan,” the OPS letter states. “Creating a more complicated tiered license fee structure is not feasible due to the work required to identify appropriate tiers and evaluate license applications and supporting documentation. This work would require more staff capacity, which would result in higher license fees overall.”

With applications opening in less than a week, the OPS letter signs off with a hopeful statement. “OPS will strive to support applicants in navigating license application requirements and will continue to provide technical assistance as we launch the nation’s first regulatory and licensing framework for psilocybin services,” the letter concludes.

Meanwhile in cannabis, end-of-year analysis discuss the past year’s oversupply issues. The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis (OEA) released a forecast in December covering a wide variety of businesses in Oregon, including cannabis. “Now, this is great news for consumers who can enjoy widely available products at low prices,” OEA economists wrote about the cannabis industry. “This is bad news for firms trying to operate a profitable business. One challenge there is even as businesses do leave the market, to date there has always been another willing to step in and take their place.”

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