8 of the best strains for focus

It’s 12:47 p.m. and you’ve got a whole heap of work that you’ve been avoiding. You know none of the tasks are too hard, but for some reason, you just can’t sit still and concentrate for long enough to do them. Still, sunlight is ticking, stress is mounting, and you know you’ll feel like hot garbage if you end the day with nothing to show for your time. You think, “All I need to do is smoke a little weed and I can zone in.” 

Which strains are you picking?

There are plenty of cannabis strains that can help you focus. And with so many constant distractions in the world, I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to try them all. While I could never name every single one, here are eight that might help you block out the noise for long enough to get shit done.

White Fire OG

White Fire OG, also called WiFi OG, is a cross of Fire OG and The White. The nugs are light green and frosty with trichomes, and the smoke tastes like gassy pine needles — which is perfect for anyone that loves chemmy diesel flavors. On the high side,  WiFi OG is great for people whose thoughts are always moving at 744 mph. It’s potent yet manageable high can help clear your mind of anything that’s not immediately in front of you.

Lemon Thai

Most strains with Thai genetics are good for a clear-headed high that can help you defeat procrastination. Lemon Thai is no different. A cross of a Thai landrace and a Hawaiian sativa, this citrusy strain is great for anyone who’s been caught with that middle-of-the-day lag that makes even simple tasks feel the most daunting. If you’re the type of consumer that likes to puff on a vape pen throughout the day, Lemon Thai is a great cart to have handy.

Jack Frost

When you’re talking strains that help you focus, it’s only right that we bring Jack to the table. A cross of the famed Jack Herer, Northern Lights #5, and White Widow, Jack Frost is for those who need to get dumb stoned to focus. It hits you with a potent high that’ll have you knocking out the day’s to-do list without issue. Like most strains with Jack genetics, it usually has a citrusy and earthy aroma, however some people report that it may also have a somewhat fruity smell to it.

Dutch Treat

Believed to be a cross of Northern Lights and Haze genetics, Dutch Treat pushes out strong piney terpenes that alert your senses in the same way walking through the forest on a hike does. 

The delicious flavor is followed by a potent, clear-headed cerebral stimulation that many describe as the “hybrid high.” Old school and tasty, , Dutch Treat is a perfect suggestion for the dabbers.


As your cannabis knowledge bag gets deeper, you’ll learn that not every desired effect comes from THC. There are plenty of CBD strains out there that can help you focus too. 

Canna-Tsu is a CBD-dominant cross of Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. It has sweet, earthy flavors, and the effect is relaxing in the body. I get a little anxious sometimes, and anything with Cannatonic genetics usually chills me out in a way that smoking too much THC doesn’t. If you’re looking for something light and manageable, this (or either of its parents), are solid options.

Jah Goo

A lot of times, being able to focus isn’t about energizing yourself or clearing out your mind, it’s about relaxing your body. Jah Goo is a great strain for doing just that.

This cross of Goo and Purple Jasmine produces colorful flowers with purple hues and pink hairs, and a somewhat sweet and woody flavor. The strain’s stoney high may be a little much for inexperienced consumers, but the vets may find it just right for that 10 am smoke before flipping the Go switch.

Bay Dream

If you love Granddaddy Purple then you might love Bay Dream too — it comes from the same breeders. Bay Dream, or GDP Bay Dream, is a cross of the beloved Blue Dream and a Bay 11 hybrid. Like Blue Dream, it has a sweet flavor profile, but also features woody and piney attributes. The cerebral high provides a nice, long-lasting euphoria that helps people get active for everything that needs to get done before 5 p.m.


Harle-Tsu is another CBD strain for consumers that don’t want to get high, but still want the benefits that come with smoking weed. As its name suggests, it is a cross of Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, two of the most well-known CBD flowers. If you’re here for taste, look elsewhere, as Harle-Tsu is pretty earthy and bland; but if you’re here for effects, this strain usually makes people feel relaxed in the body and focused in the mind.

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The best summer movies to watch while high

It’s summer y’all, which means it’s time to cozy up with some sungrown bud and indulge in the great tradition of summer movie watching. Whether you’re hitting the vape and venturing into a cool, dark theater to escape the heat, catching a cult classic at a retro summer evening drive-in, or just throwing a classic summer comedy on your TV at home while nursing an indica from your favorite bong, there’s no summer-movie experience you can’t successfully augment with a little cannabis

Now, the “summer movie” is sort of a nebulous idea, encompassing movies that have big summer releases, movies that are actually about summer, and movies that simply take hold as “summer movies” in the zeitgeist because they capture summer vibes in some way or another. 

Last year during quarantine, my best summer-movie experience was doing fat dabs on 7/10 and letting Stanley Kubrick’s ultra-slow-burn costume dramedy Barry Lyndon melt into my eyeballs. But listen, I’m also self-aware enough to know that’s not the optimal summer movie experience for everyone  — minus the fat dabs part. So for the purposes of drafting the best movies to watch when you’re baked, we’re gonna cast as wide a net as possible, though the chill summer vibes will undoubtedly reign supreme. 

Here’s an eclectic set of 10 great, hazy movies to vibe on when you’re stoned this hot, hot summer.


We’re starting off with a classic stoner comedy that’s aged relatively well, though it probably kickstarted the tradition of cocaine-fueled summer blockbuster productions in the ’80s. 

Caddyshack oozes with the hazy counterculture vibes from which the National Lampoon-born cast and crew emerged. Stars Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Rodney Dangerfield set an anarchic sativa-leaning tone that bleeds through every corner of every antic frame. Pair with a generously rolled fatty and let the chill summer vibes and cool laughs roll over you. 

Do the Right Thing

I was mad late to the game on this one, but finally got around to watching Spike Lee’s classic joint of American racism and class struggle during a brutal Brooklyn heatwave. And it couldn’t have been more appropriate and felt more tragically evergreen during the summer of COVID and George Floyd. 

Like most of Spike’s films, Do the Right Thing operates on a hazy, cinematic dream logic that will open itself up to you and just hit right, both emotionally and intellectually, if you’re watching it under the influence. It booms with perpetual life and a type of understated, human psychedelia that only Spike Lee can pull off.

Miami Vice

Michael Mann’s movies are dank as fuck. Thief, Manhunter, Heat … take your pick, any of ’em will make a hyper-sensory feast after a fat dab or edible high. By the mid-2000s, Mann was the premiere champion of making early “standard-def” digital look immaculate, and Miami Vice — a feature-length update of Mann’s style-defining series from the ’80s — is almost all vibes. 

A clean head high and mild body buzz from a reliable edible is just the thing to experience the deep ocean blues and icy-cool cyberpunk cityscapes for all their worth. 

The Trip

As director Allan Arkush puts it in the clip above, “What movie could be bad if it has a 360° shot that starts with Dennis Hopper passing a joint?” 

Released near the end of the Summer of Love, Roger Corman’s The Trip captures the psychedelic vibes of Los Angeles circa 1967 and still makes for a great high watch today. Written by Jack Nicholson when he was still in Corman’s early-indie repertory company, the film stars Peter Fonda as a commercial director whose dissolution with his life leads him to take LSD for the first time. Director Corman famously took acid before the shoot so he could better adapt Nicholson’s experimental script. The charmingly low-budget results on the screen, while certainly of their time, evoke a visual palette that’s sure to please the modern, stoned summer viewer.

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino is in the generation of filmmakers whose films were deeply influenced by the weed culture of the ’90s, borrowing heavily from the stoner-flick tradition and infusing their own genre-mixing, pop-culture-obsessed joints with stoned hangout vibes at every turn.

Tarantino’s latest — and the movie that owned the summer of 2019 — Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, uses the psychedelic late ’60s as a springboard for a hazy, emotional journey through time, space, and LA mythology, which really cooks when you’re nursing a joint all the way on through to the other side

The Burning

No summer movie playlist is complete without a little horror, especially for those of us who are well versed in the art of smoking weed and watching horror films

The Burning is one of the absolute best summer-camp horror romps to come out of the post-Halloween/Friday the 13th slasher boom of the early ’80s. It’s got dank cinematography, an effective masked killer, a bunch of teen assholes who meet a series of satisfyingly gruesome ends, and an early cameo from a pre-famous star (George Costanza himself, Jason Alexander, which I suppose makes this film the first “Summer of George”). Next time you’re looking for a campy late show as you wind down with your final tokes of the night, take The Burning for a spin.

The Nice Guys

A welcome addition to the canon of summer movies that take place at Christmastime (Gremlins, Die Hard, Batman Returns, Iron Man 3), The Nice Guys is another retro-LA hangout movie with a hazy noir plot and killer comedic performances from co-stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. I’ve toked up and watched this one several times now, and the laid-back, heartfelt, stoner-logic charm of it becomes more apparent to me every time. It’s a funny, low-stakes buddy comedy with a loose, prismatic sense of time and place that goes down smooth with a couple of evening bong rips. 


From the hazy mind of Robert Altman, the patron saint of stoned cinephiles, Nashville is an experimental time-capsule epic that follows the interweaving lives of musicians, politicians, socialites, movie stars, and regular folks over a few days in Nashville, Tennessee during the 1976 presidential election. 

All of Altman’s films have a kind of delayed effect that mimics the headspace of a cannabis high. There’s a sort of indescribable communication of images, ideas, and satirical humor that’s quite rewarding to pick up on when you’re high, even if you can’t describe or translate it to someone else.

Mad Max: Fury Road (Black & Chrome Edition)

Is Mad Max: Fury Road the greatest action movie of all time? I won’t make a definitive statement on that here, but I will say you can’t do much better than the clear, frenetic visual pleasures of this immaculate post-apocalyptic crystalline joint, especially if you’ve got a weed product around that offers up a clean, powerful head high. 

And if you really wanna crank this shit up to an 11, I highly recommend the Black & Chrome edition, which is somehow an even danker strain of cinema than the Fury Road OG.  

Everybody Wants Some!!

A spiritual sequel to Dazed and Confused, Richard Linklater’s 2016 sports comedy/college-hangout movie offers up the same vibes as its predecessor, drawn from ’80s stoner comedy classics like Fast Times at Ridgemont High, infused with a hazy Gen-X sensibility, and made sharper by the more mature eye of a more mature Linklater. 

Set over the course of the last weekend before a freshman pitcher’s first day of college, Everybody Wants Some!! captures the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it vibes of the end of summer and the beginning of an exciting new chapter in a young person’s life — all with a stoney, half-lighthearted, half-melancholy ambiance of a time and place both long gone and frozen in the amber of vivid memory. Pair this one with your favorite vintage strain on a Saturday afternoon in August.

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Gift guide: 10 cannabis products your dad will love

It’s 2021, which means there are dads across the whole spectrum of cannabis consumers openly indulging in the plant. You may have a veteran dad or father figure who wants to know where the good sungrown flower or CBD pre-roll is at, or your dad may be taking the opportunity to begin his cannabis journey in the comfort of the legal market. Maybe your dad has started taking CBD for medicinal purposes but he’s looking for a more efficacious product. 

Point is, when it comes to finding the ideal Father’s Day canna-gift this year, the field is wide open. That’s why we’ve assembled a roundup of gift ideas to meet the needs of every type of stony dad, from the enthusiastic elder newcomer to the CBD “die-hard.” Yippee ki yay, weed Daddies!

Old Pal Ready to Roll

Does dad ever talk about the “good ole days” of pot and get that look in his eye that makes you think “dad wants to be a stoner again”? Old Pal’s Ready to Roll packs are the perfect entry point to get dad rolling again. Because Old Pal focuses on affordability and accessibility, the THC limit is usually below 20% so it won’t blow dad out of the water. Comes with pre-ground 14 grams of pre-ground flower, crutches, and hemp rolling papers all in a resealable pack that is easy to carry. 

Available: California

Fun Uncle 

Nearly everyone has a uncle who tokes, hence the pitch-perfect Fun Uncle brand with its beautiful little pouches of flower. But sometimes that uncle also happens to be your pops, in which case giving an 1/8th of Fun Uncle still would make for a good Father’s Day gift in our opinion. 

Dad Grass CBD Pre-Rolls

Start things off with a pre-roll that says it all: Dad Grass is out to revive the “mellow sensibility of the casual smoke” with 100% organic hemp flower and quality pre-rolls. Maybe your dad used to be a heavy smoker and wants to relive a little of the glory days, but with something he can ease into. And even if your dad is no stranger to high-THC concoctions, adding high-CBD flower to the rotation is a great way to foster a more rounded cannabis experience that highlights everything the plant has to offer. 

When you want to enjoy a chill, even-keeled sesh with your pops, check out Dad Grass. 

Available: Nationwide

Marley Natural Water Pipe

Whether your dad’s a true heady glass-head or could simply use a water-filtration upgrade, Marley Natural’s deluxe Water Pipe is a gorgeous, clean-lined piece that’ll infuse your dad’s smoking routine with style, smoothness, and peak functionality. 

The pipe comes with a flush-fit, 5-hole downstem, ice pinch, sizable beaker, and a removable wood smoke chamber that adds a classic look to the piece while making it easier to maintain.

Available: Nationwide

Uncle Arnie’s Iced Tea Lemonade

For the dad who’s looking for an alternative to drinking this summer and isn’t afraid of a powerful THC buzz, Uncle Arnie’s Iced Tea Lemonade from Matt’s High Soda is a legit tasty cannabis beverage that actually packs a punch. 

The beverage sector of the market remains a work in progress — flavor and reliable potency both remain a tough nut to crack in the space. But Uncle Arnie’s unapologetically delivers on both fronts, so be sure to warn dad to start with one serving per sesh before going all in.  

Available: California

Higher Standards Revelry Companion

This exclusive collaboration from Higher Standards glass and Revelry gear is an excellent option for upgrading dad’s stash game. The Revelry Companion is a convenient on-the-go bag with a black, rubber-backed canvas exterior and a three-layer carbon filter system to effectively keep all the smells contained when your dad’s got his to-go stash handy. The middle layer boasts an activated charcoal system for extra odor protection. 

The Revelry companion is sleek, discreet, and appropriately roomy for the fatherly toker on the move.

Available: Nationwide

G Pen Dash 

Unless they discovered cannabis later in life, most of our canna-friendly dads and father figures are used to toking the analog way. But if your dad is a die-hard for dry flower, and you want to provide him with a cleaner way to toke, look no further than the G Pen Dash, the latest portable dry flower vape from Grenco Labs. 

While the G Pen Dash doesn’t boast the thickest vapor on the block, it will offer up clear, potent flavors from whatever flower you put in the chamber. If your dad’s a real terpene enthusiast, pair the G Pen Dash with his favorite flavorful strain this Father’s Day.

Available: Nationwide

Vibes Hemp Rolling Papers

Not all rolling papers are created equal, which is why it might be a good time to outfit the dad who rolls his own with some of the best papers on the market.

A creation of legendary Bay Area rapper and cannabis entrepreneur Berner, Vibes‘ ultra-thin papers made from natural hemp offer everything a good rolling paper should. They roll exceptionally smooth and easy, and facilitate an even smoke from tip to roach. If your dad doesn’t put a ton of thought into what rolling papers he buys, you’ll make his day with good Vibes. 

Available: Nationwid

Higher Standards K. Haring Spoon

Is your dad a pipe guy with an eye for sleek, simple and artistic design? If so, now’s the time to hook him up with the Keith Haring-inspired Spoon from Higher Standards. 

This pipe is designed for optimal airflow and comes in four different Keith Haring designs to accent a well-engineered piece with an artistic sensibility that goes well with the shape and flow of the glass. Whether your dad makes frequent use of the K. Haring Spoon or keeps it as a display piece and conversation starter, it’ll make a standout gift and a winning addition to his glass arsenal. 

Available: Nationwide

G Pen Gio + CBD Pod

There’s no shortage of mediocre vape pens and cartridges out there, and it can be tough for older newcomers to distinguish between quality at first glance. If your dad’s a CBD enthusiast still looking for the right vape pen to augment his wellness routine, Grenco Labs have outdone themselves with a pen and CBD cartridge that’s may result in the smoothest, coolest vapor he’s ever experienced. The G Pen Gio boasts a sturdy build, welcoming shape and feel, and an exceptionally soft, comfortable pull. Pair it with G Pen’s London Pound Cake, Cereal Milk, and Gelatti cartridges to set dad up for the best CBD oil vape he’s ever had.

Available: Nationwide

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7 new weed products to try from Sonder, Mello, Tonic CBD and more

With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release. So we’re rounding up a few significant releases. This week, we look at releases by MooseLabs, ReCreate, and a donation announcement from Papa & Barkley.

ReCreate: Limited-edition Pride edibles

Co-founded by Austin Stanley of The Stanley Brothers, the creators of Charlotte’s Web, ReCreate is celebrating Pride with limited-edition releases of infused mixed-fruit gummies (each with 10 milligrams of CBD and THC) and a blueberry mint açaí beverage (2.5 milligrams of CBD and THC per can).

Both products will be available throughout June, and $1 from each item sold will go to support One Colorado and Equality California, two nonprofit organizations dedicated to LGBTQ+ civil rights advocacy. 

Available: California and Colorado

Cann, Drew Martin, and Sonder: Limited-edition sweatshirt

These three queer-founded cannabis brands have teamed up to release a limited-edition sweatshirt in time for Pride Month. In addition to the new digs, Cann, Drew Martin, and Sonder are giving back to three LGBTQ+-founded and female-founded brands the companies want to support year-round. 

From each sweatshirt purchase, $15 will be donated to: 

  • Supernova Women: A nonprofit founded by Black and Brown women working to empower minority communities through cannabis education and advocacy. 
  • Copper House Detroit: A shared space bud & breakfast offering room and board for Black travelers, queer travelers, and cannabis consumers to feel safe and welcome.  
  • Pot Studio LA: A full-service pottery studio “owned-and-operated by people of color, a majority of which are women and Los Angeles natives.”

Available: Nationwide

Tonic CBD: New preroll release

Made with sun-grown Sour Space Candy cannabidiol (CBD) flower, Sessions, the new preroll by Tonic CBD, has already gained great reviews from consumers reporting  flavor and effects. And throughout June, it will be donating a percentage of sales from its preroll line to The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization focusing on suicide prevention efforts among the LGBTQ+ community. 

Available: Nationwide

Flower by Edie Parker: Prerolls launching in new markets

Luxury retail brand Edie Parker has entered a licensing agreement with Ascend Wellness Holdings — which owns and operates cultivation facilities in various US states — to allow its sister company, Flower by Edie Parker, to start selling prerolls in the Illinois and Massachusetts adult-use cannabis markets. 

Available: Illinois and Massachusetts

Canna Bella Lux: Limited-edition release of the Denali Bella Box

Denali Foxx, well known for her time on Season 13 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” is launching her new limited-edition Bella Box from Latinx-led company Canna Bella Lux. In partnership with LGBTQ+ collective Peach Presents, each box contains self-care goods benefiting the LGBTQ+ center Brave Space Alliance. Expect to find cones, bath bombs, clothing, and more. Boxes ordered now will ship after June 18, 2021. 

Available: Nationwide

Mello: Mello Bottoms donations and limited-edition Pride stickers 

Popular for the Mello Bottoms CBD suppositories, Mello has come out with limited-edition packs containing colorful Pride stickers. And throughout June, the brand will be donating 100% of all proceeds from its Mello Bottoms line to For The Gworls, a charity dedicated to raising money to help Black trans people pay for their rent and gender-affirming surgeries.  

Available: Nationwide

Moose Labs: Rainbow Sherbet MouthPeace donation

In honor of Pride Month, Moose Labs will be donating 10% of all proceeds from its new Rainbow Sherbet MouthPeace to The Trevor Project for the whole month of June. Each month, Moose Labs chooses one of its MouthPeaces” for its Color of the Month initiative, in which the brand donates sales to a different charity each month. 

Available: Nationwide

Papa & Barkley: Sales donations for Pride

Throughout June, Papa & Barkley will be donating 1% of all sales from its national CBD line to the Human Rights Campaign, a nonprofit dedicated to empowering the queer community and ensuring all LGBTQ+ people are treated as full and equal citizens. And if you spend $85 or more, you’ll receive a limited-edition Pride face mask while supplies last. 

Available: Nationwide

Featured image courtesy of Tonic CBD

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7 best strains for watching movies, according to entertainment industry insiders

If you’ve spent any amount of time smoking weed and watching movies, you already know the two activities make an ideal pair. 

You might say film is the most psychotropic art form, engaging multiple senses and modes of thinking and feeling at once for an experience that, at its best, you can intuit sensorily as well as emotionally. The late filmmaker and legendary stoner Robert Altman once described the ultimate cinematic experience as such on The Dick Cavett Show in 1972. 

“Ideally, the audience can look at a film, emotionally get the whole thing, and not necessarily be able to explain it to somebody else,” Altman proposed. “To themselves, they should feel and know what it means. You get an impression, and you know what it means but you can’t articulate it.” 

If Altman’s onto something here — and of course he is — it stands to reason that the cannabis high would sort of open up one’s third eye and, by extension, a new hyper-sensory channel where a movie becomes the ultimate version of itself: a psychedelic, electronic dream transferred to waking life and most effectively intuited with the right combination of cannabinoids and terpenes in your system. 

And if you want to get the best experience out of watching a movie while baked, finding the right cannabinoid profile is key. That’s why we interviewed a stellar lineup of entertainment industry insiders and seasoned stoned movie watchers to find the best strains for watching movies and tapping into the optimal psychotropic, cinematic trip.

Here’s eight of their favorites.

Blue Dream

It’s been a few years since Blue Dream dominated the legal cannabis market as the most popular strain, but if our interviewees have anything to say about it, you may want to return to this one next time you’re toking up for a good movie. For Mia Vicino, the Los Angeles-based film columnist known for her blithe, witty reviews and a massive following on Letterboxd (a rapidly growing social media app for film fans), Blue Dream is where it’s at. 

“I usually go to sativa for movies because it keeps me alert and paying attention and in it, rather than just couch-locked and zoning,” Vicino told Weedmaps. “Blue Dream is my favorite. I feel like that one also opens my mind in a different way, like the synapses start cracklin’ and I’m getting new avenues into the movie that I hadn’t gotten before. It just makes me think in a different way that I really appreciate.”

Vicino’s in good company. Blue Dream was also the first strain that came up when we talked to audio engineer and podcast producer Emma Erdbrink

“Blue Dream is definitely a favorite of mine for beach hangin’, but I think the beach-hang vibe and the movie-watching vibe can be pretty similar, especially if it’s a rainy day and you’re staying in,” said Erdbrink. “I also think Blue Dream makes everything around you feel ‘pretty’ which is why I like it for the beach and for movies. It enhances the visual of whatever you’re looking at in a really pleasant way.”

Comedian, writer, and culture commentator Ashley Ray finds Pacific Stone’s Blue Dream an optimal herb for augmenting the movie theater experience. 

“I was recently at a documentary film fest that had these giant outdoor screenings and it reminded me how excited I am for theaters to open back up,” Ray shared. “Before COVID, I used to love getting absolutely stoned, going to a movie alone and getting lost in the visual details of the big screen, in surround sound. There’s probably nothing better than Blue Dream when you’re nestled up in some nice comfy movie seats.”

Sour Diesel

“I do also really like Sour Diesel for watching,” Vicino added. Sour Diesel is the most recommended strain by her local budtenders, and Vicino appreciates the uplifting cinematic experience it fosters. “I tend to pick Sativa strains that don’t make me fall asleep right away. [Sour Diesel] has been awesome because the strain really knows what it’s doing, like Blue Dream.”

Skywalker OG

Though sativas can be good for unlocking your movie lizard brain, Erdbrink finds that Indica-leaning hybrids relax the body and mind for optimal evening movie watching. The winning cross of Dutch Passion Seeds’ Skywalker and JoshD’s OG Kush, Skywalker OG is Erdbrink’s go-to happy-relaxing strain for “clearing your mind at the end of the day and settling onto the couch for a few hours.” 

“My boyfriend and I also have a projector with a 110-inch screen and some 3D earth and plant movies narrated by David Attenborough … Always a great watch when stoned on an indica-heavy strain.”

Strawberry Fields

Though drawn primarily to sativa strains for cerebral stimulation, Vicino finds the indica-leaning hybrid, Strawberry Fields, an excellent strain for watching a lowkey arthouse movie at home in bed. 

“Strawberry Fields is so nice and relaxing, but not in a way that puts me to sleep immediately. And it doesn’t make me disengage in the movie either, which sometimes can happen when you’re high and distracted. This one doesn’t make me do that. I can still focus and I’m nice and relaxed.”


Shannon McGrew is a film critic, the founder of horror site Nightmarish Conjurings, and an outspoken cannabis advocate well-versed in the art of watching horror movies while baked

“I’m a big indica smoker, especially at night which is when I do all of my work for Nightmarish Conjurings,” McGrew told Weedmaps. “Stone Road is one of my favorite brands, and their Strawnana is divine. It has a high potency but isn’t too overwhelming.”

King Louis OG

“I also really like King Louis OG from Source Cannabis,” McGrew added. “It’s not too heavy of a high, though it also has a high THC count. That said, it’ll pull you into the zone allowing for the scarier moments of a movie to have a larger impact.”


Emma Erdbrink is a big fan of the classic GG4 “because it will, in fact, glue you to the couch, which can be great for movie watching.”

“Usually, whatever I’m smoking before or during a movie has to be something that will mellow me out and shut my brain down a little bit so my thoughts don’t start wandering away to emails and to-do lists,” Erdbrink clarified. “This also might be why I have to watch things more than once to remember it correctly, but that’s fine. Just roll another one and start [the movie] over.”

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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6 new weed products to try from Spherex, Mistifi, Cookies and more

With so many great cannabis brands releasing exciting new products in new markets, it can be hard to keep track of every release. So we’re rounding up a few significant releases. This week, we look at releases by Lively Spirits and a Cookies launch in all 50 states.

Spherex: Launch of PHYX cannabis beverages


If you prefer to drink your weed, then check out the new 1:1 CBD:THC sparkling waters from Spherex. Each PHYX beverage is packed in glass bottles, and you can choose from dragonfruit, lime, All Natural or grapefruit flavors. Dress it up with a juice mix or drink it on its own for a refreshing pick-me-up this summer. 

Available: California and Colorado

Cookies: Launch CBD flower 

You may have heard of the ultra-popular brand Cookies, but if you don’t live in California, it’s impossible to get your hands on Cookies flower — until now. Cookies has launched a CBD line now available in all 50 states. Choose from flower, vape cartridges, or mushroom powder capsules. Its CBD strain lineup includes genetics from Cereal Milk, Gelatti, and London Pound Cake 75. 

Available: Nationwide

Lively Spirits: Launch of purejuana cannabis powder

Lively Spirits: Launch of purejuana cannabis powderLively Spirits

Lively Spirits, a California-based “psychotropic cocktail company,” has just launched purejuana, a dissolvable full-spectrum THC powder that can be used to enhance any non-infused beverage. It’s currently available in five strains: Venom OG, Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, Purple Punch and XJ-13. It’s sold in 10-count boxes at three color-coded potency levels, with each “shotpack” comparable to a single alcoholic drink:

  • Green label — 2.5 milligrams per packet
  • Yellow label — 5 milligrams per packet
  • Red label — 10 milligrams per packet

Consumers can also purchase single red-label shotpacks for $2.75 each.

Available: California

Mistifi: New triple strain vape pens

MISTIFI: New triple strain vape pensMISTIFI

Mistifi’s new cured resin vape pens are created without the use of any additives, chemicals, artificial flavors, diluents, thickening agents, carrier oils, plant wax, resin, or chlorophyll. The oil is extracted using its proprietary high-pressure/low-heat technology, and you can choose from three pen options offering triple-strain blends:

  • Over the Rainbow: Electric Lemonade, Super Silver Haze and Sweet Tangie 
  • Houdini: Max OG, Herijuana and Blueberry Bomb
  • Phantom: 1:1 THC:CBD blend of Wunderdog, Hell’s Fire OG and Jellyfish

Available: California

PAX Labs: Partnership with Ilera Holistic Healthcare in Louisiana

Vape brand PAX Labs has recently partnered with Louisiana cannabis producer Ilera Holistic Healthcare (IHH) to pair the PAX Era Pro vaporizer with IHH’s AYO branded medical cannabis formulations. The partnership debuted Freedom, a new line of cannabis products formulated specially for veterans.

This agreement will allow Ilera Holistic Healthcare to launch its first inhalable cannabis products to the Louisiana medical cannabis market. Freedom is now available through state-licensed medical marijuana pharmacies.

Available: Louisiana

Helmand Valley Growers Company: New prerolls

Helmand Valley Growers Company: New prerollsHelmand Valley Growers Company

Founded and operated by US military veterans, Helmand Valley Growers Company (HVGC) is known for its heady vape cartridges. Now, the brand has just released its first prerolls, with each containing 1 gram of flower and all clocking in at least 27% THC. Choose from sativa, indica, or hybrid options. 

Bonus: 100% of the profits from these new prerolls will go to the Battle Brothers Foundation, which helps fund studies on how cannabis can treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and pain in veterans, while also helping military personnel return to civilian life.

Available: California

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7 pre-ground, ready-to-roll weed packs worth trying

Pre-ground rolling packs have become wildly popular due to a combination of practicality, convenience and affordability. 

Ready-to-roll packs usually contain around half an oz of pre-ground flower and rolling papers, just about everything you need to get high on the go. They’re great for adventures, nights out with friends, and other low-stakes situations where you want to roll up, roll often, and share with whomever — sans the feeling of guilt that comes with squandering top shelf flower at $20 a gram. 

The caveat? For one, mechanically ground flower loses a lot of the trichomes containing the chemical compounds, like terpenes and cannabinoids, that get you high. The packs also dry out way faster than full nugs. And two, it’s easy for brands to grind anything into that fine powder you’re rolling, like stems, leaves, and other fillers, without you knowing. Purchasing these rolling packs, especially since you can’t see what’s going on inside them through opaque packaging, can be a bit of a minefield.

But regardless of the minor downsides, the price of cannabis is totally out of control. Half an ounce of potent mids for $50 is a godsend of a deal to many, especially those who want or need to be smoking all the time but haven’t cashed out on that crypto quite yet. 

So we’ve simplified the pre-ground guessing game by sampling all the packs on the market and picking only the best. Here are seven of the best pre-ground packs that are ready to roll wherever you are. 

Old Pal Appalachia ½ oz Ready to Roll 

Old Pal pioneered the concept of “sharable cannabis” when they launched the first pre-ground rolling pack a few years ago. Flash forward to now, and this trend-setting brand has become one of the most popular around, building a killer reputation with great vibes and solid flower. 

With their new Appalachia hybrid ½ oz Ready to Roll pack, they really kicked it up a notch. Coming in at 24.74% THC, the crystalline, crumbly goodness of this pre-ground sparkles. Gassy, earthy, woody and dank, it smells like the deepest depths of an emerald forest. 

Fresh pine, eucalyptus, moist, alive … the high is clear, focused, and left me feeling upbeat and ready to get shit done. 

Available: California and Nevada

Stone Road ½ oz Garlic Cookies Pre-Ground Pack

Stone Road is a super hip queer-owned cannabrand known for good branding and better weed. Their new ½ oz Garlic Cookies Pre-Ground Pack doesn’t disappoint in either category. Coming in at $50 for the half oz, this beautiful weed hasn’t been ground to a bloody pulp. You can still feel the semblance of fresh, moist flower, the kind that wouldn’t blow away if a breeze hit the rolling paper. 

The Garlic Cookies indica hybrid is gassy, dank and totally fire, with a dreamy head high that promotes calm, relaxation, and — in the right situation — sleepiness. 

Available: California

Baker ½ oz GMO Pre-Ground Cannabis 

Baker is a new-ish house brand by Canndescent, the California brand known for their out-of-control-incredible top shelf flower. Baker, who specialize in different forms of pre-ground cannabis, like rolling packs and prerolls, is exciting because it allows people who don’t have the $60-70 to spend on an eighth of Canndescent access to the gorgeous weed they’re growing in an extremely pared down package. 

Coming in at a mere $45-60 for the half oz, depending on the strain, this high quality pouch offers some of the best bang for your buck on the market. The GMO variety we sampled, for example, was so stanky it permeated the mylar bag. 

I was really impressed. It was fresh enough to give you a head high from a whiff alone. Gassy, spicy, garlicky and dark, this cross between Chemdawg and Girl Scout Cookies makes you feel elated and effervescent, before settling into a dreamy, relaxing head high. 

Available: California

Sublime Roll Your Own Infused Sativa 1/8th 

Sublime, the Oakland brand behind the cult favorite mini-tarantulas, Fuzzies Infused Pre-rolls, are back with a line of Roll Your Own Infused Cannabis Flower. Our favorite was the Super Silver Haze sativa pack. It’s potent, pre-ground, and pretty fucking fire. 

While these packs come in 3.5g, 7g, and 14g, the 3.5g is sufficient for a day or night (or two) out. This flower is extremely strong and you don’t need to smoke that much of it to realize that almost immediately. 

Upon hitting this dark, earthy flower that appears to be infused with distillate, I lost myself in productivity and rearranging every plant in the house. Five stars. 

Available: California

Reef Leaf Hyrbid Pre-Ground Cannabis 

This house brand of Caliva breaks the ½ oz mold with their 5g option, but really delivers in terms of flower potency and quality. 

Reef Leaf cost $20 for the 5g, which is the same as a single gram of top shelf at a dispensary. There’s no strain listed on these packs, only Sativa, Hybrid and Indica, and the flower comes in an extremely fine grind, but the weed itself is fire. 

With pungent notes of lush, earthy pine, I was genuinely shocked by how strong it was. The heady high kicked my ass — I immediately lost interest in my work and devolved into a pile of languid joy in the best way possible. Fun, heady, and wholly recreational, it’s a great high for summer days, hot tubs, and sunsets. 

Available: California

Deli Roll Ups Sativa 

Deli, another house brand by Caliva, offers a similar flower experience as the Reef Leaf, but this one comes in the traditional ½ oz rolling pack. At $50 for the half oz, it’s a good deal, containing chunky ground flower with a round, woody smell. And while the aroma doesn’t knock your socks off and the texture of the flower includes some stems, this pouch serves as a solid reminder to never judge your flower on optics alone. 

The high was incredible, elated, focused, and overall really great for daytime use when you want to take the edge off but still have a ton of shit to do. 

Available: California

Claybourne Co. Chemdawg Power Pack

Our final pack on this list is not pre-ground, but deserves entry because there are a lot of cannabis users out there who don’t know how to roll a joint, but still want to get in on this affordable, on-the-go pack trend. It includes a gram of kief and a tiny shovel, so let’s be real, it rules and you guys should know about it. 

The Power Pack by Claybourne Co. contains 3.5g of small nugs and a gram of kief for $45, which is really good when you consider you’re getting a gram of high quality concentrate along with an eighth of top shelf whole nug flower. They come in all kinds of different kief and strain combinations for whatever you’re looking to get into. 

We tried a sativa combo of Chemdawg flower and kief from a cross of Bokers x Chemdawg x Cookies and Cream Kief that was totally out of this world. High in limonene, caryophyllene and myrcene, the combo was perfect: a peppery tang of gas, spice and citrus that produce a zoomy head high then levels into focus that lasts all day. 

Available: California

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Get closer to Mother Earth with these 10 sustainable cannabis gifts

Cannabis is a holistic part of society, and it’s increasingly difficult to separate issues of environmental, societal and cultural sustainability. Turns out, it’s all connected. Using our dollars to support companies that are in line with best practices for our planet is the easiest way to help the industry grow in a healthy way. 

To encourage these forward-thinking brands, here are ten featured products from companies that are embracing sustainable practices. Feel good about indulging in a cannabis gift for yourself and others while easing strains on the environment.  

THC-free options

Xula Herbs CBD Calm & Clarity Tincture

Xula Herbs is the whole package. Their calm and clarity tincture in particular, with ingredients such as mugwort, damiana, and passionflower, is a welcomed addition to any cannabis based supplement routine. 

A latinx and black women owned-and-operated company out of Mexico, with their own hemp farm, Xula Herbs embodies cultural sustainability and remains active in the media to educate the cannabis community on issues of social and environmental justice. 

Price: $78

Hempire State Growers Full Spectrum Oil 

Under the direction of innovative farmer Amy Hepworth, Hempire State Growers is an authority on regenerative agriculture and sustainability. Their hemp products come from their own farms and are thoughtfully crafted to be effective and luxurious. 

In addition to environmental issues, they are leaders in their community that advocate for comprehensive social justice practices and legislation. Their website even offers a wealth of knowledge for the farming curious

Price: $78

Ned Sleep Oil 

Ned was one of the first companies to chase the highest quality raw material for their full-spectrum hemp products by staying hyper-focused on farming practices. The company is built around honoring and respecting nature, and always prioritizing quality over quantity. One of their newer products, the CBN and 750 milligram CBD-rich Sleep Oil also features organic botanicals, such as valerian and lemon balm, known to promote sleep. 

Price: $96

Zen Barn Farms Flower 

Zen Barn Farms FlowerZen Barn Farms

Zen Barn Farms grows their hemp sustainably with regenerative agricultural practices to create high-quality products that give back to the Earth. In addition to using their voice to support environmental and social justice in the cannabis industry, they donate 1% of all proceeds to causes they believe in. 

Starting at just $6 for flower, they are easy to love and support. Locals can also check out their community events like live comedy nights. 

Price: $6

Alive & Kicking Organic Hemp Pre-Rolls 

Alive & Kicking Organic Hemp Pre-RollsAlive & Kicking

These slim pre-rolls come in discreet packaging that is designed to look and feel similar to cigarettes. Keep a pack on hand to enjoy the relaxation and calming effects of organically grown hemp anywhere, anytime. 

By sourcing only organically grown high-quality CBD hemp flower, each pre-roll delivers full spectrum benefits without any harmful chemical additives or from soil contamination.  

Price: $29

TerraVita’s Shrooms CBD Capsules 

TerraVita's Shrooms CBD Capsules TerraVita

The adaptogen lover’s dream supplement, TerraVita’s CBD Shroom formula combines broad-spectrum CBD with a functional mushroom blend for overall wellness. Fungi like lion’s mane, reishi, and cordyceps have been used for centuries (or longer) for immune, mood, and cognitive support. 

In addition to the sustainable sourcing of the ingredients within the supplements, these wellness-focused capsules encourage a sustainable lifestyle for their customers by making it easier to prioritize personal wellbeing.  

Price: $55

Dip Devices Dipper 

Like other companies on this list, Dip Devices is committed to being part of the change they want to see in the world of cannabis on both environmental and social fronts. One of the unique ways in which they donate a portion of their proceeds is by actually allowing purchasers to choose where their portion of the cost goes. Options include organizations that support marine life, the LGBTQ+ community, drug policy reform and racial justice, fighting food insecurity, bee preservation, and more. This device also happens to be an excellent choice for no mess dabbing, and dabbing on the go.

Price: $115

THC options

Kin Slips Sublingual Strips 

Kin Slips Sublingual StripsKin Slips

The first of its kind, these under the tongue strips might be the most discreet way to enjoy fast-acting THC. The high feels clean and lucid, and starts to activate in just 10 – 20 minutes. Embracing a unique and direct form of social sustainability, Kin Slips donate cannabis infused products directly to low income medical patients, seniors, and veterans in California. Additionally, they offer support to organizations including Broccoli’s Floret Coalition, The Last Prisoner Project, and Sweetleaf Collective. 

Price: $35

Stone Road Pre Rolls 

Stone Road Pre Rolls Stone Road

Treating yourself — or someone else — to Stone Road’s cannabis is like sourcing the highest quality greens from the farmers market, they set the bar high for sustainably and organically grown flower. The packaging and overall aesthetic, down to the visuals on social media, are inclusive, luxurious, and stunning. Their hand rolled pre-rolls are an indulgence for weed lovers, and even come with a reusable glass and cork joint case. 

Price: $17


Wunder is a beverage company that combines fast-acting nano-emulsified cannabis into their single serving cans in low and high doses. The combination of Delta-9, CBD and THC creates very relaxing and fun highs, and we love their recyclable packaging. 

They also use their voice on social media, regularly promoting and featuring women in the industry on their Instagram channel, and staying mindful of both planet and people. 

Price: $9

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8 soothing strains for Self Care Sunday

Self care can be as simple as dissociating into a video game after clocking out of work, or as complex as a comprehensive DIY at-home spa day that lasts for hours. For some folks, self care is 30 minutes of daily exercise, for others, it’s talk therapy. For most though, it’s a broad combination of stimulating, centering, and pacifying endeavors that can, in some way or another, be enhanced with a specific cannabis cultivar.

Whether your “Self Care Sunday” takes place on a Tuesday night or Friday afternoon, the objective remains the same; body, mind, and soul revitalization. And when applied with careful consideration, cannabis can totally maximize the restorative power of a proper spirit-recovery sesh. 

So if you’re in need of some personal TLC, then consider one of these cognitively euphoric and physically pacifying strains below for your next self care day. A little self love and a hit of weed can go a long, long way.


Bred from LA Confidential and Snowcap, this hybrid strain leans slightly more indica, but the high is reportedly just as bright and uplifting as the sunniest sativas, with a cool, soothing physical relaxation that reflects its name. Consumers who favor the enlivening effects of SnowLAnd report a breathtaking onset before it develops into creative, introspective, and powerfully euphoric — yet utterly relaxing — high. 

The balanced profile of this cultivar enables the strain to offer therapeutic applications, including controlled muscle spasms, anti-nausea, appetite stimulation, and depression relief. And its tendency to make you feel giggly with a hot streak of artistic inspiration makes this the perfect strain for journaling, painting, gardening or decorating. 

Expect a rich, diesel stink with notes of citrus and wood, and a candy-sweet, tropical fruit flavored exhale. 

Dutch Treat

A phenotype of perennial faves Northern Lights and Haze, this popular strain is a favorite in its own right — and with good reason. It’s dreamily relaxing without being incapacitating, and its potent yet restrained sativa genetics ensure a swooning onset that quickly evaporates, leaving behind a manageable tranquilization in both the mind and body. 

Dutch Treat fans report effects that walk the line between couch-lock and calm contentment. For those seeking self care through gaming, Dutch Treat may keep your body relaxed and elastic while sharpening your senses enough to make gaming feel next-level. Games aside, this strain can reportedly soothe the rough edges of a harsh day, both spiritually and physically, which most folks can appreciate. It’s also a popular therapeutic strain for treating migraines, chronic pain, neuropathy, and PTSD.

Expect a bold, fruity perfume and an earthy, sweet-wood exhale with super delicate top notes of mint. 

Super Silver Haze

If an increased heart rate and a bit of sweat are part of your self care routine, then consider an energetic sativa-hybrid with just enough indica genetics to inspire some deeper than average, exercise-fueled self-contemplation. 

Super Silver Haze is a crossbreed of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze, and reportedly has a number of compelling sativa characteristics, including spacey creative energy and bouncy euphoria — as well as therapeutic efficacy in managing fatigue, depression, and stress. Bottom line; a few hits of Super Silver Haze before a low-stakes, at-home yoga flow or peppy, bedroom aerobics sesh might make those sukasanas and grapevines feel like an even more effective way to access some higher-self wisdom. 

Expect a sour, skunky nose and a spicy, sweet, herbaceous exhale.

Orange Cookies

Two strains known for their tastiness, GSC and Orange Juice, were crossed to create Orange Cookies, a genetically balanced, ultra-responsive, crazy-delicious hybrid cultivar. Consumers love Orange Cookies for its reports of treating a number of wellness needs, both physical and mental. 

The body highs can be gently relaxing or mildly effervescent depending on your resting state, but the head highs are overwhelmingly reported as euphoric beyond measure. If your self care involves meditations on gratitude, Orange Cookies may put you in just the right state of mind to revel in your blessings.

Expect a sweet, orange candy perfume and a grassy, botanical exhale with notes of lemongrass and pink pepper.

Purple Trainwreck

This hybrid cultivar’s genetics may skew slightly energetic, but it’s by no means a red-hot sativa. Many fans report a celebratory onset that evenly dissipates into body and head highs that are decidedly more relaxed. For canna-thusiasts who are using their self care days to hit a psychological reset button, Purple Trainwreck may be the euphoric game changer they’ve been looking for. 

Purple Trainwreck is a cross of Grandaddy Purple and Trainwreck, and its reported therapeutic uses include the management of ADHD, hyperactivity, depression, and chronic pain. 

Expect a thick, complex fragrance layered with citrus, compost, botanicals, and corner-store candy. The exhale is a correspondingly complex cloud of lemony herbs and overripe berries. 

Cookie Wreck

For those who desire insulation against the outside world as a form of self care, Cookie Wreck may very well offer the cashmere dissociation vibes they need. Consumers traveling deeply into their own innerspace is this cultivar’s most favorable effect. It’s a balanced hybrid cross of GSC and Trainwreck, and features a cannabinoid profile that often includes modest percentages of both CBD and CBG. 

Cookie Wreck’s body high can feel like a soft tranquilizer, but the head high is often reported as bright, focused and clear — even a bit psychedelic. That said, you should prepare for a long-lasting high with pronounced psychotropic-in-the-head and sedative-in-the-body effects. 

Expect the sweet smell of sugar cookies and wood chips, a nutty, grassy exhale, and a vanilla aftertaste that lingers pleasantly in the nose and mouth.  


At the intersection of self care and self indulgence is MAC, an evenly balanced cross of Alien Cookies, Starfighter, and Columbian. MAC’s reputation as a luxury strain stems from reported effects that include intense euphoria and a bone-deep relaxation that assuages chronic pain without dulling the users senses. In fact, fans of this strain report a heightening of senses that could become overwhelming for novice smokers, so toke with consideration. 

Including MAC in a spa-style day of self care will likely make your bubble bath feel even more foamy, your scalp massage more tingly, and your DIY pedicure feel like more of an artistic endeavor than typical grooming. 

Expect a dank, tropical funk fragrance with the suggestion of a floral bouquet, and a spicy/sweet diesel exhale that leaves behind a hint of lemon essence. 

Sunshine Daydream

Sunshine Daydream consumers routinely describe this hybrid cross of Bubbashine and Appalachia as a panacea for physical and mental relief. But, more than those therapeutic applications, Sunshine Daydream is stoney as hell. 

Genetically, it leans indica, with effects so powerfully relaxing that regular consumers advise only using this strain at bedtime — despite the cheery name. Head highs range from calm and placated to downright drowsy, and body highs seem to leave tokers with effects that are both tingly and lethargic. 

Expect a potent perfume of fresh blueberries with dank edges and earthy undertones, and a citrusy, woody, gassy exhale. 

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Mellow out with these 7 hemp prerolls

Now that 4/20 has come and gone, you may be feeling a little greened out. So if you’re looking to take the edge off without any intoxicating elements, consider the classic hemp preroll. Though the effects don’t hit you as hard as a hefty dose of THC, a few hits of cannabidiol (CBD) flower may loosen you up and give you a sigh of relief at the end of a long day. 

Thankfully, since hemp is federally legal in the U.S., you can order CBD flower and joints in a way most convenient for you. Below, check out seven hemp prerolls made for kicking back and letting go. 

CBD+Herb Minis from Miss Grass

Each CBD mini preroll pack from Miss Grass is loaded with organic full-spectrum hemp containing CBD and CBG and a unique blend of adaptogenic herbs. You can choose from the XXX pack for pleasure, ZZZ pack for sleep, and the OOO pack for balance. Or go for all three for an ultra-mellow sampling. Customer reviews boast smooth hits and bright flavors. 

Price: $26 per pack or $63 for the trio

Special Sauce 3-Pack Prerolls from Friend Leaf 

Sun-grown and USDA certified organic, Friend Leaf’s CBD prerolls come with 2 grams of flower in each three-pack offering. Its Special Sauce strain delivers notes of pine and hops while lightly relaxing the body and mind. 

Price: $26

Slim Hemp CBD 14-Pack Prerolls from Alive and Kicking 

If you regularly microdose CBD, then you may get a kick out of Alive and Kicking’s Slim Hemp Prerolls. Each mini preroll contains 0.3 grams of third-party tested whole flower hemp, so you won’t be getting any stems or pesticides here. Choose from three strains — Lifter, ACDC, and Orange Glaze — before lighting up on a breezy day.   

Price: $29

Lit for a Queen CBD Preroll and Lighter from Her Highness 

Offering a CBD preroll with an extra long filter to save your nails, Her Highness knows how to treat cannabis with a healthy dose of luxury and self-care. The preroll-and-lighter combo pack contains a single joint of Cherry Blossom flower in a cherry-blossom-flavored hemp wrap, along with a gold lighter that will last — save for the butane.

Price: $15

Something’s Fishy 5-Pack from Dad Grass

Discreet and charming, this five-pack from Dad Grass comes in a sardine packaging sleeve to throw off your friends, neighbors, and kids. Loaded with five classic hemp joints, the hits are mellow and smooth.

Price: $37

Premium Hemp Cigarettes 21-Pack from The Botanical Joint

Latina and indigenous-owned, The Botanical Joint boasts 0.75 gram CBD joints in a 21-pack tin. Each of its strains is tested with a robust terpene analysis that speaks to the quality of The Botanical Joint’s hemp flower. 

Price: $30

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