The best dry herb vaporizers to get right now

Despite pioneering the genre, dry herb vaporizers are the underdogs of the vaporizing world. While pens, concentrate vapes, and electronic systems like e-rigs dominate the stoner market, many tend to write off flower vapes as catering to a more medicinal crowd. When it comes down to it, most recreational users prefer to combust flower with a Bic and vaporize concentrates with a Peak, as opposed to vaporizing the flower itself. 

It’s a totally different and more nuanced experience to vaporize flower than it is to smoke it — and the high is different, too. Smoking slaps you in the face, but vaping creeps behind your eyes. Instead of eviscerating all the chemical compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids with an uber hot flame, you’re vaporizing these compounds at a lower temperature and getting the most out of your flower. Also, vaporized weed has been decarboxylated, meaning you can use the vaped weed to make edibles later, stretching your stash even further. 

As the objective of cannabis use moves away from over consumption and the hokey-stoner vibe it entailed, more sophisticated users are seeing the beauty in vaporizing flower. Thus, dry herb vapes are making a comeback, riding the new wave of health-conscious, lifestyle-based consumers.

Not only are flower vapes one of the safest ways to consume cannabis — especially during a respiratory-based pandemic — they offer a full-spectrum terpene experience that can’t be achieved through smoking. Due to this litany of advantages, the flower vape market has seen a spike in cool new vapes. Here are our favorite dry herb vaporizers on the market. 

DaVinci IQ2

For a luxe vaping experience, check out the brand new DaVinci IQ2. Heavy, chic, and pricey to boot, this beautifully executed handheld vape is compatible with both dry herb and concentrates. 

Great for conserving flower and savoring the flavor, the IQ2 also comes with an app that can measure dosage based on strain and vapor density. 

Price: $295

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

The Volcano by euro vape lords Storz and Bickel is the most nostalgic and best selling desktop vaporizer of all time. With its large triangular base and party bag full of vapor, it’s an iconic and fun design that’s managed to peak our interest for over twenty years

The Volcano’s most recent incarnation, the Volcano Hybrid, has high tech upgrades to the beloved analog device, resulting in one hell of a product. The future isn’t all what it’s cracked up to be, but at least we can control Volcano rips from an app on our phones. 

Price: $699


The Pax 3 is a widely beloved dual use vaporizer that is as beautiful as it is effective. Portable, and having one of the most discrete designs on our list today, this vaporizer is simple to use, but also has app capabilities for a personalized experience. The Pax 3 is available in two kits, the “Basic Kit”  vaporizes flower only, and the more expensive “Complete Kit,” which includes a concentrate insert. 

Price: $250

G Pen Elite

LA vape brand G Pen helped pioneer the genre of hand held vaporizers in the mid 2010s. Known for their quality and well-designed devices with luxe details, G Pen has a ton of great products. My personal favorite is the Elite

Classic and simple, it just works. This little portable convection vaporizer features an LED display, temperature control, and a signature ceramic heating element that heats flower quickly and evenly between 200 and 428°F. 

Price: $119.95

Firefly 2+

The last dual use device on our list is the lightning fast Firefly 2. This touch sensor activated portable convection vaporizer stands out for its on-demand heating feature, versatility in accepting both flower and concentrates, and a glass heating chamber with ember glow LED design that mimics the feeling of smoking a bowl.

At $249.95, it’s still in the realm of affordability when it comes to multi-use vapes with tech features. It’s a sleek little vape that packs a punch, producing consistent, great tasting vapor. 

Price: $249.95

Airvape X

Simple, well-constructed, and friendly for the consumer who may not be the most tech-savvy, the Airvape X is a solid product. At the crux of why Airvape X is cool is its lightning fast heating capability and affordable price tag. It also comes with a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Price: $139

Arizer Air II

The Arizer Air II is a portable convection vaporizer from Arizer, a veteran brand known for their no nonsense, high-quality vapes. Blurring the line between a high end at-home vaporizing system and a portable vape for on-the-go use, this is a great product for the quarantine era, where the only place you’re going is to the kitchen then back to the couch. 

Price: $149.99 


With its survivalist aesthetic and powerful heating capabilities, the Crafty+ by Storz and Bickel is just plain cool. It looks like binoculars, gets you super high, and feels good in the hand. Simply insert flower, wait a few seconds, and you’re ready to go. A perfect companion for all your upcoming springtime adventures. 

Price: $279

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10 shows about weed we’re watching right now

New Year, new streaming queue! As the pandemic continues, never has there been a better time for Hollywood creatives to keep pumping out awesome TV in addition to the usual classics that keep us company. 

There are so many great TV shows spotlighting weed that it’s hard to narrow them down. Plus, there’s something for pretty much everyone. Below, check out some of the best shows starring cannabis and get to binge-watching.

High Maintenance

This gem, now on HBO, started as video shorts on the Vimeo, and back in 2015 I interviewed show creators Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair. Openly inspired by cannabis consumption in New York City and The Guy (Sinclair) who delivers it to them, the series has been described as largely plotless, and shows a twisty and humane exploration of the people of New York City and their relationship with weed and each other. 

Watch High Maintenance on HBO


Surprisingly, this Netflix vehicle starring the eminently talented Kathy Bates,  never really caught on with viewers and was canceled after two seasons. The comedy series centered on Ruth Whitefeather Feldman (Bates) as she tries to run her Los Angeles-area cannabis dispensary with the help of young budtenders, including her son. 

Touching on serious issues that intertwine with the cannabis industry — including cannabis and mental health, activism, and misconceptions about stoners — the show also featured cannabis legends Cheech and Chong. 

Watch Disjointed on Netflix

Grace and Frankie

Though this show is not about exactly weed, the writers of this series are making at least one thing clear: all people of all ages consume cannabis. 

Starring comedy icon Lily Tomlin and actress and activist Jane Fonda, Tomlin’s character Frankie — a stereotypical throwback from the free love era — consumes cannabis with abandon and on the regular. And so do Grace’s children, the ferociously wry Brianna and mommy-worn Mallory. In fact, in sunny San Diego where the show is set, cannabis is as natural and normal as botox and yoga, and a part of life for the show’s characters. 

Watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix

Broad City

Created by and starring real-life friend duo Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, Broad City ran on Comedy Central from 2014 – 2019 and was loosely based on their relationship and their attempts to “make it” in New York City. 

While shows in the past have offered many different takes on male stoner duos — think Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar, Jay and Silent Bob — Broad City presented viewers with something new: a female stoner duo. It also received loads of critical acclaim and maintains a cult following today. 

Watch Broad City on Hulu 

Dope State

This new series follows the adventures of freelance cannabis journalist Tyler Gopnik (Gabriel Sunday) as he covers California’s cannabis scene. A mockumentary lampooning the often overly serious coverage of vice reporting, the series is unafraid to dig in to some of the archetypes emerging in the current industry, including dealers turned “weedtrepreneurs,” overeager THC-infused beverage purveyors, slick and insincere influencers, and other poseurs orbiting the cannabis galaxy. 

Watch Dope State on Apple TV


This dark comedy-drama created by Jenji Kohan premiered on Showtime in 2005 and ran until 2012. After the death of her husband, newly-widowed mother of two Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) turns to selling weed to make ends meet. A show about a woman selling weed seems ahead of its time given its 2005 debut, but at the time it earned Showtime their highest ratings. 

Weeds also went on to win two Emmys, a Golden Globe, and a Writer’s Guild Award, among others. Fans of its original run can cheer at the news that a sequel is in the works that will reunite Parker and co-star Elizabeth Perkins. 

Watch Weeds on Netflix

Bong Appetit

Fans of The Great British Bake Off might love this weed-flavored take on cooking under pressure. Initially, the show followed host Abdullah Saeed as he threw parties where chefs were tasked with preparing elaborate, multi-course cannabis-infused meals for party guests. 

Viceland, who produces the series, says that Bong Appetit features “the biggest selection of marijuana ingredients ever assembled.” Newer episodes take on both food and topics like social justice and feature a trio of hosts, including B Real, Vanessa Lavoroto, and Miguel Trinidad.

Watch Bong Appetit on Hulu

That 70’s Show

Even though the word “marijuana” was said only once on the show that ran from 1998 – 2006, it was about teenagers in the 70s who were down in their parent’s brown-paneled, shag-rugged basement, listening to music and smoking weed. 

Starring people we still remember, likeTopher Grace and real life couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, the show also co-starred a member of the unofficial (and imaginary) Stoner Hall of Fame, Tommy Chong. 

Watch That 70’s Show on Amazon

Cooking on High

If you’re anything like me, every now and then you like to watch what I call “train wreck TV” because it’s so bad you can’t look away. Cooking on High, another cooking competition show, premiered on Netflix in 2018. It centers on preparing food with cannabis as an ingredient, and the guest chefs are cannabis professionals who use cannabis-infused foods as part of their larger careers as private chefs and medical marijuana educators. 

The series, hosted by famous YouTuber Josh Leyva, was widely panned, though cannabis activist and comedian Ngaio Bealum received high marks for his segments on the science of cannabis cooking and short blurbs on the “strain of the day.”

Watch Cooking on High on Netflix


A world away from Cooking on High is Atlanta. From creator and multi-hyphenate Donald Glover, Atlanta is a thoughtful and pointed exploration of trying to make it in the Atlanta rap scene that also features cannabis. 

In a 2018 interview with The New Yorker, Glover said that “anxiety, fear, and stress are all reasons why the characters in Atlanta smoke [weed].” It’s estimated that Glover’s character Earn is either rolling or consuming cannabis in 90% of his scenes. Another character, Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) sells cannabis among other drugs, but the show’s writers do not shy away from storytelling about the risks of working in illicit markets and the reasons why people might make those choices. 

Watch Atlanta on Hulu

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8 weed strains for focused studying

Weed can be a great tool for clearing your mind and slowing down the world. This is why it’s so good for people who like to smoke before studying. Though getting high before doing anything productive can be overwhelming and distracting for some, for others, cannabis is the first step before sitting in one spot for hours — all while giving the mind the tunnel vision needed to knock out daunting tasks.

Whether you’re sitting down to homework, cranking out a paper, or studying for your real estate licensing exam, there are hundreds of cannabis strains that may ease the process. Here is a quick list of eight to get you started.


Trainwreck is a powerful strain named for its cerebral effects that hit “like a runaway train.” If you’re the overactive type, and you need a strain with some potency to help study for the bar exam, or whatever your field, this could be the one.

Trainwreck was created from a mix of Mexican, Thai, and Afghani landrace parentage. Its terpenes produces an earthy, piney, and slightly gassy aroma, followed by an overall earthy flavor. The effects come on quickly with an invigorating, yet calming high, making it great for people who need to smoke before they can sit still.

Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 dates all the way back to the 90s when Brothers Grimm Seeds found some Jack Herer seeds which grew into a plant they named “Princess.” They then used Princess to cross with Shiva Skunk, and after a series of backcrossings and working the strain, the upbeat Cinderella 99 was finally born. 

Cinderella 99’s terpene profile commonly features a floral and somewhat fruity flavor that translates into an earthy smoke. The effects tend to hit people with a heavy dose of cerebral stimulation, so if you’re about to lock into some study hours, Cindy 99 could be the one for you.


They said CBD strains won’t get you high, but anyone that has smoked a joint of Harle-Tsu, or anything CBD-dominant, will tell you that while these strains don’t get you stoned, you still feel a change in your mind and body. With Harle-Tsu, that change is a clear-headed focus that raises alertness, making it an absolutely perfect strain for studying.

Harle-Tsu was bred by crossing the CBD-dominant Harlequin with the even more CBD-dominant Sour Tsunami. Like most CBD strains, it has that familiar earthy, sour, slightly citrus flavor profile. It has little-to-no THC, and most people experience a creative euphoria.

Tropicana Cookies

If you’re looking for a staunch orange-forward terpene profile, because citrus strains usually give you uplifting effects, you may not find anything better than Tropicana Cookies. 

Tropicana Cookies is a cross between Tangie and a special cut of GSC that produces a surprisingly uplifting high. This sativa-dominant hybrid smells and tastes just like oranges, and its high will help you feel relaxed but mentally energized and alert for the tasks at hand. It’s a great pregame strain for someone that wants heavier effects before they sink into study mode.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake is another heavy-hitter with long-lasting effects. Also known as Pineapple Cake, it’s a cross of Pineapple Trainwreck and Cookie Monster. Those Pineapple and Cookies genetics give way to a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet tropical aroma that turns into a spicy-flavored smoke. 

Most consumers feel a rush of cerebral stimulation that keeps you upbeat and energized, which is common amongst many strains that have a pineapple-like terpene profile.

Jack Flash

Most strains with Jack Herer genetics will be great for daytime consumption, and especially great for anyone seeking a clear-headed focus. Jack Flash is just one of many Jack derivatives that serve as an excellent example.

Jack Herer was originally bred by Sensi Seeds. Jack Flash was one of Sensi’s many projects that enhanced the original strain. Bred with Jack Herer, Super Skunk, and Haze genetics, Jack Flash features that classic earthy, piney, and spicy terpene profile and usually makes people feel relaxed, centered, and focused.


When it comes to studying, you won’t always have the good fortune of working in the daytime. For nighttime studiers, you may want to smoke, but don’t want any stoney feelings that could make you sleepy. For that, ACDC is a great suggestion.

ACDC is a phenotype of the commonly featured Cannatonic strain. It is known for its CBD:THC ratio that can sometimes be as high as 20:1. ACDC features a sour, earthy flavor, followed by clear-headed effects that help you feel alert during all-nighters.

Allen Wrench

Rounding out the study suggestions list is the upbeat hybrid, Allen Wrench. 

This sativa-dominant strain was bred by crossing Trainwreck with NYC Diesel. The result produces resinous buds with an earthy, slightly citrus terpene profile with diesel undertones. After consuming Allen Wrench, most people feel an energizing boost in morale that helps tremendously when studying for the dreaded GRE exams — or anything alike.

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5 of the top strains for 5 New Year’s resolutions

Each year, we arrive at the end of December and swear that in the new year we’re going to change all our bad habits. We’re going to work out more, save money, and pursue all the passions that we’ve let sit idle for a whole 365 days. 

I applaud you, I applaud us, because this time, we’re for sure going to evolve. And to help us along the way, here are five strains for five of the most common types of New Year’s Resolutions.

Working out: Green Crack

Green Crack is a classic sativa that people love for its energizing qualities. Smoke ethos, and your head is instantly hit with a rush of “Okay, what was I doing? Oh yeah — everything!” It’s perfect for when you need that boost of energy that’ll get you putting on your running shoes and grabbing your jump rope, while we await the day we can go back to our local gyms.

Green Crack is thought to be a cross of a 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club, a Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace. It has earthy, citrus, skunky terpenes that will invigorate your senses.

Saving money: WiFi OG

When it comes to saving money on weed, the truth is: it’s damn near impossible. Going gram by gram on flower adds up, and don’t get me started on how much your bank account will hate you for walking out of the store with a bag of concentrates. 

Edibles are the most cost effective way to consume cannabis in bulk, but if you’d rather inhale your cannabinoids and terpenes, try buying just one strain that you can smoke at any time of day versus stacking up on a variety of products that produce a time-of-day-specific effects. Our suggestion is WiFi OG.

White Fire OG, also called WiFi OG, or even just WiFi is a cross of the sativa-dominant Fire OG and the indica-dominant The White. It’s known for being a potent and euphoric hybrid that hits hard, but isn’t necessarily immobilizing. When it comes to saving money on the amount of weed you buy for different effects, WiFi is an excellent one-smoke-fits-all type. Its terpene profile features hints of pine, citrus, and diesel; and most people feel relaxed and happy after consuming it.

Get more sleep: Granddaddy Purple

As someone who goes to bed at midnight every night and wakes up at 5 o’clock every morning, I can tell you that getting more sleep in this coming year is a great New Year’s resolution. And if you’re seeking the perfect cannabis strain that quiets your mind, relaxes your body, and puts you right to sleep for a solid eight hours of rest, you should probably get something potent that is known for having sleepy effects. The world famous Granddaddy Purple is your answer.

Granddaddy Purple — GDP for short — was created in California by Ken Estes. It’s a cross of Big Bud and Purple Urkle, named after its deep purple flowers and lauded for its nighttime effects. This indica has a mix of grape and earthy aromas that translate into a somewhat hashy-tasting smoke. On average, people report feeling extremely relaxed and euphoric after smoking this purple powerhouse.

Reduce stress: Blue Dream

Blue Dream is my all-time #1 favorite strain for everything in the world. It makes me so damn happy, and puts me in this happy-go-lucky state where not a single thing in life can penetrate my bubble of emotional security. If you’re looking for a stress reliever, I’m no doctor, and even they couldn’t give you a 100% certain answer when it comes to choosing cannabis strains, but I’ll tell you that Blue Dream is an excellent starting point.

Blue Dream is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. Originally, it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid bred by crossing a Santa Cruz Haze with DJ Short’s Blueberry strain. The result is a sweet, earthy, slightly citrus treat that hits your head and body with absolutely euphoria and bliss. Blue Dream feels good, and if you want to reduce stress in the coming years, it’s not a bad sidekick for the mission.

Learn a new skill: Canna-Tsu

You’re never too old to learn a new skill. You’re never too old to pursue a new passion. And to help you get in the right mindset for both, Canna Tsu is an excellent strain to consume. It’s a high CBD strain, so it won’t bring forth the type of high you’re accustomed to, but it will provide clear-headed effects that make it easier to block out distractions and focus on the task(s) directly in front of you.

Canna Tsu is a cross of the high CBD Cannatonic with high CBD Sour Tsunami. It tastes earthy, like many of these high CBD strains do. Focused, energetic, and happy are its most common effects, which is exactly how you want to feel when stepping out of your comfort zone to build yourself.

Find thousands of strains on Weedmaps

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8 dispensaries to buy weed in Portland

Portland has some of the best cannabis you can find in all of Oregon, and the wide selection of locally-owned dispensaries truly speaks to conscious enthusiasts and first-time buyers alike. But where can you find the best of the best when it comes to quality products, top-notch customer care, and screaming deals? 

Below, we compiled our Weedmaps’ exclusive, curated list of the best dispensaries to buy weed in Portland. By gathering amazing reviews, robust menus, verified products, and more, we’ve summoned excellence and assurance for cannabis consumers across the spectrum. 

For an in-depth peek at all 2020 Best of Weedmaps offerings, check out the top-rated dispensaries in your state.

Where’s your favorite dispensary? 

Happy Leaf 

With friendly staff, quality products, and a whole lot of knowledge, Happy Leaf is a bright spot in Portland’s cannabis scene. They also pride themselves on offering local products in a relaxing store setting and reviewers can’t get enough of their generous discounts, including daily deals and a 15% veterans discount every day of the week. 


Since 2014, JAYNE’s been serving their community with great products and a hometown vibe. Patients, veterans, and seniors get a 10% discount every day of the week, and customers love browsing their wide selection of edibles along with beautiful glass pieces crafted by local artists. 


Satchel takes customer care seriously, and is continuously impressing with their professional and friendly staff — plus a 10% discount for all veterans and seniors truly highlights their consideration. 

Erin Hoke, admin at Satchel, told us just how much the staff is looking out for their customers: “Satchel has implemented safeguards for customer and employee safety during the pandemic. New customers will find our menu listed on the outside of the building and may place their order at the lobby window where our budtenders are happy to answer any questions through the glass. Customers can also place pick-up orders directly through Weedmaps.” 

Broadway Cannabis Market 

Concentrate enthusiasts love Broadway Cannabis Market for their huge selection and quality products. Not only that, their shelves are filled with 24 strains of flower at all times. Customers also can’t get enough of their many discounts, including a 5% student, senior, and military discount, as well as early bird specials and a daily happy hour to boot. 

Natural Wonders 

The first and only Native-owned dispensary in Oregon, Natural Wonders is teeming with quality customer care and a wide selection of locally owned and operated brands. To ensure your safety and industry standards, they also screen all of their growers for sustainability, supporting farmers who value both the environment and consumer health. 

Co-owner Jackson McCormack explained, “Natural Wonders offers a curated selection from Oregon’s best locally-owned cannabis companies, all presented by an experienced and informative team. Featuring exclusive product drops and an award-winning selection that can fit any cannabis need or desire. We only shelf products we would use ourselves.”

Curaleaf — Portland 

Curaleaf has a history of providing customers with quality products and community service by offering an incredible selection and fundraising for local charities and volunteering around the city. You’ll feel a sense of welcome and ease when stepping foot in this generous store, all while saving money with their rotating daily deals. 

Oregon Weedery

With a highly educated staff — who also roll their joints in-house — Oregon Weedery places customer care at the top. Veterans and seniors receive 10% off their orders, while medical patients get a tax-free experience. Check out their many vendor days for deals on quality, local products, and an extremely friendly environment. 

Plane Jane’s 

You’ll feel right at home at Plane Jane’s as they offer the best cannabis Oregon produces all wrapped up in a Portland-themed dispensary. If you’re a first time customer, expect a 15% discount, and don’t forget to sign up for their Plane Jane Reward Text Program for even more special deals. 

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The Emerald Triangle in California, explained

About 85 miles north of San Francisco, the Emerald Triangle comprising three counties — Mendocino, Humboldt, and Trinity — hugs the Pacific coast as it expands northward to Oregon. The Triangle hosts some of the finest cannabis growing conditions in the world, thereby producing some of the world’s best and most robust herb, with many plants reportedly growing up to 15 feet tall and producing epic yields. In no small part, this is because of the area’s exceptional microclimate, balance of rain and sun, and weather that is neither too hot nor too cold.

No doubt the fertile, loamy soil and clement weather play a part in producing such fine weed, but many of the growers in the area are cannabis veterans who earned their chops long before California Proposition 215 made cannabis legal for medicinal purposes in 1996. Knowing how much cannabis had yielded prior to legalization is difficult to know, but today, growers in the Emerald Triangle produce 1.7 million pounds of cannabis each year, making the region the number one domestic supplier for the United States market, according to California state estimators.

The transformation of the Emerald Triangle

But how did the lush region transform from sparsely populated logging towns to booming cannabis mecca? In the 1960s and 70s, many people adhering to the Back-to-the Land movement that rejected urban lifestyles and other social mores migrated to the area to seek solace and act with self-sufficiency. Cannabis, despite its illegality at the time, soon became a crop of choice to support their families and community. The topography of the Triangle also provides a lot of cover with its towering trees and remote locations, while the population is spread widely throughout dense woods and mountains. It’s a good place to get lost. 

Though Emerald Triangle cannabis thrived when it was illegal across the board — and came from the black market — a new era of legalization has presented some challenges to local growers and the surrounding communities. Since Prop 215, there has been significant growth in the area, not just in the industry but also from outsiders without much skin in the game, like poser growers, seasonal trimmers, and tourists. While an influx of workers and visitors can be good for localities in terms of tax revenue and tourism exposure, it can also bring its share of downsides and risks. 

The hard-to-access terrain of the area helped shelter the hippie farmers who grew there in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but today, it too frequently provides good cover for criminal cartels and illegal domestic growers that plant clandestine crops. Not only does this produce unneeded competition between legal and illicit growers for workers, it weakens the legal cannabis industry on the whole and often leaves devastating environmental impacts, like diverted and poisoned waterways full of toxic chemicals to grow supersized cannabis plants that can harm downstream crops, animal and plant life. 

Why is there high crime in the Emerald Triangle? Is Humboldt County dangerous?

Despite its idyllic appearance and its reputation as a “stoner’s paradise,” the Emerald Triangle has its fair share of crime. In addition to the aforementioned activities of cartels and illicit growers, Humboldt County in particular — despite a small population — has a lot of murders. In 2018, Humboldt Country claimed the dubious distinction of California’s second highest homicide rate, as reported by San Jose-based outlet The Mercury News

One such incident caught the attention of Netflix, who in 2018 created a show based on a murder in the Emerald Triangle titled Murder Mountain. The series explored the 2013  disappearance and homicide of a local grower named Garret Rodriguez and the ensuing tension his murder created with local cannabis insiders. To this day, Rodriguez’ case remains unsolved. 

While Netflix creates drama for viewers, real-life growers in the Emerald Triangle have drama of their own as they continue to adapt to changes brought on by the demands of operating in the legal cannabis marketplace (California legalized weed for all adults in 2016). Many growers in the area, some of whom have been successfully cultivating cannabis for decades, have been concerned that widespread legalization prioritizes corporate weed that elbows out the already established mom and pop shops. For others, there is concern about shrinking profit margins due to the spiraling costs attributed to the legal market, such as licensing fees, onerous paperwork, required security measures, and so on. 

The Emerald Triangle is definitely not the place that attracted the back-to-the-landers decades ago, and it has had its share of growing pains as it continues to straddle the complicated legalities of being state legal but not federally legal. Though some positive changes have been made by regulators to bring black market growers into the legal industry, there is still a long way to go. 

As long as federal cannabis prohibition remains intact, the Emerald Triangle will retain its sense of literal and figurative wildness. Both licensed and unlicensed growers will continue to cultivate high quality weed, some of whom will supply unlicensed markets, while cartels will continue their solely illegal enterprises under the canopy of trees. Nonetheless, licensed growers continue to supply high-quality weed to California consumers, and cannabis — whether legal or not — remains an integral part of the Emerald Triangle’s economy and communities.

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8 of the best Haze strains

Haze is no rare commodity. The heritage is parent to some of the most popular contemporary hybrids in shops today. Many of today’s haze phenotypes are genetically similar to the landrace strains our hippy grandparents smoked, but modern cultivation has presented a far wider range of complex effects. 

Below, check out some of the most notable examples of Haze genetics, making them the best Haze strains.


Haze (aka Original Haze) originated in Santa Cruz, CA sometime in the early 70s by a pair of storied cultivators named “the Haze Brothers” along with their partner “Sam the Skunkman.” The cultivation involved a number of imported landrace sativa strains — landrace referring to cannabis strains that, while not necessarily wild, have not been formally selected, developed, or genetically manipulated by breeders.

Haze is not a pure sativa, but it is a genetic pillar of contemporary cannabis for its expression of sativa effects, including, energy, euphoria, and wild creativity. Expect notes of berry and lemon and an earthy exhale. 

Super Lemon Haze

Varsity stoners often refer to Super Lemon Haze as a daytime strain for its energizing head high. For the majority of users, this strain delivers the kind of bright, euphoric mental and elastic body highs that can make a person positively enthusiastic about housework, errands, and all manner of daily minutia. 

Super Lemon Haze’s genetics combine Lemon Skunk with Super Silver Haze for an 80:20 sativa/indica genetic split. The resulting flowers are heavily sugared, sharply fragranced, and dense with resin. Expect a citrusy nose and a crisp, lemony exhale.

Strawberry Haze

Fans of peppy, energetic highs may find their perfect match in Strawberry Haze (aka Arjan’s Strawberry Haze), another strain almost universally approved for “daytime use.” Consumers report a clear, cerebral head high and languid, effervescent body high that is manageable, yet powerful. 

Strawberry Haze, has a complex lineage that reportedly involves a mix of Swiss Sativa, Northern Lights #5, Haze, and Kali Mist. The resulting hybrid is also a popular therapeutic strain for treating depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. Expect a hint of strawberry in the nose and a sheer, herbaceous exhale. 

Cannalope Haze

Cannalope Haze is a popular strain for those looking to extinguish fatigue with a volcanic eruption of creativity, but fans of this cultivar also extoll it as a panacea with a wide swath of potential effects, including anxiety and pain relief. 

Bred from the heritage Haze Brothers strain and a Mexican sativa landrace from Michoacan, Cannalope Haze’s terpene profile presents as a fruity mashup of caryophyllene, terpinolene, and linalool that reportedly tastes remarkably like fresh cantaloupe melon. That unique flavor plus the ultra-resinous flowers of this cultivar make it popular for extractions and concentrates.

Blue Haze

Unlike the rest of the haze strains on this list, Blue Haze, or Blueberry Haze, is an indica-dominant hybrid, with fans widely reporting relaxing, tranquilizing, and deeply psychotropic effects. This cultivar’s complexity can also present an energetic euphoria for a slim margin of consumers. Go figure.

Blue Haze’s genetics are similar to a sordid love triangle. It’s a hybrid of Blueberry, a classic indica, and either Amnesia Haze or Super Silver Haze, depending on the cultivator. Either way, the resulting flowers are snowy, dense, and richly threaded with orange hairs. Expect a berry sweet nose and an exhale that’s peppery at the finish.

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze, not to be confused with Amnesia, is a euphoric and sociable strain that is the perfect choice for creative collaboration or long, animated chats. 

Overall, fans of Amnesia Haze find it to be the perfect strain for social activities, but also find it useful in therapeutic applications; the strain has reported high efficacy in relieving anxiety and depression, fatigue, and chronic pain.

Amnesia Haze is another complex hybrid, a cross of Haze, Southeast Asian, Afghani, and Hawaiian landrace strains that’s resulted in a fruity, earthy, and brightly herbal terpene profile in a dense, deep green flower. Expect a woody, herbal perfume and a faintly sweet exhale.

Purple Haze

Purple Haze is one of the original Haze phenotypes to descend from the stabilized seeds cultivated by the Haze Brothers. And the effects can be inferred by the phenotype’s title: consumers report a technicolor euphoria supported by a weightless body high that compounds into effects that flirt with psychedelia.

Purple Haze flowers are typically deep violet in hue, and sparkling with a rich blanket of crystalline trichomes. Expect a sweet, earthy perfume and a dense, velvety exhale. 

Super Silver Haze

Perennial party favorite Super Silver Haze has a unique balance of giddy euphoria, softened cognition, and remarkable staying power which has given it not only legendary top-shelf status, but also the distinction of three first prizes at the High Times Cannabis Cup. 

Prized for its therapeutic values as a chronic pain/fatigue reliever, Super Silver Haze fans also laud the strain for its calm body buzz which can appeal to sativa-hesitant, indica-loving cannabis smokers.

Super Silver Haze is bred from a cross of Shiva and Northern Lights #5, resulting in fluffy, bright green buds dusted in trichomes. Expect a peppery nose and sharp, tangy exhale. 

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8 of the best Kush strains

In the wide world of weed, there are so many strains that can be traced back to an original few. Kush varieties are one of those families of strains. Though many cannabis consumers may see the word “Kush” and assume it means OG Kush, but Kush actually refers to a certain variety of strains, better yet genetics, that originate in the Middle East region.

From those landrace genetics, breeders, growers, and consumers have been blessed with hundreds of cannabis strains that we still smoke today. Here are seven of the best Kush strains for anyone seeking a little taste of history.

Afghan Kush

When it comes to the original strains that gave us the sativa, indica, and hybrid classifications of cannabis, Afghan Kush is one the most important you could learn. 

Afghan Kush is a pure indica landrace strain from the Middle East, specifically between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. What you should really know about the strain is that it is considered by many to be the backbone of indica genetics. Like many strains that come from it, Afghan Kush is known for its sour aromas, followed by its potent, relaxing and euphoric effects. 

Simply put, Afghan Kush genetics are one of the biggest examples for considering indica strains to be the “sleepy” type of weed.

Hindu Kush

Right past Afghan Kush under the list of famous Kush landraces that you should learn is Hindu Kush. 

Hindu Kush is known as a pure indica landrace strain that originates in the Hindu Kush mountain range between Afghanistan and Pakistan. It usually has a mix of slightly sweet, woody, and overall hashy flavor notes that give way to a calm, lightly sedative high that’s great for kicking back after a long day. Most people report feeling relaxed, euphoric, and happy after consuming Hindu Kush.

Purple Kush

Purple Kush is an old school, classic Kush strain known for its bright purple flowers. It is a California-bred cultivar believed to come from a mix of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani parentage. 

Like many strains with Afghani genetics, Purple Kush is expected to have a sweet, earthy flavor profile and produce a potent high that helps people get a good night’s rest. However, with so many strains named Purple Kush at this point, there could be some variance in effects.

OG Kush

When you hear the word “Kush,” you probably aren’t thinking about mountain ranges and indica genetics. Instead, your brain probably references OG Kush, one of the first strains to ever become a household name amongst cannabis consumers.

OG Kush has a confusing history and the genetics are always up in the air; but it’s known that in the early 90s, breeder Matt “Bubba” Berger was working with an unspecified “Kush” strain down in Florida. He eventually took it out to California and let Josh D perfect the strain into the OG Kush we all know, love, and respect today.

OG Kush is known for its mix of gassy, citrus, and earthy aromas. It’s also potent and long-lasting, and is the original “perfect” hybrid that gets you extremely high, but doesn’t put you to sleep. Most of the time when people consume OG Kush flower or concentrates, they feel relaxed, happy, and giggly.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is another world famous Kush strain from Matt “Bubba” Berger — hence the name. It dates all the way back to the 1990s. As the story goes, Bubba Kush was born from an accidental cross-pollination of an Afghan Kush phenotype and a Northern Lights strain. It has a sweet, earthy, hashy flavor, and the effects tend to be comfortable, calming, and introspective. 

Banana Kush

Banana Kush is a — you guessed it — cannabis strain named after its Kush genetics and mild banana aroma. 

Banana Kush has a couple of origin stories, and a couple of breeders that have produced genetics under its moniker. Cali Kush Farms bred their Banana Kush by crossing OG Kush with Banana, leading to a pretty obvious name. Crockett Family Farms bred their Banana Kush by crossing Ghost OG, Skunk, and Haze genetics. 

Regardless of its genetics, your Banana Kush is expected to have a complex terpene profile of slightly earthy, banana, nutty, and citrus flavors. I’ve always felt the Banana Kush high to be pretty slight and underwhelming. Most people report feeling relaxed, happy, and creative after a hit.

Master Kush

Master Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid bred out in Amsterdam when White Label Seed Company crossed two landrace Hindu Kush strains. You can expect it to have resinous buds that give off that classic earthy and pungent Kush flavor. 

In addition to its expected Kush flavor, expect those familiar Kush effects that leave most people feeling relaxed, happy, and sleepy.

Pure Kush

Rounding out the list is the somewhat controversial Pure Kush. Some believe it’s just another name for Hindu Kush, others think it is an OG Kush phenotype. What we do know is that this Kush strain is piney and earthy in taste, relaxing and euphoric in effects.

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The 15 best shows to watch high

A 2018 study conducted by a media and branding firm “discovered” something that cannabis consumers have known for a long time: cannabis can enhance the TV show watching experience. Colors become more vivid, dialogue is often funnier or more poignant, storylines that seem inconceivable in real life suddenly seem quite plausible, and everything on screen feels more “deep.” 

Whether it’s a sativa that gets you feeling creative, energized, and ready to laugh, or an indica that settles you into that relaxation sweet spot, here are some shows to watch when you’re high. 

The Great British Bake Off

It’s true that cannabis can give you the munchies, so why not get inspired by this British (and American) hit? Check out amateur bakers making cakes, breads, pastries, and desserts in a competition to win the title of the UK’s Best Amateur Baker. For a bonus, it’s always fun to pick sides in reality show contestant drama and listen to the hosts dish out equal helpings of snark and praise. But, of all the shows on Netflix, this is a must watch. 

Watch The Great British Bake Off on Netflix

Planet Earth 

There is nothing more soothing than the dulcet voice of naturalist, newsman, and narrator David Attenborough as he recounts the migration of monarch butterflies through the American continent, and many other instances of natural phenomena.

A nature docuseries could be a great fit for someone crossing into green out territory. For others, nature documentaries present an opportunity to sit back, relax, and appreciate the amazing wonders of our planet. 

Watch Planet Earth on Amazon


If you’re sick of our planet Earth, how about a trip to outer space? Neil deGrasse Tyson is the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History in New York City, and his series Cosmos has been ongoing since 2014. 

Based on the 1980 series by American astrophysicist Carl Sagan, sit back with a blunt and contemplate the universe watching Cosmos: Possible Worlds or Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Watch Cosmos: Possible Worlds on Disney+ (streaming December 18th)

Watch Cosmos A Spacetime Odyssey on Disney+

Ancient Aliens

Are you interested in alien activity on Earth with a conspiracy theory twist? This show invites you to join the hosts as they globetrot for evidence to ascertain whether aliens actually built the pyramids, if Biblical giants walked the planet millennia ago, and if extraterrestrials provided the technology to build Stonehenge and other inexplicable monuments.

Watch Ancient Aliens on The History Channel

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

With all of us spending a lot more time indoors, now’s the time to think about those home organization projects that we’ve been putting off. Next time you have some sativa for a jolt of creativity and inspiration, sit down with Japanese organization expert and consultant, Marie Kondo. Your place will be organized in no time. 

Watch Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix


More than 16 years after its final episode, millions are binge watching these still funny and timely episodes — perhaps in an attempt to just to forget the world for a while. 

Friends works well as both background comfort TV series or a means to kick back, light up, and let the day go.

Watch Friends on HBO Max

The Office

The Dunder Mifflin paper company led by hapless and clueless Michael Scott (Steve Carell) is the setting for this classic mockumentary. Like Friends, The Office offers a comforting sense of dysfunctional normalcy as the archetypal workplace characters comedically blunder their way from one awkward situation to the next. 

Watch The Office on Netflix until Dec. 31, 2020. Watch on Peacock starting Jan. 1, 2020.

Nicolas J Leclercq/Unsplash

Black Mirror

For something more contemplative than the comforts offered by The Office and Friends, check out Black Mirror. This dystopian science fiction series out of the UK delivers a thoughtful, if sometimes creepy, take on modern society and the potential unanticipated consequences of new and unexamined technologies. 

Watch Black Mirror on Netflix

Saturday Night Live

A comedy sketch show coming into its 46th year, SNL has never shied away from stoner comedy and regularly hires comedians and hosts open about their cannabis use, including Pete Davidson, Woody Harrelson, and Sarah Silverman among myriad others. 

Watch SNL on Hulu

High Maintenance

Interested in getting stoned and watching a show about other stoners and the guy who delivers their weed? Check out High Maintenance, a series from HBO that follows The Guy (Ben Sinclair) and chronicles his encounters with customers throughout New York City. 

Watch High Maintenance on HBO 

Big Mouth

To make you feel better about your own life as a 7th grader, check out this clever and edgy series that follows best friends Nick (Nick Kroll) and Andrew (Andrew Goldman) as they try to figure out how to manage the embarrassment and confusion of puberty. It also features helpful, if sometimes confusing, advice from ghosts and other inanimate objects like a talking pillow and  the Statue of Liberty.

Watch Big Mouth on Netflix

The Simpsons

From the comedic genius mind of Matt Groening, The Simpsons is the longest running American sitcom, now entering its 32nd year. Over 600 episodes, The Simpsons outlined a satirical portrayal of American culture and society and paved the way for other adult animation series to thrive, like Futurama and Bojack Horseman.

Watch The Simpson on Hulu and Disney+

Rick and Morty

This adult-science fiction comedy from Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon follows a mad and often drunk scientist named Rick Sanchez and his cautious, anxiety-riddled grandson Morty Smith. Rick and Morty is a stoner favorite because of its trippy visuals, intergalactic travels, wacky characters, tongue-in-cheek political references, and a not-so-subtle nod to stoner culture. 

Watch Rick and Morty on Hulu and HBO Max

Ultimate Beastmaster

If you’re interested in watching uber fit people from six countries attempt to master an incredibly difficult obstacle course, check out Ultimate Beastmaster. Similar to American Ninja Warrior, Ultimate Beastmaster differentiates itself by featuring six localized versions with local actors, comedians, and hosts acting as commentators as athletes compete to master “the Beast” (aka the obstacle course) for a cash prize. 

Watch Ultimate Beastmaster on Netflix

Trailer Park Boys

This Canadian mockumentary follows the misadventures of Sunnyvale trailer park residents and ex-convicts Bubbles, Julian, and Ricky as they sip rum and cokes, mess with local police, and grow weed. 

The creators of the series even created a Trailer Park Boys cannabis brand that recently hit shelves in Canada’s legal cannabis marketplace. 

Watch Trailer Park Boys on Netflix

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8 weed strains to make you hungry

Weed is pretty high on the list of things to be thankful for, and since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude — as well as all manner of delicious food — having just the right strains on hand is a recipe for an extra gratified day. And bringing the right pre-roll, tincture, or concentrate to the Holiday table can level up your Thanksgiving and keep you gratefully interested in leftovers all weekend. 

If your Thanksgiving is spent solo or with a small, socially-distanced get-together, the perfect cultivar will make gorging yourself on green bean casserole feel like picnicking on a cloud. 

Though these strains each feature their own singular virtues, they all share one common effect: fantastic munchies. What better way to wet your appetites for an incredible Thanksgiving meal? 

Purple Bubba

Purple Bubba is the result of a Purple Kush/Bubba OG crossbreed, and having inherited its parents’ sedative effects, can be counted on for a deeply relaxing intoxication. The big time munchie feature, however, is unique to the Purple Bubba cultivar, and should definitely be capitalized on for Thanksgiving

Historically, this cultivar’s most reported effects are a deep, cashmere body buzz that massages away stress, a cushiony head high that gently blurs cognition, and the sudden arrival of a very excited appetite. 

If this year’s festivities call for both maximum stoney relaxation and ultimate munchy indulgence, Purple Bubba has the potential to deliver. Expect a skunky sweetness in the nose and a cottony, musky exhale.

White Yoda

This balanced hybrid can manifest a relaxing high or something more effervescent, depending on the user, but across the board, whether drowsy and perky, users report feeling particularly indulgent after consuming White Yoda. And while that alone makes it a pretty  Thanksgiving-friendly strain, this year’s festivities can be accentuated further still by smoking White Yoda while catching up on the adventures of Baby Yoda, then eating a lump of mashed potatoes smooshed into the shape of Original Yoda. 

White Yoda was bred from two balanced hybrid parents, Lowryder and a White Russian clone seven generations deep. The terpene profile is led by linalool, myrcene, and beta-pinene. Expect a sharp perfume that lingers in the nose and a dank exhale that lingers in the air. 

Josh D OG

Josh D OG is a popular therapeutic strain, reportedly delivering a deeply relaxing body high while activating a healthy appetite. This strain’s soothing reputation, however, belies a sweet euphoric streak that can gently uplift the mood. For a few, this high tilts toward an energetic euphoria. Either way, it tends to leave its users with substantial cravings.

Most of this strain’s relaxing effects can be attributed to its parents, SFV OG, Triangle Kush, and Hell’s Angels OG, each known for their sedative qualities. The terpene profile is led by myrcene, and beta-Caryophyllene, with a suggestion of limonene. Expect a savory stink that’s faintly citrusy, and a sharp, woodsy exhale. 

Grape Cookies

Grape Cookies, a cultivar bred from GSC and Grape Krush not only smells of grapes and cookies, it will reportedly activate an overwhelming sweet tooth. And since the best holiday munchies reside at the dessert table, this strain is spot-on for adventures in Thanksgiving eating.

With an onset that builds slowly to a mellow, snacky plateau, this cultivar’s profile skews slightly sedative, but the hybrid aspects of its lineage provide a nice balance. . In addition to its fruity sweetness, the strain’s profile is rounded out by an earthy funk and potent diesel overtones. Expect a grassy inhale that blooms into a sweet, hearty exhale.

Silver Bubble

If your holiday celebrations require silver service, don’t stop at the soup spoons. Go all the way and stock up on Silver Bubble, a stoney hybrid with a luxurious munchie streak. Lovers of Silver Bubble report a high that’s mentally stimulating with a stoney munchie streak. Before settling into a Thanksgiving feast, a little of this may balance out your mood and open up your appetite. 

Silver Bubble is parented by heritage strains Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk. The result is a frosty green flower with a fruity, sour perfume and buttery flavor. Expect tartness in the nose and a savory exhale.

Sumo Grande

Bred from the hybrid strain Hong Kong and rare sativa Nina Limone, Sumo Grande reportedly takes after its momma, with an energetic effect that is followed by ravenous munchies. 

But Sumo Grande is more complex than just energetic snack fuel, many users report creative effects, making this strain’s Thanksgiving value abundant in the kitchen as well as the dinner table. Expect a piney citrus perfume and a light, herbaceous exhale.

CBD Rich Blessing

A marginally stoney 2:1 THC:CBD hybrid strain like CBD Rich Blessing is a good introductory strain for newbies. It’s most frequently reported effects include pain relief, lifted mood, and a manageable wave of munchies. It appears often in tinctures, which makes it more approachable — if meemaw is down to vibe but not down to take a blunt to the face, a dropper of CBD Rich Blessing in her iced tea might be the perfect compromise.

Expect an earthy perfume and dank, herby mouthfeel. 

Royal Highness

Royal Highness is another 2:1 THC:CBD strain that features appetite stimulation among its many effects. This strain’s low THC percentage isn’t an indication that the high is any less nuanced or complex than more psychoactive strains. Most users find this hybrid to be a balanced daytime smoke, with a breezy relaxation that leads  to the munchies. 

Bred from high CBD strains, Respect and Dance Hall, Royal Highness carries on her parents’ therapeutic effects, but also delivers a singular cannabinoid and terpene expression all her own. 

Expect a sharp, but sweet and skunky perfume with a woody exhale.  

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