Vancouver’s Decriminalization Plan From A Legal Perspective

Vancouver has made a big step forward in the possible decriminalization of drugs. Last week, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart announced the cities intention to seek leave from the federal government to approve a plan to decriminalize simple possession of illicit drugs within city limits.  Stewart described these types of offenses as a health issue, rather than […]

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No B.C. Driver Has Been Criminally Charged With Cannabis Impairment Since Legalization

Enforcement of B.C.’s drug-impaired driving regime is under the microscope after a Vancouver Island motorist avoided drug penalties, despite reportedly being caught by police throwing a lit joint from their vehicle. The alleged incident happened in Saanich earlier this week and landed the driver about $900 in fines — though none related to drugs. It is an offence to consume cannabis while driving in Canada, as is being impaired while operating a vehicle. Saanich police…