Davos 2023: Psychedelics & Cannabis 

The World Economic Forum (WEF) met in Davos for its 2023 event. This annual conference of elite billionaires, political leaders, and business moguls has become a rite of passage in the world order. The WEF represents a supranational organization. Undemocratic and with no limits on its power. So? Says the skeptic. It’s an international business conference. What’s the big deal? But it’s more than that. Klaus Schwab, the Swiss-German university professor who started the Davos meets, has been open about […]

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Five Cannabis Strains to Pair with Ze Bugs

Uh, excuse me? Five cannabis strains to pair with “ze bugs?” What exactly does that mean? When it comes to food and cannabis, a great pairing can make all the difference. Strains like Mandarin Haze can make your Orange Teriyaki Chicken even more delicious. A Girl Scout Cookie strain goes great with… you guessed it, […]

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