COVID Vaccines in the Cannabis Industry

On September 13, 2021, proof of vaccination became an entry requirement for a number of businesses, social events, and activities. For consumers, the rules are clear but for employers, they’re not. When it comes to employee vaccine requirements, it’s up to the discretion of each employer; even in the case of essential businesses. The only […]

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Flashback to the 2017 San Francisco International Cannabis Business Conference – Toys and Trump

A lifetime has passed since my 2017, crazy trip to the San Francisco ICBC conference. Looking back, I am a little surprised and impressed with myself for going in the first place. From the beginning, I knew it would be an adventure, the circumstances guaranteed it. The green rush was in full swing with the […]

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ICBC Goes Virtual with Their First Ever Remote Conference

International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC), a premier cannabis networking event known for its worldwide focus on the industry, is hosting their first-ever online event, the Virtual Global Symposium, on Wednesday, June 9. 

With a worldwide network already in place, ICBC’s ability to reach out to the world and attract attendees, exhibitors and speakers from around the globe proved to be relatively easy compared to other conferences, according to Alex Rogers, the event’s CEO and executive producer. 

“Our international audience is congruent to doing a virtual event,” Rogers said. “It’s a great way to connect with the global cannabis community and is ideal for someone looking to expand their business on a national or international level,” he said, adding that attendees from 70 different countries were already signed up for the event.

The streamlined and power-packed event takes place via a mobile app from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. PST and features an all-star lineup of speakers including Rick Steves, cannabis activist and renowned international travel expert; Peter Homberg, partner at leading international law firm, Denton’s, and head of the European Cannabis Sector Group; and Lorenza Romanese, managing director at the European Industrial Hemp Association. 

Curated out of a need for more interaction between professionals during the isolating effects of COVID-19, the Global Symposium is a platform that business owners can use to lean on each other for support and learn how to navigate the complexities of cannabis and the coronavirus. 

The schedule includes speakers who will offer insight on: the current market, how the pandemic is affecting the industry, and what businesses can do to thrive and survive during COVID-19 and beyond. 

“I’m excited to learn the best way to move forward and maximize time and resources,” Rogers said. 

A Virtual Cannabis Conference

You might be wondering, “What does a virtual expo even look like?” 

Taking place on Whova, a mobile app designed specifically for networking events, exhibitors can do a variety of things, from uploading files and providing various links and resources in their portals, to hosting chat rooms and networking one-on-one with their virtual visitors. 

“A lot of networking gets done on the app,” Rogers commented, explaining that the app opens up a few days before the event and remains open for weeks after, allowing attendees plenty of time to network and make deals. 

The event will be moderated by comedian and master of ceremonies, Ngaio Bealum and cannabis journalist David Downs. Instead of just scheduling speaker after speaker, there will be “breaks” with cannabis superstars such as Tommy Chong, Doug Benson and DJ Muggs. 

“We want to make it fun to keep attendees engaged and bring some levity to an otherwise cerebral program,” Rogers said. 

To date, Rogers has produced around 20 events for ICBC around the world. For the inaugural virtual event, he says he’s looking forward to seeing how robust the remote networking can be. 

Two key advantages that come with the online gathering include saving time and resources by not having to travel, as well as the ability to stay online with new connections as long as you want. 

ICBC goes virtual with online symposium

“You never have to hand out a business card,” Rogers says. “This is about keeping our people engaged, making deals, partnering and networking before they can meet face-to-face.” 

Early Bird Ticket prices are available for $50 until June 8 at midnight. Prices increase to $99 on June 9, the day of the event. Register now at

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Spannabis, ICBC Announce Cancelation as Travel Ban Set to Take Effect

As many of the brightest cannabis stars on the planet are in Spain to take part in a last-minute canceled Spannabis, a freshly announced travel ban from Europe over coronavirus included few details for what will happen to U.S. citizens on their way home from Europe pending their health screening. 

The general focus of yesterday’s announcement on the travel ban from over 20 European countries was a theme of no foreign nationals who’d visited any of them entering the United States. But among the list of countries included in the travel ban is Spain.

With big plans, many of the best cannabis minds in the world converged on Spain to take part in the industries premier annual European adventure, Spannabis. Some planned to stick around for the Barcelona edition of the International Cannabis Business Conference. Spannabis was canceled only two days prior to when the event was set to be held with ICBC being canceled a day before that conference was set to start, leaving prospective attendees without time to adjust their travel plans. In the wee hours of early morning they began to get word of President Donald Trump’s announced travel ban. Trump announced that the U.S. would suspend all travel from Europe, with the exception of the U.K., to the U.S. for 30 days beginning at 11:59 ET on Friday, March 13. While U.S. citizens were said to be exempt from the announcement, that still left those Americans in Spain  — as known coronavirus cases are exploding — wondering what exactly would happen to them upon arrival back in the U.S. 

On Wednesday, there were 2,140 cases of coronavirus in Spain with 48 deaths. By today, those numbers had jumped to 2,968 cases with 84 deaths. 

This morning, both President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence went into deeper detail on what Americans coming back from Europe can expect when returning home. They will be required to fly through 13 specific airports to undergo screenings. 

Trump noted if an American does test positive they aren’t going to be shipped off anywhere. 

“We’re not putting them on planes if it shows positive,” he said. Americans will be quarantined upon arrival, he told the assembled media. “You have to have separation, or this thing takes longer to go away.” 

NPR reported Pence as saying those travelers who return to the U.S. from the EU will all be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

So at the very least, everyone on their way home from Spannabis will be required to  self-quarantine. One of those travellers is Luigi Diaz from San Francisco-based Triples SF, known for their Triple Scoop Gelato. 

Diaz said what he has gone through just to spend the day in Spain has been a nightmare as he spoke with us while in transit to the U.K. 

“I literally have spent about $5,000 in two days, lost all my money for the hotel now gotta rent a hotel for the night in London until tomorrow so we can leave for the U.S.,” Diaz told Cannabis Now. 

We asked if he was worried about the threat of quarantine when he finally gets back to California. 

“100%,” he replied. “Everyone is trying to get back by tomorrow because apparently that is the deadline.” 

But there is a lot of confusion with folks around whether that deadline is for quarantine or just to get  back on U.S. soil from anywhere other than the U.K.

Diaz still holds Barcelona’s cannabis scene in high regard despite not getting to spend as much time there as he had hoped. 

“Barcelona was tight and I will be back ASAP,” he said, noting that he found the flower terpene profiles weren’t his taste, but the hash was exceptional. 

Spannabis’s organizers had expected to welcome visitors from more than 50 countries on March 13, 14, and 15. More than 300 exhibitors were expected to take part in the festivities. In addition to the thousands expected at Spannabis, another 1,000 were expected for ICBC Barcelona. 

According to the Department of Homeland Security the new travel restrictions between the U.S. and Europe will be in effect for at least 30 days.

TELL US, did you get caught up in the travel ban? What has your experience been like?

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COVID-19: ICBC Berlin rescheduled to July 29-31

The Berlin edition of the International Cannabis Business Conference is the latest event to fallen victim to the increasing worldwide spread of COVID-19, making the decision to postpone and reschedule the conference to later in the summer. The conference, which was set to take place next month, April 1-3, now moves to late July. “After […]

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ICBC & Spannabis Unite Again As Spain’s Largest Cannabis Conference

For the second consecutive year, the International Cannabis Business Conference and Spannabis are joining forces to bring you Spain’s largest B2B cannabis event.

Hosted in Barcelona’s Auditori de Cornellà on March 12, the super-conference features a schedule packed with true cannabis experts discussing the latest developments and innovations from the global cannabis industry.

Speakers at this year’s ICBC Barcelona event include Dana Rohrabacher, former congressman and cannabis reform hero; Jamie Pearson, CEO of Bhang; DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill and recently appointed Chief Brand Strategy Officer at Bhang; Miguel Vila Gómez, former Spain congressman and cannabis regulation activist and Andrew DeAngelo, co-founder and GM of Harborside. Ngaio Bealum will be presiding over the conference as the master of ceremonies.

Regarded as one of the premier B2B cannabis networking events for entrepreneurs and investors alike, ICBC is the place to learn about the emerging cannabis industry and make impactful and lasting connections with other professionals looking to break into Europe’s burgeoning cannabis market.

Owner and CEO of Spannabis, Carlos Palomino, believes that the partnership between Spannabis and ICBC “seemed like a natural progression” and a way for the two events to provide attendees with a wider range of opportunities and experiences.

“We are one of the most important fairs in the world and the most important in Europe and the ICBC is the B2B conference par excellence,” said Palomino.

He believes cannabis conferences like Spannabis and ICBC are important to help normalize cannabis in Spain and undo the damage caused by prohibition.

“Much damage has been done with prohibitionist policies, and there are still a good number of citizens who know nothing about the utilities of cannabis, both from the medicinal and recreational perspective and from the industrial side of this wonderful plant,” said Palomino. “The conferences of Spannabis are oriented in that sense. With regard to the ICBC, it is a business-centric conference, and it is crucial that the Spanish population, and also the European population in general, be aware of the international market that is still being created.”

Palomino was inspired to create Spannabis by other cannabis fairs that were being held in Germany and Holland. Since the first Spannabis was held in 2002 at the Palau Sant Jordi, Palomino believes the cannabis scene in Spain has “professionalized,” with new ancillary companies emerging in the process.

“Although self-cultivation has been the center of the industry for many years, today, medical cannabis, hemp or all kinds of tools for cultivation and extraction are very present.”

While he predicts that most of Europe will pass some sort of regulation, be it medical or recreational over the next five years, Spain’s cannabis future is not so clear. “We are a very conservative country, so it remains to be seen what will happen here.”

His favorite memory of last year’s collaboration between Spannabis and ICBC? “Without a doubt, the great influx of public, along with the intervention of Damian Marley will go down in history.”

This year, Palomino’s goal is for the combined efforts of Spannabis and ICBC to deliver greater political and social impact from last year and “to contribute our grain of sand to carry out regulation in Spain.”

The International Cannabis Business Conference in Barcelona will be held on March 12 at the Auditori de Cornellà with an after-party at the iconic Arts Hotel (Ritz-Carlton). The after-party will feature DJ Muggs of Cypress Hill and other musical acts.

Make sure you’re at Spain’s largest B2B cannabis event, ICBC Barcelona.

TELL US, have you been to any international cannabis conferences?

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BC Bud is losing out to Alberta

It wasn’t too long ago that BC was the undisputed capital of cannabis in Canada. The province is famous for having some of the best growers in the world, and it’s the home of BC Bud, after all. With the International Cannabis Business Conference having made its stop in Vancouver over the last couple days, let’s […]

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