REVIEW: STIIIZY Offers a Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangle for Every Occasion

When it comes to reviewing cannabis for a living, you can only imagine how many times we’ve crossed paths with different products. Back when we first feasted our eyes on STIIIZY’s vape cartridges, their unique design was the first quality that piqued our attention. At that time (back in 2017), given the unique construction of the carts in comparison to the industry standard vape carts on the market, we were unsure how well this product would actually perform. Would consumers be so loyal to the brand that they trade out their tried-and-true cart batteries in order to consume just STIIIZY products? Fast forward to years later, our question was answered: It was a clear yes!

The fact that this brand has earned its spot as one of the fastest growing cannabis companies, and that we personally have a STIIIZY vape on-hand at almost any occasion, it’s clear to say our concerns about their completely unique design were never realized. This company was on to something epic back in 2017, and its expansion of product offerings only continues to prove that this company is on fire.

This brings us to the relaunch of STIIIZY’s latest high-inducing endeavor—STIIIZY Edibles. To kick off the edibles category right—STIIIZY just introduced its premiere line of Sour Gummy Nano-Enhanced Triangles to the public, which are fast-acting due to having Nanomolecular-Enhanced Live Resin expertly infused into each bite.

Whether you’re looking to go hard, or prefer to keep it mellow and microdosed, STIIIZY has you covered. Each bag of gummies contains a whopping 90mg of THC. You don’t have to go and eat the whole bag at one time, however. The gummies are segmented down into three large triangles (at 30mg each), and from there you can break them down into even smaller triangular-shaped doses, three at 10mg.

What makes these gummies stand out among the crowd of candies comes down to the technology. Utilizing nanomolecular technology, these gummies will deliver cannabis to your bloodstream at a record pace, giving you desired results in warp speed. Edibles have notoriously had a bad rap in the cannabis space, because the effects can often take hours to hit the consumer, leaving a large margin of error for getting “too high.” This leading edible tech makes that a thing of the past.

In our assessment of an assortment of these gummy varieties, two qualities really stood out, beyond the effects: The taste and texture.

Courtesy of STIIIZY

The first offering we tried was the Blue Raspberry Blast Gummies, which is an indica offering. Anticipating the effects of a good indica edible, we decided to take these after dinner and before our bedtime routine of Netflix and chillin’.

Ripping open the triangle shaped package, the sweet smell of blueberry filled the room, transporting our minds to day trips to the local farm where we’d pick fresh berries by the basket-load. Following the instructions on the back of the package, we decided to start out by consuming one-third of a 30mg triangle. The flavor burst made our mouths water, reminiscent of popping a freshly picked blueberry into your mouth.

Within 15 to 20 minutes, we already felt the buzzing effects starting in our limbs and warmly wrapping our minds and body in a relaxing state, much like being snuggled in a cozy blanket next to the fireplace on a winter’s night.

One hour after eating the 10mg triangle and well into our binge-watching of Squid Game (for a second time, mind you), our bodies were heavy and relaxed, prompting us to set the sleep timer on the TV for 30 minutes. These Blueberry gummies proved to be great at not only getting us to sleep, but also providing deep, pain-free slumber through the night, without feeling any kind of head fog come morning.

After such a positive experience with the indica gummies, we didn’t waste any time in trying the next flavor the following morning, which was Caribbean Breeze, a sativa variety. The package alone gives consumers a good preview into what taste they can experience. With green apples, strawberries, citrus fruits and pineapple swimming in a sea of yellow juice on the package, we knew this one was going to be filled with flavor.

The scent of these wasn’t as overpowering as the Blueberry, but the flavor was again spot on. Pineapple came through hard in terms of flavor, with the sugary sweet coating of the gummy providing a welcomed texture that perfectly complemented the tropical taste experience. Our day ahead was going to be a busy Saturday at home, doing chores and finishing up some outdoor projects in the garden. Let’s just say that we opted for a bigger dose, since our experience with just one, 10mg triangle proved to be manageable and positive our first go-round.

After eating two squares and going in the backyard to harvest fruit from our lemon trees, it wasn’t long before the uplifting psychoactive effects kicked in. Suddenly a mundane task of chores in the garden turned all the more enjoyable. The sun was shining brighter, our minds were wandering, the music we were playing sounded better… overall, it was an intense and uplifting experience. While productivity wasn’t necessarily affected, we did find ourselves switching from one task to another, quickly forgetting what we were doing momentarily, truly enjoying the day.

Throughout the day we were able to consume one triangle at a time, about every hour, to keep the effects going strong without putting a damper in our busy day of chores.

The last gummy we tried was the STIIIZY’s Sour Apple Hybrid gummy. We were a little nervous because typically with sour flavors, we’re a little bit sensitive. That said, the flavor was sour, but the sugary sweet coating made it all the more manageable and not overwhelming. Consistent with the other gummies, the effects onset quickly, with us first feeling effects within 20 minutes, and the full body-high set in at about 45 minutes. Starting with one gummy, we decided to pop at second at around 90 minutes, since the effects were strong but satisfying.

Feeling a little stressed after a long weekend (and anticipating a busy work week ahead) the hybrid was helpful in easing our stress and anxiety, without causing us to overthink anything. Instead, we were able to take a nice bike ride around the neighborhood, followed by a spontaneous trip to the store (which very well could have been motivated by a case of the munchies). We found ourselves browsing the aisles in a carefree state, picking up essentials for the week, as well as some spontaneous snacks that we couldn’t resist.

All in all, all three edible varieties delivered on our expectations, giving us varied and enjoyable experiences that didn’t put a damper in whatever activities we had set out to accomplish. From the tasty flavors to the fast-acting properties, these were hands-down some of our favorite edibles we’ve tried to date. There’s nothing like consistency and a fast onset of effects to keep our faith in edibles, and STIIIZY delivers on all that and more.

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Indica and Sativa Labels Can’t Be Trusted, Study Indicates

Most indica and sativa labels on cannabis are incorrect, results from a new analysis show. Cultivars are generally sold as indica, sativa or hybrid of the two, promising energizing or calming effects, but this classification system probably amounts to nothing more than a trend that refuses to die. 

A new study published October 14 in Nature Plants re-analyzed nearly 300 samples of cannabis, and found surprising results. Researchers from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada joined a team from Wageningen University & Research institute in the Netherlands to process the data.

Researchers gathered and analyzed 297 samples, which were previously quantified for terpene and cannabinoid content, as well as genotyped for over 100,000 single nucleotide polymorphisms. The results indicated that sativa- and indica-labeled samples were “genetically indistinct” on a genome-wide scale. 

“Growers worldwide label their cannabis strains quite subjectively with the terms ‘Indica’ and ‘Sativa.’ There’s nothing scientific about that. Unfortunately, retailers and consumers cannot rely on the labels that are stuck to the jars,” said Dr. Sean Myles, Associate Professor at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture and lead author of the study. “There is now a broad scientific consensus that the current use of the Indica and Sativa labeling is misleading: these labels do not provide reliable information about the genetic or chemical makeup of the plant.”

Check Terps Instead for Effects

While labeling cannabis as sativa or indica is a poor and unscientific way to categorize cannabis, researchers noted that labeling cannabis by certain terpenes is probably a better way.

“Our results demonstrate that the Sativa–Indica scale currently used to label Cannabis poorly captures overall genomic and metabolomic variation,” researchers wrote. “Cannabis labeling is instead probably driven primarily by a small number of key terpenes whose concentrations contribute to the characteristic aromas commonly associated with Sativa and Indica and whose variation we genetically mapped to tandem arrays of terpene synthase genes on chromosomes 5 and 6.” 

Researchers noted more of a correlation between terpenes and labels. Myrcene, as well as three sesquiterpenes (guaiol, β-eudesmol and γ-eudesmol) were strongly associated with “indica” labels, while bergamotene and farnesene were strongly associated with “sativa” labels.

The sativa and indica labeling might have little correlation with the cultivars’ genetic background and origin.

The researchers went further to the root cause of the confusion: “We hypothesize that Cannabis growers and breeders have been assigning labels to cultivars primarily on the basis of aroma profiles and purported effects, rather than genetic ancestry or overall chemical similarity.” 

Most Cannabis is Hybrid

Preserved landrace strains grown and stabilized naturally in isolated areas such as Durban Poison or Acapulco Gold might have a better chance at being a pure sativa, or an Afghani landrace for a more pure indica. Some have been preserved for generations. But mass cross-pollination makes it much more likely to come across hybrids in retail these days.

In 1753, all varieties of cannabis were defined Cannabis sativa, per Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus’ identification. Then came along biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck in 1785, who identified Cannabis indica. Finally Russian botanist D. E. Janischewsky identified Cannabis ruderalis in 1924. But this classification system is based entirely upon physical attributes of phenotypes such as shape, leaf formation, thickness, etc.—not based on effects. 

That said, cannabis effects can’t be defined by simply sativa or indica—nor are those type of labels likely to be scientific. In addition, many sativas can cause drowsiness, defying its categorization, and vice-versa with energizing indicas. Judging cannabis potency based purely on delta-9 THC content is also misleading.

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A Guide to the Evolution of Cannabis Strains

The discussion of cannabis strains has evolved to a point where it can feel like an entirely foreign language. While most consumers are familiar with the bedrock categories of sativa, indica and hybrids, concepts like minor cannabinoids and terpene profiles have expanded the conversation dramatically. Additionally, the sheer volume of strains on the market today can make the experience of selecting the best option for your needs feel downright overwhelming.

Fortunately, getting a better grasp on exactly what makes a strain a strain can be as simple as taking a quick journey through cannabis history. To start, let’s take a closer look at the aforementioned bedrock strains.

A Botanist’s Desire: The Origins of Indica and Sativa

While mainstream cannabis culture has long relied on sativa, indica and hybrids to define a given strain, these terms are largely considered outdated. For many years, common wisdom suggested that sativas offered a more cerebral high while indicas, by contrast, would put consumers “in da couch,” courtesy of a body high. Hybrids, by extension, offered varying combinations of the two.

This line of thinking can be traced back to the mid-1700s, where the terms indica and sativa were separately established as cannabis subspecies by Swedish botanist Carl Linneaus and French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. Though far less prevalent, it should also be noted that a third subspecies, ruderalis, was identified by Russian botanist Dmitrij Janischewsky in 1930. Owing to the murky taxonomy of cannabis — a situation undoubtedly exacerbated by the fact that cannabis was illegal in most of the world until recently — indica and sativa caught on while ruderalis became more of a historical footnote.

What’s important to understand is that these terms are botanical in nature, not pharmacological. Rather than telling us about the potential effects that come with consuming a sativa or indica, these categories speak to the shape and size of a given cannabis plant’s leaves and the fiber they produce. In short, these concepts remain helpful to cultivators but do little to give consumers a clear picture of what they can expect to experience.

Landrace strain growing in Santa Cruz, California. PHOTO Gracie Malley

All Crossed Up: Hybrids and Cannabis Naming Conventions

Fast forward to the 1960s, and we arrive at the onset of modern cannabis breeding.

As demand for cannabis in the U.S. continued to grow, the longer flowering cycle required of the pure sativas grown and transported from Mexico and the Caribbean caused a lack of supply. In search of a solution, California cannabis breeders began crossing these sativas with indicas native to Nepal and Afghanistan, hoping to create strains that offered the quicker flowering cycle of the latter with the higher potency of the former. Their success would ultimately establish California’s position as a capital for world-class cannabis while also kicking off a hybrid cultivating craze that continues to this day.

Naming conventions for cannabis strains can also be pegged to this milestone moment.

Prior to the 1970s, strains were usually named for the geographic region in which they originated. Also known as landrace strains, this straightforward process resulted in mainstays like Panama Red, Afghan Kush, and Acapulco Gold. From there, these strains were crossed, and then those crosses were crossed, and so forth. As a means of establishing lineage, subsequent strains were named to reflect the “parent” strains of a given hybrid.

Today, however, strain names are inspired by a variety of factors. In some cases, the name may speak to the strain’s effects, while others may highlight a given strain’s notable coloring, trichome density or aroma. And then there are strains named for pop culture figures, cannabis icons, and in some cases, just whatever the breeder in question felt like using. As a result, while some names can tell us a lot about a given strain — though even that can vary from market to market — going off name alone is not always a reliable metric.

Instead, most budtenders will likely tell you about a strain’s terpene profile and featured cannabinoids. Unlike strain names, knowing the amount and type of terpenes and cannabinoids a strain contains is an excellent method for determining which options will work best for you.

5 Basic Tips for Finding the Best Cannabis Genetics
PHOTO Jorge Barrios

Safe Keeping: The Importance of Seed Banks

As cannabis breeding continues to diversify the strain pool, it’s never been more important to ensure that cultivators have access to the seeds that make it all possible. Thankfully, we have seed banks.

Seed banks are businesses that specialize in storing and selling cannabis seeds. With many showcasing incredibly robust inventories, seed banks can be seen as a kind of living library for the flower’s genetics, featuring both classic options as well as the latest and greatest.

In addition, seed banks will often feminize the seeds they sell — an incredibly important facet of the process considering it’s only the female cannabis plant that can produce the buds we know and love. Some seed banks also offer what’s known as auto-flowering seeds, which some growers may prefer as the resulting plants mature quickly and produce maximum yields.

Lastly, it’s important to note that the story of strains is still being written. As advances in genetic mapping continue to evolve, it’s possible our understanding of strains will dramatically expand in the months and years to come. But for now, with the above information in mind, you should feel fully empowered to begin your own strain quest in search of the perfect match.

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The Winners of The Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition 2021

The cannabis cup may be virtual this year, but that isn’t stopping us from nerding out over some of the best bud, concentrates and edibles in the Southwest. Here are the winners of the Cannabis Cup Arizona: People’s Choice Edition 2021.

Thank you to all the judges who put their hearts and souls into judging the competition entries to help crown the best of Arizona! For more info on how to become a judge and to sign up for updates, please visit

Indica Flower

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Alien Labs – Kryptochronic

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Shango x True Harvest – Modified Banana

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Aeriz – Ice Cream Cake

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Mohave Reserve – Zkittlez Mints #5

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: High Grade – AMF OG

Sativa Flower

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Alien Labs – Melonade

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Shango x True Harvest – Anslinger’s Demise

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Aeriz – Jenny Kush

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Mohave Reserve – Durban Gushers

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: High Grade – Clementine

Hybrid Flower

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Connected – Gushers

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Shango x True Harvest – Alien Cookies

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Aeriz – Mac 1

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Mohave Reserve – Motor Breath

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Sunday Goods – Bangers & Mac #1


Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Alien Labs – Gelato 41 Pre-Roll

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: MPX – Kush Mints x Dark Knight Diamond-Roll

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Item 9 Labs – Dosido Pre-Roll

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Lovejoy’s – Sour Sprite Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Mad Terp Labs – Snoop Dogg OG Terpstix


Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Shango x True Harvest – Alien Cookies Live Rosin

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: HOLOH Extracts – Strawberry Banana Live Resin Diamonds

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Earth Extracts – Platinum Kush Breath Badder

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Aeriz – Runtz Live Resin Sugar

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Vapen – Truck Driver Cake Batter

Vape Pens

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Item 9 Labs – Black and Blue Kush Vape

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: K.I.N.D – Sweet Karts – Rocket Pop Vape Pen

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Bloom – Maui Wowie Vape

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Rove – Skywalker Vape

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: The Pharm – Clementine Vape

Edibles: Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Baked Bros – Prickly Pear Lemonade OG Kush Stoney Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Pure – 100mg Watermelon Indica Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Kiva – Camino – Midnight Blueberry Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Flav – Rainbow Sour Gummy Belts

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Alien Labs – Galactic Gummies

Edibles: Non-Gummies

Courtesy of the Winner

First Place: Ediquette Edibles – Hazelnut Truffles

Courtesy of the Winner

Second Place: Good Things Coming – French Chocolate Brownie Bites

Courtesy of the Winner

Third Place: Encore – Tangerine Mints

Courtesy of the Winner

Fourth Place: Hippie Chicks – Menthe Dark Chocolate Bar

Courtesy of the Winner

Fifth Place: Vapen – White Chocolate Rainbow Crunch

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Central Park + The Batch Hybrid

Before sitting down to watch this week’s episode, I tested out a new-to-me strain from “The Batch” by High Park Holdings. A joint, some bong rips and a bag of chips later, “Central Park” left me feeling quite mellow and thoroughly entertained.

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5 Herbal Blends to Pair with Your Cannabis

People have been using plants and herbs casually and medicinally since the beginning of time to improve the quality of their lives. Just like cannabis, different herbs each have their own unique flavor profiles, distinct fragrances and healing properties that can boost your mood, give you some energy, help you focus, ease pain or reduce stress. Combining herbs with cannabis to create a customized herbal blend gives you an opportunity to introduce additional healing compounds into your sessions without missing out on the high.

There’s no right or wrong way to create and enjoy an herbal blend. They can be smoked in whatever way you prefer whether it’s rolled up, in a bowl, in a bong or in a vape. You can choose any herb you want and pair it with whatever strain you want, but it’s cool to try to pair strains and herbs based on terpenes, flavors or effects.

You just have to make sure that whatever herb you’re choosing is safe to be inhaled and that you make it a priority to get the highest quality (preferably organic) option that’s available. Each herb can be used in any ratio you desire (heavy on the cannabis or heavy on the herbs) but it’s best to put all of it into a grinder to evenly mix everything together before smoking for the best flavor and so that it burns well.

Try starting out with some of these herbal blends and then branch out to make your own after you get the hang of it.

Lavender & Chamomile

If you’re feeling too overwhelmed to get to sleep, both of these herbs can help soothe the nervous system and encourage your body to rest. Lavender has a terpene called linalool in it that is known for its sedative properties that can reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of depression. Try pairing this blend with an indica to compliment the flavors of the herbs and help ease you into deeper relaxation.

Peppermint & White Sage

This refreshing blend would work well with an energizing sativa to enhance the mood-boosting effects of peppermint and sage. Both herbs can help improve digestive problems like a stomach ache or gas as well as respiratory issues like congestion. Sage is also known to improve memory function, so it might be able to you keep your focus during a day.

Rose & Jasmine Blossom

Fans of strains that smell and taste floral will find these two flowers make a good match with their strain of choice. Jasmine has a light, pleasant essence that compliments the roses that have geraniol in them which is known to be a natural antioxidant that has anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties. Find a fruity or berry strain that will fit well with the sweet flavor profile.

Blue Lotus & Damiana

Damiana is considered a natural aphrodisiac that helps increase arousal while blue lotus is often attributed to pleasant dreaminess that makes you feel deeply relaxed. Both of these herbs are known to have calming, sedative properties that produce a very mild euphoria and would work well with a hybrid strain that offers a balanced buzz. Some people report having vivid dreams after smoking blue lotus.

Eucalyptus & Mullein

Though sometimes smoking is the last thing you feel like doing when you’re congested and not feeling well, this combo can help with breathing issues and encourage what’s referred to as “effective coughing” as an expectorant. Eucalyptus has a terpene called eucalyptol in it which has anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-fungal properties as well as myrcene which is antibiotic, antimutagenic and an effective muscle relaxant. Use this blend when you need a powerful lung cleanser.

TELL US, have you ever thought about blending cannabis with other herbs?

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Project Playlist: How to Find the Right 420 Tunes

If you’re old enough, you may remember the terrific agony of combing through your music collection in an attempt to make the perfect mixtape. Each song had to be meticulously placed, the entire playlist had to flow seamlessly and putting an artist on there more than once was a cardinal sin. Gestures of that magnitude were typically reserved for significant others or potential significant others and were considered a big deal — especially if you included your own customized cover art.

Even if you don’t go all out, making a mix of great music to smoke to — whether it’s for yourself, someone else or to play in a social setting — is an art that requires equal parts effort and creativity. There aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to making a playlist but there are some things that make a difference and show that you spent some time coming up with just the right combination and not simply putting your playlist on auto-pilot aka shuffle.

Need some ideas on getting your 420 playlist together? Check out some of these suggestions to help you get started on the right track.

Curate your Vibe

First things first — what are you smoking and what’s the mood you’re going for? Is this background music or something you’ll be paying attention to? Are you trying to chill out with a nice hybrid without any distractions? Maybe an instrumental album or beat tape will work. Do you want something to hype you up while you puff on sativa? Peruse your workout playlist for something upbeat and exciting. Once you’ve decided how you want your playlist to make you feel, you’ll have some direction that will give you an idea of where you want to start.

Pick a Theme

Although it’s not completely necessary, it’s a nice touch to have your playlist connect in some way even if it’s just for fun. You can choose an era like ’90s hip-hop, play exclusively reggae if you want to stick to a genre, opt for a keyword to bridge your songs together (ex: every song has the word “high” or “green” in the title) or let the strain of your choice influence your flow. The more creative and out of the box, the better.

Do Some Research

Not sure where to start? Lots of streaming services suggest similar or related artists that are in the same ballpark as what you’re already listening to on a regular basis. Love Snoop Dogg but don’t want to be hella obvious about your song choice? Find someone similar. Trying to avoid ubiquitous stoner rock? Let the internet lead you to greener pastures and new sounds. It’s perfectly fine to stick to tried-and-true tunes that you know are certified jams, but stepping outside of the comfort of your downloaded tracks can not only make your playlist more exciting but can also broaden your musical horizons.

Pre-game Your Playlist

If you plan on using your playlist for a party or some other social gathering, give it a test run at home before you debut your masterpiece. As you listen, keep your audience, the environment and your desired experience in mind. If a fast song comes on right after a chill song, you might disrupt the vibe. Likewise, if a slow song follows something playful and high-spirited, it could kill the party. The key is to make sure there are smooth transitions that make sense and make you feel good.

TELL US, what music are you listening to?

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Tech Startup Releases Cannabis Vending Machine Powered By AI

UK tech startup Social Vend has announced that its new AI-powered cannabis vending machine, Buddy, is now available for purchase across North America. The new technology allows customers to get cannabis products conveniently dispensed and customized to their individual needs—and this cannabis vending machine might just be our new best buddy. Like a real-life dispensary […]

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The 7 best hybrid strains

In the world of weed, people usually think of sativas as the energizing head high strains,  while indicas are the potent, sedating body high strains. While these generalizations of effects may have been applicable once upon a time, the truth is that very few 100% sativa or 100% indica genetics are available to the public — or even exist at all anymore. 

Most of us are just smoking hybrids.

Hybrid cannabis strains are the result of cannabis breeders spending the past few decades crossing pure sativa genetics with pure indica genetics in the hopes of creating the “perfect” cannabis strains that every consumer could enjoy. Because of this, we now have thousands of strains that can make us feel a whole spectrum of ways. With so many hybrid options, choosing the right ones based on effects can be pretty overwhelming. 

To ease the stress of browsing dispensary menus for hours, here are seven of the best hybrid cannabis strains ever.

OG Kush

Since its birth in the 1990s, Original Kush, better known as OG Kush, has been the backbone of California cannabis culture and genetics. As a result, there isn’t a strain out there that hasn’t been crossed with it; and usually, no matter the cross, those Kush attributes tend to be pretty dominant. Despite its fame, none of us really know for a fact which exact genetics created OG Kush. All we know is how it should make us feel. 

OG Kush is known for providing potent effects suited best for those who can tolerate a high THC content. The high is generally a hard-hitting cerebral euphoria that leaves consumers feeling relaxed and goofy (i.e. stoned for hours at a time). While a heavy high, OG Kush isn’t thought to be a sleepy strain, though you can definitely smoke yourself into the couch with large doses.

Skunk #1

In the same breath as OG Kush and its influence on modern hybrids, we also have to mention Sam the Skunkman’s Skunk #1. It’s a classic cross of Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold and is world-renowned for producing a pungent funk that smells like a skunk. Additionally, since the 70s, it’s been used to create many of the world’s favorite strains, UK Cheese being the most popular.

Past the skunky terpenes, the Skunk #1 high usually leaves people feeling happy, relaxed, and uplifted. If you need a daytime strain that can help push you through a typical Monday, this might be the hybrid for you.


Gas. When we see Chemdog, all we think is gas. 

This legendary strain, whose story began as some bagseed found at a 1970s Grateful Dead concert, is the reason why we all love cannabis flowers that produce a diesely flavor profile. Like most old school strains, no one really knows its genetic history. What we do know is that famous chemmy terpene profile and the extremely potent high that follows.

Chemdog is the definition of couch-locking cannabis. Just a couple hits may leave you too high for activities. Because of its mind-numbing effects that quickly spread throughout the body, it is often best to consume this hybrid towards the end of the day — or night, for that matter.

White Widow

White Widow is so fun to smoke. It’s truly one of my go-tos when I want a strain that’ll make me feel happy and care-free. And the flowers are beautiful with a thick, white coat of trichomes.

White Widow was bred by crossing a Brazilian landrace with a South Indian landrace. It’s the perfect hybrid in terms of a long-lasting experience with effects that won’t bog you down. Anyone looking for a relaxed yet social high can probably stop right here. 

GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies)

To know cannabis in 2020 is to know Cookies; it’s genetics are virtually inescapable at this point.

Formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies (but changed to GSC for legal reasons) this strain is the pride and joy of the Bay Area’s famous Cookie Fam. It’s a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush that produces incredibly high THC percentages and long-lasting cerebral effects that apply to any time of day, much like OG Kush.

Original Glue (formerly GG#4)

Another strain, another name change due to legal reasons. 

Original Glue is the artist formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4. It’s a hybrid with a complex mix of Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb genetics. It tends to have an earthy and somewhat diesel aroma. 

If you came here looking for a hybrid that’ll lock you down for the next few hours, Original Glue was literally named for having effects so potent that consumers are left glued to the couch. 

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake seems to be the newest people’s champ of hybrid cannabis strains. It’s a phenotype of Seed Junky’s Triangle Mints strain that was named for its supposed vanilla frosting taste. Unfortunately, many of us just think it tastes like earthy dough. 

The effects tend to follow the road paved by OG Kush and GSC, as anytime hybrids that produce a potent, long-lasting euphoria that often hits hardest in the mind. 

Find thousands of strains on Weedmaps

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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8 Hybrid Strains to Smoke This Fall

Welcome to the time of the year when the high energy of summer has begun to wind down and we’re settling into the more relaxed rhythms of fall. When the sun is hot and outdoor activities are high, it’s a good time for uplifting sativa strains that match your social calendar full of events where you want to feel energized, happy and upbeat. But now that things are calming down before winter, the strains you’re choosing can start to reflect the new season.

Hybrid strains provide a nice balance between the floaty, cerebral high of sativas and the calming, body high from indica strains. They’re usually great to smoke any time of day, though some people may prefer to hold off on strains with heavier indica effects until the end of the day or another time when they can relax into the experience. If you’re looking for some new strains to try out while the leaves turn from green, take a look at the list below for some suggestions on where to start.

Gorilla Glue #5

This potent strain is good for anyone looking to experience the deeply calming effects of an indica strain along with the euphoria of a sativa at the same time. Prepare to feel relaxed and maybe a little sleepy along with a mood boost that will keep you pleasantly serene after just a few puffs.

Bruce Banner

The effects of this heavy hitter come on quick and intense with a mellow but energizing buzz that can lift even the lowest of spirits. It can help relieve stress, depression and even ease body pain and inflammation. Opt for this strain when you want a focused-but-stoney high where you’ll feel uplifted, creative and chill.

Skywalker OG

OG Kush (hybrid) and Skywalker (indica) are responsible for the strong body high and anxiety busting buzz of Skywalker OG. Though this strain is good for taking the edge off of insomnia, it won’t knock you out or keep you couch locked. By helping your body and mind slowly unwind simultaneously, you’ll feel at ease without being drained of energy when you start coming down.


Though you will benefit from the light pain relieving properties of this strain with a controversial name, it’s really known for its high THC content that will leave you feeling super buzzed and blissful. Expect a clear-headed, cerebral high that might be followed by an uptick in your appetite and your mood.

Dr. Who

For people who need deep relaxation but don’t want to feel worn out or lethargic, Dr. Who is a good choice for a buzz that won’t take you out of your comfort zone as long as you keep it moderate. It’s balanced genetics combine Timewreck (sativa) and Mad Scientist (indica) for a strong buzz that does wonders for pain, stress and nausea.

Girl Scout Cookies GSC Cannabis now

Girl Scout Cookies

This quintessential Bay Area strain is both classic and common among smokers who can’t get enough of its rich flavor and sky high effects that come on immediately and linger for awhile. Be ready to feel pleasantly high and in good spirits. If you have a high tolerance, you may be able to still be productive, but not if your tasks require lots of concentration.

A flowering Shangrila plant sits in front of a black background.


Unlike some of the other strains that kick in fast and strong, this slow-building strain starts off mellow before pleasantly sweeping you away into a serene, zen-like high. Try this strain if you need some assistance melting away the stress from demanding schedule, want to decompress after a long day or need some relief from body pain.

springtime strains

Orange Velvet

Like the name suggests, this citrusy strain tastes and smells like orange sherbert and tastes almost like an orange creamsicle with a bit of skunkiness. This is a good choice for anyone who wants a sharp, concentrated high that won’t make them feel wiry or distract them during a busy day full of things to do.

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