Not To Be Blunt, but Indacloud is Dropping Their SuperBlunt Collection

It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s SuperBlunt! Indacloud is making life easier with their premade, ready-to-go, no need to roll, SuperBlunts. Don’t take the “Super” in SuperBlunt lightly, either. These bad boys have 3 grams of pure premium flower smothered in live resin and doused in extra distillate to give it that extra kick, but it doesn’t stop there. They seal the blunt using an organic hemp wrap and throw it around in some CBG kief for the ultimate smoking experience. You’ll be able to taste the herbaceous terpenes that come bursting out—the perfect late-night toke for the experienced connoisseur. 

Since the Farm Bill passed in 2018, hemp-derived Delta-9 has become legal, meaning you can sit back and relax after ordering, knowing your stash will soon be replenished in 3-5 days. And the best part about this collection of SuperBlunts is that they can be delivered straight to your doorstep without you ever having to leave the couch except to pick up your package of SuperBlunts, of course.

Are temptations already driving you wild? Indacloud can help with that! For a limited time, they’re dropping prices on their SuperBlunt collection for all High Times readers and offering all three blunts at a special low price of $69.99. That’s almost 45% off! Scoop up singular SuperBlunts for $10 off as well. If you thought it couldn’t get better, guess again. Indacloud will offer free shipping nationwide as part of their SuperBlunt Collection kick-off! Now, more than ever, is the time to stock up on your supply or experience a new sensation of smoking.

Read on to hear more about Indacloud’s new collection of SuperBlunts and why they’re the best option for a heavy-hitting pre-rolled blunt.

Hemp Wraps Vs. Tobacco Wraps

Courtesy of Indacloud

“Stop killing each other, man. Let’s just smoke a blunt.” – Tupac 

If you’ve sat around a circle and participated in a little puff, puff, pass within the last few decades, there’s a good chance you’ve smoked a blunt. Or, if you’re new here, you might’ve at least heard of the term blunt—essentially, it’s one big joint wrapped up in either a hemp or tobacco wrapper.

It’s hazy to pinpoint when the blunt first originally surfaced. Still, some cannabis scholars say the blunt can be traced back to the Caribbean, where Jamaicans would use hemp leaves or cigar wrappers to help disguise the smell of weed. Another reason? They just wanted to smoke more bud in one sitting. I mean, can you blame them? Indacloud’s SuperBlunt rivals the tobacco leaf offering a more organic, pure, and safer experience that still packs a punch!

Tobacco Wraps

Traditionally, tobacco blunt wraps consist of an emptied-out cigar filled with marijuana, then rerolled to smoke. For many, this was a convenient option. Let’s say someone was heading to the gas station on their way home and wanted to pick up a rolled cigar, like Swishers or Backwoods. It was quick and easily accessible.

For a long while, this form of blunt was the most common until the FDA started making noise about the consumption of tobacco products. Soon after, new laws prohibited the sale of tobacco and cannabis products altogether. No, this wasn’t because “the man” was trying to bring us down. But instead, the light was being shed on Big Tobacco. Many soon made the epiphany that tobacco is a major carcinogen and can contain harmful chemical residue that not everyone wants to put in their lungs. Plus, not everyone enjoys a tobacco head high, either.

Hemp Wraps

Similar to tobacco wraps, hemp wraps have been around for just as long. Still, it wasn’t until 2017 that they started to gain popularity. With the 2018 Farm Bill soon to be set in motion, cannabis retailers wanted an alternative option to offer their buyers. Now we see hemp wraps provided almost everywhere.

Unlike tobacco wraps, hemp offers an organic high. Hemp wraps usually contain no additives, preservatives, or harmful chemicals. Hemp leaves don’t produce any tar in the lungs either when inhaled, making them a clean option, especially for someone looking for a healthy high.

Already known for their superior cannabis and dispensary grade Delta-9, it’s a no-brainer that Indacloud chose to use hemp for their new collection. When creating the SuperBlunt, Indacloud knew the best way to truly experience the flavors and terpenes that encapsulate the blunt would be by using a hemp wrap.

Courtesy of Indacloud

The Secret Formula

Okay, maybe not so secret since we’re about to spill the beans to you, but this combination is undoubtedly perfection *chefs kiss*. Indacloud has combined the best components of cannabis and rolled them all up into one. Think of a gooey seven-layer bar, but in the form of cannabis… BRB, we’re drooling.

This delicious recipe includes premium CBD flower paired with a splash of CBG and a handful of Delta-9 combined with both THC and THC-O. Throw in some live resin and extra distillate, and wrap it up in a nice juicy hemp wrap. Oh, and we can’t forget the sifted CBG kief coating the exterior. The only thing missing is the cherry on top, which will soon come once sparked. A true pièce de résistance.

Three Blunt Flavors

These potent SuperBlunts offer an excellent high and allow you to taste and experience the terpenes that ooze out upon first lighting. Indulge your senses in three fun and tasty flavors: Grapesauras Rex, Ice Cream, and Notorious Backwoods. Every SuperBlunt contains 3 grams of premium flower, dispensary-grade Delta-9, and the satisfaction of a good high.

Courtesy of Indacloud

Grapesauras Rex

Wake up your senses and your taste buds! This Grapeasaures Rex SuperBlunt is epic. This Sativa dominant blunt packs more grape flavor than you can fit in a T-Rex’s mouth (that’s a lot of flavor). It’s ready to go and light up straight out of the package, dominating the category of blunts. Expect a nice sweet grape flavor with a light piney undertone to bring it all together. Prepare to feel an energetic and buzzy come-up that will rocket you into adventure mode if you lean into it.

Courtesy of Indacloud

Ice Cream

This is a great place to start if you’ve never smoked a blunt. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still strong AF, but the mellow Hybrid feeling is highly comforting. You’ll wow yourself, perhaps even question how one can cross a blunt with Ice Cream?! Keep an open mind and light up this smooth, creamy, sweet, and lightly fruity SuperBlunt. The word flawless would be an understatement when referring to the perfection this high gives—an excellent balance between feeling mellow and letting the challenging parts of the day go.

Courtesy of Indacloud

Notorious Backwoods

Indacloud has combined the true essence of our favorite Notorious rapper with the original blunt-rolling cigar. These two iconic powerhouses transform into the Notorious Backwoods, an out-of-this-world Indica SuperBlunt experience. The flavor is true to OG Backwoods, without the tobacco, recognizable by smooth cigar notes and a light sweetness to make every inhale better than the last. This is the blunt for you if you like cigars, good weed strains, or feeling like royalty. 

Blunt Opinion, Check Out SuperBlunts

It’s time to take advantage of some of the market’s purest, most powerful blunts. There’s a blunt for every occasion with Indacloud’s variety of Sativa, Hybrid, and Indica SuperBlunts. For a limited time, Indacloud is slashing prices and offering a packaged deal on all three SuperBlunts. Treat yourself to some much-needed TLC with an assortment of delicious flavors. It will take a lot of work to choose just one favorite. Luckily, they’ve made that decision easier for you with their limited-time offer of bundling all three SuperBlunts at a discounted price, allowing you to experience all three highs that SuperBlunts offer.

Okay, so let’s review what we’ve learned so far:

  1. Indacloud has created a collection of SuperBlunts, one of the most powerful highs on the market.
  2. They use organic ingredients, from the hemp wraps to the flower.
  3. SuperBlunts come in 3 kick-ass flavors.
  4. Most importantly, the SuperBlunt collection will be heavily discounted for all High Times readers for a limited time.

You’ll also score free shipping! 

So, all that’s left to do is claim your offer, sit back, relax, and wait for your SuperBlunts to arrive.

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Hemp Wraps Are NOT Blunts

Brands, stop lying to cannabis consumers.

Adam: As a cannabis consumer for over two decades I’ve seen many marketing ploys to attract customers to buy products. From catchy trendy names to fancy colorful packaging, I’ve seen it all. But what really irks me are the liars. Lying to a customer for a buck is the lowest of lows. Which brings me to the pre-roll section of your favorite shop. Hemp Wraps are NOT Blunts.

Jon: For those uninformed, Blunts are a consumer favorite way to smoke. It’s basically a big joint wrapped in a tobacco leaf – be it a Dutch Master, Backwood, Brothers Broadleaf, or Grabba. Not only does tobacco provide an additional head high (especially to those not usually smoking tobacco), but blunts are typically much bigger than your average joint. For a heavy consumer it’s become a preference, and they’re great for group smoking.

A: I’m not sure if people still use a dictionary or know what one is. A dictionary is a book of reference that we used to use to look up the definition of a word. What words mean. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of a blunt is: “a hollowed-out cigar filled with marijuana.” A cigar is, according to the dictionary: “a small roll of tobacco leaf for smoking.” Where is hemp in all of this? Exactly. Hemp wraps are not blunts. Hemp wraps are hemp wraps. You don’t call joints blunts and you don’t call blunts joints. So why do they call hemp wraps blunts? Buzzwords. People are attracted to trending terms.

J: To be fair, hemp wraps are filling a need on the rec market because due to hasty legislation tobacco can not be paired with cannabis in the legal retail environment. That’s right, they legalized while directly writing out a subset of the market. Seems like a common story with the rush to rec. So while it’s a buzzword, it’s also because those brands can’t legally sell blunts in stores. The trap though…

A: Still, Using buzzwords to attract the pre-educated is not right. And the negative stigma blunt smokers get is appalling. From being ridiculed at seshes, getting told that it’s “unhealthy smoke” to “you are wasting weed rolling it in a blunt.” Throughout history and in most cultures cannabis gets mixed with tobacco and/or herbs. Amsterdam coffee shops offer you a free blend of herbs to mix with cannabis. You can smell the spliffs in the air in Barcelona coffee shops, the Middle East mixes it with hash. USA seems to be the only country that frowns on mixing cannabis with other plants. 

J: I think it’s deeper than just cannabis with that though. We know tobacco kills people. I think that’s probably why they wrote the legislation that way. But it does ignore age-old habits. Europeans would never allow this, but the powers that be probably think they’re both protecting consumers and the activists don’t want to be associated with big tobacco – understandably.

A: So why use the term blunt for a “healthier” option? Hemp wrap companies and pre-roll brands need to recognize that they have been lying this whole time and are selling HEMP wraps and not blunts. Here’s an idea, hemp Joints.

J: I don’t know that we can call them joints either though. It’s trying to be a cigar. It’s bigger than your typical joint. Maybe a hemp cannon?

A: According to the dictionary, it defines a joint as “a marijuana cigarette.” Obviously the term marijuana cigarette won’t be accepted by the community even though cigarettes are defined as “a slender roll of cut tobacco enclosed in paper and meant to be smoked; also: a similar roll of another substance (such as marijuana).”

I understand certain words are more appealing than others in terms of marketing and selling but is it right to lie to a consumer and change the definition of what a word means? 

J: While that’s kind of arguing semantics, I do see what you’re saying. Rec consumers are looking to fill the gap left by the tobacco ban in the rec market; they’re just a little overzealous right now. They’re discounting the ‘why’ of blunts to fill the markets needs, but as with the rest of the industry there’s still plenty of room for improvement!

A: As a proud blunt smoker who enjoys the mixing of the masculine energy of the tobacco plant with the feminine energy of the cannabis plant, I do not appreciate culture vultures and other brands using the term blunt for there midsy-ass pre-rolls. 

J: You’re on the money there. I’d go so far as to say MOST of the available pre-rolls on the market aren’t coming close to providing the optimal experience – this is a lot of times just creating a bigger mess with excess cuttings they’re desperate to monetize.

A: All I’m saying is the next time someone offers you a hit of a blunt make sure it’s a tobacco blunt and if it’s not, kindly correct them and let them know it’s a hemp wrap. They’re not smoking what they think they are. Let’s start spreading correct information and using the proper terms for our community.

J: As with much of the industry – using misnomers isn’t helping any of us. Being accurate in your claims will lead to a healthier and happier industry for us all!

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Find Your Back-Up Blunt Wrap Brand

The marijuana industry has evolved greatly over the years. One thing that hasn’t changed within the stoner community is the love for a good blunt — but even blunt wraps have evolved in their own way.

Now, with the introduction of hemp wraps, there are more options for the health-conscious consumer. Having so many brands to choose from can be both a blessing and a curse. This list features the best blunt wraps to consider purchasing for your next smoke sesh. However, the best blunt wraps are in the eyes of the beholder, or in the eyes of the smoker, for that matter. Unlike joint wraps, there’s a little bit of nuance when purchasing blunt wraps since you’re dealing with an actual leaf instead of a slice of rice paper.

Blunt wraps also come in a wide selection of flavors. Ranging from organic to vegan, there’s a wrap for every toker. Our list includes legendary blunt brands that have stood the test of time for decades, as well as newer brands. Whether you’re new to the weed game or an OG to the blunt scene, we can help you find the best blunt wraps for you and your lungs!

Every smoker knows there’s nothing worse than making a special trip to your local head shop, only to find they don’t have the weed wraps you want. For this reason, it’s always nice to have backup blunt brands that you like.

Choose from our list of the best blunts wraps in the nation right now, that are featured everywhere from billboards, to blogs, to marijuana news.

1. Juicy Jay’s: Flavorful Hemp Wraps

One of the stoner community’s most beloved brands — a staple in the culture — is Juicy Jay’s hemp wraps, created by none other than Josh Kesselman, the creator of RAW papers. Just like their rolling paper counterparts, the Juicy wraps are some of the best blunt wraps filled with immense flavor to elevate any smoking experience, whether you’re blazing ganja or tobacco. 

Juicy hemp wraps take a flavorful, health-conscious avenue towards smoking a blunt. These could be your perfect match if you enjoy flavorful blunts but also want an organic natural smoke that won’t cause major damage to your lungs. These are one of the best brands for delicious and smooth-tasting blunt flavors.

2. High Hemp: A Healthier Avenue

Made entirely of sustainably grown hemp, High Hemp herbal wraps are the perfect organic blunt wraps for the smoker that likes the aesthetics of smoking a blunt, but doesn’t want all the harmful tobacco carcinogens. High Hemp also has an assortment of CBD blunt wraps for the tokers that like the properties of CBD just as much as they enjoy their THC. High Hemp’s CBD wraps are a nice change of pace from the traditional blunt wrap. Newcomers who don’t want to start with a harsh tobacco leaf should gravitate towards the smooth taste of these organic wraps.

3. Twisted Hemp: All Natural Wraps

Smoking Twisted Hemp wraps will surely have you vibing high during your next smoke session. Unlike tobacco wraps, Twisted Hemp uses all-natural hemp and flavoring to create their papers. Undiluted by nicotine or tobacco, Twisted Hemp is the way to go for the health-conscious pot smoker that enjoys a nice healthy blunt. If you’re someone who likes the feeling of splitting your blunt paper apart and dumping the guts out to replace it with some fluffy cannabis, this wrap may not be for you. However, if you enjoy a less harsh smoke that still burns nice and long, then these hemp wraps are right up your alley.

4. King Palm: Hand-Picked Palm Leaf Wraps

If you fancy King Palm wraps, you’re a true herb connoisseur and care about the quality of your weed wraps. With King Palm blunt wraps, you can say goodbye to the tedious and messy rolling process; these blunts are pre-rolled and ready to be stuffed and smoked. Contrary to hemp wraps, King Palm uses all natural palm leaves, completely free from toxic chemicals and tobacco.  The leaves are hand-picked from Cordia trees and cleansed with purified water. Slow-burning and available in a multitude of flavors — from Blueberry and Fruit Passion to Margarita, Banana Cream and even Magic Mint — King Palm wraps are an all-around solid choice, if you are up for a change.  

5. Kingpin: Smoke Like a King

Kingpin hemp wraps are some of the most sought-after hemp wraps in the industry. These cigar wraps are made completely out of hemp but still provide a blunt-like feel that any midnight toker would enjoy. The Kingpin wraps come in a wide variety of flavors to suit your taste buds and elevate any smoke session. These hemp wraps are a great happy medium that allows you to enjoy a healthier, more flavorful smoke. The old timers who were smoking blunts before hemp became a part of the cannabis enthusiasts’ dynamic may have a hard time warming up to the Kingpin blunt wraps. But for the novice cannabis smoker, these are easy on the lungs and perfect for learning how to roll blunts.

6. Endo: Pre-Rolled Wraps With A Twist

Endo hemp wraps are weed wraps with a twist — they’re pre-rolled with a wooden tip at the end! With this built-in wooden filter, you no longer have to purse your lips onto the blunt wrap with the risk of getting the flavored residue on your lips or tongue. Reminiscent of Black & Mild cigar wraps, Endo wraps bring back an old school style to a new school form of smoking made entirely from hemp. These are perfect for the OGs that want to take a trip down memory lane. There’s also a plethora of flavors to choose from, including Russian Cream and White Grape.

7. Billionaire Hemp Wraps: When You Want to Splurge

Billionaire hemp wraps are made from the finest hemp with the perfect amount of flavor added to complement your smoking experience. These are for anyone who wants to still taste their terpenes but also wants to add a little extra flavor to their smoke. The Billionaire hemp wraps are a great alternative to smoking regular blunt wraps as well as joint wraps. If you want to feel rich and splurge a little bit on some of the best hemp wraps in the game, then these are the perfect wraps for you.

8. Cyclones: Leave Your Head Spinning

Cyclones hemp cones are one of those blunt wrap brands with a new school twist. Aside from having a mass assortment of flavors, Cyclones blunt wraps are made completely out of hemp in a pre-rolled cone that allows you to enjoy your herbs from beginning to end. These cones have a distinct way of burning, where the tip is very wide, leaving more space to pack your herb inside. This also allows for a slower burn, where you can really feel the effects of your ingredients. With Cyclones, smokers can pack copious amounts of herb into their blunt as opposed to joint wraps that can only hold a fixed amount.

9. Zig-Zag Wraps: The Legendary Classic

For more than 140 years, Zig-Zag Wraps has been a classic staple among joint paper brands. Since expanding into blunt wraps in 2009, the brand’s cigar wraps have become a smash hit, thanks to their high-quality tobacco leaf and industry-leading processing. This is the most ideal blunt wrap for those who grew up rolling Zig-Zag joint wraps in their youth; now they can roll a nice blunt with the nostalgic brand.

If you’re new to the blunt rolling game, these may be a tough brand to start with. Zig-Zag blunt wraps are the perfect wrap for someone who just wants to roll their weed and smoke — nothing too fancy. The blunt wrap brand also has a number of classic flavors, ranging from cherry to melon, to go along with their wraps. This classic brand has been a legendary name throughout the stoner community. If a quality smoke with a touch of flavor is what you’re into, you’ll enjoy Zig Zags.

10. Dutch Masters: A Versatile Blunt Wrap

The Dutch Masters brand, most commonly known as “Dutch,” is a favorite among habitual blunt smokers that is constantly stocked in any local smoke shop or gas station. The slow-burning tobacco leaf is easy to roll, and very forgiving when it comes to making mistakes. There’s nothing better than smoking a nicely rolled honey fusion Dutch blunt, along with their illustrious assortment of flavors. Dutch blunt wraps are great for the OGs to roll up with as well as the new smoker who is just learning to roll and figure out his preferred blunt wrap.

11. Swisher Sweets: A Top Cigarillo Brand

Swisher Sweets are one of the most popular names in the blunt wrap industry. They’re the first brand you see when you walk into a gas station or head shop. Swisher blunt wraps are akin to any Pokemon starter pack that you saw in any grocery store; they’re a dime a dozen and are just to get you started on your journey. These wraps come in a ton of different flavors. While they don’t provide the longest burn, you do get a smooth smoke with a nice hint of flavor. Swisher blunt wraps make great learning tools when first rolling, but once your skills have improved, you’ll want to try out other wraps.

12. Optimo: Smoke Like a Pro

While being widely celebrated by the likes of The Notorious B.I.G. and Young Thug, Optimos are legendary among blunt smokers and rappers alike, while still being quite underrated. This cigarillo brand prides itself on its ability to produce a leaf that’s all-natural tobacco. It provides a nice, smooth, slow burn every single time. There’s nothing better than opening a fresh pack of Optimo wraps to fill with some fresh, dank bud to relax after a trying day. These blunt wraps are easy to roll with, too: The leaf is very soft — not too stiff — allowing for a consistently smooth smoking experience. Optimo blunts are perfect for any social gathering or solo sesh; they burn slow, and they have a plethora of great flavors to choose from. If you’re a cannabis smoker that likes a nice slow burn when smoking with a wrap, then give Optimos a try.

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