Cannabeginners: CBN Explained

While often referred to as the “most potent cannabinoid for sleep,” the reality of cannabinol (CBN) is much more complex. This brief explainer will give you information you need to know to separate the facts from marketing fiction about the first cannabinoid to ever be identified and isolated.

How Is CBN Made?

Let’s go into a brief cannabis chemistry lesson to better understand how CBN is made. In the living plant, CBN is a very rare cannabinoid, present only in trace amounts. Once the plant is harvested and begins to dry and cure, a conversion clock is started, turning all the THCa into THC, and further turning THC into CBN. This conversion is caused by a chemical process known as decarboxylation, a process all edible makers know well. Decarboxylation is a chemical reaction where a carbon atom is removed from the carbon chain attached to the THCa molecule releasing carbon dioxide (CO2) and causing that THCa to become THC; the released CO2 is why the steam coming off a batch of cannabutter smells so strongly. 

You can further decarboxylate THC into CBN through the same/a similar process of applying heat. Beyond using heat, decarboxylation can be caused by exposure to UV light (the sun), exposure to oxygen, or just the passage of time. 

How Does CBN Interact With Your Body?

Research has shown that the cannabinoid is a weak psychoactive compound, presumably more psychoactive than CBD but less than THC, and there are anecdotal reports of people feeling “high” from using CBN. The cannabinoid has “been consistently reported to be a weak CB1 agonist,” meaning it could result in feelings of “highness,” just like THC (but to a lesser degree). Results have been mixed in regards to how strong of an effect CBN has at the CB2 receptor. Beyond the endocannabinoid system, like CBD, CBN interacts with different TRP channels, and is a “potent agonist of TRPA1 and antagonist of TPRM8 channels.”

CBN and Sleep: A Mixed Bag

Many articles, going back nearly a decade, including former articles by this author, note the sedating effects of CBN, but they all cite the same source, Steephill Labs. Unfortunately, Steephill “is in the process of restructuring its business” and their website is down, but after digging into the Internet Archive, it is clear that sourcing them was questionable in the first place, as their website did not cite a study to back up their claims. I cited them in my 2014 article as research on CBN was very limited at the time, and since then, more research has been done, and it casts some doubt on CBN as a sleep aid.

According to a 2021 literature review “research investigating the effects of CBN is dated and limited,” furthermore, “Studies specifically assessing subjective effects associated with sleep, such as sedation or fatigue, are rare.” The study authors concluded that, “There is insufficient published evidence to support sleep-related claims.” This study came on the heels of a 2020 study looking at CBN’s impacts on Zebrafish larvae, which “showed that CBN acts both as a stimulant and a sedative.”

Let’s briefly look at some of that “dated and limited” research, most of which came out in the 1970s and 1980s, before modern testing and surveying methods were developed. In one 1975 study, a very small handful of volunteers were given placebos or doses of cannabinoids, then given a survey to measure their reaction to drugs. They found that “volunteers reported feeling drugged, drunk, dizzy, and drowsy under the delta9-THC condition, but not under the CBN condition,” meaning CBN did not produce feelings of drowsiness on its own. When used with THC, they found that CBN made the drowsing effects of THC more intense. Another 1975 study, appears to contradict those findings, noting “The combination of THC with CBN produced no detectable changes in the quality, intensity, or duration of the effects of THC alone.” Clearly, even that dated research didn’t uniformly say the cannabinoid was beneficial for sleep. 

What This Cannabinoid Can Be Used For

Now that we have addressed the elephant in the room — that CBN may not be as beneficial for sleep as many of us have heard — let’s discuss the research that is less conflicted. It is important to note that much of the research on CBN, like many studies on cannabinoids, was done on animals not people, and it goes without saying, that people are not the same as animals (though there are *some* similarities).

Research has shown that the cannabinoid: can delay the onset of ALS by “more than two weeks,” shows potent activity against a variety of MRSA strains, has analgesic (pain relieving) properties similar to THC, can stimulate appetite to a lesser degree than THC, can help combat the growth of cancer cells, and can be beneficial to sufferers of psoriasis

CBN is a poorly studied and relatively rare cannabinoid that is seeing more interest and research in recent years, much of it showing some medical benefits for a wide range of conditions. The benefits of CBN seem to have a lot of overlap with THC, which makes some sense considering CBN is derived from THC, but without the same level of psychoactivity. That means the cannabinoid could be useful for people who want to use THC but with less of a high. 

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #38: Y’ALL LOVE FLOWERS?

Hall of Flowers felt a little different this year. Widely regarded as the flagship trade show for the industry at this point, this was the first year that HOF felt a little BizCon-y, and I mean that in the absolute nicest way possible. With less flower than ever on display, and less rooms to view even, I wouldn’t blame this as much on the production team as I will the state of the industry right now. Shit’s tough out here, especially in California, and the only ones with real budget to spend are the picks & axes guys, like service and technology providers. Most of the brands simply can’t afford the booth price, and many that can believe they’ll find more ROI keeping their heads down on their various specialties. It’s a hard time to be outside, despite probably needing to be more than ever. I went on a little rant about this on my instagram yesterday, but let’s all try to remember that all our OG’s could really use our support right now, and every jar purchased or ticket acquired is voting with your dollar, and your attention. So while I’m about to list my favorites below, I would also encourage you think about who wasn’t able to make it out this year for whatever reason, and consider that your business makes all the difference to most of us. This goes double when times are tough, like right now.

It’s not all bad though! I actually want to call out a very smart move by the HOF team, something that shows where their head’s at and illustrates the helping hand they’re trying to offer to the little guy, and that was that small business section that topped off the big room. Not only was that incredibly valuable for all of the participants, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how well trafficked they were both days. You’ll see a few of those names below, but I was impressed by (almost) the entire section. (I didn’t feel comfortable pulling up to the lube kissing booth – let’s just call it out of my coverage area. Sorry guys!)

It’s also worth mentioning that there were some staples to my consumption diet, like CAM and Fig Farms, in attendance, who while I won’t mention below are always stars of every show. I’m trying to cycle in new names and there are always too many dope people to mention, and I just can’t be here all day. But I’m trying! If you don’t see your name below that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Just… maybe next time! It’s going to be a long summer.

For everyone else, if you’re not texting to say ‘why not me?’, blow me up on social and let me know what gear I missed, or what I should heat-check next! Until next time, I DO love you. 


Wood Wide

Courtesy Wood Wide

I’ve written about these guys before, and while you already know that I’m a big fan of their flower, it’s worth noting that this was the very first brand I mentioned to anyone that asked about what to check out on the floor after I did my first run through. In fact, I walked several people over to their booth, and the secondhand joy I got watching my friends discover these guys in real-time filled my soul with warmth. But I’m not just here to relish in good feelings. While I’ve told you about the Cowgirl Cookies before, today I’ve got to mention its sister plant, Grumpy Tiger. This one’s got a more complex profile, and almost reminds me of mendo breath in terms of the nose and flavor, but it was the high that was worth shouting from the rooftops about – which is, realistically, the most important part of cannabis. This one had my eyes red and heavy from the first puff, and transported my attitude back to how I used to feel smoking bones after class. I can’t recommend this one enough.

Rosin Tech’s Hash Holes

Courtesy Rosin Tech

These guys are old friends at this point. I’ve seen their growth since basically the first cannabis event I went to in California, and they’re due their shine for the work they’ve done just proliferating squish culture alone – shouts out to Vinny, one of my first real friends in the scene. That said, as someone who’s not a huge hash guy myself, there hasn’t been a ton of times I’ve really consumed their products, just cheered them on from afar. That is, until now. Their new product is probably the most flavorful hash hole I’ve smoked to date, and while I’m not sure what sorcery is producing such potent flavor in their roll, it’s an absolute showstopper. These immediately stand up next to the most well-known rolls in the space, and they’ve only dropped like two styles so far. Really excited to see where they take this.

A Golden State

Courtesy A Golden State

You might have seen this on Jimi’s story already, and while I do my best to avoid too much overlap between the two of us, some things are just too fun to leave out. This year A Golden State brought some still unnamed R&D batches for a few of the journalists in attendance, and while I will say upfront I’ve never *not liked* their flower, what they’ve got coming is actually *exciting*, and it’s pretty hard to excite me anymore. Sure I’m partially biased because instead of strain info my name was on the packaging, but I’m a rather big fan of ‘Cappetta C’ – it’s got an almost spicy musk to it, and it transfers well. They’ll have to let you know what that actually is in the future, but for now I’m not mad at the working title. Also, wouldn’t it be funny if both Jimi & Lindsey pick different favs? I vote you just run with ‘em like that. I’d smoke on some Bartlett B & Devine A any day!

Oakfruitland’s R&D Batches

Courtesy Oakfruitland

Another R&D run I’ve got to shout out is Oakfruitland’s. Although they were arbitrarily labeled so I can’t give you the specifics on the details of either, it’s nice to see some people working on bringing more diverse profiles to market. While one of these has an almost stew-y nose and taste to it, the other, greener of the pair, presents more cheese-y – but like those cheeses that they make mold a little for whatever reason. Both have a funk to ‘em that you’ll remember, and are pretty significantly different from what’s popular right now. Here’s to hoping this encourages a trend towards new profiles!

Talking Trees & Space Gem

Courtesy Space Gem

Two for one because if they’re not actually a team they sure act like one, but these guys are a staple every year. That said, the display they put together for this year’s event was pretty show-stopping. As sparkly as Wendy’s spirit, you couldn’t walk into the big room without being in awe of their razzle-dazzle, and it had people fixated, with a line waiting to chat that lasted basically the whole show. Talking Trees was premiering a new infused shorty, but perhaps more interesting to my readers, on display Craig had some of the most impressive freeze-dried flower I’ve seen yet. Although I know it’s early for this tech, and that even Craig wasn’t sure of the shelf-life yet as this was still in early testing for him, it’s hard to complain about the look or smell of those nugs. It’s also worth mentioning, in a piece that leans so heavily into supporting the real OG’s, that both Wendy and Craig couldn’t be nicer people (Obe is also the man) and if there were ever people who I wanted to say ‘shut up and take my money’ based on energy and personality alone, it would surely be these two.

Real Deal Resin’s Hasher Snacks

Courtesy Real Deal Rosin

I feel like every time I see these guys I want to write about them. From the wrestling aesthetic to their frankly world class staff, there’s not much I don’t love about these guys. However, even I wasn’t expecting the Hasher Snacks, RDR’s flip on crackerjacks. These medicated honey roasted chipotle peanuts are made with the brand’s hash rosin, and while the pack holds 100mg, they’re dosed appropriately so no one has to eat just one. In a world that’s seen a million gummies and chocolate bars, RDR is once again refreshing the landscape with a tasty, savory snack. It even comes with a prize inside!


Courtesy Traditional

Another brand that’s been on my radar awhile, I have got to call attention to the fact that Traditional is absolutely showing out at every event I see them at. And while being the most visible in the show always helps, it’s clear they’ve got a great culture over there. Their marketing team is amazing, they have a grazillion merch items and canna SKU’s, they’re tapped in with every level of celebrity, but my favorite part? I told them to be careful sampling at the event bc both the DCC and the cops are walking around and homie grabs a jar and goes to find the cops to show them what good weed looks like. If that’s not standing on it I don’t know what is.

High 90’s

Courtesy High 90’s

I remember when these guys launched, and while I remember thinking that ‘the kids will love this’ back when I mentioned them in the 3rd edition, I’ll admit I kind of tuned them out from there. I didn’t expect to consume much of their products in the future given how much I actually like the taste of the plant, but with bubblegum nicsticks taking off the way they were it was pretty clear a certain demographic would pick up on ‘em. That said, I also didn’t expect them to pivot towards quality the way they have. Flash forward to today and I’m pleased to report that High 90’s isn’t just that flavored noise anymore, these guys are actually bringing impressive flower to market, too! While they haven’t turned off the Tropical Punch prerolls, and they HAVE turned on a vape that looks an awful lot like an elf bar, there’s more to this brand than you’d initially expect, and I’m not afraid to stand corrected.

Errl Hill

Courtesy Errl Hill

The funny thing about this one is I’m actually the one that’s late here. These guys aren’t new, and their work has always hit, but sometimes things slip through the cracks and unfortunately, these have been one of those things in my coverage thus far. Well that ends today, because if you’re consuming concentrates and don’t want to break the bank in the process, this is one you should have been known about. Their Blueberry Muffin has already won a bunch of awards, and is one of the only things I will actually take a dab of while working the floor of an event. It’s also worth noting that this live rosin I just saw for the first time, Banana Bob, absolutely smacks as well.

Ice Box Flat Farms

Courtesy Ice Box Flat Farms

Another from the high tops, Ice Box Flat Farms was pointed out to me by my friend and former colleague Daniella. She mentioned that these guys were messing with their preroll machine and realized they could fit another gram inside their traditionally one gram cone, so of course I had to see what this business was about. I’m pleased to report that these things were actually smoking, and in a world where everyone wants to over-infuse for the sake of fooling their consumers into believing the listed THC percentage, it’s nice to see someone bringing a straight flower roll to market as their pilot offering.

Bonus Off the Floor Finds:

Funk Farm

Courtesy Funk Farm

I’ll be honest, this is probably my favorite score of last week. And it’s less on the strength of the flower as it is the personality of the cultivator. I met Funk Farm while waiting to get a fried chicken sandwich. I wasn’t expecting to chat, I was checking my phone for maybe the first time all day, and here’s homie, talking about the scene out in Montana – or lack thereof. There wasn’t much going on out there, and while he is growing back at home, he felt foreign to the culture we have out here, and had to experience it for himself. I don’t know what it was specifically that made the flip switch for me, but the passion I could hear he had for this plant was clear, and hearing it coming from a state that I knew frankly nothing about – I don’t even know if they have mountains or flatlands there – was refreshing. It reminded me that we still have so much ground to cover here domestically, and I’d spent the front part of this year thinking about just about anywhere else to travel to. Well homie, now Montana’s on the list, and it’s on the strength of your farm. I don’t know wtf we’re going to do there, but I’m coming to hang just as soon as possible.

MK Mints

Courtesy MK Mints

Now these little guys were a great surprise last week. I’d been spritz’ing heavy all week (more to come on that later) and I needed to change my perspective in a new way. Enter MK’s Mints – delightfully flavored mushroom microdose mints. Aptly shaped like lil’ toadstools, and leaning into a certain happiest place in the world aesthetic, these guys are my favorite new fungi product I’ve seen in months. It’s also worth noting this was much more powerful than the typical ‘micro’dose. You’ll feel the first one. They say with 8 you’re flying, which is approximately half the package, and while I haven’t gotten there quite yet, i’m excited for the next night off to see how far down this rabbit hole really goes…

Cadre Verde

Courtesy Cadre Verde

This was a new name for me, but they came highly recommended by my friend Carter of CAD, and he has a particularly distinguished palate, so when he tells me to check something out I listen. I’m glad I did, because not only was it a pleasure to smoke with HB, but the Georgia Pie Z she broke me off with was one of my favorite take homes from the show. Although they were playing the traditional game of showing up with a backpack, it just goes to show that with really good flower it doesn’t matter how flashy your display is. We’re here for the heat!

Surefire Selections

Courtesy Surefire Selections

This kind of feels like my anniversary with Surefire. We met like three May Santa Rosa halls back, and everytime I’ve pulled up since he’s had some new gear to knock my socks off. This time we met before the show started, and I got my favorite score of the week before even entering the showrooms. I’ve raved about his Candy Fumez in the past, and while they are still just as on point as I remember, his Sureberry is the ONE man. A sister pheno of Sherbanger, this one’s got a bit more of an ocimene taste – that is to say that almost apple-y flavor. But the one thing that’s important to remember when that terp shows up is that it’s going to transfer heavily to the flavor, and this is a particularly lip smacking experience. Also worth noting the Larry Z he showed me, which was less Z and more cake than I expected, was a hit with every typically gas focused connoisseur I showed it to.

Heritage Hash Co

Courtesy Heritage Hash Co

Finally, I want to give a shout to Mendo’s own, Heritage. These guys have won a bunch of awards in the past, including 1st place for Rosin at Ego Clash, and 1st place for Ice Water Hash in the Emerald Cup in the past year alone, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that they know what they’re doing. That said, I had never met any of the team over there, and I’m happy to report they’re just as delightful as their hash is delicious. Of their selection my favorites were the Sour Diesel and ‘Mom’s Terps’, though the Amarello was a close third. I haven’t gotten to the infused prerolls yet, but I’m confident they’ll be smokin’ too!

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #37: Back Out West

Alright friends. On this beautiful morning—the morning of Hall of Flowers—I wanted to drop a surprise Cop List detailing a few more highlights that surrounded our favorite day of the year before I get lost in the sauce and forget about ‘em. Lots of great drops happened on or around 4/20, and despite being in New York for the holiday and upstate now for the Emerald Cup judges retreat yesterday & Hall of Flowers today, I couldn’t let these gems fall by the wayside.

While this one has several frequent flyers on it, it’s got several of my favorite picks ever as well, and a few fun bonus guys just for kicks. You know the drill. Maybe I’m getting old but I feel like I need to acknowledge that as much as I complain about the state of the larger industry and the overall sinking quality of products, the top guys just keep getting better.

As always, blow me up on twitter if you hate any of this, or just ping me with the new heat I should check out. My lungs are your lungs, and we’re all in this together.

Life Is Not Grape’s LameZ

Pictured: The Birria Pack. Not pictured: LameZ

You might’ve seen me tease this on my IG story earlier this year when he had finished his initial test batch (which was only 6 plants by the way—does it get any smaller batch than that?). I got excited, I jumped the gun. I’m sorry. It will probably happen again. BUT, my friends, fret not as the time has finally come to let the rest of the world into the fold. Fresh on the rec market, LING’s got a run of his original Z, that he’s dubbed LameZ, rather ironically because it’s anything but that. True to form he’s doing his whole emo thing, and I still have trouble believing this is the original Z because the structure on it is just too perfect, but you absolutely forget about the argument entirely once you smell and taste this flower. It’s as Z-lightful as any I’ve ever seen. It’s also true that Grape’s basically become my poquito hermano at this point, so you could call me bias in my decision that this is the current King of Z hill (heh heh, only teasing gents!), but ask yourself: does Jon really care about anything but the flower? I think we both know the answer to that question. Also shameless plug: gang’s dropping the Birria bundle (complete with a branded takeaway bag & container, it’s fkn perfect) this Saturday at GOAT Global in Westwood – pull up!

Planta’s Coffin Candy

Photo cred

Speaking of fkn superb flower (I know, I can’t believe I get to do this for a living either), this might be the LCG killer the market’s been waiting for. Doja called this ‘the candiest candy’ he’d ever smelt, and I agree so I’m taking it off instagram and publishing it on the record. It’s got the look the market wants, it’s got the smell – but the flavor, man! You don’t actually get to taste the sweetness in smoke like this very often. THIS is what everyone is looking for when they buy all that rerocked noise. Not to mention the launch kit for this one really touched my cold emo heart as the package was shaped like a coffin with an ounce miron jar laid up all pretty as if it was about to be put into its final resting place.

Squints’ Valley Girl OG

Courtesy Squints

From the candiest candy, to the OG-iest of OG. If you’re looking to taste a classic, look no further – the Valley Girl is ready to scratch that itch you’ve been feeling. Now I don’t have to tell y’all how much our OG’s love OG. They’ve told you enough. And while I typically lean more towards the fruity varietals, there’s a complexity to this gas that comes across in the flavor in a major way, and I haven’t been able to stop smoking it. While this one’s definitely heavy, and will surely add some drag to your step, this is an excellent way to wind down after a stressful day, as your cares will literally melt away as you sink further and further into your couch.

CGO’s Mini Hash Holes

Courtesy CGO

I told you you’d be hearing more about this guy soon. And being real, you’ve probably already tried his work even if you don’t realize, homies’ been killing it and rolling for the best of ’em for awhile now. I feel like every hash hole I’ve smoked lately that’s not rolled by Fidel has come from CGO. Not even just stuff I get at events, but in other brands’ tubes I’m not expecting as well (look out for the filter sticker). But today, today I’m here to talk about some innovation gang’s brought to the scene: mini hash holes! I’ll be honest, I didn’t think you could create the same experience in such a small package, but these are essentially the dogwalkers for hash heads. None of that typical dipped in disti & rolled in kief nonsense either, this is a true donut just in a micro-sized package – which lets be honest, is really more appropriate for most of the situations we’ve been smoking full eighths in. Also for the masses —we forget not everyone can hang like an OG—but now everyone can feel like one.

Terp Hogz’ Blooberry

Courtesy Terp Hogz

The gang that brought us the Original Z has had a portfolio of impressive flavors forever, and while their Blooberry isn’t exactly a new flavor in the arsenal, this new batch they got is finally dialed into absolute perfection. And when I say dialed in – this fkn plant smells and tastes just like ‘em, and hits you like a goddamn runaway train. Seriously, although this is an almost classic flavor in this community, I assure you, you haven’t tasted blueberry weed like this before, and when you do you’ll quickly be hooked. And stoned as hell – I thought this one would be good to hang in the afternoon and it completely derailed my day. In a good way though, like where I cuddled up with a puppy and watched a movie under a blanket.

Archive Seeds

Photo cred @erik.nugshots

As far as portfolios go, it’s hard to beat the bank Archive’s been amassing. While the seed game has been good business for decades, there are few dealers I’ve seen who can actually finish the process and deliver a product that can stand with the best of them—they mostly stick to their area of the market. Not that there’s anything wrong with that (!!) but this is absolutely not the case for Archive, as while they are indeed selling genetics, their packs also smoke up alongside any of the market leading cultivators. While their Moonbow has been in heavy circulation for awhile now, it’s got a timeless flavor, and is a regular favorite—especially whenever I’m at Astor Club in NYC. And while I’m primarily a flower guy, it’s definitely worth noting that the hash that comes from their flower ends up being some of the most memorable flavors I taste.

Banger Management

Courtesy Banger Management

I’m going to start this off by saying Preebz is the man, and I’m a general fan of pretty much any project he touches, but his latest iteration of Banger Management is truly something special. Holding it down for SoCal a bit further South than I typically travel, San Diego isn’t usually one of the first names people think of when it comes to bomb weed. Sure they’ve got it, but it’s not perceived as a mecca the way many cities and counties in the northern part of the state are. It’s got the scenic views, the beautiful weather —there’s just other things to focus on down there. That said, the homies are pumping out some mixed light work that can stand next to 90% of the indoor I see, and at a much more affordable price. While I certainly wouldn’t call these guys a ‘local brand’, what I can assure you is it’s run BY locals – so if you’re not trying to drive to LA to run up some overpriced hype pack, check in with your boys.

Exotic Matter’s Red Bullz #17

Courtesy Exotic Matter

Let me start off by saying that I know there’s pleeeenty of heat coming out of Michigan lately, but I’ve gotta take my hat off to the gang at Exotic Matter real quick. Jimi’s been singing the praises of Red Bullz for years now, and while I greatly value his opinion, this is the first expression of the varietal that I’m reallllly fucking with, and I’m not surprised that it came out of a market that’s frankly taking a lot more chances lately than most others. If you don’t already know, Michigan’s still in that super excited phase of the industry. Reminiscent of California’s 215 days, there’s a lot of experimentation going on and everyone’s still so stoked about the access that they’re making weed-everything. Now with that said, these guys are a perfect example of not having to reinvent the wheel to stand out… it just takes really good weed! With a super unique scent that’s hard to describe, but one that’s weirdly familiar at the same time. The nose to flavor transfer is perfect, and this is one of those rare instances where you can actually get more depth out of the taste than the smell. It’s a damn near perfect smoking experience. The high was a balanced mix of goofy and calm, so while I wouldn’t say it necessarily has the Red Bull effect, this is a great one for during the day.

Rythm – Queen Cola

Courtesy Rythm

Oh shit, is Jon about to give props to an MSO? I know, it’s rare, and I’ve said in the past that Illinois is a tough market right now. With limited licenses and a small number of operators typically more focused on scale than quality, it’s not exactly a flower-lover’s paradise at the moment. That said, Rythm introduced what I consider to be a great new product last month, and I haven’t seen this in other markets yet, so their praise is due. Sold in 14 gram packages, you can now buy a ‘Queen Cola’ – aka the premiere stalk of the plant. And it’s not broken off either – this extended mylar contains the entire stalk, and it’s been manicured to perfection. While I’m admittedly spoiled in the fact that I get to visit grows all the time, this is a very different approach to bringing the finished product to consumers, and will allow newbies to get a better feel for this plant we love so much. I’m excited to see how it performs in the market.

Puffco’s Arizona Cupsy

Courtesy Puffco

With maybe the best industry collab to date, for 4/20 this year Puffco released a new Cupsy in collaboration with none other than the iced tea tallboy kingpin, Arizona. Now, I grew up on 99¢ cans, so the fact that these guys are dipping their toes into the culture is especially rewarding for me, because they’ve silently participated in it for so long even if they didn’t realize. That said, to see them do it with a true New York brand like Puffco feels like the perfect marriage, and makes their entrance that much more impactful. I’ll admit, I wasn’t a big Cupsy user initially, but this freaking thing is so beautiful that it attracts you like a magnet.

Postmates Takeoutfit

Courtesy Postmates

This was the most surprising 4/20 stunt I saw this year, and it’s honestly tickled me since I found out about it. A perfect way to lean in without changing the language they’re speaking, for our favorite holiday this year Postmates released the ‘Takeoutfit’ – an outfit designed to serve as a table for your delivery order. Complete with warmer pads on the thighs, a fold out pouch to hide your smokeables & condiments (it came with a special Truff sauce in there already) and removable washable sleeve ‘napkins’, they claim with this fit you will ‘never dine at your dining table like never before’ and as convoluted as that tagline is, it’s entirely accurate. And as if there weren’t enough bells and whistles already, the fit was delivered in an oversized takeout box, and honestly was far more comfortable than expected. 

Skullcandy Haze Headphones

Courtesy Skullcandy

Every year for 4/20 Skullcandy releases a fun limited run headphone for the culture, and this year has got to be my favorite yet. Dubbed ‘Haze’, these almost fuzzy green headphones, with an attractive orange and purple trim, pay homage to one of the cornerstones of our culture, which is a particularly special category to daytime smokers like myself. It’s worth noting that while these are plastic, the sound quality was surprisingly impressive, and the companion app allows a slew of new functionality to help you stay hands-free on the go. Not going to lie, it’s pretty great being able to change the song without having to stop rolling your joint.

Dr. Pepper Strawberry Cream

This is obviously not a culture play, but have y’all tried this new jawn yet??? We’ve largely covered my soda addiction in the past, and while this one is INSANELY sweet, it’s also insanely delicious. The strawberry and cream terps are elite, and if you don’t mind driving down sugar road please put this thing in your mouth and tell me I’m wrong. Also – because last time I posted about one of these a homie got the sugar free version and then called me talking shit—you have GOT to get the full flavor. I am never attesting to anything diet. Love yourself, go full sugar.

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The Cannabis Guide to Injectables

While many cannabis users embrace signs of aging and effortlessly transform into beautiful crones as they get older, some of us, such as myself, are vain. We enjoy that through technology, such as injectables, we can look better in our 30s than in our 20s. While topicals such as eye creams, including those with CBD, offer valuable moisture and even anti-inflammatory properties, just to be blunt about it, if you want to get rid of wrinkles or add volume to your face naturally lost to age, you need injectables.

I’m a 35-year-old woman who gets Botox. And, as my book launch party approached for Weed Witch: The Essential Guide to Cannabis for Magic and Wellness, I decided I also wanted under-eye and cheek filler to restore lost volume under my eyes, which was seriously bugging me. Botox (which usually lasts about three to four months) blocks chemical signals from nerves that cause muscles to contract, resulting in relaxed facial muscles and getting rid of wrinkles. Comparatively, fillers are gel-like substances typically made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring polysaccharide present in skin and cartilage, that are injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume. Fillers can last from six months to two years, depending on which variety you get. Today, Botox and filler are often used in conjunction. People new to the plastic surgery game tend to associate fillers with lips, and while that’s totally a thing, you can also use filler to restore lost volume in the cheeks, augment a chin, and even for non-surgical nose jobs. 

Botox is the number one non-invasive cosmetic procedure, and fillers now come in second. I must tell my readers something important for every fan who looks at their favorite pop star, almost sadly stating: “They don’t age.” For celebrities, injectables are as common and expected as using night cream. Being rich is very good for your skin, and getting injectables is basically part of the job description of having your face on screen (and not just for women). And injectables, when done correctly, look natural. The saying “You aren’t ugly, you’re just poor” is very real. Botox and fillers can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand, depending on what you get done and where you go. But, if you don’t know these cosmetic secrets, seeing “ageless” (read: people with fillers and botox) celebrities can cause unrealistic beauty standards, which is why you can call me vain and privileged for having access to such cosmetic procedures, but you can’t call me a liar, because I will always be honest with you. 

But while I budgeted and looked to plan my filler appointment with Dr. David Shafer of Shafer Clinic Fifth Avenue, I realized that there is hardly any information for cannabis users interested in injectables. Are there interactions? Do I need to worry? “There is no contraindication to using cannabis products and getting dermal filler injections,” Dr. Shafer reassuringly tells me. Phew. I can have my cannabis and vanity too. 

Courtesy Sophie Saint Thomas

However, ganja glamour witches, that doesn’t mean you should show up stoned for your appointment. As a plastic surgeon once warned me about Botox, the most significant risk is that I’ll like it. The same common sense applies to cannabis and injectables. It’s probably not going to hurt you, but let’s be honest about it. Cannabis lowers inhibitions, which could lead to asking for more filler than you need or could afford, and you don’t want to be high during a procedure involving needles, in case it leads to anxiety. “For any procedure we perform, a patient needs to give informed consent. So they really can’t show up stoned for their procedure,” Dr. Shafer says. “Although if they are nervous I am sure it would help them relax,” he adds.

As you can see in these photos, Dr. Shafer did an impeccable job with my fillers. I am beyond happy with the results. His office offered all the glorious glamour yet a sense of security and trust that one could ask for in a plastic surgeon’s office. I have 19 tattoos, 12 piercings, and I have previously gotten filler and Botox. Needles don’t scare me; getting filler feels good because it makes me feel glamorous. While it takes about two full weeks to fully settle, you can see results right away (Botox takes about two weeks to see the frozen magic you came in for). 

Doctors do advise avoiding alcohol, and any blood-thinning medications, after or before getting injectables, as they can increase bleeding, which cannabis can also cause. However, because cannabis can also lower anxiety, some doctors say it’s okay to use before a procedure to relax as long as you understand the risks. “You can use cannabis before injections but there will be an increased risk of bleeding which will then cause bruising,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jessie Cheung. “So if you have a social event close to your treatment time, I would advise against smoking before coming in. But totally okay to use before coming in to ease anxiety and comfort level.”

Aware of the bruising risks and wanting to be totally clear as a journalist and patient, I did not use cannabis before my appointment, but I did use edibles later on at home for pain relief (smoking seemed counterintuitive on a day of beauty). Around eight hours after getting my fillers I took some light edibles to help me relax and sleep, as my cheeks were a little sore and had slight bruising around the injection sites. I did not take any OTC (over-the-counter) painkillers, as cannabis did the trick, and I don’t drink at all, so that wasn’t a concern. “Many of our patients are surprised when I say it’s perfectly ok to continue using cannabis after their treatments. People that have found cannabis products to help with post-treatment and post-surgery soreness,” Dr. Shafer wrote to me, easing my worries about using cannabis later on. From a harm reduction perspective, cannabis certainly seems safer than other avenues of post-procedure pain relief (I’m looking at you, opiates, although these are not prescribed post-filler or Botox as they can be for surgeries such as rhinoplasties). 

Courtesy Sophie Saint Thomas

So, if you are a cannabis user interested in fillers, long story short, don’t show up too stoned for your procedure, and you should be fine. To be extra careful, wait 24 hours before using cannabis. Not long ago, I reported on the Stoner Swiftie community and noted that in my 13 years as a journalist, I had never received so many requests to be interviewed for an article. This one was the opposite. Despite knowing countless people who use cannabis and get injectables, very few people wanted to talk about it. As someone who got into cannabis originally as a medical patient for PTSD and anxiety, I find that the plant tends to keep me honest. Of course, getting injectables, or any procedure, is between you and your doctor, and you have every right to privacy. However, after diving into the intersection of cannabis, injectables, and celebrity culture, my main concern is not any harmful medical interaction but the continued silence around getting Botox and fillers. Thanks to social media, more people are getting honest about injectables, but, especially regarding celebrities, I see far more claims of “this is just my face” when I know enough about plastic surgery to spot it a mile away, even through Instagram filters. So, for all the Weed Witches who wish to live deliciously and vainly, should you choose to get real about your work, know that you’re helping to spread honesty on why no one seems to age anymore. CBD is great, I wrote an entire book on it, but it’s not the reason you can look better at 35 than 25, and anyone who tells you otherwise is trying to sell you something. 

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List #36: Live from New York

Happy belated 4/20 y’all! I hope you enjoyed the special print version of the Cop List that went up last week. That one originally ran in the magazine but I figured since it was the holiday, and I didn’t want to rush a new one out just yet, that was a safe one to let rip. We could call it 35.5 – it was intended to have a more national feel, focusing on products rather than dank specifically, but I’m not pretending that was a suitable replacement for this month. We’re back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

Last week, for the second year in a row, players from across the country (and globe, even) descended on New York City to celebrate our favorite holiday. Just like last year, this was another one for the record books. Between the East Coast’s Zalympix unbelievable showing at Terminal 5, to First Smoke of the Day’s Family Ties Brunch, Zushi’s Lower East Side Pop-Up Store, to the classic Washington Square Park celebration, I’m still trying to recover from the marathon of events that went on across the city. We sesh’d in an abandoned mall in Chinatown, ate insane meals at 2:30 AM regularly, and even watched them film a scene for the new Penguin show for HBO Max. It was pretty excellent by just about every measure.

So, in honor of the trip, #36 is compiled entirely of dank I found last week while stumbling around the city and it’s various events. I mentioned on social a few weeks ago that I wasn’t going to bring any bud with me on the trip, and the city more than provided. Shouts out to all the homies that came up to me throughout the week with some flavors to try, or just some kind words about our efforts over here. I was not expecting as many of you to recognize me as you did, and I’ll be honest, the love you showed in the city that raised me was incredibly special. Thank you. Also to Sasso – appreciate your hospitality as always my guy!

Like usual, you don’t gotta be a stranger. Finding the flame takes a village, and I want to hear what’s getting you up too. Hit me on just about any platform here: @joncappetta

Green Gold Collective

Courtesy Green Gold Collective

I’ve been hearing rumblings about this guy for awhile now, so imagine my surprise when I run into bro on the other side of the country, outside the Player’s Ball – I mean, the First Smoke of the Day Brunch. My homie CGO (who you’ll hear more about soon) was talking to him while I was waiting for the car, and called me over to check it out. While there are a lot of people growing great weed right now, I could immediately see why so many heads were pointing me in that direction. These flowers are special. Although I only got to check out their Pink Lemonade, which was clearly outstanding, I’m declaring right now that I’m going to make a dedicated trip to wherever they are once I get back to California to stick my nose in more of their bags.


Courtesy Marijuantauk

I’m not going to lie, I’m abnormally rooting for these hometown heroes. Cultivating out on Long Island, where I spent most of my formative years, not only are these guys sweethearts, but the flower they’re cultivating really shows they not only know what they’re doing, but that they care about the details. They got a trophy at the East Coast Zalympix for having the Heaviest Hitting cut in the competition, with their rendition of Cap Junky, but it was their Biscotti – which I’m affectionately referring to as the ‘Barbecue cut’ because the nose has these hints of almost woody-ness that reminds me of an outdoor BBQ (not the chip flavor) – that really hooked me. I’ve smoked a LOT of Biscotti in my day, and it’s an excellent strain to begin with, but this rendition rekindled that obsession with what feels like a whole new swag.

All Kings

Courtesy All Kings

Another true New York brand, All Kings were a totally new name for me, but boy am I glad we met. Actually grown in the state, they had two cuts to show me: their OG and a ‘Grape Head’. While the OG was definitely a dope varietal, it was the Grape Head that I’ve got to let you know about. This had exactly the nose you’d expect from a cut with grape in it’s name, but the taste of the smoke gave pure grapeade, which I wasn’t expecting. I’m talking that sweet artificial grape flavor, and just like the OG cut this one seriously drooped my eyelids.


Courtesy Torrone

A new discovery from the homies at Good Pizza and his breeding partner Exotiks916, I’m really excited about this stash of Torrone I got blessed with last week. Although these guys are based out West now, GP’s a native New Yorker like me, and about as Italian as they come, so all of his cultivars have some sort of Italian American theme – like his initial Carmela, affectionately named after the Sopranos matriarch. This new cut, named after the honey almond treat popular in the motherland, is delicious. While I have no idea how much it actually smells like the dessert, it’s got this wonderful pine-y menthol nose that I can’t get enough of, and it smokes like a dream. 

The Book Club

Courtesy The Book Club

This is another one whose name had reached me before the flower, and I’m happy to report that from my perspective, the hype here is real. The second chapter in the Book Club Cannabis’ story (although I admittedly missed the first one), Osi illustrated to me that this is truly a connoisseur driven brand, with a cut that hits from pretty much every angle. And while you often hear me rave about the nose and flavor, it was really the effect on this one that shined. It genuinely felt heavy – which is appropriate, as it was on Trevy’s page that I saw it first. It’s worth acknowledging here that basically anytime Trev says something’s worth checking out, you should listen.

The Mechanic x Doja

Courtesy The Mechanic

If you’ve read even one of these in the past you’re likely aware I’m a big fan of Doja and the flower he brings to market. I’ve raved about several cultivars, as well as his parties, but perhaps his most impressive move yet has been the developments he’s made out of state. While having pumped out some truly next level gear out of Michigan already, his latest collaboration with The Mechanic in New York has me super geeked. You see, The Mechanic’s been popping several of Doja’s beans, and while I foolishly missed the tasting party and didn’t get to see the majority of the new cuts, the Cherry Runtz he grew is as good as I’ve ever seen it – Cali or otherwise. 

Dallas Growers Club

Courtesy Dallas Growers Club

While these guys are not from New York, they’re also not from Dallas. Well, at least not that Dallas. Hailing out of Oregon, these guys pride themselves on cultivating ‘uncommon cannabis’ and I’ve got to say, they’re true to their tagline. I got to see four different varietals from them, and while they were all delicious tasting, both their Pure Michigan and Strawberry Driver were worth writing home about. My favorite of the crop was definitely the Michigan cut, as it had this weird almost cheese kush nose on it. I don’t know how else to describe it, but it’s a descendent of Mendo Breath, and the flavor is consistent, so if you remember that, add just a bit of sweetness to it. What’s not to love?

Surf’s Up Exotics

Courtesy Surf’s Up Exotics

Another out-of-towner in for the holiday that I met this trip was Surf’s Up Exotics, and they had their new star, ‘The Wave,’ in tow. I instantly saw what they were excited about, as both the nose and look of these buds were certainly top tier. That said, it was actually the flavor of the Wave that ultimately hooked me. Though the nose was initially a sort of minty runtzy expression, this one’s got an almost licorice undertone in the smoke, and it gets stronger as the joint progresses. It’s just a delightful smoking experience you’ll continue to crave long after it’s cashed. The high’s pretty great too, and not as drag-y as you’d expect from something that dark and candy, but the flavor!


Courtesy Gotti

I can’t complete this list without mentioning the big winner of the East Coast showdown, Gotti. Bringing home the 1st place trophy for the best overall, 1st place for best tasting, and 3rd place for best smell, their Zkittlez x Zoap selection deserves all the praise it’s receiving. I will admit this is my first time hearing of these guys, so while they’re clearly off to a great start, this is a brand I will certainly be keeping a close eye on as the market develops. Their flower smelled exactly how you’d expect it to, but the judges were right to award it so high on flavor – it’s probably the most delicious tasting smoke from a Zoap cross I’ve ever tried.


Courtesy Conchiss

Out of all the new brands I met last week, this one was probably the most unexpected, and weirdly exciting out of the bunch. Dubbed Conchiss, this guy’s got some really good weed, but it’s the uniqueness of the whole experience that really resonated with me here. With insane cultivar names like ‘Green Eggs & Ham’ (shouts to the Dr.) and ‘Cape Cod Saltwater Taffy’, it was his ‘Pineapple Chroma’ that stopped the show for me. With a true pineapple nose that also holds this weird menthol behind it, this was one of the best tasting new flavors I found this trip. I didn’t dislike the crazy sounding strains either, but the Pineapple, man… there’s some real magic there.


Courtesy DeLisioso

Now I can’t front and pretend this is the first time I’ve heard of DeLisioso. Founded by America’s longest-serving nonviolent cannabis prisoner Richard DeLisi, and his son Rick, DeLisioso is the American Dream version of turning lemons into lemonade. Launching the brand less than a year after Richard was freed, this was my first time getting hands-on with their flower and I’ve got to say, I’m very stoked on what they’re working with. I tried two cultivars (the purple and yellow bag, although they weren’t labeled beyond that) and while they were both delicious, there’s something really special in that yellow bag. I don’t even know how to describe the nose because it’s just so different from the majority of the market right now, but the smoke was incredibly clean and the high motivated me to knock out half of this list immediately!

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Tips for Hosting a Microdose Mixer

Rediscovering commonality among your friend group after you’ve made a drastic life change isn’t always easy, especially when those relationships were built around alcohol. As I am nearly four years of being Cali sober, I’ve been forced to ideate new ways of socializing beyond instructing friends to pull up to spark up. Something had to give. My latest idea: Host a Microdose Mixer. Why? Well, why not? Cannabis is a community, and I’ve always been one to let my friends know about products I enjoy microdosing. 

Pulling off such a simple yet general idea in two weeks requires semi-serious planning and outsourced support. As a writer in the cannabis space for the same amount of time since divorcing alcohol, I’ve learned a thing or two about microdosing THC and CBD. The most important lesson is that everyone’s body reacts differently. Understanding that, it was imperative to offer various consumption methods at my event, especially considering some invitees don’t even touch the herb. 

The key to planning a last-minute gathering for people all over the cannabis consumption scale lies in a checklist and recruiting family members and friends for help. I had to ask myself, “What do I want my people to take from this event?” For many of them, rolling up is the only method of consumption they know, and the source of the strains they roll up is an entirely different story. My guests deserve to be introduced to new, reliable products and experiences and damn it, that’s what I was going to do. 

Two Weeks Before Event: Who all is Coming? 

Knowing how many people you wish to invite is crucial for planning any event. Before considering which microdosed products to feature at the function, I needed to think about who would come. This is where budgeting first comes to play. Be realistic with how many people you’re willing to accommodate. Twenty-five guests were reasonable enough for me, considering I needed snacks, drinks, tinctures, and flower to make this a proper mixer. 

Next, figure out where you’re hosting everyone. I knew my one-bedroom Brooklyn apartment would be alright, but it wouldn’t capture the vibe I was going for. My walls are also super thin, and I didn’t want my guests to hear screaming children as they were toking. As I’ve mentioned, cannabis is a community. If you’re around enough, you make a few friends. I hurried to a local 420-friendly coffee shop called Drip Cafe and asked the owner if I could use the space on the date of choice. They often throw events, so it was no surprise when the owner, Mitch, said yes, sharing his enthusiasm for introducing more people to the space. “This is why we have this spot, to serve the 420 community.” 

Once the date, time, and spot are secured, start working on those invites. 

Canva became my best friend. I quickly drafted a flier with a save-the-date, giving my guests an idea of what to expect. Once I confirmed an event location, I created an Eventbrite to keep track of yeses and nos. I immediately sent those to my list of intended attendees, then moved on to the next planning stage.

One Week Until the Event: What’s Good With The Goodies? 

It’s one thing to plan what you will serve at your event. It’s another to envision it. 

Planning out a layout for the show’s flow was essential in deciding how I would introduce these different methods to my guests. Cannabis has already grown to be overwhelming, and the last thing I wanted was for my event to be another exhausting space. I had to know my audience.

Microdosing can apply to many things: herbs, tinctures, and edibles. I first had to consider brands I liked and felt my people would appreciate. My friends and family often tell me about their struggles to quit smoking, drinking or both. Some of them shared an interest in microdosing infused gummies during the day. Others desired a tincture to help with sleep or menstrual pain. This was the perfect opportunity to share these flavorful alternate methods.  

I took inventory of what I already had, so my to-do checklist wouldn’t feel so overwhelming. I quickly scanned my apartment and realized that I already had non-alcoholic drinks from Dhos Spirits to make mocktails, digestible CBD tinctures from FLWR CITY to infuse those mocktails, a Studenglass so my folks could microdose flower via gravity bong and a case of micro-infused drinks from CANN. A good friend from Tempo also sent over four flavors of CBD-infused crackers to try, which I was excited to do since I’ve never had an infused snack. The options were Chili Limon, Salt & Vinegar, Truffle Parmesan, and Buffalo Cheddar, with each cracker containing about 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. See? Community comes through. I also purchased these mini chalkboard signs from Amazon because although I wasn’t sure what I would feature exactly, I knew I would have to be prepared to identify them to my guests––no matter how I decided to set them up. 

Photo by Potluckcrew/@potluckcrew

Five Days Until the Event: Making the Menu 

Once you have an idea of the types of products you’d want to feature, create a menu so that guests can know the details of what they’re consuming.

I knew that since the cafe was doing this off the strength of community, I needed to do the same, so there was no need to curate an elaborate food menu since the cafe has its own, along with alcoholic drinks for my friends who still wanted to indulge. I enlisted the help of my sister Christine the Charcuterie Queen, to make a board worthy of all the world’s munchies, a task she took on proudly. The snacks and dippings on the board were not infused; however, you could microdose the jams and honey. 

For the mocktails, my friend Shaloma Wagstaffe, a mixologist in her past life, helped me create unique drinks based on the Dhos Spirits flavor profiles. We worked with their juniper berries, floral citrus, and bitter rhubarb flavors to develop drinks highlighting their distinctive notes. To keep on the theme of a “microdose mixer,” we then named the drinks after strains that share a similar profile. 

Photo by Potluckcrew/@potluckcrew

I had a couple of cases of CANN, which included about twelve drinks, each infused with about 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD. I typed each of those flavors up on a cutesy template in Canva and decided to serve those drinks with cups, bartender-style, rather than hand out full cans. 

Photo by Potluckcrew/@potluckcrew

Four Days Until the Event: Rechecking the Checklist 

Now that a place is reserved, the invites are out, and the menu is made, you must reference your checklist for anything you might forget. 

At this point, I just needed to ensure the plates and napkins were on theme. I also knew I needed the juices for the mocktails Shaloma and I came up with. Christine and I took a trip to Trader Joe’s and spent about $80 for enough meat, cheese, and grapes for two charcuterie boards, one for each side of the bar the food would be on.

The Day Before the Event: Last-Minute Pick-Ups 

A printer can help to change an entire aesthetic. 

One day before the event, I still needed to print out the 4×6 menus I had made on Canva. I placed those in the two 4×6 picture frames I purchased from Target. I also printed out 25 copies of a “Microdose Mood Check” list I created to gauge how my folks were feeling about the event. Feedback is not just welcome but encouraged. I made sure I had toothpicks for the charcuterie. I picked up three containers to make the mocktails from 5Below. I then messaged the cafe owner to express my excitement for the event the next day and ensure we were still rolling. 

My friend Dyani created a playlist since I’m too broke for a DJ, and she agreed to pick me up to help me bring the supplies to the event the next day. My checklist was complete. 

The Day of the Event: It’s Microdose Time 

With the event set to start at 6 pm, I made sure to be at the venue by 5 pm to set up. I wanted to be there earlier; however, it’s an actual establishment, and I wanted to respect their time. 

Christine came over to help me bring all the products down from my apartment to load into Dyani’s car, and off we went. Shaloma met us at the cafe so we could make the drinks fresh and set up the bar area. My sister began assembling the charcuterie, setting up two boards beside the drink station. Next, we set up the Studenglass Gravity Bong for flower at the far end of the bar. 

A friend (who asked not to be named) donated different strains of flower that I included on a menu. They also had a QR code on top of the canister so guests could participate in weed grading, a process where cannabis is graded by how it looks, smells, and feels. I set that up next to the gravity bong to introduce that method and prevent people from sullying the strains with harmful additives such as fronto. (I’m people.)

With the setup complete, we now wait. I channeled my inner field of dreams mantra as I took deep breaths and reminded myself, “If you build it, they will come.” And they did! Guests began filing into the cafe’s speakeasy lounge area, greeted by me, and were given instructions on how to grade the flower. One friend Nyjer especially loved the Garlic Parmesan Tempo and said, “The crackers were very tasty and light. The drinks were amazing. I’m not really into infused drinks, but those were tasty and made very well.” 

Party’s Done, Clean It Up 

After thanking my friends and family for coming, I reminded them to embrace and support places like the local cafe that encourage community gatherings. My sister, Dyani, and I then began cleaning up the area, which wasn’t much since I was picking up after guests throughout the night. I packed everything back up within 25 minutes. The consensus of the night was that everyone was feeling nice and relaxed. Until the next mixer, folks! 

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Cop List: The 4/20 Special

The Cop List is back in print, baby! If you’ve been paying attention to our coverage online you probably already know what this is. I’ve done about 35 of these collections so far, profiling the best of the best new products I’ve found from across the globe. I can’t let the gang get duped by fancy marketing, so we’re out in the streets digging through the nonsense so you don’t have to. Over 350 products have been added to this collection so far, which is admittedly a lot, but things keep getting better so I’m not slowing down. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

Now, while there’s typically a heavy focus on THC goods, in the spirit of our favorite holiday I wanted to compile a collection of my favorite gear so that all of you reading can take your own sesh to the next level of convenience this year. It’s a list that will help you get the most out of that precious material you’ve likely already picked out for the special day. As such, this list leans heavily into the hardware that’s made my rituals all that much more zen recently, from the ease of production to the ease of consumption. I hope they help elevate your rituals as well, and that you reach a new level of highness in celebration of the lord’s holiest day, 4/20. If not, you can always try again the next day. Or the next. 4/22 is 4/20, too. Basically. It’s just a day. There are no real rules.

Anyway, always feel free to reach out on Instagram or Twitter to let me know what you liked, what you didn’t, and your own must-haves! So many of these selections have come from readers who wanted to put us onto the special thing that they’ve got going, or are using, so don’t be shy. We’re all friends here. @joncappetta

Flower Mill

Courtesy Flower Mill

I can’t say enough how much I love this grinder. I don’t know if it’s sacrilege to call it that, considering it’s a mill, but it’s the easiest way to communicate to you all what this does. Trust me when I tell you this toothless smash-model provides a way more manageable ground plant experience than you’re probably used to. No powderization! Complete with different grate-sizing, this jawn works great for anything from packing bowls to rolling blunts, and try as I might to put ‘em through the ringer, none have ever broken on me. I’ve got three now and I take one everywhere I go. You’ll never go back to the old style again.

Brothers Broadleaf

cop list
Courtesy Brothers Broadleaf

While I’m primarily a joint guy, I’ve never disliked the blunt experience. In fact, if anything they were initially a “special occasion” thing for me due to the product required to fill a respectable L. However, once I moved to California I was almost put off of them entirely due to the proliferation of Backwoods out here. I grew up on Dutch Masters, I’m used to a clean blunt, and Backwoods are… not that. Well friends, I’m happy to report you can now step up your game. The family-owned and operated Brothers Broadleaf is here to provide the most premium leaf experience the market has to offer, and you’ll never get a stale or broken one! In fact, these blunt wraps were actually born out of the need for a more reliable product, not just the cash opportunity that might be sitting under a new industry, and I’m stoked to see them grow. 

Proxy Droplet

cop list
Courtesy Puffco

If you’re smoking hash, few products have ever streamlined and uplifted the experience like Puffco’s Proxy. While I’ve been a Peak fan forever, it’s hard to argue with the probability and convenience of their new device. You can bring this guy EVERYWHERE. Even better, Puffco recently released the Droplet, their water pipe attachment to what was originally a dry pipe, and while they did get me hitting raw for a while, the filtration makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Though they released another model late last year, the Droplet is in my experience the best companion piece for the lil’ ripper so far, and great for entry-level and die-hards alike.

Black Market Glass

Courtesy Black Market Glass

While Puffco’s products are great, I know many of you can’t get away from your fancy rigs and traditional dabs, so if you’re a glass enthusiast, you should really check out what Black Market Glass is producing. While slurpers have become much more available as of late, these guys are constantly elevating the game with new bangers and accessories to optimize your art’s function. My favorite product they make, aptly called the “Terp Titty,” will drip your preferred concentrate into your banger over time providing a fuller expression of the good’s flavor profile. Though the name may be a bit cheeky, you’re going to be stoked on how this accessory performs.

Pixie Stix

Courtesy Pixie Stix

I know I mentioned this guy in our December issue in the Year of the Hash Hole piece, but if there’s one THC product I’m going to make sure I have on me to celebrate with this year it’s without question Pixie Stix hash wrapped joints. For those that missed the last review, Pixie Stix are rolled in a hash paper––that is, a thin pressed hash square wrapped around a filter and filled with some of the best flower California has to offer. Now these are a traditional market product, so while it’s nearly impossible to find in stores they ARE out there, and with good coverage across the country at least in major metros!

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The Ultimate High Times 420 Gift Guide 2023

It’s that time of year again. The best time of year, we would argue. The sun’s coming out, the birds are making love, and everyone on the High Times staff is getting incredibly stoned. Since it would be rude not to share, we’re sharing this list of all the best 420 products to ensure that your high holiday is just as mellow as ours.

The Hemp Doctor

Courtesy The Hemp Doctor

Try The Hemp Doctor’s Delta-8 THC Medibles and It’s A Live Resin Vape Carts with 60% OFF all month long!

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Delta-8 THC Medibles

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Al Capone Leaf Wraps

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Nothing’s Impossible Bent Neck Recycler Bong w/ Honeycomb Perc – 12”

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Flying Monkey Lifted Series Microdose Nicotine + HHC Vape

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The Lifted Series disposable vape is a unique microdose device that combines nicotine and HHC to produce an all day buzz like no other. Whether you are stressed at work, busy running errands, or out socializing with friends—the Lifted vape is your newest companion. Not only is it perfect for daily use, but it’s the superior alternative to traditional vapes, as it pairs the power of the plant to elevate each hit and put you in a state of pure bliss.

This pocket sized wonder not only puts you on cloud nine but will also fill any of your sweet tooth cravings. It comes in eight mouthwatering flavors that range from fresh fruits, to sweet candies, even to confectionary desserts.

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This cutting-edge borosilicate glass bowl MAZE-X spoon pipe was designed to drastically reduce coughing through innovative waterless smoke filtration and cooling. It cools smoke while removing hot resin and tar to ensure your lungs stay well protected. When it comes down to multi-phase filtration, the Maze-X Pipe has an elongated airpath to purify, clean, and cool smoke. After smoking this pipe for just a week you will see how much toxic resin and tar is collected inside the pipe and will not go inside your lungs. Maze-X pipe is designed for short gentle puffs to give you insanely smooth smoke. Before the smoke reaches your mouth, it has one last stop, the removable mouth filter tip (which can also be used as holder and the roach clip for joints). This filter tip blocks resin and tar while ensuring no “scoobie snacks” get past. Another great innovation is the bowl lid that snaps over the bowl or under the bowl during smoking. You can securely close the bowl after a few puffs to preserve the flower and to make this a perfect on-the-go cannabis pipe. Finally, the body is made of aircraft-grade hard anodized aluminum that also helps cool the smoke before inhaling. This is the future of cannabis consumption. Use 20%OFF Code: HT20 during check out. 


Get Seeds Right Here

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Fully understanding the pain of having to clean e-nails and how residue can affect flavors, Cenote uses a disposable ceramic heating nail that can be easily and conveniently swapped out. Embedded with a super thin 0.02mm heating film, it’s also able to distribute heat evenly and thoroughly without burning the concentrates. The ultimate smart concentrate vaporizer features both a preset mode for those who want fast and easy access, and a Pro Mode that can be customized using the AUXO Connect App. Wireless charging and type-C ports are also included as convenient features.


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PALM Pro is a convenient and multi-functional vaporizer battery that is an evolution of CCELL’s most popular handheld battery, PALM. PALM Pro was designed to elevate users’ experiences and is equipped with all the features a vape connoisseur yearns for—including voltage settings, airflow control, battery status display, as well as a preheating function. With the introduction of these new features, users can easily heat up the oil in their cartridges regardless of weather conditions, select the voltage best suited for the material in their cartridges, and control the suction resistance that determines the thickness of their vapors. The battery status bars and type-C charging port also come in handy for modern users who value convenience and transparency when it comes to usage. 

The stylish, 510-cartridge-compatible device carries its predecessor’s iconic design, featuring a magnetic connector that allows users to drop their cartridges instantly into the slot. The new, evolved PALM Pro will be available in five colors, which consumers voted for via social media. The original PALM battery, released in 2017, first gained popularity due to its discreet design, the body of the device can fit snuggly into your palm, revealing only the cartridge tip for consumption.


VIVOSUN AeroLight A200SE

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VIVOSUN AeroLight A200SE is the next development in VIVOSUN’s line of award-winning smart grow lights. A part of the VIVOSUN Smart Grow System, the AeroLight A200SE connects to your smart controller and syncs with other smart equipment in your tent. This AeroLight is an expansion on an earlier version, but with larger, foldable wings that help focus light coverage over a larger area or for focusing light into a particular area. Like earlier versions, this expanded AeroLight features an integrated circulation fan that helps balance temperature and humidity within a plant’s canopy, and like the previous AeroLight version, this one provides the optimal coverage spectrum for all stages of plant growth, which can be adjusted through the VIVOSUN App.

The VIVOSUN AeroLight A200SE’s main benefit is its ability to automate plant growth, from seedling to flower, while recording performance and synthesizing operation between different devices. Smart systems are an exciting, evolving part of the equipment industry and have great potential to change the way growers operate.

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XITE Mini Chocolate Bars

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XITE offers the best tasting Mini Chocolate Bars in the market!  XITE Mini’s are not only tasty but are now infused with 15mg of THC per piece and gives you the relaxation we’re all looking for!  Being individually wrapped for each serving, XITE Mini Chocolate Bars are a great way to start your morning.  They’re even better to relax with in the evening. With three flavors, there is an XITE for everyone!

Msrp $3.00 per square of $15 per 5 piece bag.

Automobile Air Purifier with Dual USB Ports

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This air purifier eliminates pet odor, cigarette/cannabis smoke, particle matter and other volatile organic compounds from air by using ionic technology. Simply plug in the air purifier to your auto’s 12V adapter and “Refresh Your Drive.” Product lasts for up to 9 months and is a great gift for those who like to smoke on the go. 

Please visit to purchase. It’s just $29.99 with free shipping within the continental US. has lots of other cool products the High Times followers will love as well.  Happy 420!


Hey abby Automated Cannabis Grow Box

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Growing cannabis at home is becoming a cool new trend, but mastering the skill can be challenging. Hey abby automated grow box is the first smart hydroponic indoor cannabis grow system that lets anyone start growing without any experience and yield 5-8 oz of premium dry flower.

Hey abby is equipped with advanced sensors and automation technology that monitor your plants’ growth, adjusting light and airflow in real-time to optimize their development. Its sleek and discreet design fits seamlessly into your living space, providing a stress-free, mess-free growing environment.

The smart app and growing calendar take the guesswork out of growing. It offers personalized guidance based on your plants’ needs, tracks their progress, and sends you updates and notifications. Plus, the app’s vibrant community of growers allows you to celebrate your achievements with other growers.

With Hey abby, sit back and relax while your buds grow. Dope as Yola called this the “coolest thing he ever had”, and now you can have it too!


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Will The House of Cannabis Become New York’s Next Must-See Attraction?

Living in New York City for these past 13 years has allowed me to see the city evolve up close. The five boroughs’ evolution, or at least some components, happens much quicker than some may think. One of those rapidly changing landscapes has been the cannabis scene. 

The city continues to embrace the plant in all its forms further, that is unless you are an unlicensed shop. The predominantly warm welcome from the city certainly stems from its share of social equity and restorative justice advocates. But a significant chunk of the support comes from those who see the revenue in legalization. Sales make up just a chunk of what cannabis can bring to the city and state. Tourism is booming already, with a flurry of underground events and places to take in. Legal experiences are also taking shape, not just in one-off or pop-up varieties. 

The House of Cannabis (THC NYC), a three-story immersive cannabis experience, aims to be the city’s next tourism fixture. Spanning across 30,000 square feet of a historic building overlooking SoHo, THC NYC is the co-creation of Las Vegas nightclub leader Robert Frey, Co-founder Marcelle Frey, and Creative Director Dan Kough.

I was invited to check out the place before its launch on April 7th. After living in New York all these years, I was intrigued to find out if The House of Cannabis would be another flash-in-the-pan tourist exhibit or if it could become the next unique city sight to take in. 

Would tourists start seeing cannabis as a must-see stop while in town? And even more importantly, would this appeal to the cannabis community? There’s only on way to find out.

What to Expect at The House of Cannabis

Photo credit: Carlos Hano.

The first thing I noticed about The House of Cannabis was that its signature was loud and proud on the first floor of the building. Like many unlicensed cannabis shops, this was another example of New York’s stepping out of the cannabis closet with full force. One minor drawback I noticed soon after stepping in was that THC NYC isn’t on the first floor. Instead, it required a five-floor walk-up to start the journey. There may have been an elevator, but I was told to walk up. 

Heads up, pot enthusiasts, weed isn’t sold at THC NYC, nor is consumption allowed. So be sure to smoke up before stepping inside. 

Kough, a seven-year veteran at Disney and decades in entertainment, headed up the project’s design. As part of operating in a historic building, he and the creative team were tasked with conceiving an immersive experience that could not affect the historic walls or otherwise impact the building structure. To do so, the team built THC NYC’s walls inside the historic frame without touching the structure’s existing walls. 

“That’s when we decided to build the building within the building,” Kough explained. He added that the solution helped create an effect on guests.

From there, the crew spent months assembling visuals for guests. They also created a striking reminder for folks walking by at night. The outer hallway walls are painted in a pot lime green and illuminated by matching lights each night, creating an ever-glowing green presence through the windows. 

The Journey Begins

Photo credit: Carlos Hano.

Spread across three floors, the tour’s first stop is The Disorientation Room, where you’re surrounded by bright green as media plays out on a massive projector spanning the long history of the plant and its impact on culture. This is when my persisting thought begins to take shape: I wish I had done psychedelics before coming here. 

The desire for psychedelics grew more powerful in the next room. As we head into The Euphorium, guests run into a giant rotating record as LED lights above pulse to the sounds of a silent disco. Guests are encouraged to sit up or lay down on the rotating record while listening to the silent disco. This room made me concerned about what was ahead. While it could be a fun experience for some, I felt like a piece of rotisserie looking up at the ceiling while slowly spinning. But maybe that’s just me. Thankfully, that was the only time I felt iffy about the experience.

The later rooms on the floor cover the social and criminal justice impact the plant has had in recent years. The Forum, guided by the assistance of the Drug Policy Alliance, uses sleek audio techniques to highlight the impact the drug wars had on five different individuals. When standing under sound cones, you hear the person’s first-hand account. When stepping out from under the cones, their stories blend to represent the drug war’s collective impact on society.

“They’re real people telling real stories of how they’ve been affected by cannabis laws,” Kough said. 

The final room on the floor was The Joint, which covered the world of sneakers. The group brought in works from a current art exhibit from Culver City, California, The Art of Sneakers, featuring a range of artists putting sneakers to use in various unique ways. Artists featured in The House of Cannabis include Freehand Profit, Christophe Roberts and many more. 

Kough said that the plan is to feature art for six months before bringing in a new exhibit for the space.

The Plant – A 6000-Year Journey 

Photo credit: Carlos Hano.

Heading down to the third floor takes visitors to an up-close grow experience, or at least that is the plan when things start. Once the venue officially opens to the public, the space will feature a three-room urban grow to give visitors a first-hand look at pot cultivation. No mature plants or seedlings were present during the tour.

The plant education continues in The Microverse, where photographer Chris Romaine of Kandid Kush, takes visitors deep into the plant with striking photography. In the Olfactory, we learn about terpenes. Featuring six of the most common sensations associated with cannabis–lost, laughter, energy, sleep, creativity and calm–guests are surrounded by colors are aromas associated with each compound. To experience more, guests can push a button to take in a terpene’s aroma. It wasn’t set up that day, but a drop-down curtain is expected to be installed, providing additional immersion into a terpene’s fragrance. Rounding out the room was additional art, including a several-foot-tall nug dangling from the middle of the room.

The last stop on this floor featured a collaboration with hip-hop musician Curren$y. A custom poem from the artist is projected onto an LED screen where guests can step onto the screen and see the words wrapped around them. 

Kough said it was important to “Celebrate the poetry of cannabis in our lives” while allowing guests to feel like they’ve become part of the artist’s words. 

The Journey Crescendos 

Photo credit: Carlos Hano.

The final floor on the journey at The House of Cannabis features just two stops but is likely to be crowd-pleasers. They’re certainly two places I’d like to be in as the shrooms kick in.

The Spot is a massive green tree installation with roots running across the floor, serving as seats and tables. 

“The great thing about cannabis is the sense of community it organically creates,” Kough said. 

For me, The Spot took me back to my kindergarten days, when we’d all gather under the tree at recess and play tag. That is until we discovered a bunch of invasive moths had taken over the tree. Thankfully, no moths were seen at The House of Cannabis.

The last stop on the tour is The Hypnodrome. Created by visual artist, composer and programmer Benjamin Gordon, guests sit back on soft lounge chairs as a psychedelic video of Gordon’s brain waves unfolds on the ceiling and walls around you. The AI-based art display stood as the most psychedelic room and the place where I’d most likely want to be during a psychedelic experience. 

Will The House of Cannabis in New York Last?

Overall, THC NYC was a fun, educational experience. If you’re already adequately versed in cannabis, none of what’s presented will come as new information. But this is the kind of place educated pot fans can take their friends for a memorable day out. They may even learn a few things about cultivation, culture, criminal justice and how the plant affects us. 

“It’s celebrating cannabis culture and inviting people in,” Kough said of the experience. He added that THC NYC aims to help normalize the plant rather than targeting the ardent pot supporters. 

“They can come in and see it’s not scary,” he said.

And I’m willing to bet you can still have a good time even if you’re well-versed in pot. With ample art displays and high-quality immersion from Kough and the team, guests get to take in plant knowledge that’s much more interpretive than you would at a museum cannabis exhibit. 

Kough said his decades in entertainment compels him to create works that aren’t directly educational.

“With a topic like cannabis that’s so complex and so interesting and so magical, you can’t do it without throwing a little sauce on it,” he said, adding that the goal is to draw people into the wonders of the cannabis plant.

That said, do I think The House of Cannabis could last the entire 10-year run as planned? It’s entirely possible. Kough said the plan is to “change and mutate and grow” the space as cannabis evolves. And if they can adequately keep pace with mainstream America’s pot interests, they surely can hold an audience of at least tourists and casual enthusiasts. 

In its current form, I wonder how much of the deeply educated or underground crowd The House of Cannabis attracts. It certainly has the names and organizations attached to provide credibility, but with legal spaces still in their infancy, all bets are off as to what will stick. THC NYC could be right up there in a few years with the nearly decade-old boob bounce house at the Museum of Sex. Or it may fall off. Only time will tell. So, check it out for yourself

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The Prettiest, Trippiest Video Games To Play While High

In the past, I’ve written about how marijuana can make a great movie or show even better than it already is, and the same is true for video games. Small wonder, too. When you play a game, you’re not just watching – you’re actively involved in what’s happening. Add a joint into the mix, and you’ll soon forget that the world you’re interacting with isn’t real.

Maybe you already have a go-to game to play while high. But if you’re looking for suggestions, High Times has you covered. Most of the games in this list feature satisfying gameplay and stunning visuals. I tried to not just include blockbusters in this list, but also some lesser-known games you may not have heard about. Indie developers need all the love they can get – and deserve. 


I believe it’s an unwritten rule in the game world that everyone who talks about pretty, trippy games has to mention Journey. This game, developed by Thatgamecompany, directed by Jenova Chen and released in 2012, only takes between 2 and 3 hours to finish, meaning you could complete it in a single smoke sesh. If there’s a story here, it’s for you to piece together. 

Elden Ring

Speaking of piecing things together, go play 2022 Game of the Year-winner Elden Ring if you haven’t already. Bluepoint’s Demon’s Souls remake from a few years ago has better graphics, but Elden Ring is better designed. It’s honestly the closest any game has ever gotten to making you feel like a hero setting out on an adventure in a strange, colorful land – which is something 99.9% of games try to do. 


Do you ever use those apps on your phone that help you unwind with relaxing music and videos of rolling waves and northern lights? Basically Becalm is those apps, but in game-form. There’s not much to it, but that’s the point. You sit in a sailboat that gently steers past colorful oceans and an even more colorful sky. I don’t think this game is on VR yet, but it really should be.


Psychonauts will blow your mind – literally and metaphorically. Inspired by those old-school platformer-collectathons from your childhood, you play as a secret agent/psychiatrist who travels into people’s minds to solve crimes and treat childhood traumas. The developer took concepts from psychology – social anxiety, schizophrenia, dissociative identity disorder – and turned them into gameplay mechanics.

Little Nightmares

There’s a ton of atmospheric 2D platformers out there worth playing – Limbo, Rayman Legends, Ori and the Blind Forest – but Little Nightmares takes the cake for me. This is, in part, because it’s not just a platformer but also a horror game, and a terribly effective one at that. You play as a tiny kid in a dystopian world ruled by giant, ugly, child-eating adults. Fun for the whole family. 


The portal-shooting mechanic is trippy enough on its own, but when you combine it with weed you get something very special – and fun. The plot is great, too. In both games, you venture through an abandoned tech facility while getting chased by a menacing yet hilariously written robot. One of the most innovative, well-crafted games in the history of the medium in my opinion.  

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

Unpopular opinion perhaps, but as far as Zelda games are concerned, I’d pick Wind Waker over the more recent and technically impressive Breath of the Wild any day. The game may look a bit childish at a glance, but over time the more cartoonish art style grows on you. More importantly, Wind Waker has this amazing nostalgic ambiance that I just haven’t found in any other game. 

Shadow of the Colossus

Ethereal is the word I would use to describe Shadow of the Colossus. This classic, still regarded by many nerds as one of the best games ever made, is unlike anything you’ve ever played. It’s a massive open world with a dozen or so free-roaming bosses for you to find. Those bosses, the titular colossi, are also the game’s levels. To defeat them, you’ll have to climb on top of them. 

Death Stranding

Sorry to all the Kojima purists out there, but I feel like Death Stranding is a game that’s incredibly boring when you’re sober, but unbelievably captivating when you’re high. The game’s deliberately awkward and difficult movement controls have led some to label it as a walking simulator, and I’m willing to bet stoners will have the time of their lives trying to do something as simple as climbing up a hill. 

Baba is You

Good luck to you as this is one challenging puzzle game, and a highly original one at that. In order to proceed to each next level, you have to literally rewrite the rules of the game itself. It’s made by a guy from Finland and has this hard-to-define Scandinavian aesthetic that I find strangely comforting, like some 90s kids shows or furniture from Ikea. 

Snake Pass

Snake Pass is a platformer where you play as – you guessed it – a snake. Pretty clever design decision that, because snakes cannot do the things that most platformers are built around, like running and jumping. To succeed at this game, you’ll have to move like a snake. And to move like a snake, you’ll have to think like a snake. If this doesn’t make any sense at this moment, it will once you start playing.

Dinner with an Owl

If this was a movie it would have been produced by A24 and plastered all over your favorite meme forum. It looks, feels, and plays like a nightmare. You have a vague idea of what’s going on, but for the life of you, you couldn’t accurately describe it to someone else. There is this owl, and he wants you to have dinner with him. Over and over and over. 


There are a bunch of indie games that try to recreate the experience of taking ayahuasca, but this one won an award at the Tribeca Film Festival and Raindance. It’s not really a game so much as it’s a film, but it’s played on a VR headset and the player does appear to have a choice in what kind of person their character is and what kind of vision their life experiences would inspire.

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