Everything you need to know about the NugSmasher OG

The solventless concentrate known as rosin has taken the dab world by storm, eclipsing once more popular solvent products like live resins and waxes. Because rosin is made with heat and pressure alone — as opposed to being exposed to chemical solvents like butane and ethanol in the extraction process — it’s perceived as more pure, carries a much heftier price tag, and is favored by the wellness-branded side of the weed world. 

The other upside to the concentrate du jour? You can make it yourself. All it takes is good weed, a little heat, and a lot of pressure. It’s so simple that you can even use a hair straightener and parchment paper with success, which I’ve done personally. 

And while it’s cool to see your regular flower turn into a gram’s worth of terpene-rich concentrate, it’s no way to actually save money by producing your own rosin consistently. That’s what the NugSmasher OG is for. 

What is the NugSmasher OG? 

The NugSmasher OG is your own personal rosin press, producing a professional-grade experience in a pint-sized package. With its 12 tons of pressure and 4” smash plates with dual heating elements, the NugSmasher OG is capable of extracting 14 grams of flower with a single press. 

The solid steel device comes with 3.5 gram, 7 gram, and 14 gram extraction bags, so even if you don’t have a ton of flower to play with, you can still make your own concentrate. Yield for seven grams of flower (two eighths) hovers around a gram to a gram and a half of rosin. Which is great, considering a gram of top quality rosin at the dispensary can set you back upwards of $100.

The NugSmasher OG also comes with a full-coverage lifetime warranty, meaning that if you grow your own flower, you could hypothetically have free rosin for life. 

What you’ll need to start pressing 

  1. Fresh flower
  2. Parchment paper
  3. Micron bag
  4. The NugSmasher OG

Note: The most important thing about the flower you’ll be pressing is the humidity level you are starting with. Ideally, you want it to be around 70% fresh. If you’re purchasing from the dispensary, ask your budtender what the most recent drop is, and don’t go too cheap. You want the weed to be high quality, with enough terpenes and cannabinoids still present to yield a good amount of extract. 

Dried out flower has lost the majority of the chemical compounds you’re looking to extract, so flower quality and freshness are both key.

How to Use the NugSmasher OG 

The NugSmasher OG shines with it’s simple design that’s both intuitive and easy to use. Instead of bogging you down with settings, bells and whistles, this device is fun because it’s easy.

The NugSmasher weighs over 60lbs and the plates get really hot, so safety is key, and so is a stable foundation — instead of the coffee table, you may want to keep it on an uncarpeted floor, or on top of a piece of sturdy plywood covering the carpet. 

Take a peak at how to use the NugSmasher OG with their step-by-step video, or follow our directions below.

Quickstart guide:

  1. Before turning on your unit, make sure the plates are closed. Insert handle into the vertical opening on the right side of the unit and pump until the surface of the plates are pressed together. This allows the temperature sensor in the plates to get an accurate reading of each other and distribute the heat evenly. 
  2. Keep the release valve in the closed, clockwise position when not in use, and never turn more than ½ turn counterclockwise.
  3. Set power switch to the “on” position. You will notice there are two rows of digits. The top is the current temperature of the heat plates. The bottom is the set temperature. The OG comes preset at 200°F and will take approximately 10 – 12 minutes to reach set temperature.
  4. Remove the plastic case around the control panel. Press the up or down arrows to select desired temperature setting, then the “enter” button to lock it in. 

Ideal temperature: 

Ideal temperature varies depending on strain and growing techniques, but 200°F is generally a good place to start. If you have large amounts of flower, you can start at 220°F, note results, then drop it 5 – 7°F per batch until you find the ideal temperature for your particular strain. 

Micron bags 

For optimal yield and purity, the NugSmasher contains extraction bags in sizes 3.5 grams, 7 grams, and 14 grams. Use 160 micron for fresh, sticky flower, 90 micron for dried-out flower, 120 for mid-level flower, and 25 micron for bubble hash. To press nugs that are one gram and less, no bag is necessary. 

Push the corners of the micron bag inwards, and load the bag with whole nugs tight enough so that there are no air pockets, but not so tight you are crushing the material. Fold the top inwards as well, so you have a little package ready to go. 


Once your device has reached temperature, it’s time to press. Put the loaded micron bag between a folded piece of parchment paper and place it between the plates. 

Start raising the plates by pumping the handle. The key is to slowly build heat into your material. The entire pressing process should be between 90 – 120 seconds depending on your strain. 

Make sure not to over press the material. You should compress slowly, to the point that the weight of two fingers on the handle will not compress it any further. Return the handle back to the top and compress: 1/3 of full cycle for 3.5 grams, 2/3 of full cycle for 7 grams and one full cycle for 14 grams. 

Remove and collect the rosin from the parchment paper. 

What’s the appeal?

Whether you’re purchasing for novelty or for practicality, the NugSmasher OG offers a fun and easy way to make your own concentrates. With a price tag around $1,000, it’s definitely an investment. However, the machine is sturdy, made in America, and has a lifetime warranty, meaning it’s the kind of investment you won’t regret. 

As far as my first pressing experience, it was great — easy, exciting, and rewarding. I pressed seven grams of Maven‘s gorgeous Tropicana Cookies flower and yielded about a gram of incredible rosin. It almost felt surreal to take a dab of it, and knowing I had just created it myself made it that much sweeter. 

If you’re the type of person who buys 1/8ths from a dispensary at $60 a pop, it might make sense to just keep purchasing concentrates due to your high cost of flower. However, if you have access to a good amount of weed, either through friends or by growing it yourself, I can’t stress enough what a fabulous addition to your life this device will be. For $1,000, about the price of 10-12 grams of high-quality rosin at a dispensary, you could have free rosin for the rest of your life. What’s better than that? 

Check out the NugSmasher OG on nugsmasher.com.

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Everything you need to know about Nugg Club subscription service

Cannabis subscription services have taken the market by storm in recent years. However, most include a major caveat: they don’t actually contain anything that will get you high. Chock full of rolling papers, plastic grinders, and branded swag that will most likely end up in a landfill, most boxes are cheap in every sense of the word, with a carbon footprint that far exceeds their worth. 

Nugg Club, a popular cannabis subscription service exclusive to LA, is different. With their approachable branding and trendy array of THC products, Nugg Club has managed to build a box that’s actually worth paying for, creating an avenue for new users to become acquainted with various cannabis products at a fraction of the cost. 

How it works

The Nugg Club ordering process begins by creating an account on their website, and taking a short survey on your cannabis preferences. Customers choose what genre of products they receive from a combination of flower, pre-rolls, vapes and edibles (pick two), whether you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid (pick two), and finally, how frequently you want to receive the box (monthly or bimonthly). 

Each box costs $99 plus the California cannabis tax and sales tax, and contains 5 – 6 products valued at over $225. The array of brands and products that Nugg Club selects for these boxes is where the service truly shines. The products are new, hot, cutting edge, and the brands are the best and most trusted on the market. Many of the brands they partner with include equitable or charitable initiatives, including Nugg Club itself. 

After completing your order and choosing a delivery window, customers wait 7 – 10 days for the box to be hand delivered. I found the delivery exchange portion to be really impressive, my courier was highly communicative which made coordinating the drop off a simple and pleasant experience. 

What’s in the box?

For my box, I chose a combination of flower and pre-rolls, with a preference of sativa and hybrid strains. Here are some mini reviews of the products I received:

superFIRE Hybrid 1/8th: Fruity, frosty and sweet, this hybrid eighth has a heady and uplifting high, great for daytime activities. 

Mimosa Sativa 1/8th: Schedule 1 is Nugg Club’s new in-house brand, which donates a portion of profits to support descheduling cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. Proceeds from Schedule 1 are donated to lobbying efforts that seek to reclassify cannabis, and to the Last Prisoner Project, an organization that works to free individuals in prison on non-violent cannabis charges. 

The Mimosa 1/8th is gorgeous, with purple-hued nugs and a berry citrus terpene profile. The high is exciting, whimsical, and perfect for a wake and bake. 

Power Puffs Pre-roll Pack: Her Highness is a woman-owned brand that consistently elevates the industry with a chic aesthetic and girl-power vibe. This little kief infused pre-roll pack contains a 24k gold lighter and enough THC to pack a real punch. 

King Fuzzies Super Silver Haze Infused Pre-roll: Bright, potent, fun — I loved this infused joint. It’s an incredible and uplifting experience from one of the best pre-roll brands on the market. 

Super Glue Sativa Hybrid 1/8th: The least spectacular of the bunch, this is the kind of flower that gets you higher than it looks. 

Glass Pipe: Meh, could be cuter. 

Nugg Club Add-ons

After receiving your first box, members gain access to one of the coolest features about this service: the Nugg Club Add-ons. There is a section on the site where users can choose from extremely discounted add-on products hovering around wholesale prices. These add-ons are billed separately from your box payment at the time you add them, and have the potential to shave thousands off your annual dispensary budget. 

What’s the appeal?

Nugg Club is a really great option for new users looking to suss out the cannabis market and find their favorite products. Dispensaries can be overpriced and customers don’t have a good, affordable avenue to try out multiple different brands and products to see what works for them. 

The main drawback I find with this service is the delivery time. After you pay and complete your order, the box will take another 7 – 10 days to deliver. As a stoner who requires some level of instant gratification, especially when it comes to obtaining weed I already paid for, this is too long. However, Nugg Club isn’t exactly catering to super stoners like me who need to be smoking weed all day every day. 

Bottom line: Nugg Club is great, especially for new users. For stoners who already know the market, it’s great if you want to save some money on your weed and don’t mind waiting a week or so for it to arrive. 

Check out Nugg Club at nuggclub.com.

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Weedmaps’ 2021 buyer’s guide: 4/20

It’s that time of year again. There is a familiar, skunky smell in the air, the glass is getting ferociously cleaned, your favorite cannabis shops are stocking up on products, and Bic lighters are going missing every minute. We’re talking about the 4/20 season, of course!

Last year 4/20 happened in the thick of the pandemic, but with more people being able to safely venture outside (still adhere to social distancing practices, please!), we can take advantage of the celebrations and incredible deals happening in dispensaries and stores around the country (check out our tips for big sales weekends). 

And while there are more products and deals than we can keep track of, it’s always true that you want to hit 4/20 with some style. Whether that’s a new bong or rolling tray to impress the sesh, or maybe stoner-centric clothing or jewelry, 4/20 is the perfect time to get that special stoner item you’ve had your eye on. We’ve included a selection of smoking devices, grinders, ashtrays, rolling trays, apparel, jewelry, and more to celebrate 4/20. 

Smoking devices

Vibes Ultra Thin Rolling Papers

Vibes Ultra Thin King Size are new, but they might be the best rolling papers in the game. Vibes roll super nicely; they hit super smooth; and they burn super slow. I’m not the biggest on the rice or hemp ones, but those Ultra Thin joints? 10 out of 5 stars.

Price: $2.50 (singles), $125 (box)

Mota Glass Mini Beaker Bong

By now, you should know what’s good with Mota Glass. They’re great people that make great bongs from great glass. Like most high-quality glass, Mota’s bongs will hit your pockets for a couple hundo on a good day. But if you want to give one to someone special, and save yourself a little cheddar, cop that Mota Glass Mini Beaker.

Price: $70

Puffco Vision Plus Dab Rig

A Puffco Plus is a great buy for dabbers. It’s essentially a pocket dab rig, and let me tell ya, those three heat settings definitely bring forth those terpenes in your oil big time. And with big puffs of smoke to follow. To snaz up the device, go with the Puffco Vision Plus, which comes in an iridescent tie-dye color for the same price as the metallic Puffco Plus.

Price: $89.99

The Tombstone Vape Battery

The Tombstone is essentially the double-barrel shotgun version of a vape battery. It allows you to vape two different 510 cartridges at the same time, and get high off a mixture of flavors, versus just one strain like traditional 510 batteries (or even proprietary carts like G Pen Gio, PAX Era, and STIIIZY). Is it necessary to smoke two different oils at once? Absolutely not. Should that stop you from doing it? Absolutely not.

Price: $37.99

— Dante Jordan


Jane Parade Gold Grinder Card

You ever bought some weed on the go and didn’t have a grinder to break it down? So you ended up rolling a clumpy ass joint that burnt weirdly enough to make you wish you would’ve just bought a pre-roll instead? Same. But this gold grinder card from Jane Parade that can fit into your wallet/pocket is here to solve that problem forever. And it’s only 20 smackeroos!

Price: $20

Rainbow Astrological Grinder

LET’S GET ASTROLOGICAL, BABY. If you wake up every morning and read your horoscope before a lil’ morning meditation, this Rainbow Grinder with zodiac signs on its top is the gift for yourself. Seriously, the design is creative and has the “Oh, where’d you get that?!” factor.

Price: $26

Grindzilla Luxe Grinder

Gold never goes out of style, so you can’t go wrong with the Grindzilla from Her Highness NYC. It has three chambers to let you catch all the kief in the world and a pretty dope snake design on the top. Plus, you can’t beat the price for such a stylish piece.

Price: $36

Marley Natural Wood Grinder

$90 for a grinder is a pretty tough ask, but it’s hard to argue against the quality of Marley Natural’s wooden products. Honestly, that’s all there is to say about it. It’s a well-made grinder that will last longer than the average grinder rinky-dink out there.

Price: $89.99

Tectonic9 Manual Herb Grinder

Go, Go, Gadget Grinder. That’s how you’ll feel using the Tectonic9 Manual “Herb” Grinder. To use it, you grind up your grass manually like with any other 4 piece grinder, but what sets this one apart is once you’re done, you use an electronic dispenser to pour the weed out of the side of your grinder, and directly into your bowl or papers. No more spills for you!

Price: $56

— Dante Jordan


Ashtray and Incense Holder from D:Ceramics

If you like to burn incense while lighting up, this ashtray and incense holder by artist Denise Lopez may be the perfect fit. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and handmade to order, and you’ll want to allow 2 – 3 weeks for shipment — so maybe make this a late gift to yourself to keep 4/20 going past the holiday.

Price: $48

Silicone and Glass Grind On Me Ashtray from Ugly House

Decorated with cute cartoon bongs, lighters, and all things weed, the Grind On Me ashtray is both adorable and functional. Its bright silicone wrap protects the glass from breaking, so you won’t have to worry about knocking it over or having it get in the way of your dog’s ferocious tail wags. Check out Ugly House’s Etsy shop for more in stock. 

Price: $9.99

The Ashtray from Mae

Partnering with designer Joe Doucet, luxury cannabis accessories brand Mae released The Ashtray. Made of brass and plated in rose gold, its sleek design and single joint holder makes it a great option for those celebrating solo. 

Price: $95

Hand Blown Cannabis Leaf Ashtray by Kush Panda

What’s 4/20 without the presence of the cannabis leaf immortalized in glass? This hand-blown ashtray from Kush panda mixes a laid-back style and effortless design for a relaxing weed-filled holiday. 

Price: $14.90

Monster Ashtray from The Apollo Box

This unique monster ashtray will be a conversation piece the next time you can safely gather with friends and family. Until then, pair this ceramic ashtray with a joint full of Monster OG before celebrating 4/20 with a Cheech and Chong marathon. 

Price: $51.97

Thigh High Ashtray from Her Highness

Feel extra fancy when you rest your joints on the brass legs of this marble ashtray from Her Highness. The legs will also keep your pre-rolls separate if your indica-loving self and your sativa-loving partner are lighting individual joints before a stony 4/20 dinner.  

Price: $90

— Hannah Meadows

Rolling Trays

Umudyok Designs Hardwood Rolling Tray 

This rolling tray from Umudyok Designs is simply beautiful. Handmade by Oakland-based Cassey Dela Pena with real walnut, maple wood, and beeswax, these trays are unique and sophisticated that are equal parts functional and stylish. 

Price: $40

RAW Triple Flip Bamboo Magnet Rolling Foldable Tray 

As Lindsay MaHarry wrote in her guide to rolling trays, this is the “mac daddy of all rolling trays.” Like the Hardwood Rolling Tray above, if you’re looking for a tray that shows a classier, more sophisticated side, these eight beautiful trays are made with sustainable bamboo and lock into place to create one giant rolling station for whatever rolling situation you find yourself in. 

Price: $72.99

Wave Tray

These triple-curved, high-gloss glaze rolling trays by Brooklyn ceramicist Julianne Ahn are sleek, functional pieces that add a bit of elegance to the joint rolling experience. For the hip, modern stoner who doesn’t want to roll on plastic. 

Price: $90

Ooze Life Rolling Trays

Ahhhh but for the stoners more concerned with getting trippy than having a fancy, expensive rolling tray, let’s get weird Enter: Ooze Life. These shatter-resistant glass and metal trays have wonderfully weird and trippy designs that keep the eyes wandering as you roll-up. A few favorites are Imaginarium, Tag, and Space Race. Plus, these rolling trays are affordable, running between $8-$15. 

Shop Ooze Life 

Glow Tray

A co-worker recommended these glow-in-the-dark trays and at first glance, I wondered if they were worth the price ($60-$90) so I asked contributor Dante Jordan what he thought: “Every time I see them I wonder why people are rolling in the dark, lol.”

Fair! But the collaborations with Cookies ($60), Alien Labs ($60), and Runtz ($60) and the six multicolor LED lights are too trippy to resist. If you’re looking for a trippy time at the party, you’re sure to turn heads when you pull one of these Glow Trays from its suede carrying bag. 

Shop Glow Tray

Nic Juarez


Weedmaps apparel

It just wouldn’t be 4/20 without the stoner-approved drip. Luckily Weedmaps has new designs fresh in stock ready for you to snatch up before the big day. While all the designs are certified fresh, I’m partial to these wavy Extrude Long-sleeve Tee ($32), Wordmark Jogger Pant ($50), and Boarder Dad Hat ($24). 

Shop Weedmaps apparel 

Cannaboss Party Suit

There’s always that guy who shows up to the party dressed up in a funny suit … and maybe that guy is you! If so, thank you for your service, we need you and your conversation-starting suit. If you’re looking to make a 4/20 splash, consider this immaculate “Cannaboss Party Suit” with vibrant weed leaves on a black suit. 

Price: $69.99

Sundae School 

Of all the weed brands with apparel lines, Sundae School is my favorite. All its designs are unique and bold without being audaciously loud. I rock a Navy Logo Cap ($42) most days but recommend checking out these Cherry Blossom Tie-Dye Sweatpants ($95), Yellow Tie-Dye Corduroy Nubi Reversible Jacket ($280), Orange Velvet Smoking Bucket Hat ($42), and [AAPI] Stop Asian Hate Calculator T-Shirt ($42, on sale). 

Shop Sundae School

Cookies apparel

You can’t talk about weed apparel without talking about Cookies, Berner’s weed and lifestyle brand. Cookies’ apparel brings all the Bay Area hype to must-have staples like hoodies, jackets, and jats that should be in every fashion-minded stoner’s wardrobe. 

Shop Cookies apparel

Old Pal 

Old Pal’s retro-chic style appeals to modern and old-school stoners alike. The concept of “shareable flower” extends to apparel pieces like the “Share the Stoke” pocket shirt ($45), Cosmovision shirt ($45), “It’s Just Weed Y’all!” pocket shirt ($45), and ‘Pleasure to Treasure” corduroy cap ($36). 

Shop Old Pal apparel 

Nic Juarez


Cannabis Enamel Pin from Witschy 

Designed by Make Heads Turn, you’ll want to pin this stony creation to your hat, jacket, lapel, or backpack to keep the good vibes going through 4/20 and beyond. 

Price: $10

Iridescent Cannabis Leaf Earrings from Pretty Litty

The missing piece to your 4/20 outfit, these iridescent earrings add a bit of dress-up and shine to the classic cannabis leaf. Bonus: the hooks are made of stainless steel, so they’re safe for sensitive ears. 

Price: $16

Mini Cannabis Adjustable Bracelet from The Charm Spot

If you need to be a bit more subtle this 4/20 yet still want to represent, check out this sweet little bracelet design from The Charm Spot. The tiny pot leaf is quite elegant and unassuming, so you can wear it out and about without being too loud. 

Price: $32

Functional Glass Micro-Pipe Necklace from Blunted Objects

On 4/20, you have to make sure you’re completely prepared to take a hit at almost any time. Enter the fully functional Micro-Pipe Necklace from Blunted Objects, you’ll never be without when you have this one-hitter right at your chest — just don’t forget your lighter. 

Price: $45

Mary Me Cannabis Ring from Her Highness

Her Highness’s adjustable 14k gold-plated cannabis ring is specifically shaped in the form of the sativa plant, so Jack Herer and Sour Diesel lovers may find it to be the perfect accessory for celebrating their favorite flower on their favorite day. 

Price: $32

Baggie of Weed Earrings from idlehandsx

The stoniest holiday of the year calls for silliness and kitsch, and you’ll find both in these mini dime bag earrings. They’re a great conversation starter, and you may get a light-hearted laugh or two that will brighten an already lit-up day. 

Price: $8.33

— Hannah Meadows

Random and weird 

Stoned Pet Rock Figurine from FungusGallery 

Sweet and hilarious, the classic Pet Rock gets taken to new heights with a stoney version of the 90s hit toy. This funny figurine is handmade ceramic with acrylic paint design and makes the best companion for stoners celebrating 4/20 solo. — HM

Price: $10

420 Soy Stoner Candles

Been searching for a candle that reminds you of smoking weed? Well, today is your lucky day. Because for a very inexpensive price, you can scoop these 420-scented candles off of Etsy. They’re 100% made of soy, and the various aromas are named things like Bong Rips In The Night, Blazed for Dayz, and Munchies, just to name a few. If you get the Munchies candles, they’ll come with Cap’n Crunch Berries or Fruit Loops in the wax. — DJ

Price: $10.80

Custom My Rolling Tray

If you’ve ever wanted to put your college diploma on a rolling tray (I did, so I did), then a custom rolling tray from My Rolling Tray is here to make your wildest dreams come true. They can turn literally any image you can muster into a tray for your ganja. They’ve even got a LED glow tray option! You and all of your family members need one of these with your great grandmother’s picture on it. — DJ

Price: $44.95

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Everything you need to know about the PAX Era Life

It’s rare to come across a West Coast stoner who isn’t already somewhat familiar with the PAX brand. Its handheld, pocket-sized flower and oil vaporizers are ubiquitous among committed non-combusters and strain hunting extract users, and its high-profile farm collabs have kept its proprietary cartridges consistently relevant. 

Now the PAX line has expanded once again to include the PAX Era Life, its most streamlined device yet, built to suit a variety of cannabis oil users with simplified functions and an unparalleled ease of use. With its relatively low price point, simple features, and elegant simplicity, the PAX Era Life brings quality weed tech to an entirely new and potentially far more inclusive audience. 

What is the PAX Era Life?

The PAX Era Life is a compact cannabis oil vaporizer that uses proprietary PAX cannabis oil pods for vaping. 

It’s a compact, streamlined, lower-cost version of PAX’s popular Era Pro pocket oil vaporizer. The two vapes share the same sleek look, with the Era Life being about one centimeter shorter than the Era Pro. The PAX Era Life’s scaled back functions make it PAX’s easiest to use vaporizer. Simply plug a PAX pod into the open end of the device, reinsert to choose from one of four temperatures, and draw. 

The Era Life shares the majority of its basic functionality features with the Era Pro, save for the Pro’s high level of interconnectivity via app. The Era Life does not feature app connectivity, and hence lacks those fancy app control options like low-pod alerts or child locks. 

But what the PAX Era Life lacks in ornamental tech, it makes up for with a long battery life (up to 150+ hits per charge), relative low cost ($35), and flashy new color choices like Indigo, Grass, or Blaze. 

What are PAX Pods?

PAX Pods are the exclusive cartridges used by PAX vaporizers. PAX employs a proprietary design for its pods using SimpleClick tech, which allows users to plug their pods into their devices to choose a temperature and then draw from them instantly — no warm-up necessary. Higher temperatures burn through concentrates nominally faster than medium to low settings, but the Pods are long-lasting overall, supplying more than two weeks of inhales for low-temp daily tokers. 

Authentic PAX pods can only be used with authentic PAX devices and vice versa. PAX Pods  universally consist of top-shelf quality extracts from reputable farms, and — depending on your location — are often available in extracts that span the cannabinoid spectrum.

How does it work?

The PAX Era Life is the most scaled down of all PAX devices, and is arguably the easiest PAX device to use. Straight from the package, the Era Life is ready to go; it’s as easy as plugging in a pod and taking a hit.

Charging the PAX Era Life

The PAX Era Life arrives with a 4-inch long charging cable, and though mine arrived via USPS, it was approximately half charged. Once I’d used up the unexpected power boost, it took only 45 minutes to fully recharge the lithium-ion battery.  

  • Like other PAX devices, the PAX Era Life has a X shaped light on its front. Each of the light’s four arms (or “petals”) illuminate independently to alert users of battery percentage. Each arm represents 25% battery life.
  • The upper left arm of the X will flash red when the device’s battery requires charging.
  • Charge the PAX Era Life by connecting the cord to a charging dock, power station, or USB port on your computer. 
  • All four arms of the light up X will gently flash as the device charges.
  • Once fully charged, all four arms of the X will glow bright white for several seconds, fade, and repeat. 

Changing temperatures

Not unlike it’s siblings, the Era Life operates at four different temperatures depending on the user’s input. Novice user note: extracts vaporized at lower temperatures will produce robust flavor profiles and gently sloping highs, while vaping at higher temperatures can elicit a wild, swooning onset, so set your preferences accordingly.

  • The “Pop and Click” method of gently popping your pod loose then clicking it back into place will activate the PAX Era Life’s temperature control.
  • For each pop and click, one of the aforementioned arms of the light-up X on the body will glow.
  • Once you’ve chosen your temperature and pop-clicked it into place, the PAX Era Life is ready for hitting. 

Temperature range: 

  • One click, one petal, low temperature = 520°F
  • Two clicks, two petals, low/medium temperature = 610°F 
  • Three clicks, three petals, low/high temperature =  700°F
  • Four clicks, four petals, high temperature = 790°F 

How to clean the Era Life

Since the PAX Era Life is an oil vaporizer that only uses PAX pods, cleaning is really concentrated to the housing, which can be wiped with an antibacterial wipe, moist cloth, or, in a pinch, the hem of a t-shirt. 

Like most vaporizers, the mouthpiece is part and parcel with the cartridge, independent of the vaporizer, and as such, disposable and not much of a cleaning requirement.

What is the appeal?


Style, discretion, and better living through tech are at the heart of PAX’s branding, and with the introduction of the Era Life, that ethos expands to include accessibility. PAX products already have a pretty wide appeal, but by removing a large barrier to ownership — like the price —  PAX seems positioned to capture an even wider swath of oil users. 

The bright colors, pared-down features, and functional simplicity make the PAX Era Life exceedingly appealing not only to users who value a durable, fashionable, and discrete device, but also to top-shelf extract aficionados, amateur vape lords, and even novice cannabis consumers with top-shelf inclinations. Even established fans of PAX products can appreciate the easy earnestness of this device; no apps to download and decode, no melodramatic cleaning issues, and no gambling on an extract from an unknown, rogue farm.

Bottom line: across the board, this may arguably be PAX’s most appealing device to date. 

Photos courtesy of PAX 

Check out the Pax Era Life at pax.com.

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Everything you need to know about the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Vaporizer

The Hydrology9 Vaporizer from Cloudious9 features a futuristic design that looks and feels good. Cloudious9 is known for forward looking designs, blending smooth lines and cool-toned materials with technology that feels intuitive. 

And if you’ve been wanting to try a new flower vape that’s easier on the lungs, this unique piece with a water filtration system may do the trick. Below, find out everything you need to know about the Hydrology9.

What is the Cloudious9 Hydrology9 Vaporizer? 

The Hydrology9 is an electronic liquid filtration vaporizer for dry herb. Using an internal electronic heating system, vaporized flower passes through a leak-resistant water chamber that cools down the vapor before inhalation. 

Its modular construction and attention to detail creates a smooth experience from initial set up to clean up. While not handheld, the Hydrology9 can still be considered a portable vaporizer — easy to pack up and place in a bag on the go.

What’s in the box:

  • Assembled vaporizer 
  • Charging cable and adapter 
  • Cleaning kit with brushes
  • User manual
  • Leather carrying case 

How does the Hydrology9 work?

No complicated directions here — the Hydrology9 is an efficient, portable vaporizer from the start. 


The vaporizer comes fully assembled, but you’ll need to load it with water and — of course — your favorite flower. Giving it a quick rinse is always a good idea too. 

First, put your ground flower into the chamber at the bottom of the device, it easily unscrews to reveal a bowl in the form of a perforated ceramic cup. There is also a hook on the bottom cap piece that can be used to stir up your flower mid-session for an even burn. 

Next, unscrew the glass mouthpiece to fill up the glass chamber with water — up to 70% full — using the no-spill intake top that ensures you won’t get water into any other part of the machine where it doesn’t belong. The magnetic top cap pops on and off easily to reveal the mouthpiece. 


There is one main circular operations button that controls the on/off switch and temperature. Press it three times fast for “on” or “off,” and once it is on, press the button once to cycle through the five temperature settings. Every time you press the button, it will go to the next temperature setting on a loop —the lights will flash to indicate which temperature setting is selected. When you’re on the setting you want, just wait until the flashing color coded light turns solid green, indicating it is at temperature and ready to use. 

The temperature presets range are represented by blue (lowest), yellow, orange, purple, and red (highest), and cover a span of 392 – 464°F. This temperature range makes for a delicious flavor experience, and the upper ranges are plenty strong. 

The Hydrology9 will stay at the set temperature for two minutes and then enter a stand-by mode for one minute, indicated by a solid blue light, before cooling down to end the session. If left on, the auto shutoff will kick in after 10 minutes. 

Light Shows

There are two extra light modes built into the Hydrology9: “lava lamp,” which cycles through colors, and “party mode,” which cycles through a light show while also keeping the set temperature for 10 minutes for extended sessions. 

To activate lava lamp mode, hold the operations button down for three seconds when the machine is on but not in use. For party mode, hold the button down for three seconds after it has reached the set temperature indicated by the green light. 


To check the battery level, hold and press the operations button while it is turned off. Green light is full battery, blue light is half battery, and red light is low battery. The included charger and adapter are all you’ll need to charge the Hydrology9, which takes about an hour. 

It is not recommended to use the device while it is charging. 

How to clean the Hydrology9 

The machine itself comes with a cleaning kit which includes high quality brushes and metal tools that can also be used for loading and packing the device. It’s worth noting that many other companies sell similar high quality items as add ons. 

Routine upkeep is as easy as shaking the Hydrology9 up with clean water and letting it dry completely before reassembling after each session — along with lightly brushing out the vaped flower. 

For deep cleaning, use the included brushes in the heating chamber and air intake hole. There is also a screwdriver included for access to the interior air duct cover next to the heating chamber on the bottom. This area can be accessed and cleaned with the included pick tool as well as cleaned off with water or alcohol.

You should be cleaning your vaporizer after every couple of sessions, or when you notice lessened air flow.  

What’s the appeal? 

This electronic aqua portable vaporizer is enticing for anyone who wants an ultra smooth vaping experience with a futuristic aesthetic. And who doesn’t want to feel like they’re living in the future? The Hydrology9 is simple and straightforward to use, with nothing overly complex about the operations, even though the overall feel is hi-tech. 

The parts fit together satisfyingly, and the smooth cylindrical shape feels good in the hands. Its unique design would match any minimalist or space-age aesthetic. And being able to easily twist the hook inside the heating chamber is a small detail that enhances the overall experience and makes the best use of the flower.

At under $300, it’s a high quality and fun piece to invest in. 

Find the Hydrology9 at cloudious9.com.

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A guide to studying while high

In a world where “going to school” often involves listening to lectures in sweatpants from your own bedroom, it can be difficult to find the motivation to study. Frankly, it can be difficult to find the motivation to migrate five feet from your bed to your desk just to open Zoom on your laptop. 

Surprisingly, smoking weed can help. 

For many college students and professionals alike, studying can be boring, tedious, or downright stressful. So what do you do when you have three online exams to cram for and you’re feeling super unproductive? Rather than reaching for yet another iced coffee, consider reaching for a joint — or whatever method you like to use to get stoned. 

How weed can help you focus

If you’re dreading studying but know you have to, improving your mood by getting stoned may be an easy way to get started. According to Dr. Adie Rae, a neuroscientist and scientific adviser to Weedmaps, “Cannabis is well-known to cause positive changes in mood. This is typically called euphoria. There is a huge range of positive mood, from a subtle sense of ease all the way up to full-blown joy and elation. Where you’ll fall on this spectrum depends a lot on your baseline mood state (how you feel before you smoke), the product you use, and the composition of your endocannabinoid system.” 

In addition to being a mood booster, cannabis is known for its stress-reducing properties. In one study published by Psychopharmacology, cannabis consumers and non-consumers completed the same Maastricht Acute Stress Test and had their cortisol levels measured before and after. The cannabis users demonstrated a blunted reactivity to stress and their cortisol levels did not increase, suggesting that cannabis use may dull our reactions to stress. 

Now, you may be thinking that getting stoned before studying will make you feel lazy and unproductive, despite any possible benefits. You’re not alone – research in this area is seriously lacking, and some dated research suggests that weed can have negative effects on cognition. However, we know now that weed does not kill brain cells or make us dumber, and when used in moderation, it can possibly even offer some brain-protecting effects. 

Many of the cannabinoids in cannabis — especially CBD and CBG, but THC as well — are actually neuroprotective, according to Rae. “That means they turn on healthy cellular processes like antioxidation, rather than stimulating the cellular processes that lead to cell death. Being neuroprotective is what makes cannabis and its derivatives attractive targets as therapies for degenerative brain disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s,” she said. 

Though there’s little research on using weed as a study aid, there is enough anecdotal evidence out there to say that getting stoned can make studying easier and more pleasant for some, especially when done correctly, and unproductive and unhelpful for others. 

How to get stoned the smart way 

There are very few things in life that are not made more enjoyable by smoking weed. Reading and thinking deeply, both of which are important when studying, are some of my favorite stoned activities. The key to using weed as a study aid is not to overdo it. Before you pack the bong and crack open that textbook, it’s important to find the right dosage and delivery method for maximum productivity. Weed affects everyone differently, and finding the perfect buzz for you may require a bit of trial and error. 

The way you consume cannabis can have a major impact on how productive your high will be. Edibles and concentrates with high THC levels, for example, may be more potent for some consumers and too intense for a chill study smoke sesh. Smoking flower or vaping are likely better suited for studying because you can better control your dosage. 

Microdosing is another option, which consists of consuming a small, controlled amount of THC in order to experience the benefits of cannabis without the full body high. Some companies make products specifically for this purpose, like Mr. Moxey’s ginger-flavored mints with a 5:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Adding CBD to the mix when studying may be helpful to avoid becoming too high to function. In addition to being used to reduce the symptoms of pain, inflammation and anxiety, CBD appears to minimize some of THC’s less desirable effects, such as paranoia and impaired thinking. 

Thalia, a 23-year-old nutrition student attending college remotely, said she likes to achieve the entourage effect when studying while stoned. “Usually, I prefer to consume a lot of CBD with dashes of THC. I like smoking when the subject is really boring to me, it helps me find it more interesting and I focus for longer.” 

She warned that getting too stoned while trying to study can be a challenge, especially with certain subjects. “I also don’t like to be high when starting to learn a new subject. It’s best for me when I’m trying to review stuff and get a different perspective.” 

Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

The best strains for studying 

The bottom line is that getting stoned is a highly subjective experience. Whether you want to get dumb stoned so you can stop stressing about chemistry, or you want to a little jolt of motivation to read 100 pages of dense material, here are some strains that can help you get shit done. 

Blue Dream

A classic for good reason, Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that can make nearly any activity more enjoyable — and studying is no exception. Many describe the high as being uplifting and relaxing, but also as cerebral and invigorating. 

Ringo’s Gift

Named after its original breeder, CBD-enthusiast Laurence Ringo, Ringo’s Gift is loaded with a CBD content of nearly 10% and typically has less than 7% THC. This strain is especially great for individuals with a low tolerance to THC, or those who simply want to chill out without an intense body high. 

Durban Poison 

Sometimes compared to espresso, Durban Poison is a sativa that packs a serious punch. Not only is it reported to improve your overall mood and help you focus, it’s also said to help you become more awake and alert. 

Sour Diesel

Sometimes, being able to focus requires serious relaxing and de-stressing first. Having 18% THC, it’s no surprise that Sour Diesel produces a euphoric and sometimes dreamlike high perfect for defeating procrastination anxiety. 

Jack Herer

If you’re anything like I was in college, you may need a heavy-hitter to get yourself stoned enough to find studying tolerable, sometimes even interesting. Jack Herer is a go-to hybrid for those who need an extra kick each day to focus, absorb information, and master any subject. 

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Everything you need to know about the Utillian 5

After years of producing sturdy vaporizers for the dry herb crowd, Canadian-based UItillian just dropped their latest with the Utillian 5 which features a glass bubbler attachment. 

The affordable option for raw concentrates can’t come soon enough. Over the last year, more and more consumers have begun to experiment with a variety of new cannabis products they might not have if they weren’t stuck at home all day. High on the list of these cool things is boutique hash that is on a different level than anything in a cartridge.

In Utillian’s new wax pen, you’re looking at something a step up from the biggest discount options while remaining very affordable. Here’s everything you need to know about the Utillian 5.

What is the Utillian 5?

The Utillian 5 is a mid-market wax pen. It’s essentially a more beefed-out version of the Utillian 2 with a lot more bells and whistles for little less than double the price, but you should still be looking at $69.99 for the whole kit. So if you can’t shell out for some of the more popular electronic dab rigs of the moment, the Utillian 5 presents a great option. 

It will generally let you take beefier hits on the coil than in the ceramic chambers of competitors. What you sacrifice in flavor you make up for in volume. With the bubbler attachment it’s certainly a bit smoother, but you’re still getting the same quality of flavor off of the coil. 


How does the Utillian 5 work?

After the initial charge, getting your Utillian 5 ready to go is a breeze. Just plug in the included  micro USB and wait for the bar to fill up and stop blinking. The battery display will glow solid when it’s fully charged. 

Before you use any vaporizer for the first time, it’s always a good idea to swab off the atomizer and mouthpiece parts with a swab with a couple drops of isopropyl alcohol. Then burn it off a few times following the steps below. If you plan on cranking out rips in the Utillian 5, you’re probably going to want to get some Glob Mops. They’ll be sturdier on the coil and you won’t end up trying to vape q-tips. 


After you’ve prepped the device for its inaugural digital dabs, it won’t take long to get the party started. 

  1. Pull off the mouthpiece and spit guard to expose the atomizer coil and place a small amount of BHO or rosin on the coil. Utillian recommends a piece of concentrate the size of a grain of rice, but our research found you can go a bit beefier than that, especially if you’re using the triple titanium coil. The Jumbo Kanthal coil is actually for single use sessions despite the name. 
  2. Press the power button five times to activate the device. 
  3. Press the button twice to set the Utillian 5 to one of the four voltage options: lower voltage provides more flavor, while the higher settings will produce bigger rips.
  4. Once you’ve settled on your preferred voltage, hold down the button to start heating the concentrate. When you see the LEDs start to turn white you can take a hit. It will automatically stop heating after ten seconds. You can adjust the airflow ring below the atomizer to find the draw that’s right for you. 

How to clean the Utiliian 5

Utillian told us that when cleaning your coils with alcohol on a swab — whether it’s the Kanthal coil or the Triple Titanium — you have to make sure you fire the coil without any product in it. The core will absorb the alcohol, and if that happens, it can take a bit of time and attention to get it out.

Utillian also recommend cranking up the temperature after cleaning your unit and fire it several times after the coil is thoroughly dried to remove any residue and alcohol that may still be in the coils. This is even more important with the Kanthal coil because its black ceramic center may have absorbed some of the alcohol. 

The heating will also help sanitize your coil and remove any leftover cleaning product from the coil itself.

What’s the appeal?

What you’ll get with the Utillian 5 is a solid bare-bones concentrate vape with a few extras, like a bigger battery and multiple coil options. You’ll be able to smoke most of the high-end concentrates on the market too, except for sauce. 

And if you really enjoy the Utillian 5, then you’ll know whether or not it’ll be worth a few hundred bucks to get your hands on one of the more elite concentrate vaporizers out there, like the Peak Pro or Carta. 

Find the Utillian 5 at tvvape.com

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Everything you need to know about the KandyPens Oura Atomizer

Launched in July 2019, the KandyPens Oura has become a favorite among the e-rig community and has received various awards. The first thing that catches the eye is the design — it’s slightly futuristic and whimsical while remaining sophisticated and easy to use. One of the key features of the Oura is a lifetime warranty on all parts, making it a safe investment for dabbing newcomers. Dabbing veterans will appreciate the sky-high temperature range, and features like the exclusive colors and portability make it a well-rounded and user-friendly device.  

With this product, electronic dab rigs are taken to new stylish heights while prioritizing customer comfort all at once. Here’s everything you need to know about the KandyPens Oura.

What is the KandyPens Oura?

The KandyPens Oura is an easy-to-use electronic dab rig. It comes with all of the parts and pieces needed to be functional right away and comes packed in a compact and secure box. One noticeable difference from some of the other e-rigs available at similar price points is that items like the ceramic cup inserts and the glass carb cap are included, rather than being offered as extras. 

Here is a complete list of what’s included in the Oura package:

  • Electronic base
  • Charging cable & USB-C charging adaptor 
  • Glass bubbler top
  • Quick start instruction guide 
  • Atomizer
  • Crystal and ceramic cup inserts
  • Carb cap and tether 
  • Sample of alcohol filled cotton swabs for cleaning 
  • Accessory bag 

How does it work?

The operations are straightforward and simple. Set up is easy, with the parts fitting together intuitively — only a bit of attention needs to be given to matching up the intake hold of the bubbler top to the out-flow hole of the base. The atomizer screws into the base, adding an extra layer of stability.

The main operations are done through the touch sensor button, which is unique; where most other e-rigs have press-in buttons, the main button for the Oura is a touch-sensor, so no need to press, just light tapping it is enough to activate. Tapping five times turns the unit on and off, tapping three times changes the temperature pre-set, and tapping twice activates the heat cycle. It takes about ten seconds to heat up and stays hot for around one minute. 

The KandyPens Oura comes with four temperature presets and they are notably higher than many other e-rig presets or temperature ranges. Each preset is color-coordinated, and the light ring on the base illuminates with the color to indicate which temperature is activated. 

Temperatures settings:

  • Yellow: 620°F
  • Green: 860°F
  • Red: 980°F
  • Blue: 1090°F

Charging is simple and fast, it takes about one hour to fully charge with the cable and power adapter, which can also be plugged in while the unit is in use for uninterrupted dabbing. 

Vape in style

It’s always nice when a go-to device looks good on the shelf or coffee table. The Oura looks and feels like a device from the future in the best possible way. Customers can choose from a range of nine colors: black, smoky white, lavender, turquoise, salmon pink, lime green, “kandy” apple red, and an iridescent rainbow hue called the “Oura Odyssey.” 

The glass attachment has bubble-like curves and is just the right size to be a cute but powerful accessory, and there’s also a sleeve available for the base, which is non-slip in a smooth matte finish. The matching toggle for the glass carb cap lends a high-quality feel to the functional design. 

How to clean the Oura

Cleaning the insert cups after each session is recommended, otherwise, it can quickly accumulate into a sticky mess. 

The best way to clean the Oura is to let it heat up on the highest temperature setting for one cycle, and then let it cool down enough to handle safely. Then, using a cotton swab and alcohol, clean out any residue from the insert cup. If there is a sticky buildup, you can remove the insert and soak it in alcohol for an hour and then spot clean any residue. 

Pro tip: don’t overfill the chamber, it can spill out of the insert cup and create a sticky residue on the atomizer, which will then have to be soaked in alcohol and cleaned separately. 

Is the KandyPens Oura vaporizer worth it? 

The KandyPens Oura offers sky-high temperature settings for dabbing and is an eye candy specialty piece fit for front and center display — the style doesn’t compromise function. And a lifetime warranty on all pieces is a huge deal, ensuring that this e-rig is built to last for the long haul. Because of the high temperatures it offers, it’s ideally suited to those that are looking for power and extraction from their dabs, rather than low-temp flavor chasers. It can be a little harsh, but for those who want to vape at those temperatures, the Oura offers some of the highest temperatures available. 

The company has a good reputation with consumers and is also committed to supporting the industry from within. KandyPens was proud to donate to The Last Prisoner Project last summer. 

At $300 the price tag is not the lowest or the highest on the market when compared to similar devices, but with the warranty, it’s a modest price for a stylish and functional device that is designed to last a lifetime. 

Find the KandyPens Oura at kandypens.com

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Everything you need to know about the Volcano Hybrid

The Volcano by Storz & Bickel is one of the most iconic vaporizers of all time. With its volcano-shaped base and plastic plume full of vapor, this desktop vaporizer went viral before going viral was a thing. 

Having permeated stoner culture in the late 90s and early 2000s, it remained nestled in the soft folds of our collective nostalgia, frozen in the ashes of the past like Tamagotchis, low-rise denim, and the ancient city of Pompeii. That is, until the respected vape gods at Storz & Bickel delivered us the Volcano Hybrid, a sleek, smart, and future forward upgrade that’s getting the cannabis industry erupting with excitement once more.

By toning down the hokey-ness of the original design — without making the device too serious — and adding intuitive technological controls, the Volcano Hybrid feels like a grown-up version of the classic model. 

Just as the past twenty years saw us mature and make it to the other side smarter, cooler, and (much) better looking, so it did our trusty old friend. Here’s everything you need to know about the Volcano Hybrid. 

What is the Volcano Hybrid vaporizer?

The Volcano Hybrid is a flower vaporizing system with a volcano-shaped base that uses convection heat to vaporize ground material. In the original design, a large plastic easy-valve balloon bag was filled with vapor before being inhaled and passed around. While the Volcano Hybrid obviously does this as well, it also includes a tube kit to take the silliness of the giant vapor bag out of the equation, letting you hit it like a normal vaping system. 

Aside from technological upgrades like LED controls, app capability and other trimmings that take it from the analog age to our current digital era, the addition of the tube kit is the biggest change to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the device. It elevates the Volcano experience, and this elevation particularly lends itself to a Storz & Bickel device, as they produce some of the highest quality vaporizers on the market that are specifically designed for everyday use. 

What can you vape with the Volcano Hybrid?

The Volcano Hybrid is compatible with finely ground flower, and also contains a drip pad for use with concentrates.  

How do you use the Volcano Hybrid?

Now that you’re familiar with the Volcano Hybrid, how does it work?


  • Volcano base (hot air generator)
  • Drip pad
  • Normal screen set
  • Easy valve balloon with mouthpiece 
  • Tube kit
  • Filling chamber with cap 

Assembly of the tube and balloon elements

  1. Plug in the Volcano base making sure you put the Volcano on a sturdy, level surface near an outlet.
  2. Remove the filling chamber cap. Unscrew the top from the bottom.
  3. Grind flower. Make sure the flower is ground completely so the hot air has as little surface area to vaporize when the air moves through as possible. 
  4. Fill the chamber with the ground flower, then screw on the filing chamber cap. Do not fill too tightly, it should be loose enough for air to pass through easily, not completely packed.
  5. Attach tube kit or balloon to the top of the filling chamber. 

How to use the tube kit

  1. Tap the heat button to turn on.
  2. Choose temperature using the (+) and (-) buttons.
  3. Preheat for 5 seconds — it will vibrate when ready.
  4. Tap the air button.
  5. Inhale from tube mouthpiece.

How to use the balloon

  1. Tap the heat button to turn on.
  2. Choose temperature using the (+) and (-) buttons.
  3. Preheat for 5 seconds — will vibrate when ready.
  4. Tap the air button.
  5. Stay conscious of vapor density in the balloon.
  6. It’s important that the balloon does not become too full of vapor, if it’s getting taught to the touch it’s time to stop filling.
  7. Remove the full balloon unit. Never leave the filling chamber on the Volcano — beware, as this is a very hot surface. 
  8. Attach the mouthpiece to the valve on the balloon.
  9. Inhale — passing optional.

Temperature controls

The Volcano Hybrid arrives set to 356°F, which is a great place to start since the ideal temperature to vaporize ground flower is around 350°F. While it’s true that the higher the vaporization temperature, the faster the person vaporizing may experience their high, it kind of negates the entire point of vaping in the first place. Not only do you sacrifice important factors like flavor and vapor smoothness, it’s easy to scorch the flower and eviscerate all the terpenes this method of intake is designed to preserve. 

Note that when using the tube, it’s a way more intense delivery method than the balloon, so keep the temperature around 350°F to ensure the best-quality vapor and overall experience. 

Storz & Bickel App

If you have an Android, the Storz & Bickel App is pretty cool. You can control your Volcano Hybrid, get firmware updates, adjust auto shutoff, create workflows, and personalize settings. However, if you don’t have an Android 6 or above, there is a web version users can access. 

Is the Volcano Hybrid worth it?

The appeal of the Volcano Hybrid is that it’s a really fun and well-executed upgrade of one of stoner culture’s favorite vaporizers. While it has hugely improved tech-wise, it’s still a really simple and straight-forward device, making it great for any level of user from novice to expert. The improvement on the analog version made it better and more current without all the unnecessary tech-y add ons. 

With the addition of the tube, the Volcano ascends from the hazy den of your parent’s house to the coffee table of your very chic and adult apartment. Potent, discreet, and sexy, the Volcano Hybrid’s all grown up. 

Find the Volcano Hybrid on storz-bickel.com.

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Everything you need to know about the Plenty Vaporizer

Portable vaporizers may be all the rage, but there’s something to be said for an at-home system — especially during lockdown. While desktop vapes and plug-in devices ruled the market in the 90s and 2000s, they’re now few and far between, and usually on the pricier side. 

It’s rare to find an at-home flower vape that works well and doesn’t break the bank. But to find one that also — and perhaps most importantly — dominates every conversation and smoke sesh with its unnerving size and bizarro aesthetic? Look no further than beloved German vaporizer brand Storz and Bickel’s wildest contraption yet: the Plenty Vaporizer. 

With its power drill aesthetic, giant vapor stainless steel cooling coil, and thick, potent clouds, the Plenty looks like a piece of machinery (and hits like one too). This balance of wacky design and unmatched quality is typical of Storz and Bickel, whose similarly bombastic Volcano Vaporizer pioneered desktop devices in the 90s. Whimsical yet industrial, their products have a sense of humor that pairs perfectly with the stoner they’re getting high. 

The most affordable option from this premium brand, the Plenty Vaporizer shines in its analog simplicity, gonzo vibe, and claims of producing some of the coolest vapor on the market. 

Below, here’s everything you need to know about the Plenty.

What is the Plenty Vaporizer?

The Plenty is a handheld vaporizer from the German brand Storz and Bickel that resembles a power drill. In addition to its perfectly sized flower chamber and protruding coil that cools vapor, the Plenty is loved for its simplicity. With no LED whistles or app-capable bells, the Plenty is one of the safest bets on the market, and the most affordable.  

While all Storz and Bickel vaporizers are lauded for their fabulous construction and vapor quality, they’re generally super expensive — especially the larger units. Coming in at $249, the Plenty Vaporizer is a great way for casual users to experience the power and class of a top tier vapor brand at a fraction of the cost of other Storz and Bickel’s at-home devices.  

With this functionally pared down device, just plug the Plenty in, set the temperature control, and hit. The coil will keep the vapor cool no matter how hard or fast you vape. The potent and dense vapor it consistently produced had almost a menthol-like quality from the cooling function, and I was a bit taken aback by how powerful the device was. Whereas most flower vapes give you an experience that is decidedly underwhelming, this device got me so high it was almost a bit much.

What can you vape with the Plenty?

The Plenty Vaporizer is compatible with ground flower and includes an additional liquid pad for concentrates. 

How do you use the Plenty?

Using the Plenty Vaporizer is easy, follow the steps below for a streamlined experience: 


  • 1 pc. PLENTY Vaporizer
  • 1 pc. vaporization unit
  • 1 pc. tubing section, long
  • 1 pc. tubing section, short
  • 3 pcs. normal screen (approx. Ø 30 mm)
  • 1 pc. drip pad (approx. Ø 28 x 4 mm)
  • 1 pc. herb mill (approx. Ø 59 mm)
  • 1 pc. cleaning brush
  • 1 pc. Instructions for Use

Basic operation:

  1. Open filling chamber.
  2. Grind flower.
  3. Fill chamber with ground flower —be sure to fill the chamber completely up to the upper edge to ensure proper vaporization.
  4. Switch on the device (orange power switch).
  5. Press auto off release handle.
  6. Temperature settings on the numeric dial:
    • 1: 266 degrees
    • 2: 288 degrees
    • 3: 310 degrees
    • 4: 331 degrees 
    • 5: 352 degrees 
    • 6: 374 degrees
    • 7: 396 degrees
  7. Set dial number to desired vaporization temperature.
  8. Inhale.

Is the Plenty Vaporizer worth it?

The Plenty is a great vaporizer to fall in love with during winter lockdown, as long as you’re the right match for this very unique device. While its design definitely doesn’t appeal to everyone, its functionality will, as it’s a beautifully constructed device and one of the hardest-hitting flower vapes on the market. 

Initially, you may think needing to plug in your vaporizer is a drawback, but this throwback feature has its upsides too. For one, it will never die. You’ll never lose the charger, or the vaporizer itself for that matter. And, with close to no heat up time, it’s ready to go whenever you are. 

And let’s be honest, none of us are going anywhere anyways. You might as well invest in a wacky gift to yourself that will make sitting around getting high in your living room for months on end feel whimsical again. Sometimes good things come in strange spackages, and this is one of those times. The Plenty Vaporizer gives you plenty to love — and even more to talk about. 

Find the Plenty Vaporizer on storz-bickel.com.

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