Everything you need to know about the DaVinci IQC

The current market for hand-held cannabis vaporizers has become intensely competitive. With all the advanced features and add-ons, you have to be honest and ask yourself: “what works for me and what’s really worth it?” 

DaVinci has been an exceptional brand in the vaporizer industry since it began designing vaporizers more than five years ago. Not only does DaVinci put purity, innovation, and control at its core, it also responds to the needs of consumers with every update. 

You may have seen the DaVinci IQ2 and the MIQRO vaporizers, both are highly acclaimed by cannabis vaping connoisseurs across the board. The newest release — the IQC — is the perfect balance between the two, delivering the same sleek look, but now with a shorter charging time, lower price, and an even cleaner approach to the design.

Here’s everything you need to know about the DaVinci IQC.

What is the DaVinci IQC?

The DaVinci IQC is a portable, dual-use vaporizer well-equipped with customizable, high-tech features and convenient tools. Compatible with both dry herb and concentrates, this device offers pure and precise draws that enhance the terpene flavors of your cannabis through its zirconia glass-lined ceramic oven. Long, light draws are recommended.

The IQC costs $229 — a luxurious purchase, but well worth the spend if you favor efficiency and components that make dosing easy on-the-go. The IQC also has app connectivity through bluetooth, which serves as a control and personal tracker for your temperature and usage that will soon be available on the iOS app store and online.

DaVinci IQC colors

How is the IQC different from the IQ2?

DaVinci has been actively listening to the reviews on their previous devices, and came back with an updated product that the people have been asking for. The IQC has thoughtful upgrades and embodies a more simplified DaVinci vaping experience. 

  1. One of the main differences is the patented Sharesafe™ mouthpiece crafted from an FDA-approved antimicrobial polymer. Antimicrobial polymers inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses, making this a more sanitary smoking device. In a time where we must be vigilant about hygiene, the IQC was designed with these health aspects in mind.
  2. No more six hour charging time: Now, the IQC has longer battery life and can get a full charge in as little as two hours, thanks to the new Type C charging port.
  3.  A notable feature missing from the IQC that you’d normally find on the IQ2 is the adjustable airflow located at the bottom of the device. The adjustable airflow allows users to gauge how much air passes through the device, changeable with a dial. The IQC’s airflow is non-adjustable, meaning the vapor is more likely to get hotter. 
  4. For about $66 less than the cost of the IQ2, the IQC still offers DaVinci’s most impressive features. But keep in mind that the warranty on the IQC is good for five years instead of the ten year warranty on the IQ2. Might be considered a downgrade, but you definitely get what you pay for.

How do you use DaVinci IQC?

Let’s get into how the DaVinci IQC works and what comes with the vaporizer kit.


IQC device:

  • Mouthpiece
  • Zirconia “Flavor Chamber” vapor path
  • Replaceable 18650 battery
  • Onboard pick tool
  • LED display
  • Control/navigation buttons
  • Pearl Zirconia adjustable spaces
  • Glass-lined ceramic oven 


  • Alcohol wipes
  • Extra pick tool
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 10mm water tool adapter
  • Stickers

*Those who pre-order will also receive a Smell Resistant Carry Case.

Basic Operation

  1. Open the IQC’s bottom lid to reveal the glass-lined ceramic oven.
  2. Pack herb tightly for maximum vapor. Close the bottom lid to allow the pearl to firmly pack the herb.
  3. Power on/off by clicking the control button five times.
  4. Adjust the temperature up and down with navigation buttons. Choose from the four preset ranges called “Smart Paths.” Note: the IQC is programmed to start in Smart Path 3 (390-410ºF).
  5. IQC will vibrate when the target temperature is reached.


On the IQC, there are a couple of modes you can play around with. 

  • Smart Path Mode: There are four “Smart Paths” preset with temperatures that’ll gradually build over eight minutes. Adjust between paths with navigation buttons.
    • Rest: 410 – 430ºF
    • Body: 390 – 410ºF
    • Mind: 370 – 390ºF
    • Flavor: 350 – 370ºF
  • Precision Mode: With temperature accuracy up to +/- one degree, you can choose an exact temperature. Click the control button to display the current temperature, then use the navigation buttons to adjust to your temperature preference.

Is the DaVinci IQC worth it? 

The intent behind the design of the IQC is what truly makes this device worth buying. The IQC was created with the consumer needs and health safety in mind without making the product more expensive — instead, DaVinci made it more affordable. It’s the ultimate combination of the simplest yet cutting-edge technology, which translates into an ideal vaporizer for just about anyone. 

Sometimes the extra bells and whistles aren’t necessary on a vaporizer and all you really need are top-notch materials and technology to ensure a divine vaping experience. The IQC is practical, high-quality, and now that its iOS app software will be available soon, there’s a lot to love about this device.

Check out the DaVinci IQC at davincivaporizer.com. Photos courtesy of DaVinci. 

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Everything you need to know about the MonthLeaf subscription box

With all of the cannabis subscription services out there, it can be difficult pinpointing which ones actually aim to match the stash style you’re looking for. Enter MonthLeaf. Co-founder Bryanne Vincent helped establish this California-based cannabis subscription service that provides an easier way to get everything you need from start to finish —  all in one box.

Not only do MonthLeaf boxes help customers get familiar with new and trending weed products at unbeatable prices, it also works to make non-storefront delivery services more widely visible and accessible to customers. The brand partners with a new dispensary every month to fill each box. 

The MonthLeaf subscription service is only available in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and Los Angeles, but the company hopes to expand its reach in the future. (Disclosure: Monthleaf participated in Weedmaps’ social equity program).

How does a MonthLeaf subscription work?

To get started, browse through the collection of available boxes. All of them feature a $10 off coupon for Daileaf.com and additional discounts at local pot shops. Each box, save for the Mini, exceeds a value of $150, but most memberships are around $100 per month — $120 if you opt for a one-time box. 

Choose from five box types

  • Puff: Receive 4 – 6 strains and smokeable products like prerolls and vape cartridges, along with a cannabis accessory.
  • Edible: Receive 5 – 6 top shelf edibles like gummies, chocolates and more, along with a cannabis accessory.
  • CBD: Receive 5 – 6 CBD dominant products like tinctures, edibles and flower, along with a cannabis-friendly accessory 
  • Sampler: Receive 5 – 6 different products, such as tinctures, drinkables, flower and more, along with a cannabis accessory. 
  • Mini: Receive flower from the month’s partnered dispensary and 1 – 2 cannabis accessories (basically a mini-version of the Puff Box), with a value at over $75 and costs $50. 

Note: All prices are before tax and delivery with a monthly membership.

After you have chosen your preferred box, you can tailor it to your needs with MonthLeaf’s customization survey. Once your preferences are filled out, decide whether you want a one-time box or a monthly membership subscription. When it’s all wrapped up, MonthLeaf will show you which local dispensaries will be filling your box, along with which days and times are best to receive it — you can tip the delivery driver from there. 


At the beginning of each month, you will receive a call or text to confirm your preferred delivery date and time. Depending on availability, you should get your box within three days. If you happen to order after the 20th of the month, you may choose to receive your box for the month, wait until the 1st, or receive both. All up to you.

For the month of June, MonthLeaf ‘s partner in the Bay Area was Green on the Go, a local delivery service that offered me a seamless experience. Delivery was fast, discreet, communicative, and my driver was extremely friendly. 

What’s in this month’s box?

June 2021’s box theme is Sugar Daddy, in honor of Father’s Day, Pride Month, and those who love a good, corny dad joke. I chose the Sampler Box and the Mini Box to give it a try. 

Here are short reviews on what was inside:

Sampler Box

STIIIZY LIIIT Presidential OG 3.5g: This indoor-grown flower is out of this world. Its fat, sticky nugs had me feeling euphoric and relaxed. I recommend enjoying this indica strain at sunset. 

Pacific Stone Wedding Cake cartridge: One of the tastiest and terpene-rich flavors I’ve ever tried in a cartridge. Plus the smoothest pull. It’s sweet, herby, and potent enough that the full gram will last me a while.

Bloom Battery: A standard battery, but it’s the battery life for me. I charged it once almost two weeks ago and it’s still going strong. Pretty impressive.

Flav Apple Rings: I’m a fan of gummies, so these were an easy add-on to my evening wind down. These sour apple rings are delicious and have a great texture. At 10 milligrams per gummy, dosing with these is a breeze.

Flav Tropical Punch Mix: One packet of this mixed alone with water tasted a bit bland, but a little bit would probably be great in a summer cocktail. I’ll be daytime sippin’ these on the weekends.

Cosmic Snickerdoodle: The cutest little cookie! It was chewy, sweet and had no weedy flavor. An ideal microdose at just 10 milligrams.

Mini Box

Dime Bag Banana Dream 3.5g: This bright, heady sativa had me energized, focused and ready to tackle my to-do list. The nugs were on the smaller side though.

Sublime Sundae Driver Fuzzie Shortie: Although the sesh was short-lived, this little shortie packed a punch. The infused pre-roll brought me to that perfect level of high and burned beautifully.

Sublime OG Kush King Fuzzie: This gem of an infused pre-roll had me levitating. It truly was a sublime combo of a head and body high, great for watching a movie marathon.

Treat Lemon Cake Pre-roll: A lemony, cheesy, and sweet sativa joint. I recommend this one for when you want to feel social and ready to have a productive conversation.

Both of my boxes had donut-shaped glass pipes, which were adorable and have become my favorite pieces as of late. And of course, all boxes with smokable products come with joint papers, a hemp wick and lighter.

What’s the appeal? 

MonthLeaf box subscriptions have a long list of benefits. They are an ideal option for those looking for a consistent approach to explore and sample high quality products available in their local cannabis market without spending too much money or having to leave their homes. If customers want to try out a box, they don’t need to sign up for a monthly membership, but it is pricier. 

With the monthly subscription, you can cancel any time. Plus, the boxes include coupons to use at local shops, discounts for dispensary partners, and the box has a new fun theme every month. MonthLeaf offers savings, flexibility, and efficiency. And what cannabis enthusiast doesn’t like opening a big box of weed?

As mentioned before, MonthLeaf is only available in certain parts of California, which is a drawback for everyone else. But if you are a California resident in one of their operating areas, MonthLeaf is another great avenue to support and get to know your local cannabis delivery services. MonthLeaf makes spreading your love for local cannabis simple but exciting. 

Bottom line: If you’re into supporting local businesses and personalized boxes of weed at reasonable prices, consider a MonthLeaf subscription.

Check out the MonthLeaf subscription boxes at monthleaf.com. Photos courtesy of Monthleaf. 

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A Beginner’s Guide to CBD Vape Oil

The vast majority of people will be fully aware of CBD by now. The versatile cannabinoid has shot to prominence, taking the wellness industry by storm in the past 5 years and this progress shows now signs of slowing down.  Vaping is another similarly rising trend in recent years as the world gradually moves away […]

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Everything you need to know about the GPen Dash dry-herb vaporizer

Ground flower vaporizers used to be exclusively reserved for durable tabletops, as the boxy, dense machinery was far too complex for travel — much less sneaking tokes in a Target bathroom stall. But today, there are a number of palm-sized herb vaporizers on the market, including the G Pen Dash, Grenco Science’s most affordable, ergonomic, and discreet contribution to the handheld-dry-herb-vaporizer space. 

For flower vape enthusiasts, products like the G Pen Dash are game changers. Not only is it discreet enough to slip into a back pocket, it’s convenient, intuitive, and less than a hundred bucks. But there’s a lot more to this dainty device than just pocket accessibility, potential duckets saved, and comfortable thumb rests. 

Here’s everything else you need to know about the G Pen Dash vaporizer. 

What is the G Pen Dash?

The G Pen Dash is a one-hitter vaporizer made for dry, ground herbs. Basic units start at around $70, but limited-edition Dash collaborations with Cookies, Dr Greenthumb and BLLRDR cost a bit more and have more decorative housing. Each unit features a glass glazed, stainless steel heating chamber with three temperature settings. 

This vaporizer is an affordable option for ground-herb consumption; it functions with the same efficacy of higher priced, bulkier units, but is discreet enough to dangle from a keychain or fit in a novelty clutch, which makes it markedly more attractive to less cavalier users.

How does the G Pen Dash work?

The G Pen Dash is constructed with a magnetic mouthpiece on one end and a charging port on the other. With a slight amount of pressure, the mouthpiece pops off to reveal an almond-sized heating chamber. This modest cavity holds approximately .25 — .5 grams of finely ground herb. Included is a packing tool that helps keep crumbs from escaping during what is a simple packing process: dump the herbs in, reattach the mouthpiece and voila, the device is equipped. 

There is a single button on the body of the Dash, once the mouthpiece is snapped back into place, just press this button five times to simultaneously power on the device and activate the heating element. Haptic feedback will alert you when the unit is powered on. Finally, click the button another three times to select the desired vaporization temperature. 

Rio PR

When the device reaches temperature, another haptic alert will go off, and the device is ready for use. 

After three or four deep draws, the bowl will be spent, and popping the mouthpiece will both shut the device off and reveal ground herb that appears toasted, but not burnt. You can tap the spent plant matter into the palm of your hand and dispose of it in the nearest compost bin.  

Changing temperatures

The G Pen Dash’s single button contains three tiny LED lights. The lights display both temperature and battery life.  

Temperature is controlled similarly to power; once the device is powered on, press the button three additional times to access the heating selection. 

Temperature colors:

  • Red: 428°F
  • Green: 401°F
  • Blue: 375°F

This device maintains its heat until its auto-shutoff is activated from non-use or the herbs have been removed, so pack the heating element with only as many hits as you would pack in an analog one-hitter. The G Pen Dash provides excellent personal hits, but can waste material or even become clogged if overpacked.

Charging the G Pen Dash

The LEDs within the G Pen Dash’s single button signify both temperature and battery power. While the colors vary for temperature, they are exclusively red while charging.  

Power levels:

  • One light = 30 — 33% battery life
  • Two lights = 60 — 66% battery life
  • Three lights = 80 — 100% battery life

Included in its packaging is one micro-USB charging cable. The device is charged from an easily accessed port at the bottom of the unit. The LED lights on the button will glow red as the device charges, blinking in succession. Also has pass through charging capability 

The unit is completely charged when all three lights are glowing a steady green. 

How to clean it

The G Pen Dash’s small heating chamber and low-temperature convection precludes the kind of resin buildup users might expect from burlier, combustion-fueled smoking devices. Cleanup is essentially brushing leftover herbs from the chamber once users have tapped out the bulk of the toasted herbs.  

Instructions specifically advise against any type of submersion, even in the name of cleaning, so save the alcohol soak for your spoon pipes and glass rigs, and opt for a post-puff clean sweep with the included tool instead.

What’s the appeal?

First and foremost, the price point of $69.95 is considerably more inclusive than commensurate devices from similar brands. Even the special-edition collaborations are relatively affordable. Additionally, the device’s size and herb chamber are both designed for not just discretion, but for satisfying personal use. 

And though the G Pen Dash holds enough ground herb for a few abundant hits or several dainty sips, it maintains a one-hitter energy that discourages puff puff passing, which feels appropriate for our times. But even for those turned off by non-shareable devices, its mild, low-temp vape hits do a satisfactory job of spotlighting the best of whatever cultivar simmers in its oven — which is a turn-on for cannabis consumers of all makes and models.  

Check out the G Pen Dash vaporizer at gpen.com. Photos courtesy of Rio PR. 

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The best strains and edibles for a stoney backyard BBQ

As the days grow longer and the heat turns up, it’s the perfect time to indulge in grilled eats — think spicy blackened chicken wings, veggie kabobs, juicy steaks and gourmet polish dogs. And what screams summer louder than a backyard BBQ? A backyard BBQ with weed. 

We know that many will be itching to get out and see friends and family as the sunny weather shines. Below, check out our favorite strains and products when throwing a stoney get-together by the grill.

Great strains for livening up the BBQ

If you choose to smoke or vape, find the following strains to make the most out of your backyard BBQ.

Best strain to increase appetite: American Dream

Open up your appetite with a couple of hits of American Dream. A good match for any 4th of July celebrations, American Dream’s top reported effect on Weedmaps is appetite stimulation. 

A cross between Jamaican and Hawaiian sativas with an Afghan Skunk, expect earthy notes and a tropical kick. 

Best strain for creativity and focus when making the meal: Green Crack

Nothing can brighten up the day quite like the legendary Green Crack strain. One of my personal favorites, it’s packed with energy in every hit. Spark this one up to cook up a storm and get a little more creative with the typical BBQ fare. 

Best strain for playing backyard games: Dream Queen

The entertainment value on those cornhole and ladder toss games can increase ten-fold with a joint full of Dream Queen. With reported effects of happiness and energy increase, it can be a great option to get the BBQ going and loosen up your guests for a breezy and hilarious evening. 

Best strain for post-BBQ relaxation: Dosidos (Do-Si-Dos)

When all the food has been devoured, the only dessert you’ll want will be a delicious hit of Dosidos. Relaxing and uplifting with citrus and berry flavors, a nicely packed bowl of this GSC and Face Off OG hybrid may gently drift your mind away in the summer sunshine — just don’t forget the SPF.

Best edibles for an infused BBQ

You don’t have to look far for delicious BBQ-inspired edibles. Keep an eye out for these stoney eats to really get the good-time going. 

Weed beers: Two Roots, Lagunitas, Keef Brands

Non-alcoholic with 5 milligrams THC, Two Roots Mango Dango IPA packs a tropical punch and tastes just like those fruity IPAs you can find at your local brewery. 

The Reverb HI-Fi Hops “beer” from Lagunitas is actually an infused sparkling water with a hoppy taste. Each bottle of Reverb delivers 10 milligrams THC derived from AbsoluteXtracts cannabis, and contains zero sugar and zero carbs for those who enjoy a stoney buzz without the sweeteners. 

Not technically a weed beer, the Keef Classic Bubba Kush Root Beer is made for the guests who simply don’t like the taste of booze or hops. With 10 milligrams THC per bottle, you can dress it up with ice cream for an infused root beer float or drink it as is and enjoy that classic root beer flavor.

Baked goods: incredibles, La Familia

It goes without saying that sweet, dessert-like edibles are going to be a must for your 420-friendly BBQ. And if you want to stick to the classics, then check out incredibles’ mouthwatering S’mores Bar. Clocking in at 100 milligrams THC for the whole bar, you can portion your elevation with 10 milligrams per piece. Even better? Make a true s’more with a piece of the bar for a double whammy.

Gooey rice krispies are one of those treats that appeal to almost every palate. For an interesting twist on this delicious treat, seek out La Familia’s Churro Rice Krispies. Coated in cinnamon and brown sugar and infused with 10 milligrams THC per krispie, it could make a great addition to your post-dinner dessert table. 

Infused munchies and cooking ingredients: Laurie + MaryJane, Potli

For a truly elevated snack table, check out Laurie + MaryJane’s Cheese Crisp Crackers. With 5 milligrams THC per cracker, they’re a souped-up alternative to plain potato chips. 

Looking to throw a few spicy wings on the BBQ? Drizzle them first with Potli’s infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with cannabis from Northern California’s Aster Farms. Each serving in the 250 milliliter tin contains 5 milligrams THC. 

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Everything you need to know about the Hydrology9 NX Vaporizer

The Hydrology9 NX Vaporizer from Cloudious9 is the new and evolved version of the Hydrology9, featuring dual functions for both flower and concentrate. This all-in-one device stays true to the sleek and smooth design and functional technology the company is known for. 

As with their original model, the water filtration feature ensures each hit is cooled, perfect for those who are sensitive to vapor or just looking for a luxuriously smooth vaping experience. 

Below, find out everything you need to know about the Hydrology NX.

What is the Hydrology9 NX Vaporizer? 

The Hydrology9 NX is an electronic liquid filtration vaporizer that can be used with dry herb or concentrate. There is an internal heating system as well as a leak proof inner chamber surrounded by cool water to cool down the vapor before inhalation. 

The overall piece fits together like a glove with a few different parts, including two interchangeable chambers: one for flower and one for concentrate. It is small and lightweight enough to be easily portable, and discreet enough in its design to integrate into all kinds of activities. 

Once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze to use while maximizing your stash. 

What’s in the box:

  • Assembled vaporizer with silicone sleeve
  • Heating chamber inserts (flower and/or concentrate) 
  • Magnetic charging kit
  • Tool and cleaning kit with loading tool, brushes, replacement silicone parts, and magnetic mouthpiece cover 
  • User manual

How does the Hydrology9 work?

There are a few moving parts to the Hydrology9 NX, depending on if you plan on using flower or concentrate, but setting up for both is easy and quick.  


The vaporizer comes already assembled, with each module fitting together perfectly, though you’ll need to unscrew the top piece to fill the water chamber up to 70% full. The no-spill design ensures that you won’t get water into other parts of the device. 

Once filled with cool water, it’s time to choose and insert either the fower heating atomizer or the concentrate atomizer. 

The flower atomizer can be pre-loaded and comes with a cover to keep the flower snuggly in place. The concentrate atomizer comes with a quartz and ceramic cup to choose from, as well as a magnetic carb cap located on the top of the mouthpiece. 

How to use


There is one main circular button to turn the Hydrology9 NX on and off. The temperature is controlled by twisting the ring on the very bottom of the device. 

The temperature presets range is represented by blue (lowest), light blue, yellow, purple, red, and white (highest), and vary depending on if you’re using the concentrate or flower atomizer, something the device itself automatically senses and adjusts. 

The temperature range for concentrate is 450-750°F, while the range for flower is 324-468°F. To activate a heating cycle, twist the dial to set the desired temperature preset, indicated by the color coordinated light flashing, and when the light turns solid green, it is ready to go. As always, lower temperatures favor flavor, while higher temperatures are for stronger effects. 

The Hydrology9 NX will stay at the set temperature for two minutes before entering a stand-by mode for one minute, indicated by a solid blue light, before cooling down to end the session. If left on, the auto shutoff will kick in after 10 minutes. 


The charging adapter of the original Hydrology9 got an upgrade on this new model and is now magnetic, making it super easy to connect. The device will flash red when charging and green when it is fully charged. Full charge is reached after about an hour. 

How to clean the Hydrology9 NX 

Included in the package is a cleaning kit with high quality tools, just like the previous model. It’s definitely a bonus that these tools come included, rather than being offered as pricey add-ons. The brushes in particular make it easy to deep clean all parts of the machine whenever necessary. 

To keep the body and water chamber clean is easy: shake it up with clean water and let it dry completely between uses. For the flower atomizer, brush out any excess, making sure to clear any debris from the airflow holes. For the concentrate atomizer, the ceramic and glass chambers are removable and can be swabbed down with alcohol, or soaked and cleaned if they have a lot of build up.

Keeping the airflow chamber free of debris and clean is also important, especially if it gets clogged after using concentrates. This is simple since it is easily accessible and comes with long and custom fitting brushes. 

What’s the appeal? 

The new and improved version of Cloudious9’s original invention has noticeable upgrades, not least of which is the dual functionality for flower and concentrate. It’s apparent that every detail of the Hydrology9 NX was carefully thought out, from the snuggly fitting parts made of high-grade materials to the magnetic details that make it fun and functional. 

Practically speaking, the heating technology that heats from all sides is efficient, maximizing your materials and providing consistently full hits. The water cooling function makes it like an electric bong in the best possible way. Another bonus is the tool kit that comes standard with the device. In the same vein, having a replaceable battery extends the life of the overall device with the purchase of a new battery, rather than needing to purchase a whole new device. 

While you can choose to purchase the Hydrology9 NX with just the flower or concentrate atomizer and tool kit, it’s absolutely worth it to buy the complete set for an extra $30 and essentially get two devices in one. 

At $300 for the dual capacity set up, it’s well-priced for the versatility, function, and design it offers. 

Find the HydrologyNX at cloudious9.com.

Images courtesy of NisonCo

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Everything you need to know about the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

Gravity bongs use air pressure and water to force out a stream of smoke that you inhale. While they’re often made with household items, like bottles and buckets, the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah adds polish and modern engineering to this once exclusive DIY smoking experience. 

Much like the gravity bongs that came before it, the Stündenglass Hookah relies on kinetic force, but it differentiates itself with cascading water and opposing air flow technology that makes it operate better than the gravity bongs of the past. Engineered to function seamlessly, the Stündenglass is quite simple and easy for anyone to get the hang of, making it great for house parties and group smoke sessions. 

If you’re interested in combining true smoking classics with modern tech and design, then look no further. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stündednglass Gravity Hookah.

The design 

The Stündenglass Hookah looks elegant and comes in packaging that makes the unboxing experience feel like opening up a brand new iPhone. Its clean, minimalistic design uses aircraft grade aluminum, surgical grade stainless steel, and high-quality Teflon seals. This is not your grandpa’s gravity bong. 

It features a 360° rotating hookah, which is what produces the kinetic force mentioned above, and is positively mesmerizing once it’s in use. 

How does it work? 

The Stündenglass can accommodate flower, concentrates, and shisha, giving you the fun of a gravity bong with the versatility to consume a variety of products. Fitted with a 14 millimeter joint, the Stündenglass works with any 14 millimeter accessory, including bowls, bangers, and the GPen Connect

Here are the basics of how to get started: 

  1. Start by filing one chamber with water. 
  2. Attach both chambers to the base. 
  3. Load flower or concentrate into the bowl. 
  4. Apply heat 
  5. Flip the device and watch the water pull through the two-way stem. 

The flipping gives you control over the amount of smoke and speed of combustion. For example, a 180° flip will push out more smoke than a 45° flip. Exploring the flipping and the perfect hit size is part of the fun. Once the bottom chamber is filled with water and the other with smoke, you’re ready to flip and hit. As you start to flip the device, a steady stream of smoke will flow through the contactless mouthpiece, perfect for germ-free consumption — but it can be kind of overwhelming. The strength of the smoke flow depends on how far the unit is flipped, using gravity to control the ignition of materials and output of smoke. If you want more control over the smoke, you can attach the accompanying hose for a hookah-like experience. 

Regardless of which method you use, the inhalation experience is much like that of taking a bong rip. If that scares you, start slow, do small flips, and pack small bowls until you get the hang of it. With the time you save on assembly, you can spend getting to know your preferred setup.  


What’s included?

Stündenglass provides everything you’ll need for the best gravity bong experience:

  • Base
  • Two globes 
  • Flower bowl
  • Hookah bowl
  • Coal tray
  • Hookah mouthpiece 
  • 3-foot hose


You may be eyeing the Stündenglass to wow your weed-loving friends, but it could also win over cocktail lovers too. The included 3-foot hose can be used to add smoke to drinks, elevating both your home smoking and imbibing skills. The Stündengalss also comes with a 10-year warranty, so long as you register within 30 days of purchase. Much like major technological purchases, the warranty offers peace of mind for your investment. 

Stündenglass also offers a number of customizable accessories: hookah hoses and tips, interchangeable globes, and mouthpieces are just a few of the ways you can customize your device to match your style.

How to clean the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah

Much like other glass smokeware, isopropyl alcohol does the trick. Pour the alcohol into one globe, reattach the other, and flip the device until the globes are coated with the solution. Remove the globes and give them a rinse with soap and warm water. 

To clean the base, you can use a q-tip and alcohol to get into the crevices and remove any residue. For a deeper clean, disassemble the elbow or joint of the Stündenglass, remove the rubber plug, and clean the valve. You can also remove the stems and clean them with alcohol as well. Stündengalss offers a cleaning kit that comes with all the tools, brushes, and wipes you’ll need to keep your own shiny and well-functioning.  

What’s the appeal?

In the past, gravity bongs were part science project, part smoking experience. The nostalgia of old school gravity bongs shouldn’t be forgotten, and Stündenglass maintains that classic fun while removing the work of assembling your own piece. It’s perfect for folks looking to honor the history of consumption, with a sleek, modern twist that’s perfect for covid-friendly smoke sessions. 

At $599.95, the Stündenglass is for the early adopter smoker — like me — who wants to have all the cool new gadgets, loves weed, and desires to enhance their group smoking experiences. 

Check out the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah on stundenglass.com.

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Everything you need to know about the Dipstick Vapes Dipper

The Dipstick Vapes’ Dipper is a handheld dab device used to vaporize concentrates. The first of its kind, this portable dab pen has dual functions, and both produce thick clouds. It looks and handles like other handheld vape pens, and gets the job done as good or better than a more traditional rig and torch setup. 

The Dipper uses an internal, rechargeable battery and the choice of two different atomizers, one of which lets you dab straight from the concentrate container. The other atomizer can be used to pre-load concentrate. 

Below, find out everything you need to know about the innovative Dipper. 

How does it work?

The Dipper is as easy to use as it is to hit. One main button controls the operations, which work the same with either atomizer included in the setup. Press the button five times to turn it on or off — the light will blink through the colors as visual confirmation. Press and hold the main button to activate the heating cycle — which lasts up to 15 seconds before automatic cool down — indicated by the light shutting off. There is an auto shut-off after two minutes of inactivity for safety and to save battery. Note: it is not safe to use the device while charging. 

What’s included:

  • Charging cord
  • Dipper device
  • Cleaning swabs
  • Loading tool
  • Two vapor dip tip atomizers
  • Quartz crystal atomizer 
  • Replacement bands 

Temperature settings 

There are three temperature settings to choose from: blue (low), green (medium), and red (high), ranging from 450°F (green) to 600°F (red).  Press the main button three times to change between the temperature settings, and the selected color will flash.

How to use the atomizer dip tip

The Dipper package includes two atomizer tips, one of which will already come connected to the device. This is the tip that allows you to dab right from the concentrate container, no loading necessary. Press and hold to activate the heat, then gently touch the tip to the concentrate and inhale slowly from the other end of the Dipper. 

How to use the quartz atomizer  

The quartz crystal atomizer can be swapped in for the atomizer tip to use as a pre-loaded vape. The quartz crystal atomizer has a deep chamber where a small amount of concentrate can be loaded (not too much), and then the mouthpiece cover is placed over the atomizer. 

Depending on how gooey your wax concentrate is, it’s a good idea to keep the device upright once it is loaded. When ready to use, select your preferred temperature setting and hold the button down to activate the heat. After a few seconds, inhale slowly through the mouthpiece that covers the internal quartz crystal atomizer. 

The Dipstick Dipper’s unique design

Everything fits together securely and feels sturdy, and switching between the atomizers is easy. The dual end mouthpiece is clever, allowing consumers to use either the mouthpiece cap with the pack and go quartz atomizer, or the built-in mouthpiece with the dip tip atomizer. 

The dip tip is a more precise hit to maximize flavor, or otherwise customize your dab. On the dip tip, the heat coils are well contained and don’t feel dangerous, but any semi-exposed heat source requires caution. Similarly, the temperature range is high, so it can be easy to overdo it and feel and taste the burn. It’s so efficient that gently inhaling is enough to get thick, stoney clouds. 

How do you clean it?

Cleaning the device and all of its parts is simple. The atomizers can be removed from the device and soaked in alcohol for an hour and then rinsed off to remove sticky residue. The included long cotton swabs can be used with alcohol to clean the inside of the device and any touch points that may accumulate residue. A thorough cleaning after every few uses, or whenever you notice build up, is recommended. 

What’s the appeal? 

Overall this is a thoughtfully designed and versatile device that makes dabbing fun. It packs a powerful punch and gets the job done. Avoiding the mess of loading and sticky tools is a big plus. Another feature is how portable it is; it’s comparable in size to other vape pens with a discreet design. The versatility that the internal quartz atomizer offers is significant too, making it possible to have easy pack-and-go dabs within one small device. 

At $115 it’s a steal for anyone who wants to try dip dabbing and/or wants a discreet portable way to enjoy dabs. 

Check out the Dipstick Vapes Dipper on dipdevices.com.

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Everything you need to know about the NugSmasher OG

The solventless concentrate known as rosin has taken the dab world by storm, eclipsing once more popular solvent products like live resins and waxes. Because rosin is made with heat and pressure alone — as opposed to being exposed to chemical solvents like butane and ethanol in the extraction process — it’s perceived as more pure, carries a much heftier price tag, and is favored by the wellness-branded side of the weed world. 

The other upside to the concentrate du jour? You can make it yourself. All it takes is good weed, a little heat, and a lot of pressure. It’s so simple that you can even use a hair straightener and parchment paper with success, which I’ve done personally. 

And while it’s cool to see your regular flower turn into a gram’s worth of terpene-rich concentrate, it’s no way to actually save money by producing your own rosin consistently. That’s what the NugSmasher OG is for. 

What is the NugSmasher OG? 

The NugSmasher OG is your own personal rosin press, producing a professional-grade experience in a pint-sized package. With its 12 tons of pressure and 4” smash plates with dual heating elements, the NugSmasher OG is capable of extracting 14 grams of flower with a single press. 

The solid steel device comes with 3.5 gram, 7 gram, and 14 gram extraction bags, so even if you don’t have a ton of flower to play with, you can still make your own concentrate. Yield for seven grams of flower (two eighths) hovers around a gram to a gram and a half of rosin. Which is great, considering a gram of top quality rosin at the dispensary can set you back upwards of $100.

The NugSmasher OG also comes with a full-coverage lifetime warranty, meaning that if you grow your own flower, you could hypothetically have free rosin for life. 

What you’ll need to start pressing 

  1. Fresh flower
  2. Parchment paper
  3. Micron bag
  4. The NugSmasher OG

Note: The most important thing about the flower you’ll be pressing is the humidity level you are starting with. Ideally, you want it to be around 70% fresh. If you’re purchasing from the dispensary, ask your budtender what the most recent drop is, and don’t go too cheap. You want the weed to be high quality, with enough terpenes and cannabinoids still present to yield a good amount of extract. 

Dried out flower has lost the majority of the chemical compounds you’re looking to extract, so flower quality and freshness are both key.

How to Use the NugSmasher OG 

The NugSmasher OG shines with it’s simple design that’s both intuitive and easy to use. Instead of bogging you down with settings, bells and whistles, this device is fun because it’s easy.

The NugSmasher weighs over 60lbs and the plates get really hot, so safety is key, and so is a stable foundation — instead of the coffee table, you may want to keep it on an uncarpeted floor, or on top of a piece of sturdy plywood covering the carpet. 

Take a peak at how to use the NugSmasher OG with their step-by-step video, or follow our directions below.

Quickstart guide:

  1. Before turning on your unit, make sure the plates are closed. Insert handle into the vertical opening on the right side of the unit and pump until the surface of the plates are pressed together. This allows the temperature sensor in the plates to get an accurate reading of each other and distribute the heat evenly. 
  2. Keep the release valve in the closed, clockwise position when not in use, and never turn more than ½ turn counterclockwise.
  3. Set power switch to the “on” position. You will notice there are two rows of digits. The top is the current temperature of the heat plates. The bottom is the set temperature. The OG comes preset at 200°F and will take approximately 10 – 12 minutes to reach set temperature.
  4. Remove the plastic case around the control panel. Press the up or down arrows to select desired temperature setting, then the “enter” button to lock it in. 

Ideal temperature: 

Ideal temperature varies depending on strain and growing techniques, but 200°F is generally a good place to start. If you have large amounts of flower, you can start at 220°F, note results, then drop it 5 – 7°F per batch until you find the ideal temperature for your particular strain. 

Micron bags 

For optimal yield and purity, the NugSmasher contains extraction bags in sizes 3.5 grams, 7 grams, and 14 grams. Use 160 micron for fresh, sticky flower, 90 micron for dried-out flower, 120 for mid-level flower, and 25 micron for bubble hash. To press nugs that are one gram and less, no bag is necessary. 

Push the corners of the micron bag inwards, and load the bag with whole nugs tight enough so that there are no air pockets, but not so tight you are crushing the material. Fold the top inwards as well, so you have a little package ready to go. 


Once your device has reached temperature, it’s time to press. Put the loaded micron bag between a folded piece of parchment paper and place it between the plates. 

Start raising the plates by pumping the handle. The key is to slowly build heat into your material. The entire pressing process should be between 90 – 120 seconds depending on your strain. 

Make sure not to over press the material. You should compress slowly, to the point that the weight of two fingers on the handle will not compress it any further. Return the handle back to the top and compress: 1/3 of full cycle for 3.5 grams, 2/3 of full cycle for 7 grams and one full cycle for 14 grams. 

Remove and collect the rosin from the parchment paper. 

What’s the appeal?

Whether you’re purchasing for novelty or for practicality, the NugSmasher OG offers a fun and easy way to make your own concentrates. With a price tag around $1,000, it’s definitely an investment. However, the machine is sturdy, made in America, and has a lifetime warranty, meaning it’s the kind of investment you won’t regret. 

As far as my first pressing experience, it was great — easy, exciting, and rewarding. I pressed seven grams of Maven‘s gorgeous Tropicana Cookies flower and yielded about a gram of incredible rosin. It almost felt surreal to take a dab of it, and knowing I had just created it myself made it that much sweeter. 

If you’re the type of person who buys 1/8ths from a dispensary at $60 a pop, it might make sense to just keep purchasing concentrates due to your high cost of flower. However, if you have access to a good amount of weed, either through friends or by growing it yourself, I can’t stress enough what a fabulous addition to your life this device will be. For $1,000, about the price of 10-12 grams of high-quality rosin at a dispensary, you could have free rosin for the rest of your life. What’s better than that? 

Check out the NugSmasher OG on nugsmasher.com.

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Everything you need to know about Nugg Club subscription service

Cannabis subscription services have taken the market by storm in recent years. However, most include a major caveat: they don’t actually contain anything that will get you high. Chock full of rolling papers, plastic grinders, and branded swag that will most likely end up in a landfill, most boxes are cheap in every sense of the word, with a carbon footprint that far exceeds their worth. 

Nugg Club, a popular cannabis subscription service exclusive to LA, is different. With their approachable branding and trendy array of THC products, Nugg Club has managed to build a box that’s actually worth paying for, creating an avenue for new users to become acquainted with various cannabis products at a fraction of the cost. 

How it works

The Nugg Club ordering process begins by creating an account on their website, and taking a short survey on your cannabis preferences. Customers choose what genre of products they receive from a combination of flower, pre-rolls, vapes and edibles (pick two), whether you prefer sativa, indica, or hybrid (pick two), and finally, how frequently you want to receive the box (monthly or bimonthly). 

Each box costs $99 plus the California cannabis tax and sales tax, and contains 5 – 6 products valued at over $225. The array of brands and products that Nugg Club selects for these boxes is where the service truly shines. The products are new, hot, cutting edge, and the brands are the best and most trusted on the market. Many of the brands they partner with include equitable or charitable initiatives, including Nugg Club itself. 

After completing your order and choosing a delivery window, customers wait 7 – 10 days for the box to be hand delivered. I found the delivery exchange portion to be really impressive, my courier was highly communicative which made coordinating the drop off a simple and pleasant experience. 

What’s in the box?

For my box, I chose a combination of flower and pre-rolls, with a preference of sativa and hybrid strains. Here are some mini reviews of the products I received:

superFIRE Hybrid 1/8th: Fruity, frosty and sweet, this hybrid eighth has a heady and uplifting high, great for daytime activities. 

Mimosa Sativa 1/8th: Schedule 1 is Nugg Club’s new in-house brand, which donates a portion of profits to support descheduling cannabis from the Controlled Substances Act. Proceeds from Schedule 1 are donated to lobbying efforts that seek to reclassify cannabis, and to the Last Prisoner Project, an organization that works to free individuals in prison on non-violent cannabis charges. 

The Mimosa 1/8th is gorgeous, with purple-hued nugs and a berry citrus terpene profile. The high is exciting, whimsical, and perfect for a wake and bake. 

Power Puffs Pre-roll Pack: Her Highness is a woman-owned brand that consistently elevates the industry with a chic aesthetic and girl-power vibe. This little kief infused pre-roll pack contains a 24k gold lighter and enough THC to pack a real punch. 

King Fuzzies Super Silver Haze Infused Pre-roll: Bright, potent, fun — I loved this infused joint. It’s an incredible and uplifting experience from one of the best pre-roll brands on the market. 

Super Glue Sativa Hybrid 1/8th: The least spectacular of the bunch, this is the kind of flower that gets you higher than it looks. 

Glass Pipe: Meh, could be cuter. 

Nugg Club Add-ons

After receiving your first box, members gain access to one of the coolest features about this service: the Nugg Club Add-ons. There is a section on the site where users can choose from extremely discounted add-on products hovering around wholesale prices. These add-ons are billed separately from your box payment at the time you add them, and have the potential to shave thousands off your annual dispensary budget. 

What’s the appeal?

Nugg Club is a really great option for new users looking to suss out the cannabis market and find their favorite products. Dispensaries can be overpriced and customers don’t have a good, affordable avenue to try out multiple different brands and products to see what works for them. 

The main drawback I find with this service is the delivery time. After you pay and complete your order, the box will take another 7 – 10 days to deliver. As a stoner who requires some level of instant gratification, especially when it comes to obtaining weed I already paid for, this is too long. However, Nugg Club isn’t exactly catering to super stoners like me who need to be smoking weed all day every day. 

Bottom line: Nugg Club is great, especially for new users. For stoners who already know the market, it’s great if you want to save some money on your weed and don’t mind waiting a week or so for it to arrive. 

Check out Nugg Club at nuggclub.com.

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