The B.C. Company Making Indoor Growing Feel Natural: Interview With TNB Naturals

If you’re looking to enhance your grow room and buy from a great Canadian company, you should get to know TNB Naturals. Based in Vernon, a small town in the Okanagan Valley, since 2012 TNB Naturals has specialized in the manufacturing and development of safe and natural products to help grow your indoor products. Meet […]

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Getting Busted Around The World – The Consequences Of Cannabis Cultivation Crossword Puzzle

There are a lot of plants that only grow in certain places around the world, but thankfully, cannabis is not one of them. Certain strains thrive in particular climates and we often recognize it in the name, for example, Durban Poison or Afghan Kush. They call it weed for a reason; basically, this plant can […]

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Sir Paul McCartney Reveals He Hides Hemp Crop From Young Thieves

On an episode of “River Cafe Table 4” podcast that originally aired October 4, Sir Paul McCartney, 79, revealed that he has to hide his hemp crop from young would-be thieves who are tempted to steal plants, mistaking them for THC-rich cannabis. 

In the 26-minute episode, McCartney also recalled tasting wine for the first time with John Lennon in Paris, being a vegetarian and growing organic plants on his property at his rural mansion home in the village of Peasmarsh in East Sussex.

“We grow crops,” the former Beatle said. “We like to grow spelt wheat, rye, peas and more.” One particular species stood out.

“We’re just really starting to grow hemp,” McCartney admitted. “What’s interesting about government regulation is that every child gets in and robs it, so we have to keep it in a place where people can’t see it. about it!”

Growing hemp in the UK can be legal if a person jumps through the right regulatory hoops, which are tight. Only hemp plants which have a maximum amount of 0.2 percent THC can be grown in the UK. Individuals must secure a license from the Home Office to grow hemp plants, and the office can impose limitations on farming operations.

The lure of stealing one of his hemp plants is high. Imagine getting your hands on a fan leaf grown by none other than McCartney—the “most successful musician of all time” by many standards.

All Organic

McCartney went on to explain that his farms are 100 percent organic and the farms do not use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers.

“It’s organic,” he said. “I became organic over 20 years ago.” In the late 70s, McCartney chose to become vegetarian, which he still practices to this day, and is all about health. He does routine yoga handstands, for instance.

McCartney seemed to explain the importance of utilizing ingredients such as worm castings. “When I first bought the farm, there were some fields that my farmer would say, ’There are no worms in these fields. There is no life.’”

Worm castings can enhance the health of cannabis plants and provide long-term nutrition minus the harmful chemicals. According to Marijuana Venture Magazine, Worm castings are “the secret to great soil.”

“It’s basically because all you did was add pesticides and then fertilizers,” he said. “I thought, OK, that’s a challenge, we’re going to be organic.”

Beyond hemp, McCartney is also a fan of ales and hops—which just so happens to be a staple crop in the region. “For years I heard that my neighbor was selling the land next to us, so I went there and said, ‘I heard you’re selling hop gardens…’ I thought, ‘I have to start hops.’ That’s because the area we are in Sussex was a very large hop growing area.”

McCartney and Weed

As recently as last April, McCartney confirmed to Fox News widespread suspicions that The Beatles were indeed introduced to pot for the first time from Bob Dylan in 1964. McCartney went on to tell the story that’s been told again and again.

“Dylan arrived and he went into the bedroom with his roadie,” McCartney said. “Ringo went along to see what was up. So he finds Dylan, rolling up, and he has a toke. Ringo says, ‘The ceiling is kind of moving down… We all ran into the backroom going, ‘Give us a bit, give us a bit!’ So that was the very first evening we ever got stoned!”

McCartney smoked on and off his entire adult life, into his 70s. His late wife Linda McCartney famously also fit the profile of a “connoisseur.” McCartney was busted for pot on numerous occasions. In 1980, he faced trafficking charges in Japan over approximately 7.7 ounces of bud—ultimately being deported from the country. But the seasoned rock ‘n’ roller took a break in 2015 at the request of his grandkids.

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Grow Week 2021 Roundup

You know that scene in Eastbound & Down when Will Ferrell says “I can feel it down in my plums. They’re getting a nice bluish hue, gettin’ ready to take ’em to the farmer’s market.” We felt that. It’s early fall, which means it’s just about peak flowing time for cannabis growers over here (and […]

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How TSRgrow Uses LED Lighting Solutions to Maximize Crop Yield

Most cannabis farms install LED lights on their farms to save energy, but did you know that LED lights can also improve the quality of your flower? TSRgrow, a Rhode Island-based manufacturer of fully integrated, horticultural lighting systems, started developing with LEDs back when the technology was just entering the market. Over the years, the company developed lighting systems that not only help growers cut down overhead, but also help their flower grow to its fullest potential. 

Cannabis has to be cultivated in a highly controlled environment, which means having the right technology can make or break your business. Even in states where smoking is now fully legal, cannabis companies must meet requirements set by state and local governments. Because these requirements tend to be much, much more specific than those enforced on your run-of-the-mill broccoli or bean sprout farm, having advanced TSRgrow LED lighting is essential.  

Courtesy of TSRgrow

LEDs, short for light-emitting diodes, were first developed in the ’60s but did not become commonplace until 2008, when schools and hospitals installed them as cost-saving alternatives to fluorescent or halogen lamps. Now, LED lighting systems are coming to weed farms, not only because they significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs, but also because they radiate a more intense light capable of delivering extra photons to your plants, making them grow full and strong. 

TSRgrow’s YouTube channel is chock full of active clients testifying how using their LED light has reinvigorated their business. In some cases, crop yield increased by as much as 50 percent. After reviewing the research published on cannabis lighting systems, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Many growers have already noted the less-than-stellar intensity provided by HPS systems, and one semi-recent study from Business Wire also found that yields piqued in farms using broad-spectrum LEDs.

Courtesy of TSRgrow

Not all lights are created equal, and TSRgrow’s LED lighting is different from traditional LED lighting. Whereas other companies are more than happy to just sell light fixtures, TSRgrow takes lighting systems to the next level. Their Remote Power Servers, high performance LED lighting that removes ballast heat from the grow room (reducing HVAC and operating costs), and a monitoring software application known as GrowHub (more on that in a moment) work together to deliver more photons and maximize photosynthesis in your plants. 

“If utilized correctly, LED lighting has the potential to bring a lot of benefits to growers,” said Mikhail Sagal, a serial entrepreneur and inventor, and President of TSRgrow, though he places emphasis on if utilized correctly. “We’re not a lightbulb replacement firm,” Sagal’s second-in-command and TSRgrow co-founder Gary Arnold, chimed in, “even if a lot of people might buy that way right now.” Instead, their company offers something they call a “TOTALgrow Solution.”

On the fields of California or Colombia where cannabis can be grown out in the open, there are no distinctions between the elements. Temperature, humidity and wind all interact with one other to form a tightly interwoven ecosystem—a kind of interplay that is lost in most indoor weed farms. TSRgrow’s solutions don’t just allow growers to take control of the sun; they also give them power over things like heat, moisture, CO2 levels and irrigation. Even the direction of the air flow can be drawn and redrawn. 

Needless to say, advanced technology is useless if it isn’t intuitive to use. Fortunately, TSRgrow’s lighting systems come with a little something known as GROWHub. This software application, developed in-house from years of cultivation experiences and customer input, monitors the many variables within the grow chamber to offer guidance to growers to correct anomalies and errors. Pair that with a centralized remote power source that can be rerouted to withstand power outages and finely tuned to adapt to the strains being grown, and you have yourself a lighting system that can take whatever life throws its way. 

Courtesy of TSRgrow

For certain types of growers, having such complete control over their operations is somewhat of a luxury. For others, it’s nothing short of a necessity. “Growing outdoors is okay for recreational cannabis,” Sagal explained. “But if you are growing medical cannabis or in regions where outdoor cultivation is not possible for extended periods, you really need to have a well-regulated growing environment that ensures consistency and cleanliness, requiring the ability to monitor and fine-tune your facility.” 

And that’s not even talking about regulations. Did you know, for instance, that the state of California is planning to apply stricter guidelines on the amount of power, cultivator’s can use per square foot of growing space? The State of Massachusetts, which is estimated will soon use 10 percent of its total electric power to keep cannabis farms running every year, has already had such regulation in place for several years with 36 watts/square foot. Some states will be banning HPS lighting in the years ahead due to high energy consumption. “You never know where these regulations are going next,” Sagal commented, “so it’s best to be prepared with a lighting system as flexible, reliable and green as ours.” 

TSRgrow LED lighting solutions are a huge energy saver, with its GROWHub software, LED lighting platform, monitoring, and control. Also, the fact there are no ballasts on TSRgrow LED light fixtures,  eliminates the heat in the grow room. Having ballast-free lighting is also a lifesaver if one of your lights needs troubleshooting. This can be monitored digitally.

In a bygone time, cannabis was only cultivated in places that the plant naturally popped up. These days, as more and more states across the U.S. pass legislation to legalize marijuana, it’s as easy to find a cannabis farm in the cold, barren landscape of New England as it is in the Sunshine State. In these cases, technology makes up for the differences in climate, leading to a surge in electricity consumption like we see in Massachusetts. It’s a challenge minimizing the carbon footprint and being sustainably green with indoor cultivation. 

Courtesy of TSRgrow

Fortunately, TSRgrow LEDs jump in to save the day, once again, bringing value and sustainability. Aside from the fact that LEDs already are a greener, more environmentally friendly light than HPS, TSRgrow’s TOTALgrow™ Solutions can be adapted to run on solar energy or wind power. Arnold, long involved in developing alternative power sources, exclaimed, “It’s the kind of technology which, we believe, will be in higher demand in the future.” Especially as demand for cannabis continues to increase and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is required, as has been the case for some time now.  

TSRgrow is, as mentioned, is not in the business of replacing light bulbs. They are in the business of creating state-of-the-art, eco-friendly total lighting solutions that allow growers to study and control every little thing that happens on their farm. Along the way, these systems not only ensure that the cannabis industry can evolve in an organic, sustainable manner, but they also ensure growers that they are getting the most out of their product. Total, in this case, really means total. 

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When to Start Flowering Cannabis

The flowering stage of cannabis growth (depending on strain) usually takes place from 8 to 11 weeks. The cannabis growth cycle consists of four stages: germination (3 to 10 days), seedling (2 to 3 weeks), vegetative (3 to 16 weeks) and finally culminates in flowering (6 to 12 weeks). Many new growers are unsure of […]

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Do Male Cannabis Plants Produce Female Seeds

While cannabis is a dioecious plant (meaning it can be male, female or hermaphroditic), the short answer to whether or not male cannabis plants produce female seeds is no. The longer answer is also technically no, but requires a little more explanation. No worries, we’ll introduce you to the basics of feminized cannabis seeds as […]

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What Causes Cannabis Leaves To Curl? How To beat “The Claw”

It’s never a good sign when the serrated edges of cannabis plants take on a “canoe” shape and start curling upwards. In the immortal words of Jim Carrey: “It’s becoming the claw!” So what causes cannabis leaves to curl? Well, a lot of things. While cannabis is a hardy and resilient plant, it’s still susceptible to a […]

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Interactive Weed Wordsearch – Growing Cannabis Plants

Today’s interactive weed Wordsearch is all about growing cannabis plants. Since it’s legal, it’s time to familiarize yourself with some plant jargon. Have fun and remember, it’s always important to take the time to smell the roses… and dank bud! Did you win the puzzle? Want to play again? Refresh your screen and get ready […]

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Here are 4 personal weed growing systems worth trying

The modern cannabis market is an exciting place of wild products, soaring THC percentages, and futuristic gadgets. However, lost in all this glitz and glam is the fact that weed is, after all, just a flower you can grow yourself. 

While it’s simple to pop a seed in the ground and watch it sprout, growing high-quality cannabis can be difficult for a novice. Aside from factors like space to grow, access to sufficient light, and start-up costs, the plant itself is complex, finicky, and prone to pests like spider mites and powder mold. 

Thankfully, there’s a slew of brands, boxes, systems and tents that take the need for a big yard and a botany degree out of cultivating one of nature’s most incredible gifts. 

With most of the world stuck at home, trying their hand at everything from bread baking to Tik Tok dances, there’s never been a better (or financially relevant) time to learn how to grow your own weed. 

Whether your thumb is green or yet to be determined, we’ve rounded up a handful of growing systems to suit any situation, budget, and skill level. If you have to stay home for the foreseeable future, you might as well grow some weed. Here’s a couple starter systems to get you on your way. 

The Armoire

Discreet, classy, and reminiscent of its namesake, the Armoire is a perfect choice for the novice enthusiast looking for an easy and compact way to grow their own flower. 

To say it’s low maintenance would be an understatement, as the Armoire needs little more than to be plugged in, planted, and watered. With a 90-day concierge service, you’ll be guided through any questions or concerns, leading to many of their customers reporting yields of over a quarter pound in as little as 60—90 days.

The Armoire comes with everything you need to grow except the water, soil, and seed — all dubbed “consumables” — that will need to be replaced each new grow cycle. Designed to pass in every way as furniture, the 2 foot square is roughly 4.5 feet tall, and quieter than an aquarium. Coming in at over $1,000, it will set you back a bit. However, payment plans are available.

Price: $1,395

Topogrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

Next up is the Topogrow LED Grow Tent Kit, which exists on the other end of the spectrum from high-priced, low-maintenance products like the Armoire. 

This small, no-frills kit focuses on providing everything you need and nothing you don’t. The grow tent itself is about 2 feet X 2 feet X 4 feet, so you can fit a couple plants, and would be better off choosing short, stocky plants like indica, dwarf, or an autoflowering variety. 

The kit comes with LED grow lights, mylar tent, fan/filter/duct combo, and is available in a wide range of sizes and added accoutrement. The size we reviewed here tops out at a mere $330 for it all — not bad for a full set-up. If you’re in the market to grow your own, have a free closet or an extra bathroom, and are more concerned with function than fashion, the Topogrow Kit is for you. 

Price: $330

SpinnerXP by Spinner Grow

The SpinnerXP by Spinner Grow would be the high-tech Bentley of this bunch, extremely cool, extremely expensive, and yielding extreme results. 

Basically how it works is each plant site features a basket that allows you to fill it with a growing medium of your choice: soil, soilless (like peat or moss), and hydroponic options like HEC and perlite. In the automated SpinnerXP, each plant pod spins slowly, ensuring that every part of every plant receives equal light distribution, allowing equal growth from top to bottom (no canopy effect) and total environmental control over each plant. 

This product is for those who really want to grow some fucking weed. Each SpinnerXP model holds up to twelve different plants, and can fit easily in a room with 8-foot ceilings, so you’re going to need some space. Coming in at a whopping $2500 for the base setup, and $2750 for the recommended setup, you’d be looking at a 6-8 week harvest from clone to flower, and with up to 12 plants in a single harvest, one hell of a yield. 

Price: $2,500—$2,750

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand

While not initially conceived for growing weed, the Lettuce Grow Farmstand has gained a cult following with at-home growers trying their hand at cultivating a different type of consumable. 

Geared toward sustainability and the idea that great food should be easy to grow, each unit is made from recycled ocean plastic from coastal communities, and with every unit sold, one is donated to a school around the US. 

They’re available in models that house increments of 12 plants, 18 plants, or 24 plants, and cost between $350—$500, with payment plans available between $30—$50 a month. Due to its size and ability to yield high results with very little growing surface, the Lettuce Grow is perfect for balcony gardening outdoors. Lighting kits are available for additional purchase if you’re looking to grow inside. 

The unit comes preloaded with plant pods of your choice and nutrients, so all you’d have to do is switch out a plant pod for a cannabis clone, fill the unit up with water, and watch as your weed flowers to fruition. 

When asked of the Lettuce Grow’s application in cannabis farming, founder and CEO Jacob Pechenik said, “More and more, we are hearing about ‘Big Cannabis,’ large scale cultivation of cannabis by industrialized brands, where it is unclear where the product comes from, what is sprayed on it, and who is profiting. This is exactly what occurred within the food industry, which inspired us to launch Lettuce Grow.” 

He continued, “We know that most of the food we see on grocery store shelves has been processed, sprayed with chemicals, and is far from fresh by the time it reaches the consumer. And the same issues exist in cannabis. Lettuce Grow gives you the confidence that when you grow with us it won’t contain added pesticides, herbicides or other unwanted chemicals.” 

Price: $300—$500

Featured image by Armoire.

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