Where Does The Money Go?

Lately I’ve found myself advocating for higher priced brands quite often, and one of the most common things I hear from consumers in response are things like ‘Damn, those guys must not care about their end users!’ Or ‘where do they get off charging so much for a 3.5 grams of flower?’ When Dante did his piece for WEIRDOS a few weeks back it had a similar reaction. While I do understand the sentiment, I’d like to set the record straight a bit, because I assure you, if they didn’t care about providing you with the best possible products they can, they simply wouldn’t be in this business.

You see, the reason you hear so much about brands trying to go ‘vertical’, or racing to scale, is because as it turns out, there’s not a ton of money in selling weed anymore. In order to optimize profits, and frankly make the business worthwhile, brands need to move a LOT of work, as this really isn’t a high margin business in the legal landscape. In fact, there are a million hurdles even the smallest of brands have to overcome to get their product to market. They are burdened with hard costs, a complicated legal system, and in truth, the initial cultivators often have the smallest say in terms of end price. They’re just trying to stay afloat.

My dear friend Drew Coggio, proprietor of Green Dawg Cultivators, said poetically of the state of the industry right now:

“Overall, the operators starve while the city eats. The state reaps while farmers weep.” 

This couldn’t be more accurate, and I’d like to illustrate the reality of the game today.

Reverse Engineering The Price

Let’s journey down the path of a top shelf eighth (and we’ll say it’s been sold at a fairly priced store – none of that hype shop noise – to keep numbers consistent) of a company that’s not fully vertical. To the end consumer in Los Angeles, when starting at $60 on the shelf, this equates to about $81 out of pocket when all is said and done. Sounds like a ton of money, right? The farmers must be making a killing! Well hold on now, not so fast.

That eighth had to be sold to a retailer, so as we travel backwards down the path, let’s see how that $60 shrinks. Because remember, that extra $21 is tax. None of the operators eat off that, that’s the states money. 

The retailer probably bought it around $30, as retailers typically mark products up about 100% (on the fair side). So we’re at $30 to the farmer, right? But what about the distribution company? They might have bought it for $15/per, and marked it up, because they also need to make money, and provide a living wage to their employees. So now we’re at $15 per eighth, for a product that’s sold to the consumer for $60 – margins are shrinking fast, but still, $15 for 3.5 grams, surely that’s a killing for the farmer. Right? Not when you factor in expenses, my dear!

Courtesy of High Times

Production Costs

Before we get into the costs of actually creating a viable grow room, there are a lot of hard costs in cultivation. Things like electricity, and water, are essential to the indoor grow process, and while these prices vary by where in the state you’re operating, I’ve spoke to a few friends in the process of writing this to generalize the costs.

Depending on the yields of your plants, an eighth can cost between $9-12 to grow indoors at the highest quality. Now, that price scales to the more expensive end as you factor in things like exotics are typically lower yielders, and that some plants take longer to finish. 

But remember, the cultivator is also being taxed here. The state will come in and take about 5% of gross sales from the cultivator on top of all the taxes the end consumer is paying. They have also been paying a ~$170/lb tax that was just recently lifted by California since so many cultivators have been going under, but it’s important to note that this extremely recent change has yet to be felt by the cultivators. 

Then they’ve also got to package your products. Because ziplocks are no good anymore, the state requires all that child safe stuff, and it’s gotta happen before it hits the store. So besides all of the cultivation costs, there’s another dollar or two tacked on in hard costs just to brand the goods and get them to you. That means if the cultivator WAS seeing $15/eighth, after hard costs they’re only seeing around $1-5 per eighth in profit. 

Hardly anything to write home about, and we haven’t even gotten into what it takes to get to this point!

Pre Production Costs

We all know that top shelf indoor doesn’t grow in a dump, right? There’s a LOT that goes into setting up a room, and while it’s hard to deduct these costs from an individual eighth, I feel it’s important to give you some context into just how expensive setting up one of these rooms is, and how much it takes to run it. 

Build outs cost between $300-500 PER SQUARE FOOT of facility you’re operating in. That means if you’re setting up a 1,000 sq ft facility you’re looking at $300-500k, or at 10,000 sq ft $3-5 million. 

Past that, those expenses I mentioned have monthly costs. Operating the facility can cost between $5-8 per sq foot per month. That can translate to $5-8k per month at a 1,000 sq ft facility, or $50-80k per month at the 10,000 size. As you can see, these numbers are adding up QUICK. 

And we haven’t even added in the costs to actually become a legal operator, and not just a traditional one. That probably takes another million or so as it’s such an annoying and complicated process that I’m not even going to get into it. 

So with hundreds of thousands in set up costs, tens of thousands in operational per month, and around $3 profit per eighth, remind me again about how greedy these guys are? The cultivators, not the state. Those guys are caking up.

Courtesy of High Times

The Man

The sad truth is the one who’s fucking us here isn’t the cultivator, it’s the government. Their crazy taxes and restrictions are the reason why most of this process is so expensive, and why hardly anyone is making a great check right now. To break them down quickly, and using Los Angeles as an example, 34.5% of whatever the final cost of your goods are went directly to the government in this county. That means over 1/3 of what you’re paying doesn’t feed or support any of the people actually involved in the making of your product – just the legislators making this process so difficult for them. 

That 34.5% breaks down as follows: 15% State Excise Tax, 10% City Tax, 9.25% County tax. All to the man for giving you the privilege to spend this much money on weed.

Even worse, U.S. Tax Code 280E says that everyone involved in the sale of federally illegal *drugs* are taxed at the highest rate possible, which means that 43-47% of anything those involved in the process makes goes right back to the feds. They are literally doing everything they can to make sure these guys DON’T make money.

I haven’t even gotten into the mechanics of retailers and distributors, who while I understand may also seem greedy off the rip because of their mark ups, are actually mostly barely surviving as well. It’s easy to forget how hard it is to run a business, to feed your staff, and pay all your bills – in any industry. But I assure you, the game is further rigged in cannabis – and that’s why everyone’s so excited to sell merch!

Support your people

When all’s said and done, I understand why consumers are pissed about prices. The state of the industry today sucks, truly. But it’s not the fault of those of us who are cultivating, it’s largely due to the states greed. While we all want a better tomorrow, let’s do our best to help those who ARE focused on providing us with the best products possible, and not just those with the money to race to scale to make MORE money off us. I understand that quantity looks appetizing, but trust me, quality will get you there way faster, every time.

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Study Shows Flower Still Reigns Supreme in U.S., Canada as Consumer Favorite

Flower is indeed still king, and new research proves it. The paper, which researchers say is “one of the most comprehensive assessments of cannabis consumption at the population level in Canada and the U.S. to date,” examines trends in cannabis consumption patterns in Canada and the United States between 2018 and 2020, with authors recognizing the “rapidly diversified” market in both countries since the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis.

Of course, consumption methods may solely come down to what a user prefers, however, as authors note in the abstract, “… mode of administration has important implications for cannabis potency, pharmacokinetic effects, and consumer patterns of use.”

This study looked at the use of different cannabis products in population-based surveys in Canada and the U.S., examining changes over time in the prevalence of use of different cannabis products, along with frequency of use and consumption amongst each product type.

Respondents aged 16 to 65 years were recruited from commercial panels in Canada and the U.S. in states with and without a legal, adult-use cannabis market. Researchers collected data on frequency and consumption amounts for nine types of cannabis products, including dried flower, oils and concentrates, edibles and more. Consumers were also asked about habits around mixing cannabis and tobacco, and researchers collected sociodemographic information to examine any correlates of consumption.

Findings were consistent with previous surveys, ultimately noting that flower still reigns supreme among consumers, regardless of whether those consumers took part in a legal or illegal cannabis marketplace. However, researchers noted the popularity of other formations of cannabis, especially in markets with the option to legally purchase from licensed retailers.

While dried flower was the most commonly used product, examining the past 12-month use among consumers between 2018 and 2020 showed a decline in Canada (81% to 73%), as well as the U.S. legal (78% to 72%) and illegal states (81% to 73%). When looking at prevalence of past 12-month use, researchers observed an increase for virtually all other product forms, though the prevalence of daily use remained stable throughout the observed years.

Following flower, edibles and vape oils were the most commonly used cannabis products in 2020. The use of non-flower products was also highest in U.S. legal states, though similar trends were observed in all jurisdictions covered by the study.

Men were most likely to report the use of processed products. Vape oils were the most commonly processed product among surveyed 16 to 20-year-olds, consistent with other recent research that cannabis vaping is the most popular method of cannabis consumption among U.S. adolescents.

Researchers also noted that the daily use of cannabis flower has increased in all U.S. states, whether adult-use cannabis is illegal or not, and the average joint size has also increased across all jurisdictions over time.

While it may not seem shocking that flower once again comes out on top, these findings offer some insight surrounding the road ahead. Namely, flower may not be “king” forever.

In the conclusion of their report, authors note, “The findings highlight the rapidly evolving nature of the cannabis product market, including notable shifts in the types of cannabis products used by consumers. … Although dried flower continues to dominate the market, it has begun declining with a notable shift towards increasing popularity of processed cannabis products.”

Recent data from Headset, looking at cannabis markets in California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state seem to echo the same trends, according to an MJBizDaily report. According to retail sales data from the six states, cannabis sales grew from $4.92 billion in 2020 to $5.49 billion in 2021, but the flower’s overall share of the market fell.

According to Headset Senior Data Analyst Cooper Ashley, last year saw a 11.5% increase in flower sales, less than the 18% jump in overall cannabis sales. Sales of edibles, in comparison, increased from $1.14 billion to $1.37 billion over the same time period, up 20.4%. Flower was also the third-slowest-growing product category, ahead of topicals and tinctures/sublinguals.

Even though it has some other contenders to play with in the modern age, it’s unlikely flower will fall from its throne any time soon. Though, as the industry continues to rapidly grow and shift, who are we to predict the trends to come?

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The Winners of The Hemp Cup: People’s Choice 2022

High Times Cup competitions are a unique way for the industry to go up against the best of the best in the cannabis space — not only for high THC but hemp products as well. The Hemp Cup: People’s Choice 2022 unites both competitors and judges across the entire hemp space. 

We are pleased to announce the High Times Hemp Cup winners, presented by Hemp Hop. Thank you to our Silver Sponsor, Orange County CBD, and to our Bronze Sponsor, Sweet Sensi CBD.


First Place: Flow Gardens – Blue Cheese #12 Flower

Courtesy of Flow Gardens

Second Place: Healing Canopy – White Triploid CBG Flower

Courtesy of Healing Canopy

Third Place: Grateful Beginnings Farm – Sour Lifter Flower

Courtesy of Grateful Beginnings Farm


First Place: Sweet Sensi CBD – Improved Berry Blossom #17 Cigar

Courtesy of Sweet Sensi

Second Place: Hemp Hop – Pacific Cooler HHC Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Hemp Hop

Third Place: CBD Hemp Direct – Honolulu Haze #3 Pre-Roll

Courtesy of CBD Hemp Direct


First Place: Metta Hemp – HHC Wet Sugar

Courtesy of Metta Hemp

Second Place: Alliance Hemp Co. – Gas CBD Terpsolate

Courtesy of Alliance Hemp Co.

Third Place: Piur Select – Tennessee Tangie Flower Sift Rosin

Courtesy of Piur Select

Vape Pens

First Place: 3Chi – Blue Dream HHC Vape

Courtesy of 3Chi

Second Place: STNR – Tangie HHC Sativa Vape

Courtesy of STNR

Third Place: Rove Remedies – Uplift Vape

Courtesy of Rove Remedies

Edibles: Gummies

First Place: Pow-Pow: OG Kush Blood Orange Live Resin Gummies

Courtesy of Pow-Pow

Second Place: Galaxy Treats – Tropical Kush Moon Babies

Courtesy of Galaxy Treats

Third Place: Martha Stewart – Harvest Medley Wellness Gummies

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Edibles: Non-Gummies

First Place: Realize – Citrus-Mango Drink Mix

Courtesy of Realize

Second Place: Buddy’s Chocolate Haus – Hemp Oil Infused Mint Chocolate Bar

Courtesy of Buddy’s Chocolate Haus

Third Place: Sweet Sensi CBD – CBD Chocolate Truffles

Courtesy of Sweet Sensi


First Place: By George! CBD – CBD Salve

Courtesy of By George! CBD

Second Place: Care Division – Carefree – Pain Relief Cream

Courtesy of Care Division

Third Place: Horn Creek Hemp – Redemption Body Recovery Oil

Courtesy of Horn Creek Hemp


First Place: Rove Remedies – Sleep Tincture

Courtesy of Rove Remedies

Second Place: Care Division – Dream – Sleep Aid Tincture

Courtesy of Care Division

Third Place: Lifessence – All Natural CBD Oil

Courtesy of Lifessence


First Place: Tayco – R.S.O Capsules

Courtesy of Tayco

Second Place: Vivimu – #Relax CBN Softgels

Courtesy of Vivimu

Pet Products

First Place: Mary’s Tails – Calm & Quiet Hemp Canine Chewables

Courtesy of Mary’s Tails

Second Place: Mary Palmer – Best Bud’s Bacon-Flavored CBD Dog Treats

Courtesy of Mary Palmer

Third Place: CBD Living – Peanut Butter CBD Calming Support Dog Chews

Courtesy of CBD Living

Delta 8 Inhalables

First Place: Euphorica – Maui Wowie D8:D10 Sativa Vape

Courtesy of Euphorica

Second Place: Rove Remedies – D8 Vape

Courtesy of Rove Remedies

Third Place: Sugar Extrax – Lemonade Kush D8:D10:THC-O Vape

Courtesy of Sugar Extrax

Delta 8 Non-Inhalables

First Place: Derived Creations – Chewy Sea Salt Caramels

Courtesy of Derived Creations

Second Place: 3Chi – Watermelon Delta 8 THC Gummies

Courtesy of 3Chi

Third Place: JustCBD – Delta 8 Peaches – Interstellar Gummies

Courtesy of JustCBD

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B-Real Debuts Flower Line at Select Dispensaries

Hip-hop legend B-Real is dropping his first-ever line of flower on March 28 at Dr. Greenthumb’s and Cookies dispensaries. We chatted with the Cypress Hill rapper about how his career led to a love of cannabis, the story behind his new strain, his selection process and more. Read on to get inside the mind of B-Real.

Courtesy of B-Real

What inspired you to start this line of flower, and why is cannabis important to you?
Dr. Greenthumb’s goes back to a time when the only people around cannabis were the ones who loved it, or perhaps trying to lock you up for it. So much has changed over the years. I just wanted to do something that I knew was going to bring the mindset back to the late 90s or early 2000s. I just think that for so many of us, that was the heart; those are the days when we talked about weed being legal, like really legal, across the country and just not even really believing it was gonna happen. 

And now, here we are, and so many of those people are washed up already, run over with taxes or regulations or just the investment needed. For better or worse, this is what legalization looks like, at least right now, and I guess I just feel like what people want are those days gone by. At the same time, there are a lot of people out there just getting access and still learning, and the right thing to do when there’s a new person is to invite them into the smoke circle. But, you teach them the culture, you share what’s important. I think that’s what I’m trying to do here. I want to point out what’s important in our history and our culture.

What was your process like selecting strains and genetics? 
Man, that’s always the fun part, right? You know, my team, they do a great job; my man Kenji has been in the game since forever. He’s out looking for those farms, those dope spots done right by the people who should be here, who should be winning in this new legal world. When he finds them, then I get samples. Really, it’s like it always has been. The sight, the smell, feeling the bud, rolling it up, that whole experience. And then, of course smoking. The flavor and high. When it’s the good stuff you know, that’s what we’re looking to highlight.

What is your favorite strain, and why? 
OG Kush—I mean, hey, a legend is a legend for a reason. It’s the whole package.

What do you want the future of your line to look like, and what are your goals? 
You know, the future of my line is the future of legacy cannabis. What do WE want it to look like? Do we want it all exotic? Do we want it back in the kush days, or even the pre-kush days? I’m not trying to be the one voice telling people what they should like or what cannabis should be. That’s not really it. I’m more like trying to provide the open-mic night, the forum and the stage, so these guys, and gals, can show the world how they are holding it down.

Courtesy of B-Real

I want to make sure that when we look out 10 or 20 years from now, and this industry is just commonplace, we don’t just have a bunch of Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs. I want the heart to still be there; I want us to be happy we won, that we got weed legalized. I don’t want us wishing we had just kept it illegal because we all lost. Fuck that.

Why is cannabis advocacy important to you, and what do you do to support it? 
Cannabis has always been there. I never felt there was anything wrong with it. You know, recently I was reminded by a longtime friend of mine, Jdee, that back in the early ’90s, he tried to put me on a malt liquor 40oz commercial payday. He reminded me that back then I told him that I didn’t care about alcohol, that I wasn’t giving a shit about people drinking malt 40s.

Apparently I told him that I was trying to legalize weed. I believe it, because as far as I can remember, that’s been how I’ve felt. I try to lend my voice where I can. I’ve never been afraid to be open about it. I just try to keep the topic in front of people, do my best to support the culture. That sort of thing.

Do you have any upcoming music announcements or other projects you’d like to plug? 
Yeah for sure, the new Cypress Hill Album is called Back in Black, and it dropped on March 18. We’re going on tour; it’s gonna be a great show for sure. Also, I dropped a solo album not too long ago called Tell You Somethin; definitely peep that, worked with Scott Storch on that one.

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Just Announced – High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice 2022

We are stoked to announce the High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice 2022. This will be the largest competition held in history, with more than 3,300 judge kits and 17 categories across recreational and medical products.

To keep things safe and compliant, the competition will feature a digital awards show only. Judging is done from home, and there is no live event. And that’s good news for consumers—judging is open to everyone who is eligible to purchase cannabis in the state!

“The People’s Choice Cups open up the coveted Cannabis Cup judging experience to the world in a time when people need it most,” said Mark Kazinec, High Times Director of Competitions & Events. “Judging is no longer reserved for the Snoop Doggs and Willie Nelsons of the world, and we have 10 times the amount of judge kits available than in previous years.

“While the majority of America is working from home, or not working at all, we now have the opportunity to test and rank quality cannabis products from a wide range of producers from the comfort of our own home to help crown the best in each state. For brands, this is the best way to get your product into the hands of hundreds of new consumers and get real feedback, especially in a time of no live events. For Judges, this is the best job you’ll ever have, and the best way to see which products work best for you.”

Historically, Cannabis Cups have been judged by up to 200 judges is as many as 10 categories. In an effort to keep the competition thriving during the onset of the pandemic in 2020, High Times created our People’s Choice events, opening the door to an ever-increasing number of judges and product categories than ever before.

“In previous years, Cannabis Cups were judged amongst only about 200 judges across eight to 10 categories,” Kazinec continued. “Since the inception of People’s Choice in 2020, we increased the number of judge kits from 200 to 2,000. This April, we are launching the largest-ever Cannabis Cup in history with 17 unique categories across Recreational and Medical products for a total of over 3,300 judge kits. We plan to increase distribution so that every area of Michigan is covered as best as possible. If this year is anything like last year, we expect lines of enthusiasts ready to purchase their kits at the select dispensaries, which may very well sell out within a few days.” 

The High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice Edition is aimed to identify and award the best cannabis products in all of Michigan, all across a wide range of different categories, which are to be judged by the great people of Michigan.

These events wouldn’t be possible without the support from our partners. “A huge shoutout to the team at Red White & Bloom for taking on the Intake process with us which consists of 10-14 long, sweaty days of receiving product, building judge kits, and transporting to retailers. We’ll be announcing our other sponsors and retailer partners soon, all of whom make the success of the Cannabis Cup Michigan possible,” Kazinec shared.

May the best products win!

Michigan Entry Categories:

  1. Rec Indica Flower (4 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  2. Rec Sativa Flower (4 entries Max per Company)  (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  3. Rec Hybrid Flower (4 entries Max per Company)  (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  4. Rec Pre-Rolls (3 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  5. Rec Infused Pre-Rolls (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  6. Rec Solvent Concentrates (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  7. Rec Non-Solvent Concentrates (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  8. Rec Distillate Vape Pens & Cartridges (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  9. Rec Non-Distillate Vape Pens & Cartridges (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  10. Rec Edibles: Gummies (3 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  11. Rec Edibles: Non-Gummies (3 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  12. Rec Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals (3 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  13. MEDICAL Indica Flower (4 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)
  14. MEDICAL Sativa Flower (4 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)
  15. MEDICAL Hybrid Flower (4 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)
  16. MEDICAL Pre-Rolls (4 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)
  17. MEDICAL Edibles (3 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)

Entry Requirements:

Flower/Pre-Rolls: (228) 1-gram samples in retail-ready packaging. 3.5 gram samples will not be accepted.
Concentrates & Vape Pens: (228) 0.5-gram samples in retail-ready packaging. 1 gram samples will not be accepted.
Edibles: (100) samples in retail-ready packaging.
Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals: (60) samples in retail-ready packaging.

Entry Pricing:

1 entry: $500
2 entries: $250 each, for a total of $500
3 or more entries: Fees will be waived


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Cannabis Flower Sales Begin in Louisiana

Legal sales of smokable cannabis flower began in Louisiana over the long holiday weekend, giving patients registered with the state’s medical cannabis program a new option for accessing their medication of choice.

Louisiana lawmakers legalized the medical use of cannabis in 2015, with dispensary sales of regulated medical cannabis products beginning in 2019. Under the state’s program, patients with one or more qualifying medical conditions could receive a recommendation from their doctors to use cannabis medicinally.

But limitations of the program drew criticism from medical marijuana advocates. The supply of medical cannabis in Louisiana was strictly regulated, with only three cultivators affiliated with state university programs authorized to grow medical cannabis in the state. Only nine dispensaries distributed throughout the state were permitted to dispense medicinal cannabis to patients.

Additionally, inhalable medical cannabis products including vapes and flower were prohibited under Louisiana’s medical cannabis program, which only allowed forms of cannabis including tinctures, topicals and gummies. Metered-dose vaporizers were authorized in 2019, but smokable forms of marijuana remained unavailable to patients.

Last year, Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards approved legislation to expand Louisiana’s medical marijuana program that included the addition of raw forms of cannabis to the menu of allowable products. Legal sales of smokable medical cannabis began in the state on January 1.

“It’s an exciting day; it feels like the first day again from August 2019 when the first products became available,” said John Davis of Good Day Farms, the private partner and grower for the Louisiana State University AgCenter.

More Choice for Patients

Advocates for including smokable cannabis flower in Louisiana’s medical marijuana program argued that the processed forms of cannabis available to patients are more expensive than dried forms of the plant. Ruston Henry, owner and pharmacist at New Orleans licensed dispensary H&W Drug Store, told local media that permitting lower-cost cannabis flower will benefit the state’s medical marijuana patients.

“That cost saving is passed onto the customers,” Henry said. “If you decrease the cost, it’s one less barrier that’s an impediment to the patients. More people should be able to participate in this program.”

Patients, however, say they have not seen a reduction in the price they are paying. Corbet King, who uses medical cannabis to treat chronic pain and bipolar disorder, drove for an hour to West Monroe to visit Delta MedMar, a licensed cannabis dispensary in northeastern Louisiana. But he said that he was disappointed by the prices of cannabis flower, which he noted can be bought far less expensively from illicit sources.

“They said it would be cheaper, but it’s not,” said King. “I’ve been waiting on the flower option, but this more than double the street price” of unregulated cannabis.

“I feel like we were lied to,” King added.

With Saturday’s launch of legal sales, prices for one-eighth of an ounce of cannabis flower at Louisiana’s nine licensed dispensaries ranged from $35 in St. Charles up to $80 in New Orleans, according to media reports. Greg Morrison, a co-owner of Delta MedMar, said that prices would likely come down as more patients join the medical cannabis program and suppliers make more products available.

“When there are more patients and more products, prices are going to be more affordable,” Morrison said.

Davis said that Good Day Farms has ramped up its cultivation to meet the demand for smokable forms of marijuana, with two cannabis strains available now and additional varietals in production.

“They’re stocked up right now, and there is more flower in the department of agriculture and forestry’s testing pipeline that will be available (we are) anticipating (in) mid-January,” he said.

“So over time, we’re going to be releasing additional strains to the market so that patients will have an ever-increasing strain selection,” Davis added.

Republican state Representative Tanner Magee, the speaker pro-tem of the Louisiana House of Representatives and the sponsor of the medical cannabis expansion bill, told reporters that he was concerned about early reports of high prices on newly available cannabis flower.

“It’s the first day, but I’m going to monitor it and see if there needs to be adjustments moving forward,” said Magee. “One of the primary reasons to expand the options in the program was to make the medicine more affordable and accessible.”

Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Mike Strain said that the addition of cannabis flower to the state’s medical marijuana program is likely to change how patients take their medicine.

“I think there’s going to be a shift in consumption patterns,” Strain said. “We will probably have some overall increase in utilization, but it will remain to be seen. We’ll know in about six months.”

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Jon’s Stone Cold Quarantine Cop List: 18th Edition

Can y’all believe it’s almost Christmas? I know I’ve probably said this several times by now, but I’m still feeling like we’re in some kind of fever dream back in Q1 of 2020—now you want me to believe it’s almost 2022? You’re kidding. Where has the time gone? 

Well my friends, with the close of the year, we’re finally saying goodbye to the Quarantine Cop List. Despite its best efforts, it seems that the world will not be shutting back down, and this title has grown a bit stale. But never fear my little deviants, because we’re not going anywhere. Starting in January we’ll return with our original column branding, the Stone Cold Cop List, dropping the quarantine and getting straight into the action. Hopefully this makes everyone forget that dark time in our lives, since nothing else is revolving around it anymore… LOL (I’m going to keep the edition numbers running though, so don’t be surprised when you see #19 next month!)

To get into the holiday spirit for this one, I tried to find an entirely new crop for y’all. I will admit, this was a way harder feat than I expected. We’ve covered a lot of ground here already in our 17 past lives. That’s over 170 products! However, thanks to Hall of Flowers Palm Springs event, and my recent trip back to New York, this one should speak to nearly everyone. We’ve even got Ice Cream this time, folks. 

Although new to this list, and my coverage, don’t be surprised if you recognize a few of these names. Those with a good view of the market should be familiar with some past award winners, as well as a newly legal operator, mentioned below. You might have also seen the hype around others. If you caught an L too, or just want to tell me about what you’re next cop is, hit me on Twitter and we can hash it out: @joncappetta

Candypaint Flowers

Courtesy Candypaint

Newly licensed and fresh on the scene, Candypaint was without question the belle of the ball at Hall of Flowers Palm Springs event. I should back up and start by saying that I’ve been chasing this kid since last spring when I got a sample of his batch of Runtz, which remains the best expression of the cultivar I’ve seen to date. It’s clear his work has only improved with time, and that his move to the recreational market hasn’t sacrificed any quality. Although his Bolo is the star of the show right now, I also got a peek at the 996 that’s dropping in January and let me just say, you’re going to want to taste it all. Between the smell of these nugs, and the absolutely insane frost coverage, you’re probably going to post pictures of these on your instagram.

Team Elite Genetics

Courtesy Team Elite Genetics

Speaking of posting on your insta, here’s another brand that takes photogenic to entirely new heights. Team Elite should be a familiar name to those who have paid attention to the Cannabis Cup historically. The frequent award winner doesn’t only grow beautiful-looking plants, the terps are next level too. I’ve always been a fan of their Orange varietals, like the ‘Orange Soda’ and ‘Orange Juice’ cuts they’ve run for years, but their new heat is just as vibrant. Pearadise has a deliciously potent flavor that sticks on your pallet through the entire smoke, and will continue to linger long after. Not only that, but this was such a perfectly energizing high that it may become part of my new morning routine.

Mikey Likes It 

Courtesy Mikey Likes It

This is a first for the Cop List, but as you all know I’m a snack fiend, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I’m also into Ice Cream. Well friends, let me let you in—I’ve found the top of the frozen dairy mountain. Based out of New York City, but shipping across the country, Mikey Likes It’s Ice Cream is without question the best I’ve ever had, and I’m a guy who has waited in a LOT of lines for ice cream. Mikey pulled up on me during my trip to New York at the next list mention with all of his flavors and unleashed the magic. It was otherworldly. Besides having the single best cookie dough concoction I’ve ever had, his strawberry cheesecake was also a dream. Dude even makes a green ice cream that tastes like cucumbers that somehow smashes. I’ve been drooling about it for weeks since. If you’re in New York it’s definitely worth the trip to one of his three locations, but I’m not waiting until my next trip—we’ll see how cross-country ice cream delivery goes.

Astor Club

Courtesy Astor Club

I was going to mention this spot in the Mikey segment, but these guys deserve their own extended shout so boom. Nestled on the lower east side of Manhattan, Astor Club is a members only cannabis speakeasy that while moving plenty of local work, specializes in exotics hard to acquire even in California. While there are many places across the globe trying to perfect the cannabis lounge experience right now, none provide the kind of atmosphere and community you’ll find at this little hideaway.

Fresh Baked

Courtesy Fresh Baked

My guys at High Rise had put me onto Fresh Baked ages ago, but I’ll be honest, with so much work in the market, it took me much longer than I should have to finally check out all their gear. As you know I don’t mind saying—y’all, I’ve been sleeping. These nugs don’t just look pretty, the nose on them is overpowering—it will turn the volume up on your room damn near instantly. Maybe don’t break these out in public. While their Cherry Fritter is sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter your audience, it was their Versace that I’m going to be chasing after for awhile. The true hybrid won’t knock you out, but it will make the day seem far more gentle, if that makes sense, and you’ll crave it after the high fades. 


Courtesy Oakfruitland

Another true hybrid, let’s talk about Oakfruitland’s V-Power. I’ve been hearing rumblings about these guys for awhile now, and Hall of Flowers was my chance to finally catch them in real time. While everyone has raved about their Oak-lato, I’m far more interested in new terps, and their soon to release V-Power is just different enough to be dangerous. There’s definitely a hint of that nose in there, but with a cheesier finish, it’s quite nice. My favorite part about these guys though, as it’s far from the state’s norm, is that they list their Terpene counts on the packaging, so if you’re a Caryophyllene fan, this one’s for you.

Salehe’s Crocs

Courtesy Salehe

I’ve never really been a designer fanboy, but there’s something about all of Salehe’s work that just hits on multiple angles for me. Something about his use of natural colors, and familiar patterns, and textures, that reminds me of the feeling I get from Talking Terps work, which for lack of a better term I call an organic cool. Well, he’s done it again, and again with a brand that I previously viewed as even less attractive than his other recent collaborators, New Balance. While that may sound like shade it’s not—it is incredibly more difficult to take something unattractive and make it appealing than it is to make a cool version of the J1 or dunk. Dude’s got me catching L’s on a brand I said I’d never wear. I even woke up early and everything! While the first round went lightning fast (five minutes into presale) and the resale rates are insane, I’m sure there’s more coming so keep an eye out!


Courtesy GroWolf

While there are several brands getting their footing in New York right now, many are just importing their work from out of state and working on building a name for themselves. Few are growing locally, and craft cannabis production hasn’t fully taken off like it has elsewhere. This has to do more with the maturity of the market than anything else, but I was very pleased to meet with GroWolf during my time back home to see some local small batch work. While many people can grow, what I find most impressive about these guys is actually their curing ability—my dude’s finishing RIGHT, which is infinitely harder. The terps on the flowers he showed me were clearly properly tended, so I’m excited to watch him develop. My personal favorite from his recent crop was his Slurricane, if you can manage to snag any!

167 Exotics

Courtesy 167 Exotics

Continuing on the New York tip, here’s a new jack I’m keeping my eye on. Looking like a young Doja Pak for the tri-state area, 167 Exotics is off to a pretty excellent start, pushing exo’s and rubbing elbows with rappers. Currently known as the Maqui plug in NYC, I’ve seen this kid pop up in a lot of the right rooms lately, and with a lot of gas in tow. My personal favorite from his collection was the Sour Sniffits, which had me actually enjoying a vape cart for the first time in years, but given how he moves I expect the hype around this guy to only grow.

BeMore Blunts

Courtesy Be More Blunts

I’m dangerously close to calling these the best blunts in the game right now. I’m typically a little sus of pre-rolled blunt products, even on the legal market. It’s not personal, but if I don’t see the weed go into it I’m not confident the experience is going to be worth the cost premium, and that’s a lot of weed to waste if things go south. Well I’ve only smoked two of these so far, but they’ve both blown me so far away in terms of experience that I’m considering smoking nothing but wood tips any longer. While this is a new brand that I just learned about at Hall of Flowers, this is definitely one I’m more than comfortable saying try ASAP, no matter the SKU. You might end up brand-loyal with these guys.

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Flower Connoisseur Gift Guide

Among the many ways to partake in the wonders of cannabis, flower still reigns supreme. There’s nothing more satisfying than smoking expertly grown herb. If you know someone who loves flower the way we do, then you know there are a ton of options for gifts—but it isn’t always easy to narrow down the best varieties. Fortunately, we’ve done all the heavy lifting in that department, making it ultra-easy for you to find the hottest trending pipes, vapes, pre-rolls and strains for your loved ones this holiday.

Photo Courtesy of Dab Daddy

Dab Daddy Concentrates & Flower—Sophistication in Options

The Dab Daddy portfolio of beautifully crafted products gives you choice in cannabis. Not new to cannabis but new to the market, the company strives to provide the very highest quality possible in a smoking experience, specializing in the concentrate realm. From its own potent indoor grown flower, to diamonds, perfected, every step of the growing and extraction process is meticulously overseen to ensure optimal greatness. Consistency, potency, and incredible flavor profiles are all of top priority when it comes to creating any Dab Daddy product. For these reasons Dab Daddy stands as the pinnacle of concentrates by exploring innovative extraction techniques and proprietary product development. They truly live up to their brands philosophy, “For stoners by stoners.” Check them out on Instagram @dabdaddyinc.

Price: Starting at $25 


Photo Courtesy of Boundless Technology

Boundless Technology—The Vexil

User friendly? Check. Discreet? Check. Sustainable? Check. Combustion-based? Uncheck. Boundless makes the easiest, most discreet, reusable products on the market, all without the harmful effects of combustion. The newest addition to the Boundless Family is The Vexil, an herb-centric vape that packs a punch without compromising flavor! Simply grind up your favorite flower, pull apart the magnetized cap, place in your herb, turn it on to allow the unit to heat up, and enjoy! Built with four levels of customizable temperatures, you can even change the flavor profile and taste of your herb with the push of a button! Need more discretion? The Vexil comes equipped with a handy stealth mode to hide the RGB light on the unit. When it comes to The Vexil, there’s no doubt that Boundless Technology is providing the perfect stocking stuffer for your holiday needs!

Price: $99.99


Photo Courtesy of Eyce

Eyce ORAFLEX Spoon

Do you love the look of a hand-blown pipe but need the durability of platinum cured silicone? Look no further. Introducing the Eyce ORAFLEX Spoon—a revolutionary double layered, silicone pipe featuring beautiful, hand painted detailing. Long gone are the days of sacrificing art and style for durability, the Eyce ORAFLEX Spoon is exactly what you’re looking for. The ORAFLEX Spoon comes in four designs—Switchback, Honeycomb, Floral, and Spiral—and each design features five colorways. This guy is truly our finest work yet, snag yours today. Sale: Save 15 percent off the new Eyce ORAFLEX line this Holiday season with code HT15.

Price: $29.99


Photo Courtesy of Arizer


Cultivate the connoisseur in you with the Arizer Solo II—Arizer’s most powerful portable vaporizer. Carefully sourced, high quality components provide a worry-free experience. Smooth and tasty vapor the way you like it—isolated airpath and all-glass vapor path. Fast heat up—reaches vaporization temperatures in under a minute. Incredible battery life—three hours of use per charge. Activate natural terpene profiles and maximize the potential of your favorite dry herb with the Original Refillable Glass Pod Vaporizer Systems, only from Arizer. Backed by manufacturer’s warranty and industry leading customer service. Through extensive research and exceptional design, Arizer has continually raised the bar and set new standards in quality and performance. Experience why Arizer is Better by Design.

Price: $269.99


Photo Courtesy of Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms

Lowell Herb Co. just launched its 2021 holiday collection, including the Ho Ho Ho Hybrid Smokes Pack! Lowell’s holiday hybrid blend is an impeccable way to pass the time while you wait for Santa to visit your chimney. If indica or sativa is more your speed, check out their other limited-edition blends like the Silent Night Indica and the Sleigh Ride Sativa. 

Price: $45


Photo Courtesy of Delta Extracts

Delta Extrax

Premium Delta 8 THC infused hemp flower is available from Delta Extrax. This top-shelf flower has the best that hemp has to offer! The Delta 8 adds the perfect boost that natural-raw hemp flower is missing. The aromas from this flower include a very pungent diesel like smell that is sensed when you open the bag. The sativa part of Sour Diesel has an uplifting experience that will clear your mind and get your creative juices flowing. (Use coupon code HIGHTIMES20 to get 20 percent off.)

Price: $26.99 – $35.99


Photo Courtesy of Pinnacle Hemp

Delta 8 Pinnacle Blue Zkittles—Indica Enhanced

Pinnacle Hemp has some amazing Delta 8 hemp flower. The brand has a few different terpene profiles but its Blue Zkittles Indica is amazing. Hemp, CBD, Delta 8 and indica terpenes make a gas combo.

Price: $29.99-49.99


Photo Courtesy of Arcanna Flower

Arcanna Flowers—True Berrymore

Owned by a husband and wife duo who recently concluded their 22nd cultivation season together, Arcanna Flowers is the culmination of a long history of family cultivation. Located in Redwood Valley, California, this farms takes outdoor growing to the next level with uniquely curated strains like True Berrymore. This house strain is a limited edition delight that’s full of tart berry and sweet tones, and effects that are described as “frisky and playful.”

Price: $40 3.5 grams


Photo Courtesy of Bountiful Farms

Bountiful Farms—Secret Formula

Bountiful Farms is establishing the precedent for high-quality cannabis on the east coast. Based in Massachusetts, the company strives to set a new standard of trust and integrity in the cannabis industry. This reliability is seen in flowers such as Secret Formula, which was a High Times Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2021 first place winner for the indica category. Secret Formula is a cross between Wifi 34 and Dosido, which was the result of a year-long pheno hunt and is known for its OG potency.

Price: $55 for 3.5 grams


Photo Courtesy of High Latitude Farms

High Latitude Farms—Powdered Donuts

Nestled in the Hood River Valley in northern Oregon, High Latitude Farms is founded and operated by local growers who are proud to embrace sustainable growing practices such as using their cooling retention ponds as a fully equipped fish hatchery to stock local bodies of water with trout. However, their focus is, of course, to produce high quality premium cannabis. Strains such as Powdered Donuts, which they describe as “ever beautiful and always delicious,” is cross between Orange Cookies and Jet Fuel Gelato that offers a pleasantly citrusy and sweet flavor.

Price: $13 for 1 gram


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Flower to be Permitted Following First Regulatory Meeting in New York

Medical marijuana patients in New York state will soon be able to do something for the first time in the five-year history of the program: purchase smokable marijuana.

The state’s newly formed regulatory board approved the sale of marijuana flower on Tuesday, broadening the offerings of a medicinal pot marketplace that had only featured the likes of vaping products and oils. 

It was the first meeting for the so-called Cannabis Control Board, which is comprised of five board members and is “charged with implementing the Marihuana Regulation & Taxation Act and advancing the cannabis industry in New York State.”

The meeting came two weeks after New York Gov. Kathy Hochul made her final two appointments to the panel. 

The Cannabis Control Board operates under the Office of Cannabis Management, which was created by the law passed earlier this year that legalized recreational pot use in the state of New York. 

As defined under the law, the Office of Cannabis Management is “a first in the nation comprehensive regulatory structure to oversee the licensure, cultivation, production, distribution, sale and taxation of medical, adult-use and cannabinoid hemp within New York State.”

New York Makes a Change

But while recreational marijuana sales are still roughly 18 months away from taking effect in the Empire State, Democrats in Albany have pushed the new regulatory agency to forge ahead with changes to the medical marijuana program, which officially launched in 2016.

Hochul, too, has called for greater urgency in rolling out the new marijuana reforms in the state.

“New York’s cannabis industry has stalled for far too long,” Hochul said in announcing her appointments to the board last month. “I am making important appointments to set the Office of Cannabis Management up for success so they can hit the ground running.”

Hochul, who assumed office in August following the resignation of Andrew Cuomo, has said that one of her “top priorities is to finally get New York’s cannabis industry up and running.”

According to the Buffalo News, the Cannabis Control Board approved other reforms on Tuesday, announcing that it was “immediately loosening rules governing the state’s medical marijuana program, including greatly expanding who can prescribe medical marijuana—to include everyone from dentists to midwives.”

The newspaper noted that expanding the group of officials who can prescribe marijuana “will sharply broaden the list of health care participants to include anyone licensed to dispense a controlled substance, which besides dentists can include podiatrists and other fields of medical care.” 

Currently, according to the Buffalo News, there are currently “nearly 3,400 health care practitioners, who are mostly physicians, nurse practitioners and some physician assistants, [who] have been approved to certify patients as eligible for the drug.”

Moreover, the newspaper reported that the board “also doubled to 60 days the supply of marijuana that can be dispensed, abolishing the patient and caregiver $50 registration fee and making it easier for facilities, including hospitals, to dispense medical marijuana to patients.”

But the biggest headline out of Tuesday’s meeting was the addition of smokable flower to the state’s medical marijuana supplies, offering a more economical option for patients who thus far have only been able to acquire pills, vapes and oils. Now they will also be able to obtain smokable cannabis if that’s their choice of medication. 

Sales of marijuana flower at the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries will not begin “until certain quality control measures are conducted by the state,” according to the Buffalo News.

The board did, however, reject one proposal. According to the newspaper, “cultivation of marijuana by people approved for medical reasons was not approved Tuesday because of a six-month delay in appointing the new board.” 

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 14th Edition

I’ve run out of fun intros for the cop list features, so let’s just go with what’s up y’all—back again with the latest and greatest to get your spirits lifted out of the dumps of whatever the hell dystopian future we’re living in. Seriously, have y’all been feeling this dark cloud, too? Feels like the last few months, it’s been a chore to try and get that serotonin in, but never fear—new drugs ALWAYS help! (For the five of y’all that will get mad at me for calling weed drugs, I’m sorry, but it’s fun.) Let’s get you laced up.

Although we’ve already run 13 of these cop list features, number 14 has a surprising number of firsts—ALL of which are worthy of your attention and adoration. We’ve got new experiences, new flavors, and even home goods—since, vaxxed or not, you’re likely still spending a great deal of time at home. Oh well, while the world burns, the industry moves forward—c’est la vie! As per usual, I’m always hungry for more, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line when you find something that excites you—I’m here for it! 

Cop List #14:

Courtesy of Holy Water

Holy Water

It’s rare I include an extractor in this list, but I couldn’t let this discovery pass up without a mention. While there’s a lot of excellent work being done in labs right now, few are focused on creating an EXPERIENCE out of dabbing—save, of course, the product guys. 

That said, Holy Water is definitely worth delving into if you’re interested in the art of extraction. With split containers that hold two different types of small batch craft extracts, sometimes half is Live Rosin and half is BHO Badder, and other times, they’re splitting diamonds on one side and their ‘holy water’ sauce on the other. 

And, in case you needed another reason to check them out, these guys just took home the crown at our most recent NorCal Cannabis Cup with their Pina Açaí UNHOLY collaboration with Grandiflora. This ain’t just my praise; they’re winning trophies.

Courtesy of Avant

Avant’s 123

A new supergroup has officially hit the scene. Comprised of expert breeder Deep East, seasoned exotic producer Wizard Trees and Joey Colombo, the currency artist behind Money Trees, the Cookies’ Cheetah Piss design and much more, the new brand Avant has hit the legal market with its first proprietary genetics, dubbed ‘123’ after its pheno number from the hunt in true head fashion. 

Another first-at-Cookies drop, and crossed with one of the hottest cultivars of 2020, RS-11, this Sherb BX1 cross is a heater. With dark nugs that will surely turn on the purp fiends, in true Wizard Trees fashion, this is some of the cleanest smoke on the market. Expect a nice white ash and your head in the clouds.

cop list
Courtesy of Dodi Blunts

Dodi Blunts

I’ll admit, I kinda slept on this one. The brand was founded at least in part by Marshawn Lynch, and while I 100 percent know dude smokes heavy, you know how it can be with celebrity brands … you just never know if it’s just a cash grab. Well, friends, allow this to serve as my official ‘I was wrong on this’ statement—Dodi’s blunts smack! 

Aiming to provide a smoke that’s ‘always right for an afternoon of watching football or playing Madden’, Dodi’s diamond-infused tobacco-free blunts ARE a great afternoon smoke that will take you way up without putting you out, if you’re a seasoned vet. Capable of chilling Beast Mode, it’s worth noting that this definitely isn’t an entry-level product—this one had me couch-locked, so while I’m not questioning your tolerance, I would encourage football fans new to the giggle bush to hit light and slow.

Courtesy of Kapow Berries

KaPow White Berries

This one’s not easy to procure, but if you’ve got the plug, don’t sleep… I have a feeling these guys are going to be bubbling to the surface more and more the next few months and years. The White Berries is the latest release from the Berries family, and boy is it clear from the nose that these plants were properly cared for. 

I’m told these guys are super small batch, adding to the exclusive allure, but in true traditional fashion, you can grab your Berries by the seven, which is a quantity much more manageable for us lifers than the 3.5s that have somehow become the norm. Keep an eye out at local events across CA, or at designer events across the country, and I’m sure you’ll hear the legend of Kapow before long.

cop list
Courtesy of Potli

Potli Cannabis Infused Shrimp Chips

I’ll be honest, I was really scratching my head about these at first. I’ve been down for prawn crackers in the past at restaurants, but the bagged snacks never really interested me, so when I saw these naturally I thought, ‘Oh, that’s cool for other people,’ as I understand the allure this snack has, especially abroad, but, ‘not for me.’ 

Well, sports fans, you know how they say you should just try it? Turns out they’re right sometimes because it seems I actually really like these Potli jawns. Upon further investigation, it seems the market does, too, because these things have been flying off the shelf. If you’re like me, and are over the sweet edibles that seem to be the current market leaders, grab a bag of these low dose delights. You may not feel the high (only 11mg per package, 0.7mg per chip), but your tastebuds will thank you for the new flavonoids!

cop list
Courtesy of Cure Co

Biscotti Fritz

I know at this point I’m a Cure Co stan, but trust me, go try the Biscotti Fritz. The taste of this smoke is the best I’ve had this year, by far. So good, in fact, it’s got my ass driving across LA to cop more on the regular, and I’m not one who leaves home often let alone goes out during traffic hours. 

I promise I will try not to repeat entries on here or give too much love to any one brand but truuuust, you want this. Even if you don’t think you do, even if you’re not a Biscotti fan, even if you’re like, ‘Oh they must be paying him’—they’re not and you will be, you do. I take these lists seriously—many people are very mad at me that I haven’t included them or their products here—but I will still 10 times out of 10 put the products I believe you need to see and try because I love you, and I want you smoking the best.

cop list
Courtesy of Ben Baller

Ben Baller Did The Strain

The jewelry design genius behind some of the most iconic chains in the world has officially entered the industry. It’s worth noting, as this is a celeb launch that my homie and seasoned lifer Joel (Designer Weed) is the guy who helped set them up, so I was immediately more confident in this brand than most celebrity-founded ventures, but here’s another salute (two in one post!) to a celebrity brand doing it right from the get go. 

It’s not surprising that Ben Baller, a man who made a career off of high-end luxury products, has come to market with some tops, but these buds are stand-out even compared to legacy brands, which never happens with celeb plays. Coming to market with Cat Dicc (lol) and Jonas B, already available at dispo’s across the state, both of these packs belong on your top shelf.

cop list
Courtesy of Heirloom Rituals

Heirloom Rituals

So I don’t think this one actually gets you high, but these are candles that not only smell incredible—they actually make special ones that have a THC count! Sometimes infused with THCa diamonds, real buds, crystals, dried flowers and more, Heirloom Rituals also make regular, beautiful candles for your normie friends, but honestly, when else are you going to get the chance to have a weed candle? Or sneak weed into your normie friends’ houses and have it end up on their mantle?? I might even send one to my mom. 

I just got mine a few weeks back, and it smells so good just sitting there, I honestly haven’t even felt inclined to light it yet, but I’m going to have to hotbox a room with it and find out if it will get you high, one day, for science. Or at least before I start giving them out as holiday gifts … or, actually …

cop list
Courtesy of Cann

Cann Passion Peach Mate

Y’all know how low-dose products affect me, but I’m definitely a fan of Cann’s new Passion Peach Mate flavor. Now combining caffeine with low doses of cannabis in their beverages, this flavor is, in my opinion, the brand truly living up to the “social tonic” tagline it’s coined. 

Providing a buzz that only brings you up, this is the mocktail the space has been waiting for. Delicious, light, and packing a nice energetic kick, without trying too hard to be different, I definitely see this becoming a staple behind the bar at industry events going forward, and eventually, once regulations change, at actual bars as well.

cop list
Courtesy of Vibes

Cali by Vibes

I’m not 100 percent sure if these have hit shelves just yet, but they’re on their way, and I have a feeling the new papers from the Vibes team are going to be crowd-pleasers. Leaving behind the traditional cone and moving toward the bigger, cylindrical cigarette shape, the new Cali tubes have already become a staple in my routine. 

While I’ve always loved rolling my own, it’s been more about ensuring a consistent smoke over the pleasure of an added task to complete. The new Cali tubes alleviate much of the frustration I’ve found from pre-wrapped cones in the past—these pack easy; they stay lit, and they smoke evenly—what more could you ask for? It’s also worth noting that they come sized by the gram, so packing up one, two or three grams for a session is as easy as picking the size you want, as opposed to eyeballing or weighing out how much you’re about to, or would like to, consume.

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