Trusting Today’s Cannabis Industry? Mislabeled Products, Delta 6a10a, and more

My deep dive into yet another THC, delta 6a10a tetrahydrocannabinol, all began with a brief conversation among friends regarding some advertisements they saw; they were wondering what this cannabinoid is if what the companies are saying about it are correct. For the record, it’s a synthetic cannabinoid that has been completely misrepresented by some of the people selling it, the exact people who should know what compounds are in the products they’re pushing.   

That being said, you’re likely to see a short-term influx of products containing delta 6a10a THC hitting the store shelves and online retailers; especially if you live in a state without a legal recreational market, as this is where you’ll be more apt to see all the alternative cannabinoids.  

Cannabis science has come a really long way since the initial discovery of individual cannabinoids back in the 1940s. To this day we continue to uncover new and exciting things about this incredible plant. Remember to subscribe to The THC Weekly Newsletter all the latest news and industry stories, as well as exclusive deals on flowers, vapes, edibles, and other products. Also save big on Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP & HHC products by checking out our “Best-of” lists!

What is Delta 6a10a THC? 

Delta 6a10a, also known as Delta-3 THC, is a synthetic isomer of delta-9 THC that was developed in 1947, along with some other similar compounds, to establish different versions of THC that could be used to avoid patent problems and issues with shelf life and stability. 

Other chemical names for delta-6a10a THC include: Δ3 -Tetrahydrocannabinol2 (B), Δ6a,10a-Tetrahydrocannabinol2(A), EA 1477, Δ3 -Tetrahydrocannabinol2(B), and Δ6a,10a-tetrahydrocannabinol2(A). Contrary to what some companies are saying, delta-6a10a is not the same as delta-10 THC. Delta 6a10a products are often mislabeled as another form of delta 10 or delta 6 – neither of which is accurate. Whether this is due to incorrect lab testing results, incompetence on the company’s part, or intentional false advertising, that remains to be answered.  

As devoid of sense as this situation is, the main thing to focus on is that, if you do feel like you want to give delta 6a10a THC a try, at the very least, don’t buy it from a company that it’s promoting it as delta 10, delta 6, or anything other than the chemical names I listed above. Delta 10 THC is a synthetic crystalline compound formed when certain chemical catalysts are applied to delta 9 THC, moving the double bond over to the 10th carbon chain. Delta 6, another synthetic isomer, is quite potent but not yet being used in products and is not the same thing as delta 6a10a. 

What exactly is going on with all these different cannabinoids? 

If you do a lot of online shopping, or have noticed the new selection of products at smoke shops, head shops, gas stations, and so on, you’ve seen that there are A LOT of cannabinoids available to consumers now… almost too many to keep track of at this point. In just a single product you can find combinations of 3 or more cannabinoids like delta-10, delta-8, and THC-O, for example. Or delta-8, delta-9, delta-10, and CBG, is another popular combination that I have seen.  

According to recent surveys, nearly half of all cannabis consumers prefer to use products that contain cannabinoid blends, and that number is expected to grow. Knowing what we know about the entourage effect and how different plant compounds work together synergistically to provide the highest level of benefits, it’s no surprise that people are excited to try new combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Delta-9 THC is still by far the most popular, it’s the backbone of the entire cannabis industry. But, in its absence, people are turning to alternative forms of THC to get the job done, sometimes individually and sometimes many of them combined. Some of these THCs, like THCV and THCP, are found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant, but most of them are synthetic isomers.  

Are they natural or synthetic? 

This is an interesting question, and one with a double-edged answer. Let’s start by breaking down what exactly each type of cannabinoid is. The term ‘natural cannabinoids’, or phytocannabinoids, refers to all the cannabinoids that can be isolated from the cannabis plant. Research has found that the cannabis plant produces between 113 cannabinoids and about 300 non-cannabinoid chemicals, and the most abundant are CBD (cannabidiol) and delta-9 THC.  

Now, the definition of synthetic cannabinoids is where things branch off a bit. Synthetic cannabinoids are compounds that either, do not exist in nature and must be created in a lab, like THC-O; or, a synthetic may also be a cannabinoid that does exist in nature, but in such minimal amounts that in order to manufacture enough for it to be used in consumer products, it must still be synthesized in a lab.  

Whether or not a cannabinoid that does actually exist in the plant but needs to be synthetically produced, should still be classified as a full-on synthetic, is up for debate and causing both legal and practical confusion for businesses and consumers alike. Delta-8 immediately comes to mind, and all the complications surrounding legality and the uncertainty among consumers, many of whom are not sure if what they’re consuming is even natural or synthetic.  

To clarify, all these synthetic cannabinoids are regulated under the Federal Analogues Act, and thus are not federally legal, regardless if they’re found naturally in cannabis plants. And because all these compounds are completely prohibited, they are unregulated in the markets in which they are sold, another fact that may come as a surprise to many consumers.  

All this is not to say that synthetics are inherently bad. If they’re safe and produced by an experienced professional, they can be fun and certainly have their place in both medicinal and recreational settings. But you’re definitely not going to get the same kind of high or experience with these products as you would with the real thing. If you know what to expect, you won’t be disappointed though.  

Fake lab tests and mislabeled products  

Now, back to the subject of mislabeled products and incorrect or completely falsified labs and COAs (certificates of analysis). There’s a narrative being played out in the media that, because of the 2018 Farm Bill provisions, any cannabis product that contains less than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC is legal, regardless of what else is in it. When it comes to minor cannabinoids, THC isomers, cannabinoid analogues, and so forth, most of them are actually illegal, regulated under the Federal Analogues Act (as mentioned above). 

Obviously, pointing out the legality of a product, if it’s not legal at all, is not the best business strategy. So, to be able to continue pushing said products, the story is perpetuated that they are permissible by some type of legal loophole, when that is not the case. Since these products are illegal and there are no standards in place to regulate them, a growing number of companies are resorting to some unscrupulous means to provide “lab results” in an attempt to validate their black market products.  

Real, legitimate lab testing is the backbone of any cannabis market. All the products sold at licensed dispensaries are required to undergo testing from a state-accredited facility to confirm levels of cannabinoids and terpenes; as well as test for heavy metals, mycotoxins, residual pesticides, microbials, and any other unwanted contaminants. Overall, the main purpose of lab testing is to guarantee compliance with whatever state protocols are in place to govern the sale of cannabis products.  

Every test requires certain procedures, different equipment, and needs to be performed by a licensed and trained specialist. Not only do these lab technicians need to be knowledgeable in their field, but they should be familiar with state and local testing regulations, as they are constantly changing. Most labs are third party companies that are accredited through a state program. All labs have specific tests they are required to perform and guidelines they must abide to, but there are no universal standards in place. 

As foolproof as this sounds, there are ways for companies to get around it. I mean, where there is money to be made, corruption will breed. One way this happens is by companies and growers only sending in samples of their best products in for testing, while lower quality, untested batches of the same product get listed for sale. Another strategy is referred to as “lab shopping” – a shady practice in which cultivators and manufacturers send their products to labs that have a reputation for inflating potency numbers and overlooking contaminants that would cause the product to fail purity tests at more reputable facilities. 

Dylan Hirsch, executive vice president of Diagnostic Lab Corporation says that “Many of the labs will sometimes say they can get better results. It can be so subjective for results on THC.” Dr. Donald Land and Dr. Reggie Gaudino, two of the scientists in charge of running Berkeley’s Steep Hill Labs, one of the nation’s largest testing companies, echoed these statements. Both mentioned that their company is asked to boost potency number on a regular basis. “In almost every state we operate in we have someone approach us and say, ‘Hey, what would it take to get these numbers changed?’” Gaudino said. 

Taking things to another level, some companies have altered or completely faked their products’ lab “results”, as per a recent investigation conducted by CBD Oracle, a website that reviews “hemp-derived” products. For example, they sent in 51 different delta 8 THC products to FESA licensed labs in Southern California. They found that, “delta-8 product manufacturers routinely mislabel their gummies, vaporizer cartridges, and other products.” In total, 77 percent of products failed testing.  

Final thoughts 

Whether you’re shopping for delta 8, THC-O, regular weed, or even delta 6a10a THC, it’s imperative that you do as much research as possible. You’ll be inhaling these compounds straight into your lungs, so you want to make sure that they’re as clean and safe as possible. Don’t blindly trust the companies selling to you, because obviously they’re more concerned with their bottom dollar than your health. I’m not saying to avoid these products entirely, because some of them can be perfectly fine, but make sure to as informed as possible before rushing to try the newest flavor-of-the-month cannabinoid.  

As far as delta 6a10 THC is concerned, no one really knows enough about it to say with 100 percent certainty that these products are safe. I’m sure the compound itself is perfectly fine, if it’s manufactured by a trained professional that is. But if you’re buying stuff from companies who are completely misrepresenting this cannabinoid, it’s hard to say what else is not on-the-level there.  

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What is full melt hash, the star system, and why does it exclude extracts?

Hash enthusiasts and solvent extract heads clash from time to time. Two different categories of extracts are separated by physical process and culture. Because of this, there are fine lines in the nomenclature to define various products. For example – a certain phrase only applies to one category, but what is full melt hash and […]

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Ultimate Discretion – The Best Disposable THC Vapes of 2021

Disposable vapes are trending big time, a fact that we at CBD Testers already knew but was only solidified by the sheer amount of disposables on display at both MJBizCon in Las Vegas and USA CBD Expo in Chicago. When it comes to vaping legal cannabis products these days, it’s all about the various types of THC as well as propriety cannabinoid blends. Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to test many different products over the last few weeks and have compiled a list of my personal favorites based on effects, flavor, and design.

Vaping products, especially disposable vapes, are quickly becoming industry top-sellers, and for good reason. They’re discreet and much safer to use if it contains safe ingredients. For more product-related articles like this one, and for exclusive deals on flowers, vapes, edibles, and other products, make sure to subscribe to The Delta 8 Weekly Newsletter. Also save big on Delta 8Delta 9 THCDelta-10 THCTHCOTHCVTHCP & HHC products by checking out our “Best-of” lists!

A Bit More About Disposable Vapes

As the name implies, Disposable Vapes are just that, vape devices that come prefilled and you toss them out when they’re out of liquid. They are rechargeable, and some are actually refillable, but you can only do that once or twice and none of the disposables on this particular list can be refilled.

I’m a big fan of disposables because they are so, incredibly discreet. As some of you know, I moved from the fully-legal state of California to one of the most restrictive prohibition states in the nation, Indiana. Things I used to take for granted, like simply smoking a joint on a beautiful hike through nature, are things I can no longer enjoy… or if I do choose to get high on my adventures anyway, I need to be much more cautious about it. What may have been a warning to put the weed away in CA could be a felony arrest here in Indiana.

When I have a THC disposable with me, I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble. I can take them anywhere, they come in a variety of flavors and don’t smell at all like weed smoke, and some compounds, like HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) don’t even show up on drug tests.

For an old-fashioned flower smoker like myself, vaping in general leaves something to be desired; but in my opinion, disposables make it that much more appealing. What is also interesting is that, with vaping, you can get a lot of different propriety blends of cannabinoids, rather than just Delta 9. Many disposables come prefilled with liquid containing numerous different combinations of Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, THCO, THCV, CBN, CBG, CBC, and more.

Glazed HHC Disposable (Sunset Sherbet, Hybrid)

This one is a bit unfair because it’s not actually available for sale yet. Regardless, I feel it deserves it’s own mention because it is one of the very few disposable vapes that contains high-quality, lab-tested HHC… and only HHC.  What’s nice about this, is that unlike other forms of THC, HHC does not show up on a drug test. I personally have not test this theory because I’m a heavy delta 9 user, but numerous sources claim it to be true.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand, the Glazed HHC Disposable, which was debuted at USA CBD Expo in Chicago at the end of October. They have a few different flavors, but my favorite was Sunset Sherbet, which as a fresh, uplifting taste of orange, pineapple, and other citrus and tropical fruits. The full ingredient list, according to the package: hemp-derived HHC oil, terpenes, and natural flavors.  

Delta Extrax Delta 10 THC Disposable (Blue Candy Kush, Indica)

Delta Extrax is a company that does things right and one that I really enjoy shopping with. They have so many products and everything is high-quality and nicely presented. Additionally, they have wonderful customer service and ordering from them is simple and fast.

Their disposable Delta 10 THC vapes from Delta Extrax are some of my favorites. They’re extremely well-priced, very low-key, and they come in a variety of delicious flavors but Blue Candy Kush, one of their indicas, was my personal favorite. 

According to Delta Extrax, the company uses high quality Delta 8 and 10 distillate, combined with pure, clean terpenes. All of their products are lab tested twice, once when the ingredients are in raw form and again once the product is finished. They are dedicated to safety and quality.

Mellow Fellow THCO Disposable (Zkittles, Indica)

THCO (THC-O Acetate) is gaining popularity, but still, few products are available on the market. Mellow Fellow specializes in the alternative THC’s and their focus lies in the responsible formulation of various products. For example, their disposables are made from only two ingredients: naturally-derived cannabis oils and extracts, and strain specific terpenes. Their disposables aren’t available yet but they will be in the coming weeks, and they have THCO carts in the same flavors for sale right now.

Although I’m not partial to either indica or sativa strains, in this case, their Zkittles Indica disposable is my favorite. It has an interesting flavor that is much more marijuana-like than other vape products I’ve tried, but not so much that it would be noticeable when using it out in public somewhere. And the fact that they don’t add any unnatural flavors is definitely an extra win in my book.

Chronix Trinity Collection THC Blends Disposable (Strawberry Cough, Sativa)

Chronix is a brand created by Delta Extrax. This specific disposable is part of their trinity collection, which contain different proprietary blends of cannabinoids and terpenes. The strawberry cough flavor, which is a sativa, is made up of Delta 10 THC, Delta 8 THC, and THCO distillates, as well as hemp-derived terpenes.

Chronix disposables come prefilled with 2 grams liquid, compared to most brands that only contain one. As a sativa strain with Delta 10 in the mix, the high is very uplifting and energizing. It’s the perfect cannabinoid blend for a daytime adventure.

ZaZa Delta 8 (OG Kush Hybrid)

ZaZa THC is a company that only wholesales, so you won’t be able to buy products directly through their site. However, they’re expanding and you’ll soon be able to find their products for sale at online retailers and store fronts all over the country. 

One of their most popular products are their Delta 8 THC one-gram ‘Z-Bar’ disposables, the OG Kush Hybrid specifically. I had the pleasure of trying both OG Kush and MK Ultra, and while both were pretty great I definitely prefer the flavor of the OG Kush. In total, they have nine flavors/strains to choose from.

Again, keep an eye out for their products at a head shop near you. Their packaging design is simple but really stands out at the same, with bold colors and a big smiley face on every box. If you’ve seen their products, you know they are hard to miss.

Urb Effex Zenergy THC Blends (Unwind, Indica)

Again, the THC blends are popular. Similar name and product as another on this list, but I wanted to mention this brand specifically for two reasons. First, the blend is slightly different. The Urb Effex Zenergy Unwind disposable contains Delta 8 THC, Delta 10 THC, and THCV.

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is interesting because it’s one of the few cannabinoids that has been linked to appetite suppression and weight loss. While THC is generally known to cause the “munchies”, or make you hungry in other words, THCV is said to be a great compound to aid in weight loss.

I also really enjoyed the flavor profile of this disposable, which consisted of grape, berries, and a skunk type component. Their propriety blend of hemp-derived cannabinoids and natural terpenes creates a very unique indica experience, one where you feel the heavy head high but also feel somewhat energized and sans munchies.


Even though some of these disposable vapes aren’t yet on the market, they will be available soon and we want you to have the ability make informed decisions with even the very newest products to hit the shelves. These are the best ones that I’ve tried lately, but if you feel we missed any brands that you’re partial too, drop us a line in the comment section below!

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A Whistle Stop Tour of the Cannabis Concentrates

The cannabis market has been booming over the last few years as more countries around the globe begin to accept the wonders of the plant. What once was an illegal, unacceptable drug, is now – slowly – becoming a legal medicine and even a legal recreational pastime. One of the more modern inventions inside the cannabis world is cannabis concentrates.

Whilst some have been around for centuries, others have been created more recently by the wonders of science. There are several different cannabis concentrates out there, so sometimes it’s hard to find the information you want. In this article, we’ll be taking you on a whistle stop tour of all of the main cannabis concentrates. And don’t worry – this tour is completely free of charge. Put your seatbelt on. Let’s begin.

Cannabis concentrates can be found on dispensary shelves, boasting names like shatter, butter, wax, resin, and more. Any specific cannabinoid can be concentrated, so regardless of whether you’re looking for delta-9 THC, delta-8 THCdelta 10THC-OTHCV, CBG, or something else, it can be found in concentrate form. This is great for delta-8 THC users, because it allows a concentrated form of this alternate form of THC which doesn’t cause anxiety like half-brother delta-9, and which leaves users with a clear head and energy, while having a similar medical profile. We’ve got great deals for delta-8 THC and many other compounds, so take a look, and try ’em out!

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Once someone has total control over the marijuana plant, there are many ways to transform and eventually consume it. Cannabis can be placed in oils, edibles, the usual buds and even synthesised concentrates. It all depends on the creation process. But before we discuss how they’re made, let’s first truly understand what they are. And, as always, there’s never a better places to find complex definitions than wikipedia

“A cannabis concentrate (also called marijuana concentrate, marijuana extract, or cannabis extract) is a highly potent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or cannabidiol (CBD) concentrated mass. Marijuana concentrates contain extraordinarily high THC levels that could once range from 40 to 80%, up to four times stronger in THC content than high grade or top shelf marijuana, which normally measures around 20%”

It’s in the name really, isn’t it? Cannabis concentrates are designed to be especially potent in comparison with cannabis buds or other products. By getting rid of any extra, unnecessary parts of the cannabis plant, cannabis concentrates are able to focus on what really matters: the terpenes and cannabinoids. It’s within these that the aromas and effects of cannabis are found – which is why people have spent years trying to find a way to harness them in the greatest possible way. That is why cannabis concentrates come in so many different shapes and sizes, and are made in a variety of ways. 

How are Cannabis Concentrates Made?

Cannabis concentrates is an umbrella term for many different substances; some are liquids, some are solids and some are a mix of both. There are two main ways of making cannabis concentrates and that is through solvent extraction, and solventless extraction. One uses chemicals, labs and science coats, whilst others are easier to make and more natural. Let’s figure out what these are. 

What is Solvent Extraction?

A solvent extraction is essentially when a chemical is used to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. By introducing certain chemicals, as well as heat and pressure, into the equation – this separation occurs. However, there isn’t just one way of completing this process. Some use carbon dioxide, whilst others use butane; these are two of the most common ways of using solvent extraction to create cannabis concentrates. 

Carbon Dioxide Extraction 

Carbon dioxide extraction is complex because, obviously, co2 is a gas, not a solid. However, the amazing result of a beautiful cannabis concentrate makes the process worth it. The carbon dioxide is first placed in a chamber where it is pressured and turned into a liquid through low temperatures. The co2 is then reheated, which due to the nature of carbon dioxide, makes it a supercritical substance. This substance is then passed through a chamber containing the cannabis plant. The supercritical substance will extract the trichomes, which contains the pure and potent compounds desirable to create cannabis concentrates. The substance that is left after this process can then be used to create a variety of cannabis concentrates. 

Butane Extraction

Butane extraction is most popular for creatine hash oil. But how does it work? As mentioned earlier, any solvent extraction to make cannabis concentrates uses some sort of other chemical – which in this case, is butane. The cannabis is first covered with butane, in its liquid form. Butane happens to be a very easily liquefiable gas. Once this is done, heat and pressure is used, and yet again, what is left is a cannabis concentrate. This can be used to create hash oil, budder, shatter or crumble. 

What is Non-Solvent Extraction?

Non-solvent extraction is a far less complicated process, and one that doesn’t leave you scratching your head quite as much. However, that’s not to say that the result is any less wonderful. Non-solvent extraction is made, as you can imagine, without chemicals in the creation process.

For example, kief and hash would both be cannabis concentrates that are made with non-solvent extraction. But, yet again, there are a variety of ways that non-solvent extraction can take place. Kief is made through rolling the dry cannabis plant over a sieve, and allowing the whitey yellow thrichomes to collect. Trichomes also look a bit like mini snowdrops up close. These are hugely potent and hold all of the best compounds of the plant. 

Another example of a non-solvent extraction would be in the creation of hash. Hash is one of the oldest types of cannabis concentrates. In fact, a scientist called Gmelin first mentioned the substance in 1777. The process of creating hash can vary depending on technique. However, one way of making hash is in water. The cannabis plant is tumbled in icy cold water and is then filtered through a mesh. This substance is then dried and pressed into small blocks. The resin, which is what the substance is made out of, is very high in THC.

Why are Cannabis Concentrates Popular?

Before we take a whistle stop tour through some of the main and post popular cannabis concentrates, let’s first ask the question: why are they so popular? Well, it’s first important to realise that any connoisseur of any substance will always search for the most pure version of it. Think of pressed olive oil, some people will spend their lives searching for the first press because it will be the highest quality oil.

This is the same with orange juice, the first press of orange juice is considered to be the purest, healthiest and tastiest. Cannabis concentrates are no different to this. People who love cannabis and the effects of it, are always discovering new ways to enjoy it in its purest and most powerful form. As mentioned earlier, the average cannabis concentrate can have THC levels of over 60%. This is why cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular. 

The Cannabis Concentrates



Kief is a collection of resin trichomes. Kief is one of the easiest cannabis concentrates to make. In fact, some three-part grinders have a section at the bottom that collects fallen down kief over time, which can then be placed in a joint and smoked. It is golden in colour, and powdery. 


Hash is usually sold in brown blocks. Some are dark and some are light brown. Usually, a good way to tell if hash is good quality is to see if it burns like a candle. If it does, then your hash is excellent. Usually hash will be heated before consumption, so that small parts can be separated from the large block. These small parts of hash are then placed in the joint. 


Charas comes primarily from India and Jamaica. It looks quite similar to hash but is usually darker and sold in balls, rather than blocks. The difference between hash and charas is that the latter is made from the entire cannabis plant, whereas the former is made from dried trichomes. 



Shatter is an example of cannabis concentrate that is made from butane extraction. The substance is golden in colour and looks like shattered glass. It also looks quite a lot like frozen honey. 


Wax is very similar to shatter, except it’s slightly more liquidy. Whilst the aroma and potency of wax is almost identical to shatter, it’s the consistency that differs. Wax is opaque and malleable. In addition, wax is dabbed into a joint in order to smoke it. 


The average crumble has THC levels of anywhere from 60-90%. Again, there are many similarities between crumble and the rest of the solvent cannabis concentrates, however the look and consistency is different. Crumble literally crumbles in one’s hands. Crumble is also dabbed in order to use it. 

The Tour Is Now Over

So there you have it, that was a quick and concise whistle stop tour of the cannabis concentrates. There are many other cannabis concentrates that people might mention, and all of them are very slightly different to the next. Like any enthusiasts, cannabis-lovers like to invent and name new cannabis concentrates constantly – even if they look and feel the same as before. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that cannabis concentrates are a highly potent and quite amazing substance. 

But what’s your favourite cannabis concentrate? Drop us a line in the comment section below!

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Wisconsin Lawmakers Amplify Punishments for Cannabis Extraction

Wisconsin representatives upped the ante on punishments for cannabis extraction, comparing dangerous manufacturing practices to the meth-making process. In some Wisconsin lawmakers’ eyes, extracts are entirely different from cannabis flower, and the use and manufacturing of them should be punished accordingly.

Wisconsin Examiner reports that on September 30 Wisconsin’s Assembly Committee on Substance Abuse and Prevention held a hearing on a bill, Assembly Bill 440,  that would enhance felony penalties surrounding butane hash oil and related products. 

Hash oil—a concentrated THC extract that has been around for generations—was cited as one of the concerning forms of concentrates. Other popular forms of concentrates that have gained considerable popularity over the past few decades include wax, shatter, live resin, rosin, and the list goes on. But forms of butane hash oil (BHO) is what they’re really after.

Representative Jesse James (R- Altoona) testified on the bill’s particular focus on butane extracts but the measure also covers several facets of the manufacturing process. James emphasized throughout his testimony that certain methods of manufacturing extracts using butane can cause a risk of a chemical reaction and explosion. James cited “the open-loop system,”—a cheap, risky way of making concentrate. 

“Growing marijuana in your home is not going to cause an explosion,” James said. “It could cause a fire if you don’t properly take care of your lamps and everything like that. But this process in and of itself, it’s almost similar to a meth lab.”

Under current law, cannabis manufacturing, distribution, delivery and possession charges can result in felony charges that range in severity, depending on the amount of material involved. 

“Under this bill, the penalty increases to a Class E felony, regardless of the amount marijuana involved, if the person uses butane extraction in the manufacturing of the marijuana and in separating the plant resin from a marijuana plant,” the bill reads. The bill also raises penalties for people with past cannabis-related charges when they face new charges for THC extracts or resin.

The West Central Drug Task Force specifically requested the enhanced felony charges.

Representative Kristina Shelton (D- Green Bay) wondered if the law would conflict with future regulations—causing unintended problems. “My concern is if and when we—and I will say when because I believe that we will eventually legalize marijuana, I know not everyone agrees with me but I’m going to say when. …When we legalize marijuana, if we were to pass this bill… would this bill prohibit a closed-loop system that would be considered safe by professionals, using professional-grade equipment?” 

James conceded, “I would suspect that there would be a conflict there, statutorily.” While Shelton acknowledged the dangers of manufacturing extracts without the proper supervision, she believed the law could cause problems.

Governor Tony Evers proposed a $165 million regulated cannabis market that could fuel a $80 million community reinvestment fund, but it was shot down by GOP lawmakers. 

Wisconsin Senator Melissa Agard supported legislation to legalize marijuana in Wisconsin. In August, she introduced legislation in an attempt to make it a reality. Agard announced the legislation outside of South Beloit’s marijuana dispensary. It’s located right on the state line between Illinois and Wisconsin, and served as the frontlines for the fight to end cannabis prohibition in the area. 

Wisconsin remains an “island of prohibition” without adult use nor medical cannabis sales. Over 60 percent of Wisconsin citizens support legalizing cannabis for adult use, while over 80 percent support legalizing medical cannabis.

In the meantime, however, local areas such as Milwaukee and Appleton, have all but legalized cannabis by passing local ordinances that drop fines for possession to no more than $1. In the city of Madison, cannabis possession has been decriminalized.

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 14th Edition

I’ve run out of fun intros for the cop list features, so let’s just go with what’s up y’all—back again with the latest and greatest to get your spirits lifted out of the dumps of whatever the hell dystopian future we’re living in. Seriously, have y’all been feeling this dark cloud, too? Feels like the last few months, it’s been a chore to try and get that serotonin in, but never fear—new drugs ALWAYS help! (For the five of y’all that will get mad at me for calling weed drugs, I’m sorry, but it’s fun.) Let’s get you laced up.

Although we’ve already run 13 of these cop list features, number 14 has a surprising number of firsts—ALL of which are worthy of your attention and adoration. We’ve got new experiences, new flavors, and even home goods—since, vaxxed or not, you’re likely still spending a great deal of time at home. Oh well, while the world burns, the industry moves forward—c’est la vie! As per usual, I’m always hungry for more, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line when you find something that excites you—I’m here for it! 

Cop List #14:

Courtesy of Holy Water

Holy Water

It’s rare I include an extractor in this list, but I couldn’t let this discovery pass up without a mention. While there’s a lot of excellent work being done in labs right now, few are focused on creating an EXPERIENCE out of dabbing—save, of course, the product guys. 

That said, Holy Water is definitely worth delving into if you’re interested in the art of extraction. With split containers that hold two different types of small batch craft extracts, sometimes half is Live Rosin and half is BHO Badder, and other times, they’re splitting diamonds on one side and their ‘holy water’ sauce on the other. 

And, in case you needed another reason to check them out, these guys just took home the crown at our most recent NorCal Cannabis Cup with their Pina Açaí UNHOLY collaboration with Grandiflora. This ain’t just my praise; they’re winning trophies.

Courtesy of Avant

Avant’s 123

A new supergroup has officially hit the scene. Comprised of expert breeder Deep East, seasoned exotic producer Wizard Trees and Joey Colombo, the currency artist behind Money Trees, the Cookies’ Cheetah Piss design and much more, the new brand Avant has hit the legal market with its first proprietary genetics, dubbed ‘123’ after its pheno number from the hunt in true head fashion. 

Another first-at-Cookies drop, and crossed with one of the hottest cultivars of 2020, RS-11, this Sherb BX1 cross is a heater. With dark nugs that will surely turn on the purp fiends, in true Wizard Trees fashion, this is some of the cleanest smoke on the market. Expect a nice white ash and your head in the clouds.

cop list
Courtesy of Dodi Blunts

Dodi Blunts

I’ll admit, I kinda slept on this one. The brand was founded at least in part by Marshawn Lynch, and while I 100 percent know dude smokes heavy, you know how it can be with celebrity brands … you just never know if it’s just a cash grab. Well, friends, allow this to serve as my official ‘I was wrong on this’ statement—Dodi’s blunts smack! 

Aiming to provide a smoke that’s ‘always right for an afternoon of watching football or playing Madden’, Dodi’s diamond-infused tobacco-free blunts ARE a great afternoon smoke that will take you way up without putting you out, if you’re a seasoned vet. Capable of chilling Beast Mode, it’s worth noting that this definitely isn’t an entry-level product—this one had me couch-locked, so while I’m not questioning your tolerance, I would encourage football fans new to the giggle bush to hit light and slow.

Courtesy of Kapow Berries

KaPow White Berries

This one’s not easy to procure, but if you’ve got the plug, don’t sleep… I have a feeling these guys are going to be bubbling to the surface more and more the next few months and years. The White Berries is the latest release from the Berries family, and boy is it clear from the nose that these plants were properly cared for. 

I’m told these guys are super small batch, adding to the exclusive allure, but in true traditional fashion, you can grab your Berries by the seven, which is a quantity much more manageable for us lifers than the 3.5s that have somehow become the norm. Keep an eye out at local events across CA, or at designer events across the country, and I’m sure you’ll hear the legend of Kapow before long.

cop list
Courtesy of Potli

Potli Cannabis Infused Shrimp Chips

I’ll be honest, I was really scratching my head about these at first. I’ve been down for prawn crackers in the past at restaurants, but the bagged snacks never really interested me, so when I saw these naturally I thought, ‘Oh, that’s cool for other people,’ as I understand the allure this snack has, especially abroad, but, ‘not for me.’ 

Well, sports fans, you know how they say you should just try it? Turns out they’re right sometimes because it seems I actually really like these Potli jawns. Upon further investigation, it seems the market does, too, because these things have been flying off the shelf. If you’re like me, and are over the sweet edibles that seem to be the current market leaders, grab a bag of these low dose delights. You may not feel the high (only 11mg per package, 0.7mg per chip), but your tastebuds will thank you for the new flavonoids!

cop list
Courtesy of Cure Co

Biscotti Fritz

I know at this point I’m a Cure Co stan, but trust me, go try the Biscotti Fritz. The taste of this smoke is the best I’ve had this year, by far. So good, in fact, it’s got my ass driving across LA to cop more on the regular, and I’m not one who leaves home often let alone goes out during traffic hours. 

I promise I will try not to repeat entries on here or give too much love to any one brand but truuuust, you want this. Even if you don’t think you do, even if you’re not a Biscotti fan, even if you’re like, ‘Oh they must be paying him’—they’re not and you will be, you do. I take these lists seriously—many people are very mad at me that I haven’t included them or their products here—but I will still 10 times out of 10 put the products I believe you need to see and try because I love you, and I want you smoking the best.

cop list
Courtesy of Ben Baller

Ben Baller Did The Strain

The jewelry design genius behind some of the most iconic chains in the world has officially entered the industry. It’s worth noting, as this is a celeb launch that my homie and seasoned lifer Joel (Designer Weed) is the guy who helped set them up, so I was immediately more confident in this brand than most celebrity-founded ventures, but here’s another salute (two in one post!) to a celebrity brand doing it right from the get go. 

It’s not surprising that Ben Baller, a man who made a career off of high-end luxury products, has come to market with some tops, but these buds are stand-out even compared to legacy brands, which never happens with celeb plays. Coming to market with Cat Dicc (lol) and Jonas B, already available at dispo’s across the state, both of these packs belong on your top shelf.

cop list
Courtesy of Heirloom Rituals

Heirloom Rituals

So I don’t think this one actually gets you high, but these are candles that not only smell incredible—they actually make special ones that have a THC count! Sometimes infused with THCa diamonds, real buds, crystals, dried flowers and more, Heirloom Rituals also make regular, beautiful candles for your normie friends, but honestly, when else are you going to get the chance to have a weed candle? Or sneak weed into your normie friends’ houses and have it end up on their mantle?? I might even send one to my mom. 

I just got mine a few weeks back, and it smells so good just sitting there, I honestly haven’t even felt inclined to light it yet, but I’m going to have to hotbox a room with it and find out if it will get you high, one day, for science. Or at least before I start giving them out as holiday gifts … or, actually …

cop list
Courtesy of Cann

Cann Passion Peach Mate

Y’all know how low-dose products affect me, but I’m definitely a fan of Cann’s new Passion Peach Mate flavor. Now combining caffeine with low doses of cannabis in their beverages, this flavor is, in my opinion, the brand truly living up to the “social tonic” tagline it’s coined. 

Providing a buzz that only brings you up, this is the mocktail the space has been waiting for. Delicious, light, and packing a nice energetic kick, without trying too hard to be different, I definitely see this becoming a staple behind the bar at industry events going forward, and eventually, once regulations change, at actual bars as well.

cop list
Courtesy of Vibes

Cali by Vibes

I’m not 100 percent sure if these have hit shelves just yet, but they’re on their way, and I have a feeling the new papers from the Vibes team are going to be crowd-pleasers. Leaving behind the traditional cone and moving toward the bigger, cylindrical cigarette shape, the new Cali tubes have already become a staple in my routine. 

While I’ve always loved rolling my own, it’s been more about ensuring a consistent smoke over the pleasure of an added task to complete. The new Cali tubes alleviate much of the frustration I’ve found from pre-wrapped cones in the past—these pack easy; they stay lit, and they smoke evenly—what more could you ask for? It’s also worth noting that they come sized by the gram, so packing up one, two or three grams for a session is as easy as picking the size you want, as opposed to eyeballing or weighing out how much you’re about to, or would like to, consume.

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Best CO2 Extracted Delta-8 THC Shatter Products

Cannabis concentrates, like shatter, are becoming more popular, and can be made for compounds like THC, CBD, and even delta-8 THC. What does it mean for a concentrate to be CO2 extracted, and what are the best delta-8 THC shatter products to try?

CO2 extracted delta-8 THC shatter products are growing in popularity, but that’s because delta-8 is growing in popularity. This alternate to delta-9 THC causes less psychoactive effect, less anxiety, and leaves users clear-headed, and with more energy. There are a ton of delta-8, delta 10, THCV and THC-O products to try out, and we’ve got a great selection of deals. So check out the possibilities, and try it out today.

First off, what’s delta-8 THC shatter?

Shatter is a form of cannabis concentrate that goes along with similar concentrates like wax, butter, honeycomb, and resin. What sets shatter apart from the other concentrates, is its texture and consistency. Most of the concentrates are actually made in the same basic way, and it’s the purging process that often defines a difference between the concentrates. There are two main ways to make a concentrate like this using solvents, one is with a hydrocarbon like butane or propane, and one is with carbon dioxide, (although ethanol can be used as well). We’ll get to that soon.

Shatter has a texture that makes it look like glass, with air bubbles throughout, or a sort of air-bubble mesh pattern. Unlike butter and wax, it has a more solid texture, smooth, translucent, and yellow in color. It has the appearance that it could crack or shatter, if hit with a hard object. During the purging process of extractions, the shatter is heated and cooled over an hours-to-days period, which gives it its texture and consistency. At the end of this process, there can be as much as 70-90+% THC or CBD, making shatter extremely strong.

Shatter can be smoked, but it can also be dabbed, which is a kind of vaping that involves a dab rig, or a water bong made for using concentrates. The shatter is placed on a nail which is heated, and the vapor is dragged through a water chamber before being inhaled by the user. Because of its consistency and harder texture than other concentrates, shatter is easier to use in this way, and can be dropped right on the nail, without the use of a dab tool, which is meant for scooping up stickier concentrates.

dab rig

Shatter can also go by the names ‘sap’ and ‘pull’n’snap’, with the former denoting a thinner concentrate, more in line with tree sap, and the latter with a texture and consistency closer to taffy, which can bend. Molecularly, the difference between these different concentrates is associated with how the molecules are aligned, this can be affected by heat or cool being applied during purging, pressure, and how much the concentrate is disturbed in the purging process. Shatter has a neat molecular alignment, with molecules organized into parallel rows.

Shatter is both an extract and a concentrate. It’s an extract because it comes from the cannabis plant, and is made of cannabinoids that have been extracted out of the plant material. And it’s a concentrate because the cannabinoids its made of are isolated out, creating a very concentrated form of a specific cannabinoid, generally THC or CBD.

One of the recent alternatives to standard THC, is delta-8 THC. This half brother to delta-9 is known for causing less anxiety, less psychoactive effect, and offering the same general medical catalogue as delta-9. Shatter can be made high in delta-8 THC, which is preferable for medical or recreational users, that want to have a clearer head and more energy while using cannabis.

Best CO2 Delta-8 shatter products

$29.95 – $269.50 – The company Exhale Wellness puts out its Delta-8 Shatter – Sour Tangie. This lab tested concentrate, that uses broad spectrum hemp oil, has no additives or preservatives, no MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil, Its highly concentrated in delta-8, and is made using a CO2 extraction. This tangy citrus flavor which comes from East Coast Diesel and Tangie, is great for dab rigs and standard vapes. Consumers can subscribe to the site to save an extra 25%!

The company also puts out Delta-8 Shatter – Girl Scout Cookies, (with a sweet and nutty flavor) and Delta-8 Shatter Purple Punch (with a sweet fruit punch flavor). This company ships to all states that allow delta-8 THC.

$29.99 – Another company that makes sure its delta-8 shatter is CO2 extracted, is Agrodine. This company puts out its Delta-8 THC Shatter, which come in 1gram jars, with 45% – 75% potency, and over 96% purity per jar. This shatter is minimally processed, has no GMO materials, and is laboratory tested for your safety. Prospective buyers can choose between the following flavors: Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout, Super Lemon Haze, Grapefruit Haze, and Tangie. The company does say it ships to all 50 states, but prospective buyers should understand the laws for their specific location.

SALE: Save BIG On Delta 8 Hemp Shatter

CO2: Delta 8 Shatter
SALE: Save BIG On Delta 8 Hemp Shatter
Get 20% discount using cbdflowers20 coupon code

$35 Yet another company that takes your safety seriously when it comes to making CO2 delta-8 THC shatter, is Top Five Wholesale. This company puts out Delta-8 Shatter (1g) – Mango (Hybrid), with a pungent tropical aroma. This company claims 93% purity, and a 45% – 75% extracted oil. This company sells 1 gram per container, is laboratory certified, and uses safe CO2 extractions. This company ships to all states where delta-8 has not been illegalized, and offers other delta-8 products that interested buyers should check out.

Butane hash oil extractions

Shatter is generally made in one of a few ways. The most standard way is with a hydrocarbon solvent like butane or propane. The solvent is put on the plant material, where it breaks down the trichomes where the cannabinoids are stored, and then binds directly to them. When the solvent is burned off at the end, it leaves behind concentrated cannabinoids. More and more this is done in a closed-loop system, which is a safer way of using such a solvent. In a closed-loop system, the solvent doesn’t have contact with the outside.

In this kind of system, the solvent is added to the cannabis in one place, moved to another where the contents are heated to remove the solvent, then to another tank where the residual butane is purged – with how this is done dictating the consistency of the final product. At the end, the remaining solvent flows back to its original containment, closing the loop. In a home setup, the process often ends when the shatter stops bubbling while being heated, but this can leave residual butane which is toxic, and harmful when inhaled. Pressurized vacuum pumps can be used at this point in a home set-up, to further purge the butane, with heat and pressure as the means of getting rid of the butane.

Concentrates that are made in this way, using butane, are called butane hash oil (BHO). This term is often confused to mean a specific kind of concentrate, but it only actually refers to the method of extraction. Therefore, while shatter is different then butter or honeycomb, if they are made using butane as a solvent, they are all butane hash oil, as well.

In terms of shatter, the concentrate is not agitated during the purge phase, and this allows its molecules to stay more organized. It is dried out over a period of time, using hot and cold to allow the gas to be fully purged.

How a CO2 extraction is different

CO2 extractions are technically preferable because regardless of how much purging, a BHO extract can always have hydrocarbon left in it. With a CO2 extraction, there is no fear of solvent being left behind, which makes for an overall cleaner product. The way it works is that CO2 is pressurized to reach a ‘supercritical’ state. In natural temperature and pressure, CO2 is a gas. When this gas is frozen, it becomes dry ice. When its pressurized and heated to a specific temperature, it stays in a ‘critical’ state somewhere between a liquid and a gas, and having properties of both.

SALE – Delta 8 Wax Bundle – Coupon: Delta25

Delta 8 Wax Bundle - Coupon: Delta25
SALE – Delta 8 Wax Bundle – Coupon: Delta25

This CO2 supercritical liquid is put on the cannabis where it does what butane does. It breaks the trichomes open to release the cannabinoids inside. Once this part is done, the CO2 is simply repressurized to go back to its gaseous state, leaving all the extracted cannabinoids behind. Think of freezing something in ice, and then melting the ice and allowing it to evaporate so that all that’s left is what was trapped in it, with no H2O remaining.

The equipment for CO2 extractions is more intensive and expensive, so home jobs will likely never use something like this. Luckily, with a growing industry, this processing technique becomes more likely for production, since it creates an overall better product, does so without the same risk of explosion, and without the risk of subjecting users to residual hydrocarbons. Since CO2 can’t exist in liquid, or even supercritical form, at standard temperature and pressure, it cannot remain with the concentrate upon re-pressurization.


Shatter is becoming a very popular way of vaping cannabis extracts, and delta-8 is certainly gaining popularity among cannabis smokers. Making sure products are safe by using safe extraction methods is important, and the CO2 delta-8 shatter products listed here use this safer extraction technology, to ensure you have the best product possible.

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Introducing The New Delta 8 + THCV Vape Cartridges

Have you tried the new THCV vape cartridges? THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) the new cannabinoid everyone is talking about, but what exactly is it good for, why the new blend of Delta 8 THC with THCV works so well together and what are the best THCV vape cartridges?

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What is THCV good for and why should it be used together with Delta 8 THC?

While Delta 8 THC might give you a great body-buzz and relaxation, THCV might provide mental clarity, productivity and focus. Using them together might create a super sativa effect – mind & body relief.

People who uses THCV sometimes claim that it helps them for improving mood and focus to the mind. In addition, THCV is known by the fact that people are using it to balance their appetite, so if you are getting the munchies after using cannabis, adding THCV to the formula might do the trick for you…

Possible health benefits

While more research is needed, people who have been using THCV (with or without other cannabinoids) already report that it has been helping them with their symptoms.

Unlike regular THC, that increases appetite THCV might be an appetite suppressant and hence, may assist in maintaining your weight. While it is not a miracle diet pill, it will probably won’t produce the same reaction cannabis does and won’t make you run to the refrigerator.

In addition, there is a potential in researching if THCV may help with treating diabetes, by regulation blood sugar levels and reducing insulin resistance (see research). Another potential health benefit could be using THCV to reduce panic attacks, and more research is needed here as-well. Some people are interested to learn if THCV can assist treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and finaly, more research is needed to find out if THCV may stimulates bone growth. 

Please be advised that the statements above are not based on research, haven’t been approved by the FDA and shouldn’t be taked as medical advise.

Best THCV Vape Cartridges

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THCV + Delta 8 Vape Cartridges – BUNDLE

THCV + Delta 8 Vape Cartridges – BUNDLE

If you are looking for the perfect blend, try the new THCV + Delta 8 + CBD vape cartridges, currently on sale.

While Delta 8 THC gives a great body-buzz and relaxation, THCV is made to help give mental clarity, productivity and focus. Similar to a “super sativa“. In addition, THCV might be also responsible in balancing your appetite (so if you are get the munchies after using cannabis, THCV might be the one for you…)

Each cart use 20% THCV, 30% Delta 8 THC, 45% CBD/CBN/CBC, and 5% Terpenes.

Current deal: save big on the 6-pack bundle with our Delta25 discount code. The bundle includes 2 of each of the following flavors: Purple Haze (for energy, mood, and creativity), Sour Tangie (for happiness) & Candyland (for feeling social and uplift).

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Purple Haze THCV + Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

Loooking for energy, mood, and creativity? Try the Purple Haze THCV + Delta 8 vape cartridge. This Sativa cart, cuurently on sale as part of the 6-pack bundle, is perfect for focusing on tasks, while giving a smooth flavor and a peaceful feeling.

TIP: Choose the 6-pack bundle and don’t forget to use Delta25 coupon code for an additional 25% discount (only valid for the bundles).

Click HERE to get THCV + Delta 8 vape cartridges

(With ‘Delta25’ coupon code)

Candy Land THCV + Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

Candy Land THCV + Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge
Candyland THCV + Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

Want to feel social and uplift? Try the Candyland THCV + Delta 8 vape cartridge. This Sativa cart, cuurently on sale as part of the 6-pack bundle, is perfect for social gatherings or creative pastimes, while giving a great slightly sweet flavor and an enjoyable feeling.

TIP: Choose the 6-pack bundle and don’t forget to use Delta25 coupon code for an additional 25% discount (only valid for the bundles).

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Sour Tangie THCV + Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

Sour Tangie THC-V + Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge
Sour Tangie THCV + Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge

Searching for happiness? Try the Sour Tangie THCV + Delta 8 vape cartridge. This Sativa cart, cuurently on sale as part of the 6-pack bundle, is perfect for getting a mood boost during the day, while giving a fantastic fruit flavor and a happy feeling.

TIP: Choose the 6-pack bundle and don’t forget to use Delta25 coupon code for an additional 25% discount (only valid for the bundles).

Click HERE to get THCV + Delta 8 vape cartridges

(With ‘Delta25’ coupon code)

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CBN Yourself to Sleep Tonight with These Products

Medical cannabis offers benefits for many different ailments, and one of the predominant ones in medical literature is connected to sleep. Which part of the plant is responsible for this? It looks like cannabinoid CBN might be partially responsible, at least in conjunction with other elements of the plant. CBN sleep products are already becoming quite popular.

Delta-8 THC is a great reminder that not all THCs are created equally. Whereas delta-9 THC is known for causing anxiety in some users, and leading to couch-locking effects, delta-8 does neither of these things. This provides a better option for those disenfranchised with the anxiety and heaviness of delta-9. If you’re looking to switch up your THC, give our collection of Delta-8 THC deals a look-thru, and we’ll ship you out your products ASAP.

What is CBN?

We’re all pretty aware of what the cannabis plant is at this point. We’re all pretty aware, whether we agree with the statements or not, that there is a growing body of medical research in support of the positive benefits of marijuana for a number of different medical issues, as well as for recreational purposes. By now, most of us are even aware that the US designates higher-THC cannabis as marijuana, and lower-THC cannabis as hemp, with a cutoff line at .3% THC to make the designation.

When looking into the plant closer, we can designate different effects of the plant to different molecules like THC, CBD, and limonene. We know there are cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other plant constituents, some of which are useful, and some of which we aren’t as concerned with. THC, of course, is the main psychoactive component, with a Schedule I spot in the Controlled Substances list of the US, while also being in Schedule I of both the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, and the Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

Delta 8 + CBD + CBN Tincture

D8+CBD+CBN 1500/100/500 Tincture
D8+CBD+CBN 1500/100/500 Tincture
If you are looking for a powerful relaxation formula, we have found the best one for you!
Click HERE to see the Best Delta 8 Tinctures (With or without CBN)

THC isn’t the only psychoactive compound though. Not only does delta-9 THC oxidize to form another version of THC called delta-8, but there are other cannabinoids – albeit showing up in very small quantities – that also have psychoactive properties, and one of these is CBN, or cannabinol.

CBN was the first cannabinoid of the cannabis plant to be isolated, and technically way before any other cannabinoid. In 1899 Thomas Wood, W.T. Spivey and Thomas Easterfield obtained the molecule from a sample of charas, which is a form of cannabis resin. They used alcohol to extract from the charas, and then ran the tincture through a fractional distillation process to produce a viscous oil. From here, they performed the chemical reaction acetylation to discover CBN. In the 1930’s, Robert S. Cahn was the first person to figure out its structure – giving it the name cannabinol, with the first synthesis done in the early 1940s by Roger Adams.

CBN for sleep

Cannabinol is a cannabinoid that is formed when the precursor acid to THC – THCA, is exposed to air and sunlight over time. THCA converts to cannabinolic acid (CBNA), which further decarboxylates (loses a carboxyl group – COOH) to form CBN. For this reason, CBN is more likely to be found in aged plants than fresh ones. CBN is much more mildly psychoactive than THC with some researchers putting it at 4/10 the strength, and the compound prefers CB2 receptors to CB1 receptors in the brain. While both THC and CBN activate the CB1 and CB2 receptors, there is a fundamental difference between the cannabinoids.

CBN vs delta THCs

CBN and tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) both activate CB receptors in the brain, both have pscyhaoactive effects, and are both cannabinoids. But there is a fundamental difference which comes down to structure. The thing that delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 THCs all have in common is that they have the same chemical structure of C21H30O2. They are isomers of each other because this chemical structure stays the same, with the only variation being in the placement of a double carbon bond. In delta-8 THC its on the 8th carbon atom in the chain, for delta-9 on the 9th, and for delta-10 on the 10th.

On the other hand, CBN has this chemical structure: C21H26O2, which is different than tetrahydrocannabinols. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinols which are isomers of each other, CBN has no stereoisomers or geometric isomers, meaning it doesn’t share its chemical structure with another molecule that has the same number of atoms of each element, but different configurations. So, whereas several different tetrahydrocannabinols have been found, only one CBN exists.

CBN isn’t specifically listed in the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, or the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, like THC is. This means that all signing countries of these conventions are not bound by international law to regulate CBN. This is in direct contrast to THC which is listed in both treaties. In the US, CBN is illegal under federal law just like THC. This covers its use medically as well as for use in food products or as additives. CBN is not specifically named in the DEA Controlled Substances list, but it remains a Schedule I controlled substance.

The sale of CBN products, and having possession of them is prosecutable by the Federal Analogue Act. CBN is an analogue of THC because the chemical structure is nearly the same, with also very similar pharmacological and medical properties. This is a debatable point as no clarification has been made about CBN in the Interim Final Rule by the DEA, or the Final Rule by the USDA.

CBN and sleep

Comfortably Numb: D8 + CBN Tincture

Click HERE to get the Comfortably Numb tincture

The first thing to understand when looking into CBN sleep products, is that cannabinol has not been studied intensely. Though its easy to believe that claims about it have merit since we know cannabis is associated with lots of medical benefits, the jury is most definitely still out as to the exact effects of CBN. However, one of the most spoken about benefits of CBN, is for sleep. This, unfortunately has not really been medically verified, and requires more study.

In fact, two of the only studies that point in the direction of CBN being useful for sleep have to do with a combination of THC and CBN. In this 1975 study Effects of delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol in man, there was found a possible synergistic effect with delta-9 THC in five men. The study investigators made this statement about delta-9 and CBN being used in tandem:

“With combined drug treatment, volunteers reported feeling more drugged, drunk, dizzy, and drowsy than under the delta9-THC condition alone… It appears that CBN increases the effect of delta9-THC on some aspects of physiological and psychological processes, but that these effects are small and cannot account for the greater potency which has been reported when plant material is used.”

This other study: Pharmacologic interaction between cannabinol and delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol from 1975 also looked at the interaction between delta-9 and CBN in mice, rats and rabbits. It found CBN to be less potent than delta-9, but otherwise mimicking delta-9 effects. According to the study authors: “When the mixture delta9-THC + CBN was used, a synergistic effect occurred on most of the depressant effects.”

Apart from this, there haven’t been other studies that specifically identify CBN as a sleep agent. The thing is, when looking at overall cannabis research, there are often tons of contradicting study articles, with information gained over time that better elucidates what starts off as confusing and inconsistent. So ruling out CBN is also just as silly at this point. There does seem to be plenty of anecdotal evidence backing up this property…which is also the way cannabis as a medicine started to become big – through personal experiences being shared. These reddit posts exemplify that people do seem to be getting a sedative effect (although whether these are paid-for posts, or confused users can’t be said).

CBN sleep products

In the tradition of waiting for more information before making judgements, and in trying new products to see what can work, here are some of the CBN products on the market that can be tried for help with sleep. All of these options are combinations including CBN.


CBN sleep products
Click HERE for a list of Delta 8 + CBN Tinctures

Gossamer puts out Dusk, a cannabinoid sleep aid with a variety of ingredients in each one-ounce bottle, like 300mg of full spectrum CBD, CBN in high levels, and terpenes: Myrcene, B-Caryophyllene, Linalool, and Citral. This product is sourced from pesticide and GMO-free hemp, and costs $65 ($58.50 with subscription).

Another option is Dr. Dabbs Everyday CBD Premium Nighttime CBD Gummy’s with 300mg of CBD and 30mg of CBN. This product is sourced from 100% USDA certified organic hemp, comes in a delicious blue-raspberry flavor, and contains 30 gummies in a package. Each package costs $65.

Yet another possibility includes delta-8 THC, an isomer of delta-9, which has already been shown to help with sleep, as well as anxiety. Whereas delta-9 can produce anxiety in users, delta-8 is not known for this. The company VIIA Premium Hemp Products puts out its Delta 8 + CBN – Sleep Vape Cartridge. This sleep-inducing combination contains a total of 1,000mg of cannabis constituents in this breakdown: 500mg delta-8 THC, 250mg CBN, 200mg of CBC, CBG, and CBD, with 50mg in terpenes. Each one-gram cart costs $40.

CBN Sleep Products – Conclusion

It’s hard to know the exact effects of CBN because it’s way too early in the research cycle to say. But, as mentioned, that doesn’t rule anything out, and sometimes the best way of figuring out which part of a plant like cannabis is good for what, is to just give different things a try. After all, not every product works the same way for everyone, and it takes time to figure these things out. So it doesn’t make sense at this point to rule out CBN sleep products at all. Especially when combined with other cannabinoids and terpenes. We’ll know way more about it in the next few years, no doubt.

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DisclaimerHi, I’m a researcher and writer. I’m not a doctor, lawyer, or businessperson. All information in my articles is sourced and referenced, and all opinions stated are mine. I am not giving anyone advise, and though I am more than happy to discuss topics, should someone have a further question or concern, they should seek guidance from a relevant professional.

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DIY Cannabis Products: What Can Really Make At Home?

We’re at in interesting point in our society where, not only is cannabis becoming further integrated in our daily lives, but as a society, we’re leaning more towards natural remedies, DIY solutions, and overall freedom and independence. In that vein, it makes sense that consumers are trying to figure out the best ways to grow their own cannabis, as well as manufacture products in the comfort of their own homes.

Just like food and most other consumable products, the healthiest way to do pretty much anything these days is to do it yourself. And with all the health benefits achievable through using cannabis, it’s almost a travesty to use low-end products that are tainted with heavy metals, absorbing toxins through crappy packaging and vape carts, and filling your body with carcinogens. And above all, DIY cannabis isn’t rocket science, but in many cases a simple process that will allow you to make your own medicine…

With the rise of DIY technologies, you can make most of your favorite cannabis products in the comfort of your own home. In today’s market, you can buy supplies to grow the flowers yourself, extract the compounds, and make a variety of high-quality and very pure products, without worrying about any possible mystery ingredients that could be harmful to your health.

Growing your own flower and making cannabis products at home has never been easier… but it’s still sometimes fun (and much easier) to buy product that you already know are reliable. To learn more about cannabis, and for exclusive deals on flowers and other products, make sure to subscribe to The CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter. If you want to get the latest deals on Delta 8 THC, please subscribe to the Delta 8 weekly.

Extract at home

Until recently, consumers who wanted to make their own extracts and concentrates were reduced to using various types of kitchenware and flammable solvents. Although effective, these methods are dangerous and lead to many housefires, explosions, and other deadly outcomes.

Some people might find it reckless, but what it really showed the world is that there was a serious demand for these types of products, but no safe and efficient way for the average consumer to make it themselves. “There was definitely an incredible amount of interest from the market,” says Troy Ivan, CEO of Colorado-based ExtractCraft. “Consumers were happily paying $350 down for a product which had a 4-month wait with a company which had never existed,” Ivan continued.


NEW: Delta-10 THC Tincture
NEW: Delta-10 THC Tincture

The product Ivan is referring to is the Source Turbo, a home appliance that’s perfect for creating any type of botanical extract at home with plants like cannabis, various herbs and flowers, and citrus rinds. Products like Ivan’s and others on the market offer consumers a way to make their own extracts for only a minor investment, and peace of mind goes a long way when blowing up your house is at stake.

Ivan also mentioned that his company does more than just offer a product for sale. He added that, “We invest an immense amount of time and effort into customer service and education. There is so much misinformation and bad information regarding culinary and extraction arts, misleading people who are trying to make medicine at home.” He believes the key to home users making their own products successfully, is a trustworthy product from a company that educates.

DIY cannabis – Blend oils with ease

Another interesting product on the market, and one that seems to go hand-in-hand with the aforementioned item, is an appliance that gives consumers the ability to blend different types of plant extracts and create their own custom herbal blends, using whatever extracts, oils, and other ingredients they choose.

This means cannabis users can make nearly any product DIY at home, from vape cartridges, to topicals, to culinary oils for edibles, and more – the opportunities are virtually limitless. It’s the way of the future, and one particular company and product comes to mind, the Oblend made by Altopa.

Similar to a Keurig or Coco-Cola Freestyle machine, the Oblend is an innovative platform that uses 23 different cartridges allowing for ultimate customization of the final product. Using a smartphone app, the consumer can select their base cannabinoid or a blend of a few different ones such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabinol (CBN), or tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), plus various herbs like turmeric or Echinacea, as well as terpenes including limonene, linalool, or pinene.

Although Altopa as decided to pivot their attention from the B2C to the B2B sector, there is a market for this type of machine and more cannabis companies will be making these products that cater to the growing number of DIY clientele.  

Make your own vape carts

If you live in a place like California or Michigan, where unregulated dispensaries with questionable products are a dime a dozen, the only vape carts you can really be sure of are the ones you make yourself. Making your own vape carts allows consumers to create extract from the strain of their choosing, without dealing with pesticides and heavy metals that accumulate when using cheap leftover biomass for extraction.

Not only that, but when making vape carts at home, the consumers will also be able to choose what brand of vape carts to use, picking ones that won’t have toxins seeping  into your vape liquid.

All you need is some good flower and/or kief, and a rosin press which you can find at many online retailers for only a few hundred dollars. You can do it the old-fashioned way using some wax paper and a hair straightener, and some would argue that this method gives you more potent extract, but it’s much more time consuming and I think the difference in quality is probably negligible. (Check back next week for our full guide on making your own cannabis vape carts)

Regardless, DIY cannabis vape carts are a safe and cost-efficient way to have vape liquid from favorite cannabis strain, with no residual toxins, leaving you with a stronger and tastier product than what you will find on most store shelves.

Automated growing set ups

We’ve covered a short list of DIY products and at the heart of all of them was good quality cannabis. If you have the money to buy a bunch of top-shelf weed to turn into extracts and other products, then more power to you. However, most people are looking for options that won’t break the bank, and growing your own flower is the best way to save a few bucks while having complete control over what you will be consuming.

Luckily for us, technology has reached the home growing sector as well. Most states that have recreational or medical cannabis laws on the books also allow residents to grow a certain number of plants for personal use, but a lot of people don’t have the knowledge or the time to do so. Enter the automated grow set up, available for people to grow weed with a set-it and forget-it approach; very suitable for the modern, fast-paced lifestyle.

Blueberry Durban Poson Delta 8 + Delta 10 Hybrid Flower
Blueberry Durban Poson Delta 8 + Delta 10 Hybrid Flower

Companies like GroBox and Green Goddess Supply, offer consumers a discreet, furniture-inspired box that resembles a small file cabinet or armoire. These user-friendly systems yield roughly one quarter-pound in a 60 day auto-flowering harvest cycle.

Using an app on your phone, you can watch and monitor the progress of your plants with minimal effort on your part. All you need to do is add water when needed, and the rest is controlled by the software. This covers every aspect of the growing process including humidity, temperature, PH, lighting schedule, and so on.

DIY cannabis – Final thoughts

While this article just grazes the surface of how far we’ve come in the world of DIY cannabis technologies, it should give you a solid idea of what you can really do, at home, by yourself. All you need is a little bit of time and the right equipment and you can make your very one, completely customized cannabis products without ever leaving the house.

What are your favorite DIY cannabis products? We’d love to hear what you think, drop us a line in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe to the CBD Flowers Weekly Newsletter for more articles and exclusive deals on flowers and other products!

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