Minnesota Files Lawsuit Against Several Companies for Illicit Edible Sales

The state of Minnesota said Monday that it is suing a trio of businesses for alleged violations of the state’s edible cannabinoid laws, saying that they are selling products that contain up to 50 times the permitted amount of THC. 

The lawsuit filed by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy targets three companies, one of which, Northland Vapor—a company with retail locations in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota—allegedly “sold edible cannabinoid products that contain THC far in excess of five milligrams per serving and far in excess of 50 milligrams per package.”

Under Minnesota state law, the Board of Pharmacy explained, “an edible cannabinoid product…must not contain more than five milligrams of any hemp-derived tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in a single serving or more than a total of 50 milligrams per package.”

Investigators for the agency “found packages containing 2,500 milligrams of THC, 50 times the amount permitted under Minnesota law,” the Board said. 

Perhaps the most notable contraband swept up in the investigation were thousands of packages of the Delta-8 THC products known as “Death by Gummy Bears.”

As the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy explained, the “U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) received complaints about serious adverse events associated with Northland Vapor’s ‘Death by Gummy Bears’ delta-8 THC products, including a death.”

Minnesota Public Radio reports that the board’s lawsuit “says the owner of the companies, Brett Erpelding, acknowledged to investigators that they sold products that were not in compliance with Minnesota law but maintained the products were not sold in Minnesota.”

“The pharmacy board, in conjunction with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, has been investigating Erpelding’s companies after the FDA was notified in October that a healthy 23-year-old in West Virginia died shortly after consuming 10 Death by Gummy Bears brand items. The cause of death in the case was listed as undetermined,” Minnesota Public Radio reported.

Last month, on November 8, the Board of Pharmacy and the FDA “initiated an inspection at Northland Vapor’s manufacturing warehouse in Moorhead, Minnesota,” the Board said in its release, noting that investigators discovered “edible cannabinoid products that matched those for sale on the companies’ websites and at their retail location that were in violation of state law, including the following: Approximately 28,896 packages of Death by Gummy Bears, labeled as 25 individual gummy bears at 100 milligrams of THC per serving, totaling 2,500 milligrams per package; Approximately 112,710 packages of Death by Gummy Bears, labeled as 10 individual gummy bears at 100 milligrams of THC per serving, totaling 1,000 milligrams per package; Approximately 2,400 packages of Wonky Weeds Gummies, labeled as 10 individual gummies at 30 milligrams of THC per serving, totaling 300 milligrams per package; and Approximately 2,310 bottles of Wonky Weeds THC Syrup, containing 700 milligrams of THC per bottle.”

The state’s new edible law took effect last summer, catching some lawmakers and residents off guard, who weren’t aware that Minnesota had effectively legalized recreational cannabis. The law has come under criticism for its lack of regulations and safeguards.

The state’s Democratic governor, Tim Walz, has long expressed his support for legalization and now that he has secured re-election––and now that the Democrats have regained control of the state legislature––there is hope that an even more robust cannabis law may soon be arriving in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. 

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U.S. Youth Ditch Alcohol for Cannabis in Record Numbers, Study Says

American youth are smoking pot more than ever before, but according to the same data, they are dropping booze habits at the same time—begging the question if society is better off as a whole.

The findings were published Monday in the peer-reviewed journal Clinical Toxicology, pinpointing precisely 338,727 instances of intentional abuse or misuse amongst American children aged 6-18. Americans did a fairly good job of keeping drugs away from young children, however, as most of the cases involving smaller children 6-12 were accidental and usually involving over-the-counter items such as vitamins and hormones.

Among American youth, cannabis use rose 245% since 2000 in the U.S., while alcohol abuse has steadily declined over the same period. “Young people are ditching alcohol for marijuana,” Neuroscience News reports.

“Ethanol abuse cases exceeded the number of marijuana cases every year from 2000 until 2013,” stated Dr Adrienne Hughes, Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, one of the authors of the study. “Since 2014, marijuana exposure cases have exceeded ethanol cases every year, and by a greater amount each year than the prior.” 

“These edible and vaping products are often marketed in ways that are attractive to young people, and they are considered more discrete and convenient,” says Hughes.

Researchers pointed out what most of us already know: that problems associated with cannabis usually involve edibles that take hours to creep up.

“Compared to smoking cannabis, which typically results in an immediate high, intoxication from edible forms of marijuana usually takes several hours, which may lead some individuals to consume greater amounts and experience unexpected and unpredictable highs,” says Hughes.

Researchers noted 57,488 incidents involving children aged just 6 to twelve, but they were cases involving vitamins, plants, melatonin, hand sanitizers, and other typical household objects.

A slight majority of cannabis ingestions were noted in males versus females at 58.3%, and more than 80% of all reported cannabis exposure cases occurred in teens aged 13 to 18.

The report illustrates how drugs fall into and out of favor over time. Dextromethorphan—the most reported substance over the study period—peaked in 2006, but has fallen out of favor among American youth.

Youth alcohol abuse peaked over 20 years ago back in 2000, when the largest number of abuse cases involved exposure to ethanol. Since then, child alcohol abuse has steadily declined over the years.

Cannabis cases, on the other hand, remained relatively stable from 2000 to 2009, with a rise in cases beginning in 2011, and a more acute rise in cases from 2017 to 2020.

The same pattern can be seen as fewer American youth are drinking alcohol. Changes in the types of cannabis products that are being consumed is also apparent. But the rise in unpleasant edible experiences is a concern for the team of researchers.

“Our study describes an upward trend in marijuana abuse exposures among youth, especially those involving edible products,” says Hughes.

“These findings highlight an ongoing concern about the impact of rapidly evolving cannabis legalization on this vulnerable population.”

The findings are not exactly conclusive: Previous, federally funded data dismisses the theory that legalization measures have a correlation with increased teen use of cannabis.

A study published in November in the journal American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that cannabis legalization “was not significantly related” to “the probability or frequency of self-reported past-year cannabis use” by teens. It also found that “youth who spent more of their adolescence under legalization were no more or less likely to have used cannabis at age 15 years than adolescents who spent little or no time under legalization.”

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Are Delta 8 Edibles a Safe Alternative for Your Health?

There are a million and one reasons to try Delta 8 edibles, especially with the myriad offerings available to consumers in the cannabis market today. With a rich tapestry of products from which to choose, including Delta 8 gummies, Delta 8 chocolates, Delta 8 honey, and more, the possibilities are truly endless. And why not? Now you can enjoy an all-natural, hemp-derived legal high that not only gives you the munchies but one that satisfies them at the same time! Beyond the buzz, however, there are more reasons to indulge in Delta 8 products—most notably for your health and wellness. But are Delta 8 edibles a safe alternative for your health? 

What’s a Delta 8 Edible? 

Before diving into the top reasons for indulging in Delta 8 edibles for your health, let’s take a brief look at Delta 8. More importantly, let’s answer the question, “What’s a Delta 8 edible?” Most readers are probably aware that Delta 8 is a form of THC—yes, THC is the compound that gets you high. Delta 8’s chemical structure mirrors its close cousin, Delta 9 THC. Moreover, cannabis and hemp plants count delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol as one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found inside them. The point is that Delta 8 is similar to Delta 9 THC, though much less potent. 

Courtesy of Diamond CBD

The Different Kinds of Delta 8 Edibles 

The list of Delta 8 edibles is almost never-ending. Under the Farm Bill, which Congress passed in 2018, hemp is officially legal, as are all hemp-derived products, making Delta 8 edibles available for distribution and consumption. It’s directly responsible for the rise in Delta 8’s popularity. In just two years, consumers have seen a considerable list of edible products come to market, including, but not limited to, the following: 

  • Fruity gummies 
  • Milk chocolates 
  • Dark chocolates 
  • Potato chips
  • Coffee 
  • Tea 
  • Energy Drinks 
  • Honey 
  • Cookies 
  • Brownies 
  • Seltzers 

And while users can infuse foods with Delta 8 at home, do-it-yourself types usually find it’s much easier to shop for available treats and goodies. Not only that, it’s much safer, too, especially when you know a retailer maintains transparency and tests all their products. 

Delta 8 Edibles Get You Buzzed (For Your Health)

While it may seem counterintuitive initially, the high is one of the best reasons to try Delta 8 edibles as a safer alternative for your health. Let’s be honest, and upfront—Delta 8 edibles get you buzzed. It’s most likely why you’ve heard of or shown interest in these products in the first place (and there’s nothing wrong with that—in fact, it’s excellent!). One of the main reasons most of us enjoy being high is because it benefits our well-being. 

Think about it for a moment. What happens next when you eat a square of Delta 8 chocolate or pop a couple of Delta 8 gummies? Chances are any of the following feelings wash over you: 

  • Calm 
  • Relaxation 
  • Bliss 
  • Happiness 
  • Euphoria 
  • Peacefulness 
  • Sleepiness 
  • Stress Relief 
  • Anxiety Relief 

Delta 8 Edibles Benefit Your Overall Wellness

Sure, the buzz from Delta 8 is a wellness boost in and of itself. But, when we dig a little deeper, we find there’s more to this novel cannabinoid than just the high. The best part is there’s no need for a medical cannabis card to take advantage of these wellness benefits. If you want Delta 8 edibles to boost your health and wellness, all you need is a love of chocolate (or gummies) and the fortitude to add it to your everyday regimen. 

How Can Delta 8 Edibles Be Used To Boost Your Wellness? 

To begin, hemp-derived products like gummies are simply cannabinoids derived from hemp. When the edibles, whatever they may be, are infused with Delta 8, they becomes something new—THC products with added wellness benefits. A legal high in today’s world is something quite rare, but so is chocolate that can keep your blood pumping (so to speak). Delta 8-infused edibles offer you just that, the health and wellness benefits of Delta 8 in the foods and snacks you love.

The research into Delta 8 THC’s overall wellness properties is still in its infancy. Much of our knowledge is based on consumer data, anecdotes, and first-hand reports. But the stories we have are powerful, and they have been repeated numerous times by user after user, showing the potential that Delta 8 edibles bring to the table. With that understanding, the following table lists all known benefits of Delta 8 edibles.

Courtesy of Diamond CBD

The Bioavailability of Delta 8 Edibles 

One of the more compelling reasons Delta 8 edibles make for a safer alternative for your health is their bioavailability. Measuring the absorption rates of the compounds your body ingests is a more significant issue than you may think, especially when, with infused products, bioavailability can be as low as 6%. 

In real terms, this means Delta 8 edibles take longer to peak, have a milder, more subtle high, and last much longer than a vape product, for example. Eating some Delta 8 edibles begins a metabolic process that takes a few hours. After chowing down on some sweet Delta 8 gummies, our systems have some work to do: 

  • Following its journey down the esophagus, the edible reaches the stomach. 
  • The stomach digests the edible, using acids and enzymes. 
  • Here, THC is absorbed by the stomach lining. 
  • Next, Delta 8 hits the liver. 
  • In the liver, Delta 8 converts into a potent substance called 11-hydroxy-THC. It’s extremely strong.
  • Finally, we cross the blood-brain barrier, where a high is achieved. 

The effects of 11-hydroxy-THC can sometimes last up to eight hours—even longer. So Delta 8 edibles may not start “working” right away, but they put in overtime when they do!

Courtesy of Diamond CBD

The Top Three Delta 8 Edibles Brands You Should Try 

Are Delta 8 edibles a safe alternative for your health? The evidence points to yes. And there’s no one better for Delta 8 edibles these days than CBD Mall, one of the best online outlets for cannabinoid products. 

The Mall has the largest selection, the best prices, and fantastic customer service. Are you looking for a recommendation? Try one of these Delta 8 edibles brands. They will knock your socks off! 

Chill Plus Delta 8 Edibles – Chill Plus products are the premier cannabinoids on the legal cannabis market today. Their edibles are some of the most innovative, with Chill offering one of the most expansive lists of products available anywhere. 

10X Delta 8 Edibles – 10X Delta 8 edibles provide 10 times the buzz and 10 times the cannabinoids. It’s an extra-potent, hemp-derived, all-natural cannabinoid product unlike anything else on the market today. 

Shrooms Delta 8 Edibles – What better way to enjoy all-natural, hemp-derived Delta 8 edibles than mushroom-infused gummies that you can take anywhere? With Shrooms Delta 8, you can control your buzz, putting yourself in the driver’s seat. Experience the magic of Shrooms. 

There Are So Many Reasons To Try Delta 8 Edibles As a Safer Alternative For Your Health 

Why should you try Delta 8 edibles for your health? Why not? They’re legal, taste delicious, and offer an explosive high that will stay with you for weeks. With Delta 8 edibles, you’ll find yourself charting new ground and reaching a new level that takes you up to the moon and back. So give Delta 8 edibles a try. Your health, wellness, and well-being will thank you.

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How to Make Quick and Easy Cannabis Tea

Cannabis can be consumed in a variety of ways, and sometimes vaping or smoking just isn’t the ideal method of choice. Perhaps you don’t want that harsh feeling on your throat or quick high. Sometimes a warm beverage is actually what you need. Why not make a quick and easy cannabis tea?

As the days get colder and winter comes, there is nothing like combining the two in one epic drink to really warm yourself up. There are many benefits to cannabis tea, and with this quick and easy recipe, you can enjoy them all yourself. So, if you’re feeling adventurous today, why not give it a go? 

Benefits of Cannabis Tea

Why bother making cannabis tea? Many weed-lovers may not understand the point in spending a little longer preparing a hot THC beverage, when they can just roll a joint or pack up their vape for a hit. The truth is, there are many benefits of making cannabis tea and the time it takes – which isn’t that much at all in the grand scheme of things – can be extremely worth it.


Like with any edible, the high can take longer to come – perhaps up to 1 hour or a little longer. However, once it comes, this high will last a lot longer than the average joint or vape. You will likely be comfortably stoned for up to 4-6 hours. This is perfect if you’re about to embark on a day that you’d like to be high for. You won’t need a top up for a while. Cannabis tea is long-lasting. 

No Smell

Another huge benefit of cannabis tea is its discretion. Unlike a joint, you will not be left with your body and clothes stinking of smoke and cannabis. You are simply drinking a hot beverage, no undesired scents will linger. This is a huge positive if you’re going somewhere that requires you to be discreet with your weed use. But even if that is not the case, it’s always nice to avoid the smell of smoke. 


The flavour of cannabis tea is up to you. You can choose the tea bag of your choice, as well as adding any additional ingredients too, to ensure your tea is the tastiest it can be. There’s no unwanted smoke flavour. In addition, the terpene flavours of your cannabis strain will be far more recognisable in the tea, due to its boiling point. You may be surprised to taste that your lemon haze actually has scents of lemon. 


The most obvious benefit of cannabis tea is its benefits on your health. Inhaling cannabis is by far the most dangerous method of consumption. Smoking triggers the process of combustion, which causes dangerous toxins and cancerous carcinogens to enter the body. This damages the lungs and major organs. On the flip side, cannabis tea does not do this. It allows the substance to enter the body without damaging the lungs. If you suffer from anxiety or specific mental health issues, the slow release of weed tea could be the perfect remedy


Whenever you’re making cannabis edibles or cannabis drinks, it’s important to remember the process of decarboxylation. There are a large number of people who have eaten a dry cannabis bud raw and wondered why that has not got them stoned. Well, the answer is, decarboxylation. Weed needs to be heated in order for its effects to be unlocked. This is how the THCA becomes the THC. By heating the cannabis, the psychoactive components are unlocked. This happens when it’s smoked, vaped, cooked or boiled. Before any edible is made, the cannabis will be heated. Without this, no high. 


This recipe will make around 3-4 cups of tea. 1 should be the perfect amount per person. Therefore, it’s ideal for sharing with friends or, if you’re in for a really big one, a long day in stoned-city. Before you put the tea bag of your choice in, the water will taste slightly like cannabis. This is normal and unavoidable. Therefore, find the right tea bag that balances the flavours out. Many go for breakfast tea, whereas others may go for a lemon and ginger. Experiment to see what you prefer. It might even be worth pouring out 4 teas with varying bags to see which tickles your fancy. 

What You Need

Feel free to mess around with amounts if you want to make more.

  • 1 gram of cannabis 
  • 1 tablespoon of butter
  • 1 tea bag
  • 4 cups of water 
  • Potential additions: honey, sugar, cinnamon, milk, berries or basically anything you want. 

How To Make

Step 1 – Hype Yourself Up 

First things first, you’re about to make some awesome cannabis tea so get ready. Put some music on, or a podcast, or silence, basically whatever you need to have a great time. Then make sure you have all of your ingredients in front of you and ready to go. Let’s do this. 

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Step 2 – Cannabis Separation

Get yourself a decent sized pan or pot – something that you’d usually boil pasta or rice in should be fine. Then you’re going to pour 4 tea cups of water into the pan and begin the boiling process. Once the water starts bubbling, you can add your butter. Wait until this dissolves and then you can add your cannabis. Don’t feel too stressed about grinding the bud, although the more even the pieces are the quicker and easier it will decarboxylate. Once the weed is in, turn down the heat to a simmer and leave for as long as you can wait. 15 minutes will do, but some prefer to give it more time as it will enhance the flavours from the terpenes and the potency of the cannabinoids. 

Step 3 – It’s Straining Time

Now if you look into your boiling mixture, you will see quite a bit of floating cannabis pieces. Not to worry, we’re about to get rid of these. When you’ve turned off the heat, you can grab a tea pot. Using a plate carefully placed on the top of the pan, slowly pour the water into the teapot, ensuring that the cannabis pieces do not slide past. This is again another reason why you don’t want to grind your cannabis too thin at the beginning. You can of course use a pasta strainer instead of a plate, but this may allow some cannabis to go through undetected. It’s really up to you and how much you care about loose buds in your beverage. You should now have a full batch of cannabis tea in a teapot. 

Step 4 – Teabag Time

This part is very much up to you. For ease, you can place your teabag of choice in the pot and wait for 5 minutes for it to add flavour. Alternatively, you can pour out four separate mugs of tea and add whichever tea bag everyone wants and do the same. It all depends on which tea bag or tea bags you prefer. This would also be a prime moment to add any additional accessories that you may want. Honey? Mint? Lemon? Sugar? Now’s your chance to really make this cannabis tea the best darn thing you’ve ever tasted. Remember, there will be a natural hint of cannabis within it, so ensure to add additions that go well with this innate flavouring. Once the tea bag has worked its magic, you can take it out and serve. 

Step 5 – Enjoy

Now you should have a mug of beautiful and warm cannabis tea in your hands. The next step is simple: enjoy it. Like with any edible, it can take around 1 hour to feel its effects so be patient. Going out of your way to make cannabis tea is an art form, and it deserves the time to be properly appreciated. There are many ways of doing this. You can go for a little stroll outside and idle at the wonderful world of nature. You can sit somewhere comfortable and ooze in cosiness. You can watch something funny and laugh your head off. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to leave the time to smile. Well done. 


If you’re new to the world of cannabis tea then definitely give it a go. It might take a little longer than rolling a joint, but the overall benefits are something you may never have experienced. Cannabis can be enjoyed in a variety of ways – why not try a new method?

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What Makes the Best CBD Gummies?

Sometimes when you’re searching for the best product on the market it can be especially difficult. Everyone is paying for promotion or using their networking to boost themselves to the top of the list. Where can you find the genuine best CBD gummies? Well, we’ve researched and collated the ideal list of cannabis sweets that are genuinely trialed and tested to be of great quality.

CBD is now legal in most of the world and, with this, transparency should come. We’re going to take you through all of the important information surrounding CBD and, of course, our top CBD gummy products. Let’s go. 

What is CBD?

Whilst CBD is becoming a household name these days, with many nations legalizing the cannabinoid, there are still many who are unaware of what it actually is and what it does. There are 100 cannabinoids within the cannabis plant – these are responsible for the effects that it has. CBD and THC are two of the most prominent. THC is psychoactive, which means that it has mind-altering effects, whereas CBD is not. Cannabis with high percentages of THC are used for recreational purposes, which is why CBD is probably more likely to be legal in a country than its psychoactive cousin. The truth is, CBD is legal in most of the world, whereas THC is still fighting to be accepted. This does not mean, however, that CBD has no effects.

Benefits of CBD

CBD has many benefits on the user. The cannabinoid enters the body when consumed and reacts with the receptors in the central nervous system. It has a calming effect, and this has many positives for the body and the mind. CBD has proven to help with a variety of issues:

  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Sleep deprivation 
  • Psychosis
  • Alzheimers 
  • Parkinson’s 
  • Tourette’s 
  • Acne 
  • Cancer-related symptoms 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Inflammation 

What are CBD Gummies?

There are many methods of consuming cannabis, and each of these has its own individual benefits. Some people prefer to smoke it, which will give a quicker high but also has its health risks. Combustion – when a joint is lit – triggers dangerous toxins and cancerous carcinogens to enter the body.

Alternatively, vaping CBD is now a very common method. As it’s vapor and not smoke, this is a healthier alternative of inhalation. However, when cannabis passes through the lungs it enters the body very quickly, this means that the high comes faster but the end of the effects do the same. Therefore, some prefer to use edibles as a way to have a more endured experience.

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This is where gummies come in. CBD gummies are sweets that are infused with the cannabinoid, and enter through the digestive system. Whilst it may take 30-60 minutes to kick in, the effects will last throughout the day. In contrast, smoking effects can kick in after 2 minutes but only last an hour or so. Gummies are a tasty and discreet way of consuming your CBD. They come in a vast range of flavors, colors, shapes and potency.  

Benefits of Gummies

CBD gummies have all the same benefits as any form of CBD. However, the benefits of digesting your CBD in the form of gummies are vast:

  • Tasty
  • Varied options
  • Endured effects
  • Discreet 
  • Healthier than smoking
  • Legal (CBD flowers can be illegal in some countries, such as the UK)
  • Easy to dose correctly

Gummies vs Flowers

Whilst some countries have legalized all types of cannabis buds, others have not. This means that even though CBD may be legal in a nation, they still may not allow it in its flower form. This is the case in the UK and much of Europe. Therefore, in the majority of the world, CBD edibles are actually the easiest way to consume the cannabinoid. Plus, you avoid smoking buds, which can vastly damage your health when done. Whilst it may take longer to experience the high, the health benefits make it worth it. 

Gummies vs Oil 

CBD oil has many of the same benefits as CBD gummies. It doesn’t require combustion and is thus healthier than smoking. Oil, like edibles, can be digested in food or drinks and thus take the same amount of time. All you need to do is drop some cannabis oil in a meal or in a beverage and away you go. However, there’s also another way of consuming it.

If you place some CBD oil directly on the tongue, and leave it for 30 seconds, it will enter the blood this way and speed up the process of absorption. That means that oil offers two methods of consumption. Nonetheless, gummies do not require any extra work. You do not need to pour anything into anything else, you can simply eat a sweet, wait for the effects, and enjoy your day. It is by far the easiest method of consuming your CBD. 

How Many CBD Gummies to Take Per Day?

There is no universal dosage when it comes to consuming CBD gummies. It will depend on the amount of the cannabinoid within each individual sweet, as well as your own needs. People’s bodies can react differently. Some professionals may advise that 1-5 gummies per day is a decent amount. Although it could be slightly more. Make sure to check with a doctor or the recommended dosage on the box. 

Do CBD Gummies Contain THC?

THC and CBD are completely different cannabinoids within the cannabis plant and, with modern research, you don’t necessarily need one when consuming the other. Many countries around the world have a 0.3% THC cap, meaning that any more potency will deem the product illegal. Therefore, none of these products have a THC dosage higher than that. CBD, on the other hand, as we’ve mentioned, is legal in the majority of the world. However, some of these items do still include some Delta 9 THC, as the combination of cannabinoids can boost the overall effects. 

The Best CBD Gummies

Here at Cannadelics, we are always on the lookout for the best products and brands. Over years we have collated some of the greatest cannabis-related items. But now we bring you our recommended CBD gummies. This list contains some cannabinoid combination options and a variety of gorgeous flavors and potencies – see what works best for you. 

Nighttime CBD Gummies 

Brand: Koi CBD
Price: $44.99

Koi CBD night time gummies are the perfect blend of cannabinoids. This product will give you the absolute sleepy chill you’ve been looking for and is perfect for sleep deprivation. Each tub comes with 30 gummies, with each individual sweet containing: 25mg of CBD, 10mg of CBN and 5mg of Delta 9. CBN is known by many as the sleep cannabinoid, which is why its addition in this product is the perfect asset to your night routine. But not only that, these gummies will calm your mind and relax your body. There are two optional flavors: black cherry or orange cream. Both are as flavorsome as the other. If you want to sleep deeply, these gummies could be your missing ingredient. 

Mixed Berry Gummies

Brand: CBDfx
Price: $49.99

These delicious CBDfx mixed berry gummies are as tasty as they are effective. If you’re looking for a dose of CBD that is perfect for any time of the day, then these may be ideal for you. The entire jar contains around 1500mg of CBD, with each sweet having 25mg of the cannabinoid. They are vegan, non-GMO and broad spectrum. What does this mean? Well, broad spectrum means that the product contains other cannabinoids as well as CBD, which delivers a more potent experience. However, don’t be afraid, these gummies do not contain any THC. Due to the potency of the sweets, it is recommended that you stick to 2 gummies per serving (which is 50mg). This is the perfect product to quench your daily CBD needs. 

Pinnacle CBD Gummies

Brand: Pinnacle Hemp
Price: $15.99 – $49.99

Pinnacle Hemp has a wide variety of CBD products and exists as proof of the plethora of benefits that the cannabinoid can have. Their items are full of class and are of a high standard – they even sell dog treats! Their CBD gummies are just as impressive. There are three pots to choose from, with each containing a different amount of CBD: 200mg = 20 gummies, 500mg = 50 gummies and 1000mg = 100 gummies. Each sweet has 10mg of CBD. This means you can take at least 2-3 per serving. Yet again, Pinnacle Hemp are benefiting from the ‘entourage effect’, which means that they are using a combined variety of cannabinoids to boost the overall effects. These include CBN and CBG. The best part of this product is that there are an assortment of flavors, so you won’t get bored. Use these throughout the day and enjoy your CBD. 

CBD & Delta 9 Gummies

Brand: TreHouse
Price: $31.99

These delicious TreHouse gummies will make your mouth water. The flavour of the sweets are a yummy combination of peach and pear, which means you can have your dosage of CBD and Delta 9 in the most scrumptious way possible. Each bottle contains 400mg of the combined cannabinoids, with 20mg per gummy. This means that there is 10mg of CBD and 10mg of Delta 9 in each sweet. You are likely to feel relieved, productive, energised and mellow. The combination of the cannabinoids boost the effects of both, allowing the user to experience the true potency. In addition, Delta 9 products containing less than 0.3% THC are technically a legal substance – this makes this item legal in many nations. Legal and tasty, what’s not to like? 

CBD & Delta 9 Peach Rings

Brand: Wild Orchard Hemp
Price: $7.99 – $34.99

Wild Orchard Hemp is another exciting brand that is constantly bringing innovative and tasty CBD products to the market. These sweets are no different. If you’re someone who prefers to have treats with a little more personality, then these juicy and sugary peach-flavored rings will be right up your street. The item comes in three different sizes: 2 packs (60mg), 8 packs (240mg) and 20 packs (600mg). Each individual peach ring contains 30mg of cannabinoids – half Delta 9 THC, half CBD. Also, each packet contains 8 delicious sweets. Again, the combination of Delta 9 and CBD gives the perfect balance of productivity and chill. There is also less than 0.3% THC, again making these sweets legal in many states and countries. With 30mg per ring, you probably won’t need to take 1 or 2 per serving for you to feel the full incredible effects. 

Why Trust Us?

Here at Cannadelics, we have been working tirelessly over the years to trial and test some of the best cannabis products on the market. In a saturated market, our aim is to brush past the useless and find the useful. Our mission is to lead the way in providing information that is accurate, effective and reliable. The benefits of CBD gummies can be life changing, if only people know where to get the right products. Well, hopefully you have come a little closer to that today. Let us know which products from our suggestions you prefer.

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THC Edibles 101: Everything You Need to Know

The cannabis plant has existed for generations and the effects of THC have been researched and enjoyed by humans for centuries. During these periods, there have been many ways of consuming cannabis that have been experimented. Some prefer to smoke it, some prefer to inhale it from a modern vaporizer, but some enjoy eating THC edibles.

Each method of consumption has its own benefits, processes and effects. The way in which THC is consumed can affect the way it feels. We’re going to take a look at the traits of edibles, how they’re made, how they work and our top 5 products of 2022. Let’s do this. 

Cannabis Edibles 

Many people believe that smoking cannabis is the only way of consuming it. This entails rolling the dry buds or hash in a joint – potentially with some tobacco – and lighting the end. However, it is now the 21st century, and there are many other ways of enjoying it. Cannabis vapes became popular over the last few decades and proved that you can heat weed at a lower heat, avoiding combustion, and still reap its effects. Similarly, cannabis edibles offer the user the chance to consume weed without inhaling it anyway. But what actually are they?

Well, cannabis edibles are a digestible product that contains the plant. This can really exist in a variety of ways: brownies, bread, pancakes, cakes, cookies, sweets, basically anything that you can eat. However, edibles can also include drinks; like smoothies or milkshakes. Within cannabis there are around 100 different cannabinoids, each having different effects on the body. As more nations begin to legalize the plant, more of these cannabinoids are being discovered for their benefits.

Nonetheless, at the moment, the most common edibles contain the psychoactive THC or the relaxing CBD. The main difference is that the former is used for its recreational effects. It’s important to note that THC edibles will act differently on the body when compared with other methods of consuming cannabis. Here are the pros and cons:


  • No smell of smoke or cannabis
  • No harshness on the throat
  • More healthy than smoking
  • Discreet 
  • Lasts longer 


  • Slower effects
  • Can be harder to purchase in certain countries 
  • Can be overwhelming if overtaken 

How are Edibles made? 

THC edibles can be made in a variety of ways simply because there is such a plethora of different kinds of them. These methods are usually split into three groups. One is the one for beverages, one is the one for home-cooked goods, and the final one – the more advanced – is for dispensary edibles. 

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When cannabis cookies, cakes or basically any home-cooked product is made, it requires infused butter or oil to be made first. What does this mean? Well, cannabis buds are not psychoactive unless they are activated. THCA can not become its active cousin – THC – until it is heated. This is why smoking weed or vaping gets you high. Therefore, decarboxylation needs to take place first. This is the process of cooking or boiling the buds. It is then common to infuse the decarbed cannabis into oil or butter, due to the fact that the THC can be absorbed by the fats within the substances. This then makes cannabis an easy ingredient in any usual home-cooked good. 


Beverages – such as cannabis shakes or smoothies – are also considered edibles. However, they don’t require quite the same kind of creation. Beverages need THC tinctures, which are bottles containing cannabis that has been combined with a high-proof alcohol. These are easy to drip into any drink of your choice. 

Dispensary Edibles 

Dispensary edibles are usually made through more advanced methods. It is a similar method as the infusion for home-cooked goods, but it is done in a more industrial way. The method will consist of using cannabis distillate, which is an oil without any flavour or odour. Similar to previous methods, the substance will then be bonded to a fat – such as butter or oil – to make it more effective. 

How the Body Processes Edibles

The way in which you consume cannabis will affect the way it feels. This is due to how the substance is broken down in the body. When weed is inhaled, it goes through the mouth, into the lungs and directly into the bloodstream. The THC is then carried around the body, in the red blood cells, and quickly causes effect. This can usually take around 2-10 minutes, and may last up to 1-3 hours. However, edibles are quite different. The food or drink is digested through the stomach. This takes a lot longer to process.

For the THC to be metabolized, it can take around 30-60 minutes. However, when it does kick in, the high can last around 4-6 hours. Although some have claimed that the effects have lingered for the entire day. One of the key benefits of consuming edibles instead of smoking cannabis is the way it works on the body. With no dangerous toxins or cancerous carcinogens entering the body through combustion, it makes it a far healthier method of consumption. In addition, the high lasts a lot longer due to the length of time it takes for the cannabis to break down in the stomach. This can be ideal if you are someone who wants long-lasting and enduring effects. 

Our Top 5 THC Edibles for 2022

If you’ve read this far and are interested in trying some edibles yourself, then here is a list of our top 5 THC edibles of 2022. These products contain a variety of advanced cannabinoids but, remember, find what works for you. 

THC-O Gummies

Price: $99.99
Brand: Binoid

This is a brilliant collection of THC-O gummies. The flavors include: blueberry pie, cherry lime and pina colada. You can buy a bundle that contains one box of each flavor or, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can purchase a bundle that contains double that. THC-O is a synthetic cannabinoid that is thought to be more intense than Delta 9 THC. The effects of these products can last up to 8 hours. Not only are these items unbelievably tasty, they will also give you a high that you will not forget. 

THC-H Gummies

Price: $29.99
Brand: Binoid

First of all, these gummies contain THCH, which is around 25 times more potent than regular THC. Welcome to the future. For this price, you can get 1 pot of gummies, which contains 2500 mg in total. There are 125 mg of THCH in each individual sweet. It is advised that you should be careful with these potent little devils. You can buy any of these flavor options: purple berry, sour peach, kiwi watermelon, root beer float, blackberry acai or mango coconut. Every single one of these flavors are mouthwatering. However, whichever box you choose, you will feel the uplifting and calming effects. 

THC-X Zombie Cookies

Price: $22.99
Brand: Binoid

Yet again, Binoid brings an absolutely crazy exciting cannabinoid to the market. THC-X is another new and potent member of the THC family. It is legal and gives strong mental and physical effects – all at the same time. These cookies will make you feel productive as well as satisfied. The product comes in a single pack containing cookies that have 4 servings of cannabinoids in each of them. This means – don’t be afraid to have a bite and wait to see how it affects you. The flavors on offer include: mom’s apple pie, toffee cookie and trippy hippie. This product is great for sharing with your friends before going out for a day of sightseeing or nature walks. 

Delta 9 Gummies

Price: $79.99
Brand: Delta Munchies 

This is the ultimate delta 9 edible bundle. The box includes the blue dream, mango crush and strawberry shortcake flavours – with an additional mystery gift. Who doesn’t like a mystery gift? Each jar contains 25 mouth-watering sweets, totalling 250 mg of Delta 9. The other cannabinoids included are: CBN, CBG, CBD, CBC, CBCa, CBGa, THCva, THCa and many more. It’s as if years of research into cannabinoids has been melted down and inserted into each of these sweets. If you’re still wondering, delta 9 is the most abundant form of THC in the cannabis plant. If you’d rather, you can buy each one of these delicious pots of sweets individually, but it’s definitely worth the money to go for the bundle. 

Delta 9 Chocolate 

Price: $37.99
Brand: Binoid

If you’re someone who prefers chocolate over sweets then this product may be preferred. Again, Delta Extrax have done excellently at infusing some of the most exciting cannabinoids on the market into a delicious chocolate bar. This bundle includes three different flavors: milk chocolate, dark chocolate and cookies & cream. In each bar there is 150mg of delta 9 resin, which equates to 12.5 mg per piece. Again, delta 9 is one of the most exciting cannabinoids at the moment, especially due to its mental buzz and productive effects.


THC edibles are a wonderful invention and one that definitely rivals other methods of consumption. If you’re someone who wants to try something different, to see how edibles can have an alternative effect on the body, then why not try one of these top 5 cannabis edibles of 2022? You may be surprised by the effects you feel. But don’t take our word for it, give it a go yourself. Make sure to let us know your thoughts on our social media pages. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Gummies

These days, cannabis can be consumed any number of ways – from smoking and vaping, which are some of the most common methods; to topicals, capsules, and even inhalers. Today, we’ll be discussing edibles, another fun way to get high that has also been growing in popularity over the last couple decades. Among the most sought-after type of edibles, are cannabis gummies.  

Currently, cannabis gummies are trending big time. Not only do they offer many advantages that smoking simply does not, such as added discretion and no carcinogens, but for most users, they also provide a much more potent and long-lasting high.  

How Cannabis Gummies Work 

Edibles affect our bodies much differently than smoking or vaping. This is because, just like anything else that goes through our digestive systems, pot edibles need to metabolize before the effects can be felt. It does not provide an instant high like the aforementioned alternatives do, and it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for edibles to kick in, but the effects last much longer.  

Food and supplements need to be processed by the liver, meaning more of the cannabinoid will be filtered out of your system because of the slower absorption time. There are also some more specific factors that impact the onset and intensity of the effects, such as the blend compounds consumed or a person’s metabolism and tolerance. Take THC for example; whether you’re consuming Delta 8 or Delta 9, the body processes all tetrahydrocannabinols the same, by converting them to a metabolite known as 11-hydroxy-THC.  

This process is known as first-pass metabolism. According to neuroscientist and medical cannabis adviser, Dr. Adie Rae, “The liver is responsible for this transformation, and specifically, the drug-metabolizing enzyme known as cytochrome P2C9 or CYP2C9. Even when you smoke, your liver still sees some delta-9 and turns it into 11-hydroxy-THC, but you get way more 11-OH when you eat cannabis.” 

There are numerous benefits to choosing edibles over smokeables, mainly the impact on your health. When you smoke – anything, cannabis included – you’re exposing your body to carcinogens and other harmful chemicals. Another reason people might choose edibles is because of the long-lasting effects. If you’re using cannabis to manage a chronic condition like ongoing pain, anxiety, etc., it may be easier for some people to just eat a gummy or two every few hours rather than searching for a place to smoke or vape (which are becoming increasingly limited for the record).  

The Research on 11-hydroxy-THC 

Although limited, the research we do have indicates that 11-hydroxy-THC is considerably more potent than delta-9 THC, which is one of the strongest of the existing, marketable THCs, and also the most popular so it’s used as a baseline for comparing all the other cannabinoids. Some studies claim that 11-hydroxy-THC is up to 7 times more potent than delta 9 THC.  

Back in the 1970s, 11-hydroxy-THC was initially found in radiolabled THC, which was utilized in labs to allow researchers to better study these compounds. Radiolabled THC (which yes, is radioactive) behaves just like regular THC but it allows scientists to see where all the metabolites go once it’s broken down within the body. This is how 11-hydroxy-THC was discovered. At the time, very little 11-OH-THC was available, for obvious reasons, so for a very long time only small animal studies could be conducted.

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Once they had the ability create this compound on a larger scale, in a lab, seminal studies were launched to characterize the effects of 11-OH-THC in humans. Numerous studies of delta 11 taken intravenously showed it was not only more potent, but onset of effects was much quicker than other forms of THC also administered the same way. 

Why Edibles Don’t Work for Everyone 

Because edibles can be so discreet, potent, and beneficial, many people find themselves sorely disappointment when they take some and realize they don’t work for them. Obviously there is no exact number on this, but even in my personal life I’ve met quite a few people who say they don’t feel anything when they use edibles, myself included.  

Ok, to be fair, I wouldn’t say I don’t feel anything… but I definitely don’t experience any type of psychoactive effects. When I use edibles, I feel really tired, lazy, sluggish, and hungry… but not stoned. Estimates indicate that anywhere from 10-15% of cannabis user do NOT experience the desired effects from cannabis edibles, and we can thank our intricately complicated digestive systems for that.  

Research shows that the effectiveness of cannabinoids administered orally can vary based on several different factors. Generally speaking, when people are unable to process cannabis edibles it can be narrowed down to one of two complications: either how we digest and absorb the food we eat, or how we metabolize it.  

Dosing and How to Avoid Taking Too Much 

When it comes to edibles, it’s easy to go overboard. Because it takes so much longer to notice the effects, a lot of people end up eating more than they should, thinking that the edibles aren’t working, then get surprised when all that THC finally kicks in. According to statistical surveys, the overwhelming majority of ER visits associated with cannabis are because of edibles, and considering how they work in the body, it’s not hard to see why.  

Whether you make them yourself or buy them at the dispensary, if you want to avoid having any of these issues yourself, remember the adjunct “less is more”. That’s very true when it comes to cannabis edibles, especially if you’re a novice user. It’s also important to bear in mind that edibles don’t affect everyone in the same way. Some people are more sensitive to 11-hydroxy-THC than others. Those people will experience edibles in a much more powerful way than people whose bodies are more resistant to the compound. 

If you’re new to edibles, or cannabis in general, you should definitely start with a low dose and work your way up. Start with five to ten milligrams, and if you don’t feel much after about 1 hour, take a little more, and a little more, and so on.  

Cannabis Gummies and Drug Testing 

Because cannabis gummies work so differently in the body than smoking, many people wonder if they could pass a drug test when using only edibles. Short answer, is no… edibles will still cause you to fail a drug test. Whether you’re smoking or ingesting the THC, it’s still getting in your system.  

hhc drug test

As a matter of fact, it’s been theorized that because of how the body processes edibles, THC might be detected in your system for even longer than if you smoked or vaped it. But again, that’s just a theory so it’s hard to say for sure. Regardless, check out some timelines for how long different kinds of drug test can detect cannabis:  

  • Blood: 3-4 hours 
  • Saliva: 24-72 hours 
  • Urine: 3-30 days 
  • Hair: Up to 90 days 

How to Make Your Own Cannabis Gummies  


  • 1 cup water or juice (juice for more flavor) 
  • 1 ounces unflavored gelatin 
  • ½ cup of cannabis-infused oil or melted butter (oil preferred) 
  • 2 teaspoons lecithin (This is very important as lecithin is used as a binder to keep the oil and water together) 
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice (this helps prevent mold from forming during storage) 
  • 3 ounces flavored gelatin  
  • 5-10 drops of flavoring oils  


  • Step 1 – Measure out your ingredients and get all the necessary supplies 
  • Step 2 – In a small bowl, add ½ cup of water or juice, then mix in the unflavored gelatin. Set aside to expand.  
  • Step 3 – Prepare a double boiler. If you don’t have one, you can use two pots
  • Step 4 – Add the cannabis oil and lecithin to your double boiler and let it melt. Whisk regularly while it’s melting, leave on low heat. 
  • Step 5 – Bring the remaining water or juice to a boil in a separate pan. 
  • Step 6 – Add your lemon juice and flavored gelatin, mix to dissolve then remove from heat.  
  • Step 7 – Pour the flavored gelatin mixture into the double boiler containing the oil and lecithin and whisk well. 
  • Step 8 – Take the gelatin and juice/water you set aside earlier and add it to the double boiler. 
  • Step 9 – Add a few drops of flavoring oil. 
  • Step 10 – Whisk consistently for 10 minutes. This step is very important! 
  • Step 11 – Remove mixture from heat and pour into gummy molds, let them set for about 45 minutes or more. 
  • Step 12 – Air dry your gummies by removing them from the molds and laying them out on a wire baking rack for 12-72 hours (at room temperature).  
  • Step 13 -Remove the gummies from the molds. 
  • Step 14 – If air drying, place the gummies in a single layer on a wire baking rack. Allow the gummies to dry at room temperature for 12-72 hours. 
  • Step 16 – Store in an airtight container and enjoy! 

Top 10 Cannabis Gummies on the Market  

If you’re not interested in making your own gummies, then you’re in luck! We have some great deals on some of the best cannabis gummies you can buy. Below you’ll find a nice range of flavors and compounds, all at unbeatable prices!

Highly Potent THCh, THCjd, and Delta 9 THC Gummies!
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With total of 2500mg and 125mg in each gummy, these new high-potency edibles are a true winner. Each gummy offers an amazing blend of Delta 9 THC, THCh, THCjd, THCP, and Live Resin Delta 8 THC. Choose between 3 delicious flavors: Purple Berry, Root Beer Float, and Sour Peach.

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Delicious Watermelon Runtz Delta 8 THC Gummies
(No coupon code needed) 

Taking the famous Runtz strain, and combining it with watermelon to make these delicious delta 8 THC gummies. Each gummy contains 25mg each (40 gummies per container) for a total of 1,000mg per jar. Only $44.99 each, no coupon code needed!

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Stock Up on 30mg HHC Gummies
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Soft, chewy, and delicious, if you have never tried HHC gummies before, this is the one for you! With total of 600mg HHC (20 gummies with 30mg HHC in each), this is a great choice for anyone looking to experience the benefits of this new cannabinoid). Choose between the following flavors: Apple, Watermelon, Tangerine Slices, Strawberry Rings, Sour Worms & Peach.

No coupon code needed! Follow the link to get each gummy pouch for only $16.95!

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Save Big on THC-O Gummies When You Bundle!
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Bundle up on these amazing THC-O gummies and save big. Get 3 pack or 6 pack options for a great price. Three flavors come in the bundle: Blueberry Pie, Cherry Lime, and Pina Colada. 20 pieces per jar, and 25mg per piece. Only $24.38 each when you bundle and use our coupon code.

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Bundle and Save on Orbital Peach Delta K Gummies
(No coupon code needed)

These gummies contain “Delta K”, which is new class of products made with hemp-derived Delta 8 THC and Kanna, a psychoactive botanical native to South Africa that has been traditionally used as a natural mood enhancer. Each gummy contains 15mg of Delta 8 THC and 10mg of Kanna. Bundle and save! Check out the deals below.

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Bundle and Save on Full Spectrum D9 Gummies
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These full spectrum Delta 9 THC gummies contain 10mg each (total of 250mg per jar) and 10 additional cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, CBD, CBC, CBCa, CBGa, CBDa, THCV, THCva, D8, and THCa. This special bundle includes three flavors: Blue Dream (mixed berries), Mango Crush, and Strawberry Shortcake. 

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1:1 Blended Gummies with Delta 9 THC and CBD
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These brand-new gummies are formulated with 10mg of THC and 10mg of CBD for a very mild, relaxing effect. The flavor is also unique and sure to leave you wanting more delicious Peach/Pear blend. Only $23.99 using our coupon code!

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25% Off Live Resin Delta 9 THC Gummies!
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These gummies are made with high quality, live resin delta 9 THC and they contain 10mg per piece. Each jar has 25 pieces. 1 to 3 gummies makes for a great serving, so you get a lot out of one jar. Three delicious flavors to choose from: Pinkberry, Caribbean Cool, and Sour Strawberry. Only $20.24 each when you use our coupon code!

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“Euphorica” Tropical Punch Delta 10 THC Gummies
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These Tropical Punch Premium Delta 10 THC Gummies are made using Hemp derived Delta 10 THC along with Delta 8 THC. At 40mg per gummy, you’ll want to make sure you pace yourself, since they’re quite potent. Only $11.25 when you use our coupon code. 

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Stock up on THCP & HHC Fruit Chunks – 1500mg of total cannabinoids
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These gummies are potent! And they’re the perfect adult treat for Halloween. The jars contain 50 gummies, each with 30mg of cannabinoids, totaling 1500mg per bottle. Three different flavors to choose from: pineapple, papaya, and mango. Aside from the 25% off you can get with our coupon code (making the prices only $32.99), you will also receive a FREE mystery gift with every purchase of $150 or more. 

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Stock up on THCP/HHC fruit chunk gummies
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Save Big on New “Knockout Blend” Gummies – High Potency!
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These Knockout Blend gummies contain 30mg each of cannabinoids: THC-P, THC-H, HHC-P, THC-B, Delta 8 THC, and HHC. Delcious watermelon flavor. Remember to pace yourself because these gummies are very strong! Get yours for only $32.99 using our coupon code.

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Final Thoughts

So that’s the whole low-down on cannabis gummies. Everything from how they work, to making your own, and even some fun deals on edibles with a wide range of different cannabinoids. Do you have any more questions? If so, drop us a line in the comment section below. We love to chat with our readers!

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Debunking Cannabis Halloween Myths

Another Halloween requires another debunking of cannabis Halloween myths. Particularly the myth that people are handing out cannabis edibles to your children. British Columbia‘s Minister of Public Safety, Mike Farnworth, told parents to look out for legal and illegal edible products. Even though legal products are capped at 10mg and come in child-resistant packaging, Farnworth said, “legal cannabis products can still be attractive to children.” How? Legal cannabis involves rigid packaging and labelling rules to ensure children and young people […]

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From the Archives: The Horror of the High (2020)

By Richard Saunders

“Fear is the mind-killer,” American author Frank Herbert wrote in his 1965 novel Dune. Usually, our fears are not based on reality. Horror films typically hijack existing inner fears, such as the guilt from teenagers who are experimenting with sex and alcohol, only to be offed by serial killer in a slasher film.

This Halloween season, it’s time to dispel some of the horror stories and oddities that surround cannabis use. Often these stories are based on myth or on a misunderstanding of the truth—and don’t involve any actual danger.

Cannabis is one of the least dangerous substances known to man among substances that cause inebriation. For instance, a study published on January 30, 2015, in the journal Scientific Reports, a subsidiary of Nature, found that THC falls into the “low risk” category, especially when compared to similar substances such as tobacco or alcohol. In fact, cannabis demonstrated the lowest risk of negative effects of all substances that were observed.

Yet we still commonly hear “horror stories” of people who weren’t prepared for the effects of cannabis in some way. This is usually when someone consumes an edible and gets more of an effect than they bargained for. Too much THC can cause a “white out” or a scary, yet usually non-threatening panic. Fortunately, most High Times readers know how to titrate cannabis and they aren’t affected by white outs or the negative effects of cannabis.

In addition, sometimes we encounter what we think is cannabis—but is actually not what we thought. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re consuming.

Sometimes cannabis can surprise you. Here are a few urban legends and horror stories related to cannabis.


On February 11, 2018, Reddit user u/atreides posted a video in the r/NaturelsFuckingTit of what looked like a nug of weed walking across his hand with tiny legs. It looked exactly like a green nug of weed, but with the legs of a bug. “This is a piece of weed—walking!” the user said. “I don’t believe this. I have never seen weed walk y’all.” This was no alien bug. What it actually was is a specimen of lacewing larvae, an insect that hides under a pillow of debris as camouflage.

Lacewing larvae pick up plant debris, lichen, and remains of bugs and pile it on their back. Interestingly, the bug typically looks like a fluffy green nug, considering that most of the debris is made from plant material. They look almost indistinguishable from a weed nug, other than the fact they have legs and can walk.

Since then, similar videos have emerged on social media, and the lacewing larvae bug has been dubbed the cannabis nug bug. In the event that you see one of your cannabis nugs climb out of your stash box and walk away, don’t smoke it. It’s a bug.

FACTOID: Lacewing larvae are voracious predators, and wolf down aphids and caterpillars with their powerful pincers. They can bite your finger if it is mistaken as a caterpillar. Thankfully, they don’t venture very far from home and only bite when they are disturbed.


This classic caper involves a gullible cop who ate way too much of a cannabis brownie, without any prior research on cannabis or its effects. In Dearborn, Michigan, in 2007, Corporal Edward Sanchez frantically dialed 911 after eating a cannabis-infused brownie with his wife that he had confiscated from an earlier arrest.

This cop didn’t understand the dosage of his edible, or how long it takes for the peak effects of THC. Edibles can take up to two hours to kick in. Not only did the cop think he was overdosing, but he thought he was already dead. “I think we’re dying,” Sanchez cried on a dispatch recording, in a viral YouTube video. “We made brownies, and I think we’re dead, I really do.” Corporal Sanchez was forced to resign, but avoided criminal charges after his hilarious ordeal.

Sadly, Corporal Sanchez would not be the last cop to panic after eating a marijuana edible. In 2018, two cops from the Toronto 13 Division in Canada illogically called for backup after getting too high from eating edibles. Those cops also avoided charges, but were suspended from duty after their mishap. Some people never learn.

FACTOID: You cannot physically overdose on cannabis. You would have to take 40,000 times the normal dosage of THC to die. In a 2005 study by French scientists, 92 mg/kg THC intravenously produced no fatalities in monkeys. That’s comparable to a 154-lb human smoking almost three pounds in one sitting.


In the December 1975 issue of High Times, writer Steve Block described one devilish plant that sounds like a horror story. Often called by its common name, the “Devil’s Snare,” the plant is in the nightshade family and Datura genus. According to a number of reports that fall into urban legend, many teenagers have made the foolish decision to try Jimson weed as an alternative to weed, given the similarity of the names and its psychoactive properties. Weirdly, Datura plants can easily be found in the wild, and are grown for their flowers in some cases.

Almost all reports of Jimson weed read like a horror story: The plant causes intense delirium that lasts for up to several days, and almost all users say they never wanted to try the plant again. That’s because if your family and friends don’t know why you’re delirious, you could end up in the emergency room until doctors can figure out what’s wrong with you. You cannot choose to function when the active chemicals are activated.

Jimson weed (Datura stramonium) contains the tropane alkaloids atropine, hyoscyamine and scopolamine—which are powerful deliriants.

Never, ever consume Jimson weed. Just don’t. Nearly all reports indicate that the plant’s effects last way too long, and it will inevitably cause problems. It’s also potentially toxic and dangerous for your body. Despite Jimson weed’s use in hundreds of American indigenous cultures as a sacred coming-of-age herb, it causes potentially terrifying visions that last days. Nearly all reports describe its effects as “unpleasant,” despite its power. It’s foul-smelling, and its seed pods are covered in ominous spikes—nature’s way of saying, “Stay away.”

FACTOID: Jimson weed can be used medicinally for poultices to soothe scalds and burns. It’s also aggressively invasive, and probably worse than those random seeds people are receiving from China.


On September 21, 1970, then-unknown actor Bill Murray boarded a flight from Chicago to Denver, where he was enrolled in a pre-med course. He was only 20 years old at the time. The thing was, Murray was carrying 10 pounds of marijuana in his luggage—which is trafficking proportions.

Then Murray, being the jokester he is, was (probably) extra high and joked about having two bombs in his suitcase. Congratulations for staying on the down-low, Bill! Not.

Obviously, the ticket agent did not find his joke funny at all, and immediately notified the U.S. Marshals. Murray panicked and tried to stuff his suitcase into an airport locker, but was unsuccessful, as agents quickly surrounded him. Agents found five two-pound bricks of cannabis supposedly worth $20,000. The horror! Imagine being a 20-year-old pre-med student facing hard time.

Instead, Murray was luckily given only five years probation as a first-time offender, but his days as a pre-med student were over.

FACTOID: This event would actually spark Murray’s interest in acting, and set out the course for his defining career in Hollywood. Murray would go on to meet John Belushi and guest star on the original season of Saturday Night Live, join permanently for the second season, and the rest is history.

High Times Magazine, October 2020

Read the full issue here.

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Looking for the Best Delta-9 Gummies? The World’s First THC + CBC Mood Gummies Are Sure To Delight

Are you looking for the best THC gummies? Want them delivered to your door? Rare Cannabinoid Company offers the world’s first Mood Gummies containing relaxing Delta-9 THC and blissful rare cannabinoid CBC, which studies show has antidepressant-like effects. The premium Hawaiian company’s THC gummies are all natural, vegan, derived from hemp and are legally sold online across the United States and in more than 250 stores.

Best of all? You can get them free! That’s right, as an introductory offer, Rare Cannabinoid Company is giving away packets of 10 Mood Gummies ($25 value). You just pay shipping. Or, spend over $50 and get free shipping and free THCV and CBD gummies. (THCV is excellent for energy, appetite suppression, and may aid weight loss.) Claim your free THC gummies now.

Read on to learn what makes these fresh lime and mint flavored Mood Gummies the very best Delta-9 THC gummies on the market. We’ll also explain how to recreate your favorite cannabis strains by combining them with specific cannabinoids and terpenes, such as THCV gummies for a sativa-like Durban Poison feel or CBN gummies for a dreamy indica feel akin to Blackberry Kush or Animal Cookies.

Create your own favorite cannabis strain by mixing and matching tasty THC + CBC, THCV, CBN, CBG, and CBD gummies.

What is Delta-9 THC?

Delta-9 THC is a cannabinoid found primarily in cannabis and is the main compound people associate with the effects of the plant, including promoting relaxation and relieving pain and nausea. But, Delta-9 THC is also found in hemp.

Rare Cannabinoid Company uses select hemp strains for their gummies. Each gummy contains Delta-9 THC for elevated relaxation, high levels of CBC for improved mood, and CBD for the entourage effect.

Unlike pure THC gummies or cannabis gummies, which must be sold in dispensaries, these Mood Gummies are Farm Bill compliant. They are hemp derived and contain less than 0.3% THC by dry weight, which makes these THC gummies legal to be sold online and in regular stores.

How much THC is in Delta-9 gummies?

Mood Gummies each contain 5mg Delta-9 THC along with high levels of CBC (cannabichromene) and CBD (cannabidiol). This is an ideal amount of THC and combination of cannabinoids to help you feel content, happy, and uplifted yet relaxed.

After all, rare cannabinoid CBC and Delta-9 THC were found to produce the most antidepressant-like effects of all cannabinoids in this study, followed by CBD. Mood Gummies come in packets of 10 gummies for $25 or bottles of 30 gummies for $49. This is a very affordable price for complex full spectrum THC gummies that are legal, lab-tested, and produced in a current Good Manufacturing Procedures-certified facility.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THC + CBC Mood Gummies come in affordable packets and bottles. 

What is CBC and how does it work?

CBC is an active compound found in hemp and cannabis that works by inhibiting the reuptake of anandamide. Anandamide is known as the “bliss molecule” because it promotes feelings of happiness and well-being. Low levels of anandamide have been linked to depression. Meanwhile, people with higher levels of anandamide report feeling happier. In fact, people with too much anandamide report being unable to feel any pain or anxiety. This Scottish woman with such a condition likened giving birth to a tickle! She may be an extreme case, but it shows how important anandamide is to mental and physical health.

Cannabinoids are more effective when they work together in what is called the entourage effect. This means that by consuming CBC, CBD, and THC together, they will work with each other to produce better results than any one of them could on their own.

It is this synergy of cannabinoids that makes Rare Cannabinoid Company’s Mood Gummies the best THC gummies out there. Pure THC gummies do not offer the entourage effect and Delta-8 THC gummies, Delta-10 THC gummies, and other novel cannabinoids are usually produced synthetically and may expose you to harmful chemical byproducts.

Create your favorite cannabis strain

How should you take Mood Gummies? With 5mg Delta-9 THC per gummy, most people will feel delightful effects from one gummy.

Those unaccustomed to THC products should start with half a gummy while those who take THC frequently may consider one a feel-good micro-dose to build upon.

Delta-9 THC and CBC oil gummies can be combined with specific cannabinoids and terpenes for enhanced effects or to create your own favorite cannabis strain. Buy Delta-9 THC gummies and check out these suggested products to combine them with:

THCV Sativas: Recreate Durban Poison, Doug’s Varin or Pineapple Purps, by combining THC gummies with THCV gummies or tinctures. THCV acts like a stimulant (minus the jitters) by boosting energy and suppressing hunger. It will help combat the munchies and give you an energetic elevated experience. Buy THCV.

THCV will combat the munchies and boost energy levels. Take it with THC for a Durban Poison effect.

CBN Indicas: Recreate your favorite Blackberry Kush, Animal Cookies, or Ace of Spades feel with CBN gummies or oils. CBN may help you fall asleep quickly, stay asleep, and have lucid dreams. By combining CBN with THC and CBC gummies you’re likely to drift off to a blissful dreamland. Buy CBN.

Rare Cannabinoid Company also offers terpene-only tinctures and terpene-infused Hawaiian CBD oil tinctures. Specific terpenes, including linalool and myrcene, can also heighten the relaxed, dreamy, indica feel when combined with THC mood gummies and CBN products.

CBG Strains: For those using cannabis or hemp products for pain or inflammation, CBG gummies or oils can be taken with THC mood gummies. This is because CBG may relieve discomfort and sore joints after exercise, while also melting stress away. Combining CBG with Delta-9 THC may offer similar post-exercise relief as cannabis strains high in CBG, including Jack Frost CBG, Super Glue CBG, CBG Silver Haze, and White Widow CBG. Rare Cannabinoid Company’s luxury Hawaiian choice line also has a cooling CBD topical gel with arnica for relief. Buy CBG.

In addition to these suggestions, Rare Cannabinoid Company offers the largest selection of naturally occurring cannabinoids, ranging from CBDA for nausea and CBGA for immune support, to CBDV which is being studied for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Rare Cannabinoid Company offers the largest selection of naturally occurring cannabinoid oils and gummies. Mix and match them according to your needs.

Mix-and-match approach

Rare Cannabinoid Company recommends mixing and matching cannabinoids and terpenes according to your personal needs. This way, you can create your own personalized oils and gummy regime according to your mental and physical needs, time of day, or desired effects.

The science-based company offers a wealth of information on its website, including links to dozens of scientific studies and clinical trials. For those with specific ailments or seeking detailed advice, Rare Cannabinoid Company has a list of independent cannabis and hemp doctors, nurses, clinics, and experts who offer phone, video, in-person appointments.

Dedicated to trust and full transparency, all products are produced in a cGMP-certified facility and undergo multiple third-party lab tests with results easily found online and via QR code on product packaging.

Explore all rare cannabinoids.

Delta-9 THC side effects?

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s THC and CBC Mood Gummies are an excellent choice for improving your mood, relaxing, and enjoying life. However, it’s important to remember that THC effects are different from CBD and other cannabinoids and may cause you to become sleepy or feel other effects.

Effects can occur immediately or take up to two hours to begin. Also, you will usually feel effects stronger and faster if you take THC gummies on an empty stomach. THC gummies are for adult use only by people 21 years and older and should be kept out of reach of children and pets. Do not drive, operate machinery, or drink alcohol while taking Delta-9 THC products.

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