A Pocket Full of Felonies

My flight leaves in about 12 hours and the anxiety I usually feel starts to set in. I’m not nervous about the flight at all; at this point, after doing comedy for a decade, I’ve gotten used to flying. No, I’m nervous because I’m a stoner doing 10 shows in five cities in North and South Carolina. Let’s just say, North and South Carolina aren’t the most weed-friendly places in America.

I’m nervous about what clothes to pack, so I pack my Proxy instead and take a fat rip, knowing it’s going to be 14 days before I can take a proper dab again. Usually, my go-to travel setup is edibles, a couple of rosin vape pens, my Peak Pro, and a few grams of that good good.

Weed is currently decriminalized in North Carolina, so it’s like a $200 fine, but I think it’s still a pretty harsh penalty for concentrates. I also don’t want to be that guy on tour that has to be bailed out. It’s been 4 years since I’ve toured the Carolinas opening for Pauly Shore. It’s when I learned that the vape pens were hardcore felonies, or at least that’s what the TSA agent told me on my flight back to California. Unbeknownst to that agent, I had just handed him my fanny pack full of weed cartridges. I was pouring bullets of sweat when they pulled me aside after going through the X-ray. They were wondering if I could introduce them to Pauly Shore.

Everyone loves Pauly Shore but in the Bible Belt, he is like Redneck Jesus.

I decided to stick with some gummies and real deal resin vapes, a gift from a holy-man. I look at my suitcase one more time and remember what my very Mexican mother said the last time I went to North Carolina: “Wear lots of tie dye because it makes you look less threatening, and do not go back to anyone’s house after the shows. You go straight to the hotel.” She has nothing to worry about as long as I don’t run out of weed.

Courtesy of Frank Castillo


I like to think of my comedy as kind of a tightrope act. Pauly’s audiences are fucking amazing and he sells out wherever we go. Regardless of whatever level you’re at, opening for Pauly is part of growing as a comedian and it’s fun. Driving city to city, It’s like a dysfunctional family road trip but with more laughs. The show is me opening for 25 minutes, Jessie Johnson getting the sweet spot featuring for 25 minutes, and Pauly closing it out.

The first venue was Good Nights Comedy Club in Raleigh. It’s a beautiful red brick building; so much history in this club. Sadly, they are tearing it down and moving to another spot.

I always get introduced to the Comedy Club’s resident stoner, this time it was one of the cooks. He kept asking me if I wanted to hit his contraption he calls the “Blinky”. It’s a homemade bong he kept in his car cup holder. Another employee hit my rosin pen and had a come-to-Jesus moment.

Only one show gave me trouble and that’s because, from what I understand, Raleigh is kind of a liberal city in North Carolina. The people that give me trouble when it comes to my comedy are pearl-clutchers, which could be either side of the aisle; gun rights activists who want to give teachers guns, and people who hate the word “privileged.”

Courtesy of Frank Castillo


I love driving through the Carolinas, but there’s nothing more breathtaking than seeing a Steak ‘n Shake sign the same exit as your hotel. Unfortunately, because it’s fucking Greensboro and it’s a Monday night, everything shuts down at like 10 PM. I’m staring through the Steak ‘n Shake window absolutely devastated that I can’t get a Nutella milkshake. The whole time Jessie and Pauly are laughing in the back of the car. I give my pen a long rip and drive us to the hotel defeated.

The second we get to the hotel, Jessie is listening to her set and in her notebook. I, on the other hand, am covering the smoke detector with the bag you get from the ice bucket. Priorities.

The Greensboro Comedy Zone is family-owned and its green room is attached directly to the kitchen. You’ll be getting ready for the show, going over your notes, as they drop a fresh bag of mozzarella sticks. You can smell the french fries while you memorize punchlines.

I thought Greensboro was going to give me the most trouble and it ended up being my favorite show of the trip. Not because I did well but because I got to watch people not like my comedy. I have a joke about being in an interracial relationship, all the minorities that were in the audience laughed. A good amount of white people laughed as well, but there are always one or two couples that just stare at me, looking at me disapprovingly with their arms crossed. That shit’s my favorite.


As we pull in, I take inventory. I’ve got one full pen and I’ve killed the edibles. I find an ABX pen from an earlier trip to Mexico. Which means I went through their security and they didn’t notice. I count my blessings.

The Charlotte Comedy Zone is beautifully built. Colosseum-style seating and the stage is much higher than the audience below you but rises the farther back you go. Pauly’s got this room sold out and every joke you can feel gets longer because of the laughs.

This crowd is an interesting mix. I see some 1776 shirts, thin blue line hoodies and those guys did not shake my hand or want to take pictures with me after the show. After my school shooting joke, a few people tightened up and I called them snowflakes. It felt like I was in California for a second; it immediately gets them back. We leave that night and drive to Greenville for a show day and a day off.

Courtesy of Frank Castillo


We stay in Greenville for two days. The show is on a Thursday and it sold out so fast they had to add a second show. I am officially out of weed. The homie Fumed Glass pulls up and graces us with some beautiful glass pieces and pendants. Explaining to Pauly Shore what a pendant is was very entertaining.

After the shows, people occasionally hand me goodies, usually their best homegrown stuff which is hit or miss. When we get back to the hotel, I ask the valet where’s the best place to smoke weed. He tells me he’s actually the owner of the valet company and that the best place to smoke is the little smoking area where the employees smoke. He tells me the manager of the hotel is gone for the night so I am pretty much free to just blaze up. Love when stoners help each other out.

Black Mountain

Asheville is a cute little town with amazing barbecue. The venue where we’re doing the show is in the next town over in Black Mountain at a place called Silverado’s.

A man in a cowboy hat informs me it used to be an outlaw biker bar and now it’s a country music venue. The show is outside on a rock stage and it’s a full crowd. The show is sponsored by a delta-9/CBD company.

North Carolina has these weird laws where somehow delta-9 and delta-8 slipped through the cracks. They won’t legalize weed, but they’ll try to figure some other weird shit out.

Someone hands me a joint and informs me I’m smoking delta-9 Cookies. It’s one of those joints where I can’t really tell if I’m stoned or not.

I start talking with the owner’s brother about doing concentrates and he says, “Yeah man, I have dabs in my car if you want to try some.” He pulls out a Huni Badger and a gram of what I can only describe as some home grown concentrates. It had sticks and twigs in it and surprisingly didn’t taste that bad.

After my set a fan wants to smoke weed with me before I leave and he says, “Yeah, I own this place. I’m also running for sheriff!” I immediately start laughing. Someone hands me an edible and says “It’s pretty good man, trust me!”

Usually I’m a little bit more wary about the things people hand me when it comes to edibles because you never know. We go to a bar afterwards to celebrate the end of the 10-day tour. We reflect on the trip, life, and comedy.

Courtesy of Frank Castillo

Then everything I took hits me. All of a sudden, my face starts to get hot and my hands get really sweaty. I feel really high and not normal. I start to get a little panicky and my limbs feel like they are disconnected from my body. My face starts to feel prickly.

I text my homie who is in the industry and ask, “Hey man, I think I got delta-9 or delta-8 or some shit.” I recap my whole night and he goes, “Yeah, just take it easy drink some water and take some CBD if you need it. I wouldn’t really worry about the edible.” A wave of relief washed over me.

“What I’d really be worried about is whatever else he smokes outta that Huni Badger.”

We make it back to the hotel, I murder the snack bar and I pass out in a pile of chips.

After a long flight back to Los Angeles I get picked up from the airport and I’m greeted with a packed Puffco and the sweet deliciousness of some California rosin. As we head back home to Hollywood I think, I can’t wait to go back on the road.

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Have You Heard About Live Resin? We Have the Scoop!

If you haven’t heard the term “live resin” yet, get ready, because you’re about to hear it everywhere. Live resin is a game changer, and that’s not an overstatement. It allows us to experience the hemp plant closer than ever before to “how nature intended,” offering fresher, more vibrant terpene and flavonoid profiles that make a powerful difference in how we enjoy our favorite products like live vape carts, live dabs, and other live resin products

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What Exactly is Live Resin Anyway?

Basically, live resin is a type of extract that’s made from fresher plant material than what we are used to. You may not know this, but traditionally, the hemp extracts that go into our vapes, gummies, tinctures, and what have you come from dry-cured plant material—that is, raw hemp flower that is kept in a dark, dry, and cool place to dehydrate just enough to no longer be at risk of accumulating mold and other pathogens. Dry-curing is great if you’re selling flower, but the problem is that it dries out those beautiful, sticky crystals that coat the flower buds, known as trichomes.

Trichomes are vital to the value of hemp because that’s where we find the treasure-trove of terpenes and flavonoids which largely inform the properties we get out of the plant, while the terpenes also determine the color, flavor, and aroma of each strain. Drying these trichomes out prior to extraction means we’re not getting the full extent of what we’re capable of.

But, enter live resin. Live resin is a type of extract made from fresh, flash-frozen hemp rather than dry-cured. By flash-freezing freshly cultivated hemp flower, you preserve its trichomes beautifully, so that higher concentrations of ultra-fresh terpenes and flavonoids make their way into the end product.  This produces a thicker, darker extract, which has stronger flavor, aroma and effects—basically, giving us more of what we love about hemp in the first place.

Courtesy of Binoid

Binoid’s Lineup of New Live Resin Products

Live resin products are popping up everywhere, but not all companies are producing the highest-quality products possible. As you can imagine, given the buzzworthy nature of live resin, you’re going to find companies that put the bare minimum effort into making live resin products. And, sadly, you’ll always run the risk of ending up with a product that’s entirely fake, containing no real live resin, due to loose regulations within the industry.

But, you can always rely on a trusted manufacturer who has built their reputation on honesty and selling premium hemp products to discerning customers. One such company is Binoid, who has just recently launched their highly anticipated line of live resin products that are already huge hits with hemp lovers. Binoid’s live resin line is expanding as we speak, but already they offer a generous selection of products that you can’t find anywhere else.

What makes Binoid’s live resin so special is that it contains a careful blend of pure, terpene-rich live resin made fresh from raw, organic plant material, along with clean cannabinoid distillates. This allows Binoid to offer live resin vapes, dabs, and other products that highlight basically any combination of cannabinoid and strain that they dream up. Their live resin content is potent, which means more flavor and stronger results with any item in their collection. Meanwhile, the prices are incredibly affordable, and customers just can’t stop raving about their satisfaction. 

Binoid ships their live resin products fast, which means you won’t have to wait too long to see for yourself why this new trend in the hemp world is such a big deal. Here’s what you can find when exploring their lineup.

HHC-O Vape Cartridge – Candy Jack

The HHC-O vape cartridge in Candy Jack combines a potent distillate of HHC-O acetate with live resin in the Candy Jack strain. HHC-O is a more powerful form of HHC, which is known to mimic the effects of delta 9, being its hydrogenated analog compound. Candy Jack is a cross between Jack Herer and Cotton Candy, offering a 50/50 indica to sativa ratio and potent psychoactive effects. Its fresh, citrusy, and sweet flavor profile is blissful in and of itself, and the high promises strong cerebral effects like a sativa, increasing awareness, euphoria, and creativity.

live resin
Courtesy of Binoid

THC-O Vape Cartridge – Cereal Milk 

THC-O is a hemp-derived cannabinoid that is about three times as intoxicating as delta 9 THC and is renowned for the euphoric effects and body high that it can provide. This live resin THC-O vape cartridge comes in the Cereal Milk strain, which promises mouthwatering flavor profiles of sweet sugar-frosted berries and luscious creamy undertones. It’s a moderately potent psychoactive strain that is known for its uplifting properties that can transform your mood and eliminate negative vibes. It can keep you focused and doesn’t seem to initiate couchlock, making it a highly versatile cultivar as well. 

live resin
Courtesy of Binoid

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge – Blueberry Kush 

Delta 8 is 30% milder than delta 9, promising an easygoing, focused, and relaxed high that never feels like a bad idea. Blueberry Kush live resin Delta 8 vape is a cross between OG Kush and Blueberry, promising a spicy, fruity flavor profile that hits the spot, paired of course with plenty of delta 8 potency. Its body high is sublime, potentially causing couchlock to occur as your muscles melt into the couch. Complimenting that sensation is a sense of ease within the mind, as you feel drowsier and drowsier.

live resin
Courtesy of Binoid

THC-P Vape Cartridge – Pura Vida 

THC-P is the most potent psychoactive cannabinoid to date, being possibly 30 times as intoxicating as delta 9. This vape cartridge comes with a live resin extract of Pura Vida live resin THC-P vape cartridge, a 70% indica-dominant hybrid on the rarer side, which is known for its intense high that causes couchlock along with a hazy, freeform state of mind. It’s the perfect late-night cultivar when you’re ready to watch a movie or drift off. Flavor-wise, it has a creamy, sweet lemon flavor that’s hard to resist. A fan favorite of many consumers, this amazing cartridge is a must try. 

live resin
Courtesy of Binoid

Live Resin Dabs

Binoid also has live resin wax dabs, which offer the most potent effects out of any product type. These dabs will come in a variety of strains and cannabinoid distillates, just like the vape cartridges we highlighted above.

The flavors include THC-P Gelato Sorbet (Hybrid), THC-O Tropical Runtz (Sativa), HHC-O Mandarin Dreams (Hybrid), and Delta 8 THC Animal Cookies (Indica)

These amazing wax dabs use premium live resin cannabinoids plus cannabis-derived terpenes to give an intense and enjoyable feeling. They are best used at low temperature and definitely pack a punch so be careful with dosing. Binoid live resin wax is an experience you’ve never felt before, and they are taking the world by storm.

live resin
Courtesy of Binoid

Get Ready to Treat Yourself to the Best Live Resin in Our Industry Today!

Binoid’s live resin products are taking over the market, offering potent servings of sensationally fresh terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids for maximum synergistic benefits. Meanwhile, these products are thoroughly lab-tested by a third party, so that you can verify for yourself that what you’re getting is absolutely top of the line. Live resin is an absolute must-try if you love all of the natural qualities of the hemp plant, so explore Binoid’s live resin selection today.

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live resin
Courtesy of Binoid

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World-Class Hash

Few names carried the hype of Royal Key Organics entering the era of legal cannabis, and the snowball looks ready to keep rolling ahead of the brand’s relaunch later this year.

While we’ll get to all the heat in general, the basis for Royal Key and any great hash company is the quality of the inputs. “Inputs” mean a lot of things in the weed space. You might be talking about the material you’re going to make hash out of or the nutrients going in your plants. But it all carries through with great hash. Every input along the way is detectable, lack of effort and shortcuts amongst them. So when you see a company with legendary hash making it exclusively with its own material, it makes it that much more special. To this day, the most famed batches of Royal Key live resin would hold up with the best hash ever made.

Royal Key’s founders, Josh Vert and his wife Erin Hamilton, have been cultivating cannabis together for 12 years. Their products have placed first in every live resin contest that they’ve entered since 2017, totaling five Emerald Cups. After whipping up top-shelf flowers for the Northern California market’s most elite shelves for much of the early 2010s, they formed Royal Key. There they would build the brand identity brick by brick into the powerhouse it has become today. The list of how many companies with Royal Key’s scale of operations that command as much respect as they do would be a short one.

While the dynamics of that talking point will change as Royal Key is preparing for massive growth in the years to come, its ethos won’t. Whether a brand had 50 lights or 5,000, they would kill to have the same kind of name recognition.

Nana-Breath (Moongazer x Royal Key) via Suprize Suprize / Courtesy of Royal Key Organics

The Road To Royal Key

These days, Hamilton handles the growing while Vert works on business development. But back in 2015, Royal Key Organics was just the name they settled on as they began to conceptualize their brand. Conceptualization turned into execution, and once their hash made its mark on the new budding “live extract” scene, they were a household name with the most elite tier of cannabis consumers.

“Royal Key in 2015, ’16, and even ’17 was 100% propane-based because there were zero residual solvents,” Vert said. “We were doing testing and selling directly to the clubs at that time with our paperwork and everything.”

Royal Key was dropping insane sauces during that time with extraction techniques they’d work to develop in-house. It was a long hard process to get dialed in, but the results quickly spoke for themselves as they hit the market.

Royal Key’s techniques were not being imitated. They had the juiciest propane-extracted terps by a mile. A lot of the propane extracts had the now mostly retired pull and snap consistency.

Vert weighed in with why he thought his competition couldn’t achieve similar results back then.

“I think it was what we were growing,” he said. “Without me knowing what their starting material is, all I could do is tell you we were pheno hunting, growing indoor, and taking the whole crop that we picked for live resin and making it into live resin, which no one was doing at that time.”

Vert noted that Southern Humboldt Concentrate was doing greenhouse-grown flowers for live resin before Royal Key was doing it indoors.

“I tasted Bruce and Pete’s Zkittelz; it blew me away and influenced me,” Vert said. “It made us go to the drawing board. Nobody was going to help us out. There are no classes for live resin or anything, but we did it. I think it was terpene-rich and heavy because of the way we were growing indoors and using those cultivars.”

But during this whole R&D process to develop their hash technique, their flower was already commanding top dollar. Vert said it was really hard at that moment to take such a huge risk with the material instead of getting easy money for it because it was so good.

While terrifying at the moment, it would be a major mile marker for Royal Key.

“It was a huge risk,” Vert said. “There was a crux of it right where you’re like, ‘Hey, this little batch worked, but let’s try the whole batch’ kind of a thing. And that was really scary. Because we weren’t sure what we were gonna get, like how good it would be, all those things. And so it was tough. It was daunting, but the product prior to that and testing was so good. And we had such a good response from it that we just went for it. And it ended up working out, but yeah, it was scary.”

Papaya Valley Dog (Moongazer x Royal Key) via Suprize Suprize / Courtesy of Royal Key Organics

Suprize Suprize

Eventually, things would reach their peak at the 2017 Emerald Cup. Royal Key had released nearly 20 flavors they hunted in-house. One of the reasons they went all out was because they knew they were exiting the market to build out the property they’d secured in Arcata. They worked extensively through 2018 to relaunch at the cup a year later.

“But we had shut down everything and we just have been able to gamble on opening the lab first before the cultivation of the flower,” Vert said. “So, therefore, Suprize Suprize launched first at the Emerald Cup, and there was no Royal Key because we weren’t growing it yet.” 

While Royal Key was all in-house grown material, Suprize Suprize would be the mechanism that allowed them to collaborate with others they’d been hoping to collaborate with, like Alien Labs. 

In the years since they launched Suprize Suprize, it has joined Royal Key on top of the pantheon of California heat while adding to the trophy shelf. As Royal Key worked to build out its new grow, Suprize Suprize kept expanding. The dice roll to open the lab before the grow paid off. They became major players in the white label market, and in doing so, they helped other producers process their material. We asked Vert if he ever saw that coming.

“We hoped it would,” Vert replied. “But also at the same time, we wanted it to always really be good quality. So it’s tough because whenever I hear white label, I’m like, you know, it’s something that feels like it’s not something you can’t get passionate about, or it’s not good. I didn’t want it to be watered down. I did think it could be something bigger because, obviously, it goes beyond what we can grow.”

Through all the madness, Vert watched the price of live resin plummet. The $40 wholesale numbers his product once commanded no longer existed in the market. At this point, Royal Key put their foot on the gas when it came to R&D on rosin. It wasn’t easy.

But one thing that helped the cause was that the Royal Key flower, including a cultivar called M-Con #8, was starting to drop.

“Thank God,” Vert emphasized. “At that time, we would watch M-Con #8 in 2019 in the LA market primarily, but also throughout Northern California. That saved our asses when everything was just starting to be a mess in the extract world.”

As the pandemic hit, Royal Key’s solventless products were getting a bit more in order, but Vert wasn’t truly satisfied. But on the live resin side, despite price crashes, Royal Key was still the best in the world. There was a dip in the live resin production when their longtime extractor, Pete, passed away. He was a core member of the team and is greatly missed.

Eventually, everything was back at full blast.

Despite the praise the flower was getting, Vert said the business was challenging. Royal Key was using lights from the Proposition 215 medical era in the buildout. The intensity of the lighting was a bit lower than what he felt like they needed to achieve the maximum expression of the crop.

But everyone else thought it was stupid heat, myself included.

“We’re struggling to grow like, you know, as high quality as we can, but it’s just really fucking hard,” Vert said of the 2019 comeback harvest. “Everything that we do seems like moving through quicksand, but we’re able to lock some batches, and people were really happy with it. You know, it saved our ass.”

Riddles (Red Pop S1 #37) / Courtesy Royal Key Organics

Growing A Brand

Due to the limited output, Royal Key remained exotic. They definitely left some money on the table, as word of how heat the M-Con #8 they grew from a pack of Equilibrium Genetics seeds got around.

Vert explained what it was like watching the brand explode in popularity but not having enough product up to their quality yet to meet the ever-growing demand.

“It’s like feeling like you’re in a straitjacket all the time. You’re just financially in a straitjacket, and there’s problem after problem,” Vert said.

As he watched demand increase, it felt like he oversaw the company go through eight to 12 near-death experiences of their business during this time as well. But the financial perils have come to a close. In 2021, Royal Key found someone who believed in the vision. Through all the rough waters, they were constantly attempting to fundraise. Regularly, they would get deep into discussions with groups who would come at them with a buyout offer despite the fact they were never looking for one. Vert would move on to the next opportunity in hopes of finding someone who wanted a piece of the vision and not all of it.

Vert and Hamilton were very adamant that they didn’t want to sell and needed someone who believed in them. They wanted to be a good partner, but couldn’t let someone else steer the ship. The various negotiations led to some sleepless nights. It can be tough to rest after you’ve just turned down a big-money offer that would take you out of peril.

Eventually, Royal Key found Holistic, which was happy to come in as a minority partner on the proven brand.

“We’ve fixed a lot of the problems that we had,” Vert said of the capital infusion. “We told them that we were going to exit the market, which was sketchy for us to do because everyone still needs results when you’re getting investment. They don’t want you to lose money for seven or eight months, but we exited the market.”

During their time away from shelves, Royal Key has done two back-to-back phenohunts. Vert also found some phenomenal hash artists who needed to work in a good home. He argues the new additions truly bumped up everything to a world-class level.

We asked Vert if it was ever tough to watch Royal Key’s solventless lines develop while the BHO was renowned out the gate.

“For sure, and I’m always willing to admit that, and we did admit it,” Vert said. “It just never met the grade until 2021. Probably in the spring of 2021 is when it changed, where everything changed perhaps, and then by the end of 2021 we are entering contests.” 

Vert thinks the solventless hash is there now. It was always about getting Royal Key’s solventless products to the same respect levels as its live resin.

“I mean, I’ve taken it everywhere,” he said. “I’ve taken [out] the full melt that we found. The only thing that we’re yet to show is the single source, in-house stuff. Stuff that we grow and phenohunted for. And once we release that stuff, I think there won’t be any question.”


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Simply Solventless

Nikka T has created a lasting legacy in the realm of hash. After learning the techniques to craft ice water hash from the Dutch master who perfected the form, he went on to open the first licensed hash company in the U.S. He’s won more than 15 Cannabis Cups, changed the vernacular of how we talk about hash with the term “solventless,” and is one of the most well-respected artists and teachers in the concentrate community.

Nicholas Tanem’s journey towards becoming the hash master known as Nikka T includes experience judging cannabis competitions worldwide. He’s a cannabis consultant and producer, and a reggae DJ. He founded his Colorado-based company, Essential Extracts, in 2009 and expanded to the California market in 2018. Alongside the Essential Extracts team, he has competed in numerous cannabis competitions, such as the country’s first rosin-specific competition at Chalice in 2015 (he credits the help of a cultivator called “The Mile High Man, AKA Kenny” for that win.) Nikka T’s numerous achievements are vast and serve as an extensive reference to the excellence of his product.

The 2018 High Times Visionary Award winner shared a wealth of information about his craft in a recent interview, including how he learned to collect trichomes with a hash legend, what it takes to know if a strain is cut out for concentrates, and what’s in store for the future. 

Nikka T inside Indico Colorado’s grow in Pueblo, Colorado / Photo: Nick Johnson @thedankone42

Learning From The Masters

Nikka T’s reputation is a testament to his drive to strive for the best and his constant work to improve his craft. 

He grew up in Northern California and was raised in a supportive and liberal family, which led to cannabis becoming a part of his life early on. When he was attending junior college, he realized that cannabis flower wasn’t quite enough for him and discovered a love for hash—ice water hash in particular.

The cannabis flower is covered in resinous trichomes. These trichomes are also on the trim (leaves left behind when the flower is manicured). Cannabis extractors can collect trichomes in several different ways, and one of the oldest forms is through making traditional hash. There are two basic ways to make hash, dry sieve and water hash. Dry sieved hash is when you run the flowers over a metal grate to dislodge the trichomes. Water hash is created by mixing cannabis trim or flower in water and ice and gently stirring the mixture to knock off the trichomes. Once the trichomes have washed away from the plant material, they are collected and dried. Also known as water hash, ice hash, ice wax, and bubble hash, when hash melts away entirely without leaving any residue, it’s considered the highest quality and called full melt.

In the late 1990s, Nikka T traveled to Northern California, specifically to Willits, California, where his uncle owned property and cultivated cannabis privately. His uncle and other neighboring farmers often discarded their trim in trash bags and left them on the side of the road—and he collected those trim-filled trash bags to make hash. Eventually, he even began to track when the trim bags were left out to try and gather them up when they were still fresh. Being a day or two late meant that the trim was likely moldy and unusable.

Nikka T’s interest in making hash continued to drive him forward. He traveled abroad and embraced the teachings of Mila Jansen, a famous hash master out of Amsterdam widely known as the “hash queen.” Seeking out Jansen was all about improving his skill set and knowledge about his craft. Jansen is a pioneer in perfecting the form of modern-day water hash.

“I needed to learn more techniques. I needed to hone in my skills. I needed to create a higher echelon for the products that I was producing. So Amsterdam was the place to travel to,” he said.

While there, he spent every day with Jansen, up to eight hours per day, constantly asking her questions.

“There wasn’t a lot that was written down,” he said. “A lot of this was oral tradition. So I bugged Mila for that oral tradition, and she obliged, and she was very patient and humble and willing. She taught me a lot. I had already been making hash for a little bit, but she taught me some key techniques such as the rinsing technique, where I was able to go from partially melty hash to almost full melt hash every single time.”

Coconut Cooler Live Rosin grown by @garrettduffey and processed by Nikka T / Photo: Mitchell Peterson @extractsdaily

From Solvent To Solventless

In the early 2000s, butane hash oil (BHO) extraction rose to widespread popularity. Initially, Nikka T planned to make this type of butane-extracted concentrate to share with his friends at his home in Boulder, Colorado, but he wasn’t content just making the BHO—he needed to know more about what was in the product, too.

At the time, it wasn’t easy to convince anyone to share their test results, but he found answers through an employee working at a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. It was the first place to share a certificate of analysis, and he was shocked by the results. He found isobutane, isopentane, various metals, and other things he’d never heard of within the BHO products.

“You know, I’ve been a naturally eating, health-conscious individual all my life. So first and foremost, when I heard the concentrates were being made with hydrocarbon, I didn’t think that it was the safest for consumption. I also didn’t think it was the safest for our environment. I didn’t think it was the safest for a production team to produce in a lab.”

Nikka T estimates that sometime between 2009 and 2010, he coined the term “solventless.” In the case of cannabis, solventless applies to concentrates where trichomes from plant material originate without the aid of solvents, such as butane.

A solvent is a substance that dissolves a solid (cannabis flowers or trim) into a liquid solution. When this is done to cannabis the residual solvent, often butane, a flammable hydrocarbon that easily transforms to liquified gas, must then be removed from the final product to be safe to dab. The temperature and speed at which this is done result in concentrates of different consistencies. Think of it like making candy. Boiling sugar at different temperatures can create crystalline rock candy or creamy caramel. Nikka T plays with the presentation of his solventless concentrates and makes them appear in various forms that are typically found on the solvent side of the street.

“So when the term earwax was popular, we made a solventless earwax. When shatter became popular, we made solventless shatter,” he said. “When this wet batter type consistency became popular, I took it upon myself to try and recreate that wet batter consistency [and] color without the use of any chemical solvents. And that’s kind of where it all erupted.”

At the time, these innovations in terms of the form that traditional hash could take were still new to the community, and the idea that concentrates could be “solventless” was questioned.

“Initially, people were like, ‘What is this? This isn’t water hash. This isn’t bubble hash. It doesn’t look like butane, and water is a solvent. So what are you doing, kid?’” he said. “I had a lot of backlash. It took a little bit for people to catch on. I started explaining to people like, ‘Listen, I’m using water merely as a vessel to carry or transport these mechanically separated trichome heads to their destination. I’m not using the water as a solvent.’”

The argument here is that traditional methods for separating the resin glands from the buds rely on physical agitation, while butane extraction dissolves the cannabinoids and terpenes within a puddle of liquid solvent that must still be removed.

Nikka T samples some product / Photo: @The_Ganjier

The Solventless Preference

For Nikka T, there are two main reasons why he continues to embrace ice water hash. Firstly, the concerns of safety enjoying cannabis concentrates have been on his mind ever since he learned about the more harmful substances that make their way into concentrates through other methods. Secondly is the fact that ice water hash is safer to produce than volatile methods of BHO extraction.

“On the lab side or the production side of things, the safety difference between solventless and hydrocarbon is vast, and I love that aspect of it,” he said. “Especially because I’m not only consulting for licensed facilities. I’m also consulting for the home producer, the home user that wants to learn how to make this themselves. So safety is a big issue and a big concern and kind of why I lean towards the solventless side of things.”

He also prefers the effects of a solventless product over one produced through butane extraction.

“The biggest reason that I’m a proponent of solventless is I prefer the full-bodied high that multiple cannabinoids and terpenes give me,” he said. “When I’m running hydrocarbon or utilizing butane, it seems to pull higher THC levels, but maybe not as much of that broad spectrum. Because as far as the high goes, I get way more of [an] all-over body high. It’s hitting all the points that I’m looking for it to hit when I’m consuming solventless, compared to when I’m consuming butane.”

High-Quality Hash

One of the most common questions Nikka T is asked is what he looks for in a strain for making hash. For him, staying on top of the trends and newly emerging terpene profiles is one of the most important things to consider.

“One of the first things I look for is that terpene content, or the smell of the plant itself, the smell of that cultivar, and that’s really important right now to kind of watch the market and see which style ‘smells,’ if you will, which aromas are capturing the market because it fluctuates.”

Nikka T also has a few other key qualities that he looks for in a washer—a term used to describe an ideal strain for being washed in the ice water hash process. Strains with more area structure make it easier to remove trichomes during the washing process. Nikka T points to strains like GMO, Gorilla Glue #4, Kushman by JBeezy, or Key Lime Pie offering more viability in terms of yield and potency.

He also said three key points of a strain’s necessary tactile experience make it ideal for ice water hash. First, if a strain’s consistency is like sandpaper, sand between the fingers, or tacky, they have the right texture for washing (such as Gorilla Glue #4). On the other hand, a strain that feels greasy, such as motor oil, isn’t ideal for that purpose (such as OG Kush).

Nikka T looks for the right trichome structure that will provide an optimal yield.

“I’m looking for a structure in the trichome on that specific plant that has a very large, bulbous head and has a thinner stalk, but not too thin,” he said. “If it got too thin, maybe that trichome falls off the material a little too easy, and it breaks plant material with it. If it’s too thick, it wants to hold on to that plant material and that trichome doesn’t want to be released for us to collect it. So you want to find a nice balance.”

He also refers to cannabis plants with “weak neck traits,” a term drawn from the professional pot photographer known as Shwale.

“He found that certain cultivars have what we call ‘weak neck traits’ where the stock of that trichrome actually is pretty normally fixed, but then it gets real thin right before the head of the trichome, allowing us to mechanically remove that head without any of the stalk or plant material that much easier.”

The final deciding factor that seals the deal is trichome density.

“So if you have all those things we discussed—you’ve got a nice gritty feel, you’ve got that big head with the weak neck trait, but there’s only a few trichomes on that plant or in your peripheral view—it’s still not going to be viable and therefore not a washer. But if you have extreme trichome density with those other factors that I mentioned, I can almost guarantee that we’ll have something viable. That’s what we’re looking for.”

Han Solo Burger Live Rosin cultivated by @kindbill and processed solventlessly by Nikka T / Photo: Mitchell Peterson @extractsdaily

Hash To The Future

With the pandemic subsiding, Nikka T has plans to travel more abroad this year. Most recently, he judged the Masters of Rosin competition in Barcelona, Spain, in March 2022 (which also happened to be the first rosin-specific competition in Europe).

Essential Extracts is also on the path to expansion in the U.S., with plans to launch in Missouri sometime this year and a few projects in Canada.

“I like constantly evolving and constantly creating better products,” he said. “I’m not afraid to say that we’re constantly learning. So, you know, I’m never going to say my products [are] the best. I just won’t. Because I think that it’s still out there.”

This article appears in the July 2022 issue of High Times. Subscribe here.

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The Ultimate High Times 710 Gift Guide 2022

710 is right around the corner, and you know what that means: Oil! Whether you’re a hardcore dabber or you’re looking to try it out for the first time, July 10th is the day to go all out and get really, really stoned. To help with that, we’ve put together a list of some our favorite products that will take your 710 to the next level!

Courtesy of West Coast Gifts

GEAR Premium® Dip Stick

Grip it, dip it, and rip it with the Dip Stick from GEAR Premium®. This easy-to-use concentrate accessory is 510 thread compatible and allows you to use your concentrate anywhere, at any time.

Includes a replaceable heating coil and a removable silicone cap to take your Dip Stick on the go.

Price: $18

Courtesy of Nothing’s Impossible

Nothing’s Impossible Dab Rig w/ Matrix Perc

Increase the intensity of your next dabbing session with the Nothing’s Impossible Dab Rig w/ Matrix Perc. Coming in at 10.5”, this killer piece will completely transform the way you think about enjoying your favorite concentrates. You have your choice of red, orange, green, or aqua-colored accents and the Nothing’s Impossible logo can be found on the side of the chamber, which is the icing on this oh-so-tasty cake. The joint size is 14mm and utilizes a 90 degree fixed downstem design for convenient use. It also features an angled neck design, flared lip and super thick base for added style and stability.

Price: $89.99

Courtesy of CBD Living

Delta-8 Living Lemonades

Cheers to higher living with fruity Delta-8 Living Lemonades. Available in three refreshing flavors—Mango Lemonade, Pink Lemonade and Iced Tea Lemonade 50/50—these 100 mg Delta-8 beverages are ideal for mixing into cocktails and mocktails or for enjoying by themselves on the rocks.

Delta-8 Living Lemonades are manufactured using Delta-8 Living’s Proprietary Water Soluble Technology, which increases bioavailability by allowing the nutrients to bypass first-pass metabolism in the liver, so you get more relief, quicker.

Price: $16

Courtesy of STIIIZY

STIIIZY Live Resin Diamonds

As one of the leading legacy brands in cannabis, STIIIZY is reinventing the way you experience 710. STIIIZY Live Resin Diamonds are curated specifically for usability, potency, and experience, making these perfect-sized diamond crystals suspended in terpene-packed sauce one of the most refined and consistent extract products in the cannabis market. Our live resin diamonds are extracted using only high THC, fresh frozen flower, preserving the natural flavor compounds of the plant that Mother Nature has intended.

Price: $25

Courtesy of STIIIZY


It’s not 710 without STIIIZY. The STIIIZY OG Pod is created using our premium quality concentrates that uphold the highest level of purity. Extracted from a variety of natural flora, STIIIZY’s botanically derived terpenes yield a balanced aroma and taste to deliver a consistent experience every time. As a 710 fan favorite, our OG Pods are continuously setting the industry standard to influence and inspire through innovative methods.

Price: $20-$45

Courtesy of Canna River

Canna River Ultra Classic CBD Tincture

The Canna River Ultra Classic CBD tincture is a genuine high strength tincture. In fact, at 20,000 mg of broad spectrum CBD per bottle and approximately 167 mg per serving, “high strength” is an understatement. It is perfect for those who need extra support. Try it in their best-selling Lemon Raspberry flavor or choose from new Sweet Mint and Mango Peach. All of Canna River’s tinctures are crafted with MCT oil and hemp-derived cannabinoids from plants grown in the USA. They are lab tested, sugar free, alcohol free, vegan, and non-GMO. At only $100 per 120 ml bottle, the Ultra Classic is too good to pass up.

Price: $100

Courtesy of The Seed Fair

The Seed Fair

The Seed Fair is back with an all new line of 2,000 cannabis seed strains ready for cultivation! Whether you are looking for an exotic that is hard to find, or trying a new classic, we have the product for you during 710.

Our premium cannabis seeds have been hand selected and lab tested to help give you the consistency you deserve when growing. Our seeds come with a 90% germination guarantee and a full staff support to help you on your journey.

Take advantage of our two new amazing strains in our collection. Panama Red and 98 Aloha White Widow cannabis seeds.  

Panama Red is a vintage classic that reached its fame in the 90s. Cannabis connoisseurs are always coming back for this landrace strain to experience a euphoric blend of relaxation.

98 Aloha White Widow originates from Hawaii and is a much sought-after strain. Feel the Hawaiian breeze as this one rushes into your senses.

Enjoy 25% on all our products for a limited time only by using our discount code: hightimes25%

Courtesy of Al Capone Leaf Wraps

Al Capone Leaf Wraps

Roll the perfect blunt with Al Capone All-Natural Tobacco Leaf Wraps. The Al Capone wraps match most of the roller’s needs. They come packed in individual pouches, so they are always fresh. They don’t have thick veins, and the leaf is stretchy. They come pre-cut to the perfect size and ready to roll, with a self-adhesive strip for easy closure. Slow Burning for the perfect smoking experience. Available in 3 flavors: Original, Cognac & Rum.

Price: $1.49-$2.00

Courtesy of Cloudious9

Cloudious9 Ultra9 Bundle

The Cloudious9’s Ultra9 bundle is the perfect bundle gift for the cannabis connoisseur which includes the popular Hydrology9 NX which is an electric vaporizer for cannabis concentrates and flower, the Hydrology9 NX leather carrying case for easy portability, the Atomic9 dry herb flower vaporizer, and the Tectonic9 auto dispensing grinder. The Hydrology9 NX features an interchangeable concentrate atomizer & hybrid convection flower vaporizer chamber that were designed with an uncompromising dedication to each material’s unique vaporization attributes. The Hydrology9 NX is one of the best water filtered vaporizers & dab rigs for you to enjoy this 710 holiday.

Price: $299

Courtesy of Pulsar Vaporizers

Pulsar RöK

Feast your eyes on the best portable electric dab rig available! For only $200, this eRig gives you the ability to experience premium innovation and taste the finer properties of your exquisite concentrates, while opening up their full flavor profile. Boasting a powerful 1600mAh battery with multiple heat settings and a durable metal body, the Pulsar RöK is where functionality meets performance and enables yet another way to #EnjoyHigherCulture.

Now features larger internal air paths which allows the water-filtered percolation to produce consistently cool pulls every time. Plus, the updated coilless quartz V2 atomizer delivers even smoother hits having increased surface area which provides bigger clouds and heats faster and more evenly!

Price: $200

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Hands On With The Puffco Proxy

You don’t have to be a massive stoner to be familiar with Puffco. The device producer has introduced countless innovations to the concentrate segment since its inception in 2013. From improving pen technology to pioneering e-rigs, even the least engaged concentrate consumer has likely tried at least one of their products already. Not happy with settling for the status quo, Puffco is back again with another innovation to propel the hash game—and this time it’s not even water filtered.

Led by Roger Volodarsky, known to his adoring fans as “Jolly Roger,” the company’s latest product is the result of two years of serious research and development. The result is a Sherlock-style dry pipe with a modular 3D chamber vaporizer, dubbed the Puffco Proxy. While that may not be the most eloquent description, it’s hard to overstate just how big this device is going to be. Launching today for $299, I feel pretty confident in saying this little electronic bowl is going to be a hash-head’s new best friend.

Introducing the Puffco Proxy

Last week I got to sit down with Roger to discuss his latest innovation, and the reason behind the rhyme. I’ll admit, when I first heard they were producing a dry pipe, I was a bit skeptical, but I was reassured of its function before it even reached my hands. In his own words:

“This is the most fleshed out Puffco product we have ever released.” Roger told me, “By far the most tested and validated, and ran through quality control. We tested up and down with tons of internal beta testers in the company just abusing the hell out of it and seeing what it’s great at, and what it’s not great at. And we really feel like we got it to a place where it’s hard to imagine it getting any better.”

“It is the first truly modular vaporizer, where the internals completely come out and can be put into any glass form whatsoever. We’re working on our own designs that you can plug it into.” He continued, “It was really designed to be something that is really, really easy to build around, and will integrate super well with the maker community in this space.”

Courtesy of Puffco

In development since February of 2020, the 3D chamber the brand introduced last year was actually developed for the Proxy, but due to shortages in the microchip supply chain, the product is finally releasing in its final form now.

“It really started as like—the original design intention was ‘let’s make something that fits into a banger and just quickly adapts to everything.’ And then our Chief Technology Officer Avi was like, ‘what if the banger neck actually went to your mouth?’”

For The Culture, By The Culture

“Our belief is that hash is the best experience in the space. And we believe that that is what is going to grow. There is something here that is extremely flavorful, easy to dial in, and a beautiful experience for people that don’t typically like smoking. And we believe that that is what the future is, and we’re all on this path to get there together. So if there’s anything I want you to relay, it’s just that we believe that hash is the future and we’re here to build the road there with our community,” Roger explained.

“I believe, and you might not share this perspective and that’s okay, but I believe that hash culture as it is today, this American hash culture of dabs, is the most innovative and fastest growing scene in all of cannabis. There’s new types of hash every year. Like this year I saw cold cure water hash for the first time in Spain, it blew my mind, and every year there’s that mind-blowing experience. Every year there’s new consumption devices, from swing arms to honey buckets, I mean it just never ends. And I believe that is what hash culture has done for our space; it has become the home of obsession.”

I’ve long credited Puffco with lowering the barrier to entry to the concentrate space, and this latest innovation feels like a continuation of that spirit. In Roger’s head, this takes that to the next level.

“I think when it comes to the Peak, the Peak is still something that—to a complete outsider of hash—is intimidating. You’re looking at this big device, you have to load it. It’s a bong and it’s electronic. So it’s just, I think for some, unfamiliar enough that even though it’s so easy, [with the Proxy they’ll say] ‘oh my God, this is 20 times easier than what I was doing before. And I can put my friends on with this.’ I think this is such a well known form (the Sherlock) that it becomes this Trojan horse for hash culture, where if you’re into pipes, if you’ve smoked out of a bowl, you have all the context you need—just load your pipe and smoke it. Everybody is kind of familiar with that.”

But How Does It Hit?

As stated earlier, even though they’ve dialed it in, and it’s in their opinion the best-in-class experience, I still had some doubts. Dabs are known to roast your throat, and the idea of removing the water filtration entirely definitely struck me as strange, as I didn’t think you’d want to risk allowing the smoke to hit your throat at a higher temp, but I’ve got to say: I’ve had this device for just about a week now and I’m already a believer. 

Courtesy of Puffco

While you’re still smoking at the same temperature you would in the Proxy’s larger older brother, there’s something about the size, and the fact that it’s a bowl, that just makes it very intuitive for hitting. You’ll know from your first hit to sip this smoke, as opposed to rip like you would a bong, and I’m actually coughing less hitting this than I did with the Peak. The ergonomics are also much more comfortable, as your hand is already used to how it feels, and you’ll feel a bit more classy than you did before, for sure.

Though the smoke doesn’t overwhelm, which alone is a big selling point, the absolute best part about the Proxy is the flavor you’ll get out of your concentrates. Better than the Peak, in Roger’s own words, this thing SPITS terps. You’ll taste new flavors out of material you’ve smoked countless times, guaranteed. 

For the finer details, the device comes with a one-year warranty, and the team says from a 100% charge the Proxy will last at least 4 months in standby, but I’m fairly confident you won’t ever leave it alone that long. As a guy who primarily smokes joints, I’ve been high on a looooot more hash these past few days…

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Why the fuck do terp slurpers waste less THC?

Dabs and joints waste an equal amount of THC, depending on the cited study. Despite the results, both mediums can be and have been vastly improved upon. Thanks, stoner science! For instance, dab rigs come in many forms. Terp slurpers are a recent innovation that provides a delivery method for consuming extracts that will waste […]

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Jon’s Stone Cold Cop List: Fully Legal (21st Edition)

If editions were years we’d be legal. Wild.

I promised you two this month, and skating in just under the buzzer, here we are getting back up to speed. It’s almost alarming how many of these exist at this point — I have smoked a LOT on all y’all’s behalf, but I’m certainly not complaining. Simply pointing it out because I finally made a spreadsheet with all the picks I’ve made since the first edition to make sure I’m not repeating anything, and it is LONG! If you’ve been riding with me for awhile now thank you for your continued support, I have a hell of a good time putting this together for ya’. If you’re just joining us, the next graph will get you up to speed.

As we get into 4/20 season there’s always a ton of new (frankly bullshit) on the market, but you know how we do over at the Cop List, we see through the smoke & mirrors. We’re not playing into your gimmicks here, we’re smackin’ the bologna away like it just made a joke about Will’s wife (I will not be over that for months) and bringing you the real. Keep an eye out for a special edition next month around the holiday, and as always, let me know on Twitter anything I missed, or what’s got you excited!

The Wormhole

Courtesy of Artisan Canna Cigars

Y’all know I like joints, and even more when they have the wood tips, but y’all, I think I found the holy trinity. A wood-tipped, hash-cored, true artisan handroll you’ll actually enjoy smoking. Handcrafted by Artisan Canna Cigars, the guys who have been making Thai-stick and Cannagar style hand rolls for ages, have now come with something a bit more laid back, but with all the stopping power of their previous products. Available in two sizes, their big dogs are filled with 2.25 grams of flower with a 0.75 gram snake of rosin in the center, and boy do the collabs they put together SMASH. My first taste was made with Green Dawg’s Dawg Breath flower, and Hash Assassins Gas Tanker #5 rosin, and it was a great experience, but I’ve also seen Blueprint, Turtle Pie Co., Surprise Surprise, and others on their labels, so you know they’re always coming with the pedal to the metal.

Helios Hash

Courtesy of Helios Hash

If you’re a fan of rosin you likely heard about these guys recent big win at Ego Clash, but for all the rest of us not navel gazing on all the industry competitions, allow me to introduce you to some new firepower coming out of the East Coast. Grown outside in Maine, which is not as easy of a climate as that we experience in California, the Helios team are true east coast aficionados, and they make a damn good product. I first linked with these guys on a trip to the Bay, when Groovy invited me to this crazy fancy house party, and I immediately vibed with the newly introduced family business, and I’ve got to say, for a guy who’s not easily impressed by hash, these guys are making something special.

Doja Pak’s Kamikaze

Courtesy of Doja Pak

Ladies & Gents, we’re officially back in Z season. I know y’all love Candy, and Gas, and all the purple you can get your hands on, but let me remind you that variety is the spice of life, and NOTHING tastes quite as good as Zkittles. Not only that, but you know Doja Pak always comes correct with the packs he puts his name on, so if you don’t trust my tastebuds, maybe the name value will sway you. This new Z cross comes from a collaboration with John Doe Supply Co., which means it was grown in living soil in Humboldt County, and boy does it show in the end product. These buds are beyond vibrant. With a flavor that’s perfect for anytime, and a high that’s just right for exploring creative efforts, this is currently my favorite daytime smoke, and that’s saying something as I’ve been on the hunt for uppers lately. 

C.A.D.’s Gemstone Roll-On

Courtesy of C.A.D.

While I (fortunately) don’t typically have a huge need for topicals, I think it’s important that even if I’m not always the target market, that I create space for, and spread the good word about, brands doing things the right way, despite the category. While I’m not the most ache-y, I’m well aware the need for effective topicals, not to mention how large market segment is becoming, and how many lousy ‘CBD’ products are flooding internet shops. Well friends, if you’re in pain and looking for real relief, there’s pretty much only one brand I recommend to my people, and that’s Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs. You see, there are few people as dedicated, and deliberate, as the wizards at C.A.D., and Carter specifically. This company isn’t simply trying to make money in the burgeoning industry, it’s here to provide real medicine to the community, and frankly they’re never settling for the status quo. Their most recent product, their Gemstone Roll-On, is a testament to that fact. Of course Carter couldn’t settle for a regular ball — homie had to bring you something natural and heady. It’s no wonder these guys have a few Cannabis Cups in their cabinet; they’re next level.

Terps by Doc & Bentley

Courtesy of Terps by Doc & Bentley

The long awaited debut of the collaborative effort between two of the sweetest members of the cannabis community is finally here. Launching through select dispensary partners, Terps by Doc & Bentley is the solution-oriented brainchild of Bentley Rolling & Doc Ray Genetics, and boy is it pungent. Created as a way to both empower legacy farmers and preserve the heritage terp profiles the market has seemed to devalue as of late, the brand focuses on providing NorCal farmers with a living wage for their work, despite the larger market’s current race to the bottom. Their initial offering does a great job of expressing the differences this plant is capable of producing, with loud aromas and even stronger effects. While I know sungrown gets a lot of slack, it’s hard to argue with the results of mother nature. Pair that vibrant nose potential with a real selection of curated flavors and you’ve got a recipe for success every time!

Fig Farms – 6ixth Sense

Courtesy of Fig Farms

If you’re a regular reader of my stuff, or of High Times in general, you’ve undoubtedly heard me sing Fig Farms praises before. After all, they are without question one of my favorite brands. Simply put, this is one of the best cultivators I’ve ever seen (not a title I throw around lightly), and the subject of my initial Brand Spotlight (which evolved into the monthly magazine feature), so anytime I hear from Keith or Mike is a good day in my book. During my last link up with Mike he slipped me a bit of their new 6ixth Sense and let me just say, for a shop that’s constantly producing market leaders, even they have outdone themselves with this one. This was one of the most gorgeous buds I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming, and they’re not wrong with the title — this shit really will have you seeing in the dark.

3C’s new DTLA Dispensary

Courtesy of 3C

Now I’ve been to a lot of dispensaries in my day, and I hope my guys don’t get too mad at me for saying this, but what 3C has built downtown really feels like something special. Designed with the best elements of bars, delis, and lounges in mind, their new shop isn’t the type of place you’re going to want to rush out of. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it’s one of the first shops I’ve been in that I actually feel like I’d want to hang out in, kind of the way record stores or skate shops felt back in the day. With finished wood countertops and plenty of room to wait your turn without feeling crowded, perhaps my favorite part of the dispensary is the grow featured in the middle of the shop, and visible from just about every angle in the building. It reminds me of the best elements of the old 215 shopping experience, paired with the high-end feel of a wine bar, and while that may seem like a strange juxtaposition, I’d recommend stopping in to see just how quickly you’ll feel ‘at home’.

Pigeon Pot Pie by SF Cultivators

Courtesy of SF Cultivators

At the most recent Trans Bay Challenge, although it lost the big award to the early frontrunner Pink Certz, there was one cultivar in the competition that really stood out to me. Unlike anything else at the event, SF Cultivators’ Pigeon Pot Pie had one of the most unique noses I’ve smelt in ages. Although it’s hard to describe exactly what I was tasting, PPP is a cross of Hippy Crasher and Sunset Sherb, and it’s like this pheno brings out the strangest traits in each of its parents. While the look and smoke of this cultivar was exceptional, it’s the aroma I can’t stop thinking about, wishing I could properly decipher this aromatic code. The only real way to understand is to experience it for yourself, and while Pink Certz is a great smoke, this was without question the standout entry to me. I believe it finished second overall in Jimi’s highly competitive competition though, so you don’t just have to take my word for it, the other judges also loved it!

Puffco’s Hot Knife

Courtesy of Puffco

This is probably the oldest thing on this list, but it’s one I’m fairly certain never got its shine here, so I’m throwing it down for those that don’t know. If you haven’t used Puffco’s Hot Knife before, dabbing is harder than it needs to be. If, like me, you’ve ever been annoyed trying to get your globs off into your banger, this product is for you. The easiest way to explain it is it’s a dab tool that heats up so your chosen product slides off and into your consumption device, rather than needing to push it off with another tool (or your finger!). What’s more, this isn’t just some peak attachment. With maybe the exception of slurpers bc I’m not sure it’s a good idea to touch the tool to the hot glass like that (although it looks ceramic so it SHOULD be fine, but don’t kill the messenger if it’s not), the Hot Knife will work with bangers just as well as your Peak or Pen device, and it will make the concentrate consumption experience far easier, and with less mess!

The Keith Haring Foundation x Vibes Collab Cases

Courtesy of Vibes Papers

I’m a Haring fanboy, so basically anything that comes out with his art is going to be a hit for me, but the new collab between Vibes and the Keith Haring Foundation has not only made rolling easier on the go, it also doubles as a dope lil art piece I can carry around with me all day. I’ve included the past collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation and Greenlane in one of my first editions, and it seems the hits keep coming. Now while definitely a pretty case on its own, there’s more to this collaboration. The container opens up into a rolling tray and storage container, with 10 Vibes cones ready to fill. While the cones won’t last forever, this tin is certainly going to be one you’re going to want to keep around for pre-packing seshes.

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How to Smoke a Bong the Right Way

For many newcomers to smoking, bongs can be quite intimidating and there isn’t always someone to show you how to smoke a bong the right way. The first roadblock is all the bong-related jargon. How can you figure out how to smoke it if you don’t know what it is? Terminology for Bongs Bowl: this […]

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The Winners of the Cannabis Cup Illinois: People’s Choice Edition

It’s time to crown the winners of the Cannabis Cup Illinois: People’s Choice Edition! Returning for the second time to Illinois for this virtual competition and awards show, we’ve put the judging power in the hands of the great people of the Prairie State. Judges from across Illinois were able to identify and choose the well-deserved winning cannabis products in a wide range of different categories, all from the comfort of their own homes.

We’d like to give a huge thank you to all the judges who put their hearts and souls into judging the competition entries to help determine the best of Illinois! This was the second-ever competition that was open to the public of Illinois, and we had the largest pool of judges in history. Thank you to our intake and retail partners, Ascend and Zen Leaf, for making this a success with us. We can’t wait to return next year!

For more info on how to become a judge and to sign up for updates, please visit CannabisCup.com/preregister.

Indica Flower

Courtesy of Revolution Cannabis

First Place: Revolution Cannabis – Blueberry Clementine

Courtesy of Seed & Strain

Second Place: Seed & Strain – Velvet Glove

Courtesy of Aeriz

Third Place: Aeriz – Ice Cream Cake

Sativa Flower

Courtesy of Revolution Cannabis

First Place: Revolution Cannabis – Mac & Cheese (Spicy Papaya Cut)

Courtesy of Cresco

Second Place: Cresco – Lemon Bean

Courtesy of Triple 7

Third Place: Triple 7 – Tropical Runtz

Hybrid Flower

Courtesy of Triple 7

First Place: Triple 7 – Rainbow Runtz

Courtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Second Place: Revolution Cannabis – Banana Runtz

Courtesy of Aeriz

Third Place: Aeriz – Jenny Kush


Courtesy of NuEra

First Place: NuEra – Day Dreamz Dubble Joints

Courtesy of Seed & Strain

Second Place: Seed & Strain – Cherry Chem Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Aeriz

Third Place: Aeriz – Gorilla Cookies Pre-Rolls


Courtesy of Revolution Cannabis

First Place: Revolution Cannabis – Blueberry Clementine Live Resin

Courtesy of Bedford Grow

Second Place: Bedford Grow – Highwayman Live Resin

Courtesy of Aeriz

Third Place: Aeriz – Bundy OG Budder

Vape Pens

Courtesy of Select

First Place: Select – Ray Charles Elite Live Resin Vape

Courtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Second Place: Revolution Cannabis – Florida Orange Terp Tank

Courtesy of Ozone

Third Place: Ozone – Larry Bird Live Resin Airo Pod Vape

Edibles: Gummies

Courtesy of Bedford Grow

First Place: Bedford Grow – Strawberry Lemonade Gems

Courtesy of Sweet Releaf

Second Place: Sweet Releaf – Sour Watermelon Gems

Courtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Third Place: Revolution Cannabis – Assorted Indica Gummies

Edibles: Non-Gummies

Courtesy of Bedford Grow

First Place: Bedford Grow – Caramels

Courtesy of Bhang

Second Place: Bhang – Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar

Courtesy of Revolution Cannabis

Third Place: Revolution Cannabis – Spring Lake Lemonade Surp

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