Best CO2 Extracted Delta-8 THC Shatter Products

Cannabis concentrates, like shatter, are becoming more popular, and can be made for compounds like THC, CBD, and even delta-8 THC. What does it mean for a concentrate to be CO2 extracted, and what are the best delta-8 THC shatter products to try?

CO2 extracted delta-8 THC shatter products are growing in popularity, but that’s because delta-8 is growing in popularity. This alternate to delta-9 THC causes less psychoactive effect, less anxiety, and leaves users clear-headed, and with more energy. There are a ton of delta-8, delta 10, THCV and THC-O products to try out, and we’ve got a great selection of deals. So check out the possibilities, and try it out today.

First off, what’s delta-8 THC shatter?

Shatter is a form of cannabis concentrate that goes along with similar concentrates like wax, butter, honeycomb, and resin. What sets shatter apart from the other concentrates, is its texture and consistency. Most of the concentrates are actually made in the same basic way, and it’s the purging process that often defines a difference between the concentrates. There are two main ways to make a concentrate like this using solvents, one is with a hydrocarbon like butane or propane, and one is with carbon dioxide, (although ethanol can be used as well). We’ll get to that soon.

Shatter has a texture that makes it look like glass, with air bubbles throughout, or a sort of air-bubble mesh pattern. Unlike butter and wax, it has a more solid texture, smooth, translucent, and yellow in color. It has the appearance that it could crack or shatter, if hit with a hard object. During the purging process of extractions, the shatter is heated and cooled over an hours-to-days period, which gives it its texture and consistency. At the end of this process, there can be as much as 70-90+% THC or CBD, making shatter extremely strong.

Shatter can be smoked, but it can also be dabbed, which is a kind of vaping that involves a dab rig, or a water bong made for using concentrates. The shatter is placed on a nail which is heated, and the vapor is dragged through a water chamber before being inhaled by the user. Because of its consistency and harder texture than other concentrates, shatter is easier to use in this way, and can be dropped right on the nail, without the use of a dab tool, which is meant for scooping up stickier concentrates.

dab rig

Shatter can also go by the names ‘sap’ and ‘pull’n’snap’, with the former denoting a thinner concentrate, more in line with tree sap, and the latter with a texture and consistency closer to taffy, which can bend. Molecularly, the difference between these different concentrates is associated with how the molecules are aligned, this can be affected by heat or cool being applied during purging, pressure, and how much the concentrate is disturbed in the purging process. Shatter has a neat molecular alignment, with molecules organized into parallel rows.

Shatter is both an extract and a concentrate. It’s an extract because it comes from the cannabis plant, and is made of cannabinoids that have been extracted out of the plant material. And it’s a concentrate because the cannabinoids its made of are isolated out, creating a very concentrated form of a specific cannabinoid, generally THC or CBD.

One of the recent alternatives to standard THC, is delta-8 THC. This half brother to delta-9 is known for causing less anxiety, less psychoactive effect, and offering the same general medical catalogue as delta-9. Shatter can be made high in delta-8 THC, which is preferable for medical or recreational users, that want to have a clearer head and more energy while using cannabis.

Best CO2 Delta-8 shatter products

$29.95 – $269.50 – The company Exhale Wellness puts out its Delta-8 Shatter – Sour Tangie. This lab tested concentrate, that uses broad spectrum hemp oil, has no additives or preservatives, no MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil, Its highly concentrated in delta-8, and is made using a CO2 extraction. This tangy citrus flavor which comes from East Coast Diesel and Tangie, is great for dab rigs and standard vapes. Consumers can subscribe to the site to save an extra 25%!

The company also puts out Delta-8 Shatter – Girl Scout Cookies, (with a sweet and nutty flavor) and Delta-8 Shatter Purple Punch (with a sweet fruit punch flavor). This company ships to all states that allow delta-8 THC.

$29.99 – Another company that makes sure its delta-8 shatter is CO2 extracted, is Agrodine. This company puts out its Delta-8 THC Shatter, which come in 1gram jars, with 45% – 75% potency, and over 96% purity per jar. This shatter is minimally processed, has no GMO materials, and is laboratory tested for your safety. Prospective buyers can choose between the following flavors: Pineapple Express, Blue Dream, Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Girl Scout, Super Lemon Haze, Grapefruit Haze, and Tangie. The company does say it ships to all 50 states, but prospective buyers should understand the laws for their specific location.

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CO2: Delta 8 Shatter
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$35 Yet another company that takes your safety seriously when it comes to making CO2 delta-8 THC shatter, is Top Five Wholesale. This company puts out Delta-8 Shatter (1g) – Mango (Hybrid), with a pungent tropical aroma. This company claims 93% purity, and a 45% – 75% extracted oil. This company sells 1 gram per container, is laboratory certified, and uses safe CO2 extractions. This company ships to all states where delta-8 has not been illegalized, and offers other delta-8 products that interested buyers should check out.

Butane hash oil extractions

Shatter is generally made in one of a few ways. The most standard way is with a hydrocarbon solvent like butane or propane. The solvent is put on the plant material, where it breaks down the trichomes where the cannabinoids are stored, and then binds directly to them. When the solvent is burned off at the end, it leaves behind concentrated cannabinoids. More and more this is done in a closed-loop system, which is a safer way of using such a solvent. In a closed-loop system, the solvent doesn’t have contact with the outside.

In this kind of system, the solvent is added to the cannabis in one place, moved to another where the contents are heated to remove the solvent, then to another tank where the residual butane is purged – with how this is done dictating the consistency of the final product. At the end, the remaining solvent flows back to its original containment, closing the loop. In a home setup, the process often ends when the shatter stops bubbling while being heated, but this can leave residual butane which is toxic, and harmful when inhaled. Pressurized vacuum pumps can be used at this point in a home set-up, to further purge the butane, with heat and pressure as the means of getting rid of the butane.

Concentrates that are made in this way, using butane, are called butane hash oil (BHO). This term is often confused to mean a specific kind of concentrate, but it only actually refers to the method of extraction. Therefore, while shatter is different then butter or honeycomb, if they are made using butane as a solvent, they are all butane hash oil, as well.

In terms of shatter, the concentrate is not agitated during the purge phase, and this allows its molecules to stay more organized. It is dried out over a period of time, using hot and cold to allow the gas to be fully purged.

How a CO2 extraction is different

CO2 extractions are technically preferable because regardless of how much purging, a BHO extract can always have hydrocarbon left in it. With a CO2 extraction, there is no fear of solvent being left behind, which makes for an overall cleaner product. The way it works is that CO2 is pressurized to reach a ‘supercritical’ state. In natural temperature and pressure, CO2 is a gas. When this gas is frozen, it becomes dry ice. When its pressurized and heated to a specific temperature, it stays in a ‘critical’ state somewhere between a liquid and a gas, and having properties of both.

SALE – Delta 8 Wax Bundle – Coupon: Delta25

Delta 8 Wax Bundle - Coupon: Delta25
SALE – Delta 8 Wax Bundle – Coupon: Delta25

This CO2 supercritical liquid is put on the cannabis where it does what butane does. It breaks the trichomes open to release the cannabinoids inside. Once this part is done, the CO2 is simply repressurized to go back to its gaseous state, leaving all the extracted cannabinoids behind. Think of freezing something in ice, and then melting the ice and allowing it to evaporate so that all that’s left is what was trapped in it, with no H2O remaining.

The equipment for CO2 extractions is more intensive and expensive, so home jobs will likely never use something like this. Luckily, with a growing industry, this processing technique becomes more likely for production, since it creates an overall better product, does so without the same risk of explosion, and without the risk of subjecting users to residual hydrocarbons. Since CO2 can’t exist in liquid, or even supercritical form, at standard temperature and pressure, it cannot remain with the concentrate upon re-pressurization.


Shatter is becoming a very popular way of vaping cannabis extracts, and delta-8 is certainly gaining popularity among cannabis smokers. Making sure products are safe by using safe extraction methods is important, and the CO2 delta-8 shatter products listed here use this safer extraction technology, to ensure you have the best product possible.

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Behind the quest for the perfect dab

The dab market is far and away the wildest corner of the weed world. From high-tech devices to crystalline extracts, innovation moves at a frantic pace, churning out futuristic products and new forms of concentrates at warp speed. Amidst the race to create the perfect dab, it’s hard to believe that in 2018 we were still dabbing wax with blow torches.

While this rapid development may seem excessive for the most niche corner of an already niche market, something’s working. Concentrates are now the fastest growing sector of the industry. According to Headset, a cannabis data and consumer insights company, concentrate sales skyrocketed more than 40% in 2020 — $567 million in 2019 to $797 million in 2020 — accounting for a larger share of the cannabis market than ever before.

While some of this can be attributed to the fact that we were literally couch-locked for all of 2020 trying to get as high as possible, it’s also due to the advancements in the oil space that have made this divisive method of intake more accessible than ever before. 

As a culture journalist working in cannabis since 2014, and before that a lifelong stoner, it’s been wild to watch the dab-volution occur. I remember being at a High Times party in February of 2018, just weeks after the Puffco Peak — the first electronic rig and catalyst of the seismic shift in dabbing culture — was released. I was shocked to see “Peaks” replacing traditional rigs at every concentrate brand booth.  

The event celebrated women in cannabis — though at that time, the dab world was a total boys club, and the method of concentrate intake was reserved only for the headiest of stoners, and looked upon as “sketchy” by pretty much everyone else. 

Dr. Dina, an industry vet famous for being the inspiration for the hit show Weeds, was at that party too. One of the first supporters of the pivotal Puffco creation, she gushed prophetically.

Looking at all the smart rigs and handheld vaporizers available today and it’s clear the industry has exploded. Every day my inbox is filled with PR emails about a futuristic new device that may or may not do exactly what all the others do. Isolated cannabinoids and new forms of solventless extraction are all the rage. The industry races ever forward, fueled by a mix of innovation, imitation, and hype. 

While this juggernaut of advancement is fun to watch, and even more fun to experience, whether we want, need, or even care to comprehend the majority of what’s flooding the market, is yet to be determined. Which begs the question: is the industry’s quest for the perfect dab a solo mission, or are we as excited as they are about yet another way to get high?

When dab rigs went high tech

One of the ways I write about cannabis is in the form of device reviews. When judging a new dabbing system, e-rig or vaporizer, the first question I ask myself is “What does it do differently, or better, than all the rest?” If the answer is nothing, it’s essentially just creating trash on the earth that no one needs. 

Like most industries, true innovation in the device arena occurs rarely, creating a domino effect of knockoffs in varying degrees of quality. The Peak is the perfect example of a lightning rod invention that changed the world of concentrates, and launched a thousand look-alikes in the process. 

The Puffco Peak innovated the concentrates world when it entered the market. (Source: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

“The idea for the Peak came in 2016, and was born out of wanting a dabbing device with no learning curve,” said Roger Volodarsky, founder of Puffco and creator of The Peak. “I wanted it to be shaped like a beer bottle, so people could walk around a party with it without really raising any alarms or sticking out.” 

He continued, “It really started as a way to get people who were disinterested in dabs because of the stigma, because of the intensity, or because of a learning curve. It was our way of pulling them in, mainly because these people were our friends, and we wanted them to share an experience with them.” 

In 2017, when the Peak was conceived, concentrate sales were shrinking. “I had to convince [my designer] that the reason it was dying is because something like the Peak wasn’t on the market,” said Volodarsky. “There was no easy, classy way to engage with concentrates.” He paused, “Now concentrates are the fastest growing segment in the space.” 

Since then, dabbing devices in every capacity have flooded the market, ranging from the super cool to the totally lame. 

On the cool end, we have obviously the Peak Pro, as well as Puffco’s new Hot Knife electric dab tool. The Dab Tech Trio is an awesomely convenient three-in-one electronic dab straw, vape pen, and concentrate vaporizer that fits onto any bong or rig. I also love the G Pen Roam, which is basically a hybrid between a giant vape pen/e-rig with a bubbling water feature that’s perfect for adventures. 

The Reflux by Indux Labs is one of the most wildly innovative systems available, using electromagnetic waves to perfectly vaporize chemical compounds at optimal temperatures. And then, of course, existing at the apex of dab couture, lazer bongs and levitating dab rigs.

Existing on the totally lame end of the spectrum are all the blatant knockoffs of original designs. I don’t feel the need to call each of these brands or devices out. Just know that if you’re considering buying a knockoff device, there’s a reason they’re cheaper. These derivative options are often poorly manufactured, meaning they break constantly. In the world of dab devices, and life in general, you get what you pay for. 

cannabis budder dab
Hash oil, budder, and live resin options now flood the cannabis space. (Source: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

The evolution of extracts

While devices went from analog to the moon and beyond, extracts have undergone a major glow up as well. Growing up as a teenager in SoCal in the late 2000s, the first extracts to hit the California medical market looked like black goo and were THC distillates that stripped all other cannabinoids and terpenes and got you high in the most one dimensional way possible.

Now, we enjoy a delicious array of meticulously extracted, high quality rosins, resins, diamonds, shatters, butters, badders and more. The evolution of extracts has been marked by three major developments, specifically in the last few years. There’s the transition from solvent extracts to solventless concentrates, the preference of “live” over “cured” products, and the rise of isolated cannabinoids

A dab tool with live rosin
A dab tool with live rosin. (Source: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

To delve further into what all this means, we spoke with Khalid Al-Naser, Head of Product at Raw Garden, one of the most popular and highest quality extract brands on the market. 

“I’ve been a part of the California cannabis community for over a decade, and there’s been a ton of evolution,” said Al-Naser. “My earliest memories were of really low quality hash, or cannabis oil, which was all it was referred to at the time. Butane honey oil explosions in apartments and garages were happening, so there was this sense of this isn’t medicine, or it’s not clean.” 

He continued, “A lot of people seemed to just push towards solventless alternatives and things that maybe they thought were safer, and then started to try and push on quality.”

The market has taken a sharp turn from hyping solvent extracts like these distillates or, more recently, live resins, where an accelerant like butane is used to separate trichomes from plant matter.  Solventless concentrates like rosins, are extracted using only a combination of heat, ice, water, and pressure, and have become highly sought after, sparking a debate within the industry and consumers about which is better and why. 

“With rosin, it was like someone just stumbled on this idea that heat and pressure would separate the oils from the hash, then they found out they could do it with flower, too,” said Al-Naser. “You saw this resurgence of solventless products. I think a lot of that shift was in part a reflection of the volatile nature of the pre-recreational market.” 

“Live” products, like live resins and live rosins, have also become wildly popular. These products use flash frozen live plants in the extraction process, creating an extract with a far more robust terpene profile than those made from dried bud, as much of the smell and flavor in cannabis is lost during the drying process. 

At the forefront of innovation in the concentrate space, you have products like THCA diamonds, the pursuit of isolated cannabinoids, and forms of supercritical C02 extraction that claim to revolutionize solventless extraction. The possibilities for advancement in the extracts arena are truly boundless, especially when it comes to cannabinoid isolation, as we have just scratched the surface in understanding what these chemical compounds do together, much less alone. 

dab tool with sauce with diamonds
A dab tool with diamond sauce. These concentrates are coveted amongst niche weed subcultures. (Source: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps)

The future of dabbing 

So, back to the question that exists at the crux of all of this: Are we consumers as excited about all this wild advancement as the people profiting off of it? Rodger Volodarsky isn’t convinced, and neither am I. 

“I think consumers value one thing,” he said. “And that’s experience. I had to learn that lesson really early on when I came through with the Puffco Plus. Currently, we sell a ton of them. But when it first came out, I thought people would lose their shit when they saw that it was a ceramic concentrate pen with no coils. But not a single person cared.” 

The glaring flaw in the dab race is that brands are so caught up with outdoing one another and making money off the wave, they forget that most consumers not only don’t care, but don’t have the bandwidth to keep up with all this hyper complicated advancement.

Casual consumers just want to get high and feel good. They buy the products that most clearly communicate that that is what they do. Having reviewed dab devices for years now, I own pretty much all of them. When friends who are casual smokers come over and see all these things, they chuckle with furrowed-brow grins, but very few of them are interested in learning more. The vibe I get from most people is why, not wow

Products that simplify something complicated, like the Peak did to traditional dabbing, are always going to beat out products that needlessly complicate things in the pursuit of innovation. Innovative advances like electronic dab rigs, handheld vaporizers, and live rosins are what made concentrates more accessible and, along with weed marketing, hype, and subcultures celebrating 7/10, are what will continue to bring more people into the world of dabs. 

“They didn’t get it until we started presenting how to use it, and made the connection for them that it’s a hash one hitter. Then sales exploded,” Volodarsky said. “I think innovation is about leveling up the experience, not about new features.” 

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Don’t Like To Smoke? Here are 8 Other Ways You Can Enjoy Cannabis

Cannabis has been consumed for millennia in various parts of the world because of its health benefits. Modern science and medicine have rediscovered their efficacy in treating inflammation and chronic pain and have been coming up with new ways to utilize the plant. One of the most common ways of extracting cannabis’s active chemical compounds, […]

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Dab Roast TV Show Celebrates Concentrates

The old Latin saying, “in vino veritas,” translates to “in wine, there is truth.” The same can often be said about weed. Creators of “The Dab Roast” certainly had this and a love of cannabis in mind when developing their increasingly popular online show. 

For creator, producer and showrunner Scott McKinley, it was about providing a unique showcase of some of the finest concentrates on the market while offering guests the chance for a truly one-of-a-kind interview. Each episode features 10 questions paired with 10 dabs – a play on the infamous show “Hot Ones,” which features celebrities eating progressively spicier chicken wings, most often with hilarious results.

“I wanted a platform outside of the normal box you are put in for marketing your brand,” McKinley told Cannabis Now via email. “‘The Dab Roast’ is quickly becoming a nationally followed show in all markets giving cannabis companies a unique opportunity to gain visibility in a new place.”

Many artists, actors and comedians openly discuss their adoration of the cannabis plant, but the opportunity to both walk the walk and talk the talk is something “The Dab Roast” puts front and center. The eloquence and honesty that shines through every hit is unexpectedly refreshing yet wildly entertaining.

Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen

Offering a highly entertaining glimpse into cannabis culture, “The Dab Roast” celebrates concentrates in a way not yet seen in mass media. While other consumer-centric content has appeared in the wake of a newfound era of legalization, it has often fallen flat in terms of authenticity. 

The show is hosted by musician, producer and terp-smoking viral sensation Chris Crayzie. The artist, whose stoner antics have been featured on “Ridculousness,” says he loves watching guests go from zero to 100 throughout the course of their shared dabbing experience.

“It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen,” he said. “My favorite part about hosting is interacting with the guests and seeing them from sober to plastered.” 

In the recent season premier, rapper Tyla Yaweh hits the e-nail hard while sharing stories about going from trap life to talking shop with Drake and how it feels to be the first artist signed to Post Malone’s label, London Entertainment. Yaweh also touched on his own aspirations for launching a cannabis brand, as predecessors Jay-Z, Berner and Wiz Khalifa have done.

Crayzie, who has dabbed alongside the likes of Rose McGowan, Redman, and NBA legend Shawn Kemp on the show, felt the young up-and-comer held his own. But even the pros get the wind knocked out of them sometimes, he admitted.

“He really fought a good fight, but ‘The Dab Roast’ roasted him completely,” Crayzie said in between laughs. “Air swimming, throwing up – he went through a myriad of emotions.” 

Future Episodes to Feature Tommy Chong, Doug Benson

While still relatively new, “The Dab Roast” is already garnering plenty of attention. The show recently booked cannabis icons Tommy Chong and Doug Benson, whose special appearances will coincide with 7/10, the official holiday for concentrate fans around the world (710 is “oil” upside down).

When asked who his dream guests would be, McKinley listed Andrew Yang and Micheal Phelps as his top prospects, as well as Tiffany Hadish, noting he would love to see more strong female voices appear.

When asked what viewers can expect to see in the new season, the team was tight-lipped but promised tons of can’t miss moments and surprises.

“There are some great jewels in every episode,” McKinley teased, saying he didn’t want to reveal any spoilers. 

Episodes drop monthly on and the show’s YouTube page. In addition to Chong and Benson, future guests include Hed PD frontman Jahred Gomes and viral sensation Piques. Producers hope to feature a diverse group of guests from different realms to help illustrate how the cannabis plant is universally adored across subcultures, and the world.

And while McKinley and the rest of the folks at “The Dab Roast” are certainly pleased with the show’s current direction, the fact that they can do the program at all that is what’s most inspiring.

“We are excited to live in a world that’s ready for a show like this to exist,” McKinley said. 

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How-To: Make Rosin Dabs At Home

Want to feel lucky? Consider the statistical probability of being alive on planet Earth at precisely the right moment in human history to witness a technological renaissance and cultural revolution in cannabis. You won that cosmic lottery — we all did. 

So what better way to celebrate our good fortune than dabbing some freshly pressed rosin made at home? This simple but powerful extraction method has surfed a tsunami wave of excitement across the continent, obliterating obstacles for would-be dabbers in even the most prohibition-darkened corners of the cannabis landscape. 

And rosin isn’t just for people without access to critical concentrates. Even in states, where BHO shatter and wax can be obtained with a quick trip to the nearest dispensary, the potency and flavor of rosin has captured the imaginations of many diehard dabbers, myself very much included. 

A nug of Do-Si-Do.

My first rosin dab set an exceptionally high bar for everything I’ve tried since. It was a transparent, amber glass shatter pressed from connoisseur-grade bubble hash. The effects were astoundingly powerful, with a flavor profile that offered a sweeter, cleaner variation on the classic earthy spice of full spectrum hash.

But not everybody has access to top-shelf hash, which is why a lot of the buzz around rosin tech has to do with pressing flowers. My initial attempts to press my own proved less than successful, but I later learned that I was pressing at too high a temperature. Once I corrected that error, rosin tech became a quick, convenient way to literally squeeze a few tasty dabs out of my flower stash.

Flower Rosin

Rosin’s simplicity allows anybody with access to cannabis and a few common household items to make dabs at home in a matter of minutes. And if you don’t have one or more of the things you’ll need, nothing required should cost more than $50.

A bud is placed in between parchment paper in preparation to be pressed into rosin.

If you’re reading this, odds are you’ve got some cannabis flowers handy. Grab a few grams from your stash — two to four works for our purposes.

Now fetch a flat iron from the bathroom. I know there’s a roughly 50/50 chance you don’t know what a flat iron is, but if you live with someone who has long hair there’s also a roughly 50/50 chance that you’ll find one in the bathroom.

OK, it’s like a pair of barbecue tongs with electric heating plates that touch each other when you squeeze the handles. It’ll have a power cord and (hopefully) a temperature dial on it… did you find it? Now all we need is parchment paper (NOT wax paper) or a “dab mat,” previously known as a silicone baking mat and still sold as such for half the price of the “heady” ones.

Now take a medium-sized bud and either fold it into an envelope of parchment paper or wrap it inside a silicone mat. Take the resulting bundle and press it hard between the heating plates of the flat iron.

You’ll need to find the ideal temperature for the strain you’re using, but for me it was right around 250° F. A higher temperature can coax out a slightly higher yield, but it can also compromise the consistency and flavor of the final product. As a general rule, the lower the pressing temp, the more stable the final product will be.

In terms of pressure, apply as much as you possibly can without breaking the iron. I had great success pressing the iron into the floor with my knee… then I broke the iron. Experiment and find what works for you.

Once you’ve pressed long enough (some say three seconds, some say until you hear a sizzle) it’s the moment of truth. Peeling the paper or mat back the first time combines the anticipation of unwrapping a gift with the anxiety of waiting on test scores, but if you got it right you’ll know right away because you’ll see a golden halo of rosin around your now flattened bud.

Gather up all the rosin with a tool and fire up your dab rig, because the clock just struck 7:10.

Hash Rosin

If you do have access to some bubble hash, you can use more or less the same method to press that into rosin as well. Only you’ll want to reduce the temperature substantially. Most of the professional hash makers I’ve spoken with agree that between 160° and 180° F is where high-quality hash should turn into rosin. If your starting material isn’t that great, it might require a bit more, but don’t expect magical results. As in all cannabis extraction, what you get out is largely dictated by what you put in.

Or as Evan X. from High Noon Extracts once told me, “You can’t turn chicken shit into chicken salad.”

You also don’t have to press rosin to dab bubble hash, you can just press the hash lightly, so the “loose” hash becomes a cuttable, pickable, dabbable patty of gum. You can achieve the same effect by rubbing loose hash against itself in the palm of your hand. But however you do it, the idea is to heat up the hash just enough to make it malleable and then finesse it into a glob.

Dabbing pressed bubble provides a unique sensory experience that amplifies the flavors and effects of full spectrum hash, giving you the immediacy of a dab and the deep complexity of a classic hash high. If your hash is already full melt, this is all you really need to do with it.

And if you do have some tasty hash that needs a boost in potency and melt – or you just want an experience similar to dabbing shatter without concerning yourself with residual solvents – pressing it into rosin could be just what’s called for.

Rosin pressed from a bud of Julio’s Dog by Hashbury Extracts.

No matter which starting material you chose, remember that it all boils down to heat and pressure. I’ve seen rosin made with a pneumatic press that exerts enough pressure to crush bones, but you don’t need to get even close to that. T-shirt presses, coffee mug presses – anything that combines heat and pressure has the potential for creating rosin.

And a final word of caution: make sure you know what’s in your cannabis. This is important even if you don’t plan to make rosin, but especially if you do. When you squeeze the cannabinoids out of flowers you also squeeze out any residual water, which can contain pesticides, chemical nutrients and other potentially harmful remnants of the cultivation process. Like the desirable THC, these elements will also be concentrated in the final product, so clean starting material is a must. Only press flowers from trusted suppliers. 

Originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now as Rosin Up Your Rig.

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Dabbing 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Concentrates

A dab is always a cannabis concentrate – a form of marijuana that has been processed so that much of the plant material has been removed, leaving a substance that will be more potent because it’s now concentrated.

Products made with water, ice, shaking or any combination of methods that don’t involve additional chemicals are considered “non-solvent” or “solventless” and if the quality and technique is right, these can be quite dabbable. Most often, dabs refer to Butane Hash Oil (Butane Honey Oil or BHO) which is made by using butane as a solvent to strip the plant material. The butane/hash mixture is then processed to purge away the butane, leaving a dabbable concentrate. Extractors also use things like CO2 and propane to make concentrated cannabis. With so many different methods,  it’s important to inquire about how the dab was made, as one experience can be completely different from the next!

There are all sorts of devices that people utilize to dab but in essence it’s just fancy hot-knifing – an old technique used to smoke hash by pressing it between two hot knives and inhaling. These days, equipment is much more sophisticated than knives heated over a stove. Glass pipes known as “rigs” are made specifically for consuming hash oil. Rigs have a “nail” – a titanium, glass, quartz or ceramic surface that’s heated with a blowtorch or electric heating device to a temperature that vaporizes the hash upon contact.

It’s important to use discretion with dabbing. Depending on methods and materials, each dab is a unique combination of factors. Just like with different strains of flowers, quality varies. For example, there’s high quality artisan oil made from the flowers of the plant as well as more mass-produced oil made from trim or the entire plant. There are small batches being made at home with PVC pipe and cans of butane and there are batches being processed through industrial closed-loop systems made specifically for this process.

As with many aspects of cannabis usage, there have not been many studies done on the effect of dabs, but since there is an extra solvent in the equation it would make sense to be extra careful about what you’re using. Ideal BHO won’t be green or soupy-goopy and it definitely shouldn’t spark or crackle when it hits the nail. That would be a sign of moisture and there shouldn’t be any in a product that requires such attention to detail. Always start off with a small sample and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Dabbing 101 Basics

Find a comfortable spot and sit down. In rare cases, dabs can cause fainting – especially in inexperienced users. While cannabis isn’t dangerous, falling down can be. Until you know how concentrates affect you, it’s better to be safe and comfy.

Start small! Cannabis concentrates are strong and a good starter size is about the head of a pin. Even if you smoke flowers daily, dabs will take you to a whole new level very fast! Start small – you can always take a second dab if you want.

Because dabs are highly concentrated, it’s unnecessary to hold your breath to maximize the hit like you might with traditional pot smoke.

Dab cough is real and nothing to be ashamed of – especially with higher temperatures and bigger dabs. The cough is a normal part of dabbing. When the dab expands in your lungs it can be irritating but it can be eased by taking a small inhale of fresh air before inhaling the dab. Dabs will also be smoother if the nail is allowed to cool slightly before puffing. Dabs taken off of a red-hot nail are less flavorful and harsher to inhale.

Dabs can be quite intense and, like all cannabis, they affect each user differently. Variables can include anything from how much sleep you got last night to what you ate prior to toking. If you find yourself uncomfortably stoned have a sugary drink, which will lessen the high.

Dab Vocab

710: Slang for OIL (710 upside down).

Errl: Slang for any type of hash oil.

Wax: Named for its earwax like consistency, wax is a form of BHO that is golden, crumbly and not sticky.

Shatter: A form of BHO that is transparent and hard, that literally shatters when broken or snapped.

Budder: Opaque, crumbly oil.

Non-Solvent: Hash that has been made without the use of solvents. Sometimes this hash is dabbable, especially if using rosin tech.

Rosin Tech: The process of making dabbable hash oil by adding only heat and pressure to solventless hash or marijuana flowers.

Slab: A large quantity of hash oil in one large piece.

Flowers: A term used for distinguishing traditional plant material from concentrates.

Pre-run: A term for marijuana flowers, implying that they have not yet been turned into hash oil and are therefore less desirable.

Live Resin: Hash oil that has been made from fresh-frozen plant material, rather than cured and dried plant material.

Nug Run: Hash oil that has been made with only the flowers of the marijuana plant, rather than the trim or the full plant.

Blasting: The process of running solvent through plant material to create hash oil.

E-Nail: A device that heats and controls the temperature of the nail so that no blowtorch is needed and the nail does not have to be reheated between each dab.

Reclaim: The resin left behind in a rig. Unlike resin from bowls and bongs, reclaim doesn’t smell awful and is actually quite potent.

DTFO: Stands for Dabbed The F*** Out, used to describe someone who is falling asleep or similarly unable to handle the dabs they took.

Baby Dab: A small dab, a good idea for those who have never tried it or rarely do.

Ninja Dab: When someone sneaks in a dab on top of the one being taken, forcing the dabber to do the double dab.

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The Best E-Rig: Why You Should Ditch Your Torch

Cannabis concentrates have been around since the 1940s, though the concept of “dabbing” didn’t arise until the early 2000s. Since then, the popularity of dabbing has skyrocketed as people have been exploring different ways to consume their favorite oils.

While dabbing originally started with a torch, advancements in technology have led to the creation of vaporizers and electric dab rigs – also known as E-Rigs. This newer method of consumption has come to the forefront of the cannabis industry, boasting a plethora of benefits that beat out the traditional dabbing experience with a torch.

With several frontrunners fighting for first place among consumers, competing in an ever-changing industry means constant innovation. One of the best electric dab rigs that not only stands out among the competition, but will also make you retire your torch altogether, is Dr. Dabber’s newest portable vaporizer–the Boost EVO. Before we explore the ins and outs of Dr. Dabber’s latest tech, let’s address some of the justifiable concerns revolving around dab torches and why we think they’re now obsolete.

Disadvantages of Using a Torch

Beware of the Burn

So, you’ve burned yourself with a torch. You may even have scars to prove it. It’s a tale as old as time. warns, “using a torch requires all of the attention that you have available, especially as it’s an integral part of the dabbing process, as the nail must be heated up to a certain temperature.” The last thing we want to worry about when getting stoned is devoting all of our attention to a potentially dangerous, open flame.

Negative Stigma

In an industry like Cannabis, there’s naturally a negative stigma surrounding marijuana. Despite the progress made in recent years, we still have a long way to go before we can give this plant the recognition it deserves. As cannabis workers, consumers and educators work to destigmatize what’s been engrained in people’s brains for such a long time, many feel the torch and banger combo only reinforces these negative opinions, comparing the setup to that which resembles something used for harder substances.

Time-Consuming Process

Compared to the modern option of an E-Rig that heats to target temperature in a matter of seconds, the traditional torch method in comparison, can be extremely time consuming, tedious and stressful. Not only do you have to wait while torching your glass, but you then have to wait for the glass to cool down enough before you can take a dab. Aside from time, there’s no way to gauge the exact temperature, which leads to a bit of a guessing game. Pair those two issues with needing to find the exact place to drop your material. All in all, there are far too many factors at play that can lead to a lackluster dabbing experience. And when you’ve paid for a high-quality wax, it’s a shame to waste it.

Costs You $$$

Just like you would replace propane tanks for your grill, you have to regularly replace butane for your torch. After a while, these replacements start to add up and can get costly. Not to mention, if you run out of butane mid-sesh, it can ruin your whole day. When you upgrade to a battery-powered rig, you never have to worry about running out of butane. If your E-Rig ever dies, just put it on the charger for a little. Some electric dab rigs even offer pass-through charging, like the Boost EVO (more on that later).

Accessibility Issues

Torches aren’t really an option for users with disabilities like cerebral palsy and arthritis. Torches can cause issues ranging anywhere from minor irritating complications to being completely inaccessible for some users. And the harder a torch is to operate, the more dangerous it can become for a disabled user.

It’s no surprise that the banger and torch setup isn’t as popular as it used to be, especially with new portable electric dab rig products like the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO hitting the market on a regular basis. This compact device boasts a wide variety of impressive features that make it completely unique from a glass banger and also set it apart from other E-Rigs we’ve seen on the market.  We’re particularly excited about the stealth mode, 20 or 40 second hold time, and auto shutoff feature.

Boost EVO

Man using Boost Evo

Released in late 2020, Boost EVO is quickly making waves in the industry, gaining recognition from popular tech publications like Geekspin to well-respected cannabis publications like Weedmaps. With so much recent attention surrounding the Boost EVO, we had to know what all the hype was about.

“Powerful dabbing with minimal fuss.”– Geekspin

“If dabbing is something you want to–or already include–in your regular cannabis routine, this sleek hassle-free rig could easily be your go-to device.”–Weedmaps

“A small device packed with big personality.”– Medium

While you can check out the full suite of Boost EVO features on Dr. Dabber’s website, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites. These features stand out to us due to the sheer ingenuity behind their design and because we feel they solve many issues people commonly find in vaporizers.

No Carb Cap, No Problem

Boost Evo Airflow Release

Carb caps can be great, but they also pose a variety of issues. How many times have you dropped and broken yours? Or have you ever lost a carb cap? Besides, nobody likes having to scrub off built-up residue. It’s tedious, time consuming, and takes away from what we really want to be doing. These dabbing accessories can also be pricey and are often an add-on that you have to buy separately.

Here’s where the Boost EVO comes in: Dr. Dabber’s latest release has an incredibly unique design, featuring an airflow release button that essentially replaces a carb cap altogether. As you draw from the Boost EVO, vapor starts to accumulate in the glass attachment as you feel resistance. When you’re ready, a simple press of the airflow release button does the trick, releasing all vapor and providing much lower resistance. Whether you’re more accustomed to a traditional glass banger or an E-Rig that’s been on the market for a while (like the Dr. Dabber SWITCH or Puffco Peak), it’s hard to deny the ingenuity and efficacy behind the Boost EVO’s airflow release button.

An Atomizer That’s Built to Last

Most people have a love/hate relationship with their atomizers – we get it. Some devices require expensive atomizers that need replacing far too often. It’s clear Dr. Dabber didn’t cut any corners in the development of Boost EVO, but their attention to detail really shows in Boost EVO’s Quartz Atomizer. Instead of the “monthly” atomizers that you find on many products, Dr. Dabber says that you can expect Boost EVO’s Quartz Atomizer to last up to a year, even with heavy usage.

Boost EVO’s Quartz Atomizer is truly revolutionary in the cannabis industry. It’s a fully built component that includes an IntelliTEMP heating element (more on this below), a quartz vaporizing chamber, and a stainless-steel body. The heating element and the internals of the atomizer are completely closed off from your oils and the vapor path to prevent any residue build up.

Dr. Dabber calls it “IntelliTEMP” heating, meaning “intelligent temperature.” But what makes this heating element so intelligent? Boost EVO’s heating element includes a built-in, patent-pending temperature sensor that sends feedback on the atomizer’s temperature in real-time to the unit to deliver an accurate, repeatable vapor experience every single time. The Quartz Atomizer also features Dr. Dabber’s signature Snaptech magnetic fitments – another awesome design feature. In fact, the Boost EVO is entirely magnetic, with both the aforementioned atomizer and the QC adapter benefitting from Snaptech. No more threading or twisting during insertion or removal – just “snap” it into place. Most importantly, Boost EVO’s temperature sensor leads to an overall more consistent vaporizing experience and better flavor.

Pass Through USB-C Charging

As mentioned previously, a rechargeable battery-powered rig solves the issues that butane poses. But, nowadays, being battery-powered isn’t enough. Nobody wants to wait around until their E-Rig charges enough to take a dab, which is why Dr. Dabber designed their newest vaporizer with pass-through charging. This means you can literally use your device while it’s plugged into the charger. The Boost EVO also features the more powerful USB-C charging option, which means faster charging times. A true game-changer among modern vaporizers.

Quality You Can Trust

Utilizing a quartz-to-glass vapor pathway yields a variety of significant benefits. All materials used to make Dr. Dabber’s latest E-Rig that come in contact with vapor or concentrates are food or medical grade.  The Boost EVO passes our safety standards, but that’s not all. A quartz-to-glass vapor pathway actually improves the dabbing experience. You can expect to taste your terpenes better, leading to improved and preserved flavor for the best E-Rig experience you’ll ever enjoy.

Heat Settings Designed by Dabbers, for Dabbers

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO features six temperature settings, ranging from 500-750° F, with each temperature setting increasing in increments of 50 degrees. Boost EVO’s temperature range can easily appeal to a variety of dabbers, including both newcomers and connoisseurs. Dr. Dabber’s expert team specifically calibrated these heat settings based on feedback from tens of thousands of previous Boost consumers.

Whether it’s a torch you use or an E-Rig, there’s no right or wrong way to take a dab. But we do think an E-Rig like the Boost EVO is one of the easiest, safest, most efficient ways to consume concentrate. Dr. Dabber is known for constant innovation and revolutionary technology in the cannabis industry, and Boost EVO is no exception. This new E-Rig solves many of the issues we see among the traditional torching method and among other vaporizers on the market. We can confidently say Boost EVO is worth the hype.

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Everything you need to know about the KandyPens Oura Atomizer

Launched in July 2019, the KandyPens Oura has become a favorite among the e-rig community and has received various awards. The first thing that catches the eye is the design — it’s slightly futuristic and whimsical while remaining sophisticated and easy to use. One of the key features of the Oura is a lifetime warranty on all parts, making it a safe investment for dabbing newcomers. Dabbing veterans will appreciate the sky-high temperature range, and features like the exclusive colors and portability make it a well-rounded and user-friendly device.  

With this product, electronic dab rigs are taken to new stylish heights while prioritizing customer comfort all at once. Here’s everything you need to know about the KandyPens Oura.

What is the KandyPens Oura?

The KandyPens Oura is an easy-to-use electronic dab rig. It comes with all of the parts and pieces needed to be functional right away and comes packed in a compact and secure box. One noticeable difference from some of the other e-rigs available at similar price points is that items like the ceramic cup inserts and the glass carb cap are included, rather than being offered as extras. 

Here is a complete list of what’s included in the Oura package:

  • Electronic base
  • Charging cable & USB-C charging adaptor 
  • Glass bubbler top
  • Quick start instruction guide 
  • Atomizer
  • Crystal and ceramic cup inserts
  • Carb cap and tether 
  • Sample of alcohol filled cotton swabs for cleaning 
  • Accessory bag 

How does it work?

The operations are straightforward and simple. Set up is easy, with the parts fitting together intuitively — only a bit of attention needs to be given to matching up the intake hold of the bubbler top to the out-flow hole of the base. The atomizer screws into the base, adding an extra layer of stability.

The main operations are done through the touch sensor button, which is unique; where most other e-rigs have press-in buttons, the main button for the Oura is a touch-sensor, so no need to press, just light tapping it is enough to activate. Tapping five times turns the unit on and off, tapping three times changes the temperature pre-set, and tapping twice activates the heat cycle. It takes about ten seconds to heat up and stays hot for around one minute. 

The KandyPens Oura comes with four temperature presets and they are notably higher than many other e-rig presets or temperature ranges. Each preset is color-coordinated, and the light ring on the base illuminates with the color to indicate which temperature is activated. 

Temperatures settings:

  • Yellow: 620°F
  • Green: 860°F
  • Red: 980°F
  • Blue: 1090°F

Charging is simple and fast, it takes about one hour to fully charge with the cable and power adapter, which can also be plugged in while the unit is in use for uninterrupted dabbing. 

Vape in style

It’s always nice when a go-to device looks good on the shelf or coffee table. The Oura looks and feels like a device from the future in the best possible way. Customers can choose from a range of nine colors: black, smoky white, lavender, turquoise, salmon pink, lime green, “kandy” apple red, and an iridescent rainbow hue called the “Oura Odyssey.” 

The glass attachment has bubble-like curves and is just the right size to be a cute but powerful accessory, and there’s also a sleeve available for the base, which is non-slip in a smooth matte finish. The matching toggle for the glass carb cap lends a high-quality feel to the functional design. 

How to clean the Oura

Cleaning the insert cups after each session is recommended, otherwise, it can quickly accumulate into a sticky mess. 

The best way to clean the Oura is to let it heat up on the highest temperature setting for one cycle, and then let it cool down enough to handle safely. Then, using a cotton swab and alcohol, clean out any residue from the insert cup. If there is a sticky buildup, you can remove the insert and soak it in alcohol for an hour and then spot clean any residue. 

Pro tip: don’t overfill the chamber, it can spill out of the insert cup and create a sticky residue on the atomizer, which will then have to be soaked in alcohol and cleaned separately. 

Is the KandyPens Oura vaporizer worth it? 

The KandyPens Oura offers sky-high temperature settings for dabbing and is an eye candy specialty piece fit for front and center display — the style doesn’t compromise function. And a lifetime warranty on all pieces is a huge deal, ensuring that this e-rig is built to last for the long haul. Because of the high temperatures it offers, it’s ideally suited to those that are looking for power and extraction from their dabs, rather than low-temp flavor chasers. It can be a little harsh, but for those who want to vape at those temperatures, the Oura offers some of the highest temperatures available. 

The company has a good reputation with consumers and is also committed to supporting the industry from within. KandyPens was proud to donate to The Last Prisoner Project last summer. 

At $300 the price tag is not the lowest or the highest on the market when compared to similar devices, but with the warranty, it’s a modest price for a stylish and functional device that is designed to last a lifetime. 

Find the KandyPens Oura at

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