Swami Chaitanya’s Birthday Party Showed Us How Dank Turning 80 Can Be

This past weekend, farmers, family, and friends came together to celebrate the birthday of one of NorCal’s most important cannabis visionaries. 

“I still remember that first day we met at Area 101,” Swami says to me as I give him a big birthday hug. I’ve just arrived at Sonoma Hills Farm outside of Petaluma, California for his 80th birthday party and the mood is buzzing on many levels. 

For those unacquainted with Swami Chaitanya, he was born William Winans in New Jersey in the early 1940s. He initially pursued academic life on the east coast but was called to San Francisco during the Summer of Love in 1967. From early experiences growing weed on Telegraph Hill to later spiritual awakenings that inspired him to live in South America, Europe, and India, his intellectual background and varied life experiences come together in a perspective on life and an approach to cannabis cultivation that is unlike any you will ever encounter. 

Noah Rubin/Weedmaps
Swami celebrating his 80th birthday surrounded by friends

Swami’s recollection of our meeting years ago at Area 101 immediately puts me in nostalgia mode. I, too, remember the first time we met… It was a rainy February day in Northern California and I had hopped in my car to meet an elite group of trailblazing growers, hash makers, and entrepreneurs in the Emerald Triangle. I drove up the 101 from San Francisco and made my way north through Petaluma, Santa Rosa, and Cloverdale — I figured I must be getting close to the meet up spot (an uninformed assumption by me, a recently relocated East Coast transplant). 

As I continued my drive, I noticed the trees getting thicker and the twists and turns of the road getting more intense. My car leaned out around every corner as I tried to hug the mountainside and maintain highway speed while pickup trucks whizzed past me with uncanny ease. To my left, alongside the highway, I saw the Russian River teeming with newly fallen rain water. Would the water breach the riverbanks, flood the road, and mess up my plans for the day? A glance over at my GPS shook me out of imagining this nightmare scenario. I still had almost two more hours to drive…

When I finally arrived at Area 101, I was met with smiling faces, clouds of smoke, and an unexpected family style feast. For some background, Area 101 is an infamous cultural hub known for not only hosting the early iterations of the Emerald Cup, but also countless musical happenings and events that bring the local community out of their remote hillside cannabis farms for a bit of fun. 

That day marked my first time meeting Tim Blake, founder of the Emerald Cup, and his daughter, Taylor, alongside hash-making pioneer Frenchy Cannoli and boutique genetics master Leo Stone from Aficionado Estates, among others. But no relationship born that day has been stronger, closer, or more heartfelt than the one I am blessed to share with Swami and Nikki.  All it takes is one overnight stay at Turtle Creek, the sprawling ranch in the Mendocino forest where they run their artisanal cannabis brand, Swami Select, to know you are in the presence of something truly special. So when I received the gracious invite to celebrate Swami on his 80th birthday, it was an invitation I could not refuse. 

Noah Rubin/Weedmaps
Swami and his partner Nikki Lastreto

Much like that first encounter at Area 101 years ago, Swami’s birthday was full of good food, great smoke, and countless cannabis legends. Conversations bounced from topic to topic, but always contained shared stories of how we came to know Swami. From pioneering Burning Man founders to OG Grateful Dead scenesters, to newer friends that Swami and Nikki have welcomed into their world over the last couple of decades in the weed business, everyone had something unique and compelling to share about their connection to the pair. 

I took a beat to enjoy the farm’s surroundings: long grass blowing in the wind, dozens of cows spotting the hillside, and farm-covered lush green land as far as the eye could see. Just as my mind began to wander, Nikki bounded up to me with a smile on her face. “Noah, it’s so nice that you’re here,” she said, giving me a signature Nikki embrace. We caught up for a bit and she gave me the rundown on the plans for the day. 

Then, seemingly out of nowhere an extra special glistening pink Pez candy appeared. I gladly chewed it down with abandon. I watched as Nikki waltzed around the party shaking hands, giving hugs, sharing laughs and making sure everyone was having a great time. 

Nikki’s effusive energy was mirrored by the crowd of assembled guests who were enjoying themselves in and around the old barn on the farm grounds that had been converted into a vintage-vibey event space. In the side room of the barn was a bar and small lounge area with old, comfy chairs. This nook became the de facto rolling station and hang spot where Swami was perched, rolling up some of his signature fatties. Of course, he was not alone. Getting enough joints rolled for this crew of smokers was a task that required a few sets of hands. The joints on deck for the party were all filled up with some classic “Mendo Blendo” – a light-hearted term used to describe a mix of fresh strains pulled from everyone’s personal stash then blended and ground together for a more nuanced smoke. Swami’s birthday blend consisted of Raspberry Parfait, Sphinx OG, Magic Melon, and Orange Turbo.

swarmiNoah Rubin/Weedmaps
Everyone loves smoking some Swami

“Did you look behind that curtain?” Swami asked me as he tamped his weed into the robust joint he held in his hands. Across the room, I saw dark fabric covering the back wall, and I slowly drew aside the soft, velvety curtain to reveal a small window rising up from the floor to just below my knee. Through this glass portal came a glowing amber-red light. “That’s Samson the Tortoise’s room,” Swami said with a grin, busy putting the finishing touches on his joint. I bent down to see for myself, and sure enough, behind the glass was a huge, elderly tortoise enjoying an afternoon nap under a heat lamp in custom made, tortoise-friendly living quarters attached to the back of the barn.

I contemplated my new tortoise friend for a moment, but my attention was soon grabbed by a quick whiff of what I had come here to enjoy: a Swami joint, rolled by the man himself. 

Heading back to the rustic chairs and couches that surrounded the rolling station/coffee table I sat down and waited patiently for a puff. But just as the joint was handed to me, Nikki came in with an announcement that grabbed the attention of everyone in our cipher. “Time to smoke Frenchy’s hookah,” she said. 

swarmiNoah Rubin/Weedmaps
Sacred hits from Frenchy Cannoli’s hookah

With those words, the back room cleared out as everyone made their way at a stoner’s pace to the other side of the barn where Frenchy’s high tech hookah was set up for all to enjoy. I finally took a drag on the joint as I strolled through the barn beside Swami, enjoying its fresh, smoky flavor. From his white robe, he pulled out a small green plastic container where he revealed a sticky lump of dark brown hash that looked good enough to eat. “It’s some of Frenchy’s old headstash,” Swami explained with a smile. He approached the hookah and loaded it up with a huge mound of Frenchy’s finest. 

The hookah’s hoses spread out like octopus tentacles as guests cued up, jockeying for the chance at an early hit. Swami is an iconic joint roller, but he’s also an expert at summoning the sacred. After quieting the crowd, he asked that everyone close their eyes in a moment of reflection for Frenchy, who passed away in July of 2019. Frenchy’s mastery of hash and continued influence on the best hash makers of today speaks volumes to the elevated precision of his craft. After all, his production methods were refined over years of living around the world in places like Nepal, Pakistan, Morocco, Thailand, and India – a life path that in some ways mirrors Swami’s own.

With our heads bowed, Swami completed his remarks and invited everyone, in rotation, to enjoy a puff. The hookah sat in the middle of the table, part centerpiece, part radiating shrine to the spirit of Frenchy and his magic. It was “womanned” by Madame Kimberly Hooks Cannoli and Frenchy’s protegé Lena Burns who both made sure that every toke was up to Frenchy’s standard. Witnessing Swami lead us in this hash-inspired prayer, surrounded by cannabis legends smoking from Frenchy’s hookah, was a moment for the record books. A piece of history never before experienced and never to be repeated in the same way again. 

swarmiNoah Rubin/Weedmaps
Ganja Ma brought the good party vibes

Thank you Swami for your friendship, kindness, intelligence, and generosity. Your 80 years on earth have made it a better place and I am honored to be part of the vibrant world you and Nikki have built over the years. Kudos to you, and as always, thanks for coming through with the super dank weed.

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Best 14 TV shows to watch high

The scene is set: your weed is rolled or packed, cushions are fluffed, your plateful of snacks is piled high and ready to be indulged — all you need now is something to watch.

Do you spend a half hour or more cruising down multiple streaming service rabbit holes or do you opt for broadcast television? Do you spiral into your YouTube suggestions or finish the video podcast you started last week? Either way, it sounds like a lot of work before you get to relax into your sesh.

We’ve been there too, which is why we rounded up not only our own favorite shows to watch while high, but those of our respective stoner squads as well.

From deep-cut sitcoms to unproblematic classics, to newer, buzzier watches, there’s almost certainly something on this list for all y’all. Plus, we went the extra mile and rounded up some of our favorite deep-stone cultivars we love specifically for spacing out and binge watching.


Party Down

For anyone with food service experience, this is the holy grail of job site sitcoms. An ensemble cast with obvious histories in catering and odd-jobs, Party Down nails it to the most niche detail.

Watchers can drop in on any episode without missing out on larger story arcs, and since there’s an LOL moment every few minutes, it’s a perfect choice for Hollywood and/or food industry insider types, as well as stoners and comedy aficionados with about 25 minutes to kill.

Strain suggestion: 33 Bananas

This cross of OG Kush and Bananas reportedly delivers a super-stoney high that’s lightly sedative in the body, mildly euphoric in the head, and powerfully munchie on the downswing. Expect a piney perfume and lemon exhale.

I Think You Should Leave

Tim Robinson is a former SNL writer whose rogue series on Netflix features many sketches deemed too wild for Saturday Night audiences. The episodes are a very bingable 15-ish minutes long and contain 3 or 4 sometimes raunchy, sometimes absurd, always ridiculous skits.

Bonus: guest stars like Bob Odenkirk, Patti Harrison, and Sam Richardson make timelessly viral appearances that are extremely re-watchable.

Strain suggestion: 9lb Hammer

These jokes hit especially well for the stoned to the absolute bone, and 9lb Hammer is a dependably tranquilizing cultivar that delivers a reportedly silly-sweet euphoric head high. Expect a funky nose and earthy exhale.

High Maintenance

This sleeper HBO series follows a fixed gear bike riding pot dealer as he makes deliveries to a wildly diverse client list in New York City. The series plays out in vignettes that typically focus on sordid-lives-style of NYC cannabis consumers, with the dealer acting as a ribbon that braids each of their stories together.

It’s an easy series to drop into, with most episodes being completely self contained. Tune in for the deep-cut, stoner-only laughs, stay for the superb writing and charismatic backdrop of a pre-rec, pre-pandemic New York City.

Strain suggestion: Acapulco Gold

This cultivar has a reputation for delivering happy, peppy highs, so consider it a watch-party smoke that’s sociable, giggly, and reportedly spacey enough to enhance your overall viewing experience. Expect a funky nose and a dank, botanical exhale.

The IT Crowd

For fans of low stakes workplace comedies, this fan favorite BBC series is a must watch. It’s made from mostly bottle episodes that take place in the IT department (ie basement) of a nebulous fortune 500 style mega-corp. And in case you need a couple of TV trivia points, this is the series that broke the careers of both Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade.

Strain suggestion: Afghani

This landrace strain reportedly delivers complex, deeply stoney highs that are blissful in both the head and body. Expect a sweet, funky, earthy perfume and commensurate exhale.


In 2023, we’re still using the catch phrases that originated on this 90s-era sitcom. Developed by Martin Lawrence, Martin ran from 1992 to 1997, essentially preserving a prime slice of 90s culture.

Phrases like “Damn, Gina”, “You so crazy”, and “You go girl”, are etched into the American consciousness because of Martin; furthermore, he plays excellently in drag. Revisit this program next time you want to feel your peak-of-civilization 90s fantasy.

Strain suggestion: Zaza

This cross of Scott’s OG and Gas Station Bob is the heady relaxer we can imagine Martin and Gina smoking together, reportedly delivering a heartwarming euphoria in the head and a cashmere soft body buzz. Expect a sour, gassy aroma and a lemon-pine exhale.

The Golden Girls

If it’s been a while since you contemplated the enduring popularity of Betty White, Rue McClanahan, Bea Arthur, and Estelle Getty, now might be the time to reconnect with the ladies on the lanai. Well, after blowing an enormous smoke cloud, of course.

For its time, The Golden Girls was cutting edge. It dealt with all manner of taboo topics, and well past its seven season run, remains the gold standard for ensemble comedies.

Strain suggestion: Velvet Glove

Bred from a cross of GMO and Nookies, Velvet Glove reportedly delivers a warm, comfortably sedative body high and an airy, mellow head high — perfect for chilling on the lanai. Expect a funky fruit nose and a sweet earthy exhale.

Doctor Who

Cannaisseurs with a penchant for sci-fi already know how committed one can become to The Doctor, but curious stoners dipping their toes into science fiction should be warned: you may quickly be sucked in. And before you know it, you’re a time lord traveling the cosmos in a British police box and comparing anything that belies a spacious interior to a TARDIS.

Even those who don’t self identify as sci-fi nerds can get onboard with this long running, mind bending series made all the more fantastic when viewed hella stoned.

Strain suggestion: Timewreck

Get ready to cheer for your favorite Doctor. Timewreck reportedly delivers an enthusiastic high for an energetic watch party. Expect a skunky, lemon perfume and a dank, woody exhale.

Think Pieces


For stoners who want a bit more of a puzzle than a carnival, Netflix’s You is a compelling soap opera centered around a unrelentingly romantic sociopathic murderer whose sometimes cornball narration is the stuff memes are made of. Content warning: this series is violent, with women often on the receiving end. Though, if you can stomach the horror, the main character’s comeuppance in season two is a payoff.

Essentially, this is a great hate watch for anyone who’s ever been on the receiving end of an entitled, inauthentic, human catastrophe’s attentions — or anyone else who enjoys getting wrapped up in psychological thrillers when extremely stoned

Strain suggestion: The Gift

This therapeutic cultivar is a low THC, high CBD phenotype of Ringo’s Gift excellent for low-tolerance smokers or the canna-curious. Consumers report uplifting, blissful head highs and effervescent body effects. Expect a sweet, minty aroma and exhale.

Lodge 49

This esoteric, slightly dramatic, mostly surreal comedy is a fever-dreamy “fable” about a sad sack stoner’s entanglement with his local fraternal lodge and the eerie secrets beyond Lodge 49s threshold. It’s equal parts goofy, bittersweet, and California beach-weird; which, if you’re not familiar, is a specific flavor of weird uniquely satisfying to cannabis consumers the world over. Plus, even the more complex story arcs are space-cadet friendly, so smoke away.

Strain suggestion: Sweet Tooth

This balanced cross of Afghani Indica and Hawaiian Sativa reportedly delivers a mellow, long lasting, creative high. Expect a botanical perfume and a candy-sweet exhale.

Reality Bites

The Great British Bake Off

If soothing vibes are your cuppa tea, there are few scenarios more satisfying and cozy than this amateur home baker’s amicable competition for a big crystal dish and bragging rights.

Without a gargantuan cash prize to galvanize the competitors, the energy stays super genial, supportive, and — lucky for us viewers — instructive. Case-and-point: once, during an epic dab/Netflix binge, a mid-season episode taught me both how to make choux pastry and how to calm a manic British Grandma (a deep breath and a cup of tea).

Strain suggestion: Royal Cookies

Too on the nose? This rare GSC phenotype’s reported effects include a deep body stone and a refreshing, blissful head high. Expect an herbal nose and a sweet, nutty exhale.

RuPauls Drag Race

Any TV viewer who appreciates top-tier art and performance — from comedy to acting to dancing to creating show-stopping runway looks — should be engaging with this technicolor, life affirming, gender-euphoric reality program. The show even introduced a cis, male, straight drag queen on one recent season, and a lesbian drag king on another, shaping the conversation on masculinity, femininity, and gender expression in ways never before seen on primetime TV. Honestly, Survivor could never.

Strain suggestion: Purple Panty Dropper

Also known as PPD, this three-way cross of Purple HazeOregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist is allegedly damn sexy, so prepare for big aphrodisiac energy from both the Drag and the weed. Expect a funky fruit aroma and grassy, berry exhale.

Ink Master

Not unlike the the Drag Race universe, Ink Master is replete with a wide variety of amazing artists at the top of their game, and even viewers with nary a drop of subdermal ink can appreciate the skill, talent, and commitment of many of these artists.

And of course, the contestants produce thrilling behind the scenes drama, made all the more thrilling by the sheer number of neck, head, and face tattoos many of them sport.

Strain suggestion: Sour Tsunami

Often bred as a therapeutic strain, this gently euphoric cross of Sour and NY Diesel can frequently be found as a 1:1 THC:CBD hybrid with a 10% cannabinoid average. Expect a gassy perfume and a funky lemon exhale.


Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Stoners in the mood for some lightweight spookery might enjoy this anthology series produced, and in a few cases co-written, by genre master Guillermo Del Toro. Watchers can go in for a penny or a pound, with the episodes lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. Prepare for jump scares lest you scatter your snacks, fumble your bong, or choke on your hit.

Strain suggestion: Kryptonite

Kryptonite is a hard hitting, long lasting, deeply relaxing cultivar that reportedly unfolds into a romantic, euphoric head high. Expect a pungent skunk in the nose and a sweet exhale.


For twee smokers who’d rather get lost in a magical animated wonderland than deal with anything resembling realism, Kiff is an adorably easy-to-watch all-ages cartoon featuring Kiff the squirrel and Barry the bunny on chaotic adventures in their magical mountain town.

For fans of Adventure Time, this is an even breezier series that could be a great background watch for stoned crafting or sketchbooking.

Strain suggestion: Herijuana

Consumers report cushiony-soft body highs and blissed out head effects making for an altogether dreamy experience. Expect an earthy-sweet aroma and a grassy exhale.

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The 8 best Diesel strains

If your local dispensaries are like mine, they probably stock some variation of Diesel: Sour Diesel, NY Sour Diesel, East Coast Diesel, East Coast Sour Diesel … you understand. There’s a lot of Diesel on these shelves. So much so that even if you’re an aficionado of the strain, you may not be able to keep up with its many crosses and phenotypes — especially considering the strain’s rambling, repetitive naming conventions.

What’s the difference between them? Here, genetics take a backseat, and stoner lore takes precedence.

The origin of Diesel strains

The origin story of Diesel places it at a Grateful Dead concert where two cannabis breeders named Chemdog and Joe had a peanut butter-meets-chocolate moment of smoking and reacting to each other’s buds. From there, the original buds were bred again, creating Diesel, slang for god-tier bud. Then it was cross-pollinated to Sour Diesel, and again to NYC Sour Diesel, and so on.

It’s supposedly dubbed “sour” — not for its aromatic contributions, but because only “sour” people smoked it, depending on who you ask. Whatever you call it, DieselSour Diesel, and NYC Diesel are all prolifically peppy parents and are featured in the genetics of many contemporary, uplifting strains.

Below, we dive into the effects spectrum of eight Diesel crosses, curating a few favorites for both established Diesel fans and new consumers.

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Detroit Diesel

Also known as Dieselrella, this cross of NYC Diesel and Cinderella 99 reportedly delivers a potent euphoria in both the head and body. Consumers describe high-flying cerebral effects and peppy body buzzes that work well for events that socializing. Therapeutic consumers report potential relief from depression, migraines, and stress.

Expect a gassy, sour nose and a lemony-diesel exhale.

Diesel Berry

This berry-forward cross of NYC Diesel and Berry Ryder boasts the best qualities of both parents: a cushy physical detachment from Berry genetics and energetic physical vibes from NYC Diesel.

Recreational consumers report chatty, social head highs and tingly, effervescent body effects, lending the cultivar to daytime activities or social nights out.

Expect a gassy, berry-sweet nose and a citrus, gassy exhale.

Bio Diesel

Strain hunters on the lookout for a Diesel expression that produces balanced effects, consider Bio Diesel, a cross of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. It reportedly delivers a swoon-worthy onset that unravels into a deeply euphoric stone.

The responsive vibes can keep uplifted consumers peppy while soothing those already edging up against couchlock.

Expect an earthy, funky, and gassy nose and a peppery, chemical exhale.

Blue Diesel

Varsity stoners who rely on heavy effects are likely already fans of Blue Diesel, a cross of Blueberry and NYC Diesel. It delivers a deep, sleep-supporting body buzz as well as a blissful, meditative head high.

Newer consumers note that this Blue Diesel delivers a classic, heavy stone. Therapeutic consumers celebrate it for its efficacy in treating anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Expect a gassy, blueberry nose and commensurate exhale.


This heady cross of NYC Diesel and Grandaddy Purple reportedly delivers a potentially uplifting head high and relaxation in the body. It also has a complex flavor profile that features a chaotic assemblage of terpenes.

Though its genetics appear balanced, the effects allegedly skew sedative. Medicinal consumers describe potential relief from chronic pain, arthritis, and stress.

Expect a gassy, sweet, cheesy perfume and an ammonia and cheese exhale.


This cross of NYC Diesel and Cannatonic is a balanced cultivar suited to the needs of both recreational and therapeutic consumers exploring 1:1 THC:CBD strains.

Dieseltonic rarely crests 10% cannabinoids, making it an excellent intro strain for low-tolerance consumers and a potentially effective therapeutic strain across the board, with reports describing relief from MS, eye pressure, spasms, and chronic pain.

Expect a chemical berry aroma and a gassy citrus exhale.

Diesel Train

Active stoners hunting for cultivars delivering energetic body highs alongside soothing, placating head highs might enjoy a few tokes of Diesel Train. This cross of Ghost Train Haze and East Coast Sour Diesel is a powerhouse of pep, with consumers reporting highs that are physically invigorating and mentally creative and focused. For those whose wake n’ bake precedes an AM workout, Diesel Train may become a stash box staple.

Expect a buttery, gassy perfume and a brisk, ammonia and citrus exhale.


This superbly balanced hybrid of Big Buddha Cheese and NYC Diesel is a potent psychotropic cultivar prized for its technicolor head effects and bright body buzz. Consumers report highs that are both chatty and introspective, alongside body effects that vibrate with blissful energy. Therapeutic consumers report relief from appetite loss, chronic pain, and depression.

Expect a funky cheese nose and a spicy diesel exhale.

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The 8 best strains for Aries season

To the sophisticated Zodiac stoner, Aries season is the landrace strain of astrological signs — not only is it wild and explosive, but it also comes first.

The Zodiac wheel begins and ends with Aries, the chaotic alpha/omega sign of the Zodiac starting on March 20 and ending on April 19. Aries is not only the cardinal fire sign, it’s also ruled by the overwhelmingly raw energy of Mars. It’s wild and sexual, explosive and eager, fierce and fearless; and frankly, plenty of us soft stoners would do well to lean into that energy during Aries season and beyond.

Fire sign fans and Zodiac stoners alike, consider these eight cultivars that speak loudly and intensely to the Aries spirit.

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Strain hunters take note: this rare cultivar is a mystery flower well worth the hunt. Born from inscrutable origins, consumers describe Firecracker’s effects as electric in the body and calm in the head. Firecracker’s mashup of cerebral effects and body buzz make it an exceptional daytime strain, but novice consumers beware: this cultivar’s effects might be potent enough to trigger paranoia in those inexperienced or lower-toleranced, so proceed with caution.

Expect a grassy nose with notes of funky fruit, and a bitter botanical exhale.

Fire Mints

This cross of Fire OG and Animal Mints Bx1 reportedly delivers a focused, inspired cerebral high and a mellow, soothing body buzz — almost like a panacea to raw Aries energy.

Therapeutic consumers primarily report relief from chronic pain, as the cultivar’s median THC percentage is typically above 25%. For folks reeling from way-too-hot fire sign energy, Fire Mints could be the strain that brings you back to a comfortable resting temperature without extinguishing your fire altogether.

Expect a bright, sour nose and commensurate exhale.

Hell’s Fire

Stoners in the market for the most ephemeral of Aries vibes might consider Hell’s Fire (aka Hell Fire OG), which, despite its polarizing name, reportedly delivers a superb balance of creative cerebral energy and physically relaxed bliss. If the hot wind of Aries season is already beneath your wings, consider Hell’s Fire the turbo boost that focuses that energy, keeping the whole experience on the sunny side.

Expect a skunky pine aroma and a tart citrus exhale.

Lemon Fire

When Aries season gets a bit too hot, quench your psyche with Lemon Fire. This prizewinning cross of Fire OG and Lemon Kush reportedly delivers an uplifting head high nestled deep in a sedative body buzz — which is a potential remedy to the unrelenting BDE of Aries season.

Consumers describe super potent, swooning onsets and creeper highs that unfurl over several hours before relaxing into a sensual smolder, which is yet another way to cash in on that sexy Aries energy.

Expect a spicy lemon perfume and a woody, earthy exhale.

Hot Donna

On the sexier side of the strain spectrum is Hot Donna, a cross of Mendo Breath and Super Sour Diesel with a reputation for … ahem, invigorating its fans.

Reported effects include an elastic body buzz and a romantic, sensual head high. These effects allegedly evaporate into epic munchies, so make your brunch reservations before partaking.

Expect a gassy, floral, vanilla aroma and sweet citrus exhale.

Hot Rod

Stoners who eschew the intense psychic vibes of Aries season can protect their energy with Hot Rod, a cross of Motorbreath and Grandpa’s Breath, which is reportedly so stank that only the most cultivated cannasseurs can appreciate its rare perfume.

Since this strain is described as deeply relaxing and blissfully stoney, it might be the one to reach for when the contentious spirit of Aries season has overwhelmed your delicate sensibilities and you just need to giggle for a while.

Expect to gag on the skunky, funky, diesel aroma, and if you can stand the smell, expect an equally funktastic exhale.


Therapeutic consumers struggling with anxiety, stress, and chronic pain describe Heatwave as an effective treatment for their issues. This cross of THC Bomb and Chemdog reportedly delivers a powerfully potent onset that may set you up for pure relaxation in both body and mind.

The head effects are described as both uplifting and soothing and the body buzz is glittery and elastic. Those trying to balance their fire placements with something a bit more mollifying will likely appreciate Heatwave’s juxtaposition of bold and pacifying effects.

Expect a spicy, gas nose and a peppery exhale.


For varsity stoners searching for the boldest, stoniest high, Afterburner is a complex hybrid that might be perfectly suited to high-toleranced needs. Regularly clocking in at more than 29% THC, Afterburner is, first and foremost, stoney AF. But, once the onset dissolves, the high is reportedly as complex as a fire sign with a water moon and an air rising.

Consumers describe head highs that are expansive and hotly psychotropic with relaxing body effects that develop slowly, quieting any leftover chaos energy Aries season has left in its wake.

Expect a dank, gassy aroma and an earthy, grassy exhale.

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8 delicious peanut butter weed strains

Allergic parties aside, who doesn’t love peanut butter?

Many contemporary Peanut Butter phenotypes are bred from the popular Peanut Butter Breath cultivar. And while there’s no single terpene that delivers an exclusively nutty mouthfeel, it’s the deliberate balance of limonene, valencene, and caryophyllene that combine to create the complex profile.

Cannasseurs who favor uncanny aromas, nutty exhales, and the distinct effects of Cookie genetics should consider a journey down the rabbit hole of peanut butter phenotypes.

Below, check out eight peanut butter perfumed and flavored faves to get you started.

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Peanut Butter Breath

Depending on your resource, the popular Peanut Butter Breath cultivar can be found under a few different names, including Peanut Butter Kush, Peanut Butter OG, and Peanut Breath. And across the board, this is the strain to audition for consumers new to Peanut Butter hybrids.

Bred from Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath, two classic strains known for their relaxing effects, Peanut Butter Breath lands in the middle genetics-wise, delivering both a crystalline head high and a velvety body buzz. Consumers report euphoric highs that can be both soothing and enlivening without becoming too lethargic or manic.

Peanut Butter Cake

Perennial fave Wedding Cake is crossed with Peanut Butter Breath to create this savory smoke. Consumers report a potent, euphoric onset with just enough to chill to keep the high from exacerbating any anxiety. Head highs are described as cerebral and introspective, and body effects can range from syrupy relaxation to sparkling softness. Either way, anticipate a couch-lock or a couch-lock adjacent scenario and plan accordingly.

Peanut Butter Pie

Bred from a cross of Stuffed French Toast and Georgia Pie, this unique cultivar is a departure from the PB Breath strains that bear similar names. This hybrid may deliver a heady, classic stone just north of sedative with a thick, cottony head high.

Consumers report potent, long-lasting effects that lend themselves best to evening, pre-bedtime indulging.

Peanut Butter Punch

Another deeply relaxing cultivar with divergent origins is Peanut Butter Punch, a hybrid similar to PB Breath — albeit with a considerably potent streak of lethargy due to its parent strains Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch.

Consumers report deeply relaxing, yet engaging highs perfect for end-of-day consumption. Cannasseurs on the hunt for apres-work strains that won’t fire them up or knock them out might consider wrapping their day up with this strain.

Peanut Butter Runtz

There’s no mystery to this strain’s origins: Peanut Butter Runtz (or Runts) is a cross of Peanut Butter Breath and Runtz that, while touting balanced genetics, reportedly delivers significantly sedative highs.

Consumers describe deeply stoney head highs and weighted-blanket body highs that will likely only KO newbie consumers. Experienced tokers can expect something far more nuanced, but nonetheless, extremely chilled out.

Peanut Butter Truffle

Like many of its siblings, Peanut Butter Truffle can deliver a smooth, softly sedative high that, while potentially too potent for lighter smokers, hits heavier smokers in that body-high sweet spot between couch-lock and effervescent relaxation.

Consumers describe blissed-out, giggly, mildly social head highs that work well with low-stakes hangouts. Therapeutic consumers report potential relief from chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

Peanut Butter Cookies

This cross of Forum Cookies and Peanut Butter Breath delivers what many consumers describe as the most peanut-buttery mouthfeel of all the peanut buttery strains.

Overwhelmingly reported as sharing the same flavor profile as a freshly baked peanut butter cookie, Peanut Butter Cookies is a relatively balanced, if a bit relaxing, PB phenotype. Reported effects include a bright, euphoric onset that simmers down into a blissful physical calm that’s perfect for buffing out the rough edges of a difficult day.

Peanut Butter Mints

It might come off as unappealing, but Peanut Butter Mints’ unique terpene profile has made it a sought-after commodity. As can be expected from a cross of Peanut Butter Breath and Kush Mints, this strain’s perfume features both rich peanut butter notes and crisp, spicy mint. The resulting high is euphoric and gently relaxing. Consumers describe tingling physical effects and an uplifting cerebral buzz that lasts long after the high has dissipated.

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Missouri asked, Weedmaps answered: 20 weed FAQs for Missouri stoners

In Missouri, the first licensed sales of cannabis occurred on February 3, 2023, and it’s now officially considered a legal cannabis state.

With these new laws set in motion, many Missourians are probably wondering what that means. How much weed are you actually allowed to purchase? How much will it cost? What about the best things to do and see while you experience your first hit of legal weed?

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Below, we answer all these questions and more for the novices, cannasseurs, and everyone in between. Keep scrolling or skip ahead to the section that most interests you:

Practical questions

Stoner curiosities

All things strains

Fun questions

Practical questions

Yes, weed is now legal in Missouri. With recreational sales having kicked off in February 2023, adults 21 and older can possess up to three ounces of dried cannabis at one time, while patients and their caregivers may possess eight ounces, which is considered a 60-day supply. 

If a patient grows their own cannabis, they may possess up to 12 ounces, which is considered a 90-day supply. 

Right now, all cannabis products purchased in Missouri must be consumed in private. 

What is a zip of weed? 

In line with other stoner measurement terms like “dime”, “dub”, “slice”, etc., a “zip” of cannabis is a euphemism for an ounce of weed — so-called because an ounce of cannabis tends to fit perfectly into a Ziploc bag. 

How much is an eighth of weed?

An eighth of weed is equal to 3.5 ounces, which is roughly seven half-gram bowls. And depending on the brand, grow methods, marketing, state taxes, and other regulations, an eighth’s price point can vary across the board

You can usually expect to find an eighth anywhere between $30 – $70.

How do I find the right THC dosage for me?

When it comes to cannabis, every body is different. Depending on your personal endocannabinoid system, you may react to lower doses of THC more than your closest friend, who may not even register medium to high doses of THC despite having little to no built-up tolerance. 

To find the right CBD or THC balance for you, take into consideration the entourage effect, which is the full chemical makeup of the strain you’re consuming — if the packaging has the information, look for terpenes, trichomes, other cannabinoids like CBG or CBN, and the total percentage of the THC and CBD in your cannabis. Or, check out our strains pages for in-depth information on all the strains you’d like to consume. 

When trying cannabis for the first time, the best method is to start low and go slow. Take a hit of low-dose THC, wait a few minutes, take another, wait a few minutes, and so on. Eventually, you’ll find the best strains for your individual body and mind. 

What are cannabis concentrates and how do you consume them?

There are multiple ways to distill cannabis down to its concentrated form. Concentrates range from vaporizer oil to other forms called “shatter”, a brittle, glass-like structure of concentrate, or “rosin”, which is a stickier form of concentrate, and many more. They’re usually consumed in devices called dab rigs or portable vape pens. 

Concentrates tend to be higher in THC or CBD over plain flower, and some forms of concentrates strip the cannabis of its terpenes or other nuances due to the way that it’s processed. Many edible companies favor concentrates since they don’t have a strong weedy taste, which means that the THC can be masked under globs of chocolate or other desirable edible flavors without losing the high effects.  

How do you smoke moon rocks?

Moon rocks are nugs of cannabis flower that have been dipped in a concentrate — usually shatter or hash oil — then rolled in kief, the powder that falls from flower when you grind it down. Kief contains leftover trichomes, terpenes, and cannabinoids. 

Moon rocks are usually very high in THC, and you can consume them by simply adding them to a bowl, blunt, or joint full of regular flower; or, if you’re looking for a more intense experience, smoke them on their own. 

What should you do when you’re too high?

Colloquially known as “greening out”, consuming more weed than you may be ready for can cause unpleasant experiences ranging from headaches, dizziness, and feelings of unease and anxiety. If you find yourself in a state of being too high, there are methods that can get you through it and sober you up. Some of these include chewing on black peppercorns, taking ibuprofen, calling a friend to calm you down, taking a hot shower, and more. 

Remember: there have been zero reported fatalities associated with smoking too much weed. So relax, take a few deep breaths, and know that time will always be on your side. 

What should I do when my vape cartridge is clogged?

(Justin Montano/Weedmaps)

As frustrating as it is, it’s not super uncommon to take a pull on a full vape pen and notice that nothing is coming out. If your vape is jammed and you aren’t getting airflow, there are a number of tricks to try before returning it or throwing it out, including letting the oil get hotter before pulling, cleaning extra residue on the mouthpiece with a needle or similar object, or twisting and untwisting the cartridge so that it’s not so tight. 

How do I clean my pipe?

It’s important to keep your smoking devices clean since burnt, used weed creates a sticky and tar-like mess that can block airflow and harbor bacteria in your glass. To clean a glass pipe, simply mix isopropyl alcohol, coarse salt, and warm water in a bag, add the pipe, and shake vigorously to loosen up any hardened debris. 

For more in-depth cleaning, check out our step-by-step guide for a sparkling accessory collection

How do I make my own weed tincture?

A cannabis tincture is a type of extract that is alcohol-based. If you’d like to make your own tincture to add to homemade edibles and beverages or to simply microdose under the tongue, you’ll just need a few common kitchen supplies. 

Check out our easy guide to making your own weed tincture for all your extract needs. 

Stoner curiosities

Does mango really enhance your high?

Fruity smelling weed myrcene TerpeneGina Coleman/Weedmaps

Cannabis has a lot of myths — one of those being that eating a mango before getting stoned can enhance the effects of your weed. The idea behind this is that mangos contain high levels of the terpene myrcene, which is the common terpene that causes those feelings of couchlock when partaking. 

Answer? It depends. I know, unsatisfactory. But, it makes for a delicious experiment if you’d like to find out yourself.

Why don’t cannabis edibles ever work for me?

As stated above, every body is different when it comes to cannabis due to an individual’s genetic makeup and the chemicals the body will respond to from any given cannabis strain. Edibles are no different, and with them, you must take in other considerations like digestive issues and how quickly your body metabolizes food and other substances.

For an in-depth response to this question, and the ability to find the edible that may work for you, check out our Ask a Budtender series where Lorena Cupcake answers this very question.

What’s the difference between THCA and THC?

Think of THCA as being the precursor to THC. When cannabis is heated, it decarboxylates, which is the process of removing a carboxyl group from cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. This enhances its ability to interact with your body’s cannabinoid receptors. Essentially, THCA decarboxylates into THC — you can’t get high from THCA. 

What are the 10 stages of being high?

Getting high happens in stages, from the moment you hit your pipe to the slow comedown afterward. 

For an in-depth look at each step of consuming THC, check out this breakdown, which includes the first signs of getting high, to reaching the peak, and everything in-between. 

All things strains

What are the highest-THC strains?

fire cannabis strains

The best weed isn’t necessarily the strongest, especially when taking into account your personal endocannabinoid system. However, we understand that the strongest strains will always get a bit more interest, especially for newcomers thinking about expanding their stash. 

Here, learn about all the highest-THC strains you can find, including famous heavy hitters like GSC and Godfather OG.

What are the best indica strains?

Most cannabis brands adhere to the common labels of “indica”, “sativa”, and “hybrid” when describing certain looks and reported effects of their cannabis. In reality, almost all weed on the market is a hybrid, and you’d be hard-pressed to find any pure indica or sativa strains these days. 

However, if you’re looking to expand your palate and want a nug that delivers that classic indica feel, here are seven strains that may calm your mind and loosen your body, including Northern Lights and 9lb Hammer. 

What are the best strains for arousal?

One effect of smoking certain cannabis strains is heightened sexual arousal, possibly due to weed’s tendency to exacerbate the senses in general. If you and your partner have been thinking about incorporating weed in the bedroom, consider these cultivars recommended by sex experts, which are thought to get you and your love in the mood. 

Fun questions

What are the best questions to contemplate while high?

Looking to blow your own mind while partaking? High thoughts are sometimes the best thoughts which can lead to an expansion of creativity and cognition. 

If you’re bored or just want to contemplate the existence of life itself, consider asking yourself these questions the next time you take a few hits off your favorite bong

What are the best shows to watch high?

Getting high and watching TV is an excellent way to wind down or expand your show-watching experience. From binge-worthy dramas to gut-busting comedies, there’s a strain and television program for every type of cannabis consumer

What are the best games to play high?

Getting stoned with your friends? Why not throw some party games into the mix and see how clever you can be while copping a buzz. 

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9 of our favorite edibles in Denver

Edibles are a popular method of intake for a number of reasons — they’re discreet, easy to dose, and fun to consume.

According to data from Headset, edibles continue to grow in popularity, accounting for 12% of the national market share in 2022. In Colorado, the first legal-ish cannabis market in the US, they’re even more popular, comprising close to 15% of sales in the state.

While edible cannabis used to be synonymous with the weed brownie, times are changing. Last year, brownies made up only 1% of national edibles sales, while gummies dominated the market, accounting for close to 75% of sales nationwide.

Another development we’ve seen is the shift from products made with distillate, a THC-only cannabis extract, to products made with high-quality, full-spectrum extracts like solventless hash (live rosin) and hydrocarbon extracts (live resin).

Having matured along with the market, consumers now look for weed treats that make them feel happy, healed, and relieved, not just earth-shatteringly high. So to snapshot this stage in the wildfire evolution of weed gummies and beyond, we looked at the best edibles in the state where it all started, Colorado.

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How I found the best edibles in Denver

When choosing which brands and products to include in this list, here’s what we took into consideration:

  • Personal experience: I’ve been writing about cannabis for close to a decade, so I’m extremely familiar with what’s going on in the edible world.
  • Expert interviews: There’s a ton of crossover in the edible products available in the California and Colorado markets, so depending on where you live, you may already be familiar with most of these brands and products. However, to be sure this portrait of the Denver market is as accurate and current as possible, I interviewed a number of industry experts, budtenders, dispensary owners, journalists, etc.
  • Quality: Quality is obviously a major factor when quantifying a term like “best” — especially in the edibles space where you have products running the gamut from solventless rosin granola bars to distillate syrup made out of goo. I took into account each edible’s ingredients, who the brand works with to create them, where the flower or extracts comes from, and more.
  • Brand reputation: In my opinion, great brands don’t make bad products, so I included only brands with solid reputations that are loved by consumers and respected by industry insiders who really have that tea.

With these protocols in mind, here are the best edibles in Denver by category.

Best overall edibles in Denver

Dialed In

Dialed In was at the top of every expert list when it came to the best overall brands. Specializing in fruit and vegetable-based gummies and its own Liquid Gummies, a syrup product, Dialed In produces small-batch collaborations featuring strain-specific solventless rosin from some of the best cultivators in Colorado.


Wyld is a nationwide gummy phenom that has dominated most legal markets — Colorado included. While its original line of THC and ratio gummies is great, Good Tide, a new solventless brand under the Wyld umbrella, is even better. But, more on that later.

Coda Signature

Coda Signature has been around forever — and for good reason. Its line of truffles and chocolate bars are celebratory, gourmet, and totally delicious. For Denverites looking to ball out without breaking the bank, look no further than Coda.

Best high-THC edibles in Denver

Dialed In Liquid Gummies

Liquid Gummies are a popular line of live rosin-infused simple syrups by our expert-favorite brand Dialed In. These 100-milligram vegan syrups are made with fruit, vegetables, and high-quality, single-strain live rosin from Colorado’s best cultivators.

Available in a number of classic strains like Donny Burger and Sour Diesel, as well as hype strains like Kush Mints and Bananagrams, they can be added to any beverage or dessert, or you can stay true to the name and drink your gummies straight out of the bottle.

Good Tide Hash Rosin Gummies

Good Tide is a new gummies brand by Wyld that specializes in tropical-flavored hash rosin infused with effects-based terpenes. These 10-milligram gummies come in three flavors: Pineapple (sativa), Guava (hybrid), and Mango (indica). The combination of full-spectrum rosin and real-fruit ingredients offers tropical flavor with radiant highs that do not disappoint.

Keef 100 milligram Sodas

Keef is a true OG in the cannabis beverage space and a great way to get super high super fast. Its line of 100-milligram sodas puts a weedy spin on classic flavors like Original Cola CokeOrange Kush, and Bubba Kush Root Beer, all three of which may or may not make the best (read: most potent) ice cream float of your life.

Best high-CBD edibles in Denver

1906 Chill Drops

If you’re not quite ready for a psychoactive voyage but still want to switch gears, check out 1906’s Chill Drops for Relaxation. 1906 is a high-concept effects-based brand with a lineup of innovative “drops” that use a blend of cannabinoids and medicinal plants to produce various effects.

Each Chill Drop contains 25 milligrams of CBD and 5 milligrams of THC, with the plant-derived amino acid L-theanine and Magnolia flower, which is used in Chinese medicine to alleviate anxiety.

Honorable mentions

WYLD Pear 1:1 CBG Gummies

These 1:1 THC:CBG gummies from Wyld are some of the best feeling edibles I’ve ever experienced and are available in most legal markets. CBG (or cannabigerol) is known as “the mother of all cannabinoids,” meaning all cannabinoids start at CBG. Like THC, it binds to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors, meaning it can help regulate the nervous system, in addition to its potentially anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects.

Each gummy contains 10 milligrams of CBG and 10 milligrams of THC, a combination that may leave you with a warm, titillating feeling where you can’t stop smiling no matter how hard you try.

710 Labs Hash Rosin Gummies

710 Labs is one of the best hash brands in the world, and its gummies don’t disappoint. Full disclosure: these are not for the faint of heart. While each gummy only contains THC, the effect feels much stronger — in the best way possible.

In true 710 Labs form, these gummies come in limited-edition strain drops and cost a pretty penny. But as with all things, and especially weed, you get what you pay for.

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8 juicy apple strains to keep the fall vibes going year-round

There’s a Johnny Appleseed energy affecting contemporary cannabis, and if you have a predilection for apples that extends beyond fruit picking, pie baking, and cider brewing, this list is especially for you.

Apple-like cannabis strains are for everyone, not just fall fanatics. While many apple-branded cultivars are named for their Sour Apple genetics, others earned their monikers, not for the parentage, but for the way they embody the crisp sweetness of a ripe apple, the sour zing of an aged cider, or the airy, floral essence of apple blossoms.

Phenotypes under the Apple umbrella are a diverse bunch, delivering a wide range of both therapeutic and recreational effects. The only requisite is a predilection for the apple, both literally and metaphorically.

Here are a few of our favorite apple strains to get you started, and it can be apple season all year long.

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Apple Blossom

This cross of Blueberry Muffin and Dream Queen reportedly delivers an evenly balanced buzz, with a mild euphoria in the head and a soft, cashmere tingle in the body.

Consumers describe a swooning onset that mellows into a high appropriate for daytime pursuits or restorative sleep sessions, depending on your resting state when consumed. Iridescent mood boosts, grounded energy, and bottomless munchies are the most oft-reported effects, but of course, your results may vary.

Expect a floral, sweet, slightly tart nose and a grassy lemon exhale.

Apple Butter

Consumers shopping for a dazzling cultivar best suited for daytime use should check out Apple Butter, a cross of Apple Fritter — a phenotype of Sour Apple — and Green Crack.

It reportedly delivers a sparkling high with an easy balance of elastic body and crystalline head effects. This hybrid’s genetics are diverse enough to elicit varied effects, so day/night-specific smokers should proceed with caution. Therapeutic consumers report potential relief from mild pain, low moods, and anxiety.

Expect a woody, flowery nose and a tart, sweet apple exhale.

Apple Diamonds

Bred from a cross of Sour Apple and GG4, this phenotype delivers pronounced energetic effects for most consumers. Reported effects include calm mood lifts, giggly euphoria, and a peppy body buzz that works well in social situations.

Apple Diamonds is typically bred with a distinctly potent THC percentage (>30%), so beginner or low-toleranced smokers should start low and go slow rather than taking a whole blunt to the face.

Expect a piney-sweet perfume and a crisp, herbal apple exhale.

Apple Fritter

A cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, Apple Fritter boasts a harmonious lineage and superbly balanced effects. Consumers report a stress-evaporating head high with a powerfully psychotropic onset that unravels into smooth, relaxing body effects.

Therapeutic consumers report potential relief from mild pain, mood swings, and insomnia — especially when paired with copious amounts of apple fritters.

Expect a flowery, fruity, apple-heavy nose and commensurate exhale.

Apples and Bananas

An evenly balanced cultivar with strong apple energy, Apples and Bananas is a complex cross of Platinum CookiesGranddaddy PurpleBlue Power, and Gelatti. Recreational consumers describe highs that are euphoric and creative if a bit cottony in the head. It also may deliver a tingling, soothing body high that therapeutic consumers report may relieve chronic pain, cramps, and muscle spasms.

Expect an earthy, funky fruit salad perfume and a peppery, apple-forward exhale.

Sour Apple Haze

This mysterious Sour Apple phenotype delivers the brisk, euphoric sweetness of Sour Apple as well as the bright, energetic clarity of classic Haze. Though the Haze phenotypes that contributed to Sour Apple Haze’s genetics remain unknown, consumers overwhelmingly describe effects that err on the side of the most potent Haze, ie; a bit thrilling, euphoric, and altogether perfect for adventure. Therapeutic consumers have used Sour Apple Haze as a potential panacea for nausea.

Expect an apple-infused pine perfume and a candy-apple sweet exhale.

Alien Sour Apple

This cross of Alien Dawg and Sour Apple is another evenly balanced cultivar, delivering both smooth body effects and a gentle, motivational head high.

Many consumers describe effects that build to a flowery crescendo via a slow, deliberate burn, so anticipate a creeper high rather than a bulldozer onset, lest you smoke yourself into a black hole of no return.

Expect a peppery, chemical aroma and a lemony, sweet apple exhale.

Candy Apple

Strain hunter apple fans, take note: Candy Apple is a relatively rare cultivar that’s reportedly well worth the search. This cross of Blueberry, Pineapple, and Afghani strains delivers a decidedly punchy, super-uplifting high tinged with creative euphoria and a long-lasting, blissful mood boost.

Though the onset arrives with only mild fanfare, the effects build over the course of the high, rather than laying you out immediately. Both recreational and therapeutic consumers celebrate Candy Apple for its lethargy and fatigue relief, so perhaps think twice before hitting it before bedtime unless you’re burning the midnight oil.

Expect a tropical vanilla and citrus nose and a candy sweet exhale.

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10 dab rig brands to watch in 2023

When it comes to dabbing, there are so many ways to get your rig on. If you’re an enthusiast, it can be hard to suppress your urge for the latest toy, and if you’re new to this world, it can be hard to know where to start.

Here’s a hand-picked selection of dab rigs and other fun concentrate toys to look out for in 2023 — for beginners and seasoned dabbers alike.

Save on concentrates so you can splurge on your rig

Best budget dab rig

When it comes to glass, things can get pricey. Sometimes you just need an affordable, quality piece, either to start off with or to just have in your rig rotation.


Groove’s collection of glass was made for this precise purpose; it’s the intersection of quality and price. Value-driven and functional, Groove is clear about what it delivers.

The Groove 7″ Beaker Rig goes for $59.99.

Best portable dab rig

While old-school dabbing is not something one typically associates with “on-the-go,” today’s concentrate lover wants to be able to dab anywhere at any time.


Stache offers a traditional glass rig that is made to be portable. The RiO (Rig-in-One) model is a classic cold start, glass, and combustion-based rig designed to be used on the go, featuring a shower head percolator and a built-in butane torch. Tuck it all into the included foam-padded carrying case.

The Stache RiO Matte color rigs sells for $149.

Best beginner dab rigs

When getting started in the world of dabbing, you may want to forgo a lot of the technicalities and customization that is possible with classic rigs. Glass makers know this and offer some great kits to get you started.


Goody, a brand known for its playful approach to stoner accessories, put together 4-piece beginner kits in a variety of rig styles, with each kit including a mini-rig, banger, dab tool, and carb cap.

The Chief Mini Dab Rig and kit go for $59.99.

MJ Arsenal

MJ Arsenal also offers a variety of high-quality and sleek-looking beginner kits that include a mini-rig, banger, dab tool, carb cap, and a black carrying case.

The Staff Pick Bundle Pack features the stylish Infinity Mini Rig model and sells for $91.00.

Best e-rigs

It’s 2023, so of course we’ve taken the classic analog dab rig and digitized it. If you want to make dabbing a snap and cut out the technicalities that come with torching, then e-rigs are the way to go.


Puffco is known for product usability and quality, and their Peak line eliminates all of the guesswork that goes into getting dabbing right. Just turn it on, load it up, and watch it do all the work for you.

The Puffco Peak goes for $249.99, while the Peak Pro (which offers a higher level of customization and wireless charging) goes for $399.

Dr. Dabber

Rivaling Puffco’s quality and usability are Dr. Dabber’s e-rigs. The Switch model can hold flower and concentrates, with 25 temperature settings, self-cleaning ability, and some cool lighting to boot.

The Switch sells for $349.99.

Best dab pens

While not technically a rig, dab pens deserve a place on this list because they are one of the most popular and convenient ways of consuming concentrates. If you’re into dabbing, chances are you’ve got a standard at-home rig and a pen for on-the-go use.

Dip Devices

Dip Devices offers a pen that can be used as a straw or as a traditional pen with two different attachments. It also has a 900 mAh battery, is easy to clean, and comes in four finishes tied to different charitable causes, such as drug policy reform and LGBTQIA+ rights.

The Dipper Vaporizer sells for $99.99.


Another reliable and popular brand, Utilian makes a stainless steel dab pen that features changeable triple titanium and twisted Kanthal coils, four voltage presets, and a 1,500 mAh battery.

The Utilian 5 (V3) goes for $89.99.

Best durable dab rigs

When we’re talking about glass, breakage is always a thing that can and does happen. That’s why you’ll always find rigs made with toughness in mind.

Higher Standards

Higher Standards has made a sleek mini-rig from 7mm thick, medical-grade borosilicate glass that sports a sturdy base for extra stability and durability. It comes with a quartz banger and a glass bowl, dab tool, and carb cap.

The Heavy Duty Riggler sells for $150.


If you want to really minimize the chance of breakage, Eyce specializes in silicone smokeware that is built to last. The brand even covers its products with a lifetime warranty.

It has two rig models that rely on silicone, but The Sidecar minimizes glass components as the entire main body is made from platinum-cured silicone, along with a quartz banger and glass cover. It also has an adjustable neck and comes in 20 different colorways.

The Eyce Sidecar sells for $74.99.

Best splurge dab rigs

If you want to go all out on a rig, the best way to drop serious coin (IMHO) is by investing in a custom-made piece of glass. There are veritable artists out there who can do things with glass that will shock and amaze.

Not surprisingly, there is also a multitude of online communities for glass enthusiasts where you can hunt for leads. There are so many talented glassblowers out there, so have fun going down the rabbit hole.

To get started, check out these unique glass artists:

Bottom line

Cannabis concentrates have a loyal and dedicated fan base, with dabbing owning its own corner of the concentrates world. And while technology and innovation have diversified the ways in which dabbing can be done, OG analog and electronic dabbing happily coexist while offering their own pros, cons, and experiences.

There are lots of rigs out there to explore, so have fun taking the journey.

Editor’s note: Weedmaps does not get affiliate revenue from the brands recommended in this article. All products are chosen independently by the author. The only influence Weedmaps News is under is weed.

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12 bong brands to watch in 2023

While 2023 is predicted to be the year infused pre-rolls and cannabis beverages make a splash, glass is definitely having its own moment. There have never been so many options for sleek, chic, durable, and straight-up fun bongs.

Here is a hand-picked sampler of bong brands to watch in 2023.

Best budget bong

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, no-muss affordable bong, LA Pipes has got you covered. It offers a wide variety of glass accessories, and the budget bongs are inexpensive with decent designs and eye appeal.

LA Pipes’ Clear Glass Basic Water Pipe is classic bong aesthetic at its finest and sells for $43.66.

Best splurge bong

The highly functional, sleek, and splurge-worthy bongs from Stündenglass double as nearly effortless gravity bongs, too.

The Gravity Infuser is available in a variety of colorways based on collabs with the likes of Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, Cookies, and more. It can be used to infuse food and drink — or even be used as a hookah.

The Stündenglass Gravity Infuser sells for $599.

Best gravity bong

Speaking of gravity bongs, if you want the intersection of affordable and functional, look no further than one of the OG gravity bong brands, GRAV.

The Gravitron was one of the first all-glass gravity bongs on the market, and the brand’s upgraded the original design to improve functionality and durability. If you want the experience of a gravity bong without all the DIY, this one’s for you.

The Gravitron is available in large ($99) and medium ($79) sizes.

Best statement bong

What happens when a high-end fashion designer tackles cannabis accessories? Edie Parker Flower.

While there are several more affordable glass options in its collection, if you want to invest in a bong that will be a treasured keepsake for the rest of your damn life, look no further than EP’s collab with Brooklyn-based glass artist Paul Arnhold.

The Paul Arnhold x Edie Parker Bong sells for $795.

Best ceramic bong

Those who love ceramic love it a lot. Whether it’s the distinctive look or the feel of it in your hands, ceramic bongs have a certain earthy appeal to them. If you want to go higher-end with a ceramic bong, Summerland has a modern and stylish collection to peruse. The Land Yacht Bong is perhaps the most eye-catching and sells for $250.


For a more affordable ceramic option, RYOT offers clean designs and durable construction — plus, these bongs come with cork seal lids so that you can close them up and move them around without the fear of putrid bong water spilling out.

The Ceramic Traveler Water Pipe sells for $100.

Best durable bong

Who amongst us has not broken a glass accessory at some time or another? It’s almost bound to happen, and it’s a bummer when it does. If you’re looking for a little more longevity from your bong, Eyce’s entire line has been developed with durability in mind. The bongs feature a cured silicone body designed to protect removable glass components — like the downstem — while boasting other smart features like a hidden storage container and a magnetic ring you can use to keep track of your lighter.

The Eyce Beaker goes for $69.99.


If you want to stick with the classic glass bong aesthetic while decreasing the chances of breakage, there are many bongs out there made with thicker-than-average glass for just this reason. Session Goods offers a sleek and modern model with a silicone footer that doubles as a slip guard and protection. It also includes a silicone mouth cover and cleaning caps with each bong.

The Session Goods Bong sells for $185.

Best portable bong

This bong from Puffco doubles as the best portable and sneaky bong on this list.

The Cupsy poses as a portable coffee cup, which makes it discreet and small enough to pop into a purse or backpack. The stainless steel cup is easy to clean, and the silicone lid hides a ceramic bowl.

The Puffco Cupsy sells for $59.99.

Best percolator bong

Percolator bongs (or percs) have added components in the tube or the base of the bong that diffuse smoke before inhalation, which makes hits smoother and easier to inhale. While percolators may sound like a new innovation in weed, they’ve been around forever and you can find them at a variety of price points.

Heir’s percolator bong features thoughtful design and durability while also being quite sleek. It even comes with a bong koozie for added protection.

The Heir Waterpipe sells for $220.


Vitae Glass may win the grand prize for the sheer variety of percolator styles it offers — UFO, jellyfish, or matrix, for example — plus, the modular design means you can stack perc on perc or build your own bong from the bottom up.

The Triple Honey Comb Bong sells for $229.

Best bong to smoke with your besties

If pulling rips with your bestie, lover, neighbor, or even your mom sounds like a good time, there’s a bong for that.

The Mav Bestie Bong has a beaker base and two mouthpieces for double the fun. It sells for $149.

Bottom line

In the modern age of cannabis consumption, classic glass pieces like the bong are staying strong. That means there are plenty of choices out there, with the opportunity to find a bong that meets your needs, budget, and aesthetic sensibility. Enjoy the process, and don’t forget to clean your bong regularly.

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