13 weed-infused gifts for the edibles lover

Well, the holidays are here — and so is the second (or third?) wave of Covid. Like all things 2020, it’s going to be a strange season to navigate, with varying degrees of lockdown and travel advisories marring any plans you may have had.

And while everything about the holiday season doesn’t sparkle like tinsel, the dichotomy of familial obligations and nostalgic warmth makes this season what it is. This year, however, we’ll have to manifest that fuzzy feeling on our own. 

The key to this pandemic holiday is finding ways to foster that familial closeness despite physical distance. While there are a few ways to do this, like compulsive baking and blasting Mariah Carey, there’s no better way to spread cheer from afar than gifting edible cannabis.

While edibles tend to get a bad rep because of new users’ tendencies to over-medicate, they can actually be a fantastic way to break down the stigma surrounding cannabis. With developments like microdosing, nano THC (nano edibles hit in 15 minutes as opposed to 1 to 2 hours), and a massive expansion in the luxury edibles market, the genre has come a long way since the days of questionable dosages and pot brownie freak outs

Whether you’re shopping for a canna-curious relative, your stoner friend, or  yourself, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best, most unique, and future-forward edibles on the market. 

Pop-Up Potcorn 

Pop-Up Potcorn

The savory treat we’ve all been waiting for, Pop-Up Potcorn features varieties of healthy popcorn infused with live resin. 

The brainchild of workers on a California cannabis farm, flavors like Jalapeno Cheddar, Movie Theater Butter and Sea Salt are available in 10 milligram THC personal bags, 100 milligram party bags, and microwavable options. Available in California

Sonder Space Crystals

The wife and wife team behind Sonder, a beautifully designed vape brand who grows their own weed at their Emerald Triangle farm, have blessed the world with the first weed pop rocks: Space Crystals. 

With their stunning design, fanciful flavors and 10 milligrams of nano-emulsified THC that hits almost immediately, this effervescent gift will make the season snap, crackle and pop. Available in California

Rose x Gossamer Turkish Delights

Rose x Gossamer Turkish DelightsRose Delights

One of the chicest edible brands in existence, Rose Delights, has teamed up with Gossamer, one of the chicest cannabis publications in existence, to bring us the apex of giftable weed: the Rose x Gossamer Turkish Delights. 

Created by Chef Tara Thomas, these divine Turkish Delights feature locally sourced ingredients like dry-farmed tomatoes and Sweet Crimson watermelon infused with Magic Melon flower rosin. Available in California

Platinum Baked Apple Gummies

Conjure your grandma’s homemade apple pie with Platinum Vape‘s Baked Apple Gummies. Sweet, spiced, and 10 milligrams each, these gummy coins bring the comforts of home — and the high. Available in California and Oklahoma.

Papa & Barkley Releaf Chocolate Bars

Papa & Barkley Releaf Chocolate BarsPapa & Barkley

Known for their popular topicals, Papa & Barkley has upped the ante with their new line of uber relaxing chocolate bars. Silky and decadent with a high to match, Releaf Chocolates are available in Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt, and are infused with 5 milligrams of whole plant rosin per serving. Available in California.

Mellow Ice Cream 

One of the only good things to happen in 2020, Mellow Ice Cream is a new California brand featuring THC and CBD infused ice creams. These masterfully formulated flavors not only taste like your childhood favorites, but will make you feel like a kid again, too. Available in California.

Citrus Spice Deli Nickels Gummy Rounds

Citrus Spice DELI Nickels Gummy RoundsDELI

This seasonal flavor of 5 milligram THC gummies from Caliva features a tart, enticing burst of blood orange and a sativa-leaning high that leaves you, in a word, chipper. 

10/10 would recommend for spreading holiday cheer — remotely, of course. Available in California.

La Familia Churro Crispies

Churro Crispies are a unique and fabulous treat from the first Mexican-owned California edibles brand, La Familia. At 10 milligrams each, these churro-flavored rice crispy balls are the closest thing you can get to a perfectly executed street churro, if said churro also got you perfectly stoned. Available in California

Hervé Macarons 

Hervé Macarons

A defining new brand in the luxury edibles market, Nevada’s Hervé specializes in 10 milligram French macarons that rival even the fanciest bakery. 

Beautifully executed with a social high, these are a perfect gift for the canna-curious — and highly refined — human in your life. Available in Nevada

Lost Farm Single Strain Gummies 

A new brand from Kiva, Lost Farm features strain-specific live resin gummies. Delicious, potent, and fun as fuck, these 10 milligram gummies will turn even the bleakest holiday into the kind of party we used to take for granted. Available in California

1906 New Highs LOVE Chocolates

1906 New Highs LOVE Chocolates1906 New Highs

If you’re lucky enough to be locked down with a significant other this winter, look no further than 1906 New Highs‘ LOVE chocolates to make the season bright. Packed with 5 milligrams of Blue Dream cannabis and arousing botanicals, these can steam up even the coldest nights. Available in Colorado and Oklahoma.

Madame Munchie Macarons

With their potent dosage of 40 milligrams of THC, fun seasonal flavors, and epic brand story, Madame Munchie‘s French macarons exist on the super stoner end of the infused macaron spectrum. 

Not only does this woman and queer-owned brand grow all their own weed, but their all-women team works tirelessly to make everything by hand. A perfect present for your favorite super toker from a DIY brand you can feel good supporting. Available in California

Lifted Made Delta-8 THC gummies

Lifted Made Delta-8 THC gummiesUrb

Urb’s Delta-8 Gummies by Lifted Made are indicative of a growing trend in cannabis where cannabinoids other than CBD and THC are featured in products. While similar to THC — technically called Delta-9 THC — Delta-8 THC is lauded for its clear, focused high, free from the anxiety that often plagues typical THC. 

Great for handling whatever this season may bring, these gummies have a unique trip that is alert, productive, and above all else, merry! Available in California.

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4 weed products B-Real can’t live without

You can’t talk about weed culture without talking about Cypress Hill. It just wouldn’t be right. From songs like “Hits from the Bong” and “I Wanna Get High” to legendary moments like lighting up a joint on Saturday Night Live — and being banned forever — they’ve been here, advocating for legalization and free use of the plant since the jump. 

So when I had the chance to talk to B-Real, one-fourth of the hip hop collective, in celebration of his appearance on BET’s Smoke: Marijuana + Black America documentary, it was an immediate “yes.” 

“[BET] just asked for my involvement, and I was like yeah for sure. Anytime you get a chance to speak on behalf of the culture, in terms of cannabis, I’m always willing.”

B-Real has a very cool demeanor. He’s calm, collected, and ready for all the curveball questions, just like you’d expect from someone who’s been talking about legalization and the cannabis business for years now. When asked what cannabis culture means to him today, he told me, “Every part of it has a sub branch from the original shit. There’s the cultivator culture, there’s the brand culture. Cannabis and music always went together. People smoking, at any degree, most times, are rocking that shit with music. We were able to talk about cannabis in our music, so that’s a part of the cannabis culture.” 

Navigating legalization and how to keep the culture alive

Cypress Hill has been championing cannabis for over 30 years now. Since before Washington and Colorado even considered the thought of legal weed. “Back when we started, legalization was the big thing. To get to a point where people would be open to the thought of legalization — who knew what it would turn into?”

What it’s turned into is the majority of the United States having some form of legalized cannabis, and generating billions of dollars in tax revenue from it. 

“It’s great that we’re there in terms of acceptance, and the fact that we are the template with how it would operate. We’re the template to show that it either works or it doesn’t, and soon enough, most of the states will become recreational. Those old ways of thinking are breaking down,” said the LA native. “It’s just taking time because you have very conservative places that still, despite the information of how it would stimulate their economic flow, it’s always a hard sell on them.” 

Federal legalization, whenever it happens, is inevitable. With it, we can only hope that everyone gets to eat — not just the big corporations that will flood the market. When asked about his thoughts on the future of legalization, and the big-bank-take-little-bank business practices that are sure to exploit it, B-Real says that’s the big worry. 

“You’ve got to survive this tidal wave of shit, but I think it’s on your brand building. If you build something of quality and consistency that the consumers trust and know that it’s the shit, they will stand with you. Others, they might not be fortunate enough. You might have to white label and say fuck a brand, I’m just going to be a producer. But yeah, a lot of those operators are going to go away. They’ll probably sell their license to investment groups that are trying to get into cannabis.” 

Luckily for B-Real, he owns one of those companies that consumers stand behind. “Dr. Greenthumb” isn’t just one of Cypress Hill’s biggest songs, it’s also the name of B-Real’s chain of dispensaries, and web-series/podcast channel. The dispensary is known for their flagship strains: Insane OG, Insane Christmas Lights, Hindu Funk, and when it’s available, Ice Cream Cake. 

For now, Dr. Greenthumb has six locations spread throughout Southern California. The plan for the future is expansion into other states, and eventually other countries. “We want to plant flags in the United States and then eventually go over to Spain and plant a flag there. Because Cypress Hill has a fanbase there that is very supportive. So if we were to open a retail spot and take our genetics down there, it would go a long way. Our fans expect that experience, so it’s just a matter of time.” 

Since B-Real is such a figure in the cannabis world, we couldn’t hop off the Zoom without also discussing his weed ritual, habits, and favorite products. Here are some of the products the hip-hop legend and cannabis entrepreneur B-Real can’t live without.

Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips

Cypress Hill’s Phuncky Feel Tips are B-Real’s brand of glass joint tips that produce a Cypress Hill series. “I cannot smoke a joint without those glass tips. It’s not the same for me. Once you smoke on a glass tip, smoking anything else just doesn’t seem right. That’s my number one shit right there.”


B-Real’s a flower man. He used to be heavy on the dabs, but he prefers to smoke joints over everything. When asked how much weed he smokes per day, he responded, “We’ve tried to count and we lose count. We smoke before we’re on the podcast, which is a two hour show, so we’re smoking 4 joints each for those 2 hours. And then there’s the 5 or 6 before the show, and the other 10 after the show. We’re smoking all day over here, it’s crazy.”

Dr. Greenthumb’s Insane Christmas Lights and Super Chief by RedLine Genetics are the strains he’s been smoking.

A grinder

With his abundance of good flower, B-Real can’t live without a good grinder.

Vibes Papers

Vibes is Berner’s rolling papers brand, and B-Real’s preferred roll-up.

Featured graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps

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Gift guide: 8 low budget cannabis gifts for 2020

Each year you come into these holiday gift guides hoping for something cheap — but considerate — to give your favorite stoners. You know your pockets are out-of-office for that new bong or dab rig they’ve been craving, but you could still foot the bill for something random, clever, and useful. 

The good news is that there’s such a wide variety of cannabis products and accessories available these days, it’s really easy to find something budget-friendly that the average smoker doesn’t already own.

For 2020, here are some gifts that all cost less than $100, and will delight any cannabis enthusiast that receives them.

Raw Catcher

RAW runs the game when it comes to rolling papers and random smoking accessories. Recently, they dropped a new product: the Raw Catcher — and it’s an excellent gag gift.

RAW Catcher is a device that allows a completely hands-free session. As you smoke a joint, ash falls into the catcher, and it’ll enable anyone who’s writing, making art, playing video games, or anything else that occupies your hands, to do so while still getting stoney baloney. As goofy as it looks and feels, it’s a really funny gadget that’ll actually come in handy for people that like to smoke while creating but hate those little moments of breaking concentration to find the ashtray. 

Raw can’t sell their own products directly to cannabis consumers, so unfortunately, you’ll probably have to buy from Amazon. They also have a list of other third party sellers on their website, if you want to avoid that.

Price: $8 on Amazon

Kush Candles

Kush Candles

If you smoke weed, every room in your house probably smells like it — that’s why you need to gift someone a Kush Candle. Kush Candles is from Loveland, California where they produce 100% pure soy wax candles containing hemp seed oil and cannabis terpenes that mimic specific strains. 

They have Blue Dream, White Widow, and OG Kush candles, among many other strains. Choose your buddy’s favorite and prove once and for all that the best way to get rid of weed smell is with more weed smell.

Price: $17 on Kush Candles website

Poke-A-Bowl Ashtray

The Poke-A-Bowl is another simple accessory that changes the game for anyone out there smoking bongs. 

It has a vertical poker in the center of it that allows you to clean your bowl quickly, and the ashtray is so deep in volume that you could go months without emptying it. Just close the top and forget about it, like we stoners do.

Price: $20 on Amazon

Clear Phuncky Feel Tips

Clear Phuncky Feel TipsPhuncky

Ay man, B-Real’s Phuncky Feel Tips are amazing. They’re a product that Cypress Hill’s B-Real said he refuses to smoke without. 

Phuncky Feel Tips are a brand of glass rolling tips that make a world of difference when you’re smoking joints — blunts too. By filtering the smoke past a couple perculators, they create a smoother and tastier smoking experience. They come three to a pack, and you can get them in a variety of colors. The least expensive are the basic clear Phuncky Feel Tips, and they’ll be a perfect gift for any of your friends that keep ripping up old business cards for joint crutches.

Price: $18—$20 on Phuncky Feel Tips

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner + Soak ‘n Rinse

There’s nothing worse than being passed a bong and the freshly-packed bowl already tastes like char, resin, and resentment. Unfortunately, many smokers go quite a while without cleaning their glass. This holiday season, wouldn’t you like to be the change you want to see in the world? If so, then cop your weedy friends and family Formula’s 420’s Glass Cleaner AND Soak ‘n Rinse. They’ll clean any glass, metal, or ceramics within minutes. 

Trust me, people who smoke pipes, bongs, one-hitters, chillums, etc., or simply have extremely caked grinders that won’t ever spin, will definitely appreciate these in their stocking.

Price: $27 total: $13 for Glass Cleaner, $14 for Soak ‘n Rinse on Love Your Glass

Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder

Zeus Bolt 2 GrinderZeus

It truly would not be a gift guide if we didn’t talk about grinders, so here’s my personal favorite: the Zeus Bolt 2. It has a sleek black color, and the top portion is large enough to grab, and spin, without pinching and irritating the sides of your fingers. 

On top of that, the real reason it’s here is because the Zeus grinder catches kief like an absolute champion. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could also go with the larger, and not much more experience, Zeus Bolt XL.

Price: $25 on Zeus Website

ACLU End The War On Drugs Rolling Tray

ACLU End The War On Drugs Rolling TrayACLU

Much like a grinder, we can’t talk cannabis gifts, and not talk rolling trays. This year, give the gift of keeping smokers honest about the reality of marijuana in America. 

The War on Drugs, the War on Black and Brown communities, is still very much alive, despite watching numerous states legalize cannabis, and the numbers of people imprisoned for nonviolent cannabis arrest has only grown. Spread holiday cheer — and the word — by gifting one of the ACLU’s End The War on Drugs rolling trays.

Price: $28 on ACLU’s website

Moose Labs MouthPiece Gift Box

Moose Labs MouthPieces go on the top of bongs and on the tips of joints to make sharing weed as sanitary as possible. They’re an excellent budget-friendly, and especially topical, gift in the time of a global pandemic, where exchanging germs is an absolute no-go.

If you want to keep it simple, the MouthPiece for bongs, or the MouthPiece Mini for joints, only cost $10 separately. But if you’re feeling in the holiday gift-giving spirit, they have a $65 gift box that includes: 

  • MouthPeace Original +1 filter roll 
  • MouthPeace Mini +1 filter box 
  • Smell-proof carry bag 
  • 1 Pack MouthPeace Perfectly Sized Pre-Rolls (6) 
  • 1 Pack MouthPeace Mini Perfectly Sized Pre-Rolls (6) 
  • Rolling tray
  • Sticker set

Price: $65.99 on Moose Labs website

Justice Joints

Launched in November 2020, Justice Joints donate 100% of their profits to social justice causes. They’ve also partnered with the Last Prisoner Project to bring awareness to the thousands of prisoners still incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses. 

For only $10, you can spark change for cannabis. 

Price: $10 in select California dispensaries

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7 strains that taste like berries

When it comes to smoking weed, taste is the most important part of the experience. If your flower tastes like trash, or your dabs just taste like air, you won’t even care about how the effects hit. Luckily, many different cannabis strains produce many different flavors, so there’s always a right answer for you out there somewhere. 

One of the many flavors that consumers enjoy is berry. There’s a variety of strains with terpenes that smell and taste like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and so on. As always, it’s important to remember that weed makes everyone feel differently. These suggestions are based on personal experience, in conjunction with the most commonly reported data.

If you want to check out berry weed strains, here are a few usual suspects and their various highs.


Fresh out the gate, when you’re talking weed that tastes like berries, you’ve got to name the old school classic Blueberry first. It was bred by DJ Short, so sometimes you’ll see it labeled as DJ Short’s Blueberry. The flower usually has an earthy, sweet berry smell reminiscent of a walk through the local Farmer’s Market. 

Most of the time, smoking Blueberry leaves people feelings stoned, sleepy, and couch-locked. It’s one of those strains that you smell and immediately know it’s about to send you to sleep. In addition to its well-known effects, DJ Short’s Blueberry is also one of the parent strains of the legendary Blue Dream.

Find Blueberry strains

Goji OG

Goji berries taste sort of like sour cranberries and Goji OG is a cannabis strain that smells and tastes much the same. It was bred by crossing Snow Lotus and Nepal OG, the results are a sweet-tasting strain with potent effects, which are strong, but still manageable for the average consumer. 

It tends to leave most people feeling happy and relaxed. Personally, smoking Goji OG has made me feel dumb stoned and spaced out, so I often skip over it because I like to smoke and be productive.

Find Goji OG strains

Berry White

Another strain coming from Blueberry lineage is Berry White. It’s an indica-dominant cross of Blueberry and White Widow whose flowers are absolutely coated in trichomes. It has a sweet and earthy taste of blueberries with a slightly spicy bite, and the effects often make people feel super high and sleepy. 

With its potently relaxing effects, it’s best to try this one after the day is over. Consuming Berry White during the day will probably leave your mind feeling too cloudy to get any real tasks done.

Find Berry White strains

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is one of my all-time favorite strains. The smell is always consistent, the taste is super satisfying, and the effects are perfect for when I need to get my day started off right. 

Strawberry Cough is a sativa-dominant hybrid created from Haze and Strawberry Fields. The cross produces a densely-packed flower that is known for producing uplifting, calming effects that end in a clear-headed euphoria. In other words, if you’re looking for a fruity strain that will put you in a good mood, this is the one to try.

Find Strawberry Cough strains


By now, you may have seen that relaxed and sleepy are often-reported effects when it comes to weed strains that taste like berries. At the top of that sleepy totem should be Blackberry, the only strain that’s guaranteed to put me down within a couple of tokes. Seriously, it’s so potent that if you don’t consume on a consistent basis, you might want to skip this one. It’ll have novice consumers feeling all tingly, and possibly anxious.

Blackberry, also called Blackberry Kush, is a mysterious strain with unconfirmed genetics. Many breeders say it comes from a mix of Afghani, Mexican, and Vietnamese landraces. The flower is super dark in coloring, almost appearing black, and the smoke’s flavor has an earthy, dank taste of blackberries and funk. 

Most consumers report feeling happy, relaxed, and hungry after smoking this strain.

Find Blackberry strains


Runtz OG is a strain that came from the Cookies camp, so people are always asking, “Man, is it even really fire?” The answer is yes, without a doubt. It looks good, tastes good, and the effects hit your mind and body with a long-lasting relaxation that’ll leave you saying that Runtz is some straight gas.

Runtz came from crossing two crowd-favorites, Zkittlez and Gelato #33. It’s a deep purple flower with dense nugs and a thick coat of trichomes. Crack the bag and your nose will be hit with a mix of sweet berry and gassy dank flavors that translate directly to the smoke flavor. 

Most consumers report feeling relaxed and couch-locked after consuming this strain. If you find that you like Runtz OG, you might like the other popular phenotypes: White Runtz and Pink Runtz.

Find Runtz strains

Marionberry Kush

Rounding out this list is Subcool’s Marionberry Kush. The legendary breeder (RIP) created this strain by crossing Raspberry Kush and Space Queen. The result produces a flower with a complex mix of earthy, funky, sour, and fruity flavors. 

The high can be potent, considering Marionberry Kush usually has a high THC percentage, however it is manageable for people who want to smoke something strong, but not feel too sleepy — it can put you to sleep when consumed in high doses, but chances are you’ll just feel calm and happy.

Find Marionberry Kush strains

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Gift Guide: 8 soothing topical gifts to pamper your loved ones this season

The holiday season is stressful under normal circumstances, nevermind in the midst of a global pandemic. While you may not be able to travel and visit your loved ones this year, you can still find ways to show them you care by sending them something special — especially soothing weed-infused goodies. 

Naturally, not everyone on your shopping list will be interested in consuming cannabis, which is where topicals come in. Topicals are infused lotions or ointments applied directly to your skin, often used for localized pain relief. In recent years, the topicals market has expanded to include sprays, oils, bath salts, transdermal solutions, lubricants and more. They can be formulated with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa), or sometimes a combination of these cannabinoids, but typically they are non-intoxicating. 

For those who are skeptical of THC, even when applied to the skin, CBD-based topicals of all types can be found in stores nationally. Anne Louise Burdett, CEO of TOCA, explained that CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties are useful for pain but also to promote overall wellness. 

“CBD is known to help with both the actual signaling of pain and our perception of it, making it a powerful plant ally to reduce pain and allow the body to rest and recover if there is some issue or injury,” she said. “There are so many different things going on in our world right now that could produce stress, anxiety, fatigue, tension, it may feel difficult for people to feel like taking some time to feel sexy or relaxed and work on pain or injury is important right now, but it is! … If you’re gifting it to others, they’ll feel your love when they use it.”

With so many topicals available today, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift. Follow our guide to help you choose something amazing for everyone who deserves to be pampered this year. 

SYNERGY Relief Balm by Dixie


For the runner, hiker, or other athlete on your list, you may be searching for a powerful anti-inflammatory to soothe their tired and sore muscles. Check out Dixie’s  SYNERGY Relief Balm — it’s a highly effective formula featuring a 1:1 ratio of 50 milligrams of THC and 50 milligrams of CBD. 

This little container delivers serious localized pain relief for most aches and pains, providing your loved one with sweet, sweet release. 

Price: $30 — $40

Available in California, Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada 

THC:CBD Sleep Bath Bomb by Kush Queen 

In these stressful times, we could all use a nice warm bath and a little TLC. Kush Queen is known for its gorgeous bath bombs designed with terpenes, essential oils, and full-spectrum cannabis. 

Their Sleep 1:1 Bath Bomb is made with a blend of 25 milligrams of THC, 25 milligrams of CBD, and soothing lavender, mandarin, and marjoram oils. Kush Queen also makes bath bombs with just CBD which are available nationally. 

Price: $12.99 — $20 

Available with THC in California, CBD nationwide

Age Defying Whipped Serum by Her Royal Hempress 

Age Defying Whipped Serum by Her Royal Hempress Her Royal Hempress

While CBD is best-known for pain relief, it’s also an amazing skincare ingredient — and the perfect gift for the skincare junkie in your life. This delightful whipped serum by Her Royal Hempress is full of skin-loving ingredients, including 150 milligrams of CBD, vitamin C, green tea extract, hyaluronic acid, and other antioxidant-rich botanicals. 

Anecdotal evidence sourced from customer reviews suggest that the serum can help resolve skin concerns such as acne, dark circles, fine lines, and dullness. You can also buy the age-defying serum at a discounted rate in the Deluxe Hempress Package, along with their Exfoliating Whipped Serum. 

Price: $60

Available nationwide

Extra Strength Body Oil by Apothecanna 

Among our favorite CBD topicals for fast pain relief is Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Oil. This cooling formula features key ingredients like arnica, peppermint, and juniper, in addition to 400 milligrams of CBD.

Ideal for THC skeptics looking for relief from pain or inflammation, the extra strength oil packs a serious punch, and a little goes a long way. Apothecanna also makes several other CBD lotions and oils designed to promote better circulation, calmness, and overall ease.

Price: $54 

Available nationwide

TOTO Lubricant by TOCA

TOTO Lubricant by TOCATOCA

Not sure what to get your significant other this year? TOCA has the answer. TOTO is a CBD-infused intimate oil designed to reduce inflammation and pain during sex, increase arousal and pleasure, and prolong orgasm. 

TOTO can be used internally or externally for all types of foreplay, penetrative sex, or as a healing massage oil throughout the body. Along with CBD, the oil includes high quality ingredients such as rosehip oil, peppermint, vitamin E oil, and rose quartz. You can also try their other formula, QULO, which is designed for anal use but can be used anywhere, to decide which formula is right for you and your partner. 

Price: $48

Available nationwide

THC-Sativa Transdermal Patch by Mary’s Medicinals 

A transdermal patch slowly delivers a medicine or drug into the bloodstream via the skin, and yes, Mary’s Medicinals award-winning patches are considered topicals, though this is the only item on the list that is designed to produce mildly intoxicating effects. 

Their sativa patch contains 20 milligrams of THC and can be placed on any venous part of the skin for 8—12 hours of steady relief. These are great for that family member or friend who is interested in trying THC but is scared to overdo it. Mary’s Medicinals also offers THC-Indica, 1:1 THC/CBD, THCA, CBD, and CBN patches. 

Price: $8 — $14 

Available in California, Colorado, Maryland, Illinois, Michigan

Peppermint Hemp-Infused Roll-On by Charlotte’s Web

Peppermint Hemp-Infused Roll-On by Charlotte's WebCharlotte’s Web

The Charlotte’s Web Peppermint Roll-On is the ideal gift for someone who’s always on the go. You know your workaholic friend or coworker who never takes a break? They can throw this oil in a bag and apply it to their forehead, temples, or wrist whenever they feel stressed or overwhelmed. 

Formulated with peppermint oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, and 100 milligrams of CBD, this product is energizing, calming, and super convenient. Charlotte’s Web also carries a similar CBD roll-on that is lavender scented

Price: $15

Available nationwide

High Gorgeous Piña-Co-Canna Lotion by Yummi Karma

Whether it’s your mom, sister, or great aunt Sally, there’s always someone on your list that is hard to shop for. Luckily, almost everyone likes things that smell nice. This tropical scented lotion by High Gorgeous combines 200 milligrams of THC and THCa with aloe, chamomile, and other natural ingredients to soothe sore muscles. 

It’s relaxing, vegan-friendly, and smells like you’re on a beautiful beach vacation — what more could you ask for? 

Price: $30 — $40 

Available in California

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Everything you need to know about the Dr. Dabber Switch vaporizer

A dab rig and flower vape all in one handheld vaporizer, the Dr. Dabber Switch offers convenience for newbies and dabbing veterans alike. 

The relatively compact set-up is a streamlined luxury item for those who are used to more precarious rigs, and it’s easy enough for first-time dabbers to use without any problems. The main game-changing feature is the machine’s patent pending induction heating system, which offers lightning fast heat with no hot spots and temperature accuracy within one percent. Controlling the heat up is key to getting a good hit, and users can choose from 25 settings to optimize flavor or cloud density. 

In general, it has a high-tech feel and will delight the tech-obsessed and anyone who’s looking for an easy way to dab on the go.. Learn everything you need to know about the Dr. Dabber Switch below.

What is the Dabber Switch?

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a rechargeable electronic bubbler that has an internal induction heat source. 

The only one of its kind, this rig’s technology provides almost instant high heat vaporization for cannabis concentrates, extracts and flower. Included in the basic package are these ten items:

  • Battery charger
  • Charging cord
  • Ceramic oil induction cup
  • Ceramic flower induction cup
  • Induction cap cover
  • Dab tool/carb cap
  • Induction base
  • Bubbler 
  • Reverse tweezers
  • Silicon box 
Dr. Dabber

How do you use the Switch?

The key to successfully operating the rig is to master the light indicators. The instructions are detailed, but come off a bit confusing with a lot of overcomplicated language. With four possible modes, all for different functions, it does feel fussy and overly complex. Then again, techies who love digging into a gadget to discover hidden features will likely enjoy the process. 

And while controlling the modes can be tricky, the clearly marked “main button” that allows users to switch from oils to flower couldn’t be easier. 

Temperature settings and modes

The rig offers a temperature range of 300 to 800°F, with lower temperatures being ideal for flavor extraction, and higher temperatures pulling dense vape clouds — which some usually associate with a more intense high. 

The rig is pre-set to its basic mode, which comes with five heat settings indicated by the five vertical lights on its face, easy enough. A few clicks on the buttons allows users to activate the “advanced mode” with 25 temperature settings to calibrate precision heat, which is how most people will likely operate the rig in order to customize their hits. 

There is a definite learning curve to operating the Switch, but worth it to take the time, as the customizable features are what makes this tool special. Additional modes include crystal mode, which only works with an extra attachment, and stealth mode, which eliminates the internal lights when operating. 

Regardless of the mode, each induction cycle can stay hot for up to 20 seconds, another feature that can be customized. There is an automatic cool down that kicks in between rounds or if it gets too hot. Because the induction heat is internal, there is minimal risk of burning yourself or anything else while handling. 

Set-up and design 

The unit needs to be assembled, which is quick and fairly easy: 

  1. Add a few inches of water to the bubbler before fitting it on top of the base. 
  2. Next, the induction cups can be pre-loaded and placed inside the rig using the reverse tweezers. 
  3. It’s ready to turn on by switching the main button to oil or flower, then time to choose the temperature setting. 
  4. Note: regardless of the temperature setting or mode, the lights flash red when heating up, and green when it’s ready to go. 

As a whole, the unit feels good in the hands, with an hourglass figure and smooth matte finish. It’s big, but not heavy, and would be easy enough to transport if packed in the original protective packaging. The rechargeable battery life is good for over 100 hits and takes just an hour to charge, which makes it practical enough to keep out as a permanent fixture. 

With so many features to be controlled by just a few buttons and lights, I can’t help wishing there was a digital read thermometer for temperature control rather than a system of light codes. 


When dabbing oils, you can preload the induction cup with the extract, or you can load an empty induction cup and use the loading tool/carb cap to dab directly onto the induction cup once it reaches temperature. It vaporizes almost instantly and consistently every time. 

As expected, temperatures in the lower half of the range produce exceptional flavor, with higher temperatures yielding dense, puffy clouds. All said, the hits produced with extracts are reliably impressive in quality and speed. 


For a machine primarily designed for dabbing, the Dr. Dabber Switch does a decent job vaporizing flower. While the instructions recommend using the induction cup cap to avoid loose particles from getting messy, it seems to interfere with vapor production and generally works better without it — and without making any significant mess. 

The biggest issue with flower is that it tends to burn. Low settings produce a good flavor for a hit or two, but don’t adequately extract vapor from the flower, and even medium temperatures char the flower right away. 

It works, but it’s clear that this rig is designed for extract rather than flower. 

How do you clean it?

The unit comes with a self-cleaning mode that helps keep the induction cups in good shape. Even so, it is recommended that you clean out the induction cups after each use with a cotton swab and some alcohol. 

The bubbler attachment can also be cleaned by soaking in alcohol, though the design with small tubes can make it a little tricky if it gets significantly dirtied. Dr. Dabber sells a different top piece that is easier to clean because of the more streamlined design. 


There’s no shortage of extras for this rig, at least one of which feels like it should have been included in the standard package. Notably, the carb cap and dab tool-in-one fits precariously as a carb cap, and seems like an accident waiting to happen — especially after a few hits. One of the brand’s other carb caps, including the least expensive updated carb cap offers more stability. 

Additionally, there are at least four different bubbler attachments available, including one that is easier to keep clean, and one that is electroplated to have an iridescent hue that changes color with heating. There’s also the quartz crystal induction cup that allows users to operate the enticingly named “crystal mode.” 

Is the Dr. Dabber Switch worth it?

It’s a fun piece to own for anyone who likes dabbing and digging into high-tech toys with lots of features. The versatility of being able to control precision heat is great, and can make a real difference in the efficiency and quality you get from cannabis extracts — even if it does take some practice to learn. This gadget can be a bit polarizing, some will absolutely love it, while some will find it overly complicated.

At the end of the day, it’s a Dr. Dabber product, so it’s no surprise that this machine’s specialty is dabbing extracts rather than flower. While not great for flower, the versatility is a nice feature and would absolutely do the trick for a group of people who were split between dabbing and flower vaping. 

The overall safety, battery efficiency and speed of the rig make it easy enough for first timers to get into the world of dabbing, and embodies technological advancements that will intrigue long time dabbers. 

At $400 it’s an investment piece and luxury item, but worth it for anyone who is looking to take their dabbing to the next level of comfort and precision. 

Photos courtesy of Dr. Dabber.

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6 ways you can support cannabis prisoners this holiday season

The holidays offer us time to decompress from a hectic year, reconnect with loved ones, reflect on what we’ve lost, celebrate wins, and — perhaps this year more than ever — appreciate what we have. For weed lovers in legal states, it’s both a gift and a privilege to have access to the plant and the right to use it safely. And as most of us know, tens of thousands of Americans still languish in prison for cannabis crimes while the industry thrives. 

Luckily, there are several ways you can give back and support those who have been unfairly disenfranchised by cannabis prohibition. The Last Prisoner Project (LPP), a non-profit Weedmaps has partnered with since its inception in 2019, is dedicated to bringing restorative justice to the cannabis industry. Founded on the idea that those who profit from cannabis have a responsibility to repair the damage that criminalization caused, LPP works tirelessly to free every last cannabis prisoner. 

Here’s what you can do to support their efforts and give back this holiday season. 


The easiest and most obvious action you can take may also be one of the most effective. In the past year, the Last Prisoner Project protected hundreds of at-risk individuals from Covid-19, secured hygienic gear for those incarcerated, matched dozens of cannabis prisoners with pro bono attorneys, dispersed $70,000 to the families and children of those incarcerated, and spearheaded policy reform both on the state and national level — all thanks to the generous support of donors. 

For more details about how donated funds are allocated, you can check out the annual report summarizing LPP’s accomplishments. 

Donate to the LPP

Call your local officials 

The combined horrors of mass incarceration and COVID-19 have created life-threatening conditions for incarcerated individuals. “Mass incarceration has left prisons and jails highly susceptible to an outbreak given overcrowding, lack of resources, and little access to medical care,” according to LPP. 

Public officials can address this crisis in a number of ways by releasing people who are nearing the end of their sentences, waiving medical visit copays for incarcerated people, and, of course, releasing non-violent cannabis prisoners. 

Contacting your governor or state’s Department of Corrections can go a long way in helping the underserved and wrongly incarcerated. For example, Michael Thompson was imprisoned in 1994 for selling weed to an undercover informant in Michigan. Despite weed now being legal in the state of Michigan, Thompson will have to serve another 35 years if he is not granted clemency. At 68 years old, he is facing a life sentence — just for selling weed.

As a result of the outpouring of support and outrage for Michael Thompson, his case had been scheduled for a public hearing with the Michigan Parole Board on November 17th, which was the last step required for his case to move up and get signed byGovernor Whitmer. According to LPP, “This could not have happened without all of the support for Michael and the hundreds of thousands of calls, emails, and letters to the Michigan Parole Board.”

Contact your state Governor

Contact your state Department of Corrections

Be a partner 

If you own or work for a dispensary or cannabis brand that would be interested in freeing cannabis prisoners, LPP has several partnership opportunities. 

Their Partners for Freedom Program connects brands nationwide to promote restorative justice in the cannabis industry, while the Roll It Up For Justice Program helps cannabis customers donate to the Last Prisoner Project at check out. They also have resources for budtenders looking to be reparative justice advocates. 

Learn more about LPP partnerships

Join the Holiday Letter Drive 

Help LPP reach their goal of sending 1,000 letters to cannabis prisoners this year by participating in their Holiday Letter Drive. Due to Covid-19, prisoners won’t be allowed to see their loved ones in person this year. Heartfelt, encouraging letters let them know they are not forgotten. 

Expand your reach by getting friends, family members, or coworkers to write letters with you.

Learn more about the Holiday Letter Drive

Support incarcerated individuals

Even after cannabis prisoners are released and their rights are restored, the nightmare doesn’t always end there, they often need help securing work, housing, and other necessities: 

After serving 20 years for a joint’s worth of cannabis, Thomas Swinner was finally released from prison in Louisiana this past July. Despite initially receiving a life sentence, the Innocence Project of New Orleans helped with his resentencing and release, and now LPP is helping him get back on his feet. 

Support Thomas Swinner

America’s longest-serving non-violent cannabis prisoner, Richard DeLisi, has been incarcerated for 31 years and will finally be released this December. LPP is fundraising to help him get back on his feet. 

Support Richard DeLisi

Raise awareness 

Sharing stories about the injustice of cannabis criminalization is an essential part of restoring justice for cannabis prisoners. Whether you’re looking to spread the word or have a story of your own to share, the Last Prisoner Project has resources and opportunities for everyone at every level of engagement. 

Get involved 

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The best ‘high questions’ to contemplate when you’re, well, high

Cannabis consumers partake in weed for a myriad of reasons, including medicinal, to ease the body’s aches, pains, and anxiety, or  recreational, to spark creativity. The research is out on how cannabis specifically impacts our creative thoughts and work, but pretty much all consumers recognize that a good high can produce a flood of new ideas, thoughts, and — most of all — questions. All kinds of questions. 

Some of those questions may be existential in the vein of “what is the meaning of life?” Others may wander to the bizarre, “If a tomato is a fruit, then isn’t ketchup a smoothie?” There are whole communities on Reddit dedicated to chatting with people who contemplate both the smell of their feet and the origins of the Big Bang in the same sesh. Over on Twitter, both hashtags #HighQuestions and #StonerThoughts show the same kinds of musings. 

These questions are as sundry as you might think — maybe you’re thinking of one right now — though they do tend to fall into three basic categories. Here are some of the most compelling, funny, and groan-inducing high questions floating around on the internet

Compelling questions

You’ll want to spark up a fresh bowl of cerebral cannabis, like White Widow or LSD, before diving deep into these 13 compelling and thoughtful questions: 

  • Can you daydream at night?
  • If you’re in a competition by yourself, do you come in first or last?
  • If life is unfair to everyone, does that mean life is actually fair?
  • Which came first, the plant or the seed?
  • If actions speak louder than words, is speaking also an action?
    • Does being “up” for something mean the same thing as being “down” for something?
    • What time is it not?
    • If you try to fail, but end up succeeding, which did you actually do?
    • Who created God?
    • What’s the highest thing you’ve ever done?
    • Is getting high and remembering something from your past simply time travel?
    • What if scientists, philosophers, and researchers were high when they made their most important and noteworthy discoveries?
    • Who was the first person that saw cannabis and decided to smoke it?

    Funny questions

    Reach for some giggle-inducing Durban Poison or Mango Kush before laughing til your cheeks hurt with these 14 amusing questions:

    • If you smoke weed on a boat, does that make it seaweed? 
    • If you drop soap on the floor, is the floor clean or is the soap dirty?
    • If you get scared half to death twice, do you die?
    • Is the “s” or the “c” silent in “scent”?
    • If money is the root of all evil, why do they ask for it in church?
    • If you clean a vacuum, do you become a vacuum cleaner?
    • Who closes the bus door after the bus driver gets off?
    • If they use crash test dummies to test things, how do they test crash test dummies?
    • If oranges are orange, why are limes not called “greens”? 
    • What does water taste like?
    • Can dogs get a song stuck in their head?
    • Have you ever calmed someone down by saying “calm down?”
    • If you’re waiting for the waiter, aren’t you the waiter?
    • Who taught the first teacher?

    Groaner questions

    Load up your favorite bong with a bit of Gelato before pulling out your best dad jokes with these 14 groan-inducing questions:

    • Why don’t ribbed condoms taste like ribs?
    • What if every time we eat an apple, we’re eating a tree baby?
    • Is a gingerbread man made of house, or is his house made of flesh?
    • If an ice cube melts, is it floating in a pool of its own blood?
    • What do teeth taste like? Do everyone’s teeth taste differently?
    • If someone dies in a living room, is it still a living room?
    • If two vegans are arguing, is it still considered a beef?
    • If a bunch of cats jump on top of each other, is it still a dog pile?
    • Why is it called a building when it’s already built?
    • How many people have stepped on the sidewalk I walk on every day?
    • If I hit myself and it hurts, am I weak or strong?
    • Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order?
    • Is there a synonym for “synonym”?
    • Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

    We do know from research that cannabis can distort our sense of time, making it seem like it moves more slowly. Cannabis can also disrupt short-term memory and alter our sense of perception. So a question that seems very urgent and worthy of contemplation during one sesh might not even enter your mind the next time around. 

    If you haven’t yet answered the most mysterious questions of the universe while high, no worries. There are always new thoughts to examine.

    Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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    What happens when you green out?

    It wouldn’t be unfair to say that 2020 has been one hell of a year, and the need to escape from reality — if even for a few hours — is more tempting than ever. Consuming cannabis can be good for what ails you in so many ways, from its medicinal compounds that could help calm inflammation and contribute to a better night’s sleep, to its ability to bring a feeling of euphoria that could take your mind momentarily off of the world’s troubles. 

    For all the myriad benefits of cannabis consumption, there can be a few downsides, especially for novice consumers, including the dreaded “green out.” Defined as an experience caused by consuming too much cannabis, signs of a green out include nausea, sweating, dizziness, vomiting, severe anxiety, increased heart rate, reduced blood pressure, and even mild hallucinations. 

    While the research is still out as to what precisely causes a green out, anecdotal accounts from consumers and doctors hold that THC — the psychoactive cannabinoid responsible for the high you feel while consuming — accountable. 

    Greening out and the endocannabinoid system

    All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), composed of endogenous (internal) endocannabinoids, enzymes, and receptors. Humans often ingest exogenous (external) cannabinoids through cannabis consumption, most famously the non-intoxicating CBD and the aforementioned THC. But humans also produce two endocannabinoids on their own; anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol. 

    Both endogenous and exogenous cannabinoids bind to CB receptors called CB1 and CB2. These receptors are located throughout the body, including skeletal tissues, internal organs, and the skin to help create bodily harmony, or homeostasis. When your body is out of whack in some way, let’s say it needs to respond to a change in outside temperature for example, the ECS rounds up endogenous cannabinoids to help bring your body back to balance. 

    Though all of these exogenous and endogenous cannabinoids bind to CB receptors, anandamide binds in a way that more intuitively helps moderate systems like fertility, pain, depression, appetite, and so on. Too much THC, however, can bind excessively to CB receptors, which can make you feel like you’re on the road to a green out. 

    How high THC can lead to a green out

    In the era of legalization, consumers are clearing dispensary shelves of cannabis strains with THC percentages north of 20%, expecting a kick-ass high. However, a recent study from the University of Colorado Boulder and published in JAMA Psychiatry contradicts that notion. The research found that even though smoking high-potency cannabis will definitely boost the levels of THC in your blood, it won’t get you any higher than if you’d consumed a strain with lower potency. 

    Whether or not you green out has a lot to do with how frequently you consume, what type of cannabis you consume, and how much THC you can tolerate. For example, if you go a bit overboard on your first dabbing experience, or you consume that 100 milligram edible all in one sitting, you have a pretty good chance of greening out. 

    While there’s never been a case of humans dying from cannabis toxicity, consumers should always be mindful about how much they’re consuming, especially when it comes to high potency strains. One 2019 study found that cannabis use has been associated with acute myocardial infarction (heart attack), thrombus formation, stroke, and death. There are some known symptoms of greening out, like rapid heart rate, that could exacerbate an underlying health condition. 

    How to avoid or get out of a green out

    If you find yourself in the green out zone, there are a few things you can do to ride the storm. 

    If you are with friends or people you trust, ask them to stay with you until you feel well enough to be on your own. Drink plenty of water, have a snack, and get comfy. If you can manage it, try deep breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, or even take a warm bath. 

    The trick is to engage your mind with pretty much anything other than how terrible you feel, and to create a calm, reassuring environment for yourself. 

    Some studies have shown that counteracting too much THC with CBD may help tame a green out, while terpenes like beta-caryophyllene (found in black pepper) and limonene (found in citrus fruits) have been shown to recalibrate the feelings of anxiety that are part and parcel of a green out. 

    However, the best way to avoid a green out is to simply not consume too much cannabis, especially high potency strains. If you are new to cannabis, try strains that aren’t too high in THC, or strains that are at least more balanced by other cannabinoids. As tasty as it might be, don’t eat that whole edible. 

    Last but not least, if you are a consumer with a condition that could be exacerbated by any green out symptoms, particularly rapid heart rate, low blood pressure, dizziness, anxiety, or vomiting, remember the cardinal cannabis consumption rule: start low and go slow. Your friends might get baked before you, but who cares? Safety first. 

    Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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    A shoutout to the businesses featured in Weedmaps’ ’12 Days of Giveaways’

    For the holidaze season, we’re ending the year on a high note. To show our appreciation for both our followers and small businesses, we’re hosting 12 very special giveaways to support and highlight a variety of small, local, BIPoC, female, LGBTQ+ and family owned brands and companies. 

    This giveaway series will occur over the course of the first two weeks of December, where one item or bundle will be given away each day. There will be a winner for each of the 12 days until the last day.

    While the giveaways are underway on Weedmaps’ Instagram account, we want to highlight each of the featured business owners and entrepreneurs creating unique products that are loved by the cannabis community. 

    Umudyok Designs

    To kick off Day 1 of the giveaway, we are pairing with Umudyok Designs, a queer, Filipina, woman-owned woodshop business. Cassey Dela Pena, owner and designer, operates her company in Oakland, California where she crafts unique wood products that range from kitchen cutting boards and propagation stations to rolling trays.

    Cassey’s love for wood-working stemmed from her father’s innovative, simple crafting solutions, which inspire the sleek, functional wood designs she creates today.


    On Day 2, we have a Colorado-based company, Stashlogix,  founded by Skip Stone, a father who wanted to ensure his young kids wouldn’t be able to get into his medicine. His solution was to develop a brand of bags, containers, and accessories — all equipped with smell-proof technology. 

    Stashlogix takes pride in their efforts to break the negative stigma around cannabis and create “thoughtful, secure, and discreet” products that aim to promote a responsible cannabis connoisseur.


    For our Day 3 giveaway, we teamed up with Stevana Vaughn, a Black, female yoga instructor from Chicago, Illinois. What began as a physical practice and mental healing has evolved into a way of life. Vaughn is a mother, cannabis consumer, and self-taught flexibility trainer, as seen in her viral videos of her bendy moves

    She now teaches virtual yoga classes that will be offered as part of the giveaway. 

    Sackville & Co.

    Day 4 will feature Sackville & Co., a woman-owned brand designed for the contemporary, feminine eye. Founders Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt’s combination of experience in various business marketing fields helped lift off their cannabis brand where they now sell stylish grinders, papers, CBD sprays, clothes, and more. 

    Sackville & Co. believes that cannabis is a tool to help strengthen creativity and curiosity within the fashion, art, and music industries, and can encourage diversity within the global art community.

    Kicky Mats & Jane Parade

    Our Day 5 giveaway features two noteworthy women-owned businesses. Kicky Mats is based in Houston, Texas where owner Eboni Roberts designs fun, custom doormats. Jane Parade is a lifestyle brand from Brooklyn, New York and caters to the style of the playful, female cannabis connoisseur. 

    Eight winners will receive a “Keep blazing, stay amazing” doormat from Kicky Mats and “Smoke Weed” shoe charms from Jane Parade

    Ethel’s Club

    For Day 6, we’re boosting Ethel’s Club: a Brooklyn based, Black-owned, social wellness club giving away seven memberships. 

    Naj Austin formed Ethel’s Club after being inspired by the caring environment her grandmother, Ethel, fostered in her community. This was the foundation of the club, as Naj and her team continue to provide a space for people of color to heal, create, connect, and celebrate their cultures. 

    Elevate Jane

    Day 7’s giveaway is a POC, woman-owned, family-run business specializing in contemporary-style smoke products called Elevate Jane. They sell glass, ceramic, and crystal pipes, along with joint holders, rolling papers, and grinders, and their very own bong, Mimi.

    Located in Long Beach, California, all of Elevate Jane’s pipes are made in the USA, and they believe that form and functionality are fundamental to their product. 

    Lux Eros

    Lux Eros is our Day 8 giveaway. It’s a woman-owned ceramic brand based in Los Angeles, California. Owner Desanka Fasiska originally worked in fashion and was in search of a more nurturing environment for artistic expression, so she decided to transition to a ceramic business where she began hosting creative workshops in order to build community. 

    Fasiska now designs and sells chic, custom, ceramic pieces ranging from tabletop and drinkware to home decor — each with their own signature, yet unique designs.  

    MUNISA Ceramica

    On Day 9 of the giveaway, we’ve teamed with a Latinx, woman-owned ceramic smoking accessory shop located in Venice Beach, California. 

    Born and raised in Juarez, owner Isabela Munoz has always had a strong love for her culture’s beauty, which she heavily incorporates into her product design. After gaining some experience in a bakery, and attending a POC-run pottery school in LA, she began crafting pipes and rolling trays in the shapes of fruits inspired by her Mexican culture.

    Bear Mountain Studios

    Our Day 10 giveaway is Bear Mountain Studios, a small glass business in Colorado run by husband and wife duo, Evan and Cassandra. 

    Evan began blowing glass in 2013 and started experimenting with different shapes and figures of smoking pieces. His out-of-the-box designs were inspired by antique styles in his own home growing up — he describes his product embodying “antique shapes with modern function.” One of these locally blown, handcrafted pieces will be a part of the giveaway.


    For Day 11, we feature a patient-focused, Black, woman-owned company, Ardent. Owner Shanel Lindsey was a cannabis patient looking to accurately dose her medicine by decarboxylation

    After realizing these methods were more complicated than she expected — and with Massachusetts’ legalization of medical cannabis in 2012 — she began working with scientists in labs where she ultimately perfected the decarboxylation process using one device: The NOVA is the first decarboxylator that provides patients with pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis dosages. 


    Day 12 includes Apothecarry: a Black, woman-owned company run by CEO Whitney Beatty. The brand began with Beatty, a former TV executive from LA, who used cannabis to treat her anxiety, but wanted a secure and sophisticated form of stashing her green. 

    With that in mind, she established a collection of luxury carrying cases and accessories with built-in technology that keeps your bud safe and fresh. 

    Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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