High Pressure Concentrates – All About Oleoresin

When it comes to cannabis concentrates, stronger is not necessarily always better. Sure, you want your products to have the highest level of THC possible, but what truly makes a great concentrate would have to be terpene profiles. Not only do terps give cannabis products their distinctive aromas and flavors, but they also make a considerable difference in the type of high a person will experience. When creating concentrates, one of the primary objectives is to preserve as many of the natural plant compounds as possible, but do so in a way that is also cost effective for producers. Enter: Oleoresin.

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Cannabis Extracts and Concentrates Explained 

When it comes to the higher potency cannabis products, there are two terms you’re likely to hear: extracts and concentrates. They’re often used interchangeably, and while this usually makes sense, it doesn’t always because the definitions do differ slightly.  

“Extract” refers to anything pulled from cannabis flower. When you put raw plant matter into certain solvents like oil, ethanol, or water (alcohol is most common), you can draw out various compounds including THC, CBD, and various terpenes. The final solution you’re left with, is known as cannabis extract.  

The word “concentrate” is somewhat self-explanatory – it’s a concentrated form of something extracted from another product. Cannabis concentrates come in many different forms. Some concentrates, like the sauces and badders, are waxy and not easily handled so they’re typically only used with some type of dab rig, nectar collector, or similar. With the more solid concentrates, you can dab them if you’d like but you can also put them on top of flower in your bowls, joints, and blunts, to make them burn slower, as well as boost the flavor and efficiency. Concentrates can be vaped as well.

So, all concentrates are extracts, but not all extracts are concentrates. To elaborate on that a little further, let’s take a closer look at how a basic extraction works. Take a strain that has 20% THC, for example. If you smoke the flower, you’ll get the effects of 20% THC; but if you extract the THC and isolate it from the rest of the plant matter, you’ll have a final product with well over 90% THC. With such high levels of THC, this extract would also be considered a concentrate.  

If you do the same extraction focused on a minor cannabinoid, like CBN for instance, you’ll end up with a tincture, rather than a concentrate. This is because the percentage of CBN in most flower strains is very low – less than 1% – so the ratio of the CBN compared to other compounds in the plant will remain relatively the same once extracted. You can certainly make CBN concentrates if you want to, but that will require the extra step of separating it from the other compounds in the extraction.  

What is Oleoresin? 

Oleoresins are semi-solid extracts that are composed of plant resin and essential or fatty oils that are created when the extraction solvents are evaporated. Typical solvents used to create oleoresins include acetone, CO2, ethyl acetate, ethylene dichloride, methanol and methylene chloride, as well as application of heat and pressure.  

In cannabis it’s considered a natural resin, and can be described as a sticky, semisolid mixture of all the very best compounds found in weed. In this industry, it’s a relatively new product, but oleoresins have been extracted from various spices for quite some time.  

Oleoresins have some advantages over similar extraction processes. Less low taste notes are lost when oleoresins are extracted compared to essential oils that are steam distilled. Additionally, several significant flavor characteristics that are missing from volatile oils are present in the heavy oils of the oleoresins. Overall, some claim that oleoresin is basically a more flavorful form of live resin. 

Live Resin VS. Oleoresin  

Live resin is currently one of the most popular cannabis extracts on the market. The reason is simple: live resin tastes as close to real flower as you can get. It has a much more natural, weedy flavor than distillates, even those with terpenes added in later. Oleoresin is less known, but comparable to live resin in the sense that oleoresins preserve more of the natural plant compounds.  

The main way in which they differ, is how they are extracted. Live resin is made from fresh, flash-frozen cannabis flowers that are put through a solvent extraction process; whereas oleoresin is made using a combination of solvent and heat/pressure for extraction. Both methods aim to retain the best terpene profiles possible. Live resin usually has slightly higher levels of THC, while oleoresin typically contains more terpenes. The process of making oleoresin is also less time-consuming than live resin.  

So, let’s quickly summarize, since it can certainly get confusing trying to differentiate between all the different concentrates. Live resin comes from frozen flowers put through a solvent extraction, live rosin is a solventless extraction product using heat and pressure, and oleoresin requires both solvent and heat/pressure to extract. 

A Bit More About Terpenes 

The whole point of extracting cannabis this way is to get plant terpenes in the final product. Terpenes are a very large and diverse class of organic compounds that are produced by a wide variety of plants including herbs, trees, flowers, and fruit. In cannabis, they are secreted by the same glands that produce some of the most prominent cannabinoids including THC and CBD; but their role and effects are vastly different. Terpenes are aromatic plant oils that, when combined with other plant compounds, create a limitless palate of scents and flavors. In nature, terps serve as a defense mechanism by deterring herbivores who are turned away by the smells, and by attracting predators and parasites that attack herbivores. 


Chemically, terpenes are hydrocarbons and they are the major component of rosin, a waxy type of sap that is produced and developed throughout the life cycle of the cannabis plant. There are curing processes that can improve the final quality and content of the terpenes, but other factors that impact their development are climate, weather, age and maturation, fertilizers, soil type, and light cycles. 

As far as cannabis goes, terpenes – not classification (sativa/indica) – are the key to differentiating between effects and flavors of a strain. Some terpenes are relaxing, like those found in lavender, while others are energizing, like the terps abundant in citrus fruit. Some smell fruity, some are piney, and others are musky. The possible variations are endless. So far, over 100 different terpenes have been discovered in cannabis plants alone, and each strain typically has its own unique blend and composition. 

Terpenes have long been known to hold great therapeutic value, and some of the more common ones – like limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene – have been studied more extensively since they’re found in many different types of legal plants. More research is needed to determine the extent of their medicinal effects when combined with other cannabis plant compounds. 

Final Thoughts 

Simply put, Oleoresin is a product that is new in the world of cannabis but not so new when it comes to general essential oils. Oleoresins are created by many plants and can be produced by doing a solvent extraction combined with heat and pressure. The point of Oleoresin is to offer a concentrate that retains the highest level of terpenes possible, and thus, will have some of the best flavors you can get on the market. There are very few cannabis oleoresin products for sale currently, but what is available you can find in our newsletter (sign up box at the top of the page).

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The Ultimate High Times 710 Gift Guide 2022

710 is right around the corner, and you know what that means: Oil! Whether you’re a hardcore dabber or you’re looking to try it out for the first time, July 10th is the day to go all out and get really, really stoned. To help with that, we’ve put together a list of some our favorite products that will take your 710 to the next level!

Courtesy of West Coast Gifts

GEAR Premium® Dip Stick

Grip it, dip it, and rip it with the Dip Stick from GEAR Premium®. This easy-to-use concentrate accessory is 510 thread compatible and allows you to use your concentrate anywhere, at any time.

Includes a replaceable heating coil and a removable silicone cap to take your Dip Stick on the go.

Price: $18

Courtesy of Nothing’s Impossible

Nothing’s Impossible Dab Rig w/ Matrix Perc

Increase the intensity of your next dabbing session with the Nothing’s Impossible Dab Rig w/ Matrix Perc. Coming in at 10.5”, this killer piece will completely transform the way you think about enjoying your favorite concentrates. You have your choice of red, orange, green, or aqua-colored accents and the Nothing’s Impossible logo can be found on the side of the chamber, which is the icing on this oh-so-tasty cake. The joint size is 14mm and utilizes a 90 degree fixed downstem design for convenient use. It also features an angled neck design, flared lip and super thick base for added style and stability.

Price: $89.99

Courtesy of CBD Living

Delta-8 Living Lemonades

Cheers to higher living with fruity Delta-8 Living Lemonades. Available in three refreshing flavors—Mango Lemonade, Pink Lemonade and Iced Tea Lemonade 50/50—these 100 mg Delta-8 beverages are ideal for mixing into cocktails and mocktails or for enjoying by themselves on the rocks.

Delta-8 Living Lemonades are manufactured using Delta-8 Living’s Proprietary Water Soluble Technology, which increases bioavailability by allowing the nutrients to bypass first-pass metabolism in the liver, so you get more relief, quicker.

Price: $16

Courtesy of STIIIZY

STIIIZY Live Resin Diamonds

As one of the leading legacy brands in cannabis, STIIIZY is reinventing the way you experience 710. STIIIZY Live Resin Diamonds are curated specifically for usability, potency, and experience, making these perfect-sized diamond crystals suspended in terpene-packed sauce one of the most refined and consistent extract products in the cannabis market. Our live resin diamonds are extracted using only high THC, fresh frozen flower, preserving the natural flavor compounds of the plant that Mother Nature has intended.

Price: $25

Courtesy of STIIIZY


It’s not 710 without STIIIZY. The STIIIZY OG Pod is created using our premium quality concentrates that uphold the highest level of purity. Extracted from a variety of natural flora, STIIIZY’s botanically derived terpenes yield a balanced aroma and taste to deliver a consistent experience every time. As a 710 fan favorite, our OG Pods are continuously setting the industry standard to influence and inspire through innovative methods.

Price: $20-$45

Courtesy of Canna River

Canna River Ultra Classic CBD Tincture

The Canna River Ultra Classic CBD tincture is a genuine high strength tincture. In fact, at 20,000 mg of broad spectrum CBD per bottle and approximately 167 mg per serving, “high strength” is an understatement. It is perfect for those who need extra support. Try it in their best-selling Lemon Raspberry flavor or choose from new Sweet Mint and Mango Peach. All of Canna River’s tinctures are crafted with MCT oil and hemp-derived cannabinoids from plants grown in the USA. They are lab tested, sugar free, alcohol free, vegan, and non-GMO. At only $100 per 120 ml bottle, the Ultra Classic is too good to pass up.

Price: $100

Courtesy of The Seed Fair

The Seed Fair

The Seed Fair is back with an all new line of 2,000 cannabis seed strains ready for cultivation! Whether you are looking for an exotic that is hard to find, or trying a new classic, we have the product for you during 710.

Our premium cannabis seeds have been hand selected and lab tested to help give you the consistency you deserve when growing. Our seeds come with a 90% germination guarantee and a full staff support to help you on your journey.

Take advantage of our two new amazing strains in our collection. Panama Red and 98 Aloha White Widow cannabis seeds.  

Panama Red is a vintage classic that reached its fame in the 90s. Cannabis connoisseurs are always coming back for this landrace strain to experience a euphoric blend of relaxation.

98 Aloha White Widow originates from Hawaii and is a much sought-after strain. Feel the Hawaiian breeze as this one rushes into your senses.

Enjoy 25% on all our products for a limited time only by using our discount code: hightimes25%

Courtesy of Al Capone Leaf Wraps

Al Capone Leaf Wraps

Roll the perfect blunt with Al Capone All-Natural Tobacco Leaf Wraps. The Al Capone wraps match most of the roller’s needs. They come packed in individual pouches, so they are always fresh. They don’t have thick veins, and the leaf is stretchy. They come pre-cut to the perfect size and ready to roll, with a self-adhesive strip for easy closure. Slow Burning for the perfect smoking experience. Available in 3 flavors: Original, Cognac & Rum.

Price: $1.49-$2.00

Courtesy of Cloudious9

Cloudious9 Ultra9 Bundle

The Cloudious9’s Ultra9 bundle is the perfect bundle gift for the cannabis connoisseur which includes the popular Hydrology9 NX which is an electric vaporizer for cannabis concentrates and flower, the Hydrology9 NX leather carrying case for easy portability, the Atomic9 dry herb flower vaporizer, and the Tectonic9 auto dispensing grinder. The Hydrology9 NX features an interchangeable concentrate atomizer & hybrid convection flower vaporizer chamber that were designed with an uncompromising dedication to each material’s unique vaporization attributes. The Hydrology9 NX is one of the best water filtered vaporizers & dab rigs for you to enjoy this 710 holiday.

Price: $299

Courtesy of Pulsar Vaporizers

Pulsar RöK

Feast your eyes on the best portable electric dab rig available! For only $200, this eRig gives you the ability to experience premium innovation and taste the finer properties of your exquisite concentrates, while opening up their full flavor profile. Boasting a powerful 1600mAh battery with multiple heat settings and a durable metal body, the Pulsar RöK is where functionality meets performance and enables yet another way to #EnjoyHigherCulture.

Now features larger internal air paths which allows the water-filtered percolation to produce consistently cool pulls every time. Plus, the updated coilless quartz V2 atomizer delivers even smoother hits having increased surface area which provides bigger clouds and heats faster and more evenly!

Price: $200

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Puffco Proxy: A Classic Hashpipe Reimagined

Puffco is known for its cutting-edge technology, raising the bar over and over again with each product drop. Revered for their revolutionary Peak and Peak Pro smart rig devices, the brand is coveted by dabbers across the board. The company’s latest release, the Puffco Proxy, changes the game yet again with its slick design and modular functionality. The first offering in a new ecosystem targeted at heads and the canna-curious alike, the Proxy takes the form of a classic Sherlock pipe, bringing a familiar favorite into the 21st century. 

“As soon as you hold it in your hand it feels like this old friend,” Puffco founder and CEO Roger Volodarsky told Cannabis Now.

The addition of the Proxy to the Puffco family brings with it seemingly endless possibilities for customization. It likely won’t be long until pipe makers far and wide are adding heady Proxy glass to their portfolios—something Volodarsky has been looking forward to since the device’s inception.

A Dab Rig for Everyone

The Puffco Proxy, in development for nearly two and a half years, was intended to help introduce people to the dabbing experience in an approachable manner. Volodarsky explains that while the Peak was a great start, some consumers still found the torchless rig to be intimidating. 

“This is the thing that is going to reach the masses and breakthrough to people that haven’t yet become comfortable with hash consumption,” he predicts.

The Proxy’s design centers around its removable base unit, the key to the modular capabilities. The 3D chamber within provides even heating while the Oculus carb cap features a directional air-path for a perfect hit every time. Both components can be removed easily for cleaning (be sure to follow the company’s included instructions during this process to protect your hardware).

Like its big brother the OG Peak, the Proxy features four built-in temperature settings controlled by a single button. Fans of terpene-rich hits or newcomers to the concentrate experience can start low, but the hot dab cult looking for a more traditional experience should, in Volodarsky’s words, “put it on the white setting and buckle up!”

Cannabis Now staff had a chance to test out the Proxy prior to its launch. We found the product to be sleek and sexy, with a quick heat-up time and smooth draw. Sessions last around 45 seconds but can be extended with another double-click of the button, sending you into Boost mode. 

The device charged quickly with the included USB-C cord going from red to orange to green in no time. When unplugged, users can triple-click the button to check the device’s battery percentage.

While it lacks the overall horsepower of the Peak, the device still excited reviewers, thanks to its blend of nostalgia and innovation along with its creative potential. The compact size makes the Proxy discreet and portable, another benefit—especially for dabbers on the go.

The included carrying case is a thing of beauty, immediately impressing the CN Team. With space for swabs, dab tools, an extra chamber, and of course, terps, the compact caddy is a true step up from previous products’ packaging. 

When complimented on the design, Volodarsky laughed saying he was initially hesitant about the idea but was eventually sold thanks to the stellar craftsmanship.

“My team really had to push me on this one,” he said. “I didn’t want to go this hard because I wasn’t sure we could really provide the value that it does, but our design team killed it.”

The Sky’s the Limit for Puffco Proxy, With Hash Reaching New Heights

The Puffco Proxy itself is a fantastic addition to any arsenal, but speculation on future drops within the ecosystem is already starting to form. The company is staying tight-lipped on what’s next but is promising plenty of additions to the device’s glass catalog, including ones that will incorporate water filtration and potential collabs from artists such as Puffco fan-favorite Ryan Fitt.

The release of the Proxy signifies a new era for the brand, one that will likely result in even more converts to the concentrates lifestyle. For Volodarsky and his team, it’s all about spreading the gospel of hash to the masses.

“Hash for me is the absolute best experience in the space, I think most of my hash heads agree,” he said. “This is a device that gives us the opportunity to pull people into something that we love so much. For the sake of hash being an economy that keeps growing, if you love this, let your loved ones know how much you love it and why.”

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Flower is King: Sales Breakdown

Flower is king in the cannabis world. It is the dominant category in every market, requiring little-to-no processing; it is often the cheapest category of cannabis. And flower is versatile. It can be smoked, vaped or used to make edibles or oil. From a business standpoint, flower is also susceptible to price fluctuations. The price […]

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The Winners of The Hemp Cup: People’s Choice 2022

High Times Cup competitions are a unique way for the industry to go up against the best of the best in the cannabis space — not only for high THC but hemp products as well. The Hemp Cup: People’s Choice 2022 unites both competitors and judges across the entire hemp space. 

We are pleased to announce the High Times Hemp Cup winners, presented by Hemp Hop. Thank you to our Silver Sponsor, Orange County CBD, and to our Bronze Sponsor, Sweet Sensi CBD.


First Place: Flow Gardens – Blue Cheese #12 Flower

Courtesy of Flow Gardens

Second Place: Healing Canopy – White Triploid CBG Flower

Courtesy of Healing Canopy

Third Place: Grateful Beginnings Farm – Sour Lifter Flower

Courtesy of Grateful Beginnings Farm


First Place: Sweet Sensi CBD – Improved Berry Blossom #17 Cigar

Courtesy of Sweet Sensi

Second Place: Hemp Hop – Pacific Cooler HHC Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Hemp Hop

Third Place: CBD Hemp Direct – Honolulu Haze #3 Pre-Roll

Courtesy of CBD Hemp Direct


First Place: Metta Hemp – HHC Wet Sugar

Courtesy of Metta Hemp

Second Place: Alliance Hemp Co. – Gas CBD Terpsolate

Courtesy of Alliance Hemp Co.

Third Place: Piur Select – Tennessee Tangie Flower Sift Rosin

Courtesy of Piur Select

Vape Pens

First Place: 3Chi – Blue Dream HHC Vape

Courtesy of 3Chi

Second Place: STNR – Tangie HHC Sativa Vape

Courtesy of STNR

Third Place: Rove Remedies – Uplift Vape

Courtesy of Rove Remedies

Edibles: Gummies

First Place: Pow-Pow: OG Kush Blood Orange Live Resin Gummies

Courtesy of Pow-Pow

Second Place: Galaxy Treats – Tropical Kush Moon Babies

Courtesy of Galaxy Treats

Third Place: Martha Stewart – Harvest Medley Wellness Gummies

Courtesy of Martha Stewart

Edibles: Non-Gummies

First Place: Realize – Citrus-Mango Drink Mix

Courtesy of Realize

Second Place: Buddy’s Chocolate Haus – Hemp Oil Infused Mint Chocolate Bar

Courtesy of Buddy’s Chocolate Haus

Third Place: Sweet Sensi CBD – CBD Chocolate Truffles

Courtesy of Sweet Sensi


First Place: By George! CBD – CBD Salve

Courtesy of By George! CBD

Second Place: Care Division – Carefree – Pain Relief Cream

Courtesy of Care Division

Third Place: Horn Creek Hemp – Redemption Body Recovery Oil

Courtesy of Horn Creek Hemp


First Place: Rove Remedies – Sleep Tincture

Courtesy of Rove Remedies

Second Place: Care Division – Dream – Sleep Aid Tincture

Courtesy of Care Division

Third Place: Lifessence – All Natural CBD Oil

Courtesy of Lifessence


First Place: Tayco – R.S.O Capsules

Courtesy of Tayco

Second Place: Vivimu – #Relax CBN Softgels

Courtesy of Vivimu

Pet Products

First Place: Mary’s Tails – Calm & Quiet Hemp Canine Chewables

Courtesy of Mary’s Tails

Second Place: Mary Palmer – Best Bud’s Bacon-Flavored CBD Dog Treats

Courtesy of Mary Palmer

Third Place: CBD Living – Peanut Butter CBD Calming Support Dog Chews

Courtesy of CBD Living

Delta 8 Inhalables

First Place: Euphorica – Maui Wowie D8:D10 Sativa Vape

Courtesy of Euphorica

Second Place: Rove Remedies – D8 Vape

Courtesy of Rove Remedies

Third Place: Sugar Extrax – Lemonade Kush D8:D10:THC-O Vape

Courtesy of Sugar Extrax

Delta 8 Non-Inhalables

First Place: Derived Creations – Chewy Sea Salt Caramels

Courtesy of Derived Creations

Second Place: 3Chi – Watermelon Delta 8 THC Gummies

Courtesy of 3Chi

Third Place: JustCBD – Delta 8 Peaches – Interstellar Gummies

Courtesy of JustCBD

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Just Announced – High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice 2022

The High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal: People’s Choice 2022 will be the largest competition held in SoCal in history, with more than 2,200 judge kits and 12 categories. 

High Times Cannabis Cups have a long legacy of success in the state of California, and this upcoming People’s Choice event is no exception.

“High Times has hosted the coveted Cannabis Cups in California for many, many years, bringing together cannabis enthusiasts from all over the country and awarding the best products in The Golden State,” said Mark Kazinec, High Times Director, Competitions & Events.

“For People’s Choice Cups, this marks only the second-ever Cup where judging is open to everyone in the Southern California region, bringing in a wider and more diverse pool of judges to crown the best of California. Just last year, we saw hundreds of entries across 10 categories with more diverse strains and products than ever before.

“Connected, Green Dragon, and Sovereign reigned supreme in the flower categories and will be ones to top this year, while Kiva and TONIK proved to be the most effective and delicious edibles amongst the state’s competition. We’re very excited to see legacy brands and new brands alike enter their best for this year’s Cup, with new categories added to the mix.”

California is known as one of the hotbeds in the U.S. for legal weed, even after so many have followed in the legalization footsteps, and the state’s offerings drive this point home.

“In my humble opinion, California still holds the crown for the leader in cannabis in the United States,”Kazinec added. “From Humboldt to Palm Desert, there are so many talented cultivators and processors, and we aim to provide the opportunity for judges to help determine who truly has the best products in various diverse categories that suit consumer tastes.”

For those who are interested in participating as a Judge, be sure to mark your calendars. Judge kits go on-sale May 13 for Loyalty Members and May 14 for General public via High Times Delivery and Retail channels. 

We wish the best of luck to all participants!

SoCal Entry Categories:

  1. Indica Flower (3 entries Max per Company)
  2. Sativa Flower (3 entries Max per Company)  
  3. Hybrid Flower (3 entries Max per Company)
  4. Pre-Rolls (2 entries Max per Company)
  5. Infused Pre-Rolls (1 entries Max per Company)
  6. Solvent Concentrates (2 entries Max per Company)
  7. Non-Solvent Concentrates (2 entries Max per Company)
  8. Vape Pens & Cartridges (2 entries Max per Company) (Category may split)
  9. Edibles: Gummies (3 entries Max per Company)
  10. Edibles: Non-Gummies (3 entries Max per Company)
  11. Edibles: Beverages (2 entries Max per Company)
  12. Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals (3 Entries Max per Company) 

Entry Requirements:

Flower: (228) 1-gram samples. We will not accept any 3.5-gram entries.
Pre-Rolls & Infused Pre-Rolls: (228) samples: Pre-Rolls will be capped at 2g flower-only each; Infused Pre-Rolls will be capped at 3g flower or 1g concentrate equivalency each.
Concentrates & Vape Pens: (228) 0.5-gram samples. We will not accept any 1-gram entries. Batteries required for carts.
Edibles: (100) samples with 100mg THC max
Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals: (60) samples with 500mg THC max

Entry Pricing:

1 entry: $500
2 entries: $250 each, for a total of $500
3 or more entries: Fees will be waived


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Just Announced – High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice 2022

We are stoked to announce the High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice 2022. This will be the largest competition held in history, with more than 3,300 judge kits and 17 categories across recreational and medical products.

To keep things safe and compliant, the competition will feature a digital awards show only. Judging is done from home, and there is no live event. And that’s good news for consumers—judging is open to everyone who is eligible to purchase cannabis in the state!

“The People’s Choice Cups open up the coveted Cannabis Cup judging experience to the world in a time when people need it most,” said Mark Kazinec, High Times Director of Competitions & Events. “Judging is no longer reserved for the Snoop Doggs and Willie Nelsons of the world, and we have 10 times the amount of judge kits available than in previous years.

“While the majority of America is working from home, or not working at all, we now have the opportunity to test and rank quality cannabis products from a wide range of producers from the comfort of our own home to help crown the best in each state. For brands, this is the best way to get your product into the hands of hundreds of new consumers and get real feedback, especially in a time of no live events. For Judges, this is the best job you’ll ever have, and the best way to see which products work best for you.”

Historically, Cannabis Cups have been judged by up to 200 judges is as many as 10 categories. In an effort to keep the competition thriving during the onset of the pandemic in 2020, High Times created our People’s Choice events, opening the door to an ever-increasing number of judges and product categories than ever before.

“In previous years, Cannabis Cups were judged amongst only about 200 judges across eight to 10 categories,” Kazinec continued. “Since the inception of People’s Choice in 2020, we increased the number of judge kits from 200 to 2,000. This April, we are launching the largest-ever Cannabis Cup in history with 17 unique categories across Recreational and Medical products for a total of over 3,300 judge kits. We plan to increase distribution so that every area of Michigan is covered as best as possible. If this year is anything like last year, we expect lines of enthusiasts ready to purchase their kits at the select dispensaries, which may very well sell out within a few days.” 

The High Times Cannabis Cup Michigan: People’s Choice Edition is aimed to identify and award the best cannabis products in all of Michigan, all across a wide range of different categories, which are to be judged by the great people of Michigan.

These events wouldn’t be possible without the support from our partners. “A huge shoutout to the team at Red White & Bloom for taking on the Intake process with us which consists of 10-14 long, sweaty days of receiving product, building judge kits, and transporting to retailers. We’ll be announcing our other sponsors and retailer partners soon, all of whom make the success of the Cannabis Cup Michigan possible,” Kazinec shared.

May the best products win!

Michigan Entry Categories:

  1. Rec Indica Flower (4 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  2. Rec Sativa Flower (4 entries Max per Company)  (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  3. Rec Hybrid Flower (4 entries Max per Company)  (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  4. Rec Pre-Rolls (3 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  5. Rec Infused Pre-Rolls (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  6. Rec Solvent Concentrates (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  7. Rec Non-Solvent Concentrates (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  8. Rec Distillate Vape Pens & Cartridges (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  9. Rec Non-Distillate Vape Pens & Cartridges (2 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  10. Rec Edibles: Gummies (3 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  11. Rec Edibles: Non-Gummies (3 entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  12. Rec Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals (3 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Adult-Use)
  13. MEDICAL Indica Flower (4 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)
  14. MEDICAL Sativa Flower (4 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)
  15. MEDICAL Hybrid Flower (4 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)
  16. MEDICAL Pre-Rolls (4 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)
  17. MEDICAL Edibles (3 Entries Max per Company) (State-Licensed Medical-Facility)

Entry Requirements:

Flower/Pre-Rolls: (228) 1-gram samples in retail-ready packaging. 3.5 gram samples will not be accepted.
Concentrates & Vape Pens: (228) 0.5-gram samples in retail-ready packaging. 1 gram samples will not be accepted.
Edibles: (100) samples in retail-ready packaging.
Sublinguals, Capsules, Tinctures + Topicals: (60) samples in retail-ready packaging.

Entry Pricing:

1 entry: $500
2 entries: $250 each, for a total of $500
3 or more entries: Fees will be waived


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The Winners of The Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2021

The cannabis cup is virtual this year—virtually awesome, that is, with our People’s Choice Edition making it possible to judge safely from the comfort of your home. Here are the well-deserved winners of the Cannabis Cup Massachusetts: People’s Choice Edition 2021.

Thank you to all the judges who put their hearts and souls into judging the competition entries to help crown the best of Massachusetts! This is the first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup to be held in “The Bay State” of Massachusetts. We can’t wait to return next year!

For more info on how to become a judge and to sign up for updates, please visit CannabisCup.com/preregister.

Indica Flower

Courtesy of Bountiful Farms

First Place: Bountiful Farms – Secret Formula

Courtesy of Northeast Alternatives

Second Place: Northeast Alternatives – Runtz

Couresy of Rythm

Third Place: Rythm – Brownie Scout

Courtesy of Apothca

Fourth Place: Apothca – Vanilla Gorilla

Courtesy of Trulieve

Fifth Place: Trulieve – Banana OG

Sativa Flower

Courtesy of Happy Valley

First Place: Happy Valley – Super Lemon Haze

Courtesy of Bountiful Farms

Second Place: Bountiful Farms – Piña Grande

Courtesy of Berkshire Roots

Third Place: Berkshire Roots – Orange Chemeleon

Courtesy of Rythm

Fourth Place: Rythm – Tahitian Punch

Courtesy of Apothca

Fifth Place: Apothca – Honolulu

Hybrid Flower

Courtesy of Happy Valley

First Place: Happy Valley – White Wedding

Courtesy of Northeast Alternatives

Second Place: Northeast Alternatives – Ice Cream Man

Courtesy of Nature’s Heritage

Third Place: Nature’s Heritage – Crescendo

Courtesy of Sira Naturals

Fourth Place: Sira Naturals – Wedding Cake

Courtesy of Rev Clinics

Fifth Place: Rev Clinics – Gelato #33


Courtesy of Nova Farms

First Place: Nova Farms – Southie Sundaze Infused Blunt

Courtesy of Yamna

Second Place: Yamna – Tropicanna Cookies Cannagar

Courtesy of Triple M

Third Place: Triple M – Triple Monster Infused Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Kush Mints

Fourth Place: Insa – Kush Mints Pre-Roll

Courtesy of Funky Monkey

Fifth Place: Funky Monkey – Tropic Truffle Monkey Bones Pre-Roll


Courtesy of Rythm

First Place: Rythm – Energize Durban Live Resin Sugar

Courtesy of Bountiful Farms

Second Place: Bountiful Farms – Garlic Juice Live Rosin

Courtesy of Nova Farms

Third Place: Nova Farms – Southie Adams – GMO Live Hash Rosin

Courtesy of Northeast Alternatives

Fourth Place: Northeast Alternatives – Tangerine Cookies OG Diamonds

Courtesy of Berkshire Roots

Fifth Place: Berkshire Roots – Zombie Virus Crumble

Sativa Vape Pens

Courtesy of Insa

FIrst Place: Insa – Clementine Sativa Vape

Courtesy of Pioneer Valley

Second Place: Pioneer Valley – Mango Super Silver Haze Sativa Vape

Courtesy of Fernway

Third Place: Fernway – Red Headed Stranger Sativa Vape

Courtesy of Happy Valley

Fourth Place: Happy Valley – T. Sage Sativa Vape

Courtesy ofHÅVN Extracts

Fifth Place: HÅVN Extracts – Durban Poison Solventless Terpene Sativa Vape

Indica Vape Pens

Courtesy of Church

First Place: Church – Watermelon Zkittlez Indica Vape

Courtesy ofHÅVN Extracts

Second Place: HÅVN Extracts – Hindu Kush Solventless Terpene Indica Vape

Courtesy of Rove

Third Place: Rove – Skywalker Indica Vape

Courtesy of Rythm

Fourth Place: Rythm – Brownie Scout Indica Vape

Courtesy of Insa

Fifth Place: Insa – Zlife Indica Vape

Edibles: Gummies

Courtesy ofHÅVN Extracts

First Place: HÅVN Extracts – Lemon Sour Amnesia Gummies

Courtesy of Happy Valley

Second Place: Happy Valley – Strawberry Margarita Gummies

Courtesy of Marmas

Third Place: Marmas – Blue Raspberry Gummies

Courtesy of Cannatini

Fourth Place: Cannatini – Cranberry Lime Mojito Gummies

Courtesy of Insa

Fifth Place: Insa – Black Cherry Sleepy Drops

Edibles: Chocolate Non-Gummies

Courtesy of Insa

First Place: Insa – Double Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bar

Courtesy of Coast Cannabis

Second Place: Coast Cannabis – S’mores Chocolate Bar

Curtesy of Koko Gemz

Third Place: Koko Gemz – Cookies & Cream Chocolates

Courtesy of Pioneer Valley

Fourth Place: Pioneer Valley – Habañero Dark Chocolate Bites

Courtesy of Cheeba Chews

Fifth Place: Cheeba Chews – Trifecta Caramel Taffy

Edibles: Fruity Non-Gummies

Courtesy of Hi Burst

First Place: Hi Burst – Raspberry Lemonade Fruit Chews

Courtesy of Forbidden Fruit

Second Place: Forbidden Fruit – Dried Mango THC Slices

Courtesy of Berkshire Roots

Third Place: Berkshire Roots – White Peach Roots Fruits Pâte de Fruit

Courtesy of Nova Farms

Fourth Place: Nova Farms – Strawberry Honey Sticks

Courtesy of Incredibles

Fifth Place: Incredibles – Fruit Trio Tarts

Topicals and Tinctures

Courtesy of Treeworks

First Place: Treeworks – Daily Drops Sunrise Punch

Courtesy of Happy Valley

Second Place: Happy Valley – Remedy Tincture

Courtesy of Sira Naturals

Third Place: Sira Naturals – Nordic Goddess Body Balm

Courtesy of Doctor Solomon;s

Fourth Place: Doctor Solomon’s – Doze Drops

Courtesy of Insa

Fifth Place: Insa – Tropical Express Tincture

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A Whistle Stop Tour of the Cannabis Concentrates

The cannabis market has been booming over the last few years as more countries around the globe begin to accept the wonders of the plant. What once was an illegal, unacceptable drug, is now – slowly – becoming a legal medicine and even a legal recreational pastime. One of the more modern inventions inside the cannabis world is cannabis concentrates.

Whilst some have been around for centuries, others have been created more recently by the wonders of science. There are several different cannabis concentrates out there, so sometimes it’s hard to find the information you want. In this article, we’ll be taking you on a whistle stop tour of all of the main cannabis concentrates. And don’t worry – this tour is completely free of charge. Put your seatbelt on. Let’s begin.

Cannabis concentrates can be found on dispensary shelves, boasting names like shatter, butter, wax, resin, and more. Any specific cannabinoid can be concentrated, so regardless of whether you’re looking for delta-9 THC, delta-8 THCdelta 10THC-OTHCV, CBG, or something else, it can be found in concentrate form. This is great for delta-8 THC users, because it allows a concentrated form of this alternate form of THC which doesn’t cause anxiety like half-brother delta-9, and which leaves users with a clear head and energy, while having a similar medical profile. We’ve got great deals for delta-8 THC and many other compounds, so take a look, and try ’em out!

What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Once someone has total control over the marijuana plant, there are many ways to transform and eventually consume it. Cannabis can be placed in oils, edibles, the usual buds and even synthesised concentrates. It all depends on the creation process. But before we discuss how they’re made, let’s first truly understand what they are. And, as always, there’s never a better places to find complex definitions than wikipedia

“A cannabis concentrate (also called marijuana concentrate, marijuana extract, or cannabis extract) is a highly potent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and/or cannabidiol (CBD) concentrated mass. Marijuana concentrates contain extraordinarily high THC levels that could once range from 40 to 80%, up to four times stronger in THC content than high grade or top shelf marijuana, which normally measures around 20%”

It’s in the name really, isn’t it? Cannabis concentrates are designed to be especially potent in comparison with cannabis buds or other products. By getting rid of any extra, unnecessary parts of the cannabis plant, cannabis concentrates are able to focus on what really matters: the terpenes and cannabinoids. It’s within these that the aromas and effects of cannabis are found – which is why people have spent years trying to find a way to harness them in the greatest possible way. That is why cannabis concentrates come in so many different shapes and sizes, and are made in a variety of ways. 

How are Cannabis Concentrates Made?

Cannabis concentrates is an umbrella term for many different substances; some are liquids, some are solids and some are a mix of both. There are two main ways of making cannabis concentrates and that is through solvent extraction, and solventless extraction. One uses chemicals, labs and science coats, whilst others are easier to make and more natural. Let’s figure out what these are. 

What is Solvent Extraction?

A solvent extraction is essentially when a chemical is used to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant. By introducing certain chemicals, as well as heat and pressure, into the equation – this separation occurs. However, there isn’t just one way of completing this process. Some use carbon dioxide, whilst others use butane; these are two of the most common ways of using solvent extraction to create cannabis concentrates. 

Carbon Dioxide Extraction 

Carbon dioxide extraction is complex because, obviously, co2 is a gas, not a solid. However, the amazing result of a beautiful cannabis concentrate makes the process worth it. The carbon dioxide is first placed in a chamber where it is pressured and turned into a liquid through low temperatures. The co2 is then reheated, which due to the nature of carbon dioxide, makes it a supercritical substance. This substance is then passed through a chamber containing the cannabis plant. The supercritical substance will extract the trichomes, which contains the pure and potent compounds desirable to create cannabis concentrates. The substance that is left after this process can then be used to create a variety of cannabis concentrates. 

Butane Extraction

Butane extraction is most popular for creatine hash oil. But how does it work? As mentioned earlier, any solvent extraction to make cannabis concentrates uses some sort of other chemical – which in this case, is butane. The cannabis is first covered with butane, in its liquid form. Butane happens to be a very easily liquefiable gas. Once this is done, heat and pressure is used, and yet again, what is left is a cannabis concentrate. This can be used to create hash oil, budder, shatter or crumble. 

What is Non-Solvent Extraction?

Non-solvent extraction is a far less complicated process, and one that doesn’t leave you scratching your head quite as much. However, that’s not to say that the result is any less wonderful. Non-solvent extraction is made, as you can imagine, without chemicals in the creation process.

For example, kief and hash would both be cannabis concentrates that are made with non-solvent extraction. But, yet again, there are a variety of ways that non-solvent extraction can take place. Kief is made through rolling the dry cannabis plant over a sieve, and allowing the whitey yellow thrichomes to collect. Trichomes also look a bit like mini snowdrops up close. These are hugely potent and hold all of the best compounds of the plant. 

Another example of a non-solvent extraction would be in the creation of hash. Hash is one of the oldest types of cannabis concentrates. In fact, a scientist called Gmelin first mentioned the substance in 1777. The process of creating hash can vary depending on technique. However, one way of making hash is in water. The cannabis plant is tumbled in icy cold water and is then filtered through a mesh. This substance is then dried and pressed into small blocks. The resin, which is what the substance is made out of, is very high in THC.

Why are Cannabis Concentrates Popular?

Before we take a whistle stop tour through some of the main and post popular cannabis concentrates, let’s first ask the question: why are they so popular? Well, it’s first important to realise that any connoisseur of any substance will always search for the most pure version of it. Think of pressed olive oil, some people will spend their lives searching for the first press because it will be the highest quality oil.

This is the same with orange juice, the first press of orange juice is considered to be the purest, healthiest and tastiest. Cannabis concentrates are no different to this. People who love cannabis and the effects of it, are always discovering new ways to enjoy it in its purest and most powerful form. As mentioned earlier, the average cannabis concentrate can have THC levels of over 60%. This is why cannabis concentrates are becoming more and more popular. 

The Cannabis Concentrates



Kief is a collection of resin trichomes. Kief is one of the easiest cannabis concentrates to make. In fact, some three-part grinders have a section at the bottom that collects fallen down kief over time, which can then be placed in a joint and smoked. It is golden in colour, and powdery. 


Hash is usually sold in brown blocks. Some are dark and some are light brown. Usually, a good way to tell if hash is good quality is to see if it burns like a candle. If it does, then your hash is excellent. Usually hash will be heated before consumption, so that small parts can be separated from the large block. These small parts of hash are then placed in the joint. 


Charas comes primarily from India and Jamaica. It looks quite similar to hash but is usually darker and sold in balls, rather than blocks. The difference between hash and charas is that the latter is made from the entire cannabis plant, whereas the former is made from dried trichomes. 



Shatter is an example of cannabis concentrate that is made from butane extraction. The substance is golden in colour and looks like shattered glass. It also looks quite a lot like frozen honey. 


Wax is very similar to shatter, except it’s slightly more liquidy. Whilst the aroma and potency of wax is almost identical to shatter, it’s the consistency that differs. Wax is opaque and malleable. In addition, wax is dabbed into a joint in order to smoke it. 


The average crumble has THC levels of anywhere from 60-90%. Again, there are many similarities between crumble and the rest of the solvent cannabis concentrates, however the look and consistency is different. Crumble literally crumbles in one’s hands. Crumble is also dabbed in order to use it. 

The Tour Is Now Over

So there you have it, that was a quick and concise whistle stop tour of the cannabis concentrates. There are many other cannabis concentrates that people might mention, and all of them are very slightly different to the next. Like any enthusiasts, cannabis-lovers like to invent and name new cannabis concentrates constantly – even if they look and feel the same as before. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that cannabis concentrates are a highly potent and quite amazing substance. 

But what’s your favourite cannabis concentrate? Drop us a line in the comment section below!

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Jon’s Stone-Cold Quarantine Cop List: 14th Edition

I’ve run out of fun intros for the cop list features, so let’s just go with what’s up y’all—back again with the latest and greatest to get your spirits lifted out of the dumps of whatever the hell dystopian future we’re living in. Seriously, have y’all been feeling this dark cloud, too? Feels like the last few months, it’s been a chore to try and get that serotonin in, but never fear—new drugs ALWAYS help! (For the five of y’all that will get mad at me for calling weed drugs, I’m sorry, but it’s fun.) Let’s get you laced up.

Although we’ve already run 13 of these cop list features, number 14 has a surprising number of firsts—ALL of which are worthy of your attention and adoration. We’ve got new experiences, new flavors, and even home goods—since, vaxxed or not, you’re likely still spending a great deal of time at home. Oh well, while the world burns, the industry moves forward—c’est la vie! As per usual, I’m always hungry for more, so don’t hesitate to drop me a line when you find something that excites you—I’m here for it! 

Cop List #14:

Courtesy of Holy Water

Holy Water

It’s rare I include an extractor in this list, but I couldn’t let this discovery pass up without a mention. While there’s a lot of excellent work being done in labs right now, few are focused on creating an EXPERIENCE out of dabbing—save, of course, the product guys. 

That said, Holy Water is definitely worth delving into if you’re interested in the art of extraction. With split containers that hold two different types of small batch craft extracts, sometimes half is Live Rosin and half is BHO Badder, and other times, they’re splitting diamonds on one side and their ‘holy water’ sauce on the other. 

And, in case you needed another reason to check them out, these guys just took home the crown at our most recent NorCal Cannabis Cup with their Pina Açaí UNHOLY collaboration with Grandiflora. This ain’t just my praise; they’re winning trophies.

Courtesy of Avant

Avant’s 123

A new supergroup has officially hit the scene. Comprised of expert breeder Deep East, seasoned exotic producer Wizard Trees and Joey Colombo, the currency artist behind Money Trees, the Cookies’ Cheetah Piss design and much more, the new brand Avant has hit the legal market with its first proprietary genetics, dubbed ‘123’ after its pheno number from the hunt in true head fashion. 

Another first-at-Cookies drop, and crossed with one of the hottest cultivars of 2020, RS-11, this Sherb BX1 cross is a heater. With dark nugs that will surely turn on the purp fiends, in true Wizard Trees fashion, this is some of the cleanest smoke on the market. Expect a nice white ash and your head in the clouds.

cop list
Courtesy of Dodi Blunts

Dodi Blunts

I’ll admit, I kinda slept on this one. The brand was founded at least in part by Marshawn Lynch, and while I 100 percent know dude smokes heavy, you know how it can be with celebrity brands … you just never know if it’s just a cash grab. Well, friends, allow this to serve as my official ‘I was wrong on this’ statement—Dodi’s blunts smack! 

Aiming to provide a smoke that’s ‘always right for an afternoon of watching football or playing Madden’, Dodi’s diamond-infused tobacco-free blunts ARE a great afternoon smoke that will take you way up without putting you out, if you’re a seasoned vet. Capable of chilling Beast Mode, it’s worth noting that this definitely isn’t an entry-level product—this one had me couch-locked, so while I’m not questioning your tolerance, I would encourage football fans new to the giggle bush to hit light and slow.

Courtesy of Kapow Berries

KaPow White Berries

This one’s not easy to procure, but if you’ve got the plug, don’t sleep… I have a feeling these guys are going to be bubbling to the surface more and more the next few months and years. The White Berries is the latest release from the Berries family, and boy is it clear from the nose that these plants were properly cared for. 

I’m told these guys are super small batch, adding to the exclusive allure, but in true traditional fashion, you can grab your Berries by the seven, which is a quantity much more manageable for us lifers than the 3.5s that have somehow become the norm. Keep an eye out at local events across CA, or at designer events across the country, and I’m sure you’ll hear the legend of Kapow before long.

cop list
Courtesy of Potli

Potli Cannabis Infused Shrimp Chips

I’ll be honest, I was really scratching my head about these at first. I’ve been down for prawn crackers in the past at restaurants, but the bagged snacks never really interested me, so when I saw these naturally I thought, ‘Oh, that’s cool for other people,’ as I understand the allure this snack has, especially abroad, but, ‘not for me.’ 

Well, sports fans, you know how they say you should just try it? Turns out they’re right sometimes because it seems I actually really like these Potli jawns. Upon further investigation, it seems the market does, too, because these things have been flying off the shelf. If you’re like me, and are over the sweet edibles that seem to be the current market leaders, grab a bag of these low dose delights. You may not feel the high (only 11mg per package, 0.7mg per chip), but your tastebuds will thank you for the new flavonoids!

cop list
Courtesy of Cure Co

Biscotti Fritz

I know at this point I’m a Cure Co stan, but trust me, go try the Biscotti Fritz. The taste of this smoke is the best I’ve had this year, by far. So good, in fact, it’s got my ass driving across LA to cop more on the regular, and I’m not one who leaves home often let alone goes out during traffic hours. 

I promise I will try not to repeat entries on here or give too much love to any one brand but truuuust, you want this. Even if you don’t think you do, even if you’re not a Biscotti fan, even if you’re like, ‘Oh they must be paying him’—they’re not and you will be, you do. I take these lists seriously—many people are very mad at me that I haven’t included them or their products here—but I will still 10 times out of 10 put the products I believe you need to see and try because I love you, and I want you smoking the best.

cop list
Courtesy of Ben Baller

Ben Baller Did The Strain

The jewelry design genius behind some of the most iconic chains in the world has officially entered the industry. It’s worth noting, as this is a celeb launch that my homie and seasoned lifer Joel (Designer Weed) is the guy who helped set them up, so I was immediately more confident in this brand than most celebrity-founded ventures, but here’s another salute (two in one post!) to a celebrity brand doing it right from the get go. 

It’s not surprising that Ben Baller, a man who made a career off of high-end luxury products, has come to market with some tops, but these buds are stand-out even compared to legacy brands, which never happens with celeb plays. Coming to market with Cat Dicc (lol) and Jonas B, already available at dispo’s across the state, both of these packs belong on your top shelf.

cop list
Courtesy of Heirloom Rituals

Heirloom Rituals

So I don’t think this one actually gets you high, but these are candles that not only smell incredible—they actually make special ones that have a THC count! Sometimes infused with THCa diamonds, real buds, crystals, dried flowers and more, Heirloom Rituals also make regular, beautiful candles for your normie friends, but honestly, when else are you going to get the chance to have a weed candle? Or sneak weed into your normie friends’ houses and have it end up on their mantle?? I might even send one to my mom. 

I just got mine a few weeks back, and it smells so good just sitting there, I honestly haven’t even felt inclined to light it yet, but I’m going to have to hotbox a room with it and find out if it will get you high, one day, for science. Or at least before I start giving them out as holiday gifts … or, actually …

cop list
Courtesy of Cann

Cann Passion Peach Mate

Y’all know how low-dose products affect me, but I’m definitely a fan of Cann’s new Passion Peach Mate flavor. Now combining caffeine with low doses of cannabis in their beverages, this flavor is, in my opinion, the brand truly living up to the “social tonic” tagline it’s coined. 

Providing a buzz that only brings you up, this is the mocktail the space has been waiting for. Delicious, light, and packing a nice energetic kick, without trying too hard to be different, I definitely see this becoming a staple behind the bar at industry events going forward, and eventually, once regulations change, at actual bars as well.

cop list
Courtesy of Vibes

Cali by Vibes

I’m not 100 percent sure if these have hit shelves just yet, but they’re on their way, and I have a feeling the new papers from the Vibes team are going to be crowd-pleasers. Leaving behind the traditional cone and moving toward the bigger, cylindrical cigarette shape, the new Cali tubes have already become a staple in my routine. 

While I’ve always loved rolling my own, it’s been more about ensuring a consistent smoke over the pleasure of an added task to complete. The new Cali tubes alleviate much of the frustration I’ve found from pre-wrapped cones in the past—these pack easy; they stay lit, and they smoke evenly—what more could you ask for? It’s also worth noting that they come sized by the gram, so packing up one, two or three grams for a session is as easy as picking the size you want, as opposed to eyeballing or weighing out how much you’re about to, or would like to, consume.

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