Cannabis & Memory: The Evidence Behind Marijuana’s Impact on Forgetfulness

Though the idea of the dumb, unproductive stoner is still steadily phasing itself out of the cannabis conversation, unfortunately, there is still a lot of conflicting information when it comes to cannabis and memory.

The average person with a working knowledge of how weed works is often led to believe that consuming it can lower your IQ and deplete your memory, regardless of how much or how often you partake. But there is evidence that shows that there is much more to consider, including the strain of weed you’re smoking, whether or not it’s THC– or CBD-dominant and the amount of time you have been consistently smoking — and that’s just for starters.

It’s also important to consider that there are different kinds of memory. For the purpose of research, most studies focus on short-term memory (also known as working memory) and long-term memory, which includes implicit (unconscious) and explicit (conscious) memory. THC, the most well-known cannabinoid in cannabis, is what can have an impact on both long-term and short-term memory.


Most studies, like this one from JAMA Internal Medicine, offer research confirming that “long-term heavy cannabis users show impairments in memory and attention that endure beyond the period of intoxication and worsen with increasing years of regular cannabis use.” But there are others, like this one from a medical journal called the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, that suggest that “acute exposure” to cannabis can actually help enhance working memory performance.

In another study published in a journal called Addict Biology, researchers examined the relationship between memory function and cannabis consumption and found that “that sustained moderate to heavy levels of cannabis… do not change working-memory network functionality.”

Conversely, CBD has been shown to be a neuroprotectant that has the potential to prevent the onset of conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, illnesses have forgetfulness and a decline in memory as a common symptom.

In fact, a recent study found that “CBD was able to reverse the deficits in both objection recognition memory as well as social recognition memory without impacting the body’s anxiety parameters.” The research also showed that CBD could reduce cognitive deficits.

In Conclusion? It’s Inconclusive

If it all seems like a confusing jumble of contrary data to you, you’re not alone. The truth is that there is still a lot of research that needs to be conducted in order to paint a clear and distinct picture of how cannabis truly affects memory.

In most studies, participants (including the rats) are not even allowed to smoke cannabis. Instead, they consume concentrated or even synthetic versions of THC — which absolutely affects the outcome. Because cannabis is still federally illegal, researchers are continuously facing hurdles that prevent them from having access to cannabis for testing and studies that would help provide a wider picture.

So, what’s the verdict? For now, it seems clear that there is a link between cannabis and memory, though there are various factors to take into consideration, including method of consumption. Is there a difference when it’s smoked (inhaled) versus when it’s eaten (ingested) or absorbed as when using tinctures or transdermal patches? No one knows yet.

But, if you start to notice a change or decline in your memory that you suspect is related to cannabis, there’s good news. Some research shows that just one month of abstaining from cannabis — a move that’s sometimes referred to as a “tolerance break” — can have a noticeable improvement on memory function. If you’re concerned or want to see if there’s a difference, try taking a break for a few weeks and observe yourself to see if there are any changes.

TELL US, do you think your cannabis use has impacted your memory?

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Friday, June 26, 2020 Headlines | Marijuana Today Daily News

Marijuana Today Daily Headlines
Friday, June 26, 2020 | Curated by host Shea Gunther

// New Jersey medical marijuana dispensaries can now deliver (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Idaho Medical Marijuana Initiative Could Get New Chance At Ballot After Federal Court Ruling (Marijuana Moment)

// Canopy Growth Changes Acreage Holdings Deal CEO Murphy Is Out (Green Market Report)

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// Washington State Drug Decriminalization Activists Shift Focus From Ballot To Legislature (Marijuana Moment)

// Los Angeles City Council backs major changes to marijuana licensing, social equity (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Canada’s discount cannabis segment heats up with competing value brands (Marijuana Business Daily)

// Seattle repeals drug loitering law that led to racist harassment and arrests (Leafly)

// GW Pharmaceuticals Epidiolex Now Exempt From Controlled Drug Requirements (Green Market Report)

// Federal Commission Pushes Expansion Of Marijuana And Psychedelics Research For Military Veterans (Marijuana Moment)

// Virginia Black Lawmakers Push To Legalize Marijuana In Special Session This Summer (Marijuana Moment)

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The hype about CBD coffee, explained

For many people, coffee is a crucial part of their morning routine (read: I can’t function without large quantities of caffeine). While coffee can feel like magical get-stuff-done juice, too much of a good thing can leave you jittery, anxious, and seriously over-caffeinated. 

Cannabidoil (CBD), a non-intoxicating cannabinoid, can help solve that problem according to some consumers. Currently, CBD can be found in all kinds of products, from pet treats to skincare to CBD lattes at your local coffee shop. And CBD-infused beverages have made an especially large impact — Zenith Global projects that the market for CBD and hemp infused drinks will grow to over $1.4 Billion by 2024. 

Of the drinkable CBD products currently sold, CBD coffee is one of the most popular. Over the last several years, the number of coffee shops and cafés offering different CBD-infused coffee and espresso drinks has noticeably increased. For the dedicated coffee-drinker, the appeal seems obvious: all the focus and productivity of a solid caffeine rush without the impending doom of potential overindulgence. 

What is CBD Coffee?

CBD coffee, as you probably guessed, is a combination of coffee and cannabidoil. It can include different ingredients and be made into regular hot coffee, cold brew, and various other types of drinks. Coffee shops that offer CBD-infused options typically add CBD oil to coffee after it’s brewed, while coffee brands add CBD (often in isolate form) to the coffee beans themselves. 

The amount of CBD per cup of joe will vary, but it’s important to only buy from trusted retailers. Since CBD beverages are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, companies don’t always disclose how their CBD is extracted or exactly how many milligrams are in each serving. 

According to Adrian Devitt-Lee, chief science writer at Project CBD, “Packaging should clearly indicate total cannabinoid content and dosage, and products should always have a batch number. Avoid products with artificial colors or flavors … Don’t be afraid to contact a company directly to ask them about their products —  if they are not forthcoming, pick another one.”  

What is CBD coffee good for?

Consumers report using CBD for a variety of reasons, but a lot more research must be done in order to know exactly which ailments it can clinically relieve. 

So, are there health benefits to a cup of coffee with CBD oil in it? Not likely. But based on product testimonials and five-star reviews, many consumers believe that coffee with added CBD can reduce caffeine-induced anxiety and help improve focus, and the logic makes some sense  — CBD has calming properties that may take the edge off of caffeine. 

However, it’s important to understand that both CBD and caffeine affect everyone differently, which means there’s no way to tell if it will help you without trying it for yourself. 

Does CBD coffee work?

The simple answer to whether or not CBD coffee works is: it depends. “CBD may be able to take the edge off of caffeine on a neurological level, but it’s also possible that caffeine could undermine some beneficial effects of CBD, including its potency as an anti-epileptic,” said Devitt-Lee. 

“Do they balance each other out or interfere? It will depend on the dose and [you] will likely have to experiment based on their own caffeine and cannabinoid sensitivities,” he added. 

I brewed a pot of Green Roads Hemp Flower Coffee to get the creative juices flowing as I sat down to write this article. My first impression was that the coffee tasted surprisingly good, not overly herbal or unpleasant. Lee Sosin, Chief Marketing Officer at Green Roads, explained, “The true flavor is really coming from the gourmet coffee beans grown on that lush Colombian estate. You will be able to taste the influence of hemp, but it is gentle and it works well with the coffee.”

Photo courtesy of Green Roads

After my first cup of CBD coffee (with oat milk and a spoonful of sugar) I didn’t feel especially caffeinated or relaxed, so I decided to have a second cup. That may have been a bit much considering I drink coffee on an empty stomach every morning, and I started to feel a little sleepy. I compensated with a regular cup of cold brew and a glass of water, which left me feeling the right amount of caffeinated and focused. 

After two to three cups of coffee,  the daily norm for 44 percent of Americans, I didn’t feel jittery or anxious at all. I did learn that I personally need a greater ratio of caffeine to CBD in order to feel awake, so next time I plan to limit my intake to one cup. 

The best advice I can offer to my fellow caffeine-lovers who suffer from stress is to understand that CBD coffee may not be the best method of consumption if you’re using CBD for medicinal purposes, and to always do your research before choosing a brand. “Many CBD companies are starting to use similar language about things like testing, but consumers should understand that there’s a big difference between companies that test their own CBD isolates, and someone like Green Roads that has an accredited independent lab run a full-panel test on every batch of finished products,” offered Sosin.

What are our favorite CBD coffees?

There are plenty of great CBD brands out there, but check out a few well-known options for an infused caffeine fix:

Green Roads Founders’ Blend

green roads hemp flower coffeePhoto courtesy of Green Roads

Thanks to the company’s strict quality control, Green Roads is a great option for CBD coffee newbies. Their Founders’ Blend is crafted in small batches, the most recent batch containing  9.67 milligrams of cannabinoids per serving. They also sell CBD tea, gummies, oils, and tons of other products to fit any lifestyle. 

Available: Nationwide

Price: $14.99

Flower Power Coffee Co. 

Flower Power Coffee Co. is another popular option for hemp-infused coffee, with 60 milligram blends like the New York Signature Roast and Big Island Joe. If you brew it on its own  — you could mix it with other coffee too — you’ll get 5 milligrams per cup, which is a great starting point for those who don’t know how CBD will affect them. 

Available: Nationwide

Price: $14.99

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Atomic Bonds: The Increasing Relevance of Delta-8-THC

Nowadays, a compound called delta-8-tetra-hydrocannabinol
(THC) is becoming increasingly common to find in concentrated extracts at
dispensaries in states that allow for the medical or recreational sale of
cannabis products. But from where did this long-lost sibling of delta-9-THC
seemingly suddenly appear?

Quite simply, delta-8-THC has been hiding in plain sight (so to speak) for quite some time now. Our understanding of cannabinoids really began in 1964, when Dr. Raphael Mechoulam successfully identified delta-9-THC, a compound that quickly garnered fame and became known in common par- lance simply as THC.

Mechoulam’s discovery loosened the main thread that finally allowed other scientists to untangle the dense and finely woven skeins of cannabis’ bio- chemical tapestry and therapeutic potential, soon realizing that cannabis is a complex plant with more than 60 identifiable cannabinoids that interact with a neurotransmitter system in the brain and body known as the endocannabinoid system.

Armed with this new knowledge, researchers identified
delta-8-THC in the early 1970s. However, their discovery came with very little
fanfare, given the compound’s low levels of natural occurrence and a potency
seemingly lower than delta-9-THC. The researchers discovered that delta-8-THC
had almost exactly the same atomic structure as delta-9-THC: The only
difference was the placement of one atomic bond in the compound. Of course,
this one small difference can mean the compound has different impacts on a user

So, what are the effects of delta-8-THC (here- after referred to as delta-8)? Subsequent to its discovery, some amount of research was done on delta-8 in the United States, including on its efficacy as an antiemetic (i.e. nausea inhibitor) and its potential to aid in arresting tumor growth. However, further exploration of the cannabinoid’s promise came to a standstill almost immediately and it was eventually consigned to some figurative, Reagan-era dusty shelf for over two decades.

Delta-8 extracted and processed by Oleum Labs in Washington state.
PHOTO Oleum Labs

Like so many cannabinoid-related events, delta-8’s reemergence from obscurity and current rise to prominence finds its roots, perhaps unsurprisingly, with Mechoulam. In 1995, his tenacious curiosity about cannabis’s therapeutic abilities had somehow led him back to delta-8 and his team in Israel conducted studies that reconfirmed the potential that American researchers had only begun to uncover. Using the substance’s lower psychoactivity to their advantage, the Israeli researchers discovered they could give high dosages of delta-8 to make the best use of its antiemetic effects without the uncomfortable aspects of the “high” brought on by delta-9.

Mechoulam and his research team almost certainly must have faced a quandary with the choice of delta-8 for their research: Given its low frequency of natural occurrence, how would they be able to source the material needed for therapeutic usage? The answer was found in a U.S. patent filed by Mechoulam and two other researchers much later in 2004. The patent is a recipe for converting the more commonly available cannabinoid CBD into delta-8 and delta-9.

The method is called isomerization, and it uses chemical processes to break the atomic bonds in one molecule (in this case, CBD) and, because it shares the same atoms, albeit in a different arrangement, transforms it into another molecule (delta-8 or delta-9). Indeed, the process of isomerizing cannabinoids was known to Mechoulam since the late 1960s. That process has also been known to the underground cannabis world nearly as long, though its actual utility was questionable at best (see Larry Todd’s 1974 book “Dr. Atomic’s Marijuana Multiplier,” from which any science-savvy extractors will almost certainly get a good laugh).

Current advances in technology have only made the method of isomerizing CBD into the two forms of THC easier in the last decade. Delta-8’s current appearance in the recreational cannabis marketplace is the result of the modern generation of innovative, science-based cannabis extraction artists. The sheer ubiquity of other scientific extraction methods like distillation — which gives us the key ingredient in nearly every vaporizer cartridge and most edibles available for sale — should offer some insight as to how prominently delta-8 may feature into the future of cannabis products (it’s worth noting that delta-8 is already available in distillate cartridges, among other forms). One factor that will almost certainly aid delta-8’s rise to prominence is the availability of the primary ingredient needed to make this converted THC: CBD.

Massive plots of high-CBD hemp (legally
defined as any cannabis plant with less than 0.3 percent delta-9-THC) are currently
being grown in several states and, when harvested, are spun down into pound
upon pound of pure crystalline CBD extract, which can then be relatively easily
converted into delta-8 or delta-9. The sheer volume of CBD crystallite being
produced in the U.S. is currently unknown, but it is easy to suspect that the
amount would be staggering if calculated. It is no stretch of the imagination
to think that the proliferation of retail-ready, lab-assembled cannabinoids
like delta-8 is at hand, if not already well underway.

TELL US, have you ever tried
a product containing delta-8-THC?

Originally published in the print edition of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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High-Quality CBD Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

Don’t let this Father’s Day go by without a little appreciation for the big guy. Far too often we skip recognizing the unsung hero of the family simply because we say to ourselves, “he is so hard to shop for” or “all he wants is us to be together.” Nothing takes the place of spending time with your loved ones, and since that will be more difficult this year than usual, be sure to show dad that you have his health in mind during this difficult time.

Here are five of our favorite CBD products perfect for the father figure in your world. Get him a gift that will let him know he is special and appreciated. 

1. The Good Patch Fathers Day Set // $25

These remarkable peel-and-stick patches last for up to 12 hours and support the mind and body in many ways. This trio comes with a Pain Relief, Hangover and Nite Nite patch, each containing 15 mg of premium hemp extract. These mess-free, affordable patches are paired with high-quality botanicals for peak results.

2. Green Gorilla CBD Defense Capsules // $44.99 per bottle

In the era of COVID-19, we all need to boost our immune systems in order to stay healthy  — especially fathers. Green Gorilla’s Immunity Defense capsules are all vegan and USDA certified organic. Taking 2-4 capsules a day is an easy add-on to any established supplement routine. These capsules are plant based, third-party lab tested, contain zero THC, and are made in the U.S.A.

Wildflower Cool Stick CBD Father's Day Gifts

3. The Cool Stick by Wildflower // $60.00

Quick and convenient, Wildflower’s Cool Stick is a hassle-free way to scientifically cool and soothe any discomfort. Each stick has 300 mg of CO2-extracted CBD and is perfect for sore muscles, joints and back pain. The Wildflower mission is to connect people with the healing power of plants, and they also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee when gifting a new product. 

Father's Day Gifts CBD Capsules

4. Pure Kana AM CBD Capsules // $83 per bottle

Sometimes a little caffeine is all one needs to get through that morning work out or to kick start the work day. Pure Kana has formulated this product specifically to keep your energy up all day without any dips. Each capsule contains 15 mg of CBD and is infused with caffeine, as well as vitamins B1, B6 and B12. The capsules are certified organic and non-GMO, so they contain no pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers. These are perfect for the dad who tries to fit too much into one day.

Papa and Barkley CBD Drops

5. Papa & Barkley Releaf Drops // $34.99

These drops are super effective and affordable — a perfect combo for these challenging times. Papa and Barkley blends hemp and coconut oil with all-natural ingredients from Colorado farms. Each 450 mg CBD bottle comes with a measured dropper for precise dosing. Their formula comes directly from the whole cannabis plant without added chemicals or solvents, leaving the oil with a rich earthly flavor. 

TELL US, how are you celebrating Father’s Day?

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Safer CBD Products & Education are Key for Cannabidiol Life

Education and transparency are key when you’re looking for new CBD brands. The rise in popularity of the non-psychotropic cannabinoid in recent years has seen an unregulated market flooded with inferior products that aren’t rigorously testing. Cannabidiol Life wants to help educate you, the consumer, on how and why the cannabinoid can be utilized as a health and wellness supplement and why you should consider purchasing from their extensive range of quality, full-spectrum CBD products.

Cannabidiol Life is more than just another company selling hemp-derived CBD products. They pride themselves on being a reliable, trustworthy resource for hemp consumers, wholesalers and distributors alike. They believe in transparency and safety — that people should know what they are buying before doing so.

Florida-based Cannabidiol Life started off as a CBD educational website in December 2016 and was used by the National Hemp Association as the go-to source for “CBD Education & Product Guides.”  The company shifted gears in 2017 and launched their own products with a simple philosophy: people, planet, profit.

People: Help and take care of people first… always. Cannabidiol Life has created the “Hemp For Hope Foundation” (a non-profit organization), providing free CBD capsules to those with proven/diagnosed medical conditions.

Planet: Take care of our planet. Hemp is a renewable, natural resource that will help preserve our planet for future generations; if we utilize it to its fullest potential. They have also added solar energy to their Florida facility as part of their green initiative.

Profit: Only after the first two are emphasized and acted upon first, can a company truly profit.

Their mission? To provide easy and informed access to the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products at the very best price.

“We always put others first and this is something we don’t just speak about, we live by it,” says Chris Visser owner and president. “It is the foundation of everything we live by and stand which is our current formula for being the difference we want to see in this world.”

Cannabidiol Life adheres to strict practices of production that keeps the consumer safe.

All their products are rigorously tested using an in-house 2019 high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) cannabis potency testing machine. A patented hemp extraction method helped Cannabidiol Life take home the “Best CBD Capsule” award at the 2018 CBD Expo. Additionally, Cannabidiol Life is USDA certified organic, FDA registered and GMP certified.

Knowledge is power, so Cannabidiol Life has included a comprehensive CBD education database on their website. From CBD 101 to explaining the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD products, dosage advise and product guides, if you have a question, you’ll likely find the answer here.

Cannabidiol Life has a product for all your CBD needs. Topicals include massage oil, facial serum, bath bombs and body butter. If ingestibles are your thing, you can choose from gel caps, bottled water, infused chocolate and a variety of mouth-watering gummies. Tincture fans can choose from various potencies of CBD oils, plus CBD oils with added CBN or CBG isolate. Additionally, there is a range of products for vape users including CBD pens, vape refills, as well as pet products and more.

Plus, use the code CannabisNow30 at checkout to receive 30% off your purchase.

Your health and your quality of life is important to Cannabidiol Life, especially in a non-regulated industry where harmful products are being sold nationwide.

TELL US, what’s your favorite way to consume CBD?

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