THC Testers Needed – Get Paid To Try Cannabis Products!

THC Testers Needed: If you’re looking for the ultimate cannabis job, we have the perfect one for you. That’s right, not only will you get free cannabis products, but you will also get paid for it!

We are currently recruiting more THC Product Testers to try Delta 8, Delta 9, Delta 10, HHC, THC-P, THC-O, HHC-O & THCV products. As one of our testers, your job will be to try new cannabis products, which will be sent to your home, and post a detailed review.

This is a paid position perfect for experienced cannabis users.

THC Testers Needed: CBD Testers is currently looking for skilled and experienced cannabis users to try new cannabinod-based products. Once approved, our THC testers will get weekly samples of all the latest and trendiest cannabis and hemp products, such as vape carts, gummies, dabs, flowers, disposables, tinctures, topicals and more. In exchange, you will have to submit detailed reviews that will be post in CBD Testers website.

Beside skilled writer, we are also looking for people to do video reviews, that will be shared in our instagram channel.

If you want to get paid trying cannabis products, this is the ultimate opportunity for you!

How to become a THC Tester:

STEP #1: Subscribe below to the THC WEEKLY newsletter, as only registered users can be a tester. After subscribing, a detailed email will be sent with further instructions.


Examples of products our THC testers are getting

As THC Testers, your job will be to submit a 1200-1500 word article to be publish in CBD Testers website, or a video that’s a few minutes long, to be shared in our instagram channel. Based on your reviews, we will pick the best products to feature in the THC Weekly newsletter, and even secure exclusive deals for our subscribers. Your work is important!

We have included a few samples of real products we are currently testing. These are exactly the kind of products you can expect to get, once approved as a tester. Please keep in mind it that is not a ‘free sample’ offer, but a real job opportunity. We are interested in people that are capable of doing several product reviews every month (2-4 times a month), and get paid for it… so subscribe today to get started!

The THC Weekly Newsletter
Based on your reviews, we will pick the products to feature in our newsletters.

Example #1:

High-Potency THC-P Vape Cartridges

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

THC-P vape carts are one of the latest top-selling products, since they are so strong…

Based on the work of our THC testers, we have secured a 25% discount on both the 4-pack and the 8-pack THC-P vape cart bundles. Using our exclusive coupon code, the subscribers of the THC Weekly newsletter can now get this high-potency product, for lowest price anywhere! Using the information we are getting from testers like yourself, we can now feature the best availabe products with the lowest price anywhere!

Click HERE to see more THC-P products

Example #2:

Vegan Hemp-Derived Delta-9 Gummies

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

These Vegan Delta 9 Gummies are another top-selling hemp-derived Delta 9 product. With 10 mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC it is a great choice for anyone looking to buy Delta 9 THC products online.

We have secured an exclusive 35% discount for this product, and based on the review coming from our THC testers, this product is now available for the subscribers of the THC Weekly newsletter.

Click HERE to see more Delta-9 THC products

Example #3:

High-potency THC-O gummies

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

Have you tried the new THC-O edibles? The Long-awaited THCO gummies have arrived and they are so strong! This is another great example of products sent to our THC testers. Currently, as this product is so popular, we have managed to secured an additional 25% discount, only availabe for the subscribers of the THC Weekly newsletter. This was never could have done without the great work of our THC testers!

Click HERE to see more THC-O products

Example #4:

Euphoria Delta 9 THC Gummies

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

When was the last time you experienced Euphoria?

With 16.7mg Delta 9 THC, 67.6mg CBG, 83.5mg CBD, 2.9mg CBC and 1.6mg CBN per gummy the Euphoria Delta 9 THC Extra Strencth Gummy is a great choice for anyone looking to try a multi-cannabinoids psychoactive edible.

This is another great example of products our testers have to try for us and get paid doing it!

Click HERE to see more Delta-9 THC products

Example #5:

HHC Disposables

(From the THC Weekly newsletter)

HHC and HHC-O (just released) are two new cannabinoids, that are very close to Delta-9 THC, but not exactly the same. Your job as a tester is to explain to the world what are the key differences between both cannabinoids and to assist us in finding the best availabe products.

As HHC is gaining popularity fast, you job is very important.

Click HERE to see more HHC products

Example #6:

THCV Saver Bundle – Tincture, Gummies, Softgels

THCV might be one of the most interesting products availabe today, as it suppose to have some unique appetite-balancing qualities, that’s why some people refer to it as ‘Diet Weed’. Is it true or just a marketing slogan? This is exactly what our THC testers have to dind out, join us and help finding what is true and is what is false in our industry!

Click HERE to see more THCV products

Ok, I am interested, how can I begin?

Want to become a THC Tester? Please subscribe to the THC WEEKLY newsletter, and look for an email from ‘THC WEEKLY’ with further instructions.

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CBD Testers is Partnering with CBD Intel

In our continued efforts to bring you the most important
information, we have partnered with CBD Intel to provide you some of the most
detailed market reports available – at a discounted price.

As far as regulations go, it can be hard to know which way
is up in the cannabis industry. Doing the research necessary to learn all the
in and out of what’s allowed in your region can be incredibly time consuming and
can definitely lead you down the rabbit hole if you don’t know what you’re
looking for. The easiest option is to pay a team of experienced professionals
to gather this information for you instead.

Who is CBD Intel?

CBD Intel is a company based out of Europe, with two main
offices in London, U.K. and Barcelona, Spain. Their goal is to offer those in
the CBD industry worldwide with premium market and regulatory analysis, legal
tracking, and quantitative data to help anyone get situated with their
business. They have dozens of premade industry reports as well as the option to
purchase your own customized research package.

Here is a list of their most popular reports:

  • Regulation of CBD in Edibles: An International Overview
  • International Regulation of CBD in Cosmetics: A Global Interview
  • U.K. Business Dominates Offline Channel
  • U.S. Market Report Potential in a Diverse Market
  • Germany Market Reports Bundle: Oils Sold in Almost All CBD Outlets
  • A Guide For the EU: Import/Export Hemp And CBD E-Liquids
  • France Market Report Duo: E-Liquids Prevalent Online and Offline
  • U.K. Market Report: No Single Brand Dominates Online
  • French Market Report: Consumer Survey Series

How you will benefit from our partnership

As mentioned above, you will have access to these detailed reports that can greatly improve your company’s chances for success. The more information you have prior to launching your brand, the better off you’ll fare.

Plus, you will get these reports at a discounted price. Just subscribe to the CBD Business Weekly Newsletter for your 10% off coupon code.

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We Need CBD Testers in Europe!

Yes, you read that right. We’re
expanding our CBD Testers program to Europe, so we need people to join our list
and get free products.

Now to elaborate a bit, all you need is 15 to 30 minutes to spare each month in exchange for free CBD products. There are numerous benefits not only for you but for the entire industry. First and foremost, you get free products which is always a plus in my book. You’ll be receiving a variety of products including:

  • Oil and tinctures for overall health
  • Softgels for pain, anxiety, or other ailments
  • Topicals for eczema, acne, and more

Most importantly, these free products are all GMP and ISO certified, so they are manufactured in the safest possible way. We only work with products that are legitimate, lab-tested, and approved by the United Hemp Alliance.  

Of course, you’re not the only one who benefits from all this. In doing this, you’ll help legitimize the industry by informing other consumers which products are good and which ones they should stay away from. 

To become a CBD Testers in Europe, subscribe to the CBD Deals Weekly Newsletter.

You’ll also help businesses learn more about what
their customers want. In order for companies to know what to change or improve
about their products, they need feedback from honest product reviewers like
yourselves. And this is where your valued thoughts come into play. No matter
how big or small the praise or critique may be, your opinion matters to the

We are currently recruiting
more testers from Europe. If accepted into the program, you will receive your
first products within a few weeks. After using the product for short period of
time, we require that you write a quick review and there you have it! That’s
all you need to do.

It’s super easy and convenient, and it’s a great way
to save money and learn about new products, while of course, making the CBD
industry a better place for everyone involved. 

All communication with our testers will be done via
email, so please subscribe to the CBD Deals Weekly where we will share
important updates, invitations to review products, and exclusive offers on
items that have already received great reviews. 

Don’t forget to sign up ASAP before all the spots are filled. We look forward to learning more about products with you!

To become a CBD Testers in Europe, subscribe to the CBD Deals Weekly Newsletter.

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