Smarter Delivery with Zolt’s Plant-Powered CBD Drink Mixes

How can we feel more balanced and grounded? How can we be our best selves more of the time?

These are the questions CEO Doug Siegel wanted to answer when he founded Zolt, a CBD wellness company bringing harmony to consumers through “plant-powered super drinks.”  

Having worked in the beverage industry for 17 years, Siegel understood the importance of flavor and aroma. He wanted to combine this knowledge with emerging food technologies to give people a product that was properly dosed, tasted good, and actually worked. 

So, he teamed up with experts in emulsification, atomization, agglomeration, and other fields relating to hemp’s bioavailability. And after an immense amount of research and development, they arrived at a solution for a tasty, convenient and effective ingestible hemp format: Zolt

“Zolt is designed to help people stay calm, focused, engaged, and positive,” Siegel told Cannabis Now. “With all that is going on in today’s world, a little goodness and help for our body is important.”

Zolt’s hemp drink mixes are commonly referred to as “mixie sticks.” Simply mix the packet’s contents with water, or your favorite tea or smoothie (each blend includes suggestions for the best combo!) The mixie sticks are formulated with organic adaptogens and antioxidants for use throughout the day, and a blend of 20mg of water-soluble CBD isolate or full-spectrum hemp is combined with different flavors to either invigorate, energize, or relax you. 

The Zolt product line has something for every moment – there’s Rise and Rise+, designed to prepare you for your day,  Dial-Up+ for an afternoon boost, and the Dreamy Honey Citrus Tea bedtime formulation, designed to soothe your mind and repair your body as you sink into sleep. Zolt’s caffeinated Boost+ mix helps promote immunity, while Balance is perfect for maintaining harmony every day. 

Each mixie stick is packed with delicious flavor and contains adaptogens and antioxidants sourced from premium ingredients to supercharge each beverage’s wellness potential.

Quest for Convenience and Accessibility Leads to ‘A-ha’ Moment

Siegel’s motivation to create Zolt stemmed from his own personal wellness journey. After trying a variety of CBD edibles and tinctures, he realized he was more relaxed, focused and capable of doing so much more. The small stuff didn’t interfere with his every day anymore. 

“It was amazing to realize the effects of CBD and be more balanced throughout the day,” he said. 

Siegel began immersing himself in the world of hemp. He researched and evaluated the effectiveness of different hemp formats, and how combining hemp with other super-plants can be monumental in helping people bring balance and wellness into their lives. 

He knew the demand to integrate CBD into wellness regimens was growing but acknowledged that its most common formats were full of friction, whether smoking, vaping or using a tincture. 

There simply had to be a better way.

“We realized that we needed to design a systematized approach to building plant-powered performance products that people can easily incorporate hemp into their daily routine,” Siegel explained. 

Previous experience in the beverages space inspired Siegel to develop a line of high-quality and delicious ready-to-mix concoctions that were simple to use but incredibly beneficial. Intensive research and development led him and his team to water-soluble CBD, opting for both full-spectrum and isolate depending on the mixie blend.

Add Water To Zolt Hemp Mixie Sticks

“Ultimately, we created a totally new, far smarter, wildly effective portfolio of plant-powered super-drinks derived from and inspired by hemp.”

Sustainability: Another Important Focus for Zolt 

For Siegel and the rest of the team, helping people live healthier lives isn’t the only goal. Our planet’s well-being is also at the forefront.

This is evident in the company’s decision to use a water-soluble powder in their products. Removing water weight cuts down on the need for plastic containers and reduces freight, lowering the company’s carbon footprint. Consumers are encouraged to pour their Zolt mixes into reusable water bottles to curb further waste. According to Siegel, the company is also exploring more environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging options for the future. 

In addition, Zolt donates one percent of proceeds annually to the National Young Farmers Coalition. This nonprofit and advocacy group is focused on helping the next generation of agriculture professionals adopt sustainable and equitable practices that will ensure their own success, as well as the environment as a whole.

“It’s everyone’s job to participate in social responsibility,” said an impassioned Siegel. “Businesses who recognize this can transcend these messages to their employees and customers, who themselves are consumers, neighbors, and friends – it starts the conversation and betters our communities.”

Innovation and Compassion Are the Future 

Despite its already robust catalog, Zolt is adding even more options to their product line, in an effort to benefit as many lives as possible. 

A terpene-derived mix that’s hemp-free is on deck. This line will focus on the potential powers of the molecules responsible for hemp’s unique aroma, flavor and entourage effects. 

One of these terpene-derived products is Peak, in Clementine flavor, which features sativa-dominant terps meant to invigorate and encourage focus. Zolt’s hybrid terpene blend, called “Even,” features vegan collagen, which is a lime mint flavor, and is designed to promote balance and hydration. Last but not least in this line, is the indica-inspired Dreamy Ginger Honey Tea (also containing vegan collagen and melatonin), which will help send consumers into a peaceful slumber. All three varieties also include prebiotics to support gut health for a holistic wellness approach.

While new product innovations are exciting for the folks at Zolt, it all goes back to their passion in making the world a better place — one mixie stick at a time.

“We strive to do what’s right, no matter what. We live up to a standard, always.” Siegel said. “Our goal is to help people understand the benefits of hemp and other plants so they can live their day to the fullest, every single day.”  

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