Popular Cannabis Products You Probably Want to Try

The legalization of cannabis in several states and countries paved the way for it to be available mainstream. For this reason, it is now easier to acquire the cannabis products that you need to aid your medical treatments or simply for recreational purposes. Alongside this, there has also been a boost in the emergence of […]

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Weed Wordsearch – Cannabis Edibles

Today’s Weed Wordsearch is all about cannabis edibles! Don’t be fooled, its not as easy as it seems. Fire up a doobie and get ready for a quest! To embark upon it, search for the words listed below the puzzle.  When you find a word: Click on the first and last letter to cross it […]

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High-Quality CBD Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

Don’t let this Father’s Day go by without a little appreciation for the big guy. Far too often we skip recognizing the unsung hero of the family simply because we say to ourselves, “he is so hard to shop for” or “all he wants is us to be together.” Nothing takes the place of spending time with your loved ones, and since that will be more difficult this year than usual, be sure to show dad that you have his health in mind during this difficult time.

Here are five of our favorite CBD products perfect for the father figure in your world. Get him a gift that will let him know he is special and appreciated. 

1. The Good Patch Fathers Day Set // $25

These remarkable peel-and-stick patches last for up to 12 hours and support the mind and body in many ways. This trio comes with a Pain Relief, Hangover and Nite Nite patch, each containing 15 mg of premium hemp extract. These mess-free, affordable patches are paired with high-quality botanicals for peak results.

2. Green Gorilla CBD Defense Capsules // $44.99 per bottle

In the era of COVID-19, we all need to boost our immune systems in order to stay healthy  — especially fathers. Green Gorilla’s Immunity Defense capsules are all vegan and USDA certified organic. Taking 2-4 capsules a day is an easy add-on to any established supplement routine. These capsules are plant based, third-party lab tested, contain zero THC, and are made in the U.S.A.

Wildflower Cool Stick CBD Father's Day Gifts

3. The Cool Stick by Wildflower // $60.00

Quick and convenient, Wildflower’s Cool Stick is a hassle-free way to scientifically cool and soothe any discomfort. Each stick has 300 mg of CO2-extracted CBD and is perfect for sore muscles, joints and back pain. The Wildflower mission is to connect people with the healing power of plants, and they also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee when gifting a new product. 

Father's Day Gifts CBD Capsules

4. Pure Kana AM CBD Capsules // $83 per bottle

Sometimes a little caffeine is all one needs to get through that morning work out or to kick start the work day. Pure Kana has formulated this product specifically to keep your energy up all day without any dips. Each capsule contains 15 mg of CBD and is infused with caffeine, as well as vitamins B1, B6 and B12. The capsules are certified organic and non-GMO, so they contain no pesticides, herbicides, solvents or chemical fertilizers. These are perfect for the dad who tries to fit too much into one day.

Papa and Barkley CBD Drops

5. Papa & Barkley Releaf Drops // $34.99

These drops are super effective and affordable — a perfect combo for these challenging times. Papa and Barkley blends hemp and coconut oil with all-natural ingredients from Colorado farms. Each 450 mg CBD bottle comes with a measured dropper for precise dosing. Their formula comes directly from the whole cannabis plant without added chemicals or solvents, leaving the oil with a rich earthly flavor. 

TELL US, how are you celebrating Father’s Day?

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Safer CBD Products & Education are Key for Cannabidiol Life

Education and transparency are key when you’re looking for new CBD brands. The rise in popularity of the non-psychotropic cannabinoid in recent years has seen an unregulated market flooded with inferior products that aren’t rigorously testing. Cannabidiol Life wants to help educate you, the consumer, on how and why the cannabinoid can be utilized as a health and wellness supplement and why you should consider purchasing from their extensive range of quality, full-spectrum CBD products.

Cannabidiol Life is more than just another company selling hemp-derived CBD products. They pride themselves on being a reliable, trustworthy resource for hemp consumers, wholesalers and distributors alike. They believe in transparency and safety — that people should know what they are buying before doing so.

Florida-based Cannabidiol Life started off as a CBD educational website in December 2016 and was used by the National Hemp Association as the go-to source for “CBD Education & Product Guides.”  The company shifted gears in 2017 and launched their own products with a simple philosophy: people, planet, profit.

People: Help and take care of people first… always. Cannabidiol Life has created the “Hemp For Hope Foundation” (a non-profit organization), providing free CBD capsules to those with proven/diagnosed medical conditions.

Planet: Take care of our planet. Hemp is a renewable, natural resource that will help preserve our planet for future generations; if we utilize it to its fullest potential. They have also added solar energy to their Florida facility as part of their green initiative.

Profit: Only after the first two are emphasized and acted upon first, can a company truly profit.

Their mission? To provide easy and informed access to the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products at the very best price.

“We always put others first and this is something we don’t just speak about, we live by it,” says Chris Visser owner and president. “It is the foundation of everything we live by and stand which is our current formula for being the difference we want to see in this world.”

Cannabidiol Life adheres to strict practices of production that keeps the consumer safe.

All their products are rigorously tested using an in-house 2019 high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) cannabis potency testing machine. A patented hemp extraction method helped Cannabidiol Life take home the “Best CBD Capsule” award at the 2018 CBD Expo. Additionally, Cannabidiol Life is USDA certified organic, FDA registered and GMP certified.

Knowledge is power, so Cannabidiol Life has included a comprehensive CBD education database on their website. From CBD 101 to explaining the difference between broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD products, dosage advise and product guides, if you have a question, you’ll likely find the answer here.

Cannabidiol Life has a product for all your CBD needs. Topicals include massage oil, facial serum, bath bombs and body butter. If ingestibles are your thing, you can choose from gel caps, bottled water, infused chocolate and a variety of mouth-watering gummies. Tincture fans can choose from various potencies of CBD oils, plus CBD oils with added CBN or CBG isolate. Additionally, there is a range of products for vape users including CBD pens, vape refills, as well as pet products and more.

Plus, use the code CannabisNow30 at checkout to receive 30% off your purchase.

Your health and your quality of life is important to Cannabidiol Life, especially in a non-regulated industry where harmful products are being sold nationwide.

TELL US, what’s your favorite way to consume CBD?

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Super simple and creative stoner hacks to try at home

In the cannabis community, we’re all pretty crafty don’t you think? From coming up with revolutionary snack combos when you’ve got the munchies to making apple bongs…we’ve all done those creative ‘stoner-starter-pack’ things. Well, it’s time to get in touch with that fun side of you again. Check out this article and level up with […]

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