Weed Vacation Packages: Travel in Stoned Style

Everyone likes to get out of their ordinary life, and a pretty good percentage of us like to be high when we’re doing it. These days, with expanding cannabis legalizations the world over, these two things can go together. That’s right, you can now purchase weed vacation packages for a variety of weed-themed get-aways.

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What’s a vacation package?

Many of us like to plan every detail of our own trips. What airline we’ll fly on, what hotel we’ll stay in, what activities we’ll partake in, and exactly which places we’ll go. But some people prefer to have those things a little more figured out, and planned on a more precise schedule. For such people, it often helps to plan a vacation with a vacation package.

Is there an exact definition of what a vacation package entails? No, this is something specific for each company selling them, and can vary based on the trip, and the needs it requires. One way to look at it, is as a consolidated cost. Each package covers the things its meant to cover, but it doesn’t have to cover everything. At least two different expenses should be covered though, and depending on the package, maybe more.

Some might consist of a plane ticket and a hotel room only. Some might consist of those things, plus guided tours. And some might consist of all of the above, plus scheduled trips to particular restaurants or events. Some might include a class, some might be geared toward singles, some might be large group events where you don’t know the other participants, and some might take place in places like cruise ships or ski chalets.

Sometimes they revolve around international travel, and are accessed by people who are not knowledgeable about other cultures or how to navigate them. Sometimes they are used for places where it’s not advised for safety reasons that people unfamiliar travel alone. Sometimes they involve multiple destinations whereby participants are taken on a tour of cities or countries. And sometimes it’s just a group of planned activities in a specific place, meant to help travelers get a good feel for the social life of wherever they’re going.

Vacation packages are meant to take away some of the stress of trip planning, while often offering benefits that the average traveler might not know about for where they’re going, or for which they won’t be able to access without a group. Generally speaking, these packages are designed to ensure the best possible time, and that participants have an overall great experience.

Weed vacation packages

Within a few years, the options should be much greater than they are today. However, even now, if your goal is for weed vacation packages, there are already plenty of available holidays you can take. So far, Colorado is the destination that has put the most into this in the US.

For example, there’s Colorado Cannabis Tours, where prospective participants can pick their deal. Packages include tours, classes – including for cooking, lessons about concentrates, and even pottery classes. They also provide a mountain resort package deal, ski package, or foodie package depending on traveler desires. Prices go from about $170 on the lower end, to well over $1000 for bigger deals.

My420Tours is another company that operates out of Colorado. Its packages include hotel stays, airport transportation, complimentary smoking equipment, massages, and a range of activities that each participant can choose from. Possible options are things like the Sushi & Joint Rolling class, the Buds & Beers Grow Tour, and the Greenhouse Grow tour, among other possibilities. Interested vacation-goers should check with the company for exact pricing.

Kush Tourism is yet another Denver company hoping to get you relaxed and high on your vacation.  It offers a range of tours and packages which include things like massages, gift bags of cannabis essentials, nighttime activities, coupons for local dispensaries, cooking classes, and more.

weed vacation packages

A company that puts together cannabis tours in California is Happy Travelers Weed Tours. The weed vacation packages it promotes include experiences like the Wine and Weed tour, the ‘High’ Tea Experience, the Cannabis Dispensary Tour, Bachelorette events, and more. Some tours offer add-ons, or help with other accommodations or services for travelers. Interested participants should check out all the options to find the package perfect for them.

If you want to head toward Jamaica, you’ve got Ganja Vacations to help you out. This site can assist you in making your own weed vacation packages, by hooking you up with info for resorts, spas, dispensaries, tours, and more. It also offers full packages that involve herb houses, weed tours, wellness stays, day trips, art and culture activities, a rastafari experience, or a retail sales-centered trip. There are a ton of sweet sounding package deals like the Jamfusion with day and night activities planned for super weed-loving couples; the Garden of Weeden complete with a dispensary just steps away, and plenty of beautiful outdoor spaces; the Happy Go Lucky which boasts luxurious villas with private beaches; and Fairy Hill Skunk, which includes a secluded cottage at the edge of the rainforest. Interested travelers should find the package that best suits their needs.

Sometimes travelers just want to know that they’re staying in a weed-friendly place, and the site Bud and Breakfast covers that. The site offers accommodations hosted by the weed-friendly, where vacation-goers can feel free to partake. Many places also have weed bars within the rooms (think of tiny bottles of alcohol, but for weed!) This works internationally and nationally, providing travelers with a great way to stay in comfortable accommodations where there is no fear of sparking up. As this is done through private hosts, these accommodations exist where cannabis is not legal as well. There are several sites that also provide similar services, as well as campgrounds dedicated to the stoner variety.

Weed tourism rising

People travel for all kinds of things. I once went all the way to the UK just to see some bands. And many people like the idea of traveling to a place where they can partake in local drug culture. Amsterdam, for example, has been the classic spot for cannabis tourism for most of the time that such a thing has existed. With the use of coffee shops where cannabis is legal to purchase and use (or rather, ignored legally), people have been making it a destination for weed-related activities for decades.

In more recent years though, the shine of Amsterdam is waning, what with other great locations for cannabis tourism due to changing regulations throughout the world. Take Spain. Because of its cannabis social clubs, it also provides an interesting cannabis tourism destination. And what about Christiana in Denmark, an otherwise weed-strict country, that manages to have a free city where drugs are bought, sold, and used without police intervention. And we certainly can’t forget Canada, the US legal States, and Uruguay, each of which have recreational legalizations, and therefore tons of weed-related stores, activities, and events.

Some countries are specifically trying to bring in cannabis tourism, and are even crafting legalizations (whether medical or recreational) for this purpose. The Virgin Islands is one. In 2019, it passed the Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act, which allows people in other legal countries with prescriptions, to bring their cannabis with them. It also has provisions for anyone else to use in-patient cannabis programs in the country. In fact, the desire is to allow ‘non-prescribed’ cannabis all throughout the island, though this is not the case at the moment.


Jamaica is getting in on it too, but in a different way. Jamaica has a religious legalization for cannabis as well as a medical legalization, and tourists, much like in the Virgin Islands, can get a permit for medical cannabis if they already hold a valid prescription. On the religious end, its led to establishments like Coral Cove, a Rastafari operation that runs in tandem with a health and wellness center, in order to provide cannabis access to clients.

Thailand is also a front runner in the weed tourism game, and is doing quite a bit to make cannabis accessible to its own people, as well as those coming into the country. The country instituted a medical policy in 2019, and then stepped that up with legalized home-growing, and a decriminalization in 2022, by removing it from the narcotics drugs list. This left a lot of questions though, and in order to clear them up, another piece of legislation is planned, which is said to include provisions for what is essentially a recreational legalization, complete with a sales market and use laws.

As part of all this, Thailand wants tourists to be able to take advantage of it. According to Tourism and Sports Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakan, “We would like to provide medical tour packages, such as detox, Thai massage and other wellness courses that use marijuana substances.”

The US is also growing its weed tourism, with people like Mike Tyson at the center of it. Tyson opened Tyson’s Ranch in El Segundo California. The ranch functions as a licensing and branding company as well, and is a grow spot for recreational and medical cannabis. The end goal is for a massive entertainment complex with hotels, stores, campground, amphitheaters, and more. Tyson is also looking into opening another ranch of this kind in Antigua, though not much information has come out about that recently, possibly slowed by the corona pandemic.


Whether you’re looking to go to a weed-friendly location, stay in a weed-friendly hotel, or access full weed vacation packages, the options are certainly opening up. And for those who want to leave all the planning to someone else, plenty of these options include full packages that will leave vacationers, stress-free, and ready to enjoy their weed vacation experience to the max.

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Learn the History Behind Hyde Park and 420

The 20th of April might be just another day for some people, but for others, it’s the greatest darn holiday of the year. Cannabis Christmas is on its way! A time for cannabis-lovers to come together and unite behind a joint belief. One date of the year where people who support that sweet Mary Jane can come out of their hotboxed rooms and be free. In other words, 420 is incoming. 420 is celebrated all over the world – California, Toronto, Amsterdam, Montego Bay – but one of the prime spots to be on this glorious day is London, England. Hyde Park to be specific.

This large patch of grass in the centre of London is the home to some of the world’s greatest 420 events, music and political movements. Today we’re going to be finding out more about this place and its beautiful historic relationship with cannabis. Learn more about this infamous stoner holiday, as well as some of our favorite products and activities to celebrate the day with. As always, the best 420 deals are reserved for the subscribers of The THC Weekly newsletter, so make sure to SUBSCRIBE today.

What is 420?

For some of you 420 will be an event that you await and long for every year, for others it will be an occasion that you know about but don’t care much for, and for others, it might be something you’ve literally never heard of. Well, wherever you sit in the acknowledgement scale, 420 is happening and there’s no doubt that it’s quite the spectacle. But what actually is it? 

420 is a cannabis holiday that occurs every year on the 20th of April. Much like many other holidays, some people decide to celebrate it, and others don’t. Of course 420 is referring to the month of April (4th) and the date (20th). The reason for the name ‘420’ is due to the USA’s ordering of the month before day. This is because the event originates from America. If it had originated in the UK it would probably be referred to as ‘204’ – doesn’t really have the same ring to it, does it? The actual reason for the name 420 has a far deeper and interesting history, but we’ll get on to that later. The cannabis holiday is a day of celebration and political activism. Not only do people get together to smoke, vape and digest cannabis, there are also usually elements of political conversations and collectivisation too. Music will usually be blaring, the smell of cannabis in the air, and perhaps some light or deep chats about the legalization of weed and the political issues of today. 420 is innately political. In its essence, it has to be. Vox writes:

“In the 1970s, 4/20 was part of a smaller counterculture movement that embraced marijuana as a symbol to protest against broader systemic problems in the US, like overseas wars and the power of corporations in America.”

Why is Cannabis Political?

Cannabis has always been political, even if those who enjoy it don’t decide to discuss it. The fact is, cannabis has been demonized and marginalised as a drug for centuries, and therefore anyone who uses it often experiences the same vilification. Who What Why writes:

“Why are certain drugs vilified while others are not? The answer often hinges on the race (and social class) the drug in question is associated with. In the case of marijuana in the US, the negative connotations took hold right from the start. This led to laws that criminalized the use and distribution of the plant almost everywhere in the Land of the Free.”

If you drink alcohol, you’re aware it’s legal and therefore don’t consider its legality. However, cannabis has always been seen as the ‘revolutionary drug’. In addition, cannabis also triggers effects of open-mindedness, thoughtfulness and unity, which can help people to think of modern issues in a more empathetic way. For example, during the famous Woodstock festivals of the 60s, people would smoke cannabis, listen to political musicians like Bob Dylan, and protest against the Vietnam War and Civil Rights issues. Therefore, it’s important to realise that 420 is about a lot more than just celebration and enjoying cannabis.

420 Origin Theories

Funnily enough, the actual birthplace and origin of 420 is still yet to be 100% confirmed. There are many theories – some definitely more believable than others. However, ultimately, you can make your own mind up. Here’s a list of some of the potential origin stories of 420, ordered from most believable to least believable. Read with caution. 

California School Kids

One of the most believable theories of the 420 origin is this one. Steven Hager from the High Times made the claim that 420 originated from a tradition that a group of California high school students started in the 70s. This tradition would have them all meet up at 4:20pm after school and smoke cannabis together. As this tradition became more widely known, people began translating it into a calendar date: 20th April. And thus the cannabis holiday began. 

Bob Dylan 

Then things become strange. This theory believes that 420 originates from a Dylan song. His song ‘Rainy Day Women number 12&35’ has a refrain in it that reads: ‘Everybody must get stoned’. And guess what? What’s 12 x 35? It’s 420. Is this a bit far fetched? Potentially. But, Bob Dylan was a big cannabis and political activist so maybe there could be some truth to it. 

Active Chemicals 

An even more far fetched theory believes that the 420 origin comes from there being exactly 420 compounds in cannabis. Whilst there are around 400 compounds – give or take – it has been proven that there isn’t exactly 420. So this theory is unlikely. 


The weirdest and perhaps worst theory for the origin of 420 is based around Adolf Hitler. The 20th April also happens to be the Nazi leaders birthday. There’s little evidence that Hitler was an advocate of cannabis, so this theory is basically pointless. But it’s a stupidly funny one nonetheless. 

Hyde Park & 420

So, now we’ve covered a little more about 420 as an event, let’s zoom in on what happens on the 20th April in Hyde Park. Hyde Park is the largest park in central London, minutes away from Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. It’s famous for its speaker’s corner where famous figures like Lenin, Karl Marx and George Orwell were known to speak freely there. This political activist history is still part of its DNA and 420 is no different. The Labour MP, Jeff Smith, said this about cannabis activists at a 420 event: 

“Our cannabis laws are not fit for purpose and the cannabis using community has an important role to play in bringing about the kind of change we’re seeing in other countries and U.S. states. It’s time to end the stigmatisation and criminalisation of people who consume cannabis, and adopt a harm reduction focused approach. I’m impressed by the dynamism of campaigners”

In the UK, it is illegal to use any cannabis products containing above 0.2% THC. CBD is legal and medical cannabis is slowly becoming more widely used, but at a slow rate. Cannabis is the most used drug in the UK and, despite its stagnant and unprogregressive laws, around 60% of Brits support cannabis legalization. That’s why events like 420 at Hyde Park are an absolute spectacle. Funky-smelling smoke looms above thousands of like-minded cannabis lovers as they play music, lay in the sun, and connect. On the whole, people are free to consume cannabis at these events if they do it respectfully. It’s considered to be a peaceful protest. CBD Sloth writes:

“If you have a very small quantity, which broadly means less than an ounce (28g), then the police will normally accept it is just for personal use and will issue with a warning and potentially an on-the-spot fine. It largely depends on how relaxed the officer is, if you’re polite then it should normally be just a warning.’

The extent of the crowds would make it very difficult for the police to arrest everyone – especially with how peaceful the entire atmosphere is. As many cannabis-lovers will know, it chills rather than triggers aggression. So, for those attending, they can bask in the knowledge that today, in this park, they are free from the UK cannabis laws. A rather rebellious young adult spoke to Vice News about his 420 experience and said:

“I’ve come down here to smoke, bro…I want to do it in the police’s faces… the amount of times I’ve been nicked, this is my chance to get back at them.” 


420 is an international celebration for cannabis lovers all over the world to dance, chill, listen to music and take part in some political activism. Anyone who believes that 420 isn’t in any way political, simply does not understand it. Hyde Park has and always will be a major hotspot for 420 celebrations and if you’re ever around London on the 20th April – come on down. You won’t be disappointed.

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Low-Key Ideas for A Mid-Week 420

This 420, we’ll be halfway though the week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to celebrate. Maybe it won’t be a weekend blowout, or an all night rager, maybe you’ll have to be up early the next morning to work. There’s plenty of fun to be had with a low-key mid-week 420.

If you’re looking for nothing more than a low-key 420 this year, check out these basic ideas for celebrating, without going all out. We write on tons of topics in the cannabis industry, and you can keep up by subscribing to THC Weekly Newsletter for daily updates and news reports. You’ll also get direct and immediate access to offers on products like vapes, edibles, and other paraphernalia, as well as on cannabinoid compounds, which are highly popular right now. Make sure to check out our 420 deals, which will keep you sky-high, no matter how you choose to celebrate the day!

Mid-week holidays

Let’s be honest, you always hope your birthday falls on a weekend, right? I mean, who doesn’t. It’s way less fun to go out and celebrate, when you know that the alarm clock will ring early the next morning to bring you back to reality. But that is reality. We have five days during the week, and only two on the weekends, so we’re bound to have some weekday holidays.

Such is the case this year with 420, which falls right smack in the middle of the week on a Wednesday. Sure, there will be plenty of official festivities, and maybe you’ll be able to hit a parade, or go to a party, but the truth is, maybe you won’t want to. Maybe you’ll be tired out from work, and way more into low-key chilling, especially if you’re a busy person and you’ve got a lot to do.

Whenever a holiday falls on a weekend, it always receives the most celebration, because the majority of us are off work. And a 420 weekend is undoubtedly the best. This year, here are some low-key ways to spark up your mid-week 420, without making it the celebration of the year. Not every holiday needs to be at excitement level 10, and sometimes its nice to just chill.

Spend your low-key mid-week 420, hazy

There are some jobs where you really shouldn’t be high. Truth is, everyone is different when it comes to their reaction to weed, so what works for one person, might not work for another. I never was able to drive while stoned, but for most people, weed literally enhances the experience. I can sometimes work well when stoned, but sometimes it just makes me want to snack, and get off focus. Some people can get baked, and then teach a class of students, some can’t think straight at all after a few hits. Knowing yourself, and your own limits and reactions, is very important in making this decision.

If you have a job where getting high during your work day isn’t compatible with the work you do, then best to skip this one. But if you have a job you’re perfectly capable of doing stoned, maybe give yourself a stoned working day. I’m not saying take 10 bong rips before grading papers, but if taking a couple joint hits, or a few vape tokes, makes getting through a bunch of student essays that mush faster and brighter…do it!

Give yourself that extra smoke break, bring yourself in a nice nug, find yourself a comfy place for a private toke, or join the smoking members of your office – really..there are sure to be some. This 420, maybe you have to spend it working, whether that’s in an office or from your home, but you can certainly spend it working with a nice buzz. And if your job doesn’t provide for this, just get through the day, and plan yourself some fun 420 activities at night.

I don’t promote anyone do anything that might threaten their job, so if you’re smoking on the down-low at work, make sure its very, very low. 420 is a horrible day to get fired for smoking at work, and while some workplaces are probably more easy-going, some are definitely not. If you choose to make it a hazy 420 at work, and this is not a usual thing, just be careful!

Take a trip to your local dispensary

This one is good for nearly any holiday, but especially so for this one. One of the best ways to celebrate 420, is taking a trip to your local dispensary. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to a lot of the population, but if you happen to be in a legal location, celebrate it! Even if its just medically legal, and you’ve got a card. Use it for 420! Dispensaries are like the churches of cannabis, and going to one is a great way to show support.

I’m not saying that dispensaries offer the best deals, or are fairly priced, and there’s certainly much to be improved in how dispensaries are run, and the black market around them. But they also represent a legal change. An ability that didn’t exist before, and an ending of a certain kind of persecution. In that way, visiting your local dispensary is like showing your support for whatever progress has happened, even if it hasn’t been a perfect job. A lot of kids are at home instead of in prison because of these new laws, and we shouldn’t forget that.


Anti-marijuana laws were built on racism and persecution. While the collective opinion about the drug has changed drastically over the last decade or so, plenty of people still lose their time to unnecessary prison sentences. This is not just about being able to buy every kind of edible possible, and get nearly 100% THC extractions. It’s also about social justice, and the ability for political progress, even against an overarching federal governmental enemy that keeps fighting back with smear campaigns, even at this point in the game.

This year, it might be a low-key mid-week 420, but you can still celebrate it by buying some weed products, and being glad you have the ability to use them at will (depending on where you are). And if you’re not in a place where you can go to visit your local dispensary, maybe try to get in on a legalization parade or effort, and show that you want things to change.

You can write to your congressman, sign a petition if one’s available, or check out the local chapters of weed legalization organizations like NORML for your area. And of course, if you don’t have dispensaries, it means you probably have a dealer who can hook you up, and keep things going. And that promotes the industry as well, even if not the legal one.

One thing about holidays, is that there are always good deals! If you get into a dispensary, you can take advantage of all the holiday offers. If you can’t, check out these deals for 420 which ship all over the country. Cannabinoid compounds are big at the moment, and you can take advantage of tons of deals on ‘hemp-derived’ products while they last. These products are not everyone’s first choice, but they do make a nice addition for those who cannot get to legal dispensaries, and don’t have a guy to hook them up.

Do some home-420-cooking

A great way to do a low-key mid-week 420 is with some fun in the kitchen. Whether its for just you, or a small party of people, cooking up some 420 foods is sure to get you feeling in the spirit of things. And unlike a few decades ago, when this would have meant making brownies or chocolate chip cookies only, you actually have a ton of options. The world of edibles has grown extensively, and that means you can make all kinds of weed treats.

Like gummies. You can pretty easily make your own gummies! Check out these DIY gummy recipes to see what you’ll need in order to whip up a batch of home-made gummy goodness. And don’t worry, you don’t need official molds, just some cookie cutters, and you’re good to go. Plus, when you do it yourself, you can control for everything that’s put in. Store bought gummies sometimes have lots of extra chemical ingredients, but your homemade gummies can be extra ingredient-free. Choose your color and flavor, and how strong you want them to be.

Let’s be honest, everyone does like sweets, even if there are other options. Cookies? Cupcakes? Brownies? Check out these recipes for CBD treats, which can easily be made into THC treats as well. Sometimes the old standard is there for a reason, and the best way to make your tummy happy, is with some good, old-fashioned, high-inducing, baked goods. These recipes are delicious for the sweet tooth inside you, and provide an excellent throw-back to the 420’s of several decades ago.

cannabis cooking

If you’re thinking ‘but I’m vegan, this is much harder for me’, no worries, there are plenty of recipes for our non-animal-eating friends as well. From the recipes themselves, to how to create vegan cannabutter and oil to put in tons of other recipes, cannabis concoctions now reach the corners of the world. And that means even vegans can have fun in the kitchen on 420. Check out these sumptuous recipes for butternut squash quinoa salad, cannabis chia seed pudding, and cannabis alfredo, and whip up a five star infused vegan meal for this stoner holiday.

If you’re lucky enough to have a slow morning, or a day off, here’s a great way of giving your significant other a fantastic 420 morning surprise. Go ahead and make them the perfect infused breakfast! There’s nothing like waking and baking with your favorite morning foods, like oats to get your started, mouth-watering avocado toast, infused coffee of your choice, home-made weed tea, and fruit smoothies with a special zing. What’s better than a breakfast that leaves you buzzed? Not much! This one is sure to score you some bonus points, no matter who you prepare it for, even if its just for you!


This year it’s a low-key mid-week 420, and that means you might have to work. Still, plenty of ways to enjoy yourself and the holiday, whether in the office, or at home. Whatever you choose to do, if you do it with some nice indoor grown, high-caliber marijuana, it’s sure to be a fantastic holiday, even if you simply pair it with some Netflix…and chill.

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Finding the Balance Between Holiday Spirit and Commercialism this 420

When 420 began back in the early 1970s, it was simply a day for weed smokers to connect during a time when that wasn’t always an easy feat. April 20th was an underground stoner holiday that has long held a special place in cannabis tradition and lore. However, as cannabis continues to find its place in the mainstream, the quirky, light-hearted fun of 420 gave way to unchecked commercialism and has now become little more than a day to score deals if you’re a consumer, and sell extra products if you’re a business owner – it’s basically the Black Friday of the cannabis industry.

Some people don’t mind the trend, and for the sake of keeping it honest, I definitely love a good 420 deal myself. But deals aren’t everything, it’s important to remember the true meaning behind 420 – friends, oneness, and progress. Some companies and industry professionals have denounced the materialistic nature of modern-day 420, altogether and are hoping to take the holiday back to its carefree origins.

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History of 420

The origin of the term 420 can be traced back to a group of five teens from San Rafael, California, the birthplace of many industry trends and the current largest cannabis market in the world. The teens were appropriately nicknamed “the Waldos” due to their preferred hang out spot – a wall outside of their high school. In the fall of 1971, the Waldos got wind of a rumor that a Coast Guard planted some cannabis seeds there and was no longer able to tend to his field.

Every day after school, they would pile into one of their cars, have a little smoke sesh, and scour the Point Reyes National Forest for this legendary crop. Their daily meeting time? 4:20 p.m. They never did find the elusive crop (that likely didn’t even exist), but they did manage start a trend that would first take over their high school and soon reach global status.

The phrase “420” quickly spread around, especially with teens and young adults, because it allowed teens to talk about cannabis openly while their parents, teachers, and supervisors were none the wiser.

Trends spread around high schools all the time, but how did the 420 become internationally known? That took some star power, for which we have the Grateful Dead to thank. The Waldos had connections with the Grateful Dead. Mark Gravitch’s father managed the band’s real estate and Dave Reddix’s older brother was good friends with Phil Lesh, the Dead’s bassist.

At a Dead concert during Christmas weekend 1990, High Times reporter Steve Bloom was handed a flyer that read, “We are going to meet at 4:20 on 4/20 for 420-ing in Marin County at the Bolinas Ridge sunset spot on Mt. Tamalpais.” Once High Times printed the story, accompanied by a photo of the flyer, it was game over… 420 was officially a thing.

What 420 has become

Instead of a chill day to get together with your friends and enjoy the wonder that is dank weed, 420 has become a day to scroll the internet or local dispensary menus for the best deals. On average, cannabis consumers plan to spend just under $150 on 4/20 alone, which for most of them, is equivalent to or more than their typical monthly spending.

“I think brands that associate themselves with cannabis kind of get that contact high. In other words, they’re just considered to be cooler by association,” said Kit Yarrow, consumer psychologist at Golden Gate University. “As pot becomes more legal, more discussed, more interesting to people, more widely used, then 420 becomes more mainstream as well.”

This boost of “coolness” provided by cannabis translates into big money for companies that offer marketable products. Companies in the beauty industry can formulate a quick CBD lotion, offer it at a discount on 420, and they have a quick marketing campaign that can net thousands of dollars. It’s great when cannabis companies offer a token of appreciation to their customers which frequently comes in the form of a discount, but when everyone is trying to cash in on the 420 momentum, it can be a bit over the top. Some companies are choosing not to participate in the madness, and it is easy to see why.

One example is Scott Sundvor, CEO and co-founder of Space Coyote, a San Francisco-based infused joint maker who was thoroughly disappointed that what “started as a celebration of weed has degenerated into consumerism and bargain hunting at dispensaries,” he mentioned in a Forbes interview. He says that his company is encouraging consumers to be “less retail-obsessed” this holiday season. “This 420, we encourage everyone to get out in nature, light up a joint, and enjoy their day and this beautiful plant to the fullest.”

Evelyn LaChapelle, a program associate at the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit focused on cannabis criminal justice reform, believes 420 is a distraction from more important priorities. “Before going to prison I celebrated 420 with the rest of the thousands of people who celebrate every year,” she said. “After prison I realize that thousands of people around the country celebrate cannabis while 40,000 people still sit in prison for cannabis. The legal industry must do something to right this wrong.”

Overall, I think people are just tired of this “money rules all” society that we have become, and they’re searching for some deeper on many different levels. How you enjoy your free time certainly counts.

Speaking of Black Friday…

Similar trends are starting to happen in the retail world as well, with many companies beginning to boycott black Friday. Over the last couple of years, Apple, Costco, Crate & Barrel, IKEA, Nordstrom, Sam’s Club, Staples, and many other retailers are rejecting Black Friday in response to the “discount creep” that has quickly led to deals starting on Thursday, Thanksgiving of all days.

Some people refer to it as “Black Friday Eve”, “Black Thursday”, or “Gray Friday,” but many are somewhat disturbed by the blatant materialism being displayed on a holiday when we are supposed to give thanks for all that we do have. It’s irony to the max.

It is an incredibly smart and practical move on the companies’ parts, marketing masquerading as anti-marketing. On the surface, it’s a boycott that directly disadvantages them. However, it is viewed publicly as a “brave” and “moral” stance, so people who feel the same way about Black Friday are then more likely to support these companies. A study conducted by the research firm MarketLive found that roughly 65 percent of consumers “hate or dislike” the trend of retailers opening stores on Thanksgiving Day, and only 12 percent firmly support the idea of it.

Final thoughts

Again, deals aren’t a bad thing. They’re actually wonderful in my opinion – I’ll be stocking up at my local dispensary and we’ll have some amazing deals in our newsletters as well, but it’s important to remember they’re not everything. The real purpose of this holiday is togetherness among fellow stoners, so call up a friend, take a walk in nature, volunteer somewhere or get involved in your local cannabis activism community; whatever makes you feel like you’re truly seizing the holiday. Take those deals you get and share them with a loved one!

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