The USA CBD Expo – So Much More Than Just CBD!

What better place to host the nation’s largest hemp and CBD expo, than in the Windy City, home of the nation’s largest convention center in the recently legalized state of Illinois? This year, The USA CBD Expo will be covering so much more than just CBD, including delta 8 THC, psilocybin, THCV, and so many more exciting cannabinoid products. We’ll see you there October 28th to 30th!

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Most of us are pretty amped up to finally get back to these largescale industry events. The opportunities to learn and build connections at in-person trade shows, compared to virtual events, are unparalleled. If you want to stay up to date on all the latest innovations and industry trends, conventions are a must. I learned so much as the last USA CBD Expo I attended, and this one is expected to be significantly busier, with a much larger variety of products than ever before.

It’s still The USA CBD Expo, so expect to see a lot of hemp and CBD products. However, this event is sponsored by 3chi so there will be a lot of Delta 8 THC, as well as CBN, CBG, CBC, and even THCV. If it’s hemp-derived, you can expect to learn about it at the convention.

Another thing that will be unique about this year’s show is that it will include psilocybin too! Psilocybin is the psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, and over the last few years there has been a growing focus on using this compound for therapeutic purposes, especially in the treatment of anxiety and depression. A lot of cities and states have mushroom legislation in the works, and it is prime time to start learning about it.

Again, The USA CBD Expo will be held at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago, IL, from October 28th to 30th (plus events in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and Medellin, Columbia in 2022). We’re expecting to see over 10,000 attendees, more than 50 speakers, and upwards of 300 exhibitors at the event, and we at CBD Testers are very excited to attend!

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2020 Hemp & Cannabis Events You Don’t Want To Miss (U.S. and Canada)

Networking is one of the most important and beneficial
things you could do to build your brand, regardless of the industry you’re in.

If you are in the cannabis or hemp industry, however,
networking is more important than ever. Traditional advertising options can be
limited, regulations are constantly changing, and it can be difficult to
navigate this world without some reliable business connections. Not only that,
but if you have a product or service you’re selling, sometimes the best way to teach
people about is through in-person, hands-on demonstrations.

Sure you can use social media to network and share videos of
products, but something can be said for meeting people in person, exchanging a
nice firm handshake and discussing business in real life. This is why trade
shows, expos, and conventions remain among the top tools for expanding a
business. And they’re not just for people who are new to the industry, even
established companies and well-known professionals can always benefit from
meeting new people and learning about the new products and trends that develop
every year.

Below detailed list of the top cannabis, hemp, and CBD events in the United States and Canada taking place during 2020.  We hope to see you at a few!

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Spotlight Event: Texas Hemp Convention – Dallas

Taking place in Dallas, this event will focus on the quickly-growing
hemp market in the heart of the south: Texas! From January 28 to 30, more than
10,000 hemp and CBD professionals are expected to converge on the lone star
state for what will be the largest industry event in the area. Use #THC2020 to
learn more about the event on social medial

More January Events:

  • Lift & Company: January 9-11 in Vancouver, Canada
  • CannaCon Northwest: January 10-11 in Tacoma, WA
  • Indo Expo: January 28-30 in Denver, CO (Chicago in September)


Spotlight Event: International
Cannabis Business Conference – San Francisco

The International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) is excited to bring its trademark blend of business, politics and culture to the industry. It’s the one of the premier B2B events for anyone working in the cannabis or hemp industry. ICBC takes place in various cities across the world, and this particular event will be held on the West Coast in San Francisco, California from February 6 to 7.

More February Events:

  • USA CBD Expo: February 13-15 in Las Vegas, NV
  • Northeast Cannabis Business Conference: February 19-20 in Boston, MA
  • Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference: February 24-25 in Miami, FL
  • National Hemp Expo: February 29 to March 1 in Louisville, KY


Spotlight Event:
Natural Products Expo West – Anaheim

This is the world’s largest trade show
focusing on natural, organic and healthy products. The West event will take
place at the Marriott and Hilton Convention Halls in Anaheim, California. Over
86,000 industry professionals will be in attendance, viewing the close to 4k company
booths. From March 4 to 6, it will be springtime on the West Coast and the perfect
time to travel for an event.

More March

  • NECANN: March 20-22 in Boston, MA
  • ASA Unity Conference: March 25-28 in Washington D.C.
  • NOCO Hemp Expo: March 26-28 in Denver, CO


Spotlight Event: Georgia
World Cannabis Conference – Atlanta

Although this event is much smaller
than many others on our list, I think it’s important to make note of it. The Southern
region of the U.S. remains the strictest in the nation when it comes to cannabis
and hemp so any event taking place down there an important reminder of the progress
we’re making. This expo will be located in the bustling city of Atlanta on April

Other April Events:

  • 4th Institute of Cannabis Research: April 1-3 in Pueblo, CO
  • CannaCon Midwest: April 3-4 in Detroit, MI
  • Canna Grow: April 17-18 in Chicago, IL
  • Cannabis Business Times: April 21-24 in Las Vegas, NV


Spotlight Event: Lift
& Co. – Toronto

Lift & Co is a Canadian-based technology
and media company that caters to the cannabis and hemp industries. They have
numerous events throughout Canada, but we’re focusing on the one in the country’s
most populous city, Toronto. Check out this popular event between May 28 and 31.
Visit their website to see their other events.

Other May Events:

  • U.S. Hemp Conference Expo: May 3-5 in New York, NY
  • NCIA Lobby: May 19-21 in Washington D.C.
  • Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo: May 28-31 in New York, NY
  • Vermont Hemp Expo: May 30-31 in Burlington, VT


Spotlight Event: NCIA
Business Summit & Expo – San Francisco

This event is set up by the National
Cannabis Industry Association, a non-profit organization with local groups all
over the United States. They’re main goals are to protect legal cannabis
business as well as advancing federal policy reform; and the event focuses
largely on education, advocacy, commerce, and community. Amazing opportunity to
learn and network from June 15-17 in San Francisco, California.

Other June

  • 3rd Annual MJ Next Conference: June 12-14 in New Orleans, LA
  • CBD Expo Midwest: June 26-27 in Chicago, IL


Spotlight Event:
CannaCon Midwest – Chicago

CannaCon is a large, B2B event that
targets both the medical and recreational cannabis and hemp markets. They have
events all over the country with a couple premier expos in the Midwest. From
June 17-18, CannaCon will be in the largest city in the region – Chicago,
Illinois. Entrepreneurs, farmers, distributors, equipment specialists,
researchers and many more industry professionals are expected to be in

Other July

  • Great Alaskan Cannabis Bowl: July 25-25 in Wasilla, AK
  • Cannabis Food Show: July 31 in San Francisco, CA  


Spotlight Event: Indo
Expo – Portland

Indo Expo is one of the most well-known trade shows in the cannabis and hemp industry, with events set up in some of the most dominant legal markets across the country. This event regularly draws upwards of 400 exhibitors and over 10,000 industry attendees and they even offer limited complimentary admission to Industry Professionals. From August 1-2, you can visit check out this expo in the lovely city of Portland, Oregon.

Other August

  • HempFest: August 14-16 in Seattle, WA
  • CannaFarm Con: August 20-22 in Anaheim, CA
  • NCIA Midwest Cannabis Business Conference: August 26-27 in Detroit, MI


Spotlight Event:
Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo – Los Angeles

The CWCB Expo is held 3 times per year
in the 3 largest media, financial, and business markets in the United States.
From September 16-17, dispensary owners, growers, suppliers, investors, medical
professionals, government regulators, legal counsel, and entrepreneurs will
gather in Los Angeles, California for this leading B2B event.

Other September

  • Grow Tradefest: September 17-20 in Lake Ozark, MO
  • Natural Products Expo East: September 23-26 in Philadelphia, PA
  • Indo Expo: September 26-27 in Chicago, IL


Spotlight Event:
NECANN – Portland (Maine)

NECANN has been organizing cannabis industry
events since 2014 and their goal is simply to create an environment where businesses,
entrepreneurs, investors, educators, patients, advocates, and consumers can
connect. They try to set up unique conventions that focus on each location’s
specific market needs and opportunities. For their east coast event, you can
visit Portland, ME from October 10-11.

Other October

  • Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo: October 21-22 in Boston, MA


Spotlight Event:
CBD Expo West – Westlake Village

Another event with multiple locations
across the country, CBD Expo West however will take place in Westlake Village,
California, from November 13-14. Powered by CBD Health and Wellness Magazine,
CBD Expo will involve over 5,000 exhibitor, investors, and attendees and many
issues regarding regulation, compliance, and market trends will discussed.

Other November

  • Medical Cannabis Patient Therapies and Wellness Summit: November 6-7 in Worchester, MA


Spotlight Event: MJBizCon
– Las Vegas

Arguably the most important cannabis industry trade show of the year, and definitely the largest, MJBizCon boasts upwards of 30,000 attendees and over 1,500 exhibitor booths. This event takes place every year in none other than the best city in the world in which to host a convention – Las Vegas. Join us December 16-18 for MJBizCon 2020.

Other December

  • CBD Expo East: December 4-5 in Orlando, FL

We hope this list of cannabis and hemp events was helpful to you! Let’s make this decade one of prosperity and start making plans for the next big event now!

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