5 Busted Myths of Today’s California Cannabis Consumer

decades, growers from Northern California’s Emerald Triangle — the area encompassing Mendocino,
Humboldt and Trinity counties — have been the epicenter of America’s cannabis

The Golden State had the first legal medical marijuana market with the passing of Prop 215 in 1996. Proposition 64, the Adult Use Act, legalized growing, selling and using cannabis recreationally in November 2016.

Thousands of cannabis businesses have emerged since, all trying to establish themselves in an already saturated and highly regulated market. The industry has seen unparalleled innovation and investment across categories like product development and technology, causing a so-called “Green Rush.” It has been predicted that by 2024, the California cannabis market will comprise 25% of the entire market for cannabis in the U.S.

due to the immaturity of the market, little data is available to help support
the industry. In order to help shape product development and strategic
decision-making, companies need to ask fundamental questions, like who buys the
product and what do they use it for?

help fill these knowledge gaps, NorCal Cannabis Company undertook a first-of-its-kind
study of California’s cannabis consumers. Using an online panel, the survey
questioned 1529 people and represents of all California cannabis consumers 21
years and older.

The result is Five Myths of Today’s California Cannabis Consumer.

Graham is the VP of Business Intelligence at NorCal Cannabis Company. He helps
the company make smarter business decisions using data. According to Graham,
they decided to carry out this research because “there were many fundamental
questions about the California cannabis consumer that were unanswered, so we
decided to conduct research on our own.”

to Graham, the most surprising thing he discovered during the research process
was that many of the preconceptions about cannabis aren’t true. So they decided
to group their findings into five myths:

: Recreational users
get high for fun, while medical users are focused on their health.

reality is, most cannabis consumers use cannabis for both recreational and
medical reasons.

: Women are an
emerging market segment of new cannabis consumers.

fact, women already use cannabis as much as men.

: A handful of brands
are dominating the California cannabis market.

truth is that no brand has achieved a significant foothold in the market.

: All Californians
have access to legal cannabis.

in reality, they don’t.

: Consumers are
migrating from dispensaries to delivery.

In reality, consumers want an omnichannel experience to maximize their experiences.

concerns us is the lack of availability that exists for regulated cannabis for
so many people,” says Graham on the finding. “The research shows how cannabis
gives relief for so many people for things like pain, insomnia and depression.
California voters approved the legalization of cannabis, but people still do
not have legal access throughout most of the state.”

believes that the study is important because it shows that cannabis helps with
“a variety of fundamental and important ways” and it isn’t a simple case of
‘recreational’ and ‘medicinal’

would like people to understand that many of the assumptions they have about
cannabis consumers, cannabis usage, and cannabis availability may be wrong,”
says Graham.

To read the NorCal Cannabis Company’s report in full, visit norcalcann.com.

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Where to Buy CBD Flowers in California

California is typically leading the herd when it comes to cannabis-related trends, so one might be surprised to discover that CBD flowers – one of the more popular items on the scene today – can be pretty difficult to find.

For some time now, I’ve been on the hunt for the elusive, high-quality hemp buds. Living near the Coachella Valley, a veritable haven of cannabis dispensaries, I thought I could walk into one of the many storefronts in my area and find some Harlequinn, Charlotte’s Web, or other high-CBD flowers. But to my disappointment, this was not the case. Naturally, I turned to Weedmaps to see if any of the delivery services offer such strains. Once again, I hit a brick wall.


So I set out on a mission to create a short list of the best places to buy CBD flowers in California, in case anyone else was running into the same issues that I was. Below are a few top-notch dispensaries and delivery services, from SoCal to the Bay area, where you can find high-CBD strains.

  1. Goddess Deliveries – Goddess has a nice assortment of strains, and they’ll deliver to most areas of California within 1-2 business days. If you live anywhere between San Diego and Sacramento, this place is worth checking out. You can also get free delivery on orders of $75 or more.
  2. Organic CBD Nugs – Although this company actually is nationwide and their farm is based in Oregon, this is a very popular delivery service among Los Angelenos. Each batch of flowers from here is tested and approved by the US Department of Agriculture prior to distribution. Organic CBD Nugs is highly reviewed on Yelp.
  3. Barbary Coast Dispensary – Barbary Coast was established in 2013 and is located on Mission street in San Francisco. It’s a high-end dispensary with lab-tested products (including amazing CBD buds), a dab bar, lounge, and patient education facility.
  4. Santa Cruz Naturals – A family-owned, boutique-style dispensary, Santa Cruz Naturals is a great place to find organic, wholesome, and ethically sourced CBD flowers. They are well-reviewed on Weedmaps and even mentioned by High Times and Leafly.
  5. Seven Stars Holistic Healing Center – Another Bay area gem, 7 Stars is not only a top-rated dispensary in the area, but they have an impressive history of patient advocacy. They boast a nice selection of menu items, including some wonderful CBD buds.

So there you have it, we’ve got you covered from the Bay area to the Southern border. If you know of any good places to procure CBD flowers in California, drop us a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear about your favorites!

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